MR 5th Week 
Wed 18/11/15 
3rd Div 
KITFO Squad - 1. Sharad Yeole 2. Sameer Soniakar 3. Zaid 4. Varun 5. Suraj Patil 6. Sagar Pise 7. Prashant Alhat 8. Suman 9. Rajib Nath 10 Amit Babhale 11. Amartya M 12. Nitin - LATE 13. Igni 14. Ravinder 15. Mr. Khare 
TZAS Squad - Santosh Pai, Jatin Bhana, Rafa, Jaidev, Anand Sadana, Amol Monga, Jaideep Wagh, Sachin Kadam, Dhruv Agarwal, Karan Tejwani and Mukul Inamdar. Atool 
MO's - Clubs that do NOT have players representing organizations MUST send TWO MO's. (PACU 2, AA 1, NPP MUST send 2 MO's also.) 
KITFO Preview By Mr. Khare 
The KITFO players have approached me to help them out for this match and to show the players I coach that all is well, I may just do that. No doubt for a match between two organizations that rarely meet each other apart from the TZLC matches it will be an interesting affair. I differentiate these two by their experience. Most of the TZ members have played since their childhood while most of the KITFO players have taken to footer seriously only after joining KITFO. Plus you have to factor in that both squads ONLY have players that are AVA for this match. Many are missing from both teams. Are the two teams going to try and practice what has been happening in the sessions or is winning the only thing? After the TZAS fiasco yesterday, I was not going to coach a team for sometime, but as there is NO keeper AVA for KITFO (I mean there always is as I can put ANYONE in goals) what I mean is that NOONE wants to KEEP! So maybe I wil keep and just keep rotating players....Undecided as yet...But I will surely decide to Ref if more KITFO players make themselves AVA by Wed. Then I will leave it up to Sherry and the rest of the gang to decide on tactics...Probably the same old basic 4-4-2....Oh yes, Mkul seems to be after my blood so if I'm keeping he better watch it!! Hehehehe.... 
I have no issues at all if the players want to rotate GK's. If I ref, an issue regarding MO's will also be solved..I'll leave it up to the ADC and Sherry to sort things out.... 
KITFO Preview By Sherry 
KITFO will be playing a match against TZAS team on 18th November Wednesday @ our home ground Papal. TZAS is a very strong opponent with lot of experienced players and so we have approched Coach to guide us to play against TZAS. Coach has been working hard with our skills in off season training by introducing some great sessions. As some of the KITFO players are unavailable/tentative Coach might also help as GK. We will try to implement the thing and stick to basics of keeping the possession and distributing the ball. All the Best TZAS !!! 
TZAS Preview By Mkul 
"I would like to thank the ADC for putting me in-charge of TZAS for this game. Playing for and managing TZAS is a different challenge because although players belong to different clubs they often train together and have developed a certain level of understanding of each other's game. And lately, most of the available players have been working hard on tactical stuff under coach Khare. In this match, we are pitted against a group of players who have been receiving training from the same coach. Therefore, this should be a cracking game and it will be interesting to see which group has managed to learn more from morning practice sessions. Of course, KITFO will have the home advantage but we are an experienced group of players who are capable of adapting our game to different ground condition. We would most probably be playing 4-3-3 with a rotating goal keeper. We will try to give players maximum time in their natural positions. In an away match, it is important not to concede any space to the opposition in our half and hence, we will try to remain compact in our own half and we will try to use the width whenever we have the ball". 
TZAS Review By Mkul 
"An organizational team consisting of players from different clubs can approach the match in two ways: It can either take this match as an opportunity to implement things which have been learnt during practice sessions or it can play to win the match by hook or by crook. TZAS decided to adopt the first strategy but we failed miserably at it. We started with 4-3-3 formation as follows: Karan (GK), Sachin (LB), Jatin (LCD), Atul (RCD), Rafa (RB), Amol (RCM), Dhruv (CM), Andy (LCM), Deep (LW), Jai (CF), Pai (RW). Later on we made a few positional changes. The three midfielders were supposed to stay compact and they were allowed to hassle only in our half. The 3 forwards were supposed to provide width and hassle the opponent in their half. However, most of our players were not comfortable with this formation because at practice sessions and in their respective clubs players are more familiar with 4-4-2 formation. Due to growing frustration at the end of first half we decided to switch to 4-4-2 formation. In the second half we were more lively but we never really created any clear cut chances. In the meanwhile KITFO got two chances and they scored. KITFO clearly had more desire and determination to win the match and they deserve the win today. Congrats to them. TZAS need to pull their act together and start playing to the level they are capable of playing. But I am positive that there are plenty of matches left for them to make a come back. All is not lost". 
DJ's Review as one of the Linespersons 
The game was a keenly contested affair with both teams playing with good spirit. Kitfo definitely had the upper hand in the first half. Their defence managed to play the offside trap well and that resulted in the TZAS hardly getting in any decent attempts on goal. Going forward Amit's pace was a constant worry for Atul and Jonty. The best move for me was when Sherry put Amit through on goal with a delicious ball ; although Amit tamely lobbed it into the hands of the grateful keeper. The goal actually came of a set-piece. Amit is audacious attempt while under less than necessary defensive pressure,left the keeper with no chance. The second half saw TZAS get into the game a lot more. This was majorly due to Karan coming into midfield and Mukul switching from Right Defense to Left Wing. The second goal however came slightly against the run of play from a corner. Mukul's headed clearance put the ball in the heart of the 18yard box instead of out by the sideline. In the ensuing melee, Kino managed to get off a crisp shot which left the keeper with no chance. Towards the last quarter of the match the TZAS did manage to increase the attacking intensity significantly...but the KITFO defence managed to hold on. Rakesh's sprightly keeping also helped in this regard. I didn't face any issues while being the linesman as such. 
Satsut's Review as the Main Ref 
At the outset, I would like to thank the ADC for choosing me to referee an all important 3rd division encounter. I was supposed to referee 1 half, but Sidwho? let me ref the other half as well due to illness. The match started with both teams settling down quickly. KITFO looked like a different side. I could obviously see a very different KITFO with Coach in goals. Quick passing, a lot of off-the-ball movement. Coach did make a beautiful save early on when Jaidev found himself in space and struck a good shot to Coach's left. Coach went down beautifully and made a cracker of a save. KITFO were awarded an indirect free-kick thereafter which was taken by Suman. Amit found himself facing his own goal and his first touch seemed to have him setup for a bicycle shot just inside the TZAS D. Amit took a reverse shot(is that the right word for that shot?) and lobbed Karan who was playing in goal. 1-0 to KITFO at half time. In the 2nd half, Sameer(Keanu) scored a good goal after a melee in the box of a KITFO corner. KITFO tend to go of to sleep midway through their game. In the 1st half Coach was keeping them awake, but in the 2nd when Coach came off, I could see them playing well in patches. I think they need a more assertive leader who can guide them and motivate all players. I thought Amit had a very good game, so did Rajib and Amartya. Sameer is a workhorse. TZAS found it difficult to adapt to the big ground. The odd bounce in some areas of the pitch werent helping them either. A lot of shouting, no clear strategy was the reason for their undoing today. I enjoyed my refereeing every bit. The players showed each other a lot of respect. No bad or ugly challenges to write home about. All in all, a game that could have gone either way, but this morning KITFO wanted it more and did deserve the win. 
Tiger's Review as one the Linespersons 
I would like thank coach for giving me an opportunity as LP for this organizational fixture. Better team won today. What a team performance by KITFO. Important thing is they knew each other's strong and weak points..and played accordingly supporting each other whereas in TZAS it was all individual game. Coach was a keeper for KITFO in the first half and saved a shot diving to his right beautifully. Amit scored first goal which I guess was a positional mistake by GK Karan but still good placement by Amit (bicycle kick ? I heard coach asked Amit to do I right ?? Best advice Sir.). Second goal by Sameer/Keno..took an advantage of gamble happened in the D of TZAS and placed beautifully to the left corner. All in all I enjoyed the match. Game played in a good spirit. Hard luck TZAS and hearty congratulations to KITFO. Thank You. 
KITFO Review By Sherry 
Firstly I would like to thanks our Coach to help us with the formation and strategy and also controlling KITFO team as GK. Intially the formation was 4-5-1 with GK(Coach); Ray, Mario, Red, Zed; Suman, Keano, Mishti, Amartya, Sherry; Amti(STRIKER); Substitution was done by Coach every 10-15 minutes to get all players fair chance to play. KITFO worked as a team right from ground marking where all worked together to finish the job. KITFO played well to pass the ball around without making simple errors, may be it was an effect of Coach on the field. In first half KITFO distributed the ball and were able to create some opporunity. Amit was able to score by placing the ball in the net by half bicycle kick which was played by Sameer on free kick just before the end of first half.In second half Rakesh replaced Coach as a GK and did a very good job along with some players substitution done by Coach so that all the players have enough time on the ground and also in their favourite position. Sameer scored a 2nd GOAL with a hard shot right near the pole which TZAS GK was not able to sight because lot of players blocking his view. But some how KITFO started playing defensive and TZAS players were on the top to pass the ball in the attacking half. KITFO midfielders have to work hard on zonal positioning and marking the players to stop the attack. TZAS players played really well and were constantly making an attempt to score. Well Played KITFO!!! 
MR By the ADC 
Mr. Khare - It was great fun playing with the players I coach albeit in a position players seldom want to play in! But I had good time there. Much of my efforts were in trying to keep Subaru (AR) awake by making dull situations a bit livelier. The players constantly need someone they respect and then someone that can keep them focused. Thanks to those chaps who lauded my save and my contribution. Hard luck Andypandy for being UNSUCCESSFUL at your attempt to lob me! KITFO are a terrific squad with (after a lot of practice sessions) players that can play in quite a few different positions. The difficulty for me this morning was my illness, the sudden knowledge that their were 5 subs (Rake just appeared and hadn't confirmed) and I had to concentrate on giving everyone enough game time that too in their fav position if possible coupled with my own part as GK and making sure the rest of the lads were working hard. KITFO scored after they said they wanted the 5 mins added and MArio asked me if we can cancel the extra 5!! Sherry did NOT want the extra 5 at the end of the 2nd H but I forced the extra five as I wanted to GIVE all players enough game time. 
KITFO - Um Sherry? It was a 4:6 formation as Amti loves dropping deep. One of the 4 Cm's were supposed to keep alternating by bombing forward. In the formation description Mr. Khare had mentioned 4:6 or 4:5:1! Anyway it seemed to work well for KITFO. Suman and Sherry were active but they didn't get the ball as often as they should in a 45 min half. Keano wasn't getting close to anyone when the opposition had the ball but made up for it in the 2nd Half when Mr. Khare told him where he was going wrong. Mishti's erros are not being ava for a pass or looking to be ava for a pass. He tends to watch the game. His goal was picked out well but I'm sure it went in off a defender...Mario was a bit off along the ground and he needs to remember the things he was good at, like the simple jab pass. But even on an off day he doesn't make blatant errors apart from that pass he made to Mr. khare at short range and in the air. VK is a solid player and can play even better, Ray, how many times has this been said? Lacks in confidence, Amti I hope enjoyed himself especially after he scored his, let me set the record straight, a NOT bicycle kick but a lob shot with his back to goal. I had called out to him to take the Bicycle (which Tiger heard) and I hope he at least heard me and tool the shot. Igni was back and just as enthu after a LONG time, Zed and Tintin both fared well and new boy Robbinder played well considering he's a total novice. Rake did his bit in goals but was in no way comparable to the other keeper!!!! 
TZAS - Tough isn't it Mkul to put stuff done on paper and turn it into the real thing? Remember that it's tough to get something done if the players are not in tune with what you are planning. Best at these times to play the age old 4-4-2. All the other formations can be tried and tested with say your own club BT as you are the Manager or when you are appointed coach for a team. This morning you were just a player and even though I saw you sacrificing yourself to let the other 11 play, it wasn't worth it was it? To tell the truth, I was focusing more on KITFO than the TZAS but from what I saw no one excelled. Their players were caught offside TOO MANY times in the 1st H and for an experienced player as Marcelo, this is a grave error as you are playing on the wing and can see the entire line. 135 is NOT a keeper!!!  
Atool parked his car in the wrong place and Jonty was grumbling about the ship shod reffing...I will not name names! 
Refs Report - Satsut did not cover enough ground and SHOW the players that he was AS interested to REF as the players were to play. This might seem new to all of you but it's true. Ever been to a market where the seller was not desperate to sell stuff? Or one of those online portals that are NOT desperately trying to give you discounts left, right and centre? Get my drift? The same goes for ref. If you don't show that you WANT to Ref then the players will NOT take you seriously. Same goes for DJ at times. Tiger seems serious but both Satsut and Tiger needed to think twice about the YC they gave to Chinchin. I really don't think Chinchin went for Suman and I think it was just the fault of the ground. Players go crazy sometimes but this time it was just an error.  
Satsut as Main ref - 5/10, Tiger LP - 5/10, DJ - 6/10 
Thu 19/11/15 
BT (1) 3 Vs ADCY (2) 2 
BT - Mkul 42.38 Ashubh 66.50 135 Og 75.04 
ADCY - JJ 2 20.03 25.57 
BT - Ajinkya from the ADC List, Avi DL 300K for Bhanda 300K 
ADCY - Pat, Spongebob, MJ, Jhakaas, Brush, Jonty, JJ, Dj, Subaru, Ray, Jai, Andypandy, 135 (Tentative) 
MO's - PACU – (Kapil and Meeraj), RH – (Neeraj and Gambhir), BI – (Atul and Dhruv), BE – (Suraj and Jaidev), RW – (Pravin, Karan and Jonty), AA – (Sameer and Audi) 
BT Preview By Mkul 
BT are on a good run right now and we would like to continue our winning streak. In the last match, we did not perform to the best of our abilities but we have decided to move on from there. Our next opponents are ADCY who earned a very good point in their first match and that must have given them a boost of confidence. We are missing Niraj and Bhanda for this match and in their place we have decided to loan Ajinkya (from ADC list) and Avi (from RW). The ADC had allowed us to take Patty for this match but in order to maintain a better team composition we decided to loan a striker and a CD and let Pat play for ADCY where he would get more exposure in this match. We will play 4-4-2 with Anand as GK, Sagar, Avi, Ankush, Rafa (Defence), Siddhu, Mukul, Jehan, Suman (Midfield) and Shubhankar and Ajinkya (Forwards). We will try to focus on being more composed in keeping the possession. I expect a sterner test for our defence in this match but we are confident of dealing with any challenge offered by the opposition. This should be an entertaining match for the spectators.  
ADCY Preview By the ADC 
The ADC requests ALL members of the TZLC to give their confirmation for this match. Due to the UNA of most of the ADCY players, the ADC will be using members of the TZLC to fill up spots. There will probably be 6 to 8 spots open. (Maybe more or less). The ADC will select the first EIGHT members that respond to this call. Please apply for a spot by 12 Noon Monday. If the confirmations are less than the ADCY will be REMOVED from the TZLC. 
Preview By ADC Loanee for BT Ajinx 
I am very thankful for giving me an opportunity to play on loan for BT today, below is the review of todays match. "It was very exciting encounter where both teams were battling for 3 points in good faith of the game. ADCY took quick 2 goal lead in first 30 mins and left BT the only choice to fight back, and BT pulled one back just before the halftime, and in Half Time BT had a good organized team talk and delivered as expected by the manager by scoring 2 more goals in the second half. BT showed a strong character to win 3:2 after being 0:2 down in first 30 mins." 
BT Review By Mkul 
"First of all, huge thanks to the ADC for allowing Pat to play for us. Originally, Pat was supposed to play for ADCY but today morning our GK Andy Su fell sick due to which we were reduced to 10 players. But ADC was very generous to grant our request to let Pat play for us. And that proved to be a very crucial decision in the scheme of things. In the match we made a comeback after going 0-2 down which would have been very difficult with 10 players. After frustrating spectators in the last match, we had decided to play free flowing attacking football. We played 4-4-2 with Sagar (GK), Rafa (LB), Ankush (LCD), Avi (RCD), Suman (RB), Pat (RM), Mukul (RCM), Jehan (LCM), Siddhu (LM), and Shubhankar and Ajinkya (Strikers). We did start with some promising moves but failing to convert any of them. But then ADCY scored twice and the pressure was right back on us. For our first goal our loanee Ajinkya found shubhankar in the box for a tap in. Our second goal was perhaps a GK error but prior to that Jehan kept troubling their defence with his slick dribbling. After the second goal we switched to 4-5-1 formation for 10 minutes to deal with the threat presented by Jhakaas and his brother MJ, who kept winning the ball in our half. For the third goal, we would like to thank Atul (RA) for being the only person on the ground to spot that the ball had crossed the goal line. Our defence looked shaky but now we have a break of 2-3 weeks to sort out these issues. We didn't have our regular GK today and Suman was playing with an injury. Bravo Suman!. Rafa had the difficult job of dealing with dangerous Jhakaaas brothers and he managed to keep a clean sheet against them in the second half. In a league system 3 points are always precious and we are happy to take them". 
ADCY Review By Jonty 
Good day to you and thank you very much for the opportunity to manage the ADC youth team for their game to day. The ADCY started with the traditional 4-4-2 formation with Jonty as GK. From left to right we had in Def: Brush, Andy Pandy, DJ and SpongeBob. Mid: Suraj, Rake, JJ, Jhakhass and MJ and SUbaru upfront. Karan was on the bench as he was the last person to turn up and very late. Since we had a man extra, for the first half, the late comers (Jonty, Subaru and Karan) were substituted. In the 2nd half the remaining adults were taken off every 10 mins. Even though this was the ADCY team, we had only 5 youth Team members for the game. Out of which Patty left us last minute and went over to BT who had a man less. Also, the intention was to play the youth for the full 90 minutes and keep the adult rotating. We started quite well and managed to keep the ball moving around. BT were asleep for the early part of the game and needed a kick start which came in the form of a goal from JJ who tapped in an indirect free-kick taken by DJ. 0-1 to ADCY. After that BT had a couple of chances on goal but straight at the keeper or wide of the target. But the intent was clear. This was their home game and they wanted a win. The ADCY got in another goal after BT lost the ball in mid-field and JJ pounced on the chance and took a long range shot. The BT keeper got a hand to it but could not keep it out. 0-2 to ADCY. BT took the extra 5 mins available to them and they managed to score in this time by a simple tap-in in an open goal after DJ (GK) was left stranded after trying to charge down a lose ball. As manager I have to put my hand up here for changing the keeper and central defenders at this crucial period before half time. The 2nd half was mostly BT as they were much more organised. BT got in quite a few shots on goal and pretty much dominated in mid-field. In this period, BT scored to goals against our Keeper Karan who should have done better. Both goals went in from Karan's. Final Score: BT 3-2 ADCY. A special word for the youth team members: Brush (who is recovering from Dengue), Spongebob (solid performance, minimum errors) Jhakhass (beautiful crosses, keep them coming) and MJ( fantastic work rate but needs to stay up on his feet). 
Tiger's Review as LP 
I would like thank coach for giving me an opportunity as LP for todays fixture. What a team performance by both ADCY and BT. ADCY won the first half while BT won the second with only a goal extra. Jhakas, Patty, MJ, Brush were on fire today..brilliant display. Though Karan is one of the best player of TZLC, he had a bad day as a yesterday.. Both teams were passionate to win the balls right from the kick off so many late we had Beeraj (RH) as Main Ref who most of the times let the things go..He also did a fantastic job as Main Ref. All in all good game; played in a good spirit. Congrats to BT and Hard Luck to ADCY. Thank You 
JJ's Review Loan for ADCY 
Thank you ADC for allowing me to play alongside ADCY squad. It is real fun to play in the mix of adults along with the kids. One, you feel responsible, other you learn many things aka. basics from them. With basics I remember the coordination between the popular lads Zhakkas and MJ. It was real Zhakkas to watch them play together. All they did was simple basics and it looked great. ADCY looked organized from the start and gave BT very rare chance in the first half. I fortunately got chance to put past 2 in the frame to give them the lead of 2-0. The ball was moving around nicely and everybody playing their role to the best. Jonty made rotations effectively every 10 min and ensured every one of us had good game with favored position. Only one bad change costed him to lose the game… haha…. Our RW manager is not a GK … was said by coach in MR a day earlier. J Other than that I enjoyed much playing and look forward for many more games. 
Review By ADCY Loan 135 
I would like to start with an apology to all the members of ADCY and all my team mates from TZ KITFO and NPP playing on loan for ADCY today as I turned out to be the weakest link on the field today and let in two very weak shots on Goal to give away a hard earned lead over BT. MJ and Jhakaas combined so well on the right wing they looked way beyond their years as they took on players nearly double their size and almost came out on top with a goal. It was indeed really simple to combine with the youth players and be on the same frequency as they are more aware about their roles and stick to their responsibilities in whichever positions they play. Hope I had done justice to my role as a keeper too and we would have gotten away with a major upset. 
MR By the ADC 
The match was made even better with LIVE commentary staged by Mr. Khare and guests! ADCY went 2 up with goals by JJ that sent BT into a deep state of shock. They had already taken ADCY player Pat before the match as a few days ago BT's Mkul had stated that "we don't need him" or summat to that effect! AndySu's sudden UNAity due to some illness forced Mkul to approach the ADC for Pat's services. The ADC, the benevolent and caring entity that it is, let BT have Pat without a murmur and it was Pat's presence (a capable 11th player) that was instrumental in helping BT get the win. There was a lot of fluidity down the central channel from BT, play that they are famous for. The one touch two touch passing and sometimes a dribbling run or two. Unfortunately their wing backs Suman and Rafa were too central today so their movement from the central area to the wing was slow as they had to wait for the players to get into position. Pat and Sidwho? were not affected by their absent wing backs. They took care of things once they received the ball and it didn't look like BT were disturbed by the disappearance of the marauding wing backs. BT's first goal was impressive with some lovely touches and a simple finish from Ashubh. I've seen many people miss easy chances and scoring isn't all that easy even from easy peasy chances. Concentration is required and Ashubh had bucket loads of it except when he lost it a bit in the 2nd H after what he thought was an atrocious decision by the Ref. Methinks his temper got the better of him this time but everyone should know that WHATEVER decision the Ref gives, THERE WILL ALWAYS BE ZERO TOLERANCE. 135 (He is NOT a GK) was kept in goals and promptly showed glimpses of why he's NOT a GK. After which Jonty SHOULD'VE changed him but no...I'm guessing even MJ, all 3 feet of him would've made a better attempt then 135, who btw, just to remind everyone, is NOT a GK!!! Then VG (he calls himself Jehandro but unless he specifically states to me that he does NOT want to be called VG, I will keep calling him VG) elicited a fine response from Atool the AR behind the goal. When all on the ground, were 50 - 50 on whether the ball had crossed the line after hitting the bar and 135 (Is he a Keeper? No he isn't), the fine response being Atool awarding the goal.  
BT - Should be aware of the ADC looking into the matter of bribing allegations made by certain members of the public against BT and RW. 
Their case is - 1. Jonty as In-charge of ADCY kept 135 (I am NOT a GK but will keep if needed) at that IMPORTANT time when the ADCY NEEDED a player with CAPABLE hands....2. JJ was ALLOWED to score a brace BY BT and Jonty just to add a semblance of innocence to the matter. Who would ask q's of RW if JJ scored? 3. 135 can't keep. Case closed...Wait 4. 135 came late to the ground ON PURPOSE just so that Jonty could show he can discipline players by keeping him out as sub.... 
The ADC player Ajinx was loaned to BT and proved to be quite a threat, WHEN HE WASN'T OFFSIDE! Loved the composed 1 touch passing between VG, Mkul and Ashubh. Mkul made a marked improvement in playing as a Cm and not as an extra Cd. Anks combines well with everyone and I was just surprised why Avi Loan wasn't asked to get into the box for corners. Such a big lad and no use...Avi in fact was more worried if he killed MJ or any of the other small lads. MJ is a born bum so he needn't have worried. SIdwho? is a class act but should try and implement Mr. Khare's tips asap. Sagerrr did his bit as a makeshift GK and he should constantly remind his team mates of the many sacrifices he makes. And Btw, Sagerrr can keep..unlike someone else I won't mention....(The guy who can't keep...need I say more?) Yes I can actually, he finds it difficult to do the Bicycle Kick...even Amti's Sepak Takraw against TZAS the other day was better than 135's attempts!!) 
ADCY - The bro's Jhakaas and Mini Jhakaas had a rip roaring time and this was the only occasion I have EVER seen them get along!!! 
MJ even exhibted some skills with a lovely diving header that just went wide. Spongebob needs to get less nervy and play how he plays in short game at KFANDRA and Brush performed creditably although he needs to improve on some aspects of his game. I think the highlights show will cover all else. I thought Jonty did a fine job all round except for his GLARING errors. I can at least fall back on the excuse of trying out players in different positions as I AM their coach. But Jonty was asked to look into this team and he said he will let the youth have max time. Which is what I wanted to hear. But then WHY OH WHY experiment with your Cd's and GK's? He DID NOT NEED TO DO THAT. Next time Jonty, play for the win and do the stuff I can't sometimes do as I have vested interests in ALL the teams. I'm surprised that Brush (who likes keeping) I've played him once in the TZLC7, didn't open that famous bouche of his and tell Jonty he can keep...At least the players wouldn't have felt bad if Brush had let a couple in. He may not have actually, he's an ok keeper, but may have been lacking because of his size is all. 
Btw, at least at this moment in time, 135 can't keep!!! (Just received an apology from 135...hope you dinnae take this MR to heart 135..but you should take it to your mind and prove to us that you'll at least PRETEND you can keep...maybe that will be enough!!!) 
REFS REPORT - Tiger LP 5/10, Kapka LP 6/10, Beeraj MR 5/10 
Too many stoppages. There were so many late challenges I lost count but Beeraj was ok with everything. He was not someone that the players will INSTANTLY respect. As some player would tell the other, "Jeez man, this bloke Beeraj knows his job!!" 
Avi's Review loan for BT 
i am very glad that i got and opportunity to play on loan for BT today I hope that lived up to the teams expectations. It was a closely fought encounter with ADCY taking lead 2-0 in the first half itself and putting pressure on BT. But BT never gave up, and scored a goal in first half. Score 2-1. BT then started pressing up in the second half, there were many close calls and good efforts from Mkul. It was good comeback by BT to win 3-2 
Subaru's Review on Loan for ADCY 
I'd like to thank ADC for allowing me to play alongside ADCY squad. It was an experience in itself to play with the young lads brimming with passion and energy. We started off well, and were in control in the first half as BT looked out of sorts. JJ scored two neat goals and ADCY looked in cruise control, I remember the commentator's words as to how startled everyone was as to how dismal BT's performance was in the first half. But they found their colours by the end of the half and managed to pull one back. Second half was all about BT as they dominated midfield and started causing problems to ADCY defence. It's equally important I feel for players to play together than it is to have good players in the team. A lot of players were on loan for ADCY and it showed, as the attacks started causing real problems for them and they found it increasingly difficult to cope up with the attack. Though 135 let two in, the whole team is to blame because as we outfield players couldn't give the GK enough protection. Personally, I think I am still adjusting to the game-styles and ground dimensions(wide but small in length) at TZLC and I couldn't perform well enough. I'd like to apologize for that. 
Sat 21/11/15 
RW (1) 3 Vs RH (0) 1 
RW - Toufa 15.36 Mantan 48.10 JJ 78.01 
RH - Gambo 51.38 
RH - Ryan DL 380K for Amu 400K , Andysu EMERGENCY LOAN AVGKL 390K, Anna UNA 
MO's - AA- will update by evening. BT-Niraj and Jehan PACU-Neeraj, Amar BI- Atul Uday BE - Varun Harshad 
RW Preview By 135 
RW go into this 1st Division away clash on the back of an important win against TZAS and know very well how important this game against RH is...RH have changed drastically from last season and are without a doubt one of the strongest team in the league with likes of Amu Gambo Rajib Amar Sagar and the list simply goes on. Amu Gambo when they combine can make the Defenders Dizzy with their Quick passing and superior finishing and we will have to be very wary of them. This is going to be a big test for us and the players will have to exercise extreme discipline in terms of passing the ball and off the ball movement to come out on top on this fixture. We will stick to the usual 4:4:2 formation and play to the wings and try an get a good result against a strong talented side . 
RH Preview By Beeraj 
After a shaky start against the icemen in our opening encounter we will look to build on the confidence and put in a strong performance against one of the strongest squads in the TZLC8. Amu will be missing this game due to work whereas our other striker Gambo may also miss out due to work. This leaves the striker's position up for grabs against the likes of Jonty and Avi. It is difficult to replace these two but we do have a few options to explore, with Red and TC the likeliest to fill in. But we are not ruling out any surprises at the time of kickoff. We may stick to a 4-3-3 and will look to keep possession while looking to find gaps in the RW defense. Our LB/RB will have a job at hand to keep the likes of Mantan and Amonk quiet and will need all the support from the LM/RM. We would like to wish RW good luck! 
RH Review By Red 
RH started 4-4-2: gk-andysu; defense: Amar-Mangs-Pudang-Beeraj; midfield: Kramer-Mishti-Nik-Red; Ryan(free role) and Gambo up. We had a slow start and the warriors were all over us which led to too many mistakes and failure to keep possession. Toufa found some space on the D top after the block and did well to put one in. We were lacking the work rate in midfield. Injuries to Nick and Ryan did not help our cause. First half ended 1-0. Second half we came out slightly stronger and Gambo did well to equalize after a hopeful lob into the D. We gave away two goals on the counter and that was the end 3-1. We need to pull up our socks and combine better as a team. We are a team with people from different groups. In the past we have taken few games to combine and settle and this has cost us dearly. We need to work things out quickly and we are sure we have the quality in the squad to do well. Apologies for not performing up to the mark and assurance that the next game will be much better. 
RW Review By 135 
A very important Fixture of the 1st Div, we could feel the tension at the kick off as the players measured each other up moments before the clash. We stuck to our traditional 4-4-2 formation with Manoj Gk Lalit RB Jonty RCD Avi LCD Mannu LB Monga RW Vikki RCM Karan LCM Sarva LW Pravin ST Taufa ST. The game started in a fenzy as both the teams sparred to win the midfield and it continued as even contest till Taufa found himself in space of a few yards and rifled in a Screamer from 30 yards out in the top of the net to give us a lead. We almost got a second when SArvas cross was connected by Mongs forcing the keeper to make a diving save and Taufa pounced on the loose ball too quickly to avoid a foul. RH got a jolt and their attack tookn a beating when Sam Sir pulled out with an injury. The !st half ended with 2-0 to RW . Into the second half we scored immediately when some build up between Taufa and Sarva, placed Sva 1-1 with the keeper who smartly squared it to Mannu free on the far post for a simple tap in.RH got a goal back when JOnty confused Manoj on a loose ball. We went one more up when Pravin pounced on loose ball after Sarva took a quick shot on Goal set up by Mannu and Taufa. RW came away with a win but we still have a long way to go in terms of possession, composure on the ball which needs to be looked at immediately. RH were well composed and a constant threat and would have been a totally different side had Sam Sir stayed uninjured or if Amu had been in the starting line up. We did rotate a few positions, Mannu to LW from LB, Lalit to Lb from RB , JJ to Rb from striker, today but we are yet to find the right mix. We thank all the Refs, MOs and the spectators to make it happen today. 
RH AVGKL Andysu Review 
"I would like to thank Neeraj for taking me on loan for this very important first division league match between RW and RH. I missed my previous match between BT and ADCY due to illness and I was very desparate to get on the field. I thought I had a mixed game. I thought I could have done better for the first RW goal. I also made some good saves but they were not good enough to earn RH a point. The experience of playing with RH was really good. I hope I will be more difficult to beat for future matches. Cheers to everyone!" 
RH DL Review by Ryan 
Expectations were very high with the likes to Gambhir and Kudang along with Amartya and Rajib in the team as I felt the understanding between us would be good but I got injured in the first 20 mins of the game and felt frustrated sitting outside for the rest of the game. We started very cautiously and were not too comfortable on the ball as RW were quickly closing us out and none of the RH players were getting any space. Taufiq got just about and inch of space and he blasted the ball in the net which Andysu may have stopped but probably was blinded by the players in front of him. Second half, RH played a much composed and better game and were able to find each other and got one goal back but the goals one before from a counter and another at the end of the game killed it off for RH. Believe RH have a really good team and with some playtime together, they will get better. 
MR By the ADC 
This will be short and sweet as everything is covered in the Highlights show. Other than that, the Ref should have given penalty for Prashant G's push on Ivan and the RW goal that was disallowed maybe shouldn't have been. RH have nothing to complain about as the ball did indeed hit a brance before Tony (Pudang) scored. Mr. Khare in his report has stated that this was a match in which he had to run a LOT more. This is a good sign!!! 
RW - A very strong set up and 135 should be credited at creating such a squad. Entertaining while attacking and never the shirkers while defending. They have mf's that can defend and attack, somthing the new Managers all over the globe have forgotten. That a Cm should have both qualities, to be able to slog hard in defence and be able to score also. Vikus and Ivan alongwith 135 have impressed me with their character. Amonk and Mantan are always AVA and Toufa and JJ are blossoming. Toufa has regained his old value if noone has noticed!!! John had a good game today (compared the his other matches!!!) Jonty, Avi and Sleepy were as solid as ever most of the time apart from Jonty's miscommunication with John. Keep working hard RW, in the same way and I can't see ANY other team competing with you lot.... 
RH - Have a LONG LONG LONG way to go. The player for me that has most improved since the TZLC7 is Kramer? Can that be possible? On this mornings showing it surely can! AndySu loanee AVGKL saved a few but all his saves won't be thought of when he lets in just one dodgy goal. (Check JJ's goal....) For me RH were chopping and changing their positions too many times. You can't blame them due to injuries to Ryan DL and Nick (Already carrying an inj) but they aren't able to get comfortable in their positions. Now according to their preview they are going for a 3:5:2 formation in their next match, this just proves my point. Gambo (although even he was rumoured to still be favouring his hamstring) was the most dangerous player for RH. The rest of them were same old same old, not bringing in anything new to the party. Amar unfortunately was way way below par.....Amu could have made a difference....but you just can't say with the lack of coordination... 
Let me finish of by saying that 135 may not be able to keep, BUT he SURELY seems to have the ability to gather a bunch of star players together and make them work like a team. Well done 135!! (No doubt a lot of credit must go to his team mates too, to allow 135 to call the shots and keep their ego's under lock and key!)