Mon 11/04/16 
AA (0) 2 Vs BT (2) 2 
AA - Audi Pen 57.44 Satsut 71.49 
BT - Sidwho? 30.50 Shaurav 41.57 
MO's : BE - Manoj , Sameer ; BI - Atul , Karan ; PACU - Harry, Yogi ; RW - Karan , Sarva ; RH - Shivam , Belzi 
AA Loans - 1. Audi (0.36) - injured - in place we would like to loan Satish (PACU - 0.40) - AVL PROVISIONAL LOAN AA 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Sam 4. Arun 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi/Satish 8. Pai 9. Sean 10. Ajinkya 11. Adu 
BT - Loans: Amti (BE, 0.30 mill TZR) as AVPL Subarru (PACU) as Emergency AVPL 
BT Squad - Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Prashant Bhandari (Bhanda) Ankush Moghe (Anks) Sameer Patil (Pam) Jehan Kothari (VG) Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) 
AA's Preview By Ryan Click Here to See Funny and Entertaining MP by Ryan!!! 
BT is one of the top teams in TZLC. Our last encounter was a closely contested match where AA was just able to edge out BT with a goal and this match also has the potential to be a thriller. They have gelled well and keep things simple, one of the basic things which not many teams follow and that is why they are so difficult to play against. Their strength lies in their midfield and we need to have a plan around it so that they do not put to much pressure on us. We may not have Audi who got injured in our last match but have taken an able replacement in Satsut which would be a last minute decision (pending approval). BT would be fighting for being the league champion (2nd Div) and we would be fighting to avoid relegation. Contrasting reasons to win but the desire in both teams would be equally strong. 
BT's Review By Pam Click Here to see MP!!!! (Quiz answers to be sent to PAM NOT to the ADC) 
BT are getting into this game after having drawn against PACU. Not a very welcome result for the BT fans who would have expected their team to win the game after enjoying acres of possession. This time around we are well prepared and pretty much know what we have to expect against AA. BT would be opting for a loan in this game to add more firepower to the squad, Amti is the player we are loaning. Our midfield has been pivotal part of our recent games and Amti would help complement to the attacking dimension of our game. Rafa will be missing out this time around. all remaining games for BT are very crucial and it would be our objective to take away maximum points from the remaining games. I thank the opposition manager Ryanfor hosting us and our fans on match day, looking forward to a great game come Monday! 
Bhanda Ran 
5.56 Km's 
The Ref has been running over the past weeks excluding the pre-match warm up 
At HT around 3.5 Km's and at Full time 6.5 Km's 
BT's Review By Pam 
BT formation 4-5-1: Andysu (GK) : Sagger (LB) - Ankush (LCD) - Bhanda (RCD) - Pam (RB) : Sidwho? (LM) - Amti (LCM) - Shubhankar (CM) - Jehan (RCM) - Niraj (RM) : Shaurav (ST) 
As has been the case over the last few seasons, our game against AA was an interesting and well fought game. It was a tale of two very different halfs today. Things did not start on the right note for BT early on as our loaned player did not turn up due to misscommunication, and we had to ask Ankush at 0530 to report to the ground. Ankush was earlier sidelined after the injury he picked up in the PACU game and I thank Ankush for the commitment he showed today to turn up for the game at the last minute notice given to him. We started with Mkul on the bench as he has an issue with his hamstring, Amti was playing in midfield in stead. We were aware that this was a must win game for AA so we were expecting a lot of pressure early on, and i believe we did well to soak it all up in the first half. We were falling short of few players in the first half due to yellow cards being picked up for not giving the ball into the players hands, reaction etc. These are very basic things and avoidable incidents which should not have occurred, the BT players need to listen more carefully to their captain as it was made clear at the starting huddle that the ref would adopt a zero tolerance policy. Anyway, I think that the team did well to keep AA away in the first half. Ryan opted for the extra five as they were hopeful of scoring a late first half goal, but this is when the tide turned against them as in this span of 5 minutes BT scored two quick goals. The first one was just after the extra five were taken, when Sidwho? whacked in an indirect FK which deflected off a defender and crossed the goal line. The ball was cleared off the line by Sean but pretty sure that it had crossed the line before it was cleared. BT capitalised on this opportunity and Snowtop created a very good chance when he collected the ball from Shaurav and did a one-two with him to lay him up after which Shaurav did no mistake and whacked the shot into the AA goal. 0-2 just before half time was unexpected given that we were not much into the game until that point but we were happy to think that we were slowly getting ourselves back into the game.  
The second half was a completely different story. A flurry of cards meant that at least one BT player was binned through the half. AA got a goal back via a penalty scored by Audi. The second goal was scored by Satish who crossed the ball into the danger area and the ball crept into the goal at the far post. Really unlucky to concede a goal in that way in my opinion. After that second goal we became more defensive, obviously AA were looking for the third one but we did well to deny them all three points from this game. Andysu kept well through the game and deserved a cleansheet, he is unlucky not to get one after his performance today, he made some really good saves to keep us in the game today. The result is a disappointing one, this was a game that BT should have won but we were not composed enough till the end. The BT fans spotted Sparkey coming back to the ground looking for his wallet but they would sure be thinking that it was BT who were robbed of the win today. 
Atool's Review as LP (Clearly he was watching the game as he has no inputs as a LP!!!) 
The match as such was interesting with BT and AA both having good game in patches. 
AA did have possession for the first 15 minutes and should have scored with opportunities they got. BT did well to get ahead by 2 goals in the extra 5 mins of the first half. The second goal by BT was a good counter attack with AA defence all up and Shaurav finished superbly off Niraj's assist. The second half AA attacked and pressed BT deep in their half. There were periods when AA were a little disheartened, but a penalty goal picked up the spirits and then they just pressed for the equalizer and succeeded in getting it. Well done AA getting back into the game with 2 goals in the 2nd half was a bit difficult. 
Red's Review as LP 
Thank you sir for the opportunity this morning. 
All the action and controversies took place in the half manned by JJ and me. 
The decisions -  
BT's first - SidWho whacked the ball towards goal from an IDFK, it took a deflection and Sparky who was on the line cleared it only after the entire ball had crossed the line. I should have pointed towards the center and started sprinting but I was alos wondering "Why is JJ's flag down?" The Ref consulted with JJ and eventually awarded the goal. I could see Rock having a chat with JJ after the incident. This was in the extra 5 taken by Ryan. 
BT's second - Shaurav was in acres of space and received a pass from SidWho when the entire AA defensive line had moved up eager to get a goal back, Shaurav controlled and turned with Sparky tracking him closely. He overpowered Sparky (I dont know many who can do that) and burst into the box and finished well. 
AA's first - I did not spot a handball by Anks may be because it was on the far side and a few players blocked my view. I communicated to the Ref that the only handball I spotted was of Bhanda but his hands were tucked in. After which the Ref YCed Bhanda for not being honest and awarded a penalty to AA. While Audi was about to take it, Ajinx sprinted into the box before Audi made contact and flagged for a re-kick. Audi scored the re-kick as well. Bhanda's YC was rescinded. 
IDFK/Penalty? - in the final few moments, Satsut played the pass to Ajinx in the Dee and Anks came in swiftly to cover. I thought Anks made contact with Ajinx without getting the ball and communicated the same while JJ insisted there was no contact. The Ref decided to award an IDFK after inputs from both of us. 
As far as the match goes, AA were on the front foot for most parts of the game and were pushing very high up the field. They lacked the final pass and finish but did not allow BT to build many attacks. It was going to end 0-0 in the first half but Ryan took the extra 5 and BT put in 2 goals. There were a lot of cards given out and Amma was kept very busy. 
The second half saw a lot of pressure from AA and many more cards. BT were not helping their cause with needless cards - Jack for obstructing Tiger when Anks looked to have had it covered and Snowtop not giving the ball in the hands TWICE! Snowtop also earned a YC for Mkul when he himself decided that it was time to come off the subs bench and waved to me to come on. The next dead ball situation, I heard Pam and others discussing who is going off. After a while they decided they were good without Snowtop and asked him to go back to the bench. The Ref was clearly unhappy and allowed Pam to pick a player for a YC. Pam picked Mkul who was already out in the sin bin. 
AVPL is becoming a norm these days! AVPL Satsut scored a lucky one with a looping shot on target. 
Towards the latter stages of the game, AA showed more desire to get the win and BT were content to defend and stop AA. AA failed to take advantage of any IDFK and it ended 2-2. 
The Ref always has a tough job at hand and today it may have been a little tougher than other games with two equally able and passionate teams going up against each other. The zero tolerance policy helped keep things in check and gave the players time to cool off. Commendable job by the ref but both teams will be unhappy with the final result. 
AA's Review By Ryan  
We put a lot of pressure on BT in the first 15-20 mins and had quite a few chances as well but unfortunately could not convert any. This and the last 5 mins which we took in the first half hit us really bad when BT scored 2 good goals- one from a free kick which took a deflection and the other was a good shot taken by Sourav during a quick counter attack. AA were guilty of losing the ball too often, not because BT players were pressing but the passes or touches itself were very heavy. Believe that’s where we lost a little focus and gave them the initiative to come back in the game. We had started with 4-5-1 formation, with Maya in goals, Sean DM, Audi – RCM , Ajinkya –LCM , Pai – LW , Adu – RW , Satish- Forward , Ryan – LCD , Arun – RCD , Mihir – LWB & Tiger –RB and being 2 goals down we swapped Arun and Sean in the second half. In the quest of getting the first goal quickly, we had all of our midfielders playing as forwards and there were big gaps in the middle which BT was able to exploit. The pressing on BT did help though and we got a penalty for a handball in the box which Audi scored. The second was a well taken cross by Satsut that ended up in the goal. Coach after the game rightly pointed out on tinkering with Ajinkyas position as he was getting comfortable playing upfront. Actually coming to think of it now, we should have put Satsut in the midfield and let him done all the running. 
Satsut's Review as Loanee for AA 
Firstly, a big thank you to the AA management for taking me on loan and a bigger thank you to the ADC to allowing the loan. I was so looking forward to this game since I was going to be part of AA, a team that has immense talent and experience and ofcourse fitness! I was asked to play striker. AA started very well and the first 10-15 minutes were very encouraging. After that, we lost a little bit of the momentum and found ourselves 2 goals down against the run of play. To be fair to BT, the momentum had started to slip away from AA and their midfield was starting to pressurize AA. The 2nd half was better for AA, because we did manage to make a come back. Audi scored a good penalty and I managed to score the equalizer of an intended cross. I personally thought our midfield did not play upto expectations today. There was a huge gap between the attack and defense. We kept losing shape whereas BT always kept theirs. A big up to BT for maintaining there formation and shape throughout the game. Shaurav scored a beauty. I did get a few chances that should have been put away, apologies to AA for that. Good luck to both teams going forward. 
JJ's Review as AR 
Thank you ADC for appointing me the AR. As it stands, it’s always a tough job. I was involved in some decisions which affected the score line for both teams. 
The first was BT’s goal where a shot on target, went past Mayuresh. Sean although managed to protect it, but the ball had already cleared the line. To me it was clearly visible which I did confirm with Sagar – LP who supported. 
Both teams created good chances and played to their plans. The second important call was of handball from Ankush and then later Bhanda. When coach asked me n Sagar, we stated we could see a flick on his hand while clearly ball of SatSut. 
Ankush later complained that he hadn’t touched the ball, but to me it a little flick which Sagar also saw – resulted in a penalty for BT. The final score was draw for both side. BT must be upset with a draw as they were really up in the game. AA will not be satisfied with a draw but should be happy they managed a draw. 
Good luck to both teams. 
MR By Khare 
Even after my melodramatic MR in the previous match this match was no different. Is it just that they players have such a big ego and are so concerned with themselves that they can't give the ball to hands for a Throw In? The next time I have to pay someone for something I bought at a shop I'll just place it on the ground or if someone asks me for something I'll do the same. A player can easily flick the ball up with his feet but this is all psychological as the player is already focusing on taking the throw so he bends down to pick it up and especially being an Indian or those hat have stayed in India will know that bending down is a sign of obeisance. Why in heavens name does a player have to show obeisance in this situation? Or it's a way for the giver of the ball to act high and mighty. The ADC has asked the Ref to change this rule to a RED CARD as the players can't quite understand the YC punishment. 
Satsut once agin got a YC for telling the Ref whats happening. Did the Ref ask Hey Satsut, Some call you Satan, some pray, to you but all I'm asking is if you could tell me whether Adu had taken the Throw in or given the ball to Tiger? May it please his lordship if I grovel at thy feet? Did the Ref even look at Satsut? He was conversing with Adu and all he was going to do was give a Handball as Adu had indeed THROWN it as a Throw in. It was Tigers fault for picking up the ball with his hands. Adu was goung to get a telling off as well as Tiger. But Satsut had to give an explanation. Why? 
Unfortununately Pam along with some of his team mates have raised a question towards AA's 2nd goal. Total nonsense as will be shown in the video. (Yogi has done an atrocious job as CM as for some reason after about the 30th min or the 2nd H he is at Zoom OUT. Total tripe Yogi. Even at Zoom out Yogi has sometimes missed the action. Fines WILL BE LEVIED). What happened was that Mkul loudly started talking to Shaurav about being subbed or something. Mkul was carded and was walking off I guess or was by the bench. Pam responded and this was all taking place as AA took the throw. (Rock to Meer). The Ref whistled and asked wazzup? and Pam said sub ref. At which point NOONE was ready. A Card thus had to be given for disturbing the momentum of the game and for wasting time. Pam was given the choice who to give the card to and as Mkul was already punished and further punishment was warranted. The question was that the Ref whistled WITHOUT waiting for Pam to get back into position. Before I continue let me first Credit Mkul with chastizing Pam for bring this up who quite obviously may be suffering for post traumatic match syndrome! But his email was ADDRESSED to the ADC and although apologies have been conveyed the ADC is always open with grievances so an explanation will be awarded. But I implore all the Managers and players to APPROACH your OFFICIAL CLUB MEMBER in a higher post than you ie the Manager or Chairman BEFORE writing in to the ADC. This is the reason WHY different posts are given so that these matters will NOT reach the highest authority. Anyway, the BALL was in AA's possession DEEP in the BT half. It was BT error that led to a stoppage. AA were NOT at fault. Unfortunately for BT it was Pam who was captain and came to have a chat with the Ref. Over 20 yards? Once the Ref was meting out the punishment Pam had enough time to sprint back to his previous position. He merely back pedaled. Even then the Ref was NOT duty bound to allow Pam extra time to get back into position as he has stated in his email. There were neither any shouts for Pam to get back fast. As soon as the Ref blew the whistle AA started and Satsut scored a fluke. I am glad that the COMPLAINT was revoked as the ADC would have come down hard on BT. As has been mentioned before once the match is over the result CANNOT be changed. Even the huge BI Vs RH cup tie was a REPLAY and did NOT go into Penalties. This only happened because of a certain statement made by the Ref Amonk at that time that led to such a situation. 
Another incident occured when Anks approached the Ref IMMEDIATELY after the match before the Tunnel was formed with a grievance. Every member KNOWS that this is ILLEGAL. Just as the players need a little time to cool off, the Ref ALSO needs time to cool off. You are allowed to have a chat with the Ref though email, phone or in person WHEN sufficient time has passed. Anks REPEATED that he had NOT touched Ajinx when he made the challenge. In fact Ajinx also kept telling EVERYONE except the Refs that he SLIPPED! This is the RULE in the TZLC - When a player goes in to tackle an opponent, the player should ensure that he makes a FAIR challenge, this is by winning the ball or by challenging the opponent in a FAIR way (mostly shoulder to shoulder). If the player making the tackle does NOT gain possession of the ball, clear the ball away or BACK OFF then ANYTHING else the tackler does CAN be termed as an infringement. If the Player in possession of the ball has to AVOID the defender while still trying to stay in control of the ball and the defender has NOT gained possesion of the ball then this will termed as a FOUL. Yes, EVEN IF NO CONTACT IS MADE. In this mornings case the Ref saw the challenge by Anks go in, there was no contact with the ball, Ajinx AVOIDED Anks's challenge and WHILE avoiding the challenge slipped and fell. THIS IS A PENALTY. Due to Ank's ASTOUNDED look the Ref (he shouldn't have but this proves that even the Ref is human) asked the AR and LP if they saw anything different. Now in any situation, sometimes the players don't even REALIZE they handled the ball or fouled a player, due to adrenaline. According to both the LP and the Ref it was a PENALTY. Therefore a 2 Vs 1 situation was created and it should have been a PENALTY. BUT JJ's call was taken as most important as JJ was closest. BT are lucky here. This call by the Ref was only given as an IFK due to the look by Anks. Any incident to INFLUENCE the Referee will be dealt with STRICTLY in future, EVEN IF the player is in the right. 
The match itself was littered with cards and was mediocre if compared to the TZLC's new standards. 
To analyze the players and tactics I will be brief. It was probably due to the Media that VG was stripped of his arm band and it was handed to Pam. I thought VG was more vocal without the band. A captain is necessary amongst adults so that the players will have a constant reminder of the strategy and to pull the few vagabonds in line. At BT they need a person just to ensure that they don't get silly cards. AA are the same as are nearly all the clubs. They all need to GROW UP. 
For me AndySu has slipped from my GK rankings. He has ZERO movement, he looks stiff and seems to rely ONLY on his awareness and experience, otherwise he looks ordinary. AndySu needs to wake up and exercize a bit, become agile again. As the Season comes to an end he will be brought in the limelight more often than not and I would be wary of AndySu keeping behind me as we depend on him so much. 
Shaurav proved why I think so highly of him although his shot didn't look spectacular because of Mayur's terrible attempt at keeping. 
Whatever Red has said about Bhanda's hands being close to his body or Bhanda saying that he used his hand to cover his face is all codwallop. Players must speak to the Ref ONLY when spoken to. END OF STORY! Bhanda's YC SHOULD have stayed but once agin the Ref took pity. Anks had handled the ball in the box and even if that was a mistake by the Ref (It wasn't) then Bhanda's HB was a PENALTY. 
Snowtop was BRILLIANT when the match started, apologizing and getting on with the game, he was working hard. But he loses the plot sometimes and TOTALLY loses it when he's subbed. BT must ask for compensation from PACU for the Subaru incident and they MUST think twice about screwing around with their players psychologically. How can you loan a player to keep your own players out? Amti played very well though and excepting a few errors was top notch. Was Anks injured or not? I'm VERY DISAPPOINTED in all this. 
AA made a mistake of puklling back Ajinx. They should have played Satsut in CD or Cm. Ajinx for me is ONE of the BEST STRIKERS in the TZLC. I mean it. Then you go and put him in CM. If you noticed all his chances came from a ST position as he didn't fall back!!! By putting Satsut AVPL in CD this would've freed Ryan or Rock (At least later on in the match). With Satsut in MF Ajinx would have gone up. I felt Audi was the most disapointed in AA. I agree with him. AA bypass some players and that includes Audi. Many players in AA are just WASTED. 
Another player thats crazy and needs a leash is Tiger. Nuff said. VG played well as he always does. Ashubh always askes for the ball to feet when sometimes he should ask for a THROUGH BALL. Neither of the clubs should be proud. I'm not. 
I do have more to say but I've got to go coach at KFANDRA now. 
Competition for the Draws will be out tomorrow (ADC CUP DRAWS). The LC Draws have been announced. 
Tue 12/04/16Extra 5 taken in the 1st NOT in the 2nd 
RW (1) 4 Vs BI (0) 0 
RW - Sleepy 42.02 Ivan 2 56.55 65.20 Toufa 79.10 
MO's AA- PACU-Amma, Vicky RH- BT- Pam Shubhankar BE: Jaidev, Jaydeep 
RW Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Nishant Pravin(tentative) Monga Mannu Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit 
BI - 1. Anand - (value 0.38 MTZR - out travelling) - in place we would like to loan Tushar Pai (value 0.34 MTZR - RH) - DL 2. Daniel (value 0.48 MTZR - out travelling) - in place we would like to loan Ashubh (value 0.37 MTZR - AA) - DL 
BI Squad - 1. Atul 2. Karan 3. Rango 4. Ringa 5. Gaurav 6. Sachin 7. Tanny 8. Zhakaas 9. Parmesh (subject to approval by ADC) 10. Dhruv 11. Ashubh (on loan subject to approval) 12. Tushar Pai (on loan subject to approval) 13. Gautam (subject to approval by ADC) 14. Ajoo (on bench) 
RW's Preview By 135 
In our last encounter a week back BI even though played defensive were able to create a numerous chances on the counters throughout the match and came really close to turning the game on its head, we are sure BI will take into account all these positives from the last game and come back stronger. RW will have to be on their toes to get a result against the incredible Will power the Icemen are known for. They sure will miss their Catalysts ( Anand & Daniel) and will take formidable loans. BI is bound to provide a very very tough test for us and we will have to play a really good game to get a win in this fixture. We will stick to the basics 4-4-2 and continue with wing play and dealing with their counters will be key. 
BI's Preview By Atool Click Here to Read MP by Chinchin!!! 
Reverse fixture of the match last week that we lost due to some lapses of concentration in the defense. BI will be missing quite a few of their team members, including its two star players but BI will take players on loan who will perfectly fill the gap. Also BI has new youth signings that will make debut in the match. BI will stick to its formation of 4:5:1. BI for this match will defend in this own half and attack on the counter and also some player position changes may happen compared to the last few games the team has been playing. BI will look to score an early goal and put RW under pressure. The team request the BI fans to continue to support the team like always and be ready for an exciting match. 
Jonty Ran (Click here to see more info!!!) 
Chinchin Ran 
Steps - 8136 
Distance - 7.02km 
Position - Right Back 
Peak Heart Rate - 165bpm 
Average Heart Rate - 128bpm 
Calories - 1886 
Amonk Ran 
Ran 5k in 70 mins 
Ashub's Review as Loanee for BI 
I would like to thank the BI management for giving me a chance to play on loan for them and the ADC for allowing this emergency loan. I played as a CM with Parmesh and Ringa. I think we did quite well in the first half. Our defence dealt with RW's attack well and we pushed them back with some moves of our own. Just before half time I tried to block Lalit's shot but it got deflected into the top corner. It was harsh on the team and I was really disappointed. In the second half we had to look for an equalizer and RW started getting opportunities to counter attack. During one such move, Sarva scored the second with an excellent shot from outside the penalty area. Thereafter fatigue kicked in and RW scored a couple more. I would like to apologise to the team and the fans as I could not help them get a positive result. As the coach says, if it's not working for you, you should work hard. So I tried to keep hassling the RW guys. It was my third match in four days and I think it showed in the second half. BI have a good bunch of players and I'm sure they will get back to winning ways once their unavailable players are back. Congrats to RW on a dominant performance and on maintaining their unbeaten run 
Jai's Review as LP 
I would like to thank the ADC for appointing me as LP for this important match. I saw relatively less action in the first half, as RW seemed to controlling the ball well in the mid-field but missed the final touch on a few occasions, with Taufa & El Loco guitly of missing chances. Gaurav had a great run for BI, retrieving the ball from some sloppy passing in the defence and getting a nice cross for Ashubh. However, Ashubh was marginally offside at that time, in my opinion. Finally RW were able to get a goal after a nice shot on goal from Lalit, with a deflection off BI, that the GK was unable to keep out. 
The 2nd half saw a better passing game from RW, with them controlling possession for longer duration. Their midfield trio of Karan, Vikas and Sarva were great in distributing the ball around and keeping BI on their toes. This sustained pressure resulted in better goal-making opportunities, which RW were able to take. For the 2nd goal, I felt the RW player (JJ/Sarva?) was offside on the initial pass, but the Ref rightly overturned my decision as it was a defensive pass from Ringa. Sarva and Taufa completed the goals for RW with cool finishes in the D. I felt, the scoreline was a bit harsh on BI, considering great plays by Karan S, Atul and others. Also, Ketan managed to continue with his clean sheet with a few good saves. 
Congrats to RW for another good display and all the best to BI. Thanks for the opportunity to assist with this game. 
RW's Review By 135 
It was great to have an early kick off, where we started with 10 men as our Capt. Jatin got carded for the 1st time ever in TZLC for the team RW not being ready for Kick off at 6: 30 AM, our formation was 3-4-3 with Ketan in goals Jonty CD Lalit RCD Avi LCD Monga RM Vikki CM Sarva CM Mannu LM Taufa St Pravin St Nishant St. BI had taken some strong loans and a few new players and they played really well as the link up between Shubhankar Parmesh Gaurav and Tan was very troublesome for our back three. A couple of our players were nursing injuries and were on and off the bench intermittently. The counters which came down the wings created quiet a few chances and we were lucky not to concede.Tan is a super addition on the left for BI, he played with great composure and decision making like the rest of the youth in TZ, his crosses were a constant worry only if one of his teamate had gottten to the end of one, it would have bbeen a different story. We tried to keep possession in key areas and just let the ball do all the work but we need to work on it and get it right. Our game was riddled with too many cards and LCs which could have been avoided.the First half was a stalemate with both sides creating chances and Jontys call of taking the extra 5mins worked in our favour as FK taken by him found Lalit who whacked it on target and the Deflection took it past the keeper. Monga and Manan worked their wings and put in a few crosses which should have been dealt with better by our strikers. Shubhankar pulling the strings in the mid for BI let the Strikers loose with some perfectly weighed through balls which was a pleasure to watch, compared to the last game BI missed the dynamics which Sean got into the game for themand If Danny and Andy were present today it would have been a toatlly different scoreline. Into the second half Nishant Taufa and Mannu created chances for themselves but were unable to score. Sarva scored one from outside the box with a low powerful drive into the side netting. the third was converted by Pravin who made up for missing a sitter against Pai and nthe 4th came courtesy of Taufa Sir which again was set by El loco or Mannu. sarva was in scintillating form today. KS moved up late in the Second half and displayed what a threat he is with the ball at his feet coupled with seamless passing and directional changes. Gautam had a great chance in the dying minutes of the game but Mannu tracked back and intercepted it well. Ketan conceded a late YC which didnt give him an opportunity to keep against the LC penalty awarded to BI. KS stepped up for it but should have done better as one of the most disastrous keeper in RW 135 kept the ball out of the Goals.  
This was Nishant "El Loco" Fernandes's last game for RW and its been a pleasure to have him on board, he brought the cohesiveness we missed in the team and changed a few things for better, his composure with ball at his feet is unmatched in TZ and had he only been 10-15 kgs lighter he would change the dynamics of our team and he is rightly called RWs 'Ibra'. A couple of glimpses of his talent shone through when he controlled cross from the CM and almost scored off it...he is a team player through and through and we wish him good luck. 
BI's Review By Chinchin 
It was again a tale of two halves. BI started with its regular 4-5-1 formation – Anna (GK), Sachin (RB), Atool (RCD), Karan S (LCD), Dhruv (LB), Rango (RW), Ringa (RCM), Shubhankar (CM), Parmesh (LCM), Tanmay (RW), Gaurav (ST). Subs – Gautam and Jhakaas. With the early kick off timing (thanks to the ADC) we were hopeful the sun wouldn’t drain us out towards the second half. 
To quote Mr. Khare’s advice in his last MR “BI CANNOT play the defend and counter game if No. 1 they can't finish and No. 2 they don't have players that are technically strong and FIT”. We still resorted to the defend and counter strategy with a sheer hope for a miracle. We need to think on this feedback and check if we can tweak our plan for the next matches. RW were playing an attacking game with their 3-4-3 formation and spreading out the ball onto the wings at every opportunity. They had good possession and ball control, which is their forte, and their forwards pressed hard but we played well to cut off the passes and shots on goal. On the counter attack our midfield created few chances with some good runs from Gaurav but it unfortunately failed to trouble the RW keeper. The Ref was strict with the zero tolerance policy and precise in his judgments of late challenges and the YCs. When the match entered extra time in the first half we knew this would be the peak of RW attack, they usually score in the extra time. I think this time it was off an IDFK and a defense move by us in the 18y box followed by an unfinished tackle that gave enough room to Sleepy for a direct shot on goal. Shubhankar tried to block this but the ball deflected off him and was beyond Anna’s reach in the far right corner. Once we conceded this goal there was a setback to our game. 
We entered the second half hoping to get back into the game and substituted new player Gautam for Rango on RW and Zhakaas for Tanny (I think) on the LW. As the match started we failed to up our game and were losing the ball more frequently. We could not hold possession for long and the passes were easily intercepted by RW. In one such instance Sarva pounced on the loose ball in defense and scored past the defense line, the third goal was similar with an assist from Taufa and a finish by Sarva. At 3-0 down we were hit hard to bounce back. We made some changes by pushing Karan in central midfield to create chances along with Gaurav. There was an instance where we did get a good opportunity when Karan won the ball of RW’s defense and Gautam had to finish it but had a weak finish that was intercepted by Manan. This was the only instance in the second half where we had a scoring opportunity. The last goal from RW (Taufa) was a misjudged ball by Anna who thought the ball was going out and hence didn’t attempt to stop. At the end of the match RW had 20 LC calls that gave us a penalty opportunity. RW’s makeshift keeper and mastermind 135 did well to save that goal as well and keep a clean sheet. At the outset we indeed had a forgettable game. 
BI apologies to its fans for the bad performance today and will ensure that the last two league games are well fought. 
MR By Mr. Khare 
RW started off on the same note as they do all the matches. Even after repititive warnings they keep the Referee's and the opposition waiting.The RefI was disappointed and infuriated and decided to YC one player of their choice. Jonty decided he'd be the sacrifice. RW's players can do so much better if they wee humble. 
I sincerely dislike players that show no humility in any condition. Be it while playing or off it. Their players came trooping in so late it was an embarrassment as their thousands of spectators waited for them. Fines will be levied for sure. Noone knows the situation in every clubs Bank Balance so the TZLC isn't over until it's OFFICIALLY over as points are deducted from the League table for a negative balance. 
BI looked like one of those youth teams that are planning on coming of age a few years from now. There were a number of experienced players in the squad like Atool, Goony, Parmesh, Anna GKL and KS Loan but the rest of the squad was green. Some of the other players like Groov for instance may seem a bit too old to be called a youth, but by being green I mean in terms of matches played, fitness levels and so on. 
RW kept subbing players and this wasn't to helpful for them even though each player is of exceptional quality. 
There were QUITE A FEW silly YC given out, like pretending to go for a ball with hands then pulling away, going in for a challenge assuming that you were going to win the ball (How can that happen ALL the time?) this led to a foul that was dangerous and thus a Yc. At the end of the match the Ref put his arm around the RW Keeper Ketan when he was standing on the Pen spot waiting trying to psyche out the BI player that would come to take the Penalty and told him enough of your gamesmanship and just get back to your goal line. As the Ref walked towards his own spot and turned around, Ketan had now stopped on the 6 yard box and was doing his thing. YC. With this kind of behaviour he will NOT win any fans, especially not in the ADC. 
RW's style of play is to hassle and harry when without the ball. This is great if you have players that can CONTROL their excitement. Or it's great ANYWHERE except the TZLC if you have players that were like RW this morning, using hands, going in for a challenge unless 100% sure of winning it etc. 
For me RW's most important players are Ivan, Vikus and Mantan. Tireless. All 3 can score and defend but I feel Mantan is more precise in both forms. Vikus and Ivan need to control themselves while winning the ball back. This is not to say the other players are crap. You can't actually call any of the other players crap. Each of them are good in their respective positions. I'm just saying that at this moment in time it's these 3 that are easily pulling the strings. Every RW player would be a shoo in in any squad BUT there'd be a few that I personally would not select in my team on account of their attitude. 
My heart goes out to BI. Any club that tries it's best in the face of adversity needs to be commended. I can guarantee that this very same squad coupled with a few training sessions and some match practice will be very difficult to beat. But to state that this same squad of players will be together come to the start of the TZLC9 may be wishful thinking. 
I thought that BI should've played a few long balls to Goony in the 1st H as RW pressed with a high line. The RW defence was not threatened much. If RW do qualify (can't say as they may shot themselves in the foot yet!!) for the Champions League then it will be fun to set a team up against them. All this refereeing is certainly not good for mmy MCL so I don't think I'll be playing a part in it except the coaching! 
Chinchin mentioned my pointers but I have made many and one of them was that RW can't play high balls. Why didn't BI play them? You cannot play RW at their own game. 
For me KS was brilliant. In Cd and in CM. He brought the necessary punch that BI didn't have thus Ashubh was left on his own. But pushing KS up was a little too late. Parmesh had one of his better games but he is not a worker and BI and this BIG ground needed a worker. Many of the BI players need to get down and train hard. RW too, IF their egoes let them 
That's all folks, hope you enjoy the competition!!! 
Sat 16/04/16 
MO's: BT - Jehan, Andy BE - Rakesh, Amit AA - Sameer, Audi BI - Dhruv, Rango RW - Jonty, Vikas 
RH - 1. DIRECT LOAN: Ashwin G: injured - ADC's current valuation = 380k TZR Karan T: on loan from PACU: ADC's current valuation = 370k TZR 
RH SQUAD: 1. Sagar P 2. Ameya D 3. Rajesh B 4. Rajib N 5. Amartya M 6. Mangesh P 7. Nikhil B 8. Tushar P 9. Akshai S 10. Prashant G 11. Shivam S 12. Karan T (on loan from RW) Una - Gambhir, Beeraj 
PACU - Loan Application: Please allow us time till Tue 12Apr2016 to finalize the loans. Jango UNA. DJ INJ- fitness test on Tue. 
RH's Preview By Red 
RH come up against PACU in a crucial combined league fixture. Both sides are desperate to get 3 more points on the board. The last time we came up against PACU at the Dhobarwadi ground, we got some memorable goals and we have got 135 back on loan against the same opposition. PACU are a dangerous side who prefer to defend deep and have excellent workrate with constant talking and guiding from Amma. They also have fast wingers in Jango and Hima with the dangerous Satan up front. We have most of our players available for this game and will ring in some changes yet again. Looking at the recent trends, PACU may be loaning yet another AVPL so as to get the upper hand. This may just end up to be a high tempo game with end to end stuff. We wish PACU good luck! 
PACU's Preview By Satsut 
After an outstanding effort against BT over the weekend, PACU takes on RH in this away fixture. The current string of results does not pitch us as favorites, but we have a game plan that we are comfortable executing against the top clubs in TZLC. RH has comprehensively beaten us in the past and the boys are obviously seeking a revenge. The likes of Amu, Paul, Rajesh Sir, Gambhir, Shivam can cause problems for any team. RH will be looking to hustle and re-group for this encounter after a string of not-so encouraging results. We know the importance of a win in this game. It could help us get some sort of a cushion with BT closing in on our heels. We will play the usual 4-5-1 formation. Good luck to RH.