Week 3 
Tuesday 03/11/15 
Match 4  
2nd Division 
3rd Div 
PACU (2) 2 Vs KITFO (0) 0 
PACU - Kapka 2 14.50 35.40 
PACU - Jatin B (RW) AVGKL - GK value 30 
KITFO Squad list - Sharad Amit Sagar Rakesh Suraj Amartya Ravi Rajib Mihir Zaid Keano Tintin 
MO's :- BE - Jaydeep and Jaidev RH - Beeraj and Anna RW - Sarva and Karan AA - Arun and Pai BI - Rango, Dhruv and Gaurav BT - Shubankar and Ankush 
PACU Preview By Amma 
We are back from the dead! With new-found Russian ownership, PACU restarts the journey to reclaim football glory. The players and the fans are excited for this 3rd division rubber. The boozers are poised to play a 4-4-2 formation to take on the mighty KITFO. We are well aware of KITFO being a very strong and mature team. Coach has really worked hard with their strategic and positional play and they have shown tremendous improvement over the years. PACU will have to play out of their skins to get a good result and a headstart in this 3rd division encounter. We do have a lot of experience in the squad and that is the reason we will be flexible with players playing in any position. We have loaned Jonty as AVGKL for this game. Vikki has a broken toe but is going to play. PACU will play attacking football right from the start. The practice match performances have given us a fair understanding of each others weaknesses and strengths. We will look to back the weaknesses of each player and exploit the strengths to the best of our ability. We expect a huge number of fans to fill the stadium for this PACU opener. Beware TZ, the beer bubble is on its way! 
KITFO Preview By Sherry 
KITFO playing at SINDH ground for the first time in the history so would be a game to watch. KITFO has a very good squad and would be playing with full strength in away match against PACU. This is KITFO first match and most of our players are excited to play together at professional level. PACU is a strong opponent with some good talented players so, we would put our strong foot ahead and put our heart in the game and go for a WIN. KITFO would be trying to implement the defensive tactics which Coach has been teaching us from last few sessions along with keeping the ball possession by passing the ball. ALL THE BEST PACU !!! 
Preview By the ADC 
KITFO will be nearly full strength and I'm sure will take the game to PACU. KITFO have not asked their coach on how to play this match so I hope they sort things out and giove everyone game time and be happy with whatever happens on the day. PACU's advantage will be the experience of their players and their comfort levels on a small ground. As long as PACU don't have a Booze fest the night before, this match could go either way... 
PACU Review By Amma 
For todays Season Opener against KITFO, PACU played 4 - 4 - 2 formation. GK - Jatin ,Left Back - Yogi, Centre Backs DJ and Amarnath, Right Back - Harjeet, Left M/F Jango, LCMF Satish, RCMF Neeraj and R M/F an injured Vicky. Kapil and Subaru played upfront. The first half PACU dominated KITFO completely. They were allowing us time on the ball and also trying to play long balls which the PACU defense was comfortable playing against. This half also provided 2 goals for Kapil, a direct free kick and a penalty. The 2nd half after Coach had a word with KITFO players was a complete turn around. KITFO were all over us and this time PACU resorted to the long ball to relieve the pressure while at the same time trying to get one more goal which would have made the game secure. We didnt score but at the same time didnt concede either to secure this seasons first clean sheet. Jango, Yogi and Subaru were the stand out performers for us today. We are very happy with the result and no doubt there will be celebration over our first win. We are however far from happy with our performance and there will definitely be introspection to help improve our game. 
Jonty AVKL Review 
I would like to start with thanking PACU for giving me the opportunity to be part of their first game after coming back from the dead in their new avatar. As you would expect from a new team, the players were quite rusty and that showed in the game today. Defensively, DJ and Amar in CD were not really tested but they were drifting our of position quite a bit a the start. On the wings, Yogi was solid as ever and stuck to his game. However, Harry was found to be out of position quite a few times and that gave the dangerous Amit some opportunities to attack. Vicky and Jango on the wings in Midfield I thought had a good game today, creating plenty for their forwards. In CM, Narya was solid as ever. I felt Satish did not play to his full potential today. Subu was getting caught offside way too often, though he did create a couple of good chances. Kapil scored a brace today: a beautiful freekick, over the wall and in the corner. No chance for the keeper. His 2nd was a penalty, which from my position looked like he skuffed the kick but it still went in. Overall, a good first win for PACU to settle the nerves. However they did somewhat fall apart in the 2nd half and a better organised team would have taken them to task. Finally, hard luck to Kitfo. They played much better in the 2nd half and got a lot more shots on goal. They had only 1 shot on target in the first half. They will also improve through the season. 
KITFO Review By Robby 
KITFO started with 4-3-3 formation - Mihir in Goals, Ravi, Rajib , Sherry and Zaid in Defense, Sameer, Amar and Nitin in Midfield, Amit, Sagar and Rakesh as Striker. Although the formation was the same as suggested by our Coach but KITFO made lot of changes in the player position. This last moment change turned out to be disastrous for KITFO's game in the first half. We hardly had any possession in the first half. There were so many late challenges and even cards and one penalty also. It was a total chaos for KITFO. The 2nd half was a totally different story altogether. During half time Coach had a conversation with the team and asked KITFO to switch back to the original formation and positions. This changed KITFO's performance, players were more confident, better passing and more possession. I would like to thank Coach for his support even though KITFO didn't follow the coach's suggestion. Overall KITFO had a very bad game. 
Review By the Mr. Khare 
Very frustrating bunch of characters are the KITFO contingent. After spending ages on their tactics for this mornings match, I suddenly noticed that they had TOTALLY changed the plan. A thorough waste of time was the first half for KITFO. Totally ABYSMAL and that's in turn a torrent of negatives for PACU, for they should have taken KITFO to the cleaners in the 1st H. I am a changed person as I treated the KITFO players as chidren who make mistakes instead of the adults that they are, some of them have children themselves. I have a question for all you parents and all you people that are looking after someone. When you tell someone to take a specific route as the other routes are fraught with danger (That too you've been ASKED as to which route shld be taken), and it takes quite a bit of time to EXPLAIN the route, that person who asked you suddenly say's Up Yours we don't need your help! What would you do???? 
Well thats how I felt, and that too after I just gifted KITFO a brand new Kit (shirt). I have SEVERED ALL ties with people that treat me with disrespect and show little courage to come out and tell me the truth, that they had changed the plan. Why shouldn't I do the same? 
Let me tell you all, if I've been told to shut the door by a higher authority and some other punk comes and tells me NOT to, what would I do? 
I'd shut the door. I would NOT listen to the other person. So Sherry, Red and Amar, the 3 I've kept in charge, when voices were pooping in your faces to change the plan you SHOULD have APPROACHED ME or told them face poopers that Mr. KHARE is the BOSS and we are gonna listen to him. Simple. 
KITFO - Absolute smelly urine soaked shite filled trash in the 1st Half. I could count Keano getting probably 3 touches on the ball. Meer just making faces in goals and everyone trying to look important but weren't in the least bit. The 2nd H they were confident and played much better. ALL OF THEM. MUCH MUCH better. Even Robby Shibhoboed Yogi once! Many chances that one more pass could have been goal scoring opportunities and Amar should have taken shots. 
PACU - Cobblers in the 1st H. Meaning they were shite. Whatever they say about their first half performance, I thought that if they could score ONLY 2 goals against a side which does not have the heart to tell me that they thought my tactics were wrong and that their tactics were better and they couldn't BACK their decision to change the tactics by playing well, than OBVIOUSLY PACU must've been totally inept not to beat such rubbish as KITFO in the 1st H. Any player that played OK looked damn good. But for me only Jango was ok. EVERYONE else was OUT of position barring maybe Amma and Yogi. In the 2nd H KITFO came at them with a renewed confidence that gave them no space. This was a shock to the system and unless PACU wake up from their booze infested slumber, they are NOT going to get past the rest of the Season anywhere near the top of the pack.  
This match was not a game of two halves, it was a game of one half of which one team were back stabbers and the other were a bunch of drunks telling drug addicts whose boss. The 2nd H were the back stabbers being picked up by the same man that they had stabbed playing against the same drunks that had collapsed in their own vomit. 
This match Report may seem a tad harsh but as is my mood, goes my view... 
Week 3 
Friday 06/11/15 
Match 5 
COMB Fixture 
BE (0) 1 Vs KITFO (0) 0 
Amti 87 
BE - Marcelo 230K AVGKL 
KITFO - 1. AVGKL Manoj Uniyal???? - ADC's current valuation = 290k TZR  
2. DIRECT LOAN Rajib Nath - 300k TZR Amol Atigre DL 300k TZR 
3. Zak ADCY 4. Jhakaas ADCY 
KITFO - 1. Manoj - avgkl 2. Tiger - DL 3. Amartya 4. Sagar 5. Sumanta 6. Zaid 7. Nitin 8. Mihir 9. Ravinder 10. Zak 11. Jhakas 
MO's - BT : Sagar, Mukul RW : Manoj????, Avi BI : Anand, Atul AA : Mayuresh, Sean RH: Akshay, Neeraj PACU: Satish, Subaru 
BE Preview By Ray 
It’s time for the first home game of the season and the eagles are looking forward to putting the disappointment of the first match defeat behind them. The opponents this time are the familiar faces of KITFO with a good mixture of youth and experience. This team by no means can be taken lightly and will put up a very good fight. We are planning to play with 4-4-2 formation, although we are going to try to implement the defensive tactics which we have been practicing since last few sessions along with keeping the ball possession with short passes. This is an ideal opportunity for us to get our season truly underway and pick up the first points of this season. One good news for our fans is they will see our coach Mr. Khare in action playing for us as we had selected this match for player refs. Coach's presence with all of his experience is definitely going to boost our confidence. We would like to wish good luck to KITFO. 
KITFO Preview By Red 
Amartya and me are thankful to the respected ADC for the opportunity to take care of KITFO for our game against BE. Since most of the BE players are from KITFO and we all have been practicing together for a very long time, we are all very eager to get one over our pals and earn the bragging rights for the next few KITFO practice sessions. Our aim will be to keep things simple and try to implement things that we have learnt during the off-season practice. We are missing Mishti for this match and have taken ex-KITFO players on loan so as to keep the KITFO spirit throughout the team. Three points away at the Eagle's Arena will be a huge boost for our confidence. We would like to wish BE luck! 
Preview By the ADC 
I hope BE take as much as they can from Mr. Khare and I hope the Adults playing for KITFO will ENJOY the game against the Eagles. 
There's no doubt KITFO should try and go for the win as they are in contention for promotion too. I just hope there are no injuries to the limited KITFO AVA in the match against PACU on Tuesday. A bit of confusion as BE had forgotten to apply the R and R for the Loaning of Mr. Khare for the match marked for Player Refs. Everything seems to have fallen into place as BE have only 10 players. Mr. Khare will not be playing in any match if there are more than 11 squad players including a GK. The youth playing for KITFO can give many adults a run for their money so this will indeed be a touch encounter in wide open spaces. 
UPDATE - Mr. Khare has DROPPED out of this match as well as ANY FUTURE KITFO or BE Matches citing circumstances that seem beyond repair. Mr. Khare will not be officiating BE or KITFO matches as well as he fears his anger towards the two teams will affect his reffing. 
Refs Review By Sparky 1 half (2nd H) 
Thank you for the opportunity for being one half of the player ref. Here is the report. As player ref 2 missed out on a couple of notes with the players during the pre game discussion. Missed out telling the GK's about time and no. Of steps with the ball when in hand. I was responsible for the second half. Big mistake that would have changed the result of the game was disallowing the goal scored by Amol Atigre. Zubin was in an offside position but he didn't interfere in the play and hence the goal should have been allowed. However the offside call was misinterpreted by me and lines man as well. We apologise to Kitfo for this error. There were couple of late challenges but nothing worth a mention. The players respected me and most of the time each other as well. It is a tough job to cover the are on the papal ground but due to the help of RA's it becomes a bit easier. bE's goal also was scored from an offside position but they were luck as Amit even though in off side position got the back pass which he took advantage off. I consulted with linesman And he clarified that the goal be given. It is hard to maintain consistency but the ref's exam definitely helped us to do a better job than last season. No cards were given out as players maintained discipline and didn't go after each other. I did mess up a particular late challenge and reversed it hence penalising the wrong team but had to move on and continue to keep the game flowing. Thank you ADC for the opportunity. 
Refs Review By Mkul 1 Half (1st H) 
I would like to thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the player refs for today’s match. Only a few days ago I gave a written theoretical ref’s test and the result of that test gave me the opportunity to become a player ref in a real match. Today’s lesson was that there is a huge difference in theory and practice and my skills as a referee were thoroughly tested today. The ADC initially asked me and Sean (the other player ref for today) to talk to both the teams before the match and we explained to the teams that the game should be played with respect and that we, the player refs, would continue to adopt the zero tolerance policy of ADC. In reality, I was a bit more lenient on the field than the usual TZLC standards. For example, some of the players were appealing or suggesting me as to what decision should be given. I should have shown them a yellow card and settled the matter then and there but instead I gave warnings to their captains after which the appealing stopped. The conduct of both the captains was very respectful but I thought that off the field they should talk to their players more often about their behavior on the field to make player ref’s life easier! As far as my refereeing was concerned, I thought that my positioning in relation to RA’s and other players was much better thanks solely to the ref’s test. I was much more confident this time to give late challenge calls. I also gave 3 yellow cards. One of them was for disrespecting the opponent by not giving the ball in his hands during a throw-in. The second one was for rough play by Meer. Thereafter, Deep was in deep trouble as soon as he suggested to me that I should give Meer a red card and thus, Deep earned a yellow card for himself. After these suspensions, the game again became smooth. I felt that with a bit more knowledge of finer rules of football, quick decision-making and a relaxed mind I would have done a better job today. At the end of first half, I wrongly awarded one freekick to BE when I should have allowed kitfo to take a re-kick from a corner. I must confess that at that time I was completely clueless about the rules. I apologise for all erroneous decisions and I promise to take more efforts in improving my refereeing. In the second half, I was linesman and Amti scored while he initially appeared to be in an off-side position. However, I didn’t raise the flag as the pass was not played by his own team-mate. This time I was very confident about my decision. This goal was the game decider. Lastly, I thought that marking on the ground should have been better. Some of the lines were not visible. I conclude by thanking both teams and the MO’s for their assistance. 
BE AVGKL Marcelo Review 
"Thanks to the ADC and all of BE for a good game today. BE were well organized and relatively calm today - and it paid off in the final 5 mins! Some good movement to get the ball from the back to the attacking third - but the final and crucial delivery was missing. Neither team were able to get a foothold on the proceedings. Kitfo won a few battles on the wing - with Zhakaas and Zak deserving a special mention. Any attempts on goal were dealt with easily by the super keeper though. Amit did a lot of running and deserved the goal for his efforts today." 
KITFO DL Tiger Review 
I would like to thank KITFO for giving me an opportunity to play. Today's match was a season opener for me and I was really excited for the kick off. Before match Coach gave us important and valuable instructions about the team formation, strategy for the match and we honestly tried to follow that. Though lost by a goal, we played a better game. Result could have been different if I would have converted the chances I got. The match played in a good spirit. Though missed the chances, I have taken positives from the game, will improve and proceed accordingly. Once again thank you Coach, thank you KITFO. All the best for the remaining matches. 
"Congratulations to BE" 
KITFO Zak Youth Loan Review 
This was my debut match, for the 8th season of the TZLC. Playing at the ADC Stadium (Papal) is always a pleasure, and today’s game was no different. As a youth player, I have a lot to learn regarding tactics, positioning, skills and more. Therefore, I would like to thank those who guided me throughout the game, and those who have helped improve my game in one way or the other. It is always a great learning experience when learning to cope with different players from different teams. I must say playing for KITFO was a very memorable experience. Although the game went smoothly for the most part, we still had some hiccups due to lack of awareness and communication. Personally, the opposition’s will to argue and commit to risky challenges added that “X-Factor” to the game. As a team we made several chances, but lacked that finishing touch. Despite our loss, I felt that the team and its player benefitted greatly from this match. I am very grateful for being loaned, and look to be being loaned again hopefully. Once again, I would like to thank BE, KITFO and the match officials for a great game! 
BE Review by VK 
BE played 4-4-2 Pai (AVGKL) Dev, Prashant, Ray and Robbie in defense; Rake, Sherry, Keano and Groo in midfield, Jaideep and Amti forwards. The encounter started at a feverish pace and the youth wingers from KITFO made a few good runs. The eagles defended stoutly and AVGKL Pai was on the top of his game. Slowly but surely BE got their confidence up and a few good moves resulted upto half time. It was goalless at the break with the forwards on both sides ruing missed opportunities. The match restarted with both the teams eager to open the scoring and playing attacking football. Ray made a great run from CB position and was sent through 1v1 with the goal keeper from Amti’s pass only for him to see his weak shot saved by the keeper. Groo, Sherry, Keano and Rake made good runs and from a resulting attack the usually reliable Zaido saw his misguided pass from defense collected gleefully by Amti. He made no mistake and slotted the ball into the bottom corner with only the keeper in the way. The eagles were leading with only a few minutes left on the clock. BE saw out the game professionally and made sure maximum points from this encounter. The player refs did a commendable job of keeping the game flowing. BE and KITFO players who are very good friends off the field played hard and ensured that it was a very watchable game. 
KITFO Review By Red 
A big thank you to the ADC/Coach for accepting our request to coach KITFO during the game. BE may have got the goal and the result be KITFO had fun and enjoyed the game. It was a good learning for all of us. We all tried to implement and play as instructed by coach. We started 4-4-2: John-GK; Zaid-RB; Nitin-RCB; Mihir-LCB; Ravinder-LB; Jhakas-RM; Sagar-RCM; Amar-LCM; Zak-LM; Tiger-RCF; Sumanta-LCF. Coach did a lot of positional changes during the game to give everyone equal opportunity. We loaned ex-KITFO players so as to keep the KITFO spirit in the squad. We did not start off well but after a few shouts and scoldings from coach settled into our game. We were not clinical in front of goal and BE took advantage of the chance that fell their way. It was a close game which we all enjoyed. Congratulations to BE for their first victory in TZLC8. Congratulations and thanks to the refs who did a great job! 
ADC Review By Mr. Khare 
I consented to to take KITFO as they had all shown heart felt sorrow at their treatment of me and I behaved with bonhomie with the BE people too. Also two of my dodgy Kfandrians were playing for KITFO. 
For the match itself, if you've already read Zak's report (he sounds a 100 years old but is only 15) the BE lads and a couple of the KITFO lads were indeed late many a time. My question as a coach is always how can I tell them that it's not always winning the ball that's important, it's the fact that there should be an iota of respect for the opponent while jumping into challenges. There is importance in intercepting a pass or just plain and simple blocking pathways for the opposition. When that concept is understood than Late Challenges made would be genuine lack of timing and not plain and simple foolhardiness.  
This was another match that was good, probably played at a higher level than the KITFO BE squads played at last season but no player excelled. I was more intent with giving some match experience to Zubin and Robby's namesake Robbinder. Zak and Jhakaas should be happy that Zubin had not confirmed and had just suddenly appeared out of the paintwork or else they'd have had less time on the pitch. 
It seems BE also were without Harsh so they had less of an issue worrying about subs. They were left with 1. Amti's goal came of his laziness to get back onside. As I was telling Jhakaas the Haurat to come off so that I can treat the deep gash on his elbow that I'm sure his little bro MJ will take care of, a ball was played to the left flank. He rushed back and played a ball to Zed who played it back towards his Lcd. Um...Amti..Amti's placement was without force and John the AVGKL (Ex-KITFO) dived terribly and made a hash of everything. I'm sure the people that have bought him in their BTB team will be frustrated to the core! 
BE - I'm happy they carried on with the Tactics I had sent them a few days earlier and not done a Watsapp dissection of how to mutilate someones finely laid plans to help them out. One note to all of them, Please keep your Watsapp groups or whatever app you are fond of, PRIVATE to MEMBERS ONLY. The BE players were calmer than usual but could not get that final killer pass. As Meer was catching offside way up the pitch, BE had chances to capitalize but were foiled by either John or Satsut! I have no clue which planet Satsut was on as he seemed to still be in the TZLC7. BE's play was calm and composed down the middle but they were playing it to the flanks only as a through ball and not building it up. Although they did seem calm, they did make the usual unforced errors. Some players refuse to make space when the release the ball and look around at whose standing where when off the ball. Everyone just tens to WATCH the ball. 
KITFO - KITFO took time to start especially Red. Meer was making to many errors in Cd so puched him up for a bit than brought him back. I thought Zubin and Robbinder did well. Though they have to watch the LC's. Tintin has forgotten how to play at Wing back. Zak Haurat No. 1 and Jhakaas Haurat No. 2 were having their own private competition set up by me. Zak won this round. Jhakaas lost it by letting the ball trickle under his foot on at least 2 occasions. It took Red and Amar around a million minutes to understand that a THOUGH ball to the wingers needs to be played between the defenders and in such a way that it stops on the field. Tiger played as well as his over weight self managed. All else were fine! 
Week 3 
Saturday 07/11/15 
Match 6 
3rd Div 
TZAS (0) 0 Vs ADCY (0) 0 
TZAS - Dhruv Agarwal santosh pai Sachin KadamSean Mathew Amol Monga Uday Shinde Jatin Bhana Pravin Mayuresh KARAN TEJWANI Sameer Chavan Harjeet 
ADCY - Pat, Jhakaas, Adu, MJ, Zak, Spongebob, Brush, Tan, Habibif , Speedy, Sundeep Gupta  
TZAS Players loaned to ADCY - Anand Sadana Mukul Inamdar Amarnath Venkataramani Atul Shah Prashant Bhandari 
MO's - (NPP and KITFO) - Yogi (PACU) Toufiq, (RW) Sagerr (BT) Siddhu (BT) 1. Rakesh Raghuthaman 2. Sharad Yeole LATE 3. Varun Kuzhikattil 4. Sameer Soniakar (ALL BE) 
ADCY Preview By Mr. Khare 
As there are now 10 players AVA including Sundeep (Sol) I will possibly need ONLY 3 players at any given time. 1 Gk and 2 outfield players depending on how well the ALL YOUTH team are performing against the Adults. 
From near dissolution to competing! I do hope things just go up from here. Brush is probably the only player that thinks like a KITFO player (happy to take over my job) so the only other problem I have is Sol!! Don't worry Sol I'm only joking. But it's pretty sad that he confirms when Meeraj asks him to confirm and not when I'm waiting for confirmation for the ADCY side.... 
TZAS Preview By Meeraj 
“TZAS will be playing their first match of the season and everyone looks excited. Formation for this game would possibly be 4-4-2 with GK rotation, to take on a young and energetic ADCY Squad. ADCY is a strong and fit team and we will have to put our best efforts together to matchup to them. TZAS comes with a huge experience and would focus to gel as a team and enjoy the game. There will be lot of substitutions as TZAS have about 2-3 Subs. We look forward to playing ADCY and wish them all the best.” 
Review By AndyPandy Loan to ADCY 
I would like to thank the ADC and Meeraj for coordinating this match. Playing for ADCY always gets me excited. This young team falls short of commitment to the sport and their team which always encourages me to give my best. It was a well fought game between the all stars and the youth. We had some really good work happening along the flanks and it was a well settled game with bits of nerve. A good mixture in all. TZAS with their never die attitude and made some beautiful plays making us fight for each minute of our game. In all a hard fought game with a lot of respect. 
Review By Atool Loan to ADCY 
Thank you for allowing to play for the ADCY even though i hardly qualify as "Youth". I think the youth of ADCY played really well today and a bit more confident of themselves and their game compared to last year. It was good to see nice crosses coming in from Tan and Zhakaas from either sides. MJ was quite good as a striker and really hassled the TZAS CDs forcing them into making errors. Zak was quite well settled in the midfield position. There were a few chances that ADCY missed out on. I am sure they will get better with every match.It was great playing upfront as a Striker and enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks once again to ADCY Manager for allowing me to be part of the team. 
TZAS Review By Meeraj 
Firstly a Big Thank You to Coach for gifting us lovely Jersey’s which TZAS played in. TZAS Played 4-2-2 with Sameer in Goal, Defence from left to Right: Sachin, Karan, Mayuresh, Uday; Midfield left to right: Monga, Jatin, Sean, Pai; Up-front: Dhruv and Pravin. Substitute : Harjeet. TZAS had an average game. There were a lot of errors and mis-passes. Many a times TZAS were trying to force a move which did not work and they ended up loosing possession. ADCY on the other hand had many good moves and created a lot more chances. MJ was superb and was fun to watch. I would like to thank all TZAS players for their co-operation. I would also like to thank Coach to give me this opportunity to manage TZAS, It was a wonderful experience and hope everyone at TZ gets a chance to experience the same. 
Review By Bhanda Loan to ADCY 
I would 1st like to thank ADC for giving me a chance to play on loan today. Ive been recently out of much needed match practice and this game gave me a chance to get back into the groove. I came on to the field as one of the 1st subs playing up front. Its been a while since ive played up and hence took me a little while to get warmed up. Later I moved back into my regular CD position and had another spell upfront aswell. Playing with the young guys was good fun and also good to see some of the maturity shown by them.the play on the wings was very good. The guidance received from Coach all thru the game was very crucial and will help me in the future games i will play. We played well as a team and had a few good chances. At times we had the opponents on the back foot and we could have won the game. They had a few good chances at the end of the game but we held on tight. All in all a good game. Thanks once again to ADCY. 
Review By Mkul Loan to ADCY 
I thank ADC for taking me on loan for today’s match against TZAS. The match ended at 0-0 draw but it was quite intense. I am not happy with my individual performance today. Throughout the match I played with high intensity and I also tried to maintain our formation intact by communicating constantly with the youth. But I should have calmed down things in the midfield whenever we received the ball which I failed to do. I also missed one golden opportunity from a beautiful cross by Tan. About my goalkeeping the less said the better. Apart from that I am very happy with the way ADCY approached this match. It looked as if ADCY were playing with a plan in their mind (because they did have a plan). They tried to take the ball near the opposition’s flank and tried to cross the ball more often. They also created numerous goalscoring chanced which were the result of defensive errors induced by constant pressure put on TZAS defense. A 0-0 draw in an away match is a very encouraging result against accomplished TZAS players and after watching this match every club will be wary of ADCY. 
Review By Amma Loan to ADCY 
I would like to thank Coach for playing me in the ADCY team and also Neeraj for filling up for Ajoo and making the game possible. A big thanks to all the MO's too. I thought overall ADCY was the better team and if it had not been for Anand and me missing sitters the result would have been different. TZAS laid siege to our goal towards the end of the game but Atul in Goals was upto the challenge. The ADCY team is very talented, physically fit but above all each of them have very strong basics. I think this team which joined the TZL&C at a very last stage are strong contenders for the 3rd Division Title. 
Review By Main Ref Sidwho??? 
First of all I'd like to thank ADC to hand me a chance to officiate the match as this was a first time experience for me. Having played just one match in TZLC so far, it was nice to see the Coach having full faith in me. At first, we (the team of match officials) conducted the pre-match talk with both teams discussing about the fair play and the zero tolerance policy in TZLC and that they should respect each other and the referees on the pitch. I think I was more lenient especially when we had an advantage situation and the 50-50 challenges. Both teams showed great respect for each other and we didn't have a situation where the Ref needed to get involved and settle the matters.The Ref's exam sincerely helped me a lot during my positioning in the match especially in a game which was end to end with teams trying hard to find the net. In the second half I was more confident while giving decisions compared to first as the ADC boosted my confidence at half time with the praise. The areas where I can improve is that I need to look simultaneously at the game, to the Ref's assistants and the Stat-keeper especially as my decision on the pitch is the final decision. Also,I'd be more vocal during the game as few of the players couldn't hear my calls on the pitch. I apologize for wrongly giving one throw-in to ADCY when the ball was still in play but I just misjudged the Linesperson's flag for the same. In the first half ADCY looked sharp at passing the ball, creating chances and being not afraid to take on the senior players from TZAS. The second half saw both teams trying to attack each other but failed to convert their chances into goals. It was a game where a team of youth talent showed their opponents that they are not pushovers in every aspect. It was nice to see both teams trying to play good football especially in second half and trying to score until the final whistle. There were not any controversies or verbal fights because of which I'm sure it was a great entertaining match to watch for the neutrals. As the first ever match in charge it was a great experience for me on a personal note and I'm also looking forward to see more improved performance from my side in the next matches. I conclude my report by thanking the fellow MO for the assistance, both the teams for fair play and great performance on pitch and lastly ADC for giving me this great opportunity and honour to referee the match. 
ADCY Review by the ADC and MR 
It was a tough job for Meeraj caretaker of TZ while Ahjoo's wife takes care of making sure Ahjoo doesn't return too soon. I'm happy that the players didn't give Meeraj any grief at all as per what I saw. Meeraj sacrificed his place in the team and promptly post the match asked the ADC to look for someone else to take over TZAS's match this saturday.....Meeraj followed my footsteps by switching players hither and thither and making everyone play everywhere, well in most positions I guess. JJ had the best chance of the match during a 15 min period in the 2nd half when my adult Cd collapsed. For the most part I find all the Adults that play for the ADCY have great games. It is easier when there are no ego issues and your duties for the match are concise and clear. For the most part ADCY were told to play quick passes, even at FK's, take shots when an opening materializes and FEED the wing backs and Wing Mf's WHENEVER possible. Plus each player knew what they were supposed to do in each position. For the TZLC I was watching Louie closely (Hari Om / Dirty Harry) are his many persona's, as he was NOT the same man he is in the practice session when he played for PACU the other day. I don't think Louie played a single long ball! Was this the Meeraj effect or is this how he manages to play when my eyes are on him. Louie should continue in this vein. 
TZAS were not at all calm and composed when under pressure, even from the ADCY's smallest player MJ. When panic sets in at the back it only percolates through the rest of the team. There were many late challenges but the spirit of the competition made sure nothing got out of hand. For ADCY it was always going to be easy now as most of the players have a seasons experience and practicing nearly everyday. An organization like the TZAS will rarely have the upper hand as they are an amalgamation of players from assorted clubs. Just like a country. It doesn't mean that they'll play well together. Individually the TZAS players played well but I wish Hruday would stop doing a Louie. While setting up the highlights show nearly every touch Hruday got was a ball pumped from Rb position into or nearly into the opposition area. Mayur still drifts and resembles a castaway on the Indian Ocean with a constant strong gust of wind pushing the Lcd towards the right. Mayur doesn't even try and resist it. Ryan seems a ghost of his former self, I mean he always plays well but he has not reached the levels I feel he can. Sparky still makes the odd error here and there. Meeraj was constantly trying to get one up on me and you can observe that in the highlights show when he gives me KHUNNAS with a smile!!! The ADCY's Adu now AA whom I tried at Rcd, Rb, Rcm and St is too excited at times. Tanny's work rate is phenomenal and Jhakaas is too erratic. Mj's cheekiness is reflected in his game as he doesn't allow his size to affect his play. Spongebob's first appearance was nervy but he's a good player and I'm sure he'll calm down. For those of you who didn't know, he's Sid's younger bro...the tall chap that played for the ADCY in the TZLC7 in goals and outfield. A good draw for ADCY...A good draw for TZAS and a GOOD draw for PACU! 
The ADC's Report on the Player Refs performance so far - 
Please note that MY PRESENCE on the ground will have an effect on the players. They will ALWAYS be on their Best behaviour. So in my assessment of the refs I will indeed be looking at the minute details too. 
Mkul (1st H BE Vs KITFO) - Seems a bit too serious. Needs to lighten up a little to allow himself a little enjoyment while reffing. Reffing a match should not become a chore. He should stay in touch with the R and R. His mistakes, as shown in the highlights show, and a couple of others that weren't shown should be reduced. Sometimes he seems confused and this can have affect the players. Rating - 5/10. 
Sparky (2nd H BE Vs KITFO) - His presence was more tangible. He seemed to be the opposite of Mkul in the exuding cofidence area. He was loud and clear and that is a must. He made a couple of mistakes but over all was there and thereabouts. One area he needs to improve upon is his indecisiveness sometimes. A bit of a train all 3 refs have shown. They should all be confident enough EVEN when giving the wrong decision...they should be quick to apologize for their own mistakes too. Rating - 6/10 
Sidhwo?? (Full match TZAS Vs ADCY) - frequently blew his whistle probably as he kept his whistle to his mouth for almost the whole match. He meeds to be a little louder with the whistle and his communication and also his R and R. Rating - 5/10