Matches this Week



Monday 14/11/16 (Both extra 5 mins taken by RW)
RW (0) 1 Vs BT (1) 2
RW - KT135 (K Tejwani) 57.30
BT - Mop (A Bhorde) 12.30, Mkul (M Inamdar) 64.20
Assists - 
S Inamdar 2
Cards - 
RW - Mantan NGBH
BT - Mkul Dangerous Challenge Shiv NGBH

BE – Amit, Manoj Ref -- Mr. Angus Smith 
AP – Mukul, Sagar, Shivam 
SS – Varun, Anish 
BI – Ajoo, KS 
PACU – Ketkar, Satsut

RW Preview
After a day’s rest we come up against the supremely talented Black Thunder. The TZ squad that played against Kitfo had a sizeable contingent from BT and we got a glimpse of the high quality football they are capable of. BT always were a tough side to come up against and look like a more settled squad this season. BT play a more open game and we have had some great matches with them last season. BT have added a new dimension to their attacking ability by providing the immensely talented Ashubh in midfield an able partner in crime in Shivam 
We will have to work out an effective strategy to be able to compete with them, we look forward to another entertaining game of football

Patil S. D 
Kanekar S. 
Moghe M. 
Chiplunkar S. 
Shah N. 
Sharma S. 
Inamdar S. 
Inamdar M. 
Bhorde A. 
Shah G. 
Rastogi R. 
Athalye S. 
Patwardhan N 
Not Available: 
Bhandari P - Work related commitments 
Menon P - Injury 
Akshai S. - Exams 
Loans: AVGKL Uniyal (BE, 0.26 mill TZR). 
We request KFANDRA-AI to please approve our request for AVGKL loan.

Ahjoo (A Sanghavi) Review as AR
I thank the referee for appointing me as AR for today's match.  
The match started with BT playing some good football for the first 25-30mins in the first half. They were able to get good movement of the ball and played some great one-two passing moves which helped them to put pressure on RW and create chances of which they converted one early in the game. On the other hand RW in the first half seemed to be losing possession of the ball easily and were not able to get the movement required. They did get a penalty of which they scored on second attempt.  
The second half saw RW playing a more attacking game and had more possession and were pressuring BT for the entire half but again they were unable to score and BT for one or two chances to counter attack of which they converted one chance and won the game 2-1.

A Chandrachud (Rock) Review as Linesman
Thank you for appointing me as the Assistant Referee (linesman) for this critical match between two excellent teams. 
The match lived up to its billing, and was well and fairly fought by both teams. Most of the first half belonged to BT, and it seemed that they could do nothing wrong. Their passing and ball movement was sublime. RW on the other hand looked completely at sea, and only found their feet towards the end of the first half. BT was rewarded for their play with a well executed goal, and went into the break up 1-0. John keeping for BT made a couple of top drawer saves. 
The second half was all RW, and I think BT made the mistake of playing too deep, inviting pressure. They also looked a tired side after their dominant display in the first half. Inevitably, a handball resulted in a penalty awarded to RW, eventually resulting in a goal and a tied score. It was on a break that BT scored, with a sublime pass that found a speeding Mukul slot the ball past the keeper. RW tried their best for an equalizer, but BT crowded the box. RW was also guilty of not attempting shots on goal. 
It was a tough match for the linesmen, as both sets of defenders kept moving the defensive line up and down quite fast. I think that Amti and I did a decent job, but it is for the main ref to judge us. 
All in all, an enjoyable match to witness. Congrats to BT for the win.

K Kuber (Kev) Review as AR/GR
I was one of the goal line referees today and would like to thank KFANDRAAI for giving me the opportunity in my first match as MO.  
> It was a very entertaining game where BT went 1-0 into the first half. The second half saw the scores level by RW of a Penalty kick and BT went ahead with a brilliant counter attacking move which saw a through ball and a great finish by BT to finish the game 2-1.  
> As the goal line referee today there were no major incidents where I needed to get involved. The referee and the assistant referees and my fellow goal linesman did an excellent job today.

Angus McSmiths Review as Main Ref
It is indeed tough on the referee to follow the R and R to the letter of the law as sometimes a little jurisprudence is required as players are more often than not caught up emotionally in the match and end up doing things that the best of us would also find difficult not to. I am so glad that the KFANDRAAI instantly ADJUSTED the Laws in such a short space of time. It is important that the game flows and is not stopped constantly for minor issues or the possession of play changes due to the lack of professionalism of just one player. Especially in the TZLC where ALL the players are well behaved and disciplined and theres so much trust involved that when the Governing body accepts changes so readily it is obviously clear that the TZLC is one big family! 
One of the instances which I drew a grey line over was when I warned EL Loco that he'd be given a YC if RW scored from the penalty the just earned. El Loco had appealed for the hand ball. BUT in mid-appeal he had stopped himself IMMEDIATELY on realising the error of his ways, this indeed influenced my decision on CANCELLING the YC after KT135 had scored from the re-penalty. His appeal was not LOUD and IN YOUR FACE and something arrogant. The appeal was an HONEST and SPONTANEOUS appeal. I also UNDERSTOOD that the players are TRYING their best to toe the KFANDRAAI line and did MY best to show the players that I understood that too. Theres a new player and the (A Bapat, Batty) kept his arms APART and looked at the opponent straight on at a corner. I realized he's a new player and spoke to his Captain about Batty's actions that are OBVIOUSLY not allowed. Instead of stopping play and giving a FK or summat I thought a warning at the next dead ball was appropriate. Later on Mr. Dlamini tells me when we were having a beer together that Batty was called up for the SAME OFFENCE when he was reffing an earlier match! Now this is wrong! Lets just say that RW are LUCKY that they appointed different refs for the matches!!! I had no issues with BT at all.....

S Patil (Pam) Ran 9.02 Km's

Sidwho? (S Chiplunkar) Ran 8.2 Km's!!!

Mantan (M Joshi) Review for RW (RW's 2nd warning re formation format)

Firstly we would like to thank the Referee and the MOs for their role in keeping the game going and prefect decisions. Today's game we played against harding working BT.  
We started off today playing 4-4-1-1 with the following formation 
GK - Ketan 
LB – Taufa LCD -Karan RCD – Monga RB – Zope 
LM – Manan LCM – Vikas RCM – Ashwin RM – Sarva 
ACM – Nishant 
Striker – Kapil 
We had Bhave on the bench. 
We knew today was going to be a difficult game for as the BT side is one of the most hard working side in the league. With the likes of Shubhankar, Mukul and Pam it is a dangerous side if given time to settle in. This season they have added some amazing talent in the form of Mop and the super composed Shivam. BT's midfield is where they take the game away from you. Shubhankar, Mukul, MOP, Shivam and Pam had a fantastic game today. We had a much settled team than what we had against PACU and the new guys are linking well. We were a little shaking in defence with Jatin missing and Monga, Karan and Taufa moving to defence. The first half most of the attacks for BT came through Pam and Shubhankar from the left and exposing the inexperienced defence to an early goal which was very well fished by Mop. We did have a few chances but most of the shots were directly at the keeper. In the second half we dominated position with Karan shifting to CM and Vikas moving back to CD. With more attacking options now, we pressed and got a penalty, which Kapil missed and lucky for us we got a second chance as the keeper of off his line. Karan scored. Two of the best chances came to Nishant, of which on was saved by Manoj diving to his left. I think we just need to figure out our formation as a few players look uncomfortable in their positions. Few of us including me are off form and desperately need to get back in playing the RW way. Kapil, Ketan, Zope and Ashwin had a good game but we are far off from what we really can do. We hope Sarva, Manan, Nishant and Taufa get back to their full glory for the next game. The score ended 1-2 to BT with a super through ball over our defence line to Mukul who put it through the keepers legs. Well played BT, also would like to mention that the BT CDs had an super game.

Mkul (M Inamdar) Review for BT
"It is always very difficult to write about a match when your emotions are running high and today's match is one such match. RW have always been a very tough team to beat...and not just for BT. They have a knack of finding their way through from the most difficult situations as amply illustrated by them in their previous match. But today we managed to score one more goal after RW's equaliser and also managed to hold on to that lead. Today we decided to change our formation from the last match. We played 4-5-1 as follows: Uniyal (GK), Patil (RB), Rastogi (RCD), Kanekar (LCD), Chiplunkar (LB), Bhorde (LM), Sharma (LCM), Inamdar M (CM), Shah N (RCM), Inamdar S (RM), Shah G (Striker). In reality, Sharma and Shah N played in a more defensive role and the central 5 players were organised more on the lines of 4-[2-3]-1. Our plan was to play the passing game and make more use of the flanks through overlapping runs of our fullbacks. This ploy worked well in the first half when we created constant pressure through penetrating runs from Shah G, Bhorde, Inamdar S. and our fullbacks. After going 0-1 up we were expecting the RW backlash and therefore, we sat back a little to absorb pressure from RW's midfield. In the second half, RW got a penalty and during a 20 odd minutes they maintained constant pressure on us in our half. Our defence line made sure that RW don't get any more clear chances. We needed some impetus to come back in the match and we got it finally through a wonderfully weighted through ball by Inamdar S and a finish by Inamdar M. After that we again gathered our senses and held on to this lead till the end. We would like to thank our loanee GK Uniyal for his wonderful saves. We would also like to thank all those people who called us to congratulate on our victory. We must also thank all the RW players who came to our dug out to congratulate us before leaving the field. Finally three cheers to our manager Patil who worked really hard on making sure that all the players are happy in whatever system and /or formation we play. This is too early to gauge the importance of this win on league table. For now all the players and fans are happy and have decided to celebrate this weekend. Cheers to BT and hard luck to RW. Thanks for reading the MR.

M Uniyal (Jon) Review as AVGKL for BT
First of all a big thanks to respected KFANDRAAI for allowing me to play on loan and BT's management to show faith in me for such a crucial match. 
BT enjoyed the possession more as they were passing the ball around nicely in the and put pressure on RW's defence and soon took the lead but RW came back hard in the second half as they pushed more bodies forward and as a result they got a penalty and equalised but BT kept their composure and after a beautifully constructed move they scored the winning goal. 
I didn't have much to do today as BT's defence was up and ready to throw themselves and block anything coming my way. RW tried hard but couldn't penetrate and create clear scoring opportunities So, i had to make just couple of decent saves. 
All in all a very competitive game and was a joy to watch some of the talented players on both the teams showing their skills. BT was a much better side today and they deserved to win and its exactly what they did. All the best to both the teams for rest of the season.

Mr. Khare's Review
What in hevaens name was going on with the two teams? If BT think that this will be a FANTASTIC Review for them or RW think that I will be all praise for them then they have another think coming!
BT set themselves up with 2 CD's in Rafa and Jack, 2 players that I think need a LOT of PRACTICE before being sent out to play in two of the most DIFFICULT positions in the TZLC9! Then they put Shiv and Snowtop to PROTECT them in DM! Now everyone knows how much I hate DM's!! DM's are only used if you are scared that your CD's are weak OR if you are scared that your opposition created to much space in front of your own CD's and you want to stop that. But before I go on, let me first make it clear that I don't want to take the credit away from Rafa and Jack for they did indeed do a SPLENDID job in the circumstances! WELL DONE!! Now let me continue....Placing Shiv and Snowtop there was a PURE WASTE OF TALENT. Mkul, Ashubh and Mop are all players that LOVE playing on the ground? Why is Shaurav there? Shaurav's qualities are his STRENGTH in the air and his never say die attitude. Shaurav should get a transfer to a club that will at least USE his talents. Did BT even once play a Long ball on to Shaurav's nut? Or is it that Shaurav's job is ONLY to feed the other players with one touch passes?
Big Daddy leaves a Big Hole in the RW CD or lets call it a super big sink hole when he isn't there. Two matches now and RW have NOT performed. Credit goes to the ONLY player at RW that has the GUTS to raise his hands and say that, I haven't practiced, the coach thinks of me the same way he thinks of Rafa and Jack and YET I will say that I will play in CD and put a lot of PASSION into it as well, another thing that the Coach says that I have nothing of!! Well done Amonk! Really!! But we need to work on a few things if you are going to continue there in future. The 1st step is your perseverence and getting better in that position and not giving up. As a Coach I have the right to tell a player that according to me, when a player tries his best, you can only get better. Some will get better slower while some faster and some it will seem not at all which means you have to work even harder or take a break from that position and try yourself in another one. For Amonk I think he can get better at a very quick rate.
RW put Toufa in Lb was it? They keep flitting El Loco, Ivan and Kapstar here and there. In this mornings match I thought Batty, Batty used to be this crazy English Cm who was known to be a mad hatter of a CM. A Bapat is not. But I want him to be 20% of the bloke I was talking about. Plus his surname has an extra Pa in it and we know how famous that nickname is in PACU and old AP circles!! So Batty is what I'l call him. so to continue, I thought Batty SHOULD have been ballocked at today for playing UTTER AND ABSOLUTE TRIPE! He made SO MANY MISTAKES it was embarrasing for me to think that this bloke is a KFANDRA grad! Kapstar is a player that has immense talent as does Batty and can use both feet two as can Batty I think. But Kapstar is in YOUR FACE type of player. Will hassle you and trouble you and will always try to irritate you. The other 2 players that are very similar play for PACU, Ghodsa and Shay, Ghodsa tried a Rabona the other day and the CM did not catch it! What a pity! Anyway, RW had players that the fans were wondering where they were playing and I ws ASTOUNDED at how RW were playing. ALL OVER THE PLACE! Which is another reason why I feel BT won! Because RW were total and utter pee smelling horrific. Isn't this a shocker to you all? Well the TZLC9 has now gone ahead in leaps and bounds and will not be happy for the tactical naivety. 
Pam was great, SidWho? in parts, Shiv is playing to 70% of his ability, Snowtop is neither here nor there, CM was good, Mkul and Ashubh are loving their positions and playing well in them and so is Mop. RW and BT have the same problem, a PREDOMINANCE of CENTRAL PLAYERS. 
BUT RW'S MAJOR problem and I feel their BIGGEST issue is that the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK have started dictating terms in the on field play and in the dug out! Likes the Week 1 Highlights Show? Well the 2nd week has LIVE tidbits from the dugout!! The older players are finding themselves on the outskirts rather than inside. A team needs to develop a sense of camaraderie and sense of belonging. RW at this moment in time MAY be showing a few cracks and Amonk and Mantan better get their glue ready. That reminds me of Mantan and EL Loco....their performance? Lets leave it for the Ratings page!!!

Wednesday 16/11/16
BE (1) 3 Vs KITFO (0) 0
BE - A Bhable (Amti) 41.40, M Inamdar (Mkul) 54.58, R Raghuthaman (Rake) 65.10
Assists - DAP (A Sadana), Jon (M Uniyal), Amti (A Bhable)
Main Ref - M Joshi, Linesmen - V Ghotge, K Tejwani RA/GR - H Matharu + 1 More MO or NONE
CM R Rastogi SR S Kanekar

PACU: Matharu, Ghotge 
RW: Karan, Manan 
SS: More than 3 players in KITFO squad 
BT: Sagar Kanekar, Rajendra Rastogi 

BE Squad
1. Sharad 
2. Amit 
3. Manoj 
4. Prashant  
5. Gururaj 
6. Rakesh 
7. Sumanta 
8. Alok 
1. Amod (Knee Injury) 
2. Harshad (Knee Injury) 
3. Suraj (Lower Back Injury) 
4. Sameer (Relocated to Canada)

BE Loans
1: Mukul Inamdar(360, BT) as per DL In place of Sameer(400) 
2. Anand Sadana (320, AA) as per DL In place of Harshad(410) 
3. Jatin Bhana (300, RW) as AVGKL. (his GK value is not available on stats sheet)

BE Preview
This is our second match and hope to continue the wining momentum. KITFO is unpredictable and it can bounce back anytime. We have to take one step at a time and need to control the game. We know everybody in KITFO as do practice together. The game will be friendlier in nature and will maintain the high sportsmanship spirit. We will play 4-4-2 but position of player might change, depending on the situation. We have created few good chances in last match but not able to convert as a goal. Need to concentrate more and do better this time.  
We have following players missing match against KITFO due to injury Amod, Harshad and Suraj. Keno is relocated to Canada so we will miss him for the whole season. We have taken direct loan in place of Keno and Harshad. We want to play a good football and win. Management thinks BE will perform better in this match.

As I will be helping out KITFO from the bench, I'm sure we'll give our OWN players at Eagles a tough fight. My focus on this match is to as usual let the players that are not getting a game at their own clubs to get FULL GAME TIME and of course to give the KITFO members that are not TZLC Members Full game time also. The remaining squad will be rotated hither and thither amongst 5 positions including the GK! 

1 Zaid 
2 Devendra 
3  Sagar 
4  Ravinder 
5 Ajinkya Pote 
6 VK 
7 Sumith 
8 Rajib 
9 Ravinder ??? (His name has been noted TWICE!!)
10 Nishant 
11 Aviank 
12 Subin
13 Meer
14 Sky

Players who will get FULL PLAYING TIME ARE - 
Zed, Robbinder, VK, Mishti, Nish, Zubin
Players that will be rotated are - Dev, Red, Djinn, Summit, Avi, Meer and Aky.
I will coach KITFO.

KS (K Shetty) Review as GR/AR
Thank you to the KFANDRAAI for appointing me as a goal line referee for today's encounter between BE and KITFO. 
BE started out as favorites with a couple of strong loans in their line-up. Credit to KITFO for putting BE under pressure throughout the first half. They stuck to their plan of playing long balls to the forwards and did have a fee good chances. 
In the second half, however, they were unable to keep the intensity and changed their long ball, counter attack approach. This gave BE more time on the ball with which they managed to get a comfortable lead with repeated attacks on the KITFO goal (they were extremely wasteful though!!). 
As a goal line referee I had to make one decision in the 2nd half regarding a corner. Besides that it was only a lot of running around behind the goal for me thanks to BE's errant shooting!!

Vikky (V Ghotge) Review as Linesman
First of all I would like to apologize for the delay in media banner printing, I would also like to thank You for allowing me to be the Linesman,  
Today's match was going good till BE scored the first one, all in all a good encounter, no hard tackles, Sherry was at his peak missing those sitters, as a linesman the first half was all running up and down, second half was a bit relaxed as the game was concentrated in the other half,  
Congrats BE and hard luck Kitfo, all the best for the future games

M Joshi (Mantan) Review as Main Ref
I would like to thank KFANDRAAI for this opportunity to be the main ref for this game. Being a ref is not an easy job, I have refereed a game on Papal last year but that is my only experience and today being the main ref I was under some pressure. The game went really well as both teams know each other and there were no instances where I had to make a tough decision. These guys have a fantastic attitude while playing and that makes life for the ref very easy. The pressures of being a ref can only be know once you are put in that situation. I would like to apologies as had a few lapses in concentration but that is just because I am not used to being there in the middle making the decisions, I hope to improve on that for the future games.  
Today BE was the strong side and they had most of the possession. They created a number of chances but the finishing was extremely poor. With that much possession they could have scored at least 5 more goals. KITFO did their best and there were some moves that really work for them. KITFO came close to scoring once in the second half when a beautiful ball from the right came in but there was no one at the second pole to slot it in. These two teams have come a long way and now you can really see the difference in the way they play. I would like to congratulate both the team for their performance and wish them good luck for the future.  
A special mention to all the referees and MO's who have and are going to be officials for the futures game that we as players really appreciate the effort that is put into making the right and the most fair decisions for us to have a smooth game. Thank you.

DAP (A Sadana) Review as Loanee for BE
I would like to thank BE for loaning me to play for their side and to KFANDRAAI for accpeting my loan. The match today at Papal saw team fight it out with two very different strategies. 
For me personally with each minute passing my game started degrading. From horrible controls to aimless passes. And not mention a one on one. It all happened today from my side.  
BE as a team extremely calm and played to the simple strategy as decided earlier. It was nice to see the ball move around the ground. Specially the amount of work done at the flanks was commendable. Even though we as a team missed a lot easy chances we were able hold possession of the ball for a longer time. Massive appreciation for KITFO coming together as an organization and working to a structure. 
Overall it was a good game that I personally enjoyed.

Mkul (M Inamdar) Review as Loanee for BE
"I thank the BE management for taking me to play on loan for them in place of their iconic player Sonaikar. Replacing such a great player was not going to be easy but when I read their manager's email I felt relieved. The BE game plan was simple. I was asked to play as LCM which is my preferred position and their game plan was very much suited to my style of play. BE had decided to play the passing and waiting game without hurrying into either attack or defence. During the match the plan automatically changed a little because KITFO were being managed by Coach Khare and they were very compact initially. On the other hand, the BE defence committed a few errors in trying to play the intricate passing game even in tight situations. But very soon we took control of the match by pushing KITFO back in their half. The first goal came after a period of sustained pressure of 5-10 minutes. I tried to pass the ball as much as possible to Uniyal who was playing as LM but I thought I should have done it more. I thank him for his cross which resulted into my goal. I thoroughly enjoyed playing for BE. All the players in BE had great attitute and smiles on their faces. Today it was not one of their best game but their managers kept pushing the players to try and play the quick passing game which they must have been practicing in training. Towards the end I was asked to play as CD for some time. A couple of times my co-ordination with other players was horrible while playing in defence and one time KITFO came very close to scoring from a cross. Apologies for the same! I hope the BE management will consider taking me on loan again. Best luck to them for the rest of the season. Hard luck to KITFO.

BE's Review By Jon (M Uniyal) 
First a big thanks to KITFO for helping BE with the ground marking and setting up the nets. 
BE played a 4:4:2 formation with Jatin(GK), Guru(RB), Amit(RCB), Sherry(LCB), Aalok(LB), Rakesh(RW), Anand(RCM), Mukul(LCM), Manoj(LW), Prashant(ST), Sumantha(ST). 
UNA squad -Suraj(Injured), Amod(Injured) and Harshad(Injured). 
Today our plan was to play a passing game inside our half and draw the opponent out and create space for our midfielders and wingers. We were aware that KITFO will try and press to exert pressure on us and it will create ample of space and its exactly what happened, as a result we created a lot of goal scoring opportunities but couldn't capitalize on them. One thing which has improved is the positioning of our players while defending and attacking and this is good news for us but our finishing is still way below par and we need to sort this out as quickly as possible otherwise its going to haunt us for rest of the season. We did manage to score three goals, first one was the result of a solo effort from Anand who took the ball from midfield and went past defenders but ball bounced off the goalKeeper into Amit's stride and he finished it well.Second goals was a header into the right top corner by Mukul but the best one was scored by Rakesh who took the ball from the right flank and dribbled his way through defenders and finished it with precision. 
KITFO reserves played very well at times and threatened to score as Mr. Khare was guiding them throughout the match. The best thing about KITFO is the hard work they put in and passion their players show. However they were a bit shaky in the defense today and were jumping in for tackles which made it easy for us to go past them but they can only improve from here but it was a good experience for the KITFO reserves to get to play in different positions and how is it to be in a real game situation. 
Although BE won the match but we missed a lot of open chances otherwise score card could have been different altogether and it would have lifted the confidence of our players which right now looks to be a bit low in the final third and that can only be achieved through practice. 
I would like to thanks mukul and anand who were awesome in the mid-field. They were always there while defending and attacking moves, They really worked hard for BE victory. This is how we expect a midfield player to play. It was good learning and playing experience for us. Thanks to jatin, his presence in the back of the defense was helpful. He many times asked defense line when to go up, when to fall back. It was great to hear appreciations from coach for BE and it also boosted our morals to play better. Thanks to coach. 
All in all a decent outing for us before the big matches but we need to up our performance in no time. All the best to KITFO for their upcoming matches.Lets Go BE !!!

KITFO Review by Captain Mishti (R Nath)
KITFO squad:  
Zaid, Devendra, Sagar, Ravinder, Ajinkya Pote, VK, Sumith, Rajib, Ravinder, Nishant, Aviank, aakash, Mihir, Subin 
Thanks to coach for agreeing to coach us for the match after all the confusion created out of miscommunication by KITFO stand in charges. KITFO was arranged in a 4-4-2 formation. Aim was to give more playing time to players who are not associated to any club. 
This was once again a tough match with BE in a fine form and familiar to the playing conditions as much as KITFO. BE created a number of chances and missed most of them. To their credit, KITFO too managed to create few chances of their own. The match ended 3-0 in BE s favour after the first goal scored in the 5 min extra time taken by BE captain. 
Overall a good experience for the players to compete 90 mins. We will look at the positives and look forward to improve in coming fixtures. 
Congratulations BE for their fine start...

Big Daddy (J Bhana) Review as AVGKL for BE
Thank you to BE for appointing me as their GK and the KFANDRAAI for approving the same. 
From my point of view as Keeper, I honestly had a very lonely and boring game. Dont get me wrong, The game on the whole was quite entertaining with BE missing a plethora of open goal chances. Some virtually off the goal line. 
Apart from the first half where KITFO created a couple of chances and took shots on goal, I was hardly involved in the game. I do remember latching onto one of Mishti's shots but KS on Goal line duty told me it was heading out anyway. 
The 2nd half it was all BE attacking and all i was involved was in some tame rolling balls coming into the Penalty area which were straight forward collections. I used one of those collections to try a long kick which sent this new ball flying. Very satisfying! 
All in all BE had the majority of chances and could have thrashed Kitfo but for all the missed opportunities. Even Sherry from CD moved up to have a try at scoring. 
All the best to the both the teams for the rest of the season and I look forward to playing with BE again. I did ask Sherry to loan me for outfield if possible. Lets see.

MR By Mr. Khare
It was fun to rest these old legs that are currently being used by a THOUSAND DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES!! Old (But i'm only 29!!) is just the age talking but my heart and soul still enjoys the thrill of coaching and watching players play passionately and competitively with trust and honesty!
Long may the TZLC prosper!

I can't say much about the game as it was contested between the same players that play together every week and know each other inside out. Only the 3 loanees for BE were new.
It was ALWAYS going to be an uphill task for KITFO as the Reserves were given a run in to get as MUCH experience as they could. Only Mishti is the old head as he dropped out this season so I could rely on him on being a constant for the new players. This is ALWAYS needed for a bunch of players that are learning the game. My priority was to give Summit and Djinn practice in the Cd so they can carry over the same way for SS. But I know I have a LOT of work left for them two. Confidence and the art of catching offside. When I was educating the others, Sherry, Mario, Amti etc they didn't have people (team mates) that could help them or they could look up to when I wasn't there. But these same players can SPEED up the education that I have started by helping their proteges whenever they can. I have no issues with that as I have gone through a LOT of hard work with many of the old heads and if they can keep me from REPEATING the process with the new lot, I'll be happy indeed.
It saves me more time for other equally important advanced stuff!
The other new players (mentioned in the preview) I switched about randomly in the hope that they'll get as much experience as they can in as many positions as possible. Well did the same for Summit and Djinn but for less time. The other players that are playing regularly for clubs I also rotated mostly through CM and GK. In the end allowed Meer to Keep for the last 20 mins or so and gave Red a rest as the two of them have a match tomorrow. I'm a nice guy you see!!

As for BE, they gave the Reserves a few chances and this is not done, they also MISSED a million chances and this is also not done. Amti's goal was well placed of a rebound and Mkul's was a good flick header, he'll be proud of that and I'm sure all his friends will here about it till the next time he scores again!! Rakes goal he just sauntered into the box and beat Meer with sheer power.

I can't believe my players could put pressure on Sherry and Amti in CD. UNBELIEVABLE that these two with SO MUCH EXPERIENCE can be put under pressure. They MUST do some introspection.
In fact I HAD to talk to them during the game to stop panicking. Its OBVIOUS which was the better team. All BE had to do was ENJOY the game but ENJOYING the game is not BEING OK with missing a chance or not losing the plot when playing badly. ENJOYING The game means HAVING CONFIDENCE in your own ability and NOT being flustered by a bunch of players that are only doing what the coach has told them to. 
BE SHOULD NOT BE HAPPY with this very facile victory. THEY SHOULD HAVE WALLOPED KITFO RESERVES. Even if they'd have scored 10 this morning with the way they played I'd still be critical of them. They DIDN'T DAZZLE, and THAT IS WHAT I AM WORRIED ABOUT. In fact BE PUT TOO MUCH CONFIDENCE in the KITFO RESERVES that they felt they could win!!! Sometimes the KITFO RESERVES need to unserstand the importance of hard work and what it takes to play well after practicing so much. When will BE cross that line?
DAP didn't help BE's cause much. 
I like Groo, Suman needs a confidence boost, Mario needs to work on his shooting and passing while facing his own mf's, Koala did his best but needs to work on ONE position and not play in positions he has no clue what he's job is.
Dev was FANTASTIC for KITFO Reserves and the rest of the players I haven't mentioned did well too!!

Thursday 15/11/16
PACU (1) 4 Vs AP (1) 1
PACU - Kapka (K Samant) 1.45, Satsut (S Suttati) 2 54, 74.30 Meer (M Naik og) 78.45
AP - DAP (A Sadana) 7.30
PACU - Satsut, Kapka
AP - Elvis (E Lima)
Main Ref - Mr. Dlamini, Linesmen - S Inamdar and M Joshi GRefs - A Mahajan and A Pote
CM - S Yeole SR - G Patil PC - J Wagh

Manoj Uniyal (0.26 M TZR) AVGKL

AP Squad
Aditya Kotbagi 
Sean Mathew 
Elton Lima 
Arun Chandrachud 
Mihir Naik 
Sagar Pise 
Aditya Sankolli 
Anand Sadana 
Kaivalya Kuber (GK) 
Prashant Ghadge 
Amol Atigre

MO's - 
RW - Nishant, Manan, Karan, Sarva 
BT - Niraj Shah and Shubhankar Inamdar 
BI - Anoop and Ringa 
SS - Jaydeep Wagh and Ajinkya Pote 
BE - Sharad and Gururaj


PACU is not very happy with the way the 1st week went with 2 draws. But we will take solace that we feel that we are at least moving in the right direction. Weekend liquid therapy will be used and we will come re energized for arguably the most talented team in TZ....the Panthers. The Panthers have it all talent, speed, experience and commitment. But we have Sutati who always brings his best to this fixture. We have our full squad for this game and have also made a AVGKL. All the best to AP.

M Joshi (Mantan) Review as Linesman
I would like to thank the KFANDRAAI for appointing me as Linesmen in this exciting fixture. This was always going to be an under pressure game for all the officials. I had to stay on my toes in the first half as AP was playing a high line. Samant and Sutati were a constant threat for PACU and Samant scored in the early minutes of the game by dribbling past the CD's Mathew and Chandrachud. Conceding this early goal AP started to press more with Lima, Kotbagi and Sadana. Sadana scored in the next few minutes when Lima crossed the ball from the left. As a linesmen the first half saw more of action, there were only a few offsides decisions and nothing controversial to report. The second half was fairly easy as PACU's defence line playing very deep and the only offside was Sankoli after a set piece. It was a hard fought game where AP missed simple chances in the first half that cost them the game. PACU finished strong and dominated in the last quarter of the game. Hard luck AP, well played PACU.

S Inamdar (Ashubh) Review as Linesman
I was one of the linesmen for today's game. I would like to thank the KFANDRAAI and the main referee Mr Dlamini for this opportunity. It was a hard-fought game between two strong sides. There were several instances where I had to be vigilant and give a call. Both team's defenders and attackers were moving constantly. When Satish scored PACU's third goal, I believe AP's right back had stayed behind the rest of the defence line keeping Satish onside. There were a few close moments like this and I did my best to concentrate and make the right calls. I need to pay more attention to instances of throw-ins. On a couple of occasions I couldn't see who kicked the ball out or whether the throw-in was proper. I hope to learn from this experience and do better the next time. Finally I would like to congratulate both the teams for the level of intensity in today's game. Thank you.

Sherry (S Yeole) Review as CM
Today morning, I came to NCL ground prepared to do Camera Man duty for the match. I would thanks 
KFANDRAAI to let us know in advance the role we need to perform on the match day. This was my first  
role as a Camera Man in this season and hope I didn't missed anything crucial to capture in the match. I 
feel the difficult part as CM is to stay always focus so that you don't miss any moment of the match.  
There is not much to review for the match from my side as I was trying to focus on my role and not on the match. 
This was a great experience and would like to improve more in my role as CM in future.

A Pote (Djinn) Review as GR/AR
First of all I would like to thank KFANDRAAI for appointing me as a goal line refree for today's match between PACU and AP. And thanks to both the teams for making my job easier as I didn't have to do much due to their fair game play.  
In the first half, PACU scored a goal within 2 minutes which was unexpected for AP, but they didn't panic and stuck to their plan and soon got a equalizer. Both teams created chances but couldn't score as first half ended 1-1. 
In second half, it seemed like PACU took control of the game as they were looking more comfortable on and off the ball than AP. This is the reason PACU could find back of the net thrice in the second half. In all, the whole game was entertaining and fruitful to watch. 
Good performance by both the teams and best luck for the rest of the season.

Mr. Dlamini's Review as Main Ref
Sometimes eksai it feels as if the players are taking advantage of me and Angus and I'm sure Hans will also face the same issues. Unfortunately once players become aware of the Refs leniency, they try and take undue advantage, whether it be instinctive or learned, its still wrong.
But I still forgive this behaviour as long as it is instinct and it takes time to hone in your instinct as it brings a level of competitiveness to the game that increases the entertainment value. Who wants to see players piddling about, barely touching each other and absolutely no aggression, CONTROLLED aggression let me clarify.
But what upsets majita is the fact that the players aren't versed in etiquette. In BASIC rules and behaviour. I have bent a lot of KFANDRAAI instructions in favour of more of a free flowing game instead of players having a chat in the Sin bin so when players REPEATEDLY make the same errors after warnings then I have to take action.
Some throw ins were terrible, giving dodgy looks to the Linesman and CHALLENGES that are made without looking after the welfare of the opponent is dangerous.
A game that is allowed to flow, that includes a lot of talent, will ONLY be exciting if you have controlled aggression, a high understanding of the rules, respect for everyone on the field and humility.
I hope the players make an effort from next time.
One word of advice before I sign off. Just like every club comes to the ground to perform as it is their job, the same goes for the group of Referee's that have been appointed to look after the match. It is our job to ensure that the match is run smoothly. Just as it is in a club, the players protect each other in a time of distress, the same goes for the Refs. When ANY PLAYER QUESTIONS or is unhappy with my decision or the Linesmans then he should swallow his pride and get on with it. If he can't, he MUST not expect leniency from me and he must ENSURE that next time it does not happen again.

AP's Review (Audi, A Kotbagi)
Formation: 4-3-3 Prashant (RB) Arun (RCD) Sean (LCD) Mihir (LB) Sagar P (RCM) Anand S (CM) Aditya K (LCM) Ajinkya (RF) Elton (CF) Aditya S (LF) 
Loans: None 
Goals: Anand S 
Aundh Panthers had a horrible outing today against PACU. The scoreline will suggest that it was a total disaster but that was far from the case. AP have a long way to go in this season and although they lost today and dropped their shoulders after the second goal there was a silver lining to this game. AP gave a much better performance compared to their season opener and we are happy about it. It does not matter how many formations we try out. How many different positions we make a certain player play, in the end if you can't put the ball in the net there is no use of improvisation. AP have to understand that even if the team is a team of giants, they need to be mentally strong in all scenarios. You have to look out for the person playing next to you and only then will you get the favour back. Some of the players had a shocking second half. How can a person have a good first half and a bad second half? The answer is simple. Lack of practice. To sustain the game AP are trying to develop the players have to be in top shape. Not just physically but mentally.And only practice is going to help improve that. A lot of teams have signed some fantastic players and the sindh days are well behind us. To survive one has to adapt. There is no other option. The sad part about today is that PACU were there for the taking. They had two draws in a row and they were desperate for a win but we dropped our shoulders after their second goal and never recovered from it. Some of the yellow cards that were taken by the AP players were absolutely uncalled for.The ref had been very kind to let a few things go by but the players kept pushing him and he was forced to take action. The players have to improve on this. It is so important to have 11 players on the field. The entire rhythm of the game is destroyed when you are a player short. The players have to remember the team comes first. Above anything else. Another position AP needs to work on is the goal keeping position. There is no doubt that todays game would have been different had AP gone with their best choice keeper. This mistake will be avoided in the future. Other than that this is a good wake up call for all the players in the team. Everyone is wearing the arm band in this team and they have to take the responsibility. AP would like to apologise to Kfandrai for Aruns behaviour after the 3rd goal. The rules are very clear regarding behaviour towards the match officials and Arun has been here longer than most of us together. You are never too old to learn. And Arun has to remember that. Panthers will come back roaring. You can see it in their game. This is far from our final form. It has to be made clear that we will not be happy dominating possession or having shots on target. We will not be one of those teams that almost wins a game or loses it. How many good moves we had will not satisfy the players. You have to make sure that the ball hits the back of the net.Only then will this team be happy. We will not settle for anything less. The players must take a note of that. AP will mark it's territory very soon. Thank you for all the travelling fans for the support. And thank you to the Ref for being very open and straight forward.

PACU's Review (Amma, A Venkatramani)
PACU started the game in 4 - 4 - 2 formation. 
GK - Manoj Uniyal 
Defence L/R - Ghotghe, Chavan, Venkataramani, Bose 
Mid Field L/R - Kothari, Yash Shah, Godse and More. 
Strikers - Samant and Sutati 
Substitutes - Matharu, Uday Shinde, Poonappa. 
We took an early shock lead through a solo effort from Samant. For the next 20 odd minutes AP massacred us and could easily have been up 1 - 3. Venkataramani was at fault for the equalizer and was taken to the cleaners by the Panthers. At half time the 2 PACU CD's were discussing that they were being embarrassed by the Panthers but took solace from the fact that our attackers had begun to do the same thing to the AP defence. 
Very frankly we do not know if we deserved the win (much less such a big one). AP were very unfortunate to loose Sadanand at a crucial time when they were chasing the game. So hard luck to AP and better luck for your future games.

Jon (M Uniyal) Review as AVGKL for PACU
First and foremost a big thanks to respected KFANDRAAI for allowing me to play on loan for PACU and thanks to PACU management for considering me for the job. 
What a match, What players, What talent and skills on display. It was the match of the season so far for me as both the teams were loaded with fantastic players. AP is a team to watch out for this season as they have players with superior technique and skills at all the positions and then there is PACU with all the experienced and seasoned players but with no less talent and ability and that what made the difference in the end. It was all tied up at the break but in the second half AP were no match to the skills and smartness of PACU. Some individual brilliance and some team work took the game away from AP and they couldn't come back from there. 
On my performance I would say first fifteen minutes it was all AP and they could have finished the match right there, luckily i managed to save one and other one was shot wide by their striker. On the goal i conceded, it was a nice low driven shot at the right bottom corner but i still feel i could have done better but all in all I am satisfied with my performance and enjoyed every moment. 
Both teams played extremely well and some of the moves were amazing and it kept me on my toes all the time but i enjoyed the challenge and tried my best to stop anything coming my way. Bravo PACU and i am sure AP will come back even stronger. All the best to both the teams.

After reading Mr. Dlamini's report we are saddened at the unprofessionalism of the players especially when the tempo goes up. The TZLC is now famous for the way it conducts itself and we have to ALWAYS maintain high standards. In lieu of the begaviour of the players, KFANDRAAI are thinking of doing away with our Refs from other lands and continue with Mr. Khare as we feel that DISCIPLINE should be NATURAL and not forced. To instil that discipline, Mr. Khare may be called.

Mr. Khare's Review
Though I've played no part in creating the hype of the STRICT REFEREE, I seem to have a reputation of being a no nonsense individual, but honestly I do believe most humans are fickle and it is only a matter of time before they will end up taking advantage of a situation. Therefore a few cards and time in the Sin Bin is necessary to maintain an INJURY free and anger less environment.
Anyway. my thoughts on the match....I can clearly remember Red (Mr S Pise) missing that opportunity which a baby panda (unrelated to Po) would've scored even if it was blindfolded and being chased by El Loco! Must CONGRATULATE El Loco here for his INCREDIBLE transformation! Well done and I hope it continues! I clearly remember AP creating a million chances only to be thwarted by AVGKL Jon and themselves! 
I must query AP's insistence of using players in goals that are not in practice. Not that Tiger did anthing wrong but he played as per his ability. This is the difference in PACU LISTENING to their advisers about LOANING a NATURAL GK and AP SUDDENLY going with Tiger. I got the inside news that AP managed to get a NATURAL GK in Kev who didn't start...WHY? BUT thats not the point, I don't think AP lost because of the GK, I tought they committed suicide. To depend on ONE PLAYER, whose name is on everyones lips, yes its Elvis is not the right thing to do. Elvis is not at full fitness AND you have the TZLC8 Golden Boot winner in the same team. Bring them together with Sparky, Rock and the rest of the highly talented squad then you can wonder WHY the emphasis on Elvis. Which reminds me that I have to have a word with Elvis regarding his INABILITY to play his game when he is being marked tightly.
In depending so much on ONE individual, Elvis thought he needed to prove his ability at every moment and thats when AP lost him. 
PACU took time to settle and AP were full steam ahead and thats why AP clobbered PACU in the early mins. Kapka and Satsut can't deny that I've had quite a few conversations with them about their ability and I hope they finally trust me now. 
Kapka's brilliant opener and DAP's sublime finish gave a hint to quite a large gallery of spectators as to what was to follow.
I believe that if you give both Shay and Godsa space, then you have nailed your own coffin. As a matter of fact, Amma can't deny either about the idea set up in the KFANDRAAI pre-season formations video about Experienced players enveloping the youth. Worked wonders didn't it?
Hima worked his ass off today and I agree with him on being upset that Meeraj NEVR saw him making superb over lapping runs round him. But Meeraj need ONLY think about that fantabulous rocket that thwacked the upright!
AP were playing Rock and Sparky to high up, against Satsut and then Godsa and Shay running through, it is not wise. AP's Paul needs match practice, in the NEW TZLC, he just cannot rely on past laurels. Adi was clearly weak and Red has been told a hundred thousand times to show a bit of passion in his's ok to be passionate, it's how you control it thats important.
I felt SParky had more of an impact when he pushed into CM because as Audi was getting more and more frustrated at the events unfolding, Sparky was a SPARK in AP's dour second half.
DAPS injury spelt doom for AP and HONESTLY, AP playing BI in their first match was NOT the right thing for them. If AP have to perform, they need to be able to CHANGE gear and change strategy and change formations at the drop of a hat. PLUS they need players that practice.
See you guys on Saturday!!

Saturday 14/11/16

Main Ref - Angus McSmith, Linesmen M Naik and S Patil, RA/GR - S Chiplunkar and R Raghuthaman
CM - K Patwardhan SR A Bapat, PC - H Bose

RW  Kapil P and Ashwin B 
AP  Atigre and Mihir 
PACU   Kapil S and Himanil 
BT A Moghe and Sameer P 
BE  Aalok and Rakesh

Referee - BI Requests Mr. Angus Smith to be the Referee for this game.  

BE Loan
Jon M Uniyal 0.260 AVGKL

BI Loan
DL Siddharth Chiplunkar KFANDRAAI Value 0.260 in place of S Pai 0.300 (0.02 TZR)

BI's Preview
The TZLC 9 is off to a flier and BI would like to thank the KFANDRAAI and the TZ KITFO Community once again for making this possible. Though the Icemen did not get off to a desired start, we realize that there is still a long way to go in the TZLC 9 and that every match is a learning experience in itself. If not anything else, a loss in the opening fixture to our rivals AP has only fired the squad up even more.  
BI will play hosts to the newcomers from Papal - Silver Sharks in what promises to be an exciting encounter. SS lost their first fixture narrowly in what was heralded as a true team display. Despite being on the losing side they won a lot of accolades for their striker-less formation, tactical discipline and above all - Passion. This makes SS a formidable opponent but its safe to say that BI is ready and raring to go! 
The team is still not back to full strength and we will be missing some key players including our manager S.Kadam who had an excellent outing in the first game. BI will be using a Direct Loan (S Chiplunkar in place of S Pai) subject to KFANDRAAI approval. The last match displayed BI's weaknesses in attack and to blame was the formation which isolated our attacking 3. Keeping this in mind and also based on the advice received post the last game, BI have decided to go in with a simple 4-4-2. As the home team with a point to prove, it has been decided that BI play a 4-4-2 which leans more toward attack than defence! The onus will be on the 2 Central midfielders to control the game and frustrate the opposition by keeping possession. SS prefers to play without a striker and on the counter which means they will be held up their own half for longer periods of the game.The idea is to draw their players out and then strike with our quick forward line. The defence will have to look out for fast counter-attacks but will avoid playing a high-line. BI has experienced defenders who are adept at reading the game and catching off-sides and this will surely help in the game. BI is confident in its players' ability to get their first win of the season.  
We hope this will be an enjoyable fixture for both teams. We request BI fans to come out in huge numbers to support The Icemen! Good Luck to the Sharks.

Pam (S Patil) Review as Linesman
Thank you KFANDRAAI for nominating me as LP for today's game. This was the Sharks first away game while the Icemen were looking to kick-start their campaign. As LP I had to make calls for a few throw ins, offsides goalkicks and offsides, nothing controversial. BI enjoyed ample possession in opposition half during both half's and their pressing gave them a two goal lead by half time. During half time Coach gave the SS squad some sound advise as a result of which their game improved. Ultimately their inexperience resulted in the unwanted result for the Sharks but they should not lose heart and take this game as a huge learning. There is an entire season for them to work on their improvement areas and with hard work and perseverance I'm sure SS can bounce back as a strong team. Kudos to BI for their first win and best wishes to both teams for the remaining season. Thanks for reading the preview.

A.Moghe (ANKS) review as RA/GR 
I was the RA/GR for this match and it was an uneventful 80 minutes from my point of view. BI, with Dharmadhikari and Shetty, dominated the midfield and created chances. Chiplunkar playing on loan made good runs on the wing and crossed the ball several times. BI keeper had a good game although he made one late challenge that could have seen him sent off. This happened on my side of the goal but since the Main Referee (Mr. Angus Smith) had a good look at it, he didn’t have to discuss it with me. The SS player, when asked by the Main Referee (Mr. Angus Smith), was sporting enough to let the BI keeper play on. SS had a few clear chances but could not capitalise. In the end an easy outing for BI, well played! Hard Luck SS.

A McSmith Review as Referee
BI allowed Mr. Khare to assist the SS players at HT and then during the 2nd H at sporadic moments and Mr. Khare even started handling the substitutions! Mr. Khare's promise to BI was that he would
stop assisting immediately as soon as SS were close to making a match of it. I had no issues with this as TZLC is such a place where these things are taken with true spirit of bonhomie. 
SS were obviously SCARED to make even an ATTEMPT at a tackle in the 1st H possibly because of their 1st outing against their derby opponents where they were warned about their rash challenges.
So I had absolutely NOTHING to do. The fouls and Hb's were obvious but some players did NOT admit to them and play on as they should have, they just played on. That can go against them in the future as the Ref will have to rely on himself as the trust in the players would disappear and then the Ref MAY have to give a FK for a Hb even if he's not a 100% sure. 
A VERY TAME match I must say!

Sidwho? (S Chiplunkar) Review as Loanee for BI
I would like to thank the BI management for loaning me for today's match and the coach for approving the loan. 
It was my first ever game for BI and I enjoyed it especially in first half. The game looked like a game of two halves as SS gave their best to make a comeback in the match later on. 
We started well with more swift passing and chances and as a result we got a healthy 2 goal lead. However we couldn't maintain the same tempo in second half and unnecessarily allowed SS to believe they can snatch something from the game. 
Overall I'm happy with my game in first half. I'm thankful to Sanghavi who linked up nicely with me on left flank and gave me enough freedom to move ahead while we were attacking. 
Shetty to me was our man of the match who not only dictated the tempo but also looked sharp on the ball. 
To summarize the match, Sharks felt the Ice is too cold in first half but showed in Second half that they can swim in Ice as well! 
Congratulations to BI and hard luck SS. Best of luck to both the teams for the future games! 
I'd also like to inform that I ran about 9.1km in the game.

BI's Review by KS (K Shetty)
I would like to start off with thanking the referee Mr McSmith and the MOs for a peacefully conducted game. It was a tough game for both sides and kudos to all the players for keeping their cool (no YCs today!). 
BI may have won the game 2-0 but it was hardly a walk in the park. We started the game with a 4-4-2 formation - 
GK Hatkar  
RB Sathe CB A Shah CB A Pise LB Sanghvi  
RM Khaparde CM Shetty CM Dharmadhikari LM Chiplunkar  
ST Agarwal ST Khilari 
The intention was to keep possession and control the game and we started off well with our wingers making probing runs into the box. SS were allowing us enough space in the middle initially so we could create decent chances. However, we were unable to score from open play which is worrying. The blame lies with us as our decision making was extremely poor and their GK was hardly tested. Eventually both our goals came from well taken set-pieces (well done Agarwal and Khaparde for showing excellent presence of mind!).  
The 2nd half was a completely different ball game. SS came flying out of the gate after a pep-talk by Mr. Khare. They started pressing us in our half and this led to many mistakes. We must accept blame for not having a clue on how to counter this pressing game in the midfield. However, our defence was solid again continuing their fine form from the last fixture. Hatkar also made a couple of good saves which kept us in the game. SS dominated possession and by the end of the game BI were lucky to still be 2 goals up. A special mention to Sathe from BI for his performance today, he was assured in defence and always willing to overlap in attack.  
From SS, A Date and D Kaundal had a good game with hardly any mistakes. Also, a thank-you to Chiplunkar for playing on loan for us today! 
BI apologizes to its fans for a half-hearted 2nd half performance. Perhaps it was over-confidence from being 2 goals up or maybe just lack of match fitness, but we can't deny that much more passion is expected and we will strive towards this in our upcoming games. There were many positives to take from today's game, we will aim to build on these for a much more coherent performance in our next game!

Jon (M Uniyal) Review as AVGKL for SS
First of all a big thanks to respected KFANDRAAI for allowing me to play on loan and thanks to SS management for giving me the opportunity to play for them. 
Although BI won the match but it wasn't very convincing as there was not even a shadow of the BI we are used to see, they didn't attack as much as they should against a new side like SS who were not playing as per their plans and were all over the place. SS played well in the second half and created some chances but couldn't convert as BI looked tired and disorganised. 
I am disappointed with my performance today as i could have done better with the first one as SS were trying very hard and it was a blow to their spirit and commitment. Apologies for that. 
All the best to both the teams for their upcoming matches and i am looking forward to play with them again.

SS's Review (By VK, V Kuzhikuttil)
This was a match of 2 halves. BI dominating an SS side who appeared to come to the match unprepared in the first half. The second half saw the Sharks playing to a plan and playing positively. SS started with a 5-2-3 formation. 
M Uniyal AVGKL 
D Sengar RB, A Pote CB, A Ghanaria SW, S Gangadharan CB, VK LB; 
A Date CM, D Kaundal CM; 
J Wagh RF, S Nirala CF, AD Shah LF 
Subs Subin, Alan 
Before the match, the idea was to take the match to the opposition by getting the ball as fast as possible to the home teams half and allowing the 5 attacking players to express themselves. There were 5 defenders at the back as insurance. However the Sharks didn't follow the strategy at the outset and played poorly. BI kept possession and passed out from the back without pressure. They scored 2 goals of resulting set pieces. At the half time break, coach gave us a big earful as we were guilty of throwing the match away by not sticking to a plan and also players not showing the right attitude. However in the second half we stuck to the strategy and the transformation was great. The 5 attacking players had a go at the BI defence and created a few chances. The defence also worked as a unit to keep away BI attacks and starting off SS attacks. For the last part of the match SS switched to a 4-4-2 formation.  
There was an incident in the second half where A Ghanaria was through on goal and the keeper appeared to take him down. The referee asked A Ghanaria if he wanted to see the BI keeper sent off or allow him to stay on the field. A Ghanaria opted to take the free kick instead and let the keeper continue. This was a good decision by him as the match had been played with great spirit from the start. The match ended 2-0 to BI. 
SS are still looking for the first points of the season but the players are getting to know each other and the signs are good.

Mr. Khare's Review
As stated by VK, an email was sent to the SS players yesterday re their formation. Once again just concerning THEM and who they were playing against. The SS players DID NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT
play to those tactics. I was shaking my head and mumbling under my breath from the 1st minute when the SS penatagon of Date, Dervish, Sunset, Deep and Armpit decided to play super deep and pass the ball out. Deep and Armpit preferred to stay on the flanks and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to help their team without the ball. I mean who does that? You can at least PRETEND to hassle? Then the defenders were told to THWACK the ball however it came to them and not to even THINK to pass the ball out. EVERYONE except Dev and maybe Summit and Djinn did the opposite.
How much simpler could tactics get for a team that NEEDED a coach? In short the defenders will THWACK and the 5 players in mf will have the freedon to piss about with the ball in the attacking half.
Even an Eland or Impala with a tumour on its brain and a Lion grabbing its behind would've found these tactics simple. They have tactics themselves. See Lion RUN AWAY...See grass, EAT!! I probably should have sent them a less elaborate email which read like this -
Dear SS,
Defenders - See FOOTBALL (round 32 panelled object that KFANDRAAI have provided, please view attached image). Let me REPEAT...
Defenders - See football - KICK it as FAR AWAY as possible in the direction of the OPPOSITION GOAL.
(Goal - Two poles with a bar on top and a net attached placed on the other end of the ground)/
MF and Attackers - Pass the ball to each other in the OPPOSITION half ANYHOW, do ANYTHING, the end result SHOULD hopefully result in an attempt on the OPPOSITION goal!
Mr. Khare (bloke who you MUST be knowing!!)
Dev got the drift but the only problem was his rudder was skewed and he kept whacking the ball 10 yards from where he was (Rb) OUTSIDE the touchline to give a throw in to BI!!!
Jon is blaming himself too much and I actualy think he's playing much better than last season. Like the new balls Jon? Your kicking seems much better now.
I feel like picking up Sunset by the scruff of his shirt and shaking him until he shows a little passion!
My goodness!!! Dervish reminds me of Mkul, he wanders about as if strolling through a park, catching butterfly's and gazing at the clouds. Thats the uniquness of these two, its like they are in another dimension, you can see them with the ball but as you go near they seem farther away!
What can I say about BI? I'm actually glad they won for they used the same formation and positions from the Formations video. (Exceptng Ahjoo at Lb and Groov upfront) But thats ALL!! Jesus H Christ, and Haare Krishna Haare Raama and whatever else you want to believe in...if they were playing against ANY of the other clubs they would've been SOUNDLY hung and quartered. BI had the passion of an ice cube in the Sahara desert.
ICE Cube - Ohhhh noooo, I'm melting
Sun - I'll give you a chance to slide away....
Sand - Alright I pity you, I'll let you trickle down to a secret oasis I know of...
Ice Cube - ohhhhhh noooooo, it'll take so much energy to trickle down and way too much to slide, better I just turn into vapour....ohhh nnoooo
In this match the Ice Cube was competing with a Shark that had a cold and didn't want to get near anything that might make the cold worse. 
I hope that is explanation enough of how the match went...
The only ENERGETIC and INCREDIBLE player out there for the Icement was the Hatkinator. Single handedly he insured that SS wouldn't score. He's the ONLY proper GK right now that charges out with his body to the ground during one on ones. He's have got a 10 for me in this match but the Ref didn't send him off for a CLEAR LATE CHALLENGE that could've decapitated Avi from his feet up...
That HAD to be a sending off and I'm sure Angus knew what Avi's answer would be when he asked him if he should sent the Hatkinator off. Which Ref does that? NOT even in the TZLC! But as Mr. Khare was advising SS DURING the game he only though it fair to let the monster GK off.
Atool was energetic as he always is. Ringa is only a SHADOW of his former self at KFANDRA. I can't BELIEV he's younger than the other graduates that are making a name for themselves. Maybe Rb is not the right place for him and Cm would be better?
Rishi I don't think is DISCIPLINED enough and as for the players registered with BI but could not make it, I only hope your reasons were good enough. I've said it before and I'll say it again. If a player is INJURED or has work related issues, that PLAYER MUST COME to the ground even if its for 10 mins. This is YOUR CLUB in the end and you NEED to develop some camaraderie and bonding. This CANNOT happen if you stay away. Those of you that could've come should be ashamed and should take the kit you have paid for and exit the TZLC. The TZLC is not meant for those of you that can't be there for their team. Harsh words? I hope so....