23rd Week 
Mon 21/03/16 
ADC CUP REPLAY Both clubs agreed to play an 80 min match 
BI (1) 1 Vs RH (0) 0 
BI - Danny 24.56 
BI - SQUAD - 1. Atul 2. Karan 3. Anand 4. Manoj 5. Sachin 6. Rango 7. Dhruv 8. Hatkar 9. Uday 10. Daniel 11. Adu (ADCY / AA) 12. Amarnath (on loan subject to approval) 
BI - 1. Ringa (value 0.27 MTZR) - out - exams - in place we would like to loan Amarnath (PACU - value 0.38 MTZR) - outfield player - AVPL EMERGENCY LOAN Hatki - value .32mtzr out traveling for work in place we would like to loan Atigre value 0.29mtzr as GKL. 
RH - SQUAD: 1. Sagar P 2. Rajib N 3. Amartya M 4. Akshai S 5. Shivam S 6. Nikhil B 7. Ameya D (c) 8. Rajesh B 9. Prashant G 10. Mangesh P 11. Sean M (on loan as GK) 12. Parmesh N (on loan from ADC list) una - Neeraj(injured), Gambhir(work) 
RH - 1. DIRECT GK LOAN: Tushar P - unavailable due to work: ADC's current valuation = 340k TZR as GK Sean M - on loan from AA: ADC's current valuation = 290k TZR as GK (Sean is ava to play outfield earlier but RH could not contact him today to play as GK. In case he is unable to play as GK due to injury or any other reason, we request permission to change the loan ) 2. DIRECT LOAN Ashwin G - unavailable due to work: ADC's current valuation = 380k TZR Parmesh N - on loan from ADC List: ADC's current valuation = 300k TZR 
BI Preview By Chinchin Click Here to SEE MP!!!! 
This is the re-match for the ADC cup QF. BI have just finished celebrating their big victory in the league game day-before. The win has given the moral boosting the team needed. The team has found the sync and are playing as a unit. BI will stick to the 4:5:1 formation. This game there is going to be a change in positions in the mid-filed line & defense line-up. BI hope this change works in its favour. BI will play the same game plan as it has been playing since the past few games of trying to keep a compact defense and attack on the counter. BI is sure the fans will love the game and request them to come in large numbers to support and cheer the team. BI are going to go all out for the win and wish RH all the best. 
RH's Preview By Red Click Here to SEE MP!!!! 
RH have not had a great time in the knock-out competitions this season. We have drawn one and lost another. We have a second opportunity to progress through to the next round but we come up against a resurgent BI who have had a couple of positive results in their previous games against strong opposition. We on the other hand are still slowly progressing on the injury front but missing a few important individuals due to work. BI also has emerged as a team that likes to move the ball across the width of the pitch and Eagles is instrumental in running the show in midfield. Mid-season signings by Ajoo have been superb and have ensured that BI are now a force to reckon! But the Icemen have their strength in the central areas of the pitch. We will have to use the flanks to good effect and put pressure on their RB/LB so as to create openings. Making chances through the middle may prove difficult. But we ourselves do not have traditional wide players going forward so it will be a challenge for us! From the past experiences, this game promises to be a very entertaining one. We look forward to the game and wish the Icemen luck! 
BI's Review By Ahjoo 
BI's winning streak continues which is a good sign towards the last leg of this season. BI started with 4:5:1 formation - Atigre(on loan - GK); Manoj(LB), Amarnath(on loan-CD), Atul(CD), Adu(RB); Sachin(RW), Karan(CMF), Anand(CMF), Rango(CMF) Dhruv(LW); Daniel(ST) - the change in the midfield by bringing Andy outof defense into CMF and pushing Daniel upfront paid up as they along with Karan & Rango were able to put constant pressure on RH. BI constant attacking move resulted in them scoring the goal. The goal came by an assist from Rango to Daniel who made no mistake and had a clean finish. BI played an attacking first half through the 40mins. The second half saw RH attacking more and put the BI mid-field and defense under a lot of pressure but unfortunately RH cloud not finish and BI managed to defend deep and keep RH from scoring. Atigre & Amar playing on loan did a great job today. Overall BI team members are now looking & feeling more confident, playing their positions and also passing the ball around well. BI move to semifinal leg of the ADC Cup. BI thanks it's fans for the support & Hope they are happy with the team's progress. 
Rock's Review as LP 
Thank you Coach for making me a linesman for this match. It was a very entertaining encounter, with clean football and attacks by both sides. Neither team dominated, although I felt BI was the better side and probably could have won by a larger margin. Andy Pandy was guilty of missing a couple of easy scoring opportunities, although he was wonderful in the midfield with a very high work rate. Dan was also good as usual, but I felt he could have released the ball much quicker on many occasions. RH built up their attacks really well, but there was no coordination in the final quarter of the field, reflecting in almost no shots on goal. They also wasted all their free kicks, which at a minimum, need to test the keeper. Tiger did well on the few times he was called into action. All in all, an enjoyable game to watch, and congratulations to BI for the win! 
Tiger's Review as AVGKLoanee for BI 
I thank BI management and Ajoo for taking me on loan for this important reply encounter against a solid RH. Again a superb team performance from Icemen and got the deserved result. Deserved I said because BI totally dominated the game in every department. Special to mention, Respected Coach had mentioned that Andy should play in the mid and today he played there which I think was a key point. What a coordination between Karan, Danny and Andy..too good !! Also Manoj, Amma (super loan from Ajoo), Atul and Chinchin were rock solid behind. Rango, Uday, Dhruv, Adu played to the positions very well..Important is BI passed the ball very well. In the first half I had nothing to do coz no as such shot on target by RH. Second half I had to make a couple of average saves which I did. Looks like RH have lost their rhythm. They also created chances but to be honest neither they were not passing nor taking the shots from/near the D top. Every player went for a solo run and lost. I think Amu is the best person who can play the awesome through balls to the strikers but he wasn't there, instead busy in defensive midfield. RH missed Gambo. RH is a very strong side with superb technical potential but didn't play to it and simply lost. I would like to thank Ajoo for his superb job off the field. BI's fear factor is back. Congrats BI and hard luck RH. 
Ivan's Review as AR 
I would like to thank the ADC for appointing me as the AR for today's cup match between BI and RH. The game was an intense affair with both sides hassling each other. BI controlled the game in the first half thanks to solid displays from rango karan and Andy in the midfield. Danny was getting the job done at the top, scoring a goal thanks to a perfectly weighted pass by rango. This goal proved to be the difference between the two teams. RH came out strong in the second half and got close to scoring on many occasions. Maybe on another day they would've scored. BI did well to absorb the pressure and hold on despite giving away too many indirect free kicks inside the D. They were lucky RH didn't manage to score. Ahjoo has done well to get together a solid team. BI may very well be the underdog who can slay the giants! Congratulations to BI on progressing to the semis and all the best for the rest of the season. And best of luck to RH for the rest of the season! 
RH's Review By Red 
RH started with 4-5-1: Sean-GK; Akshai-RB, Mangs-RCB, Rajib-LCB, Nikhil-LB; Amar-RM, Shiv-RCM, TC-LCM, Amu-LCM, Parmesh-LM; Sagar-ST Disappointing result for us to crash out of the ADC Cup. Well deserved victory for the Icemen! We made the mistake of playing both TC and Shiv in midfield as both did not play to their zones. First half did not go as per plan and we left huge gaps in midfield allowing BI to run at our defense and put a lot of pressure on us. Danny playing at ST should have allowed us to run the show from midfield but that did not happen. Rajib and Mangs had done very well to defend under pressure but on one occasion Danny's quality and calmness made the difference as he slotted the ball cutting in from the left. Second half we made the changes, Sumanta came in for Nikhil, Amar in CM, Parmesh at RM and Sagar at LM with TC going up. These changes enabled us to get more control in midfield but we failed to finish any chances after a lot of pressure on BI. Once BI score first, its very difficult to get back as these guys defend very resolutely! We still could have used the width to get behind the defense and create chances but for some reason we chose the direct route and went through the middle. We managed to win a few IDFK in the penalty box or close to it but lacked some creativity to score from such situations. Tiger also made a couple of decent saves but the efforts on target were not good enough! In the end, BI deservedly go through! Congratulations to BI and best of luck to them! There may be a few questions arising regarding the performances in the recent past but there is not lack of effort from any of our players and we will prefer to give a reply on the field in the upcoming games! 
Pam's Review as LP 
Thank you ADC for appointing me as the LP for today's game. Today's game between BI and RH was important for a lot of people and for many reasons. Firstly, it was a replay game, probably the first of its kind in TZLC's history. Secondly, both teams had a point to prove - BI were desperate to claim back their advantage from the last time the same game was played which for them was a fairly contested , while on the other hand RH hoped to play a guilt free game where they did not have to worry about getting into dodgy tackles with players less than half their players' age. The game began on an even, fairly balanced note as both teams tried to pass the ball around and build up proper moves. This being my first game as LP after a long time, I was found guilty by the ref in the opening minute for watching the game and not doing my job by not signalling for a throw- in. Apologies to the ADC about that incident but also thanks to the Ref for pulling me out of my sleep. BI were defending in the first half at my end, Amma was great at the back like he always is, constantly reading the game and calling out to players to fill into their positions whenever they drifted away. BI had players on the wing but they preferred to use the central, narrow channel of the field for most of their attacking moves forward. Ironically, the one time the ball moved to the wider area in the opposition half, Rango pounced onto the ball and crossed it in to Danny, who got into position with a couple of touches and slotted it in beautifully across the keeper. Great goal to watch from my angle, will have to watch the highlights to see how it looked on camera! This was unexpected for RH to go a goal down so early in the game and they would have to come up with something extraordinary to stay in the contest! The first half otherwise was mostly about the ball moving in the midfield area between the two sides, both sides not really able to make incisive moves and trouble the opposition defenders. In the second half, RH brought Sumanta on which suggested that they were going in for the kill. But in spite of having the ammunition, RH seemed to be missing the desire to attack like a manic animal and win the game. I remember when RH started their second half, they passed the ball all the way back to their keeper and then changed wings! Maybe it is the lack of confidence, maybe it is the lactic acid accumulating the legs as a result of back to back recent games, maybe it is something else - I don't know. Rajesh Sir and Red worked hard on one side of the field to make sure that they were at the end of any incoming balls, in fact Rajesh Sir also got a touch on an incoming cross but was so unlucky not to score off that chance as a BI player (Tiger i think) got a leg to it. Tiger made some really good saves today, there was one save on a freekick where Tiger did well to move towards his left side and punch the ball away. There were a couple of other IFK's inside the BI dee as well but RH couldn't really capitalize. A good portion of the second half transpired in the BI end of the field as even BI preferred to defend the existing lead and take their chances on the counters only. There were one or two moves where three BI strikers were on the counter with the ball and were toying around with the RH defense, however they still could not score and increase their lead and the game ended at 1-0 to BI. Not exactly the kind of super exciting game that everyone was expecting, think I should also check with Monga as well about what he thinks about today's result ;) 
Amma's Review as Loanee for BI 
" Thanks Ajoo for loaning me for todays game. It was a surprising call up considering I was part of the defence that conceded 3 against BI (BI vs PACU game). Without meaning any disrespect to the super talented RH Team, it was a relatively easy outing for me. Throughout the game I had a few touches with my feet and made a couple of headers. The super 3 of BI - Karan, Andy and Danny were in their elements again today. I must however comment on the contributions of Rango in this star studded midfield. He goes unnoticed but today he was playing in front of me. He positions himself very well , breaks down attacks and releases the ball quickly to his mates. All the best to BI for the future to BI and hard luck RH." 
MR By Khare 
I could see Mishti was a bit peeved this morning as I had not said very nice things about him in the last MR. This time he should be happy though. At least everyone must realize that I don't take it easy on anyone. Mishti another player that I don't think wants to play in CD. I think the only player in RH that likes playing there is Mangs!! I must complement Mishti on his hard work. EVen though I mentioned that he is very small and slow to be a Cd, especially here on this big ground facing much bigger and faster opponents, MIshti never shirks away from his job or gets rattled easily. Thats what makes him well respected amongst his brethren. Unfortunately, RH has an over load of attacking players. More puzzlingly attacking riented players that are positionally weak. What Amma has said is not far from the truth. That with DAP, Danny and KS marshalling the central area, Rango's seems invisibe. But I have said so many moons ago that slowly Rango is coming to his element and I'm sure we'll see more of him as the Season quickly comes to an end. I just saw the calendar count down 149 days since the TZLC started! Wow!!! Danny playing as a Striker reminds me of the Spurs player Harry Kane, ONLY one GLARING difference, the face mask and most importantly Danny is way better in skill!!! With Danny up front BI had a ST that made constant runs off the defenders. Something not many ST in the TZLC are fond of doing. Many of them drop deep, look at RH's TC and Shiv on many occasions. So up front Danny work rate went down 10%..yes 10% only!! An example is when Danny had an opportunity to lob Sparky and was off target. I'm sure Danny was helping set up the move with DAP in his own half and a couple of secs later DAP was giving a through ball to who? Danny! Good Grief!! I have a fun time at times as the Ref when I am busy doing shuttles when attacks keep changing so I tease the CM's so many times telling them that I'm faster than you!! You should see the way they run suddenly!! This morning DAP giggled and thought he over took me!! Glad BI listened to me and pushed DAP into Cm. But I want to see DAP and Danny in CM. That would be BRILLIANT!! These two should play LCM and RCM Rango LLCM and KS RRCM with the flanks propped up by the rest of the pack....there's Groov, Hruday Ringa, Chinchin!! Hahah just realized that Jhakaas and Goony along with the lost Omi. What a HUGE squad!! That too Ahjoo desperate to come back.... SO I would play BI 4-6. As they don't have a proper striker and the opposition defenders will be wondering what the hell???? Describing RH is frustration personified. Why in heavens name do they keep DESTROYING a good formation? Why do they try and fix things that aint broke? I mean yes sometimes that is a necessity to play even better bit for RH this was a BIG mistake. My goodness when sometimes Kramer and a couple of others got possession could've run 4 or 5 20 metre shuttles, gone and bought an ice cream cone and still I wouldn't have missed much. RH are so SLOW. Like a snail that has been given anasthesia. That too in the 2nd H RH pressed BI. Thats only because BI lost the plot. The Ref had 3 or 4 opportunities to give a pen but he gave IFK as he had played advantage AND he thought the player wouldn't have scored from that position. Still if RH would have won they would NOT have deserved it. I must be extremely truthful now. RH need to loan ONE CD with a little pace. Then school them on positional play and tell then that the MOST needed player on the day will be picked. Bugger and codswallop to all the players that say they want to play up front and then make a face. In fact SHiv should be told to play in CD with Mangs as Shiv up front has been crapping up. But advice to RH is never taken in it's entirety by RH. RH once again collapsed in a big pile of uncertainty. Tiger made no errors and stopped what came in his way, well done. Sparky I thought was NOT prepared for Danny's shot....How can he NOT be? Rango's ball to Danny was a peach but Danny took it well. unfortunately the angle of the camera is misleading and also Satsut seemed to zoom in only at odd times. Satsut and his disciple were unaware I guess about the caera's audio and I have included some of their conversation also!!! 
Here's a sample of GOD!!! 
There's one of Yogi cursing Atool but I'll leave that one for the Highlights Show!!!! 
Tue 22/03/16  
RW (2) 4 Vs BE (0) 0 RW did not take the extra 5 mins in each half 
RW - Toufa 9.29 Amonk 29.30 Mantan 46 Vikus 59.57 
MO's - BI- Ajoo, Sachin AA- Sparky Mihir PACU-Kapil, Vicky RH- Neeraj Nikhil BT- Pam, Shaurav 
RW - Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Nishant Pravin Monga Mannu Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva 
BE - 1: Atul Shah (210, BI) as per AVGKL 
BE Squad 1 Sharad 2 Amit 3 Manoj 4 Varun 5 Jaidev 6 Sameer 7 Jaideep 8 Harsh 9 Devendra 10 Gururaj 11 Rakesh 12 Suman 13 Suraj 14 Atul Shah(AVGK) 
RW's Preview By 135 Click Here to Read the MP!!!! 
RW is coming off two disappointing draws against PACU and RH and need to find the right equation to get the results rolling in our favour again. BE is a great resilient side and with the addition of John and Sumanta they have only become more versatile in attack. They stick to keeping possession with simple basic passing and that's the hardest to defend against and thus we will try and put in a disciplined performance and keep to the traditional 4-4-2 and try to grind out a win. 
BE's Preview in the MP Click Here!!! 
Amonk Ran 
4.6k in 1hr 5 mins 
VK Ran 
VK Must've played around 50 to 60 mins?? 
Deep Ran 
4.55 Km's 
Atool's Review as AVGKL for BE 
Thank you BE Mgmt for loaning me for today's match as GK. I think it was quite an innovative plan to play a 4-2-4 formation and take the attack to RW. BE did manage to do that most of the time and got a few good chances as well. Ketan did a good job by making some good saves to keep a clean sheet for RW. BE lacked a bit in co-ordination in defense and were not able to play to the plan of playing deep into our half. Also, BE did let the RW wingers make the runs and passes without much resistance especially from the Left (Monga and Ivan). On the right flank Manan was also making some good runs. On my part as GK, I am sorry for letting in the 3rd goal- a half volley curler from Manan from some distance out. I completely misjudged the ball as I lost it in the sun and by the time I could see it, I had missed the ball and it hit the pole and went in. No excuses though and I should have done better with that one. The other 3 were a bit difficult to stop as they were placed quite well. Hard luck BE and well played RW. 
BE's Review By Keano 
Match Strategy :-  
First of all thanks to Mr Kahare for helping us to found good formation and substitution plan. Every player got enough play area and time. We enjoyed every bit of this match with this new formation. BE played with 4-2-4 formation which at times expected to break into 4-4-2 with attacking and hassling in RW's half.  
Team formation:-  
BE had 3 substitutes. BE started 4 players defense with Madhu, Sharad, Keano and Groo. 2 players mid - with Amit and Sumantha, 2 players on flank- Jon and Deep, 2 as striker - Reck and Harshad. VK/Dev/Suraj substituted LB and strikers.  
Game glimpses (BE):-  
Everybody from BE played committed game today. There was charm in the team with coach's guidance and rarely missed positions except sometimes Sherry wandering around and Sumanta moving into Amti's zone . Happy to see Harshad hassling and running into RW's defense couple of times. On left flank Jon is definitely happy to receive through passes, he could have done better if was not injured. I hope he will be in good shape before next match. On another flank Deep did well but it will be better if he release ball quickly. Reck missed one or two scoring opportunities and we watched him diving into D-area to miss goal by an inch. Amti and Sumanta were everywhere. They ran relentlessly supporting strikers and defense as well. Madhu did a good job to thwart long runs short from Manan. Manan is good sprinter and Madhu able to stop him many a times on flank. Dev/VK/Suraj played well under pressure. Suraj is enjured but made himself available for game today. He played well but he could have played hard to stop a ball rolled in from right corner by Vikas (?) on Toufa's pass in first half. In CD, Sherry and myself could have done better. We will analyze our game and take help from coach to improve it further. Sherry missed one golden chance to score!! He lofted ball gently and it went past keeper but was returned from goal line. All Sherry had to do is to put more force on kick. It would have been his first goal (not self goal) :). Atool did good job but he barely got chance to stop the ball except coupld of IFK landed straight on him. He might be feeling that SUN supporting RW players in second half of the game. He could not see ball shot by Manan due to sun light. May be keeper need to wear sunglasses in match to see the ball coming in ! :)  
First 10 minutes in first half BE played so hard that RW was grasping to find rhythm of game. They tried to slow the game down but failed to maintain it. BE maintained the momentum in entire game hassling into RW zone and trying every opportunity to grab the ball. Second half was no different. Energy that BE put in the game was awesome.  
RW scored 4 goals and all those were fantastic finishes and hard to defend. First goal from Toufa came in straight from center of D-area. We should have tackled him early before he got chance to kick the ball. The ball hit net with little chance to defend. Manan and Monga scored excellent goals. 135 as usual played cool, maintaining pace and distributing ball but today's show stealer are Vikas, Manan and RW goal keeper. Keeper did couple of good saves which could have turned the match into BE's favor. Nishant and Pravin were good but contained by BE defenders. I remember Pravin shouting for passes from Monga but not to receive one ! Nishant is getting settled and catching of RW speed now.  
Overall game was fast paced and interesting. RW scored 4 goals and BE missed couple of chances. I think score card does not reflect spirit and tempo of the game. Result could have been different if BE had scored couple. BE deserved to score at least two goals today.  
Congratulations RW! Hard luck BE! We ensure BE will come back strong in next game.  
Jonty Ran (Click here for an indepth look at his running!!) 
Red's Review as LP 
I am grateful to Sir to give me an opportunity to be a LP today. It was an easy game as a LP with routine calls to make without too much pressure. As far as the game goes, it would seem an easy one for RW too. 
BE had setup a strong defense lineup with Keano-Sherry in CD and Madhu-Groo as RB/LB whereas Karan had decided to keep Toufa out of the starting 11. Toufa must be an unhappy man sitting on the bench! 
The two sides had completely different approaches to the game with RW trying to keep possession and pass the ball about whereas BE was keen to play the long balls to the strikers. Avi-Jonty did well in the first half to cancel out any danger and pass it to the CMs. Mantan was running riot on the LW and putting good passes into the box. JJ missed a few good opportunities but Toufa came on after Monga went off due to blurred vision and put the warriors ahead. Another move from the left saw the ball bounce over the BE LB - Ray for Monga to put it in after the coming back on to replace El Loco. 
Second half saw more pressure from RW on the BE goal and a long shot from Mantan going in which I guess Atoool lost in the sun. Once the game was comfortable, RW made positional changes to please their players with Jonty getting a run in CM but JJ was pulled back into RB. Monga enjoyed lots of space down the right flank but failed to create clear cut chances. On a couple of occasions Ivan went down the right flank in put in superb crosses, one of which was nodded in by Vikus. Towards the latter stages, I felt RW started taking it easy and BE got a few opportunities, the most notable ones falling to Rake who headed off target with John waiting right behind him yelling to let go and the second one falling to Sherry who was played in by Rake after a 1-2 but Sherry even after beating the opposition keeper could not put it in. It seems he likes putting the ball in the back of his own net and not the oppositions. John did make some good moves from the left but his final pass was not accurate. The RW GK, did make a few smart saves and played as a sweeper at times when RW were defending at the half-way line. He was also eager to get involved in attack when once he came to the BE penalty box to take a FK only for the Ref to give the FK in the opposite direction and he had to sprint back to his own half. 
Congratulations to RW but BE are slowly getting back to the form they had hit mid-season. All the best to both teams! 
Pam's Review as CM 
Today's game RW vs BE was really crucial for RW as they have had disappointing results in the recent past with a slew of draws. On the other hand for BE this was a chance to capitalize on RW's slump in form and sneak away a win while they could. In this regard BE had asked for Coach to help them out with the tactics this morning so I was expecting an interesting encounter. I was appointed as CM for today's game and would like to thank the ADC for that! For me it was a chance to improve on my shoddy CM work which I had performed last time.  
As expected BE started off really well and in fact got more than a couple of chances in the first 10-15 mins to go ahead. They were able to move the ball through midfield but somehow could not convert the final effort into goal. RW were lucky that BE could not score in those early minutes as otherwise the game would have had a very different complexion. Anyway, after that initial shaky period RW picked up their own game and soon enough they were dominating their opposition. BE could not sustain the pressure and conceded 2 goals in the first half. During that same half Monga got hit in the face with the ball and had to come off the field with a blurry vision! Thankfully things improved for him and he was back on the pitch and onto scoring ways as well. 
In spite of going 2 goals down BE appeared ready for the fightback, and there was no sense of dissonance in their squad. Possession of the ball was constantly exchanged in the midfield between the two teams and RW won the little skirmishes most of those times. It was on one such occasion that Mantan got the ball and fired one at the goal at least from 30 yards out (I may be wrong on the distance but it felt like so on camera!). Hopefully his goal will inspire many others to start taking shots on goal like the good old Sindh days. At this point RW were flying high on confidence and a bit of luck as well, as there was more than one incident when an RW player blatantly handled the ball but was lucky enough to escape a card. Not that it would have made much difference by this point. Soon after RW slotted in another goal to make it 4-0 and win it. The RW squad must be overjoyed at this victory, it was well deserved and really enjoyable to watch from the outside. BE did try to give a good fightback but ended up on the losing side, but they are a side which are continuously improving and I'm sure that they would focus on taking away the positives from this game.  
Special shout out to MJ and Spongebob for working on constructing a mini contraption at the dugout to protect the camera and CM/SR from the sun's glare! it was a very effective solution and helped me spot the ball on the camera screen on most occasions! Really innovative and resourceful stuff by the good lads!  
RW's Review By 135 
Formation: Ketan GK Jonty CD Avi RCD Lalit LCD Monga RM Karan CM Vikki CM Nishant CM Mannu LM Pravin ST Sarva ST 
A welcome result for RW where we finally lifted the jinx and got some goals. Some players have a unique quality about them . they can bounce back when challenged and a challenge only gets the best out of them, these are the players we can count on and this what makes them great. Well done Taufa! 1st goal came when Taufa finished off a move with a half volley in the side net. Monga scored by getting at the end of a cross from the left. Vikki scored off super header and the GK was caught totally out of position but the top goal today came from Mannu with a 30yard volley! Slowly but surely the mean machine is getting started. 
MR By Khare 
How impressive the Reviews have become since the time many suns ago when the TZLC started? 
Saves me the time to just analyze the match as a coach. 
Firstly the Ref was relaxed as both teams were making a few dodgy tackles but were getting on with it, also the Ref was helping out the Eagles with their subs and advice before and at HT so he we-nt a bit easy on both, but when it got too hairy he sent a couple of players off. The HB that Pam was referring to is in the highlights show, according to the ref it WASNA deliberate. It was Mantans eagerness to get the ball before the bounce, misjudged it and he HB'd it. The only issue was WHY Mantans had his arm up in the sky in the 1st place! RW were 2 goals up, BE were possibly not getting at the end of the ball if Mantan hadn't handled it and BE were already awarded the FK as punishment for the HB, so no CARD! I sincerely thought 135's super short review totally tried to pacify Toufa and he may be psychologically pumping his side up coz I don't think they are super yet. 
I thought BE played without fear and it showed in their game. If BE would NOT have made mistakes then this one could've been a much deserved victory for BE. RW scored 3 that were unfortunate, through BE errors. No doubt RW STILL had to make a pass or two to get into a scoring chance but they were clear errors and this has been the downfall of the Papal sides. To make erros against a squad that has so much talent is like scoring an own goal. Please remember chappies, it's own goal and not what Keano has written although his funny was not missed! SO as a boost to Sherry, if the Papal sides tallied up all the errors that led to goals as OWN GOALS then Sherry would NOT be highest goal scorer from the bottom up!! 1. Groo missed his clearance then made a doonghan tackle that Toufa gladly avoided and scored 
2. How Amonk managed to squeeze in his goal is puzzling. Atool and Ray were more intent on where the ball is then where it may go. But this was after Deep has set Toufa up with a super pass on the D top..3. Atool gave the ball to Mantan straight from a goal kick and Mantan chested it and scored a wonder half volley goal (if he meant it) and it would've looked even better if Atool was diving for it. In fact he was standing right there and most probably tried to catch the sun instead of the ball. 4. The 4th Atool once again repeated his goal kick heroics in giving it to Mantan who laid it off to Vikus and then it was RW personifies with one or two touches between players a cross and Vikus himself making a superb off the ball run to score. 
Yes indeed RW are hotstuff when they are given a chance to play, really good footer but BE exposed some frailities in RW that the other clubs should be licking their lips to take advantage off. 
Here endeth my report as you lot must have read a lot already. 
Planning to set up a midweek highlights show of the 3 games played so far, last week 2 and this one. Otherwise the show at the end of the week wil be over an hour long..... 
Thu 24/03/16  
PACU (0) 1 Vs AA (0) 0 
PACU - Mkul Loanee 76.30 
MO's :- BI - Karan, Rango BE - Varun, Rakesh BT - Niraj, Shubhankar RH - Sagar, Shivam RW - Monga, Manan 
PACU - Daniel Eagles (AVPL) 4.6M TZR Mukul (BT 0.32M ) for DJ(0.35M) Manoj U (AVGKL) BE 0.30M 
AA - 1. Ajinkya (value 320,000 TZR) - unavailable - in place we would like to loan Toufa (RW - value 310,000 TZR) - DL 2. Shivang (value 280,000 TZR) - unavailalbe - in place we would like to loan Keano (BE - value 280,000 TZR) - DL EMERGENCY LOAN Jatin Bhana (value 0.29M TZR) RW as AVGKL 
AA - 1. Mayuresh 2. Tiger 3. Sam 4. Arun 5. Mihir 6. Neel 7. Audi 8. Pai 9. Sean 10. Toufa (on loan - subject to approval) - DL 11. Keano (on loan - subject to approval) - DL 
PACU's Preview By Amma Click Here to SEE MP!!!! 
We called AA Royalty when we visited them since then they've become Lions. They are eating oppositions for fun and enjoying their KILLS. They have Lion King (Sean), the Cub (Adu), Ring Masters (Arun, Sam) penalty maestro (Audi) and without a doubt the most talented team in TZ. Why the conflict? Share a dram with us before the game at our Tavern, play and we'll have pitchers later. On a more sedate note, we are quaking before this game especially after our last game. We have loaned seriously good players and are hoping against hope for a favorable result . "Hope is a dangerous thing. If you can't fix what's broken... you'll go insane." - Mad Max. We would not like to harp on mundane matters like formation but rather hope to tame the Lions at our Tavern and with our Boozers girth." 
AA's Preview By Rock Click Here to Read MP!!! 
This is a very important match for AA. The league table has become very interesting, thanks to the recent draw between RW and RH. We need to win every match going into the last leg of the season. AA is playing well, and we want to keep that momentum going. We will continue to play the 4-5-1 formation. With Ajinkya unavailable, we will need our midfield to step up and score goals. PACU is a tactically good team, and I believe they have bolstered their midfield by loaning Danny. With plenty of passion on both sides, this game should be hard fought but enjoyable. AA requests its fans to come and cheer the team at the ADC Stadium and enjoy the match. 
KS's Review as LP 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as an LP for today's match. This was indeed an entertaining encounter with loanee Mkul stealing the winner for PACU in the last few minutes. Being an LP gave me the opportunity to observe how both defences were set up and how they adapted throughout the game. The PACU defence, given that they were the slower team, rightly set-up pretty deep. Loved the co-ordination between Amma and Subhav at CD, there was never a time when one failed to cover for the other. The AA defence held a slightly higher line with an excellent offside trap which helped curb at least 2 clear on-goal chances. This setup meant that AA were always on the front-foot and were constantly pushing for an opening. Neither team dominated proceedings for too long and clear-cut opportunities were rare owing to a strong defensive showing by both teams though AA did seem more purposeful in possession. A shout out to Sean and Danny, their midfield match-up was thoroughly engaging. To be honest, there was not much to choose between both teams but kudos to PACU for sticking in there right till the end and getting a result. 
Mkul Review as Loanee for PACU 
"First and foremost, huge thanks to PACU management for trusting me for this very important match. I am also thankful to PACU for playing me in a role that suits my game. I had plenty of fun playing in today's match against a very talented AA squad. My fun quotient was doubled when I scored the winner. Last time when I played in this fixture I was loaned by AA and we lost the game (the same match where Satsut the Satan became God by scoring a wonder goal at flames). In that match I pulled my hamstring and I was sad. Today the God Himself kept saying that me and Narya have a very important role to play which boosted my confidence. I am happy that the both of us (Me and Narya) could do what was required of us with Danny's help. It was great to see Danny and Sparky going at each other and the ref handling the matter in the manner he did. I thought PACU could have kept more possession of the ball by passing it around quickly. From AA's perspective, I think they missed their wing play today. Shivang would have definitely made difference to this match. Hard luck to AA. Congrats to PACU. 
PACU's Review By Amma 
PACU played the whole game in 4-5-1 formation. GK - Manoj, Defence Left to Right - Vicky, Subbaru, Amar, Yogi. Midfield left to right Kapil, Neeraj, Daniel, Mukul, Harry and Satish Up Front. Mukul and Neeraj were asked to play a bit defensively. In the 1st Half AA were consistently able to get behind our defence from their left but somehow never really managed to test Manoj. In the 2nd half we really didn't do anything different but somehow AA attacks lost its venom. Maybe Stony going out for 5 minutes due to a YC broke their momentum. Sean vs Danny was a battle within a battle. Today all the PACU players played out of their skin. Danny and Mukul were massive. Neeraj always has his best game when he sees his brother on the other side. Manoj was safe as houses between the sticks. Hima not only turned up at the ground but played a full half. He was running a temperature. Hard not to feel bad for AA. They played theirs hearts out but they didn't have the rub of the green going their way. We are off course delighted with the win. 
Jon's Review as AVGKL for PACU 
First of all a big thanks to respected ADC for allowing me to play on loan and thanks to PACU management for considering me in such a crucial match. It was a hard fought match where players from both the teams gave their all and it was great to see even some older guys pushing it to keep up with the youngsters. There was another battle going on between Danny and Sean and it was a treat to watch two big players ( physically as well ) going at each other and playing hard but fair. AA had couple of chances from close range but luckily for me they couldn't hit the target but overall PACU defense was strong lead by none other than Amma sir who always brings a lot of energy into the game. I guess 0-0 would have been a fair result as both teams were equally matched but an unfortunate error by jonty in the goals cost AA the match and Mkul pounced on it. It was an comparatively easy outing for me but a clean sheet is a clean sheet. Well played PACU and hard luck AA. 
Ashubh's Review as LP 
Thank you for appointing me as an LP for the match between PACU and AA. It was a scrappy game where most of the action took place in midfield. In my opinion, both teams defended well but were not clinical enough in their build up. There were only a couple of instances when I had to look for offside but I feel the players were not offside when the ball was played. I believe AA had a good spell in the game when Adu was playing at RM and he stretched the PACU backline. But they could not capitalize on that and PACU took advantage when Mukul scored a rebound from a free kick. Congrats to PACU on a hard fought win. AA had an off day. Good luck to them for their next game. 
Danny's Review as AVPL for PACU 
First of all... what a game! Both sides battled valiantly throughout and yet there was a love and respect shown that British eyes such as mine have rarely seen on a football pitch. Thank you to all the players from both teams, and the coach, for allowing such a tense and fiercely enjoyable match to have been played. I would also like to thank the coach again, on behalf of myself and Sean, for his relationship counselling throughout the game. The hand-shaking was indeed an original, and intimate, way of dealing with the rising on-pitch tensions :)... perhaps Sean was enjoying my hand a little too much though. 
So on to the match... with myself showing incredible commitment to the cause by being on time for the 2nd match in a row (and 2nd of the season?) i was excited and eager to see what my new team PACU had to offer... PACU began with the better share of possession with Mukul especially keeping the ball well, as well as the wide players and striker looking lively.  
Both sides played some well-constructed football but with neither really threatening the goal much. As the first half of the game progressed things started to heat up, with both teams fighting in the central midfield areas to win the ball and push forwards up the pitch. AA quickly adapted to the 3 PACU midfielders with their own 3 largely cancelling out any real open, flowing football from happening. Still, despite both sets of central defenders looking relatively stable a number of half-chances fell to AA on the counter attack, with their left-wide player unfortunately picking the wrong option in the final third a number of times. These squeaky-bum moments however did little to faze PACU who kept calm and continued with a few breaks of their own: one of which involving myself going for glory with apparently 2 team-mates waiting in the box for an easy tap-in (i, however, have checked with the third umpire, aswell as with satellite navigation through Google Earth and am still not quite convinced this was the case... anyhow it was nice for me to get a shot on target for once :) ). 
The game continued much the same until half-time, with coach proudly praising his players for the terrific contest that was taking place... as well as the odd naughty hand-ball and cheeky yellow card here and there for good measure. Here i would like to mention the excellent array of biscuits that PACU provided for the players... i wander if, perhaps, this is a key ingredient in their successful season so far...? Perhaps Blue Ice should introduce a special biscuit schedule of some kind, or perhaps should make Captain Andy Pandy make freshly baked cakes for the half-time break... would give him something to do with his time at least... 
Back on topic... my grandma used to say that "biscuits are the way to a man's heart" (my Grandad used to eat a lot of biscuits) and it certainly showed, because the second half was indeed full of heart! AA built upon their growing performance and were able to play high up the pitch for long periods, although they again were unable to truly penetrate the PACU defence too often. I have to say that the AA back four were rather impressively composed on the ball, and kept the ball really well, working it out of tight spots and into the midfield and forwards' feet. As the second half continued, the pressure slowly mounted and PACU became more a counter-attacking team with their forward balls not quite reaching their intended target enough. This frustrated me at times, and along with my dry mouth and sweaty private parts from the rising sun, it was quite clear that this contest was going to go on right until the end! A number of free kicks and clever breakaways almost landed for PACU but then AA again replied with what was probably their best chance of the game... the right-wide player getting a little too excited to be behind the PACU defence though and shooting instead of laying it across for what might have been a tap-in. 
The battle continued with Mukul being a much-needed centre-piece in the tiring PACU side, as well as our striker making more delicious runs. I got on the ball more in the last 30 mins or so, had some more delightful hand-shakes with Sean for my efforts and started to enjoy some more dribbles and dangerous forward passes myself. However!... and in English we say core blimey!... there was heart-break with just 5 minutes on the clock. A PACU attack meant that a slightly tricky ball into the AA keepers hands became an awkward spill right at the feet of Mukul, who finished easily and celebrated terribly i must say :). (It seems that, unless they have beaten Pakistan at cricket, Indian men just don't quite know how to celebrate...) A few minutes later and it was all over... a slightly-fortunate 1-0 victory for PACU i must say, but a hard-earned and valiant one still. My sympathy goes to the AA goalkeeper... perhaps there is some footage lurking somewhere of Anand's goalkeeping performances recently that might bring some ease and self-confidence to his recovery from the situation. These things happen in football, and the goalkeepers performances on the whole, for both teams, were otherwise excellent i would say :). 
Thanks again to the coach for using my shirt as a yellow card. Thanks again to the coach for not giving me a yellow card this time. And thanks again to everyone for the game today.  
(Apologies for the lack of individuals' names in this match report... however i think that you should all consider adopting easier, perhaps English-sounding names, that i can remember better. I would recommend 'Dave', 'John' or 'Steve' for those that are interested.) 
Jonty's Review as AVGKL for AA 
A big thank you to Ryan and AA for appointing me as their emergency Loanee GK for today's important game against PACU. AND also a bigger sorry for my mistake that cost them the game in the last 5 mins. 
Mkul loanee for PACU was the quickest to react after an In-direct freekick taken by Subaru was directed towards the goal by a weak Satsut header. It bounced just in front of me and coming in at a awkward height hit my thigh to sit up for Mkul to finish an easy tap in. At that instant I did feel Mkul could have been offside but the goal was given. 
All in all, AA had the much better 1st half which they dominated and PACU only attacking on the counter. The 2nd half frustration started to creep in and the AA squad lost composure and kept giving away easy possession. 
Satsut had a game to forget I'm sure. If I recall correctly, he had three chances in open to play for a shot on goal and 1 free-kick. All of them hee sprayed them all over the place, with one shot even reaching the corner flag. Maybe my aura was just enough to put him off. Jokes aside, In the end I should have done better and not let in that sole goal. Apologies to AA again and all the best to both the teams for the remainder of the season. 
AA's Review By Rock 
For some reason, a match between PACU and AA always seems to have an extra edge. Today's match also witnessed two teams really fighting that much harder to get the win. Unfortunately, the only goal went PACU's way quite disappointingly. AA played to a 4-5-1 formation, with Mihir, Sam, Rock, and Tiger in defence, Keano, Stoney, Sean, Audi and Pai in mid-field, and Toufa as the striker. Overall possession seemed like PACU 40% - AA 60%. AA had quite a few good scoring opportunities with Pai, Sean, and Audi coming close. I don;t think that PACU had a legitimate shot on goal. Dan played a huge role in midfield for PACU, and his matchup with Sean was great to watch. I think Coach must have had to dig deep to manage the game so well. For PACU, Satsut, Dan, Amma, and Subbaru had great games. AA players all had an average game. We will re-group and bounce back in our next match. 
Taufa's Review as Loanee for AA 
First of all I would like to thanks coach and Ryan for choosing me to Play for aa as a striker We had a good game in the first half but let all down in the second Aa missed the 1/2 fast passing upfront that caused the game Aa had 2/3 clear cut chances but could not convert it And there were not a single cross From left or right To test the defender in there half Anyways best of luck to aa for future game 
MR By Khare 
I was actually wondering whether to fine BI for their player referring to cricket so many times when I suddenly realized that this bloke is actually part of the ole blighty that brought the virus to this country, so maybe the blike doesn't know any better. So this time round, no fines will be announced if only for such a spiffing Review! And by the way it's Cor Blimey Mate! Cor is a very familiar term for me and I used to used it often along with How! I'm really thinking of reverting back to my old accents just for the heck of it...Be a change for all those chaps who've been with me for ages! 
Other than that much of the match has been reviewed by all and only I guess the Coach's analysis is left. 
The Ref let a lot go in this match. Stoney was the 1st of the YC's and although Ryan made an appeal, the ref stated that a 3rd Hb after a warning on teh 1st two regardless of admitting to it warrants a card, no doubt if he had NOT admitted to it it would've been a red. Danny and Sparky saw sparks flying and although Danny seems a bit amused with the shaking of hands, I'm sure EVERYONE prefers that then hugging, kissing and cuddling. Also an honest hand shake is easily differentiated from a dishonest one and the player that is NOT fully into the washing away of sins will be sent off. As the Ref I thought that a paying spectator or for that matter the MO's on duty had to come to witness a well contested game. If I'd have sent of both players to have a chat in the SIn Bin for half the game, who'd have won? The R and R or the game? In this context the Refs priority was to ensure that the quality of the game remained at it's highest level. Both the players were having a go at each other, PURELY going for the ball and sometimes it was but obvious that they'd go in a little late or a little early. In fact BOTH clubs were guilty of that and more. Rock and Danny were guilty of appealing but I let it go...Hima still stayed on the pitch even after questioning the LP, Satsut stayed on for a very bad shove, and so on and so forth. I felt that the adults on the field today were mature enough to calm down immediately and focus. 
Both the clubs were well matched this morning in size and stature. Except for Hima who was possibly the lightest, one never feels that is ever an issue for his lack of size and height is well covered for by his immense talent and most importantly his speed and passion. 
SO as the Ref I could've have easily seen this match go the same way the life on Mars has gone, dust to dust and ashes to ashes. I plain and simply thought there's no need for all that! 
There was an episode where I did a PDFA! In the pdfa (Pune Distrct Football Asscociation) the Refs are so frightened at giving cards for a reason, plain and simple of being whacked later by the individual who was carded or by his clubs 'well wishers'. So the Ref knowing that if he shows a Yellow for something as light as a kick in the shins, on purpose from behind, then he'll have to do the same THROUGH out the match. SO that would mean (as per the FIFA laws) A YC that follows a YC is a Red which meant that either the match would be abandoned or there would be a free for all, free meaning a free fight for ALL the players to whack each other and the Ref for good measure. So the Ref would take his YC out and tell the offender "Dikhao kya?" (Show you this will I?) and the player will say "Arre shorry Sanna Sir or Gangaram Sir or Moti Sir, maaf karo galti ho gaya" ( Forgive me, mistake happened) All the while HOLDING the REFS hands together (with the cards still clasped in them) and carefully guiding the hands and the cards back to the Refs breast pocket, thereby easing an obviously tense situation. It obviously remained tense for the individuals getting whacked, but who cares about them when the ones doing the injustices were butchers from the nearby town, welders, cobblers and also a few cops who were very familiar with interrogation techniques. Therefore to get back to Sparky and Danny, I took out my cards and was brandishing them about akin to some old cowboy gunslinger in the wild west. I noticed the look of dread on Rock, Ryan, Amma, Satsut and everyones faces (Yes it's true, THIS Ref can see from the side and BACK of his head too!) But then I said "Right lads, if you don't want me to send you off to the Sin Bin for a non existent cuppa chai and bikkies, then just shake hands like you mean it and we'll continue having a merry time!" The relief on everyones faces was a sight to see! (No doubt I can do this ONLY BECAUSE of the TZLC R and R!!!) 
Please note though I cannae do this for every match. Remember this encounter was well matched, with sort of mature adults. Many of the encounters aren't and sometimes the Ref may just be grouchy on the day!! 
As for the match itself I though although as the Ref I tried to let the game progress without a hitch there were far too many stoppages for my liking. The game was as someone has pointed out, well scrappy and contested in the middle of the park. Jon and Jonty had mostly nothing to do and unfortunately it was another oopsie that led to the goal. Maybe two oopsies, one by Jonty and one by KS. But we'll stick to Jonty's as the Refs have the final decision. 
PACU played super deep while AA TRIED to catch offsides a little high up. But that will ALWAYS be a difficult task with players that you don't regularly play with. Why does Ryan insist on CATCHING OFFSIDE on FK's? It confounds me. Unfortunately AA's biggest mistake this morning was putting Keano on the left. I am still working on him to iron out his mistakes as a CM and CD. Keano has only a bried understanding (Basic) of playing on other positions like all my players do. PLUS he was very excited to play for AA. Therefore what he needed was a constant pat on the back, a continuous reminded of what his duties were. I wonder if AA told him what his job was.....For what I saw was not worthy of the kind of player he is. While attacking I thought he was all action and no finesse. The opposite while he defended though. While tracking back he was the bees wax! Ryan and Rock are forming a great partneship at the back, but with Sparky's job folder filled with Danny, Stoney out of sorts, Toufa was on his ownsome lonesome, Audi was running about but not all there and Marcelo wasn't fed enough. AA did not have any movement. It was you can say unfortunate for Adu that he received quite a few balls in his 10 mins before he could settle down and was pulled of unceremoniously. But whenver Rock or Ryan moved into attack mode things seemed to be working. A pity that they couldn't bomb up more often. Sparky should kick himself for missing a great chance. 
Kapka was I'm sure supposed to be playing on the LM but was rarely there. So many a time there was acres of space there and PACU could not go wide. They could go down Hima and Louie but not down PACU for Kapka was too intent playing spin the bottle with Satsut. But Kapka's leap for the header that led to the goal SHOWS how much of a threat Kapka can be. In fact PACU's mistake was putting Kapka on the left. With Mkul and Danny there they should have stuck to a simple 4-4-2 formation. Why all the dodgy 2 DM's and nonsense? A 4-5-1 formation EVEN after loaning Mkul and Danny was just being defeatist. PACU must thank KS and Jonty for their victory. Everyone has been harping on about Meeraj's performance in CM. Good on you Meeraj but unfortunately you probably had the job that wasn't noticed by the layman. Meeraj ran 6.5 km's as a DM. Bloody NORAH thats brilliant!!! I'd either have put Satsut and Kapka up or if PACU were so desperate to be scared of AA, Satsut in CM or at Lm. Subaru is a don. He was the right foil for the sometimes slow Amma. although he uses his hands to much. I though Subaru was a star this morning. Apologies to Yogi for continuosly rubbing it in!! Yogi I can guarantee doesn't need to believe in any god as he himself is a good enough player. I can just about hear him say something negative while shaking his head. In the AM today he was RUBBISH. Apologies Yogi but unfortunately I have to be blunt for you to get the hell out of this cocoon you get yourself into EVERY match of being useless and just a number. Go out there and play the same way you do with the players at KFANDRA. 
We ONLY LIVE ONCE so you can't waste your time being worried and negative. Louie surprisingly I think did as he was told and performed creditably! 
If any of you feel that Khare is sometimes too blunt then please inform him of the same and I will tone it down and make life merry for all of you. I have noticed some issue with the video to the right of the camera, either the shade is too much, there's too much dust or as usual the CM is Zoomed out. Mantan was Zoomed out the useless bloke and Sleepy has filled both sides of the sheet with NONSENSICAL info. 
Clubs that have aribitrarily CHANGED their players AVA for MO duty on match day will be fined. 
As of now AA have NOT sent in their Review......(They sent it and I've just put it up along woth the others 6.15pm 
This weeks Highlights Show may have some interesting tidbits....!!!! 
The following sound byte is from the Coach's HT pep talk to BE Vs RW 
Khare at half time RWBE 
Yogi talking about someone we know who LOVES to advise people!!! 
Yogi on Atool 
So ALL of you BEWARE the ADC MEDIA is watching, listening and WAITING to Hang your dry Linen in PUBLIC!!!! 
Sat 26/03/16  
RW (1) 3 Vs KITFO (0) 0 RW did NOT take extra five in 1st but took it in the 2nd (85 min match) 
RW - Toufa 33 Groo OG 65.30 El Loco 66.40 
MO's - BI- Ajoo, Sachin AA- Adu, Pai PACU-Hima, Harry RH- 3 players playing BT- Bhanda, Pat, Shubhankar BE: 3+ players playing 
RW - Squad: Ketan Jonty Avi Nishant Pravin Monga Mannu Taufa Vikki Karan Sarva Lalit(unavailable) 
KITFO Squad - 1.Sharad 2. Amit 3. Rajib 4. Amartya 5. Sameer 6. Devendra 7. Zaid - Tentative 8. Amod - Tentative 9. Sagar 10. Varun 11. Nitin 12. Mihir 13. Dhananjay 14. Sumanta 15. Gururaj 
RW's Preview By 135 (LATE) To See MP Click HERE!!! 
Every Season guaranteed RW hits a bad patch, shakes it off and gets the engine started again. With a full squad against a tiki taka side like KITFO is bound to be a good encounter, they have the skill, the determination and most importantly necessary understanding which makes them a very formidable opponent. We have the solidarity and will stick to the basics and continue with the 4-4-2 formation.Cranking the Starter. Fingers Crossed. 
Jonty Ran (A more detailed looksee CLICK HERE!!!) 
Amonk Ran 
Ran 6.2k today 
VK Ran 
Pam's Review as AR 
The game today between RW and KITFO was played on a relatively cloudy day and it wasn't until midway through the second half that the sun rose enough to make it tiring for the players to run. I was appointed as AR by the ADC to which I am thankful as it provided a good vantage point of the game. There were a couple of times when RW had the ball in the box which could have been proper goals but were not to be - Sarva collecting the ball at D-top after Mantan's beautiful lobbed pass but failing to score as he shot directly at the goal keeper, I felt that was a golden chance. The second incident was when Monga ran down his flank and crossed it into the box, Pravin was at the end of it, had an open header and missed. So basically there were many chances that were created for RW but they could not convert all of them. Also the first goal of the game was scored by RW at my end, to be honest it was a sloppy goal and Amar (KITFO GK at the time) was really unlucky as the ball bounced in front of him and spun to his left, disecting him and Meer who was covering the left post. Probably Meer could have done better to defend the goal but that moment was all about quick reflex and reaction. Anyway, RW thanked their stars at that point and decided not to take the extra 5 mins that were offered to them by coach at the end of the first half.  
The second half was even quieter than the first. There were not many decisions in which I was really involved except for a hand ball by red in the box which I spotted and immediately flagged to the ref but the ref continued to play on the advantage to RW since they had possession after that incident. KITFO managed to breach the RW defence a couple of times in the second half but their finishing was not quite up to the mark. I also noticed that Keano is a good kicker of the ball and has rightly been appointed for set piece duties. On one occation he went for the goal but found Jonty's head (rather Jonty was quick enough to get his head to the ball) and in the process knocked the big man down! Not very happy days for Jonty as pointed out by Meeraj who was helping as ball-boy, first the ransom-ware and now this! Rest of the action in the second half mostly took place at the other end of the field. Sherry almost added to his tally of own goals, also RW's also scored their second and third goal, Sumanta got hit hard by the ball, cards were given out for improper celebration. Most of the later incidents were unfortunately missed by me as I was too distracted by a RC Aeroplane that was buzzing around over the ground, sending out a mayday signal and crash landing very close to Marcello (the other AR) and MJ. It was up in the air soon enough, but I was extra careful whenever i heard any buzzing sound as I was ultra sure that it would crash into the ground again (hopefully that was not to be). Would have to check out the highlights of the game. Anyway, RW were 3 goals up over KITFO and seemed to be cruising away to a comfortable victory. However Jonty accepted the extra 5 mins that the ref offered in the second half which was a bit puzzling. Also there was a FK that went RW's way and it was taken by RW's keeper Ketan. Strange choice to be honest as the keeper usually struggles with goal kicks. The last 5 mins in my opinion showed subtle signs of over confidence in the RW side, obviously they are high on confidence after 2 great back to back wins and they should definitely revel in that. KITFO did lose the game but they were really high on spirit even at the end, signs of a tough game in the making for BT when they play KITFO next Thursday. It was also great to see Dan after a long time! 
KITFO's Review By Mishti 
KITFO fornation: 4-2-4 
Goal: Mihir to start, others rotate in 20 mins. 
Defence: Amar, keano, Sherry, Rajib 
Mid: Amit and Suman 
Forwards: John, Nitin, Sagar, Groo 
Sub's: Dev, VK, Dan 
Thanks to coach for agreeing to suggest a strategy suitable for the match. The aim from KITFO was to put the ball in opposition half as early as possible and then try to keep it there. 4 players were dedicated in the attacking half for pouncing on any long ball or any loose play in RW half and others keep hastling RW players 
It was a great plan and we could provide them a surprise with a huge change in tactics most part of the match. After all which defence likes balls played beyond the defence line. We could create few chances and unlucky only to hit the pole once. RW certainly was in the game with their wing play and strong midfield and cretaed chances of their own. 
Good for us we were competitive throughout, but in the end offered the game in a platter by making howlers. The first goal conceded of a feeble header towards goal. Second of a typical Groo heading in to own net without any pressure and a third a clearance hitting KITFO player falling beneficially to RW player who scored with only the GK to beat. Frustrating to lose matches in the same manner every time. 
Congratulations to RW for their win. Thanks again to coach for helping and preparing us for this tough match. 
RW's Review by 135 
We fielded a 3-5-2 formation with Ketan GK Nishant RCD Jatin CD Avi LCD Monga RM Karan CM Vikki CM Mannu CM Pravin LM Taufa ST Sarva ST at 20 mins we changed 4-4-2 with Pravin RB and Nishant LB Mannu LM the rest remaining the same. 
KITFO are a different side now and a threat to almost any side, with quite a few players playing in the Total Football way and comfortable and upto task in almost all the positions on the pitch. Both the sides came out to have an open game with us playing 3 at the back and KiTFO playing 4-3-3 there were half chances on both sides and we made it 4 at the back to stem the attacks it worked and we could concentrate more on attacking than defending. 1st Goal was courtesy to KITFO keeper Amar…as the crosses kept coming in from the left and right today…and on a cross from the right Taufa was at hand to try and slot it in….but it got deflected in instead. Second was when JOntys FK was headed in by a KITFO player. The 3rd came off a move started by El Loco on the left Wing in our half and finished by him after an assist from Sarva. RW had come into this fixture to keep more possession, get the defenders involved, keep the ball moving in the Central Mid area and for most of the time we had the possession we got that done. Jonty was rock solid in defense along with Avi. Vikki “the Bull” was relentless in his role and played it to perfection. Pravin shifting to RB gave us more stability against a 4 headed attack. Mannu and Monga keep the crosses coming its only a matter of time till Sarva and Taufa get to the end of it.  
KITFO's Review By Keano 
Thanks to KITFO coach and mentor Mr. Khare for coming up with best  
possible combination of players and setting strategy of the game. It  
helped KITFO tremendously. Thanks again!. KITFO started with 4-2-4,  
Mihir in goals, Sherry and Keano as CD, Amartya and Rajibda as LB and  
RB. Amit and Sumanta in CM. Red/Danny/Groo/Jon/Dev/Tintin/VK as  
striker and rotating goal keepers. Poistions were changed on the demand  
of the game. 
Analyzing the match one can say KITFO donated all three goals to RW.  
They are literally donated! Where KITFO helped RW players to score. Not  
happy at all to see such mistakes and we must improve our game. If goals  
were minuses overall game was well played by both the teams. Many  
occasions KITFO managed to get position of ball from RW . KITFO player's  
Skills, ball passing/whacking, communication, everything was better than  
earlier matches. Credit goes to coach! All his efforts on Papal ground  
is gaining. Changing team and every individual in a better player. 
Game started with high tempo, both players fighting for possession of  
ball. Sumanta was successful to breach RW defense couple of times. His  
goal attempts missed by an inch or so. One incidence when Ketan was  
away from goal line and Sumanta crossed the ball across to reflect it  
from pole. Hard luck Sumanta! Its pleasure to see Sumanta running  
around RW's D-area. He has good stamina and just a bit of improvement in  
finishing may help him a lot. It was RW's turn then, a ball moved  
through Mihir and goal keeper slowly and crossed goal line to make RW  
happy side. First half saw lots of tough times for Sherry and Keano to  
cover defense line and we did it better. Groo missed a header, he  
should have had pushed the ball away or thrown it upward which would  
have gone over the pole to see a corner kick. But something went wrong,  
Groo accused the sun light but just standing firm on the line would have  
helped to avoid goal. Ball touched Groos head then past him to award a  
goal. Third goal I saw Sumanta falling down and the ball came in like a  
zooom.. not sure how it was scored. Amti and Sumanta in mid is good  
combo, they need to make more positional game and tiki-taka. Jon is  
great addition to team and his left footers are helping. Rajibda and  
Amartya are talented duo and can change the tempo of game anytime.  
Amartya did fantastic job in first half on LB to thwart all attacks from  
RW, mostly Monga! Rajibda achieved the same on RB. Second half I think  
Sherry and me were communicating well. It was fun to work with Sherry  
covering each others back. Throw a ball at Groo and he will dribble it  
through couple of players. Don't know how he learned these tactics but  
he is good at it. All strikers played hard today to hassle and earn  
possession of ball. Well done KITFO! 
Though it is not happy to see the result of the game. It is definitely  
satisfying to see everybody making a team game. Just a finishing touch  
and KITFO will start winning matches. Waiting for one win to change  
dimensions of pool tables. Semifinal is coming up and we will be  
prepared! Hope luck will be ours with all dedication and efforts. 
RW is a tough team to break loaded with many talented players. You are  
responsible to setup an image to all other teams. Celebrating goals  
(which were gifted) in a manner banned by R&R should be avoided.  
Everybody want a fair ( & NOT lovely !) show and more important is  
respect to each other. That's what make TZLC stand apart from others. I  
am sure RW must have felt the heat today and no match will be taken easy  
henceforth. Congrats RW for a win! 
MR By Khare 
What RW must never forget, on their route to becoming one of the BEST EVER clubs in the TZLC, that they have a role to play, towards their fans, their opponents and most importantly towards the TZLC Ethos. Unfortunately everything the Warriors undertake has an air of 'we are the Gods and the rest of you filth'. From their Match Programmes to their Match Reviews. 
This method is a dangerous path to take. ALWAYS harping on about what's special or whats (wrong... rarely) in your team and never even glancing at anyone else. 
KITFO deserved more praise from RW this morning, apart from saying something about Total Football and comfort. Each and every KITFO member was never blessed with the natural talent that oozes from the pore of every Warrior (I wrote this piece as how the next Match Programme would've). According to me each individual has their strengths and weaknesses. KITFO are made up of players that have only JUST started taking Football seriously. What I mean to say, late on in life. Nearly EVERY single player at RW has been playing since they were kids. So that no doubt is an ENORMOUS advantage. SO whenever KITFO play, and try and play well, it's with their backs against the wall. So if noone else apart from the KITFO players can say well done, I SURELY WILL! 
Barely half a year ago I was about to pull the plug with my association with KITFO. They were like the Warriors are now, hot shots thinking that they are Neo. But they had to be brought down to size and since then they've been working hard at every opportunity and they LISTEN to their coach. When I coach KITFO now I do so with an assurance that they will listen with both ears, ALL THE TIME. Unlike sometimes at TZ where I have to wait for some stars to toe the line. This attitude may change sometime in the futire at KITFO too but here I'm living in the moment. For me, this was a VICTORY for KITFO. This match was always going to be a David Vs Goliath event and a win would've just been icing on the cake. I wonder how RW would've reacted if they'd have lost. Once you've put yourself on a pedestal, it's so difficult to accept anything lower. 
There were a few players in KITFO that did lose the plot, Groo still can't head a ball (for the og he actually closes his eyes and lifts his hands up!), Dan thinks he can play like a maestro and therefore doesn't stick to the plan and Meer still toes the ball even if he's put the ball on a TEE!!! 
There was one incident at 0 - 0 just before the 1st goal where Sherry nearly put the ball past Tintin and as the ball rolled harmlessly past the pole, there was a moments silence and then EACH AND EVERY KITFO player including Sherry LAUGHED uproariously! It was Amti who impersonated Sherry and said Ohh just missed! This was perfect timing and as everyone is well aware of Sherry's penchant for his own goals it was brilliant when the ENTIRE squad lit up. It's these kind of instances that make it all worth while. Like Sparky and Danny going hammer and tongs at each other but still enjoying every moment of it. So RW must learn that sometimes the OTHER team deserves praise. 
I had set up KITFO with instructions while defending and attacking. I thought it was just a small bit of advice until Amar unfolded TWO and a HALF A4 sized sheets of paper!!! I was dumbfounded! So were Dev, Dan and VK for when I asked them all if everyone had mugged up their duties like good little blokes they all answered YES! So as per the paper Dev was starting up front. So I asked, Right Dev what are your duties as a ST? N he says Strike? Then with a hmmph I ask VK whats your take on this? So VK says Umm? So I ask the other two Dan and Tintin how about you two? And while Dan starts rattling on about the the %age required for something or the other Tintin finally answers "St run energy with lots lots and MF's defendings ball whack us chase!!" What an answer! I turn to Dev, YOU FAILED DEV!! Therefore you are dropped, Tintin you are in! Vk, Dev and Dan mumble something about having no idea there was gonna be a suddent surprise test! 
At this moment in time I am indeed proud of the KITFO blokes! Well done!! 
As for RW, yes predictable, no I didn't see the set up of a 3-5-2 formation. Nor did I spot a switch. I could see Avi and Jonty desperately asking their mf's to track back and both the defenders being worried about the long balls being played. I could not see both Amonk and Mantan having much of a say that 135 has professed he has. Yes, they did create one or two chances yes they were clear chances but KITFO hit the bar and had a number of opportunities too. You see, if KITFO would've scored, KITFO needn't have changed their game plan. They would've still kept playing the same way. RW would've had to and that would've been fun to watch. Plus RW had a couple of players off at regular intervals as did KITFO a a couple of times. 
The most unfortunate incident that 135 has NOT mentioned is the EL Loco incident. He has already been suspended for 10 mins of which the suspension was REVOKED after a request by 135 and EL Loco, after the suspension was revoked there was NO thank you email or comminique or anything to the ADC regarding the negation of the suspension. Then EL Loco does what he does. There were apologies by El Loco to the ADC, 135 also apologized, but NOTHING to KITFO for a celebration like this is hurtful to all, INCLUDING the opposition. 
135 has gone ahead and suspended the player internally for a few minutes but the ADC WILL TAKE ACTION. THIS IS NOT DONE. 
If the ADC does not take action, EVERY PLAYER in the TZLC will feel hard done by whenever punishment is meted out in the future. 
I told Ketan S the Cat that he's a good little keeper bt sometimes he could find himself running the thin red line bewteen insulting the opposition and being erratic and undependable. He will ALWAYS get a 9 when he plays well if he can't take goal kicks...EVEN MEER toes them!!! He can take FREE KICKS (Like a Goal kick!!) but suddenly while taking Goal kicks he back tracks. Hmmmmmm... 
Vikus I can agree is a star as is Ivan, They quietly get on with their jobs. 135 still can't shoot....unfortunately I can't see the flair from the two flankers. You know things that make the crowd cheer, dribbles and that. MAntan kicks the ball and runs and Amonk does the same. Jonty and Avi whatevr their Manager says are not involved enough in RW's famous game. THEY should be calm enough to settle things down and help out but once it goes beyond the half way line their stories over. JJ was slaughtered at Rb and wasn't doing much as a ST. Seems to have lost his way. Toufa I can see is slowly getting there. 
That's all folks!! 
Oh yes one more thing, Atool? You can tell the people you've sent to beat up Yogi to ease off as Yogi's in Doha!! Plus the sound byte was made public as it was the ADC Media property and both Yogi and Atool are good sports! Unlike Mai injured hoo issiliye (Me injured am so....) 
One other thing, Jonty? This is why the Footballs aren't pumped up by RW. Plus I'd have loved to see how much Suman and Amti ran this morning!!!! 
Previews for next week tomorrow, BTB, tomorrrow, Highlights Monday!!!