Matches this Week


Week 3
Monday 21/11/16
AP (1) 1 Vs RW (1) 3
AP - Elvis (E Lima) 32
RW - El Loco (N Fernandes) 31.30, Kapster (K Patwardan) 88, Big Daddy 51.01
AP - YC Tiger
RW - ALL YC Vikus 2, Amonk, KT135
Main Ref - Mr. Dlamini, Linesmen - S Chavan and A Venkatramani, AR/GR - A Pise and A Raje
CM - V Kuzhikattil SR - J Wagh PC S Athalye

AP Squad - 
Aditya Kotbagi, Elton Lima, Kaivalya Kuber (GK) Anand Sadana, Arun Chandrachud, Sagar Pise, Mihir Naik, Aditya Sankoli, Amol Atigre, Amit B ( BE Loan) Sharad Y( BE Loan). 
MO Details: 
BI: Akash Pise, Alok Sathe, Ajay Sanghvi 
BE: Manoj Uniyal, Amod Raje 
SS: Varun K, Jaydeep Wagh 
BT: S Athalye, Gaurav Shah 
PACU: Sameer Chavan, Amarnath V

Mr. Khare Preview
Two clubs that have still to sort themselves out. If they do, then this will be a rip roaring match. A lot will depend on the Referee AP assign for the match!

Cm (S Athalye) Review as PC
Firstly I would like to thank KFANDRAAI for appointing me the PC for today's match. I had to record K. Patwardhan and A. Sankolli. Patwardhan had a good game today as he found the net with a screamer. Sankolli on the other hand failed to show the spark. Overall it was a stunning game with RW bagging the crucial three points. Looking forward to many more such matches. I wish both the teams luck.

S Chavan (Ryan) Review as Linesman
Thank you for giving me the responsibility of LP. I started where AP were defending and Sharad playing in CD was playing deep and also catching off-side due to which there was a lot of running on the line. In the first 5 mins itself there was a great ball to Nishant which struck his hand and backside. I looked at the ref who had allowed the game to continue and think somebody from RW hit it in the net as well but ref who had seen the incident was not 100% sure and after checking with me rightly gave a free kick to AP. Nishant playing as the lone striker was too keen going upfront and most of the times was in offside position and so was Sankoli from AP. Second half, RW had more possession of the ball and there was less action on my side except for 2 incidents – one where Amit Babale had a good 1-2 with Andy and he appeared to have looked offside since he was on the run but hit the ball outside and the other where I was ball watching towards the end of the game and Sagar Pise was mostly offside but did not give it as I was not in the right position. Clearly a learning for me that focus is required throughout the game as it can make the difference in the end result in case of a closely contested match.

Amma (A Venkatramani) Review as Linesman
" I would like to thank the KFANDRAAI for appointing me as Linesman for this game. The game itself was very keenly contested but as a linesman I did not have much to do except call a few off sides and throw ins. I was also privileged to see 2 wonder goals from Lima and Patwardhan. Congratulations to RW and commiserations to AP."

Mr Dlamini's Review as Main Ref
Seriously, I shouldn't have reffed this match as I was informed very late. But to help out the home team I went out of my way to get prepared and in all fairness it should've have been the default Mr. Khare that should've been appointed. Why? Then AP would've had a chance. I was desperately trying to let the game flow as I always do, thats why the players prefer me and Anogus. But this was one match the the strict disciplinarian Mr. Khare would've been a boon to AP. Truthfully if I had toed the KFANDRAAI line there would've been MORE RW players sitting in the Sin Bin than AP.
SO I tried to favour the home team sometimes but you can only do that up to a limit. The AP manager stated that his players didn't get carded but that is a wrong statement. Its mighty gracious of the KFANDRAAI to introduce foreign refs for the benefit of the players as the players are UNABLE to play with a level head on their shoulders and have to be molly coddled all the time. I got really peeved at the bloke they call sleepy and you can imagine what Mr. Khare would've done to him.
This is what I'm saying, whatever you do the footballer will always remain a footballer, a cry baby.
I thought the TZLC was different, and no doubt it is, but even the TZLC is going the same way as any other competition.

Mr. Khare's Note - Quite Obviously Amma has forgotten to mention the incident where Mr. Dlamini got a bit peeved with Amma for his frequent use of the flag at a time where he was not meant to.
All officials that do NOT send in an indepth review will be fined.

Sherry (S Yeole) Review as Loanee for AP
I would like to thanks AP management and KFANDRAAI to allow me to play on loan for AP for match against RW. It really feels great, if team like AP ask you to play on loan and that too at such a responsible position like CD along with Arun. The first half was good or in other words, I can say it was a mix encounter where once AP use to dominate the game and another moment RW use to put press on AP and we were able to absorb it. But in the second half, we started good but lost the plot in the middle and were not able to recover back. Lots of chances were created by both the team but AP was not able to score but on the other hand RW didn't miss the chances and came out as a winner. The best part of the complete game was Elton's solo goal which he dribbled through the mid-fielder, defense and GK... GREAT GOAL!!! 
Overall a great match and nice experience to play with such a great team!

AP's Review By Audi (A Kotbagi)
Formation: 4-3-3 Amol A (RB) Arun (RCD) Sharad (LCD) Mihir (LB) Sagar P (RCM) Anand S (CM) Aditya K (LCM) Amit B (RF) Elton (CF) Aditya S (LF) 
Loans: Amit B (BE) Sharad Y( BE) 
Goals: Elton 
AP lose their 2nd game in a row. Unlike the last game this game was not a free flowing game. AP started of well passing the ball from end to end until miscommunication between defenders allowed Nishant F to sweep the ball home. Although the goal shocked the entire team before we plan our next move, Elton decided he had enough and walked with the ball from the centre of the circle to score a goal. Elton reminded us of the good old Sindh days where BMP was to be taken by the home team. He did take the BMP and didn't mind that the entire team was on the ground. Elton is one special player. And the sooner AP knows how to protect him and play with him the better it is going to be. After that the game was going both ways. AP had a few good moments while RW quickly took control and tried to dictate the game. However unfortunately Aditya S on one occasion failed to clear the ball from a corner which to his disappointment landed to the best RW player. A superb lob/curl/dip yes, the ball had everything, meant that AP defense had no option but to pick up the ball from their own net. At 2-1 down AP realised yet again that they have a mountain to climb. And from there on it was never going to be easy. Aditya S is a young player. And he has to learn from such mistakes never to commit the same again. After that AP tried to push the ball too hard. Elton on various occasions was left isolated. AP kept doing a lot of running off the ball which is never a good thing. The managers don't think they got the tactics right. If you have the best player in TZ playing for you then you have to make sure you build around him and not isolate him. Thus, the thinking caps are out and it remains to be seen whether there will be changes in the formation and tactics. With regards to players, the players improved on the late challenges drastically. Only a handful of yellow cards were taken by the players. We hope to improve on this. We thank the fans for their loud support. Losing two games in a row is not a good thing for fans or the players. However there will be a drastic improvement that is for sure.

RW's Review by Amonk (A Monga)

We would like to thank KFANDRAAI for approving our emergency loan last night for Sharma in place of Shaikh as the latter had to travel late night and could not make it back in time. 
We thank the referee for letting the teams play the game as there was no malice in any of the tackles but we were guilty of being late in our tackles, some of our players got a rollicking from the ref for reacting to a decision and deservedly so, we thank the referee again for letting us play the game and we will certainly learn from these episodes. 
We had decided our positions yesterday with Shaikh in mind, but made some changes in the morning once it was clear he would not be able to make it. We started as follows 
Bapat (RB) Atri (RCD) Bhana (LCD) Zope (LB) 
Monga (RM) Sharma (RCM) Tejwani (LCM) Joshi (LM) 
Fernandes (CF) 
AP have tremendous talent when they attack with the likes of Sadana, Kotbagi, Solanki and ofcourse Lima who is a class apart. He showed us why as well when he ran through our entire team for a solo goal, what a player! He also had to face some hard tackles from some of our lads who were always going for the ball but were late sometimes, we apologise for the unintentional fouls. 
With Bhana back to marshall our defensive line, we looked like a more settled unit in defensively and with our wingers back in their natural position, albeit not very effective today, we could play to our strengths. For us, the first goal came from a missed attempt by Tejwani that landed at Fernandes feet who did well to score, followed by a big dipper from Patwardhan from the edge of the box and a well worked lay off for Bhana who slotted the ball in. 
Thank you AP for hosting us, you have a fantastic bunch of players and we look forward to our encounters this season

Sky (A Pise) Review as GR/AR 
Thank you KFANDRAAI for appointing me as a goal line referee for today's match between AP and RW. 
This encounter between last season’s champions against arguably the strongest team on paper was one that I'm happy I didn't miss out on. It was a well fought out match with two goals worthy of goal of the season and AP guilty of missing too many chances. 
The first half saw AP enjoying a lot of the possession but were guilty of poor defending initially. They were saved by the referee’s call early on when the striker failed to admit handling the ball or else they would've been down by a goal at the early stages. RW scored the opener which was nullified by the beautiful solo goal by E Lima (Elvis) in the first half. Other than that there were a few shots on goal, one hitting the post and a few missing the target narrowly. 
The second half was entertaining with RW playing well and were soon rewarded with a goal by their RM. AP pushed hard for an equalizer, created quite a few chances but failed to convert any of them. Their inability to equalize and constant pressure in opposition’s half made them prone to a counter attack which is what RW did and scored the 3rd to put the game beyond AP. A few more chances were created by AP after that but none were converted. 
As a GR the job was simple with only one goal scored at my end. The other incident was the initial hand ball which was noticed by the referee who rightly disallowed the goal. Other than that there weren't any calls or decisions I had to make. All the best to both the teams for the games ahead.

Big Daddy (J Bhana) Ran 7.81 Kms!!

RW's Review By Amonk (A Monga)
We would like to thank KFANDRAAI for approving our emergency loan last night for Sharma in place of Shaikh as the latter had to travel late night and could not make it back in time. 
We thank the referee for letting the teams play the game as there was no malice in any of the tackles but we were guilty of being late in our tackles, some of our players got a rollicking from the ref for reacting to a decision and deservedly so, we thank the referee again for letting us play the game and we will certainly learn from these episodes. 
We had decided our positions yesterday with Shaikh in mind, but made some changes in the morning once it was clear he would not be able to make it. We started as follows 
Bapat (RB) Atri (RCD) Bhana (LCD) Zope (LB) 
Monga (RM) Sharma (RCM) Tejwani (LCM) Joshi (LM) 
Fernandes (CF) 
AP have tremendous talent when they attack with the likes of Sadana, Kotbagi, Solanki and ofcourse Lima who is a class apart. He showed us why as well when he ran through our entire team for a solo goal, what a player! He also had to face some hard tackles from some of our lads who were always going for the ball but were late sometimes, we apologise for the unintentional fouls. 
With Bhana back to marshall our defensive line, we looked like a more settled unit in defensively and with our wingers back in their natural position, albeit not very effective today, we could play to our strengths. For us, the first goal came from a missed attempt by Tejwani that landed at Fernandes feet who did well to score, followed by a big dipper from Patwardhan from the edge of the box and a well worked lay off for Bhana who slotted the ball in. 
Thank you AP for hosting us, you have a fantastic bunch of players and we look forward to our encounters this season

A Bhable (Amti) Review as Loanee for AP
First of all thanks to respected KFANDRAAI for allowing me to play on loan and AP's management for loaning me at Right Wing. 
AP is team of wonderful people and I like playing with these people. I felt like being part of the team and never felt like I am playing on loan. I apologies for missing all the 3 clear opportunities. I enjoyed playing at Wing position. The match played at high intensity and both teams were going for win. 
The goal that Elton scored was just awesome and surely a candidate for best goal of the season. Its again the unforced errors that cost AP. Many times AP lost the ball in the mid and Manan , Monga were waiting on the wing for counter. Kapil has got tremendous speed and twist & turn , body fake. He scored fantastic top right corner for RW but AP gave to much space to him to run into and take a shot. RW scored 3rd but on 2nd pole it was Atigare against 3 man from RW. I think a AP really missed Sean at the back who could drive the team. All the best to AP.

Shiv (S Sharma) Review as Emergency Loanee for RW
It was good to hear from RW manager Monga in the pre-match team talk that I would be moving up from a planned CD to a DM. Not my favourite job by far but money for my team no? =) 
Before the match I had a feeling the match would be played with a lot of steam as both teams were trying to step up from losses. 
Anyway, Atri moved back into CD and I think it was twice that i went back to CD because Atri picked up yellows. RW were a more measured side today and Patwardhan was the engine with his zippiness. Patwardhan, I feel would do well to get the square or reverse pass earlier so the opposition defence cant smother him. The first goal came from Fernandes who got an inadvertent assist from Tejwani's attempt on goal. Lima scored a glorious goal from the very next kick-off. The glory was given to him on a platter though as nobody touched him on his jaunt right upto the RW GK. Im looking forward to the hightlights of that one, very interesting. Halftime came up with 1-1. 
It was good to see RW maintain their tempo and that paid off when Patwardhan curled a left footer into the far angle of the goal frame. RW got their third off a great move when Patwardhan played a great cross in to Fernandes who laid it off for Jatin who converted very well on a volley. Somewhere in between Fernandes had also set one up for me which I could have walked into the net but I tried to smash the ball and sent it over instead.  
AP have not been the team so far that one imagines them to be. Itll be great to see what happens when their midfield trio of Pise, Kotbagi and Sadana start firing.  
Thanks to Tejwani for asking me to play on loan and the KFANDRAAI for approving it. Looking forward to playing more in the attacking half during the rest of the season after a string of GK and DM roles =)

Mr. Khare's Review
The attacking players put up a wondrous display while some defenders did too. Was bloody happy to see the old KITFO defense setting up in the final stages for AP, Tiger, Amti, Sherry and Meer and the have fine tuned the offside call so well! Well done lads!! In this dept you surely can teach a thing or two about communication amongst the straight back 4 to your TZ counterparts. I have worked SO MANY SESSIONS on the OFFSIDE TRAP with most of the KITFO guys that its ridiculous! But seeing them together today felt good.
AP need to think HARD about a new formation as this formation is NOT WORKING. Oh yes, it is CREATING a LOT of chances but coupled with that you are LETTING IN GOALS and MORE goals than you are scoring! Whats the use of that? Plus you AREN'T scoring! The one goal scored this morning was a Lima masterclass. No doubt the RW defenders will be kicking themselves about letting him through without even the memory of a tackle, but these things happen so don't beat yourselves about it. But
I have indeed said SO MANY TIMES about being WARY immediately after scoring a goal. 
RW finally got Big Daddy back in action and he was SO SORELY NEEDED! Waht a difference one player can make! Especially if that player is a good leader and high on confidence. He also scored a stunner, lovely full volley was it? Then Kapster who runs here there and everywhere ended up with a super left footed curler into the top corner I think. Later on the AP keeper was being accused by many a fan at them being his fault...We'll have to wait and see the highlights for that.
If I was coaching AP I'd have surely taken Adi off and played with 10 men for what he did. Showing off!
He tried to nutmeg Kapster near the corner flag, and wait for it, Adi was DEFENDING at that time!
The nutmeg was a failure and Kapster scored. That was when AP lost. After their loanee Amti missing 3 should have gone in's he was sent back to defend. Then AP started haphazardly placing players willy nilly and lost the plot. RW meanwhile with players in proper positions and RELEGATING Batty to right back thereby allowing the two stalwarts in KT135 and Loanee Shiv with Kapstar dropping back really worked for RW. Batty takes way TOO long on the ball and should hurry things up.
Finishing the MR quickly as I'd like to send it out before I leave. Highlights are still being published so will upload them online tomorrow!

Wednesday 23/11/16
BE (0) 1 Vs TZ (0) 0
BE - Amti (A Bhable) 73.45

Main Ref - Angus McSmith, Linesmen - Robby, Avi and Dev all SS CM - Red (Mkul last 10 mins) SR Vikus
MO's - Will be assigned on match day

TZ Squad AVA 
1. Ajay Sanghvi , 2. Jatin Bhana, 3. Anand Sadana, UNA 4. Sameer Patil, 5. Jaydeep Wagh, 6. Shivam Sharma, 7. Aditya Sankoli UNA 8. Atul Shah, 9. Arun Chandrachud, UNA 10. Vikrant Ghotge, 11. Dhruv Aharwal, 12. Shubhankar Inamdar, 13. Adit Bhorde, 14. Satish Iyer, 15. Elton Lima, UNA 16. Rajendra Rastogi, 17. Harjeet Matharu, 18. Neeraj More, 19. Mukul Inmadar, 20. Uday Shinde. 
TZ Preview - Ahjoo (A Sanghavi)
20 players for a TZ game looks like the TZLC-9 is really grown into the members, WOW!!! this is the first time I think we have so many confirmations for the TZ team. I hope this number stays and grows.  
We will follow the rule that members who are regular with practice sessions will get more game time.  
Regarding the formation and game plan we will follow Coach's advice & instructions.

As I've mentioned before, ALL TZ and KITFO matches will be LOOKED AFTER BY MR. KHARE.
This has been CONSTANT for KITFO for a year and after TZ's abysmal performance re discipline and motivation during the TZLC8, Mr. Khare had made a promise to the TZLC that TZ will COMPETE at ALL LEVELS, ESPECIALLY in the afore mentioned depts for which the process had begun IMMEDIATELY after the TZLC8 had ended.

Mr. Khare's Preview for TZ -
S Iyer, H Matharu, N More, U Shinde, V Ghotge R Rastogi and D Agarwal will ALL get FULL MATCH TIME.
This leaves 5 positions FREE for 10 players including the GK. I will formulate a SYSTEM that MUST be followed. If players drop out, the system WILL be adjusted. Please remember that emphasis is on those players that are NOT getting full game time at their clubs. It is of PARAMOUNT importance that these players get game time WITH the players from TZ at other clubs to improve their own game. TZ will NEVER take their matches as a battle of egoes but will see to it that they will give a 100% commitment. If you are NOT passionate, DROP OUT NOW. For those players that are being rotated, if you are going to be UNHAPPY about being rotated, DROP OUT NOW. In the end you are playing for your COUNTRY (Organisation/TZ), just like how KITFO are proud so should TZ. Be proud of yourselves as a group of players playing together on Tue's and Thu's, develop a camaraderie apart from your TZLC9 club. 

Robby (R Poddar) Review as Linesman
I would like to thank KFANDRAAI for giving me the opportunity of doing the linesman duty. It was my first match as linesman in the season. I was trying my best to be with the last man and not commit any error. But couple of times I got a bit confused. Thanks to referee for reminding me once to waive the flag for the throw in. 
Overall it was a good experience as a linesman. The game was also good and competitive. I feel BE played quite well and I would like to congratulate them for their win.

Avi (A Ghanaria) Review as Linesman
I would like to thank KFANDRAAI to appoint me as LP for today's fixture. As this was my first MO duty ever and first lines man duty, main ref was helping me out by correcting my movement over the line and with the flag. A big thanks to main ref for that. I would certainly put in more focus and effort for future games as I realized I was not fully confident about me referring as a lines man( as I was expecting to be ball boy today J) , but it was a great learning experience for me after all. I called for few throw ins and two offsides today. One was when Jon(Uniyal) was lurking behind the defense line and he received a pass from the mid-field and other one was DJ(Ponappa).Well the last minute signing turned out to be fruitful for BE as Amit scored a goal with Sushil’s assit. I could clearly see an improved BE as a unit as they were moving the ball pretty well in the midfield. Jon(Uniyal) missed a scoring opportunity when Rake gave a beautiful cross into the 6 yard box. Towards the end of second half TZ Reserves was trying to contain the number of late challenges which had reached around 14 by that time. Out of those all late challenges one hard challenge by Harry to Rake costed them 10 challenges in one go. As TZ Reserves failed to convert their attempts into goal , Blazing Eagles emerged victorious continuing their winning streak so far. Congratulations to BE. And once again thanks to KFANDRAAI and main ref for guiding me as a LP through the match.

Main Ref Angus McSmiths Review
Och aye the Noo!! What a TOTALLY impartial bit of reffing I did today! I was linked through the invisible mic to Mr. Khare and half the time I spent on TOTALLY IGNORING the rules of the game!! Mr. Khare was busy ensuring that I worry about TZ players rotating properly and the BE players playing well too.
I was STRICTLY told by KFANDRAAI to go easy in this game. So EVERYONE knows I'm a laidback ref and KFANDRAAI is asking me to be more so!! Jiminy!! Two tackles that I TOTALLY changed the rules true TZLC style!
Louie nearly sending Rake to hospital got him 10 LATE CHALLENGES and this was the conversation I had with Ashubh when he was crocked by Sherry inside the 18 yard box.
"Laddie, ye tink ye cud've jinked yer way paast anudder plaiyer to score?"
Back came the reply "Ahhhh Me not knowings"!
"Roight den, I said "IFK and SR? Noh penulty soh 5 LATE CHAHLLENJES!"
There were a few more of the same liitered through out the game!
But i was fun in the end!!
What I'm sure of is that the TZLC can't happen without the respect the players give the officials....

TZ Review By Pam (S Patil) On behalf of TZ CEO A Sanghavi
Firstly, I would like to thank Coach for helping the TZ lads with the formation, playing positions and especially the player rotation routine! After last season's KITFO display of team spirit and camaraderie, many of us at TZ were left envious but with the continuous support of Coach during practice sessions and also before the games TZ seems to be well on track of achieving an environment of bonhomie and strong bonding with every game.  
TZ had 16 players available for today's game out of which 7 players were given full game time while the rest were rotated through 10-min changes. We maintained a 4-4-2 formation through the game started off with Inamdar M (GK) - Iyer (RB)- Matharu (RCD) - Ghotge (LCD) - Shinde U (LB) - More (RM) - Sharma S (RCM) - Agarwal D (LCM) - Rastogi R (LM) - Sanghvi (ST) - Shah A (ST) with subs Bhana, Patil S D, Bhorde, Inamdar I and Wagh. The seven players getting full game time were Iyer, Matharu, Shinde U, Ghotge, Rastogi R, Agarwal D and More. Before the game, Coach instructed us to enjoy ourselves and keep supporting each other and the same was reiterated by our Captain More. It was a debut game for Iyer, I feel he had a good outing and all the players cheered him on and supported his game as well! 
TZ started off well and enjoyed ample possession of the ball in the first 30 mins. Although we were not able to create many chances, the defensive pair of Ghotge and Matharu ensured that the BE attack could not breach our back line. There were a few wild challenges as well, on one occasion Matharu was quite late while going for the ball but thankfully the Ref was in a good mood this morning and prefered to give 10 late challenges instead of sending Matharu off. A similar late challenge from BE saw them receive 5 late challenges instead of a card. BE did find gaps in our defense from time to time, on one such occasion Bhabale even tried to capitalise on a good chance but the effort was thwarted by Bhorde who was keeping goals at that time. The confidence of the lads improved when BE decided not to take the extra 5 mins to halftime, it showed that we were turning out to be a strong match for the home side.  
The second half saw BE piling up more pressure and men up the field, with a combination of some good wingplay BE were able to trouble our defense on more than one occasions yet unable to score. There was a period when BE got a host of chances to take the lead but all were close misses. Raghunathan R. also tried a spectacular attempt at a bicycle kick which was very impressive to say the least! BE's persistence paid off ultimately as Amti finally found his way through the TZ defense and scored BE's lone goal. TZ were also presented with a couple of chances in the second half but we did not take them - it goes on to show how important it is to keep full focus on the game and take whatever chances that fall our way. I believe all the TZ players had a good time in playing in different positions, in fact a BT striker was overheard speaking to his manager about a possibility of a change in playing position! Kudos to BE for the win, feel proud of the efforts put in by the TZ boys this morning. Its a long season ahead of us and with the same efforts and attitude I'm sure we can be a team to reckon with in the near future! Thank you for reading the review.

BE's Review By Ray (S Patil) 
BE played a 4:4:2 formation with Mihir(GK), Guru(LB), Amit(LCB), Sherry(RCB), Aditya(RB), Suman(RW), Sushil(RCM), DJ(LCM), Manoj(LW), Prashant(ST), Rakesh(ST), Suraj (SUBS).  
UNA squad : Amod(Injured), Harshad(Injured), Alok(Work related travel) 
First of all congratulation to all the player for pulling off 3rd consecutive victory !!. Our plan today was to build the attack from the back and not rush to score the goal as we had two better midfielders today and it was their role to distribute the ball to the wings or to the strikers and they did a fantastic job and that is why we created a lot of chances playing against a much stronger opponent. Today we played with composure and didn't try to attack all the time as we played the passing game to try and draw the opponent out and then play the ball in space either to the wings or a through ball to the strikers. BE is finally playing well as a unit and this is a good sign for us because it has been a lot of hard work to get right players for the right spot and make them play together as a unit and looks like BE is about to get there. Yes we did missed a lot of chances today but we did manage to score a beautifully constructed goal, a through ball by Sushil to Amit who kept his calm under pressure and placed it past the charging goalkeeper. 
TZ had a good squad and some very good players and they had so many substitutions and that made it more difficult for us. They also created couple of chances but out goalkeeper Mihir made sure that they don't score. Even with a weak defense they really made us run a lot and made life difficult for us.  
A satisfying victory in the end but we still need to a long way with our finishing because moving forward the competition is going to get tougher and you can't win matches by just defending, you need to score to win and i am sure that BE is on the right track and we are ready to give a tough fight to every team. Well played TZ. 
GO BE !!!!!!

Shiv (S Sharma) Review for TZ Reserves.
KFANDRAAI did a great job of player rotation today so transitions were smooth. I played for 4 10min periods, 3 as outfield and 1 as GK. 
It was great to see the players who have had less game time in team matches get a full game. I also noticed that these players were very positive and mature and that they can really become fine footballers with time and effort. 
All in all a loss that nobody, Im sure felt really disappointed with. Great goal for BE with a fine finish. 
Bhana was unbelievable! took 5min off my third 10 min period when he did not come off as per the rotation and I had to wait until play was stopped for a throw in. 
Bhana ground pe mil kabhi! x-| xD 
Actually thats the main purpose of this review to send Bhana running for cover

Mr. Khare's Review
BE should NOT exult and shout from the rooftops as per their Review. In no way was this a TZ side or a TZ Reserve side in totatlity. It was half and half and BE NEED to thank Mr. Khare for pulling strings at the KFANDRAAI to ENSURE a suitable result for BE. 
It was actually the crazy Dirty Louie that enable Mr A McSmith to push Mr. Khare's agenda forward.
His blatant disregard for the safety of the BE player Rake, the sensibility of all present and a passing missionary allowed Angus to bend rules thisaway and thataway in pure TZLC style when for the benefit of the TZLC, BE needed to get a good result. Óbviously the BE players still needed to find the back of the net, which they did finally, in the end DUE to a Mr. Khare move but I'll get to that soon enough.
So whatever strings KFANDRAAI pulled, BE still had to defend and try and score. After Louie's body check and Sherry's masterfully useless attempt at a tackle and Ashubhs lack of belief that he could've dribbled past the other 2 players as well thereby forcing Angus to give reluctant penalty (one can surmise though that Angus could've said I dinnae tink soh to Ashubhs reply if it was in the positive), BE wouldn't have been given anything else on a plate. There are principles at stake you know!!!
This match was FOR the TZ Reserves and for BE, who just signed two new players and needed a favourable result.
A number of TZ players could've spoiled the party if they'd have finished but I guess the finishing curse at PAPAL took effect. 
Mr. Khare forced Satire and Hruday to take up a Cdefensive position with around 20 mins to go. He also told Amti to push up. Conveniently this is all FORGOTTEN by the thankless BE, but truth be told, I was thanked by a couple of players after the match....
The faces of Groov (now Rb) and then Rafa (now Lb) where a sight to see as well as many of the TZ squad! But I insisted on giving the two STUNNED players a push in at the deep end. I am saddened that my efforts evaporated into thin air as NONE of the two have sent in a review of their experience.
AS soon as Rafa kept trying to cover the static Satire and Hruday before and after the goal, I allowed Rafa to move into CD and Satire back on the left.
I must admit I am eagerly waiting for the KITFO Reserves VS TZ Reserves League match where they can pit themselves against each other without the input of TA players and Mr. Khare.
The match saw many players at TZ play in positions they'd never dreamed of playing in for their clubs and that is how TZ is to be used in the League. KITFO are already doing it this way.
SO the match between KITFO 1st Team Squad and TZ 1st Team Squad will all be brilliant to watch!
BE gave debuts to two players A Lodha and S Nayagar and they played well. Although not to the ability that I think they are capable of playing. Ray for me was brilliant. Sherry was calm and he had to be so as Amti has regressed back to the days when his panic button was always switched on.
NOT a good display by BE. Whatever BE think. If they continue to perform with their bums and not their brains then BE may indeed win the 2nd DIv title if BI don't compete BUT in the COMBINED table, I'm afraid they'd NOT be anywhere near competing. 

Friday 25/11/16
SS (0) 1 Vs KITFO Reserves (0) 1
SS - Div (D Awasthi) 62
KR - Robbinder (Ravinder something) 62
Main Ref Mr. Dlamini, Linesmen - S Inamdar and K Shetty RA/GR CANCELLED P Ghadge
(R Khilari ABSENT) CM A Gosde SR Y Shah

SS Squad 1 Alankrit Saklani, 2 Arpit Shah, 3 Aviank Ghanaria, 4 Ajinkya Pote, 5 Sumit Gangadharan, 6 Subin Alex, 7 Anish Date, 8 Jaydeep Wagh, 9 Devendra Sengar, 10 Devesh Kaundal, 11 Divyanayan Awasthi, 12 Suneet Nirala, 13 VK  
UNA: Ravi Poddar (Official travel) 
AVGKL: Manoj Uniyal (Subject to approval)

KITFO Squad -
1. Sharad 2. Amit 3. Sagar 4. Prashant 5. Ravinder 6. Zaid 7. Aakash 8. Mihir 9. Suraj 10. Rakesh 11. Rajib 12. Rajnish 13 Groo

MO's - 
BT: S Inamdar, S Chiplunkar ABSENT 
BE: More than 3 players playing for KITFO 
BI: K Shetty, R Khilari ABSENT
AP: P Ghadge 
RW: S Iyer, T Shaikh

Mr. Khare's Preview
I WILL be reffing and may help both the two teams if they are struggling. KITFO as usual will use the players that are not getting game time while SS will try and play well and get a win. Could be interesting!

K Shetty (KS) Review as Linesman
Thank you to the KFANDRAAI for appointing me as an assistant referee (linesman) for today's game between SS and KITFO. 
It was an exciting encounter with the final scoreline being 1-1. SS looked to be the better of the teams in the 1st half but KITFO made a good comeback later on. SS did very well to avoid the offside trap laid out by Kitfo and it seemed to be a conscious effort on their part. 
As a linesman I had to make a couple of important calls - one an offside call which resulted in a KITFO goal being overruled. I would like to clarify that the offside was called on Sharad a couple of touches before the actual goal was scored. The goal was well taken but the flag was already up before the move took place. 
The main ref Mr. Dlamini did an excellent job in keeping the game flowing and allowed play to go on despite many minor violations.  
All the best to SS and KITFO for their upcoming games!

S Inamdar (Ashubh) Review as Linesman
I was a linesman for today's encounter between two sides from the Papal ground. Thank you for the opportunity. The game ended in a draw which is probably the fair outcome. I would like to congratulate both the teams as they displayed a lot of passion and humility. I had to make a few offside calls. KITFO is known for catching offside effectively and it was impressive to watch again today. I think I did my job well today with confidence and without any lapse in concentration. One of the offside calls that I made was significant as Awasthi scored at the end of the move. However he had already moved slightly ahead of the last defender before Nirala released the ball to him. I believe SS had plenty of chances to win the match. But both teams would be happy with their first points of the season.

Mr. Dlamini's Review as Main Ref
Another match where I had to ignore umpteen handballs, ignore a few penalties and basically be a mother hen to some of the players on the pitch.
A lot of late challenges and once more I warn not only these two teams when the match is on a very serious not but the rest of the TZLC that they should not take me for granted. 
The players MUST have a clear and precise knowledge of the rules as sometimes on the basis of being fair and just, I cannot allow myself to ignore certain things.

SS's Review By VK III
SS played a 4-4-2 formation today 
Uniyal (Avgkl), 
Sengar (RB), Gangadharan (CD), Pote (CD), Ghanaria (LB); 
Wagh (RM), Saklani (CM), Date (CM), Kaundal (LM); 
Nirala (RF), Awasthi (LF) 
Subs: VK, Alex, Shah 
Firstly a big thanks to the Kitfo folks for helping us out with the pre match preparations. 
This match was a must win for SS as we were desperate to open our account for the season. But the Sharks were really wastefull all throughout the game and it was a case of 2 points dropped rather than 1 point earned. The game started with the Sharks passing the ball around and creating chances. Kudos to the players who could get the ball in the final third and create goal scoring opportunities. Kitfo were set up in a way that would allow the home team to press home the opportunities. But we got a reality check on how not converting the chances can reflect on the table. The main ref allowed the game to flow whenever possible. The first half ended nil nil. The second half started with the Kitfo team giving the sharks a run for their money. Ravinder capitalized on some half hearted defending on a set piece and swept home to score Kitfos and his first goal in the TZLC9. After that the match was pretty much end to end. Awasthi got on the end of a wonderful through ball from Kaundal and scored past a rushing goal keeper and got his first goal. Both the teams tried to get the winner and the rest of the match was very frantic. The match ended 1- 1 and both the teams got their first points of the season. SS need to make every chance count going forward as the next few matches are going to be tough. This was an eye opener for us and we will be more focused in the coming matches.

Jon (M Uniyal) Review as AVGKL
First of all a big thanks to respected KFANDRAAI for allowing me to play on loan for SS and thanks to SS management for giving me the opportunity. 
Not a very free flowing game despite of the fact that the main ref was too lenient on the players and allowed the game to go on on most of the occasions. SS tried hard and had couple of easy chances but couldn't convert and they are very lucky to get away with the handball in their own penalty box, again thanks to the main ref otherwise SS would have lost the match and a point.The goal scored by Rishu was a brave effort and it earned SS a point. KITFO played well in patches as they were switching the players around trying to give every player equal chance to play at every position and guess even they are unlucky to be denied a goal. 
My performance again was not up to the mark and I would like to apologize to SS for letting them down again as the goal KITFO scored was my mistake as i was unable to hold on to a high ball and KITFO pounced on it. 
A fair result in the end but SS would be disappointed as it was their chance to get 3 points. All the best to SS for rest of the season.

Mr. Khare's Review
Mario nearly got a heart attack when he heard me mention that Robbinder and Raj (KITFO members that are not a part of the TZLC) were playing in CD!!! Had informed SS prior that the 1st H will be focused on the KITFO players playing in positions they've never played in before and allowing the two I mentioned before, Mishti and Zed who came later to enjoy their chance of playing a full game.
SS SQUANDERED ALL OPPORTUNITIES! I thought Robbinder still needed time in CD and so only interchanged him once more in the CD after Zed arrived on the ground. After which I kept Raj or some poor regular member to get the idea of how tough it is to play in CD.
Sunset was the no. 1 culprit in missing sitters.SS should think of switching him with someone whose more proficient in front of goals. As I feel they'll get very few chances once they come up against the accomplished sides and you need a fellow who can score. I don't think SS have the time in hand to allow Sunsetto get in his groove. We'll see what happens!
On the other hand the KITFO star was Raj and then Robbinder in a close 2nd. Amti got injured later but was FRANTIC and PANICKY as usual. Sherry had a big hand or foot in Div's goal as he was keeping at that time and he amateurishly swung his boot at the ball and MISSED! Both Div and Zed were brave to race to the ball and I thought one of them would be injured impaled on the pole. But Div got up immediately adrenaline coursing through his veins thereby probably numbing the effect of a possible injury and Zed, is a hard man so he got up slowly. Div has apologised to me later after I told him that in the TZLC, personal glory comes second to a persons well being. He has understood and has promised to make amends.
Thank you Red for messaging and Div for sending an apology by text and even checking up with Zed later. There were some good moves by both teams but few and far between. SS do have some players that are calm on the ball and that is a good sign for the future.
I think as per VK III's Review Zubin was sitting on the bench and didn't get a game but I hope he doesn't lose hope as his time will come!
Jon's form has dropped considerably since the start of the season. I must remind him that there are some players out there that are VERY GOOD KEEPERS and if Jon continues in this fashion he won't be keeping much anymore.
Some MO's didn't turn up and some MO's were not wearing the proper kit. A note of the same has been made and players will be SUSPENDED in future.

Saturday 26/11/16
BT (0) 2 VS BI (0) 1
BT - S Inamdar (Ashubh) 7.15, Shiv (S Sharma) 33.10
BI - S Khaparde (Rango) 18.15
Assists -
BT -  Shaurv and Ashub
BI - Rishi

Main Ref - Mr. Dlamini Linesmen - A Atigre and J Kothari (ABSENT A Monga) GR/AR - Y Ketkar and R Raghunathan 
CM - A Bapat SR - D Kaundal PC - S Nirala

MO's - 
AP: Amol Atigre, Sean Matthew??? ; BE: Rakesh Raghuthaman, Harshad Sathe; RW: Amol Monga, Kapil Patwardhan, Ashwin Bapat ; PACU: Yogesh Ketkar, Jehan Kothari ; SS: Devesh Kaundal, Suneet Nirala

BT Squad list 
Patil S. D, Kanekar S., Moghe M., Chiplunkar S., Sharma S., Inamdar S., Inamdar M., Bhorde A., Shah G., Rastogi R., Athalye S., Patwardhan N, Akshai S 
Not Available: 
Bhandari P - Work related commitments 
Menon P - Injury 
Shah N - Personal Travel 
Loans: Bhana as AVGKL ( RW, 0.40 mill TZR).

BI Team List : Available Squad Players – 13 ; Unavailable Squad Players – 3 ; Substitutes – 2 ; Loan Application – 0  
1. Amol Hatkar 2. Aalok Sathe 3. Ajay Sanghvi 4. Atul Shah 5. Aakash Pise 6. Anoop Mahajan 7. Shrirang Khaparde 8. Ameya Dharmadhikari 9. Karan Shetty 10. Dhruv Agarwal 11. Rishikesh Khilari 12. Santosh Pai 13. Gaurav Natekar (Tentative) 
Unavailable Players: 
1. Nihar Awasthee (Injured) 2. Rajesh Bansode (Injured) 3. Sachin Kadam (Travel)

Aditya Sankolli from AP (value 0.260) as an AVPL.

Mr. Khare's Preview
Quite literally the prepared against the disorganized! Can BT, who are using KFANDRAAI's formation beat BI who are still confused? I think Anoop Mahajan and S Pai (Marcelo) are back and they may spice things up a bit. All in all it MAY be a walk in the park for BT if BI continue playing the way they've been playing over the past few outings. I do hope they read this Preview and PUSH themselves to make a match of it! I don't think any Ref will make a dirfference in this match....

Adi (A Sankolli) review as Loanee for BI
I thank the KFANDRAAI for approving my loan and all the senior players for being so supportive. 
Overall, the game was good, all the BI players had good communication between them, flank switching was pretty fluid. 
In my opinion, Shetty and Dharmadhikari were the heart of every BI attack, on the other hand, Patil and Inamdar stood out from BT because of their work rate. 
My performance wasnt so good as i didnt make much diagonal runs and wasnt that threatening on the ball.

Mkul (M Inamdar ) Review for BT
Today for the first time BT played before their home crowd. BT fans are known for being very hard to please. They not only want their club to win but to win by playing good football. All the BT players were desparate to play entertaining brand of football. To our credit, we did do that in patches but we also made too many unforced errors and lost possession on numerous occasions which made our game look very scrappy. We played 4-4-2 as follows: Bhana (Gk), Rastogi (RB), Moghe (RCD), Kanekar (LCD), Athalye (LB), Inamdar M. (LM), Sharma (LCM), Inamdar S (RCM), Patil (RM, Shah G (Right Striker), Bhorde (Left Striker). We had Patwardhan and Akshai S on bench. Our plan was to press BI in their half. Our wing midfielders were supposed to press their full backs, our strikers were supposed to press their CDs, our CMs were supposed to press their CMs and our full backs were supposed to press their wing midfielders with the objective of winning possession as quickly as possible. This plan worked well on most occasions but after winning the ball we did not utilise it well. We rushed into the attack too soon. We were guilty of being impatient and playing out of position. We held on to the ball too long and that allowed BI to close down gaps quickly. Patil was excellent on his wing but on the other wing, we did not utilize the width at all. In spite of that, we managed to create a couple of chances which won us the game. Our defence was solid in one more match apart from the moment where everybody froze as if the national anthem was being sung to allow Godbole to score the BI goal. We all had a good laugh about it afterwards. BI were very good today. They at least deserved a draw but this performance should give them a lot of boost. We will ignore the result of today's match and try to do much better in our next match. Thanks a lot for reading our MR. Hard luck to BI. Cheers to BT.

Thanks for KFANDRAAI for appointing me as the linesmen for the BT vs BI match this morning. 
BT has been in top form this season and and BI have been also playing good football. I expected a close game, which in the end turned out to be one, with Shiv scoring the winner towards the end of the game. 
Both the teams played a bit deeper, though BI last man Atool was intent on catching offsides (in the 2nd half at least) and did well. Not much decision making from me except for some offside calls, mostly in the 2nd half when BI were defending on my side. Apologies to the ref for not pointing in the direction with the flag a couple of times when the ball went out of play for a throw in. Will make sure this doesnt repeat in future. Both teams played a fairly attacking game, though BT created more chances. A good game to be the linesman and both sets of players were respectful towards the decisions made by me. Hardluck BI and best wishes to both the teams for their remaining games.

Tiger (A Tigre) Review as Linesman
I would like to thank the KFANDRAAI for appointing me as Linesman for this game.  
It was my first game as a linesman and I tried my best to not commit any error;  
though at start I got confused about giving a corner to BT. I should have asked Yogesh about it  
but I actually asked Amol Hatkar. 
But the Main Ref (our Respected Coach) handled it very well; reminded me about what is supposed to be done. Thank you Sir. 
Both the teams played with the passion but many occasions lost the possession at crucial point of time.  
BT should have closed the game in first half itself but missed on many occasions in front of goal.  
Kudos to BI, they fought back well. But a misc understanding error in defence and lost the match.  
Congratulations to BT and hard luck to BI. Thank You Sir.

Mr. Dlamini's Review
Same old same old As we say in Swaziland "How! Umfana wena...everybody is taking advantage of me..."
I just fear that the new refs KFANDRAAI have brought in may be helping the flow of the game but they certainly aren't helping the cause of KFANDRAAI as the players are still tending to make the same SILLY mistakes that Mr. Khare will be blamed for takig a ZERO TOLERANCE VIEW.
Let me INSIST that it will NOT be Majita's fault but it will be the players who are at fault when the axe falls.

Mr Khare's Review
BI performed much better than they have before this mornings match and BT underperformed.
BI are a work in progress and should take this match as proof of that. They were more passionate and it seemed they were willing to play for the win anfd not just capitulate.
BT need a SERIOUS RETHINK as their EGO's are by far out weighing their performances.
I would suggest a formation adjustment. Something where they could play with Asubh, Mkul and Shiv in Cm roles. Mkul was a RUFFIAN yesterday, did EXACTLY what he knoew he wasn't supposed to do and along with irritate and frustrate himself he did the same to his bro and CM. For CM the effect dampened his performance and for Ashubh I think he's used to it so it wasn't much of a bother.
For BT I think they are getting good results ONLY because of a few select individuals. From yesterday's match Mkul joined the gang that was more detrimental to the side.
The few are Pam who I thought was ABSOLUTELY SENSATIONAL, Rafa and Jack right behind him and Anks. Shaurav also deserves a pat on the back (Not his team I cracked this feeble joke before?) because of his tireless work. His through ball for Ashubhs goal was incredible and required finesse with his feet that I thought Shaurav would take time to master. And that was his only draw back today, his lack of close ball control in tight situations. Ashubh also works his socks off.
Shiv I could see was DESPERATELY trying to show everyone that he's turned a corner and that he actually isn't a sullen individual. But he TRIED TOO HARD.
For BI, they are LUCKY Hamol is in TOP FORM but he needs to LEARN the rules first.
I read Adi's Review and let me give him a piece of advice. You are a BABY in the TZLC terms and your advice regarding your view of other players should be muted whether in the positive or negative. You should only refer to YOUR PERFORMANCE and how you felt your relation was with your team mates.
Your Review clearly seems not your own and ALL members that prefer to copy paste, take other players help or generally send something that is NOT of their own work will be punished. All young Adults BEWARE. 
I thought BI played LONG BALLS too many times and DID not ahave a DEFINITIVE PLAN of action. It all seemed a bit random. BT won because player to player they were quicker and TA as compared to the opposition.