Tue 29/03/16  
AA (1) 2 Vs BI (0) 1 
AA - Audi Pen 38.35 Ajinx 50.09 
BI - Goony 53.5 
AA - 1. Shivang (value 280,000 TZR) - unavailable - in place we would like to loan Jango (PACU - value 260,000 TZR) - DL Changed to PAM EMERGENCY LOAN 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Sam 4. Arun 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi 8. Pai 9. Sean 10. Ajinkya 11. Jango (on loan - subject to approval) - DL 
BI - 1. Omi (value 0.30 MTZR- out) - in place we would like to loan Subaru (value 0.400 MTZR - PACU) - AVPL 
BI SQUAD - 1. Atul 2. Karan 3. Rango 4. Gaurav 5. Sachin 6. Hatkar 7. Dhruv 8. Uday 9. Anand 10. Daniel 11. Manoj 12. MJ  
13. Satish (on loan - subject to approval) (TsotsiMJ's continuance is under review due to the new Weight Rule brought in by the ADC for U16's (Minors) 
AA's Preview By Rock Click Here to see MP!!! 
This has been a crazy season in the TZL&C. Teams dropping out, consolidation of divisions, new players, controversial matches resulting in player refs being cancelled, rematches (one over, possibly another?). After the heart-breaking loss to PACU on Thursday, AA needs to dig deep to understand our weaknesses and correct them quickly. Our formation isn't quite working, especially given the unavailable regular players. We've had very good performances from our loanees in previous matches, but things don;t always work out. Our opponent on Tuesday, BI, has had some good matches and wins recently, and will be another formidable opponent. We again face the likes of Dan, who I'm frankly tired of seeing on the other side of the pitch! There are no easy games in TZL&C this season, and Tuesday will be another difficult one. I am confident that AA will come out fighting and get the win! 
AA requests its fans to come and cheer the team at the ADC Stadium and enjoy the match. 
BI's Preview By Chichin CLICK HERE to see MP!!! 
BI are finally on a roll and have been wining the last games with a good performance and against some of the stronger teams in the TZLC. The team is highly pumped up and ready for another good game against another very strong opponent AA. AA are playing well and will be the favorites for this game for sure.  
BI for once in this season has its full squad of 11 members but this being an important game for BI. BI must win all its game from now on to stay in the Second Division. BI will be taking a strong & technically player on loan for this game and like the last game will make some good changes in the mid-field to counter the attacking moves of the opposition and also give BI the chance to pressure them when we are in possession. BI will play a 4:5:1 formation with a strong attacking mid-field - this time BI will not look at playing only central it will also try and use the flanks as much as possible. The defense line will play deep and compact. AA will have to work hard in the game for sure.  
A victory in this game to BI will give a super booster to the team before it faces RW (considered by some as the best team this season). BI request its fans to come in huge numbers and support the players. Also the BI management hopes they like the Match Program with the few new changes made in them. 
Chinchin Ran 
Steps - 7866 
Distance - 6.63km 
Peak Heart Rate - 143bpm 
Average Heart Rate - 113bpm 
Calories Burned - 1670cal 
Sleepy's Review as Loanee for BI 
Firstly, I would like to thank BI Management and Respected ADC to give me the opportunity to play for the BI team in today's match. I played on the Left Wing position for the BI team today for the entire game. First half BI was under lot of pressure from AA in our half. BI was in defnese mode n all the attacks were from Right wing or in mid. I had two chances but could not convert, had some runs along the lines, passing with Andy n Daniel in the whole game but unfortunately could not convert. In the late 2 nd half was shifted to right central midfield when dhruv was substituted. There I got two cross in which again unfortunately we're not converted. BI were actually holding defence well against the opposing teams attacks but still conceived 2 goals which could hv been avoided. 
AA's Review By Rock 
This morning's match was a tale of two halves. In the first half, AA had the majority of the possession, and played good aggressive football. We were rewarded with a penalty, after Audi made a superb run and passed to Ajinkya, who was fouled by Atul inside the penalty area. Audi made no mistake and we went into the break up 1-0. 
In the second half, AA again started well, and Ajinkya scored after Atul had come way out of the goal. It was a cool finish by Ajinkya, and showed why AA had sorely missed him in the last match. AA was up 2-0. 
Audi got injured, having slipped over the ball. After the short break due to his injury, the AA defence was caught flat footed when Karan put in a good ball into the box. A misunderstanding between Maya and the AA defenders allowed Gaurav to head the ball into the net. It was now 2-1. 
BI now upped the tempo, and their defenders started pushing up. AA was on the defensive, and we made too many errors and gave up the ball too easily. Our mid-field was out of position, being too far back on goal kicks and too far up when BI was attacking. That left a big hole in the middle, which Danny, Andy, and Karan were happy to exploit. 
Fortunately, BI was not able to get a decent shot on goal for the equalizer, and we heaved a sigh of relief when the final whistle blew. 
For AA, Ajinkya, Audi, and Sean had great games. The defence was solid, barring a few stutters. For BI, Danny, Karan, Subaru and Zope played really well. All in all, an enjoyable game, which we're happy to win! 
BI's Review By Atool 
It was a match that should have probably ended in a draw...had it not been for judgement error by the BI GK Atool.  
BI had some late night cancellations (Hatki, Rango) and had to scramble for a emergency loan and change in formation...I guess against a formidable and strong opponent like AA, BI would have been content with a draw in this AWAY encounter. 
BI stuck to a 4-5-1 formation - Atool (GK), Sachin (RB), Karan (RCB), Subaru (LCB) and Manoj (LB), Zhakaas (RW), Dhruv (RCM), Danny (CM), DAP (LCM), Zope (LW), Uday/Goony (ST). 
The play was mostly midfield with AA having more possession in the game. The BI midfielders did well to keep the AA strikers and midfield muted for most of the first half. There were a couple of good runs by AA but well defended by BI. In the final 2 minutes of the extra 5 mins, Audi made a great run with such speed that Danny was also not able to keep up with him. He passed the ball the Ajinx superbly beating the BI RCB and RB. The ball came into the D and Atool ran for the clearance, but was beaten by Ajinx's speed and the ball slowing down a bit and not reaching him. This resulting in Atool clipping Ajinx (I apologize for the wild challenge) and the coach rightly pointing to the penalty spot. Audi scored off the penalty and 1-0 to AA had the stroke of half time.  
The second half BI was attacking more and another show of speed by Ajinx beat the BI defence and the keeper (who had rushed out to cut the angle) to score for AA making it 2-0. BI kept and pressing and during one such attack, a beautiful long ball from Karan split Arun and Mayuresh. Goony was there at the right time and cooly headed the ball over Mayuresh making it 2-1. After that BI kept going at it, but the strong CD pair of Arun and Sam (probably the best pair in TZLC) were not letting anything through easily. The final score 2-1. Congrats to AA for winning the match. Hard Luck BI, but we did do quite well to keep AA at bay for most of time. I am sure we will bounce back for our upcoming matches. 
VG's Review as LP 
A crucial tie for both the teams to keep the pressure on the teams above them in their respective divisions. BI have been playing well over the past 2-3 games and AA as always are a tough side to beat. The BI defence were playing in line to catch offsides but on a lot of occasions one of their defenders stayed back. All the calls I had to make in the 1st half were straightforward. AA scored off a minus pass from Marcelo but the whole ball had crossed the line and the ball was out for a goal kick before Marcelo had passed. Hence the goal kick awarded by me. In the 2nd half AA defence were playing deep except towards the end of the half where they were trying to catch offsides and did so on a couple of occasions. Towards the end of the game, in a 1 on 1 situation between Danny and AA keeper Mayuresh, AR Amma thought Mayuresh handled the ball outside the D. Though Mayuresh was slightly outside the box the ball and his hand (that touched the ball) were inside the D. I felt BI played well in patches while AA were calm and composed. All the best to both teams for the remainder of the season. 
Subaru's Review as Loanee for BI 
I thank BI management and Ajoo for taking me on loan for this important reply encounter against the brilliant AA side. I would also like to thank coach for allowing this loan. This was my very first match on loan and I was very excited when I was presented with this opportunity. It was a pleasant challenge to work with a different setup and a new set of players for the good old aim-to win the match! I'd like to apologize to Ajoo and co as I tried my best we failed to keep a clean sheet after they trusted me to play at center back. Thank you coach for letting the game flow and letting us be a part of a spectacle. AA were in top form today though BI gave it a fight to the very end. Audi was composed with his penalty after Atul had fouled him inside the box, and Ajinx made no mistake to slot the ball into an empty net, though I believe all credit for that chance should go to Sparky and his perseverance to get a touch onto the long ball. BI pulled one back with a brilliant cross from Karan which was finished coolly making the match interesting again. Although the result wasn't in our favor, it was a thoroughly enjoyable game to play in. Congratulations AA. 
Pam's Review as Loanee for AA 
Before I begin I would like to thank Rock and Ryan for having me on the team on loan for today's game against BI. Also, thanks to ADC for approving the last min loan without which this could not have been possible. It is always a joy to play on loan and when a team such as AA requests you it becomes even more important. Todays game against BI was an important one for AA. The team was relaxed before the game and Rock had clear instructions to players in all positions. I was playing on the Left wing and my job was to provide the width to the attack and supply crosses into the Dee area as much as possible. At the beginning of the game I was struggling to find my bearings and there were a few instances where I used my hands to fend off players etc. which was promptly noticed by the ref, after that warning I made a conscious effort not to repeat the same mistake again in the game. Ryan kept shouting out instructions which were helpful, we managed to keep pressing the BI defense at all possible times especially during BI goalkicks, because of which Atool was forced to take longer goal kicks and most of the times an AA player would win the ball in the air. Audi and Stoney were excellent in the midfield area, Audi's first goal was a penalty after Atool brought Ajinx down in the Dee. The assist to Ajinx just a few seconds before was also provided by Audi, after a sensational run with the ball. Completely deserved goal in my opinion. The first half ended with AA up by a goal and hungry for more. Before the second half Ryan was kind enough to help me better understand the kind of movement a player playing in my position should be making, basically he asked me to come inside from time to time to collect the ball as just sticking to the line was too predictable. This was some really useful piece of advice and I did use it in a couple of moves. AA were quick to increase their lead to 2-0 after Ajinx puled the goal keeper away from his area and then took a shot on target. However, soon after Groov got one back for BI with the help of a very delicate header which was just enough to lob Mayuresh who was the AA goal keeper today. To be fair to Mayuresh, there was a call for the keeper after which Mayuresh came forward to collect the ball, without the confusion things would definitely have been different. BI were really motivated after scoring their goal and they also looked lethal in the final 10 mins of the game. However Ryan did not opt fot the extra 5 mins offered by the Ref and the game ended at 2-1 to AA. A very hard fought victory it seemed like in the end, BI made us work really hard for this one. Personally I had a very forgettable game, (also picked up a groin strain after clashing with Chinchin), lots of areas to work on before my next game with BT. 
MR By Khare 
Everyone said that Ajinx's 2nd was an open goal but as I've said many a time before, that it's these goals that are the more difficult to score, plus he had to get the ball through a number of bodies also. Sparky did well to set that up. Could've called a foul but him and KS were matching each other well. Goony's flick header was super too!! 
I don't have very much to analyze. For me AA didn't have to struggle much to get this result. I thought Danny and DAP were off a bit and that affected BI's game. KS and Loanee Subaru did well together though. The rest of the icemen did average but I thought Jhakaas was atrocious. 
Rock got a 10 from me as he hardly made an error if any, he was calm and collected and has changed this aspect of himself by leaps and bounds. In fact it's Ryan who gets a bit miffed at his team mates some times. Sparky's getting his touch back and that's good to see. 
Audi needs to work on his ball control but he did well in running rings around Danny before he set up Ajinx for the 1st goal. More often than no though he lost control of the ball. 
A normal average match with nothing spectacular but the usual GK errors. I did see Atool actually stretch down near his toes to stop a Sparky cross that was heading for Ajinx!! 
Here's a funny tidbit for all of you!! 
Guess who the voices belong to!! worth 0.5M TZR!! First 3 to send their answers to the ADC gets the cash for their club!! 
?????? oopsie 
?? and ??? Chat 
Thu 31/03/16 
BT (1) 1 Vs KITFO (0) 0 
BT - Rafa 17.45 
MO's - AA- Sean, Maya ; BI - Manoj, Gaurav; PACU: Amma, Harry; RW- Monga, Nishant; BE and RH: 3 or more players playing so no additional names provided 
BT - Emergency Loan KS 0.360 for Anks 0.390 
BT Squad - Anand Survase (Andysu) Sagar Kanekar (Sagger) Prashant Bhandari (Bhanda) Ankush Moghe (Anks) Jehan Kothari (VG) Mukul Inamdar (Mkul) Shubhankar Inamdar (Ashubh) Siddharth Chiplunkar (Sidwho?) Sameer Patil (Pam) Gaurav Shah (Shaurav) Niraj Shah (Snowtop) Tentative: Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) 
KITFO SQUAD -1 Sharad 2 Ravi 3 Sameer 4 Varun 5 Amit B 6 Sagar 7 Devendra 8 Dhananjay 9 Rajib 10 Gururaj 11 Rakesh 12 Amar  
13 Robby 
BT Preview By Pam CLICK HERE to see MP!!!! 
BT have had an easy and relaxed past couple of weeks but as we move into the hotter months of the year, we are faced with 3 closely scheduled games. Thankfully the ADC stadium (NCL) now sports a much more even surface thanks to the hard work of Ahjoo so we should be less worried about potential injuries to our squad as it would be the last thing on our mind at this time of the season. Speaking about the upcoming game against KITFO, this game is being perceived as a must-win game by the squad. A win over KITFO will do wonders to boost our confidence and prepare us mentally for our upcoming games. We have a full squad that is fit and available for the KITFO game on 31st March. The boys have been playing in sync for a while in the past and seem to have adopted the 3-5-2 formation very well. However there may be a few adjustments on match day depending on the situation as of that day. We had to change the formation a bit in the last game against BI since Pam was not able to run up and down as much as his counterpart Patty. Pam’s fitness was a concern in the last game, he is working on getting his stamina back which hopefully should be on display soon. Andysu, Sagger, Sidwho will be back for this game after missing the last one, their comeback should add another dimension to our gameplay and strategy against KITFO. KITFO are a tricky team and would most probably be mentored by Coach Khare, so we are prepared to face a tough game. All the best to KITFO, the fans should expect a good game on the cards. 
Dev Ran 
2.5 Km's. He played for aroun 40 mins as a ST and (RW/LW) 
VK Ran 
4.75 Kms. He played for aroun 40 mins at RW/LW) 
KS's Reiew as Loanee for BT 
I'd like to thank the BT management for having me on loan for today's encounter with KITFO. Also a thank you to the ADC for the emergency loan approval. 
KITFO came flying out of the blocks today and had BT on the back-foot for most of the 1st half. Their innovative formation meant that the BT defence, at times, was faced with up to 4 attackers making runs. Rafa's 30 yard wonder goal must really have been a disappointment for KITFO who were doing well uptill that point. BT took control in the 2nd half and were much calmer on the ball and I must say they have a well drilled team capable of keeping the ball moving, almost all strong passers in their line-up. That being said, a few more shots from distance wouldn't do much harm! Also, playing a 4-4-2 with 2 CMs meant that Ashubh and Mkul had to do a lot of running (mostly tracking back)! Perhaps a 3 man midfield would have been a better option today considering KITFO had so many players up-front. 
At the back, we held a high line with a moderately successful offside trap and credit to the entire defence for keeping shape throughout the game. Sagar at LB had an excellent game today.  
Overall, it was a good outing for BT who played after a long gap, certainly got off on the right note for a packed upcoming schedule.  
KITFO's Review By Red 
Firstly, apologies for reaching late for the game today morning! 
Thanks to our coach Mr. Khare for helping us out with the strategy and formation. It was an enjoyable game to play today for me. Same will be the case for all the KITFO players I am sure. 
We started as underdogs today but as has been the case in most previous KITFO games, we let in a soft goal which cost us! Apart from the goal scored by Rafa and another long range effort from Mkul which hit the pole, the game was equally contested! It was heartening to see all the players giving their best and playing for each other as a unit while remaining on the same page for most of the 80mins. 
We played 4-3-3, mixing short passes with the long balls to the strikers. I started at RB and enjoyed a lot of space and time on the ball. I tried to do as instructed - dribble with the ball along the flank and either put a ball to the RW or a cross into the box. My crossing was shite today with all crosses except for one going behind the strikers. Before KO I was cautious about Siddhu and his pace down the left flank but we did well as a unit to keep him off the game for most parts. Second half, I got the opportunity to play at RCM and tried to spread the game to the flanks. I also whacked Ashubh on more than a couple of occasions but it seems Shaurav didnt like that and returned the favour. Apologies to Ashubh. I felt that Dan and Robby had a good game today and Dev had the chance to put his name in the score books very late in the game but it was not to be.  
It again shows how competitive the TZLC has become, as against KITFO, BT had loaned a 12th player-KS and kept one of their players on the bench. BT did not create any clear chances with KITFO defending well. I feel VG is too good to be wasted on the flank. The ease with which he shibhoboed-Jon and Sherry was a treat. It was also surprising to see Bhanda starting on the bench with Anks not available. 
KS or Shetty as he was being called today, playing on loan for BT after the BT fans had appealed to the ADC regarding an incident involving him, did well to keep away from any more controversies. 
Finally, happy with the game but disappointed with the result! Congrats to both teams for a good game and thanks to coach/ADC - Mr. Khare! 
BT's Review By Pam 
BT formation: 4-4-2, Andysu (GK); Sagger (LB) - Karan Shetty (LCD) - Rafa/Bhanda (RCD) - Pam (RB); Sidwo? (LCM) - Shubhankar (LCM) - Mukul (RCM) - Jehan (RM); Niraj (ST)-Shaurav (ST). BT were without their regular Centreback Ankush today as he had to pull out at the last minute due to personal reasons. We had loaned Karan Shetty in place of Ankush after his performance against AA just a few days ago, and it was a good decision that we made based on his performance today. Also Rafa who was tentative for this game confirmed his availability last evening so we had 12 players going into this game. We decided to move away from our regular 3-5-2 formation and adopted the 4-4-2 as we did not want to take a risk defensively, since Ankush was missing. Rafa started in the playing eleven with Bhanda on the bench. In the first 10 mins of the game itself we realised that it was going to be a tough game to win as KITFO were continuously dominating us in our own half and we were struggling to get the ball away into the opposition half. The energy levels started dipping as the sun rose above the horizon , BT were able to take advantage of this and moved the ball around better. Majority of the first half was a midfield duel with Shubhankar and Mukul trying to feed the strikers, whenever we lost the ball KITFO would start a counter attack which we were luckily able to break off. The offsides helped us a lot, there were many of them in the first half which we were able to catch and helped in breaking off the KITFO counters. BT got their first goal when Rafa took a chance at the target from about 40 yards out and managed to beat the keeper. Not sure whether it was a clearance or a shot but we were happy to take the lead at that time. Soon after though Rafa recieved a yellow card for obstructing a player near the Dee area, it was an unnecessary foul as it was near the Dee area plus Andysu seemed to be in a comfortable position to collect the ball anyway. Maybe Rafa was being to cautious at the time, but it shows us that the defenders need to improve the level of communication with the goalkeeper.  
The second half was relatively more free flowing than the first one, BT enjoyed a good spell of possession in the KITFO half and we tried to move the ball to the wings and cross it in. Sidwho? is such an amazing player on the wings and its a shame that we could not use him to his full potential today, he hardly got any chances to run down the line and cross the ball in. This is another area we need to work on - playing in from the wings. KITFO were taking their chances as they came by, mostly on the counters. The game begame a bit harder as well in the second half, Niraj was at the recieving end of a challenge from Amti, Pam and Manoj collided, Mukul and Sherry exchanged a few kicks on the shins - all signs of the determination of each team to win the game. There was a scary moment towards the second half for BT when KITFO took a a corner and the ball was pin-balling in our dee area, it could have easily gone in. Pam got a brilliant chance as well when he was one on one with the keeper but could not finish it due to his terrible touch. BT did not take the five minutes offerred to them in either halves, we were happy to end the game early as the late challenge count was rising as well. We were just 5 late changes short of 20 but again we need to make sure we control our aggression and as 15 late challenges is a high number as well. The game ended at the same scoreline, KITFO definitely being the better team today and were unlucky to drop points today. BT move onto a slew of closely packed games and this win will provide us with the confidence of performing well in our other games. 
Tiger's Review as LP 
I would like to thank our Respected Coach and ADC to allow me to be a LP for this match. By following Coach's tips and strategy, KITFO have started playing well in recent matches and today was the same case. They played well, dominated the game. According to me ;a draw could have been a fair result. Mistake by Rakesh in goals allowed BT to take the lead. Could have been avoided. Still KITFO fought till the end. At the end of the second half they pressed well and created enough chances. John could have converted either of those. BT also played well and created scoring chances but Amartya did well in goals to stop couple of them. 
The moment of the day was catching Snowtop; looking at the chick doing jogging/walking around the cricket ground. He was in the theatre of dreams for sometime :-). I was thinking what's the matter with our Snowtop and I looked back and got shocked..Ohhh..here I caught you..I called him - Snowtoppppp => he woke up and looked round for a while with a startled expression, unable to realize where he was...Game ON afterwards !!  
@Snowtop : just kidding dude but yes I caught you man !! 
Hard luck KITFO and congrats BT..Thank You. 
Amar's Review as a KITFO player 
Starting lineup: Rakesh(GK), Sagar, Sharad, Sameer, Manoj, Rajib, Amartya, Amit, VK, Dan, Groo 
Subs: Ravi, Dev 
Formation 4-3-3 
KITFO started well in the first half with decent amount of passing and pressing BT. Dan did a good job keeping BT defenders on their toes. The strong def and a clear strategy to push the game forward worked well. The dominance in midfield helped kitfo. Once again kitfo let in a soft goal. A shot from a distance lofted over the Rakesh(GK) head for a goal. Was it stoppable? Probably ‘Yes’ what most of the players would feel… but I feel that in the first place the shot shouldn’t have been allowed. No one charged at the player… kitfo cannot allow any player in the last quarter or somewhere near it having a free time on the ball… after this the 20 mins change happened (a bit late though). Amartya went in as GK. A similar incident happened and another lofted ball almost went in. 
Second half Rake back as GK initially. Rajib and Amit(MID) swapped positions with Keano and Sherry. Amar with Sagar. Some phase of 2nd half was scrappy but there were moments where a glimpse of 1st half was seen. Ravi, Dan, VK had a good game. Manoj and Groo swapped their positions sometime in between. BT has a decent midfielders who keep creating chances due to their technical ability and ball control. After Amartya moving to GK their were couple of chances for BT to score from 1-on-1 situation but were blocked. 
Overall a competitive match but a tidy match well fought from both sides. 
The help from coach on the formation and strategy was a great help. Kitfo players knew what to do and probably did their part depending on their ability and understanding. Today’s game is an example that good and mature strategy is very-very important. Once again thanks a lot to coach! 
Mishti's version of the match 
KITFO formation: 4-3-3 
Defense: Manoj, Sherry, Sameer, Sagar 
Mid: Rajib, Amar, Amit 
Forwards: Groo, Dan, VK 
Subs: Ravi, Dev, Rakesh 
Thanks again to coach for helping out with the formation for this match. BT is always a very good squad, lots of potential and all the squad possess great technical ability. We were arranged in 4-3-3 formation, compact in defense in mid and also with options going up. KITFO settled well, passing the ball around, even in opposition half very calmly. I must say, passing game was certainly not a plan today, we were asked to move the ball up in opposition half as soon as possible. But for our good, the game settled nicely where both the teams tried to outpass each other trying to play the game in a beautiful way. 
It was once again we conceded a goal out of very novice defending. From a corner, the team forgot to push up when the ball was cleared. Rafa scored from a powerful shot past Rakesh. We tried our best to make a comeback rest of the game. Perhaps we should blame our inability to finish for not earning at least a point in this match. Congratulations BT for their win. 
Bhanda ran (He came on in the 20th min) 
3.78 km 5,615 steps 245 Cal 
MR By Khare 
I am honoured by those of you who thanked me for guiding KITFO this morning. Sherry had indeed come up with a strategy of sorts and at 9.30 last night when I had a look at it, I was a bit startled. I set up something I would've done if I was coach, once again not on HOW to play against a certain team but how to play the sort of game that EVERYONE playing would enjoy and hopefully those watching too.  
I am always looking to the players trying their hand at a bit of strategy etc but it will always be difficult for them on account of them being one of the lads. Implementing a strategy needs the backing and trust of the players and being one of the lads does not necessarily allow you that. For me of course it's a different case. In all probability if I had told them to play the match wearing their studs on opposite feet they would've. Maybe they'd have murmured their discontent at HT but they would've listened. So don't you worry Sherry. 
All the players at KITFO now understand that I have no ulterior motive in coaching them something dodgy. I will always help them on their way. I always emphasize that for a technically stronger player that comes to me I will be a guide. EVEN for those that are weaker, I will be a guide. Coaching is just trying to show others what you already know. Coaching becomes easier when the players trust, respect and listen to you. No doubt sometimes coaching is required. Like KICK the ball this way, YES, BECAUSE I say so!! But that usually happens with kids. With Adults it's the same but said in such a way that the person will listen! 
I am intensely pleased that so many players from KITFO took the time to send in their Review. The view point of a number of players always gives you an insight on what that person thought. Amar's correct in noting (he say's so in his Video interview also) that if the players would have put Rafa under pressure or chased the clearance or pass then the Rafa may not have socred, even the shot against Amar himself. This is what I call switching off or ball watching. Usually it's rare for the entire team to switch off (It's always the GK!!!) but this time they all did. Very similar to Mantan's against KITFO the other day although Mantans was slightly better executed. Mishti pointed out that I had stated we should Kick and Rush and then pass the ball about in their half. Well my guess is that either Mishti wasn't there during the team talk or he was looking at Robby! (Btw Mishti and Amar hope you dont have anyone staying or commuting through the locality where the Flyover has just collapsed...Sad stuff...) Anyway I had CLEARLY stated that IF the players FELT that they were MATURE enough to PASS the ball out, that they had TIME and CONFIDENCE then they should pass the ball about....I just said that they should NOT feel ASHAMED at kicking the ball out for a Throw in or corner or just thwacking it up if they were unsure. WE ALL KNEW that that could happen so EVERYONE was prepared. 
I really appreciate many of the players emailing me personally also. It is indeed overwhelming. Even if it was preplanned!!!! 
To the match analysis now...... 
There was no doubt in my mind that BT would pass the ball about. But as I said before I didn't mention that to KITFO. KITFO had done the same to RW and now BT. But against RW it was PLAIN AND SIMPLE Kick and Rush or Route 1. This morning it was that and much more!!! 
The KITFO blokes played calmly, passing the ball about with assurity. The defenders also did the same and cleared when necessary. No doubt the 3 up front performed to the best of their ability. Out of the 4 that were rotated, I thought Dan and Robby had VERY good games. Dev still goes AWOL soemtimes and VK is still confused about which leg he should use. I'm glad he doesn't involve the hidden one too!! Yuck!! For me Groo who was playing at RW was the ONLY bloke getting caught offside. I will be asking him tomorrow if he has some straight line disease or he needs specs. A player on the WING should NEVER get caught off. END OF STORY! 
There's NO DOUBT both sets of players saw that the Ref was a bit lenient this morning. All were tough chracters and all were trying to play the game. I sort of stopped calling LC's and started awarding FK's when I thought it would be unfair if the by the time the full time whistle went and one side would be on 20 while the other 19. Both were equally at fault so I let the match end without adding more LC's.  
As long as they clobber each other UNKNOWINGLY it can be excused!!! And if they ensure that they are looking after the welfare of the oppenent.... 
Red stated that VG is too good a player that he should play on the flank...Hmmnnnn....I would indeed reiterate that if I was you Red. Crappy players are NEVER placed on the flank, in fact STRONGER crossers and dribblers are ALWAYS placed on the flank and now you'll understand what you missed in your statement, IF THEY ARE SURE TO GET A LOT OF THE BALL!!! Then it would be wise to play a stronger passer and more aware player in the middle. According to me Mkul and his bro Ashubh are quality players. But they are brothers so unless they share the same toothbrush and other stuff, they SHOULDN'T play together. That's my take on that. Of ALL the formations, 4-4-2 is the easiest to get on with it. A top team like BT should not have faltered. But Bhanda coming late..has everyone seen his dotter? In the MP and the Highlights Show, I'm sure happy she doesn't look like Bhanda!! 
As Tiger so clinically observed, Snowtop should be dropped if his loins garner more importance than the match he is playing. I don't think I like the term chick though used for the fairer sex. I can't remember too much of the match and as Mayur has NOT written anything I'dbe happy of some of you sent me some approximate times of what happened when. I'd love to carry a little notebook around with me and not down every thing I found Video worthy but then WHEN would I ref? 
I will talk personally with everyone when I get the chance if I have anything to say but you cn gauge what I tought about your performances through the ratings sheet. 
Salagahle and Siyabonga!!! 
Sat 02/04/16 
BI (0) 0 Vs RW (0) 3 
RW - Mantan 48.21 Ivan 51.14 JJ 61.20 
MO's - AA - Arun, Neel BE - Suraj, Harshad BT - ​Siddhu, Mukul PACU - Kapil and Meeraj RH - Shivam and Beeraj 
BI - 1. Anand - (value 0.38 MTZR - out travelling) - in place we would like to loan Sean (value 0.37 MTZR - AA) - DL 2. Daniel (value 0.48 MTZR - out travelling) - in place we would like to loan Amu (value 0.47 MTZR - RH) - DL 
BI Squad - 1. Atul 2. Karan 3. Rango 4. Manoj 5. Gaurav 6. Sachin 7. Hatkar 8. Dhruv 9. Adu (ADCY) 10.Sean (on loan subject to approval) 11.Amu (on loan subject to approval) 12.Uday (tentative) 13.Ajoo (on bench) 
RW Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Nishant Pravin Monga Mannu Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit 
BI Preview By Chinchin Click Here to See MP!!! 
Another big game for both teams - RW have only a few games left and wins in all will ensure them the 1st Division - BI can play spoil sport to their party as there is one more fixtures against BI itself. BI will for sure not RW have it easy. BI will be missing its two star players for this month but are not stirred as BI will take players on loan who will perfectly fill the gap for its missing pair. For this match BI will stick to its formation of 4:5:1 or may even try a 4:6 formation like advised by COACH in the last review. BI plan for this game will be to plan zonal with deep defending, player to player marking, be patient and look to attack only on the counter and also some player position changes may happen compared to the last few games the team has been playing. BI will look to score an early goal and put RW under pressure. 
The team request the BI fans to continue to support the team like always and be ready for an exciting match. 
RW Preview By 135 Click HERE to See MP!!! 
BI simply put are the Giant Slayers of TZLC, we have a history of playing some of our worst game against them, Keeping that in mind as well as their counter attacking system we will up our game to match theirs. Danny Anand and KS have combined wonderfully to overcome the likes of PACU and RH. We have to set the record straight and get the result against Icemen. 
Jonty Ran as CD in a back 3 and CM (For more Info CLICK HERE!!!!) 
ChinChin Ran 
Position RB 
Steps 7969 
Distance 6.97km 
Calories 1186 
Peak Heart Rate 144bpm 
Average Heart Rate 116bpm 
BI's Review By Ahjoo 
BI once again had to make some last minute adjustments with loans for this game. BI thanks the ADC & RE for approving the same.  
BI played a Formation - 4:5:1 
Parmesh (on loan GK); Sachin(RB) , Amu(on loan - CB) Atul (CB), Dhruv (LB); Gaurav (LW), Rango(CMF), Sean(CMF), Karan(CMF), Zhakaas(RW); Hatki (ST) 
RW were no doubt the stronger team today they managed to keep most of possessions and made some good runs to break the defense line of BI and score 3 goals. BI had a good game in the first half were they managed to hold the RW pressure and stop them from scoring. The second half the BI mid-field was playing a higher line and could not fall back quickly thus putting more pressure on BI defense which resulted in the goals.  
In the first half Hatki got a good chance to score one - on one with keeper but in a hurry to finish the shot he hit it straight in the keepers hands. Also a golden chance missed by BI was from a cross by Jhakas which went passed three BI players just in front of the RW goal-line but unfortunately none could put it in the net. If these chances were converted the final result may been in BI favour.  
BI could not hold possession for long when we had the ball which resulted in lesser attacking chances being created. One important thing is BI players need to show more passion when on field there are only a few in the team showing the passion required the others have show the same passion in their game and BI will get better results.  
BI apologies to it's fans and will ensure that the last few games of the season the team performance will be much better.  
Amonk Ran as a RM 
6.2 Km's 
Sparky's short Review as Loanee for BI 
BI had a good first half considering that RW was moving the ball around quickly. I personally tried to fill in the gaps so that Amu and Atool could support them. 
I could have done better to play holding midfielder but it is impossible to fill Daniel's shoes. 
I had some great chances but couldn't convert them. I should have scored one of the two. It could have changed the flow of the game. 
Second half was harder for BI as RW pushed harder. Well fought game but in the end RW took control.  
Rango, Karan S and Amu did well for BI and so did Guni. 
RW's Review By 135 
A hard game for both the teams with the Sun increasing the difficulty level as the game progressed. BI with their defensive wall were great through out the first half their strategy to counter via the wings worked everytime they countered and they quiet easily created numerous chances through out the game with Sparky in blistering form laying off to the wings...on one of the corners we conceded BI played it short and KS thumped in a slow bouncy ball which took too long to reach Ketan and one of the BI players missed connecting with the ball from one foot outta the Goal Line....had that goal been scored ...it definitely would have changed the game.BI were solid at the back and dangerous upfront through out. We created a few chances in the first Half but failed to convert where it matters.We played 3-4-3 with Ketan in goals, Jonty CD Lalit RCD Avi LCD Monga RM Karan Cm Sarva CM Mannu LM Taufa Nishant Pravin Strikers from Left to right. BI made it very difficult for us to get the 1st goal which was late into the 2nd half with the sun beating down hard on every one...A move started on the left by Sarva , El Loco released Mannu but Amu got to it first but his clearance let him down as Mannu was through on Goal. Second was when Taufa released Taufa who stayed on side to score 1 on 1 with the keeper. 3rd again was courtesy El loco released Birthday Boy Pravin scored 1 on 1 again. BI came back strong everytime they won the ball and we were lucky not to concede when Ketan Fumbled a low & slow bouncy shot but saved it to from going over the line and made up for that fumble when he came up to meet the danger Head on to avoid 1 on 1 situations. Apart from that we really need more composure and possession upfront as well as more shots on goal especially from the CMs and wingers. We know where we need to improvisewe need to do that quick. Kudos to BI for a great game, i am sure they missed Andy and Danny who are in sensational form.Hope they are back for the next one. El Loco might not be there from the next game onwards and we will surely Miss his services and he was instrumental today to a great extent in creating all the goals...way to go El Loco. Best of Luck. It was great to play with a player of your calibre. 
Rock's Review as LP 
Thank you Coach for appointing me as one of the LP. The first half was very exciting, with both teams evenly matched. RW had more possession, but BI had the better offensive moves and chances. While Amu controlled the defence, the mid-field worked hard, with Sean and Karan Shetty doing a great job. BI's best chances fell to the Hatkinator, one which he hit directly to the RW keeper, the second a thumper from the halfway line that almost embarrassed the RW keeper. 
The second half started off well, but the first goal for RW from Mantan, from a defensive error, took the wind out of BI's sails. Their players look tired, and RW from then enjoyed probably 80% possession. Their defensive line was parked on the halfway line, and had to run back only for the occasional BI foray. In the last 10-15 minutes, RW was at its best, playing their 1-2s, which they were not able to do for most of the match. The BI defence completely broke down, allowing RW two easy goals. RW could have had at least 2 more goals, but for poor finishing. 
This could have been a different game, had BI taken advantage of the early scoring opportunities that they had in the first half. Congratulations to RW, and well fought BI.  
Amu's Review as Loanee 
I would like to thanks BI for taking me on a loan for such an important game. It was tough playing against much fitter and faster side like RW. They controlled the game for most parts. BI played well in parts but its very difficult to have good understanding when key players are missing. After first goal I thought spirit went down and then they scored 2 more goals. Congratulations RW and hard luck BI. 
MR By Khare 
RW are surely unbeatable or at least the most terrifying club to play against in the TZLC8 is what is on everyone's minds. RW are NOT perfect, not by a long shot but the way they are playing and the way they work TOGETHER can be testament to the fact that they are at least close to being an accomplished side. 
The Warriors have a bloke in charge, not JJ, but 135 who is exceptional in his dedication to ensure that his club stick to winning ways. He does a lot of homework and when he needs a little insight into some formation or strategy, he does not hesitate to call me. THIS is the major factor behind RW's persistency. 
Unfortunately, the clubs they've faced have tried to beat RW's tenacity and technical expertise (ball control etc) with their own ammo in the same calibre. But they haven't realized that they DON'T have the same ammo. RW have players that are now SO USED to playing in a specific position that it's become second nature. 90% of the time when a long ball is played out by the opposition or by their own team mates, an RW player controls it. How many other clubs can boast of that? BT maybe? I'm not talking about individuals here, I'm talking about the collective. Except for possible JJ and Sleepy I can't see a player that is technically weak. Not to say that JJ and Sleepy are weak technically, I mean they have other positives. JJ's bone headed unconventional perseverence and Sleepy's speed and work hard whatever happens attitide. They all work together. Which club can say the same thing? So this Match Report or analysis covers not only the match but HOW a club needs to face up against an opponent. Tactics to be used etc. 
KITFO and BE EXPOSED RW's frailities. THE HIGH BALL!!! The PRESSING!! That's the solution to play against RW. I tried to reveal it many times in my reports but NO Team has caught on. Now that RW have virtually WON the League and possibly ALL the trophy's again I think it's safe for me to show you all a few sneak tidbits on how to play against certain teams. 
You CANNOT play RW or a club that is technically strong in each dept. and works well together as a unit by playing the same way they play....UNLESS you have players of EQUAL if not BETTER abilities. I don't think that is the case. 
So you need to PRESS and give them no time to think. BE and KITFO did that, but they were unable to have a chance because of GK errors and their lack of players with a high technical ability and a finisher. 
In this match BI played the defend and counter game. For BI it was NEVER going to work, EVEN with the Referee being blatantly partial towards them many a time. Although RW did react a bit, they got ON with it. BI CANNOT play the defend and counter game if No. 1 they can't finish and No. 2 they don't have players that are technically strong and FIT. The REF let his old student, AVGKL Parmesh, go on 2 occasions. The first was when Paresh took a 100 steps and then the Ref WARNED him and gave the excuse that EL Loco had appealed with raised arms so he won't give the red card and give the goalie a warning...THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN in the TZLC!! Rubbish!! Even though EL Loco was playing under observation and he had INDEED raised his arms to appeal, the Ref CANNOT use this to excuse Paresh. The ADC feels the Ref Khare has reffed for too long and is losing it so the ADC has appointed his twin bro from Scotland Mr. Mc'Curry to officiate the next matches of the season UP until Mr. Khare screws his head on the right way. The other time was when Rock the LP called for an offside which the Ref spotted but as the long ball was going to the Keeper the Ref LOUDLY yelled GOALKEEPERS BALL, so NOT giving the offside as the ball in the GK's hands is a BIGGER advantage. Paresh PROCEEDED to kick the ball to an RW player who passed to JJ and he SCORED! What did the Ref do? He DISALLOWED the goal!!! Good grief! If you stretch it a bit, YES the Ref did right, BUT IN ALL fairness, the REF had CLEARLY called that ADVANTAGE is the Ball in hands therefore as the R and R states, that IF AN ADVANTAGE is GAINED then the game should CONTINUE and the ball should not be brought back for a previous offence. 
If you are a passing team, then pass the ball about but don't be afraid to vary the moves with a long ball or two. Keep the defenders guessing. ALWAYS play to the STRENGTHS of your team and NOT to DEFEND against the opposition. Some clubs do it the other way round. Think of the opposition and then PLAN against their side. This tactic can ONLY be done if EACH PLAYER in the side is EXCEPTIONAL and they KNOW what to do on the RARE occasion that they do gain possession. A club should ALWAYS start from the BACK, this includes the Keeper. A good keeper, Good defenders then you build it up. BI had so many players that were weak technically that they made errors that gave RW chances. When you have to defend for 80 or 90 mins then you have to be SURE of your clearances. 
I'd have LOVED to play against the 3 man back line!! As a ST or a CM. Why? THERE's SO MUCH SPACE!!!! The 3 man back line need to be SO WELL VERSED in their positioning and with their communication plus linked to their Cm's too. They need to have 2 fantastically fit wing mf's also. A number of players come to mind that can exploit the 3 man back line. Satsut, Ashubh and believe it or not Shaurav. Shaurav is GOOD in the air and on the ground. Better in the air mostly. Avi, Jonty and especially Sleepy CANNOT play the aerial balls and players ruching in at them. They can't play against dibblers too. I rate Vikus very highly in his Cm role. He can ATTACK and defend, my OLD STYLE Cm. Ivan could be a classy Cm to but sometimes he's lazy and plays in that Cf or glorified AM role. Ivan is another class act. Without these two working, RW will be lost. You think about 135 and I find weakness in his handling of dribblers, and he wants to keep holding your hand!!! He's clearly trying shots but NOT working!! He has great lungs and doesn't mind playing the simple ball and also keeps RW on the right track with his handling of team mates. WIthout 135 RW is not the same. Chinchin complained that his ears took a roasting from Atool and Jonty. But Atool is actually working on his berating of players, one such incident where he changed his manner totally while telling off a player, he said it in a much nicer way, I told him during the game and will say well done now also. It's diffficult to change old habits. Jonty's calling as a Cd is VERY IMPORTANT. He keeps his players on their toes all the time, it isn't crazy yelling. Especially with the exceptional young talent Ketan S GK. The biggest problem is he is eccentric and that is ALWAYS a worry for any defender. 
So now 135 will be frowning at me leaking to everyone how I'd play against RW. SO 135 is asking, how do WE play against a team which plays the high ball and presses? Here's what you do 135, you tell your players NOT to worry about PASSING the ball out. Even your side should get the ball out of danger first THEN think about it later. It's obvious, for those that don't think it is, well I'm telling you now, when a ball is played directly at your defenders in the air or over them the pressing side will be looking for 2nds. This means they won't bother too much on WINNING the ball unless they have a player like Harsh (BE) or Shaurav (BT) all they'll be looking for is to WIN the ball off the defenders clearance or control. So they are ONE step ahead of the defending team as for the team defending the high ball, their players will find it difficult to read the ball as they are FACING their own goal!!! 
As the season comes to an end, yup only 2 months left for those with something to fight for, League Champions, 2nd Div Title, Cup competitions, Promotion and pride. A great season it's been and I hope you agree with me! 
There are rumours that another clun will be forming and I hope that what I suggested a few days ago will happen too, so BI and BE will face off to stay in the 2nd as there will be a 3rd Div in the TZLC9. 
At least 8 more Highlights Shows to go! This weeks should come up tonight or tomorrow, the previews for next week have been delayed due to BI's UNA issues so I'll be releasing that tomorrow!! I'm abruptly ending the MR as I have to work on the highlights show!! 
Oh yes one more thing, a reminder - LP's and AR's review MUST reflect on the thoughts that went through your mind during the match, NOT about the match but regarding the decisions you faced, why you weren't concentrating, BB's who were lazy etc. SR and Cm could write in to explain how they managed to do a good job? etc.... 
Take Care all of you!!! Oh yes, Happy Bday JJ!!!