Tue 10/11/15 
1st Div  
RH - 1. DIRECT LOAN: Rajib Nath - 300k TZR Gaurav Ponappa PACU 300k TZR 2. DIRECT LOAN: Mangesh Panditrai 230k TZR Sharad Yeole BE: 220k TZR 
RH Preview By Beeraj 
After a sharky start against the icemen in our opening encounter we will look to build on the confidence and put in a strong performance against one of the strongest teams in the TZLC8. We are a little cautious regarding the fitness of a couple of very important players - Amu and Gambo who picked up injuries against the icemen. We may be adjusting the player positions during the game so as to protect these two. We also have Nik who is fit and making his debut for RH. We will largely try to keep things simple and stick to the basics with 4-4-2/4-5-1/4-3-3 as the viable options. In the last match we were forced to make a lot of changes during the game because of the injuries and we are hoping to have a much more settled game this time around. Wishing AA the best of luck. 
Wed 11/11/15 
3rd Div 
BE (0) 0 Vs PACU (1) 3 
PACU - Satsut 2 37.40, 77 Jango 63.45 
BE - 1: Manoj Uniyal (290, RW) as AVGKL 2: DL Toufiq Sheikh (220, RW) for Guru (220, BE) 
PACU - Atul (BI) AVGL - GK value 0.240 Anand (BI : 0.320) DL for Subhav 0.360 Karan (RW : 0.320) DL for Amar 0.340, Youth Team Squad Zak .  
Neeraj M and Vikrant G unavailable. 
MO's - BT : Niraj, Sumanta RW : Vikas, Lalit BI : Sachin AA : Sean, Adu RH: Sagar, Amartya 
BE Review By VK 
It's time for our second home game of the season and its a strong PACU who will be the visiting team. This diwali kickoff will see 2 teams who are coming off home wins against the mighty KITFO. The eagles would like to make the most of the home advantage. Both teams may have to deal with player unavailability as few players are off on vacation and the management have their work cut out getting the correct personnel. But whatever the combination we will play to get maximum points once again by playing to the tactics coach had set us for the last match. 
PACU Preview By Amma 
After having a dismal start to the season in the game against KITFO, PACU will be playing away to the Blazing Eagles on a bigger ground. We will be playing the traditional 4-4-2 formation for this game. PACU will be missing 4 players: Amar, Neeraj and Subhav who are traveling while Vicky will be recovering from his toe surgery. Having said that we have made some smart loans in Karan, Anand and an ADCY player who will bring the required legs to our team. Atul plays in goal for us. The plan will be to play simple and keep possession. Considering the low fitness levels of our players we could see a lot of positional and tactical changes during the game. We would probably start slowly and then pick up the pace after the 1st few minutes. We would like to remind our fans that PACU is a work in progress and the entire team is working on the process to build the game and become a dominating force in the TZLC. We hope they travel with us for this critical away game. Rest assured, we are going for an outright win! Good luck to the Eagles. 
PACU Review By Satsut 
PACU had a few very important players missing for this but the loans taken really helped our cause. We started of in 4-4-2 formation with Atul in goals, in defence it was Harry on the right with Andy and DJ playing in central and on the left was Yogi. The central midfield was marshalled by Karan and young ZAK with right and left covered by hima & Django. Upfront it was satsut and kapka. 
The match started of on very slow pace and the first 15mins or there were too many errors being made by our players. The big ground was not used properly and we were not spreading the game across well. A coolly taken goal from satsut settled the team a bit. There were a few moves towards the opposition goal but those were too few for our liking. The second half was a bit better in terms of our possession and forward movement but still nowhere near what we should be playing. Kapka's cross and Django's header made it 0-2 and then it was settled by another one from satsut. Satsut and Kapka were wasteful in front of goal. A special mention of Zak who was passionate and played his heart out. He was extremely useful for us in the central midfield position and with the experienced Karan by his side a lot of the BE attack was blocked and they had some good movement through the middle. 
Also a big thank you to Atul for keeping a clean sheet. 
Overall we are happy with the result but there still is a lot of work to do and hopefully we can come out stronger in our next game. Good luck to BE for their remaining games. 
Review By AVGKL Atool PACU 
I would like to thank PACU for loaning me to play today. Not much for the GK to do today as the PACU defensive line was well controlled by DJ. BE were not able to have much shots at Goal. The PACU midfield with Jak and Karan were doing their best to feed the wingers. Satsut and Kaka missed a couple of good chances. All in all PACU did have possession for most of the match. 
Review By DL Andypandy PACU 
I would like to thank team PACU for taking me on loan to play for their side. Also thank ADC for allowing me to play. It is always a joy playing at papal. The ground size just gives me personally more space to play around and be at more ease. Both team were fairly settled and moved the ball around. At times it felt BE had more ground game as compared to PACUs aerial. A hard fought game even though it might have seemed one sided. Compared to Sindh the game was slower yet a lot of fun to cover larger area. 
BE Review By VK 
The Eagles got a rude wake up call as PACU beat us 0-3 in what was really a game of 2 very different halves. BE played 4-4-2 Manoj (AVGKL), Dev, Amti, Prashant and VK in defense; Ray, Keano, Madhu and Rake in midfield; Harshad and Toufiq (on loan) forwards. The game started off a little slow as both the teams had new personnel on loans. BE had a lot of the ball and had a good passing game right till the end of the first half. However an accurate throughball from the PACU midfield found their attacker in space inside our D and they went 1 up just before half time. The second half started with PACU having more possession. A short spell of 2 yellow cards for BE and an injury to Prashant forcing a rejig in defence proved costly for the eagles. Thereafter the visitors dominated possession and had a lot of attempts. Manoj in goal was called into action and he responded brilliantly. However the pressure was too much on BE and we conceded 2 rather soft goals despite everyone giving their 100%. The eagles couldn’t carry the first half form into the second half, else we were good enough for atleast a draw. However, congratulations to PACU and we will bounce back stronger for the next match. 
Review By Zak Youth Loan for PACU 
I am very grateful to PACU for loaning me, especially for a match at Papal. I am always very fond of the large ground, as it provides me with more space. However, it also calls for more endurance physically and mentally, which makes it challenging and all the more fun. It is always very interesting to play with different teams, as each respective team has its own unique strategies that they implement in the game in hope of winning. PACU may be a new club, but their ideas seem to be concise. I was asked to be a striker during the first half, a position that was new to me. At first, I did not know what to do, but all those who were around me guided me through my failures. Despite this, I was not performing too well. This led to a change in my position, from Left Striker to Left Central Mid. I was far more comfortable in this position, and began to cope up with the rest of the team. As a team, we were able to create many chances, some of which resulted in disappointment and others in joy. I would like to thank both BE and PACU for a great game! I am looking forward to playing with or against you sirs again! 
Review By Toufa DL for BE 
First of all I would like to thanks ADC and BE management for allowing to let me play on loan for them It was a tough game First half was good for be but second half changed over all We didn't test there keeper that was a draw back Hence it was a good game Best of luck for be In there future games Thanks 
Review By 135 DL for PACU 
Firstly I would like to thank PACU managers Amma and Satsut to give me an opportunity to play for them. We had a very slow start today and took a good part of the half to settle down. Playing on a full size ground is always a challenge and BE made sure that they use size of the ground well and played and put together some good moves but were unfortunate in front of goals. ADC Youth player Zak had a really good game with some brilliant mature passing sense. PACU had a good game but they have potential and the players to have a great game. Wish them luck for their future encounters!! 
Review By the ADC 
This is the 2nd time I'm writing this as my PC hung and I lost around 45 mins of writing! Jeez!! These ADC offices are Bad!! 
BE had more of the possession in the 1st H and PACU were just not in the picture. They did get a goal against the run of possession in the 43rd min after Satsut put one past AVGKL John at the his near post...one of two he should've done better with. At this point BE asked for an extra 5 mins as Suman SR called the 38th min point. For me this was a mistake. PACU had just started getting the upper hand and were pumped up at scoring so the extra 5 mins benefitted only PACU. BE, according to me should've gone into the HT break on 40 mins to rejuvenate themselves, to plan things after having a sip of water and getting their breath back. You see, it's different when there is a coach outside advising the players inside. A coach can see things happening that the players can't. With the players making the changes, it gets difficult to change things while playing, hence the stoppage was necessary to regroup. Therefore it was PACU that came out stronger in the 2nd H. Jango scored a header from a good move indeed but John WAS definitely to blame and Satsut scored a third against a team that was struggling. Therefore the final 5 added mins was another surprise. In Rugby, I'd understand that if the option was there to add 5 mins than they would, unless they are being battered and are half dead, in football things are different, one goal can be the difference between promotion and relegation. With BE struggling the extra 5 mins was only asking PACU to try and get another. All the clubs must tink. To me it's foolhardy to add 5 mins if you are playing crap. Another point is that Mario suddenly pulled up with an injury. This was a conversation that ensued around 5 mins later... 
Amti - Arre Mario Kuthe kheltois? (Arre Mario where playing you?) 
Mario - Hithe! (Here is!) 
Amti - Mhanje kuthe? (Means where man?) 
Mario - Tujhya ithe...(Your here....) 
Amti - Mhanje apan atta 5 defence kheltoi ka? (Means we 5 defenders playing or what?) 
Mario - Nahi re...Ray / Sunlight / Suraj la mage patholay, majhya zaagi...(No man, Ray / Sunlight / Suraj he behind me sent, my only place....) 
Amti - Mug saangitle ka nahi? (Then tell you why not?) 
Mario - Tu wicharle kuthes? (You asked where?) 
The thing is when they had time to have this conversation was confusing enough but I had to stop as it just went on!! 
BE - They were asked to PP this match by PACU and probably lost out in this deal. The ADC congratulates BE in this regard and will surely return their positive attitude in TZR. That will be a change as they have lost a great deal due to the KITFO issue and this morning lack of cones to mark the corners. I thought VK had a good first half up to the time he was whacked in the chest near the HT break. After which he lost his bearings. The rest were the same old same old excepting Mario who is growing once again to be a top Cd. Apart from his nonsense moment off going 500 metres out of his way to stop Atool from taking a quick goal kick. He made two massive errors here. The first was that why would he stop Atool from taking a quick goal kick when Atool's quick goal kicks are wild punts up field to the opposition and 2ndly his excuse that he only made a SLIGHT DEVIATION to block the kick!!! Toufa DL was GREAT in the 1st H but thought he should've released Rake on the left more often than not. Once he took a shot from KO I knew his concentration was lost. Harsh was playing in Ray quite well but I don't know when Ray will gain in confidence. I keep telling BE to play Ray in CD but Ray doesn't want to, Amti could've made more of an impact up front as Mario is in fine form at the back. At home, being a goal down, they could've defended and countered. You would've had Amti, Harsh and Toufa to cause bother. Anyway, on to PACU. 
PACU - Were RUBBISH as usual. I don't ken what happens to the man who calls himself Dirty Harry, whom I call Louie and who Amma secretly calls Hari Bhau. This time what he did sorta worked. That's only coz BE were lost in the 2nd H. Louie's penchant for the long diagonal pass was a constant and met mosta the time by Satsut and his innerlapping runs were effective coz BE had no back tracking left Mf. I hate any Cd that finds it ok to pass to anyone on the pitch but as soon as his Lb gets it he tells him NOT to pass across the defence line...I mean WHAAAT? Firstly he's playing Lcd and his telling his Lb not to pass it across the defence line? Whaaaaat? So in fact WHERE was DJ playing, yes he was squeezing the very gentle but hard DL Andy the Pandy over to the Rb area and the Rb was Louie who has no idea about zonal play so he wasn't bothered. But no, as soon as Yogi was facing his own goal line around 40 yards out, the man EVERYONE calls One of the Best Cd's in the TZLC told Yogi NOT TO PASS to him...! Whaaaat? No doubt Yogi had made a couple of mistakes with a dodgy pass inside but PUHLEASE! To his credit though, Yogi, took DJ's plaintive calls in his stride and made a few runs down the line or played it safe by kicking the ball out. PACU are still very beatable and the replacements they brought in this morning were infinitely fitter than the ones they replaced. Except maybe for Amma. Poor Zak YTS who had to play up front was over heard telling Kapka to help him out up front. Kapka who is hard pressed to find the energy to focus on his own game, that too a FULL 100 metre pitch. Alright Zak no worries thought Kapka, what came out was - Worries lot.! 
Zak - Sir whattings? Worries much? 
Kapka - No no...young lad, nottings worrying you is. Me there you for! 
Zak - sir me's thankings youse! 
Kapak - Yes yes Shonu raja beta (Copyright the Rock) playing you where is? 
Zak - Left St Sir!! 
Kapak - Yes yes Gooding young boy, you here playings! - Said Kapka... 
Zak - Sir? 
Kapka (By now thoroughly pleased with himself at having such a long conversation with a young bloke that made him feel young again and already finding himslef a bit tired out) - Yes young child? 
Zak - You is position mine standing.... 
Kapka - Oh......Sorry.... 
Satsut pushed himself up later to play along side Kapka and put Zak next to 135. Now what Dj was doing to Andy the pandy 135 was doing to Zak...I am indeed EXTREMELY SURPRISED as to how BE didn't find space in those areas......Jango had a pleasant morning.... 
Nuff said!!! 
Thu 12/11/15  
2nd Div  
BI (0) 0 Vs BT (1) 2 
BT - Snowtop 30.05 81.30 
BI - JJ 220K for Abhi 240K, Sparky GKL for Hamol 320K 
BT - 135 320K for Ashubh 320K, Zak FREE YOUTH LOAN 
MO's - RH - Nikhil , Sagar RW - Jatin, Lalit Zope BE - Guru , Devendra PACU - Kapil, Neeraj AA - Sam, Shivang 
BI Preview By Atool 
BI will miss the presence of Ajoo and his enthusiasm on the sidelines. We wish him a speedy recovery and looking forward to him guiding the team from the outside very soon.BI are missing a few key players due to injuries. Hoping that both Hatki and Abhishek are fit for the next match. Sean (AVGKL) and Pravin will be playing for us on loan for this match. BI will play a 4:4:2 formations being very compact on defense and play the counter attacking game. We will play a man-to-man marking game and use the flanks while attacking.We have some wingers who can put in some good crosses to the 2 strikers playing upfront.The 2 BI strikers will constantly hassle the BT defensive line. Wishing BT all the best and looking forward to what will turn out to be very close encounter. 
BT Preview By Mkul 
BT are going to play their first away match of the season and that too, against the mighty Blue Ice! BT are happy to play this away match very early in the season when there is no do or die situation for either of the teams because in these situations Blue Ice, in particular, are at their dangerous best. BT will be missing Shubhankar, Jehan and Shuarav for this match but Rafa is back from his illness. We are taking 135 on loan to play in the centre of the midfield to fill the gap left by the absence of Shubhankar and Jehan. We are hoping that Karan will rub some of the RW’s winning mentality to our BT squad. We are also taking Zak the ADCY youth on loan to partner Niraj upfront in the absence of Shaurav. BT will continue to play in 4-4-2 formation with Anand (GK), Sagar/Rafa/Suman, Ankush and Bhanda (Defense), Siddhu, Mukul, 135, Patty/Suman (Midfield) and Niraj and Zak (forwards). This time we have decided to play with one extra player and we believe that smart rotation will be the key to success. In the last match, we started slowly to get into rhythm but we cannot afford to do that against BI in an away match. This should be a cracking game with even neutral supporters interested in the outcome. 
BI Review By Atool 
To begin with, would like to thank Sean and Pravin for giving their best on loan today. Today we were a bit disappointed with the game..and thought we had a good chance of winning today. Second time in a row BI started with 10 playerd. Dhruv got a bit late (with his baby keeping him up all night). Overall we distributed the ball a bit better. The team is new and the players are getting used to their roles and positions. Zhakaas had a good second half and did a job of defending as well as attacking the line. Omi also hassled the BT defensive line well but needs to cut down a bit on the late challenges. The BT defense Ankush and Bhanda played well to make sure that there were no spaces for the BI strikers. Both goals were let through due to defensive errors.. The first one due to a weak back pass from Dhruv and second one through a gap between LCD and LD. I think for the second one both Chinchin and Sean thought that there would be a offside call and hesitated to charge towards Snowtop. Snowtop did well to beat Sean showing good composure. BI missed a couple of easy chances.. One I missed off a deflection of a freekick by Anand and second when Anand Su very righly guessed and stopped Andy Pandy's penalty. Sean did a great save of Snowtop's penalty as well to keep BI in the game. BI will need to pick up their socks and play better if we have to be seen as a serious contenders for the 2nd Div title. 
Sparky Review AVGKL BI 
Thank you BI management for an opportunity to be a GK today. I tried hard to keep BI in the game but a concentration lap occurred for the second goal. I hesitated thinking it's an offside call so went on slow and Neeraj got the best of me. bI played well in parts but needed a better midfield game. The first goal was tough for me to save. I covered the near post and the striker placed it really well. Still haven't got my clean sheet and I hope I can help teams to stay in the game with better goal keeping. Anyways thank you again and I hope to do better. 
JJ Review DL BI 
First of all I would like to thank Atul for loaning me for today’s game. I was positioned to play upfront. BI played mostly to its plan initial 20min and did allow BT to penetrate easily. Andy & Atul were solid in defense and combined really well. In the last few min of the first half Neeraj got chance to give BT lead. Half time score 0-1. Their second also came from Neeraj to take final scoreline to 0-2. BI could not capitalize on the penalty that could have levelled the score before the second goal came up later in the second half. BI - I felt the wings were not utilized with lights of Zhakkas & Ringa. I too had an off day today. Couldn’t contribute much upfront. BI play with real high spirit all the while and it’s great to along with such team effort. They are super team and solid defensively. Thanks again for loaning me. All the best for upcoming games! 
Zak Review Youth Loan BT 
I may not be a part of any club as of now, yet I have been able to participate in plenty of matches on loan. I am very thankful towards Mukul sir and the BT squad for loaning me and allowing me to play the entire match. This was the second time around where I was able to play twice in a row, tiring yet a great challenge. BT played a 4-2-2 with Meeraj Sir and myself playing as forwards. Luckily, I had played the same position against BE the day before, which gave me a better understanding of my positional sense. I was very impressed by the keepers today, they both did an amazing job! This was my first time playing with or against BT, which meant- new team new experience; that is the way I see most games with new teams. It was also great fun to play against my own teammates from TZLC 7, Jhakkas and Ringa. Match by match, I am slowly learning, and have great scope to improve in the coming months. Thank You, BT, BI, match officials and Neel sir (Mr. Khare) for yet another great game! 
BT Review By Mkul 
My immediate reaction after the match was that we didn’t play well and I was critical of our performance. My own performance was below par too. But while writing this match review I had to think about the match objectively and I would say that it was not a bad performance in an away match against a tough opponent like Blue Ice. We did some good things in the match and there are certain things we need to keep working on. The good thing is that our relatively new squad is now showing signs of winning mentality even when our game was not fluid. In the second half, when we were 1-0, all of us were still trying to score the second goal and not just sit back and defend which could prove very costly against Blue Ice, in particular. Now to areas of improvement: Today we were rushing into making our attacking moves and not building them up bit by bit, pass by pass. Maybe it was the absence of Shubhankar and Jehan or maybe it was the fact that I was playing too close to the defensive line for most of the time. As a result of this, the wing midfielders did not get enough touches on the ball and I am guessing that the game in general was not spectacular to watch from outside. We had decided to play 4-4-2 with Sagar/Anand (GK), Sagar/ Rafa (LB), Ankush (LCD), Bhanda (RCD), Rafa/Suman (RB), Patty/Suman (RM), Karan on loan (RCM), Mukul (LCM), Siddhu (LM) and Zak on loan and Niraj (Forwards). Niraj continued his good form from pre-season scoring 2 goals. However, he missed one penalty which Bhanda described as a back pass to the goal keeper. Ankush again showed why he is rated so highly in this league. Zak stuck to the game plan well and the first goal was the result of his persistent hassling of defenders. Others had average or below average performances but we are happy to take 3 points to go top of the table. 
Review By the ADC 
A match that was contested very well as what was expected when Bhanda and Anks directly came in contact with the no nonsense and crazy Omi. Plus on the other end Big Man Giant Atool needing one of those cranes to knock him over before he would let anything past him. Groov's error led to Snowtop scoring his first with a high class finish, that Sparky should've made an attempt to dive at and BI's offside call found Sparky sleeping and Snowtop finished superbly for his second. Two penalties saved by Andysu and Sparky each, Snowtop failing at his hat trick and Andypandy surprising murdering his attempt. 
BT - A person that I have complimented since he joined TZ and the TZLC is up for slaughter today. Mkul! My personal vendetta against him started in his first match for BT, when he played so deep as a Cm it looked as if he was looking for a shipwreck. This morning he continued his search looking for Titanic memorabilia he could sell at Sotheby's. I do NOT believe in DM's and especially so when you have the likes of Bhanda and the super solid Anks in Cd. I believe in Cm's that can assist in the attack as well as while defending. This bloke was standing between Sagerrr and Anks, Bhanda closed in on Anks and Suman was wondering what the heavens is happening? 
In Mf with Sidwho? having another great outing, 135 DL suddenly found a space vacated by Mkul and planted himself there. Patty is too young to think such thoughts of his elders at this point of time such as What the heavens is happening here? But with Pat getting subbed and their slight change in personnel Mkul tried pushing into his Lcm position, but who was to tell 135 that he should play in his zone? (An error he keeps making time and again, POOR positional sense.) So you had this whole bunch of players grouped together trying intricate passes. Yes, yes very pretty if it works and you've been playing together for ages, but not if you have one loaned player who hasn't a clue, one Manager who doesn't either and the rest who are just watching things unfold and have no input. BT did try to quicken the pace as compared to their last match and Kudos for that. But it didn't work as BI were pressing well and this put pressure on BT plus the issues I have just been harping on about. A great striker is one who takes chances however they come, and thats what snowtop did, probably the TZLC's WORST MO but as a striker, one of the best. Pat tries to do stuff he's quite capable of playing against players his own size but against ones double his size he needs to grow and some time on the bench. Mkuls sudden substitutions were also shocking as his benched players were NOT ready to come on. Sidhwho? probably the most in form BT player didn't see much of the ball..BT weren't passing the ball about and switching flanks at all. Zak was there and thereabouts. 
BI - I thought Atool had a stunner today. His dotter AAA (Antara) who was doing MO duty at Papal yesterday and watching her dad today must've been proud. He even had to time to let of a Whajonka shot that Andysu wouldn't have got close to. Andypandy is a great player but made a few howlers today, Groov, shouldn't have slept crying baby or not, if he has traits of reaching placed late, than don't sleep. This lack of preparation spoilt his game today. I was shocked to see Ringa (the only KFANDRA graduate that can't play on the flank) playing at Lm! They were wise to switch Rango and Ringa in the 2nd H thought Rango is totally off form. Hruday should be BANNED from thwacking a ball from his Rb position to nowhere in particular. A blanket ban in fact such that the repercussions would be if Hruday does that at ANY MOMENT in a match then BI should give the ball to the opposition even if they have possession. It's absolutely mind boggling what he does. Chinchin actually has some great touches but HOLDS on to the ball for too long. When a pass is on he should release but he keeps the ball and then releases a hospital pass. Omi did his best but if his best is deliberate handball and late challenges then I expect him not to do his best....The result could've been different and I thought it could've gone on to be a draw if mistakes weren't made and penalties weren't saved.... 
NOTE - Reviews by Loanees - Include HOW you FELT playing for the side. How the teams tactics affected you. How their planning is, team meetings, Emails etc. There is NO need to repeat what the Managers have said ie match events. How you felt playing for certain players etc. 
Managers - TEAM formation a MUST. Match description, views. 
135 DL Review for BT 
Firstly I would like to thank BT manager Mkul for giving me the opportunity to play for them today. I was playing at RCM and Mkul at LCM , with the instructions to defend in our own half and play to the wings when attacking. Defending in our half was a good move as BT have 2 class defenders in Bhanda and Ankush but At the same time Mkul was also playing along side the CDs which left a big whole in the middle of the park increasing the area I had to cover making me drift into the zone which wasn't mine but if left open would leave us vulnerable to attack and free shots right down the middle. But I feel I could have done better with the task assigned to me of ball distribution to my flank and retaining possession I deviated just too many times from my instructions and played direct to Snowtop instead of building it up hope Mkul forgives me for that.Apart from that it was a pleasure to play with a team that believes and trusts in passing the ball as much as possible hoping to create chances instead of forcing it.BT is surely a team to watch out for.. 
Fri 13/11/15 POSTPONED to 16/12/15 
MO's - BE - 1:- Jaidev 2:- Jaydeep 
Sat 14/11/15  
TZAS (1) 2 Vs RW (2) 7 
TZAS - Ryan 44.25 Sparky 70 
RW - Taufa 2 23.35 45.21 Mkul DL 2 47 71.40 JJ 2 50.20 67 Vikus 51.25 
MO's - MO's - 1:- Amit 2:- Prashant PACU - Hima, Kapka 
Bhanda - DL- ( Value : 0.300) for Avi ( value: 0.300) - Out of town Mukul- DL- ( value: 0.280) for Manan (value :0.280)- out of town ADC Youth Player- 3rd outfield Player- for Sarva ( value0.260)- out of Town 
TZAS - Dhruv Agarwal santosh pai Anand Sadana Sean Mathew Uday Shinde Sameer Chavan Harjeet Atul Shah Jaidev Karanth Neeraj More Rafa 
RW Preview By 135 
RW will be playing their 1st Away game in this fixture against the All Stars. TZAS are a team to be wary of as they play week in and week out with each other at Sindh and have great level of understanding amongst them w.r.t. positional play and use of flanks. RW will continue with the traditional 4-4-2 formation and play along the the wings. We have a good no. of Absentees in this match and we taken some quality players on loan. After playing against AA we know where all we need to improvise and we will play accordingly. 
TZAS Preview By the ADC 
With Mr. Khare playing for the TZAS as the organization is a player short, the match should be quite entertaining indeed! Mr. Khare will be looking after the TZAS so he's sure to rotate goalies to give everyone a chance to play outfield where most prefer playing. The problem is of MO's and if MO's are falling short adjustments may have to be made. BI - 5 AA 3 BE - 1 BT 1. BI and AA have more than two reps playing for the TZAS and BT have only 1 (But 2 are playing on loan for RW so they are exempt, BE have already assigned to 2 MO's and have one player playing for the TZAS so they are exempt). This leaves, PACU, NPP and RH who NEED to send MO's so the MO situation should be sorted. All the best to the Warriorsand their youth player.....I will mostly play a 4-4-2 formation but may switch to 4-3-3 or etc depending on the situation and also so that the players can get some experience of what to do when playing in such formations. 
Update - I'm out...Hmmnnnn these organizations really treat me like their nether regions! May coach them, unsure as yet.... 
Main Refs Review - 30th Min to 60th Min - Mario 
Thank you for allowing me to do ref duty in todays match. I was mentally prepared for SR duty today but coach asked me for main ref job. Always ready to take any challenge thrown towards me. YES, refree is tough job. I started & ended with linesman..but i enjoyed middle part where i was in charge of cards. I was more keen on letting play flow on its own. There were some late challenges but i did not find them too hard. Too many goals scored and i was happy to whistle. SR informed me about 45mins..i decided to play on for 1 min and called last minute.. RW scored in those 15 secs and i gave them goal with half time call. It was more related to rugby. I will kepp note of this and will end play after restarting. I would like to mention 2 players. Mukul..he was following what coach always tells us..hug the line..he was patient and did very well with chances he got.. another one was rafa..he was keeping all RW strikers onside..i had observed this in first half. Even amit noticed this and he was guilty in one of goal where pravin finished off 1-1 with GK. Overall i felt RW were dominating TZAS. 
Amti's Review as Main ref 0 Mins to 30 mins 
I am thankful to ADC for assigning me main refs duties. It was a great experience. Thanks to TZLC and RW players for showing respect to refs decisions since nobody argued against my decision. Its a very difficult role. The most difficult thing i found is finding right position on the field from where i can watch the game to give correct decision. Once i found the place to stand next difficulty is moving away from the ball and players. I enjoyed main refs role. At the start both teams tried to keep maximum possession of the ball , spreading the ball around. Rw was more organized and they improved with the time they spent on the field. It was nice to see the match from outside. Enjoyed watching it. thanks to adc once again. 
Tigers Review as Main Ref Final 30 mins 
"I would like to thank respected coach for giving me such a huge opportunity to be a main ref. RW totally dominated the match result of which they won with huge difference. Coach was guiding the TZAS, but because they didn't follow his strategy almost throughout the match; they LOST. All the players made it easy for us (Me, Amti and Prashant each for 30min as main ref) to ref because the match was played in a good spirit; Less fouls, less tackles, less talking etc. Mukul had good game, Arun was pumped up right from the start, Samya was off as he mispassed the ball couple of times, Neeraj M lost when he let in a simple first goal through his hands, Dhruv got angry on Rafa wrt his position while catching the offside, Atul got frustrated on his defensive colleagues (and vice versa ?). Also I apologize for giving the fouls and LC at the same time. Next time onward will try to improve on it. Thank you coach. Congrats RW. Hard luck TZAS." 
Review By Bhanda DL for RW 
I would like to thank RW for asking me to play on loan for them today. I played in my regular RCD position. It was a good experience n playing for RW. As coach said after the game, when u play on loan generally the pressure is less as compared to when u play for ur own team. But the pressure from the TZAS was always on and we had to be on our toes to keep them at bay. There was good coordination within the team and it reflected on the scoreline. Good fun overall. Look fwd to playin some more games for RW. 
Review By DL Mkul for RW 
"I thank Karan for taking me on loan for today’s match. When Karan told me that I would be playing at LM I was happy to hear that. I needed a break from my usual CM role and I wanted to play with more freedom which I could do on the left wing. Like BT, RW also prefer playing with 4-4-2 formation but RW were much more aggressive in their approach. Their midfielders are not shy of hassling the opposition very high up the pitch. In the first half, the match was quite balanced with both teams putting pressure on each other. But in the second half, it became a one sided affair. It was fun playing alongside Tan who made some good overlapping runs. I hope RW guys also enjoyed playing with me and they will take me again on loan this season. Thanks again."  
Review By Tan Youth Team Squad for RW 
Firstly, I would like to thank Neel sir and Karan sir for giving me this opportunity to play on loan. It was my first time ever playing for a club on loan and I was a bit tensed about it. Even though most of the players were new to me, it was very easy to communicate and all of them were very encouraging and supporting which made things way more easier for me. Also, playing in my usual Left Back position made it easier for me to adjust with new players. Mukul sir was playing along with me on the left wing and it was really helpful as I have played with him earlier and he knows my playing style. We played to a plan in the match and the result turned out to be excellent. I think as a team our performance was good, but I did not like my individual performance. I was making a lot of errors with basic dribbling and passing moves. Despite all of this, everyone helped me improve and supported me throughout the match. It was a completely new and enjoyable experience for me and I really liked playing with RW. I hope that the RW players also liked playing with me. It was a great game today and thanks again to Neel sir, RW, TZAS, and the match officials. 
RW Review By 135 
The match ended TZAS 2-7 RW, but the score is deceiving as it was an open game through out. RW started with a 4-4-2 formation with Manoj GK Lalit(RB) Bhanda (RCD) Jonty(LCD) TAN(RB) Monga(RW) Vikas(RCM) Karan(LCM) Mukul (LW) Pravin (ST) Taufa( ST) with a plan to hopefully control a high quality TZAS and the match started on an even keel with both sides coming close to scoring and RW hitting the crossbar twice and the upright once.RWs first came of a pinpoint cross from Monga and Taufa had the time to chest it down and power it past the keeper. At 40 minutes TZAS opted for the extra 5 minutes and they equalised off a corner when Sam Sir scored a goal to remember by connecting the ball in full gallop and heading it past the GK. 
In the next minute RW went up when Anand lost the ball in the middle of the park and Taufa buried one more at the near post. The second half again started by both sides creating chances and RW went up yet again when Taufa and Pravin pressing for the ball upfront managed to knick the ball off the TZAS defenders and Pravin slotting it home...3-1 to RW..Mukul got us our 4th when JJ after creating a good chance with Taufa made the keeper produce a save and Mukul pounced on the loose ball to make it 4-1...Taufa laid off a superb ball to Vikas at the Dtop who placed it in the top corner... To make it 5-1..Pravin got a good ball from the midfield to leave him 1 on 1 with the keeper and he made no mistake about it... Had Rafa stood in line of the last TZAS defender JJ would have been offside ...but it Was 6-1 now...Mukul got one more for RW when a mispass found him with a clear shot on goal and he made it 7-1 TZAS came back to make it 7-2 but with a few minutes to spare. This was a high scoring game not because we played well ...it was such cos TZAS defense was making too mistakes. RW should have tried to impose themselves on the game after going 2 up and keeping possession and building play up from the back but instead ended up feeding off TZAS's short comings at the back. It was an open as well as a rough game right till the last minute with Refs letting not so severe challenges go. All in all RW should have done better today and controlled the game. Tan Mkul and Bhanda were absolutely fantastic today as they fitted into the squad like they have been playing with us for years hope to play them again shortly. 
Review By the ADC 
A thorough absmurfly nonsensical performance by EVERY single TZAS player apart from the AA contingent and a well accomplished display by RW. All the goals scored were AVOIDABLE so this was one the of Seasons hopeful rarity's. There were 3 well taken goals which came from the boot of Toufa, Vikus and Mkul. For TZAS both the goals were creditable to the AA players with Rock setting up Ryan for a fantastic header from a corner. He did everything perfectly by running in late and glancing it towards goal. The 2nd saw Ryan to Rock, Rock to Sparky and goal!!!  
Match Main Refs -  
Amti - 0 to 30 mins - 3/10 - Was standing in one spot, not vocal, let play go on so that players could kill each other. As LP was enjoying the game.... 
Mario - 30 - 60 mns - Loves authority and Refs with confidence. Allowed RW's 2nd goal with RW in possesion after TZAS had asked for the extra 5. At 45 mins the call from the SR came that 45 mins were over, the Ref should have whistled.TZAS had played their card well and equalized in the extra 5 mins. SO when the call comes in end of story. But Mario played on and the rest is history. Mario finished the half with the goal and should've brought it back for the restart. As LP thought he was better. 4/10. 
Tiger - 60 to 90 mins - Another chap who wanted to see injuries....his counting of 10 yards was poor. Hardly ran. LP was better. 4/10. 
RW - 135 clearly hand balled and told the world he didn't. Although his team was leading by 5 goals he still thought being a 'cheat' was the in thing to do. At least play on and let the Ref take a call. Anyway the Refs aren't allowed to ask the players anything so just play. But to openly call out loudly and show the world that the ball hit your midrif is what I call influencing the Ref. So sad for a side that is playing better after Satsut's exit to PACU. 135 is in fact top of the list for being the player that has provided the most goals, but he's top of my list for being a LIAR!!! Nalayak!! The rest of the squad played well. Tan the Man (Youth player) had a good game as did Sleepy on the right. RW were pressing well and their attack is in top form with JJ and Toufa Excelling. Their touch is good and they can bring the ball down quickly. Mkul was a great loan for RW as his game is such, along the ground. A team that did suffer though once TZAS started pressing them deep.....Jon wasn't tested as Jonty and Bhanda were in top form. They have a patented Long ball to the forwards at a Goal kick (No offside for a Goal kick) and this brings me back to the TZLC5 where I had changed the rule for Goal kicks...It may be time to bring that law back...(Offsides for goal kicks). 
TZAS - I am always embarrassed to take over a team and lose so BADLY. I can fall back on the excuse that I kept inter changing positions like the colours in a sachet of Smarties or M n M's but that would not be crediting RW with a good game. Although in fact I am writing to the ADC accusing some of the TZAS players and Moi as being PAID to play like shite! Never before have I seen such tripe. After watching such muck I feel it's time to pack it all in! I started with Ryan and Rock at LM and Rm respectively. This was to show them how patient you have to be if the central players don't release the ball to the flankers. This plan backfired coz the two did get impatient and whenever the two did get the ball they cut in or were out of position looking for it. I had given them instructions to dribble down the line but they were in their own world. This was only for those first 10 to 15 mins though, after that, as I've mentioned before, Sparky, Ryan and the Rock were excellent. Marcelo was just a level or two below. But you can't blame him as he rarely saw the ball. Without any of these 4 RW could have possibly got a double bonus point!!! The less I say the better. I do feel though that Coaching an Open Minded Youth team, a team that trusts what you tell them and listens to the word on how they should play, is FAR FAR FAR easier than coaching a bunch of Adults that are steadfast in their views, are unfit, have poor ball control and are NOT composed on the ball. Even the KITFO players that I've coached from SCRATCH were better than some players from the TZAS that have been playing footer for almost their entire youth. 
Mkul is taking charge of the TZAS squad for Wed of which I am reffing. With the players in charge of themselves for the match I can guess they'll play better. KITFO need a win.... 
At the moment my goal is to try and push for player Refs so that either I can play or (if I peg/kick the bucket/runaway and never come back again,) the TZLC can indeed go on implementing the zero tolerance rules and continue from where I've left off. But from this mornings match, Player Refs are a LONG LONG WAY AWAY. It shows that the players that Reffed today, HAD NOT GIVEN the Refs Level 1 Test. 
Nuff said!!! Where's my tonic? Ohh...I still have to coach at KFANDRA in the evening, yeesh........