20th Saturday August 2017 8.50 am
KFANDRAAI thanks Sameer 'Pam' Patil for volunteering to man the Video Camera and do a splendid job. He noticed Mr. Khare looking for help when Anjana 'Jane' Narayan had to help with the awards and stepped in like a Knight in shining armour!!
Also Ajay 'Ahjoo' Sanghvi for organising the Venue and the impromptu 'swimming' lessons that everyone declined later!!

20th Saturday August 2017 8.50 am
The Awards Ceremony that saw 3 official speakers, who spoke first, (Gaurav 'Shaurav' Shah, Sean 'Sparky' Mathew and Aditya 'Audi' Kotbagi) being quickly forgotten after Khare allowed members without prior permission to speak. This caused the Ceremony to begin even later than scheduled as the 8.30 pm KO was postponed due to technical glitches in the on site computer and the everyday occurance of traffic to the venue. KFANDRAAI are fining every club that spoke without permission 5M TZR. PACU may suffer more penalties as their ex-Manager Satish 'Satsut' Suttati rambled on about PACU being the greatest and slipped in a comment as to how great Khare is thinking that Khare has a hold on KFANDRAAI and saying nice things about Khare will leave them scot free! Add to that that Satsut does NOT have OFFICIAL CLEARANCE as he is an Ex- Manager, PACU are really in the doldrums now....
KFANDRAAI have officially certified that Mr. Khare is loopy and needs psychiatric treatment. In his speech, that lasted 10.3 milliseconds he didn't thank anyone, he didn't speak about the TZLC9 or how many advances were made in the season or what the plans are for the TZLC10.
When he came to speak he put on such a long video about him and the other 'loopy' refs that more than half the members fell asleep, carried on with their own thing and kept glancing at Khare with incredulous looks on their faces. Khare meanwhile was hiding behind some furniture. The only positive was that the TZLC10 KIT RELEASE gave a much needed boost at the end of the News Bulletin. The News Bulletin along with the ENTIRE FOOTAGE of the TZLC9 Function/Awards Ceremony will be released soon.
A total of 10M TZR is to be won if the members answer questions related to the Video. This competition will end the moment the Videos are published.
1. What do you think was happening in the other dimension? (Write a story)
2. What things did you notice in the video?
3. Name all the characters post the game clips and prior to the Kit Release.

KFANDRAAI is upset that a couple of players were unsure that their club would last the 3 months left to the start of the TZLC10. But amid protests from the insane Mr. Khare, KFANDRAAI has once more opened the possibilty of a MERGER to tide over problems the clubs are facing up until they can find themselves on a path of sustainability. (Which will obviously be till the end of the TZLC10). This will no doubt cause Khare further mental fatigue as all the hard work that he went through creating the schedule, making the Kit Video and so on would've been a waste of time and effort. And this is why KFANDRAAI tries to ENFORCE the idea that KFANDRAAI and it's many depts are led by different entities. The organisation will look into filling the soon to be open dates with something or the other if possible.

The list of awards handed over to the players are as follows -

Every club that WON a TROPHY (1st Div Champions, 2nd Div Champions, KC and the KLC got personal awards)

Individual Awards 

Anjana Narayan received a Special Mention award for her selfless dedication to creating the awards from scratch (Design and putting up with the demanding KFANDRAAI) for 2 years in a row. She received a KFANDRAAI Approved Match Ball with the signatures of ALL the members present at the Ceremony.
(Thank You Shivam 'Shiv' Sharma who went out of his way and got the signatures on the Football)
BE THE BOSS Winner, Sachin Kadam's Stoic Aurelius 
(Amid half hearted protests by Mkul Manager of Suicide Squad)
Ajinkya Yadav, AP Golden Boot 
PACU Satish Suttati, Platinum Pass, 
Club's Player of the Season  
(This was decided through an Online Vote many weeks prior to the the ceremony. The players from each club voted for the player whom they thought was the Man Friday in their own club)
AP Ajinkya Yadav 
BT Adit Bhorde 
BE Harshad Sathe 
PACU Yash Shah 
SS Alankrit Saklani 
BI Ameya Dharmadhikari 
RW Kapil Patwardhan 
Most Improved Player of the Season 
(Mr. Khare's decision)
Subin Alex, SS 
Ajinkya Pote, SS 
Yogesh Ketkar, PACU 
Gururaj Patil, BE 
Special Mention Awards 
(Mr. Khare's decision)
Kapil Patwardhan, RW 
Nishant Fernandes, RW 
Mukul Inamdar, BT 
Players Player of the Season 
(All Member Player Online Vote)
Yash Shah, PACU 
KFANDRAAI's Player of the Season 
(Mr. Khare's decision)
Jehan Kothari, PACU 
Adit Bhorde, BT 
GOALS OF THE SEASON (Footballs that were used by each club, 2 per club, were signed by the players from the club and handed over to the players) 
(Mr. Khare's decision)
1 Kapil Patwardhan, 
2 Elton Lima, 
3 Shivam Sharma, 
4 Mukul Inamdar, 
5 Yash Shah, 
6 Sean Mathew, 
7 Jehan Kothari 
8 Sarvajit Hoskote 
9 Shubhankar Inamdar, 
10 Aditya Kotbagi, 
11 Aditya Sankolli, 
12 Jatin Bhana, 
13 Adit Bhorde, 

KFANDRAAI is planning to initiate a WOMENS League to begin within the next 5 years. This season the push will be to get the current members Wives and Girlfriends to participate in a couple of matches that will be set up especially for their benefit. KFANDRAAI hopes that this initiative will be backed by the Husbands and Boyfriends!!

Aditya 'Audi' Kotbagi was spotted 'chatting' up a number of ladies at the event. One surmises that he was trying his best to sign players through the more intelligent species. Amol 'Amonk' Monga was also spotted later with the same ladies, as Amonk has no managerial post, one wonders whether he was in actual fact honestly having a good time or telling the ladies that Audi is totally bonkers and not to trust him.

Rainwater poured in through the windows and other openings as the night wore on and many players were seen protecting the ladies, it was unfortunate that the ladies they were protecting from the elements were the male members with long hair. 

Gaurav 'Goony' Natekar was observed waving his healing thumb at everyone and showing off images of his pus filled grotesque thumb from a couple of weeks before. A few members were so horrified that they gagged at the starters that were being passed around. Goony was quietly led off by his son and Ajay 'Ahjoo' Sanghvi's son to a quiet corner where he mulled over life and thumbs. 

KFANDRAAI will announce more SENSATIONAL news soon!!!!