Tue 24/11/15 POSTPONED 
MOs : BT : Amol & Shubhankar , PACU: Neeraj & Amarnath , BI : Uday & Rango , BE : Sharad & Varun , RH : Sagar and Amartya , RW : Karan & Mannan. 
TZAS - Anand Sadana 2. Jaydeep 3. Sachin 4. KARAN TEJWANI 5. Amol Monga 6. Naik, Pravin 7. Jaidev Karanth 8 Amar 9. Subhav S 10. Saurabh Jangle 11. Neeraj Bezalwar 12. Avi 13. Rajesh Bansode 14. Mkul 
AA Preview By Ryan 
After a disappointing start to the season with a loss against defending champions RW, we look to go all out for a win. We have our young and talented players Audi and Shivam back for this match and that would strengthen our squad immensely. Adu would not be available for this match and we have Ajinkya in place of him. Although we would be going for a win, the objective is also to gel together as a team keeping the long season in mind. TZAS is always a team full of surprises based on the availability of players from other teams and hence it becomes difficult to formulate a plan/strategy against the opponents but are determined to get the first win under our belt. 
TZAS Preview By Amonk 
The TZAS get together again to take on the mighty AA. We will all have to come together as a team and play to the best of our abilities to compete against quality side like AA. We have 13 players confirmed for the game so we will have substitutions and rotate certain positions so that everyone gets some game time. The TZAS will play 4-4-2 and work hard to close down spaces for the opposition while defending. We will try to pass the ball to our wings when we have control of the ball and build our game patiently. We wish the AA good luck and look forward to a good game of football 
Wed 25/11/15 POSTPONED 
3rd Div  
ADCY - Zak, Jhakaas, MJ, Adu, Pat, Spongebob Adults - Andypandy Sagar Kanekar Mukul Inamdar (Also MO's) 
KITFO - 1. Rakesh 2. Sharad Yeole 3. Prashant Alhat 4. Amit Babhale 5. Zaid 6. Suraj Patil 7. Amartya 8. Rajib Nath 9. Varun 10. Ravinder 11. Sagar 12. Ravi P 13. Igni 14. Gururaj 15. Mihir 
MO's - PACU= Amar, VICKY RW - Avi and Mantan BI - Atool, Ahjoo 
Thu 26/11/15 POSTPONED 
BI - Andysu AVGKL, Mayur DL 230K for Abhi 240K, Jonty AVPL 290K (Hamol, Chinchin, Jhakaas UNA) 
MO's - BE - Suraj & Varun AA - Sameer & Aditya BT - Gaurav & Mukul RH - Rajesh & Mangesh RW - Vikas & Karan 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
BI have not got off to a very good start this season. To add to the problems a few of the player are still recovering from injuries. BI needs to get a win to boost the morale of the team. For this match also BI will be taking some strong loans with the intention of securing some points at home. BI will be playing the 4:4:2 formation like the previous games and each player will be playing his role in the position he is played in. The strategy will be to strengthen the mid-field hold the ball and play the passing game. BI will be defending in our half. PACU is a very strong team if they get their co-ordination among each other right. BI will have to be patient and play the game will a cool and clam head. (Update on Ahjoo is - his stitches are removed and now he can walk without the walker and is no track to a speedy recovery but still a long time till he gets back to playing. He sends his regards to all the TZLC members for their warm wishes which is helping him recovery fast, thank you) 
PACU Review By Satsut 
PACU travel to the Icemens' Homeground for this game. Ice is the lifeline for us. We are pretty sure our fans will follow us here just like they did for our away game to BE. BI have not had the rub of the green so far this season. They come off the back of 2 defeats wherein they just lost a few moments in the match. PACU will be wary of the BI backlash. BI have a good mix of experienced and young players. They will be tough to beat. PACU on the other hand have wins albeit not playing up to scratch. We know BI is going to play deep and attack on the counter. It will give us a good opportunity to build the game from the back, something that we have not been able to do from the start of the season. There could be some surprises in store as far as players playing in their usual positions is concerned. We have had enough luck with our facile wins so far. Its time to wake up and deliver a good, solid performance. Our formation may be 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 once we see BI loans. We will not be making any outfield loans. Vicky is the only doubt for this game as he recovers from his surgery. All the best to BI. Lets have a good game. 
Sat 28/11/15 POSTPONED 
RH - Yogi PACU 220K for Kramer 220K Nikhil Bezalwar - injured 240k TZR Kapil Samant PACU 230k TZR 
BE - Sparky AVGKL EMERGENCY LOANS Jatin(300 K, RW) for Sameer(300 K, BE) Sundeep Gupta(180 K) for Varun(220K, BE) 
RH Preview By Beeraj 
Today's encounter with RW revealed a lot of loop holes in the team that need to be plugged. There is a lot more combining and calling that needs to happen within the team and we will work on a plan to improve our defense in midfield and offense along the wings. We will be trying out a new combination 3-5-2 and will look to keep possession while looking to find gaps in the BE defense. Prashant will be moving up to an offensive midfield position with Rajib playing as a defensive central midfielder. We would like to wish BE good luck! 
BE Preview By VK 
After the terrible display against PACU last week we now face our sternest test so far in the form of an away game at RH. We have had a good break to retrospect into the negatives as well as the positives in our performances so far. Our aim here will be to iron out the flaws in our game and the results will follow. But it is easier said than done as RH has a really good squad including Rajib da, Amartya and Red who are our training buddies and we know how strong they are. We will most likely go with our favoured 4-4-2 and ensure that we concentrate on defensive duties. The confidence boosting win midweek with KITFO, where most of us played under Coach’s guidance has given us an important boost. This promises to be a very entertaining fixture and hope that we come out on top. All the best to RH.