9 of the 13 Players that were given Footballs with the signatures of a club for the Goal of the Season
KITFO 'AGILITY and MORE' Session in progress!! 09/08/17
The Spoon and Cup of Dreams!! KITFO with the Trophy and TZ in Blue!!!
KITFO began their WU in style on time....TOTALLY embarrassed the TZ contingent...just scroll down.....
Here the TZ players, accompanied by a few butterflies and grasshoppers were thoroughly embarrassed by KITFO...
But in the end, THE CUP OF DREAMS, 1st leg was won by TZ!! Although with the 2nd Leg on Friday, it's not over yet!!
Another snippet from the TZ guys warming up on the lush green surface of their Home Ground!!! 18/07/17
Not to be outdone, KITFO show off their Papal ground as they take part in an intense drill!!! 07/07/17
This image has NOT been doctored!! If ONLY our entire season could be played on a ground that looked like this!! The passionate regulars of TZ experienced a session in dream like surroundings!!
Some regular attendee's and some recently graduated players and special guests took part in KFANDRA's Rugby and Football matches just to celebrate playing competitively and without animosity as always!! This is the way KFANDRA plays!!
Anay Karandikar, Chinmay Karandikar and Satyen Naidu pose in their brand new KFANDRA kits!!!
Jane, Arthur, Spongebob and Minijhakaastsotsi allhand'ing' their way through!!