Thu 17/03/16 
2nd Div  
BI (0) 3 Vs PACU (0) 0 
BI - Danny 51.10 DAP Pen 63 Amti Loan 78 
MO's - 1. BE - ​Jaidev, Manoj​ 2. BT - Siddu, Rafa 3. AA - Maya Marcelo 4. RW - Monga, Karan 5. RH - ​Prashant, Ashwin​ 
BI - Loan Application : 1. Amol Atigre (AA - value 0.29MTZR) - on loan as out-filed player- in place of Amiraj (value - 0.30MTZR) - DL 2. Amit Bhable (BE - value 0.27MTZR) - on loan as out-filed player - in place of Ringa (value 0.27MTZR) - DL 
BI - 1. Sachin 2. Atul 3. Anand 4. Uday 5. Manoj 6. Daniel 7. Dhruv 9. Gaurav 10. Karan 11. Amit Bhable (on loan DL) 12. Amol Atigre - (on loan DL) 13. Ajoo (on bench) 
PACU - Loan Application Ashwin Gambhir (0.38M RH) AVPL (He might travel for work . We will then request a fresh loan) Mihir (0.33M AA) AVGKL 
BI Preview By Chinchin Click Here to See Match Programme!!! 
BI will stick to the 4:5:1 formation that we have been playing for the last few games as players have got set to this formation and the positions they are playing in. BI will be playing a more defensive game and look to attack only on the counter. PACU have some midfield players and their strikers are also a danger to any defense. BI will be looking to block PACU midfielders and keep possession in the midfield. BI has taken some good strong loans for this game. BI will play as per plan - strong compact defending and defending a little deep. The BI midfield players will have to play the positions and support the defense whenever required when PACU are attacking. The lone striker will play with the last man in the PACU defense line-up and keep hassling upfront. This is going to be a good encounter and a win will only boost the morale of the team. BI fans are requested to attend the matches in huge numbers and support their team. BI wishes PACU all the best for and exciting encounter. 
PACU Preview By Amma Click Here to See Match Programme!!! 
" Other than Hima we have a full squad for this game. Barring a few niggles and a 2cm cartilage tear the team is in fine health and spirit. Last time we played BI we played our (player ref ) trump card . Mr. Khare played for us and guided us to a come from behind 4-3 win at Dobarwadi. Since then BI have signed quality players like Manoj, Daniel,Karan as well as merging with ADCY. Master Mind Ajoo has also started coming to the ground regularly to guide BI. BI are favourites going into this game though the points table will tell a different story. As usual our formation and strategy will be decided after seeing the BI squad. All the best to BI and lets have a good game." 
Amti Review as Loanee for BI 
Firstly I would like to thank BI Manager Ajoo for giving me the opportunity to play for BI as striker. It was a tough game looking at PACU squad and with BI starting with 2 man down. The first was goalless with BI always playing with 9 man and sometimes with 8. In this win , I would like to give all credit to BI defense , It was superb co-ordination between Tiger and Anand. Atool was fantastic in goals who saved BI many times in first half. PACU wanted to win game desperately and tried to press too high in 2nd half and this gave lot of space on wing and for striker to run. 2nd half started with score from Danny on assist by Anand. This goal was a booster for BI. Would like to thank Danny for an assist on which I scored, It was all his effort , running down the flank and a minus pass just for a tap. BI got limited opportunities but all scored while PACU was pressing all the time but could not score. It was joy playing for BI. Congrats BI for a win. 
Sidwho's? Review as LP 
I thank the coach for appointing me as Linesperson for today's match between BI and PACU. First of all, the NCL ground is in superb condition now compared to what we had in past. Kudos to all those who have worked hard for it. I'm sure the players must have enjoyed playing on the new surface today. The match to me was a major upset as BI ran out deserved winners after a strong display against a tough PACU side. Even though they started the match with 9-men and at one point in first half they had 3 players out on yellow card, they still managed to keep PACU away from their goal. In a game full of yellow cards, BI kept their cool and PACU could not capitalize on the man-advantage. Second half was quite to similar to first half but BI found their scoring boots and were rewarded with 3 goals. All PACU were missing was the final touch and that's exactly what BI had which reflects in the scoreline. The second goal from penalty was the turning point because PACU looked frustrated after that. Also the decision to give away penalty to BI was fair enough considering there was a clear foul inside the area. Despite being man or two short throughout most the the times and players having to play out of positions, BI never looked like losing this one. I would have put my money on PACU before the start of the game, but that's what football is (full of surprises)! Congratulations to BI and tough luck to PACU. For neutrals it was a good game to watch! 
PACU's Review By Satsut 
Another story of lost opportunities for PACU this morning. With BI starting with 9 on the ground and with Eagles missing a good part of the 1st half, we should have closed the match out early. Its not that we did not create enough, it was all about the misses. Yours truly, guilty again. I am lacking in form and fitness and that is what I believe is hurting PACU now. We started with our tried and tested 4-3-3 formation with Amar, Neeraj, Yogi and Vikki in defense; Gambho, Subhav and DJ in midfield and Kapil, Jango and Satish as strikers. The first half saw us pushing BI to the edge. Satish had 5 clear chances in the first half and missed them all. Credit to Atul for making the saves. On one occasion Andy made a goal line save after Atul was beaten. The 2nd half was an absolutely different story. BI started playing well and scored thrice with Danny, Andy(Penalty) and Amit getting the goals. The problem with us today was that barring a few players, others failed to put up a fight after we went a goal down. Credit to BI for a game they deserved to win. We did try the 4-4-2 formation but nothing came of it. Its a harsh wake-up call for us. And its not just about waking up. Its about getting fit. Its about taking responsibility. Its about getting a little more disciplined. Lets hope we just dont wake up and expect a miracle to happen. We have to make the miracle happen! 
Tiger's Review as Loanee for BI 
"I would like to thank BI management and Ajoo for loaning me for this crucial encounter, speacially for BI to get into the rhythm again. And YES, Iceman are through. What a JABARDAST game plan and execution too !! PACU too played well but were missing somewhere in the attacking half. With Satsut and Gambo upfront, any defence line in TZLC will be under pressure throughout the game and today was the same case too. But BI defense handled the pressure very well by not allowing them to cut through. Most of the first half BI played with 9 players (players were carded for the fouls etc. I was one of them..). But PACU didnt capitalize on the chances they created. Though they earned lot of IFK/FK, didn't manage to score. The second half was totally different with BI defense keeping a bit high line and supporting their midfielders and a chance came..Andy gave a nice pass to Daniel and AWESOME FINISH from Daniel to the top right corner. After a goal down, BI started dominating the game. Karan made a good and committed run into the box and earned a penalty on which Andy scored easily. After going down with 2 goals, PACU defense came up but again BI took the advantage of it..A very beautiful pass from Manoj to Daniel down the line..war between Daniel and Amma to reach the ball, but Daniel won it..and gave a nice grounding pass to Amti who was present into the box just placed into the nets..BI have made really good signings recently and all the players are supporting each other. I enjoyed the game and feel happy for Ajoo who is doing so much on and off the field. PACU missed Hima.. Congrats BI and hard luck PACU. Thank You." 
BI's Review By Ahjoo 
BI got the much needed victory in today's game. BI played a 4:5:1 formation Atul(GK); Manoj(LB), Anand(CB), Atigre(CB), Sachin(RB); Rango(LW), Dhruv(CMF), Daniel(CMF), Karan(CMF), Uday(RW); AmitB(St). BI first half of the game was very scrappy as we started with 9 players for the first 10-15 mins and also BI players committed many fouls resulting in cards and players sitting out. This caused players to be played in different positions and we could not settle as planned. The Second half the team re-grouped and played as per the planned formation. In the second half there was more sync and ball was passed about more and players stuck to positions which resulted in BI putting pressure on PACU and the first goal came for BI with an assist from Andy who moved up with the attacking move and passed to Daniel who made no mistake and with a good finish put the ball in the net. The second goal was scored soon after by Andy when BI were awarded a penalty. The third goal was also a good passing move started by Manoj down the line to Daniel who passed to Amity(on loan) who made no mistake and tapped the ball in the net. Final score 3-0. A mention to Atigre who played on loan in CD did a splendid job along with Andy. On the whole the it was a good game and am sure the BI fans also must be thrilled with the victory. 
Jai's Review as LP 
I would like to thank the ADC for appointing me as LP for today's match. The match started well for PACU, with them controlling the ball well in their half, making a few runs towards BI's goal. A couple of BI players started late and BI were initially on the defensive. PACU were guilty of missing a few chances which would cost them dearly. DJ and Shubhav controlled the mid-field well and were ably supported by Amma and Meeraj in keeping a clean sheet. Amma was playing relatively deep, allowing him to cut off any BI runs. BI were also guilty of getting YCs constantly (with 2-3 players out at 1 time), though PACU were unable to punish them for it. Atul was great in goal, well supported by Andy & Tiger, succeeding in keep Satsut, Kapka and Jango at bay. The 1st half ended with a flurry of chances for both sides, though neither team was able to capitalize. The 2nd half started similarly, with the BI midfield taking greater control of the game thru Karan and Danny. PACU were unable to score with Gambo hitting the post on 1 occasion and finding Atul directly after a great run till the D-top. BI were able to break the deadlock, with a great finish by Danny. It was followed up by a penalty well-taken by Andy to put them 2-0 up. PACU were under pressure to score and had a few good chances too. However, PACU scored another on the counter attack, with a great ball by Manoj, pulled back by Danny for Amti to score. BI were able to defend comfortably for the remaining period, winning an important game 3-0. It was a relatively straight forward game as LP, with both defences playing deep. Thanks for opportunity to assist with this game. 
MR By Khare 
Quite a stirring Review By Satsut! Indeed he hit the button bang in the middle. The match itself could've turned into a Farce as the Ref implemented The ADC's -5 ZERO Tolerance policy. Nothing much has changed on the videography front as EVERYTHING is at Zoom out but the ADC Media will try and get something to show, the SR EL Loco has done a great job of screwing things up!!! Well not in totality but his noting down of timings leaves a lot to be desired. The Timings are the only link the Media has of connecting the illegible notes with the chronological order of events.... 
PACU had asked me what I would've done with the current PACU set up. Barring of course the Gambo loan. It wasn't my idea to put Meeraj along side Amma but I hadn't said it was a bad idea, just wondered that if they played high up there's no speed in the centre to recover fast. Amma clearly exposed that weakness when he had to try and keep up with Danny for BI's 3rd. I had indeed evinced interest at playing DJ in Cm which PACU have implemented. And of course some other bits and pieces that matched PACU's plans. There were 2 things that pushed the match in BI's favour. Top of the list was a Striker that is TOTALLY OFF FORM. Getting into goal scoring positions doesn't seem to be a problem and that's a big positive but it's the usually supreme finishing of Satsut that is missing. If Satsut would've put in at least 1 of the many he got in the 1st H the match could have gone to any side. But he didn't and once BI scored they lost the plot. Switching positions, making dodgy substitutions etc etc. There was no way back. That too the Icemen were attacking downwards with the sun at their back in the 2nd H. As the TZLC8 comes to an end the morning will definitely get hotter. This will require fitness levels to go up, not only that but the ability to avoid the sun from sapping your energy in the latter stages of the match will be key. In this dept. PACU failed miserably. Only Amma, always the central figure, Subaru and possibly DJ, Yogi and Gambo being the men with a little bit of energy. Gambo, a great player found it difficult to be on the same page as his team mates. Plus he was also guilty of wasting a couple of gilt edged opportunities although one of them hit the pole. Yogi who is quite a fit player is not utilized enough and is thereby wasted. There are many frailities that are being exposed by the International quality ground. There is a also a bit of grass growing towards the far side on the camera's right and the ground actually resembles many a ground you find in Africa. The amount of SPACE is the moot point. How to avoid getting tired should be top of all the PACU players minds especially since I've only named 5 players that are fittish. The obvious answer being LET THE BALL DO THE WORK..... 
BI on the other hand will miss DAP and Danny when they go missing next month but their Manager must discipline their star Mr. Eagles who has been late on a couple of occasions now. No player should think that star players are exempt from disciplinary action. Rango is slowly getting the hang of playing footer in the TZLC. Possibly all the players had creditable outings this morning. Especially with their backs to the wall down to eight or nine players at one point. Age is never an issue in my book, unless you have some debilitating disease, suffer from alzheimers or have one leg as you chopped off another when you had an age related seizure so some of the players in the BI team need to start punching. Hruday is no doubt one of the weaker members. There was this one ball he played to Amti though in which Amti turned a 180 on Amma that was fabulous. And this proves that Hruday does have a good pass on him. But he goes missing many a time. Mainly due to his low energy levels or lack of fitness or whatever you want to call it. With clubs getting stronger and stronger, obviously the weak get left behind, it's up to Hruday now to show everyone that even he can jostle with the mighty. For that matter all the players that were HIDDEN in the small SIndh ground are totally exposed now. It's an entirely different ball game. BI are no doubt floating about the clouds at the moment and they should be after a resounding victory against a strong side. But they should NOT forget that they were LUCKY. It's always wise to see the mosquitoes in your net instead of ignoring them and hoping that those mozzies are the innocent ones and are also just like you, escaping from the female biters. Yes. yes soon I'll be unable to come up with novel simile's soon! But I hope you guys get my point. Yes enjoy the victory but then the sooner you get down to brass tacks the better. PACU could have well finished the match off in the 1st H. Was the CDive partnership of Tiger and DAP that good ? Or was it Satsut's impotency in front of goal? (His kid watching from the sidelines proves he can 'score') but on the ground today it seemed he had had a vasectomy performed. For me, a Great player never loses his touch. For a great player has the capability to HIDE his weakness and play to his strengths. Satsut should introspect and discover why he's lost his touch. I genuinely feel that it's the pressure of expectation from his team mates AND his constant worrying of his injury. I can GUARANTEE that once he IGNORES those expectations and worries NOT about his injury he will be BACK ready to be a GOD to anyone that's interested! This brings me back to Tiger and DAP that EVERYONE praised to kingdom come. I'm sure Tiger will be super disappointed that I am NOT raving too. For me DAP still needs to push into CM, I was on another tangent at the start of the season when the Icemen were a weaker lot but now they are stronger and they NEED DAP's high fitness levels in Cm. As a Cd you don't get to run about that much, there's just A LOT OF PRESSURE. Amma can vouch for that as he has to look after his 3 defenders AND worry about his Mf's NOT covering well AND most importantly worry about the oppositions attacks!! Many a time all the BI Cd's had to worry about was Satsut. Kapka was busy complementing players when there was a good pass, cross or effort and he didn't bother falling back or working hard. EVERY single player needs to put his 2 pence worth. EVERY SINGLE PLAYER. So Amma pulling Kapka off was a reminder to him I'm sure. For that matter Meeraj looked more active than both Kapka and Jango!!! Actually PACU passed the ball about well left and right in the 1st H and that's why they created all those chances. PACU must be mature and think that sometimes a DRAW is a better bet than a WIN. PACU went guns blazing too EARLY for the equalizer and therefore left gaps. They should have carried on playing the same way and they may have got a result. Truth be told Danny's opener was a stunner! Meer should've made it look better by diving but I've always said Meer is a better OFP than a keeper. Although this shot would've been a difficult save for even the strongest of keepers. SO PACU went down to a freak, yes it's always there that the build up could've been stopped but it happened and PACU were down a goal. So? There were still a possible 40 mins left and a for sure 35 mins. SO WHY GO FOR GOAL SO SOON???? The 1st H was PACU's and BI got a freak goal so I call that immaturity. When you play against an opponent you think is weaker than you than this is the most likely outcome. BI ALWAYS play a match as if they are the WEAKER, and that is the DIFFERENCE!! Atool pressed all the right buttons as he sacrificed and wore the keepers jumper. He did a splendid job. No dives but he was there in the right place at the right time! For PACU I remember Vikky making I think 2 sprints, one with the ball and one without. ANOTHER PLAYER that needs to think hard about staying in shape as the TZLC gets fitter. But looking at the PACU loans you'd assume their loans were keeping in mind the strength of BI so one again q's how you can expect to push everyone up in a goal hunt when in the entire 1st H you couldn't find the back of the net (You could reach that point but couldn't finish it). Amti had a very good game this morning. He I don't think even ONCE went off on his wildly frustrating SOLO runs and tried to pass the ball about quickly. God Job Amti!! Now if only you can PLAY THIS WAY FOR BE!!!!! 
Just something quick....another point is the way PACU arrived at the ground. At least 5 PACU players arrived in a BUNCH much after the initial lot had arrived. BI had already gathered (apart from the new Omi, Danny and DehuJon) and were marking the ground. That feeling of doing something together also bonds the team together. As the 5 or 6 PACU individuals loitered up it seemed VERY UNPROFESSIONAL especially for the thousands of fans that braved the early morning to be there. Also, the LP Sidwho? flagged LOUDLY (When a MO waves his flag about as if signalling that he has just seen a ghost about to attack one of the players) it will be DEFINED as LOUD. A LP MUST always be DISCRETE. It seems that Sidwho? saw a pull of the shirt (Groov on Yogi) in a sidey type situation. There was no goal mouth incident or goal scoring chance or someone was about to go through on goal, just a shirt pull when two men were fighting for the ball. Yogi didn't seem frustrated either. As the Ref I HAVE to side with the LP. He may have seen something. BUT he needs to be discrete. I couldn't WAVE him away as he acted as if it was the end of the world. (That too I have specified that the LP's MUST ALWAYS be DISCRETE when informing me about something, a rapid wave of the flag ankle height) and most importantly ONLY INFORM me about something at a DEAD BALL. (This Sidhwho? did, it was a throw in). But everything else he lost track of. On top of it all, Yogi said that Groov had NOT pulled his shirt and Groov said he didn't either!! In MY viewpoint, the REF did right by LISTENING to his LP and in giving the card as per the ZERO TOLERANCE policy. On another note EVERYONE has mentioned the amount of cards shown and this is what WILL ALWAYS happen in a ZERO TOLERANT world. The players have been given numerous opportunities to behave like adults but once they IGNORE simple R and R what else can happen??? 
Just saw the EL LOCO interviews after he stole the Vidcam from the ADC Media and proceeded to do their job....Unbelievable EL LOCO has set a new benchmark....the INTERVIEWER gets INTERVIEWED!!! See this and MORE on the highlights show on the weekend!!! 
Sat 19/03/16 
1st Div  
RH (1) 1 Vs RW (0) 1 RH did NOT take the extra 5 mins at the end of each half 
RH - Jonty OG 2.10 
RW - Ivan 53.09 
MO's - PACU - Vicky, Amma BT - Pam, Bhanda BI - Ajoo, Atul AA - Neel, Rock BE - Prashant, Harshad 
RH - 1. Sagar P 2. Ameya D (c) 3. Shivam S 4. Mangesh P 5. Amartya M 6. Rajib N 7. Rajesh B 8. Prashant G 9. Akshai S 10. Tushar P 11. Ashwin G 12. Himanil B (on loan from PACU) 13. Nikhil B Injured - Neeraj B 
AVPL: Himanil B - on loan from PACU: ADC's current valuation = 260k TZR 
RW - Ketan Jonty Lalit Pravin Manan Karan Vikki Monga Taufa Sarva Nishant Avi (unavailable) Lalit Zhope TENTATIVE, Pravin -Unavailable 
AVPL- Anand(value 0.37 M TZR) BI AVPL- Mukul (Value 0.32 M) BT for Avi (value 0.31M TZR) -Unavailable {Mukul has played outfield for us twice already 14/11/15 against TZAS & 10/03/16 against PACU- as the TZAS game is scrapped off we request to loan him again} 
RH Preview By Red Click Here to See Match Programme!!! 
RH come up against a strong RW side that has bolstered its squad mid-season by purchasing a couple more talented blokes. RH on the other hand found some confidence putting up a good performance against the Eagles away at the Eagles Arena. Most of our players are now back from injury and have been targeting this match so as to get 100% before this game. We would still be missing Beeraj who may have had a premature end to his season. We have an almost full squad available for this one! I have to admit that we have been a little inconsistent in a couple of matches this season but we are all pumped up to put up a show against the Warriors and put an end to their unbeaten run! We believe that we have the desire and what it takes on the field to get the better of the Warriors. Following Mr. Khare's advice always helps and bringing back Amu and Amar in midfield did work well for us in our previous game as well as Paul had a good outing at RM. But this time he will have a tougher task at hand with Mantan and JJ playing on his side and Kramer will need his help in defending. RW are known for their tireless pressing and dominating midfield. We will be looking to gain the upper hand in midfield and try to control the game although this is going to be tough. We are up for a fight and wish RW good luck! 
RW Preview By 135 Click Here to See Match Programme 
RW are coming off a couple of unusually low scoring games with a draw against a resilient PACU side. We have neither taken the draw lightly nor are we satisfied with the result. We know where we are going off the track and in this match we will try our best to put things right and play the way are Fans expect us to. RH is a great side with top quality talent in every department. Return of Shiv only makes them stronger. We will stick to our traditional wing play and a win is vital to our Title hopes. 
Atool's Review as the LP 
Thanks for allowing me to be the LP. The match as such was interesting in parts with most of it being a bit low on energy. RW should have won the match..but good defending by RH to eke out a draw. There were a couple of instances that I was involved in.. One was a offside call that the player was not too happy about.. Towards the end of the second half there was a long cross by RW. Nishant made a run from behind the RH defense and did beat the offside trap, but before the ball reached him, it was touched by a RW player (i think Ivan) thus making it a forward pass to Nishant who was in the offside position by then. Hence I had to call it an offside (I did explain this to Nishant after the match as well). The second i think was a throw-in call which I think I got it wrong (looking at the faces of the players..of course they were good enough not to show dissent at a wrong call).. During a tackle on the line (Kundang and Vikus I think ) I thought on the way out it did not touch a RW player and ruled the throw-in in favor of RW. Overall RW did have possession for a longer periods.. Monga did get into great positions up front, but was not able to score from them. 
Hima's Review as LP 
Firstly a big thank you to Red and the entire RH management and team for giving me the opportunity to play on loan for RH, my ex team. Frankly it was a great feeling for me to play once again with my ex-teammates and I enjoyed every moment of this. The game started with RH putting real pressure on RW and a wonderful move from left to right and Red making a brilliant run provided RH the first goal. The unfortunately with Gambo getting injured early in the 1st half kind of disrupted the momentum for RH. But we defended well against a strong RW team. Second half RW came stronger and unfortunately we had silly fouls given away which gave them an opportunity to press harder and that resulted in them scoring from an IFK in our D. Overall the game was a hard fought match with both teams giving everything. It was a match I enjoyed playing very much and I wish RH all the very best for the rest of season. 
Jonty Ran 
In the 1st H 3.79 Km's and he forgot to switch it on in the 2nd!!! 
Amonk Ran 
4 Km for 64 mins then his Band got auto switched off!! 
Mkul's Review as AVPL for RW 
"First of all I would like to thank Karan for taking me on emergency loan and the ADC for approving that loan. This was my second match in a row for RW and I am glad that RW management thought that I was good enough to play for them regularly. Since I also played for them in their last match against PACU I can compare the two games. Today RW looked much more focused and clinical. They moved the ball more quickly from left to right and vice versa (at least in patches). They also gave more balls to their wingers and their full backs than the PACU game. They still need a bit more inspiration in the attacking quarter but they are surely getting there. RH were either very lucky to have escaped with one point or they have defended incredibly well to earn one point. I don't know which is the case. Although RW have lost 2 points today, I believe that they are slowly getting their fear factor back. For me they are still the favorites to win the league. AA seem to have better form at the moment but the one minus point might just come back to haunt them. Let's see how my predictions go. Congrats to all the teams in the first division after the result of today's match. 
RH's Review By Red 
RH started 4-5-1: Anna-GK; from R to L - Hima, Rajib, Mangs, Akshai in Def, Prashant, Amar, Amu, Gambo and Sagar in Mid and Shiv had a free role up. We started of well, Amu pulling the strings in midfield and managed to score with a good move and the final touch from a RW player. We manaegd to create another opening when Gambo was through on goal but pulled up his hamstring. This was probably the moment where the tide changed and we were under constant pressure from RW. Amu did superbly to read the game and taking off pressure from the defenders. The defenders too deserved credit for keeping Anna out of the game on most occassions. Hima and Kramer did a good job at LB/RB to cut off the threat from Mantan and Monga. RW did have a lot of possession but in my opinion the best chances of the game were for RH. Red was through on goal from the left side and failed to chip the keeper who had come out. On another occassion, TCs shot-cum-cross was an inch away from going in during the dying minutes. Yes, we did not play as well as we should, but the fight shown as a unit was good. El Loco playing at RB was intent on attacking and leaving gaps behind. We discussed it during half time but were unable to explore that option mainly because of a flurry of YCs which meant RW gained a lot of confidence and put a lot of pressure on us. Hence, we were forced to come centrally and defend. On a couple of occasions we did try but things did not work out as planned. We are also disappointed to have given away yet another soft goal from an IDFK and consider ourselves unlucky! I would also like to congratulate the players for their honesty during a pressure game - instances involving Mangs, Amu and Monga. Congratulations to Ajoo and others who have transformed the pitch! Before the game we were eager to get all three points but considering how the game went we are not too disappointed with a point either. It was a game we players enjoyed. Although I am sick of RW winning everything since last since, many of us will be but I wish them good luck for their remaining games! 
Pam's Review as AR 
Thank you ADC for appointing me as AR for today's game. It was an important game for the first division, I'm sure AA will appreciate today's result as it potentially throws the first division wide open again. The game started on a good note for RH and they seemed to be in control of things. There was a certain tempo to their game in those first 10 mins, Gambo looked really good on the ball whenever he got to it. Red was making superb runs down the flank as well! RH's first goal was a result of that one run that Red made on the flank and crossed the ball into the crowded RW Dee area which sent the RW defense into Panic mode. Jonty tried to clear the ball away from his goal but could not connect well and the ball landed into his own net. Very, very unlucky to go down like that. But RW did not give up, maybe that OG inspired them to fight back even harder. Speaking of luck I think Gambo was really unlucky as well to pull a muscle in his leg while making a run for the ball, just as when it seemed that he was back in form. Hopefully its not a complicated injury and he makes a comeback soon! After going one goal up and also losing Gambo to injury, RH seemed to change their approach to the game. There were no more runs on the wings or any other kind of attacking football, meanwhile RW stepped on the gas and were desperately looking for the equalizer. RW used the width to good effect, with Mantan on one side and El Loco on the other wing it was proving hard for the RH defense to hold fort but somehow they managed to keep a clean sheet in the first half, partly owing to a bunch of miscued shots. The second half was not much different, RW continued to look for a goal and finally got their chance after an indirect FK was awarded inside the box. In fact there were 2 IFK's awarded by the ref, the first one RH defended well but could not do the same for the second one. Incidentally both goals of the game were scored at the same end and in not so spectacular style. RW would have liked to score another one and take away all three points but that was not to be as Amu and Mangs marshaled their troops and managed to push away the wave of RW attacking moves. There was a late rush of adrenaline from RH towards the end but in the end the scoreline remained undisturbed at 1-1. As mentioned earlier this result has great implications for the top divisions and also for teams in the 2nd division who are looking to qualify. Interesting days in the making for the TZLC as we move towards the end of the season! 
RW's Review By 135 
Formation: Ketan GK Nishant RB Jonty CD Anand CD Mukul LB Monga RM Karan RCM Vikki CM Taufa LCM Mannu LM Sarva ST. A great sunny morning saw the top 2 teams battle it out for a 1-1 coming back strong from their last game against PACU with great movement on and off the ball.. The first half started with a shocker as jatin freak kick landed in the back of his own goal keeper would have saved that.. Having said that,Jatin took it in his stride and started to lead the pack from the back with a solid performance..there was never a moment after that did rh seem to gather a rhythm..Gambo pulled his hamstring while running for a through ball which saw the loan defender Anand match up to him..Karan dictated the proceedings in the middle with Vikas and they both combined well playing their flanks supported by Monga and manu..Taufiq still finding his form showed signs of taking shots and great link up play with his strike partner sarva who brought a ray of light by scoring a great frewkick which piereced through the rh wall ..El Loco playing in an unsual position of right back and did his job along with his other flank mate on loan who again played a brillant game..thnak you for Mukul.. The entire game seemed to be in the RH half and RW should have nailed a couple..the sun came down hard on the players and seemed to have affected their final composure in front of goal.. Having said that RW showed signs of why they are the top side in the league with great movement from flank to flank and their next game should tell a different story and bring the confidence back in the side..cheers to the weekend. 
MR By Khare 
It shouldn't be surprising to all that a Refs JOB is ALWAYS difficult. Even in the TZLC! Where honesty is the key and there are players that own up to Hb's etc, in this match there were 3 incidences that many can remember. But as I have always said that sometimes the adrenaline and excitement keeps one from understanding when the ball has actually touched your hand or arm as in this case. If you can see my positioning (My job is to officiate) so while I'm looking to allow the game to flow I will always blow the whistle when I am 100% sure. In this case I was. As per the ADC's ZERO Tolerance Policy Vikus should have been carded as he CLEARLY showed his unhappiness as being called for a HB in this instance. But between you and me, sometimes the Refs discretion is called into play and Vikus was given the benefit of doubt that he didn't realize he had handled the ball. (The clip will be shown in the highlights show). I must specify here that chesting the ball with your hands raised up like that is NOT the way to chest the ball...... 
Unfortunately the highlights leave alot to be desired but I could see that Robby was trying his best. Clearly his team mate VK was unimpressed with the level of play and barely wrote a line or two like the 2 goals and the cards!!! So I hope the ADC Media will do it's best to get AT LEAST a few highlights up for a dekko. 
I must say that Amu's form after he's taken on RH's burden of responsibilty has been a revelation. Up front he was thoroughly wasted. Once again at Sindh would be a different matter, same for RW's Toufa but on a big ground if your support pack is not firing then you will not receive the ammo to be effective in a forward role. Amu's stepping back into Cm has galvanized the lack lustre Hurricances and is whipping them into a level 5 category thunder storm. He needed to on this day of days as they faced a resurgent RW after back to back below their capability performances. 135 has been planning a lot for the end of the season campaign and the proof is the 3 recording that he has taken from the ADC of 3 matches that I will not disclose. THIS is what you call attention to detail. Someone has to do it. I'm all the praise for him even though he nor the El Loco thanked the ADC for cancelling the drug lords suspension. 
There is no doubt to anyone methinks that RW had ALL the possession. But what Red said in his Review I believe is true. For ALL their possession, was ANNA tested? 135 is still failing to pull the trigger as has been advised him. He's stopped taking shots since arriving at the new ground. Mantan is off form, Amonk is not putting crosses in. Have the opposition finally understood how to play against the Royal Warriors? Pat made quite a clever observation as we drove home. He said that El Loco never ONCE crossed the ball from the many opportunities he had on the flank. I agree totally. Obviously I would advise players not to cross the ball in if theres nobody in there, but there were many AVA in the box many a time so I call that as chances spurned. It's not ideal to play the ball to the top of the box ESPECIALLY if it's to 135 who just doesn't shoot! There's not much more I can add. Toufa had a bit more of the ball as he played a bit deeper than usual but he's shooting left a LOT to be desired. RH on the other hand were electric with Hima back. The 3 other defenders Mangs, Mishti and Kramer definitely looked leaky. If Amu would'nt have stepped back into CD for many moments of the match RH would surely have let in a few. Mangs and Kramer MUST release the ball sooner if not FASTER. The more they hold on to it the more they themselves put pressure on their own team. Sometimes the best thing to do is the simplest, give it a GOOD THWACK and get the ball as far away as possible. This is how I would set up RH - Gambo MUST get back into CD. Without a strong base how can you set yourself up to score? Mangs is the kind of CD that doesn't lead he likes being led. Mishti now unfortunately is being over shadowed by his lack of height and size especially against the big and quick RW. I would for sure use him on the flank either at the back or in Mf. Amu MUST continue his role as the playmaker but if I have to say something to Red is that he should try and show a little more effort. Many a time it seemed as Red didn't have the heart to work like a horse. Amar and TC would play along side Amu and Shiv, Paul, Red and Kramer could fight it out to play up front in a 4-3-3 formation. For all the talent Shiv has I don't think we've seen all of him yet. He needs to pull up his socks super fast. 
RW are SO predictable now. I must say that their new goalie Ketan should be embarrassed to make the same error twice. For a young bloke like him he shows a lot of confidence but HAS NEVER BEEN tested yet. I thought RW don't use their Cd's enough. So theres no surprise element in the attack. You can rarely see Jonty or the Loanee DAP bursting through. Mkul had another solid outing as loan although his Throw ins look super funny!