Tue 05/04/16 
BT (1) 2 Vs RH (0) 0 
BT - Ashubh 20.40 Snowtop 63.02 
MO's - AA- Pai, Adu, Ajinkya ; BI :Ajoo, Chinchin; BE: Ravi, Sumanta; PACU: Meeraj, Saurabh; RW- Karan, Ivan; 
BT - Loans: Amarnath (PACU, 0.38mill TZR) for Ankush (0.39 mill TZR) 
BT - Confirmed: Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Prashant Bhandari (Bhanda) Jehan Kothari (VG) Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Sameer Patil (Pam) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) Unavailable: Ankush Moghe (Anks) Ineligible: Patty 
RH - DIRECT LOAN: Ashwin G - injured: ADC's current valuation = 380k TZR Gaurav P - on loan from PACU; ADC's current valuation = 350k TZR DIRECT LOAN: Rajesh B - missing due to work: ADC's current valuation = 320k TZR Manan J - on loan from RW: ADC's current valuation = 300k TZR EMERGENCY LOAN Jon AVGKL 
RH - SQUAD: 1. Sagar P 2. Mangesh P 3. Shivam S 4. Nikhil B 5. Akshai S 6. Prashant G 7. Amartya M 8. Tushar P 9. Gaurav P (on loan from PACU) 10. Ameya D (c) 11. Manan J (on loan from RW) Una - Gambhir, Mishti, TC and Beeraj 
BT's Preview By Pam Click Here to See BT's MP!!!! 
A win over KITFO was the perfect outcome in the string of games which BT is scheduled to play in the coming days. Although we were happy with the result against KITFO, we were not satisfied with the way we achieved the result and this is something we would be working on in our game against RH. 
BT would probably be sticking to the 4-4-2 formation which we used in the last game against KITFO as Ankush is still not available owing to personal reasons, we have loaned Amma in his place. We may be making few changes for this game with regards to playing positions, there have been lots of internal discussions on the different aspects of our game and we really are eager to get things to work out. We will be having a full squad otherwise for this game with the exception of Patty who will be missed as he did not have the necessary height and weight clearance from the ADC to compete against other Adults. Anyway we would not be able to play Patty against RH so this development does not affect our gameplan at all.  
RH are a good opposition to play against, I have had the opportunity to watch some of their games recently. They are a team that is improving with every game and BT cannot afford to take them lightly at all. I would pick Red to be the player to watch out for as he has been performing really well in recent times. Not quite sure on the injury status of Gambo and TC but hoping that they have a speedy recovery, it would be great to be playing against such quality players. 
BT is hoping for a win in this game, a draw would be injustice to the talent that our side holds. But again if we dont get this win we have none other than ourselves to blame. Hopefully the lads turn up with their A-game on match day and bring home 3 points to the fans to celebrate! 
RH's Preview By Red Click Here to see RH's MP!!!! 
After a poor outing against the Icemen, RH come up against BT. RH are now out of all knock-out competitions this season and have to focus completely on the league while chasing RW. RH have been very inconsistent in their performances and realize that we have to go for a win in each game if we want to have any chance to go above RW.  
BT is known to favour the 3-5-2 formation and it will be interesting to see if they go ahead and deploy the same in this game. BT also have quality players in each position and will be playing to put pressure on PACU in the race for the title. 
We expect this match to be very closely contested in midfield. We are missing very important players for this game but have taken equally strong loans. We are hoping to put 3 more points on the board, yes, it will be a difficult task but we will give it our best short. We are missing very key members of the squad for this game but have taken able loans. We would like to wish BT good luck and hope for an exciting match! 
Ivan's Review as LP 
I thank the ADC for appointment me as the LP for today's league match between BT and RH. 
It was virtually a must win for both teams. BT enjoyed majority of the possession and created more chances. As the LP, I didn't have many calls to make in the first half. BT took the lead thanks to a wonderful goal by ashubh. I made a few off side calls in the second half. Including one where I called snowtop offside with the goal at his mercy. Ashubh had run past the RH defence and snowtop went in to receive the square pass. But when ashubh passed the ball to snowtop, he had enthusiastically run ahead of ashubh instead of staying in line with him. After the match, snowtop maintained that he was on side but I clearly felt otherwise. The goal that he did score was a good one! Made a good run and stayed onside before finishing the move. RH had few chances to equalize but amma and co were strong in defence. Hard luck RH and wish both the teams good luck for the rest of the season. 
Amma's Review as Loanee for BT 
After Mukuls rather long pre game team talk, just as we were entering the pitch, Mukul told me that I was free to talk/guide to anyone in the team. Coach has always told me that teams loan me more for my talking rather than for my game, so I guess I was in my comfort zone. I think BT had a more dominant game today but the result may have been different if RH had taken their chances at 0-0. BT have built a very good squad with players of high technical ability as well as great athleticism. The 2 wide defenders Sagar and PAM had unenviable task of going up against Prashant and Mantan but they both coped brilliantly. It was a pleasure defending along with the no non sense defending of Bhanda. Hard luck RH and congrats BT. It was plasure playing for you guys and thanks for loaning me. 
RH's Review By Red 
RH started 4-5-1: John-GK; Akshai-RB, DJ-RCB, Red-LCB, Nik-LB; Paul-RM, Amu-RCM, Amar-CM, Shiv-LCM, Manan-LM; Anna-St 
With Mangs dropping out last moment due to duaghter's illness we had to take John as an emergency AVGKL and play Anna as ST. All the plans and discussions from yesterday went down the drain. 
We decided to play to Anna's strengths and play to ball to him expecting him to hold and lay off passes to the midfielders. He did that well for most parts of the game. 
First 10-15 minutes we did well especially Shiv and Manan combining on the left creating a few chances. We failed to score and paid the price when Manan lost the ball in our half on the left and I was caught out of position letting Ashubh run into the box and scoring. 
DJ hobbled off after studds bearing the enormous structure of Shaurav landed on his ankle while fighting for the header which meant we were forced to change positions again and play a man short yet again. 
Amar and Paul combined well on the right but Paul failed to keep his header on target when Amar put a super cross in. 
Its been a season where we have been losing a player in each game due to injury forcing us to adapt our strategy and we have not been good at that. 
First half ended 1-0 and we decided to push Amu in CM and pull Amar back in CB to allow us more control in midfield. DJ too cam back on but was only 50% and was hobbling in the middle of the field. 
We did create a couple of chances which fell to Paul and yet again we could not convert. Infact we have failed to score in the last three games if we leave alone Jonty putting the ball in his own net! 
Second half we were pushing to score but Nik also picked up an ankle injury and Shaurav's studds landed on Red's foot this time meaning it was going to be an uphill task. Ashubh had an opportunity to put BT 2 up but he chose to pass it to Snowtop who was standing offside on the goal line! Later I heard Manan explaing to him the offside rule! 
Snowtop eventually managed to score when all of us stopped thinking it was clearly offside but Ivan thought otherwise! That was it and the game ended 2-0 and it may have also put an end to our hopes of overtaking RW. 
The number of injuries that we have had this season has been unfortunate but we also have to blame ourselves as most of us are not up to a fitness level needed in such competitive games. It will not be a bad idea for us to have an actual ambulance/doctor on the sidelines to help us out! 
Congratulations to BT for now but we will get back at you guys in the next game! 
BT's Review By Pam 
BT formation Andysu (GK) - Sagger (LB) : Amma (CD) : Bhanda (CD) : Pam (RB) - Sidwho? (LM) : Jehan (LCM) : Shubhankar (CM) : Mkul (RCM) : Snowtop (RM) - Shaurav (ST). Rafa had to pull out at the last minute due to personal reasons so we were left with exact eleven players for this game. Prior to this development I was thinking of a strategy of hassling their defensive players, to accommodate which we had decided Shaurav to start on the bench and rotate strikers after every 10 mins. However I left it too late to inform Shaurav the same, I thought that I would tell this to him in the morning before the game. The BT chairman did have a quick word with me before the game and advised me the consequences of not communicating such things within the team before hand. We anyway had to revert to our usual formation and playing positions but really appreciate our Chairman's advise and support for the players, especially at this crucial time of the season. 
Back to the game, we started on a very delicate footing like in the KITFO game and allowed RH to enjoy possession for about the first 10 minutes - we did eventually get back into the game but this is slowly becoming a habit and we may not be so lucky every time. Speaking of luck it would be fair to say that BT were really really lucky not to have let in at least 2 goals in the first half. Shivam and Mannan combined well on the left flank to cut into the BT defense and test the keeper. But for the finishing, RH would have easily taken the lead. In one of those chances the ball bounced in front of the keeper and went over Andysu who did not judge the bounce of the ball. Thankfully the shot was off target but these were signs for us to pull up our socks and focus. We were passing the ball around well in the first half, Shubhankar, Mukul and Jehan stringed together some wonderful passes and great movement to release the ball on the wings. There were not many crosses today which was disappointing as we had decided before hand to play the ball into the dee from the wings. Shubh was at his dribbling best, he covered great stretches of the field and on one particular dribble he ran past 3-4 defenders and slotted in a neat finish. That was BT's first of the game, we enjoyed decent amounts of possession and refused the extra 5 offerred by the ref since we had the lead.  
At half time we had realised that this was a winnable game and there should be minimal errors on our front. Mkul was kind enough to tell Pam where he was faltering while defending against Mantan. It was a valid point. Also Snowtop was supposed to be playing on the wing but was frequently getting into the strikers position so we had to discuss the formation a bit more. The second half for BT was much better than the first, we had majority of the possession and were able to move the ball around fairly easily. Mkul i think had a good game, he was instrumental in winning the ball in our defensive half and then releasing Snowtop or Shaurav on the run. Shubhankar like I said earlier was wearing his dribbling shoes today, he easily got past the defenders on 2 to 3 occasions, tried to lob the keeper but went over, then there was a moment when Shubh and Snowtop were two on one with Manoj and passed the ball to Snowtop at the last moment, Snowtop scored but Snowtop was offside! Think Shubh should have scored that himself but he was just being un-selfish. Thats fine, stuff like this happens. Pam had a great opportunity to score today as well, he cut into the box from the flank and got past 3 defenders into the crowded area, he should have just shot the ball into the goal but panicked and passed the ball to Shaurav who was offside. In another chance Snowtop carried the ball forward, had a one-two with Shaurav and then scored with just the keeper to beat. Lots of offside speculations for this goal but the LP's flag stayed down and we were happy to take the goal.  
RH were giving us a run for our money on the counters, Sagger, Amma and Bhanda made some crucial interceptions to break their attack. Kramer for RH had a really good game, along with Mantan shivam and Amu. Sidwho? had an amazing game as well today, both while attacking and also while falling back to defend. His presence on the wing is an asset to BT ! Shaurav has a great physical presence and he helped out when BT were defending set pieces. Good thinking on Amma to have called Shaurav back for these set-pieces we were defending. Andysu was strong as ever in goals today and earned a well deserved cleansheet, he made a good punching save off a freekick which was a crucial moment in the game at that point. Also saved a shot from Prashant during a one-on-one (which was anyway offside but good reaction none the less) 
BT will take the 3 points from this game and move into the next one against PACU. This is a very important game for us and we would want to get a positive result out of it. The whole team was happy today after the game and we want to take the same confidence and spirit into the next game. We did have a good game today but everyone knows that we are capable of even better things and that is what we shall try to achieve on Saturday. 
Bhanda Ran 
135's Review as AR 
Firstly I would like to thank the ADC to give me the opportunity to be the AR today, the match was a good one and there weren't any instances which necessitated any inputs from the AR in the whole match. I was a bit sluggish and with lots of lag in indication of Goal kicks and corners, will definitely work on that. Good play from both the teams. 
Mantans Review as Loanee for RH 
In today's game I was loaned by RH to replace Rajesh Sir. We played 4-5-1 to start off with, I was playing LM with Amu and Shivam in the centre and Anna upfront. We started of well with 2 very good chances created, both should have been converted. I got a clear shot on goal which beat the keep but also just went away from the far post. Second was even better where Amar's cross came to a free Prashant who headed it over the bar. This could have changed the flow of the game. RH have been facing injury troubles for sometime now, and this was seen in todays game as well, DJ got injured early in the game and was unable to recover to full strength. First half ended 1 will to BT. With DJ's injure in the 2nd half was a little slow but we did make some good moves and created chance but unfortunately could not convert them. BT passed the ball very well through Shubhankar and Jehan which created pressure and our defensive mistakes cost us 2 goals. RH could have taken the game on, just lacked the finishing. It was a pleasure playing with these guys again, thank you RH. 
Jon Review as AVGKL for RH 
First of all a big thanks to respected ADC for allowing me to play on loan and thanks to RH management to consider me for this important match. BT was the far better side today and I think they deserved to win as their passing was slick and they used the width of the ground well and they have fast wingers which is always a plus. RH was good in patches an created couple of real good chances and given the quality, they should have scored. Amartya was the stand out player form in RH but he lacked support both in midfield and defense. First goal was a piece of sublime control and finish by Shubh however I think I should have done better with it but i was caught wrong footed and completely beaten on both the occasions. I would like to apologize to team RH for not maintaining the clean sheet when they needed it the most and BT as a unit is formidable and a treat to watch. Well played BT and Hard luck RH . 
MR By Angus McCurry 
A sad situation when none of the Reviews have reviewed ma performance och aye the noo!!! 
Anyway, firstly a pity the RW players reacted to Mr. Khare's unfortunate mental anguish when he could not bear to see his old student Parmesh throw all of KFANDRA's reputation in a bag and then do a little poo poo on it. As Mr. T says 'I pity the fool that takes advantage of such a situation!" News for all of you that Mr. Khare will indeed be back sooner than expected as I'm off to bonnie Sco'land tomorrow! 
Mr. Khare though will be much healed and mentally strengthened as his dental surgery is underway. As Gabbar Singh would say 'Arre oh Samba, Kitnehi aadmi honge, lekin sab ko Zero Tolerance ka matlab pata chalega! (Oh hey Samba, howmuchever blokes there being, but all will understand Zero Tolerances meaning!!!) 
Jokes apart BT looked accomplished even though their two Strikers Shaurav and Snowtop (Whatever BT say about him starting at Rm is a joke) were at each others throats the whole match. They remind me of two blokes that played for United some years ago (Not our PACU but that dodgy team called Man U) I fink they were Yorkie n Cole. They hated each other but got on with the game. Me don't thinks Shaurav and Snowtop can do that. Snowtop has a chip on his shoulder and Shaurav just likes to get on with it. VG as a captain is not. You need a cap that can lead. VG is a very quite man that may be able to lead in a team meeting in a boardroom or when the players are sloshed but on the field you need a different kinda bloke. Ah've been watching the other teams too and I reckon there's 3 clubs that have a chance of reaching the Champions League. RH are NOT one of them. BT are. RH's captain on the other hand Amu was a class act trying to rally his troops ad lead by example. They'd have taken the lead if Paul and another bloke had scored but it was not to be. Some of the RH players are on a different planet to me. Especially Kramer. But he was told to Clear it up first time so I don't understand why the RH players were angry if he didn't pass. But Amu lost it and got a YC. I'm pretty sure my old counter part would've given him a talking to and NOT sent him off for 5 mins!! He is a KFANDRA Graduate isn't he??!!! But the NEW renewed Mr. Khare will NOT be doing that I'm sure. The video of the incident will prove that I, Angus was right in the awarding of the foul and the YC for the reaction. 
BT were spared a riot like situation as the Shaurav supporters Club had gathered to protest against Pam's dropping of their star. Shaurav was informed though the MP and that is NO WAY to inform a player that he is DROPPED! This is an education to all that a player DESERVES respect and a word in his ear privately is the way to go. Credit goes to him that he took the sacking with a pinch of salt and said that he backs what the team has decided. Quite obvious that Mkul has NO say in the team policy now. Word is that his resignation came in favour of some of the other big names in the squad. Although Mkul hasn't let go of his advising and talking to players on the pitch! That is non stop and I don't think anyone can stop him from doing that. 
RH, as Red mentions had to chop and change their 1st 11 up to late night before the match. This is never a good sign especially for a squad that is already poor in passion, committment and desire. There are exceptions of course but very few. On top of that their loanee DJ got crocked early on. Mkul met me last evening and stated that when he got his hamstring pulled he thought it would be tougher for him but it seemed everyone was hobbling around and the game was more akin to a battle field. Shaurav was accused by Red? that he was instrumental in knobbling a couple of their lads. That is one video but it can be clearly seen that Shaurav was indeed going for the ball on one and was Late in the other of which I, as the Ref, called for a LC and continued the game with RH in possession. Mkul also stated that playing against KITFO was tougher. He has a point here. The committment shown by KITFO was a 100 toimes more than RH. 
BT had so much space to do their passing and stuff it was embarraasing to watch. That's why it was obvious that RH needed at least 2 or 2 goals if they wanted something out of this fixture. BT ALWAYS looked like scoring even though Snowtop had left the Right Flank to Pam. 
I reckon Snowtop should spend some time at Rcd or something. He'll get more of the ball, have time to watch the birds and have a laugh. 
He's VERY impatient and needs to be involved with everything. He'll be able to pump up from the back too. Plus he'll know his duties well so he'll fall back. This will also keep him far away from Shaurav!!! 
Anna Pai is an old time style striker. Like Duncan Ferguson in the old days for Sco'land. But Anna is UNFIT. The balls his team mates were laying off to him were not on his feet or head most of the time and for a Big Man to prosper in this position there needs to be 2 to 3 players AVA to mop up the 2nds. BE and KITFO have that plan down to the T. RH didn't. What has been told to me of this player Shiv seems cobblers. Oh no doubt he seems a very good player and lays off the great pass now and then but his work rate is almost nothing and he hangs about ready to pounce or as if theres some devious plan going on in his head and does nuffink. 
Amu is getting loaned by clubs like crazy. The ADC got emails from his fans disgusted with the rating he got for his previous match. The ADC explained that Amu has a certain standard he has to maintain. He's a player that can play in ANY position being a KFANDRA graduate (Except GK!!!) and he will be judged as such. The ADC thought that Amu should've won that tackle against Loanee Mantan in his previous match. That led to the 1st goal. Defenders have it tough. Just like GK's one mistake and it's over. Amu is held up against very high standards. Whatever he may say, it was Mantan that saw Amu sliding in and Mantan decided to intercept or avoid going 50 50 with Amu. Amu SHOULD've WON that ball. Thus the ADC explained to Amu's Fan club. Amu is a GREAT player and only now is being noticed by the other clubs. A pity that. 
Against BT and RW you need to score at least 3 to be assured of a draw. Neither team gives up. RW are more physical while BT are more dainty and that will probably be the telling difference in the final stages of the Season. BT need to be more aggressive coupled with sexy football they play. Aggressive in the fair way obviously. 
For the BT 1st goal it indeed was Mantan that lost the ball. BUT every RH player present there, MUST raise their hand and admit to their play in the goal. It was disgusting. Ashubh was always moving away from goal. Even the AVGKL Jon must take the blame for NOT expecting an effort from Ashubh. Not to take away anything from Ashubh but this is probably one of the easiest goals he'll score. The 2nd also was foolish as the make shift RH defenders stopped and appealed for offside. Silly stuff. 
Rake seemed to be having seizures or epileptic fits as CM while Suman as SR was more intent on watching the match. His highlights were noted but with erratic timings. He even left out a lot of highlights thatthe ADC will try and recover. Suman also STOPPED noting anything in the last 10 mins of the match. 
Sat 09/04/16 
2nd Div 
BT (1) 1 Vs PACU (0) 1 
BT - Pam 51.10 
PACU - Subaru 12.42 
MO's - AA- Pai, Adu, Ajinkya ; BI :Sachin, Ajoo; BE: Ravi, Sumanta; RH: Nikhil, Prashant; RW- Karan, Jatin; 
BT - Loans: AVPL Karan Shetty (BI, 0.35 mill TZR). 
BT - Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Prashant Bhandari (Bhanda) Jehan Kothari (VG) Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Sameer Patil (Pam) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) Tentative: Ankush Moghe (Anks) Unavailable: Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa), Sparky AVGKL AndySu UNA 
PACU - Ameya D (0.47M TZR of RH) for Amarnath (0.38M TZR) AVPL Avi (0.29 M TZR of RW) AVGKL. Emergency loan Manan (RW 0.33M) for Gaurav P (0.35M) 
BT's Preview By Pam Click Here to See BT's MP!!!! 
This would be our first of the remaining two league games against PACU this season, I think BT is the only team that has not yet played PACU in the league yet. The last time BT faced PACU was in one of the cup competitions which we narrowly won by a goal after Satish's late heroics. However, as of now PACU hold pole position in the second division table and the result of this game will be detrimental to the fate of the second division standings.  
This review is going in before our game against RH, hopefully if things go as expected in that game we should not be making major changes for our game against PACU. Speaking about the squad, all our players are available for this game and hopefully things should stay the same way after the RH game, it would be very unlucky for any player to pick up an injury at this stage of the tournament.  
PACU are an interesting team to play against, I would say that their defense is one of the strongest in the league at the moment because of Amma and DJ. Also their ethos and values which they play with are very unconventional and this makes other teams to take them lightly but in most cases PACU have the ability to surprise everyone. Should be a midfield battle for most of the game for which we would be well prepared surely, an interesting game to watch nonetheless! I am sure the fans would love all the action that this game brings! 
PACU's Preview By Amma Click Here to See MP!!!! 
We've played BT once before this season, and though the score line would suggest a close game we in fact were comprehensively beaten. Along with RW, BT is one of the most organized teams in TZ. They are studded with the Shahs in attack, Inamdars in the middle, Moghe led defense, experienced Jehan along with blistering pace on the flanks. 
This is a virtual shoot out for direct qualification to the 1st Division. But our strategy will not change. Play for a draw, hope for a win and play with passion. Formation as always will be decided after seeing BT's loans. But we have a fair idea on how we'll be approaching this one and hope that the lessons learnt in the previous game will guide us here. 
Mario's Review as LP 
Special thanks to ADC for allowing me do linesman as i was coming to ground after long break. Bit warm up before match was needed and helped. 
Match was one sided with BT putting pressure on PACU all throughout match. PACU was playing on counter game and did had couple of good chances. First goal by PACU was due to BT's statued defense line. Perfect late run by PACU Player and BT's defense found their feet  
Rooted to ground. Later i heard mukul say to play deep and not to stop for offside.  
Fighting match for PACU and i am sure they will be happy with 1-1 result. 
Meeraj Ran (Played in CDM) 
7.5 Km's 
Bhanda Ran (played from the 14th min in CD) 
4.7 Km's 
BT's Review By Pam 
BT formation (4-5-1):Sparky AVGKL - Sagger ( LB) : Ankush (LCD) : Bhanda/Karan S (RCD) : Pam (RB) - Sidwho? (LM) : Jehan (LCM) : Mukul (CM) : Shubhankar (RCM) : Snowtop (RM) - Shaurav (ST). Mkul was not supposed to start in this game, but in the end he played for a major portion of the game and also had a great game as well. Even though he missed a chance which he got his commitment today was amazing for which I have to congratulate him! Ironically, Mkul helped PACU in one of their games to win it at the death, and Bhanda was right to note at the end of the game that passion for the game comes first for Mkul.  
Today's game should have been won. We had so much possession, we tried to penetrate their defences but PACU played out their defensive strategy very well today. They were aware of BT's passing game and made sure that we passed our way into their half, and once we were too high up they would use the long ball to good effect. The first half was a good one for PACU, Sparky mentioned that the goal we conceded was so quick to react to. It was my fault to be honest as I was trying to push Subaru up and was oping to catch him offside. After that first goal PACU went into their shell and played a very compact formation whenever BT got onto the ball. When we tried to negotiate our way between the defence we would usually end up pin-balling around and eventually lose the ball. The amount of chances we got and could not convert today would raise many a brow, definitely need to be more clinical in our finishing.  
We changed the formation to 3-5-2 to try and get back into the game. Note sure whether it was the change in formation that helped us but we got a penalty and Pam scored. At 1-1 we would have expected PACU to come out of their shell but no, seems like they were very content with the draw and wanted to keep it that way. Ankush had picked up a knock on the back just before half time but was in good shape to come on in the second half so we tried to experiment a bit and had Anks play as striker and gave Shaurav a breather. PACU consistently made sure that they stayed compact and played the long ball once we lost possession. Sparkey was brilliant in the goals today, he made a fingertip save in the first half and also made a commendable effort in the second half to parry away an incoming shot from Mantan. Sagger and Bhanda had great games today and were very effective while defending against the long balls. Karan I think fits well to our style of play, he did a great job as he did when he played for us some time back. Sidwho? is such a wonderful player, he made some beautiful runs on the wing today and crossed the ball in to create some great chances. I think this would slowly change after consistently playing under the guidance and shadow of Jehandro. If he can just do that more often he can literally own that wing all by himself! I want to thank Jehan for letting me take the penalty and some free kicks, and also while im on it want to thank all those who complemented me for my dribbling today! 
We had a great game today but still could not finish ahead of PACU and that is why we need to really pull up our socks in the finishing department. Shaurav and Snowtop are a very capable pair and we would be counting on them both to work their magic in the upcoming game against AA. The headlines in the late morning editions today may suggest preferences for brotherly love over game loyalty but as a member of this team I want to interpret this as a sign of the camaraderie that exists in our team. The lads have are playing in rhythm with each other and that is a good sign just before the AA game. Although we are very dissapointed with todays result we will take it with a pinch of salt and move onto the next game with our work clearly cut out for us. 
Mantan's Review as Loanee for PACU 
Today's game I was loaned by PACU to replace DJ in the midfield, but unfortunately due to Jango's absence there had to be certain changes and we played a 4-4-1. It was an exciting game with a lot of tackles, yellow cards and reds cards. I played a more central role rather than the usual winger, my role was to hassle and put BT midfield under pressure and make the occasional runs behind the defence. PACU on an average played with 8 or 9 players the whole game due to cards, this made it extremely difficult to cope up with constant BT pressure. We got an early goal from a free kick which pumped up the 10 men PACU to hold their lead until a penalty was scored in the second half. BT did create a lot of chances but lacked finishing, Mukul missed an open header and shots from Pam and Shubhankar were handled by the keeper. Second half BT were playing a high line and that created a few chances from me to run behind the defence, I should have scored at least one of them. Sorry guys !! Sean this is not over yet, you saved two, next time I score two.  
Jonty's Review as LP 
Thank you to the ADC fro appointing me is the LP for todays game. Its good to be able to run around a bit, otherwise the body gets very stiff just standing around. 
Very different 2 halfs for the LP's today. In the 1st Half Pacu were defending in my half. With Amu and CD, he kept the defence line moving up and down constantly which did not let the BT attackers settle in. Immdiately in the first 5 mins, BT were caught offside twice. Once Shaurav ran too early and the 2nd incident Snowtop, being lazy, got caught while on the flank. Snowtop lives in his own world one feels. He was hardly noticed all game today. Also Hima had a good game todya but his enthusiasm got the better of him. Once he played an attacker on side but still appealed for off-side. He received a warning from the Ref for this and immediately in the next play, he appeals for another off-side when he was out of position leaving the ref with no choice but to bin him. 
Another incident which was discussed was Shubh's cross from a tight angle on the right. The PACU defence and Keeper all thought it had gone out but was still clearly in play. The ball lands at Shauravs feet for a tap in and he misses. 
The 2nd half, I was standing at the half way line most of the game as BT started putting a lot of pressure on PACU in the attacking half. Apart from a few counter attacking runs, Pacu hardly left their own half. Mannu had the best chances in the game today. One of them was when he received a long ball over the BT defence and Sparky (GK) was off his line. I felt Mannu would lob Sparky on the first attempt but he controlled the ball and then took a shot which was saved by Sparky's long left arm. 
All in all, both the teams had plenty of chances and could have gone eitherway. But with loads more possession, BT could have done better. 
All the best to both the teams for the rest of the season. 
KS's Review as Loanee for BT 
Thank you to the BT management and the ADC for today's loan opportunity.  
PACU, unfortunately, started with 10 men today which meant they were always on the backfoot. However, credit to them for showing incredible spirit throughout the game (even when they went down to 8 on the pitch!). 
BT should have won this one, but a lack of killer instinct in the opposition half is what restricted the score to 1-1. It is a pleasure playing with this team as they always provide at least two passing options when on the ball. This cohesion coupled with off-the-ball running results in, more often than not, an incredible amount of possession for BT. But a desire to play direct football is missing at times and this was what was missing against PACU.  
At the back, we had a comfortable outing except the odd long ball. However, must accept blame as part of a defence that switched off during the first goal. Sean did well to stay alert for the whole game with 2 incredible saves!  
PACU's Review By Satsut 
At the outset, the PACU management and the PACU players would like to apologize to Coach/Referee for the number of yellow and red cards due to indiscipline and dangerous challenges. I think the players got carried away in the heat of the moment(s). The players will keep that in mind going forward and abide by the rules and regulations of the TZLC. On to the review, first up Jango calls in last minute with fever and drops out. So the "superfit" PACU head into this 2nd division title decider with a man down against BT, a team that plays simple and whose players "bearly" run! We are more than happy to park the bus with 11, so what do we do with 10? Nothing different. But a big up to all the players, who played their heart out. There were times when we were reduced to 9, 8 and I was having a headache changing formations, but everyone took responsibility and played out of/unusual positions. Its always heartening for the captain or the men in charge when your players are ready to take a hit and compromise on their game for the team. We started with a 4-4-1 formation with Amu, Subhav, Hima and Harry at the back, Neeraj, Manan, Yogi and me in midfield and Kapil as the lone striker. Amu and Subhav were superb today. Yogi, Hima and Harry did their jobs well. Neeraj and Mannu were running like horses for the courses! Kapil played all over the pitch today, striker at 1 point, LB at 1 point, RB at 1 point. Avi made a couple of good saves. The penalty that Pam scored, Avi did manage to get a hand to it. The "spirit" of PACU has finally come to the fore and the guys are ready to protect and encourage each other all the time.We were defending deep in our own half and attacking on the counter. I thought some of our counters were lethal and we could have scored more than 1 today. Sean made some outstanding finger-tip saves to keep BT in the game. BT were attacking well in phases and did come up with great chances. For BT, Pam made some interesting runs. Shubh, Jehan and Mukul had decent outings as well. In the end, there is a feeling that its not a case of a point earned for us, but thats the beauty of this game. I am sure BT felt the same. We will have 1 more go at each other. Cannot wait for that one! 
Avi's Review as AVGKL for PACU 
I would firstly like to thank Satsut for loaning me today and the ADC for approving the loan. I was goalKeeper for PACU. 
The match was very well fought by both the teams. PACU played brialliant almost with 8-9 players most of the time. 
They were one man down, and many YC in the 1st half. Many indirect free kicks were given to BT in very dangerous  
position. But BT couldnt capitalise. Kudos to PACU spirit.Subaru scored wonderful goal. First half PACU 1-0 up. 
In the second half BT started to press up.PACU gave a pentaly in 2nd half, harry fouled in the D-area. 
I am sorry i couldnt save the penalty, it had touched my hand and went it. I should have stop it.  
PACU missed too many changes. The should have won the game. But they had to settle with draw. 
Well palyed PACU and BT. 
MR By Khare 
Truth be told I'm not fond of clamping down on the players ever so often. Then we would never have had the Sparky Vs Danny Heavyweight match up! Similarly in this mornings match there were occasions where I could've just asked the players to shake hands and get on with it. In a contest that will ALWAYS have physicality there may be a few bits and pieces that are maybe off tangent. But due to previous matches where the players are unable to control themselves, their reactions or are just too dangerous in their challenges the ADC has had to ask the Ref to clamp down on such frivolous behaviour. 
That's why I find Rugby so engrossing. The players are LEGALLY whacking the crap out of each other and every so often a fellow gets thwumped illegally. IS there any sort of reaction? Oh no they just get on with it, maybe some time later the guy who gets thwumped will thwump the other bloke sometime in the match. But they go with what the ref says. I'm not expecting you TZC folk to whack each other when I'm not looking. But just get ON with it. Why the reactions? Trust the opposition, the refs and get on with it! 
Yogi's challenge on Anks was indeed horrific, but I know Yogi and it's impossible to imagine that he did that on purpose. In fact the way Anks writhed in agony I thought I should send Yogi off for good, throw the book at him and dig his grave BUT when Anks came back in the 2nd Half SPRINTING into position and then even leapt up for a ball with a diving header I changed my mind. Quietly appreciating Dr. Khare's Magical hands I thanked my instinct in giving Yogi only a red at that time. The other when Satsut REACTED to the Penalty awarded. Louie had unceremoniously upended Pam, I even thought he did a backward flip, followed by two somersaults! Throughout Louie protested his innocence and I must admit here that as the Ref I made a mistake and SHOULD have shown Louie a Yc. As per the TZLC R and R a YC for a penalty is shown only AFTER the pen has been missed/saved. But Louie's reaction to the foul was not what is expected when a player is felled in such a manner. I erred on another occasion when I gave Pam a YC coz Kapka reacted to his foul. Should've sent them both off. In the olden days I'd have made them both shake on it.....But such is the situation of Zero Tolerance. 
One of the Unfittest teams in the TZLC, PACU shone brightly. Their beer was frothing over and quenching their fans thirst. Starting with 10 was to be no mean task against a side that gives clubs the run around. How many times have I uttered the golden Rule? NEVER CATCH OFFSIDE ON A FK. Why call me Coach? Call me the ADC, the chairman, Mr. Khare or Mr. McCurry, Mr. Dlamini or Sir BUT DO NOT call me your COACH if you catch offside on a FK! All the BT defenders had to do for this match was to play safe. Why? Because PACU were playing the counter. Which club in their right mind pushes up to the halfway line and leaves the GK standing in his box? In which world does this happen? Then the BRILLIANT Mantan can't beat the same GK because SUDDENLY this GK whose name is Sparky stretches out a hand and saves and then in the 1st H he dived full length and tipped one on to the post!! 
According to me BT need a lot of introspecting. Once again VG was made captain....I have never a seen a quiet captain, wait I have, VG! 
Snowtop does NOTHING in a match, as a ST, was he ST or was he Rm? A ST always wants the ball and thats because strikers are like that, Snowtop wants the ball but then is mostly selfish. BT need to score and they can't at all if they don't have scorers. Shaurav made a couple of mistakes but one could see what he is capable of when he set up Mkul to score and in fact the only worse headerer than him is probably Adu and unfortunately for Mkul Adu is improving so Mkul is not top of the bottom of the list. Whatever Pam thinks about Ashubh's fondness to protect his bro, the person who will AGREE with my verdict is Mkul himself. All the BT players are very fond of their Sagger or Gurrya to me he's Jack. Jack doesn't do much in the match, but what he does, he does it well, simple footer. In this mornings match though, he was exposed as BT pressed up. This man isn't a fast okie. And it's like throwing a lamb to the wolves when you expect him to chase Satsut or Mantan. Passing the ball about is all fine and dandy but sometimes they need other avenues. Pam provided that with a scintilating run and Ashubh also. But not enough long balls for Shaurav. Snowtop as I've said before doesn't know what he's supposed to do so he goes and does whatever he wants. BUT you can sense that with ALL that possession, it's only a matter of time once they get their scoring boots on that things will change. The BT effect even played on Mantan Loanee for PACU, the usually prolific scorer was atrocious in front of the posts this this morning. 
All the PACU players played their hearts out so it's difficult to single out one player. Especially when one of the PACU players Stent nearly popped out after his ticker crossed 7 and a half Km's!!! I even passed him on the pitch once and complemented him. He fell from my rankings when he loudly grunted and hissed at Kapka's error but on my pointing out his erroneous ways he promptly seeked out Kapka, apologized and got on with the game, he was back on top in my rankings again!! HE crocked VG and that seemed uncharacteristic of the roly poly man....but that probably shows the intensity at which every PACU member was playing with...See below... 
Meeraj Roly Poly Man  
Kapka and Satsut two players on my hit list for some time now finally played to their potential. They put aside what kind of players they are what they could do and decided to start afresh again. Brilliant! More brilliance from Amu Loanee who played in literally TWO positions! 
The oddest thing for me was PACU's two CM's. I personally don't think they played 4-4-1. I thought they were playing 6 - 2 - 1 at times. 
Apart for Yogi's 2 or 3 fabulous runs down the flank and his horrific lunge at Anks, all I could see Yogi doing was defend. Only Mantan, Satsut and Kapka had anything to do in the BT half. Meeraj gave those lovely balls over the defenders heads and that was his attacking participation. But I guess they were told to do something and they did it. I agree with Amu though when at one point he got so frustrtated with PACU's inability to press the ball after clearing it that he himself from his CD position chased the ball down and earned a Throw after he had thwumped a clearance. PACU need to work on that. meeraj could have added a couple of KM's if he's done that. Kapka, I'm thankful listened to adviced and played the game instead of worrying about his goal tally. Well done Kapka!! Subaru complemented Amu very well and is a star only he should keep his hands down while going for a challenge. Louie did his job but at times lost possession easily. Suddenly in the 2nd H Louie was so tired that he told Kapka to take his place and what did Kapka do? Without batting an eyelid he tracked back to play in Louies position. Louie actually set Subaru up with his FK!! A boost was Amu's goal kicks that wents past the halfway line. Without the use of the Tee. But also because the ADC has been pumoing the balls up to a manageable pressure, not rocks as many players especially RW are fond of. Some MO's and some players keep coming to the Ref to get the balls pumped up more, thats should stop. Unless it's just too bad. Ahjoo please get the new balls out from Monday. It seems the Match Balls were used in the previous TZ session and I will be fining players for this. Goalkeepers MUST take goal kicks though, USE the TEE!! Good grief!!! Sparky in goals is improving and getting better, only he should act as a sweeper once this defenders go a-wandering. Talking about Sparky, he's taking the initiative in getting a PROPER PROFESSIONAL VIDEO CAMERA for the TZLC8!!! What a man!!! I will indeed help him out with the dosh which I'm sure he'll refuse so I hope Ahjoo and the rest of the TZ and KITFO blokes sort summat out. How should we end the season on a higher note? We should ensure that family and friends come to watch. Also, the REAL MEDIA and not the dodgy ADC MEDIA! The other day I saw an article on the front page of a local daily about some dodgy blokes starting a Kirket tourney and named it after their chai tapri wallah!! There were images and all!! Good grief people, This is just not fair. So call a reporter or summat and show them what a great thing we have. We can only get BIGGER and BETTER and SPREAD our philosophy, to play hard BUT fair, to have fun and be serious, to make friends or acquaintances BUT never enemies, and to play PROFESSIONALLY without REAL MONEY and the issues that go with it. 
You people must remember that the Season is coming to an end and we have to end it on an even higher note than when it started. 
Players must be able to play under pressure the SENSIBLE way. Don't let your heart override your mind. Don't allow your passion to control your level headedness. Enjoy the game indeed, show your anger or frustration to YOURSELF and not direct it to others. 
The reason I give most cards, for eg Hima's was because he walked away remonstrating with his team mates. Hima has already apologized, at HT and after the match AND by email, hat's how big a man he is, but my suggestion to all of you that if you are unhappy with the Refs decision, or with yourself or someone else, and you've been carded (or not) just grunt and squeal AT YOURSELF and not look towards 
your team mates for moral support. 
The ADC has stated that no tourney will be fun due to the ABSOLUTE ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. But the ADC only implements it if the players can't control themselves. So it's in your hand folks. Let's have controlled aggression in a safe way, let's have hard challenges that we are on the end of or we cause and then can get up and say good tackle mate, let's have a situation where we can leave the pitch maybe a little bloodied, a little dirty but with a giant smile on our faces, let's see the look on the MO's faces that they would rather be PLAYING, let's see the spectators that come to watch wonder in awe at how tough the players are. But let me repeat, this can ONLY be done if the players are able to control themselves. 
3 big matches coming up next week and let's start from square 1. Let's make life easier for the over worked Referee that needs to keep changing his persona into an Angus McCurry or a Mr. Dlamini to stop himself from having a nervous breakdown or an anxiety attack, let's just get on with like so many players in the real world just can't manage to do. 
Ratings, BTB, Balance Sheet updates and next weeks Previews all to be completed soon!!!