Matches this Week



Monday 05/11/16
PACU (0) 0 Vs BT (0) 0 (PACU took the extra 5 mins at the end of the 2nd H, Not the 1st)
Godse YC Infringing on 10 Yard line

Main Ref - Mr. Dlamini Linesmen - Elvis and Rock. NO Asst. Goal Refs were used for this match.

MO's -
Sarva, Bhave(RW), Amit, Suraj(BE), VK, Subin(SS), Karan???, Rango(BI), Sean???, Audi(AP)
Rock and Elvis had turned up without prior intimation..THIS WILL NOT DO.
WARNING ONLY PROPER NAMES and Nicknames in BRACKETS along with Teams

BT Squad list  
Patil S. D 
Kanekar S. 
Moghe M. 
Chiplunkar S. 
Shah N. 
Sharma S. 
Inamdar S. 
Inamdar M. 
Bhorde A. 
Shah G. 
Rastogi R. 
Athalye S. 
Patwardhan N 
Not Available: 
Bhandari P - Work related commitments 
Menon P - Injury 
Akshai S. - Exams 
Loans: AVGKL Mathews (AP, 0.40 mill TZR).

BT's Review By Mr. Patil (Pam)

I would like to begin with my gratitude and appreciation for KFANDRAAI for the efforts in enabling a wonderful start to a new season of football! BT played a 4-4-2 formation with Mathews as GK, Patil S D (RB) - Rastogi (RCB) - Moghe (LCB) - Chiplunkar (LB) : Shah N (RM) - Inamdar S (RCM) - Inamdar M (LCM) - Sharma S (LM) : Bhorde (ST) - Shah G (ST) 
Great game today between both the teams. BT had decided to come a bit early and spend some quality time in warming up properly to beat the morning chill. it had a good effect as BT dominated lots of possession in the first half. The new TZ balls are really great, although it will take us some time to get used to the weight of the ball and adjust our touch accordingly. also there was a slight swivel on the ball in the air so that's going to bring a new dimension into the game. 
We would have liked to play more through the wings but we could not do much of that, except for 3-4 runs down the wing in the entire game there was nothing much. Also we kept losing the ball too often in the midfield, and we failed to utilise the full width of the ground as we were not sticking much to the sideline. These are some areas we would like to improve on in our next games. 
I feel that PACU played a very good game. Except for the beginning 35 odd mins, they tried to penetrate our defender multiple times and make openings but our defenders Moghe and Rastogi were spot on today. Also much credit goes to Mathews who kept calling from behind to make sure everyone was in the right place. PACU has multiple tries at goal, many of them on target just to be denied by the woodwork. In that aspect BT were quite lucky, but we had out own share of close shaves.  
BT would have liked a win but will be content with a Draw for now and take this result as a slap on the wrist. We got quite lucky today but lady luck may not favour us all the time so we need to really pull up our socks and play some paitent and controlling game . BT has the talent and with a bit more fine tuning I'm sure we can become a formidable side in contention for the top prize!

Pam (S Patil) ran 9.1 Km's at Rb for BT

Siddharth Chiplunkar (BT) at Lb ran 8.8 Km's as per his fitness tracker

Sparky (S Mathew) Review as AVGKL for BT

I firstly thank you for approving my loan to play as AVGK for Black Thunder. I also like to thank the BT managers for bringing me in for such an important season opener. It got my confidence up and I had to give them my best. 
Firstly I'd like to mention that the new footballs custom designed by Kfandraai are a beauty. The experience was similar to being introduced to a really pretty girl and you stutter and look very stupid until she starts smiling at you and eventually puts you at ease. I was just not used to the bounce and the couldn't get a good grip on the ball. 
However I could tell that is the perfect ball for us to play the TZLC 9. I tried my best to keep the BT defense compact and always be aware of who is drifting away from position. Pacu have such a fantastic midfield and attack that with a lapse in concentration even for a second would cost BT a goal. 
BT managers had to told me to take control of the 18 yard box so I tried to do that for the 90 minutes. As a keeper I have to improve on technique and footwork. Playing the first game is always a tense situation. You want to make sure you don't do anything silly and your objective is to give your team a clean sheet. I was fortunate to have a clean sheet today. Pacu were unlucky to hit the bar a few times. Sathish Suttati's shot when I was at the near post was impossible for me to save but luck was on my side as it hit the post. 
Great defending by Ankush & Raffa. BT kept losing possession of the ball but did show some calmness at times.  
I had one good save off Yash Shah's curl attempt which I am quite proud of saving but will continue to get a feel of this new ball and become a better keeper. Hoping to attend more GK training sessions in the future.

PACU's Review by Amma (A. Venkatramani)

"First and foremost a big shout out to the KFANDRAAI. The ground is beautifully levelled, footballs are amazing (who needs flat cones anymore), marking takes all of 2 minutes and even the new colours are amazing. 
Also to my fellow oldies, there is no need to fear the size of the ground. Its an absolute pleasure to play on this ground. 
PACU played to a 4 - 4 - 2 formation today. 
Bhana AVGKL 
Defence L/R More, Chavan, Poonappa and Venkataramani. 
Midfield L/R Jangle, Yash Shah, Godse and Ketkar. 
Strikers Suttati and Uday Shinde. Samant came on for Uday Shinde in the 2nd half. 
The game itself was a cagey affair with both teams more wary of conceding rather than going for a win. We feel on our part it is a hang over from last season wherin we were happy to nick a goal and defend. We realize that this season we have the firepower to attack and will be working on changing this mindset in the subsequent games. Chances were far and few though for PACU, Sutati hit the upright once and Jangle and Sutati hit the cross bar once each. The best chance of the game fell to BT but Gaurav Shah's first touch deserted him. 
We would like to thank Bhanna our AVGKL for keeping the defence in shape throughout the game. We would also like to wish BT all the very best for the rest of the season.

Big Daddy's Review (J Bhana)

Please find below match report for today's game as loanee AVGK for PACU.  
I'm typing on my phone while travelling to Mumbai, hence please excuse any grammar and spelling errors.  
This is my 2nd consecutive game for PACU as GK including the cup final last season. And what a contrast in playing style.  
Where as last year they just sat back and defended to extreme frustration even when they had clear opportunities to attack, today PACU were attacking. Much more enjoyable playing playing with PACU this time around. 
The first half was scrappy for both the teams. It could be that everyone took time getting used to the new balls. This new balls are sweet. Much more bouncy than our regular tzlc balls but they soar in the air. Sparky (GK for BT) and myself both cleared the halfway line with at least one of our goal kicks. 
I fumbled a straightforward collection off Mop's shot but luckily the ball bounced off the crossbar saving me some blushes and ridicule. 
In the 2nd half, PACU dominated the game and hit the frame 3times. BT had probably 2 half chances which amounted to nothing and 1 good chance where Saurav took too much time controlling the ball giving me the opportunity to clear the ball. 
All in all a decent first game to start off the season. If PACU maintain an attacking attitude they can do very well this season.  
All the best to both teams for the rest of the season.

Linesmen Reviews By
Elvis (E Lima)
Firstly, thank you for the opportunity today. It was my first match as an assistant refree and it was a good experience. Tried my best not to make any errors. 
Overall, I feel that both the teams put in a lot of hard work and the match was well contested. Both the defences were solid. PACU had slightly more chances than BT and were unlucky as they hit woodwork on numerous occasions.

(Elvis MUST cover the incidences that he though difficult as that can help others when they do the LM job. Also I remember a few times that Mr. Dlamini spoke to Elvis regarding his work.)

Rock (A Chandrachud)
Firstly, I thank KFANDRAAI for appointing me as the AR for this season opener. There were very few calls that I needed to make, so it was all in all not a difficult game for a lines referee. I was caught ball watching once by the main ref and caught myself ball watching a couple of times later, but hope to improve as the season goes along. 
In the first half, BT played well and seemed the better team. I thought they would have the upper hand in the second half, with PACU possibly getting tired. However, PACU dominated the second half and were unlucky to hit the woodwork three times! For BT, Ankush and Mukul in defence and Shubhankar in midfield played well. For PACU, Amma and DJ in defence, and Amit in midfield played well. Sean had an outstanding save in the first half, apart from that neither keeper was troubled much. 
Look forward to seeing a record number of goals in TZLC9!

Mr. Dlamini's Review (He ran 7.2 Km's)

As usual most of the Managers have sought out Mr. Dlamini to Referee the matches at the beginning of the season. No doubt they understand that a happy go lucky person will always be a little lax in the discipline dept.
As a ref there was not much contact between the players and refereeing was not overly difficult apart from the running. There were a few late challenges that I can only term as silly. Players turning their back while moving forward toward the kicker is an absolute no no. Jumping into challenges also.
About the 2 Linesmen I thought that they lost focus on their positioning and constantly being aware of the last man. But that was all, they did a good job. Both sides were playing deep, very wisely, as the ground is large and chasing back would be a big worry. This also cut down the chances for offsides to be caught.
I will get a rollicking from KFANDRAAI for letting Rafa (R. Rastogi) and A. Godse go with warnings. Rafa's was clear deliberate obstruction and A Godse was appealing directly in my face. But being the happy go lucky chap that I am, I let it go.

Mr. Khare's Review

The match was SCRAPPY to say the least. Big Daddy has mentioned that the ball had a wicked high bounce but here I must disagree. Firstly the ball shouldn't be given a chance to bounce, it should be controlled. Secondly, on a hard surface the ball will bounce. Thirdly, last season when the Nivia balls were used KFANDRAAI made a huge effort to REDUCE the air in the balls so that kicking and heading wouldn't be a problem. If the balls were pumped up to the max, as the way RW wanted it, we'd be having a lot more injuries and headaches! I honestly feel that the balls are the best quality balls I have ever seen. The first bounce to me may be high but then the ball reduces height immediately.

There was a lot of talent on display in this mornings match, but we could only see Hruday excelling in his passing and crossing. EVERYONE else was having a bad day at the office. EVERYONE!!
Unfortunately for me the game was not slick as how I'd hope with the introduction of pro footballs.
Maybe it was just nerves?

Even the 2 Cm's for PACU Godse and Shah Y made as many errors as they did positives. Players of their value cannot afford SO MANY errors in their game. On the opposite side Mkul was getting on Shiv's nerves but Mkul is not a dribbler. He's a bloke that can play the square pass, can make penetrating runs and can defend. So here I'm looking at the same kind of player as Godse or Shah and that is Ashubh. Even he made a lot of errors. One MAJOR drawback that I thought he was working on ion the offseason was his strength on the ball, he NEEDS to sometimes just ENSURE that he doesn't lose the ball to someone that's playing a little tougher. A HUGE mistake for BT would be playing Shiv on the Lm. WHY? How many times have I said that Shiv CAN'T play on the flank??? Why didn't he play at Rcm and Ashubh at Lcm? WHY? How many times have I said that Shiv DRIFTS on AUTO PILOT to the CENTRE of the ground wherever he plays? Another shocker for me was Amma at Rb and DJ at Rcd. I was told that Amma was suffering from a groin strain on his right leg but then why play him at Rb???
Meeraj was going to be the fall guy I supposed for PACU as he was up against Snowtop and Pam.
But they rarely put the much slower Meeraj under pressure. Ryan was ITCHING to go up into space and AMAZINGLY I heard DJ wildly calling Ryan NOT to!! WHY?????? Can't DJ handle the pressure if PACU loses the ball if Ryan thinks he can be effective through a bombing run? Far from Satsut crying to everyone that he's past it, he showed that he isn't! He's still phenomenal at times but loses his phenemenalness (Not a real word don't worry) when he EXPECTS a foul everytime he's been walloped. Sometimes Satsut, it's a very fair WALLOP!! Yogi Mogi uses opposition players to turn!! As he used to from the TZLC8! A very quick player but very low on confidence. I was VERY WORRIED that Rafa was playing in Cd and although he wasn't impressive he didn't do badly. Anks was a solid as ever but is always teetering on the edge of calamity, his challenges are always last momentish. Shaurav MISSED a SITTER and thats why I say that the guy who crossed it to him, laid it on a plate (Mop or Ashubh?) should've chipped it! Then Shaurav would've scored with his head!! His head is MORE valuable then his feet and that is a RARE trait to have in the TZLC. I can't remember HOW MANY times I've told the players to take it FIRST TIME in the 18 yard box, I'm sure I've told Shaurav a 100 times. 
I think PACU hit the steel work thrice, but it was Shaurav's miss that was the easiest chance of the match. I could hear Snwtop berating him for that and I wonder what would've happened if Snowtop was there. Thats why I always say, its no use screwing up someone for missing, be positive always. Next time the poor bloke gets a chance he'll miss it for sure as he'll be down in the dumps for being shouted at. Kapka came on at half time and said he had a sleepless night. This quite clearly reflected in his game but he wasn't all bad. Heard DJ shouting at Amma not to go down the flank!! This bloke is very funny! I'm sure he keeps his music VERY SAFE coz I think it's reflected in his game coz his keeps his goal VERY SAFE too!! Sparky made a SENSATIONAL save, I hope I can get it on the camera and played ok to be honest. His first touch of the match was a MISPASS!! Big Daddy got the ball over the half way line with his kick but both the goal keepers handling was suspect due to their concentration levels. It SHOULD've been high with a NEW FOOTBALL in play. Jango doesn't practice so he can't manage to show that he's improved from last season. Mop to me was all nerves. A GIFTED player whose touch DESERTED him today. Plus there was NO Mop Ashubh movement that has been such a revelation in the practice sessions. Finally Sidwho? was doing his best but was more worried about the Shiv Mkul situation developing. He wrongly tried to jump on Shiv's back and was rightly admonished by Shiv. 
I hope evryone is happy!!!

KFANDRAAI wishes to thank ALL of you who mentioned the footballs and the ground. Ahjoo did a lot of work on the ground itself. Many of the TZ players also got their hands dirty with weeding etc.
The Video, as per my first look when I stepped into the KFANDRAAI Media Studio, the Resolution and Clarity was INCREDIBLE! But on the first dekko Ivan (S Hoskote) has NOT zoomed old habits die hard. I do hope he's done a better job later. I hope all of you reading this will focus more at the job at hand. The SR seems to have noted a lot of irrelevant bits so that will take a bit of work in the Studio. But everything else seems good SR wise.
The KFANDRAAI is VERY UNHAPPY with the Kit situation. The entire picture was spoilt because of the kit issue. The knives will be out during this week and there will be lots of gouging and slashing.

Tuesday 06/11/16
AP (1) 2 Vs BI (0) 0 (AP did NOT take the extra 5 mins at the 38 min call)
AP - A Saklani 21.32 E Lima 78.55
YC - Sparky (S Mathew) 36.40 (Not giving ball in hands)
BI - 
YC - Rishi (R. Khilare) 13.55 (NGBH), Atool (A Shah) Deliberate foul in dangerous area, Shiv (S Sharma AVGKL) Follow through movement and contact after opponent went through on goal and took an attempt at goal. (Ref deemed that player was not entirely comfortable with concentrating in totality on the ball and the GK could've caused him an injury if he had, therefore the IFK was awarded. Anything over 50% and a Penalty WILL ALWAYS be awarded)

Main Ref - Mr. Dlamini Linesmen - G. Patil and S Yeole both did a VERY GOOD JOB
Refs Asst's or Goal Refs - S Chavan and S. Chiplunkar were not needed as there were no moments they were called up for an opinion

MO's - 
1. SS – Suneet NIRALA, Devesh KAUNDAL 
2. BT – Shubhankar INAMDAR, Siddharth CHIPLUNKAR 
3. PACU – Uday SHINDE, Sameer CHAVAN 
4. BE – Sharad YEOLE, Gururaj PATIL 
5. RW – Amol MONGA, Nishant FERNANDES

AP Loan
1. Player to be loaned: Sameer Patil (BT) (Current Value: 0.360 TZR) in place of Ajinkya Yadav (Current Value: 0.40 TZR) unavailable due to work related travel.

AP Squad

Aditya Kotbagi 
Elton Lima 
Kaivalya Kuber (GK) 
Anand Sadana 
Arun Chandrachud 
Sagar Pise 
Sean Mathew  
Prashant Ghadge 
Mihir Naik 
Aditya Sankoli 
Ajinkya Yadav: Work Travel 
Prakash Davane: Injury 
Amol Atigre: Personal issue 
Shivang Joshi: Work Travel 
Jaidev K: Work Travel

AVGKL Shivam Sharma KFANDRAAI Value 0.400 (Cost 0.490 + 0.030 for AVGKL = 0.520 M TZR)

Sameer 'Pam' Patil's Review as Loanee for AP
I completed 8.62 kms this morning. 
I would like to thank AP management for choosing me to play for them this morning, also thanks to KFANDRAAI for approving the loan. The AP manager had a clear cut idea for the RB position and I tried my best to stick to the plan. Thanks to the keeper and my mates in defence for constantly talking to me about my position it was really helpful.  
AP dominated most of the possession but were also guilty of losing it on many occasions. I am not sure if BI were allowed Any shot on goals from open play at all. The idea was to press the opposition in their half but we could not execute this plan to perfection so this is an improvement area. Sankholi made some wonderful runs down the line and I'm sure with a bit more time with the team he will become a key member of the team. Wonderful goal by Lima as well, someone told me that he played with an injury maybe that's why he was quite passive but when he got the chance he made sure he converted it.  
There were a couple of yellow cards due to not giving the ball in hands - hoping we won't see many of them in future games! Not my best performance as I am still making too many mistakes. But I had a good time playing with AP, Thank you AP managers for this opportunity and congratulations team on the win! All the best for the upcoming games

Shiv (S Sharma) Review as AVGKL
Great to play for BI and thanks to BI manager Kadam for considering me for the role.  
I was actually intending - ever since Kadam offered me to play - to keep a clean sheet against the Panthers. But that was not to be! 
It was creditable of BI to keep the scoreline to 2-0 while thwarting all of the APs probing runs. The back four kept great shape and composure - as a keeper I thought my job would be much tougher than it eventually turned out to be. The compactness of the CDs was exemplary. Pise was always tracking Sadana down the flank. Dharmadhikari and Shah kept tabs on the dangerous Lima. Sathe was playing slightly higher up and a soft touch when chasing Sankoli allowed the latter to use his pace to cut in towards goal. I could have probably rushed in with greater intent - i was expecting a lob but Sankoli coolly slotted the ball past me into the far corner - the first goal of TZLC 9. Congrats to him. 
It was good to get a few thwacks on my gloves from shots by Sadana, Lima and Kotbagi. 
The first half had just the one chance for BI which came from a free kick taken by Dharmadhikari but no one was able to make contact with the ball that went out for a GK. 
BI stuck to their defensive game plan and again my confidence was maintained by the back four. Sathe was great on the ball - probably just needs to tweak his positioning a little more. Sankoli almost scored in the 2nd half again but his outer foot take hit the upright and BI were able to clear. Lima was always a threat and in the last 15 had a through ball with just me to get past. I felt I had no option but to smother the ball and so tried to get down. Luckily Elton had tapped the ball past me already so great decision by ref Dlamini to not award a penalty. 
Shah took the gloves from me and BI down to 10 men again. A good one-two between Lima and Kotbagi(?) saw Lima's call of 'Put, Put' answered and Lima found he had only Shah to beat which he accomplished nicely. 
Great stuff by BI but I think they'll need to add more teeth to their attack to take their chances. 
Finally good game for Kadam and Shetty. Both were steady in holding fort in the midfield for BI with few options in attack.

Sidwho? (S Chiplunkar) Review as Linesman 
I was privileged to be the Referee's Assistant in today's match between AP and BI. 
First of all, a big congratulations to AP on winning the match especially with 7 new faces in starting 11. Even though BI tried to give them a tough fight it was still not enough to grab any points for them. 
The new player cam feature was used for the first time in the game and it will be worth watching, also the new flags for the Linespersons look very nice, a big thanks to the Coach for that! 
In the game, AP scored both the goals when BI were had a man down so yellow card definitely hit BI hard. Apart from Khillari not giving ball in hand in first half, there were no other such situations and players followed the RnR which was nice gesture by all. 
I wish both the clubs good luck for the season ahead and I'm looking forward to play against them in future.

Groo (G. Patil) Review as Linesman
Thanks to KFANDRAAI for appointing me as LP (Linesman) for today's match. 
Start of Season and with this brings in lot of hope and freshness. And I was all excited to be part of MO team this morning.  
It was a good match from AP perspective but they also feel they could have done better. AP played the better game. Had lot of possession and scored a brace as well. But said that, one felt they were in a hurry to score goals. 
In first half BI were played good and tested AP defense on couple of occasions. But in second half BI were hardly seen in attacking half. It was all AP who were pressing BI in their own half. 
BI were compact and this gave lot of space for AP in flanks and they used it well. On left, Mihir, Yadav and Audi and from right Andy, Pam and Prashant. And their passing was good to watch. And from these moves AP scored the two goals. 
One moment which stood out in the match was the HAND BALL incident from BI team member. Looks like the player was under impression that Ref has stopped the play but this was not the case as it was in play. But none of the players from AP team raised any objection and they let the ref to decide and respected ref decision. This is the SPIRIT of TZLC.

Sherry (S. Yeole) Review as Linesman
I would like to thanks KFANDRAAI for appointing me as LM for the match between AP and BI. Both the teams were well prepared for their first encounter of the season in the chilled morning.  
There were very few decisions for me in the whole match as both the teams were playing clean and fair. 2 yellow cards were awarded for the same reason of not giving the ball in hands which I feel can be avoided. About the match, AP mostly had more possession compared to BI and were dominating the game but could not give finishing touch in the final quarter. Today's player to watch was Aditya Sankoli who was awesome and was able to score at ease and also hit the pole once. I think, BI should test the GK by taking more shots on target which was missing today. 
All the Best to BI and AP for the season ahead!

Ashubh (S. Inamdar) Review as SR
As an SR I was not required to give any calls or decisions. I wrote down names of all MOs. All the MOs were present by 6.30 with the last few arriving right on time. I kept the match time using the stopwatch provided to me and made announcements at the end of 38 minutes in both halves. As we could not check the camera time in the first half, we approximated the camera time as stopwatch time + 40 seconds. In the 2nd half, we synced the stopwatch and the camera time. I tried to note the highlights when I thought a team threatened the opposition goal. Also noted the late challenges and the booking per the main ref's directions. I hope my efforts will help the main ref/ KFANDRAAI/ coach with the match review, ratings and the highlights.

Mr. Dlamini's Review
It has been mentioned why the YC's were given earlier.
Reffing in itself is fun if the game if good as it keeps your concentration levels high and you mind won't wander. It is also fun to ref if the players are focused on the GAME and not on whether or not the opponents were commiting fouls or the referee's were doing their job. Thats why the TZLC is such a joy to referee. The Officials are given a LOT of respect to do their job and it makes taking DIFFICULT decisions easier. The Ref is not worried about massaging players ego's or about fans rioting or abuse. Sending Shiv and Atool of was very tough for me for I KNEW that BI would miss an extra player. The empathy I have for these players is high and also for their team. So KNOWING that I could ignore ONE incident such as a NGBH or Foul would FORCE me to referee the ENTIRE match the same way. For me this is TOO much of a grey area and the KFANDRAAI has informed me that diving into the grey area or even putting your tippy toes in it is at your own risk. Therefore it's then easier for me to FOCUS on the BLACK and white of things. The players can learn about the importance of R and R and discipline the hard way. This is the way of things. Although I was lax on Rishi the BI player (appealing?) in the 2nd H and Adi the AP player in the 1st H for NOT looking at the ball during a corner. This I could avoid punishing as the ball did not reach the player he was marking and I could give a warning to his captain. Or lets just call it a reminder. There are some things which make me Sad go lucky and not happy go lucky and those are NGBH, appealing and disrespect. I am happy that this was NOT a problem today!! But Shiv should learn to control his eagerness to communicate with the MO's. Also the players MUST always PLAY TO THE WHISTLE, CHinchin being at fault on one occasion

It has to be CLEAR that when the members are doing MO duty then their allegiance will ALWAYS rest with the KFANDRAAI and its R and R and NOT to its club. Hence, when Shiv was quite vociferous regarding his view of events the MO's (coincidentally 2 BT players at CM and SR) SHOULD have informed the Ref Mr. Dlamini of Shiv's outburst. As they have NOT done so and have also NOT mentioned the same in their match report and neither has Shiv sent in his MR. Although Shiv has apologised by telephonic conversation about the incident in the match AND when he approached Mr. Dlamini AFTER the match (This is also STRICTLY FORBIDDEN) this entire incident has brought the game into disrepute. Action may be initiated on ALL concerned individuals.
I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with players that are REGISTERED MEMBERS of their clubs and are MISSING MATCHES. Apart from being SICK or OUT OF STATION or work/family issues, these players MUST be present in physical form for their teams match. There is no two ways about it. I will ask the Managers to ENFORCE this ruling or GET rid of the players.

Audi (A. Kotbagi) Review for AP
Formation: 4-4-3. Kaivalya (GK) Sameer Patil (RB) Arun (LCD) Sean (RCD) Mihir (LB). Sagar Pise (RCM) Elton (CM) Prashant (LCM). Anand S (RF) Aditya S (LF) Aditya Kotbagi (ST). 
Loans: Sameer Patil (BT) for Ajinkya Yadav 
Goals: Aditya S and Elton Lima 
Write Up: 
What a wonderful way to start your day!! We think its safe to assume that everyone is absolutely glad the football season is back. It was one of the most pleasant mornings. Its like we never took a break. Everything went along swiftly. A big thank you to the Kfandrai for the same. Aundh Panthers welcomed the mighty Blue Ice in their territory today in the first game of the season. This was not only a new look Blue Ice but a new look Aundh Panthers as well. Both teams had the busiest transfer market and hence the number of new faces was astonishing. Aundh Panthers started the game in a 4-3-3 formation. Kuber K started in the goal. Sameer Patil at Right full back with Arun in at RCD and Sean at LCD followed by Mihir and Left full back. Sagar Pise took the RCM spot along with Prashant G at LCM. Elton Lima took up the CAM role. Anand S played as the right forward and Aditya S as the left forward. Finally Aditya Kotbagi was playing as the striker in absence of Ajinkya Y. Aundh Panthers had a good first game. Kudos to Aditya S for scoring the opening goal of the season and Elton for a cool finish. The first half was very calm. The game plan for Panthers was simple. Attack as a team and defend as a team. Playing individually can win you a lot of battles but playing as a team can win you the war. There was no doubt this was going to be a tough game. This team had 7 new faces taking the field today. 7! To have the same level of understanding between the players from the first game is difficult. But we are extremely proud of each and everyone. Particularly because we tried to bring the game plan into existence. There were numerous occasions when the full backs over lapped the strikers on the wings. Although they could not put in a decent cross we are glad that they were there to receive a pass. Sometimes when you are having a bad day bringing your thoughts into actions might be difficult. But when you show the intent, that is what the team deserves. The full backs should get a special praise for they showed the intent to attack. The crosses will come in. That requires patience and practice. Other than that the game was dominated by AP. We kept the ball in their half the whole time. Elton was playing with an injury but we think he still put in an unbelievable shift. The goal in the end was well deserved. The defenders were barely troubled. There were some times when Arun was quick on his feet to leave his position and beat the striker to a high ball. That was quick thinking on his part. Kudos to him. Aundh Panthers today were a rusty engine. All parts of this engine are top class but together they are still rusty. Only time can change this. But like it was mentioned before, the intent was shown by the players to put the needs of the team before personal needs and we think its the right attitude to take the team forward. The ball moved very smoothly till the BI goal, but the final touch to put the ball in the net was missing. But the same can be understood as its the first game of the season. Onwards and upwards. Blue Ice were great today. Although they didnt see much of the ball players like Karan Shetty, Amu and Atul were ready for a battle and were popping up at the right places. Good luck to them for the next game. And a big thank you to the fans who came for this mid week fixture. We play for you and only you. Cheers to everyone! 

Chinchins (S Kadam) Review for BI
We would like to thank the Main Ref Dlamini and his team for officiating this match. Much has been said about the quality of footballs so on behalf of BI team I would like to chip in with a big thanks to KFANDRAAI for this. Also kudos to the TZ CEO and his team for preparing the ground so well. 
Blue Ice played a 4-5-1 formation (more inclined to 4-1-4-1) with  
Shivam SHARMA (GK on loan from BT),  
Aalok SATHE (RB), Atul SHAH (RCD), Ameya Dharmadhikari (LCD), Aakash PISE (LB),  
Sachin KADAM (DM),  
Ajay SANGHVI (RW), Rishikesh KHILARI (RCM), Karan SHETTY (LCM), Shrirang KHAPARDE (LW),  
Gaurav NATEKAR (Striker).  
At the outset I would like to apologize to our fans for a game that started well but turned boring due to a more defensive mindset. We misjudged our players strengths in arriving at the formation and would take this as a learning going forward. For a first game against a relatively strong team and with a new set of players who haven’t had much game time together, I think we played fairly good. It is not the best of start for us but BI has been known to pick up steam slowly. We played 4-5-1 defensive formation considering the strong midfield AP have and expected we would generate good attacking moves on the opportunities. Till about 20 minutes the game was even and both teams were eager to create goal scoring moves even though AP had more possession. AP were dominant with Elton LIMA, Aditya KOTBAGI, Anand SADANA and Aditya SANKOLLI creating good passing moves. BI held the defense well until in one such AP attacking move (may be it was LIMA) with a through ball which wasn’t intercepted well and found Aditya SANKOLLI in a goal scoring position who slotted it over Shivam SHARMA with ease.  
With a goal down and nearing the end of first half we tried to counterattack; one such instance was on a FK where DHARMADHIKARI put in in a long shot in the 18 y box and NATEKAR (I think) attempted a header on goal but couldn’t get it right. AP continued their pressing game and shots on goal. I think SHARMA was very good in goals today except the YC that he picked for a tackle which was a spur of the moment reaction and tackle. It was avoidable but overall he did his best. Thanks Shiv. Second half was where it got more monotonous since we resorted to just defense. Most the game was in BI half and there good shots on goal by AP (SANKOLLI far right pole corner and LIMA long shot over the bar). Towards mid of second half SADANA managed to find space in BI defense and LIMA was quicker than A. SHAH (GK in place of YC SHARMA) to nick it in the goal. Both the goals from AP came in when BI were playing with 10 men.  
Overall AP played a good passing game with particularly good game for wonder boy LIMA, talented SANKOLLI and SADANA. For BI it was A.PISE , A. DHARMADHIKARI and K.SHETTY who played very good. I would like to apologize to Ref Dlamini for that silly moment when I handled the ball thinking that there was a stoppage call.  
BI were looking for a draw however given the level of our game a 2-0 loss pinches nevertheless. We hope to comeback stronger against SS on 19th .

Mr. Khare's Review
I am very glad that the players and Managers are taking everything very seriously. A lot of work does go behind the scenes to try and ensure that the TZLC is set up professionally.
But this system can ONLY PROSPER if the members keep working hard on MAINTAINING discipline and toeing the line concerning the R and R. Even simple things like USING the MATCH BALLS only for matches and etc.
As for the match, honestly, AP were deserved winners only because they had more possession and were actively trying to entertain the crowd with slick passing, quick running and trying to score. Elvis on his own tried a few individual tricks a few times. Elvis has got a hamstring issue that we are trying to solve but whenver he pulls either or both he will always find it difficult to sprint. But sprinting is only A PART of the immense talent he possesses. Although AP's 2nd and Elvis's first is PURELY down to Atool donning the gloves once Shiv went off for his Late Challenge on Elvis in a one on one situation. Elvis hopefully will NOT score as easy a goal as this one. AP's 1st came from the light and nippy young adult Adi. Set free he found it super easy to score past AVGKL Shiv. But I do profess that this was ANOTHER BI error when Ringa FAILED  to clear his lines and handed to ball over to ELvis and the rest you will see in the highlights show.
Now to my review of the match. Talking about each and every player is very time consuming and tiring on the brain but I'll attempt to do so, forgive me if I don't cover everyone.
Pam and Meer had to do a lot of work down the flanks, but Pam easily beat Adi as DAP played in his position which was as a RCF. According to Audi's report they played 4-4-3 and should be BANNED for playing 12 players!! Jokes apart, Adi was more LWingish then LCF. So in my view AP played a 4 man defence, 3 Cm's, 1 Left Winger and 3 AM's. I call this a more 4-5-1 formation with the one being the left winger Adi!! Confused? I am!!! I'm sure with an out and out proper striker back, Ajinx, AP will play even better. AP didn't have target men as such so there could never be a chance to break the rhythm with a long ball, EVERYTHING was played along the ground and was then easy to read for BI. Along with that both teams were erratic and more so BI. Regardless of what AP think of their performance I wouldn't think that all they needed was to work on a few bits and pieces. It was the QUALITY that AP have in EACH positon and the inability of BI to even be threatening that proved to be in AP's favour.
In my formations video I'M POSITIVE I mentioned Amu playing in Cm? Then Goony at Lm and Chinchin on the right m? Yes, yes it seems BI were without Marcelo and Anoop. So? The formation BI played I would NEVER in my LIFE have thought up of the positions they put the players in, at least 50% of them!
The reason WHY I had left Ahjoo OUT of the formations video was OBVIOUSLY because Anoop and Marcelo were AVA and AHJOO is still GETTING BACK to full fitness. He's NOWHERE near his peak. Then to put him on the Rm and match him with Meer and Adi and then expect him to play is just phenomenally wishful thinking. With Amu placed in CD, BI lost whatever experience and creativity they had. With BI playing Goony up front on his own they were lost. Goony is one rare individual that DRIFTS to the flank!!! Every ball of KS and Rishi was targetted to Goony. How much can Goony and Ahjoo expect to do? The less said about Rango the better. He was NOT in the same league as Pam and DAP. Sky STARTED brilliantly at Lb, as he would. A great player, BUT in very unfamiliar territory. IF BI wanted to play DEFENSIVE then start with FIVE at the back with a SWEEPER and leave at least 4 capable players to handle the attacking part of it. In the end Ringa was SWAMPED by AP. Imagine the likes of super fast players like Elvis, Audi and Adi coming down on you. Red and Paul for Audi were lucky they were playing against BI because they were challenged. Rock and Sparky I'm sure thought they were walking in a park meant for geriatric patients. There was a time when Rock himself thought he was due to book himself in one but I'm glad sense prevailed and he's back in his young avatar. He was SO CONFIDENT today that he nearly one EVERY ball on pure confidence. Audi is a good Captain and found time to confidently tell even Rock to stop shouting. Sparky was a great General but MUST endeavour to STOP making silly passing errors. KS was all over the place. In Chinchins review he stated that Ahjoo and Rango were playing on the LW? Its LM btw. How can two of your SLOWEST players play on the wing mf???? He also stated that Rishi was playing Am? Really? And Chinchin needs at least TEN matches under his belt, practice matches, to even think of playing in Cm. He was playing SO WELL in the first 10 mins, on a rating of 10 when he slowly petered out as AP became more dominant. STICK to the wing mf Chinchin, for the time being at least. Indeed AP had shots on target but even those shots were straight at Shiv. Need more from these immense talents. Rishi was stuck inbetween ST and CM as an AM and had no clue what his job profile was. Paul was the same at times.
2 matches into the season and the quality can be seen but is NOT prevalent.
Lets home tomorrow's North East Pune Papal Derby is a thriller!!!

Wednesday 07/11/16
BE (1) 2 Vs SS (1) 1
BE - S Sonaikar (Keano) 41, H. Sathe (Harsh) 51 (Assists - Sonaikar, Saklani)
(No seconds recorded by SR Mop, BT to be FINED)
YC - 
BE - Suman (REASONS NOT recorded by SR, BT to be FINED)
SS - 
RC - Djinn (Deliberate Obstruction in a goal scoring situation)
YC - Deep, Date, Sengar (Reason not recorded, BT to be FINED)

BE Loan
1: Satish Suttati (420, PACU)

SS Loan
AVGKL: Mihir Naik

MO's - 

PACU : Satish, Sourabh Jangale 
AP : Sagar, Elton 
BI : Ajoo, Aakash 
RW : Satish, Ketan 
BT: Sameer, Aditya Bhorde

SS - AVGKL Mihir N

BE Squad

1. Sharad 
2. Amit 
3. Manoj 
4. Amod 
5. Harshad (Tentative) 
6. Sameer 
7. Prashant  
8. Gururaj 
9. Rakesh 
10. Sumanta 
11. Suraj

SS Squad
Squad Alankrit Saklani, Arpit Shah, Aviank Ghanaria, Ajinkya Pote, 
Sumit Gangadharan, Subin Alex, Anish Date, Jayeep Wagh, Devendra 
Sengar, Devesh Kaundal, Divyanayan Awasthi, Suneet Nirala, Varun 
UNA: Ravi Poddar 

Asst Ref (Goal Ref) Elvis (E Lima) Review
Was one of the goal line referees today and would like to thank KFANDRAAI for giving me the opportunity. 
As the goal line referee there was just one incident where I had to get involved with where a SS player kicked the ball into the goal after a foul was called against them (resulting in a yellow card). The referee as well as the assistant referees did an excellent job today.  
The game was very entertaining today with some brilliant passing on display by both the teams. I thought that BE was more clinical and decisive in the final third thanks to some really talented individuals in their squad. SS put up a great fight and the goal scored by Suneet was amazing.

Pam (S. Patil) Review as Linesman
I covered 2.48 km this morning 
Thank you respected KFANDRAAI for appointing me as LP for today's derby game. Fortunately I did not have to make any controversial decision this morning, about 4 offside calls and the rest were calls for throw-ins and corners. Thank you Ref for beckoning me to run to the halfway line after the goal was scored, I will remember this in future. 
A bit about the game: This was SS's debut game of the season and in my opinion it was a very good debut for them! SS were confident on the ball and were not perturbed by and mental blocks about being the newer team or anything. SS scored the first goal after the attacker broke through the BE defence who were trying to catch offside (a routine which was working very well up until this point!). Suttati could not do much as the ball was slotted past him and obviously SS were over the moon! The goal gave SS confidence, at the same time BE started putting their foot on the gas and pushing men up. During the extra 5 mins that were sought by home team, there were some incidents of deliberate blocking which is not at all in line with TZLC code of conduct so the Ref rightly sent off the erring players for their offences. It was during this time that BE were awarded a penalty and Sonaikar converted it with ease. The second half started with BE continuing to press their opponents through the centre and down the wings. Unniyal made some lovely runs down the sideline and was unlucky to get the ball at the back of the net. Sathe. H excelled for BE with his movement on and off the ball, and was rewarded with a goal for his efforts. Towards the end SS did up their tempo and it seemed to everyone that they would nick one back but that was not to be. The score ended 2-1 to the home team, great start to the season for BE but SS have shown heart in this game and if they keep things going in the same spirit, they would be a team to look out for. KITFO did the same last season! Also Raje had a nasty fall on the side hope it's not too bad an injury! All the best to both teams for remaining games of the season

Red (S Pise) Review as Linesman
Thanks to KFANDRAI and the Ref for the opportunity to be LM today. 
The match was pretty easy to officiate as LM with very few calls that I had to make apart from a couple of off-side calls. 
Both sides did well today but SS played with a lot of heart and passion. Their goal celebration was a joy to watch. After they took the lead, SS lost the plot a little with a flurry of cards and FKs. On one such FK, there was a push inside the Dee and BE earned 1 decisive penalty and converted it. BE came back in the second half to take the lead via Harsh and with that the game 2-1. 
Well done to both the sides and especially SS who made BE sweat. SS could have come away with a point if they had not committed unnecessary errors. All the best for the next games to both teams.

The Ref's Review (Mr. Khare)
Very unfortunate that SS shot themselves in the foot. They gave absolutely no option for me to take the decisions I did. The fouls were deliberate and blatant and I could ignore them no longer.
They should indeed LEARN the R and R of playing the game before thinking of playing. Without understanding ALL the rules, it is virtually impossible to win and although you may play well, the outcome is rarely the right one. Especially in the TZLC where playing fair is a PRIORITY.
Once EVERY SS player understands that they are obligated to to know the Rules by heart, I'm sure the Referee's won't be asked to take action more often than not.

The LACK of PROFESSIONALISM amongst the Stats Reporters and in general in other job profiles is disheartening.  This attitude must change if only for the bigger picture.
We are one big family but in ANY family a set of rules is mandatory, be it the hierarchial structure amongst the family or simple rules of the house. Such as the Parents being the most important and the rules signifying cleanliness.
In the TZLC, at the top is the ETHOS of the TZLC. Just take a look at whats printed on your Club shirt on the sleeve. We MUST abide by that. So the TZLC R and R ALWAYS come before friendship etc. The R and R state that the KFANDRAAI is the final authority. If an issue is brought up before the KFANDRAAI then axes can fall. So we have the Organisational in-charges and the Managers of the clubs in place to ensure the KFANDRAAI is not involved. We even have Chairperson etc if the players are unhappy going to the Managers. So with all the loopholes covered its only obvious to expect the players to perform their duties with passion.

BE's Review By M Uniyal (Jon)

 First of all, A big thanks to KFANDRAAI for making TZLC 9 even better than the last one, Jersey's are beautiful and new balls are a joy to play with, Although players will have to make some adjustments to get a better control and touch. 
BE played a 4:4:2 formation with Satish(GK), Guru(RB), Amit(RCB), Sherry(LCB), Aalok(LB), Amod(RW), Sameer(RCM), Rakesh(LCM), Manoj(LW), Prashant(ST), Sumantha(ST), Suraj and Harshad(SUBS).  
Our initial plan was to play a passing game and keep the ball and see how the SS players react. SS is a new team but we did not take them lightly even for a moment as Mr. Khare set the strategy and formation for them.We started well and made some deep runs inside SS penalty area but all the shots for way off target. However, inclusion of Harshad is a big boost for us as him and Sameer would have been a great pair in the midfield. A big positive from today's game is that we kept our cool even after we went a goal down. Sameer brought us back to level with a well place penalty and he assisted the second one with a beautiful through ball to Harshad whose finish was sublime under pressure. 
SS made us work hard all throughout the match and they have some players who can really surprise you with their ability and they did surprise us with a beautifully constructed goal as our defense was caught in no man's land, Suneet got a through ball in the air but he controlled it brilliantly, drew the keeper out and then placed it past him. Even BE players were applauding that effort from SS and there was a time when they were playing with 7-8 players but they defended well as a unit and worked hard. They are a good side and surely they will get better going forward. 
We need a big improvement with our decision making and finishing in the final third and there is absolutely no excuse for that and if we keep doing it then its going to hurt us very bad against the better sides in the league.

Another Review for BE by the departing Keano (S Sonaikar)
It was cool weather full of charm in the morning. BE played its first match of TZLC9 against SS and fortunate enough to win it. Everybody enjoyed a fantastic game especially due to the spirit SS showed. SS did very good passing on some occasions. I said BE was fortunate because SS received 4 continuous free kicks at the end of the game to miss all. 
Once again SS manifested what a team can do when coach is helping with strategy and guidance. It was beautiful game SS played. SS has talented players, Suneet capitalized miscommunication between Amti, Sherry and Satish taking lead over BE. 
At the end of first half SS received couple of Yellow and Red cards which they should be vigilant in next matches. This could be disastrous and BE received an opportunity score first goal on penalty kick. 
Second half was fierce, both teams trying to hold the ball and score a goal. Harshad scored a beautiful goal on a pass from Keano. It was simple3 pass move, Rake (LCM) -> Keano (RCM) ->Harshad (Striker). Harshad had very good control over ball. He just flipped ball over goal keeper and BE led score board by 2-1 . 
BE played nice game but lots of space to improvements. Alok played his first TZLC9 game from BE as defender and I believe he will be reliable defender along with sherry and Amti. 
Rake, Jon, Sumanta, Prashant missed couple of goals. Those were silly mistakes. Also we missed couple of corners. It would have been very good scoreboard otherwise. 
Harshad was injured and one can immediately observe that. The way he played today was adorable. It was surprising to see Prashant taking sprints as striker. He missed goals just by inches. Jon and Amod were too dangerous for opponents with their play on flanks. Superb control and over head shoots in D-area. Sherry, Amti, Groo all played fantastic in defense. It is hard to pierce BE defense when Sherry and Amti are there. Rake was at his best. He tried to release passes quickly and that is great improvement. 
Sumanta should keep calm while playing as striker. His temperament is something has to work on. He missed chances to apologized later. Since last season he is consistently playing very good game in flank and as a striker. His temperament and keeping head up will make him top scorer.  
Suraj played good. Sometimes losing temper will be good for him ;) He need to find some aggressiveness, may get encouragement from Amti ;) Once he start playing hard I think he will be person mentioned in all match reviews by all teams. 
I hope Amod and Harshd will recover soon. We need both of them for next matches. 
I have always been privileged to play with BE and I would like to thank everyone of team. Special thanks for allowing me to take penalty. I will have my name in goal chart of TZLC9 :) 
Thanks to Mr Khare for being coach, referee, mentor and what not! I am sure he has also enjoyed game today. Eager to read all reviews and see highlights of the match. 
I will cherish these memories till I return to be part of KAFANDRA play next TZLC seasons. Thank you all and wish you all the best for upcoming matches. 
Best wishes,Keano!

VK's (3rd Strike V Kuzhikatil) Review for SS
Kudos to the KFANDRAAI, Coach, TZ CEO Ajoo and the rest who have put in the efforts to make a world class TZLC Season 9. The newest team on the block Silver Sharks took to the TZLC as a shark to the seas and what an encouraging performance it was. 
A narrow defeat (2-1) for the debutants SS in the Papal derby with plenty of positives. I hope the fans were impressed with the performance. 
SS lined up as below keeping in mind the pre season formations video. 
M Naik (AVGKL) 
D Sengar (RB) S Gangadharan (CD) A Pote (CD) A Ghanaria (LB) 
D Kaundal (RM) S Nirala (CM) A Saklani (CM) D Awasthi (CM) A Date (CM) J Wagh (LM) 
V Kuzhikattil, S Alex, A D Shah started on the bench with R Poddar UVA due to personal travel. 
The match kicked off with the sharks passing about in midfield confidently and making the eagles chase the ball. The players showed no nerves and for the most part there was flowing football from the Sharks. This passage of play was productive and a couple of midfielders combined with S Nirala and he coolly slotted past an oncoming S Suttati in goal to give the away side a well deserved lead. 6 players in the starting 11 were on debut today. After the 20th minute or so the Sharks were guilty of a host of infringements and a red and 3 yellow cards followed. This was the worst period for the Sharks as we gave away a penalty too which S Sonaikar dispatched. M Naik AVGKL put in a proper shift today and he single handedly kept the Sharks in the hunt with brilliant saves. The half ended 1-1. The second half started with H Sathe pulling the strings in the midfield for BE. He showed why he is the highest rated player at Papal and scored the winner for the eagles. The Sharks did up their game despite going down and that showed fantastic attitude. A Saklani had spoken at half time and asked us to be mentally strong and that showed with the players trying really hard despite going down. S Nirala showed his class with a few attempts of his own but was unlucky not to get the equaliser. The last few minutes of the match ended with the Sharks practically camped in the eagles box. But none of the attempts were converted and the match ended 2-1. 
Overall a great debut by the Sharks and we will iron out the flaws in the coming weeks.

Mr. Khare's Review
The match as expected was feisty but friendly. SS should be proud of their performance purely on their passing game but should be admonished for their performance in the BASIC LAWS of the game.
BE should be thankful that Harsh has joined the Eagles as it was his calmness and skill that finally got BE on the right side of the result. One wonders if the 1st SS Manager V Kuzhikattil had NOT made one of the biggest mistakes in his very short career, of failing to match BE Manager Amti's guile, of losing the signature of Harsh Sathe to BE, would things have been different for SS? I think so...
Anyway, BE need to pull up their socks fast if they can't beat such a new squad convincingly. Their players looked lethargic and made too many errors. Plus in front of goal they were inefficient.
Sherry and Amti also were so far from top form that I wasn't surprised when SS took the lead from one of the 3 chances Sunset got in the game. A splendid passing move and a final ball over the top of the 2 cd's, embarrassing for Amti and Sherry as they, having been told never to play to high up, played high up and were caught in no mans land. Satsut AVGKL should've been sent off or a penalty awarded to SS if Sunset wouldn't have scored. BE played as per the formation that KFANDRAAI Media released before the season started. Groo was very good at Rb but Koala at Lb needs a bit of match practice. He has absolutely zero input while his team are attacking and thats just not on, otherwise while defending I can't remember that he was troubled much.
I thought Keano has a poor match even though I should say nice things about him as it was his last match in the TZLC for a couple of years. It was Deep's MISTAKE when he played a ball to lcm from lm which Keano intercepted and played a delightful ball to Harsh who had timed his run to perfection.
Meer AVGKL may have been sent off and a penalty awarded for this incident if Harsh had missed.
But over all, a poor show from Keano. Bruce pulled out with an injury in the 2nd half and was decent,
Rake was a much improved version of himself in Lcm, PHEW!! On the left Jon had a lot of the ball and a lot of skill to display but his final pass/cross was a bit off and his DEFENSIVE work was next to nothing.
Up front Mario was good. As I KNOW he can play well in that position, his performance does not surprise me. He's MUCH more passionate up front and a realises that a mistake here cannot immediately lead to a goal scoring situation for the opposition. He got one CLEAR chance but squandered it. He needs to at LEAST hit the target before I suggest that his time is up in that position. Both Sherry and Amti MUST be desperate to play up front too!!! For with BE's record, clean sheets are rare, so is goal scoring, so BE need to find someone who can. Sometimes theres a player that can set things up for his strike partner who was Suman. SO the plan was simple, Mario sets up Suman to score, but if the opposition understand this then Mario must be able to change the strategy and score himself. Better to have to finishers than one. That too with Suman DESPERATE to impress, lost his calmness and missed out on a few chances. I'm sure though Suman will start scoring soon. BE need Amti and Sherry working things together at the back so Mario and Suman better work things out fast.
I was surprised that SS hadn't decided on their captain much before this match but was happy when the right person was chose, Alan. He led from the front and did everything he could from pure graft to exhibitions of skill. The non-KITFO part of the team, namely Anish, Dervish, Deep (he actually comes to KITFO whenever he can and if I allow him!) and Sunset behaved as if they had been members of SS for ages. There were no arguments and everyone got on with what they were supposed to do.
With the formations video I had said that ALL 6 players including Div and Alan and possibly Armpit if he came on should nbe bombing through surprising the BE backline. But Sunset for me took up a position up front all on his own is what I felt especially so after he scored. Alan unfortunately couldn't take a part in the attacking part of the strategy as he was mostly working his ass off. The 4 man defence of which I though Djinn and Dev were the better performers coped well. Better performers purely on their confidence levels. Avi started slacking off when his fitness levels came down and Summit got a little anxious as BE piled on the pressure. Such a big lad like Summit should be attacking high balls and low balls as his partner in crime does, Djinn. Djinn is a phenomenal reader of the game from the back and the timing of his runs to intercep a through ball are exceptional. BUT as was explained to him in practice sessions, DELIBERATE OBSTRUCTION is NOT ALLOWED. He can BLAME himself for SS's loss as his immaturity cost SS big time. A new club that is learning the game being forced to play with 10 men is a lot to ask for. SS ended up getting players sent off for dodgy reasons.
But I do HONESTLY feel that if these two, Summit and Djinn, with MAYBE the help of a Sweeper? get their act together, they will be tough to beat. Loved the reaction of Dev as FINALLY it seems he is part of a team and has a role to play. SS can easily threaten the Big Birds at BE, sooner than later, and that is WORRISOME for them for sure! This season will be one HELL OF A CRACKER if these two Papal sides get their acts together and bring the game to the TZ elite!
Please see duties appointed in advance for MO's in the RW Vs PACU match.

Friday 09/11/16
KITFO (0) 0 Vs TZ (1) 5
TZ - S Sharma 2 35, 57.17 A Bhorde 50.21 A Sankoli 76.37 G Shah 79.39
Assists - S Patil
No MO list was FORWARDED to the KFANDRAAI and this will NOT do. Please ensure that your MO names are sent to the HOME TEAM on time.
Main Ref - Was Angus McSmith but Mr. Khare took over in a huff after 5 mins!
Linesmen - Jehan K (VG) and Neeraj M (Meeraj)
CM - El Loco (N Fernandes) SR - Toufa (T Sheikh) MO - K Sarode
MO's will be the PLAYERS NOT PLAYING. If your club has NOT more than two players playing for KITFO or TZ then your club MUST send TWO MO's for this match.
KITS - KITFO - Red KITFO shirts and clubs shorts and socks TZ - Blue TZ shirts and club shorts and socks, KO 6.50, KITFO to set up the ground.
All players to WARM UP at 6.30 am.

TZ Squad List
1. Aditya Sankolli 
2. Shivam Sharma 
3. Aditya Kotbagi 
4. Sean Mathew UNA
5. Sameer Patil 
6. Anand Sadana 
7. Mukul Inamdar 
8. Elton Lima 
9. Amol Monga 
10. Gaurav Shah 
11. Adit Bhorde 
12. Arun Chandrachud UNA
13. Aalok Sathe UNA

14. Shubhankar Inamdar 
15. Jaydeep Wagh

1 Sharad 
2 Amit 
3 Sagar 
4 Ravinder 
5 Subin 
6 Aakash 
7 Prashant 
8 Suraj UNA
9 Rakesh 
10 Nishant 
11 Mihir(Tentative) 
12 Devendra 
13 Ravi 
14 Zaid 
15 Gururaj 
16 Sumith 
17 Arpit 
18 Div 
19 Alan 
20 Aviank 
21 Rajib 
22 Suman

Mr. Khare has set up both Organisations to play a COMPULSORY 4-4-2 formation WHATEVER the situation. TZ have not sent a preview as a Member was NOT appointed to send in a Preview, although in the future, the TZ CEO must send one without fail automatically.
Mr. Angus McSmith has been appointed to REFEREE this match.

KITFO Preview By Sherry
What a Season KITFO had last year and ended the season by winning LEAGUE CUP. But, new season is about to start after off-season training and fitness session conducted by Coach Mr. Khare. He worked hard on KITFO team as there are lots of new blood who joined this organization to make it more stronger. KITFO will be playing their first match of the season @ HOME against TZ on Friday. TZ being strong team considering their experience compared to KITFO but KITFO will be playing out of their skin. KITFO always played under the guidance of Mr. Khare last season and this season also KITFO Manager would request him to help the team. 
KITFO would request KFANDRAAI to appoint Mr. Dlamini - Happy Go Lucky as main Referee which would be very helpful for the team to play under his guidance. 
KITFO would like to thanks KFANDRAAI for the efforts to bring new CAMERA and good quality FOOTBALL to start TZLC9 with BANG !!! 
ALL THE BEST to team TZ for the match and best wishes to TZLC members for a quality season ahead!

All the Player MO Job Reviews were received LATER than the official time - 

SR's Review By T Sheikh (An SR needs to review the issues faced while doing his job)
I thank coach for making me SR for today's match 
The match was an one sided affair as tz  
Were having chances to many but converted only 5 of them 
Match was played in a good spirit as no yellow or red card were shown

Review By Linesman N More (More views on his job are needed)
The match was played in good spirit by both teams. There was lot of positive talks during the game where players were accommodating errors from team mates and giving positive suggestions. KITFO found it tough to retain the ball as there were too many errors and miss passes, which helped TZAS team good amount of time on the ball and to move the ball around. It was also good to see lot of TZAS players coming out of their comfort zone and playing in position that they are not used to and enjoying the same. Highlight of the game was Yeole S. saving a Free kick as goal keeper and Wagh J. one – one save against Alan. Sankolli S as per me had a great game. The Footballs are amazing and are proving safe for heading, of all Goals today two were headers.

J Kothary Review as Linesman 
Thanks for KFANDRAAI for appointing me as the linesmen for the KITFO vs TZ match. 
TZ had a strong squad for the game made up of a majority of BT players. KITFO had a number of players in the squad today and there were quite a few substitutions and rotations, giving all the players a chance to play. The 1st half saw a lot of TZ attacks. The KITFO defence and the goalkeepers did a good job to deny TZ to score early on in the game. No criticial decisions were made by me in the match but some offside calls either side of the half. KITFO played with a bit more composure and attacking intent in the 2nd half. Towards the end they offered TZ too much time on the ball in and near the D area which led to TZ scoring goals. Also there were more than 4-5 occasions where the KITFO LB or the RB played the TZ forwards onside.  
Congrats to TZ for the win and wish both the organisations the best for the next games.

N Fernades Review as CM

Arrived this morning to check out the papal venue and to my surprise I was 
made the cameraman.somethin I took up with full enthusiasm and thoroughly 
enjoyed doing or rather watching the gsme from a different angle.. 
I must add that the quality of thr camera was worth every buck and I'm sure 
everyone would agree when they see their awesome replay and highlights.. 
A big thank you to the coach and kandraai for taking these amazing 
initiatives to make the game more pleasurable for the viewers and players 
to further understand and improve their game..

Mr. Khare as Main Ref Review
Apart from a few incidences, Mario's reaction on Shaurav, Alan's on Div and a few dodgy throw in's and players FAILING to understand the Referee's signal regarding offences like IFK's or DFK's the match was played in true spirit. 


The Organisations will be under intense scrutiny in the weeks ahead. The focus is on how they handle themselves regarding disciplinary issues, team kits and issues like bringing the banner, enough TZ club shirts and so on.
TZ TOTALLY failed in this regard and have been given a warning regarding the same. TZ will face the deduction of points and in the extreme case, EXPULSION from the TZLC if necessary.
(Although the Banner was brought to the ground after the start of the match it is still a sign of unprofessionalism. The concerned person who was responsible for the Banner has apologized and the KFANDRAAI has noted it).
KITFO on the other hand showed how an Organisation should work, as a Unit and in cohesion.
Well done KITFO!
A member of TZ messaged the KFANDRAAI thanking it for ensuring that TZ continue participating as a team after last seasons debacle. He brought up a lot of positives and it is because of players like this that the KFANDRAAI need TZ to work. Otherwise it will be an exercise in futility.

REVIEWS from the CM, SR, and Linesmen have NOT been received till this 2.47 pm and their clubs WILL be punished.

Pam (S Patil) Review for TZ

I thank Coach and TZ Captain Shah G for allowing me to play for TZ this morning. It is refreshing to play at Papal ground to say the least! Also the good lads at KITFO had pumped the balls to optimum pressure which allowed us to have a great experience today ! There were 12 ava players for TZ this morning so using the player and GK rotation technique suggested by Coach before the game was used and it worked well as all players got ample playing time. We started as 442 and kept the same formation through the game. TZ started the game on a cautionary note but enjoyed most of the possession. Shah G did find the back of the net early on through a corner but it was disallowed. Soon after Sharma made up for the lost opportunity and headed in through another corner opportunity. The first half ended 0-1 to TZ , although we were comfortable on the ball it was a slender lead and the same was reiterated by Coach during half time that we need to convert our good passing movement into goals and score 2-3 more goals in second half. Second half TZ were more agile on the ball and tried to win the ball and penetrate the KITFO defence at every possible opportunity. The pressure paid dividends as Sharma, Bhorde, Sankholi and Shah G scored one each in the second half to take the score to 0-5.  
KITFO players should not be disheartened by their performance though, they put on a brave display, with a bit more concentration and attacking game they will improve immensely. In the entire game our keeper was tested twice, and our keeper did not have to take any goal kicks nor did KITFO get any corners. We were lucky that our defense was not tested much; if it were we would have had a tough time as our defense was a mix of players from different teams and communication is key in pressure situations. Obviously this wasnt the A team that we were playing against so we shouldn't be over the moon because of the win. Feels good to win the game but I hope TZ players ponder on their individual mistakes and each one of us works on them so that we are in a better shape before our next game as an organisation. Thank you Ref McSmith, Linesmen and MOs as well for your support this morning! Also apologies to KFANDRAAI for the warning morning gaffe about the banner , I promise that we will be better organised next time around. Thanks for reading and Happy Friday to all!

TZ's Review By M Inamdar (Mkul)
"I would like to thank the Kfandra AI for restarting TZ matches. Last year our performance was poor to say the least. In contrast the KITFO side had taken huge strides in the same period. The unity of KITFO side was very inspirational for TZ group also and in the off-season many of us put in extra efforts to work together as a unit under the constant guidance provided by our Coach Khare. As a result, today it felt like all of us have been part of the same organisation and the individual club loyalties mattered much less than the last year, I would also like to thank the Coach for giving us the blue print of the game plan yesterday. Shah G. was appointed captain and I congratulate him for doing a good job of managing players from different clubs. All the TZ players were eagerly looking forward to this match. The intensity could be easily felt during our warm up and team talk. As soon as the match started we started pressing high. It was an absolute pleasure playing alongside Lima and Inamdar S in the midfield. Although the goals weren't extraordinary, today's performance seems enough to put some life back in the TZ. This should be very good news for TZLC 9 season for now no match seems easy. A great day for TZ. Hard luck to KITFO. Thank you for reading the review."

TZ's Review as seen by Aditya K (Audi)
Thank you to Coach for helping out with the formation and tactics. Playing in CD for the first time I had a few difficulties. But having experienced mid fielders in Shubhankar I and Mukul I in front of me was of great help. The game was very calm. There were no late challenges or any harsh tackles. Well done to the ref for controlling the game and keeping it simple. Shaurav also kept the substitutions going on very well. There was little chaos. Thankfully I got to play the whole match as by the time the substitution reached me the ref blew the final whistle. Hard luck to Kitfo and hope this year TZ team plays as a unit. s

MIshti (R Nath) Review for KITFO
Thanks to coach for setting up a plan and accommodate all 20 odd players to get a chance. It was crucial for the people not getting game time otherwise to get enough experience. The plan to play 4-4-2 regardless of the match situation. 
TZ AS are always a formidable opponents with a players from all big clubs. It was a tough battle in hand right from the beginning. TZ was pressing and creating lot of chances from the beginning. KITFO was defending well but could not use the ball well when in possession . 
We lost the ball frequently putting our defence under severe pressure. The same was the story for both the halves. We need to improve in all areas to be competitive against opponents much superior in technical abilities. Hope our players are maturing from the mistakes and offer better display in coming matches. 
Congratulations TZ AS, well played. 
Kitfo squad: 
Sharad, Amit, Ravinder, Subin, Aakash, Prashant, Rakesh, Nishant, Devendra, Ravi, Zaid, Gururaj, Sumith, Arpit, Div, Alan, Aviank, Rajib, Suman

Ashubh (S Inamdar) Review for TZ
This was my first match for TZ. I was looking forward to this match as it gave all of us who practise together at NCL a chance to play together and demonstrate what we have learned. And it was against KITFO, in my opinion the best "TEAM" from last season. I started the match as a CM. We managed to assert our authority on the game but the goalscoring touch was missing in the first half. S Sharma scored for us before half-time from a header. In the second half we posed bigger threat and converted more of our chances. I would like to congratulate the goalscorers S Sharma (2), A Bhorde, A Sankoli and G Shah. Both teams tried to stick to the tactics that they have practised in training. The game had a feel of a friendly as there was constant rotation and inputs from the coach. KITFO did come close to scoring on a couple of occasions but our last line of defence held firm. Best luck to them for their future matches. I thoroughly enjoyed playing at the Papal ground like I always do. I look forward to playing more matches for TZ and hopefully score in the next game. Finally, I'd like to thank the coach once again. Both the TZ and KITFO teams wouldn't be what they are without his practice sessions over the last few months.

Mr. Khare's Review of the Match
The match itself was a chance to let the KITFO members that are NOT members of the TZLC and those players that will not be getting enough game time for their respective clubs to get some game time. The KITFO players that  were given the chance to play for the entire duration were obviously players of a lower technical ability. This match time was crucial to them. Apart from them there were some players from the lot of players that were being rotated who were also technically weak and MASSIVELY inexperienced in playing competitive matches against VERY STRONG opposition.
For TZ, unfortunately the players that won't be getting much game time at their respective clubs and are members of TZ failed to confirm for this match for reasons that may be legit or not.
Please remember that BOTH the CUP COMPETITIONS are occasions for both oganisations to FIELD THEIR STRONGEST SQUAD regardless of regularity. The only criteria is that the players MUST be PAYING members of the organisation. Therefore the League with 16 matches is MORE than enough for members of both organisations that are NOT paying the TZLC fee!!!
I'm happy for KITFO that the maturity levels have risen. They were not concerned about the score and were aware that putting up a good fight and show was more important on a day where the newbies and technically weaker players had a chance to play. 
As I mentioned before, TZ should've been the same but apart from a couple of technically weak players, the ENTIRE SQUAD was at a VERY HIGH LEVEL of ability. Thus the outcome was inevitable.
TZ thrashed KITFO Reserves good and proper, with humility and respect never once mocking or ridiculing their by far weaker opponents. This is what is called RESPECT. There is no doubt in my mind that TZ at it's strongest is still better than KITFO at its strongest but the GAP is narrowing.
No doubt in my mind that TZ along with their technical superiority had 6 BT players, 3 AP players along with 3 more quality players from other clubs. Deep is a player that was very lucky to be playing in this TZ squad as although I feel that he has improved leaps and bounds since joining he still has a way to go and this experience of playing with players of so much quality must've helped him greatly.
The understanding that the TZ players exhibited amongst themselves was beautiful to watch. This was one match were the quality on display was at a MUCH BIGGER PERCENTAGE than ever before. TZ were passing the ball about with aplomb, whether it be in a defensive area or not, they were cool and calm and a joy to watch many a time. They were also guilty of missing such open sitters that the score could very well have been a dozen. The sad part about TZ though was that they could've given away a goal or two but didn't of only for the inefficiency of the KITFO finishing. This is the sad part, that TZ's leap in maturity was not inclusive of MAINTAINING their defensive authority.
Some of the players like Shaurav and Deep were late in their challenges if only for their exhuberance.
Mario was guilty of reacting to it but he immediately understood the error of his ways and apologised to the player concerned, the Ref and KFANDRAAI. So the KFANDRAAI is treating this as a warning and a learning experience for all. Next time though, be it any match, Cards and suspensions will be meted out.
Adi the nippy Panther was enjoying biting at the heels of experienced players like Amti and Sherry (although I don't think they enjoyed the experience much!!) and performed well, his one two's etc with a number of his team mates were brilliant. Mkul with a piece of cellotape stuck over his mouth performed incredibly well along side his very able and talented brother. Maybe indian families are different? Maybe brothers can get along?? Anyway Pam OWNED the right flank and troubled ANYONE who wandered in his territory, BUT as I said before, this TZ team was talented and proved it so BUT were NOT WITHOUT errors. This was NOT a sublime performance from TZ but it was a glimpse of what can be! Shaurav scored early on with a fine header and although the Ref gave th egoal, he changed his mind and reversed the decision after thinking it over and saying that Shaurav had used his elbow to get leverage of Sherry. Captaining TZ for the first time Shaurav played on without a flicker of disappointment! Well done! Shiv scored a beauty as TZ proved to be VERY STRONG at Set pieces! (Let me mention here what I forgot to mention the BESS review. SS suddenly started catching OFFSIDE at FK's. I don't teach this and I expect SS not to catch offsides on FK's in the future..)
Elvis was at his dazzling best but his method of play confuses me, why play as if the worlds problems weigh heavily on your shoulders? You are bringing so much joy to everyone around you by playing breath taking football so why can't you yourself enjoy it? Smile a bit Elvis!!!
DAP took on the responsibility of being the cool customer as he settled in CD and Amonk played a little restrained on account of tomorrow's fixture against PACU.
Thank you Robbinder for your message and I hope you enjoyed the experience of playing along side and against good players! All the players who got full time did quite well for KITFO. Aprt from that Alan got a but iffy with Div, Sherry stepped out to rest and Suman insisted that he was the right man to play the full 80 also! I stepped in to say NO!! Sharing is caring! SO KITFO stuck to the designated order that was turned topsy turvy with Zed and Red failing to turn up. Red seems to have informed someone other than me. Mario took over the changes and decide KITFO should play with 10 players for 2 mins until I spotted the mistake and told Mario to get his head out of the 500 and 1000 notes he is desperately wondering what to do with and concentrate on the game! His frustration at the Real money issue probably was the cause of him losing it with Shaurav!!
Robbinder, Zubin and Nish were the players that needed the most amount of experience along with many of the rest. They played to the best of their ability. Thank you for your message Zubin. Mishti played the full game to and its so pleasing to watch someone whose intensity is just the same whether he be playing with new players, old players, TW players or TA players! Robby got a good outing too! Summit disappointed me as he's shown so much during sessions but in the two matches he's played in so far, for SS and now for KITFO, he has disappointed. I hope he realises that in my eyes he's a quality player so theres no reason for him to lack confidence. Also, during the game I started getting involved in the KITFO's player positioning trying to get the inexperienced players to play in new positions and also to get the more experienced players a chance to get more involved. I was DESPERATE to change KITFO's formation to play as per the players strengths but as was said initially, 4-4-2 was COMPULSORY and that brought about new challenges too..
Alan has apologised for the incident involving him and Div.
Summit has apologised for his performance and this means well for KITFO and SS as it shows how committed the players are to improve. He has also thanked a number of players that have shown faith in him and have advised him since he joined KITFO.

Saturday 10/11/16
RW (0) 2 Vs PACU (2) 2
RW - Mantan (M Joshi) 2 41.13, 44.10
PACU - Kapka (K Samant) 2 19.42, 44.30

Main Ref - Mr. Dlamini, Linesmen - M. Shah and A Shah RA (GR) - A Dhamadhikari and S Patil
CM A Kotbagi and SR Rakesh Player Cam A Sadana

BE -- Rakesh, Alok 
BT – Mukul, Pam
SS – Alan, Aviank 
AP – Anand Sadana Aditya Kotbagi Aditya Sankolli
BI – Atul, Amu 

RW Loan
Sean Mathew (0.4M of AP) as an AVPL

Shivam Sharma (AVGKL)

RW Squad List  
Ketan Sarode
Amol Monga
Manan Joshi
Karan Tejwani
Kapil Patwardhan
Ashwin Bapat 
Gautam Bhave 
Satish Iyer 
Nishant Fernandes 
Taufik Shaikh 
Sarvajit Hoskote 
Vikas Atri 
Sean Matthew (AVPL, subject to approval)

Mkul (M Inamdar) Review as Linesman
"I thank Kfandra AI for appointing me as linesman for today's very important first division match. This match was not going to be a friendly affair like yesterday's KITFO-TZ match and hence, all the MO's were on red alert. In the first 15 -20 minutes one could feel the tension building. That tension resulted into PACU taking a very deserving lead. There were some very late challeges made by both teams but apart from that the match itself was quite peaceful and as linesman I was not called upon to make any cruicial decisions. All 4 goals came in the half where I was not standing. Congrats to both the teams for playing an entertaining match. Thanks for reading the review.

Pam (S Patil) Review as the AR/GR
Thanks you KFANDRAAI for appointing me as AR for today's game. There were no dodgy decisions to make on my side, so it was a relatively easy outing. 
It was a well contested game. There was a lot of shoulder to shoulder football, both teams played really hard football and were in it to get a favourable result. PACU took the lead early on after Samant turned and slotted one in and followed it up by one more after coming off the bench in the extra five mins of the first half. Pacu were quite comfortable by now and in the second half they kept pressing up even more. RW had a brilliant wing movement, both wingers Hoskote and Patwardhan made some lovely crosses but there was no one in the box to take advantage of it. RW have great strength up front but today their defense was found lacking on a number of occasions. With 2 goals down RW opted for the extra five of the second half and it is during this time that Matharu picked up a yellow for a late challenges on Monga. This was the turning point of the game as with a man down and RW pushing forward, PACU conceded their first. In a bid to do some damage control Venkatramani came on off the bench which was an assuring sign even for Triple A who was the ball-girl at my end. But alas! RW nicked one in the dying moments to bring the score to level! Amazing scenes , PACU must be very disappointed to have played so well and have lost 2 points in the last 5 mins! This is a sign of the interesting season that lies ahead of us, it's going to be a tough season in my opinion which will require a lot of focus and hard work if you have to get ahead of your competition. Lesson learnt: you can't switch off even for a single moment in the TZLC! Thank you for reading and best wishes to both teams!

Atool (A Shah) Review as a Linesman
Thank you for appointing me as the Linesman today.  
It was a fast pace match with both sides playing an attacking game.  
As a Linesman I was involved in a couple of Offside calls during the game. Both the defensive lines were playing with a deep CD and hence the attack would get built up right till the 18yard D.  
RW utilised the wing more than PACU i felt from where I was.  
PACU settled down after some early nerves and did well to take the lead im the first half. RW played really calm and showed no sign of panic even when 2-0 down. They did well to equalize in the last 5 mins and would surely be happy with a draw as a result.

Mr. Dlamini's Review as Main Ref
As the season progresses, and it's only one week over, I can see that the players are enjoying themselves a bit more, allowing the Match Refs to do their job and focusing only on their job and thats to play football. The players that have been a part of the TZLC for a long time are habituated to BELIEVING that the Refs are honest and have nothing to gain by being biased. The new players will obviously be attuned to believing that EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING is against their own team and themselves and that its always the world against them. But things change and I can see the new players understanding that the TZLC focuses on FAIR PLAY at its core. Its so different refereeing here in the TZLC as the Refs get RESPECT! It seems that I am entering a different dimension altogether than what I've experienced before. I can CONCENTRATE on the FAIREST reading of the rules and NOT be bogged down by emotions and worried about how the players will react. In this environment Reffing is that much more difficult and easier at the same time. Its the Refs prerogative now to be fit and at the scene ALL THE TIME as the players depend on you because they trust you to take the right decision. There is no doubt that everyone understands that NOBODY can be PERFECT. We always accept a 10% error. So with that in mind everyone can move on. 
In this match I had no worries excepting the following which I will be forwarding over to the KFANDRAAI for review.
There are still some rules that I feel may be restrictive to players in certain positions. Some rules such as the throw in etc are good and its up to the players to ensure they know the technique. Some parts of the throw-in like cutting the line are prone to grey areas and I will explain later to KFANDRAAI.
Some rules, if I would've CALLED UP, as per the KFANDRAAI guidelines to have ZERO TOLERANCE towards, would've DISTURBED the FLOW of the game and one error would've led to the opposition gaining an UNFAIR advantage. Therefore I warned the players and reminded myself to talk to KFANDRAAI after the match.
Considering that BOTH my issues are concerned ONLY with a players ability to calm himself down and when the adrenaline rush is high when in possession in a, what I call, SEM-Dead ball position, I am positive that KFANDRAAI will be more than happy to listen to my views.
One more issue is that of the Linesmans flags. The two flags were missing from the TZ venue. Please get to the bottom of this...

Amonk (A Monga) Review for RW
(RW are WARNED that NICKNAMES are to be written in brackets otherwise ONLY REAL NAMES. For the formation you must ALWAYS start from the RB for the defenders, Rm for the mf's and then the Strikers from the right)
Firstly thank you once again for organising TZLC 9, today was our first game of this season and we all loved being back in the competition. 
We started off today playing 4-4-1-1 with the following formation 
GK - Ketan 
LB – Manan LCD -Sean (AVPL) RCD – Monga RB – Bhave 
LM – Kapster LCM – Vikas RCM – KT135 RM – Sarva 
ACM – Ashwin 
Striker – Taufa 
We had Nishant and Satire on the bench. 
We would also like to thank Sean Mathew for helping us out with our defence today and AP and the KFANDRAAI for allowing us to play with him on loan 
PACU is all quality, all over the pitch and we knew we were in for a battle today. Godse was sublime, he gave us a lot of trouble and with his able partner Yash, they form quite a CM pairing, not to mention the usual suspects in Satsut, Amma, DJ, Sam, Narya, Jango, Hima, Harry, kaka, YOGI and the rest of the PACU team, they have a superb squad list. We’ve always enjoyed playing against them and players on both sides share a lot of camaraderie on and off the pitch. 
It was our first game with the new players weve signed this season and we were struggling to find a formation that would work for us. However, we started off really well and could play as per our plan in the first 20 minutes, we held on the ball well and put them under a bit of pressure. But PACU settled down and Satsut lofted the perfect ball for Kaka who did well to control and shoot. After the goal, PACU gained some momentum and started pushing us back. A little later a defensive howler by yours truly allowed Kaka to score his second. 
We kept trying out different positions for Kapster, Ashwin, Sarva, Taufa and Nishant to try and get the best out of their abilities. We had a few close calls with Kapil hitting the cross bar and Nishant mishitting a cross. The lads didn’t let their shoulders drop while PACU settled into a rhythm and created some chances as well. The game was getting away from us and with about 7 mins to go, we decided to go all out and switched to a 3 man defence with Nishant, Sean and Monga in order to push more players up front. A few mins later we pushed Nishant up and brought back Ashwin to the LB position. Our persistence paid off with Kapster creating a couple of chances for us that were finished off by Mannu. 
It was an exciting encounter and we are happy we played our part in it although we know that we need to settle down and cut down on the mistakes. We hope we can get better as the season progresses

AVPL S Mathew (Sparky) Review  for RW
" I would like to thank the RW management for giving me the opportunity to play today. This would have turned into an average performance by RW until they scored two goals to come from behind for a sensational draw. I am so privileged to be part of todays game. 
PacU played very well in the first half and the amount of pressure put out by Kapka, Satsut, Y.Shah and Amit Ghodse was immense. Couple of things We could have done were to put some pressure on the PacU midfield so they wouldn't get a chance to penetrate the defence. However in the second half it was a better performance by RW as the number of attacks by PacU reduced considerably. I believe they planned to stay put but this gave a lot of opportunity for RW to attack. 
Satsut and I had some great challenges and it is an absolute pleasure trying to play against a player of his caliber. Mr Dlamini let us have a go at each other because he knows that both players would play hard and shake hands no matter what. Satsut's still got it. Kapka was brilliant for PacU but both those goals could have been saved with better calls by the keeper.  
In the end the entire show was stolen by the RW attack. They never gave up and were persistent and unbelievable result for them. 
I am really happy for RW today to come back from behind. A great game and I'm really fortunate to be part of it.

Shiv (S Sharma) Review as AVGK for PACU
This is my 4th game and 2nd as AVGKL this week. Phew! if Naik had not recovered for the BE vs SS game on Wed it might have been my fifth. Still a bit groggy from the early mornings but no complaints...  
What a finish to the match today. 2-in-7 i think by Joshi of RW sank the 3-point ship that PACU were sailing on who instead made it to shore in a 1-point lifeboat. 
If the PACU performance were to be plotted on a graph it would look like a bell curve. they began on the back foot with 3-4 superb attacks by RW in the initial few minutes of the game. On one occasion (an IDFK it think), I managed to keep RW from scoring just because my head was in the right place... literally. Another shot whizzed past me and nicked the goal post on its way out for a goalkick. One Hoskote chip would have made me look like Seaman and he like Ronaldinho in the WC but i was able to track back and palm the ball out for a corner. 
Suddenly there was a momentum shift. The RW attack started to lose numbers so the lone striker was struggling for lack of support and seeing the lack of RW players in their half PACU started playing higher up and breaking down RW movement in their half.  
Kaka Samant opened the scoring with a skilful strike when he moved across the 6 yard boss from left to right brough down a high pass and then hit the ball on the turn bulging the roof of the net. He scored off another square pass this time with the pass coming from the right. My initial feeling was he would sky it but his shot again went in just below the crossbar. PACU 2- RW 0. 
In the 2nd half PACU kept mounting attacks on RW as Monga was trying to settle down into an unfamiliar position as RCD in place of the absent Bhana. RW werent menacing but they had the odd well placed long ball from Fernandes. The left flank was starting to trouble PACU as Patwardhan ([?] apologies as Im seeing some of these faces for the first time) with his darting runs was starting to trouble Kothari.  
As a GK it is very important to know your frame and how far each of the three lengths of the frame are from you. I think Bapat it was who received the ball just around the 18 yard box, cut square to his left and got a sweet shot away that I was quite sure was not going in goal. However the ball twanged back after hitting the crossbar, giving quite a few PACU players the heebie-jeebies. Next time ill make sure that i see it out with my hand though. 
The first RW goal was rather soft as Patwardhan made his way down to the PACU goalline to the left of the goal and then played a firm but rather innocuous ball into the 6 yard box. The ball made its way through the PACU defense into the feet of Joshi who happily tapped it into the goal. I believe this was either very close to OR already in the 5min added time.  
The second was nearly identical as Patwardhan sped to the goalline... beat Kothary and played a great cross into the 6 yard box with Joshi heading in the equalizer and his 2nd! 
As is expected, although the score was tied, PACU felt like the losing side and RW were elated. the PACU focus just waned in the dying moments expecting a victory which i guess was their undoing more than anything else. On the other hand congrats to RW for their persistence which conjured up this come-from-behind draw. 
The match was delightful and I'd like to toast the KFANDRAAI and the spirit of this whole event and .

Satsut (S Suttati) Review for PACU
Ah, that hurt! After a sensational 1st half and a good 40 minutes of the 2nd half, we threw away the points and left the field this morning with a little bit of bitterness. Credit to RW and Patwardhan in particular for ripping the defense and assisting both the goals for RW. We played a 4-4-2 formation and were hoping our young guns Godse and Y.Shah will overcome the strong RW midfield that we have known over the years now. We think both our players excelled. We started with Kothary, Venkataramani, Chavan and Bose in defense, Godse and Y.Shah CMs ably supported by Ponappa and Jangle on the flanks with Suttatti and Samant upfront. Sharma was AVGKL for us. We had More, Matharu and Ketkar on the bench. Our strategy was simple. Move over the RW midfield and put pressure on their defense. Unfortunately, we started slowly and RW pressed us in the 1st 10 minutes. Luckily for us we did not concede thanks to Sharma's goalkeeping heroics. And then we managed to score twice through Samant. The second goal came of some crisp passing by Matharu, sensational skill by Godse and a calm finish by Samant. The 2nd half saw both sides getting quite a few chances, Sarode and Sharma were up for it. We did think we had the game by the neck until the 40th minute. Injury to Venkataramani forced him off, he did come back after RW scored 1, but Patwardhan and Joshi did well to score twice in the 5 extra minutes. 
As for PACU, we thought there is marked improvement from the previous game and looks like we are on the up. A little bit of concentration and unforced stupid errors to the end should be avoided. Hopefully, next time around we will put the game to bed and get our 1st win of the season. Beware Panthers!!

Mr. Khare's Review
As the season progresses (4 matches over) the teams are settling in. The cold start is not conducive to a fast paced affair right from the word go, hence the importance of the teams to warm up. 
This match started the same with the teams slow to start but then picking up later.
Obviously the 4 youngsters in TZLC parlance, A Godse (Godsa Yash kept calling him), Y Shah, A Bapat and K Patwardhan (Kapster as Amonk calls him) were bound to infect the match with their youth and very high technical ability at pace. Their presence also pushed their much older counterparts to play with more vigour and intensity.
As per my Pre-Season video regarding formations it was clear that I implied that Amonk. DJ and Satsut are NOT CD's and only if they were paired up with another CD and a Sweeper in a 5 man defense would I consider them in that positions. ALL 4 goals this morning were from errors from the defenders. Let me get this straight, the build up up to the goal was good and how they were scored was good but the INCIDENT JUST PRIOR to the goal and after the build was just plain ridiculous defending. Amonk was at fault for BOTH PACU's efforts while SATSUT and DJ were are fault for RW's.
Yes, yes I agree its very tough to play against players of a very high tehnical ability and who are fitter than you but when 3 EXPERIENCED players make SIMPLE mistakes of committing or controlling then the credit of scoring or dribbling will be diluted. 
PACU handed RW the draw as they spontaneously combusted, it was on the cards and all though the game as RW were struggling to gain a foothold but PACU finally handed it to them on a plate when they decided to defend.
I hope I'm right and I hope the Highlights show proves me right.
Some shots hit the steel work and there were some great moves.
I am disappointed that RW changed the formation in the 2nd H. Their major mistake was to pull A Bapat (Batty sounds a good nickname for him) out to the flank where he was  totally out of sorts. Being a KFANDRA graduate he SHOULD'VE been able to adjust but he didn't. Then pulling El Loco to Lb was HEAVEN SENT for the PACU rear guard. Who in their right mind would pull back the ONLY player that was scaring the daylights out of PACU? That too when you are down by 2? Kapster should be given the FREEDOM to go WHEREVER he desires! He can use BOTH feet and has immense talent. If he can HARNESS his ability then CM is IDEAL for him but if he can't he should be playing at AM or CF and be given the license to do as he pleases! No doubt I would tell him to play at CM as I do believe he'll obey my commands. Then there's Yash (Shay from now on) who is a lanky strong bloke and immensely talented, along with Godsa. They were running the show and SHOULD'VE been ALLOWED to USE their SUPERIOUR fitness to RUN AT RW ESPECIALLY in the last 5 mins. OBVIOUSLY RW were going to try and get at PACU and therefore leave gaps at the back. I can't believe that PACU with 2 of the FITTEST and most TALENTED players in the TZLC decided to DEFEND!! Good GRIEF!!
I wouldn't blame Amma for CONSTANTLY yelling at DJ for holding the ball for too long, I'd have done that too. Louie sometimes plays these exceptional balls and I think one of the PACU goals was because of him. Satsut and Sparky were having a right old go at each other but it was in the true spirit of the game so no worries!! The Cat was not his usual self. A player that loves to play as a Sweeper Keeper seemed chained to his goal, so unlike him. Last season I remember saying that he should rein in his enthusiasm just a little bit as this is called eccentricity and goalkeepers don't need it. But I don't think my words of wisdom was what changed him. He's had some person telling him that his natural ability, his technical proficiency with the ball at feet should be drastically reduced. I hope he gets back to being the prowling cat and not a cat that has lost it's will to be curious.
I don't THINK either team were good on the flanks. In the end I felt RW with their vast amount of talent in the centre of the field decided that seniority rules and shunted Batty and Kapster to other areas.
Kapster should STOP crying and get on with it. 
I would've handled the team positions differently but thats the fun of it, to see whats going on in the minds of the players and the manager.It works sometimes and sometimes I can have a go shooting down their attempts with a passion that only stems from a hope that they will learn from their mistakes.
I'll finish off here...A LOT MORE WORK TO DO!!!