Tue 03/05/16  
LC SF 2  
AA (0) 4 Vs RW (0) 0 
AA - Ajinx 2 49.10 63.11 Adu 71 Marcelo 81 
MO's : BE Harshad, Amit-; BT - Neeraj, Bhanda ; PACU – Hima, Kaka, ; RH – Beeraj, Nik, BI – Ringa, Ajoo 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Arun 4. Sam 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Pai 8. Adu 9. Sean 10. Ajinkya 11. Satish (subject to ADC approval) 
AA Loans - 1. Shivang and Audi - unavailable - in place we would like to loan Satish (PACU - 0.43) AVL 
RW - AVPL: Shubhankar BT value (0.36M) for Mannu value 0.33 M TZR UNA EMERGENCY AVPLOAN KEANO 0.420M and Jon AVGKL 0.310 
RW - Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Pravin Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit Monga Shubhankar(Subject to ADC Approval) 
AA Preview By Rock Click Here to Read MP!!!! 
This is the second leg of the League Cup semi-final, and a huge match for both clubs involved. 
AA has a 1 goal cushion from the first leg, and we know that RW will come out with all guns blazing. We will have to be very tough defensively, and look to score on the counter. Audi, our talismanic striker is not available for this match, but Sean returns to strengthen our mid-field. 
We wish RW all the best, and look forward to the game in the ADC Stadium! 
RW Preview By K135T Click Here to READ MP!!! (Submit the crossword answers to K135T and win TZR for your club!!!) 
The return fixture will be tough one as its pretty hard to recover in days time for a possible 90 min match. AA with all their talent, skill and experience will be big test for RW who are recovering from a crisis situation we ourselves got us into a win against AA looks a bit unlikely in this 2 legged affair but we will try our best to take the game to the last minute. Our formation will largely depend on the 1st leg. We promise to be on our best behavior and uphold the TZ ethos at all times on and off the field. 
Amonk Ran 
6.3 Km's in 80 mins 
Sidwho's Review as LP 
I thank the coach for appointing me as the Linesperson for the mach between AA and RW today. It was nice to be an LP for both these classic legs of the cup semi final between two very good teams. 
First of all, congratulations to AA for making it to the final and surely against all odds,they gave their 100% in this match which ensured their progress. 
There were some talks going on between the Coach and Jonty regarding the first goal which from my point of view looked a fair goal. The coach decided to be lenient about the Zero Tolerance Policy from the kickoff but after the first goal he decided to get back to the Zero Tolerance (ZT) policy which was probably the right decision. 
RW looked very frustrated after they conceded the first and then maybe the lack of concentration at the back allowed AA to score 3 more and make their task easy. I'm sure most of us predicted a tough game for AA and that RW are favorites to go through, but Kudos to AA to prove everyone wrong and reach the final. 
Also, get well soon Ajinx! Hope you're fine after that injury during the game and see you soon on field. 
I thank the coach once again for making me the LP and wish AA all the very best for the big final agaist KITFO. 
AA's Review By Ryan 
The score of this match would give the impression of AA being the dominant team of the two to anybody who would not have seen this match but on the contrary it was exactly the opposite. RW dominated most of the time especially the first half where AA might just have 25% of the ball possession and that too mainly while clearing the ball. The point of discussion before the match was if AA was to play more defensive with the odd goal lead or go attacking and get one more goal before going defensive again. Looking at the RW midfield, and with likes of Shubhankar being added, we went defensive as we did not have the legs to go up and down with exception of Sean. We played with a 4-5-1 formation , with Tiger in goals, Arun DM, Sean – RCM , Satish –LCM , Pai – RW , Adu – LW , Ajinkya- Forward , Ryan – LCD , Maya – RCD , Mihir – LB & Tiger –RB. Our focus was to have Sean and Arun help the defense and let Satsut do what he does best in zipping around and testing their defense along with Pai, Adu making a lot of runs on the wings and Ajinkya holding the ball upfront. RW, came close to equalizing in the first half but unfortunately could not finish their chances. The second half, we were a little more composed as compared to the first and did well to keep the ball and move it whenever possible. In couple of such replica moves, Satish was able to penetrate their defense from the right and line up easy tap in goals for Ajinkya. Pai and Adu then went on some fantastic individual runs which were setup by Sean and Pai respectively who made no mistakes scoring. As mentioned before the score line does not reflect the dominance which RW had over this match and we were fortunate that it was our home game as the extra 5 mins that were not taken in the first half made significant difference as there was not a single AA player who was not exhausted with all the running RW made them do. AA are glad to be in the finals and hope to win some silverware for their Fans. 
Keano's Review as AVPL for RW 
First of all I would like to thank RW and Karan to give me chance to  
play for RW. Thanks to ADC for approving my loan. 
RW is a fantastic team and it is learning experience for me to play with  
such a good team. KITFO and BE are altogether different mettle and  
hence soaking up into RW playing tactics does take some time. I was  
playing on the left wing and tried my best today. Missed couple of  
chances in both first and second half. Lalit received two YC's and both  
proved disastrous. It was very difficult to cover entire line from  
defense to attack all the time. Marcello was in form today, he created  
many chances and his cross overs were excellent. It was difficult to  
beat him up in running when you start following him from 10yards away.  
RW could have done better if they had not lost hope! This is a game and  
take it in right spirit. Doesnt matter you win or lose. I know its easy  
to say than done but at least keep cheering up oneself and teammates.  
One goal and RW could have been in play again. At last we are part of  
one big TZLC family so teams may better focus on enjoying the game. 
RW tried desperately to score goals and defense line was pushed too up.  
Unfortunately once ball got past defense line there was hardly anybody  
to stop AA strikers. It was sad to see Ajinx scoring goal against sole  
Jon. Whenever a goal is scored, it becomes past. Don't get discouraged  
and try hard. Cheer up each other and that makes a large difference.  
KITFO and BE has no great talented guys like most of the top teams in  
TZLC but they always show Never say die attitude. Constant shouting and  
cheering up make players run an extra mile. RW is an exceptional team  
and can win matches. Just keep your chin up and focus on next matches. 
RW does play very good passing game and keep possession but there were  
very few shots taken on target. Some random shoots also put opponents  
under pressure. Couple of chances missed in AA's D-areas. That could  
have been converted into goals. 
AA played good and their combination of defense and counter attack  
worked really well. Strikers running over the ground covering defense  
and mid. Excellent play guys. Congrats AA on your win. 
Hard luck RW. I could feel pain of loss in such an important match. You  
have seasons to play. All the best for remaining matches. 
Satsut's Review as AVPLoanee for AA 
At the outset, I would like to thank Arun and Sam for opting to loan me for this all important return leg of the 1st division league cup. I thank the ADC for approving my loan. I had warned Sam that I am not at full fitness due to my ankle injury and that it would be difficult for me to play in midfield. He had assured me that Sean and Arun will cover up for me. I thought they did a fantastic job. No one can match up to RWs midfield, but Sean and Arun showed how to break their attacks. The key against them is to be patient and wait for that loose ball. Sam was as usual solid in defense, ably supported by Maya in CD, but I thought the wingmen:Pai, Adu, Mihir and Neel were up for it this morning. Ajinkya always happens to be in the right place at the right time. We had to drag our feet around in the 1st half, but once we got that goal in the 2nd, RW lost the plot, and AA scored 3 more. The scoreline does not reflect the superiority/inferiority of any team. Credit to AA to sticking to the strategy. It hurts me to see RW lose; but I am sure the lads will find a way, they always have! 
Jon's Review as GKL for RW 
First of all a big thanks to respected ADC for allowing me to play on loan for RW. It was good to play for RW once again in such a crucial match. RW started off well in the first half with lots of passing movements and had more possession as AA were happy sit back behind the wall defending and waiting for an opportunity to counter attack. In second half RW were way off their game plan and were no way near the RW we all are used to see, mistakes in the midfield and not able to play simplest of passes and when AA scored the first goal, I was expecting RW to go on a different level and make a fight out of it but intensity and intent wasn't there. AA strikers were given acre of spaces to run with the ball and RW defenders were no where to be seen. All the goals scored were the simplest goal you will ever score as a striker having all the time in the world to even dribble past the keeper except the one scored by Adu from just a yard outside the penalty box, What a finish !!! even i enjoyed it as i saw the ball going into the left bottom corner and i was lying helpless on the ground. A terrible comeback for me in the goals but what a fantastic performance by AA. Congratulations to AA and Hard luck to RW but i know they will come back even stronger. See you in the finals AA :) 
Ashubh's Review as AVPLoanee for RW 
I would like to thank the RW management for taking me on loan for the League Cup SF 2 against AA and also the ADC for approving the loan request. RW were trailing 1-2 from the first leg so we decided to play 3 at the back + Vikas being the shield to the defence. This allowed us control the game in the first half. But we lacked something in the final third and couldn't score. In the second half we pushed further forward but left the defence exposed. Unfortunately we committed too many men forward and conceded. Once the players' heads dropped we just couldn't recover. All of AA's goals were from counter-attacks. In the end it was a harsh exit from the cup for RW. Congrats to AA. Hope RW and BT put up a good show for the fans in the next game. 
Personally I enjoyed the first half when RW seemed to be in the ascendancy. The team is full of players with good technique and I enjoyed linking up with them. In this aspect I believe the experience was similar to playing for BT. Both teams believe in building the game with good quick passing. The way the back four sniffed out the AA attacks in the first half and recycled the possession also made things easier for me as a midfielder. Thank you RW again for this opportunity. 
RW's Review By KT135 
We started with 3-5-2 Manoj GK on loan Jatin CD Avi RCD Lalit LCD Monga RM Karan CM Shubhankar ( loan) CM Vikki DCM Keano ( loan) Taufa St Sarva ST 
a game of two contrasting halfs...the first where we tried our best to overcome a resolute AA Backline and held possession and 2nd where we conceded yet again to a counter and lost the plot to concede 3 more. we started with 3-5-2 to try and get a goal and retrospectively we should have listened to our Chairman and stuck to 4-4-2 and the Goals conceded would have been less. Again we got stretched at the back numerous times.Kudos to AA who had a steely morning today, they were simply on a different level compared to us. Sean Adu Pai Ryan Neel Mihir Rock Satsut had a superb game. We conceded all four on counters which resulted from poor passing by the RW mid, not only are we slacking in defence but also upfront mainly due to blind passing and not sticking basics and lack of co-ordination and i urge the RW players to up their game else we are riding a sinking ship. The goals were in such a fast passing movement i cant place the order but the 1st one was when satsut dribbled through K135T and Jonty to square it Ajinx UNmarked to tap in. The second was Adu one on one with the keeper and a super cool finish in the bottom corner from out of the D. The third was Ajinx who tortured our coverless keeper before slotting in with ease. Apologies to Manoj for leaving him coverless at all the goals. We would also like to Apologise to the Main Ref as our Captain shouldnt have approached the Ref regarding his doubt and just played on...We will try our best to bounce back from this Defeat but we lost to a much better team and so it doesnt hurt that bad. Apologies to the fans as well, we will put in a better performance on Thursday. 
MR By Khare 
Why oh why do I be a nice guy and ask the captains if they want ZERO TOLERANCE or for the Ref to be more grandfatherly with them? 
Maturity is difficult when it comes to stressful situations and that is the reason why henceforth there will ALWAYS BE ZERO TOLERANCE. 
Jonty the RW captain disappointed me when he approached me about the 1st goal. Just Sour Grapes. I should have sent him off as I had sent Satsut off in an earlier match in the season when he suggested to the Ref that the player fouled was NOT in a goal scoring position so it shouldn't be a penalty. Thats when I stopped enjoying the game truth be told. In actuality I stopped enjoying the game when a number of players baltantly handled the ball and did not admit to it. But in the let it go mentality the point of homesty and integrity is lost. Jonty also shouted a bit too much at his team mates. I have always liked a captain thats loud and pushes his team but he's started screaming to the point where its just unhealthy. Also his screaming when he himself is not having a peach of a game to me is hypocritical. 
I had warned RW in all the matches that followed the BE and KITFO games that they have a massive weakness, but did they listen, nope. They keep ignoring my advice and I will not advise them anymore. 
I've got a piece of advice for Ivan though. When you have a man marking you, ALL YOU DO is stand far away and MOVE your MARKER away from his favoured area. This will also give you the initiative as now the ball is in your court. Quite obviously AA had scrambled things in the central area. So what did RW do? Kept going through the central area!!! They still created chances but as time went on they started losing the plot. 
The BIGGEST mistake was to take Keano on loan and PLAY HIM AT LM! Foolish! I've just about got him to play like a star in CM and to play at LM at Mantans level is like asking KT135 to wear a binikini! Poor Keano, I'll to spend some time or ensuring he doesn't lose all the confidence he's gained in the past couple of weeks. Another super wild mistake is to play Vikus, a player that can SCORE and DEFEND in a DM position!!! Jesus H. Christ (Apologies Sparky as I took your lords name in vain!!) when you HAVE AN OLD STYLE TYPICAL CM why the Hell fdo yo play him ONLY as a COVER? 
I understand Rock playing that role as everyone knows that Rocks not the fittest player. BUT he has AWARNESS and he's a HARD MAN!! Prerequisites for a DM. Although Rock ALSO has the ability to score, as I said before, he doesn't have the ability to go up and down. 
Keano was shouted at so much as if he was a lower caste bloke in a Brahmin meeting. Just embarrassing and whatever he says I don't believe he was treated right. Look what happens to star players when they are shoves in goals. Keano as any other player is too nice to tell it like how it is. I personally think Keano's on par with players like Ashubh, Ryan and even Satsut but EACH AND EVERY individual works in a different way. 
AA are super lucky to have Adu and Stoney. Two players that work their asses without complaining. Well more so Adu I guess as I Stoney probably gives Mrs. Rock and earful and then Mrs. Rock deals with Rock!!! Even Marcelo was salivating and encountering SO MUCH SPACE!! Satsut must've thought he was acting with Sandra Bullock on Gravity 2 when he was floating in SOOOOO MUCH SPACE!!! 
Sparky also gets the nod from me for being line for an award. What a player! Such a gentleman, hard and honest! Brilliant! I don't have to say that Ryan and Rock are also in line for an award coz players of their calibre always are. Plus if I keep on naming everyone in the team, EVERYONE will be in line for an award. Ajinx does what he does, SCORE!! Good on you Ajinx for passing the CONCUSSION TEST!!! 
Has somebody told Tiger he's better of in goals? Or have they told him that theres no other position AVA? Whatever it is, its working as Tigers doing splendidly! The speed at which he sets up the Tee for Mayur or eggs people on is fascinating also the way he manages to give the opposition a false sense of security that its only Tiger in goals, the opposition get complacent and voila, A Tiger save the day! 
A final comment on RW. STICK TO BASICS, you are thinking too much. FIRST YOU HAVE TO DEFEND WELL then SCORE. You are doing the opposite. What is the use of having 90% possession? And LOSING???? Think about it. 
May of the AA players were observed ALREADY celebrating the League Cup Final Win. When asked the option of BT or KITFO they obviously said KITFO. I reckon thats a bit complacent don't you? There's NO DOUBT in anyones mind that AA are the FAVOURITES to win 
the League Cup Final against KITFO BUT wouldn't it be a dream come true if KITFO showed the AA stars from Ryan and Rock, to Sparky and Audi, to Ajinx and Mayur (Marcelo's a real nice guy so I won't mention him) and finally to Stoney and Adu (Tiger and Meer are ex-KITFO and KITFO so can't include them) that even the paupers, the not there yets, the beginners can give them a run for it..... 
2 WEEKS For the LEAGUE CUP FINAL!!!! What a MATCH it's GOING TO BE!!! 
For sure they will be SO TIRED to play in the MORE IMPORTANT CUP FINAL, the ADC CUP FINAL a week later against either RW or PACU that I can sense they are already worried now!!! 
Thu 05/05/16 
BT (0) 2 Vs RW (2) 2 
BT - Ashubh 9.20 Shaurav 45.45 
RW - Sleepy 35.15 KT135 41.45 
MO's : AA: Pai, Adu BI: Karan S, Rango BE: Jaidev, Jaideep RH: Beeraj, Nik PACU: Yogi, Harry 
BT Loans: Keano (0.28 mil TZR) DL in place of Bhanda (0.29 mil TZR) Subaru (0.46 mil TZR) AVPL 
BT's Squad list Confirmed: Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Ankush Moghe (Anks) Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Sameer Patil (Pam) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) 
RW Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Pravin Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit Monga Mannu 
EMERGENCY LOANS AVPL- Satsut (value 0.43M TZR) PACU DL SEAN GK(value 0.29 M TZR) BE for Ketan (value 0.43M TZR) - has to attend PFC Football Camp in the Early AM. DL ADU (value 0.27M TZR) AA for Mantan ( Value 0.33M TZR)- out of town 
BT's Preview By Pam Click Here to Read MP!!!! 
After having been knocked out of the League cup BT fans must be dissapointed at the teams performance. After all, the players have put in a lot of hard work in this season to reach this stage. However KITFO were a strong side and we should not be demoralised by the loss as we gave it our everything. On the brighter side, we can now shift our entire focus on the League and focus on our remainin games of the season. 
BT have 3 games remaining in the season. They play RW this coming Thursday in the first of the remaining three games. The overall objective is clear - to obtain maximum points and secure first place in the second division. The equation is pretty straight forward as well: BT need at least 7 points from our remaining three games to secure the primary objective. That would mean at least two victories in the next three games. The equation was relatively easier a while back but a run of consecutive draws means we are faced with a difficult task ahead of us.  
RW are a strong side and every team would aspire to beat such a refined side. They have had a poor run of games in recent times but expect them to bounce back with full force when the going gets tough!  
BT are missing two players for this game: Jehan and Bhanda are not available since they are travelling. We will be taking appropriate loans in their places.  
I welcome the RW fans to watch this game and support their team. BT fans, we need your support so please come out in huge numbers and support us! All the best RW! 
RW's Preview By K135T 
BT is without doubt the best team in the TZLC8, tgeir composure on the ball is unbelievable and passing super slick, with Pam leading the charge one can be sure to come up against a well laid plan and Attention to detail. A win for our fans us very crucial and the new management will try it's best.we will stick to the 3-4-3 formation and try to work things out. 
Amonk Ran 
6.9 Km's 
Keano's Review as AVPL (DL) for BT 
First thing I am doing after reaching home is writing this review before  
my busy day starts. 
What a game, what a composure! I loved to play with BT. I am still not  
tuned to the way BT plays but couple of games more and I will be  
comfortable with its style. RW was on high side today they played  
attacking game and scored nicely. Personally I don't belive Satsut is  
injured he tried to run and en-cash every opportunity he received.  
Karan managed RW game very well. He got a penalty and scored a goal.  
Sparky seems invincible when he is standing in the goal. RW created good  
shield for every IFK BT took. 
BT went 2-0 down in first half. Any team would have moral down and it  
became visible by body language of players. BT stood different. Everyone  
was cheerful and fought hard. It paid! Two amazing passing goals and  
game ended with 2-2. Since the match started I was confident that  
Gaurav will receive at least once chance to head the ball into goal and  
he did! Shubhankar, Rafa, Bonga, Mkukul, Neeraj, Siddhu and all, what  
a passing guys. Very matured. All I had to make sure is I am available  
to receive passes and move it on. Pam and Siddhu ran tirelessly on the  
flanks and created very good chances. BT could have won match today but  
the goal scored by Pam was dismissed due to his pushing to player and  
whoa not a single negative reaction from BT players. Game continnued  
with its pace! Since I joined TZLC I am observing BT is the team  
following ethos and R&R continuously. Very much appreciated! 
Andysu, Sagar, Ankush, Subaru maintained a defense wall. It was  
difficult for RW players to break the wall. Especially in second half it  
was distinctive. Hardly ball moved into BT's court. BT was string like  
waves; nonstop action! All in all, I am happy to see match draw with 2-2  
would have been much better to see BT win it. BT deserved win today. 
To mention, RW has been changing. One can feel the charm and the way  
they are playing. No fouls, not false play, hardly any late challenge.  
Good game guys. 
Thanks Pam and BT management for asking me to play for BT and making me  
feel comfortable in CM position. I was looking for this opportunity  
since long. :) Thanks to ADC for approving the loan. Thanks to Mr Khare  
who runs a lot on ground during reffing and try hard to maintain game  
spirit. I am sure it was not easy game to manage today. Thanks Ref. 
All the best to both RW and BT for all next matches. 
KS's Review as LP 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as an LP for today's game. 
This was a match between two of TZLC's most talented attacking sides. Both BT and RW have technically good players capable of controlling the flow of the game. Though the game ended 2-2, RW will be left slightly disappointed with the result; mainly for letting a 2 goal lead slip. 
RW were their usual selves in the 1st half - quick, confident passing put a lot of pressure on the BT defence. Satsut was a brilliant addition to their front line with his constant harrying of the defenders. 2 goals at the end of the half should have meant curtains for BT.  
However, BT came out in the 2nd half as a different team looking much more comfortable with 3 at the back. RW inexplicably went into their shell and chose to play a deep defensive game. They gave BT time to play their intricate game when they could've done much better just keeping the ball at their feet! Both goals eventually were conceded with long balls into the box, very uncharacteristic of BT (a brilliant 1st goal by Ashubh!). May be its time they added this dimension to their game.  
As an LP, I had an easier outing than my counterpart Red who had 4 goals scored at his end! The insistence on playing an attacking game when on the ball was visible by the high-line held by RW in the 1st half and BT in the 2nd.  
A shout out to KT who was great at the back for RW and to the entire BT team for their sheer persistence.  
Adu's Review as Loanee for RW 
I would like to begin by thanking the RW management for taking me on loan today. I was given the opportunity to play for about 70 minutes. I am happy with both, our performance as a team, and my individual performance. We played in a 4-4-2 formation for the entire match and I was the LM. I was able to make some good runs down the flank and put some good balls into the box. I was disappointed with my passes at some instances. It was great fun playing today. The others kept encouraging me and giving me pointers on how to improve my game. I actually found playing for RW pretty similar as compared to playing for AA. Maybe this was so because RW played a 4-4-2 formation instead of their recent 3-5-2. They were also playing more defensively, especially in the second half. I think BT put up very good show and successfully put RW under a lot of pressure in the last few minutes of the second half. Well played and congratulations to both teams.  
Satsut's Review as AVPL for RW 
I would like to thank Karan for loaning me this morning and the ADC for approving my loan. I was so looking forward to playing with my ex team mates. Was slightly disappointed with the 2nd half performance where we started defending too deep and gave BT a lot of space in our own half. The first half was like the RW we know, the RW everyone fears. We scored twice in the 1st half and let in 2 in the 2nd. Credit to BT to have pressed us and look for the equalizer. Shubh was fantastic, Adu shined again. Have to take responsibility for the 2nd goal, gave away an unnecessary fowl close to the D top. Sorry for that. Good luck to both teams. 
BT's Review By Pam 
What an exciting game to be part of! A draw was not what BT were going for in this game but we are happy to settle for it, especially in the manner in which we got it! BT started the first half with 3-5-2 Andysu (GK) - Sagger (CD) : Ankush (CD) : Subaru (CD) - Sidwho? (LM) : Keano (LCM) : Shubh (CM) : MKul (RCM) : Pam (RM) - Shaurav (ST) : Niraj (ST). (Rafa started on the bench and later played in LM/CD positions). We started with an attacking formation with an intent to push RW on the backfoot right from the word go and we were happy with our game in the first half as we were able to contain the opposition for a good 35 mins. However we conceded a goal just before we took the first extra 5 mins after a melee in our Dee and Zope did well to take advantage of the confusion and put it into the net. The first goal inspired RW to follow up with a series of counter attacks and soon enough they won a penalty after Taufa (I think) was brought down in the box. Karan did well to convert the penalty with a cool finish, sending the Goalkeeper the other way and increasing RWs lead to 2 -0 at the end of the first half.  
The halftime discussions in the BT dugout were very intense, everyone knew that BT were having a good game but we were making nothing out of the possession we had. We decided to shift the formation to 4-4-2 in order to get some consistency in our formation. We moved Shubh in the striker position which worked for us as Shubh was able to play more freely without the pressure of midfield responsibilities and also scored a goal. Soon after Snowtop managed to cross one into the box and I was able to push JJ aside and chest it into the goal. The goal was dissallowed as I had used my elbow, credit to the ref for spotting it as both the Linesman had concluded that it was a goal. As far as i can remember once I saw the juicy cross coming my way I just had to get JJ out of my way, would be even fair to call it a shove than a push! JJ being the good lad he is said 'hardluck' to me soon after but to be honest I could have used my body to win the ball and not my hands, fair enough. As the second half progressed we realised that RW were preferring to sit deep into their own half trying to protect their lead and finish the game. It would have ended at 1-2 for all we know, when BT won a FK right at the death. Snowtop floated the ball into the box, Subaru tried to head it into goal using the back of his head, Sparky saves and pushes the ball back to Subaru, Sbaru heads again but this time to the towering figure of Gaurav who took that final chance and headed the ball into the goal! What a finish to the game, feel very bad for the RW players and fans, they had the game in their bag till the last moment literaly. To drop 2 points in the dying moments is definitely heartbreaking, hope RW will take the positives out of this game and move onto their next ones with added vigor. BT should feel happy to have snatched the loan point from this game, a loss would have made life difficult for us in the next week but for now we will enjoy the pole position in the second division and try our best to hold onto it. 
Subaru's Review as Loanee for BT 
I thank BT management for taking me on loan for this important league fixture. I would also like to thank coach for allowing the loan. I felt really at home playing alongside Anks and Sagar in defence, just like the last time. Coach has this amazing ability to be on top of games played at such high intensity to keep them in control at all times. This makes the matches a treat to watch and be in. Both team started well with BT having a lot of possession and passing the ball around well. RW took advantage of extra numbers they had on the field because of YC's to BT by netting in two goals in that time. I was guilty of conceding the rightfully awarded penalty which led to the second goal. BT went for a change in formation in the second half while showing superb composure to stick to their ideologies by still passing the ball short and not trying to put hopeful balls up for players to chase. RW feel deep into their half as BT kept pressing. Shubhankar brilliantly controlled a long ball and went past players in the box to score the first. BT kept up with the positive approach and another ball into the box was flicked on by Subaru, saved off the line but went in for the equaliser as Gaurav showed his strikers instinct to react first to the cleared ball. It was a spectacle as both teams showed their top game and I'm glad to have been a part of it. 
Pam Ran 
Red's Review as LP 
Thank you Sir for the opportunity today. It was a relatively easy game to officiate with both teams concentrating on the game and letting the Ref do his job. 
Most decisions I had to make this morning were straight forward except for one where I pointed to the center after Pam nodded in a cross from SidWho or Snowtop which was overruled by the Ref. The Ref was definitely in a better position and from my side I was unable to see the Pam's elbow on JJ. 
This game was not what I had expected to see this morning. BT started 3-5-2 whereas RW reverted to a 4-4-2. BT was doing well and maintained possession for good lengths. RW were unable to pass the ball around and were trying to set Satsut free with a ball over the BT defenders. 
RW managed to score from an IDFK by Avi while 2 BT players had YCs and they failed to mark Satsut in the box and allowed him a header on target which AndySu pushed out only for Sleepy to slot in. RW got a second in the extra 5 taken by Pam when the new RW manager converted a penalty. 
BT came out strong in the second half and looked like a team desperate to bounce back. Ashubh finished with aplomb to make it 1-2 and BT got their second through Shaurav with the last touch of the game. 
Sometimes during the game it felt as if I was watching PACU play with Satsut hanging with the last man and his team doing a lot of defending. Only thing that was missing was Amma's voice organising his team. 
BT showed tremendous fight to come back from two goals down and deserve a lot of credit for taking the game to RW. Congratulations to both teams! 
RW's Review By KT135 
RW got back to 4-4-2 with Sean in goals, Pravin LB Avi CD K135T CD Lalit RB Adu LM Vikki CM Sarva CM Monga RM Satsut St Taufa Sir St & Mannu on bench ( only confirmed today morning at 12:30am that he is back in the country and we are deeply thankful to the ADC to allow him to play ). It was indeed a relief to play 4 at the back, it sort of eased the pressure on the on the whole team of conceding on counters. BT midfield was in absolute sync today morning and how much ever we tried in the mid they held the upper hand. 
The whole team enjoyed Playing with Satsut, his presence is always positive whichever team he plays in and after the poor results that we have been getting in the last 3 matches we needed a player of his ability to help us get back to winning ways. 
Ashubh Mkul and Keano combined really well throughout to create a no. Of good moves.Anks and Subaru held the fort really well to deny us from scoring on numerous occasions. Rafa is as lethal on the Right wing as he is in defense and his crosses were hard to deal with. 
For RW Adu & Satsut were standout performers while our midfield looked a bit out of form or found it difficult to cover 3 CMs from BT. 
BT started on a good note and dominated a good part of the 1st half and created good chances, Sean indeed had a busy morning today, we couldn't impose our possession game today even though we tried and that led to lots of defending throughout the match it was a new experience and it will help us grow in terms of game sense.RW scored from a Freekick Avi supplied and a rebound was slotted in by Zhope. The Second came when we got a penalty and was converted by K135T to make it 2-0 at the half.BT came back stronger at the half time break after pushing Shubhankar upfront along with Niraj, Shubhankars switch upfront bid instant result as a move started on the right by Rafa and Pam came a good cross which Shubhankar even afyer running in to Avis extended foot still managed to keep possession and score may be we held a very deep line at that instant . second for BT came after they parked the bus in our half and their relentless efforts paid off in the final minute of the game to level the score.2-2. Well played BT and thank you for a game we will remember for its spirit and the fun quotient. We thank all the MOs, Main Ref, ADC and the fans for making it happen and Wish BT the best of luck in their next two games. 
MR By Khare 
Firstly I curse MJ and Jhakaas (AA Vs RW) and Jai and Deep (BT Vs RW) for the TOTALLY SHODDY, ABOMINABLE, unbelievably downright crapola piece of SR and CM work I HAVE EVER SEEN! Total and UTTER SHITE, Vomit, dyssentry, diarrhoea, and all the things that make you sick is what I feel right now when I think of those 4...I spend the best part of an HOUR or more editing the Vid while trying to decipher the code language of the SR just so that on the weekend my work load is less and I can complile the Highlights Show. But their attempts CM and SR are akin to giving a Neanderthal a Vid recorder and that character from the Ice Age, the poor squirrel a pen and paper. The computer age has certainly done one thing and that is to bring everyone back to the dark ages where nobody knew how to write. In fact ot would've been better if I'd have got a 5 year old to DRAW the action with a crayon.....The only thing of note that Deep did was to capture my ball controlling SKILLS before the start of the 2nd H. But I can say here that IF DEEP thinks that that will absolve him of FINES or garner my sympathy then he is SORELY MISTAKEN. Even I'm at a loss now as I wonder how in heavens name I'll be able to come up with highlights at the end of this week. 
Another character is Shiv who sent in LAST WEEKS Reviews (the matches he played on loan for) TODAY!!! This guy takes the CAKE at being LATE!!! 
Although a number of players have indeed thanks me as the Ref for my reffing I will always be the first to say that maybe things could've been different if I'd have taken another decision. I realize that the players will NEVER tell me outright that I was crap or that I made a hash of things (I mean it is me right?) So I have to do so myself. No ego here...who else can bash me up then me..Thats why all the alter egoes. The ADC NEEDS to do it's job to ensure that the TZLC is a FAIR and FUN place to be! So if the ADC needs to show the Ref or Mr. Khare or a dodgy Chairperson whose boss, then so be it! 
What a FANTASTIC match to Referee! When the players ALLOW the Refs to do their job and therefore the Refs can allow the players to do theirs. This is the 2nd time though I've approached the LP and AR for confirmation of a foul and after they have said that they saw nothing I've stuck to what I saw and given the decision. This was the Pam incident when I saw him stick his elbow out and JJP was restricted while jumping for the ball. I shouldvé just blown. And dissallowed the goal. But I'm guessing it's my endeavour as the ADC and the Ref to increase the stress levels of the players a tiny bit more as I think about the decision. This extra time, like the walk towards the AR and LP allows me to replay the events in my mind again and ome to a final conclusion. 
Another incident when Sleepy FAILED to admit to a Hball. He handled it and cleared the ball away. I presumed that he had no time to admit it, but thought that if he had time to take a step and clear it then he had time to admit it. But looking at him I thought I'll trust him on this occasion. And Lo and Behold he pops up to score a minute later and then RW score another 2 mins later....Shite!!! 
Then (And I'm glad I allowed this last one, as if my instinct told me that Jai and Deep are in some Ganja land and I should trust them not for their smiles reek of stained marijuana) I gave a FK just outside the RW box. TIME UP!! Yelled Jai. Up TIME!! Yelled Deep who wasn't supposed to yell anything. 45 mins!! Screamed Jai (I've never ever seen Jai scream, EVER, and yet he gets the energy to scream like a girl watching a horror movie for the first time). Yeah yeah, I'm allowing this I gesture to the rabied Deep and Jai who are frothing at the mouth by this time, tears in their eyes, pleading for me to end the match. It's possible that the sun fried away what little brain cells they had that were concerned with Vid Rec and SR work. So the FK was taken, a bouncy bounce of the wall, so I should blow, so I say no this is fun, let's see what happens, (in my mind fully aware that Deep and Jai have done such a horific job that I may as well add 10 mins to the match), more bouncy bouce and Shaurav scores....Oopsie I think but what the hell, what a match! Already imagining the hordes of RW fans ready to cut the Ref up into little pieces feed them to Deep and Jai in the virtual world of course.... 
And the match? need I go on? Well, RW, the richest team at the start of the Season are rumoured to be financially unstable (But who believes these rumours ey?) so loaning a player that costs HALF A MILLION + to loan was really risky. But it seemed to have worked for them. 2 up in the 1st. Thank you Subaru for acknowledging the pull for the penalty. I'm sure ANY other REF or in ANY other tourney NOONE would've even blinked but I had to give it even if I saw the slightest tug and the player being put off even 10%. Sleepy should learn the TZLC way fast or else he'll lose my being nice to him and he will suffer. RW switched to a 4-4-2 and it seemed to be working. I reckon it was BT that were a bit out of focus and this RW were riding high. I've always been telling KT135 that he'd make a grand CD but in such an important match it was always going to be risky to suddenly jump in. But he did well, better than many CD's I've seen this season. The thing is KT135 lacks in pace and that will always be detrimental. I passed Satsut a couple of times in the 2nd H and Satsut said the exact thing that was going on in my mind, that every club he plays for ends up parking the bus. I would expand rather and say parking an AEROPLANE!!! 
Adu was a start and does EXACTLY what Mantan FAILS to do when he plays on the left, HUG THE FLANK!! If Mantan understood when to cut in and stay out then I wouldn't compare him with a player that CAN'T USE HIS LEFT FOOT! YES!! Adu is NOT A LEFT FOOTER!!! Manta was used in CM and RW kept subbing players. Just like BT. ABSOLUTELY WEIRD substitutions that I'd probably NOT have done if I was coach. But both teams can say it worked for them so I'll just sit quiet on that subject! 
Another star for me is MKUL!!! WHAT A PLAYER!! I giggled when Satsut suddenly shouted at his players and asked them as to WHY they were allowing Mkul so much time. Well let me anwer that for you Satsut. That is Mkul's quality. For instance if you look at Sidwho? He plays just as how he talks, super quick, tur tur! And Mkul is the same, if you encountered him in ANY SITUATION, be it in a lonely alley or in a common toilet, he will SURELY talk to you with the calmness of a budhist monk! Thats EXACTLY how he plays, he GLIDES. As if nobody else is on the ground! BRILLIANT!!! 
This Review is taking some time so forgive me if I don't elaborate further on the other players. I will surely do so whenever I can in the future. As yet I;ve received no feedback from the Managers about the Cup Finals so at this moment I'm assuming the Finals are at the dusty NCL. 
Wait a mo! I thought Subaru was another star!! Anks I think was in Yogi's God Mode as he allowed Satsut to get past him with a 180degree turn a million times. Rafa made one sprint, rested for a minute, made another sprint, rested, dribbled, rested for 3 etc etc! 
How many stars were there this morning? Well Ashubh is one for sure but he can't SHOOT! Keano is a WORK HORSE! and CAN SHOOT!! 
Although he needs to focus on CHANGING his own STRATEGY as per every team he plays. I think he showed RW what he can be capable off. His work rate by far EXCEEDED every RW players work rate. 
Amonk, once he gets into good positions is a damn fine crosser of the ball but lately he is unable to balnce himself possibly because of the excess weight attached to the end of his face that looks like a wig ripped of a terrorists chin! 
Apsarky did very well though he may blame his concentration for letting go of one and BT's use of the 3-5-2 only looked good because of Mkul. But they were wise to switch it in the 2nd!! 
I will stop now and say ZIS IS ENUF!!! 
Sat 07/05/16  
AA (0) 0 Vs BE (0) 0 
MO's : BT - Pam, Jack ; PACU - Hima, Neeraj ; RW - Ivan KT135; RH - Amu, Akshay; BI - Sachin, Ajoo 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Arun 4. Sam 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi 8. Pai 9. Ajinkya 10. Adu 11. Sean 
EMERGENCY LOANS BT Loans: Sidhwho? (0.29 mil TZR) DL in place of Tiger (0.29 mil TZR) Kapil (0.23 mil TZR) DL in place of Pai (0.28 mil TZR) 
Loaned player: AVGKL : SHIVAM Shivam has confirmed but he may cancel in case of some work. On Tuesday he will confirm. I would like request ADC to allow us to loan emergency AVGKL in case if SHIVAM is Unavailable. BE did not receive seat allocation from AA till now. 
AndySu 0.390 AVGKL Shivam CANCELLED 
BE Squad list: Amit Sameer Sharad Rakesh Manoj Sumanta Suraj Amod Guru VK Madhu Jaydeep Ravi Dev UNA: Prashant Harshad 
AA's Preview By Rock Click Here to Read AA's ridiculed by fans MP!!! 
After a hectic few weeks of Cup football, we play BE in a league match. BE has a lot of players who also play for KITFO, and they are very much in form and full of confidence. After our Tuesday game against RW in the second leg of the LC Cup semifinal, AA will have a tough match against this BE side. 
With only a couple of matches to go in the league, the Division I standings are up for grabs and AA needs to win all our matches. We will give this match our very best to overcome the Eagles. 
We wish BE all the best, and look forward to the game in the ADC Stadium! 
BE's Match Preview in MP Click here to see!!!! 
Sidwho's? Review as Loanee for AA 
I first of all thank team AA for taking me on loan and ADC for approving the loan on such a short notice. It was nice to be a part of such a high intensity game with lot of pride at stake. 
The result surely wasn't something AA would have liked before the match but BE surely made it difficult to break down their organised defense with composed heads. We had lots of chances and half chances which we should have converted in both halves but we lacked composure in front of goal. I myself had a chance earlier in the first half where I tried to cross to Kapka instead of chipping it over the keeper Andysu (I apologize for that moment). 
Our main idea was to push up harder and create more chances from flanks as well as through the middle and succeeded in doing so but failed to capitalize on them. As this was my second game with AA, I was more familiar playing with them and with the likes of Sparky,Rock, Audi and Ryan who made my task a little easier.The game had everything but goals in it! 
I felt that, the team like BE whose players are part of KITFO (who are completely on a different planet in last few weeks, especially by reaching the cup final), was a very structured, composed and strong opposition to break down, something we (BT) also experienced over two legs of semi-final. 
Hard luck AA and well done BE! I wish AA all the very best for their final match of the league on Monday and the cup final against KITFO.  
It was also ice to see Ajinx back on his feet after his injury in last match! 
I once again thank team AA and ADC for this wonderful game. 
AndySu's Review as AVGKL for BE 
I would like to thank BE management for taking me on loan and the coach for approving it. It was a great pleasure to play with a very composed and organised team, high on confidence and individual talent. 
The result was very much in favour of BE since we stopped a strong team like AA from scoring a single goal and created our own chances, especially on counters to stand a chance in the game. 
Our main idea was to let AA attack onto us and we'll play on counter because of speed and persistence which worked wonders for us and it was a great team effort to execute such plan with a game of such high intensity. 
With the help of a strong defence led by Sherry, I felt very comfortable dealing with dangers at times and I did my job to keep the team in game for 90 minutes. 
Thanks BE and AA for such a wonderful game and it was nice being a part of it! 
VK Ran 
6.4 Km's 
BE's Review By Keano 
Thanks coach for helping us with formation. AA has been fantastic team  
and considering show they put on last match against RW it was BE's turn  
to go through same fate. Strategy from coach helped not only to defend  
well but to create chances. Last minute change between me and Amit was  
amazing. I am very sorry to BE for missing a golden chance to defeat  
such a giant team. I wonder was AA the same team that played against RW  
or it was their strategy to take match easy just to avoid injuries or  
may be put an ambush so KITFO will be overconfident in finals? Any way  
BE has gained lots of confidence through this match and final will be  
certainly entertaining :) 
BE had 12 players available today. We played with 5-2-3 formation.  
Groo, Keano, Rake, Jon and Jai in defense. Suman and Sherry in  
Midfield. Robby, Amit, VK as striker. I think BE has been developed a  
solid defense wall. Midfielders, especially Suman, Madhu, Sherry did  
lots of running today. Amit was running like anything covering entire  
ground. Some times he had to be advised to stick to AA defense. It was  
tough task to stop AA strikers, Audi, Ajinx, Adu. In half time when I  
saw Sam pushing to midfield and I realized we are defending very well  
:) It was scary to watch Rock gliding with ball from mid of ground  
towards goal post. It is hard to stop him. His judgment of dribbling  
ball through opponents mid and crossing it over to striker is something  
we should observe and learn. 
I was happy to keep scored card NIL for first half and there BE gained  
confidence that we can draw this match! At the end Sherry and Coach  
pushed BE not only to draw but play to win. If I had not missed a chance  
it would have been BE's day today! 
What to say about BE! What a play you put guys. Amazing and  
unimaginable. In my opinion heroes of today's match from BE are VK,  
Robby, Rake and Deep for wonderful runs they made over flanks. Some more  
practice and they can score or make chances to score. Hats off to you  
guys. I liked to see Jon play in defense and controlling ball easily.  
The fun was when Rake dribbled ball back, took a quick turn and cleared  
it against (may be) Audi. I am sure every BE player applauded him that  
Special mention is Madhu for his tireless running and hassling AA  
players for every ball! 
Andysu! He put all his awareness and efforts against every charge AA  
made. Couple of dives he took caught strikers unaware..Amazing saves.  
Mihir also did diving to save the last goal attempt. Good save Mihir. 
Thanks AA for all the fair and fantastic play. Best of luck for your  
next matches. We are excite to meet you in finals! 
Congrats BE. Everyone enjoyed the game and that's what we are looking  
for. Thanks Ref, AR and LP's for your efforts for running the show today. 
<I am writing this review from Shivneri bus while traveling to Mumbai. I  
earlier said I may not able to send the review but I could not resist.  
Hence this review. Pardon my if I missed anything or for typos.> 
Pam's Review as LP 
Thank you ADC for appointing me as the Lines person to assist the Referee in todays game! It was a good match to officiate, the first half was relatively quiet for me as AA were defending the half which I was in charge of as LP. The second half on the contrary was a mini cardio session which involved constant running up and down the line, courtesy BE's defensive offside trap movement (no worries though, good practice ahead of my upcoming game methinks!) 
As the LP today i was not involved in any controversial decision as such. The match was a fair one, there were no reactions, the players were cooperating and playing a hard but fair game. There was a lone yellow card in the entire 90 mins so you can understand that this was a game without any tempers or reactions of that sort. There were a couple of instances where my concentration was lacking slightly - a wrong call for a goal kick, and not waving the flag hard for an offside. Both times the Ref had a quick word after the incident, grateful to the ref about that, it really helps in improving the sync in communication. I hope I did a decent job otherwise, I enjoyed being LP today and would look forward to assisting the Ref again in future games! 
A bit about the game: There were many instances in the first half where I was stranded at the halfway line with the game being played out in the BE half. Surely AA dominated the first half and were playing a very high line. Conversely, this does not mean that BE were sitting deep in their own half! Whenever they got any chance or time on the ball they would take it and begin a counter attacking move. Long ball was the mantra to live by for BE this morning, did not work so well in the first half but created loads of chances in the second one. The match in my opinion was littered with mis-passes, half chances, chances not being taken by either side. BE I think got majority of these chances, Amti attempted a helicopter kick at least thrice but could not connect, Keano took a good FK, had a 1-on-1 with Meer and also his wild swerve spun the ball so much that after bouncing it almost tricked Meer and went into his goal! Madhu had a good game too, he made some intrusive passes, Sidwho? ran quite a bit on the flank today and was unlucky to not have scored a goal from an open chance, Andysu made a very good looking save as well, in fact both goal keepers made some diving saves which I'm sure the fans appreciated very much!  
BE were overjoyed by the result after the game but going by the number of chances they had, they should have ended on top. They have evolved under the hand of Coach to become a very good side with great understanding, hopefully it would not be long until they realize their potential and play like they own the game. The AA squad looked disappointed after the game today, but the silver lining should be that they play almost the same side in the ADC cup final, so they would have had a measure of what to expect on the day of the final. I wish all the best to both teams AA and BE for all upcoming games! 
Ivan's Review as CM 
Hope I did a decent enough job as the CM on my first attempt!! Although the sun on the right side hampered with my view I believe I have captured the highlights well. Will improve with experience. Thanks! 
KT135's Review as SR 
BY far one of the best Matches i have seen in a long long time not only for its entertainment but also for the great atmosphere on the pitch which makes the experience just better and better.A game which truly highlights unity, fitness, Strategy and in small amounts luck. The end to end nail-biting football from BE and AA must have definitely won them Hoards of fans. FRom Audi's dizzying twists to Keano and Sumanta's workrate and AndySu's ShotStopping skills makes this match a memorable one. Both the team had a good no. of chances and it was a pleasure to see the BE matching AA and giving inch perfect throughballs to their strikers/wingers. Sherry Guru and RAke were simply everywhere to defend against the best strikers in TZ and were able to nick the ball off just when it mattered. NOt many Teams can withstand an AA attacking assault for a 90 min match led by Ryan and Rock Sir and this performance definitely puts them among one of the best teams out there. Both the teams had numerous chances and its amazing no goals were scored. Truly one of the best displays of attacking finnese of AA and Defending strength of BE. Thanks to the both teams for such an awesome match. 
AA's Review By Rock 
This match was very important to AA to avoid relegation, and we were on quite a high after our big win against RW. We played the 4-5-1 formation, with Sam and Maya in CD, Adu and Neel on the defensive flanks, Arun, Sean, and Audi in midfield, Sidhu and Kaka on the flanks, and Ajinkya as striker. 
The first half and second half played out very similarly. AA had the majority of possession, while BE packed their defence and looked for counters led by Amit upfront. BE did have a few real chances, but Mihir was rarely troubled, except during a Keano charge. 
In this game, AA left their scoring shoes at home and came away with a disappointing draw. We were guilty of playing into BE's hands, and not taking any real shots on goal from outside the box. BE's defence played brilliantly, led by Sherry. The whole team worked hard and went for every ball. 
AA also played well, and built up our offensive moves using the flanks. However, we did not do well in converting, and tried to penetrate BE's defence to no avail. I missed a golden opportunity to score, but AndySu made a brilliant save. He was superb all match. 
All in all, a deserved draw for BE, and something for AA to think about for the League Cup final against a largely similar squad. 
KITFO's Review By Robby 
BE started with a 5-2-3 formation – Andysu in Goals, Guru, Rake , Keeno, John , Madhu in Defense, Suman and Sherry in Mid-Field, Ravi, Amti and VK as Striker. We had 1 sub today : Jaideep which played in rotation with Ravi and VK. 2nd half we switched to the formation of 4-3-3 where John and Madhu shifted up in midfield and Sherry came back in center defense with Keeno. First of all I would like to thank our Coach for guiding us and providing the wonderful strategy for the game. I think we executed the plan well. Everyone played as per the strategy. Keeno whacking the ball in their half and taking the long kicks. It helped in releasing pressure from Defense. Andy did a great job in the goals. He made couple of fabulous save. One shot from Rock that he tapped over the Bar was amazing. There were couple of more instances where he dived and collected the ball quite well. Suman also provided many good through balls between AA defender. We had couple of goal scoring opportunity as well. Keeno dribbled pass through AA defender and was one on one with Mihir. In another occasion Suman had a clear scoring chance but it went over the bar. In the last minute of the game AA got an indirect free kick just outside of our D-Box which created a last moment tension but we cleared the ball well and the game resulted in a draw. I feel coming out with a draw with a strong team like AA is quite satisfactory. Everyone in the team was quite happy about the overall performance and the end result. 
MR By Khare 
Had to give a lecture to Jon about not having enough confidence to play in a position that I have assigned to him. He should be happy he didn't do badly at all in CD or LCM. In fact I hope he has gained a lot of experience from this one match. 
I can't thank the AA players enough for trusting me to Ref and Coach the BE chaps. No doubt having a person to help any team is a bonus but BE don't have the experience that Ryan and Rock have and possibly the maturity that some of the players have that listen to the chaps in charge. But to be honest, it doesn't seem to long to come when BE will be able to look after themselves with players like Keano, Sherry and Amti leading and gaining in experience...But for KITFO it's a different case altogether. The example of TZAS stares you straight in the face. Players from different clubs can only get along if they all trust one person. TZAS did not ONCE seek my help since the Season started and in the end they dissolved. Unfortunate that. With SO MANY registered players, seeing all the stars play together would've been fun!! 
Not only do ego's get in the way, but also the different playing styles at the clubs. But enough on that. 
Wait, not quite enough, I'd be happy to Ref and assist the KITFO lads during the final, but if AA feel they need a Ref that is exclusively Reffing I have no issues also. If indeed I am Coaching KITFO. Truth be told I don't think KITFO will be the same unless I'm helping them out. History reflects that. 
This morning I was literally shouting at the BE lads while playing. But not in a coaching sense. Just switching positions or taking care of the subs or berating a fellow for wasting the ball not controlling it properly. I made it obvious that I was NOT coaching as I would do from outside, such as telling a player to mark someone thats free, or to track back and so on. Thus I can quite proudly say that the players played very well and looked after themselves. They should be proud of themselves too. I was actually also commenting and adding my ooohhs and ahhhhs to AA also and told quite a few players that I was fiitter and faster than them as I crossed them during the match! For me this is Reffing without stress, it's enjoyable. So I don't have to lose a few years of my life because I'm upset.... 
There were two decisions that came at the fag end of the match. The 1st one was where Keano took Mayur one way and then the other of a pass by Suman to be straight through on goal. Keano I thought took an extra touch that gave Meer GK a chance as he came sliding out. Keano took the shot and it had to be the FITTEST AA player that NEVER stopped running back to clear off the line. Adu, you may have felt terrible after the match BUT it was YOU that saved AA this morning. EVERYONE else had given up. SO credit yourself with that. As the Ref I saw a clear penalty opportunity as in my books a Penalty can be awarded if the player is PUT OFF by an action of the defender just at the time when the attacker is shooting. Obviously the attacker must be clearly worried that he will get hurt to be awarded a penalty. BUT I sincerely thought that a penalty may be a bit harsh even thought the AR Satsut didn't see a touch by Meer. Plus as I thought about it I was in two minds whether Meer got a touch. As I think about it now, I reckon there was probably contact by Meer on Keano before he took the shot. Meer informed me later that he did get a hand to that so we'll leave it at that. But I COULD'VE given the penalty 50% of the times. BE screwed up royally with the IFK that I finally awarded. The more I think about it, it SHOULD'VE been a penalty but as I said at that moment, I'll favour the Home team!!! Adu, though even if you came to the match ONLY to CLEAR of the line, then you did BRILLIANT!! The other one that I COULD'VE given a penalty was in the BE box. A cross came in from the left that Ajinx went for as did Rake. Rake came in from a slight distance while Ajinx was more rooted. I CLEARLY saw Rake use his hands to push Ajinx and it was JUST enough to put him off. Ajinx was in the box, but the ball came to him at a height that I thought even if he would've headed it from there his chance of scoring was 20% and with AndySu on top of his form, I HAD to give an IFK. That was AA's turn to waste. 
Let me take this time to say how the ADC MEDIA failed to include even ONE HEADLINE that concerned AndySu! WHAT A GK!!! He BRAVELY DIVES at a players feet in the proper form! SOMETHING I've only seen me and that young RW cocky whippersnapper do. AndySu was in FINE FORM! Even though he can't kick, he left one of his LAST matches of the TZLC8 to give JUSTIFICATION to WHY the ADC has rated him so high! A BRILLIANT JOB ANDYSU!!! 
AA have a point to worry as KITFO will be strengthened on Final day. They'll have a squad I presume that is BRIMMING with confidence. 
I used to trouble the KITFO players for being stuck up and too good for themselves. (Something I fear TZA is becoming). As 90% of BE is playing for BE I was happy to see a player like Robby use his hand to shield the ball! On one occasion he had the last touch biut he kept shielding it until the ball went out, alright that it was an AA throw but he still communicated to his team mates as to why he couldn't do nothing with it. His team mates had a laugh and they carried on. But this proves that the so called technically weaker players are fast improving and I have no doubts that they will come forth in the Seasons to come. 
AA didn't take enough shots. They MUST realize that BE WANTED them to take shots. By taking shots you force saves or deflections or corners. It's sometimes what you need to break a deadlock. A deflection of a defender into the back of the net or into the path of a Striker. If a FANTASTIC shot goes in then well NO PLANS can stop that unless you have a player that can MARK an opponent for the whole 90 mins. AA kept trying to get the ball through in a sexy way, intricate passes and moves. BE were prepared for that. Hence the 5 at the back in the 1st H. In the 2nd, to utilize the LACK OF STAMINA in AA, BE switched to a straight back 4 and 3-3. AA on the other hand started making MORE AND MORE mistakes as they realized it's not working. Ajinx missed a GREAT chance and that's probably the only clear opportunity. 
For BE Suman and Keano were the guilty two who should've hit the back of the net. 
Amti and the rest of them, Sherry etc worked their asses off and as I mentioned before you should be proud. But NO BIG HEADS, NEVER BIG HEADS, there's still a whole lot of time to reach the top. 
Switching Audi and Kapka in the 2nd H was one of AA's wiser moves. 
AA need to plan and plan well for their upcoming fixtures. They have to prove to themselves and EVERYONE why they are touted as ONE of the STRONGEST teams in the League. They have everything to lose. 
This morning BE didn't and on League Cup Final day, KITFO will be a tough nut to crack!