Mon 25/04/16 
AA (0) 0 Vs BI (1) 1 
BI - KS 34 
MO's : BE - Suraj and Harshad ; BT - Pam, Rafa ; PACU - Harry, Neeraj ; RW - Pravin, Lalit; RH - Amu, Akshay 
AA Loans - 1. Shivang (0.28) - unavailable - in place we would like to loan JJ (RW 0.22) EMERGENCY LOAN 1. Audi (0.38) - down with flu - in place we would like to loan Sharad (BE - 0.29) . 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Arun 4. Sam 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi 8. Pai 9. Ajinkya 10. Adu 11. JJ (on loan, subject to ADC approval) 
BI - 1. Daniel Eagles (value 0.47 MTZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan Satish S (PACU - value 0.43 MTZR) - DL 2. Anand (value 0.37 MTZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan Manan (RW - vlaue 0.33 MTZR) - DL 3. Amol Hatkar (value 0.32MTZR) - un-available - in place would like to loan Shivam (RH - value 0.39 MTZR) - AVGKL 
BI - 1. Atul 2. Karan 3. Sachin 4. Tanny 5. Rango 6. Jhakas 7. Patty (ADCY youth player) 8. Sauman (KFANDRA player, Young ADULT) 9. Manan (on loan subject to approval) 10. Satish S(on loan subject to approval) 11. Shivam (on loan subject to approval) 12. Ajoo (on bench) 
AA's Preview By Rock Click Here to See MP By Ajinx!!!! 
This is the second leg of the ADC Cup semi-final. AA won the first leg 4-0, and feel very confident that we can defend our lead and make it to the finals of this prestigious cup. 
We expect BI to make changes to their line-up and go all out to erase the deficit. We will play our 4-5-1 formation, and will plan to control the mid-field. We have Shivang and Sean missing, but Adu will be back. 
We wish BI all the best, and look forward to the game in the ADC Stadium! 
Note - Rock in a conversation with the ADC has stated that he doesn't mind if BI takes more than 2 Outfield player loans. He also said that no player need be pulled out. The ADC stated that the 2 + 1 Rule CANNOT be changed as this situation has cropped up during the season and the Rule was fiddled with only to allow Youth players. The ADC assured Rock that it will take the final decision on whether it would be fair to keep the players that do not match the weight and height category on if BI pull the goal difference back. 
BI's Review By Atool Click Here to see MP!!! 
1st Leg of the ADC Cup Semi-final for BI was not a very good a span of 15 mins in 2nd half, AA score 4 goals. The 2nd Leg BI intends to give a tough fight and play a more attacking game. BI have again been hit with player availability and thanks to the support of the ADC BI are able to get 2 ADCY youth players to complete the playing 11. BI will loan strong players to balance the team out. BI will play a 4:4:2 formation. BI will play the young legs in the squad on the flanks so that BI can use flanks also to attack apart from the strong mid-filed line up. BI will play an attacking game in this match BI will looking to score early into the game. 
BI apologies to its fans for the previous match performances and request its come in large numbers to support and cheer the team 
Chinchin Ran 
Position Right Back 
Steps 7993 
Distance 6.36km 
Peak HR 158bpm 
Average HR 123bpm 
Calories Burned 1727 
BI's Review By Atool 
Thanks to ADC for allowing the ADCY youth players thereby making up the playing 11. 
BI changed the formation to a 4-4-2 formation - Shivam(GK), Sachin (RB), Atul(RCB), Satish(LCB) and Soumen(LB), Patty(RW), Karan(RM), Manan(LM), Tanny(LW), Rango(ST), Zhakaas(ST). 
Today BI had decided to attack and play a little higher up.  
This enabled the play to be a little more open and attacking from both sides. There were quite to few chances to both teams to score. For BI Karan scored the goal with a good combination from Tanny, Manan and Karan.  
Manan also almost scored the 2nd with a long range shot with Ajinx (GK) caught out of position. Luckily it hit the post and went out. 
The BI strikers were hassling the AA defenders quite well and applied enough pressure on the AA defense to make them clearances. 
In the 2nd half BI decided to attack even more and press into the AA half. This did show promise with BI getting good chances. This also meant that the AA counter with runs using their fast paced strikers.On a couple of occasions AA almost scored, but Shivam made some good saves.  
I would like to mention Soumen who had a good game today as a LB and did a job of tacking the adults without and apprehension. Tanny will need to learn to play without apprehension...he made a couple good runs on the flank to show what he is capable of. Zhakaas and Patty on the right showed great understanding of each other and was very evident of the fact they practice together at KFANDRA. 
The other highlight was a penalty miss by Manan, whose weak shot was guessed well and stopped by AA keeper Ajinx. 
Thank you AA for also taking care of the Youth players and holding back a little when tackling them. 
In summary, though BI won 1-0, still fell short of the required goals to qualify. 
Congrats AA and all the best of the Finals. 
We would like to thank the fans that came out in support of BI and appreciate their continuous support. 
AA's Review By Rock 
This second leg of the ADC Cup semi-finals was no cakewalk for AA, even though we held a 4-0 lead from the first leg. We had a number of our key players missing (Shivang, Sean, Audi) and injured (Ajinkya), so were forced to take outfield loans, with Ajinkya bravely volunteering to keep. 
AA played a 4-5-1 formation, with Mihir, Arun, Maya, and Neel in defence, Adu, Tiger, Sam, Sherry, and Pai in mid-field, and Pravin the lone striker. Being 0-4 down, we expected BI to go hell-for-leather and play Satsut upfront. We were surprised and frankly happy to see him play CD. In spite of that, BI played very well, and dominated the midfield for long periods of time in both halves. AA's positioning, especially in midfield was not good, leading to a lot of pressure on the defence. 
The first and only goal for BI was because Ajinkya failed to hold on to the ball, but he more than made up for this mistake by making crucial saves including a penalty taken by Mannan. He was in obvious pain throughout the match, so hats off to him for his goalkeeping. AA missed 2-3 sitters, and could have won this game.  
For BI, Pat had a great game, and he combined really well with Jhakaas. Rango and Karan were always a threat, and are turning into star players. Thanks BI for a hard fought game! 
Mantan Review as Loanee for BI 
Today's game I was loaned by BI to replace Andy, big shoes to replace. Today BI played with 4 youth players and they performed brilliantly, did their job, hassled the defence and created chances. Very well done guys. I was playing CM with Karan S with Atul and Satsut controlling the defence. Bi being 4 nil dow from the first leg were playing with no fear, it was a very spirited game of football, which actually helped us get the ball around and try those shots and attack more. In the midfield our idea was to target Rango as the target man and spread the ball to the wings. This idea worked well and we did create chances. I personally think I should have scored 2 goals out of the 3-4 chances I got, sorry BI for missing the penalty. I definitely think I need finishing practice. Thank you BI for the loan, I enjoyed the game.  
Sleepy's Review as LP 
I would like to thank ADC to appoint me as the Linesman for today's game AA vs BI - ADC CUP SF 2.  
In the first half AA had clearly more possession and were playing really well with Sam in the midfield holding the ball and moving it around. The defence line was kept tight by Arun. BI were under pressure but they did there best to absorb it and in the late first half Karan managed to score of a corner with help of fumble ball in the D.  
In the second half, the two young players zakas and patty were able to put real good pressure on AA's defence line. Karan and Manan had a few chances but were unable to convert them. Second half AA did try to score with adu making a real fast counter attack run along the right wing but unfortunately pai was way off and had clear advantage when he received the ball from adu. Pai, adu and pravin loanee were a constant threat to BI's defense but it seems, Satsut loanee managed to hv fought the fort playing the central defender position along with atool.  
JJP's Review as Loanee for AA 
Thank you Sam for considering loan for AA. With high experience members in the AA squad, the team is very well organised and controlled. 
All the game plan is clear and executed. 
AA today morning decided to play easy without taking too much pressure as they already had advantage of 4 goals. I played as a striker entire match and quite a few chances that I should have converted and any other striker to me had scored. 
Lack of practice on that ground is the factor. I was unhappy with my performance today. Tiger Sam Pai all helped in making runs possible but I messed upfront. 
I have to improve upon that. 
Congrats to AA for making it into finals!! 
Shiv's Review as AVGKL for BI (This Review cam on 05/05/16!!!) 
Atul was handling the reins of BI in the absence of Ajoo. Also missing were Andy and Danny, the workhorses of the BI defence and midfield respectively.  
The game had to open up with BI trying to nullify a 4 goal deficit from their home leg. Satish proved he was the man for the task as loanee doing a great job of mapping the midfield. Karan had a solid game and contributed with a great close range finish into the roof of the net that proved to be the winning goal. 
Manan had a few chances including a penalty that was tame allowing the AA keeper to collect comfortably. 
A great effort by BI to win but which wasnt enough in the end to make up for the earlier margin of loss. 
MR By Khare 
I won't dwell too much on this match. Sauman aka Chowmein made his debut and played quite well. I still need to put him up on the ADC List. I'll have a word with him. He's in his 12th so not too sure about him. Usually KFANDRA doesn't accept admissions for over 16's unless they've spent some time at the Academy so that a lot of time is not spent on educating the player regarding discipline etc. But Chowmein was drafted in as a request to Amu (Nephew methinks) and as Amu is one of the 1st graduates of KFANDRA I was more than accommodating. Chowmein has already shown that he's a good law abiding citizen of KFANDRA and could be inculcated in the TZLC. It was just that BI were facing so many problems that I allowed this loan.  
Pat the poor chap asked me if he's going to be allowed to play but unfortunately, even though this lad has so much talent, he put in cross after perfect cross this morning, he still fails the ADC Ht and Wt criteria. I do also suspect Pat was given a lot of space at times and either this was because the defenders were wary of Pat's skill or because they were worried about hurting him. Anyway, only time will tell once Pat does arrive on the scene suitably muscled up! 
Once again I thought AA were just not there. Rock seems to love roaming about the Cd area and was moving into Mayurs zone a lot. This forced Stoney to move inside a bit more but I don't think he was thinking so deeply I think he just moved in!  
AA played Adu on the Lm and Marcelo on the Rm in the 1st H and a wise decision was to switch them in the 2nd. JJ as the lone striker Loan was for me an odd choice as JJ's playing in Defense for RW, he isn't in form up front AND he still TOES the ball!! So it's acceptable if there were no other loans AVA so taking JJ as the next best thing was the right choice. JJ need not feel bad about my remarks as he knows I think highly of him but this morning I think even he knows he wasn't all there. Ajinx was presumed to have a debilitating back pain but one wouldn't think so on his performance. He did quite well ESPECIALLY after people have seen the goalkeeping atrocities this season. 
I told Sherry (loanee AA) Gafla ho gaya during the match when I saw Shiv letting Atool take the goal kicks! KITFO have loaned Shiv SPECIFICALLY for his goalkicks and ability NOT to fumble. So now KITFO has 50% of a Keeper...GREAT!!! I can see Pam smiling with glee! 
Special thanks to Pam for mentioning the Highlights Show opening montage in the MP!! Much appreciated!!! Plus I hope Amonk saw the Highlights Show too.....(Just got an email that he did and he appreciates the 1 min silence for his mum and thanks the TZLC and we all agree with him when he says that we are all just one big family! Take Care Amonk!!) 
As any game progresses you can sort of understand what tactics both teams are using. Both the teams were playing a little high can understand BI's thinking as they needed to press as they were 4 down from the 1st Leg. But AA were doing the same. Due to this there was congestion personified and there were periods wherein the ball was more randomly in the air then a bird ought to be. What I couldn't fathom was WHY the teams didn't knock the ball over the heads of the defenders and outside the keepers reach. There were many opportunities when the sides went way up to the halfway line and lost the ball. Satsut Loanee in Cd did his job. Atool hit a lovely outer foot FK Roberto Carlos style but was probably a bit too soft. KS is growing and growing mighty fast into a great CM. Atool? When you write RW or LW the W stands for a WINGER. This means you are playing a STRIKER on the Flank, he becomes a FORWARD. The LM or RM is as per the ADC standards. 
Tan to my thinking is still Tan the boy and not Tan the Man. He needs to grow up and understand his body has grown too. THE FASTEST player in the TZLC (Maybe I'm wrong...Yogi? Sleepy??? Anyone else) couldn't beat Tiger or Stoney in a straight up running race is abysmal. He allowed them to muscle him out of the way. 
Clearly AA missed Ajinx up front. Ryan was playing as if he had jet lag but even Ryan with Jetlag is a good player. 
BI have a couple matches left and the WHOLE of the Pre-season to make plans for the TZLC9. I hope to see a LOT of BI players come for the TZ sessions once the days open up. They need it. NO DOUBT they'll be strengthening their squad and letting a few players go. That's life! 
CONGRATULATIONS to AA for reaching the ADC CUP FINAL!!! I had something special planned for the qualifiers but the ADC's mood took a hit so maybe the Winners will get the surprise!!! Or Maybe during the prize distribution or Maybe the next Season Champions!! 
Hard Luck BI, but you tried and thats what it's all about! Young players whether they are as young as Pat or Tan or Adu or not that old as Pam or Tiger or Ajinx or Atool or Rock or Ryan it still feels good that we play together with the same philosophy as always. Play hard but fair, play with passion but control, play to perform to the best of your abilities and winning is a Bonus! At the end of the match you are either happy you won or sad you lost BUT everyone is proud that they have given their all and nobody holds no grudges!! 
Tue 26/04/16  
BT (0) 0 Vs KITFO (0) 1 
KITFO - Keano 55.51 
MO's - AA: Marcelo, Audi BI: Atool, Tan BE: NA, 3+ players playing RH: NA, 3+ players playing RW: Taufa, Pravin PACU: Vicky, Jango 
BT Squad list Confirmed: Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Prashant Bhandari (Bhanda) Ankush Moghe (Anks) Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) Jehan Kothari (VG) Sameer Patil (Pam) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) Tentative: Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Loans: No Loans have been opted for this game. 
KITFO Squad - 1. Shivam (AVGKL) 2. Amartya 3. Sagar 4. Nitin 5. Sharad 6. Zaid 7. Rakesh 8. Sameer 9. Devendra 10. Ravinder 11. Amit 12. Dhananjay 13. Varun 14. Rajib 15. Arpit UNA 16. Subin 17. Suman 18. Alan 19. Ravi 20. Manoj 21. Aviank UNA 
BT's Preview By Pam Click Here to See BT's MP!!!!! 
The last few weeks have been very difficult for us. The players, fans, management - everyone. To be honest we have only ourselves to blame for the spot that we have put ourselves in. Loosing focus on what lies ahead at this crucial time of the season is the last thing that would be on our minds but we still managed to do it. The last game against AA was a tough one to lose, especially since we were ahead of the opposition but silly errors on our part saw us lose crucial 2 points. Thankfully that is in the past and we can move ahead after taking few learnings from the game.  
BT has a strong side with a lot of potential but we need to exercise that dominance on the field and not just on a piece of paper. We are playing KITFO at home on Tuesday and also again on Friday. A double legged game is always a tricky proposition. Mr Khare would be managing KITFO for the game so that introduces player refs as well. In the past we have not been prepared enough to anticipate such things but we all learn from our mistakes. KITFO’s game has improved considerably in the last few games and it should be a tough one for us. It is crucial that we keep a cleansheet in first leg, we have an able Goalkeeper so not many worries on that front. BT has almost a full squad ahead of this game, Mkul wont be fit for this game. We hope he gets better for our remaining games. The remaining players are fit to play.  
BT need to really up their game and go for the kill rather than play beautiful football. The fans are hungry for more and so are the players. Its an all or nothing kind of a situation for us and we will be giving our everything to scale mount KITFO and move on to the next peak. Wishing KITFO the very best, let us have a great game! 
KITFO's Preview By Mr. Khare 
KITFO have a full squad and I'm anticipating a very competitive match played at a VERY HIGH LEVEL but in the proper spirit of the game. As always the Player Ref will have the FULL BACKING of the ADC and KITFO with Khare as Coach will obviously be more interested in the game then what the Refs are up to. 
The fun thing is that although BT have a couple of temperamental players in the squad, they are indeed one of the most well behaved in the TZLC. SO I'm sure it will be a well contested but highly charged match. KITFO also have some psycho players but rest assured they'll be on their best behaviour. 
After a long time I will steel my mind to play the best possible squad and not worry about keeping everyone happy by giving them enough game time. Players on the fringes need to understand how it feels to be on the bench looking in as the TZLC8 has really reached such a high level that getting a game or sitting on the bench is a privilege. The same goes for the 1st 11 though that if they do NOT stick to the plan or take too long to settle down, I have at hand a HUGE squad that I can tweak and play with. No doubt if KITFO does take a sizeable lead (I doubt it though as BT are a very good team as is KITFO and this well may end up in a draw or a couple of goal to make the difference) then 
I will give everyone game time or it's as per the situation in the game. 
At this moment in time, I am toying with the same formula that worked well for KITFO and BE. But in the KITFO sessions the players have gained a lot of self confidence and I'm tempted to let the players play a passing game mixed with a few long balls. Obviously if that is so it will be as per the 90 - 10 % ratio. Meaning the players will have to decide when to pass it out or whack it up. If a Coach could direct EACH and EVERY pass then I might as well coach a bunch of robots. 
I expect KITFO to get in at least 20 shots on target (30 shots max). The players will be running around like sophisticated mad dogs and will ENJOY the fixture. Whats the use of playing if you aren't enjoying yourself? 
Shiv has been taken as he is a capable GK and can kick the ball SUPER FAR!!! This has ALWAYS been a drawback for any TZLC8 side, expecially KITFO. I hate it when I see a defender having to take goal kicks. It's embarrassing! So rest assured I hope 90% of the time my players will listen to me and I'll give them 10% freedom!!  
The 1st 11 I will declare in my usual email to the squad but this usually comes a cropper as there are sudden absences on match day. But at this moment in time I'm thinking of staring strong from the back. Trying to ensure a good tactical game from the KITFO lot but emphasising that Working your socks off is a necessity. 
With two players playing on Loan the day before, Shiv I don't think will be too tired but Sherry playing to matches on the trot raises alarm bells for me. Sherry's fitness is not a concern but his concentration levels will be fatigued.... 
Rock has offerred his services to be the MAIN REF and as he has appeared for the TZLC Refs Test the ADC has accepted. The other MO's will be declared on Match Day. 
Bhanda Ran 
6.8 Km's 
Rock's Review as MR 
Firstly, thank you Coach for allowing me to referee this important match, the first leg of the League Cup semifinal. Coach's policy of "no reaction" has made life a lot easier for the ref, and players from both teams have to be commended for playing with the right spirit.  
BT would have been favored to win, given their recent performance against teams such as AA. They are an excellent passing side, with Shubhankar controlling the midfield beautifully. Their first mistake today was to choose the wrong side of the field. In the second half, with the sun all the way up, it becomes very difficult for keepers to see and judge the ball, which led to the only goal of the match. 
Today, BT played their usual passing game, but did not have any coordination in the last quarter of the field. Rafa's cross in the last minute of the game should have been converted, so too Shubhankar's cross from inside the box. I felt BT lacked passion today, with KITFO winning a lot of the 50:50 balls. They also did not get too many crosses in from either Sidhu or Pam, and when they did, Gaurav was poorly positioned. He needs to be much more central.  
KITFO played with a lot of heart, with much better incisive passing than usual. Most of their players had a very good game today, with Shivam superb in goal, Sherry, Keano, Suman, Rajib and Amar being the other outstanding players. They must, however, improve on their late challenges and fouls, some of which could have resulted in serious injuries. I am surprised by the low LC count, since I thought that I had called many more. Amit escaped a red card today for his wild kick on Pam. Suman exposed the lack of pace in BT's defence with a superb run, which he unfortunately did not convert. That could have been one of the great goals in TZ. 
All in all, an enjoyable game! I did not realize how much this victory meant for KITFO, until almost all players came over to thank me after the match. The second leg will be even more exciting, since I expect BT to come out full force to overturn the deficit. Good luck to both teams! 
KITFO's Review By Mishti 
KITFO squad: 4-3-3 
Shivam (GK) 
Defence: Rakesh, Sameer, Sharad, Rajib 
Mid-field: Amit, Amartya, Alan 
Forwards: Manoj, Sagar, Suman 
Subs: Nitin, Devendra, Ravinder, Dhananjay, Varun, Subin, Ravi P 
Thanks to coach to coach us against BT. Being a semi-final, it was a tough encounter and without coach’s support on the sidelines, it would not have been possible to play a big squad. Thanks to coach to make us prepare for the match. it all mattered in the end, we could come up with a spirited performance and take advantage from first leg. 
BT is a far superior side with all the players are technically great, and a settled side with players available for all positions. Coach had decided on a 4-3-3 formation and the plan was to put the ball in oppositions half as early as possible and build it there. also we were able to hustle the BT players to commit mistakes and also could create few chances. It was 0 – 0 first half, and BT started pressing in the second half and fortunately for us could not take the chances came their way. We played on the breaks, and Suman had missed the best chance of KITFO on the right side of on rushing goal keeper. Sameer, placed a 30 yard shot on top corner expertly following a corner which was not cleared well by BT defense and we were a goal up. BT tried hard but could not convert the equalizer. 
Great performance by KITFO, well played BT. Surely a great contest in waiting in the second leg with both teams have everything to play for. 
BT's Review By Pam 
A very tiring day in office for the BT players! Not taking any credit away from KITFO as they definitely outplayed us in all areas and deserved to be on the wining side! BT started with the formation 4-5-1 with Andysu (GK) - Sagger (LB) : Anks (LCD) : Bhanda (RCD) : Rafa (RB) - Sidwho? (LM) : Jehan (LCM) : Shubh (CM) : Pam (RCM) : Niraj (RM) - Shaurav (ST) (in the second half Pam and Niraj switched positions).  
Coming back to the game, we were prepared to face a tough opposition today in KITFO, they have been consistently improving in recent games under the hand of Coach sir. BT tried to play to their strengths - the usual calm passing kind of football, but today our strength highlighted our weakness - lack of adaptability. We had a very hard time to settle into our regular game as right from the starting whistle we had KITFO players hassling the BT players , giving us very little time to play our patient kind of football. All the KITFO players synced well today and their spirit was visible in their game. Because of the hassling BT players were more focussed in defending and recovering the ball most of the times rather than create chances and play attacking football. KITFO were unlucky to not have scored more, Suman made a fantastic run and broke through our defence, only to miss the target. Would have been a lovely goal if he had got that in! There was another moment just before Keano's goal ,(from a corner) when Rafa had to make a goal line clearance. After the match Rafa made an interesting observation about Keano - the bloke manages to get every shot on target! No wonder he is in contention for the top goal scorer this season. We could have taken more shots on target though today and our game on the wings needs to increase! Sidwho? is a quality player but poor lad is under so much pressure to perform, maybe it is getting to him. Think I will request our Chairman to give him a pep talk before our next game (worked wonders for me!) 
Also wanted to congratulate the Ref for having a fantastic game today. Rock did an amazing job, he had a chat with both teams before the game and explained the must do's and donts to us, also during the game he communicated well with the players and thats why all of us were on the same page. Rock makes a very good case for the comeback of player refs!  
To sum it all up i will say that BT didnt have the worst of the games, just that KITFO outplayed us today. There is no reason to be very dejected though, yes we could not capitalise on the home advantage and allowed the opposition an away goal. But there are another 90 mins for the finalists to be decided and BT will make the most of that game. Hard luck BT but chins up, we will come back stronger. Good luck to KITFO for the next game and well played. Looking forward to an interesting second leg! 
KITFO's Review By Amti 
I would like to Thanks coach for guiding us on strategy and substitutions. It was nice to celebrate after long time. BT is a team with technically brilliant players and I looked like a fool after making those stupid challenges even after coach advise not to go for challenge and look for interception. I would like to apologies Shubankar and Pam for the tackle. Arun did fantastic job as main ref. BT is a fantastic team and they showed it today as well. BT created many scoring opportunities but it was a bad day since opportunities not converted into goals. All the best to BT for 2nd leg. 
KITFO started with 4-3-3 which worked well for us in last few matches with Shivam as GK. Shivam did superb job in goals. Once he made diving save which was fantastic to see. As usual the powerhouse Keno took a long distance shot which was accurate on target and out of keeper reach. It was the only goal scored in the match from KITFO. KITFO won by 1-0 (it’s so pleasant to listen it). KITFO kept the target of 30 shots on goal but I think reached around 20 shots. Sharad and Keno did fantastic job in defense rather I would say everyone was committed and passionate and KITFO looked more hungry for win and attack. KITFO will be playing the 2nd leg with only 1 goal advantage and need to keep the intensity and focus to giving 100% and play to the strategy suggested by coach. All the best to KITFO for aspiration to reach final. 
Vikky's Review as LP 
First of all I would like to thank You for allowing me to be the LP,  
It was an intense match but well controlled by the experienced Arun who did an awesome job as the main Ref, both the teams had chances, actually BT had many open chances but failed to convert, that cost them the match, KITFO was pumped up right from the start as coach had given them a dose of experience and intensity, all the Guyz at kitfo played well to their strengths and were guided beautifully by Coach, the return leg is going to be an interesting one,  
All the best to BT for the same,  
Congrats Kitfo Thumbs up signThumbs up sign !!!  
Mantans Review as LP 
I was the Linesman for this game BT vs KITFO. Today KITFO looked like an all new team with Mr. Khare coaching and guiding them. Their play was set perfectly to counter BT's game. KITFO made very good movement on and off the ball which helped them create a few chances. Their defence looked strong with no nonsense play from Keano. Keano was the one who score a long range goal from a corner. BT played their usual way passing the ball about but today they failed to finish, they had a few clear chances but were not taken. I think they should have taken more shots on goal. Shivam did super job as KITFO GK. For me as LP the job was simple as bot the defence lines were playing a very coordinated game. The offsides were easy to spot and Arun as main ref he spotted everything so there were no grey areas in terms of fouls or offsides. Well played KITFO, a very calm and collective effort, KITFO definitely is a very strong to play against as they play as collective unit.  
Pam Ran (1st H and 2nd H Stats) 
Shiv's Review as AVGKL for BI (This Review cam on 05/05/16!!!) 
I was glad that the ADC recommended my name as GK for this important fixture and also I was carrying confidence from the clean sheet for BI vs the dangerous AA. 
BT is a tough team as I have experienced playing for RH. However under the guidance of Coach they were held at bay. Keano scored the matchwinner with a 30-yard bomb that followed laser precision similar to the one that he scored against RH. Sumanta played a sterling game although he had a couple of chances he should have pocketed. 
I was happy BT was scoreless especially as they had a freekick from a dangerous spot with thunder-thigh Bhanda as the marksman. 
Overall well done KITFO!  
MR By Khare 
Is this the sign that Player Refs make a comeback? Pam? Are you sure? No doubt Rock did a good job. I'm sure he was also pumped up for it. No doubt that when I am coaching a side that is playing to win then you NEED another player to Ref and Rock stood up gallantly. If EVERY player and every club reacted in the way BT and KITFO did at the Refs decisions then I would say yes for sure I'm taking part in the TZLC9!!! But it doesn't happen that way. 
RW and PACU have come back with a date of May 16th for the ADCCUPSF2 (2nd Leg) and that's 5 days before the Cup Final. 
I gave an option to both the clubs to hold the match on a Wed or Fri and at least PACU said no chance. Remember that I won't be there on a Wed and Fri. So EVERYTHINGS up to the players. The organization, MO's even the Reffing. So why have PACU said no to player Refs? Thats because I don't think we will EVER be ready for it ESPECIALLY if I'm not there. 
Honestly, I think all the KITFO players trust me and all my decisions as do BT. I SINCERELY believe that if I WASN'T there this morning there would've been a few fights. EVERYONE is passionate and as I have emphasized, the players must first be friends so that they can develop a camaraderie, so then trusting a friend to take the proper decision is difficult. The reason I get so upset with clubs and players that argue or are unhappy with a Refs decision is because the Ref is ME!!! When the players can't control their emotions when the Ref is me then what in heavens name will they do when the Ref is a playing member? 
So I think I would rather have these one off situations where I coach or a friendly where I play then have a situation where I think I should leave the TZLC or just call it a day. I've been through a lot of shite and I sincerely feel that the TZLC should be kept just that, APART from stuff that is full of shite! 
I will say just a few words on KITFO. They have blossomed tremendously and are enjoying playing together which was a far cry from the earlier days. I had issues with them and their office hierarchy leaking into their sessions and everywhere and it's taken a long time to get them where they are right now. They have understood that in the equation there can only be the higher (Me!) and the archy (them)! The players on the fringes along with the technically strong players, players from varied backgrounds along with players working at different companies and at different levels have all managed to get along well together. The passion and committment shown by them is encouraging to see. KITFO have to maintain it this way. Trust is paramount here. One nut in the bolts could destroy what has been created. 
One total nutter is Amti and his propensity to go in late or seing his leg at someone is frustrating. He has mentioned it in his Preview and he's lucky Rock didn't give him a Red. As I said I won't dwell too much on KITFO for I'll just be repeating what oft I've said afore. 
I love it when ALL the players are happy whether they got 5 mins or 80 mins. No doubt you WANT to play the full game and you'd be crazy not to. But to be able to keep a smile for the team, the see the BIGGER PICTURE that the Team should do well ahead of your personal wishes is whats important. 
I was actually hoping BT started with their usual 3 at the back routine. I hadn't set KITFO's formation according to BT's plans. I had actually planned for KITFO to play a simple 4-4-2 formation as I thought that over the past few matches and sessions they'd matured a lot. SO I thought they'd be able to pass the ball about and play sexy footer. But I guess something I saw in the sessions that I remembered later or something I saw in the faces of my players in my mind when I was setting the team this morning. (This morning I set the team as I was WORRIED there'sbe a few drop outs and I HATE changing my well laid plans!) I thought that KITFO aren't ready to pass the ball around like BT and that they should play to their strengths. One of their strengths is the running they put in. A weakness in this strength is their tendency to tackle intead of tracking. We need more work on that. So the 4-3-3 formation! It worked a treat! Well, in the last 5 mins of the extra 5 mins added on by BT at the end of the match nearly saw the best laid plans collapse. (Thank you Shaurav!!!) 
KITFO proved what they could do with a GOOD GK!!! Great work Shiv!!! I mean you weren't super fine but you excelled over the normal trash that keeps in the TZLC!! You gave us all a heart attack when you said you were at Papal this morning!! The fun thing about this match was (Apart from most of the bad challenges that came from an excited KITFO side..only a couple from BT) that both the teams didn't sit back and defend. They attacked every chance they got. I must say to someone that said KITFO couter attacked well. NO!! Kitfo never defended ALL OUT to counter attack. KITFO had a set plan that either Amti or Mishti explained, that we had to get the ball in the opposition half as FAST as POSSIBLE and then pass the ball about there. Plus take at least 30 shots!! Yes 30!! Not bad in reaching at least 10 to 15...Not 20 for sure!!! I will not mention names as its not right in my book to single out players as the win was a TOTAL team win. So I'll just say that there are some players in every team that I can rely on, those that UNDERSTAND exactly what a coach wants and those that trust him. Every team has those players that the players respect apart from the Coach and everyone should strive to be that kind of a player. I had a few of those players this morning that led from the front and got support from their team mates. Well done people! Just one more match before KITFO can achieve something they have never achieved before! 
BT reverted back to a 4 man defensive line and they CREATED LOADS of chances in my book. Most of the time their shots found bodies or Shiv and a few times they missed the target. Someone said that it seemed KITFO wanted it more. I second that. For me an organization winning against a club is a 1 in a million thing. But KITFO now have the heart of a club, something BT should have. They should have passion while playing, be strong in their tackles or they SHOULDN'T play at all. The wrong kinds of passion are arguments or being in your face. The right kind is to fight for what you believe in WITH a smile on your face and an apology when you make a mistake. BT have the 2nd part but the 1st part na. I do agree that KITFO wanted this win more than BT. It just looked that way. 
I do know that KITFO would have played the same way with the same intensity even if they went a goal or two down. Thats what makes me proud. 
BT didn't give up, they persevered, BUT sometimes they NEED to just UP their game a little instead of all that tippy tappa. You see, KITFO can defend the tippy tappa 90% of the time so if you wate your 10% it's over. I still want to see the KITFO defence playing against a team that whacks theball up at them.....Is this the secret to beat KITFO or is the Coach just playing you? Getting into your heads for the Return leg??? 
Whatever it is it will be fun for sure!! Guaranteed I'll be brain washing Amti into intercepting and NOT tackling and I'll be telling Keano that he's the best CD in the world....Or will I be playing him in an altogether new position? See? Thats the fun of it.... 
Playing competitive footer with your heart and brains!!! 
Just heard the Harshad Salagare of BE also lost his Mum!! The TZLC sends it's commisserations..... 
Thu 28/04/16  
RW (0) 1 Vs AA (1) 2 
RW - Ivan 71.04 
AA - Audi 69.47 60 
MO's : BE Rakesh, Sharad-; BT – Gaurav, Sidhu ; PACU – Yogi, ; RH - , BI – Atul, Tanny 
RW Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Pravin Mannu Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit 
AA - 1. Shivang (0.28) - unavailable - in place we would like to loan Amarnath (PACU - 0.41) AVL 2. Sean (0.39) - unavailable - in place we would like to loan Karan Shetty (BI 0.38) 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Arun 4. Sam 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi 8. Pai 9. Adu 10. Amarnath (subject to ADC approval) 11. Karan Shetty (subject to ADC approval) 
RW's Preview By K135T and JJP Click Here to see MP By K135T!!! 
RW managers are extremely sorry to all the other Clubs, fans and most importantly the ADC for bringing the TZLC 8 in disrepute and we thank the ADC for giving us one last chance and we will make sure something of this sort does not happen again. 
AA is a very talented team and we are looking forward to the game. We will put in our 200% in this match as we try to bring our club out of crisis. We have the utmost respect for the Veterans of the TZLC Rock and Ryan Sir and know how formidable an opponent they are with some powerful players Like Sean and Tiger. We request our fans to come support the team as we will need them by our side to take on the most in-form team in TZ AA. We will stick to our 3-4-3 formation and try to iron out the errors. 
AA's Preview By Rock Click Here to See MP By Tiger!!! 
This is the first leg of the League Cup semi-final. AA will aim to lift both Cups and end the season on a high note. First, we have to beat the best team in TZL&C! 
Recent games and incidents have left RW vulnerable and out of sync, and we will aim to exploit their weaknesses. AA will be missing two key players in Sean and Ajinkya, but will be taking good loans to cover for them. We have started playing well and are back to our scoring ways, so look forward to this game. 
We wish RW all the best, and look forward to the game in the ADC Stadium! 
Amonk Ran 
6 Km's 
Jonty Ran (Click Here to read more Info!!!) 
KS's Review as AA Loanee 
Many thanks to the AA management and the ADC for today's loan opportunity. It was indeed an honour to be part of such a well-fought, high stakes game. 
AA played with a compact formation and a simple game plan of putting quick balls up to Audi (who was excellent today) and the wings and it paid off. Hope the efforts put in by the AA frontline off the ball don't go unnoticed! They provided an outlet every time the midfield got the ball. Playing against RW is always tough as they hold on to the ball so well. Extra running was the need of the hour and AA's efforts in marking and tracking back were exemplary. The defence was decisive and tight throughout and AA were never in danger of conceding from open play.  
RW need not have panicked after conceding the first goal. They are a talented lot with so many goalscorers in their line-up. On conceding and especially in the 2nd half they pushed too high at fast at times, when instead they could have kept the ball and outrun the tired AA. A late penalty however, gives them hope for a 2nd leg comeback. 
I had a great time playing with Rock and Sam sir in the middle. They really hold this AA team together. Stoney and Adu too had a great game, with hardly a foot wrong. 
Wish both teams the best of luck for the next leg! 
AA's Review By Rock 
AA went into this match with key players missing in Shivang, Sean, and Ajinkya, but took 2 important loans in Amma and Karan Shetty. We expected this to be a tough match, and it was. 
AA played the 4-5-1 formation, with Maya and Amma in CD, Neel and Mihir manning the defensive flanks, Adu and Pai on the mid-field flanks, Karan and Sam in CM, and Arun playing the role of holding midfielder. Audi was the lone striker. 
RW dominated possession, and the understanding between their players is amazing. 135, Vikas, and Sarva are a handful and then some. However, AA was able to play a good defensive game and hold off this strong RW side. AA committed too many fouls and gave up too many free kicks, a couple of which could have converted into goals. Tiger held fort and kept a clean sheet in open play. 
AA played the counter attack, although frankly it was - punt the ball up to Adu and Audi and let them run! :) Our team just did not have the legs to all move up to support them. It was Audi's brilliance that got us our two goals, the second coming from a fantastic run by Pai followed by a sublime pass to Audi. While all AA players played a big part in this victory, Neel and Adu really stepped up their game today and played awesome. 
While today's score is always welcome, a 2 goal cushion would have been great. 
The second leg will be a close affair, and we hope to come out the victors.  
I also thank Coach for letting the game flow, in spite of fouls committed on both sides. 
Amma's Review as Loanee for AA 
"Thank You Arun for loaning me for todays game between the big boys of TZ. I felt I was playing for PACU today as AA opted to defend deep and play on the counter. BUT with a big difference. We don't possess the quality that AA have. So their attacks were lethal. Audi was on fire today. My favorite moment in the game was when Adu was sent through on goal. He expertly delayed his attempt waiting for the RW keeper Ketan to commit before trying to beat him. But credit to Ketan for making himself big and getting some part of his body on the ball. Must also mention young Stony who was up against Mannan and did superbly well. My apologies to AA as my foul led to the penalty which was scored. This goal might be crucial in the second leg as I'm sure RW will throw the kitchen sink at AA. All the best to both the teams going forward." 
Sidwho?s Review as LP 
I thank the coach for appointing me as Linesperson for today's classic encounter between RW and AA which was one of the most entertaining matches of the season. 
With both teams trying to score (RW with their quality of possession and AA with their pace on counters), it was a very open and joyful game of football. 
I had a very little to do in first half as an LP while RW were attacking on my side. In second half, Ketan almost came off his line and made a very good interception from a shot tried by Adu. The Coach asked for confirmation on that occasion which from my angle looked fine as the Keeper was within the 18 yard box when he made the save.  
Apart from that the game was very aggressive, passionate and a treat for those watching from outside. 
Even though RW lost today, they'll get their second chance on Saturday and I wish both the teams all the very best for the return leg which again promises to be a tasty affair. 
Sherry's Review as LP 
I would like to thanks ADC for giving me the responsibility as LP. Both the teams were playing with passion and with great spirit which made our task as a lines person very easily. RW were playing their passing game but were able manage to break defense line of AA on few occasions on which the chances were created. On the other way round AA were playing few passes and long ball, as RW were catching a HIGH off-side line which resulted in 2 GOALs scored by AUDI. There were couple of occasions were a short goal kicks were taken to LB and AA defense were pressurized by RW but were able to clear the ball. Still they kept on doing same and Taufa was able to gain a penalty off Amma foul which was scored by Ivan with ease. AA will be one step ahead of RW in the 2nd LEG SF so there will be alot of excitement to see RW coming back or AA keeping their WIN.  
RW's Review By Amonk 
RW is obviously disappointed with today’s result in the first leg of the SF v/s AA. We knew heading into the game that we had to make most of the opportunities we get in front of goal if we had to come out on top against the mighty AA, however we failed to do so and were undone by the aptly named Audi who personifies class and precision on the football field. Not to forget Ryan and Rock who marshalled the midfield and KS and Amma who were terrific loans for AA apart from the usual suspects at AA who all did their bit and together make AA a formidable unit to go up against . It was nice to see young Adu get a full game and as expected he made life difficult for us on the wing, we’re sure we will see a lot more of him in the future. 
We decided to go back to a 4 man defence for today’s match and started with a 4-5-1 formation with Pravin moved back into the RB position, Jonty and Avi playing CD and Lalit at LB. The midfield was tweaked a bit to have Monga at RM, KT at RCM, Vikas at CM, Mannu at LCM and Sarva as LM with Taufa the lone man up front with Ketan the cat in goals 
RW tried to play its usual game of keeping possession and building the play from the backline upto the midfield and through to the forwards, which we did well for most parts up until the final 1/3rd of the ground. AA on the other hand seemed to be playing to a plan where they would hassle us in the midfield and win the ball back to release Audi through a long ball. A bad pass in our own half resulted in AA winning possession and releasing Audi by lobbing the ball over our defensive line, Jonty did manage to catch up with Audi but the ball went under his leg and into the goals from a tough angle, a terrific finish! After the goal, we went back to 4-4-2 with mannu moving back to his usual LM position. 
The game continued in the second half in similar fashion with AA relying on counter attacks using Adu and Pai on the wings occasionally but mostly relying on Audi for the goals. A quick counter attack from their RM resulted in another nicely weighted pass for Audi between our keeper and our defensive line who got there a split second before our keeper could slide in and collect the ball and the lobbed it over the keeper for a neat finish. 
RW did manage to win a penalty when Amma tried to outmuscle Taufa on the turn in their box. Sarva converted to make it 2-1. We did create a few chances to score which fell to Sarva and Taufa, but unfortunately they couldn’t convert today. 
RW would like to assure its fans that they are working hard on cutting down on their mistakes in defence and improving their composure in the attacking 1/3rd which has cost us dearly in the last two matches. We would like to congratulate AA, they are supremely talented squad and we know we will have to play much better than we did today to have any hopes of beating them in the second leg. We would also like to thank the Ref and all the match officials and ball boys for officiating a keenly contested game. 
The Ref Ran 
734 Km's!!! 
RW's Review By K135T 
Two bad results in a row is pretty dis heartening at the end of the day but AA came out clear winners after their blitzkrieg style of attack proved to be simply unstoppable. Audi combined in a superior fashion with Ryan and Rock and was constant threat with or without the ball. 
We started with 4-5-1 formation with Ketan as GK, Jonty CD Avi CD, Lalit LB Pravin RB Mannu CM karan CM Vikki CM Monga RM Sarva LM Taufa St, the best thing about the game was the fun quotient which even after we lost the game doesn’t leave us lost as we tried our best had a great time on the field but just could not adjust upto the AA strategy and the few chances that fell our way could have been dealt better. We take home a tricky situation to solve find a viable solution to counters as we have fallen to them time and again this season. This indeed is a very challenging situation being a goal down to two very good defensive sides and in two separate competitions and we will need a lot of support from our fans along with a truck load of will power to get a result against a side headed by two of the best players TZ. 
All in all a great game to play in with a great atmosphere and spirit and looking forward to the next match against AA which bound to be an equally fab affair.Thanks to the Ref, the MO’s and the last but not the least The fans who came out to cheer us inspite of a couple of turbulent weeks and making this match a memorable one. 
MR By Khare 
Let me first start by saying that I am thoroughly impressed with the way RW have taken on the ADC views and changed their attitude 180 degrees! It was a pleasure Reffing this morning as I've had no issues with AA prior to this. As the Ref I was able to let a few challenges go and play on. Some YC's were given but that was only after a couple of warnings were given. It was I'm sure fun to watch and play in. Maybe the result was not in favour of RW but in totality it was in favour of the TZLC. 
This brings us to the point of Zero Tolerance. If there was ZT this morning, possibly Audi wouldn't have scored the 1st. Just a minute or two before he scored, he had made a challenge that was studs on smacking Jonty's foot. Now this can cause injuries like a stress fracture and so on. I have always let these challenges go IF the player was making a genuine attempt for the ball or he got the ball first and with his follow on movement got the player. In this case I was letting a lot of things go to enable a smoother flow of the game. So the ZERO Tolerance was ignored as the players were getting on with it. Similarly some throw ins (Mayur's throw for Audi's 2nd goal) were overlooked as were some on the RW side. Players not giving ball to hand for Throw ins and some warnings were given before sending players off or some players were just given a stern or disappointed look.  
Therefore to look at it closely, I would DEFINITELY have given Audi a YC at that moment and the 2nd goal would not have been allowed. (Keeping in mind of course that the goal only came around a couple of minutes later!) Only for Audi's instant reaction he got away with the YC as I did in fact play on as RW had possession. (Also Jontys reaction kept Audi alive) I kept turning to check on Jonty and as Meer made a hodgepodge of a clearance I finally called no advantage and blew the whistle to check on Jonty as he was still struggling. As I blew Jonty got up and I realized Meer's clearance had actually fallen to an RW player!!! But here's my point. On a ZT level I'd have had to BLOW the whistle IMMEDIATELY and we wouldn't have seen what happened next. (By next I mean Meer wouldn't have skewed his clearance and a couple of minutes later Audi wouldn't have scored as he'd have been in the SIN BIN!!!) I don't think anyone can even remember any of this but in my quest for truth and justice and in the event that even one player is a bit miffed over certain incidences these things should be made clear. 
As the match went on my decisions as per the ADC R and R will always start favouring the Home team to a certain extent. So obviously all the dodgy challenges AA made got cards!!! AMAZINGLY RW didn't get a single card this morning. This I feel was because RW had turned over a new leaf. A talented bunch like them with so much possession isn't involved in defending much!! The old RW would've done anything they could've to win the ball back. Kudos to them. 
But then this leads me to their tactics. WHY 4-5-1 against a squad that is OBVIOUSLY scared of them? I don't think theres a single club that isn't wary of the Warriors. They changed the formation soon enough but this chopping and changing doesn't help. RW don't need 3 Cm's. 
In fact the way they go bombing up and the way Jonty and Avi are making errors I'd be more wary of letting goals in then scoring them. This is where I think RW have made mistakes. They have focused too much on ATTACK and less on defence. This is some advice to you. When you lose possesion of the ball and can't win it within 2 secs, BOTH CD's MUST track back to at least 5 to 10 yards from their goal.  
How were AA's goals scored????? From counters..........The defenders were CHASING the ball back along with the AA attack. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN. 
AA are lucky that RW are not defensively stable. I hope RW read this and give their 4-4-2 a big rethink and also WORK on what I have said about mistakes and chasing back. AA are also lucky that they came away with a win. Howmuch ever Adu's team mates insist that he should've rounded the keeper or took his chance first time, Adu performed like a star and on the chance the 15?16? year old could've scored had it been a Keeper other than the Cat Ketan, AndySu the Snow leopard and Shiv the um Shiv. I thought Rock was a super star in the centre of mf matching K135T and the rest of his honchos well. 
I sincerely feel RW will make AA work for it in the 2nd Leg. All they need to is think of what I've said. If they can change their attitude then a little tactical change they can easily do. 
Audi can thank Amonk and Jonty for his first although he took it well and then Ketan for charging out like cat that saw a mouse. Audi took it well although you can see the ball spin into the net. 
I'll end it here!!! 
Fri 29/04/16  
LC SF 2 Extra 5 NOT taken in each half 
KITFO (0) 0 Vs BT (0) 0 
MO's - AA: Marcelo, Adu BI: Atool, Tan BE: NA, 3+ players playing RH: NA, 3+ players playing RW: Vikus, Ketan PACU: DJ, Shubhav 
KITFO Squad - 1 Avi (AVGKL) 2 Sharad 3 Amartya 4 Sagar 5 Nitin 6 Zaid 7 Rakesh 8 Devendra 9 Ravinder 10 Dhananjay 11 Amit 12 Varun 13 Rajib 14 Subin 15 Arpit 16 Amod 17 Suman 18 Alan 19 Aviank 20 Ravi P 21 Manoj 22 Sameer 23 Meer 
BT Squad list Confirmed: Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Prashant Bhandari (Bhanda) Ankush Moghe (Anks) Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) Jehan Kothari (VG) Sameer Patil (Pam) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) Tentative: Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Loans: No Loans have been opted for this game. 
BT's Preview By Pam Click Here to see MP!!! By Pam!!! 
Since this preview is going in before the result of our first leg game against KITFO in the League cup Semifinals, a lot of assumptions (mostly hopeful ones) come with it. Most things that I want to say about this particular game still remain the same. KITFO are a strong team who have improved remarkably under the hand of Coach, so we are expecting a good challenging and tough game on Friday. Obviously the result on Friday will help us fine tune our strategy for Friday's game but we still wish to stick to basics and play to our strengths. Mkul is not expected to be 100% match fit so early and we do not want him to aggravate his injury by stressing too much, he will only be available if required. Otherwise we have a full squad for Friday. I have come to understand that KITFO have almost 20 players ava for this game so they obviously have a lot of fresh legs on the bench! Surely going to be a test of stamina, fitness and endurance. Winning every game is on our list at the moment as it will help us in building momentum which we can carry forward to our other remaining games as well. Our fans will be turning out in massive numbers and that will definitely boost our spirits! Looking forward to a good game. 
KITFO's Preview By Khare 
I'm thinking of Atool to Ref this one. Much of the same for what I wrote in the previous Preview. Things may alter a bit depending on injuries and the result of the 1st Leg. KITFO is waiting for the responses froma few players that have been asked to keep. Should be a rip rocking 2nd Leg!!! 
Pam Ran (Only 63 mins as he forgot to turn it on at KO!!!) 
KITFO's Review By Keano 
Unbelievable victory by KITFO! It is hard to believe that KITFO has  
reached final. Am I dreaming? Yes, I had dream yesterday night and it  
appeared to be true. BT is a fantastic team and it was tough job to  
stop them from scoring. I think KITFO received advantage of playing on  
home ground; each player is familiar with every corner of papal ground  
and that certainly makes difference. KITFO played by heart and it  
reflected in the game. Unlike last match, today BT hardly got chance on  
Special thanks to coach Mr Khare for drawing an action plan. There were  
22 players registered for this match. It was tough job to substitute and  
give players chance without disturbing harmony of the game. Coach did  
an excellent job here. Replacing player every 10 or 15 minutes was like  
pumping fresh blood into ground. Having coach to KITFO side is half  
battle won, all rest we have to do is follow the strategy! 
As a main ref Atool was fantastic. Atool is very kind and friendly in  
nature hence it is tough job for him to ref and he excelled. He  
communicated well with both the teams every now and then. I thank to all  
LP's and Assistant referees. 
Kitfo started with 5-2-3 formation. Amti, Sherry, Rajibda, Keano and  
Rake as 5 defenders in first half. Amartya, Alan managing midfield.  
Jon and Sumanta on flanks. Red as striker. Positions were exchanged  
during match time without changing Central defense formation. Mishti,  
Sherry, Amit, Rake were out standing in defense. Amartya as usual played  
cool passing game. Red has good control over ball and he never looses it  
easily. Jon received couple of good crosses, I wish he could have  
converted it into goals. Bruce from right flank made good runs which was  
threat to BT defense. All the substitutes played excellent. 
BT was amazing today but certainly not their best. I have seen their  
performance against AA and RW. It is an invincible team. Neeraj,  
Mukhul, Shubhankar, Gaurav, Bhanda, all played cool passing game. They  
certain had edge at couple of times but failed to capitalize. Our hearts  
bleeding for BT. Well played BT ! We really appreciated your fair and  
gentleman play and wish you all the best. 
Congrats KITFO. We enjoyed journey to final, each and every match!  
Let's keep the same spirit up! 
Subaru's Review as Loanee for BT 
I thank BT management for taking me on loan for this important second leg semi-final encounter against the well drilled KITFO side. I would also like to thank coach for allowing the emergency loan. It's always a pleasant challenge to work with a different setup and a new set of players. But I feel Anks and Sagar made it really easy for me to ease into the role. I feel Atool was spotless as the main ref and kept a game played at such high intensity in control at all times. KITFO played their skins out and stuck amazingly well to their plan. BT had their half chances but couldn't convert them into goals. Although the result didn't favor BT on aggregate, it was a thoroughly enjoyable game to play in. Congratulations KITFO. 
Atool's Review as MR 
Thanks for allowing me to be the Main referee for the match today.  
It is such a pleasure referring when players of both teams show respect to the referee's decisions. Today I must appreciate KITFO and BT for showing great attitude to the Rlayer Ref even in an intense encounter.  
Today before the match I had told both the teams that I would like to game go on and warn players in case of late challenges. Intentional and blatant fouls would be a YC. I had also said that handballs must be owned up and purposely not doing so would be a YC as well.  
Both the teams owned up to the handballs making my life in the middle a bit easier. Only one time I had to show a YC to Rafa in the dying minutes of the game for not owning up.  
There were a very few incidents where there were bad fouls that I found were a bit violent.. In both cases it was Amti that got the yellow cards.  
BT and KITFO played attacking football and the ball being played on the wings quite often making it an open spread out game. KITFO stuck to the Kick-up-and-chase the ball strategy. This worked very well for KITFO who show great team spirit and camaraderie.  
BT attacked quite a bit, had a lot of midfield possession but could not finish well.. Some great defending in numbers by KITFO.  
Congratulations to KITFO on first time ever in the Cup finals.  
As always it is a revelation that it is such a difficult job being a referee and may be a couple of decisions could have gone either ways..  
BT's Review By Mkul 
First of all, huge applause to KITFO. They deserve to be in the finals, especially after going through a lot during last few seasons. Their performance was very inspiring. If BT played at this intensity every time, they can really get a favourable result in 8/10 matches but today was one of those days where our high intensity performance wasn't good enough. And for that credit must go to the positive mood at the KITFO camp and the energy and tactical astuteness of their coach/manager. Today BT decided to play 4-5-1, with Andy Su (GK), Rafa (RB), Anks (RCD), Subaru (LCD), Jack (LB), Sid who? (LM), Jehan (LCM), Mkul (CM), Ashubh (RCM), Pam (RM), and Shaurav (Lone Striker). In the second half, Snowtop replaced Jack and switched to 3-5-2 with Snowtop as second striker. We came in this match with one goal deficit which wasn't a huge margin and hence, our plan was to keep playing good football and stop playing KITFO from scoring further goals. We did keep a clean sheet and we did manage to create some half-chances, with Pam's first time volley being our best chance, but we failed to score the goal. In terms of commitment and determination this was perhaps BT's best game but we lacked composure and quality to beat the very tight KITFO defence. Perhaps we also needed a little bit of luck which teams tend to get against KITFO but we didn't get. Both the teams gave their 110% and I am sure that fans were thrilled to see some great end-to-end league cup football. Once again congrats to KITFO. Well done BT. We are also proud of our performance and we will continue to play like this. Good results will soon follow.  
KITFO's Review By Red 
A hard fought victory over two legs for KITFO this morning! Coach was the master-mind behind this victory and he instilled a lot of energy and self belief in each member of the squad. Thank you very much sir, it was fun to play! 
Formation:5-2-3: Avi-GK; Sagar-RB, Keano-RCB, Mishti-Sweeper CB, Sherry-LCB, Rake-LB; Amit-Amar - CM; Suman-Alan-John up! Plan was not to allow BT space to get into the box and keep them to long shots at goal, confuse them using fruit names for set piece routines and a different kick-off to catch them unaware. 
We started slowly and allowed them a couple of chances exactly opposite of what was discussed. Coach reacted to the slow start by pulling me and Alan off and pushing Amti at RB, Meer as ST which allowed us to settle down and play without much pressure. BT tried hard but were unable to create any clear chances. Keano took some long rage shots at goal and gave some worries to AndySu. The first half ended 0-0. 
Second half we carried on the same way and probably should have settled the tie when I missed a 1 on 1 with the GK-Andy Su. Apologies! Towards the start the game was being played at a very fast pace but soon Jehan and the Inamdar brothers realized that and slowed the game down. As time went on BT were pushing more players forward and for the last 10-15 minutes switched to a 3-5-2. We had a few opportunities to counter-attack but made silly errors. We defended resolutely till the final whistle while BT threw everything they had at us! It ended 0-0 and we enter the finals 1-0 on aggregate. 
BT were the technically stronger team but KITFO overcame that with their hard work and unity with expert guidance from Mr. Khare! Attitude of everyone at KITFO including players who got no or very little opportunity to play was superb. 
BT were exemplary even when under pressure and did play with their hearts. We wish them well for their remaining matches. 
Congratulations to the Ref and his assistants for a job well done! 
KITFO while enjoying this success will be back in training working next week, hard for the finals against AA/RW. 
KITFO's Review By Rake 
This is for the first time I am sending a review without any external motivation. Since this is coming from within I must warn readers this will probably lean to a more personal/philosophical kind of review. So first up, am extremely excited on reaching Finals of the League Cup. Credit to BT, who played a fantastic game over two legs and put our hearts in our mouth throughout the second half. I thought, it was a fantastic spectacle for any audience regardless of loyalties to any side. The refree, linespersons and MO's did a great job. Genuine Thanks to them.  
A BIG, BIG THANKS to Coach for letting us play the way we did. Coach laid out very CLEAR instructions to everyone on the pitch. We followed it. Period. I am beginning to like this brand of football, I'd like to call it "SIMPLICITY". Before joining TZLC, I was totally into Intricate style of playing. The joy I derived, while playing was mostly when I threaded through balls between defenders, outfoxing or outhinking players on the pitch. But today's match was about keeping it simple and this is where influence of Coach is CRITICAL/IRREPLACABLE, to get everyone on the same page. Thanks Coach for helping us do that and focus on this COMMON objective. 
Personally for me it is very hard for me to not take on a player who has squared his feet in front of me (ofcourse when I have air in my lungs) and play a lobbed pass to the Striker. But yes I resisted those temptations mostly except this one time in the end and SORRY to my teammates for doing that. 
Coming to KITFO, What a group of players/people we have! I think KITFO won the match even before KICKOFF. We won the match at the Chai/Bun Maska Shop. We won the match in our Social media portals. We won the match at training on Wednesday and Friday. Every KITFO player is engaged in this FIGHT. Not a FIGHT for places in the first team. This FIGHT with oneself to continuously improve, to be better than they were before. The intensity levels in training is very good. This is very commendable from this group of people I have met. Everytime I screwed up I knew Sherry would be there behind me and vice versa (hopefully). TRUST has entered into the KITFO dictionary. The spirit of KITFO is sky high and we hope to maintain it. 
Also while KITFO bask in this glory, we must as a group never forget the contributions of our family/significant others make to keep us happy. So I wish all players good luck and hope that they Thankyou their wives/girlfriends/mothers/your pet etc. for helping you feel good. I have got a feeling I am going to get clobbered on social media for this review. To hell with that, I had too much of a REAL HAPPY moment today.  
Avi's Review as AVGKL for KITFO 
I would firstly like to thank KITFO for loaning me today and the ADC for approving the loan. I was goalKeeper for KITFO. 
It was an very awesome football match. Well fought by both the teams.  
KITFO played with lots of energy and heart. They had a plan and executed very well.  
BT was constantly trying to make attacks, but kitfo defence was rock solid. What I like aboout KITFO was, 
if anyone committed while hasling for the ball there was others to cover their place.  
All the best to KITFO. HArd luck BT 
MR By Khare 
Well what can I say? Overwhelmed at the reviews sent in by everyone. Sometimes I think how bloody lucky I was that everything worked out in KITFO's favour. Since the Season started whenever KITFO played and they lost because they played either badly, or because I was experiementing or due to GK errors I always emphasized that that was the reason why, that when they did perform well they lost only due to the crazy Khare's insistence on experimentation and GK errors, BUT mainly due to me. According to me my experimentation was a necessity. It was based on giving not only our technically better players experience but getting our technically weaker players to gain some much needed match exposure in difficult positions. A part of the learning process was to let their inhibitions go and trust me. 
I'm happy to say that over the past few matches, since the time I concluded my experimentation (0 - 6 Vs AA) I started work on KITFO turning the corner. After seeing the faces of the KITFO players that fateful morning and some of the comments of the players in the other clubs later I thought that NOW the KITFO players deserve to feel a bit of sunshine and not the constant rain and sleet on their faces. 
I'm glad to say that many members observing KITFO NOTICED this sudden change in demeanour as no hopers to a certain gait in their stride. Even in the match against RH (without Red, Mishti and Amar) KITFO took the game to them and played an exciting brand of energetic footer. If memory serves me right KITFO lost to a GK error in that too and possibly a defensive error also. SO then the giants RW came and KITFO exposed the fraility in their armour, a chink that everyone had failed to notice. Everyone noticed the RW strength of attacking right from the GK to the Striker, but KITFO weren't afraid anymore and took the game to RW, right down it's gullet. In the end RW won 3 - 0 but as was written in the MR it wasn't smooth sailing. Then of course the LCSF against the club which plays the finest football in the League, composure personified in each dept. Which I'll come to shortly. 
None should forget that it was Amar that had used his scientific algorithm to get that win against BI in the previous round. And it was BI's loss that made this entry into a Final so important. 
I must say that playing one match and then reaching a SF is all cobblers! But thats just it. It wasn't ONE MATCH. It was the ENTIRE season from the 1st day back on Oct 24th that this journey for KITFO started. 6 - 7 months ago!! I don't think any other club has faced issues that KITFO have faced. The TZAS and the ADCY fell by the wayside and KITFO were on the verge when they decided to make one more go of it..(Hope they FINALLY increase my wages!!! Heheh). It was with ALL this in the background and the new found TEAM SPIRIT that is coursing through KITFO at the moment that I accepted Sherry's (and the rest of them) offer to Coach KITFO for the SF's of the League Cup. 
This is where BT comes in as KITFO's ideal opponents. Out of all the clubs BT seem to be the one club that wants to play the BEAUTIFUL game all the time. And they do. Mkul, Pam and VG have always paid attention to my comments and they've set up a VERY STRONG SIDE. But most importantly they are a disciplined lot (Please ignore the VG Vs Satsut incident!!!) Disciplined in the sense that they don't react and play with passion too. NOT that none of the other clubs don't. Just that BT don't have the SWAGGER that the other clubs do. Think about it...From the super stars playing at all the other clubs, AA, RW, PACU, RH!!! Only BI are struggling because their two stars decided to go on a holiday mid season and BE's majority is from KITFO. Not only that but because we were playing BT, the 3 SUPER IMPORTANT players from RH that I mentioned earlier could play for KITFO. So everythings happened perfectly. In the other SF it's AA or RW coming through which means we have ALL the KITFO players AVA for the Final! Brilliant! 
Special mention to Keano and Amti who dropped everything to make it for this match. Amti cajoled his wife into taking a HOLIDAY from the Bank she works at so that he could make it this morning and Keano PP'd a WORK TRIP to make it! Thats dedication!! Some of the players on the bench KNEW that it would be difficult to get a game but they STILL MADE it fully kitted up helped in the marking and were a part of the team like any other player that KNEW they would be starting off. Some players could've come but decided to sit at home and thats disappointing but all I can say is that THEY MISSED this event and KITFO in this situation didn't miss them. I hope it hurts for them coz without it hurting, change will not be possible. 
Atool, did very well and is a gent of a man. He has no airs about him and as one of the Reviews mentioned he Reffed well. He spoke to everyone with respect and that was enough. Just like Rock the other day. BUT I thank him and Rock for mentioning HOW difficult it is to referee when the PLAYERS make it difficult. Well done the LP's and the AR's as well as the rest IMPORTANT parts in the equation. 
Someone once said how can a 0 - 0 draw be exciting? Well this was enough of an example!!! Tactically I had the advantage of a READY and WILLING group of individuals that TOTALLY trusted my judgement while BT had a player who could've troubled us with his speed if he knew how to wake up in the morning! We had a squad of 22 and used 16? and BT had a 80% fit Mkul!!!  
I played the 5 - 2 - 3 THROUGHOUT the game until nearing the end when I switch to a 5 - 3 - 2. It was going to be all hands on deck and I told Avi in the prematch talk that you TAKE as much as you can from this game back to RW for I am NOT a closed book and TZLC will never be too. Avi understood how IMPORTANT this match was when I blew my top at him and when he must have felt the spirit coursing through the KITFO players veins. In my style of coaching I NEED to know my player in and out. Their capabilities. Lucky for me I think I'm good at that So the changes I made that people noticed were instinctive BECAUSE I know the player well. I played Mon Kapitan Amar in the 2nd H in CD!! He hates that position! But he needed to! Who'd have expected Rake to have played the best game in his life at LB!!!???? Although Amti makes a TOTAL HASH of affairs when he goes in for a tackle he was BRILLIANT!! And I can't leave without mentioning a player who I can declare quite clearly is in for a plethora of awards at the end of the Season!!! (Keano) If he doesn't get any, he will deserve a few in my books!!! 
But it's not fair to mention just those 3. THIS was a TOTAL TEAM EFFORT! One that will forever be etched in the history books. As Rake said, he's just HAPPY! From Tintin and Bruce (KITFO's OLDEST Members) to VK, Zubin, Robbinder, Aviank and Arpit, our newest players to Dan and Robby our semi new players! Sherry, MASTER of own goals was told that we played a sweeper as ADDED protection for HIM!!! 
Alan one of the new lot has bonded well and is one of the gang, who can forget Mishti who gets thrown ALL over the pitch by me as I KNOW he's my Man Friday. Jon who DESPERATELY wanted to prove to everyone that he's NOT just a GK! Suman who plays with the glee and joy of a kid was playing against his old team mates and LOVED it!!! Meer who is one tempestuous individual also gave his ALL wherever I told him to play!!! 
If BT would've scored late in the 2nd I think they might just have taken the match. I had done my all to keep KITFO going in the passion dept and a goal would've broken their hearts. Thats one of the diffcult things while playing with your heart it can get broken easily. Thats why I'm so glad KITFO's hearts remain unbroken! This was KITFO's only chance this season while BT can concentrate on the 2nd DIv. 
I can say that I'm super impressed with BT's Jack for I literally assaulted him with LOADS and loads of talent down his side. I played Suman, Red, Mishti and Alan at various times and he stood tall!! Sidwho? was manhandled a couple of occasions but carried on, Bruce pulled Subaru's shirt but EVERYONE laughed it off! Mkul took the FULL FORCE BRUNT of a LATE AMTI CLEARANCE (Amti missed the ball and KICKED MKUL) but Mkul shrugged it off and shook Amti's proffered hand of apology. Yes Amti was sent of with a YC and he deserved it but CAN you see this kind of SPORTSMANSHIP in a competitive environment ANYWHERE? Apart from a Rugby match I'm IMMENSELY PROUD to say that I am part of an organization that plays footer with TOTAL COMMITTMENT, with heart and passion, with skill and intensity BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY with Respect and Humility! 
Well done the two clubs! Apologies If I haven't mentioned everyone and I can say it for sure, that the MOMENT I feel that the HEART is not in it, that the Respect and Humility are LOST then it would be my time to leave... 
Just think about it, I DIDN'T even PLAY and I'm still so involved! CRAZY!!! 
(Please excuse some spelling errors in the above Review as My keyboard keeps conking off!!! And I'm WAY TO TIRED to Proof read..This has taken me ages!!) 
Sat 30/04/16 POSTPONED By AA 
LC SF 2  
MO's : BE Harshad, Amit-; BT - Neeraj, Bhanda ; PACU – Hima, Kaka, ; RH – Beeraj, Nik, BI – Atul, Tanny 
AA - 1. Shivang (0.28) - unavailable - in place we would like to loan Subaru (PACU - 0.46) AVL 2. Sean (0.39) - unavailable - in place we would like to loan Ankush (BT 0.39) 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Arun 4. Sam 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi 8. Pai 9. Adu 10. Subaru (subject to ADC approval) 11. Ankush (subject to ADC approval) 
RW Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Pravin Mannu Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit 
AA's Preview By Rock 
This is the second leg of the League Cup semi-final. AA will have hopefully won the first leg, and a lot of our strategy will depend on how things ended in the first leg. 
This will be a tough game, given only one recovery day. While youngsters like Rock can easily manage, the oldies like Stoney and Adu will be hurting! AA will be missing two key players in Sean and Ajinkya, but will be taking good loans to cover for them.  
We wish RW all the best, and look forward to the game in the ADC Stadium! 
RW's Preview By K135T and JJP 
The return fixture will be tough one as its pretty hard to recover in days time for a possible 90 min match. AA with all their talent, skill and experience will be big test for RW who are recovering from a crisis situation we ourselves got us into a win against AA looks a bit unlikely in this 2 legged affair but we will try our best to take the game to the last minute. Our formation will largely depend on the 1st leg. We promise to be on our best behavior and uphold the TZ ethos at all times on and off the field.