Sat 15th Oct 2016 KO 6.50 am
BT vs The Rest (A squad of assorted TZLC players)

BT Squad - 
Inamdar M.  
Rastogi R. 
Moghe A. 
Kanekar S. 
Inamdar S. 
Chiplunkar S. 
Shah G. 
Shah N. 
Bhorde A. 
Sharma S. 
Bhandari P. 
Menon P. 
Akshai S. 
Athalye S. 
Patil S. D.

BT Preview By Pam
Close to 20 days remaining for the Season to begin and BT embarks on their first official friendly game of the season! A bit late some might say but the squad has been working really hard to keep fit and in touch with the game. This time, BT has a huge squad of players to choose from, as is the case with many other teams as well. We have strengthened our team in many aspects after last season, with the introduction of young and exciting prospects. Although BT players have been practicing regularly, this friendly game would be a good chance to test our skills against a different opposition in a match situation in front of so many fans. Also, the fans must be excited to find out the latest about their team so this will be a great opportunity for that as well.  
BI already have played one friendly this season against Silver Sharks in which they enjoyed a thumping victory. Obviously, BI would be buoyed by their performance in the last game and would be a team to watch out for. They have a lot of options as well in different playing positions. BI's new signing Khilare is already a talking point in TZ. All these points are good indicators of the seriousness and mentality with which BT need to step into this game. Of course, we believe we can win but we need to maintain a great deal of focus and persevere in order to win. 
I'm sure the fans must be really excited about this game and would be eagerly waiting for the Season to begin! This warm-up game should be a good entertaining game for the fans and I'm sure that everyone present will enjoy themselves. All the best Icemen, see you Saturday!

Chinchin's (Kadam) Preview for the Rest
BI would like to thank BT Manager for initiating this friendly fixture before TZLC9 league starts on 31st Oct. BI also thanks respected KFANDRAAI for allowing this friendly on the newly made KFANDRAAI IISER NCL ground. We hope the rains don’t play a spoilsport before this match. 
BI is keen to play against a young and energetic BT squad. BT has shown in TZLC8 what it is like to play entertaining football and work hard to move to the first division. BI will look to offer a similar level of entertaining football. We will start with the 4-4-2 formation with key learnings from “Football Tactics Made Simple” videos by the KFANDRAAI. We also plan to implement the lessons from the training sessions and check how the squad chemistry can develop irrespective of the result. We would be missing some key players from and have applied for loans to ensure we can field a full squad. BI has not planned a set strategy for this match and would like to experience what it is to play on a ground size of 100m x 70m. The key lies in utilizing the new width and build a good counter attack strategy. The midfield players will have to play their positions and more work is expected out of the right-left midfielders and full backs. The center forwards will have to be creative enough to make way through the BT defense. 

This being a friendly game BI will also try and tweak game formations in the second half. We hope this will be an enjoyable fixture for both teams. BI fans are requested to attend this match and cheer for their team. BI wishes BT all the best for TZLC9 season.

Review By Chinchin Kadam for the Rest

Blue Ice thanks respected KFANDRAAI for allowing this match on the newly rolled out KFANDRAAI NCL Stadium. Blue Ice also thanks BT and BT Manager for playing this friendly. BT with a squad of 11 had 3 new players (MATHEW, KUBER and ATIGRE) joining in due to last minute changes in their team. BI with a squad of 12 played with BHANA (RW), YEOLE (BE) and KALE (both BE) with one player rotation as and when required. Blue Ice thanks BHANA, YEOLE and KALE for playing this match. 
Match started with a two minute silence as a mark of respect for Rajendra "Rafa" Rastogi's father. May his soul rest in peace and strength to RASTOGI and his family in this tough time.  
BI started with a 4-4-2 formation 
Ground was marked with the cones and corner flags for the boundary and planned width. 

BI started of well, managing good possession and creating spaces however the width was not fully utilized as required and the ball was lost to soon in the midfield. This is where BT capitalized with their midfielders and pacy wingers CHIPLUNKAR and SHARMA who were at their best. Swift rotation across the width exposed the spaces in BI defense and BT made good attacking moves but could not convert any of them. BT got a lot of corners which resulted in good movement in the box but nevertheless BI defense thwarted the moves. In one such instance a superb pass from CHIPLUNKAR found INAMDAR free inside the box and the deflection went pass the Goalkeeper to SHARMA who missed a sitter to drive the ball into the goal. First half of 40 min ended in a 0-0 score line  
Low fitness levels in BI showed up in the second half. The second half started with BT controlling the midfield and retaining possession. BI defense line was playing high up and that resulted in poor reactivity to BT counter attacks. The first goal came off a play between SHARMA delivering a ball from the wing inside the box and S.INAMDAR taking the shot which was deflected by KADAM (GK) to hit the far outer post and on the rebound YEOLE accidently netted it in for an own goal. BT was 1-0 up and their game significantly improved with more possession. BT's second goal came up with a good passing move between S. INAMDAR and N. SHAH with S. INAMDAR driving it across for 2-0. BI tried to counterattack on one or two instances but nothing decisively for a goal. The opportunity came after an Indirect free kick inside the BT box which was slickly converted by NATEKAR. BT's third goal was by N. SHAH after he capitalized on a defensive error and netted it past BHANA (GK in second half). Second half was also a 40 min game. 
Final results BT & Rest (3) vs BI & Rest (1) 
Overall it was a well played match with just one late challenge. All the players were very well disciplined. With just about 2 weeks left to the TZLC9 both teams had some good learnings from this game.

Mkul's (Inamdar M) Review for BT

"First of all I would like to thank the Kfandra AI for allowing both the clubs to play this match. I would like to thank BI manager Kadam S. for helping us organise this match. As of now, there is some confusion regarding the loans taken by both the teams but that issue will be dealt with separately by our manager. Here, I would just like to report the important events in the match.  
BT took 3 loans today due to sudden unavailability of their 3 players. BT played 4-4-2 as follows: 
Kuber K (From AP as GK), Atigre (from AP as RB), Mathews (from AP as RCD), Moghe (LCD), Kanekar (LB), Chiplunkar (LM), Shah N. (LCM), Inamdar M (RCM), Sharma (RM), Bhorde (RS), Inamdar S (LS). BT's game plan was to defend in their own half and not to play with a very high defensive line. BT also decided to play possession game even in their own half which ploy really suited their game.  
In the first half, the game was more crisp and sharp but all the 4 goals came in the second half - mostly because of the increase in the temparature and a drop in the fitness and concentration levels. The first goal was an own goal by Yeole after the ball hit the post from a shot by Inamdar S. The Second goal was by Inamdar S when the ball landed at his feet after a Sharma's shot on goal. The third BT goal came on a counter attack. The assist was provided by Bhorde and the finishing touch was given by Shah N. BI's goal came from an indirect free-kick in the box by Natekar.  
The season is very close and we still feel a bit under-prepared. But some good passing was on show today, especially between Bhorde and Inamdar S. We will definitely get better with more games under our belt.  
We apologise for the confusion regarding the loans taken by us today. We assure you that our manager will soon send his detailed reply in this regard. We request you accept our apology and thank you for allowing us to play this match anyway."