Mon 16/05/16 
RW (0) 0..1Vs PACU (0) 1 
RW - Ketan AMP (20 LC's crossed by PACU) 
PACU - 88.55 
PACU Loan - Karan Shetty(BI : 0.40M) : AVPL Prashant Ghadge(RH : 0.37M) : AVGKL 
Read RW's MP By KT135 
PACU's Preview By Satsut Read PACU's MP and take part in the competition!!! 
We are heading into the last week of the TZLC8 and there are some mouth watering games lined up for the players and fans alike. We meet RW in the 2nd leg of the ADC Cup semifinal with a slight advantage, a 1 goal lead. But as is the case with any team this season, we cannot be complacent. RW has quality all over the pitch. They have won the combined league, so the ADC Cup is obviously going to be important for them. We will stick to our 4-5-1 formation, defend deep and surprise them on the counter. We are surely going to be tough to beat. We know RW will come pumped for this one, we are ready!! 
Meeraj on Loan to PACU in Rcm and Rb?? Ran 
7 km's 
Amonk Ran 
5.6 Km's in 75 mins 
Big Daddy Ran Click Here to read more 
7.9 Km's 
RW's Review By Ivan 
First of all I would like to thank the ADC for a wonderful season. Next I would like to thank today's MOs who had to do both MO and ball boy duties.. Today's games was played with great spirit like it always should. Disappointed with the draw. Had a few chances which could've been converted. We started the first half with the 4-4-2 .. Usual positions. Ryan played up front with toufa. Game plan was to bombard the box with crosses and shots. As usual we had more of the ball. But DJ satsut and KS were always a threat with their passing range when they had the ball. Jonty came close twice in the first half with his headers. One came off the bar and the other went narrowly wide. Their goalkeeper didn't look comfortable and was spilling the crosses and shots. So we bought in shaurav in the second half for his headers and take those second chances. We played well with shaurav upfront with me and Ryan and karan in the midfield. On one move , I went past Subaru and took a shoot which went just above the bar ! Pacu were a threat with their long balls and set pieces. They got a couple of indirect free kicks towards the end of the match. They converted one and went 1-0 up! After what we bombarded the box will countless crosses after the ADC added some more time. Real mess in the box and the header/shoot/chest (couldn't see ) from shaurav was cleared off the line (couldn't see by who) !! I thought maybe the ball crossed the line? (or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me)!! .. We were awarded a penalty because pacu made 20 LCs.. The cat scored. And the game finished 1-1!!  
Not the end we were hoping for.. But the ADC did award us the 1st div championship!!  
I thank my team mates for a wonderful season. Going undefeated through a league campaign is not easy. And we have achieved it!! 
Mkul's Review as LP 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the LP's for today's match. This match was supposed to be a very high profile match because in the first leg of the ADC cup PACU ended RW's unbeaten streak. The crowd were curious to see how RW would respond. The main ref and the assistants have to be on their toes because these matches are usually decided by very small margins. Same thing happened today. PACU scored in the second half after Sarva admitted to a handball in the 6 yard box leading to an IFK. Later, the late challenge count by PACU reached 20 and RW scored the penalty. Players were well behaved today for the most part barring a few incidents which led to a couple of yellow cards. My work was mostly confined to giving throw ins and corners and goal kicks. I had to signal only one off side. PACU surprised everyone by beating RW in the semis. Congrats to them. Hard luck to RW.  
Shaurav's Review as Loanee for RW 
​I want to thank RW for the opportunity to play on loan and the ADC for approving it. ​It was my first time playing for RW and I really enjoyed it. My role was to stay with the CD and get the balls in the air. I came on in the second half and had a couple of chances - both headers. One went wide of target and the other one was stopped on the goal line by the PACU defense. I should have put one of the headers in and it could have given RW the win. RW played with the standard 4-4-2 formation all through the match. As always, they had good possession. They also​ had good amount of chances, but could not score. The best chance came from Jonty's header which hit the frame. Lot of credit to PACUs defenders for keep the RW strikers in check. Good short range kick from Kapka found the back of the net. The game was played in good spirit, but there were lot of late challenges. PACU crossed the 20 LC line and awarded RW a penalty. Ketan put it nicely in, but it was inconsequential. RW played well, but it was not their day. Nevertheless, they have a great season. Congratulations to PACU and best of luck for their upcoming matches! 
Ryans Review as AVPL for RW 
I would like to thank Karan for loaning me and the ADC to approve the loan. It was great to play for a team where the work rate is very high which also opens up lots of space just in front of the oppositions defense. The first 10 mins were really good for RW where they created a lot of chances and were able to put quite a few balls in the box. Unfortunately, we lacked the final pass or just did not get lucky enough for the ball to land up nicely for any of the RW players to get a clear shot on goal. PACU as usual were resolute in their defending but along with their long ball play were also able to make some good movement with few short passes. With 19 LC and around 5 mins to go, it was looking good for RW but fate had another plans when PACU got a free kick for a push in the box and another one for a handball which was finally converted. RW in the end as well had some really good chances which could have been converted but luck was not on their side. Jatin got in 2 good headers, one which hit the post and in the break Mannan statement of RW losing couple of their previous matches when Jatin hits the bar came true in the end. 
PACU's Review By Amma 
" We played 4-5-1 formation, 
Prashant G - G.K. 
Defence - Vicky, Subhav, Amar, Hima 
M/F - Jango, Karan S, Sutati, DJ, and Neeraj 
Striker - Kapil 
To be honest, we have no clue how we managed to hold RW today. We knew we would have to defend well but we didnt expect to be defending so much. The defending champions came out all guns blazing. Sam as a striker was tough to manage as he was peeling off our defence and receiving the ball between M/F and defence. Sarva too was doing the same and became even more dangerous when he switched to the flanks. Shaurav was another monster to whom we had no answers though fortunately for us he didnt get much game time. For us, Prashant in goals was solid. All the usual suspects gave their all. Jango today went the extra mile for us and even had a goal line save towards the end. Hard luck RW. Luck was on our side. We've made the finals against AA who will be playing their second finals in as many weeks. We will play with passion....but we cant even imagine playing the way KITFO did. You guys were amazing." 
Satish ran 
8.36 km and burnt 641 cals. 
Paul's Review as AVGKL for PACU 
I would like to thank PACU management for the opportunity and the coach for approving it. It was a great pleasure to play with a very composed and organised team, high on confidence and individual talent and more important enjoying the game. 
This was a tough game as RW was all out for a win and I believe each player of PACU knows their responsibility and did very well to stop the very tallented RW squad.  
It was a strong PACU defence, which did my job easy as GK, and can been seen the eagerness in each PACU player to be in the finals. 
we stopped a strong team like RW from scoring a single goal and created our own chances, especially on counters to stand a chance in the game. 
Thanks PACU and RW for such a wonderful game and it was nice being a part of it! 
All the Best PACU for finals. 
KS's Review as AVPL for PACU 
Thank you to the PACU management and the ADC for a chance to play on loan today. 
PACU did what they do best - defend deep and soak the pressure. I lost count of the number of times RW put the ball into our box today. It wasn't just from the wings, but from the defence, center-mid, basically anywhere with a few feet of free space! Credit to RW, they were clearly the better attacking side, created many chances and held on to possession. It was down to PACU keeping shape and focus. Every chance on goal was precious to PACU and kudos to Kaka/Satsut for making it count with the free-kick. For PACU, Hima, Vicky and Jango were excellent (Jango's last minute goal-line clearance was great!). Sarva for RW was immense wherever he played. All the best to PACU for the cup final and congrats to RW for the 1st division title win! 
RW's Review By KT135 
First of all Thanks to The ADC for awarding RW the 1st Div League Title... Congrats to the entire RW squad for Retaining the 1st division Title and good luck to PACU for the final on ADC Cup on Saturday they totally earned their way to it. 
We started with 4-4-2 Ketan GK Jonty CD Avi CD Lalit RB Pravin LB Karan CM Sarva CM Monga RM Mannu LM Ryan St Taufa St - Vikki Shaurav on the Bench.Both the sides were pumped for the game and We started the game on a good note and pressured Pacu well for the 1st 5-10 min and created a couple of chances but could nt get throigh the PACU defence and sometimes could not finish. The scoring touch was missing today. We tried to check what works best by switching players but the PACU defense absorbed everything too well and countered to win some corners and create a few chances of their own. Our composure in the final third of the field was a bit amiss and KS and DJ worked really well to make sure it doesnt change. We couldnt get in enough crosses from the Wings but there were still chances created whenever we got the wingplay going. Pacu mid played very well, compact and stayed resolute through out. Prashant was great in goals. The IFK conversion took the game out of our reach and we will take this match as a learning experience and work on our game in the off season and try to find a way across such awesome defending displayed by PACU. To defend well for 90 mins straight is very commendable and plus they scored to seal the match.Tremendous. 
We had our chances but didnt take them and have ourselves to blame for it and just indicates that theres lots of work to be done in the off-season.Thanks to the MOs, The Ref and The ADC for a very good game and Apologies to the fans we tried but couldnt match up in the intensity today. 
MR By Khare 
Just not the same as compared to the same situation in the other Cup. KITFO were up by a goal from the 1st leg and were defending and counter attacking in the 2nd Leg. The exact same situation here where it was PACU in KITFO's position and in a MUCH tougher situation supposedly as it was against the TZLC8 1st Div Champions. But....I can't quite put my word on's like that feeling when you know somethings wrong but you don't quite know what....Ok, let me explain to make myself clear. 
If it wasn't for the ADC then this match was going to be the boringest Semi in the history of semi's! That too if the ADC and Ivan hadn't livened up proceedings in the last 5 mins then we'd have all died of yawning. 
This is one match which was exciting only for the players for the entertainment value for the others it was next to nothing. 
Like going for a movie that you've been anticiapting for weeks and then realizing that the movie in actual fact is a dubbed version of some old chinese movie shot it in 30's! 
Avi had blatantly pushed Kapka in the back on a cross but the ref just gave an IFK. Hmmnnn...Later on it became clearer that the ADC was pulling the strings from the VIP Box as it was worried about the riot like situations in the stands and the boxes as boredom leads to insanity. The old proverb states the an idle mind isthe devils workshop! So the ADC blipped the Ref on his ear piece and told him that if PACU score the match would be as good as over so give an IFK and give RW a they're at home..So IFK awarded PACU's attempt was saved by Whiskers (Ketan the Cat) and the ball went out? or was it still in play. Referee shouts Keepers handled it to allay any doubts in the PACU minds that an RW outfield player had handled the ball. Then the bloke that was supposed to be hot tempered and dodgy comes up to me and says the ball hit my hand Ref after the shot was taken. What an effect the TZLC has had on this player in particular! Brilliant! So as the Ref I look at Ivan in a way to tell him why Ivan why did your conscience have to wake up at THIS moment? 
So rather than displease the ADC in ít's box by giving a penalty, I awarded ANOTHER IFK and mumbled something about arms and hands and the direction of the ball and acute angles and the wind and the sun and I didn't have to, even PACU are well mannered and honest and just got on with it. PACU scored from the IFK! Disaster!! I could feel the ADC's gaze stab me like daggers on my back. I was already planning an escape route as the RW fans frothed at the mouth. Whats worng with RW I thought, PACU were on 19 LC's when they were piddling about in the box. So then RW attacked and got another couple of LC's against PACU which made it 21 and an auto pen. 25 LC's = 2 pens btw! Time ran out and at the ADC's insistence again I started adding on time ven after Hruday the SR had called the 90 min deadline. So much excitement packed into 5 mins was just about complete as Jango cleared off the line! 
RW are devoid of passion. Once their wings were clipped by the ADC some weeks ago regarding their inappropriate behaviour they have not been the same. They have been unable to redirect their passion in a more positive way. Although Avi and Big Daddy were much better in this match regarding their defending, there wasn't much penetration from JJP and Sleepy. A 4-4-2 formation requires over lapping full backs especially so in a strong side. Amonk and Mantan are the reason why RW have lost the plot. Because these two are off form. 
KT135 brings a tactical board to the matches and is looking like a top notch coach. But either they are playing noughts and crosses on the board or drawing stickmen for I can't see anything in their game. RW's Chairperson had specified to the Manager that Mantan and Amonk have to start taking the Rb and Lb on one on one. Did that happen? Nope. In fact it was Vikky (PACU) who impressed me for he managed to keep Amonk away from the danger zone most of the time. A tough task indeed for someone that seen his waist explode. Same goes for the Rb back Hima. Hima's waist I don't think will ever explode but he managed to keep the much taller and quicker Mantan at bay. The idea of putting in Shaurav to head the big ones is professional thinking indeed. But you see thats in a match where once you pull off a player he's gone. In the TZLC you are allowed to sub a player till infinity. This tactic proved the wrong one in the end. For RW it's now become win at all costs. I understood that Vikus and Ryan AVPL were going to be rotated as Vikus is injured and Ryan was tired but what of the Taufa Shaurav change? According to me you should play with your RW players. Your tactics should be managed with the players at hand. You can't SACRIFICE a player like Taufa just so that you can play Shaurav in the air. Whats more imp? Winning or the players happiness? What does Taufa feel about constantly being shunted in and out? Oh yes it's a team game and all that crap but THATS only for an ORGANIZATION like KITFO. Where there is a BIG squad and some players may be sacrificed. The TZLC was CREATED to allow each and every player to PLAY. Its another case that as the Seasons went on clubs purchased excess players and told them that they may not get a game. Thats fine. But its not fine when you are basically LOANING a player from OUTSIDE the club, the club having enough players, to try and WIN the match. The same goes for PACU. If I was coaching either PACU or RW I'd have said those of you that think this squad is NOT capable of trying their best will be dropped and THEN we can loan a replacement. PACU had Louie and Yogi on the bench and if they are happy then so be it. But I WOULDN'T have LOANED ANYONE and I'd have created the tactics to play WITH these PACU players that both RW and PACU deem unworthy. Am I being harsh? Its up to you to decide. At KITFO many players had suggested if even KITFO could have the same rule of 1 AVGKL and 2 outfield players. This was before the time when the KITFO squad were a confident lot. I had said an OUTRIGHT NO before even approaching the ADC. Its just WRONG! 
Neither RW nor PACU should feel proud. RW have used the same policy on some occasions before and whatever they say or anyone says of them being unbeaten will always be hypocritical to me. PACU have reached the Final on the shoulders of KS. I won't count Paul because thats a Rule the ADC has been ok with, the AVGKL. You can't have dodgy goals go in when the teams are so competitive. 
Think about it people. 
Is it ALWAYS about WINNING? 
Why are KITFO so passionate and committed? because they have been through it all. Through that experience of feeling worthless, of looking up to others and thinking will I always be in awe or will there be a time when others respect me too? But they have understood the IMPORTANCE of being in a team that emphasizes PLAYING TO YOUR STRENGTHS whatever your strengths are. EVEN if you have NONE or have players that are still learning the game. When you have sweated blood and wiped tears with someone that has struggled just as hard with you, then a bond develops. Thats what is happening at KITFO. How can that happen at RW? or AA? or PACU? 
What has Louie or Yogi done in this mornings match? Just by being nice guys they deserve praise no doubt. But who likes being sidelined for a loan you DIDN'T NEED TO TAKE? What if its going to be the same next Season? What if RW or AA or PACU feel that their side is NOT strong enough so they should take LOANS to bolster up and sit out those that they feel are not quite 1st 11 material from the 1st match of the season....? 
Thats why the KITFO victory against BT was PHENOMENAL! BT played EXCITING footer with their OWN PLAYERS. So did KITFO. BOTH these teams DESERVED a place in the Final. If it was a BT Vs KITFO final in the League Cup that would've been justice. How can a top club like AA decide the team 10 mins before KO? 
If the players at KITFO like Robby or Zubin or Arpit to name a few thought that I spent more time and effort with the technically better players what would happen to them? THINK ABOUT IT! I do feel in my heart of hearts that some players are born with talent, the genius factor. But some aren't. Thats it. But I believe EACH AND EVERY player has the ability to play a 100%. Thats what is important. But they need to show that they can give a 100%. 
For me when KITFO won the League Cup I thought it was DESERVED. When I look at BI and the efforts Atool, Ahjoo and Chinchin have put in I feel proud. When I look at BT I am happy to see them bonding and developing and growing AS A CLUB. They have a large squad and if they have to sit someone out then THATS OK BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS they had a large squad to begin with. Players weren't LOANED to create a situation where REGISTERED players of the club had to SIT OUT for the SAKE and SURETY that the club has a CHANCE of competing. Then theres RH who I have no issues with coz they are just so useless! BUT they use their players! Their OWN players whenever they can. BE is the same if memory serves me right. Wouldn't BE have had a different season if they used the policy RW and PACU used in the match this morning? THINK ABOUT IT..... 
To end this analysis, I may have drifted off tangent quite a bit, it has been a long season and I've had only an hour or two sleep every night for the past fortnight so you can allow me a little digression. 
Oh yes, can't sign off by not mentioning Ivan and his crossed that I'd have died to get an opportunity to head, bicycle or Scissors kick! Fan BLOODY tastic!! Fa far better than what Amonk and Mantan are doling out currently. 
3 matches to go and one dodgy PACU Vs BT match that they still have to reschedule...honestly, the ADC may just about reschdule it for the opener to next season as a playoff if needed. Lets see what happens. 
Less MO's on the ground, less spectators. So sad to see. Why waste living by sleeping in when you can come to watch a match? 
Tue 17/05/16 
2nd Div  
BI (0) 0 Vs BE (1) 2 
BE - Ajinx AVPL 44.50 Audi DL 77 
1. AA - Sam, Arun 2. PACU - Vicky, Yogi 3. BT - Siddhu, PAM 4. RW - Jatin, Manan 5. RH - Red, Kramer 
BI Loans: 1. Danny (value 0.47 MTZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan DJ (PACU- value 0.36 MTZR) - DL We would also like your approval for an emergency loan for tomorrows match. 1. Amiraj (value 0.30 MTZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan Mukul (BT- vlaue 0.36 MTZR) - AVPL 
BI Squad - 1. Atul 2. Karan 3. Anand 4. Sachin 5. Rango 6. Neel "Patty" (ADCY player subject to approval) 7. Bif (ADCY player subject to approval) 8. Shoumen (ADCY player subject to approval) 9. DJ - PACU (on loan subject to approval) 10. Avi - RW (on loan subject to approval) 11. Ajoo (on bench..will play if required) 
BE - 1: Jatin (290, RW) DL for Sumanta (Subject to ADC approval) to play in goals 2: Aditya (410, AA) DL for Sameer(Keno) (Subject to ADC approval) 3: Ajinkya (340, AA) AVL (Subject to ADC approval) 
BE Squad - 1. Sharad 2. Amit 3. Manoj 4. Varun 5. Jaidev 6. Sameer 7. Jaydeep 8. Devendra UNA 9. Gururaj 10. Rakesh 11. Suman UNA 12. Ravi UNA 
BI's Preview by Atool 
This is the last league game of the season for BI and a must win for us to avoid relegation to the 3rd Div. BI have again hit with player availability but thanks to the support of the ADC BI is able to field a playing 11. BI will be taking some strong loans to balance the team out. BI will play a 4:4:2 formation. BI will play the young legs in the squad on the flanks so that BI can use flanks also to attack apart from the strong mid-filed line up. BI will play a attacking game and try to take a lead as soon as possible. BI requests its come in large numbers to support and cheer the team in their last league game. 
BE's Preview included in their MP prodiced BY VK!!! Read Keano's emotional but entertaining Season Review!!! 
Mkuls Review as Loanee for BI 
I sincerely thank Atool and Ahjoo for taking me on loan for this match. I was excited to play alongside my old teammates in addition to KS and Rango. In the first half I think BI were the better team till BE scored their first goal. Patty and Habibeef were superb on both flanks. They did their job in putting great crosses after some crisp passing between me, KS, Rango and DAP in the midfield. However, I was guilty on couple of occasions of missing sitters. Those two chances cost us a lot. BE have a compact defensive unit and creating more of these chances was going to be difficult. You gotta take 'em when they come. In the second half, we should have focused more on a simple game plan and build more pressure on BE. But instead, we dropped in the intensity. After Audi scored that wundergoal, it became quite demotivating for the unit to work together. We couldn't string even 5-6 passes together. However, I do not want to be critical of anybody since BI are currently playing with 5-6 irregular players. They must feel proud of staying in the game in spite of that. In no time, players like Ringa and Zakaas will become really good and then BI will again rise to the top. Till then, they must keep the faith and the fighting spirit for which their are known. I had great time today. Looking forward to playing for them again. Thanks BI. Well done BE.  
Audi's excellent Review as AVPL for BE 
Today was a fantastic day. The amount of knowledge I have received today is more than what I have tried to deduce from the entire season. It really helps when you have coach talking to you. At first when the game started I was lost. Cause believe it or not I haven't played a proper CM in a 4-4-2 for a while now. And playing with new people around me, I needed time to settle. But now I know what Sean, Sam and Rock have to go through. Its not a simple job doing what they do. You need tremendous amounts of patience. Something which I lack. For no reason I kept trying to push the ball through the wingers when actually I should have changed the side and pulled it back. Going up down when the sun is hunting you down is not easy. So a big kudos to everyone from both teams today for not giving up easily. Todays game was tough. It was me and madhu in the centre against Mkul, Rango and KS. There was no way we were going to dominate them. And if I was in AA I would have hounded down Mkul and KS and Rango all at the same time. But today coach told me to behave and stick to my side. So even if Mkul was left free to jump around, we maintained shape which meant they had to take a risk to break us down. This worked in our favour one time when I left my zone, and John the man of the left wing played a meticulously fine pass taking all the BI midfielders out of the game. From there all I did was turn and feed to ball to Ajin who made no mistake. My second goal should be a memorable one. I just decided to take everyone on, and managed to do so. It was a tap in after that. I am happy for BE. Very happy. These players exactly know what they are capable of doing and what they cant do. They stick to that. And play like a unit. One weak player is easy to break, but playing as a unit you have to break 11 players which is always tough. That is what BE do. I am happy for them. The best part about today was that I played CD at one point. And liked it. I wanted to play there for a bit longer if coach would have allowed. But maybe some other time. There are so many angles to this game that I haven't exploited. Thank you BE for giving me a chance. I was not going to play this week cause I thought I will take rest till our Pacu game, but when BE calls, you don't want to miss it. That is the current feeling going around in the market. So you should all be happy. Hard luck BI. I think BI and AA along with RH are the only teams who havent found their style yet. Its a process. And I wish all of them best of luck! Thanks to coach also for today. Hope we play together again!  
Pam's Review as LP 
Thank you ADC for appointing me as the LP for todays game. As mentioned by the Ref today, it was a relatively quiet and clean game, no reactions or illfeelings from players from either side which I'm sure made life much easier for the LP's and the Ref. I was involved mostly in the outside calls and a couple of off-side decisions. There was one instance where I had called for a GK as Avi caught the ball outside of the goal side line which was conflicting with Harry AR's decision to give it as a corner, after after a quick discussion I realized that Harry had seen a touch off of a defender which I had missed so his call superseded mine (plus he was in a much better viewing position). Otherwise it was a good game to officiate, BI had number of chances today but could not finish them as they would have expected. The silver lining for BI would be the wonderful display from the KFANDRA youth players, wonderful running down the line and crossing from Bif and Patty! Chaomen is showing signs of a dependable defender with every game and I suppose he would be bothered by a number of clubs for his signature on the dotted line in the upcoming transfer window. It was good to see Ajoo get a piece of action after a long time as well! 
BE did well to score in both halves of the game, Ajinx was on fire today and got the better of the last BI defender on more than one occasion to go one-on-one on goal but was unlucky to finish those chances. Audi as usual was full of energy, buldozed his way through the BI defense to score the second one. He almost got one into his own net as well but was prompt to apologize for his gaffe! Sherry made one good run with the ball as well, literally ran through 4 to 5 opposition players and still found the ball at his feet! Rake and John had wonderful games too I felt. 
VK Ran 
6.9 Km's 
JJP's Review as LP 
Well, I was glad I was appointed LP for the first and last time this season. Last time because, this would be my last MO duty for this season & First because all the while I was doing other duties apart from LP :) 
Thank you coach. Today it was good game to watch as both teams played in the right spirit. There was just one YC for BI. Both teams made good moves and played simple passing game which is a joy to watch. 
BE converted their chance to make it 2-0 , while BI although they had some great crosses from the flanks could not capitalize. Welcome back Ajoo!!! It was great to see you play today after almost a year. 
Ajinx's Review as Loanee for BE 
"I would like to thank BE management for giving me an opportunity to play from their side and also coach for granting the approval. BE today were given a game plan and result (BI 0:2 BE) was a product of sticking to the game plan. BE were strong in defense with Sherry controlling it and not allowing BI to score. First goal could have been avoided by BI if they wouldn't have taken the extra 5, actually when BI called for extra BE was lining up for a freekick from 20 yards, and subsequent to that BI was under threat by a close corner, and couple of attacks later on, and finally BE scored in the last minute of first half...Ajinx slotted in the corner of a Audi through ball. 
Second Half BI came up with a plan to get back and score but BE accordingly had modified their plans and doubled the lead with an excellent solo effort by Audi (on a lighter note I would consider the referee's decision of allowing the game to continue despite a foul on Audi as an assist). 
Me being a loaned player in BE today, I never felt that I am on loan thanks a lot for the entire BE squad for being so accommodating and also this was mainly because BE never swayed away from the game plan. 
Congratulations BE for winning their last game of this season." 
BE's Review By Amti 
The season for BE ended with shining hopes for the next season. It was a great learning season for BE lads and thanks to all BE players for support , passion and dedication shown. Thanks to BE fans and supporters. Thanks to ADC for his support and coach for helping BE with the strategy and guidance. BE played 4:4:2 formation with Guru , Amit, Sherry , Jhon in defense, Deep, Jai, Audy, Rake in mid and VK, Ajinkya striker. Jatin as GK. Then as per situation and need many positional changes were made. The loaned players scored for BE. Ajinkya in front of goals kept so cool and just tapped in the corner. Ajinkya’s level of awareness , running into space/scoring position was fantastic to watch. Before match coach was asking VK to look at how Ajinkya runs into space and create scoring opportunity. It was learning for all of us. He is superb striker. Another loan Aditya did fantastic job in the mid 1 assist and 1 goal just awesome. He is fantastic dribbler. The goal Aditya scored was treat to watch. Any other striker would have fallen down and claimed for penalty but he kept moving and after beating so many players he scored. It was just wow.. There is a lot to learn for BE from them. These experienced players gave confidence of playing passing game to BE lads and few time BE able to switch the ball , played quick passing, one touch passing. Amit got one on one twice against the keeper but kicked the ball wide, need to be focus and clam in front of goals. Jhon, rake , guru, VK , Deep, Jai supported very well in attack and defense. Sherry has improved a lot and manages the defense superbly. BE needs an experienced striker and a mid-field to reverse the table next season. Jatin did great job in goals. Thanks to Jatin , Aditya, Ajinkya for their contribution in the win for BE. 
BI played great passing game. The youth players are awesome. Nice to see Ajoo playing after long time. BE guys were clapping for Ajoo . It can only happen in TZLC since everyone consider it as one big family. Thanks to ADC for his effort to run TZLC with ethics and so much hard work. ADC’s effort are notable to manage news, rating, publishing highlights and so many things are there to manage. Thanks to ADC. 
BE's Review By Keano 
It was my first and painful match to watch from outside due to knee injury. It was tempting to jump into match. 
BE decided to play in comfortable 4-4-2 position with strong defence. Sherry, Amit, Rake, Groo, Audi, Ajinx, Jon, all played to their positions. Special mention VK, he did amazing and won many one on one chances. He run like anything in defence too. 
BI Played very well and so BE. Two loanees to BE Audi and Ajinx both scored one goal each. First one by Ajinx on superb one-two’s between Jon, Audi and Ajinx caught BI defence line unware. Second one by Audi was a solo goal exhibiting his dribbling skills. It is good to see clean sheet from BE side. Although match ended with 2-0, it was not that easy match. BI midfield was stronger with addition of anypandy and Mukul. They had couple of chances but to miss. 
For BE there was nothing to lose so it was decided to play calm and passing game. It was soothing to see cool moves among BE players. It is also fun to watch slidings of Rake. 
Today Ajoo tried his skills today after long time. He received clapping ovation for entry and after the match. Well played Ajoo! 
It is good to end season with a win. Congrats BE and hard luck BI. 
BI's Review By Ahjoo 
This season BI would ,like to write off from there books as it has been hit with injuries, non-availability of players, change in management, etc.  
BI has its task cut out for off season to re-build the team. 
BI would like to thank the every helpful ADC for all the support without whom we would not have been able to complete the season. 
Ajoo thanks the Coach, all the BE players as well as as BI players and the MOs for the warm applaud when he came on & off for the second half of the game. "I am overwhelmed and what a big family we have grown to be" was what Ajoo had to say - THANK YOU. 
BI had a disappointing game as once again as once again the ADC rescued Bi by allowing us to take players on loan from the ADCY. BI played first half with a formation of 4:5:1 with Avi(GK-loan), Biff(RB), Atul (CB), DJ (CB-loan), Dhruv(LB), Patty(LW), Rango(LCMF), Mukul(CMF), Karan(RCMF), Sachin(RW), Andy(ST) this formation was working well and BI was able to create some goal scoring chances. BI tried to force the ball through and held on a touch or two extra which resulted in the team losing possession easily. In the last second of the first half there was an error by the defense which resulted in BE scoring the first goal. Second half BI shifted to a 4:4:2 formation but could not really bring about any change in game play. Audi playing on loan for BE got a good run and dribbled through almost the whole BI team to score the second for BE. Final score 2-0. 
BE team kudos to them they have evolved as a strong team playing tactical football and this is only because of the practice sessions Coach has been taking during the season. One can see the change in their game and stamina levels. GREAT JOB COACH & KITFO MEMBERS. 
BI also thanks the ADC for another wonderful season of the TZLC. Thank you BI fans for all your support. 
Avi's Review as AVGKL for BI 
I would firstly like to thank BI for loaning me today and the ADC for approving the loan. I was keeping for BI. 
BI started with 4-5-1 formation, mkul and karan controlled well in the mids. They rolled the ball very well. 
I was enjoying the passing game from both the teams. BE were rock solid in defence and the flanks. Andy ran a lot, 
but the couldnt get pass through BE defence. For BE Audi, ajinx, sherry and Amit played excellent. 
In first half, there was nice move by audi and ajinx, and the got through the defence line and scored.  
Again in 2nd half, Audi dribbled the ball through the mids and defence line and scored. BI were good in defence, 
but lack of concentration let 2 goals in. I apologies BI to let go in to goals.  
Both the teams played in good spirit. Congrats BE and hard luck BI. 
MR By Khare 
Good to see Ahjoo back and the players playing in an atmosphere much like a rugby match. Committed and hard but respecting each other and letting the Ref get on with it. 
After reading the Reviews ALL of you must've understood the gist of it all. That BE and BI played to a set plan, BE of course probably the better of because I was helping them while reffing. I'm glad both Ajinx and Audi mentioned quite a bit in their reviews. Both of them coming from one of the clubs I had berated yesterday. Club policy is club policy and although I am a bit upset over the clubs sitting out players of a lower technical ability it is their policy. The ADC will never try and make the TZLC an AUTOCRATIC establishment. It will only try and look out for the downtrodden. Its a pity that none from the clubs I had spoken of got back to me. Just shows that they probably think 
they did nothing wrong. 
I would love to see the players from NPP and the irregular members of TZ to come more regularly for the TZ sessions. As this season ends it is very OBVIOUS that its not the STARS that have impressed like they always do but its the players that were not considered to be part of the elite brigade. It was the lower strata of society, the minions, the offal, the plankton that have risen up and shown the upper class people how Football should be played. No doubt there are some in the Upper Class who are affronted at these words. But let me explain, as is the norm there are always a SMALL PERCENTAGE that don't actually belong to the society they are in. So if you think that you are in that small percentage, then GOOD FOR YOU! 
I repeat that BE were FORBIDDEN to LOAN stronger players to compete against obviously stronger clubs. At the beginning they were angry and hurt that another season would go by with them still undergoing the learning process. For it was obvious that in a long hard season, over months and months of turmoil, the weaker team would always end up bottom of the heap. What the inexperienced didn't realize was that I had a plan. I knew what hard work could accomplish if the players were willing to toil. But would BE allow me to work on their game, their confidence and the idea that I thought it was possible? Halfway through the Season the plan was on the verge of collapsing. KITFO were about to bite the dust when things SUDDENLY changed for the better and the plan was back on track. 
This season WHATEVER the position of KITFO or BE I believe that it is the players from Papal that have taught a thing or two to the others. 
I surely hope these others have learnt a few things. I sincerely feel that there is still a lot to teach and at this moment KITFO know that. 
TZ and NPP I feel think they are ALREADY there and they have no need to be educated. I hope this is untrue. 
Ajinx and Audi PROVED what sensational performers they could be if put in an ENVIRONMENT where you KNOW what your duties and responsibilities are. That your team mates have your back. 
It was Atool and DJ in Cd and both these players may have received some flak from me in the TZLC8 but overall they are good Cd's. Some may say that BI had 3 youngsters in Bif, Pat and Chowmein (CM) so BE found it easier...but truth be told CM did some splendid things and Pat along with Bif were easily two of the better players I've seen this season. BI also had KS, Mkul and DAP!! Not to forget Chinchin and Ahjoo. Plus with Rango obviously growing in stature, BI was a formidable opposition. 
In fact BE had two supposedly weaker players in VK and Deep. But these two have shown how much they have improved in the past few weeks. Deep started of slowly in the match but then improved by leaps and bounds and VK was so much better than his performances earlier in the season. 
Ajinx still currently tops my list of NATURAL STRIKERS in the TZLC8. A class act that AA are wasting. Audi is ANOTHER CLASS ACT and although his 2nd looked more like perseverence to the extreme than skill, his dribbling was dribbling in the end even though it wasn't cultured! Audi is ALSO WASTED in the AA set up. In the team this morning I could only convey the plan 10 mins before tha match. Much like AA does. But the DIFFERENCE is that I'M the COACH. I KNOW MY PLAYERS and I KNOW what they can do. Plus they respect and listen to me WHATEVER I say. So I told them we'll stick to a 4-4-2 that EVERYONE is familiar with. The BE players understood but I had to keep instructing Audi, Deep and Ajinx. Notice something here? Amti was on a wanderlust but had a GREAT GAME!!! I even played Audi and Ajinx in CD. Audi kept trying to catch the high line and Ajinx took the position like a duck to water after a few gaffes. I interchanged EVERY single players position in BE!! And they all played well. 
This morning two clubs that tried to play to a plan competed. One was helped by yours truly and the other was trying to work things out themselves. That is difficult.....Chances were created by both teams and one team won in the end but to me, BOTH the teams were winners! 
Well done BI and BE for a season well played!! 
Thu 19/05/16  
RH (1) 1 Vs BT (0) 0 
RH - Satsut AVPL 33.05 
AA- Sameer, Rock; BI- Ajoo, Atul; RW- Toufa, Karan; PACU- Amma, DJ; BE-Amit, Keano  
RH SQUAD: 1. Sagar P 2. Prashant G 3. Nikhil B 4. Rajib N 5. Amartya M 6. Mangesh P 7. Ashwin G 8. Rajesh B (tentative) 9. Satish S (on loan from PACU) 10. Sharad Y (on loan from BE) 11. Amol A (AVGKL from AA) 
RH LOAN APPLICATION: DIRECT LOAN: Ameya D - missing due to exams: ADC's current valuation = 500k TZR Satish S - on loan from PACU: ADC'c current valuation = 440k TZR DIRECT LOAN: Shivam S - missing due work: ADC's current valuation= 360k TZR Sharad Y - on loan from BE: ADC's current valuation = 330k TZR AVGKL: Amol A - on loan from AA: ADC's current valuation = 290k TZR as GK 
Squad list Confirmed: Anand Survase (Andysu) confirm Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) Ankush Moghe (Anks) Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Sameer Patil (Pam) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) Tentative: Prashant Bhandari (Bhanda) 
BT Loans: Audi (0.40 mil TZR) AVPL 
RH's Preview By Red 
RH come up against BT in the last game of the season! BT are still in the running for the second division title and will be throwing everything they have at us! We fought hard against PACU and drew 1-1. 
Honestly, we have not been playing good football in the past few games but are managing to pick up points. On the other hand, BT have been playing some super football and are rated amongst the top clubs in the TZLC. We may be playing a man short depending on TC's injury situation. Hopefully he should be fit in time! 
BT got the better of us in the last game and we are looking to get one back. Amu will miss this one due to exams and we have roped in Satsut for this game. 
For this game, we may change our tactics and not try and pass the ball around but will try to keep a clean sheet and hope to take the chances created. We have players like Gambo-TC-Satsut to take these chances. 
Since, this is the last game of the season we request all fans to support us in large numbers. 
All the best to BT! 
BT's Preview By Pam Click Here to Read MP by Pam!!! 
This game was supposed to be our final game of the season, we were happy to have played it after the PACU game but for the rain gods, we will have to face the wrath of the hurricane before we get to deal with the guzzlers in their own den. After the anticlimax after last week's postponment many of the BT players and fans were dissapointed but lets put that aside for now and focus on the upcoming RH game.  
RH are a balanced side and they have already secured second place in the first division. However, they have the ability to spoil our party on Thursday as they did for PACU last week and forced a draw after playing with 10 men through the game! This is an example of the resilience that we may have to deal with on Thursday, they are a fighting side and will go for a win regardless of the consequences on their own table position!  
BT are missing Jehan as he will be travelling, Bhanda is a doubtful starter as well. We have loaned a player for Thursday in anycase to fill out the gap created by the above mentioned absences. From BT's perspective it is a must win game if we want to put the pressure back on PACU. A draw will be sufficient as well, but a loss will require us to win the PACU game at any cost. The ramifications of this fixture can go either way for us and it is our interest to close things well ahead of time and make things easier for ourselves. The fans were saddened and up in arms after last week's postponment, they will be coming out in big numbers tomorrow as well im sure! Thanks RH management for the hospitality offered to our fans. Wish you all the best and lets have a good game on Thursday! 
Satsut's Review as AVPL for RH 
Firstly, I would like to thank Sagar for loaning me for this all important game and the ADC for approving my loan. RH started with 10 men and obviously faced an uphill task against BT who have quality and fitness all over the pitch. But they came with a plan to defend deep and catch BT on the counter. BT had good movement throughout the game but they lacked the finishing touch. They were also unlucky on a number of occasions. Some of their moves were a joy to watch(Yes, I wasnt running much at that time!). They should be proud of the way they played. So did RH. A lot of passion and calling. Egging each other on. I happened to score of a delightful cross from Prashant. The quality of the cross was such, it would have needed a lot of skill to miss! Today, a special mention for Sherry, Sagar and Tiger as Gk who were phenomenal for RH. Sherry as a player has shown tremendous improvement and reads the game well. Its good to see RH close the season on a high. Cheers! 
BT's Review By Pam 
BT played the following formation: 3-5-2 with Andysu (GK) - Sagger (CD) : Ankush (CD) : Rafa(CD) - Sidwho? (LM) : Audi (LCM) : Shubh (CM) : MKul (RCM) : Pam (RM) - Shaurav (ST) : Niraj (ST) 
Very, very dissapointing to end up on the losing side today after the amount of possession we enjoyed. RH played the entire game with 10 men and yet got the better of us even after we had almost 80-90% possession of the ball. We were guilty of not being able to finish, we go so many chances in front of goal that its hard to go back and recall all of them, although I dont want to take any credit away from Tiger who made some brilliant saves to ensure that RH stayed ahead of the game. Some might call us unlucky but I think that because of the way BT play the game it is our responsibility to control the outcome of the game. Sadly we dropped the ball today. The loss today means that we will have to win against PACU in our final league game. We have had chances to close things once and for all in the past but we kept drawing game after game, and now it seems like an uphill task to achieve. Analysis and much introspection is needed before the next game, we need to come together and get out act right. BT were considered one of the best teams in the TZLC not very long ago but we need to get positive results to do justice to that statement. A lot of expectations lie on our shoulders at the moment, to be honest as a manager this is one of the most challenging times for me in my TZLC history. These are testing times, although the players should feel responsible for todays result, they should stick together as one unit and work things out so as to win the next one against PACU. Apologies to the fans who came out to support us, we could not win or even draw today. Good game by RH, well played and congratulations on the great season. Until next time. 
Pam Ran 
8.23 Km's in 1 Hr. 28 mins and 33 secs 
RH's Review By Mishti 
Starting formation: 5-3-1 Sagar, mangesh, Sharad, Prashant, Rajib Satish, amar, gambo Nikhil This was a more crucial match for BT with league position at stake. For RH it was less crucial. Having said that there was everything to prove for a team suffering with injuries. Of late RH was not playing good and we had to turn things around in the last opportunity to carry something positive for next season. Every thing what could have gone wrong happened pre match, we had only 7 available for the match, out of which 3 not fully match fit. One of the fittest players, Sagar still at hospital with his newborn kid. With 3 max loans we could field a team of 10. With all odds against, practically we did not have much hope in the match, from a winning strategy, we had to switch to a rather conservative strategy, playing a sweeper defender is just so unlike RH, I don't remember we had to do that ever. During match all seemed to fall in our way, Sagar managed to reach before time direct from hospital. Nik came well before match start making a full 10. Great commitments I must say Sagar and Nick. I wanted to keep things compact in the central area, with Sherry, mangesh Prashant and Amartya and utilise the attacking instincts of Satish and Gambo and Nikhil on break. The strategy seemed to be paying off with Us creating few chances. We went a goal up with superb header from Satish off a super cross from Prashant. Luck was certainly on our side this morning with BT forwards missing their chances. Second half was more difficult for tiring 10 men. We had to work our socks off by pushing everyone behind the ball. Prashant aggregating his injury did not help either. Some brilliant defending, keeping by tiger helped us to somehow keep a clean sheet. BT was unfortunate to create so much but convert none. A great teamwork, people happily agreeing to play unusual positions - I must say we had all positives from the match. Great way to sign off given what resources we had. Wish BT all the luck for their knock out like match vs PACU. 
Gambo Ran (After much calculations on his part...!) 
7 to 7.5 km's 
Ivan's Review as AR 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as the AR for today's match between RH and BT. To be honest I thought BT were the favourites going into this match. They have a good passing game. But today's performance by RH was just like a classic Diego Simeone side. Although they didn't hassle that much in the midfield they defended really well. It is really commendable to keep defending the whole match and come out without conceding. I didn't have many calls to make as an AR. So I'll write a review of the match. My feeling that BT would come out on top was reiterated when I saw that RH were playing with 10 players for the whole match. They had taken a strong loan in satsut. BT meanwhile had taken the top marksman of this season audi. He should've been playing up front I felt. It was wave after wave of BT attacks with shubh miss-hitting a sitter which he had carved out for himself. Then audi hit the bar. Shaurav came close ! Even the ref praised BT for their movement! But soon after that RH winger found himself with some space on the right side and put a wonderful cross . satsut I believe came running from about 30 yards and scored of a delightful header ! It was a really brilliant goal. Stung BT from nowhere !! BT continued with their usual game and were creating numerous chances. The entire second half barring the last 2 mins was played in the RH half!! Still bt couldn't score. They had another shot come off the bar and a goal disallowed for a foul. I couldn't see much because I was on the other side. Tiger made some good saves specially one shot from snowtop. Today's game just proves that its goals that win you games and not attractive football. I'm sure BT fans will be delighted with the way their team plays, but they definitely won't be happy about where they find themselves in the table now. Its now a must win for them against pacu. Just what pacu and their captain satsut wanted. I wish both of them good luck. And a bow to RH for grinding out a result today with 10 men!! Enjoyed the game! 
Tiger's Review as AVGKL for RH 
I thank Sagar and RH management for taking me on loan for this match which I think was more important for BT as they are competing for the title. I thank Respected ADC for allowing me to play on loan and also apologize for the yellow card. Wasn't intentional Sir. After the match I got to know that RH were playing with 10 players whole the match. Then this hard fought victory means a lot for RH who defended alomost 85% of the time. I think RH hardly got 2-3 chances but converted one with superb cross from Prashant and beautiful, skillful finish by Satsut. BT got hell of chances but they simply didn't take shots which made my job easier. In my opinion Ashubh, Mukul, Neeraj should have taken more shots on goal rather than passing around D top and allowing RH defenders to intercept. Playing with 10 players against such a great side, hats off to RH. I think PACU would be happy with this result as they need only a draw in their VIP fixture against BT to clinch the title. That match would be worth to watch for sure. I still have a very long way to go and have a huge scope of improvement. Sherry had super game today and defended very well. Surely he would be a rockstar under Coach's guidance soon. All RH players played with commitment and passion. I enjoyed defending with them. Congrats RH and hard luck BT. 
Thank You Sir. 
Groo's Review as LP 
Thanks to ADC for appointing me as LP for today's match. 
Well on paper this match was supposed to be an equal contest. But on field it turned out other wise. 
Best passing game was on display by BT throughout the match. May be an unselfish approach in the attacking 18 yard box made them to loose the game? 
Midway through the first half, RH scored the first goal through individual brilliance by a superb cross laid out to Satish. And this was the only goal of the match and 1 of the 2 shots on goal by RH team. 
Second half, well 20 players played in the RH half. BT tried and tried but couldn't score the equalizer. General feeling was that BT might score 3 to 4 goals. They came close on 2 occasions but denied by the Bar work. 
BT Goalkeeper was seen stretching after every 2 mins as he had nothing to do except to see the proceeding in other half of the ground. But at the fag end, made a splendid save to keep Satish and Amartya from scoring the 2nd goal for RH. And this was the only occasion when ball was seen in BT half. 
RH team did well and their absence of a player was only recognized by many when someone said they played the match with 10 players. That's how well they defended. Or it looked like that way. In the end a win is a win. And RH is the winner. 
Sherry's Review as Loanee for RH 
Thanks to Sagar to provide me the opportunity to play on loan and also to ADC to approve the loan for me. RH playing with 10 men was always a tough job against a formidable team who likes to put pressure with their fluent passing game. Before the match talk, RH were planning to play 5-3-1 me playing as a sweeper but as Tiger(GK) was carded before the match started and the plan was changed to 4-3-1. Playing in defense for a team(other than my club) which has different defensive technique is a difficult task and I messed up on few occasion in defense which BT should have taken the advantage to get the lead. A perfect cross by Prashant inside the 6 yards box to find Satsut's head and put the ball to back of the net and go 1 up in the half time. A discussion in the half time with the RH team members helped me to understand the defense and improve in the 2nd half. All the players were exhausted which lead to constant pressure on RH defense and I could say RH were lucky on couple of occasion when BT almost scored but the cross bar came to defend RH side. Overall, a good match where RH defended for full 80 min (as extra 5 min were not taken) and gone for counter and succeeded on occasions. Also, I would like to mention Goal Keeping by Tiger was amazing. Well played RH and Hard Luck BT!!! 
MR By Khare 
Addition to the Headlines to this morning Newspapers -  
Keano as BB runs MORE than RH players!!! 
MJ and Atool as CM and SR ran more than the RH players!!! 
RH play with 10 players but it looks like they played with 7!!!! 
Ok thats enough!!! 
I enjoy chatting with the players while playing and to Ref this match seeing the quality on show when not having to focus on ungentlemanly conduct etc was like eating chocalte chip ice cream and not having to worry about catching a cold or sore throat later! Such are the worries of an asthmatic!! 
When RH did get possession of the ball for more than two passed they were DELIGHTFUL, but keeping the ball for more than two passes happened just 3 or 4 times and it was one of these occasions that they scored. They had a 10 plus pass move of which they earned a throw. Pauls cross of Mishti's throw was an appetizing one indeed but this was the one moment the ENTIRE defensive line fell asleep. INCLUDING AndySu. When a cross is laid on loopy and inswinging, it's the GK's call ESPECIALLY if the defenders for some reason are catching offside. SO if the GK is not coming out to collect the ball and the defenders are catching offside, whats to happen if the attacker BEATS the offside trap? This goal was a BIG MISTAKE. Gambo got acres of space and a few hectares too. AndySu looked like one of those blokes in ancient mythology that turned to stone once they gazed into Medusa's eyes. 
Some of BT's passing was FANTABULOUSLY wonderful! Delicious like a Waffle with whipped cream!! But as the game progressed and you realized that RH were playing with 10 men that resembled 7, you tended to think that the Thunder are all noise and no lightning.  
In the end it became as embarrassing as suddenly realizing your swimming trunks had fallen off after you jumped into a pool. First of all jumping into a pool brings on pure spams of unbridled loathing for me. To swim amongst people you don't know (to swim with people you know may ease the burden a bit coz you may think that this person you know is a clean person) is akin to having a shower or bath with the hairy chap in your neighborhood who farts everytime he passes you. Think of all the hair that has fallen off from parts of someones body that you can't imagine, think of those little floating bits of gunk that may be bits of poo or left over snot or dandruff or toe jam that you are bound to swallow when you are out trying to impress everyone with a dive of the highest board or showing people how well you do your free style...By now all of your reading this are wondering if you are actually reading a Review of this mornings match...Well let me assure you that this explanation was needed for you to understand my embarrassment. Here I was salivating and drooling at the display of touches, passes, skill and technique on show and then realizing what I had mentioned before, that RH were playing with 10 men that looked like 7 and what they could do with overdozed junkies made what KITFO did in the 2 Semi's against BT in the LCF look pretty pathetic. 
But no, a comparison is wrong. KITFO were like players on steroids and they well deserved their double leg victory. KITFO actually matched BT and made them work like crazy people. 
I do NOT want to be the damp squib but RH were made to look good by BT. 
Mangs did a wonderful job as captain and credit goes to him for this victory. His team mate Sherry kept shouting at players to cover and mark but as the Referee reminded Sherry on many an occasion, that this is NOT KITFO so just GET ON WITH defending!! 
Satsut as a Loan for RH was BRILLIANT! He did more running than ANY RH player and he was the much needed outlet. 
Nick was goodish whenever he got the ball and did what I term a Khare turn at KFANDRA with nonchalant ease and even got a tch tch (Clicking sounds made to show the wowness factor!!) from the Ref!! 
Red was BRILLIANT at LB, I presume the stress he was under as his wife was preggy suddenly eased when he go to know he's the Daddy of teensy weensy little girl! CONGRATS RED!  
What of the others? Of all the players that took 5 shots it had to be MKUL!! He can't SHOOT!! But at least he took them... 
Was it tactically correct to play the passing game even against 10 players that looked like 7 and who were more tired than a fish out of water? Yes they were correct. IT was just that they FAILED SO MISERABLY in 80 mins of footer of getting the ball in the back of the net.  
Please understand me here.  
To top it all off, Sherry tried easing the burden off BT by scoring an OWN GOAL!!! 
A GOAL was also DISALLOWED! Both the AR's gave the goal IMMEDIATELY! It's shocking that the AR and LP on the side this happened failed to mention it. As per the Refs Report - I saw the RH GK about to pick the ball up with at least half a second of space when my view was blocked, the next thing I knew was that Mishti had fallen over, Tiger was ASTOUNDED and Shaurav had tapped the ball in.  
I KNEW something was wrong. As I saw Tiger ABOUT to pick the ball up and the nearest player was Snowtop who was not attempting to slide in also. So I didn't blow the whistle that signals a goal and approached the LP Amma. He said GOAL HAI!!! (Goal is!!) I called Ahjoo AR over and he said GOAL definitely is!! I still had my doubt and observed Meeraj looking very innocent acting as BB. I asked him his version hoping that he would allay may doubts. For IF even Meeraj would've said he thought there was no infringement and a goal should be awarded then I'd HAVE to give the goal and HOPE the CM has captures the incident so I could see if my doubts were founded or not. 
Thankfully Meeraj thought that Snowtop had pushed Mishti before Tiger could collect the ball. So that cleared my doubt that there must have been something that forced Tiger to let the ball go. On viewing the video (Luckily captured by MJ) Snowtop pushes Mishti who falls head over heels and heads the ball out of the Tigers hands (He had JUST picked it up!!) Phew a CORRECT decision! 
SO the final on Saturday!!! How about ending it with a player Ref?? Lets end the seaosn of with on a Bad Note with players having a scrap!!! Only joking!!! 
Hope all of you come to watch the match! Remember, a VERY LONG OFFSEASON awaits!!  
I am going through the submitted form and I will soon clear up a number of doubts!!  
Please try and attend the sessions at TZ or KITFO for your OWN GOOD!!! 
Please contact Sherry/Amti/Amar/Mishti with any queries regarding the KITFO sessions 
and Ahjoo regarding the TZ Sessions. 
(I have gone through some of the responses that have started pouring in and in regards to some of the suggestions regarding the TZ sessions, Ahjoo and I have had a chat and as everyone knows Ahjoo's a good bloke so please feel free to discuss your issues regarding the TZ sessions directly with him!!!) 
Sat 21/05/16  
AA (0) 1 ATB 5 Vs PACU (0) 1 ATB 3 
AA - Ajinx 46.40 
PACU - Kapka 91.30 
AA –Sarva (value 0.37M TZR) RW for Ryan value (0.44M TZR) & Jatin (0.29M TZR) RW as AVG 
PACU - Keano BE 0.43 M TZR AVPL Andysu BT 0.40 M TZR AVGKL Sumanta BE 0.29M TZR for Neeraj M 0.29M TZR (DL) 
AA's Review By Sparky 
"AA is ecstatic to be in the ADC cup finals one of the most prestigious cups in TZLC. Are we glad that Pacu made it to the finals over RW? not really! We consider PACU at par with RW in terms of talent and this is going to be a fantastic final. After watching Pacu beat the mighty warriors they have set the stage to make this a highly competitive and full of commitment. I personally love the passion that Amma brings to the game and the rest including the former are a bunch of super talented and skilled players. 
We are going to be missing Sam & Maya which is a huge blow for us because for me there is no better player in AA or in fact in most clubs who can read the game better than what Sam can do. Maya again is one of those players who doesn't play out of position and that is a big advantage that we will lose. 
However we had to make some strong loans to give Pacu a tough fight and I can assure you that the passion we lacked while playing Kitfo will be not be repeated. We intend on taking Karan Shetty on loan for Sameer Chavan's value and also taking Jatin Bhana as AVGK. Both of these loans are subject to ADC approval (Loan application to follow). 
Our strategy would be to have a strong midfield to counter Pacu's midfield talent. We missed our Left midfielder Shivang Joshi for most of the season and we are stoked to have him back for the finals. He will get some game time but we will not sacrifice Addu who has quietly and humbly played in this adult league and given his 150% every time. We are so proud of addu even though we don't do a good job of mentioning it to him. 
I am excited to play Pacu most of them are good friends but for those 90 minutes we will fight it out competitively and give fans and outside audiences a good game. Cannot wait for game day!! 
PACU's Review By Amma Read PACU's MP By Amma!!! 
We never expected to get this far in the ADC Cup. But having made the finals....why not try winning it. We will be missing Subaru (personal tragedy), VICKY, Narya(personal travel) and Harry too is a major doubt. On the flip side we now boast a squad who can last the full 90 minutes. Strategy ???? We'll defend. You don't attack the Lions and their cubs. They will be smarting for revenge due to the results in the League games. Defensively Audi with his speed and Ajikya's crafty runs will have to be contended with. And the Mighty Chotu looks like he is coming for this one. 
The players at AA are good mates off the pitch. Just like the cross voting in Indian Parliament/Assemblies players from both the teams will mingle freely for evening refreshments irrespective of the result. Good luck AA. Lets have a good game. 
PACU's Review BY Satsut 
What an end to a thrilling game this morning! End to end stuff from both the teams and it rightly needed penalties to decide the outcome. All in all, a worthy final as far as Pacu is concerned. Although the result did not go our way, we are proud of the way we played. We started with the 4-4-2 formation with Andysu GK, Subhav, Amar, Hima and Jango making a formidable back 4, with Keano, Sumanta, DJ and Harry/ Yogi playing in midfield, and Kaka and me strikers. We knew our absentees and hence their replacements(loans) were going to help us play a slightly more attacking game. We started the game very positively. The first half ended all even withno goals scored. Kapil was guilty of missing a good chance of a Sumanta cross. The 2nd half started the same way. AA weee first of the blocks with AjinX scoring from close range after Andysu had put in a superb dive to stop a shot taken by Sarva/ Audi. After that Pacu seemed to up their game. But the ball was being moved around pretty well tHanks to Subhav, Amar, DJ and Keano able helped by Jango and Hima for the width. Kapil and me again missed some chances. And then, when the referee added 3 more minutes as added on time. a long ball found Sumanta on the wing, who found Amar on the top of the box. Amar was smart enough to head it to Kapil, who made no mistake this time. Pacu was filled with energy and we hoped to carry that energy and luck into the penalties. We fell short at this final hurdle. I think our order of taking penalties did us in because Kapil dint get a shot. Bad on my part. In the end, I would like to congratulate our entire team for a good solid performance. We should be proud of what we did this morning. Congratulations to AA for a good cup. Thank you referree, MOs and everyone present on the ground. Cheers! 
AA's Review By Sparky 
Congratulations to the AA management and AA squad for a nail biting winner against the almighty PACU and lifting the prestigious ADC cup. I thank Arun & Sam for allowing me to be the captain today. I firstly apologize on behalf of the whole team for an uncomfortable event during the game. Sometimes the passion, the urge to play and do it all alone and give your best can shadow sound judgement and maturity. The whole AA team apologizes to the ADC for bringing the game to a disrepute in front of fans and families. 
I know Pai for a very long time and we both sorted out the issues and hence as a team we are deeply apologetic and this won't be repeated ever again. We request ADC to consider this apology from the whole team and request for minimum action against the Aundh Astros family. 
We are a family and sometimes there are clashes within the family and our current and future managers will assure that it never happens again. 
It was always going to be tough trying to defend against PACU. The formation for today was a 4:4:2 with the idea of having fit players in the middle and give ample support to the strikers and defense.  
Audi our golden boy worked very hard today trying to help out both offensively and defensively. Sarva and Ajinx constantly kept pressing so that gave us a lot of space. Addu and Pai worked hard on the wings and especially second half we had some close runs where they took on the LB & RB's and cut in towards the Pacu goal. Mihir, Arun and Neel did a great job holding a good line and keeping Pacu away from attacking. Tiger and Arty played important roles in coming with fresh legs and creating space and feeding Ajinx and Sarva. 
We missed Sam's reading of the game and Maya's sound positioning as a defender . Thank you Ivan and Jonty for playing on loan. Jonty was brilliant as GK played off the line and kept Kaka at bay numerous times. 
I didn't have a strong game as my touches were poor but I had to calm my nerves and try to keep Pacu from Scoring. I love the fact that Ajinx finds good positions and Audi's well placed shot was saved by Andy Su but it popped out of his hands and Ajinx scored. Once we scored that goal and since we were already into the 2nd half we had to literally park ourselves and Arun did a great job today cutting those runs from the right side. 
Kudos to Sumanta for constantly taking on our LB and putting crosses in. His confidence is so high and he and Keano are now Stars at the NCL ground. I couldn't head out Sumanta's cross away and it fell right onto kapka's feet who placed in the equalizer during injury time. Ughh that feeling of going into another penalty shoot out was horrible, because it gives you memories of last Saturday's finals against Kitfo. Anyways we had to face the situation and I stepped up as a keeper. I was lucky to have saved Keano's penalty while our boys scored 5 perfect penalties. 
What a victory Astros! No problem if we have been relegated we shall build ourselves again and come back into 1st Div. Congrats PACU for a good season and wish you guys the best for the next game.  
Thank you ADC for a competitive season sometimes these games don't appear to be beautiful but the passion and the effort that everyone puts in makes it all worthwhile I hope. 
Go Astros!! Always believe in yourselves and your team mates. What we learnt from today and it applies to every individual of the Astros family and that is respect one another and give your best to the team and then look out for yourself. If you do that no one can stop you from winning what you deserve.  
AA's Review By Rock 
AA win the ADC CUP! What a way to end the season! After the defeat on penalties to KITFO last weekend, it was a feeling of deja vu when PACU scored in the dying minutes of the game. Fortunately, AA came through this time, and I was glad the penalties did not go into sudden death. 
The match itself was a scrappy affair, with lots of mistakes made by both sides, allowing scoring opportunities at both ends. The first goal, by AA, came from a poor clearance/pass by the PACU defence, which Audi intercepted and raced towards goal. His shot was blocked by Andysu, but Ajinx was there to slot in the rebound. PACU's goal resulted from a Suman cross, headed goalwards by Amma, that fell perfectly for Kaka who coolly slotted it home. 
For PACU, Amma and Subaru in defence, and Suman on the right wing had standout performances. For AA, Ajinx and Audi did a great job upfront, while Sarva was superb in the midfield. Sean also was outstanding in defence. A special mention to our young guns - Adu and Neel, who gave stellar performances. 
AA is relieved to have come away with some silverware, in a largely disappointing season. We played some excellent football in the middle of the season, but had a poor start as well as so-so performances towards the end of the season. We hope to have an opportunity to stay in Division I, and look forward to the next season! 
Thanks to Coach/ADC and all the players for a super season! Many clubs, especially KITFO, are now on equal terms with the other clubs, and the next season will be a hard fought one. 
Ivan's Review as Loanee for AA 
I would like to thank the ADC for approving my loan to play for AA in the ADC cup final. I played in central midfield today. The game was a tight affair. AA did well in the first half and had minority of the possession and the chances. Unfortunately we couldn't score from them. Pacu also had a glorious chance in the first half but unfortunately kapka couldnt manage a good shot and he skied it over. AA did score mid way through the second half. Audi's shot which was parried by andysu fell right to ajinx who made no mistake. After that pacu had to attack. All AA should've done was keep the ball. They had the players to do it. But I felt the quality of the game in the last 15 mins was not so good. AA went to score the second every time they had the ball but were losing it in the final third. And pacu from there were putting long balls to their strikers kapka and satsut. The ref added 3 mins at the end of the second half and pacu took full advantage of it and equalized through kapka. AA finally won 5-3 on penalties after Sean saved an effort from keano. I felt I had to run quite a lot today. Maybe because the game was flowing from one end to the other. Congratulations AA for winning the ADC cup!! Good luck to pacu for their 2nd division decider !! 
Pam's Review as LP 
A very high voltage and high intensity game being played out in the ADC cup final today! The game itself was mostly rush and play from both sides but the energy, passion and intensity shown by both sides was immense! Other than throwin calls and a couple of offside calls, there was not much for me during the 90 mins which were played out. AA did well to take the lead just after halftime. After conceding the first goal PACU woke up and started to push ahead with their wave of attacking moves. What impressed me most is that they believed (Kakpa most of all) that they could get the equaliser till the last moment. When the SR announced 45 mins mark, I felt it was all over for PACU but thats when they get posession via an offside call, and in that final move PACU scored the equaliser, Kapka slotting one past Big Daddy literally in the dying moments of the game. Regulation play was followed by penalties which was another contreversial episode as told to me by many after the game (mostly due to me!) because many were wondering why were were having discussions everytime a save was made . So here come the clarifications. The ref had instructed both the LP's to watch out for the Goal keepers positioning at the time the kick was taken, if the GK was out of his line before the kick was taken and managed to save the ball, it would be a re-kick. Otherwise it would be a goal. Now, for almost every penalty kick being taken, the GK would move off of their line a bit but since most of those times a goal was scored, we pointed to the spot. For Andysu's save, his one foot was outside the line and although I felt it did not impede the kick taker and gave it as a goal, it had to be retaken as we had crystal clear instructions fro the ref that BOTH feet of the GK have to be behind the line. For sparky's second save when we had the other lenghty discussion, I felt that Sparky was slightly off his line and hence didnt point to the spot, while Mantan did not point to the spot since he thought it was a legit save! After seeking the counsel of the Ref we decided to adjudge it as a save. After that it was AA's kick to miss but they didnt and won the penalty shoot out. They would be overjoyed after last week's League cup final loss. PACU were obviously dissapointed after coming so close to winning it but should not feel very bad as they played their hearts out, congrats to them for that. Sparky and I made good use of the icebox after the end of the game and drenched Audi with the ice cold water, although a few others would not have minded a cooling down either after such a hot game of football! Thanks ADC for the opportunity to be LP in this game, it was fun and I enjoyed my job. Looking forward to the Offseason now! 
MR By Khare 
I don't think commitment and passion will ever be missing from a TZLC match. KITFO have shown the way. After AA won it, the most jubilation I think came from Meer who could finally celebrate something this season with his counterparts at KITFO as he was playing for AA in the other final which AA lost. So Meer had something to scream about.  
I wish some players were not deadpan. I wish that you could see on their faces that winning meant something and losing also hurt deep. 
A deadpan expression means that it doesn't matter to you whether you won or lost. 
For me thats never the case as I can get upset even if I lost to a chicken at finding the last kernel of corn to munch on. 
Sparky was clearly emotional and was trying to get everyone pumped up. Adu was clearly wanting to be happy and go crazy but he probably wasn't sure what the proper protocol was. Players like Stoney, Ajinx, Audi looked lost. Even Big Daddy who seems to be the lucky mascot for both KITFO and AA in both winning teams tried jumping up and down AND HE WASN'T from AA!! 
This just shows that there's NO LOYALTY developing at some of these clubs. A sense of loyalty stems from players doing stuff together through thick and thin. Thin meaning the rigorous training you undergo at one of the practice sessions, when you push each other on, when you lose a match and you don't single out an individual for the loss but understand that it IS a TEAM game in the end and the efforts should not be on castigating but on firstly pulling that person out of the deep well he has dug out of self pity and loathing and to look for a way to learn from these mistakes. Thick meaning your bonding sessions, over a party, dinner or team meet. 
In fact I TOTALLY expected PACU to do a jolly dance and celebrate like KITFO did if they'd have won it. Although PACU made a few mistakes in team selection prior to this match regarding sitting people out and loaning outsiders, PACU to me were a more UNITED bunch. They constantly bonded by ridiculing each other through a social networking system or a party! But they bonded! And this showed in the way they played. They rarely said hurtful things to each other. One of the youth team players heard comments that would have earned a bike ride back home or 10 rounds of the ground at KFANDRA. NOT NICE and these words of anger came from the AA squad. 
Seriously people, ADULTS should not express their displeasure openly. It should be done in a mature way where noone can get hurt. 
If some bloke makes a mistake, you should tell him so behind closed doors with the rest of the team present or take him to the side and talk to him. Just openly showing your displeasure aggravates the situation at hand and everyone ends up feeling hurt. 
Forgiveness is a part of the ETHOS of the TZLC without which NONE of us could get along. 
Management and Captaincy are two titles that a majority of the members shy away from. So all those of you who are part of this group HAVE NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to openly admonish these select few. In the end it is these select few that have to talk with me in my many Avatars as the ADC, Coach, Sir, Chairperson etc. THIS IS NOT EASY. Although I may project myself to be a benevolent soul, there are times when I have lost the plot. RARELY, but I have. I don't like myself in this guise and I always wish it stays dormant. But as I was saying, EVERYONE makes mistakes. So if our Captain or Manager makes one or many, as a player what is your duty? To enlighten him and if he does not admit his error, then you can SEEK A TRANSFER. Its as SIMPLE as that in the TZLC. 
Life is much too short for all this. 
Why am I spending so much time and effort to create a situation where players can play with passion,committment, with rules created to limit the use of REAL MONEY but at the same time a PROFESSIONAL atmosphere, where you don't abuse or have physical fights, where you don't have to blame the Ref for losing but can only blame yourself or luck. Why? Think of that for a while. Am I earning bucket loads of cash or do I have some inheritance that I keep falling back on? Then why do I spend so much time on the TZLC? Why do I plan meticulously on every TZ or KITFO session? Is it for myself? Or is it that the players I coach can EXPERIENCE what LIFE would've been like in a REAL PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT? When nearly every player right now is talking about Spanish Footer or English, when Me and my bro came it seems a million years ago from Swaziland NOBODY had even heard about Spurs or Barca. People used to say what Rugby is? They used to laugh at us and ridicule us. We struggled but realized that the SYSTEM had won and we had lost. SO in our own way we found a way. I don't know about Surhud, BUT I've FOUND a way and that is through you lot. The efforts I put in so that you can EXPERIENCE what a PROFESSIONAL life is, without the histrionics and unneccessary evils. Thats the pleasure I get. 
People like Ahjoo at TZ have understood how important the TZLC is for EVERYONE and he tries to facilitate my EVERY whim and fancy and there are some others from TZ and KITFO who realize how important this all is. If not for these people who keep ensuring that I am happy I wouldn't be bothered. 
Think about this...WHAT if I said I'm not bothering with the TZLC ANYMORE.....No more TZ, no more KITFO, No more KFANDRA. I'll just sit at home....Don't think I can't people. I'd just start writing or working on 3d animation or cartooning. I have quite a few things I'd enjoy doing. 
BUT what I DON'T ENJOY DOING one bit is to change nappies and massage egoes. 
Meer and Marcelo are the culrpits in both finals. I SERIOUSLY wouldn't have minded if ONLY the TZLC FAMILY were present. We are family and as Sparky said in his review, there are fights that happen within families and I can add that there should be someone present to restore harmony once again. BUT this was IN FRONT of OUTSIDERS people. Guests and family members. We MUST ALWAYS be on out BEST BEHAVIOUR at these times. We are BETTER than the EPL or German football or even the ISL. WE NEED to be BETTER than them. 
One MUST ALWAYS understand that this idea you have of yourself, MAY NOT BE SHARED by those around you. This idea about yourself is your EGO. One must learn to put your EGO on the bottom of the pile. Once you can do this you will understand the value of PATIENCE. 
Currently there are very few out there that keep their ego at the bottom of the heap of egoes. Unfortunately these are people that are usually quiet and reticent. Most of the ones with an ego are loud and chest bangers. Sometimes even a little ego can rise up and a big ego can be cut down to size. 
I do BELIEVE EVERY member of the TZLC is GOOD and HONEST at heart, otherwise you wouldn't have lasted. There are a few though of whom I sometimes wonder HOW they have lasted so long......So what is required here is HUMILITY, MATURITY and PATIENCE. 
The goodness and honesty is already there. 
Before I do my short piece on the match I want all of you reading this to ask yourself this question. WHY are you a part of the TZLC? If its ONLY for fitness, I'm afraid to say that you are in the wrong group. The TZLC has become bigger than that. Then you should DROP out of the TZLC and just attend the TZ or KITFO sessions. Thats me speaking honestly. If the reason is for connecting with like minded people, expanding your friend base and to live a life IMAGINING what it would be like if you were a PROFESSIONAL footballer then the TZLC is for you. So ask yourself WHY? Then it will be easier for you to say NO to the TZLC9 or to sign with an open heart on the dotted line for the club that wants your signature. 
The match itself was RUBBISH. FAR TOO many mistakes. I wouldn't have paid to watch this match apart from the last 5 mins. So I fully credit those braveheart family members that came. That is my take on this very forgetful ADC CUP FINAL. This final that is supposed to be the ADC's major tournament. The League Cup stole that this season. 
In a fair system, especially for a Tie-Breaker that is always tingling with excitement and where the stress levels are high, then the LP's/LM's HAVE to be SURE that ALL the Rules have been stringently adhered to. All the Ref has to do at this moment in time is ensure that both players are ready (GK and Penalty taker) and then BLOW the whistle!! (And obviously take the final decision if the two LP's are confused) Otherwise the Assistants have a much tougher job in the Penalty Shootout! 
Thats all folks. Thank you Ahjoo for the refreshments and chairs and taking care of the guests. Apologies to all if they expected a more thorough Review of the match. 
Sat 28/05/16 2nd Div League Title Decider PACU did not take the Extra 5 in both halves 
PACU (1) 3 Vs BT (1) 0 
PACU - Satsut Pen 2 6.50 63 Dap 80 
BT - Anks 1.32 
MO's - BI: Ajoo, Sachin AA: Arun, Tiger BE: Manoj, Harshad RW: Avi, Ketan RH: Sagar, Belzi 
PACU Loan Application - Amu RH 0.49M TZR AVPL Jatin RW 0.27M TZR AVPL Anand S 0.36M TZR for Subaru 0.46M TZR (Direct Loan) A ADCY Loan Players Absent - Subaru, Jango, DJ and Harry. 
BT Squad list Confirmed: Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) Prashant Bhandari (Bhanda) Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Sameer Patil (Pam) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Jehan Kothary (VG) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) Not Available: Ankush Moghe (Ankle Injury) 
PACU's Preview By Amma Click Here to Read MP!!!! 
Last game of the season and its a direct shoot off for the 2nd Division title. Lots of aches and pains in the squad but hopefully we will all recover for the game. After failing in the ADC Cup Finals this game becomes even more important. A good season may turn into a bad one. Strategically we've shown we can play either attacking or defending football. So we'll let everyone wonder which PACU will turn up for this one. All the best to BT and may the better team lift the title. 
BT's Preview By Pam Click Here to Read MP!!!! 
BT will be playing their last game of the season this Saturday against PACU. It is a must win game for us after our loss against RH last week. If we win this game we will get automatic qualification into the first division otherwise we would have to wait until the beginning of the next season for the playoff matches. So it is better for us to get a positive result right now than wait 3 months to find out about our fate for the next season. 
Not only this game will decide the team which will be promoted, it would also act as the title decider for the Second division. Someone had suggested postponing this game to the end of the season earlier and that person's wish has come true! ! Given the current circumstances, PACU can do with a draw as well so they will probably sit deep within their half and attack us on the counter. We are expecting them to use the long ball very often as well so we will be prepared for that too. PACU have a great fighting spirit and are known to go on until the final whistle so even though the odds are in their favour, they will not be taking this game lightly as the stakes are equally high for them.  
BT have been playing well in the last few games, we are most comfortable with our midfield , it is the defensive duties and attacking that is a major cause of worry. We are not taking enough shots in front of the goal and this needs to change. Defensively as well we have been guilty of sleeping and letting their attackers through on goal. If one has to analyze the numbers, against RH we probably gave them only 3-4 chances and on all of them we were very close to conceding. So basically the defensive unit has a very tough job ahead of this game and if they do well, they can reduce the pressure off of the strikers. That being said, the strikers and midfielders MUST take as many shots on goal and quit the passing around of the ball in the opposition danger area. 
This would be the last game for us in this season and I want to take this moment to thank our fans and spectators who have wholeheartedly supported us and have backed us in all times of turmoil. Please do come out in great numbers on Saturday to watch us play, trust me it would be better than spending your Saturday morning snoozing in your bed! All the best to PACU as well and let us have a fair, fighting encounter. 
MJ's Review as SR 
"Firstly I want to thank the ADC for giving me the chance to be a stats reporter . The match was very good to watch BT scoring in the first minute .Then PACU getting a chance to score by a penalty . BT also got chances but could not turn them into goals. It was very good to see the match end with a spectacular goal by Andy Pandy sir and PACU winning the match ". 
Ryans Review as LP 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the LP's for today's match. This match held significant importance as the outcome decided the league winners of 2nd Div hence any decisions or observations that were given by the LP's were going to be dissected left right and centre. BT were the dominant team between the 2 and most of the game was on my side of the 1st half where PACU was defending deep. There were quite a few calls I had to make as LP but most of them were pretty straight forward. There was only one call which was a little complex where BT scored and there was some discussion required with main ref due to which the goal was disallowed. Believe it was either Jehan or Ashubh putting a lovely ball down the flank to Pam who made a great run and crossed the ball to Shaurav. Hima did intercept the ball but when he cleared it hit Amu and went in for a own goal. When the ball was laid to Pam, Shaurav was miles offside though was not in play but got involved in the move when Pam crossed the ball to him which was an offside as per TZLC rules. Coach did ask if the defenders ran back to generally defend or to cover Shaurav and my ans was it was bit of both for which the offside was rightly given. BT had been playing fantastic football throughout the season but unfortunately have not taken their chances to score. Hard luck BT and congrats to PACU for winning the league. 
Bhanda Ran 
6.2 Km's and came on the field in the 5th min of an 80 min match!!! 
Pam Ran 
BT's Review By Mkul 
Please find below the MR for today's match between PACU and BT on behalf of BT manager (Pam returned from Bombay at 4.30 am and has gone to sleep after being too tired from the match!!! We apologise on his behalf): 
First things first: Today during the match I shouted at one of the strikers that I wanted them to attack the far post. The coach immediately brought to my notice that I should have said "we" and not "I" because "I" signifies my personal ego. I immediately apologised to the concerned player and at this stage I would like to publicly declare that at BT we consciously try to keep this kind of ego out of the picture. What happened in the match was a spur of the moment incident and I again apologise to my teammates for that.  
Secondly, Congratulations to PACU on winning the second division title. They thoroughly deserve it. PACU players are very aggressive in their intent (in a good way) and perhaps that was the difference between the two teams over the course of last 8 months. As a BT player and ex-manager I am personally sad that we didn't win the title in spite of playing some exciting football but at this point we as a team are not brooding in sorrow. All of us are aware that we tried to play a particular brand of football and almost succeeded with it. We have some areas to work on during the off season training and we will do that.Today we decided to play 3-5-2 because we were again having one less defender available due to injury. We started with Andy Su (GK), Rafa, Mkul and Jack (3 central defenders), Pam (RM), Shubhankar (RCM), VG (LCM), Sid who? (LM), Snowtop (CM), Anks and Shaurav (2 strikers). Bhanda arrived a little late and after his arrival he played in place of Mkul in CD and Anks was subbed. Then, Mkul moved in RCM, Ashubh in CM and snowtop as striker. We again created a number of chances through some sleek passing in the midfield but our finishing was again poor. However, there was improvement in the movement of two strikers during crosses. We had discussed this after our last match. From PACU Satsut and Patty were very agile and difficult to deal with when they countered.  
Lastly, we now have the time to introspect and improve our individual as well as collective game in the off season. TZLC 8 has indeed raised the bar for all the teams and the transfer market is going to be very very exciting. A big thanks to all the BT supporters and well wishers for their support and good wishes. I would like to personally thank all the BT teammates for supporting each other during the entire season. A huge applause to our manager Pam for his commitment. And finally great many thanks to the ADC, the ref and the coach from the entire BT squad for their painstaking efforts in making TZLC 8 a huge success. Well done PACU. Cheers BT.  
PACU's Review By Satsut 
There is so much going through my head at this point. PACU, in its 1st year of coming back from the dead has clawed its way from the 3rd Division to the top of the 2nd division, and hence we have now entered the top flight in the TZLC. We cannot even say we had dreamt of this day, so its surely not a dream come true. It has been a long and tough season with our fair share of ups and downs, but to end it this way, needed something special from the team and we are over the moon, we were able to overcome all odds and do the unthinkable. A big big thank you to our fans to have supported us throughout. And ofcourse, the PACU chairman for believing in the abilities of the team and always supporting us. A hard-fought 3-1 win against BT is the perfect way to end the season. BT should be really proud of the way they played. Frankly, they have had a fantastic season and barring their wastefulness in front of goal or in the D, they have played the beautiful game the way it should be played. Heads up guys, you were fantastic! 
We started with our traditional 4-5-1 formation with Jonty as GK, Amar and Amu in CD, Hima on the right and Viki on the left, the midfield was comprised of Patty on the right wing, Neeraj RCM, Me CM, Andy LCM and Yogi on the left wing and Kapil as the lone striker. BT started very positively and were awarded immediately with Ankush scoring with his first and only touch of the game. A super cross from Pam and a brilliant, amazing, fabulous(I am short of words here) touch from Ankush got them their first goal. Fortunately, PACU woke up and equalized in no time through a penalty. After that, we were guilty of losing possession and our passing wasnt slick. We managed to keep BT at bay throughout the half. We were lucky at times because BT were missing chances and Jonty was doing really well to keep us in the game. BT were disallowed a goal for offside and that was a lucky break for us. 
The 2nd half was a much better half for us. We were more composed on the ball and were able to match BTs game(in patches). Again of a quick counter, Yogi the man put in a peach of a ball from left which beat the entire BT defense and we scored another. It looked like BT were caught off guard or their concentration dropped. Credit to BT, coz they kept pushing us all the way. We knew they needed 2 goals from here on and that we would get more chances on the counter. And then in the final moments, Andy scored a beauty into the top corner when he found AndySu off the line. Andy stopped the ball, looked up, measured the forces of the wind, the gravitational pull on the ball and let off an unstoppable streamer. I thought Amar, Ammu, Hima and Yogi had great games. Yogi did play out of his skin on the left wing although he doesnt have a strong left foot. Way to go Yogi. But special mention and respect has to be given to the kid who lit up the right flank this morning. Patty showed so much maturity and skill. His positioning was perfect, his timing of runs was impeccable and the best part was, he was not scared of the opposition nor was he scared of taking a shot on goal. Kudos to you Patty! In the end, we would like to sign off by thanking everyone who played on loan for us in the entire season. I am sure it was challenging for you and we are glad it brought the best out of you. We will be back stronger next season, hopefully faster as well. Goodbye TZLC8! Thank you Coach and the ADC for a great season! To many more......cheers!!! 
Rock's Review as LP 
Firstly, thank you to the Main Referee for appointing me as the LP for this last match of the TZLC8. 
It was a critical match, as the winner would take the Division II title. Ultimately, the wily PACU won against the polished BT. Time and time again, PACU has played the defensive game, and hoped for a score on the counter. They did the same today and came up with the win. They had some luck as well - one time, Amma completely missed the ball and PACU was lucky that there was no one from BT to tap the ball in. 
BT played their usual passing game, but their lack of imagination in front of goal was disappointing. They largely played the ball to the left flank, but Sidhu made hardly any crosses nor did he cut into the box. Pam on the right flank made something happen every time he got the ball, but was mostly ignored in the second half,to his evident frustration. The best strategy for BT would have been to come in from the flanks and get low hard crosses in - it was this kind of move that got them the first goal - a brilliant finish by Ankush! I think he should have stayed up front, in spite of his injury, since BT lacked a striker who could provide the finishing touch. 
Congratulations to PACU for the Division II title! 
Amu's Review as Loanee for PACU 
I would like to thank PACU for loaning me for this important game. 
I thought we did not play well in the first half and they scored a good goal within first 5 min. Team showed great spirit and won the game 3-1 after the set back. First half we could not hold on to the ball that put constant pressure on the defence. BT missed 2 open chances to score.  
But in the second half it was a different story. Even though they had most of the ball we did create good opportunities on counter attacks and scored 2 goals. Congratulations to PACU for winning the league. Hard luck BT. 
MR By Mr. Khare 
Yeesh! Another Season comes to an end and I ask myself if it was a success...Its very difficult for me to judge as I have to look at the season from a multitude of views, as the ADC, the Ref etc. 
I can conclude that this Season, the TZLC8 was one of the most difficult, competitive and crazy seasons ever. For example, the sudden loss of the Sindh ground was crippling. It takes me at least 2 weeks sometimes to arrange the Seasons schedule so ANY PP gives me indigestion. The search for a new ground was scary and exciting but the big family that is the TZLC worked together well. We rented grounds, Dombarwadi (Which is almost the exact same size of Sindh but DOUBLE!!) and the Sangamwadi ground whose width was slimmer than Sidwho?'s waist! Finally the CREATION of a ground at NCL! Much thanks MUST go to Jai (BE) and of bloody course Ahjoo! After that my heart broke when the Youth players were forced out of the TZLC8. Sometimes the attitude of the players won out over the proper way to play the game. (VG, Meer and Marcelo are names that come to mind although there are a few more). Some of the clubs used tactics that made me frown, LOANING players and sitting their OWN squad members out. The MP's I thought was an experiment that would probably fail. But after much perseverence, it caught on! I'm very happy it did. The option for the HOME team to take (or not) an extra 5 mins in each half in their home game was also a first. 
We once again experimented with Player Refs and had to quickly revoke it as the players were unable to treat the Player ref as they treat me. After a few matches at Sindh I enforced the ball pressure rule in which I ENSURED that the ball was able to be headed, kicked and saved by checking the air pumped into the ball was not excessive. 
This season I had to be more involved as more players approached me for advice as well as the Managers. The Highlights Show is something that I take great pride in so I'm glad thats been appreciated. 
Last but not least is the sensational TRANSFORMATION of KITFO. For KITFO this was a season were they GREW UP as a team and as individuals. They understood that Me is NOT EVER bigger than us. (Only except if that Me is me!!!) I hope the KITFO story continues ON and ON. KITFO has opened the eyes of many a member and I'll be looking to see such changes in TZ, the blokes I call high society, Page 3 celebs! Can I make TZ and the NPP realize that the most important thing about the TZLC is the ETHOS? That the RESULT is ONLY a part of the big picture. That winning by any means necessary can NEVER be compared to winning with the squad you have, the hard work you have put through together in training sessions and the RESPECT you share with each and every team mate, opposition player and the MO's..... 
I would love our members to continue to live life with these same guidelines. Our family is definitely bigger than TZLC1 but I'd love it to get bigger and bigger. Not only in the TZLC but outside it too. 
What do we look forward to in the TZLC9? 
A possibility of 9 clubs. I'll ask Ahjoo about maybe a TZAS and NPP combination. Talking about our family getting bigger and bigger Ahjoo's made plans to include some of the NPP's in the TZ family too, and thats brilliant! World class Videography as even a thumb sucking baby would be able to be an AVERAGE Videographer with the TZLC's plan to get a top notch professional Video Camera! 
Seating stands and a toilet as well. Hopefully a GRASSY playing surface!! I'm planning to update the Website to be mobile friendly as well and more professional looking.There will be more but I won't spill the secrets so soon!!! 
Some suggestions through the form have already come in and I'll try and go through a few now. 
1. A internal notification system via the App..Unfortunately this App we have can't run the notifications in India. So I'll try and look into that. I have set up the Wiggio though...A suggestion was made to use the Telegram App and I'll look into that too. 
2. Reducing the 90 min duration. That is why I've introduced the Rule for the Home team to choose whether the extra 5 should be taken or not. We used to have a Before Match Penalty given to the Home team as an advantage (Home supporters tend to have 90% if the seating area) but I felt that it was TOO MUCH of an advantage or sudden disadvantage if missed. A 90 min match will ENSURE that players will REMAIN fit. Can you believe that most of the goals were scored in the LAST 5 mins of ADDED ON TIME? Which Home Manager has said that they being 0 - 1 down we WON'T take the extra 5 in each half as the players aren't fit enough? This suggestion is revoked. 
3. More clubs. This can ONLY happen if the amount of players increase and at the same time some player is READY TO TAKE OVER as Manager. THIS CANNOT happen AFTER the schedule is set.  
4. Not to keep ANY matches in May. Unfortunately this is NOT possible as the Season starts in Oct/Nov due to the Monsoon and unplayable ground conditions. But we can possibly spread the matches out and maybe start earlier this season. Thereby ending it earlier. 
5. A suggestion for Emerging player of the Season is actually already in place as the Most Improved player...We can change the name though. 
6. Can a player be loaned more than twice IF he's being loaned as a GK? Lets see...... 
7. Making the ground SMALLER is OUT OF the question as I'm looking to WIDEN the pitch!!! But if the stands come up I'll change my mind!! 
May allow Home teams to reduce the WIDTH of the ground by 5 yards if they want to trick the opposition! 
8. More ways to earn money for the clubs...This is an ONGOING PROCESS!!! 
I will keep updating everyone in regards to suggestions in the Latest News section! 
Finally on to the MR!!! 
Was this a classic? Well nope....but remarkably better than one of the few dodgy matches we've had this season. This season the percentage of good matches to boring matches has been higher in favour of the good matches. The average standard of the players and matches has gone up a huge notch from the previous seasons. SO I'd rate this match as being 6.5 out of 10!!! 
DAP scored a wonder opportunistic top corner finish from all of 40 yards out no one can eny that. Andysu had spent his energy coming out to prevent Yogi from getting to Hima's pass after good work by Vikky (I mention Vikky as Amma was screaming at him to stick to his position and pass the ball early!!) Andysu took his own time, passed it to DAP!! and then took ages to get back to cover his goal when DAP scored. I wasn't pleased with Yogi's movement after Andysu had passed to DAP as I thought Yogi had obstructed Andysu. As the Ref I thought why else would Andysu not charge back to his own goal line? But Ryan the LP said he saw nothing. In the Vid I can see the obstruction clearly and if Andysu would've been making more of an effort to get back and the goal was still allowed THEN he'd have something to complain about. I've got to mention here that STONEY the CM FAILED to catch DAP's goal. He clearly was WATCHING the game and kepthis camera on DAP. Such a pity and EMPHASIZES the need for a WIDE ANGLE Pro Camera. 
Gave Satsut a YC even though he was clearly tripped in the box and then Mkul's HB. On the as the Ref I said 2 Penalties should be awarded one for before advantage and one for after. The card was for Satsut shout was directed AT Jack the foulee and NOT at thin air as its supposed to be or a shout of pain. In the TZLC we do things PROPER!!! 
BT's Ank's was not supposed to play and he scored with a deft flick. A typical I'm not supposed to be playing, so therefore nothing to prove so therefore I have no stress kind of goal. Something that NONE of the other players feel. They are feeling the stress and therefore hitting the proverbial wall before even attempting to score. If Surhud was watching this match he'd have PUKED coz he HATES watching teams play pass the ball about without energy and commitment. I agree. There has to be some purpose with this kind of game. Yes you win ALL the matches as per the possession stats but you end up losing. WHY? Well because you don't know how to UP the tempo of the match. Regardless of if you are losing and there are 50 mins left or 5, YOU'LL STILL PLAY THE SAME WAY!!! Tiki taka was more like pissy passa!! At one stage Pam could've gone for a wee while the piddling about was going on. If I was Pam and not a coach (I'd have just screamed at everyone) then I'd have tackled Mkul or Ashubh, stopped to give them a lecture on monpoly and nepotism and then done a hell of a lot of dribbling! That would've satisfied me as I would've walked back to my position and waited for the ball until I lost my top again!! 
PACU's Vikky SURPRISES me SO MUCH!! Along with Meeraj!! The two of them would never be recognized as footballers if you brought an okie that does not know them and asked him if these two were footballers. Of course I KNOW that they have immense talent. But in this heat, they can still run about and compete with their ADDED weight around their waists is AMAZING!! That Sidwho? couldn't get past Vikky is creditable immensely to Vikky and Meeraj competing with BT's mf is sensational. Although I told him during the match that he's playing too deep ALL THE TIME. Yogi keeps charging into players by committing WAY TOO EARLY and thats one thing I tell him not to do. BT should've read that Amma and Amu were racing out from deep to put pressure on the Strikers and to sometimes win the ball. At these time matrity from the strikers should come to the fore. They should have realized the plan and moved away or blocked the ball with their body. 
Mkul made a LOT of mistakes this morning as did Shaurav. Jack also. The rest were average. 
Could say more folks but I've already said a lot! I'm already planning for the TZLC9 and getting stressed about all the work that should be completed and all the plans I have!! Plus big plans I have for the TZ and KITFO sessions that will occupy my mornings now. Drills that excite the players and keep them coming back for more. It gets tougher EVERY YEAR as I have to keep developing new drills so that it doesn't get monotonous! But to see the smiles on faces, excited banter, a lot of players and to receive texts or emails or verbal thanking does wonders for the soul! I'll still be energetic people, I hope you lot will be too!!! 
So as I sign off, (I'll put up the ratings in a few days along with the Highlights Show) I can see that dark brownish liquid with a hint of red beckoning to me. Wait a mo I say, I've got a KFANDRA session in the evening....but thoughts of that orangeish fizzy liquid invade my thoughts......I push those thoughts to the side licking my lips in anticipation of a beverage hopefully well earned! 
Actually I'd prefer a Guiness!!! 
Bye Bye TZLC8!! The OFFICAL Aurevoir and Salagahle will be at the Awards Ceremony to be held on a date the MAJORITY of the members prefer!!