Mon 09/05/16  
1st Div  
AA (0) 1 Vs RW (0) 3 
AA - Audi 85 
RW - Toufa 60, Ivan 70.35 Mantan 82.46 
MO's : BE Manoj, Sharad-; BT - Manoj, Bhanda ; PACU – Neeraj, Subha, ; RH – Beeraj, Nik, BI – Sachin, Anand 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Arun 4. Sam 5. Mihir 6. Keano 7. Pai 8. Sagar Pise 9. Sean 10. Ajinkya 11. Manoj U 
AA Loans - Sagar (0.30 mil TZR) RH in place of Neel (0.30 mil TZR) Keano (0.43 mil TZR) AVPL & Manoj U (0.30) AVK 
Request for Direct Provisional GK Loan : Andysu (value 0.37 M TZR) for Ketan ( value 0.43M TZR) 
RW Squad: Jonty Lalit Pravin Avi Monga Karan Vikki ( tentative- will take fitness call tomorrow Morning) Sarva Mannu Taufa Andysu 
AA Preview By Ryan 
AA would be going in this match knowing this is the last game where they might have the slightest outside chance of avoiding relegation and would be giving it all. RW who are very close to becoming league champions again would like to go for the win and close it mathematically for RH to compete for the title. Last match AA did come out winners and Karan with his team would have looked at ever small aspect of that game and would strategize accordingly. AA would be without their engine as both Adu and Neel are not available along with Tiger though we have taken apt loans to match them. Both teams enjoy playing against each other and am sure this game would also be one the spectator's and fans would enjoy. 
RW's Preview By KT135 Click Here to See MP!!! 
We go into this fixture after 2 straight losses to AA in the league Cup 2-1 and 4-0. AA is a great great side and to win we will have to up our game 2 folds defensively and hope that lady luck sides us upfront on this fateful day. We have learnt our lesson regarding a 3 man defence and will take inspiration from BE to get our defending on track. Even though we have had a string of disappointing results we have learnt a great deal out of it and we will try our best to atone for our mistakes on and off the field. Hope the fans come to watch us in good Nos.against one od the best teams in the league.It is bound to be a cracker of a match keeping in mind that both the teams have alot on the line and plus RW is not yet out of the crisis situation.Best of luck to the AA and all the other teams as we enter into the final phase of the best league in the world. known to the ADC as Big Daddy Ran 
7.8 Km's (Click Here to see more in DETAIL!!!) 
Amonk Ran 
6.4 Km's 
AA's Review By Rock 
This was our last league game, and AA needed to win it to stay in Division I. We had beaten RW in our last game, but this time were a man short. Our strategy was the same - play strong defensively and attack on the counter. We had loaned Manoj in goal, Mihir and Pai on the defensive flanks, Sam and Sagar in CD, Sean, Arun, Keano, and Audi in midfield, and Ajinkya up front. 
Our strategy worked well in the first half, and we missed two golden chances to score - one by Ajinkya and the other by Audi. If we had scored even one, it would have provided the much needed wind beneath our wings (or tired legs,in this case!). 
In the second half, the strain of playing a man short against this tireless and quality RW team started to tell. An innocuous cross into the AA box was headed well by Sarva to Toufiq, who scored a really wonderful goal on the volley. That broke our back, since we would now need to score 2 to win the game. However, AA was really tired by now and we made too many mistakes, giving up possession very easily. RW took full advantage of this and their young guns made us pay, with Sarva and Mannan scoring towards the end of the match. Hats off to RW for this win and winning the Division I title.  
I was quite proud of the way AA played today, and we gave it our all. Mihir played in spite of having the flu, and we really appreciate his effort. Keano and Sagar, our two loans, also played wonderfully. 
Amma's Review as Loanee for RW 
Thank you Karan for giving me the opportunity to play for RW once again. It was a pleasure....had to play for 20 minutes, earned money for PACU and will be fresh for our game tomorrow. Ending up being on the winning side was an added bonus. I think I was loaned as cover for an injured Vikas, but being unwell it was the other way around. It is difficult to compete against RW with 11 people, but AA played with 10 and might have pulled out a victory on another day. Congratulations to RW for having completed their league engagements undefeated. 
Red's Review as Loanee for AA 
Thank you Ryan and Coach for the opportunity this morning. I played in CD alongside Ryan for a 10 man AA. Meer too was not well this morning and was not his usual self. 
First half was pretty comfortable for us and unexpectedly we did not have too much pressure. We did well to carve out quite a few opportunities but the scoring boots were missing today. Audi and Ajinx should have scored at least 1 in the first half. We did not feel that we were playing a man down. 
Second half, I feel we should have defended like in the first but we had probably forgotten that we were a man short. Amma came on for Vikus and occupied the space between our defense and midfield and RW started to trouble our defense. Apologies for the first goal as I lost track of Toufa when Sarva managed to knock down a header and Toufa volleyed it first time and game me no chance to recover my error. After that goal it was always a difficult task to come back. We failed to utilize Audi in the second half until the last whistle when he assisted JJ score an OG. 
AA paid the price for not taking their chances and it would have been a different game had we taken at least one of those. It would have certainly given us more energy and resolve but it was not to be! 
Congratulations to RW and good luck to AA for the two Cup finals. 
Sidwho's Review as LP 
I'd like to thank the coach for appointing me as the LP for today's match between AA and the title chasing RW. 
First of all, I owe a sincere apology to AA for not bringing their colours for today's match (fortunately they arranged the colours for all the players in time). Second of all, a heartiest congratulations to RW for retaining their title, that too in an unbeaten manner which is a proud achievement. 
Even when AA had to play with 10-men for entire match, they stood strong in the first half and had very good chances to score against a well motivated RW side. Unluckily for them, none of those were converted and RW took advantage of it by scoring three in second half. It seemed like AA gave up after the first goal (if Audi would have converted that one major chance in first half, the entire game would have been different!). 
As an LP I had nothing much to do in both halves and the players played with a good, non-controversial way and under zero-tolerance policy which is always helpful for the referees.  
Once again, hard luck to AA and congratulations to the champions RW. Thank you for a wonderful match! 
RW's Review By KT135 
A game which RW were lucky to win as only 10 of AA players turned and even with 10 players on the Field AA played really well on the counters and Audi and Ajinx kept the Mid and the Defence on their toes through out this match.We started with 4-4-2 with Loanee GK Andysu Jonty CD Avi Cd JJP RB lalit LB Monga RM KT135 Cm Sarva Cm Mannu LM Taufa ST Vikki ST. With a man down AA had to play deep and this helped us with having more of the possession which we tend to lose quiet often and in quick succession. The possession did create a couple of half chances but with a couple Counters AA nearly Scored when Pai's cross Found Audi on the Left wing from the Right mid position and Audi got past JJp the Keeper but his shot on target was cleared off the line by JJP and if it wasnt for that one clearance it would have been an insurmountable task for us to get a goal back against a solid AA side. after that one break which Audi Missed AA bombarded us in the remaining last few minutes of the 1st half and came ever so close to go up 1-0. especially with Keano's really well placed corners coming bang on in the area between the 6 yard box pen spot and the far post, we held on tight and were lucky to go into the break 0-0. At the half time we switched Vikki who was nursing an injury with Amma Sir who too was unwell but stuck to his commitment and came for the match. Kudos to that. It had a positive effectas Vikki came back stronger and as Amma sir upfront was always a threat and got the pressure off the mid and defense.Right then a ball came in from the left to Sarva who headed it up and Taufa sir Slotted it in from the D-top. at 1-0 the game was far from over as AA increased the tempo and Ajinx got a 1 on 1 chance with keeper but could not convert. Audi too came close to scoring way too many times for it to be comfortable for the keeper and the defence. At a FK won on the Left Taufa directed it to the keeper whose clearance fell to Sarva who made no mistake and grounded the ball in the goal. With 2-0 up we tried to maintain possesion and switched Amma Sir with Vikki who shifted to CM and helped a great deal to deal with the AA attack. Audi and Ajinx still kept Coming and Pai hit the bar. Ryan Sir moved up and almost volleyed a corner into the back of the net and if it wasnt for the lady luck it would have been a totally different story today morning. In th elast few minutes with AA moved up Mantan was released by jonty and converted to make it 3-0 and Audi came back with a goal in the Last min of the game As Andysu did manage to stop the shot but the stop rolled in past the line. It was a really good game played by AA and if they hadnt had missing players ( Mayuresh Sir Adu Neel) it would not have been the same AndySu continued his great form and Amma Sir from the outside guided us really well to keep the Waves of AA attack at bay AA will come back only stronger from this game without a doubt they were just unfortunate as they had a player missing and Audi could have settled th egame in the 1st half itself. 
MR By Khare 
CONGRATULATIONS RW!!! (This can only be verified once the Season is OFFICIALLY OVER THOUGH!!!) 
The Players Reviews have said it all!!! 
In my view though very scrappy. For a VERY UNFIT side like AA manage to create a few chances with 10 men for 90 mins is shocking. 
I must say at this point of time that RW have two of the WEAKEST Cdefenders in the TZLC8!! Which CD's CAN'T play high balls? Or can't clear balls that come along the ground? I'll tell you....Big Daddy and Avi! 
Meer was DYING!!! He was on the verge of pegging...He's been like this for quite some time now and either he takes care of himself or he gets himself checked up. 
Which leads me to say I'm well pleased though to see players of all ages run around or try to do so in this HEAT!! Good God it's hot! 
If I want to play I can't play in the winter coz it's finger numbing cold and in the Summer it's brain boiling hot! So well done people! 
The GK's had an ok day with Jon actually holding on to some crosses and AndySu doing well although he does need work on jumping! 
Audi I felt wanted to dribble past the GK, then dribble past the defenders, then do a jolly dance, then score but JJP sensed all that and cleared off the line. Audi once again nearly missed the one he scored, or was it a JJP own goal? AndySu got a hand to that too. But AA were playing WITHOUT a LM fo most of the match. Audi was playing as a LM and LCM and that probably took a toll on him. 
I shudder to think how Sparky is travelling to Delhi to a temp higher than Pune after playing a 90 min encounter. 
RW's Amonk is among (Hehehe Funny..) the BEST crossers of the ball in the TZLC!! By FAR!!! BRILLIANT! But there are no headerers in the TZLC8 apart from Shaurav whose playing for BT. RW's players are still central and need to play to their positions while the CM's drift into 
each other zones. Very confused lot. 
Glad Taufa FINALLY got his trademark Bhoonga's back, but unfortunately for him.... the SEASONS OVER!!! Well possibly 2 more matches to go and IMPORTANT ones!!! If they get past PACU!!! 
Big Daddy continues to be a grumpy dad with his bratty kids. Sometimes being a little nicer can do wonders too BD!! 
As I said before, the players Reviews have been very thorough! 
Special thanks to Pat and Spongebob who help out with the Ball boy work selflessly. 
What a Season it's been!!! This is how a Season should be, at the end of it, you should feel that you've accomplished something. More philosophy at a later date..... 
Cheerio and till the morrow!! 
Tue 10/05/16 POSTPONED RAIN 
MO's :- BI - Anand, Ahjoo BE - Manoj, Devendra AA - Pai, Adu RH - Sagar, Shivam RW - Monga, Karan 
PACU - Jatin B (RW - 0.28M) : AVGKL Ameya D (RH - 0.50M) : AVPL 
BT Squad list Confirmed: Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Sameer Patil (Pam) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Jehan Kothary (VG) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) 
Loans: K135T (0.38 mil TZR) DL in place of Ankush M(0.40 mil TZR) Ryan (0.44 mil TZR) Provisional AVPL (in case he is una we would like to go for Sean (0.41) as AVPL. Have spoken to him as well about his ava) 
PACU's Preview By Satsut Click here to See MP!!!! 
The 2nd division title is up for grabs in this all important fixture. BT and PACU have 2 games remaining, 1 each against RH and this head to head encounter. Needless to say, its more like a winner takes all league game. Last time around, we played them with a man short and were able to eke out a draw. We will stick to our favored 4-5-1 formation and show more intent in attack. Everyone in TZ is aware of the beautiful game that BT plays, but we sure have a plan to counter that. Everyone in the PACU camp is pumped and looking forward to this game. Good luck BT. 
BT's Preview By Pam Click Here to See a very good effort at a MP!!! By PAM!!! With Mkuls assistance!!! 
This is a big game for BT. I think in all the three seasons that I have been with BT, we have had a similar situation towards the end of the season where we have that one game which will potentially decide our fate. It started with FF (erstwhile) , then AA and now PACU. Meeraj is the other player who will share a similar feeling on Tuesday, only difference now being that his interests are not vested in BT anymore.  
To put it across simply, this game is as good as the title decider. So much so that last week someone suggested to me (hopefully in jest) that we should postpone this game to the end to make things even more exciting! Fair enough from the fans perspective but BT would prefer to get this tough one out of their way. Coming back to the math, if BT win this they are 'almost' assured of the title (almost because in the TZLC its never over until its actually over!). If we draw this, we need to win our next one and the jobs done. If we lose, then nothing is in our hands and we can only hope that our stars are aligned in positions that will give PACU a hangover before their next game so that RH beat them. Truth be told, BT would never wish bad things upon their opposition, so basically we dont have a choice but to win the PACU game, its as simple as that. 
How we are going to achieve the above objective is a different story altogether. We are missing Bhanda and Ankush due to travel commitment and injury respectively, we have loaned able replacements in their place after intensive internal discussions. PACU have a distinctive playing style as I had also mentioned in my preview in our last game against them, there were some learnings we have taken from the earlier game and will hopefully not repeat the same mistakes this time around. As this is such an important game for both sides, I urge players from both side to go for a good contest and a fair game. I wish PACU all the best for this encounter and thank you for taking such good care of our fans! 
Wed 11/05/16  
KITFO (1) 1 Vs BI (5) 10 
KITFO - Zubin 37.10 
BI - AVPL Audi 3 7.49 21.15 83.50 Dap 2 15 41.32 Rango 2 53.52 62.53 Chinchin 61 Jhakaas 87.50 
KITFO Squad - 1 Sharad 2 Sagar 3 Zaid 4 Subin 5 Manoj 6 Suman 7 Sameer 8 Amit 9 Varun 10 Guru 11 Rakesh 12 Mihir 13 Ravi 14 Nishant 15 Arpit 16 Aviank 17 Amartya 18 Dhananjay 19 Nitin 20 Rakesh 21 Alan 22 Prashant 
BI Loans - 1. Danny (value 0.47 MTZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan Arun (Rock) (AA - value 0.44 MTZR) - DL 2. Amiraj (value 0.30 MTZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan Audi (AA - vlaue 0.40 MTZR) - AVPL 3. Amol Hatkar (value 0.32 MRZR) - un-available due to travel - in place AVGKL Avi (RW - value 0.32 MTZR) 
BI Team List : 1. Atul 2. Sachin 3. Dhruv 4. Karan S 5. Rango 6. Gautam 7. Anand aka DAP 8. Jhakaas 9. Gautam 10. Rock (on loan subject to approval) 11. Audi (on loan subject to approval) 12. Avi (on loan subject to approval) 
KITFO Preview By Sherry 
KITFO playing at home against BI which has strong and experienced squad in its side. KITFO having a huge squad available for this match and KITFO are planning to play the fresh squad which can surprise BI team. KITFO will be starting with strong defense and start the game from back and get some attacking moves in BI half. KITFO has improved a lot as a team under the guidance of Coach and this time Coach has asked the management to manage the KITFO team so that most of players who were not able to play in previous game would be keeping BI team on toes. BI loaned some experienced player who can be lethal against KITFO but KITFO are planning well to counter their attacks. 
A huge squad of 22 players can give lot of surprise to BI like playing fresh feet in each half.....:-) 
All the best BI! 
BI's Preview By Chinchin Click Here to See MP!!! 
(The ADC has stated that the Clubs publishing their Ticket rates in MP's or etc are doing so at their own risk. The Ticket rates will be divulged NEXT SEASON in the Stadium turnstiles itself. By publishing your ticket rates your are either dropping hints to other clubs as to what the average ticket rates could be. Some clubs have as yet not succeeded in getting the right balance. Not to say that in this case BI has also got the right balance!) 
2nd Division League Match Away fixture against KITFO, an organization team that defeated BI in the League Cup QF and have been in top notch form since then. BI's last fixture was against AA in the ADC Cup SF Leg 2. Though BI won the aggregate difference was too large to bridge. BI has been facing with player availability this season but it's good to have Andy Pandy back. Along with DAP back in the squad BI will be taking some strong loans to balance the team out. BI will play a 4:5:1 formation. BI will play the defending game and attacking on counter in this match BI will also be looking at playing long balls. BI will look to get the early opportunity to score and try to keep KITFO under pressure. 
BI requests its fans to come in large numbers to support and cheer the team. This match will be exciting.  
Rock's Review as Loanee for BI 
Thanks to Atool and Ajhoo for loaning me for this match, and the ADC for his approval of the loan. With most of the regular players rested, presumably for the upcoming League Cup final, the KITFO squad was composed of many new players, who lacked technical skills but certainly did not lack passion. 
BI had a strong squad, and were rarely troubled. Goals came in regular succession, although the KITFO keepers could have saved quite a few. Manoj made a few excellent saves during his watch. For BI, Chinchin, AndyPandy, KS, and Jhakaas played particularly well. The defence had a quiet game, although I was guilty of making a hash of a back pass that resulted in KITFO's solitary goal. 
Well played BI, and wish the new KITFO members all the best. They will surely take heart from the progress that the regulars in their team have made this season. 
VK's Review as player for KITFO 
Today the KITFO reserves got walloped by a strong BI team. However all was not lost as the intention of KITFO was to give playing time to the fringe players, most of whom had never played an entire 90 minute game before joining KITFO few months back. Thanks a lot Coach for your inputs on this one. 
KITFO reserves played 5-4-1 with the regular players rotating in goals starting with Rajib da (GK): Prashant(SW), Dan (RB), Robby (RCD), Tintin (LCD), Aviank (LB); Arpit (RM), Groo (RCM)(replaced later by Zed), VK (LCM), Nishant (LM); Subin (ST). The first few minutes was absolute mayhem in defence with KITFO going 3 goals down in absolutely no time. But in a rare foray upfront, KITFO won a penalty with Subins persistence. Robby saw his penalty narrowly miss the right upright. Bad luck Robby on the kick. But Subins persistence paid off and he capitalized on some indecisive defending to bundle the ball over the line. Congratulations to Subin on his first ever TZLC goal. It was 1-3 and if KITFO could put pressure on BI we were in with a chance. However the lack of quality showed and half time came with the score 1-5. In the second half KITFO did match BI for 15 minutes. However the lack of fitness on the reserves showed and the flood gates opened again with inexperience in the side and make shift goalkeepers. The match ended 1-10 in favour of BI and it would have been worse but Rajib da, Jon and Amti made a few good stops in goals. 
However the effort shown by the reserves was commendable with players like Nishant, Subin, Arpit, etc carry on even through absolute exhaustion. It was a great learning experience with the senior players on the team like Zed, Tintin, Groo and Prashant guiding the others. Red was in charge of KITFO today and he did a great job with changes and encouragement to players. Also a shout out to the KITFO main team of Red, Rajib da, Amti, Keano, Sherry, Jon, Amartya, Sumanta, Rake, Meer, Alan, Dev, etc. who helped mark the field and gave out constant encouragement from the side lines. Thanks a lot for your guidance we look forward to that always. All the best for the big final on Saturday and we do have enough quality to win the League Cup. 
VK Ran 
8.4 Km's!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Audi's Review as Loanee 
Thank you BI management for taking me on loan yet again. I enjoy playing for this team as now they play to me strength always. The game today was not very interesting. There weren't any particular tactics being employed by any team. BI were the more organised side as they were quickly passing the ball out of their defence to attack which meant catching kitfo on counter was simple. But I have to admit this kifto side is a bit different than the one I am used to play with. The players today seemed determined to play a good game but were failing to get what is in their mind on the field. But they still had each others back and were pulling themselves up everytime they made a mistake. You can understand their difficulty as the were constantly changing their formation and more importantly coach was not helping them so they were having a tough time. However I won't take any credit away from BI. Rango, KS, DAP were on the money. They were ready to throw themselves at everything. I know for a fact that KITFO will come back stronger on saturday so I look forward to that. For me, today was a bad day. Although I scored 3 goals it means nothing if I scored them from 8 clear cut scoring opportunities. And this has been my problem in the last couple of matches. I feel I am not taking the defenders seriously perhaps.I apologize to everyone who had to play with me and witness the basket full of misses. I will not let that happen again. Also. I absolutely loved what rajibda said during the game. It was something like if you stop running then you will NEVER get the ball ever. It made sense to me. Anyway. Congrats to BI on a huge victory. And look forward to playing against kitfo again on saturday. Thank you.  
Pam's Review as LP (Pam Ran as LP 3.35 Kms) 
Thank you ADC for appointing me as the LP this morning! For anyone not present on the field today, BI beating KITFO by 10 goals to 1 may seem like a shocker but as the ADC mentioned in the headlines this morning, the scoreline reflected the vast difference between the main and reserve KITFO teams. It seems that KITFO had rested their main team players ahead of the Cup final on Saturday, a smart move I would say.  
As LP today I had to run around a bit but the second half was relatively quieter as much of the game developed in the KITFO half. No controversies were witnessed this morning, a few late challenges and nothing more. along with racking up the highest goal tally for the season, BI also probably broke the record for the highest number of times to be caught offside! The highlight of the game for me was Jhakas' Rabona goal, the 10th for BI, what a way to finish off the game in style! Also the first Rabona goal in TZLC history as mentioned by Coach after the game.  
Lots of learning points for the KITFO reserve team I'm sure, obviously it must be hurting to lose by such a large margin but at least they now know the level of performance they need to put out if they want to be selected in the main team, todays game will provide the required clues. It was also nice to see the benched KITFO players helping out with ball boy duties, and helping their team mates on the field with instructions on how to play etc. KITFO's spirit is an example for other teams to follow for other teams! 
Vikus's Review as AR 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the AR in today's match.  
First half was relatively quite at my end of the field, as BI pushed numbers forward and pressed KITFO in their half. In the 2nd half, I was called in to give an important call where the ball had crossed the line after hitting the underneath of cross bar. Congrats to BI for the win and best wishes to KITFO for their imp game at the end of week. 
KITFO's Review By Red 
Thanks to Coach for giving me the opportunity to manage KITFO today. It was a new, different but good learning experience for me. It also reinstated my belief that Mr. Khare's is a very difficult job to manage from the sidelines! 
This match was an opportunity for players who did not get enough opportunity in the Semis to claim a spot in the finals on Saturday. Players who have had ample opportunity previously were supposed to guide the ones on the field. 
We started with a 5-4-1: Mishti-GK; Dan-RB, Robby-RCB, Prussia-Sweeper, Nitin-LCB(c), Aviank-LB; Arpit-RM, Groo-RCM, VK-LCM, Nishant-LM; Subin-ST. We had an experienced back line and a vocal GK to guide them from behind. We failed to stick to our strategy of clearing the ball from defence and getting it into the opposition half. This put a lot of pressure on us. On occasions we did manage to clear we failed to move out and allowed BI to come back and attack. The experienced defence on many occasions tried to pass the ball amongst themselves, sometimes attempted to dribble and invited BI pressure and made mistakes. Few occasions were - Mishti-GK taking a short FK in our half and passing to Arpit, Prussia passing to the RB Dan and Dan trying to dribble past Rango, VK passing the ball from CM to the LB Aviank under pressure. 
The opportunities came from a ball over the defense - Subin and Arpit combined well to earn a penalty who nobody was willing to take. Nitin(captain) called on Robby who was deep in our half n then thought of taking himself. Having been asked by coach who should take it, I promptly said Robby. Unfortunately Robby failed to hit the target. KITFO did get a goal when after a ball over the defense, Subin persevered and forced Rock into a mistake and slotted past Avi. Superb stuff by Subin. After Zaid came on and Coach suggested, we switched to a back four(4-5-1) and Zaid came into CM while VK swapped with Aviank. But soon Prussia picked a YC for reaction. John came in after Mishti let in 3 but he too let in 2. Most goals were due to mistakes and failure to clear the ball under pressure. The first half ended 1-5. 
Coach instilled some energy into the squad at half time and it showed for 15-20 minutes in the second half. There was lots of encouragement from outside and everyone was running around, the defenders moving up and down. BI scored a couple more. Amti came over to me and said that the KITFO regulars can come on for the last 10 minutes and put pressure on BI. I said to him - sorry, cannot do that. Amti then wished to play in goals and came on when 4 went past John. BI then scored a couple more form dodgy goal-mouth melees and one via Jhakas who after tearing apart VK finished skilfully past a confused Amti. The game ended 1-10! 
Yes, the score looks embarrassing but the players did get much needed game time and experience. Subin was superb against Rock and Atool. Nitin showed lot of desire and played with heart. So did all the other folks. Robby relished playing in midfield. Arpit did well on the right. Well done guys! 
Thanks again to Coach for the opportunity and help! Even after today's game I hope I get an opportunity in the future. Thanks! 
Tintin's Review as KITFO player 
Firstly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Coach for guiding KITFO for the match against BI this morning. Thanks again Coach for ensuring that players, who didn’t get to play even for a few minutes in the previous games, get to play for full time today. This was a much needed match experience for all these players. 
Per the plan, KITFO started with a 5-4-1 formation with a rotational goal-keeper. While Rajib started in goals, the defensive duties were assigned to Prashant, Aviank, Nitin, Ravi and Dan. And Nishant, Guru, VK and Arpit were slotted in the mid-field with Subin as the striker. 
The strong BI squad perhaps started with a 4-4-2 formation and their strikers and the mid-fielders had a magnificent game. BI had possession for almost the entire duration of the match and KITFO though defending with 5 defenders were not enough to contain BI. The score speaks for itself of exactly how well did BI play today. 
Highlight of the match was when KITOF actually got a chance to celebrate ONCE in the entire game, when a Subin scored after a superb tackle on the BI defenders… Earlier in the 1st half though, BI almost gave a chance to KITFO to celebrate, however, Ravi was not able to score the penalty that was awarded for a foul in the 18-yard box on Subin, … Ravi gave it a little too much and was off-target. 
Thanks to all the KITFO players who were encouraging and guiding from the side lines for the entire duration of the match … All I can say is well played KITFO … but hard luck … May be attending the practice session regularly would help KITFO players play better. 
Congratulations to BI for the Win … Well played !!! 
BI's Review By Chinchin 
Thank you Manager and Jt. Manager of BI for entrusting me with the match formation and captaincy. Coach had mentioned before the kick-off that he would be fielding KITFO’s second squad considering the upcoming League Cup Finals. BI decided to go ahead with the planned 4-4-2 formation with an offensive approach. Avi (GK), Gautam Bhave (RB) Atool (RCD) Arun (LCD) Dhruv (LB) Jhakaas (RW) Karan (RCM) Andy (LCM) ChinChin (LW) Audi (CF/AM) and Rango (CF/Striker). 
In the first half Audi played as an AM linking the two CMs movement, Rango was asked to play an outright striker. The game build up started well with Karan and DAP in CM, which made us confident to attack early on. The chance to score first came after a defensive error by KITFO. Thereafter BI got some chances and missed a few but managed to play a calm and composed game. Our ball movement and passing around was a bit weak. On one such occasion Zubin from KITFO grabbed the opportunity get the ball, which was misjudged by LCD and LB. Before the GK could take it he lobbed it past him. KITFO’s second chance came off a penalty due to a foul in the box. Robby attempted but missed. Jhakaas played very well for BI today with good running on the right flank, creating opportunities and netting in a goal. The final scoreline may indicate otherwise but KITFO gave their best with a lot of cheering from outside the lines by first squad members. They were guiding the team well, however the ball possession was lost too soon which gave BI those opportunities. BI looks forward to our final fixture against BE. Can't believe the TZLC8 is nearing end. 
BI wishes KITFO good luck for their League Cup Finals and may they sign off their TZLC8 dream run with a victory. We will be there to cheer. 
Avi's Review as AVGKL for BI 
I would firstly like to thank KITFO for loaning me today and the ADC for approving the loan. I was goalKeeper for BI. 
KITFO played reserve players for this match and it turned out to be one sided. BI were in total command throughout 
the match. I hardly touched the ball in both half. In first half BI conceded a penalty, which Robby missed. 
KITFO scored their 1st goal due to errors by ROCK and me, the pass from ROCK came very slow, i was in two minded 
to charge in or not. And hence conceded a goal. I apologize BI for that. I could have done better. 
In 2nd half as well BI kept on scoring goals. It was fully dominated by BI. I was literally having  
chats with Mkul and 135 in the 2nd half. Congrats to BI and hard luck KITFO. Best of luck for KITFO  
for the finals. 
MR by Khare 
I think the Reviews have covered everything quite well. 
It was my plan to allow the Reserves to have a run around for much needed match experience this morning once KITFO reached the LCFinal. I had informed Sherry of the same and as usual it took him 3 more instances for it to finally sink in what I had in mind! Paagal Sherry! So his Preview also mentions that the KITFO 1st Team squad will get to play. In Red's Review he mentions Amti telling him that they should make a change in the last 10 mins and bring on the 1st team Squad. This statement shows that the players or some of them are still immature. 
Red showed great maturity in seeing the bigger picture and saying NO to Amti. If Amti had indeed taken of the Reserves and brought on the 1st Team Squad than they would've LOST me as a Coach. 
ALWAYS look at the bigger picture. 
Very thankful to Chinchin captain alongwith his experienced Manager and Loanee Rock who took the match seriously as some egoes would not have been happy to play against players that are still learning the game. The same goes for the others. 
If I was playing for BI, I'd have done the same earlier in my career by taking each match as a serious match and doing my best to play better than everyone. 
I don't think BI played well, they didn't make KITFO run around like headless chickens. Then just went for goal. They should have ENFORCED their superiority by switching flanks and creating goals. 
I felt at least 8 of the 10 goals could've been avoided and were not great goals, neither were they good. Or ok for that matter. 
A special thanks to Pam who took over the camera at half time and captured me telling Jhakaas to try the Rabona!!! And then in the 2nd Half Jhakaas actually crossing once and SCORING also!!! 
Amma's special thanks for holding a Vid Camera for the 1st time ever and managing to control it as the tripod failed. As Amma was a onepod! Though MJ and Amma lost a goal in the process!!! 
It's raining in Erandawane at the moment and the match tomorrow may be called off to facilitate the LCFinal on Saturday! 
Everyone will be informed!!! 
I hope the KITFO reserves, those that aren't a part of TZLC become members next season and someone from this lot takes the initiative to start a new club through the ADC. Those that are interested please contact the ADC ASAP. In the ADC search for a new club, another opportunity may come up that will force some of the players to be left without a club. 
Thu 12/05/16 
RH (0) 1 Vs PACU (1) 1 
RH - Keano AVPL 78 
PACU - Kapka 26.31 
MO's - BT - Ashubh, Sagar BI - Atul, Dhruv RW - Karan, Ketan BE - Ravi, Sumanta AA - Rock, Stoney 
RH SQUAD: 1. Sagar P 2. Ameya D (c) 3. Prashant G 4. Nikhil B 5. Rajib N 6. Amartya M 7. Ashwin G (tentative - injured) 8. Rajesh B (tentative - injured) 9. Sameer S (on loan from BE) 10. Jatin B (on loan from RW) 11. Sean M (AVGKL from AA) Unavailable - Beeraj, Akshai, Mangs, Anna, Shivam 
RH - 1. AVGKL: Sean M - on loan from AVGKL: ADC's current valuation as GK = 290k TZR 2. AVPL: Sameer S - on laon from BE: ADC's current valuation = 430k TZR 3. DIRECT LOAN: Shivam S - missing due to work: ADC's current valuation = 360k TZR Jatin B - on loan from RW: ADC's current valuation = 280k TZR 
PACU - Tiger(AA - 0.29M) : AVGKL Karan S(BI - 0.41M) : AVPL 
RH's Preview By Red Click Here Read MP By RED!!! 
RH have two games remaining in this season, the first of which is against PACU. PACU off late have come through as a very solid defensive unit and are a perfect example of how important a collective team effort is. We need to take a loeaf out of their books and play as a solid unit. We will most probably be playing with at least a man short, if not more and will be playing very compact. We are the underdogs for this game but PACU is not going to have an easy game by any means. PACU are in their confort zone when they defend deep and play on the counter. This game will be different for them as we too will be defending deep and trying to do what PACU has done to many teams this season. We wish them good luck! 
PACU's Preview By Satsut Click Here to See MP!!! 
Our last league game of the season. We hope we will be in pole position come the morning of this game to win the 2nd division title in the first year of PACU's re-birth. RH is a formidable side with quality players all over the pitch. They comfortably beat us last time we played at home. So its probably time to seek revenge for that loss. We will play 4-5-1 and look for a win in this game. Our strategy of defending deep and attacking on the counter should work for us. Good luck RH. 
KS's Review as AVPLoanee for PACU 
Thank you to the PACU management and the ADC for this loan opportunity.  
PACU were determined to get a good result today and started the game very positively. We kept the ball well and created a few good chances early on. Both wingers were always open and willing to chase down the long balls put to the wings. The first goal came from a wonderful chipped shot by Kaka off an indirect freekick. A tight defence, led very well by Amma and Subaru, was never under serious pressure. 
However, PACU lost momentum in the 2nd half thanks to multiple yellow cards. At a point, there were just 7 players on the field. Playing with fewer men meant that we got tired too soon and it led to more late fouls and scrappy play. Both sides had equally good chances of taking the lead but the keepers at both ends performed really well. RH did well to maintain possession in the 2nd half and took advantage of their superior numbers. 
It was a hard-fought match and both teams cannot be too disappointed with the 1-1 final score. Well played PACU and RH! 
Keano's Review as AVPL for RH 
Thanks Red, RH management for asking me to play for RH. Thanks ADC for approval. 
RH has been another team in the TZLC very hard to beat and have many talented players. I am pleased to get chance to play with RH today. Gambo, Red, Jonty, Sean played very well. Not sure why but I was not self-usual today. May be pressure of final surmounting! A knee injury from last BE – AA game is also taking toll. Satish is tough to block once he receives ball so my intention was to intercept the ball. It was my mistake to pull Satish while I could have clearly win over the ball. Sorry about the mistake. Second chance PACU got due to my handball. I was completely blinded due to sun and missed the header instead ball struck to my hand while clearing. It was YC and PACU scored one goal. Sorry to RH. 
PACU need to look into the game and introspect why they received back to back 3 YC’s in second half. RH could have taken chances then. It is too risky for any team to get 3 YC’s and moving players out. At this moment RH intensified attacks and got an IFK. I am glad to convert it into goal. There were couple of other good chances Anna missed. I think RH is happy to maintain a draw and retaining their position in league. 
Satish, Hary, Narya, Amma, Hima, Yogi, well played guys. It was Amma who did all the shouting and cursing to cheer up PACU team especially Satish J . 
About strategy, RH decided to defend well with 5-3-2 line up. With LB and RB having freedom to move on to flank. In second half RH played with 4-4-2 combination and I think it made every one comfortable. 5 defenders make game very compact in own half and should be avoided unless you want to go for a draw. This is my personal view after playing couple of matches with different teams. 
Rajibda, Gambo, Anna, Amu, Amartya made fantastic runs and it was pleasure to see those. Jonty was tough as CD today. Thanks again RH management to give me chance to play along with your team. 
PACU's Review By Amma 
"We played our usual 4-5-1 formation today against RH. Atigre GK Defence L/R Vikky, Subarru, Amar, Kapil. M/F L/R Jango, Meeraj, Karan S, DJ, and Hima. Satish Striker. As is usual in our case our 2 loans Karan S and Tiger had massive games for us. Karan was pure quality and worked his socks off for us. Thanks guys. 
For some reason RH decided to play deep against us today. This allowed us to have territorial advantage in the 1st Half. Kaka scored from a free kick and we did get chances to score the 2nd. Poor decision making in the final 3rd prevented this. The 2nd half was completely different. RH decided to attack us and we conceded a slew of unnecessary YC. For large parts we played with 7 players and also used 3 different GK. Maybe a new (dubious) TZ record. Going into the business end we have to make conscious effort not to pick up silly cards. We are happy that the 2nd division is still wide open and we will not be depending on results in other games. 
Due to the late KO we had to play the game in energy sapping heat. Our Blue Eyed Boy decided to go out during the game and try to suck the Fizz from our jerseys. Inspite of the number of cards the game was played in good spirit by both the teams. Well played RH." 
Jonty Ran Click Here to see more info!! 
7.72 Km's 
Tigers Review as AVGKL for PACU 
I thank PACU management for loaning me for this match. I also thank Respected ADC for approving the loan. I apologize for not bringing my team color but thanks to respected Refs. for allowing me to play. Match ended 1-1 but PACU could have won it..I should have saved that IFK, an odd bounce (I guess; not remembering well) and by touching an upper part of my left foot; ball went inside. Sry PACU. I enjoyed playing with PACU guys. Special to mention, Subaru and Amma played really well in defense. Both the teams have very good technical players but the last touch was missing. IFK taken by Kaka was way too cool..KS and DJ combined well in the mid. Satsut as usual; a big threat for any opponent; a smart player who earns the fouls/FK/IFK intelligently..Jango, Vicky, Neeraj, Harry, Yogi, Hima had good game too and were fully committed.. Gr8 save by Sean; Harry's shot..otherwise it would have been 2-1.. I apologize for my very very silly yellow card..I didn't do much, simple like any normal GK. But I have to learn the composure during critical FK/IFK etc. Will do it for sure with Respected Coach's help.. Well played PACU and RH.. All the best to PACU for their crucial encounter against BT. 
Jonty's Review as AVPL for RH 
A big thank you to RED for loaning me as an outfield player for RH and the ADC for approving the loan. I was brought in to play the sweeper in a 5 man defence today as well as to cover for Gambo who has a dodgy hamstring. 
We started the game with the intention of playing deep and letting PACU come to us. However seeing that PACU started the same way and RH having much more of the ball, we invariably ended up higher on the pitch and attacking more than sitting back. As sweeper I stayed back not bothering about catching off-side (unless it was an obvious one) and to ensure Satsut didn't have a free run towards goal. With Sparky in goal, his calling was crisp and clear and that made things much easier. 
For PACU's goal, I felt I could have reached the ball as went just above my head. This was scored off an indirect freekick for a handball in the box. 
In the 2nd half, we pressed even more as PACU had at a time 3 players in the bin. With so much space and player advantage, RH should have scored but PACU held on well. With so much space available in the 2nd half, I had a couple of opportunities to make a run up from defence. The first I played to Prashanth and continued the run hoping for a return pass passed the PACU defence. Unfortunately Prashanth didn;t see my run and passed the ball to the other side. The second opportunity came when I won the ball of Harry on the flank and ran up to the half way line. I heard Amu's call to pass it to Anna who was in acres of space behind the PACU defence. I felt Anna could have could have scored of that chance if he had just taken a short on goal. Sparky made a fantastic save off his line one on one with Harry. Keano equalised for RH with a good shot of another indirect freekick.  
A very tiring game this was with the high humidity levels and later kick-off but all in all quite enjoyable. Goodluck to both the teams for the remainder of their games 
RH's Review By Red 
RH started 5-3-2: Sean-GK; Rajib-RB, Gambo-LCB, Jatin-Sweeper, Keano-RCB, Nikhil-LB; Prashant-RCM, Amu-CM, Amar-LCM; Anna-ST, Sagar-free role. We used this formation so as to protect Gambo who was not 100% so that he did not have to sprint and can play within his limits. We chose not to play wide players and play a central game allowing Rajib and Nik the freedom to go up-down. Rajib excelled in this role, defended well and found acres of space and loads of time to cross. He put it at least 4 delightful crosses which we failed to convert. We gave away a FK too close to the goal due to a handball by Keano and Kapka scored over the wall and keeper. 
At half time we changed to a 4-4-2 with Gambo coming into CM along with Amar, Amu pushing up alongside Anna and me going to LM. Keano scored for us via an IDFK to make it 1-1. Before that we had two golden opportunities which PACU cleared off the line. PACU too had the chances which they did not take. Both teams RH and PACU with a squad of 13 were dying towards the end of the game and were a relieved lot after hearing the final whistle. 
Apologies to the ADC and the fans for the YCs and infringements during the game. We will try and improve on that front while we look forward to our last game this season against BT. 
Good luck to PACU for their remaining games. 
Sparky's Review as AVGKL for RH 
I thank RH management and ADC to allow me to play as GK for RH against the mighty PaCU. I think it was a well fought game minus the offences and YC's. RH did well to hold on to the ball but should have capitalised at the time when PacU were only 8 players on the field. I applaud PacU to hold a team like RH with 8 men that's a big deal. 
I always let the those easy loopy goals in and I'll probably do better at those one on one situations which is a shame because I really should do a better job.  
Good game overall and sadly the season comes to an end. Jonty was awesome today and so was Keano trying to mark Satsut isn't easy. Anna should have probably scored a goal but I understand the pain he goes through when you realise we are not as fast anymore.  
Gambo even at 50% fit is a super player and will make those great runs. Good game overall and I'm happy I was part of it. 
Mantan's Review as LM 
I was the Linesman for this game between RH vs PACU. It was a hard fought game where PACU needed a win to get the 2nd division title. PACU took the early lead from an indirect free kick, but due to disciplinary issues during the game suffered with a lot of yellow cards and conceded a goal. Both teams missed a couple of chances which could have changed the tempo of the game. The game finished 1-1. As an LP I had only 2 or 3 offside decisions to give, which were fairly straight forward. Thank you Mr. Khare for appointing me as LP.  
MR By Khare 
I sure hope the KITFO players on show for RH this morning don't play as badly as they did on Saturday in the LC Final. Out of the 4 though Mishti did well. Surprising as MIshti does not look like a RWB!! Probably because the blokes on his side like Jango (according to Amma he's tired take him off) and Vikky (Yeh toh bhaagtaich nahi (Him this runs not only) take him off anyway) and Meeraj (Anything Amma prior say off am I (Before Amma says anything, I'm off) were all only bothering to make runs as the sun sapped them of strength. 
An astute loan of KS it was. He ran his socks, studs, shin pads and possibly even his underpants off for PACU. 
Amu is not an easy man to ref. he has a temper and once again as the Ref I let him go being the captain and the home team. I never let Yogi's God Satan Satsut go ever coz he is purely a RASCALLAM! But Amu by heart isn't and thats what probably saves him more often than not but his raising of his arms and bemused expressions towards Adu the LM has not won him any fans. Amu along with Anna, Paul, Jonty, and Nick (I've mentioned the others already) were not good. (Thats me being nice and not saying crap...oops I did!!) Gambo was average..... 
I have no clue what Jadu Tona or Voo Doo or Mantra they have chanted coz I'm ASTONISHED that this team has come 2nd in the 1st Div!! 
Amazingly in the COMBINED table they'll also mostly come 2nd! A team like this with no heart, no soul and no tactics coming 2nd makes me want to throw all those intricate tactical data and analysis into the bin!! 
Sparky will never be up there amongst the great GK's of the TZLC if he still lets in goals like Kapka's. Whatever Amma says about Sparky being Schmeichel in disguise or Kapka saying that his chip was perfection personified, Sparky should've done better with it. As for Keano's goal, everyone watched the ball go in. Tiger took half an hour to meticulously arrange his players around him. Vikky on the far pole, a wall, Amma placed strategically and Tiger ready to dive at anything, then Amu to Keano and Amma charges....Keano shoots a not so hard shot into the exact spot Amma was standing in, Vikky stays rooted and Tiger forgets he's the keeper and tries to push the ball away with his feet. This could've been avoided too. 
Many of the YC's could've been avoided too. 
My heads hurting! 
I'm off!! Hope to see you all on Saturday, for the 2nd Leg ADCCUPSF on Monday, the league matches AND the ADC CUP FINAL on next week Saturday! The Seasons ending people!!! Soon the training will start after a few light sessions...Then I can guarantee you the off season transfers will only whet your apetite so much that you'll be dying for the TZLC9 to start in a matter of a fortnight!! But it won't and the wait is long and arduous, well not as much as we have the SGWC3 to come up, the TZLC8 function and much more!!! 
So come and enjoy the last stages of the TZLC8!!! 
Sat 14/05/16  
KITFO (0) 1 AFTER T/B 7 Vs AA (1) 1 T/B 6 
KITFO - Mishti 59.50 
AA - Audi 7.55 
MO's : BT - Pam, Shaurav; PACU - Kapil, Hima ; RW - Ketan, Pravin; RH - Amu, Akshay; BI - Atul, Ajoo 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Arun 4. Sam 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi 8. Pai 9. Ajinkya 10. Adu 11. Sean 
EMERGENCY LOAN Neeraj M (value 0.29M TZR) PACU for Neel value (0.30M TZR) 
KITFO Squad - 1 Big Daddy (AVGKL) 2 Ravi 3 Amit 4 Amartya 5 Manoj 6 Sameer 7 Dhananjay 8 Aviank 9 Rakesh 10 Alan 11 Rajib 12 Sagar 13 Guru 14 Varun 15 Suman 16 Arpit 17 Sharad 
KITFO Preview By Khare 
Depending on whether AA accept me to be Reffing and Coaching or just to be coaching and appointing Player Refs my strategy for KITFO won't change. As I'm coaching Adults my coaching style has changed over the years. For the youth you generally have to be Hands on, call for EVERYTHING, constantly tell a player to go wide or hassle or etc. For adults, as they are more mature (Supposedly) I won't need to do that. I will just be barking instructions or reminding the players as to what their duties are. The rest should be up to the player himself or for the Captain to carry on with the instructions ON THE FIELD. The players are NOT robots. I don't have a microphone and they don't have speakers in their ears. They just must FOLLOW 90% of the plan and they can do whatever they please 10% of the time. 
The strategy for the FINAL will not be as it was previously. Or maybe it will? Whatever the case, player to player the AA squad is technically better and far more experienced than the KITFO team. For instance a player like Adu had been playing under me and my brother for OVER 9 years, EVERYDAY!!! So even a young adult like Adu is 'more' experienced than say Amti!!! 
But what other advantages Adu has (technical skill and fitness) the KITFO players have gained too. There are a few players in the AA squad that are fit, Adu, Audi and maybe Stoney. As you can see this is the 1st time I'm naming players in the opposition. As this is a FINAL and KITFO need a few hints in that direction! AA have players like Rock and Ryan that will sooner win the match with their minds than skill!! Then there's Meer that KITFO know very give Ajinx one chance and 75% of the time he'll put it away, thats how good he is and how much he can still improve on. Sparky is a fighter and would fit into the KITFO set up with ease, plays with passion and a committment that is the envy of others. Mayur is a tough nut indeed. Marcelo can cross like the best of them and has some neat dribbling skills he rarely uses plus he has the most dangerous defensive mechanism, SWEAT!! Rest is whatever loans they'll take.... 
As for KITFO they know that they are the underdogs but also know that I know that they can get the better of AA. AA are already up there amongst the stars, can KITFO tread space with them? Yes...Can they become stars themselves? Well, they can indeed beat them but to become stars and to perform like experienced aficianados they need to take a step at a time. Let me just say that PERFORMING WELL against AA will be a STEP in the right direction! 
All the best AA!! 
(Please ensure that the family and friends that are coming to both the Finals read the Previews and watch some Highlights shows also to get them in the MOOD!!!) 
AA's Preview By Rock Read the MP By Audi 
After a hectic and tiring season, the League Cup final will energize both squads. AA and KITFO have an opportunity to win some silverware, even though league honors are out of reach. 
KITFO is playing well, and Coach will surely have a plan to counter AA's strengths. AA has also been playing well, although we could not find our scoring touch in the last 2 games. We will be looking to Ajinkya and Audi to come good in this all important game. 
We wish KITFO all the best, and look forward to the game in the ADC Stadium! 
Meeraj's Review as Loanee for AA 
“I would like to thank AA Manager Sameer to loan me for today’s game. It was an evenly matched game which started with a superb goal by Audi assisted by Arun. The Second half was intense where KITFO attacked and pressed a lot and AA conceded, another perfect shot in the corner of the goal by Rajeeb to Mihir’s right. Great chances were created by both teams and a evenly fought game which lead to Penalty shootout with KITO eventually winning in sudden death. Congratulations KITFO on winning the Finals, well played.” 
Big Daddy's Review as AVGKL for KITFO 
What a game to be part off!! Underdogs KITFO played out of their skins today today after going a goal down.  
A big Thank you to Sagar for loaning me and the ADC for approving the loan. Coach had a very straight forward plan for this game and I was told I had a an important role to play with this strategy. Sorry to say I let the team down with my goal kicks which till the middle of the 2nd half were not going where I intended them to. I am overthinking my freekicks/goal kicks too much and thats messing up my technique. 
The first half AA put us under quite a bit of pressure as they enjoyed good possession early on. Audi scored for AA off a beautifully weighted ball by Arun right between Sherry(CD) and myself. I should have done better to close Audi down but he got to the ball a fraction earlier than I could. Apologies to Kitfo again. Once AA had their lead, suddenly KITFO had a lot of the ball and instantly we started putting pressure on AA. It was like AA were content sitting back and only attacking on the counter. 
The 2nd half again saw KITFO putting a lot of pressure on AA and also enjoyed a lot of possession. 
Rajib scored a beauty to equalise for KITFO. I don't remember the sequence of play before that but the goal was nicely finished. The goal also lifted the KITFO lads. AA also had quite a few chances in the 2nd half on the counter with a couple of one on ones with the yours truly. Fortunately AA could not convert. Credit where its due - The KITFO defence lead by Sherry was always aware of their positions and where they needed to be. In the 2 one-on-one chances, Sherry kept Ajinks under pressure causing him to try a toe poke rather than place the ball in goal. The 2nd chance, Audi ran in from our right at a very acute angle. The Defence line was positioned perfectly to prevent Audi from passing to anyone and he was forced to shoot on goal at the near post which hit my knee and was cleared. 
This bunch of players at KITFO really enjoy themselves when they play and it shows in their game. They are short on experience but they are catching up fast. for eg. in the middle of the 2nd half they had complete control of the game, yet they were forcing things in mid-field. A couple of shouts from Sherry and they calmed down. 
A funny incident in the game that I'm sure everyone will write/talk about for a while. Rajib's blood curdling shriek to "Sumantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" is the stuff nightmares are made off. I'm sure Sumanta will wake up in the middle of the night hearing Rajib's mad call. 
All in all a pleasure playing for KITFO and being part of the win. I'm glad I could do my part for them. A thoroughly deserved win and I wish them all the best for next season. Enjoy this winning feeling! 
AA's Review By Audi 
After today, how can one not fall in love with this game? One can safely say that TZ has reached a point where in almost every match that is played has something positive going on for both teams. And when this happens there is no loser.  
Today was one such days. Playing KITFO was never going to be easy. This team had close to zero points on board in the league and were thrashed by almost every team they played. But as the season went on they players stuck together. Held their own. Worked hard and with proper guidance they have become a formidable force. Today AA started with 4-4-2. With Meer in goals, Maya and Ryan in the centre of defense with Tiger on the left and Meeraj on the right. Midfield was occupied by Rock and Shaun interchanging at will. Addu was on the left and Marcelo was on the right.Ajinx was uptop with Audi. Audi was given the free role. Which meant 4-4-2 was just on paper. Game started like AA wanted to. In the first 15min we had a clear cut 4-5 chances which SHOULD have gone in. There is no excuse for these misses. Nothing at all. The game should have ended then and there. But AA lacked the finishing touch. However Audi had put them ahead when rock put the ball in on a free kick. The entire Kitfo back line stood still and all Audi had to do was nick the ball away from big daddy which he did. After that AA were on a roll. Attacks from all end of the field. Kitfo kept their cool and created a few chances themselves. But playing with the same intensity with this KITFO side was not possible. KIFTO has the fittest players in TZ. in the second half AAs weakness was visible. Tired legs. And that is when KITFO turned it on. Keano was a beast. He went for everything. On one such occasion Misti found himself with the ball a few yards away from the goal. Like clockwork he placed the ball in the bottom corner taking meer out of the game. Game on at 1-1. After that both teams tried hard. AA came close but wastefulness in the final third cost them. As the game went to penalties, AA were on the front foot. All their players had taken good shots. Not only that but Meer had managed to get his hands on many of the penalties too. Which meant it was only about time that KITFO would make a boo boo. But sadly, that came from AA when rock shot for the sky. Rock is having tough time with penalties this season as well as last. We should have prepared better.  
That being said. KITFO deserved this victory more than anyone else. They took out BT in the Semis. And when you defeat such a good team with a great game, you know you deserve the final win. Congrats kitfo. Sherry, Keano, Misti, Amar were all awesome. 
A big thank you to the fans who traveled early morning. We absolutely loved playing in front of you. Its you that makes us want to play to our best of capacity. We will see you again in the ADC cup final. AA will be raring to go. We will lay our hands on the silver ware this season. That is for sure.  
Also thank you to Ref and his assistants and for the organizing snacks and a nice seating arrangement. The fans loved it you could tell. Kudos.  
Keano's Review for KITFO 
No words can describe joy of winning. One has to participate, sweat, earn and feel it. :) 
First of all big thanks to coach Mr Khare for all the planning, strategy and helping KITFO to tune up play throughout series. Thanks to all KITFO players who were cheering up team passionately for every move. Without your support it was not possible to keep up tempo of the game today. Thank you. 
Thanks to god for not raining on NCL ground when entire Pune was under rain J I had to stop twice due to heavy rain near to Bawdhan area. I was wondering whether match will be ON or rescheduled. But it started as planned. Thanks to Mr Khare waiting extra minutes for my family and friends to join. 
Big Daddy, played fantastic role controlling defense line. Sherry was awesome today. Ran a lot and thwarted all the attacks from AA. I was not in my usual fitness due to knee injury but Sherry covered all my shortcomings. Thanks a ton Sherry ! 
KITFO decided to play with 4-3-3 combination. Rake, Sherry, Keano and Rajibda in defense. Amit, Amartya and Sunmanta in Midfield. Red, Alan and Jon as striker. Strategy worked out well throughout the match. Couple of positional changes made during match pushing Rajibda up and it helped to secure a goal. Alan, Jon, Red played very well keeping continuous pressure on AA defence line. Amit tried all his skills today excluding surnali one J Created good chances in AA goal post but to miss it. Awesome game Amit. I feel Red was superb when in defence, he has better awareness of the game. Rake missed couple of tackles but recovered fast to challenge striker. Well play Reck. I think KITFO had couple of good chances today and could have converted into goal. 
AA is talented pool of players. Sean, Sam, Rock, Marcello, Adu, Ajinx, Audi and all played beautiful game. The goal scored by Audi was very unexpected. He just cheeped the ball above keeper to goal post. Wonderful move! No doubt he will be golden shoes winner this season. 
With one goal down KITFO played tirelessly to gain the ball. Game was much of disconnected since most of the KITFO players tried to play long balls. We need to work on our passing practice in this off season break. Rajibda scored an awesome goal with only chance KITFO received in AA’s goal post and it worked like a charm. KITFO able to defend well and move the match into penalty shootout. 
I am afraid of penalty shoot outs. I have a very bad memory associated with it since my college time. To my wonder not even a single KITFO player missed target. Wow! Way to go KITFO. Ref called me to wear gloves and be on the goal line. In my life I never did goal keeping but it was nice chance for me and some psychological game with AA. Rock feed too much power to the ball and it missed the direction. Ball swayed away by 2 inch from right pole. I understand the feeling Rock might be going through because I have endured the same in year 1993. Yes, I still remember date, time, location and my missing shot L. Rock is a strong player and I am sure he will recover and rock all next matches. Meer dived well in the goal box. KITFO was lucky today to get balls past him. Well done Meer. 
Thanks to LP, AR and Ref for your help and keeping match spirit up. 
Special thanks to ADC from my family for wonderful event, introducing to all players and refs, and yeah for fantastic mandap on ground with nice SNACKS ! Everybody liked the sandwitches and muffins. It was great experience for kids to watch Kkeano playing on ground J 
Wish AA all the best for remaining matches and ADC cup.  
Thanks to all again. Started missing thrill of TZLC. Waiting for next season.  
Mishti's Review for KITFO 
KITFO: 4-3-3 
Keeper: Jonty on loan from RW 
Def: Rajesh, Sameer, sherry, Rajib 
Mid: amit, amar, Suman 
Forward: John, Sagar, Alan 
Sub's: Zaid, Ravi, guru, vk, Dan, 
First of all, thanks to coach to organise us and prepare well for the match. It was certainly a big occasion playing in front of spectators against a formidable opponent. KITFO started nervously, few mistakes allowed AA 2 clear chances. Fortunately they could not capitalise their opportunities to kill the match in first 5 minutes.  
AA scored off a communication error in defence, both our CDs could have cleared a cross, rather they choose to leave it for goal keeper and Audi pounced on the dilemma in defenders. As told by coach in the beginning by coach, KITFO continued on their pressing game regardless of the situation. Hard pressing throughout paid off. AA seemed to tire in second half and allowed us to make a comeback. Very unlike of AA, they lost the ball cheaply on many occasions and we could press in their half. I was fortunate to get a goal off a cross which I was allowed to control, turn and shot with my week foot. 
Both the teams were good and composed in the shootout, thankfully the great Rock felt some pressure and missed one wide. I would conclude the team with more passion got better in the end. Thanks to coach for keeping every string together and make us a team. 
We were certainly the underdogs today. Not many would have bet for KITFO against technically much superior AA. This momont would last in all KITFO players for long even for those who did not get game time. Thanks to all the spectator s and mos, thanks coach for the organisation and making TZLC a huge success. Thanks to all sub's who did not feel bad about not getting a game and still participating in match preparations. Thanks to AA for a great match today. You guys are such a great team, we learn a lot by seeing you guys play. But one of your team member attempted to even stop our car on way to match  
I hope we can take this experience forward and move a step ahead next season. 
Pam's Review as LP 
Todays League cup final match between KITFO and AA was as good as it gets, as it had all the required flavors of a cup final game! As the LP I was not involved much in the game except for a few offside calls, and one handball call against Audi (which he promptly acknowledged as well). For the final penalty kick taken by Rock, I and Atul noted that Keano was off of his line before the kick was taken; however Rock completely missed the target on that occasion it and the ref ruled that there was no way that Keano being two inches off the line could have distracted Rock, if the shot were struck on goal it would have been a re-kick. Anyway, congrats KITFO for the win, should be a great feeling, it was a long journey to the podium but im sure was worth it in the end! 
Otherwise it was a good engrosing game to watch! KITFO should have taken the lead early on in the first half when John crossed in a peach of a cross right at Alan's feet and in front of the goal but Alan could not control the ball and let it past him. A high pressure game can do such things, no need to feel disheartened Alan but score it the next time you get a similar chance! AA took the lead in the game after Audi slithered his way from behind the KITFO wall to meet the cross and tap-lobbed the ball into the KITFO goal. Classy finish to put their team ahead but a single goal cushion was never going to be safe enough against the reformed KITFO side. KITFO kept on piling attack after attack after that, many of the moves could not be realised because of mispasses/interceptions in the final third. KITFO finally scored the equaliser after AA had to defend a FK and in the melee of things happening in the box, Rajib da got the ball, controled it, turned on a foot and scored! Hope the CM has done a good job to capture both goals as well as other interesting moments in the game.  
Before I end a shout out to Ajoo for organising and coordinating for the snacks and mandap arrangements! Also big thanks to the spectators who beat their counterpats in getting out of bed so early in the morning and came to watch us play - hope youll enjoyed the game! Finally, a big thank you to Coach/ADC/ for organising the flow of activities today morning, Surhud Sir, Atool, Bif for helping clear the wild grass on the ground, Jaina (Jane/Anjana) for CM work at the start and all the youth players for helping out during the game with BB work! I think it was a successful cup final in all aspects and many of the spectators (from what i gathered during my LP duty) were impressed by our committment and professionalism on display today. The whole TZ and KITFO fraternity should feel proud of themselves for this achievement and im sure that things will only get better in the seasons to come in future! 
Atool's Review as LP 
Thank you for appointing me as the MO for the match today. What a 
match. KITFO played spirited game and deserved to win. The side I was 
LP on, I was near the KITFO bench and what a great cheering squad on 
the bench they had. It was led by Dan who was cheering on almost every 
touch/pass/tackle KITFO players. What an amazing team/org spirit these 
guys have. AA played a good possession game and would have been 
favorites to win the game, but as their players got tired and the 
started losing concentration, KITFO kept looking dangerous. KITFO 
defence also was doing a great job of catching off-sides. Full time 
score of 1-1 led to a tie-breaker with AA again favorites to win with 
experienced players. Still normal penalties tied at 5-5 leading to a 
tie-breaker. KITFO scored and AA needed to score to save the match. 
Keeno decided to keep for the last shot as Arun came up to take the 
penalty for AA. I was concentrating on the GK's movement and the 
goalline, while Pam and JJ (who were the other ARs) kept an eye on 
Arun's shot. I noticed that Keeno made a slight forward movement off 
the goal line as Arun approached to take a shot. The shot missed the 
goal post by quite a distance and KITFO started celebrating the 
win....Coach had to tell them that there was a flag taht was raised 
and we needed to discuss if there is a need of a re-kick. After 
consulting with other ARs, Coach rightly decided that there was no 
need of a re-kick and the shot was off-target. KITFO had now 
officially won!!! What suspense and drama till the very last moment. 
Congrats KITFO and hard luck AA! 
JJ's Review after LP'ing one half 
I was BB for first part of the game but in second was AR as Mong had to leave early. Today's game was a joy to watch. KITFO to me played their heart out. As usual their work rate was more than 100% and each of them looked pumped up. AA were superior technically and they had some great moves. Audi scored thriller to give the lead first half. KITFO as the history was never going to give up. Second half they continued their show and managed to pul one back to make it equal. AA got beaten on penalties to give KITFO their first trophy ever. 
Well played.. Hard luck AA !! 
MR By Khare 
Finally my internets working and what a relief! Even though I'm writing this through my rest time 10.30 pm I thought the players on both sides deserved to read the Reviews at least when they woke up in the morning. SO here I am, half dead from running over 7km's in the AM while reffing and thats not including the running and directing I was doing as event organizer!! So yes I'm pooped! Added to that the strain of trying to ensure that the KITFO guys are happy and the AA guys are happy with the impartial reffing too. Thanks to Sparky for always being the energy behind everything. Ahjoo for being there as TZ CEO and making everything look easy. Ofcourse the refreshments that ALL the guests and the RASCALLAM MO's partook of was created by PACU's Jango. I got lots of info that the guests and the rascallam MO's (Including Atool LP who started the 2nd H with a tetra pak in one hand, muffin in the other and sandwich in his mouth! Where was the flag Atool? Pat's holding it he said!!!) Lord luvaduck I thought, how in heavens name do I manage any sort of tourney over 8 months with this lot is a puzzle! Special mention to Jane for her design on the individual trophies! This is on me and Jane folks so hope you guys are happy (At least those who are gonna get one) Btw...some of you wanted to make a few changes hither and thither but Swarry!!! 
Thank you all those KITFO players that messaged and called and emailed! Means much indeed! I will try and reply to all of you personally but if I can't please understand that it was not on purpose. I appreciate your kind thought and its stuff like this that pushes me on to go that extra yard! Thank you again! 
I don't think I have to say anything about the match. Its all been said in some wonderful and unique reviews above. Thoroughly satisfying! 
And two great goals!!! 
KITFO played the only way they can now and its such a POSITIVE way. With Passion and committment in bucket loads and team work and resilience too. They have learnt how to FIGHT as a unit and to give their all! The formation was the best possible way I thought I could utilize the players at hand. This KITFO side has wingers that WORK!!! This KITFO side has CM's that create and defend, this KITFO side had defenders that knew the job at hand and tried their best to stick by it. This KITFO side had a bench that were a aprt and parcel of the 1st 11 and deserve just as much credit as the rest of the team. Including Big Daddy who although screwed up the one reason we got him (his ginormous kicking ability)....(and of course his keeping and calling) was perfect for the part. 
But as a Coach I do need to look at the negatives too. In his exuberance Keano when pushed into CM started playing more as a St. This infuriated Amti as he did the right thing in trying to cover for Keano. But in the process he got blown to bits by his team mates for straying. I'm on Amti's side here and tried to protect a total spontaneous combustion by ringing a few changes. Other negatives were hurrying things up WITHOUT being fully aware of what the next step is. So if you are in danger whack it up, but if you have time then look up and THEN whack it up...or play a simple quick pass. The players minds did sort of wander as the minutes started ticking by and penalties loomed closer, COMPOSURE is the key. All I can say is that the 1st 15 mins me as well as Surhud thought AA were gonna score 3!!! KITFO can blame nerves for this and I hope, now with this experience, they won't falter again. 
AA disintegrated into a discombombulated frothing at the mouth lot. What kind of a tactic is that we'll score 3 or 4 in the first half then defend? Whaaaaat? So to put the matter straight, KITFO were so weak that you were bound to get 3 or four chances? (Well you did....but to expect your strikers to SCORE 100% is just food for the fairies. In the TZLC8, LEAGUE CUP FINAL I cannot believe that AA were STILL DECIDING the team formation and positions in the team talk BEFORE the match. I can say one thing....NOW I REALIZE why RW are at the top, RH 2nd, BT and PACU are fighting for promotion and KITFO and BE are finishing so strongly. BECAUSE THEY PLAN their team WELL BEFORE the match. Theres a STRATEGY that EVERYONE is aware of. SHAME ON YOU AA. PUPPY SHAME!!! A club side that is supposed to be one of the core clubs is now an embarrassment. When you have a star in the making like ADU, you royally roast him during the game. One player tells him something, so he does that, then a another player SHOUTS at him for doing that and tells him to do something else, so he does that and THEN another player does the same...SHAME!!! Shame on Meer and Tiger for making such a GRAND FINALE into a fish market fight. SHAME!!! How can you play your FITTEST player in CD when your players are getting run over by the opposition BECAUSE of their higher stamina? ODD!!! Ok, you bring Ryan into Cm to improve your creativity but it didna work did it? 
Four decisions as the ref - Sparky's handball, the shot was on target, and it WAS A Penalty. But ALTHOUGH I spotted it, Sparky admitted it and it WASN'T intentional PLUS Sparky is the HONESTETSTETEST person ever so HOW IN THE WORLD COULD I GIVE A PENALTY? 
Sherry's slight nudge on Ajinx...Penalty ? Nahhhhhhh....Ryans foul in the box..Penalty...YES!! He's lucky he is!!! And one more incident I can't remember right now. Wait... The penalty in the Sudden Death. After both Pam and Atool said Keano moved a cm off his line BEFORE Rock took the Pen I was in a quandary. I felt Keano had not put off Rock as Rock had SKIED his shot well wide. So JJP came to my rescue as he answered my question of was Rock looking at the Keeper when he took the pen? JJp said no...SO even though I needn't have asked JJP and should have just awarded the Pen I was relieved as the letter of the law was what Atool and Pam had pointed out. 
Moving Keano into goals in Sudden Death has always been a Psychological master stroke in my case. I'm lucky at those. You can ask Sparky about one...TZLC6 right Sparky or was it TZLC7? Can we let the cat lose to play amongst the mice? Has enough time passed? I can't say that Rock was worried about Keano, especialy being an unknown entity, but you can catch a player unaware. These are the kind of games that run well with the TZLC ethos. No words are said, just a TACTICAL CHANGE. Unlike Meer's staring down of the penalty taker from the 6 yard box. SO UNPROFESSIONAL. Meer has indeed apologized for reacting during the penalty shoot out but we'll have to wait and see what the ADC does. 
I want to write a bit more but now me tired...11.30 pm. Wrote this and updated the LAST WEEKS Previews!! Now I'll upload it all. 
I'll try and update the BS's and BTB tomorrow. PLus the highlights Show....Or maybe I'll combine them all? Dunno.... 
CONGRATS KITFO!!! Hope you are more inclined to try harder and plan a bit AA.... 
Till next time..........