Wed 16/12/15 
KITFO (1) 2 Vs AA (1) 6 
KITFO - Red 35.50 Keano pen 64 .20 
AA - Ajinx 3 29.10, 45.25, 75.50 Ryan 62.30 Audi 70 Mayur 53.55 
KITFO - 1 Sharad Y 2 Amit B 3 Ravi P 4 Prashant A 5 Zaid 6 Sameer S 7 Sagar P 8 Varun 9 Gururaj P 10 Rakesh R 11 Devendra S 12 Rajib N 13 Suman B 14 Aviank 15 Alankrit 16 Amartya M 17 Ravinder C 
MO's - BE - More than 3 players playing for KITFO RH - More than 3 players playing for KITFO RW - Taufa, Avi PACU - Jango, Vicky BT - Niraj, Anand BI - Anand, Ringa 
KITFO Preview By Sherry 
KITFO moving to next level of confidence of playing passing game against some of the strong teams in the league. The players are high in confidence and can really can be leathal to AA. AA as a strong team with players having the capability of changing the gears at any time would be putting pressure on KITFO but KITFO are ready to absorb the attack and go for counter. KITFO would also be focusing on their Goal Keeping as it was a concern in last couple of matches by putting some good players in goals. KITFO would be probably playing 4-4-2 combination which all the players are used to and would be helping them to focus on their natural game. All the Best AA! 
AA Preview By Rock 
Losing against PACU was very disappointing in spite of having 80% possession of the ball. Currently the rub of the green is not going our way and we hope to capitalize from the opportunities that we create in front of the goal during our next match against KITFO, who have quite a few talented players from BE. We would be playing a 4-5-1 formation to start with and may change as the match progresses. We will have Sparky back and can use his pace on a big ground and hope Ajinkya puts on his scoring shoes. We know KITFO play a very disciplined game and spread the ball around making it very difficult for their opponents and we would be looking forward for the challenge. 
Red Loan Review for KITFO 
Thanks to the KITFO management and the ADC for the opportunity to play. Off late it has been a good experience playing for KITFO and we can feel the team growing in confidence and self-belief. Today morning we started off with a 5-4-1 and tried to keep things tight at the back to break down the attacks and thereafter spread the game to use the width of the pitch. Things were going pretty well in the first half apart from one instance when Marcelo just dribbled past at least four players and setting up the goal. The KITFO of old would have panicked and made some changes to counter the situation but we did not do that and stuck to our plan. We succeeded in pulling one back after Meer(also from KITFO) repeated his offence of taking more than four steps after collecting the ball and gave us the opportunity to level. Unfortunately, we went back one step in the second half where after conceding we panicked a little and gave away the initiative. AA grabbed it with both hands and put in half a dozen. It is difficult for KITFO to maintain the momentum in matches due to constant changes and giving opportunity to everyone to get decent game time. We are definitely on the right path and growing as a team. Coach has helped us a lot over the off-season and the effort is showing on the field. We hope to continue to perform better in the games to come and put up a stiff fight against all the teams. Thank you! 
AA Review By Ryan 
First, on behalf of the team, I would like to apologize for the behavior of some of our players to the coach who was very lenient on most of the occasions and let them go with a warning. AA started well with a fantastic run by Pai (who had a very good game) and dribbled thru 3-4 players and finally laid it out on a platter for Ajinkya for our first goal. KITFO was quick to equalize thru a rebound on a free kick which was due to lapse of concentration on part of Mihir who has from last season has played more in the outfield rather than under the bar. AA had most of the possession in the game but could not finish it off with a goal before Ajinkya got us the second and followed up with a third in the end of the second half to complete his hattrick. In between, Mayuresh, Sameer and Audi scored where KITFO scored thru a penalty when AA were trying to tinker with some of the positions within the team. Good to get the first win and hopefully that will boost our confidence though there are quite a few areas which AA need to improve as a team. 
2nd INCIDENT of AA NOT providing the formation and player positions. Fine WILL be levied. 
KITFO Review By Mishti 
Formation: 5-4-1 Goals: Rakesh Defence: Ravi, sherry, Amit, Prashant, Zaid Midfield: Sagar, Amartya, Rajib, Suman Striker: Sameer Sub's: Ravinder, Dev, Nitin, Alan, Aviank, Varun Thanks to ADC for helping us with a formation which would help in competing against AA. The encounter was expected to be difficult for KITFO against formidable AA side. In the end, the match turned out to be a match of 2 halfs. First half, KITFO were able to compete equally. Even managed to come back from a goal down to be tied 1 – 1 at break. But AA proved to be way better in second half and did not let KITFO to make another comeback. Few soft goals conceded did not help the cause for KITFO. The positive aspects for us were the first half when we were pressing AA and able to create few chances. The momentum was lost in the second half with many shuffling and people playing in different positions. In the end, everyone had a chance to play. We hope to do better in coming matches by ironing out the silly mistakes. Congratulations to AA for the way they played and earned a result. 
MR By the Mr. Khare 
Although KITFO have turned the corner (This is the last time I'm saying that!) they have quite clearly blossomed into much calmer individuals than before and are playing as if they are not too overawed by their illustrious opponents. This is a good sign but then they shouldn't count their chickens before they hatch and thats what they did. Yes no doubt they can compete, but unfortunately they can ONLY compete with players playing in steady positions. For KITFO's next match I will set them up in a way that they won't always be disappointed. Anyway, AA were in trouble as the changes they had made post the PACU game didn't seem to be working out. The couple of changes that were obvious was Rock pushing into Cm, Audi fiding himself fixed on the right. Audi must be wondering what he must do to dislodge Rock and Ryan. Marcelo was a surprise as I had given up on him playing any other position than Rw. But surprisingly he did well although I still feel he plays better at Rw. I would rather see him back on the flank and Audi in Cm ALONG WITH the other 2 I've spoken about. Mishti set up the positions after I suggested a 5-4-1 formation. The only change I would've made was Keano in Cd with Sherry sweeping and Amti back in the position where he causes the most bother. Robby should do step overs where his team won't be caught in no mans land. I seem to be rambling.....This is one match report where I'll just write down what appears in my mind so bear with me. The goals themselves where not impressive apart from a couple. I thought Marcelo made the ball vanish for a few seconds which is why he went straight through like a hot knife through butter. Very unselfish of him to feed Ajinx. Ryan stole one from Rock and this will probably be the easiest hatrick for Ajinx for a long time. 
AA disciplinary issues - The AA players this season, especially this match have been the WORST behaved. Their players offer no respect to their opposition. Examples are when they show no magnanimitiy towards their opponents whether they have been wronged or not. In this match I had to appease Amti (he's always the instigator but this time he wasn't) a number of times as I saw uncontrolled aggressive tackles flying hither and thither. AA players kept talking to the Ref when it is a LAW the noone is allowed to do so. Some AA players enter the field thinking that Watsapp is more imp than the TZLC and going through the R and R is not for them. I guess I am the ONLY person here whose disappointed but after a match where the players had to be reminded ALL THE TIME to give the ball to hand during throw ins, to acknowledge your teammates and opponents, to allow the Ref to do his job and then to keep checking that players are not losing their tempers. For me this was a frustrating outing. I implore the Managers, ALL the Managers to MAKE SURE that EVERY SINGLE MEMBER of their club stays UP TO DATE with the R and R of the TZLC. I have spoken to the ADC and it will be taking action shortly. 
Refs - Andyp and Subaru did a good job. Toufa the sub LP for around 20 mins needs to go through the offside rules and ALL the rules asap. 
Thu 17/12/15  
PACU (1) 1 Vs RW (0) 1 
PACU - Kapka 15.40 
RW - Mantan 41.55 
PACU - Sean M (AA) AVGKL 0.300, EMERGENCY LOANS Rafa 0.250 for Hima 0.250, Ryan AVPL 0.370 (DJ out with Chest pain) 
RW - EMERGENCY LOAN Beeraj 0.240 for Sleepy 0.240 AVPL Amti 260K for JJ 230K 
MO's - BE: Jaidev and Varun BI: Ajoo and Rango BT: Siddhu and Rafa AA: Pai and Audi RH: Akshai and Mangesh 
Jonty Workout!!! 
PACU Preview By Satsut 
After playing the mercurial AA, PACU next faces upto the more methodical , multiple title winners and runaway leaders of the 1st Division RW. The Warriors are on a roll and maybe a few pints would cause them to stumble. We are loaning the super energetic Sean Mathew as goal keeper to counter the threat posed by Taufik (highest goal scorer), Karan & Sarva (who lead the assists table). We will not be loaning any outfield player as we have our full squad. Formation will depend on the game venue and also RW loans. It could be a conservative 4 - 5 - 1 or we could play Subaru and Kaka upfront to put pressure on the RW central defense who are prone to lapses in concentration. Hope its a good game which all enjoy. 
RW Preview By 135 
RW has been looking forward to this match since a long long time and we are finally here. PACU is a unique team with not only good bus parking skills but also a sharp counter attacking movement down the middle.After Beating AA last week they know their Strengths and weaknesses and will play accordingly. we will stick to our 4-4-2 formation and exploit the wings and have a composed defence and once again try possessional play. We have full Squad available and are super excited for this fixture. Patience will be key in this fixture. 
Sidwho??? Review as LP 
I’d like thank the Coach for giving me a chance to be a Linesperson in the match between PACU and RW. The result 1-1 probably was the fair one considering the gameplay by both teams. The game was played with good spirit and fair play as we didn’t come across any major controversies. As an LP, for the first time I didn’t catch a single offside throughout the game (Kudos to strikers). There was one call to give corner to PACU when the shot from distance was saved by the keeper and RW felt that it hit the crossbar. I looked at Omi (Ref Assistant behind goal) and he also flagged for corner so I guess I gave the right call (apologies if it was a wrong one). Apart from that in the first half I was kind of looking at both line and the last man in which at times I lost track of where last man is standing and I tried to rectify it in second half. I’d also like to give credits to the teams for having no complaints with the water-logging issue we had prior to kickoff. The ground was little wet and had some very dangerous areas where players might have got injured. Despite that, both the teams showed great spirit and we had a great football match. I sincerely thank the fellow MOs, PACU, RW for good all-round performance and ADC for his support before and during the match. 
PACU Review By Amma 
First of all a big thank you to the ADC for allowing us an emergency loan over our emergency loan late yesterday evening. RW and Karan were also very understanding with our predicament. Our 3 loans today Sean in goal, Rafa and Sam played a big part in securing the draw. This was one of those games where even Sam had very few touches on the ball and was happily chasing the ball. A big thanks to you three also for playing to our strategy and curbing your natural instinct. We played the whole game with the 4-5-1 formation. Sean in goal, Defence L-R Yogi, Subaru, Amar, Harjeet, M/F L-R Jango, Sam, Satish, Neeraj, Vicky and Kapil as lone striker. Rafa started from the bench. We needed this loan keeping in mind the not very fit physical condition of our team We took the lead from an indirect free kick by Kaka and RW equalized through Manan early in the 2nd half when we were a man down. There was a 10-15 minute spell at the start of the 2nd half when RW could have scored at least 3 goals. We fortunately settled down and saw out the game. Subaru in Central Defence was our stand out performer with a goal line save and used his pace to cover for us laggards. Our last 2 games against AA and RW were all about resolute defending but there is no denying that both these teams left their shooting boots at home. Our main goal threats Kapil and Satish were easily covered by the speedy midfield of RW Atri and Karan barely causing any trouble to Avi and Jatin. 
Review By AVPL Ryan for PACU 
After a game yesterday, the last thing on my mind was to play another game today and that too against RW which probably is the fittest team in TZLC and that too in the midfield. Playing for or against PACU is always entertaining as there are numerous incidences off and on the pitch due to the strong personalities in the team. PACU were playing to a plan which was well known to the opponents. In one such counter attack where they got a free kick, Kapil placed it beautifully without hitting it too hard in the back of the net. In the second half, RW came strongly and in one of the corners they got, the ball deflected to Mannan who made no mistake in making it 1-1. Satish was the additional mid fielder but he was playing more as an striker and this put a lot of pressure on Neeraj and myself who had to cover a lot of ground though most of the times we were holding our positions well and did not let them cut thru us. RW were more dominant as was expected but unfortunately they could not capitalize on the few chances they got in the game. Both teams played well but PACU would obviously be happier between the two. 
RW Review By 135 
We had been waiting a long time for this fixture and it upped the ante for us when we got tge clearance to play at FLAMES!! And we thank Ajoo, ADC, PACU managers for making it happen and all the other managers and MOs for their support. RW started with 4-5-1 today with our Star Keeper John the Man in Goals- Bezzi RB (loan)- Avi LCD Jatin RCD Amit LB- Monga RW Sarva RCM Vikki CM Karan LCM Taufa Sir St...RW played with an intention of countering the counters PACU have a knack of and made sure they hardly ever got a direct shot on Goal in open play. Jonty AVi and Bezzi proved to be quiet a wall and Amit was omnipresent on the Left flank when we attacked and keeping their flankers in check whenever we defended. The Match started on an even note with both the teams getting a fair share of the ball in the first few minutes ..RW played the passing game and tried to create chances down the flank and the middle and were very near to coming up with clear cut chances and were dominating when out of nowhere PACU got an Indirect right at the top of the box for what I can't remember and they slotted it in. RW with a goal down tried to press and came up with half cut the break we changed to 4-4-2 with Sarva moving up as striker next to Taufa and this gave us the necessary space and option to pass to upfront and opened up our game enough to make definite moves in their half and we we got the necessary break when Mannu got the ball at the top of the D from a Taufa and his shot placed at the far post ended up in the net getting us level with PACU. Score held level we pressed for the second and amost got it when Sarva was released one on one,by Taufa from Jonty's FK, with the giant of Keeper Sean that Sean is...and he placed it a few inches too wide!!! We pressed on looking for another break and Monga came as close as one can get when Vikki released him with a perfectly weighed ball past the PACU defence but the ball slowed down due to pretty gruesome puddle and the keeper got that moment more to get to the ball at the same instant as Monga......the time was ticking and PACU attacked intermittently whenever they won the ball but got no where near our D...Sam Sir on Any Value Loan for PACU today was the difference between the. 2 sides with his possessional play, sliding tackles was truly the only player that shone out was also the first time we came up against a side in TZ which dint go all out for a win rather was happy to play for a draw(!!!!) In the last quarter of the game...for some reason we can't home in on ...this match feels very incomplete... 
Sparky Review AVGKL for PACU 
I thank PACU management for loaning me as GK. In spite of all the water leak issues the Flames ground is a great field to dive and I had a couple of clumsy ones today. I should have saved Manan's shot as I got to the ball but I deflected it towards the post but it spun back into the goal. Otherwise I managed to keep a few out of te PaCU goal. I enjoyed watching some good football for moments of the match and look forward to many more of such matches. 
Amti AVPL Review for RW 
Firstly, I would like to thank the RW management for selecting me to play in a big club like RW. The Flame campus is very awesome, Today It was like a morning trip to a picnic spot and enjoy playing soccer on a nice grass ground. The result is 1 each draw but I feel RW had the maximum possession and scoring chances. At RW everyone was putting tireless effort to win the ball and attack. Kapil was always a threat for RW defense. Game was played in true spirit of football and both the teams showed respect for each other. Hopefully RW will resume winning streak again. Good luck! 
MR By Mr. Khare 
Unfortunately the water situation at home is not helping my mood on the pitch as Ref so no matter how much I tell myself to just be cool and let the game flow, the merest of disrespect brings out the anger in me. This morning it was 135 who raised ny hackles by suddenly stopping the game and informing me about the lack of air in the ball. This was after I made it QUITE CLEAR to all that the HOME team is now not allowed to pump the balls up due to the ADC's fear of brain damage. Some of the players, top of the list is 135, would probably rather play footer with one of those metal buoys you find in the sea. Well as a rule now the ADC will ensure that the ball does NOT bounce too high to enable a quicker fluid game and heading will not cause serious head injuries also broken fingers to any GK that decided to stop a shot. I have the distinct feeling that 135 and many of his RW team mates are inhuman and he along with Toufa are related to the robot or automaton that appeared in that movie 'The Day the Earth stood Still!' 
The match itself was a game of missed opportunities. One of them happened before the match as the ADC asked if PACU and RW wanted to PP the fixture due to a sewage line that was leaking copious amounts of a disgusting liquid on to one part of the ground. They refused and the Ref said well it's your funeral!! Kapka's goal was accurate but lacked power and JOHN is at fault for keepy the shortest player on the pitch on the far pole. This is my Q to all you so called GK's out there. You have a wall then WHY oh WHY do you also keep a man there. Isn't it your duty to COVER the goal. Are you there just to save a shot that you can save without diving? My advice to keep the Lb and the Rb at the poles is for CORNERS only. The other places at a setpiece would be on the EDGES of a wall, facing the GK so that the wall can be adjusted easily. John? YOU made Kapka's goal look good. You NEED to pull up your socks velcro your gloves and start keeping to your potential and not look like a bloke trying to catch chickens. The Ref told Mantan he disregarded the so called call for a foul on Kapka (By Kapka) because Mantan had provided a lift to yours truly afore the match and was dropping him back too. Mantan then scored a goal that Sparky AVGKL should be a bit embarrassed about. Jokes aside it wasn't a foul.  
RW - Avi and Jonty were in prime form and they rarely had an issue apart from Kapka's infrequent foray's in their vicinity. Amti at Lb did have his one crazy run but was quite splendid, Beeraj on the right has to cut down on his obstruction offences but was in control of sporadic raids down his flank but was not seen much in an attacking avatar. Going through the positions 135 and Vikus was screamed, cajoled and even yodelled at by captain Jonty for wandering about the ground. The wmf's Amonk and Mantan worked well to try and pacify the two strikers Ivan and Toufa. The two of them though didn't do as well as expected. 
PACU - Marshalled by Amma, Satsut had taken a sort of back seat as he was well looked after by RW, PACU once again came up with some resolute defending. Subaru paired up with Amma and I think when Satsut lost steam, Satsut came back with Subaru. Subaru is finally coming into his role as a very talented and aware individual. He tends to play better when he has a little space in front of him when PACU tried to pass the ball about. Plus with Satsut, Kapka, Meeraj and Ryan AVPL taking up the creative central roles, Subaru was happy at the back. Louie still needs work as does his counter part Yogi but at this moment in time I'd trust Yogi as he commits less fouls and he LISTENS to his team mates. The lack of confidence is the true mark of Yogi as he stated later that "Me having calling Amonk..." On asked why he has to call Amonk? He answered "Amonk, nice man is he, not make foolings of me!" Yogi also said that "Kapka if fit gettings then player what greating becomes him!!" I said that's what I've been telling him from the TZLC1!!! 
Sat 19/12/15  
1st Div  
AA (0) Vs RH (1) 1 
RH - Beeraj 43.00 
RH - GKL:John ADC's current valuation = 280k TZR DIRECT LOAN: Rajesh B - missing due to work: ADC's current valuation = 300k TZR Manan J - player on loan from RW: ADC's current valuation = 280k TZR 
MO's - BI - Sachin, Gaurav BT - Mukul, Jehan PACU - Satish, Subhav RW - Karan, Monga BE have not provided any names as yet. 
AA Preview By Rock 
RH always had a really good team and now have an edge over their opponents with Prashant who is a veteran with wealth of experience having played nationally and Gambhir who is a talented football player joining them. AA will be missing Arun and Neel and Shubhankar and Mukul will be their replacements. We again will like to stick with a 4-5-1 formation. We will need all our players to up their level in this match if we are to compete with RH. This should be a really good match for all the neutrals and we know our home fans will be behind us all the way. 
RH Preview By Red SEE RH Match Programme HERE 
We come up against the mighty AA in our third game this season. We did not do well in our last game against the Warriors but from what we have read in the match reports the Astros have problems of their own. Both teams will be desperate to put things right and both have the required quality. It will depend a lot on which squad can start confidently and take control of the game. We will be seeking expert guidance from our coach and are confident of putting up a much better show this time around. Coach will help us iron out the creases and enable us to perform to our true potential. Wish AA good luck! 
RH Review By Red  
(Red ran 10175 steps which works out to 7.39 K's!! - The ADC says - for a Cd that is FIne work Red!!!) 
RH are very thankful to coach for helping and guiding us and setting us up for the game. It gave us a lot of confidence and we were more organised than in the previous games. THANK YOU SIR! RH started 4-3-3: John-GK; Kramer-RB; Mangs-RCB; Sagar-LCB; Manan-LB; RCM-Gambo; CM-Mishti; LCM-Pudang; RW-Bezzi; ST-Amu; LW-Amar. Nikhil was an unused sub today. AA started strongly with Shivang and Audi attacking the wings and getting good balls into Ajinx. We were defended resolutely and the fact the AA had left their scoring boots at home helped us a lot. AA had lots of possession with the likes of Ryan-Marcelo-Ashubh combining well but failed to chalk out any clear goal-scoring chances. After Ryan went off with an injury and AA decided to take the extra 5 minutes, it was RH that took advantage and scored after Gambo neatly setup Bezzi who finished well. Probably he was the only man on the field that had his scoring boots on! Manan-Amar-Pudang combined well on the left side whereas Amu-Gambo showed again how well they know each other. Kramer and Bezzi switched positions on the right side as Bezzi had run out of steam. Second half we defended very deep and were trying to play on the counter-attack. Gambo had atleast two chances to put us safe. AA had chances of their own to equalize but John was quick off his line and also came up with one stupendous save off Sparky. This could have been a high-scoring game had both sides taken their chances but it was the team that took its chance that came out victorious. Well done RH! Hard luck to AA! Thank you coach for your help! 
AA Review By Ryan 
AA started with a 4-5-1 formation with Mihir in goals, Sean and Mayuresh in CD , Tiger as LB and Hima as RB along with Adu (who confirmed late night of his availability). Shubhankar as RCM, myself in central midfield and Pai as LCM along with Audi and Shivang on Right and Left flank. Ajinkya as the lone striker. Again a very frustrating game for AA with the same old story of dominating the game with lots of possession and chances but could not convert even one of them. We used both the flanks well and Audi and Shivang were able to penetrate their defense and get some good crosses in but Ajinkya who otherwise would have had a hattrick was particularly off and had a bad day in office. His strained hamstring also did not help much. Though this defeat was quite demoralizing, we still need to pick our heads for the next match and hope we find somebody from the team to get us some goals. Well played RH who played to a plan and Congrats for the victory. 
Hima Review Loan for AA 
Firstly a big thank you to the AA management and Ryan (Sam) for loaning me for such an important game. It certainly was a hard fought game and unfortunately for us AA it was the team that took their chance came out on top. I started the game at right back, and then moved at the centre midfield for a bit. The ball was spread around well and the defence was used well enough to move the ball around but while the attack too was constant we unfortunately couldn't find the back of the net at the chances created. The game had a good tempo and overall it was a great experience to play with the talented AA bunch. 
VG LP Review 
Firstly, I would like to apologise to the ADC for not making a whole hearted attempt to draw his attention in the morning when he crossed me while leaving from his office for the Dobarwadi ground. If my attempts had been successful it would have saved the ADC the trouble to come to the ground on his bike. I will make sure that such an incident does not happen again. I would also like to thank the ADC for allowing me to be the lines person for today's match between AA and RH. This was a crucial 1st division encounter and it showed throughout the match as both teams wanted to go for the win. AA were playing deep and were not looking to catch offsides which made my job a bit easier in the 1st half. On the other hand RH defenders were playing in line and were looking to catch offsides and were successful on a number of occasions. Also as the ground is bigger than Sindh, the lines person has to cover more distance while keeping focus across the whole width of the pitch. All the offside decisions I had to make were pretty straightforward. AA did well to beat the RH offside traps on some occasions in the 2nd half. I felt they should have scored from a couple of clear chances. Once again thank you respected ADC and apologies for the mix up in the morning. 
Amonks Review as LP 
Apologies for the late review. I was in a work meeting from before noon that just got over. Thanks for the opportunity to be the LP for the game today. It was an entertaining encounter between two quality sides. Although AA dominated possession they squandered several chances in front of the goal. RH did well to convert when they got the opportunity and could've scored a second as well. It was a hard fought win for RH and they would be very happy with this result while AA will rue the missed chances. From the LP's perspective there weren't any major incidents and it was quite obvious that AA had their last man defending very deep and didn't have as much pressure on their defence as their opponents. Good luck to both the teams for the rest of the season. Thank you 
Ashubhs Review Loan for AA 
Thank you and AA for the chance to play on loan against RH. I think we played well and should have scored at least 2 or 3 goals. But I also felt that our positioning was not great when RH had the ball. And they scored when we did not cover the D-top area well enough. RH improved in the second half and created 1-2 clear chances on the break. I saw a lot of the ball and tried to keep it moving out to the flanks and sometimes to the striker's feet. I did not get many shooting opportunities. I enjoyed playing on the bigger ground again and hope the experience will help me for BT matches. Hard luck AA. Congrats RH. 
Johns Review as AVGKL for RH 
First of all a big thanks to RH management for showing confidence in me for such a crucial encounter against a star studded side like AA. As expected AA were in full attacking mode right from the start mainly through flanks with Audi and Shivang the young guns.Both of them made a lot of good runs but their striker could not hit the target and RH took advantage of it and slotted one in and defensively they were very good and compact and blocked a lot of through balls which made my job easier. I was moving well today, concentration level was good and i was lucky on couple of occasions as well. Having kept a clean sheet against a top side has given my confidence a boost and I would like to keep improving with every game. All in all a hard fought and competitive game. Well done RH and AA. 
Mantans Review as DLoan for RH 
I would like to thank the RH manger for loaning me today and the ADC for allowing the loan. Playing for RH with quality players like Amu, Gambhir, Rajiv and others its always fun. AA being one of the toughest side in the league the game is alway going to be very competitive. I primarily was playing at LB and kept switching with Amar on the wing. My main role was to take care of the right wingers Audi and Pai. Combining with Prashant at LCM and Amar at LW worked really well as we kept switching positions and covered up when required. AA had a lot of attacks and we were under pressure the whole game, but the tactical inputs from Coach helped the team immensely to keep the composure and play a calm game. This game was won by the team which converted their chances, RH got 2 or 3 clear chances and scored one where as AA had many but failed to convert. Overall it was a good game and we played to plan. For me the man of the match was Manoj for his match winning saves and his quick off the line collections. 
MR By Mr. Khare 
After completing my morning ablutions and other stuff that entails getting ready to organize and Ref a match, I finished loading up my now famous newly serviced Bajaj Xcd 135 with all the Match Parephernalia set up in a nearly dangerous but organized manner. As I exited one of the two gates past a gate man slash security guard slash persom who thinks that only crazy people travel in early morning wintry conditions, I noticed a sleek black SUV parked outside. I glanced at the gora bloke that looked like he needed some time in the sun and I recollect my thoughts as I went by, "hmnnn, I thought "This all looks super dodgy. A clandestine meeting no doubt. Even the bloke sitting in the drivers seat looks like that dodgy Manager of that once exciting team that plays in England. Wait a mo, I thought some more, I was thinking very deep thoughts by now (It's quite amazing how a 2 second glance can create such profound and lengthy thinking), Wait a mo that guy looks like VG, (Jehandro to some and Jehan only to his wife when she's angry) I slowed down thinking that he'll signal me by gesticulating wildly or use some means to attract my attention and offer me the chance to sit comfortably away from the freezing wind and precariously loaded vehicle. But nope nothing of the sort happened. I found myself traveling slowly so as to avoid the cold breeze that was desperately trying to find it's way through the gaps in my visor and scarf while keeping one fractured or tendonitised wrist on the flags so that they won't fall off as they had done last time. On my arrival at the ground, still dark, I could see a few parked cars and shadowns sitting on the tiny pavillion? I imagined someone rushing out to help me as I unloaded the bike but that was indeed wishful thinking. Good morning Sir/Coach/Almighty one (The last was what I imagined I guess..) was met me as I reached the CM/SR spot. One of them to greet me was VG...and as I was about to ask him if it really was him, this is what occurred -  
"Coachings saaar! Seeings you is I and Ashubhs sideout of gate. Wavings is mine hands with arms shaking even legs getting trying attention grabbing yours! Callings loudly is I's and Ashubhs for attentions of yours..." 
Ashubh - Hey saying what you VG man? Me's arrivings yet not is car at! 
VG - errrrr 
Me - A GINORMOUS FINE for avoiding to give a lift to your Chairman, One of the Board of Directors, the Ref, and also the ADC!!! 
VG - Oops... 
Ashubh - Mai Bhaiyya ko batane waala hoon!!! (I'm going to tell my Manager Damager brother about you!!!) 
ME - I rest my case, woe is me, the heart is heavy if my players treat me like this....... 
ADC- Get on with it Khare! 
Me - Haan ji sahab ji!! 
MR By the ADC 
RH had approached Mr. Khare for a strategy to play this match and as usual the formation and plan was not set as per the opponent but only as per how if Khare was Coach he would set the team. So the players were not told to target any particular person or such. But they were told to do certain things and try and make even the positional changes if needed as regards to the plan.  
AA continued with Marcelo's positional change as St, with Audi on the Rw. They have changed their usual 4-4-3 formation into a 4-5-1 formation that confuses me. When you have so much attacking talent why are you packing the mf? Then the other change was Sparky in CD. Supposed to play there to give AA a strong base to come up from. RH on the other hand, still suffering from anxiety and lack of confidence played a more attacking 4-4-3. But even with this attacking formation they defended resolutely. Now if the result was a different one, maybe AA could have had an arguement. They relied solely on an OFF FORM Ajinx. Yes he may have scored a hat trick the other day, but you MUST remember that was in the 2nd H against an organizational team which remember has to CONSTANTLY juggle with positional changes etc. Even the goal he scored in the defeat against PACU was AFTER his first attempt came of John. So placing ONE OFF FORM ST as the player to take them to victory is worrying. Now if the 3 Cms - Ryan, Ashubh Loan and Marcelo kept bombing forward to get at the end of crosses that would be great. But Ryan is a playmaker as is Ashubh and Marcelo doesn't bomb forward he plonks himself somewhere and make a move once he gets the ball. So there was no Cm as such that could assist Ajinx. While in the RH Mf Mishti was clearly the person that glued both sides together, he unfortunately had a poor first half, and Pudding with Gambo were the bombers..Now don't they look like those fighter planes that constantly swoop down at unsuspecting targets? Can you compare them to Ryan, Ashubh or Marcelo? Nope, Ryan and Ashubh are skilled assassins, they'll kill you with a perfectly planted dart in the nape of your neck while Gambo and Pudding will swoop down and kill you with one of those guns attached to a fighter jet! No doubt this will leave a few gaps atthe back but that's why you have two positions in the team called Cd's!! Red (who sacrificed his more happy position in an attacking role) was an able guide to the quick learning Mangs. There is no doubt I would have made a few changes in both the sides but I was the ref so I can only speak about it now. I hope the teams are reading this. Kramer was asked NOT to dilly dally and knock the ball to Beeraj who was supposed to be on the flank. But one of them was wrong, either Beeraj kept cutting in and therefore Kramer couldn't see a pass or Kramer dilly dallied and Beeraj was left waiting. But from this and Loanee Mantans frequest runs ALL OVER the ground (In all the matches for RW he has NEVER run this much!) the RH defenders allowed AA to attack. Especially through Arty and Audi. They did get balls but I still say Audi can provide MORE in Cm. Marcelo can dribble as well as Audi and his crosses are perfect. Unless Marcelo has asked to play in the middle I do not know why AA have changed things around. Mayur I think was mana to man marking Amu. It was good to see Amu actually running around for the ball and not hobbling and grimacing in pain every few seconds. As Mayur was everywhere EXCEPT his position, AA was in disarray everytime RH got something together in attack. Luckily for AA, RH were not in good nick. Luckily for RH, AA's finishing resembled an old drunk man trying to aim at a urinal at Aundh Astro' many misses! On one hand John ACTUALLY DIVED!!! Not to save a shot but to stop a cross from reaching it's desired target! And his reflex outstretched left leg got in the way of a sure shot effort from Sparky when he went upfield. Now this was another MAJOR error. No doubt AA were looking desperately now for an equalizer. When they had brought Adu on at Rb, Adu was in his element, BRILLIANT! One run down the flank and stupendous cross was akin to a dolphin swimming gracefully in its habitat, but when they switched him to Rcd with Mayur he was like a sloth placed in a running race with Usian Bolt! He was nowhere, making mistakes and doing dodgy stuff. One must not forget that he got a rating of 10 in that match for ADCY against RW BECAUSE he was playing in a 5 man defence. Plus he had the experienced Andypandy and Rafa and also ADCY were hassling and falling back to support the defence as ONE UNIT! The poor fellow was like a deer in headlights with his switch to Cd. Their big mistake was pairing Mayur with Sparky, Tiger would've been a much better bet if AA wanted to control things from theback. Mayur is a Maverick and likes to do things his way and that is difficult for Sparky whose more a balanced kind of guy. 
The goal itself would've been a penalty if it was cleared away. Sparky's foul in the box on Gambo was an instant penalty and thanks to the TZLC rule of advantage and also to the habits formed over the years at KFANDRA, players don't FALL at the merest touch. Lets just say even the Adults I coach will never dive...Even Sparky raised his hand to apologize for the error. Beeraj made no mistake. 
As for both the LP's I thought they were splendid!!!