ZM Vs BT - Image 1 - Bhorde just before a scoring from a lob shot! Image 2 - Ghadge tackles Shah incident Image 3 and 4 - IFK awarded by LM 6 yards inside the box when it was 1 yard inside (N Fernandes). Ref counts 6 to 7 yards before he has to stop as a ZM player refuses to move.
AP Vs PACU - Images 1 - 3- Image 1 - Just before Babhle miskicks and Shetty pounces Image 2 - Shetty gets his brace with a wonderful lob and Image 3 - S Inamdar gets a consolation goal in the dying seconds of the match
KITFORes Vs PACU - Can you spot M Uniyal trying to act like a Coach/Manager? 
TZRes Vs AP including the MO's - AP don't disappoint...or do they??
SS Vs AP - Image 1 - An unmarked Yadav heads in from a corner 2 - Own goal by Sarkar 3 - AVGKL Jobanputra bravely dives down at M Inamdar's feet to make a fabulous save
TZRes and PACU along with the MO's pose for a photo in a non televised encounter!!!
CONGRATULATING the real entity, a miniscule part of the universe, the EARTH on completing another Revolution around the Sun!!! And in hindsight, Wishing every law abiding human a Great 2018!!