Mon 18/04/16 
RH (1) 2 Vs KITFO (0) 1 
RH - Kramer 35 TC 70 
KITFO - Keano 68 
RH - DIRECT LOAN: Ashwin G - injured : ADC's current valuation = 380k TZR Karan S - loan from BI: ADC's current valuation = 380k TZR Emergency direct loan: Neeraj B - injured: ADC's current valuation = 250k tzr Pravin N - on loan from RW: ADC's current valuation = 220k tzr 
RH SQUAD: 1. Sagar P 2. Ameya D (c) 3. Amartya M 4. Rajib N 5. Mangesh P 6. Rajesh B 7. Shivam S 8. Akshai S 9. Nikhil B 10. Karan S (on loan from BI) 11. Tushar P Una - Beeraj(injured), Gambhir(injured), Paul(work) 
KITFO Squad - 1 Sharad 2 Sameer 3 Zaid 4 Nitin 5 Devendra 6 Amit 7 Dhananjay 8 Suman 9 Arpit 10 Manoj 11 Amod 12 Mihir 
RH Preview By Red Click Here to Read MP!!!! 
After a string of disappointing results, RH come up against a KITFO side that has grown in stature since the start of the season. This is a tricky fixture as KITFO is running as a well oiled machine with invaluable guidance from Mr. Khare whereas RH are still in the process of recovering from previous defeats. We have three games remaining in this season and it is clear what is needed of us. We need to put all 9 points on the board and hope for the best! KITFO on the other hand will be keen to get one up on us as 3 of our players train with KITFO. We have a good number of first team players available for the game which is a positive and only Gambo is recovering from a hamstring problem while Bezzi is out for the rest of the season. We may revert to a 4-4-2 for this game and will be prepared for some route 1 football with regular balls over the defense mixed with quick passing. We wish KITFO good luck! 
KITFO's Review By Sherry 
KITFO playing away CL match against RH @ NCL ground which has a strong and experienced squad. KITFO has asked Coach Mr. Khare for help and will be playing the way he will be guiding us. This match is very crucial for KITFO as, WIN in this game would high our confidence in our next LEAGUE CUP Semi-Final game. KITFO is playing the players who are also members of KITFO squad but this time they will be playing in opposition. Team will be playing to WIN and also focus on the strategy which would help us in coming games. Mr. Khare is really working hard with KITFO squad in practice session which would help us in match situation. As a result, we are able to see lot of improvement in each individual which RH team would feel in the match :-). All the Best RH. 
Dev Ran  
6.7 Km's 
Rock's Review as AR 
A wonderful match to have witnessed, primarily due to the heartening display by KITFO! Although RH had most of the possession and dominated the midfield, their passing in the run-up to goal scoring opportunities was poor. There were a couple of excellent through balls played, but Mihir was quick to intercept them. KITFO played like their life depended on this game. I have never ever seen Nitin Khole run so hard, and play so well. His shot on goal deserved a reward, but skimmed marginally over. Their defence was largely good, and their strategy of playing the long ball worked really well (I'm guessing Coach's handiwork!). The first goal was a result of their defender failing to push up when the ball was cleared, allowing Kramer to be onside. Mihir too probably came out a bit too early. A soft goal. The second goal was also unfortunate. On the other hand, KITFO's first and only goal came from a wonderful long shot by Keano. Another shot on target by Suman was well saved by Anna. KITFO continue to be hurt by poor technical ability of some of their players, but should have come out winners today. Khole and Amod were outstanding for KITFO. Amit worked hard and many times created something out of nothing - needed more support. For RH, Mangs and Karan were outstanding in defence, Amar was excellent on the wing. 
KS's Review as Loanee for RH 
I thank the RH management and the ADC for the opportunity to play on loan today. 
The RH players are generally very confident on the ball and this showed in the first half. We held most of the possession but were unable to make it count. Amu and Rajib in the midfield ensured that the ball kept moving resulting in a few good chances on goal. When the goal did come eventually, it was from a great long ball in by Mangs and a calm finish by Kramer. 
KITFO played today as a well drilled unit with a definite game plan. The usual long ball game was interspersed with a few quick moves down the middle which stretched the RH defence. Keano scored a wonder goal and KITFO almost had the game in the bag only for two great shots being tipped over the bar by Anna. 
The winner came in late and must say against the run of play. Hard luck to KITFO and all the best to RH moving forward! 
RH's Review BY Red 
RH were very lucky today to put up 3 more points on the board. Honestly KITFO did not deserve to lose and handed us the three points today! 
RH played 4-4-2: Anns-GK; JJ-RB, KS-RCB, Mangs-LCB, Nik-LB; Amar-RM, Mishti-RCM, Amu-LCM, Sagar-LM; Shiv and TC upfront with free roles and Kramer as sub. 
First half we started off well but were unable to get the final pass right and even after seeing a lot of possession were unable to score until Kramer came on for the injured Amu and scored one past Mihir. 
Second half Amu came on at LM with Misht-Amar in CM. We failed to get a hold on the game in this half and KITFO were running around and behind us. They created a few chances but failed to score. KS deserves a lot of credit for some no-nonsense defending today and he bailed us on of many occassions. 
Anna too came up with the goods when needed and kept KITFO down to a single goal. It is very disappointing for KITFO to give away a goal due to GK error in almost each game! 
But KITFO are a prefect example of how a bunch of players can play with proper guidance and clear instructions, lot of hard work, irrespective of the technical abilities. RH have not been clicking in the last few games and we really need to introspect! 
Yes we did get 3 points today but are unhappy with the manner in which we got them. But we will take it as we know how important they are. With the last couple of games left, 6 points is all we need to focus on. 
Hard luck KITFO, all the best for the remaining games! 
Mantan's Review As LP 
I was the Linesman for this game RH vs KITFO. RH had more pressure in the first half but but KITFO did well to handle it. KITFO seems to be a more complete unit now, passing the ball around and not trying the kick and rush game. RH was playing a high line and KITFO players didn't press as much as they could have in the first half. Only a few clear offsides in the KITFO attacking half. In the 2nd half, KITFO changed a few formations and were pressing more as well as catching clever offside. The CDs did a good job. KITFO were unlucky to concede a silly goal under the GKs legs. It was a good clean game, with RH winning 2-1. Thank you Mr. Khare for making me the Linesman today.  
KITFO's Review By Sherry 
Firstly, I would like to thanks Coach for taking efforts and guide us on formation and strategy. As per the guidance we played 4-4-2 formation and later switched to 4-2-4 in last 20 minutes. KITFO players are happy as they were able to play in their favour position which was taken care by Coach. Mihir was not well so he kept in goal for complete match. Starting the match we play Mihir(GK); Nitin(RB), Sharad, Keano, Manoj(LB); Dan(RM), Amit, Suman, Amod(LM); Zaid, Dev(ST); and later there were various changes in position. In first half, the strategy was to clear the ball and play passing game in attacking half but KITFO was struggling to clear the ball and losing the ball posession cheaply which resulted in RH putting pressure on KITFO's defense. 1st Goal was scored by Akshay which was a communication lapse in defense and GK. But KITFO came back hardly in 2nd half and were playing as desired by Coach and were able to create chances. KITFO players kept RH GK busy by taking shots right on target but Anna's great save kept KITFO from scoring. Atlast, Sameer(Keano) was able to beat the barrier Anna and KITFO was able to equalized to 1-1. Towards the end of the game, a silly blind pass by Sharad to RH player (Rajesh) was enough to take the match away from KITFO. Rajesh took a shot and Mihir(GK) completely misjudged the bounce to find the ball in the nets(2-1) and RH WINS. Congrats RH and Well Played KITFO ! 
Overall KITFO players are satisfied with their performance and would like to thanks Coach. 
Atlast, I would thank you ADC for providing New Balls for the match.  
JJ's Review as Loanee for RH 
I would like to thanks Sagar for considering me on Loan and ADC for the approval. RH is a great to play along with good composure. On paper they have a highly rated squad. 
I played RB today and had a good combination with Karan S. RH were building up the game well together and rolling it across the ground. Only place they couldn’t capitalize was in KITFO’s D area. 
Kramer gave them a break to lead the table. KITFO on the other hand were better off in terms of speed & ball possession. To me RH could have had played with more possession. KITFO had more shots on target and one was a thunder from Keano to level the score. 
Mystery of GK error continued for KITFO to end up on the losing side again after all good effort as a team. RH if have good possession can play beautiful. 
Good luck to both teams! 
MR By Khare 
One of the KITFO players barely got a game this morning as he's been irregular and deserved what he got. The rest of the players have been regular for the sessions and I hope are happy. 
After Tintin was pushed up he was a class act but while defending he was not the best on the pitch. He tends to jump in and use his arms a lot and he must control that habit. I thought all the KITFO lads had a terrific game, unfortunately the players don't get their ratings up for Organizational matches so I'll do that here. Meer in goals was a two ends of the spectrum, he did quite well but when it mattered totally threw it all away. For the 1st goal there was a player that had failed to push up at the call and when Meer charged out he did so without making himself big. Kramer did well but he needs to thank Meer fo that one. Surprisingly Meer had come out well at the feet of an RH player and was very brave so this error is just a lack of concentration. The other goal was when Sherry felt that ifhe can't score he needs to assist so he set TC up with a shot. TC's shot was nowhere near powerful and TC standard. Meer let the ball through his legs and as the ball trickled in I still thought he had a chance to stop it. So did the defenders if they had rushed in. As well as the attackers. But nobody was going for 2nds and Meer just gave up. On that note Meer 5; I had given the players info regarding how they should switch positions and at what times and it's always fun to Ref a match like this when both the sides just want to play well. RH allowed me to give KITFO a bit of advice and help them out a few times. TC grunted as Amti made a heavy challenge and both were excused the YC as they shook on it. Dan 9; Played the simple game after a forgetful first 5 mins and then never made a mistake. Dev. Just like Dan and there were some touches Dev took that I never expected Dev to ever do in his life! Zed did well both at the back and up front. The Big players Amti, Sherry, Jon, Suman, Bruce and Keano all played well. Bruce was cutting inside to receive a pass and it should've been Receive wide and cut in with the ball. 
Though I thought Keano is back to top form and was outstanding everywhere he played!! A 10 for him for sure. 
For RH Amu got an injury early and this knocked the steam out of RH. Red on the flank did well when he got the ball but jut like most of the RH players didn't do much without. Once KITFO got on the same wavelength RH were a worried lot. Anna I fell only wakes up when he has to make some dazzling saves. One of his two was exceptional. He couldn't keep Keano's out coz it dipped a lot. He does make a meal of running out for balls behind his defence though. Jon gave JJ the run around. JJ Loan ALWAYS is just faster than a snail while chasing back but while chasing a ball as a St is faster than Usain Bolt!!! It's always good to hear that the crappy team that was KITFO many years ago is now being praised for it's fitness levels and speed as well as technique!! Brilliant!! 
I genuinely feel KITFO will be a side to reckon with next Season and BT had better watch out in this Season LC Semi Double leg!!! 
RH have two or three matches in the Season left and now have more than a fortnight rest. I hope they use this time to get their act together. 
Btw guess who the voice belongs to!!! 
He's a dodgy bloke!!!! 
Tue 19/04/16  
SF 1  
PACU (1) 1 Vs RW (0) 0 
PACU - Audi LOAN 25.30 
MO's - BI - Tanny, Ringa BT - Jehan, Shubankar RH - Amu Mishti AA - Arun, Atigre BE - Sherry, Sumanta 
PACU - Loan Application :- Aditya K (AA 0.36M TZR) AVPL Shivam S (RH 0.36 M TZR) AVGKL He is travelling on 18th but expects to be back in time for the game. He is going to confirm in a bit. If UNA we would request another loan. Other than Himanil B we have a full squad. 
RW - Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Pravin Monga Mannu Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit 
PACU's Preview By Amma Click Here to See MP!!!! 
PACU is (unexpectedly) in a position to challenge for the 2nd Division Title. We were contemplating on concentrating all our resources towards the League. We then got drawn to play RW in the ADC Cup. We, now cant think beyond these 2 games. There is no way we are going to engage in a mid field battle against the Warriors. Coach has made it amply clear that long ball is the way to go against RW. We will be trying to do it (as we have been trying in all our games). The only areas we find ourselves superior to this super Warrior outfit is in age and weight. As the sun scorches down on the ADC (NCL Stadium), we feel the extra liquids stored in our belly will help us put in a strong performance. 
RW's Preview By 135 
PACU is a formidable opponent and given our previous results against them a two legged Semi Final is the perfect setting to get the results right. Last two times when we have played against them we never really turned the heat on...but this time around things will be different we will play with abandon, our strategy will be laid up to suit our game instead of taking their defensive mindset in consideration. We will play our new 3-4-3 formation and park our bus next to theirs in their own half. They have quality players all over the field with the resoluteness and determination rarely seen. We will try our best and we are sure this will be a game which will got to the team that wants it more instead of needs it more. 
Audi's Preview as Loanee for PACU 
Would like to thank all the forces of nature that allowed me to play for PACU today. I asked a few spectators what they thought of the game. They all said it was brilliant. But I differ. The game was two teams playing to their strengths and nothing else. No one was taking risks. PACU have a distinct way. I agree. Goals win you matches, but clean sheets win you titles and PACU certainly know how to use that phrase. But it was difficult for me today to play for them. They like to defend deep, make a lot of clearances. Defending is their religion and Amma is their messiah. But I come from the AA faith. And I am devoted to our style of play. So it was not easy for me to fit in. But I tried my best. I did very little today. Other than a few crosses and a goal I did not make much of an impact. The fact that my goal won the game for PACU was purely due to their will to not concede. I think the goal happened only cause RW switched off for a fraction of a minute. Meeraj had enough time to control the ball, turn his body and look up. Not just that but we made eye contact which meant he knew exactly where I wanted the ball. He delivered a peach of a pass and I simply wacked it in the bottom corner. Credit to him but he was given too much time on the ball. RW are fantastic. Some of the play between Vikus, Jonty and AVI was magnificent. You cant press when they play like that. So I am looking forward to the AA vs RW game. Should be a mental party for everyone. Congratulations to PACU. They did what everyone else could only dream of. They defeated RW. And they did it their way. I am extremely happy for them. And credit to the ref. Its not easy to officiate such matches. I have been in such matches, and I would not like to be holding the whistle. But I think he did a great job today.  
Jonty Ran (For more info click here!! 
Ashubhs Review as AR 
Thank you for appointing me an AR for the ADC Cup SF 1 between PACU and RW. It was a hard fought game which PACU edged narrowly. As an AR I did not have to make any significant calls apart from a couple of corners or goal kicks. However I did see a lot of action inside the box. RW saw more of the ball as expected. But they were undone by a moment of quality when Neeraj floated a beautiful ball over the defence for Aditya and Aditya controlled it before hitting a perfect volley into the corner of the net. This gave PACU belief and they sat back in the second half to protect the lead. RW pushed up in the second half with their backline playing almost around the halfway line. But their build up wasn't as crisp as usual and they couldn't find an equaliser. Karan's bookings in the second half also hampered their chances. Credit to PACU's defending. They also rode their luck as two RW shots came back off the crossbar. Overall it was a game worthy to be a SF of the ADC Cup. Now PACU need to recover for the 2nd leg and the onus is on RW to claw back the deficit. 
PACU's Review By Amma 
"Passion and loads of good fortune was the corner stone of our upset win today. Shivam AVGKL had promised to kick the ball beyond the half line on every occasion (Coach had given us kicking training at practice this week) and he delivered on his promise. Audi was loaned to nick a goal and he scored a stunner. Thanks a lot guys. 
We played to a 4-5-1 formation. Shivam GK, Defence L/R Vicky, Subhav, Amarnath, Kapil. Mid Field L/R Jango, Neeraj, Satish, Audi and Yogi. Harry Striker. DJ started from the bench. As was mentioned in the preview the plan was to defend deep and hope for the best on the counter. We had injured (DJ), unwell (Subhav), incomplete bowel clearance(Satish) and tired (rest of us) players. But everybody gave more than 100%. Yogi had given us a glimpse of his ability to run with the ball in the BT game . He was asked to do it more often this game. He was on fire today especially in the 1st Half.  
RW showed today why they are this champion team. They refused to settle for a 0-1 away defeat. Even their 3 CD's were camped in our half as they valiantly chased the game. Hard luck guys but we had some form of magic spell cast on our goal. Looking forward to the return leg . 
Sherry's Review as LP 
Thanks to ADC to giving me the responsibitlity of LP for a match between 2 strong team who are fighting for ADC Cup. It was a difficult task but was made easy by initial talk by main refree(Mr. Khare) who supports all AR and LP for making decision and communicate to the players about the decision taken. Both the team played fair and strong and very less job was left to us. Main ref consulted me(LP) and Suman(AR) once, where a cross by Mantan to Pravin was intercepted and cleared by PACU Defender cleanly. Today, RW was not the team which always put pressure on opposition with their passing game as, they were not able to get the finishing touch in final quater of the ground or I can say PACU was defending well in first half. But once AUDI put PACU in lead PACU were too defensive and were always in pressure specially in 2 half of the game. Atlast, PACU were able to absorb the pressure and take a lead in double leg ADC CUP. 
Cards were awarded to RW and PACU players which I feel could have been avoided by focussing on game. 
VG's Review as the SR 
This was the first time I was appointed as a SR for a game in the TZLC. It was good experience and I had to always be alert to the calls by the referee and the action happening on the pitch. It was a close and exciting match and has set the tone for the remaining games in the cups. PACU played well with great determination and I could make out that all the players were giving their best shot. RW as usual tried to play their passing game and also managed to play well. Both teams came close to scoring on a few occasions with RW hitting the woodwork twice, I think. I had to note quite a number of incidences in the game, some good moves, close chances and some cards. It was a good experience as a SR and hope I did ok. All the best to both the teams for the 2nd leg. 
RW's Review By 135 
Our formation was 3-5-2 with Ketan in goals Jonty CD Lalit RCD Avi LCD Monga RM Vikki DCM Sarva CM Karan CM Mannu LM Taufa St Pravin St. We started the game off very slow with silly mistakes in the defence. The first 10 mins we were not at all settled and were hassled very well by PACU. We were off our normal game and tried to hurry the ball rather than pass it around and settle the game, I guess it was the big game pressure that showed. Once we settled down after 15 mins or so, the ball started moving to the wings and the game spread out. PACU today had come out all guns firing, with Audi in the front line hassling and making runs all over the park, did create a bit of hesitation among our defenders while clearing the ball out. A defensive mistake we made is tried to hold the ball and pass it out, when Audi, Yogi, Satsut and Jango were putting pressure. On the other end we had a few chances with Mannus shot which just went over the bar, a couple of good crosses from Monga and Karan should have taken more shots on goal as he has a few chances right on the D-top. PACU had a few as well, one from yogi where he ran the length of the ground and took a shot and another cross from Kaka which Satsut could have easily finished, but the goal came from a lovely ball from Narya perfectly to Audi who made no mistake and slotted it with his left foot. A fantastic goal I must say. The second half we started with much more pressure and possession in the PACU half. Today we lacked finishing, 2 shots off the cross bar, one from Pravin and the other Jonty placing a well taken free kick by Taufa. Mannu also had one shot which again went over the goal. We had the maximum possession in the second half but failed to score. PACU played all out with excellent defending and clearing the ball up front. Ketan today could have cost us a goal or 2 with his cheeky (a little to cheeky) clearances outside the D. Karan apologies to the team, ref and other players on the field for feeling the heat of this game. Mr. Cool today was having an extremely hot day. This was our first loss of the season and feels horrible. The guys are bummed out, but roaring to get back in the second leg. I guess its the kick we need to sort get the passion following. Its was a good hard day of football and well played PACU. RW just has just lost once in the whole season and now is the time we need our fans the most, if they have our backs we will be back with a bang.  
MR By Khare 
Petulance....the one word to describe the bloke I call 135...The meaning let's see....the quality of being childishly sulky or bad-tempered. 
He describes himself as Mr. Cool but I think he still has many matches and possibly years to go before he becomes Mr. Cool to me. Absmurfly speaking I sincerely don't like players like that. 
The Ref in his report stated that the Red card should've been a PERMANENT RED. First and foremost 135 decided upon himself to judge that the Handball merited a FK and that the ball needed to be changed. The YC was for handling the ball on purpose and the 2nd YC was for reacting. But the Ref has stated that instinct told him that what 135 did was insolent and immaturish behaviour not the sort of thing you'd expect a Manager to do. The ADC will study the video evidence and things don't look too good for the temperamental boss. The ball, the Ref noticed was losing air a full minute before the what happened. Both teams had a chance to kick the ball out, the Ref would've changed the ball at the next stoppage. Both the clubs were using the same ball so what gives Mr. Tejwani the right to take matters into his own hands? 
Possession will not always give you a win. Clubs should be aware of this. This is something I think Audi needs a look at. If you read his review, he seems terribly disappointed. But he shouldn't be, coz he's on ScareTactics!! If any of you have seen that show you know what I'm on about and if you haven't its about a person thats given the fright of his/her life and then told you shouldn't be scared you're on scare tactics! By now even those people that have seen the show are wondering where I'm leading you with this. Well, its that there are a number of tactics employed by sides that are looking for a victory. Usually these tactics need a backing of a high level of fitness coupled with communication. High on any list is the understanding of what a players duties are while defending and attacking. If a player is unaware what tactics the team are using, no doubt it'll be as if he's on scare tactics!!! 
This morning PACU had a set plan in place that was not very complete and RW had a set plan in place too that was also not complete. Although 135 shows his efficiency and dedication in to getting his point across and ensuring that every player knows what they are doing, the biggest mistake RW make is to CONTINUE playing a 3 at the back formation. Firstly I don't see Sleepy as a Rcd. 2ndly both Jonty and Avi are prone to errors and fnd themselves under the cosh EVERY time the opposition attack. I have always said that a good team, a team that sets itself up for the long run starts from being stable at the back. Especially with a GK that would rather be playing up front in his subconscious is playing in goals. So 4 players that in my right mind would not play together in a 3 at the back formation. With a little practice maybe but just off the cuff, NEVER. ATTACK is the best form of defence is a fairy tale told to KG students in their nap time. It's entertaining yes but feasible no. My only question is why have they switched from their HUGELY successful 4-4-2 formation to this? Yes I'd have played Jonty and Avi as two Cd's, no doubt, but part of a 3 man Cdefense without practice Never. I had predicted this result and had said many a time that only KITFO and BE have tortured RW. This time PACU rose up and applied themselves well by playing the way Kick and Rush way. 
But hold on here, as I said earlier, PACU were not 100% in their plan. They had their 1st part of the plan worked out, the KICK but WHERE in the world was the rush? They kicked but just gave the ball back to the opposition without a whimper. Where were the players that were looking for seconds? Where were the players that were aware of what was going to happen (For ie that Shiv was going to take a LOOONG GK)? Why do you think RW regained possession again so easily? 
For RW as I mentioned their 3 man defence is not complete, their attitude is also lacking. Credit to them that they finally managed to be ready 15 mins before KO but who gave the right to think that they re deserved winners all the time? That things just can't go their way? That decision always HAVE to go in their favour? The Ref was actually very lenient towards a couple of RW players especially Amonk when Satsut climbed and won a header of JJ. After JJ went flying all the RW players appealed...WHY? 
For me JJ is as selfish as ever, even Taufa has become selfless for the teams benefit. Keeping two DM in front of the back 3 is utter codswallop. What a waste. RW are also playing so high up that there were 21 players in the PACU half at times. Is anything constructive going to happen with 21 players there? ALL RW were doing was hit their heads on a brick wall. So they were playing 3-5-2. I don't believe that 135 is a good tackler, in actual fact he had fouled Satsut in the box before his own sending off and the Ref chose to play on. 135 has only now started taking shots but they are weak. He should stick to what he's good at, ensuring that the strategy is stuck to and the ball is circulated. The 3 Cm's end up having MORE work to do than normal. Sometime they are totally bypassed because the balls are played to the flank. But when the cross comes in whose there to receive? Toufa is more like another mf (Amf) Mantan also because his workrate is phenomenal and because he has to cut in all the time. In a conversation over the phone with 135 once I had told him that at this moment in time only BT and RW could be capeable fo playing 3 at the back but the strategy has to be well understood. 
Jonty's effort against the bar was unfortunate, it was a wonderful effort although in hindsight he should've hit the target. JJ's was a fluke as he wanted to cross. RW will feel that they got chances but couldn't score. I honestly feel that even if they'd have won, they would still have been criticized by me. All Ketan had to do was pass the ball to Jonty and the GK decided to piddle about with it when Louie took over and nearly scored.. As the Captain Jonty was correct to blow his GK up. Jonty is a FANTASTIC captain but I wouldn't put him in a 3 man defence unless I had the choice of his team mates. Ketan for me has been put on a pedestal and worshipped. ENOUGH! Any player in any position has to EARN RESPECT. RW have done wrong to offer their young upstart a direct pass to almightyness. Him barking orders to the likes of Jonty and Avi is also disconcerting. Yes, a GK should be loud but he should be respectful too. Communication shoould be achieved in a nice way. End of story. 
Another Captain I feel is on par with Jonty is Amma. He wasn't captain thought it was Satsut. Not that I don't think Satsut is a good captain, he is as he can lead through his performances, he rarely has a bad day. But he can't scream and shout sensibly, BUT Amma can. I would make Amma Kapitan and allow Satsut to look after what he does best, attacking. He was exceptional though when he had to fill in for Amma at the back. Very dependable but if you have Satsut he needs to be in Cm!! All the other PACU players are shining now. From Yogi and Louie through to Kapka and Meeraj. 
Audi Loanee is his depressing Review underplayed his role. I thought Audi did what he was supposed to do. He got the goal and ran about even if he knew he wasn't getting it. If you look at EVERY goal scored you'd ALWAYS be able to say If this had happened or THAT had happened then the goal could've been avoided. It rarely happends that a goal is SPECTACULAR from it's inception to it's end. So RW FAILING to put pressure on Meeraj is not Meeraj's fault. Meeraj did not pass it to his left or something or lose the ball. As Audi stated, Meeraj had time to blow a kiss at him and a quick wink and then release the pass. One MUST understand that dropping the ball on a penny from 30 yards out is NOT easy. That's what Meeraj did. What Audi did was ALSO SPECTACULAR. Controlling the ball and then finishing it with ease and power on a half volley is one of the most difficult things to do. Please Audi, STOP looking for a crack in the framework, a negative in the positive and a pimple on your face, sometimes it's OK and damn right GREAT that you scored a GREAT goal and the winner in a pulsating match that was easily worth it as being a Semi Final!!! 
Thu 21/04/16  
SF 1  
BI (0) 0 Vs AA (0) 4 
AA - Ajinx 2 43.37 50 Rock 53.35 Audi 57.48 
MO's : BE - Prashant, Suraj ; BT - Jehan, Bhanda ; PACU - Harry, Yogi ; RW - Karan , Sarva ; RH - Paul 
BI - 1. Anand (value 0.37 MTZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan Sarva(Ivan) (RW - value 0.37 MTZR) - DL 2. Amiraj (value 0.30 MTZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan Amu (RW - vlaue 0.50 MTZR) - AVPL (PLEASE NOTE THAT AVPL's NEED NOT REPLACE A PLAYER) EMERGENCY GK LOAN 0.300 Red RH 
BI Squad - 1. Atul 2. Karan 3. Ringa 4. Tanny 5. Sachin 6. Rango 7. Dhruv 8. Parmesh UNA9. Gautam 10. Jhakas 11. Amu (on loan subject to approval) 12. Ivan (on loan subject to approval) 13. Ajoo (on bench) 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Arun 4. Sam 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi 8. Pai 9. Sean 10. Ajinkya 11. Jango (subject to ADC approval) 
AA Loans - 1. Shivang (0.28) - unavailable - in place we would like to loan Jango (PACU - 0.25) 
BI's Preview By Atool Click here to SEE BI's MP!!! 
1st Leg of the ADC Cup Semi-final for BI, a very big game. BI has not had good games recently as we were again hit with player availability but thanks to the support of the ADC BI are again back on track. BI will be taking some strong loans to balance the team out. BI will play a 4:5:1 formation. BI will play the young legs in the squad on the flanks so that BI can use flanks also to attack apart from the strong mid-filed line up. BI will play the defending game and attacking on counter in this match BI will also be looking at playing long balls. BI apologies to its fans for the previous match performances and request its come in large numbers to support and cheer the team. 
AA's Preview By Rock 
This is the first leg of the ADC Cup semi-final. AA's best hope for silverware is in winning the ADC and League Cups, and we will give it our best. BI is always a tough team to beat. We will play our 4-5-1 formation, albeit with some changes in specific people's roles within that formation. Our last game was disappointing, but we hope to have learnt from our mistakes and do much better. We wish BI all the best, and look forward to the game in the ADC Stadium! 
Chinchin Ran 
A disappointing game for BI and me 
Position RCM 
Steps 9561 
Distance 7.35km 
Peak Heart Rate 156bpm 
Average Heart Rate 135bpm 
Calories 1681 
Ivan's Review as Loanee 
Thanks to the BI management for taking me on loan today in a crucial ADC cup semi final. Thanks to the ADC for approving the loan. We knew from the beginning that it will take a very solid performance from each one of us to get anything from this game. We missed KS today. Unfortunately he wasn't in a condition to play today. Which is why I had to change position from striker to midfield. Jhakaas moved up as a striker. The first half was a very solid display from the BI players. We had a few chances and some shots on goal. Unfortunately I couldn't convert the chances I got. Me rango jhakaas tan and ringa had some good passing going on in the first half. This was crucial. Amu had a big part to play in the defensive solidity BI showed in the first half. The defence coped well with the AA attacks. Although in hindsight AA would feel they should've converted those. The first half was 0-0 and we were pleased with our performance. The second half took us by storm. AA made some changes with Sam sir moving to mid and rock marshaling the defence. Audi came in a central role and pai moved back to his more favoured right wing. No wonder the first goal came from that side. Audi and pai had a good link up play and ajinx converted Audi's low cross. From then we were actually frozen like ice thanks to some great passing my Sean Sam sir and audi!! Our midfield was over run! This is where I felt KS would've helped to the cause. AA scored 3 more in a matter of 10 mins. Rock scored from way outside the D and the keeper misjudged it as you g out. All credit to rock for actually attempting and hitting the corner of the goal! We could not put the passed together in the second half as in the first. Message to BI would be to give it their all in the second leg and dont give up.. Nothing is impossible!! That's all..  
Red's Review as GKL for BI 
Thanks to the BI management and ADC for the opportunity today. 
Sincere apologies to everyone associated with BI for the bloopers! SORRY! 
It was a game of two different halves. First half BI played to the plan of defending as a unit and the midfielders were helping out. We defended deep and restricted AA to a few long range efforts. The half ended 0-0. 
The second half, BI started slowly and failed to keep the ball. AA mainly attacked from the right with Pai-Audi doubling up against Dhruv who lacked support from Tanny and Rango. AA's scored their first when Dhruv-Sean collided off the ball and Dhruv was checking Sean's well being and a few BI players switched off allowing Audi to put in a hard low cross which Ajinx finished. We needed to be alert to the situation. For their second, Ajinx chased a ball on the left, turned Atul to run into the box and take a hard low shot. I could have done better with this one but I just stretched out my right foot and the ball deflected into the bottom corner. I felt like digging a hole near the pole and burying myself in it when Rock whacked the ball from almost the halfway line, I moved to my left thinking I had it covered and terribly misjudged the ball to be going over but to my embarrassment it went in. I instantly apologised to my teammates. Audi scored the fourth when Dhruv missed his clearance allowing Audi time in the box to pick the top corner. Although it was a disappointing performance, I assure everyone that I did try my best to keep and did make a couple of decent saves! It wasn't a particularly good experience but I did learn a lot today! Sorry and thanks!  
Amu's Review as AVPLoanee for BI 
I would like to thank BI management for showing faith in me. It was a tough game to play against experienced side like AA. We held them goalless for first half but after Sam came up in midfield they were a completely different side to play against. We also had tired players who could not track experienced midfield players in AA team. In the end lack of experience in keeping the ball with us cost us the game. Good luck to both the teams for next leg. I would also like to mention Dhruv here who showed us all why this league is so successful in maintaining its discipline and sportsman spirit. Great sportsmanship Dhruv keep it up. 
AA's Review By Rock 
AA started the match with a new formation, with Maya in goal, Mihir and Neel on the left and right resp. in defence, Sam and Tiger in CD, Jango and Audi on the flanks, Sean and Pai in CM, Ajinkya and Arun as strikers. We started the first half well, and felt like we were on the right path. Audi missed an easy header off a beautiful Jango cross, which would have calmed our nerves. However, BI too put together some really good moves, with our mid-field and defence not really handling things well. My game was also scratchy, and I struggled to control the ball. The match became much more of an equal battle,and we went into half time 0-0. Not a score we had anticipated. 
We came out in the second half with many changes. Mihir in goal, Maya and Arun in defence, and Sam in midfield. Sean was tasked with keeping Sarva in check. This paid instant dividends with Sam controlling AA's game brilliantly. Ajinkya scored the first goal off a cross from the right, and followed it up with a second soon after, this time the move coming from the left. Audi made it 3-0 with a super finish, and I was able to bomb one in from distance. A left footer at that! BI really did not have a way back from the 4 quick goals, and we were happyto come away with a clean sheet. 
For BI, Amu was solid in defence, Sarva had a super game and was always a threat, and their left winger made some excellent runs. For AA, the standouts were Ajinkya, Audi, and Sam, with everyone else playing a good supporting role. Jango, thanks for the great game.  
We look forward to the return leg, and know that BI will come at us with all guns blazing. 
BI's Review By Ahjoo 
Deepest Condolence from BI to Amol Monga & his family for the loss of his mother suddenly last night. 
BI again had to make last minute adjustments with the team as Parmesh ruled out due to an old injury so we had to replace him with Sagar as goalkeeper after scouting for many players from the list. Karan Shetty aslo had to drop last second due to an attach of food poisoning. Anyways BI had eleven to start off with we followed the same formation we have being following though the season 4:5:1 - we had Sagar(GK), Gautam(RB), Atul(CB), Amu(CB), Dhruv(LB); Tanny(LW), Rango(CMF), Ivan(CMF), Sachin(CMF), Ringa(RW); Pratick(ST). The plan was to play long-balls down the flanks and try and build up an attacking move from the flanks with the two youngster but that did not really work out. The first half BI was able to soak the pressure from AA and at the same time creat some wonderful chances and almost take the lead. First half the team played to positions, composed and patiently and that is why BI was able to hold AA and keep the score leveled at 0-0. Second half the BI team kind off switched off, players were playing out of position and making many errors to which AA was fast to react and in a span of 15 minutes scored 4 goals this totally crumbled BI and then there was no coming back.  
BI has and always will have the NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE. BI re-think strategy, formation and game plan and try and get back in the second leg of the ADC CUP - Semi-final. 
BI apologies to its fans and thanks them for their support. 
MR By Khare 
Its disappointing to see my KFANDRA graduate Ringa struggle to even control a ball. Lack of practice is usually the reason but for a player with a natural talent, lack of practice is never a reason. Controling a ball does not need practice once you have muscle memory. Its like swimming or cycling. I presume he has some other issues that are troubling him. Jhakaas I thought was superb in the 1st H but below average in the 2nd and Tan needs more match practice. He had a few good little runs but must understand that dribbles like a shibhobo are tried when you are accomplished not when you are still getting a match temperament. Once these 3 players start playing to their calibre I can assure BI that they won't have much to worry about in the future. 
BI could only cope with AA in the 1st H because AA were rubbish. Yes, I must be blunt. Rock had indeed called me up some time ago to have a chat on formations etc and I think I did remember telling him that he was correct in thinking that if they had a stable Cdefence one of the two Ryan and Rock could push into Cm. I remember suggesting to Rock that I would play Ryan in Cm and Rock in Cd. Plus like I said about BT's Ashubh and Mkul (Not to play them together) the same I would do for Rock and Stoney...(They call him neel for some reason!!) 
When AA came out in the 2nd with Meer replacing Mayur and Rock and Ryan interchanging, I would've done the exact same thing! 
About Sparky on Ivan na... It's Cm's duty to cover so giving players specific targets is up to the two players and their zonal positioning. But whatever the two managers did do it worked. Stoney was lucky Tan was not Tan the Man but Tan the itsy bitsy boy as Tan even though was off form was quite a handful. I was glad Ajinx found his spot up front again. Along with Marcelo who was lost as the playmaker (NOT MY DECISION!! Marcelo needs practice in that position) and was luckily shifted out wide where he was once again comfortable. But which meant Jango got less of the ball. All in all I though AA should've got more but could've lost the plot much earlier in the morning when BI created an umpteen number of chances and wasted them. 
For BI they had many players out of position. Ivan's Review said that KS was a late absentee. Yes no doubt his absence was felt. This is how I saw it, when a team defends deep they need to ensure that the opposition doesn't get too much space. This did not happen. Ryan was at times strolling about looking around asking directions and then releasing a pass. You just cannot afford Ryan so much space. And when he didn't have space he glided past players as if they weren't there. It's so easy to dribble players that just go diving in. Very amateurish on BI's part. Then if BI had Mf that was lost pr stuck up front why not KICK the bloody ball over the heads of a very high defensive line? So in the end the BI attack didn't no what was happening, a long ball or a short one. That too the players couldn't control the ball let alone give a simple pass. Loaning AVPL Amu and thinking he'll solve the problem is dodgy. Any Defensive line needs support and a plan. You are playing with players of low technical ability against players of a HIGH technical ability. YOU DON'T PLAY a PASSING GAME. YOU GET RID of the ball FAR AWAY and tell a few players to chase it. Another mistake of BI's is that the BI defensive line NEVER reached the half way line. I think they have misunderstood the advice I have given in the sessions and these reports. A defensive line NEEDS to support the attack by pressing up too. To COVER the empty spaces. If the ball is lost, try and win it back for a couple of seconds THEN if you can't DROP back to around 10 yards from the 18 yard box. BI were ALWAYS around the 18 yard box. I do believe Ringa, Groov, Chinchin, Rango and Gautam have a good touch when they are in practice but to put them head to head with the likes of Sparky and Ryan to name only two of AA's players is enough. 4 goals seems a task too high but one never knows.  
BTW Red your keeping was atrocious although it was more like defending coz you stuck your leg out to save a few!! Let's just underline the fact NOW that unless ANY OF THE KITFO contingent get some goalkeeping practice under me, NOBODY should DREAM of loaning a KITFO GK!!! Maybe Jon is an exception and in an extreme case, Meer!!! 
As there are some days for the next match I may take s couple of days to update the ratings, BTB etc.... 
Sat 23/04/16  
SF 2  
MO s - BI Atul Tan AA- RH- Kramer Mangesh BT- Niraj Shaurav BE: Keano, Manoj 
RW - Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi PravinMonga Mannu Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit 
PACU - Karan Shetty (BI 0.38M TZR) for Subhav (0.44M TZR) Ameya D (RH 0.50M TZR) AVPL Prashant G ( RH 0.37 M TZR) AVGKL. 
RW's Preview By 135 
The return home fixture will without a doubt would be the decider of the semis. PACU is a unique team with not only good bus parking skills but also a sharp counter attacking movement down the middle.After we will stick to our 3-4-3 formation and exploit the wings and have a composed defence and once again try possessional play. We might have full Squad available and are super excited for this fixture. Patience will be key in this fixture. 
PACU's Review By Amma 
Much of this game will depend on the outcome of the 1st leg played on Tuesday. We have however loaned versatile players like Amu and Karan S. They will afford us the flexibility in strategy. We have a full squad other than Subhav for this game. Being underdogs is not new to us and in fact suits us.