Mon 07/03/16  
AA (4) 6 Vs KITFO (0) 0 
AA - Sparky 2 6.58 53.37 Jango Loan 10.40 59.40 Audi 30.28 Ajinx 33.36 
AA - 1. Mayuresh 2. Neel 3. Arun 4. Tiger 5. Mihir 6. Pai 7. Audi 8. Sean 9. Avi (loan - subject to ADC approval) 10. Pam (loan - subject to ADC approval) 11. Ajinkya 
Ryan -unavailable (value 0.38M TZR) - in his place, we would like to loan Avi (value 0.30 M TZR) RW Shivang - unavailable (value 0.28M TZR) - in his place, we would like to loan Pam (value 0.28 M TZR) BT 
KITFO - 1. Sharad 2. Amit 3. Sagar 4. Devendra 5. Arpit 6. Zaid 7. Varun 8. Sameer 9. Rajib 10. Dhananjay 11. Ravi P 12. Amartya 13. Aviank 14. Nitin 7.15 
AA Preview By Rock Click Here to See Match Programme 
(AA Fined for repititive use of BANNED term for formation EVEN after intimation) 
AA plays KITFO, a team that has had a topsy turvy season. Some days, they are brilliant, other days not so. But they always play with a lot of passion and have game winners in the likes of Keano and Amti. AA is riding on some hard fought victories, our confidence is high, and we are going for the win on Monday. Our current preferred formation of 4-1-4-1 is working well, and we will stick to it. AA will sorely miss Ryan and Shivang. AA invites its fans to come and support us in this match! 
AA's Review By Ryan 
AA played with the usual 4-5-1 formation with slight change as Sean played as DM, Audi – RCM , Neel –LCM , Pai – RW , Jango – LW , Ajinkya- Forward , Ryan – LCD , Avi – RCD , Mihir – LWB and Tiger –RB. We started very well with moving the ball around with short passes and were able to keep most of the possession which made it difficult for the opponents to win back the possession. We knew the strengths of KITFO was short passes which start from their LB or RB and if we close those options, then it would get difficult for them as they would have to take the long kicks which would work in our favor. We did play to the plan and it worked wonderfully for us as we scored 4 goals in the first half itself thru Sean, Jango, Audi and Ajinkya. KITFO had a great chance in the first 10 mins which Amit just put over the bar as Mayuresh -GK charged out. KITFO came back strongly in the second half with coach guiding them on a few positional and strategical changes during the half break where Amit went as a RB and KITFO players started pressing more giving AA no time on the ball. Suddenly the game was not as free flowing in the first half and AA kept losing the ball. AA did manage to score another 2 goals , one which was a mistake by the GK – Dhananjay, and other which was a good finish by Sean. Good game by KITFO though they were not in their elements today and well deserved victory by AA. 
KITFO's Review By Mishti 
KITFO 5-3-2 Goal: Aviank Def: Ravi, Sharad, Rajib, Zaid, Ravi Mid: Amar, Groo, Sameer Upfront: Amit, Sagar Subs: Dhananjay, Arpit ( injured) Yet another match where we made too many mistakes in back to let in cheap goals. We had a plan to try and make it difficult for AA to win, consolidating the defense. But at the end, it was defense combined with some novice goalkeeping did not help us at all. Against a formidable opponent like AA, we wanted to keep things very steady, but ended up with number of soft errors. Mistakes in simple passing, controlling was the problem, let alone making any good move. Though it was KITFO who had the first clear chance of the match which Amit chipped over the goal. We conceded as early as 15th minute and from there on it was mostly one way traffic, AA was all over us and pounced on every mistake. Second half seemed much better with players with better technical ability positioned in defense. Yet we conceded 2 and could not convert on few chances we could manage to create. We could not press AA defense enough to create space. We need more energy, passion with skills (alongwith a goal keeper) to be able to compete teams like AA. Congratulations to AA for their win. 
Avi Ran 
Ashubhs Review as LP 
Thanks for the opportunity of being an LP for the match between AA and KITFO. KITFO's backline was moving up and down throughout the first half to catch offside. But the AA players did well to stay onside most of the time. Even when some player was in an offside position, they did not pass to him. AA dominated the first half and most of the action was in KITFO's defensive half. In the second half I think KITFO did raise their game but AA dealt with them comfortably. This was mainly because the AA midfielders Sean, Aditya and Neel won the midfield battle. Overall I did not have too many calls to make. Congrats to AA on the big win. And I wish both the teams luck for the games ahead. 
MR By Khare 
Firstly back to square one with the HORRIFIC SR and CM work. It took me half an hour just to look for the 1st chance of the match that fell to Amti as neither Yogi nor Louie thought it worth their while. I'll require a miracle to get something done of this videographical monstrosity. Out of the 6 goals this morning there were 2 that were deserved, the rest were gifts. I will be giving KITFO some help in this department CUTTING out pathetic errors and also will approach the ADC to give permission to KITFO to LOAN a GK for their LC Semi Final against the strong BT. The problem is the keeping is RUBBISH. According to me a player should at LEAST know the basics. Next Off Season I won't spare a SINGLE PLAYER and get some PURELY Goalkeeping practice sessions underway. As per KITFO's norm the technically weaker players were kept at the full back positions while the rest of the positions were taken up by the players with slightly more ability. Setting up technically weak players in areas that come under a lot of pressue may not be a wise decision. In the 2nd Half when I advised KITFO to play with more able players at RB and LB even THEY succumbed to the pressure. I keep harping on about the technically weaker players but that does not mean that that is just a nice way of saying they aren't good enough. Even a player of quality like Amti makes more mistakes then he should and his mistake cost one of the goals in the 1st half. It's lkea boxing match, there's a saying, you respect an opponent the moment he/she enters the ring. It requires guts to enter a boxing ring. Similarly here it requires guts to face up to a stronger player, KNOWING that you can't go the way of the norm, WHACKING and HACKING a stronger opponent is usually the tactic used in a professional match but here in the TZLC, that's not allowed so all you can use is the knowledge you have gained during the practice sessions and matches you've played so far and from WATCHING matches on the telly. This is no mean feat. SO I would want those players to train all the bit harder and show everyone that they are trying. AA's Meer made a tremendous run down the flank and crossed it in perfectly while the same can be said of Jango Loanees cross and Ajinx's world class header. AA are a work in progress and need to iron out a few creases. The shooting in the TZLC has been atrocious so far. I am ALLOWED to play the technically weaker players wherever I want if I'm coaching as I can guide them throughout. In a match where the players are looking after things they are worries enough looking after themselves to help the others. Hence ALWAYS start STRONG at the back, it's better to be safe than sorry, It's wiser to counter attack for a weaker team then to score more than the opponents. Remember by playing 5-3-2 you are ASKING the opponents to come and have a go at you and if you aren't strong enough it's like throwing all your money away. Tiger NEEDS to lose weight and get fitter. At the moment I think he's playing at 60% of his capability. He should worry MORE about his OWN game than the others. I hope AA finally give Stoney a position he can grow in. I don't think that will happen soon though. 
That's all people!!! 
Wed 09/03/16  
BE (0) 0 Vs RH (3) 5 
RH - Shivam 1 32 Amar 6.47 Paul 17.53 Sherry OG 47.50 Red 88.26 
MO's - PACU : Satish, Subhav AA : Aditya, Mihir BI : Ajoo, Atul RW : Avi, Karan BT: Rafa + 2 players playing on loan 
BE - 1: Gaurav Ponappa (340, PACU) as per AVGKL 
RH - DIRECT GOALKEEPER LOAN: Tushar P - unavailable due to work: ADC's valuation as GK = 340k TZR Mihir N - on loan from AA: ADC's current valuation as GK = 320k TZR DIRECT LOAN: Rajesh B - injured: ADC's current valuation = 320k TZR Siddhu C - on loan from BT: ADC's current valuation = DIRECT LOAN: Ashwin G - unavailable due to work: ADC's valuation as GK = 380k TZR Mukul I - on loan from BT: ADC's current valuation = 310k TZR 
1. Sagar P 2. Prashant G 3. Rajib N 4. Amartya M 5. Mangesh P 6. Shivam S 7. Ameya D 8. Akshai S 9. Siddhu C on loan from BT 10. Mukul I on loan from BT 11. Mihir N - GK loan from AA Injured - Neeraj B; Rajesh B Unavailable - Nikhil B, Tushar P, Ashwin G 
BE's Preview in the Match Programme CLICK HERE!!! 
RH Preview By Red Click Here to see Match Programme!!! 
A game at the Eagle's Arena is always tricky and with the new quality additions BE have strengthened the wide areas. RH have had a dip in form but are keen to show that we are up for a fight! TC is still struggling with his hamstring and is a doubt for this game. We changed from our usual 4-4-2 and fielded a 4-3-3 formation to counter their 3 man midfield. But still we were over-run by them and we will look to ring in some changes in midfield. We will take Mr. Khare's advice and Amar will come into central midfield while we are still contemplating who will partner Mangs in CD. Mangs has had to cope up with playing with a new CD partner each game. He may again end up with a new CD partner or Red may have to sacrifice again. BE give a lot of emphasis on the off-side trap while defending but are also vulnerable as they invariable change their LB/RB during the game. I cannot stress on how important the game is for both sides so as to maintain their push in their respective leagues. We wish the Eagles good luck! 
Sidwho?'s Review as Loanee for RH 
I thank ADC and team RH for loaning me for RH in today’s match between BE and RH. I thoroughly enjoyed playing for RH as we completely dominated the game and won it comprehensively.  
Apart from few minutes in second half, we controlled the game throughout which reflects the scoreline. I was personally happy playing alongside Amu and Shiv in the midfield and Mkul at LB.  
We played with cool and composed mentality which helped us securing not only a big win but also an all-important clean sheet. We never looked disorganized and played with positive passing with superb off the ball movements.  
Second half was all about keeping calm and not to let the game go away from us as we had a big 3-0 lead at the break. Even though we missed few chances we still managed to score 5 which is a huge tally. 
Tough luck to BE and congratulations to RH! 
I once again thank both ADC and RH management for this wonderful game and Ill be looking forward to play again if asked! 
Mkul's Review as Loanee for RH 
I thank RH management for taking me on loan for today's match. This week BT don't have a match but I was desparate to play. Therefore, as soon as Red asked me to play on loan I said yes. I played at left back which is not my usual position but I enjoy playing as a full back and today was no exception. The fact that my BT teammate Siddhu was playing as LM also helped a lot. Today BE squad looked quite strong and I am extremely happy to have kept the clean sheet. On my flank Bruce and Suman were lurking but with the help of Rajib da and Siddhu I managed to keep the ball out of danger most of the times. For me the highlight of the match was Shivam's goal on a header in the first half. All in all it was a very enjoyable match. RH are now topping the table. Best of luck to them. Hard luck to BE.  
RH's Review By Red 
RH started 4-5-1: Meer-GK; Kramer-RB, Mangs-RCB, Mishti-LCB, Mkul-LB; Prashant-RM, Amu-RCM, Amar-CM, Shiv-LCM, Sidwho?-LM; Sagar-ST RH took Mr. Khare's advice of getting Amar into CM and that worked well today. We partnered Amar with Amu and Shiv on either side. Shiv showed a lot of fight as usual and Amu with superb close control in tight situations did well in midfield and controlled the game well. Mangs-Mishti did also pair up well in CD and barring a couple of occasions were superb at no nonsense defending. Prashant coming back from injury was superb on the right flank, sticking to his position and making late runs behind the defence but you could clearly make out that he was not 100% today. We had a strategy to cut off the first pass from goal-kicks to the LB/RB and force BE to take long goal-kicks and surrender possession. Another point we had discussed was the offside trap. We played quite a few diagonal balls to the flanks allowing Sidwho? and Prashant an opportunity to take on the LB/RB. This worked well for us and on quite a few occasions we had the BE defence chasing the ball. We had a couple of good goals but the rest of them were gifted to us. We were also guilty of missing quite a few chances and need to do better on other days. BE were unlucky to concede early due to a GK error. After playing for KITFO, I know exactly how it feels to go a goal or two down without having played too badly. And with the level the TZLC has reached it is also difficult to launch a comeback. BE came out fighting in the second half but we showed maturity to keep a clean sheet and not allow any pressure to build. We would like to thank the loanees - Meer, Mkul and Sidwho? The latter two combined well on the left flank and did work very hard whereas Meer was very decisive, loud and clear to keep BE at Bay. We wish BE good luck for their remaining matches. 
BE's Review By Jon 
BE was playing a 4-5-1 formation for this match and I think that is the best formation for a side like ours. With Dj coming late Dev d had to take the keeping responsibility but we played very well during that time. We thought Dj as a good loan provided his awareness on the field and he can guide the defense as well. We conceded two soft goals in very short time which put us on back foot and we never recovered from that. We were good in patches but committed so many silly mistakes even with simple passes and against a quality team like RH, its not going to do any favors to you at all. We gave far too much space to their players and they took full advantage of it, some superb finishes from Amar on a free-kick and Shivam with a close range header. First half was totally dominated by RH but BE showed some sign of life in 2nd half as they pressed hard and got some errors out of RH defense but could not convert as in the whole match BE didn't even have one shot on target.Some of the players have improved individually but we need to get our combinations right and have players in right places. Also to mention that some of the players need to go back to the basics and start attending practice sessions if BE is seriously thinking of giving big clubs any fight in the future and we need to get out of this habit of making silly mistakes in our half and concede.RH completely outplayed us today and showed their quality, Well done RH and as far as BE in concerned, we are down but definitely not out 
Chinchins Review as AR 
Thank you respected ADC for appointing me as an AR today. There weren’t any incidences in and around the box, in both halves, that required an ARs check. The match was completely dominated by RH who seemed to have got their mojo back with some top notch coordination and excellent plays down the flank. The Eagles barely managed to fly against the Hurricane onslaught. RH made a statement with their first goal itself that they were here for a decisive win. The goal came of a free kick - Amartya curled it well and DJ was a bit stiff to estimate the flight and height of the ball which ducked in the far right corner. Thereafter RH continued moving the ball around and attacking on number of instances. Second goal came of Paul’s strike (I think…) and third of Paul’s assist and Shiv’s header. The first half ended with RH 3 goals up. I found Paul and Sidwho controlling the flanks excellently, at times Paul had acres of space in front of him and the RH midfield was well aware of it, spreading out the ball immediately. BE RB was out of his position most of the times which left Paul to build up the attack and cross the ball in. There were sporadic moments when Eagles controlled and passed the ball around well, but that’s about it. They couldn’t create and convert opportunities and the offside trap backfired in most of the goals scored. The second half started well with BE changing a number of player positions which showed some difference in the game but that was short lived. The ball control was lost too soon and RH continued their counter attack on every opportunity. Sherry’s own goal and Shiv and Red’s strike sealed a well-deserved RH win with a 5-0 score. I felt BE today weren’t the team they usually are, the fight back spirit and positional play was missing. I particularly liked Sherry’s optimism throughout the game and his penchant for always cheering the players up, with his shout outs, in spite of any errors. It’s important to keep the negativity out in such situations to ensure the players keep up their momentum. As the respected ADC mentioned this match calls for some introspection by BE and I am sure they will rise like a phoenix in their next game. Congratulations to RH and best wishes to BE. 
MR By Khare 
Another match, another slew of bloopers and unfortunately I'm embarrassed that most of the Bloopers have come through players I've coached. Regardless of the fact that the player was playing in another position but I'm the kind of coach that expects a player to understand or at least have a BASIC understanding of how to play in a certain position. For a player with ZERO experience and then throwing him in at the deep end I can expect some oopsies, but to tell you the truth EACH and EVERY player now has had OODLES of experience playing in a match. So to be consistent in making errors that can be avoided is tantamount to saying that you have had an education in an English Medium School but still have difficulty in putting together a sentence. Is this the fault of the STUDENT or the TEACHER? In my defence all I can say is that NEVER have I entered an environment where I am coaching and coached at half pace. IT's either all or nothing. Do I see the same in the players?? I'll leave that to be answered by them.  
RH were OBVIOUSLY the BETTER team. Even Meer did a good job as GK but his toe kicks are just an embarrassment to me. Just because of him I'm thinking of reverting BACK to the ten tonne footballs that you used to play with, then we'll see how many people can manage to toe the ball, head the ball or even give a long ball. TECHNIQUE will get you marks from me. Talking about technique I've HALF a mind to ask the players on the fringes to GET TOGETHER and form a CLUB next season. Sitting on the bench is not going to get results personally. I will ask the ADC to MAKE a RULE that I will be your COACH for the TZLC9. Only for your matches there will be player refs. THINK ABOUT IT. Playing for a club with team mates that are also on the same level as you creates a sort of camaraderie that you won't find anywhere else. Each match is a David against Goliath and each match the opponents will have the PRESURE stacked up on them to win. This club wi NOT be about giving everyone a chance to play but to educate everyone on HOW TO PLAY the game. 
RH THANKFULLY made a few changes. Amu's at long last come back to be the play maker in Cm, a much needed addition to the RH squad. Shiv is left alone to do his bit (at the moment he's doing more bad then good) and Amar is there to knit things together. A couple of goals were lovely to watch. Paul is finally understanding the importance of sticking to the flank and the way he ate up his opponents was shocking to watch. EVERY SINGLE time with the SAME DRIBBLE!! Sidwho? Loanee on the left was also in fine form. Although Mr. Order in the Court for I am speaking Mkul probably thinks he had a good outing he ALWAYS had one pass and that was to Sidwho?, I genuinely thought they were a couple and Mkul was trying to Patao Sidwho? by giving him passes. TWO to three of them were so impossible that he actually passed the ball out instead of giving it to someone else! I wouldn't be surprised if Mkul said that he couldn't pass it to Mishti beacause the only call he heard from him was NOT TO PASS IT TO HIM!!! I can't blame Mishti also because on one occasion Mkul crossed the ball into his OWN box!!! Mangs is actually a DELIGHT to watch sometimes but is very inconsistant. He does want to try and pass the ball about but even though he may be a little slow in releasing the pass it's probably because he gets nervous iwth all the calls around him to CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR!!! I don't know how many times I should talk about BE an dtheir OFFSIDE TRAP but this is the MAIN reason for their collapse. Initially they had the opposition flabberghasted that a team could play the trap so well. But a part of this trap is the incapability of the opponents to AVOID getting trapped! Once they have worked this out, the story ends as can be seen. On so many occasions they ran INTO each other, the passed the ball to opponents, they couldn't even control the ball. Sometimes even giving a pass to someone that DIDN'T want it or was not READY for it. I even tried advising them at HT. DON'T PLAY SO HIGH UP THE PITCH, I said. And what did they do? CONTINUED playing high up the pitch. I had advised them some matches agoto change the CD back to how it was when they were playing well, Amti and Sherry. They were playing well at that time BECAUSE they were playing closer to their 18 yard box and catching offside there and there abouts. Their confidence has gone so high UNNECESSARILY that HALF the game they are chasing back to their own goal. Why are they the ONLY team to socre OWN GOALS? That's because half the time they are chasing back, defending with their hearts and not brains. This season why can't they play with an UNBEATABLE EXPERIENCED defence INSTEAD of what they do always? They've hardly got a season left but they can cause lots of heartache still and gain some maturity. Keano is NOT playing well because him and the rest of his team mates are not on the same wavelength. This morning all he could see was Bruce and Bruce mostly Keano. Keano's shots were ABSOLUTE TRIPE. He needs to improve on them. The positive is that he's getting into those situations. Harsh tries his best but in this team he's just a statue. I thought Deep was super whenever he got a chance. Red seems to be improving regarding his work rate but his finishing is abominable as is his unselfishness!!! You can't expect that from a striker though!! BE never worked as a team. If you want to hassle, then hassle TOGETHER. BLOCK openings and press. But they left so many gaps it was disappointing to say the least. A LOT OF HARD WORK and SITTING TOGETHER and DISCUSSING is what is needed. As the halfway season passed and the tension has begun to rise even more I have STOPPED advising clubs. I may drop a hint or too but I want to see how much the players have developed over the Season. Kramer is still trying to much. My advice to him would be to NOT make mistakes by THINKING too much about a pass, DON'T get beaten (He was run to the ground many a time when Jon took him apart), and keep getting into good positions for passes so that nobody can point a finger at you and say where were you at that time? Here I was says Kramer ASKING FOR A PASS in a GOOD POSITION NOT sticking my finger up my nose and eating the snot while looking at his Holiness Satsut! Oh yes an explanation to all regarding the YC given to Keano that led to the re-take of the IFK and then the 5th Goal. Keano in all his truthfulness said that he moved only after the ball was touched. As a Ref I have to judge the players movement in the periphery of my vision. In this case, just as the offside rule, EVEN when the upper body is in an offside position, the player is OFFSIDE. Just as in the 10 yard infringement law. If the player is leaning OVER the line, then he is INFRINGEING on the 10 yard distance. But my sincere apologies to Keano if he he was hurt. The YC was a harsh act as I had let off many a player in this match for much worse as the players were equally messing up and behaving well. My thinking is that I am just totally against players trying to pressure the FK taker illegally when the team in possession deserves a FK! The ADC has indeed DISCARDED the YC. The Goal stands as the Ref has stated that Keano's had infringed the 10 yard area. 
IS all!!! FINIS!!! 
Thu 10/03/16 
RW (0) 0 Vs PACU (0) 0 
MO's - BI: Ajoo Dhruv Manoj BE: Sameer Suraj BT:Jehan Pam AA: Audi Meer RH: Anna, Nikhil 
RW - We request 1 Emergency outfield player Loan AVPL- MUKUL(value 0.31 M TZR) BT Jonty (value 0.29M TZR) -Unavailable 
Ketan Jonty Avi Lalit Pravin(C) Manan Karan Vikas Monga Sarva Taufiq Nishant 
PACU - Sameer Chavan (AA) AVPL 0.40M TZR Sean Mathews (AA) AVGL 0.29M TZR 
RW's Preview By 135 CLICK HERE TO see Match Programme!!! (Releasing on the 9th!!!) 
RW plays after a month and is geared and to take on a busy schedule this month with important games against AA and RH lined up. We have a full squad available with a couple of debutantes. This is an important game and we will go all out to take home the three points. We will stick to the basics, with special emphasis on wing play.PACU is a team with a solid backline so we expect a good fight and we are a ready for one. 
PACU Preview By Amma CLICK HERE TO SEE Match Programme!!! 
PACU plays RW on Thursday. We feel very very confident of winning and ending RW's unbeaten run. RW as a team have not had a game in a long time and we hope to catch them cold. We view their consistency as predictability. Our own unpredictability and oppositions uncertainty over it will be our strength. We feel if we don't come fired for this game we might as well languish in 2nd Division. Our formation will be decided after seeing RW's team sheet. THE SATAN is back for this game and has promised us at least 2 goals. We have our full squad with only Vicky being tentative due to prior work commitments. 
Amonk Ran 
Ran 5.27k 
Ryan's Review as Loanee for PACU 
Thanks to Amma and Satsut for loaning me for this game between an unpredictable PACU side vs a well disciplined RW side. PACU was on the front foot in the first 5 mins of the game and should have capitalized on the many errors made by the RW defense. The best chance of the game was a terrific ball by DJ in between the RW defense and keeper which should have been put away by Satsut but unfortunately went over the bar. Though the game was played mostly in the midfield, we should have built the game a little more than to try putting it to Satsut first time. Shubaru and DJ played their role keeping the opposition midfield at bay. It would be great if Shubaru gets involved in building up the game apart from hassling but he may be getting tired while winning the ball back. Enjoyed playing a midfielder though I wish had more legs as used to in the past. Great game all round!! 
Mkul's Review as Loanee for RW 
"Thanks to RW management for taking me on loan today. Although the match ended in a 0-0 draw, it was full of action. It felt like the toughest match I have played so far this season for any team. PACU came on the ground with a definite game plan and when they have managers like Amma and Satsut its almost certain that there will be no half measures in following that game plan. Thus, PACU started the game by pressing RW in their half and because of this RW had to defend really well very early in the match. But soon Karan took charge of the mid-field and RW pushed PACU midfield back to their half. Although I am very happy to have kept two back to back clean sheets, I did not play at my best level and also gave away a couple of dodgy mis-passes in our defensive half. But our defence did just enough to prevent PACU from creating any real damage. I would say that the draw was a fair result because none of the teams deserved to lose the game. I think PACU have gained an important point today. RW have a couple of matches in hand and their fate might be decided on saturday. One last point about RW's mentality - In one of the earlier match reviews it was stated that when players are not finding their form, they should at least work hard. I think no other team does this better than RW. Best of luck to both RW and AA for saturday's match." 
PACU's Review By Satsut 
We were up against the RW juggernaut this morning and were expecting a tough game. It was high intensity game with both the teams going for each other. A draw feels like a fair result, but a big up to the entire PACU squad to adapting to a new formation against a quality side like RW. Methinks, our strategy did it for us in this game. A 4-3-3 formation in which the 4 men defense and 3 men midfield's job was to play deep in our own half and feed the ball to the 3 attackers on the counter worked well. Sean played in goals with Amar and Kapil CDs, Vikki LB and Neeraj RB. The 3 midfielders were DJ, Sam and Subhav. Hima on the right, Jango on the left and Yours truly in the center completed our attack. We were able to create a few decent chances and yours truly was guilty of missing them. DJ, Kapil, Vikki and Subhav played very well for us. Samya and Sean were good loans and did their job. For RW, Mukul was a very good and important loan for RW. He gave them the much needed speed in defense. I thought more than winning, RW did not want to lose this game. The PACU managers are very happy with the performance of the entire team. I would also like to add that the level of football in the TZLC has gone up a few notches and that is a delight. As a team, we think we could have nicked this one, but we will take the draw. Good luck to RW going forward. 
RW's Review By JJ 
RW started with 1 sub for the first time this season. It was an opener game for Ketan(GK) & Nishant. We started with Ketan(GK), Pravin(LB),Mukul(CD), Avi(CD), Lalit(RB),(Mid) – Monga, Vikas, Karan, Manu, (Up)- Sarva, Toufiq, (Sub) Nishant. PACU came attacking on RW today morning, when Hima & Satish combined well for a good move very first 5 min of the game. They looked very dangerous in the earlier 15 min. RW was in their unusual mood. Defensive made some initial errors and but came back with a fine effort to get things back in place. Mukul & Avi together were solid, not letting through anything past them. The Youngest GK in TZ and our new signee Ketan was a joy to Watch. His saves, calls, positioning while FK & Corners were awesome Well played Ketan – way to go!! Together with the defense, we managed to keep the clean sheet. RW again did not had a great game today. The problem we are facing is the connection between the defense - mid - up front. The goals are not coming for us. Also, we are losing the ball very often. We need to change the game plan is what we have thought about. At Sindh, some of the strategies worked very well for us. But for a ground like NCL, things are different. We need to change!! Can’t see the build-up happening neither the effort to do so. The linking within the formation on the ground like this helps and together build up would only be the way we can move upfront and well enough. I am sure we will find a way out next game and be better and improvise. We have lost yet, but to maintain what we have been doing, retain the title and with other tough teams in race playing well, WE NEED TO BOUNCE BACK!! And this is the time we think, come together, strategize and play to plan. I am sure we will get there and get there nicely..!! I always believe in the fact that coach always mentions – ITS ALL IN MIND..!!!! Let’s get that going… 
Chinchin's Review as AR 
Respected ADC thank you for appointing me as an AR today. This was a match that everyone looked forward to and it didn’t disappoint a bit even though the score lined ended 0-0. There was equal firepower displayed by PACU and RW and both teams played to their best level. First fifteen minutes saw a greater ball possession by RW who created some chances but weren’t able to breach PACU defense line. As an AR I had an opportunity to assist the Ref during the first half when there was an instance inside the 18y box. I think it was a corner taken by PACU and after the initial hustle the ball was received by Satsut who tried to take a shot and the ball deflected off the hand of one of the RW players (three players were there). Satsut impulsively appealed and later apologized, the Ref took time to think over and asked me if the shot was on target. From what I saw the shot wasn’t on target and the hand movement didn’t seem deliberate. The ref awarded PACU an IFK which wasn’t converted later. At the end of half time I was discussing this incident with the ref and Keano pointed out to something which I missed (Thanks Keano). The ball had infact also deflected off Satsut’s hand before he attempted the shot and Satsut honestly confirmed the same. So I am glad that the decision wasn’t a penalty else it would have been an error on my part to not observe things closely. In the first half I recall an instance when Hima crossed an excellent ball from the right flank and Satsut was just about there for a header which he missed or this was on target for goal. RW’s new goalkeeper was all charged up and had some good saves but missed out on ensuring to stick to the R&R which resulted in an IFK for PACU (no convert though). From RW I think Avi, 135, Manan and El Loco were great especially El Loco who played well for a debut but missed a fine opportunity in the second half when he had a direct shot on goal without any of the PACU defense near him. From PACU Amma was at his best, his energy is inspiring. DJ controlled the midfield well and created good opportunities. Sparky was maintaining the spark in PACU team with his good saves and shout outs. Overall I enjoyed my second opportunity as an AR in this excellent match. Hope to improve further and thanks once again. 
VG's Review as LP 
As the ADC put it, one of the best Nil-Nil draws in the TZLC history. I would agree with that, at least the best one from the time I have been associated with TZLC. Both teams wanted to score and that is why it was entertaining I feel. Very few clear chances but a lot of action in the danger areas. This was perhaps one of the easiest games for me to be the LP. I made only 3 offside calls and that too all of them in the 2nd half. Also not many controversial incidents in the game. The defence of both the teams was playing a bit deep most of the times, though the RW defence were playing to catch offsides in the 2nd half. Was glad to meet Nishant after almost 15 years and he hasn’t lost his touch, cant say the same about his weight though. He had the best chance for RW, a superb turn sending Kaka on the wrong side and just shooting a bit high on the side. PACU also look strong with Satsut back. All his ‘bhakts’ prayers have been answered finally. All the best to both the teams for the remainder of the season. 
MR or MAnalysis By Khare 
Firstly a note on the decisions - I had asked Chinchin whether the shot was on target and he said no. I must specify here that no added info be provided unless mentioned in these terms. Instead of a statement like 'The HB was UNINTENTIONAL' thereby making it cut in stone, the Official must say something like According to me I thought the handball was unintentional. This kind of statement is respectful of his Co-Match Officials as their view point is equally important. It may have happened that I had mentioned to Chinchin that I thought the HB was unintentional so Chinchin had agreed. Regardless of all this, in a PROFESSIONAL MATCH a HB IS a PENALTY ANY foul in the box IS A PENALTY. As everyone knows, the TZLC is a place where we try and ensure that there are no unfair decisions. Chinchin was incorrect to say that he would've been at fault if a Penalty would've been awarded as Satsut had handballed the ball BEFORE taking the shot. There are TWO guilty persons in the situation. ONE that KEANO the LP, even after OBSERVING the HB by Satsut DID NOT inform the Referee but kept quiet. He should've asked permission to approach the Referee ESPECIALLY when the Ref and the AR were discussing. He should've said 'Excuse me but I DEFINITELY saw a HB be by Satsut before the shot was taken so I hope this is helpful in deciding what your next step is '. The GUILTIEST of ALL is Satsut for NOT ADMITTING that he Handled the ball. He OBVIOUSLY knew the ball touched is hand as Chinchin has mentioned in his Review. I consider a person who some people worship as a GOD (YogiMogi) to behave in an honest way. I suppose the match got t him and he was too caught up in the moment but let this be a reminder to all, ONCE you develop a REPUTATION at UNTRUTHS or think that by NOT TELLING the TRUTH and NOT saying anything this means that YOU HAVE NOT told a LIE then thats wrong. The next time you play I WILL DEFINITELY REMEMBER your untruth and ALWAYS keep that as Reference. You can ask Ajinx as Proof!!! 
As the passion increases so do the fouls and then cards. But I'm glad to see that the players were acting quite maturely in this match. I HAD to give a YC to Vikus for DELIBERATE HB because if I didn't then it would have FORCED me NOT to if the same thing happened later in the game. Some infrigements you just cannot ignore. I will ALWAYS assume while reffing that EACH player will be honest. Therefore when there were offences that could be seen as serious I would always base my decision on instinct that the player did NOT foul the person on purpose. Woe be upon those that get n the wrong side of my instinct or try and get away with a lie.  
Another incident when I had to give a HB was when Kapka in CD handled the ball (The ball hit his hand) and he STOPPED!!! This enabled 2 RW players to go through. I felt that this time Kapka should NOT be punished because he behaved truthfully. So I apologized to RW for not playing on and explained to them WHY. I told Kapka and I'm telling ALL of you now that ADMIT to a HB or whatever BUT PLAY ON. PLAY to the WHISTLE. 
I thought Ketan (Surname yet to be coined) did well for a small fellow. He's confident and assured. BUT there are TWO straight forward NEGATIVES. I DISLIKE Keepers that CAN'T take goalkicks and those that don't come on time for matches. The ADC has allowed Ketan to JOIN the TZLC after just one session but if it finds that his punctuality is an issue he can be suspended. I don't think PACU tested Ketan though. He dealt well with corners and on one dodgy point fumbled but got away with it when a PACU player hit it straight at him. There are TEE's AVA to use for players that can't kick. But with the way the ADC pumps the balls up, ANYONE should now be able to HEAD or KICK the ball. A very good outing for Ketan for a debut. Finally there's some competition for Anna and Andysu and sometimes Meer. Oh yes Meer, I remember you diving to stop a one on one yesterday and at that time I had thought that that was good! But the SR has NOT recorded it so I would like some feedback from you, tell me at around what time you made that save and I;ll include it in the highlights show. Sparky on the other end was much better!! He's VERY inconsistent in his kicking just like when he plays outfield. So with PACU trying to target Satsut all the time, ACCURACE was the key. In this case NOT. Still I like keepers that give their all and dive about the place! 
Well done Sparky! Well done EL Loco!! You got away with making a face and raising your hands at a decision I had taken in the 2nd H. I still remember you as a young and cheeky upstart PLUS I thought you genuinely DIDN'T know why I gave the FK against you so this time I let you off. BUT next time you do the same you'll be taking the long walk!! To explain, you had stuck your hand OUT and fended or pushed your marker away BEFORE receiving the ball, and thats the key, BEFORE. Your marker was looking at the ball and had NOT raised his hands against you, if both were doing the same thing, play on, if not, FOUL!! Plus you will ALWAYS get the short end of the stick as you are probably TWICE the weight of anyone out there!!! So even a sligh nudge would be like Mount Vesuvius erupting! 
PACU have stated that they played 3 upfront with two wingers. But I thought those wingers had to track back to often to be wingers. SO I presumed they were playing 4-5-1. Ryan mentioned Subaru NOT getting a chance to use his CREATIVE skills, unfortunately PACU is a team that needs workers as when you look at Vikky, Louie, Meeraj, Kapka and some others you sort of realize where his energy is directed. But I disagree with Ryan slightly, when Subaru gets a chance he takes it and that's how it should be for some time. Ryan AVPL himself stopped Subaru in being creative for with Ryan there, the players around him are HAPPY to do the spade work. Once again I felt DJ is perfect for CM until he cleans up all the errors I think he has in CD. If you compare PACU's CD with RW you can IMMEDIATELY see the difference. SIZE and SPEED!!! A great loanee was Mkul. Although I'm sure Avi was wearing ear plugs as Mkul is prone to bore you to death and then dismiss the case in court, Mkul whatever he says in his Review was not bad to say the least. Yes, he made a couple of errors but once Satsut realized that Mkul is faster than him, Satsut HAD to rely on pure skiill. And with Mr. Godman Baba of YogiMogi Land nursing an injury that the man himself cannot heal (Where artst thou healing powers or Sadhu Maharaj?) then beating the giant Avi and Mkul was a task unto itself. Yes Satsut could've opend the morning with a lob over the Keeper (He SHOULD'VE buried it) he failed to do so. Hima and Jango were fighting for scraps in attack and couldn't get the amount of freedom they desired a lot because of Sleepy and JJ. JJ Is NOT a left babk and Hima SHOULD'VE eaten him up for brekky. But he didn't so credit should go to JJ...oh wait I can hear Mkul saying that he did all the work by covering for him and.... Sharrup Mkul!!! Amma was AMMA personified, plays with his heart and what more should be said. RW should be embarrassed that they couldn't get past Kapka and Amma. RW has so much speed and guile but CLEARLY PACU's guile prevailed. They managed to keep RW at ZERO and that's what counts. WELL DONE PACU!! YogiMogi, Louie and Meeraj all had notable entries of which amazingly Louie was the brightest except for when he kicked the ground and then took 10 mins to recover!  
Talking about speed again - Vikky, Louie, Meeraj, Amma and Kapka were all at some point in defence..(Yogi was the fatest and he barely played) so RW MUST be embarrassed and PACU must be PROUD!!! Amonk seemed depressed. Only excitement from him seemed to come after the match when he heard me laughing at how El Loco ripped Kapka apart and how Kapka was giving excuses!!! WE NEED MORE FROM YOU AMONK!!! Mantan was just a shadow of himself.....135, Vikus and Ivan SHOULD have CONTROLLED proceedings by slowing the game down and DICTATING terms but they tried to beat the door down, a door that was securely deadbolted and locked with Sparky as back up. Toufa I think is SLOWLY waking up to the fact that MORE is required on this giant of a ground and I hope he wakes up FULL soon to torment defenders like he has ALWAYS done!!! I hope you enjoyed the Report!!  
Bahut bola, NUFF SAID!!! 
Sat 12/03/16 
1st Div  
MO's - BI: Manoj Sachin BE: Manoj Amit BT: Pam Niraj PACU Kapil Jango RH: Nikhil Red 
AA - Pai -unavailable (value 0.28M TZR) - in his place, we would like to take Any Value Player Loan Dan (value 0.45 M TZR) BI Shivang - probably unavailable (value 0.28M TZR) - in his place, we would like to provisionally loan Sidwho? (value 0.29 M TZR) BT 
1. Mayuresh 2. Neel 3. Arun 4. Tiger 5. Mihir 6. Sam 7. Audi 8. Sean 9. Dan (loan - subject to ADC approval) 10. Sidwho? (loan - subject to ADC approval) 11. Ajinkya 
RW - Ketan Jonty Avi Lalit Pravin(C) Manan Karan Vikas Monga Sarva Taufiq Nishant 
AA's Preview By Rock Click here to see AA's Match Programme!!! 
A critical game for AA. RW is THE team to beat. They have excellent teamwork, a very strong and hard working midfield, and excellent finishers. However, AA is gelling as a team and high on confidence. We will be a different side to the one RW faced last time. I expect this to be a low scoring affair, with the key battle in the midfield. There is plenty of technical ability on both sides, and the spectators will hopefully enjoy a well played, fair, but hard fought encounter. Our current preferred formation of 4-1-4-1 is working well, and we will stick to it. AA will miss Pai and possibly, Shivang, but are taking some excellent loans. AA invites its fans to come and support us in this match! We need everyone to come and cheer for us. 
RW's Preview By 135 
AA is the most talented side in the TZLC and playing against them is as challenging as it is fun.In our last game against them we ended in a deadlock at the final whistle, this time around we will have to get a break through and capitalise on our chances, Defending well Against AA is KEY as most of the goals they have scored in the recent matches have been Counters. AA is on a roll with convincing wins in the last few matches and it promises to be a tough game.We will keep the play simple and stick to the basics and try to get an early lead.