01/12/15 POSTPONED 
TZAS - santosh pai 2. avinash rane 3. Arun Chandrachud 4. Amol Monga 5. Mukul Inamdar 6. Neeraj Bezalwar 7. Amarnath 8. Prashant Bhandari 9. Manoj Prabhakaran 10. Kapil Samant 11. Neeraj More 12. Pravin 13. Vicky 14. Aditya Kothbagi 15. Jaydeep 16. Raj 
BI - 1. Jehan (BT) - value 0.300KTZR - on loan as outfield player - in place of Anand - value 0.320KTZR Direct Loan (DL) 2. Sharad (BE) - value 0.220KTZR - on loan as goal-keeper - in place of Sachin - value 0.220KTZR Direct Loan (DL) 3. DJ (PACU) - value 0.290KTZR - on loan as outfield player - in place of Abhishek - value 0.240KTZR - AVPL 
TZAS Preview By Amonk 
After the unexpected showers last week caused the last TZAS match to be postponed, the TZAS are looking forward to their match against BI. We have a talented group of players available for this game, but to get a group of players who don’t usually play with each other in the TZLC to come together as a team is always a challenge. BI is a tough team to play against especially at Sindh where they usually defend in numbers and catch the opposition on a counter. The TZAS will have to work hard and play as a unit if they hope to come out on top in this encounter. We wish BI good luck and look forward to the match 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
TZLC-8 back on schedule after a week long break due to unexpected torrential November Rain. BI are hit with another player injury - Abhishek is ruled out from playing competitive football for two months because of an old knee injury which is getting investigated now, he has been advised rest. On the other hand Ahjoo is recovering very well from his knee surgery and is wanting to get back to playing matches soon. Anyways we are the ICEMEN will stay afloat like ICE over the problems we have and as history has it BI always bounces back from trouble always. This match is a very important match for BI, we need a victory to boost overall team-spirit and morale of the player and if we can achieve it against a team like TZAS it will be the perfect booster required. TZAS is always an unpredictable side because of the mixed talent of the players; they can either destroy an opposition if things go their way or then the opposition can get the better of them. BI will be playing a 4:4:2 game plan with a strong defense and mid-field line up. BI will be taking good strong strategical loans for this game. BI will be playing to plan of defending in its own half, attacking on counter trying to use the flanks and most importantly will be looking at holding the ball in the mid-filed to try and create some goal scoring opportunities. BI is going to play hard, strong and competitive. BI will be having my support from the sidelines, I will ensure that each player sticks to the game plan and carry's out his positional duty to the best possible. The team sends out a big request to its fans to come in big numbers and give that very important needed encouragement to their players. This is going to be a full on entertaining game with a lot of action. 
Wed 02/12/15  
BE (0) 2 Vs RW (1) 3 
BE - Keano 77.30 Amti 83.38 
RW - JJ 2.15 Ivan 50.48, Sherry og 63.11 
BE - 1: Satish Suttati (320, PACU) as per AVGKL 
RW - 1. DLoan: ATIGRE (AA) Value (0.300K TZR) for JONTY Value(0.300K TZR). 2. DLoan: RAFA (BT) Value 0.240K TZR) for LALIT Value(0.240K TZR) 3. EMERGENCY Loan Kramer GKL 0.280 for Taufa 320K 
MO's - BT : Shubhankar, Sumanta PACU : Amar, Vicky BI : Anand, Atul AA : Shivang, Mihir RH: Sagar, Amartya, Rajib 
BE Preview By Robby 
It’s the first time BE will be playing against RW in this season. RW is a very strong side and it’s going to be a real tough challenge for us to stop RW. Our top most priority will be to have a strong defense and stop them from scoring. We will be playing a 4-4-2 formation. BE will definitely have some home advantage. We will focus on our defensive duties and go for counter attacks. We are confident of giving a good fight to RW. 
BE Preview By Ray 
After a terrible performance against PACU in our last home game we are looking forward to build on the confidence and put in a strong performance against one of the strongest side of TZLC. BE will stick to it's traditional 4-4-2 formation which we used in our last two home matches and try to contain RW which won't be easy task. We might have to play this game without Prashant due to his hamstring injury, so we might have to make some changes in our formation. Other than Prashant we have our full squad available. We are taking Satish on loan as a goal keeper who was catalyst for the RW last season, he will be helpful to organize our defense. All BE players are determined to play with pride and passion and we will do our best to make this game enjoyable to our fans. We would be trying to implement the defensive tactics which coach has been teaching us since off season along with keeping the ball possession by passing the ball around. All the best to team RW!! 
Last time RW played BE they gave us a run for our money and almost took away the league title away from us, this time around we will play to a more definite plan. Eagles are known to cause major upsets and with the likes of excellent players like Amit Bhable, Jaidev and Sameer in their ranks we will play with caution as these players can really harm us on counters. RW will play to a 4-4-2 formation and try an penetrate through the wings and also the last game against RH has shown us where all we are making mistakes and we will improvise. 
Review By Tiger DL for RW 
At first I would like to thank RW management for giving me an opportunity. Right from the start RW dominated the game and got the result very early. Pravin beautifully placed the ball to the right corner of Satsut.1-0. Then after RW scored 2 more goals (one own goal from a BE player I guess). After going 3-0 up, RW were too relaxed, of which BE took advantage and scored 2 goals. They came closer to equalize in the last minute but didnt. Final score 3-2. First half goes to RW while most of the second half to BE. Congratss RW and hard luck BE. 
Review By LP Ashubh 
Thank you for allowing me to be a linesperson for the match between Blazing Eagles and Royal Warriors at the Papal Seminary ground. It turned out to be an exciting game where RW took a 0-3 lead but BE showed great character to fight back. In the end they just fell short at 2-3. Both teams' approach was to keep the ball and pass it around along the ground. RW played at a slower tempo while keeping the ball but their forwards and wingers broke at pace and stretched the defence whenever they got a chance. Many a times they got into promising situations and could have scored more. BE distributed the ball well across the pitch and Amit stood out with his excellent dribbling and relentless running at RW's defence. They were unlucky not to equalize in the final few minutes of the game. Both sides used the width of the pitch well. From my perspective as a linesperson, I enjoyed the fact that I had to do more running as compared to Sindh Society because of the bigger ground. I think I hesitated for a couple of calls but the decisions were right. And I need to remember to run towards the halfway line when a goal has been awarded. Thanks. 
RW Review By 135 
RW started with the traditional 4-4-2 formation, with Akshai in goal, Rafa RB Avi RCD Tiger LCM Manoj LB Monga RM Vikki RCM Karan LCM Mannu RM JJ Stiker along with Sarva Striker. RW went up in the opening 5 minutes when Pravin collected a loose ball in the D and slotted it easily past The keeper Satsut. After about 10 minutes the game opened up with both sides attacking and RW tried to keep possession and passed the ball around , building up from the back. We were at the receiving end today in terms of YCs and that gave BE the necessary advantage and they capitalized by quick 1-2s to create a couple open chances but I guess Amti was a bit lonely, after going past 3-4 players and coming up one on one against the keeper had no one in the vicinity to lay it off to and bury it in the net….to equalize in the first half. First half ended 0-1 and the second half we started with good intensity to take the score to 0-2 when Pravin laid off good ball to Sarva at thye Dtop who half volleyed a low shot past the undiving Keeper…. After this Monga started a good move from Mongs-Sarva –Mong-Sarva ( who laid it off to Pravin but Ravi put intercepted and put it over The Keepers head and unluckily in to his own net. Going 0-3 up we started slacking and it was pretty evident when Pravin very unusually kept on losing the ball right in the middle of the park and BE kept upping the pressure and Amti with his quick turns and sprints with ball was too good for our Defenders who tried as they could couldn’t get a fix on him and he scored a goal to get BE 1-3 and BE’s new signing Sameer who had solid performance all day got a Freekick 20 yards form the Dtop and Akshai standing behind the Wall and off his line to slot it in to make it 2-3. After this the eagles went in for the kill and took the extra 5 mins and came very close to a draw when a FK awarded to them was connected but went wide. RW should have closed the game down after going 0-3 up but we took it too casual and almost dropped points and we deserved to do better than this and considering we had key Players Missing we should have been more cautious in our approach it was indeed a lesson learnt. BE had super game, Hard luck BE if it wasn’t for a couple of unforced errors it would have been a different story. 
Satsut Review as AVGKL for BE 
Firstly, I would like to thank the BE management for selecting me to play as AVGL against a big club like RW. This morning, BE showed there indomitable spirit yet again, although I thought it all started coming together a little too late. Amit was a stand out performer for BE. Covered the ground really well and in the current form that he is in, was a constant threat to the RW defense. BE defense was a little shaky and that was the reason for RWs first goal. BE had chances to come back in the game but Amit's finishing was a little wayward. In the 2nd half we went down further and were trailing 0-3. Sarva scored a good goal, whereas the 3rd goal was a defensive error. In hindsight I think I could have done better and saved Sarva's effort. BE then scored through a direct freekick taken by Sameer and Amits solo run was finished well. 2-3 to RW it ended. RW were the same confident lot. A lot of off-the-ball running. They attack in waves and defend in waves. They missed Toufa and his finishing. Hopefully BE will have more luck in the next games and get a favorable result next time. Good luck! 
Review By Kramer AVGKL for RW 
I would like to take the opportunity to thank the RW manager and the ADC to give me the opportunity to play for the team. We came out as the winning side as RW has a predominantly formidable team. The players controlled the game well. The BE side took their chances to pressure us. I was not happy with my performance today, disappointed after letting go of some easy avoidable goals. 
BE Review By VK 
BE went down to RW in a 5 goal thriller at Papal today. BE were guilty of more than a few mistakes like giving away the ball cheaply and not making runs into the box when the ball has advanced on the wing. The match started slowly with the teams finding their feet. However losing possession to RW on the left wing around the 10 minute mark proved costly as the visitors capitalised and went 1 up. The eagles upped their intensity and the teams went into half time at 0-1. The second half started and Keano got a yellow straight away for not being in the match shorts. RW upped the pressure from there and scored 2 more goals within 20 minutes, including an unavoidable own goal from eagles. However after Jaydeep was cynically fouled BE got the moment of inspiration we so badly needed. Keano stepped up to take the free kick and lobbed his free kick towards RW's goal. The keeper brought back memories of ex England goalkeeper David Seaman's howler from the 2002 world cup quarterfinal against Brazil and saw the ball sail into the goal from distance. Thereafter the eagles had RW by their throats and put tremendous pressure on them. Amit found himself surrounded by 4 RW players and still managed to get his shot away and scored to the keepers left. The last 5 minute were frantic but RW just managed to cling to their 1 goal lead. Though match ended 2-3 in favour of RW, the Eagles have a lot of positives from this match. 
MR By the ADC 
This is the match where BE have finally turned the corner that their coach has been saying is obstructing their view of what's on the other side. Now the final part is crossing the road. Turning the corner meant getting the maturity and awareness up to a certain level. The ability to build the game up from the back, to CREATE chances at regular intervals. Crossing the road means doing the simple things ALL the time (unforced errors, finishing of easy opportunities, panicking). BE committed harakiri and although Sherry's own goal will be termed as the final nail in BE's coffin, I would say that Mario is more to blame. He let RW in with the most horrendous of mistakes in the 3rd min. Unforgivable...But this is why I'm saying the Eagles have finally landed and all they have to do is eat the meat they have killed...(If this particular Eagle is a herbivore than crossing the road will be just as tough as turning the corner.) The fiery talons were curtailed and instead they looked as if they had dipped those same talons in some ice (no relation to the Icemen of BI!!!). They came out of this set back without their usual meltdown. Instead, even after they went down by another avoidable goal and then to a what could've been a sublime lob into the net by SHERRY, could've been sublime because it was against a very static and not tall Satsut. BE came back and applied pressure on the Warriors and were also lucky that Kramer was not the Gk that he's become famous for. He also made a meal of BE's goals. Impressive today for me for BE were Amti and Sherry. Although two players do not maketh a game, these two had very good performances. For RW it was...um...er....Tiger at times that too he was on loan..um Oh undubitably Amonk! Great game!!! The rest were unlucky I was reffing for their hyena like hacking of limbs when the opposition had the ball was nulled. 
Funny quote - Maine ball dekha, aankhen bund kiya, aur jab maine aankhen khuli to ball goal je taraf jaa raha tha! - (looking at ball coming is, eyes is closed is mine, eyes when openings, ball goal towards is) English - When I saw the ball coming towards me, I closed my eyes, and when I opened them I saw the ball going goalwards! 
Groo when he headed the ball 2 yards from the goal line and missed....(BE Vs RW) 
Thu 03/12/15 
BI - Rock 390K AVPL, Abhi UNA 
PACU - Manoj U (RW) AVGL, Hima UNA. 
MO's - BE - Rakesh & Jaidev AA - Sameer & Pai BT - Bhanda & Niraj S RH - Beeraj & Nikhil RW - Monga & Karan 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
This match was postpone due to the torrential heavy rains last week & has been rescheduled for 03/12/2015. BI have not got off to a very good start this season. To add to the problems a few of the player are still recovering from injuries. BI needs to get a win to boost the morale of the team. For this match also BI will be taking some strong loans with the intention of securing some points at home. BI will be playing the 4:4:2 formation like the previous games and each player will be playing his role in the position he is played in. The strategy will be to strengthen the mid-field hold the ball and play the passing game. BI will be defending in our half. PACU is a very strong team if they get their co-ordination among each other right. BI will have to be patient and play the game will a cool and clam head. (Update on Ahjoo injury is that he is back on track to a speedy recovery but still a long time till he gets back to playing. He sends his regards to all the TZLC members for their warm wishes which is helping him recovery faster, thank you) 
PACU Preview By Satsut 
PACU travel to the Icemens' Homeground for this game. Ice is the lifeline for us. We are pretty sure our fans will follow us here just like they did for our away game to BE. BI have not had the rub of the green so far this season. They come off the back of 2 defeats wherein they just lost a few moments in the match. PACU will be wary of the BI backlash. BI have a good mix of experienced and young players. They will be tough to beat. PACU on the other hand have wins albeit not playing up to scratch. We know BI is going to play deep and attack on the counter. It will give us a good opportunity to build the game from the back, something that we have not been able to do from the start of the season. There could be some surprises in store as far as players playing in their usual positions is concerned. We have had enough luck with our facile wins so far. Its time to wake up and deliver a good, solid performance. Our formation may be 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 once we see BI loans. We will not be making any outfield loans. Hima will be unavailable for this game, and Vicky comes back from his injury. All the best to BI. Lets have a good game. 
Fri 04/12/15  
KITFO (0) Vs RW (1) 3 
RW - 135kt 34, Taufa 41.30, JJ 75.35 
KITFO (LATE) - 1. Sharad Yeole 2. Sagar Pise 3. Suraj Patil UNA 4. Prashant Alhat(Tentative) UNA 5. Amartya M 6. Amit Babhale 7. Devendra Sengar 8. Mihir naik 9. Varun 10. Rakesh R 11. Rajib N 12. Ravi Poddar 13. Zaid UNA 14. Sameer S 15. Gururaj Patil 16. Ravinder 17. Aviank Ghanaria 
RW - 1. Player to Player Loan: BEERAJ (RH) Value (0.30 TZR) for AVI (RW-Not available as he is out of town) Value(0.30 TZR). 2. Player to Player Loan: YOGI (PACU) Value 0.24 TZR) for LALIT (RW-Not available as he is out of town) Value(0.24 TZR). 
MO's MISSING - NPP??? Other clubs will be FINED 
Apology to send the MO list late. All the clubs have updated me with their respective MO's but I somehow missed to send it to you. Please find the MO list for tomorrow match KITFO Vs RW - AA - Arun, Neel BI - Sachin Ajoo BT - Mukul, Gaurav PACU - Neeraj, Yogi RH - Rajib, Amartya, Sagar playing for KITFO BE - Amit, Sharad, Varun, Guru .. more than 4 players are playing for KITFO 
KITFO Preview By Sherry LATE 
KITFO will be playing Championship match against RW on this week's Friday. RW is a very strong team who have talented squad and also experienced players which is very strong combination. We are in talk with Coach to guide us for this match. KITFO also has a strong set of players who would be looking forward to take the responsibility and under the guidance of Coach can give a better performance from KITFO. KITFO squad has more players which can help us to substitute the players and keep fresh legs in the ground. But the basic rule for substituting the player is to give every player good enough time on ground and enjoy the game. All the Best RW !!! 
RW Preview By 135 LATE 
RW will stick to its traditional formation of 4-4-2 and try and continue to play on the wings, owing to the big size of the field at Papal the wingers should have considerable space and time on the ball to impose themselves on the opponents. The opponents i.e. KITFO play at Papal week in and week out and are more used to the ground, so we plan to play defensive and wait for opportunities to come up. Kitfo are in great form at the moment and we will have to extra careful at the back to not let in any goals. 
Tiger LP Review 
I was excited for todays match. KITFO started well..moving the ball, using the flanks etc. They capitalized the first half but were down with one goal scored by 135. But RW dominated whole second half, created many chances and should have scored 3-4 more goals at least. This is all bcoz KITFO didnt play to their plan. Sameer was guilty for giving penalty away. Toufa scored. Third goal scored by JJ, good placement. Overall I didnt enjoy the game..sry to say.. but KITFO should have done better. They didnt even try to score. No shot on target. I feel sad bcoz I am x-kitfo player. Anyway..very much congrats to RW and hard luck to KITFO. 
Mkul LP Review 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the linespersons for today's match which saw RW extend their supremacy further. Today I had to make one very important decision which led to RW's first goal. When 135 scored the goal after receiving a pass from Ivan he was not in an off-side position. But Mantan on the far side was in an off-side position trying to make a run to get the ball. I did not wave the flag immediately because Mantan never received the ball but when the goal was scored I told main ref that the defence line of KITFO had moved up due to Mantan's positioning which gave 135 (who has got good power and acceleration) to run behind the defence line which could have been interpreted as unfair advantage to the attacking side. The main ref decided that Mantan was not interfering with the play and hence the goal was awarded. Apart from this, the game was quite peaceful. Some RW players got whacked in the second half but by that time they had already sealed the game. Congrats to RW and thanks again to everyone. 
Beeraj DL for RW Review 
I would like to thank RW management for giving me an opportunity to play for RW. I played in CD after a very long time and enjoyed it. The first half was pretty balanced with both sides maintaining possession and creating chances. RW was a tad more aggressive in their attack that helped them go 1 up at half time. The second half was pretty much all RW with very few attacking runs from KITFO. Pravin was feeling suffocated in his RB role and moved up to RM in the second half to satisfy his itch to score. Although there were many opportunities, RW converted 2, to close the game at 3-0. The RW players enjoy their game and combine well while working away in their individual roles/zones. Karan is a very good reader of the game, and motivates his team very well. I did walk away with some learning on "how to play the RW way" and hope i can implement some of that in our next matches. 
RW Review By JJ 
RW continued its winning streak today beating KITFO convincingly by 3 goals margin to earn its first clean sheet of the season. We organized ourselves with our regular 4-4-2 formation with Manoj-GK, JJ-RB, Neeraj-RCD, Jonty-LCD, Yogi-LB, Monga(R) Manu(L)-Wings, Karan Vikas-CM, Toufa Ivan- Strikers. The first 20-30min I believe RW played a crappy game and KITFO were super in rolling the ball around the park containing 80% of the possession. RW on the other hand were struggling in the containment and their plan. Things turned around for RW when Karan gave start to RW scoring one over the keepers head to make the half time score 1-0. KITFO meanwhile tried hard to attack in RW’s zone but could not surpass Jonty & Neeraj’s arena. Thanks to Neeraj & Yogi’s effort who made it comfortable for us while defending. They were solid and played exactly to plan. Vikas as always RW’s frontline stallion earned a penalty with his standalone effort. Tofa made no mistake. In the final minutes of the game JJ switched with Mong. Sarva through ball allowed JJ to score the 3rd for RW. We had a few more chance to score but could capitalize on them well. All in all a good result for us. It was great to see the effort put together. There are areas that we need to still work out but that will come as we go along and we believe things will get in shape as expected. We enjoyed playing at Papal and wish KITFO all the best for future games. 
Yogi DL for RW Review 
First of all, I would like to thank RW management for considering me to play as replacement for their star left back Lalit Zope. KITFO played very good possession game in the first half; albeit mostly in their own half. They had couple of shots on target in the first half but were comfortably saved by the goalkeeper. Karan scored a beautiful goal in the first half. Toufa scored second goal towards end of the first half, wasn't a strong penalty and was lucky to get away with that. KITFO looked disorganized in the second half. RW controlled the game. Karan, Viky and Sarva played really well. JJ scored a superb solo goal in the second half. KITFO were lucky to not have conceded couple more goals in the second half. My blushes were spared by covering Jonty and Karan in the second half when I lost possession of the ball on the left flank near our D. In spite of being disoriented towards the end of the game, Manan drove me back home safely. 
KITFO Review By Mishti 
First of all thanks to Coach to make himself available to manage KITFO. It was a difficult task given a large number of subs available in the bench and everyone was so eager to have good game time. RW with full strength was a very difficult opposition and they showed today why they in the top of the league. Congratulations to RW for their winning run, they certainly were the better team today. We expected to give a good fight and everyone was very willing to have a good performance. It was a good match with KITFO were competing the champions for major part of the game. Few silly errors lead to the first goal RW scored and it was always difficult to make a comeback from there. KITFO players tried hard to put more pressure on RW defense in the second half. RW punished all the loose balls and scored twice as a result. Most of the KITFO squad got enough game time and everyone was happy in the end. There were occasions where we were able to complete 10 15 passes which was a great sign for coming matches. However, for KITFO to move forward we need to cut down on the unforced errors. We need to work harder on individual techniques, off the ball movements, 1 -2 touch quick passing. We need to do better in the coming matches. I must also mention some players performed creditably in playing unfamiliar positions. Ability to play in multiple positions is certainly desirable in understanding the game better. 
Main ref Rock's Review 
My thanks to the ADC and Coach for allowing me to referee this match, quite unexpectedly. I am again reminded how difficult a job it is! The final score line of RW-Kitfo 3-0 does not quite tell the story. In my opinion, Kitfo played well to a plan, ably steered by Coach. Most players are aware of their strengths and limitations, and played well within themselves. Their passing was excellent, but I felt needed to be more penetrating. They did change the strategy after half time, and thereby put pressure on the RW defence. Kitfo did not have almost any goal scoring opportunities, except for a good move down the right sideline with a cutback into the box, with a well taken first time shot - but straight to the RW GK. One excellent step over from a Kitfo defender also comes to mind. RW, I felt, had a relatively poor game, and should have scored many more. Their coordination was below par, and they did not take advantage of the slower Kitfo defence line. In fact, the first and last goal happened, when they did outrun the Kitfo defenders. The second goal was a penalty due to a push by the Kitfo defender just as Vikas was poised to score. Vikas, Sarva and Monga had a good game for RW. The game was played without any significant rough play. 2 incidences, both Kitfo offences. The first was when Mannan was fouled by Suman en route to the goal. Luckily, Coach salvages the situation by instantly removing Suman from the game. The second was worse - a sliding tackle by Rakesh - the Kitfo GK at the time - on Toufa. This was a dangerous tackle, which could have resulted in serious injury, and must be avoided by TZ players. I sign off, hoping that I did not make any serious reffing gaffes. 
KITFO Review By Mr. Khare (Including comments by the ADC) 
I was pumping up 135 and JJ when I spoke to them saying that this match is going to be tough and RW will surely be tested but as usual that was always a little tongue in cheek. As I've said umpteen times before, that pooling a group of players together with the backdrop of rotating GK's and positions will always be a hindrance to getting a positive result. So the comments from some of the players may indeed be justified but probably misplaced. I was in fact pleased with KITFO's performance and that come's rarely with me. I've seen a lot of change in KITFO's personality especially after my spontaneous combustion with the organization some weeks ago. And for me that is indeed pleasing to see. They are working together more like they LIKE playing with each other than being forced to play together. Attitude and egoes are invisible and that is a VERY GOOD thing! KITFO as compared to RW clearly beat them on number of passes made. There's one incidence where KITFO sprung together 20 passes at an okay pace. And on at least two occasions. This is no mean feat with players of low technical ability and poor confiidence levels. I have always said that probably 99% of the public that view a match will differ in opinion to my reading of the game. But I thought KITFO played well today apart from the attacking 1/4 of the ground and the unforced errors. Personally RW are cruising. They know each other well and are a well oiled machine. I do agree on the fact that RW should indeed have scored half a dozen more goals. I mean with the GK's I put in goals today, even the RW players need to ask themselves if they are doing enough. Another reason why I sometimes don't like Reffing matches is that my position as a coach gets in the way. So all the I am Coach to all the players in the TZLC, my heart will always go with the underdogs. No doubt if I have decided to Ref then I will force myself to be as hard as steal and neutral to the core but it does take a toll. SO I was happy JJ and 135 agreed to KITFO's request for me to coach them. In fact coaching a strong group of players is NOT coaching per se. The more important thing is to make sure the players understand what the strategy is and ensure that they all play to the same. Coaching here is trying to show the players what you want them to see, that they have options, that they can do good with the ball if they use their knowledge and apply their technical ability however good or bad they are on the ball. How to play to their strengths. To allow them to enjoy the game and not to hate it. Coaching is coaching more in the sense of getting adults to play together is a disciplined way. Coaching is telling a player that as long as you are learning then there's no worry. Coaching here this morning for me meant only to let EVERY KITFO player get a happy amount of game time, to rotate the Gk's and most importantly to run in conjunction, to keep everyone happy. Winning is ALWAYS a bonus. Therefore whatever people say about how KITFO played etc, I will ALWAYS look at the BIGGER PICTURE. The camaraderie that is happening after the match, the way the players are helping each other before the match with the marking of the ground etc. Bringing the material to the ground. When I see the players having a laugh, something I RARELY saw at KITFO, and that too tear enducing heart filled laughter, at each other and themselves, the ability to have light hearted meaningless banter, is what this is all about. To bring together people from all ends of this country to play as if they've been friends for life. To pair that with the intensity of a competitive fixture, the R and R, the discipline that goes with the TZLC then what else do you want? Good work KITFO, may it continue.... 
About the match - In Mkul's LP review he stated that Mantan was involved in play as the KITFO defenders were trying to catch him offside. I must say in the letter of the law as per TZLC7 Mkul is spot on, but as is in the TZLC8, the R and R states that although this offside could've have been given technically, that the Rock (Main Ref) was not all that wrong in over ruling Mkul's call. As had been said in the first few matches of the season, if the player in an offside position get's INVOLVED in play in the same play and results in a goal or advantageous position for the attacking team then the offside call should be given. In this first goal, Mantan was faraway on the flank and 135 had made a run from deep so.....the Rock played it on well...the goal itself was a cool finish but another KITFO error. The keeper VK came charging off his line when 2 defenders were on 135. If VK had stayed on his line 135 would have had a much more difficult task. Instead his experience shone through and he made it look easy. The 2nd goal was a penalty. This decision was purley a Refs decision as from my position I thought Keano got the ball and shoved the RW player at the same time. But his decision is final so maybe the highlights will show something? Onather incident was when Rake clearly got a touch of the ball before he made contact with the player and I was as surprised as any when a DFK was awarded. But once again its what the Refs viewpoint is. As usual in the TZLC no arguments allowed, Refs decision is finalement! The 3rd goal JJ I think hit the top corner but our 6Ft4 goalie Mishti wasn't positioned very well. KITFO's non TZLC players did well Aviank, Robbinder and Alan. Alan was penalized as he had not brought shin pads but in the 2nd half his pal Aviank said he'll sacrifice his position and shin pads for him. The funny of the day came when KITFO lost Keano. Even I had no clue where he went. At one of the RW attacks, Sherry the Rcd shouted out saying move across or summat to Keano Lcd. Meer the Lb at that time suddenly asked Sherry who you talking to? Sherry and Meer realized that Keano was nowhere to be found, then Meer screamed where are you Keano? Then the rest of the team joined in, I can swear on my forefathers smelly farts that one the players looked towards the nearby tree's while I scanned the trump towers for the UFO's. I looked behind and there Keano was oblivious to what was going on changing his pair of studs! Madre de dios!!! 
RW - Nothing exceptional. John was hardly tested. The central defence was hardly tested too. Yogi DL played superb in the 1st to counter Suman and Groo but sort of lost the plot in the 2nd. I'm still unhappy with the Late Challenges but could see some players actually thinking before tackling which was good. 135 is developing well... 
Apologies for the brief club review but was busy with Ahjoo doing very important ground related stuff!! 
Note from the ADC - Mantans behaviour at questioning the ADC about the Substitute allowed for the Red carded Rake is being taken seriously by the ADC. Firstly he was WRONG to question the events and especially so as he is UNAWARE of the R and R. There were also a number of incidents in which the RW players questioned the LP's on duty. This behaviour from the RW contingent only proved that RW have a long way to go to become bonafide stars. They are merely a gigantic powerful black hole that is scary and is sucking all into its entity but a black hole without substance is nothing at all. 
ADC report on the Refs - 
BE Vs RW - Ashubh and Meer did a very good job..... 
Rock as Main Ref - Let a lot of things slide. Zero late challenges calls. Allowed players to have a few words. Otherwise good. 
Tiger and Mkul - Confident in their decisions. 
Sat 05/12/15  
RH - DL Amma 340K for Amu 400K, DL Kapka 230K for Mangs 230K 
ADCY - Youth - MJ, Spongebob, Jhakaas, Brush, Adu, Zak, Pat 1. Shubhankar Inamdar 2. Sagar Kanekar 3. Siddharth Chiplunkar 4. Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) 5. Prashant Bhandari 6. Mukul Inamdar 7. Keano 8. Deep 
MO's BT - 1. Shubhankar Inamdar 2. Sagar Kanekar 3. Siddharth Chiplunkar 4. Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) 5. Prashant Bhandari 6. Mukul Inamdar ALL LATE PACU - Hima Meeraj BE - Sameer & Jaydeep 
RH Preview By Beeraj 
Our last encounter with RW revealed a lot of loop holes in the team that need to be plugged. There is a lot more combining and calling that needs to happen within the team and we will work on a plan to improve our defense in midfield and offense along the wings. We will be trying out a new combination 3-5-2 and will look to keep possession while looking to find gaps in the BE defense. Prashant will be moving up to an offensive midfield position with Rajib playing as a defensive central midfielder. We would like to wish ADCY good luck!