Venue Papal Seminary KFANDRAAI STADIUM
Sat 24th Sept 2016 KO 7 am

Sidhwho? (Chiplunkar as Linesman/RA)
1st H and 2nd H (Alternating) - BI Sub as Linesman/RA and SS Sub as LM/RA.
1st H and 2nd H 1 BI Sub and 1 SS Sub acting as AR positioned next to the goal.

SS's Preview is included in the SS Match Programme CLICK HERE TO SEE

BI PREVIEW By Kadam (Chinchin)
Squad - ALL AVA Except Bansode Inj Awasthee and Agarwal 
BI is as excited to be a part of TZLC9 as the other participating clubs and hopes this season to be bigger than ever. After a disappointing end to TZLC8 where BI could not reach the 1st Division or win any silverware, BI management has built a competitive team for TZLC9 with six new signings. BI hopes to play some entertaining football for its fans. 
We start the season with this official friendly against new club Silver Sharks. BI will play a 4-4-2 formation and will ensure that the new players get maximum game time. We would be missing Agarwal, Awasthee and Bansode for this fixture. BI will adopt a defense and counter attack strategy and look to gain maximum possession to create scoring opportunities for the center forwards. BI midfield players will have to play their positions and support the defense whenever SS are attacking. This being a friendly game BI will also try and test other game formations in the second half. We hope this will be an enjoyable fixture for both teams. BI fans are requested to attend this match and cheer for their team. 
BI wishes SS all the best for their first season in TZLC.

We like to thank the KFANDRAAI for allowing us to play this official 
friendly with SS. We would like to thank all the MOs and especially 
main ref Inamdar for officiating the first official friendly of the 
season. Before the match he took the time to explain the new players 
about the rules of TZLC. Thank you SS for playing the match in the 
right spirit. 
BI played a 4-4-2 formation - Hatkar (GK), Mahajan (LB), Dharmadhikari 
( LCB), A.SHAH (RCD), Sanghvi/Kadam (RCD), Pai (RM), Pise/Agarwal 
(RCM), Shetty (LCM), Sathe (LM), Khilari(ST), Khaparde (ST). We did 
substitute between 2 subs that during the match. BI do hope that Pise 
and Bansode have a fast recovery from their injuries before the season 
It was an important game for BI as we were playing together for the 
first time with mostly a new squad. It was important that we 
understand each other's game. 
The game plan was to play a passing game without holding the ball too 
much. There were a few good moves along the flank and crossing in from 
there. Unfortunately BI could not capitalize on a couple of good 
chances in first half and half ended with score of 0-0 with BI 
attacking. The 2nd half BI mid-fielders and strikers combined well to 
create opportunities and score some goals. BI won the match with a 
score of 6-2. Not all goals were of good quality barring the one which 
involved some good 1-2s between Khaparde, Sathe and Khilari. There was 
a set-piece goal off a FK that Agarwal scored showing that he can get 
into a great position and headed the ball in the goal. 
SS also made a couple of good runs and showed that they have the 
ability to work as a team with good co-ordination between their 
midfielders and strikers. Kaundal's goal was off a good passing move 
and his finish will surely make him the man to watch out in SS. I am 
sure they will be a strong team as the season progresses. They have 
good signings Kaundal and Wagh. All the best to SS for the TZLC9. 
Given that the team is new and not played together, BI would benefit 
from playing more official friendly matches. BI would also benefit if 
their players start showing up for the practice sessions especially to 
understand tactical plays and positioning.

SS Review By V. Kuzhikuttil
SS vs BI (Official friendly match at the Papal on 24 Sept 16. 
Score 2-6 (0-0) 
I would like to thank the KFANDRAAI for allowing us to play this official friendly. Also thanks to referee Inamdar and the MO’s who turned up for the game. I apologise for the slight delay when a couple of our teammates couldn’t find the ground. Thanks Ref Inamdar for taking it into account and organizing everything. Ref Inamdar also ensured that the players who were playing in a TZLC setting for the first time were given opportunity to get used to the rules. 
SS played 4-5-1 formation with Kaundal (GK); Wagh (RB), Poddar (RCD), Kuzhikattil (LCD), Sengar (LB); Pote (RM), Ghanaria (RCM), Saklani (LM), Date (LCM), Shah (LM); Awasthi (ST). Nirala started on the bench. The strategy was kick and rush, defending in our own half and the attacking players trying to get the game going. Thanks a lot to Kaundal, Nirala, Shah and Sengar for sharing the keeper duties. SS had a very solid start to the match with everyone following the roles and responsibilities to the T. There was hardly any panic and even though SS couldn’t get a shot on goal in the first half, the defence was organized. BI were guilty of missing a couple of chances. It was 0-0 at half time. The second half also started like the first until BI exposed SS’s lack of arial abilities and scored of a set piece. The make shift defence couldn’t hold on forever and a lack of organization let the flood gates open. SS were 0-3 down in next to no time as BI capitalized on the space between the defenders and the midfielders who were tracking back after conceding possession. However the team regrouped and got 2 goals back with the midfielders combining well with the forward, the first an OG and the second when Kaundal finished off a great move which started in midfield. At the other end the inexperienced defence leaked in 3 more avoidable goals though SS could have got another one. 
The match ended 2-6 in the visitors favour however this was a morale boosting defeat and the sharks were eagerly asking the manager when is the next match! The TZLC debutants played really well and getting more experience along with training hard in the remainder of the off season will ensure the sharks can give pain to any opponents in future.

Referee's Report By M. Inamdar
The match report for today's pre-season friendly between SS and BI by today's main Ref Inamdar M. is as follows: 
"I would like to begin this match report by thanking the Kfandra AI for entrusting me with the responsibility of officiating in this first official preseason friendly. I would also like to thank both the clubs involved in today's encounter. I will write a detailed report for today's match since the Kfandra AI media was not present on the ground to record the proceedings. I would like to give point wise summary of the report: 
1. The match started a bit late: A couple of players from both the teams came on the ground a bit late and thereafter, a couple of minutes were devoted to taking the team photos. Because of this, the match started at 7.15 am. Then each half had to be reduced to 35 minutes since at Papal ground it is mandatory to finish games at 8.30 am.  
2. Teams need to educate new players regarding the TZLC R and R: On many occasions some new players looked confused regarding giving the ball in the player's hand during throw ins or indirect free-kicks inside the D-top for pushing and shoving during corners. Since it was a practice match, as a ref, I kept communicating with the players before giving my decisions and did not show any cards for such incidents.  
3. Late challenges: Both the teams were informed before the match that this is a practice match and hence as far as possible they should avoid getting injured. However, in the heat of the moment some players went late during challenges. On the advice of the Kfandra AI I kept communicating players about this because of which players controlled themselves and things never went out of hand. I thank the Kfandra AI for this advice.  
4. Goals: The BI first goal scored by Agarwal D. on a freekick looked like an off-side from my angle but the LP Chiplunkar indicated that he ran from behind; therefore, I had to stick with the LP's decision and award the goal. There were also suspicions of fouls in the build-up to 2 other BI goals but LP Patil ruled them out and those goals were also awarded. After the match one of the SS players (Shah A.) came and thanked me for my "fair" refereeing. I am thankful to Shah A. for his feedback.  
I end my MR by thanking all the players for their good behaviour during the match. I also thank both the LP's for their immense help. In today's match, some glimpses of the tactical sessions were quite evident in the way the players were moving and passing the ball around. At this rate, the TZLC 9 promises to be very entertaining. Best of luck to both the clubs. Cheers!" 

Linesman's Report By S. Chiplunkar
I was privileged to be a linesperson for today's official friendly between SS and BI at Papal ground. 
First of all, a warm welcome to the Silver Sharks in TZLC and wish you a good season ahead. It was also nice to see some new faces in both teams and their managers will be pleased to welcome them in their teams. Khillari from BI made a dazzling debut with his scoring boots on and Khaparde in second half looked very good while linking up with him. 
The ground had tall grass on the flanks and a little dump in the middle due to rainy season but both teams played their best game to entertain the supporters. 
Even though the game was friendly, teams played with full intensity and desire to win and BI undoubtedly came on top. 
Not the start SS would have liked but they'll do well in the coming games. All the best to both SS and BI for the upcoming season!

The initial feedback received is indeed a bit dampening. If SS were trying to catch offside on FK's and ALL THE TIME then that was AGAINST the strategy that is being implement at KITFO and TZ.
BI were not trying to implement what they've learnt in practice in the friendly. Sid Chip I'm sure meant DAMP and NOT DUMP!!! Well done Mkul on following orders. BUT the order for you to go easy was on INITIAL OFFENCES and NOT THROUGHOUT the match for REPETITIVE INFRINGEMENTS. All MANAGERS MUST go HARD on NEW PLAYER UNFAMILIAR with the TZLC R and R, such as giving the ball in had at TI's and Apologizing, thanking and acknowledging. THERE IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in the TZLC9.
Additional INFO - Mkul SHOULD NOT have waited for ALL the players to arrive. The general lack of discipline towards the late KO, R and R etc, Pam suddenly appearing as a Linesman WITHOUT prior permission. No MP from BI, lack of info re scorers, NO PROMPT UPDATE to the KFANDRAAI post the match from EITHER of the clubs (A simple text until the Review is sent later would've been sufficient).
All these issues FORCE the KFANDRAAI to WITHOLD ALL BONUSES, TICKET SALES to BOTH the clubs and the Referee's.