Mon 07/12/15 POSTPONED 
BT - ADCY - Brush, UNA - Pam, Shaurav and Suman 
MO - RW - JJ, 135 BI - Rango, Uday, Ajoo 
BT Preview By Mkul Click here to Read Match Programme 
I am writing this preview amid uncertainty regarding the ground availability. I sincerely hope that the ground issue is resolved as soon as possible so that the efforts taken by the ADC and the clubs receive their due recognition. BT management is publishing their first official match day program for this match featuring the message by our player of the month for November and a new section – one day in the life of a manager. We hope that our fans will enjoy it. BT have 11 players available for this match – only Pan, Shaurav and Suman are missing. In spite of this, we have decided to loan ADCY youth brush to strengthen our bench. We will play 4-4-2 like our previous matches. Although we have won our last 3 matches, we made slow starts in all three of them and woke up only after the other team started playing well. This cannot continue forever. BT need to be on their toes from the first whistle and take control of the match right from the beginning. This is still very early in the season and we can afford to try new things instead of just worrying about the result. Let’s hope that this match will be as entertaining as our last match against ADCY. Best luck to the All stars. 
Tue 08/12/15 POSTPONED 
BI - UNA INJ Ahjoo and Abhi 
MO's - MO List : BE - Rakesh & Varun PACU - Neeraj, Amar BT - Bhanda & Mukul RH - Beeraj & Nikhil RW - Pravin & Karan 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
BI have not got off to a very good start this season. To add to the problems a few of the player are still recovering from injuries. BI needs to get a win to boost the morale of the team. BI will be playing the 4:4:2 formation like the previous games and each player will be playing his role in the position he is played in. The strategy will be to strengthen the mid-field hold the ball and play the passing game. BI will be defending in our half. AA is a very strong team if they get their co-ordination among each other right. BI will have to be patient and play the game will a cool and clam head. 
Wed 09/12/15 
KITFO (0) 1 Vs BT (1) 3 
KITFO - Mishti 62.25 
BT - Mkul 6.30 Groo og 57.20 Snowtop 69.15 
KITFO Squad - 1 Sharad Yeole 2 Prashant Alhat 3 Rakesh R 4 Mihir Naik DNTU 5 Varun 6 Nishant Arora DNTU 7 Devendra Sengar 8 Sagar Pise 9 Zaid Inamdar 10 Rajib Nath 11 Amit B 12 Amartya M 13 Ravi P 14 Aviank 15 Ravinder Chavan 16 Nitin Khole - Tentative 
BT - ADCY Zak 
MO's - PACU – DJ and Satsut BE – More than two players playing for KITFO RW - Vikas and Manoj. Other teams have not sent their MO names at the time of writing this email. BI - Rango, Sachin 
Sent By Sherry - AA - Sameer, Audi BE - More than 3 players playing for KITFO RH - More than 3 players playing for KITFO PACU - DJ, Satish BI - Rango, Sachin RW - Vikas, Manoj 
KITFO Preview by Sherry 
Last week loss against RW was match from where we have to move ahead and fight back in our next match against BT. BT as a team is lethal with players who has good touches and can accelerate their game as and when required. We are in talk with Coach who would be guiding us for this match. We are not going to take this game easy and would be playing with full strength. Papal ground being our home ground is our strength and we would be using the width of the ground to pass the ball and create opportunity to score. We have some players whp are in form and could be lethal for BT. All the Best BT!!! 
BT Preview By Mkul Click here to Read Match Programme 
BT are playing 2 matches in 3 days against the 2 very experienced organizations. Some of our players are also playing on loan during this week for other teams. This obviously means that our fitness will be tested for the first time. RW showed last week that they can cope with this tight schedule. If BT are to compete against top teams like RW we will have to meet this challenge. Having said that, we would also like to mention that some of our players have voluntarily decided to give their names for the ADCY matches (their inclusion in those matches depends on ADC’s approval) and it just shows their desire to play more and more football which is a great sign. In this match we have 12 players available with Suman back to the squad after missing the match on Monday. We are also taking the youth player Zak on loan to strengthen our bench. We will play 4-4-2 with Rafa, Bhanda, Ankush and Sagar in defence, Siddhu, Mukul, Jehan, Suman in midfield and Shubhankar and Niraj as forwards. But more than the formation we will have to focus on our positioning and quick passing. We have enough quality to score goals and the only way we can shoot ourselves in the foot is by slowing down the game. We hope that that this game will be a treat for the spectators. We wish KITFO goodluck for this match. We request our fans to enjoy the official match day program to be sold at the venue. 
Tiger Main Ref Review 
Firstly, I would like to thank our respected coach for giving me an opportunity to be a main ref for this match. It was a hard fought victory for BT. Both the teams started well with possession game. KITFO were playing better in their own half but were missing killer ball. Instead BT played much better and created many chances. Both the teams gave each penalty away. Out of 3, two of the goals scored by BT were clearly a gk mistake. Apology to Jehan for not giving foul against him (by Prashant)..All in all, I enjoyed the game. A bit difficult job to be a main ref, but coach gave me confidence and I tried my best. Thank you Sir. Congrats BT and hard luck KITFO. 
KITFO Review By Mishti 
KITFO formation: 4-4-1-1 (Varun-Rajib-Sherry-Ravi; Alan-Sameer-Amartya-Rakesh; Amit-Abhiyank) This match was a setback from the beginning as did not have coach to guide us. Managing the subs was a difficult task given there were 4 subs and everyone wanted to have enough game time. Sherry did a great job though in keeping instructions written clearly. But it has lots of last minute problems like players not turning out last minute (with genuine reasons) and getting injured or tired. Sherry decided to tweak the 4-4-2 by giving Amit a free role up front and his bundle of energy was very crucial for KITFO to have a good game. As usual, KITFO tried to play the passing game and it seemed to be working at least in the second half. The first half was a story of unforced errors and was frustrating for most of the time except few nice crosses from Rakesh and Ravi from a corner. The first goal conceded were again due to novice defending resulted in multiple mistakes. Once again we had to do a come back in the match which is tough against any TZLC teams. Second half looked much more promising with KITFO putting or pressure on BT and created more chances only to see the fumble in the final ball. Even most technically superior players were at fault in committing silly errors which we need to be worked on in practice sessions. However, we must look at the positive sides where we were able to continue playing a passing move in 1 -2 touches. At the end players were happy in seeing the overall performance. We hope to do better in coming matches. The game could have been much better if we can cut down on the errors in simple passes. Congratulations BT for their win. 
BT Review By Mkul 
In this match BT had decided to play 4-4-2 with Anand (GK), Sagar (LB), Ankush (LCD), Bhanda (RCD), Rafa (RB), Suman (RM), Jehan (RCM), Mukul (LCM), Siddhu (LM), Shubhankar and Niraj (Forwards). We had 2 players on the bench to start with - Patty and one loanee Zak. We rotated through out the match. In the first 10 minutes or so we started very aggressively and created 2-3 chances. Mukul missed a penalty and scored 2 minutes after that. But once we took the lead we somehow never regained our composure and kept losing possession. Maybe it was a result of not being able to adapt to a bigger ground or lack of fitness or good play by KITFO. BT have been observing KITFO since last few weeks and the progress they have made is really phenomenal. They came back into the match in the second half but our GK Anand kept us in the match by his brilliant saves. In the meanwhile, we took advantage of 2 goalkeeping errors at the other end and sealed the victory. December is a very difficult month to play football due to cold and it will be a test of physical as well as mental strength. If in the last match our swift touches won us the match, this time it was our tenacity. We are capable of playing better than this and I am sure that very soon we will sort out our issues to play at our peak. I hope fans enjoyed the match day programs we have released this week. Thanks to all. 
Zak Youth Loan Review for BT 
I am very grateful towards BT for loaning me for the second time this season. As a team we had a total of 13 players with Patty and myself on the bench. For the first 20 minutes or so, we played a regular 4-4-2 formation, however, the formation was altered when I was brought on, to a 4-4-1-1, with myself playing as a central attacking midfielder. Luckily, this time around I knew what to do in the other two positions that I played in which were, right midfield and left striker, as Neel Sir and other teams have helped me familiarize myself with those positions. KITFO is the first team that I have played against and with, which made the experience all the better. KITFO and BT showed off some great teamwork and really impressed me with some of their quick passes. As usual playing at Papal large ground allowed me with great opportunities to run, dribble and shoot. I would like to thank the match officials, BT and KITFO for a great match! Until next time. 
MR By the ADC 
With BT arriving at KITFO clearly thinking of playing to win and KITFO thinking on how to keep everyone happy and at the same time try and win was always going to be a dodgy task. Mr. Khare being AVA to play for KITFO if needed (As this was a Player Refs Match) was NOT asked by KITFO to play. It was quite evident that there does not exist a SINGLE CAPABLE GK at KITFO. With that in mind, KITFO could indeed have approached Mr. Khare. The condition of Khare not playing is only if the number of players AVA is more than 11 BUT can play in goals if NOBODY wants to KEEP!!! As in the 2nd H of the other KITFO match in which Khare played in goal in the 1st H, the players decided that they would rather rotate as Keepers than be subs. I fear THAT this time their decison was TERRIBLE. It was ONLY DUE to the ATROCIOUS Goalkeeping that BT won. There is NO doubt in my mind that BT escaped this morning ONLY due to the calamitous keeping on show today by KITFO. AndySu is a quality Gk and even playing with an injury but he did come up with a fantabulous save in the 2nd H. 
I'll allow the Reviews to cover the goals and also the highlights show. 
KITFO - I must announce here that it is COMPULSORY for EACH AND EVERY KITFO member to READ the MR (Even if they are not playing and also see the highlights show). This is the same for all the other organizations too. KITFO started off on a new paved road this morning after the emotional MR last time out. They have indeed turned the corner that had reached probably insurmountable proportions one thought. KITFO are now passing the ball out and playing confidently but silly errors keep getting in their way. I can't understant players that can't control a ball DEAD thats coming at them along the ground. Thats the simplest possible control to master. Still an umpteen amount of times the ball is seen bobbling after the 1st touch. This was the same for BT also this cold morn. I do feel that there are some players that still expect things from their team mates that are just not possible. And then they get angry or flustered when they don't get 
that proper pass. KITFO made quite a few chanced against one of the best CD partnerships that was Bhanda and Anks. I blame this wholly and solely on their Manager BT, but I'll come to that later. Amti, after the ADC has increased his value for his outstanding performances played much like his former self. Kept performing dizzying 360 degree turns that were more apt in a circus than here. I saw VK release a brilliant lob or scoop or chip to one of his team mates in the attacking 1/4 that was just sensational. Keano was rubbish but after I got sick of him and yelled at him from the touchline while chatting with the subs in the dugouts, his performance improved. He needs to ask himself why such a good player gets lost in matches. About the others nuffin much.... 
BT - To continue off from the point I mentioned in KITFO's Review, the reason why BT's Managers Mkul and VG or if the decisions are made in a demcratic way, the entire team is at fault is why oh why did they loan a player for this match when they had 12 already? Doesn't this signify that you have no faith in your current squad? Mkul would probably say that his ploy worked as it was Zak's (ADCY Loanee) shot that led to BT's 2nd. But if I turn and ask the bench if they are happy sitting out what would be the answer that I will get? I mean even Pat would have questioned the option of loaning his pal from KFANDRA if Zak himself was keeping him out. Even though I have told Pat that he should be happy he gets to sit on the subs bench for an ADULT match and be elated if he gets to play. IF he sits out as his CLUB TEAM MATE is keeping him out it's ok. Then Pat will ask why NOT purchase Zak under a youth contract if Mkul fancies him so much. Pat can also ask if his coming to the ground was a necessity as his parents allowed him to BUNK school. OBVIOUSLY my answer would always be YES BUNKING is necessary for you will learn more here than at school but in this case...Hmnnn I wonder. Even say an adult player like Rafa, Suman,Sidhwo? or Sagerrrr would wonder why they made the effort to come so early to PLAY if they'll be sitting out. No doubt Mkul, VG and in effect of being Mkuls Bro, Ashubh all sacrificed their time on the field to show everyone is equal. Then why keep the rest of the squad to play the full 90? The TZLC's intrinsic and core values being that EVERY member will get to PLAY. That's why clubs have mostly 11 or less players so that EVERY club member can play. BT has 13 members in it's squad. SO they would have 2 subs if EVERYONE was AVA. Already this is a selection headache. SO whenever I a coaching a team that has more players I'm always waiting to DROP a player or hoping someone drops out of his own accord (Whoever it is) as then my selection would be made easier. So Mkul and VG are giving themselves the same headache all over again by loaning another player even if they already had 12? I'm confused. Is WINNING so important that you lose your obligations towards the members of your squad? All I have to do is ask the players that sat out to rate their happiness quotient as per the following:(Levels from 1 to 10, 1 being super disappointed to 10 being super elated) 
1. How did you feel when you were in the dugout (Sub) 
2. When your team mates were playing and you were sitting out, and your team scored, what was the happiness factor compared to if you 
were playing at that time. 
3. At the end of the match how happy was a person that played the full 90 and that did not play. 
4. Did the pplayers that played think of the players that didn't? 
You see, sacrificing is a part of life, but if it can be avoided, AVOID it... This could've been avoided. An organization like KITFO or TZAS will ALWAYS have this issue and EVERY single player that puts in his name to play MUST EXPECT the rotation system. How are RW playing? With Subs? NOPE!!! 
I have given this explanation at least once in every season so far and I hope I don't have to again. 
Winning with your FULL squad is FAR MORE of an accomplishment as a TEAM than winning without. Just think about it. It's just NOT the same.... 
Another example before I exit the scene stage left - Whenever I was playing as Keeper I no doubt hoped my side would win, no doubt but you cannot blame me for HOPING that my the opposition would give me a chance of showing my capabilities as a GK by taking a few shots or summat. This is under the impression that I would SAVE them. Or if I was playing Rm and the Lm was getting all the balls or a goal was scored because of the Lm. Yes indeedy I would be happy for the club, BUT I would be insanely peed off that I was NOT getting to see much of the ball to do my bit. Especially so if I'm NOT PLAYING!!! 
So I hope you can see the direction I'm trying to lead you.  
How many of you think that "I hope the ball doesn't come to me" and how many of you think that "I hope the ball comes to me so that...." 
There in itself lays the heart of the matter...CONFIDENCE. If you DON'T want the ball, then there's SOMETHING wrong, inherrently wrong.... 
About the players, I don't think BT played all that well and my views will be expressed in the Ratngs section... 
Somthing else to think about...Which fan would like to see the player they've come to support (Clubs in the TZLC have yet to develop a crazy LOYAL fan following) sitting out? 
Refs Report 
Tiger MR - Did a good job but the player Refs are still unable to spot potential dangerous tackles and all the late challenges. I'm glad Tiger mentioned the Mario/VG incident as in any other NON TZLC enviro that would have led to some fisticuffs. Tiger NEEDS to COMMUNICATE LOUDER and WHENEVER NECESSARY to show the players he knows what he's doing and why he's doing it. 
Yogi - Movement was slow as the LP and has a lot to improve. 
Rock - Getting better each match but sometimes tends to lose focus a bit. 
Thu 10/12/15  
AA - Ajinx 13.57 
PACU - Satsut 2 8.30 46.27 
AA - Shivang 280K TZR Mukul BT: 280K TZR Sameer 380K TZR Shubhankar BT: 320K TZR 
(ERROR in Loans will be FINED, Loans Request MUST come in proper format) 
MO's - BT : Anand, Mukul RW : Praveen, Karan BI : Atul, Uday, Ajoo BE : Jaidev,Sameer RH: Nikhil, Akshay 
AA Preview By Ryan and Rock 
AA has yet to experience being on the winning side as the previous match against TZAS was postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. AA seems to be more stronger on paper but in reality PACU is a very mature and well balanced team with the right blend of experience and youth who can take on any team in TZLC. There are quite a few blokes in their team who seems to be playing for fun but cannot be taken lightly as once on field they play to win making them even more dangerous than a team which seems to be more disciplined. Ajinkya who is the new addition in AA would be instrumental in achieving the high goals that have been set for the team. If due to any reason, we end up playing on a bigger ground, AA hope to take advantage with players like Shivang, Audi & Sean who are quicker that most others. A team which most of the AA players were looking forward to play against was PACU and hopefully the game will meet all the fans and spectators expectations. 
PACU Preview By Amma 
PACU plays TZ Royalty AA on Thursday. Any of the AA players can decide the fate of the game with one swing of the boot. We will be going with the PACU philosophy of scoring one more goal than the opposition. Formation will be 4-4-2 and we will be attacking from the first whistle. PACU will be having their full squad for this game. Players from both the teams have sheduled/rescheduled their itenary for this game. Good mates on both the teams will ensure that this will be a hard fought game. Lets hope that the ground situation gets resolved before the game. 
PACU Review by Amma 
PACU played this game in 4 - 5 - 1 formation. Manoj GK Defence L-R Yogi, Subaru, DJ, Louie M/F L-R Jango, Amar, Satsut, Neeraj, Vicky. Kapil Striker and Hima started from the bench. The plan was to defend in our half and try to nick a goal. We got 2.... Satish scored both our goals, 1st from a wonderful ball from Kaka, and the second a solo effort where he collected the ball near the half line, went past a host of AA players before unleashing a fierce shot to the left of Anand the AA keeper. AA goal came about when Audi got behind our defence on the right side and crossed to Ajinkya who scored of his second attempt. As far as the game is concerned, there is no doubt the better team lost today. They dominated us completely in possession and position. It just wasn't their day today. Ajinkya and Audi especially with their pace and trickery gave us a lot of trouble. AA will surely bounce back because of their quality and character. As for us, there were lots of knee jerk reactions to the AA goal and also mistakes committed by team mates. We will sort it out in our Team Meeting this week. 
Jai Review as LP 
I would like to thank the ADC for the opportunity to be a linesman for the keenly awaited encounter between AA and PACU. PACU started well when a perfect through-ball from Kapka was finished with precision by Satsut, over a charging GK. AA pulled one back immediately with a great move started by Sean, laying the ball down the line to Audi, who pulled it back for Ajinkya to score the equalizer. Ajinkya was guilty of missing a similar chance in the same half. AA had the greater ball possession and chances to score, but were unable to finish cleanly. PACU started the 2nd half in style, taking the lead through a great solo run and finish by Satsut. They were also able to shut down the AA offence, with great defensive play by DJ, Amma and Meeraj. AA will rue their missed chances, with most of their players getting shots on goal, but unable to find the back of the net. Overall, it was tightly fought game and PACU would be glad to get away with a win against a strong AA team. It was busy game for me, with both attacking sides testing the defence regularly. I would like to apologize for a couple of indecisive calls during the game, will learn from these mistakes to ensure a better game for the players next time. 
Rock Review for AA 
Another disappointing result for AA! In the first half, after going down to a wonderful goal by Satsut, we dominated the game and had some excellent moves down the flanks. One such move released Audi on the right and we leveled scores through Ajinkya. We continued to dominate, but wasted umpteen chances with shots all over the place except on goal! In the second half, the story was the same, with AA going down to another cracking solo goal by Satsut. He has shown why he's the best player in the league and is the heart and soul of PACU. He was tremendous in defence as well. AA continued to dominate the game from there on, with almost all the action in PACU's half. However, we were again guilty of poor passing and finishing when it mattered. PACU played to a plan of defending,and attacking on the break. It would have been a different story if AA had been able to convert the numerous chances that we created. AA will re-group and try to find the winning formula. For AA, Ajinkya is a great addition. Neel also had a good game today, under difficult conditions. For PACU, besides Satsut, DJ and Amma in defence had a great game. Thank you for your excellent refereeing as always. There were a few incidents that could have led to tense situations, but were brought under control immediately. 
Mantan Review as LP 
Firstly I would like to thank the ADC and Coach for allowing me to be a linesperson for the match between AA and PACU at the FLAMES ground. This was always going to be a tough one, both the sides are loaded with talent. The first half I was at the PACU goal end, AA had some really good attacking play coming from the wings with Audi and Mukul. There were some good runs made through the middle as well, but AA lacked finishing. PACU capitalised on their counters and neat finishing by Satsut. Second half was a similar story where AA could not capitalise at times when PACU was 1 or 2 men down through Sin Bins. It was a good game to watch and ref on the lovely ground of FLAMES. 
Mkul Review as DLoan for AA 
I thank Sam and Arun for loaning me for today's match against PACU. The result and the overall quality of the game turned out to be quite frustrating for AA who have got super players in almost every part of the pitch. But perhaps this also proved to be their undoing because I thought we were just mentally not ready to entertain the thought that we could lose the match if we don't play well. I was given the responsibility to play at LM in Shivang's place. In the first half, I ran at their defence several times but I could not keep my composure at crucial moments. In the second half, I did not play well. Maybe after going 1-2 down I was beginning to lose patience. I also thought that AA should have built their moves from their defensive line on such a huge ground. Often, their wing backs cut inside too soon and failed to release the ball quicly to wing mid-fielders. Amma and DJ in CD their defence were always going to be hard to beat. Congrats to Satsut for scoring a very good looking goal. I hope that AA will soon start playing to their highest level to make 1st division interesting. This match will definitely motivate them to do better in their coming games. 
PACU Review By Satsut 
At the outset, PACU would like to thank Ajoo and The ADC for setting up our game at Flames. Ajoo said this one is like a "derby" and we hope we lived up to the expectations. It was an out and out overwhelming experience to play on grass and we really enjoyed every bit of action this morning. PACU played to the defensive strategy and caught AA on the counter. AA has quality in every area of the ground, so do we, but the fitness levels of most of our players is less as compared to AA. I guess PACU did have the rub of the green and both the shots that were on target went in. AA were unlucky to have not equalized. The new man for AA Ajinkya is absolute quality. We are really pleased with the quality of players joining the TZLC and it is becoming more and more competitive. Its a huge and memorable win for us and we will cherish this for a long long time. Distance covered by me: 7.1km. 
AndySu AVGKL Emergency Review for AA 
I thank AA manager for loaning me as goalkeeper. Otherwise I was supposed to do MO work for this match but looking at the grass I would have regretted not playing today. I conceded two goals. The first one was due to confusion between me and AA defence line. I charged on the ball slightly late and couln't stop their striker from scoring. For the second, I thought that one of the CD's should have tackled their striker. He got too much space to shoot and his strike was brilliant. We dominated the possession but couldn't convert our chances. Hard luck to AA and congrats to PACU. 
John AVGKL to PACU Review 
First of all a big thanks to ADC for giving us the opportunity to play on such a beautiful pitch and thanks to PACU management for showing faith in me for such a important game against a top side like AA.It was big ground and conditions were slippery so both teams took some time to adjust. Both teams created lots of chances and provided the quality we have, they should have scored more goals. AA played attacking football and kept me on my toes all the time but PACU defended and counter attacked equally well. Highlight of day was Satish's second goal and it was a treat to watch him cut past players with such ease.Its always a pleasure playing alongside such good players.I am satisfied with my performance However, need to improve on lots of things. I would like to thank ADC again and wish both the teams good luck. 
Intro By Mr. Khare 
Arriving at the ground I thought would be doable after checking the route via Google maps and then trusting my Bajaj Xcd 135 that needs to be serviced. But Ahjoo's statement that it will be cold and quite far on a bike (I agreed especially as it was my first trip to Flame) forced my hand in taking a lift from the always ready Atool. Thankfully it could be termed as a MO Vehicle and we were all happy that noone would be accused of buttering up the ADC/Ref!!! Unfortunately we did arrive a bit late (6.40) as is always the case at a new venue but I was pleased to see that there were already quite a few people there. The KO was at 7.20am!! The latest ever we have ever K'doff!! The sparkling water in the ponds that caressed the Greenery of the Golf course assailed us after we entered the Oxford Estate and went towards Flame Uni. It reminded me of my time in Swaziland where there was greenery all over and everything was clean and life seemed fresh. No wonder that there was palpable excitement when we entered the ground. For me this was a holiday at least for the senses. A hark back to the life that I left almost 35 years ago and it's funny that I'm only 26!! Then suddenly as I slid into a sense of benevolence while thinking of butterflies floating and birds chirruping I was brought back to the reality of it all. The knowledge that my Tum was in a state of turmoil and I have a water issue at home brought me back with a thump to my real world. On top of it all the realization dawned that I was about to Ref a match between two top clubs, players that went at each others throats (albeit in a fun way) through social media or over drinks and I had to make sure my sometimes methodical and strict adherance to the letter of the law didn't spoil this match as a spectacle for the MO's, the officials and also for the players themselves..... 
MR By the ADC 
Clearly today AA had around 80% possession. But unfortunately the possession was possession in the extreme case. It was not a quick passing 10+ possession ending off with an attempt on goal. No, it was more like 5 to 6 passes ending up with an AA players missing a sitter or going wide of the mark by at least 20 yards, many of the chances were also dealt with by the ever improving DJ (I'm beginning to wonder if his game gets a whole lot better on a bigger ground) and gladly a player that returned to CD as he was NEVER fit enough for Cm considering that PACU's plan was to defend, hassle and counter (Amma)! The game itself was fast paced most of the times but I must disagree with the people who say that it was one of the best. I think the atmosphere of the arena and the Clubs that were participating this morning over rode the fact that it was only amongst the top 10 or 20 matches played in the TZLC so far. At times it seemed like AA were going to put PACU in their places as 3rd Div members but the atrocities in front of goal proved that anything can happen, that the weaker can defeat the stronger, that there is after all hope even in the last few drops in a mug of Beer.... 
AA - Thanks to the Rock for mentioning the Ref in his write up. And I will start on an incident that showed the TZLC to be competitive and aggressive but more importantly as to how important controlled aggression is. Subaru's slide on the Rock was INCH PERFECT. As Rock pulled away, Subaru got a sudden burst of energy and unbeknownst to Rock flew in with a PERFECT sliding tackle. He got a lot of Rock's leg too in his follow through but that was not at all malicious. Rock lay on the ground, I am CERTAINLY sure NOT because of pain but only because of pride. Rock is a FANTASTIC player without bringing age into the picture. BUT I can tell you that no technically blessed player can face the fact that he was tackled and that too brilliantly. I can assure Rock that it will always take a tackle like that to win a ball of a player like him so that's a credit in itself. Add to that the ethos of the TZLC which is RESPECT. So what we would see in a match with over paid pro's or an amateur match that consisted of frustrated players who needed to let out their aggression would be abuse directed at the opponent, then at the Ref then etc etc. But Rock merely lay on the ground, understanding the way WE play the game, got up, clapped Subaru's hand and got ready to play the game again. Stoney has a lot of players he can look up to and learn from in the TZLC but to have a Dad be that person is everyone's dream! (That small passage conveniently ignored Ahjoo's statement "Rock gave me look of the devil!!" This was immediately post the incident when the Ref asked for assurance from him as SR if Subaru got the ball!!!! But with all the adulation must come a bit of angst. I am not at all pleased with the Rocks positioning as Rcd. I will try and show that in an image or in the video highlights. He was more like a Lcd and was stealing in on Tigers (DL) terittory. For me Stoney was actually good making space on the flank but as the Rock was camped with Tiger forcing Tiger to go towards Amar and squeeze the space out of him too. I would rather have seen Rock pumping forward as a Am or Cm then bursting through from Cd as when AA lost the ball it was only Tiger left to defend, and we do know that although Tiger has a lot of strength and guile, he does not have speed. My biggest issue with AA today was with their constant experimenting with positions and tactics.. To me it seemed they were doing it a lot. And their constant anxiety when things were going wrong, like a bad pass would be followed by exasperation from others. One funny was when Rock told the rest of his team c'mon people stop shouting at each or summat like that and a minute later he was yelling at someone!! As their Review doesn't have the formation or the players playing (Fine for sure) I don't know at what base they started off with. It looked like 4-4-2 seemed like 4-3-3 and ended up being 3-2-5!!!! Ajnx should NOT be happy with his performance whatever plaudits come his way. I can remember 3 open chances he had that were set up on a plate form him. One of which he scored on the 2nd chance. He's a good player but does he fit the valuation I've given him? Only time will tell. Another issue for AA was the size of the ground. With the technically strong players Sindh is ideal for them as quick touches and good control are the key. On a big ground they needed to bide their time and switch flanks which they didn't. I though Mkul DL had a good game over all but his 2nd H sorta faltered. AA put Audi in the wing, An absolutely PERFECT position if he is constantly fed the ball. But that happened only for a short 5 min period I think when AA equalized. An unfit Audi is still MUCH MUCH fitter than some of the so called fit AA players. If a good player doesn't get the ball on the flank just put him in a position where he can at least be a nuisance or he can defend. Sparky's touch was clearly off today, maybe he was jetlagged...Amar as Lb did his duty but should just be a tad quicker on his release. AndySu AVGKL keeps letting in goals when I thought he's be the chap that keeps the most clean sheets. But today he can easily blame his defenders for laxity but some shots just can't be saved.... 
PACU - Very passionate indeed and sometimes you end up hurting players emotionally when you do not intend to. I've had a word with Satsut so I hope he sorts it out, no need to discuss that incident publicly. Some matters may be kept within the club...only SOME matters mind you!!! I can GUARANTEE that Vikky (His short say Vicky but that ust sounds liks Vicks vaporub gone Icky so I'll stick to Vikky) asked to be taken off after some incessant verbal assault by his team mates. No douby Vikky erred in his decision making and execution at times but that verbal hammering was not needed. I've mentioned DJ before and as he kept alluding to his groin injury so his insistence at using his left leg I thought this injury has done him good. With a dodgy right leg he's actually releasing the ball faster!!! DJ though should desist on imploring his players to waste time....Both Hima and Django did superbly while defending (Being Wing mf's and also Wing Backs for a time) and Hima was rarely seen racing up. Yogi although was eaten up for those 5 mins or so Audi got the ball on the flank in the 1st H, played well. WHat can I say about Big Man Louie who they call Dirty Harry...He's a maverick aint he? Likes to do his thing who cares what the others say. And this is what I want him to change. SOMETIMES Louie, ESPECIALLY in a team game, you MUST TRY to play for the team!!! John seems to have a force field around him. He hardly does much and ends up on the winning side! Lots of credit to him! I think he must have got the gist that many of the BTB clubs that had purchased him at the start of the Season, promptly sold when he started losing points..the knowledge of this has spurred him on I bet!!! Kapka is a talented indivdual and needs to work on his fitness. Couldn't do justice to the job of keeping the ball up to relieve the pressure on the PACU defenders. But I did see him come back and defend when 2 PACU players were YC's for silly reasons. Good on him!! Subaru I've mentioned in that sliding tackle and that was how he is as a player, talented, committed and lots more to show. So I've got only one man left on the PACU list of players. Who can it be? The man that I said has faded, who looks a shadow of himself in the TZLC7, who depended so much on the rest of his BIG NAME SQUAD at RW that he felt comfortable in just looking after himself, the man that did not realize that he had to do MUCH MUCH MORE at PACU? Satsut exploded today while attacking and defending and CARRIED PACU on his shoulders as they needed him to. Well done Satsut, eagerly waiting to create the highlights show to see that goal, a contender for Goal of the Season, made sweeter at beating a great goalie and a goal I'm sure everyone wants to see!!! 
I forgot to add the contribution of Meeraj and Marcelo! Also the fact that John did actually make one save!!! or two!!! Meeraj nearly faced the wrath of Rock when he went in late on him but the Ref was quick to calm the situation down. Meeraj is always ready to play in any position you tell him to but may not play as per expectations. He's not the fittest so he needs a few players around him that can do some running so he can use his good passing to better effect. Obviously more manageable than the one they call CRAZY Horse!! Marcelo I think was playing in a number of positions but excelled as usual on the right wing where he planted himself. If he can get some accurate passes in he can create a lot of chances. A pity AA weren't at their best. 
Fri 11/12/15 
BE (1) 2 Vs ADCY (0) 0 
BE - Rake 29.18 Harsh 69.38 
BE - Avi (300, RW) as per AVGKL 
ADCY - Pat, MJ, Jhakaas Adults AVA to play and MO - BT - Mukul, Siddhu, Sagerrr BI - Sachin, Anand, Atul Following non-club kitfo players have confirmed their availability for the friday's match between BE and ADCY at papal. Nitin Khole (With a request to join at 7.30 am) Alan Aviank Zaid (Tentative)  
BT : Siddhu, Mukul, Rafa PACU : Kapil, Harjeet BI : Sachin, Anand, Atul (mo+player) AA : Ryan, Mihir RH: Sagar, Amartya RW: Vikas, Manoj 
BE Preview By VK Click HERE to SEE BE's Match Programme 
After the narrow defeat against RW, the Eagles are ready to face their next challenge. This is in the form of the youthful and talented bunch that is ADCY. This will be a tough game but we plan to make home advantage count in our favour. The Eagles will line up either in a 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 depending on the availability of players. But we will like to stick to a passing game and focus on defensive duties. Looking at the league table BE needs to start getting some points and keep the momentum going. The players are developing a good understanding of each other’s game and working on the critical aspect of communication. All the best to ADCY and we are sure to have a cracker of a game at Papal. 
ADCY By Atool and Mkul (Appointed in charge of ADCY) Please sen in your Previews asap.... 
First and foremost, I thank the ADC on behalf of Atul and me for putting us in charge of ADCY for this match. At the time of writing this match we have 3 youth players, 3 BT adults, 3 BI adults and 4 non-club KITFO players available for this match. It will be a great challenge to assemble this diverse group of players on a big ground like papal. However, we will take up this challenge as an opportunity to learn. This match is a great opportunity for players to showcase their individual skills. It is is too early to talk about our formation and game plan (because Atul and I still need to discuss certain issues like goalkeeping etc.) but we will try to play everyone in their natural positions for the most part of the match. ADCY have played great in their first two matches and they can no longer be called minions after their performance against TZAS and BT. We will try to play in the same spirit. Best luck to both the teams. 
Sidwho??? Loan to ADCY Review 
First of all I'd like to thank the Coach to allow me to play on loan for ADCY as it was my first ever experience playing on loan. Even though we lost the game with BE scoring two very good goals, we played well considering the fact that most of us played together for the first time. I myself played as LB which is not my natural position but it was a great learning experience (Thanks to Mkul for that). Since the match was on Papal, it is always nice to play on bigger ground to test our patience and stamina. For some part of second half I was asked to play as CM which again was a good experience. Since I was playing with the likes of Pat and Mkul which are already my BT teammates, it became relatively easy to play with them. Since this was my first ever match on loan, I'm looking forward to play in the coming games too and try to improve as much as I can. I once again sincerely thank ADC and ADCY teammates for a great match. 
ADCY Review by Mkul 
I would like to thank the ADC for putting me in-charge along with Atul for this ADCY match. I am happy with the game today although we lost it by 2-0. Our team was comprised of a group of players most of whom had never played with each other. Most of the youth players were missing which was a big miss because after all ADCY is their team and everyone wants to give their extra when you identify yourself with your team. In this scenario, Atul and I had a challenge to get the best out of this group and I feel that we did quite ok. We played with 4-4-2 with Atul (GK), sagar (RB, Andy-pandy (RCD), Sachin (LCD), Siddhu (LB), Pat (LM), Aviank (LCM), Mukul (RCM), Jhakaas (RM), Allen and MJ (Forwards). The plan was to play simple one touch-two touch football by passing the ball to the person directly connected in the formation and playing maximum balls to Jhakaas and Pat on the wings. This ploy worked really well for first few minutes of the game where Allen found himself one-on -one with their GK but couldn't convert. But as the game progressed BE were also keen on playing simple football like us and both teams started losing possession in mid-field battle. We couldn't provide as many balls to Jhakaas and Pat as we would have liked and in that process they scored from a one touch finish (by Rake I think). Mukul's movement was restricted due to his pulled hamstring for which he is himself to be blamed because he did not do a proper warm up yesterday. In the second half he was subbed by Nitin. Some other positional changes were made. All the ADCY players seemed satisfied after the match in spite of the result. I must say that BE are getting better with each game and congrats to them on their victory. 
Audi LP Review 
Thank you to ADC for selecting me first out of the talented pool of Lines person available. Game was simple for me. The pace of the game was slow thus mistakes could be avoided. Both teams kept their shape through out and the game was well fought. Kudos to both teams. Thank you. 
BE Review By VK 
BE put in a commanding display to win 2-0 against ADCY. BE started 4-5-1 Avi (AVGKL); Dev, Prashant, Sherry, Robbie; Jaydeep, Amit, Keano, Madhu, Rake; Harshad as the lone forward. ADCY were more confident on the ball at the start of the match and there were a few unforced errors from BE. Thereafter BE started moving the ball smoothly. Midway through the first half, Amit was sent through on goal from a defence splitting pass from midfield. However his shot hit the upright and was cleared. BE had more of the ball and started applying pressure on ADCY. When a corner was cleared by the ADCY keeper, the ball went straight to the right back Dev. He put in a delightful lob into the danger area and Rake showed good reaction to run through and score past the goal keeper. Teams went 1-0 into the break. After half time BE continued to pass the ball around with minimum unforced errors. Rake spotted the over lapping left back, VK with an excellent back heel pass near the half way line, who in turn pulled the ball back towards the 6 yard area, where Harshad out muscled the opposition CB and scored at the near post. The Eagles then saw out the match with more possession and the match ended 2-0. Avi was excellent in goals and was rewarded with a clean sheet. There were a lot of positives for BE and we will play our next matches with more confidence after securing maximum points here. Tough luck for ADCY today. 
Sagerrr Loan to ADCY Review 
I would like to thank ADC for allowing me to play for ADCY. Our pre-match strategy for the match was to play good football and enjoy the game. We played a descent football today with players from different clubs. Everybody from ADCY played to their highest potential. BE played really well and was moving the ball with the flow from defence to midfield. They scored two amazing goals. We missed some scoring chances in first half and a few in the second half. Overall, it was a good experience to play on big ground against a good team. I congratulate the winning team for playing good football. Thanks. 
Review By Chinchin Loan ADCY 
Here are my stats for the match 10390 steps 7.92kms I had written a review as well but couldn't sent it across on time. Actually had an incident post match and the BE team members especially Keano and TinTin were kind enough to help me out. I had locked myself out of the car with my car keys in the boot and so was my office bag, mobile and wallet. Tintin took me to the breakfast hangout where the rest of the BE team was there and from thereon after a cup of tea Keano dropped me at my place in Baner and then headed to Kothrud. Appreciate his help. I managed to locate a spare key at house and traveled back to Papal and finally reached home around 1pm. Skipped work today. Quite and adventure and lesson learnt to keep the keys with oneself. Thanks once again for all the feedback else I was puzzled with the YC. It helps to learn from the mistakes. 
Deep's Stats 
8676 Steps 5.8 K's 
MR By Mr. Khare 
This match was the kind of match that is fun to ref. I can talk to both the sides without being biased to any. Mkul was doing as he was told regarding some stipulations the ADC had put forward. Such as every KITFO member that is NOT a member of the TZLC MUST play the whole match and every youth player also. This wasn't too much of a problem as there was only one sub. Atool I think sacrificed and kept in goals for most of the match. The match as always was played in the right spirit and was boring at times but enjoyable when mostly BE strung a few good moved together. Amti should've continued his run after tapping past the keeper as he would have slotted in the rebound, but I think it was Andypandy who reacted fastest. The goals itself were quite good, especially the 2nd with a good build up added to the mixture. Harsh's touch was wonderful but q's should be asked on how it went in at the near post. 
BE - Coming along nicely. BE had mentioned that they need an experienced player that can guide them and help them reach that coveted level of being difficult to beat because of their ability to play consistently and also to worry teams for their goal scoring capability. As I said to Amti at the end, why can't the players arise from within the side itself? There are many talented contenders like Sherry and Amti who are at the forefront. Sherry has the lead on Amti as Amti still tends to lose his marbles at times. Let's see what happens. They should understand that the rest of the team, especially those that are new, respect them to bits. Thats most of the job done. Now they have to prove to them that they are worthy of that title. For the amount that Mario screams at his team mates or should I say 'Guides LOUDLY' he does make a whole lot of mistakes himself. I'm super happy that the new formation is working great for them. Keano should stop listening to peoples advice coz it's making him play bad. Thus I spoke to him at HT and I'm happy he settled down in the 2ndH. I think this ADCY match came at the right time for them as they could play a little without stress. I feel sorry for VK as he hasn't had time to see 
ADCY - The youth were crap, all 3 of them, Jhakaas, Pat and Mj especially. Andypandy is disappointing me with silly mistakes as a Cd. Nothing much else that's new about the rest. The new KITFO guys that are not a part of the TZLC are quite talented actually. Should be fun if they join. 
I always appreciate those that made themselves AVA to play for the ADCY! Thanks!!! 
Sat 12/12/15  
RW (1) 2 VS ADCY (0) 2 
RW - Ivan 32.55 Mantan 61.20 
ADCY - Ashubh 64.50 Rafa 80 
MO's - Mangs Beeraj, Robby, Amti Satsut, DJ 
RW - EMERGENCY LOANS - Harjeet (value 0.22M TZR) PACU for Lalit value (0.24M TZR). Sherry Value (0.28M TZR) BE for Avi Value (0.30M TZR) DL GKL Santosh Pai ( GK Value 0.23 M TZR) for Manoj (GK Value 0.28M) 
ADCY - Adu, Pat, MJ, Jhakaas, Zak, Spongebob Brush Adults AVA to play and MO - Mukul, Bhanda, Rafa, Shubhankar BI - Sachin, Dhruv, Ringa, Anand 
RW Preview By 135 LATE 
RW go up against the Youth in this Encounter who are always full of surprises with their quick passing and Flank play. With The Head Coach of TZ Mr. Khare, managing them they are a different team and can never be taken for granted…last season ADCY had sent us home packing with the League Title hopes shattered when they beat us in their home game.. 4-2. This time around we will be prepared for them and will hope to contain their quick and Nimble squad. We will stick to our 4-4-2 formation AND and play a quick clean game and go for a win. 
ADCY Appointed in Charge Mkul and Groov (Please sen in your Previews ASAP) 
First and foremost, I would like to thank the ADC on behalf of me and Dhruv for putting us in charge of ADCY for this match. ADCY are playing 2 matches on 2 consecutive days but the team composition is quite different this time. There are 7 ADCY players, 4 BT players and 4 BI players available for this match. We are playing the champions who are on a winning streak. The one thing in our favour is that we have got nothing to lose. We will go in this match with this attitude. RW have beaten everyone in this league and they are clear favourites for this match as well. But if you closely observe our team composition we have got some of the top players in TZLC who are more than capable of winning matches on their own. Also, most of the youth are also available for this match who are guaranteed to give their 110%. We need to sort out certain issues like goalkeeping etc. but we will not make it easy for RW. It should be an interesting match. Best of luck to both the teams. 
Jonty Ran as a Cm in a 4-4-2 formation for RW: 
Review by ADCY Loan and AR Ashubh 
Thanks for the opportunity to play for the ADCY with all the excellent youth players. We were facing the mighty RW and Mukul, who was in charge of ADCY for this match, gave me and Anand the honour and responsibility leading this great bunch. We started with a 5-4-1 formation and switched to 4-5-1 at times. All the players worked really hard but RW managed to take a 2-0 lead. I tried to guide the team by communicating with them throughout the game. When it looked like RW would close out the game comfortably, we upped the intensity. I was very happy to help the team by pulling one goal back. We did not give up and kept going till the last moment. We got our reward when Rafa equalised in the dying seconds. I believe the one point was the least the team deserved for the superb performance. The youngsters were a match for the adults. I played most of the match and was briefly also an assistant referee by the goal. I did not have to make any call as an MO. Thumbs up to both the teams for the great game! 
RW Review By 135 
ADCY again pulled a fast one on RW today when they came back in the last minute of the Match to level the CD failed to clear a simple FK going no where. RW started with the formation 4-4-2 with Pai GK on loan Harry RB loan, Karan RCD Sherry LCD on loan, Pravin LB Monga RW Vikki RCM Jonty LCM Mannu LW Taufa St Pravin St...RW tried to play passing game but Failed miserably at least on the Right flank as there was no supply to the Right Midfielder... From the RB the ball was just pumped back in to the Central Area constantly. We failed to make any piercing movement in the 4th quarter of the field and that cost us the points today. ADCY played to plan and defended well with 5 in tge back line and pressed well in the the when they Had the ball Ashubh pounced on a loose ball in the D to pull a goal back to 2-1. RW went up in the 1st half when Monga put in a good cross from a rare ball which came his way and Sarva latched on to a weak clearance to take us 1 up and Mannu added one more after the break when Jontys freekick wasn't dealt with well. 
ADCY Review By Mkul 
I cannot thank the ADC enough for putting me in-charge of ADCY for today's match against the mighty warriors. Before the match we had a few set-backs. Bhanda, Dhruv and Mukul became unavailable to play due to injuries and illness. The total number of available players was reduced to 12 and the only good side about it was that selection troubles were minimised for me. We had earlier decided to play 4-4-2 like RW but looking at the width of the ground and the threat presented by RW wing mids and forrwards, we decided to play 5-4-1 with Sachin (GK), Spongebob (RB), RAfa (RCD), Andy-Pandy (CD), Adu (LCD), Brush (LB), Pat (LM), Zak (LCM) Shubhankar (RCM), Jhakaas (RM) and MJ (Striker). This formation worked really well because RW hardly created hardly any chances in the first half. When Harjeet got a yellow card RW were reduced to 10 and we decided to attack more to take advantage of numerical strength. Thus I changed Rafa with Ringa and switched to 4-5-1and we did put more balls in their D top during this period without troubling their GK. Then Harjeet came back. We forgot to switch back to 5-4-1 and RW players outmuscled our 4 man defence to score their first. In the second half RW increased their lead by 2-0 and at this point like everyone even I was thinking that RW cannot lose points from here. Since we had nothing to lose we made some changes. Jhakaas switched with MJ, Andy Pandy came in mid-field. Shubhankar and Zak pushed a little further. This ploy worked and by pressurising their defence we earned our first. When RW refused extra 5 minutes we put everyone including our GK in their D top and guess what???? Rafa scored in the last minute of the match. Every one of us was ecstatic. For us the youth, andy-pandy and sachin played the entire match and Shubhankar, Rafa and Riga were interchaged frequently. The youth must have put some smile on the faces of especially AA and RH players. Among adults I think Shubhankar who was made captain today played at his highest level and this was one of his best performances. Rafa played as CD and his instincts were crucial in both defensive as well as attacking areas. Andy-Pandy was very solid and determined to do well. Ringa played superb the second time he came in. Thanks to Sachin for agrreing to keep. All the youth played great. They literally put their 110% and believed that they could do well against the mighty warrios. Now I can't wait to see the highlights of the game. Hard luck to RW and congrats to ADCY. 
MR By Mr. Khare 
(Please read some additional inputs by some players in yesterday's match) 
As I reached the Dobarwadi ground on my Xcd 135 Camel (I carry so much stuff on it) the much forgotten memories of my time playing in Pune flooded back. Especially when the 8.15 am mark was crossed and sunlight bathed what looked like a desert landscape. Cringing now I was only just brought back to life with the ADCY's flamboyant mockery of a thoroughly despondent RW. My happiness was mixed with sadness as this match underlined what a coach's job entails. The persistent and almost methodical drills used to teach and guide my younglings bore a bitter sweet fruit this not so cold early morn. Sweet as the amount of time spent on the young talents from MJ and Brush (My MOST DIFFICULT students, Both came to me as raw, brash and cocky brats and now are well on their way to getting a little bit less of the afore said!) to Adu and Pat (Me and Surhud have literally seen Adu grow from a hyperventilating juvenile to an accomplished young adult, Pat is still one of the youngest and has literally grown up in front of us too), Spongebob (The nicest of the lot and also the least confident), Zak (Brattiness personified this young American Tikekar is developing into a left footed wonderkind whose lost NEARLY all his brattiness) and finally Jhakaas (who I'm sure has african blood in him and who did what KFANDRA will now call a Shibhona in his honour, he shibhoboed a RW player WITH a Rabona!!!) is one of the few who insists on literally falling at my feet when it's his Bday or he just feels like it!). So we have a mix of habits, personalities, backgrounds and ages but all of us love playing the beautiful game and that includes Rugby as all of them have become exceptional at that sport too. It seems I've started another approbation as I did last week for KITFO and then for Satsut but I feel even this one is well deserved. And Bitter as I feel sad that another batch of students have already become young adults as they flap their wings and experience first hand the cool wind of freedom under people soon to be their friends but forced to call Sir....No doubt this praise may be coming very early for ALL of them especially the young ones as they still have a lot to master and accomplish BUT I am SURE that all of them will get on well and do well without my support!!  
(Don't worry lads I'm not going anywhere so while you are still at KFANDRA, you will always be hobbits to me... Sauron the all seeing!!) 
Mkul who I appointed as In-charge did splendidly well. Sometimes I can see the best come out of all the Adults when they play with the young charges. It seems they regain their youth. I saw Mkul jump and scream with joy as first ADCY pulled one back and then equalized. 
This is what I wanted. As a coach now I am emotionally attached to each player and club so whenever ADCY started winning against a club I would pull the plug. Not a good thing for the youth. So my insistence at keeping someone else in charge. To make a match of it. 
More so against RW for it was in the previous match where I had put Jonty in charge and he had made some changes (like 135 in goals) that brought about a defeat when I had specifically told him to go for a win. The irony of it was that Mkul was the Manager of that team BT which beat Jonty in-charge ADCY and today it was Mkul in-charge that beat Jonty's RW (A draw from 0 - 2 down against the juggernaut that is RW will always be considered a win!). I'm sure Mkul now has the Coach's bug or Managers Bug well and truly embedded in his psyche!  
The match itself had psyched out RW as they saw the immense size of the ground. RW's Toufa was off colour in these huge wide spaces and JJ's unhappiness at playing Lb (A sacrifice I'm sure, for I can't see any of the other players sacrificing their positions) except for Mantan who must have a thousand holes in him from the constant requests from JJ to switch positions. At times JJ would saunter INFIELD without even asking! 135 and Sherry (This bloke is growing in stature daily!) were well in control EXCEPT when they released the ball to Loanee Rb Louie and Unhappy Lb JJ. I'm sure Ivan and Vikus (2 fit individuals as compared to others their age in the TZLC) understood that being young and fit is way way better than being old and thinking you are fit. Many a times they were harried and pestered by the young 'uns shouting SANDWICH ever so often.Silly boys....Amonk made a few runs but sometimes the AMOUNT he had to run just tired him out like finally reaching the top of a mountain and then realizing that there's a bigger mountain attached to the peak of this mountain. The ball rarely reached him too. I counted Mantan had 3 touches from the start of the 2nd H before he scored in the 62nd min. So that's 4 touches in 17 mins of play. Which = 20 touches in 90 mins. Wait JJ declined 5 mins extra in both halves. SO that's 20 touches in 80 mins. Broken further, that's 1 touch every 5 mins. Good grief!!!! This just PROVES that RW were not switching flanks very often. Jonty tried his best as did 135 to change the way RW were playing and guide them in the proper direction but they failed.  
Rafa impressed me so much this morning. His reading was EXCELLENT, his timing while jumping for a header was BRILLIANT, one of the best if not the best in the TZLC. Clearly a better player on a bigger pitch. Ashubh was also worth the while although he should not jump into tackles all the time. He also seemed more comfortable on a bigger pitch, in fact his talent can allow him to be comfortable on any sized pitch. Playing with the young lads I think was good for him. Chinchin is NOT a GK but did admirably well. Plus his piling on in the RW 18 yard box at the end of the game bore fruit. Ringa (a KFANDRA graduate) has plateaued and I would like to see him break this plateau asap. Andypandy started of slowly but neared his old form as the match progressed.