Tue 01/03/16  
1st Div  
RH (1) 3 Vs AA (3) 4 
RH - Gambo Pen 44.50 Amar 85.46 Red 87.40 
AA - Mantan Loan 9.10, Ajinx 16, Audi 2 1 Pen 21 74.30 
MO's - BE - VK, Dev BI - Ringa, Hatki, Atul RW - Vikas, Avi PACU - Meeraj, Kapka BT - Ankush, Sagar 
RH - DIRECT LOAN: Ameya D - unavailable due to work: ADC's current valuation = 430k TZR Shubhankar I - on loan from BT: ADC's current valuation = 370 k TZR DIRECT LOAN: Prashant G - injured: ADC's current valuation = 370k TZR Amarnath V - on loan from PACU: ADC's current valuation = 370k TZR 
RH - SQUAD: 1. Sagar P 2. Shivam S 3. Rajib N 4. Amartya M 5. Mangesh N 6. Tushar P 7. Akshai S 8. Amarnath V (on loan from PACU) 9. Ashwin G 10. Shubhankar I (on loan from BT) 11. Nikhil B 12. Rajesh B Injured - Neeraj B, Prashant G Una - Ameya D 
AA Squad - 1. Mayuresh 2. Neel 3. Sam 4. Tiger 5. Mihir 6. Pai 7. Arun 8. Audi 9. Karan (loan - subject to ADC approval) DL 10. Manan (loan - subject to ADC approval) DL 11. Ajinkya 
AA - -Karan (value 0.32M TZR) RW for Sean (value 0.34M TZR). Manan (value 0.28M TZR) for Shivang (value 0.28M TZR) 
RH Preview By Red CLICK HERE to Read Match Programme 
RH got back to winning ways against the Icemen. But that game also brought in some injuries into our squad which was already depleted due to previous injuries. We have had a short break of a week from games hoping to get everyone fit. A few of us have recovered while a few of us are still working towards getting back on to the field. Amu will miss this game due to work commitments whereas Neeraj and Prashant are still injured! We lost our previous game against the Astros even though they were playing with 10 but are hoping to turn the tables this time! We are currently at the top of the table but have player a game more than the warriors. A win against the Astros is crucial so as to put some pressure on the warriors. We need to keep possession and control the pace of the game on the huge ground else tireless workers in the Astros can cause us problems towards the latter stages of the game. We need to get our act together in front of goal so as to make most of the opportunities that come our way. We wish the Astros good luck! 
AA's PREVIEW By Rock (FINED for Wrong terms used) Click Here to See the Match Programme!! 
AA plays 1st Division league leaders RH! This will be a tough match, but AA is playing well as a team, and is confident of winning the match. AA won the last game against RH, and will have a psychological advantage as well. Our current preferred formation of 4-1-4-1 is working well, and we will stick to it. AA will sorely miss Sean and Shivang, in whose place we have loaned Karan and Manan. 
Ivan's Review as AR 
First of all I would like to thank the ADC for appointing me as an AR for today's first division game. It was a good competitive game. AA were dominant in the first half and went 3-1 up and RH put on a late second half surge to come close to snatching a point. I would like to clarify the penalty call I made in favour of AA. I saw ajinx had the ball inside the box and was dribbling towards the goal. The RH defender was running alongside him and went in for a tackle. He didn't get the ball but he did make contact with ajinx's left leg due to which ajinx lost control of the ball. I would think ajinx would've taken a shot if not for the tackle. I would like to wish both teams the best for the remaining matches. 
Marcelo Ran 
Amma's Review as Loanee for RH 
I thank RH for loaning me for todays game. Unfortunately I was part of the defence which conceded 4 goals which led to todays defeat. There was complete communication failure amongst us defenders and Goal Keeper (Anna) which led to most if not all the goals. At the same time I would not like to take anything away from AA who played very well today. A big thumbs up to young Stoney who more than held his own in 3 vs 3 central midfield battle involving some of the best midfielders in TZ. It was also nice to see PAM back on the ground after a long time. 
Atool's Review as AR 
Thanks a lot ADC for appointing me as LP for the match. It was a match that saw AA score quick goals in the first 20 mins of the 1st half and then letting in quick goals in the last 10 mins of the 2nd half. I think RH today lost some steam when they got 3-0 down...but a good comeback and almost came close to drawing level. I think on 2 occasions there was some miscommunication between CD Amma and GK Anna that led to goals. Very few offsides (probably only a couple) today. On the side where I was LP, RH in the first half were looking to play a high line and catch offsides,while AA in the second half were playing very deep..not looking for too offside traps. 
RH's Review By Red 
RH started 4-4-1 before Anna came on: GK-Kramer, RB-Sagar, RCB-Mangs, LCB-Amma, LB-Nik, RM-Shiv, RCM-Mishti, LCM-Shubhankar, LM-Amar, ST-Gambo. Once Anna came on we switched to a 4-3-3 with Kramer at RB, Shubh-Mishti-Shiv as CMs, Sagar and Amar as RW-LW. We had a terrible spell of 10 minutes very early in the game where twice Manan got behind our defense with ease and AA put two in. I switched with Kramer but that didnt help much as AA got a penalty after the AR spotted something in our box. 3-0 was a daunting task and we were shocked. Our CD partnership of Amma-Mangs were not on the same page and AA took advantage of it. Towards the end of the first half Shiv tried to take the ball on the chest when there was a push from behind and Gambo scored from the resultant penalty. Second half we shuffled things to 4-4-2 pushing Shiv up with Gambo but that did not help much. AA passed their way out and won another penalty after some indecision in the defense once again. Anna saved it but could not keep Audi out on the follow-up. Towards the end after Rock was sent off we did mount a fight back but it was too little too late. Thanks to the loanees for playing for us. It was encouraging to see TC-Prashant-Amu turning up to help us from outside. Disappointing loss to say the least but we are positive that we will get back on track soon! 
AA's Review By Rock 
Another satisfying and hard fought win for AA! Our formation: Maya GK, Tiger at RB, Mihir at LB, Rock and Ryan at CD, Pai at RM, Manan at LM, Stoney and 135 at CM, Ajinkya as the lone Striker. AA started strong and piled on a lot of early pressure on RH. Early in the first half, a through ball by Rock was received by Manan who had a sublime outer foot finish for our first goal. Soon after, Rock again released Ajinkya from a free kick, and Ajinkya made no mistake in finding the goal. 2-0 up so early was unexpected! Before long, Ajinkya earned a penalty after having been fouled inside the box, and Audi put away the penalty with ease. 3-0 was way more than AA had hoped for, and we were really enjoying ourselves. Just before half time, AA gave away a needless penalty, which RH converted. We went into the break 3-1, and knew we had a long way to go since RH would come hard at us in the second half. For most of the second half, AA continued to play well and did not give RH a legitimate chance on goal. RH started playing better, combining well, but their last touch was missing. Ajinkya earned another penalty, taken by Audi. He shot straight at the keeper, but the ball bounced back and Audi coolly finished things off. With about 20 minutes to go, AA lost 2 players to yellow cards, shortly followed by Rock with a red card. With AA players now defending and having to quickly adjust to new positions, RH piled on the pressure and scored twice in five minutes. AA was fortunate to hold on for a tough 4-3 victory. For AA, our loaned players Manan and Karan were outstanding, Stoney had a vastly improved game, Sam was solid in the back, and Ajinkya and Audi also excelled. The entire squad played with passion and great teamwork. For RH, Amma had a great game and made excellent runs in the second half, Shivam was always dangerous, and Shubhankar distributed the ball really well. AA apologizes to the ADC for the yellow and red cards, and will try to ensure that we keep a clean sheet in this department in the coming games. 
Ashubh's Review as Loanee for RH 
I would like to thank the ADC and the RH management for giving me an opportunity to play for RH against AA. I played as a CM with Rajib and Shivam. The match finished at 4-3 to AA. Our performance was not as good as the shoreline suggests. We conceded three avoidable goals early in the game. Although we pulled one goal back, AA scored another in the second half and they had a confortable lead for most of the game. I would like to apologise to the team and the fans as I did not have a good game today. We were always chasing the game and that led to rushing into attack and misplaced passes etc. And AA did well to capitalise on the errors. We managed to score two late goals but it was too late to salvage a point. All the best to RH for the remaining games and congrats to AA. 
Mantans Review as Loanee for AA 
In today's game I was loaned by AA to replace Shivang on the LW. This was going to be a tough game against a quality RH side. AA started well putting pressure in the RH half, a few chances were created and we scored the first goal within the first 10 mins. Its great to be back to scoring goals. Ajinkya beautifully finished the second goal with a first time shot, Audi then covered a penalty making it 3 nil. The first half ended 1-3 with RH getting a penalty in the last 5 mins. AA dominated the first half and the 4-5-1 formation was working well with the wingers supporting upfront. We knew RH would come back hard in the second half, and they did with more pressure and attempts on goal. We got another penalty when Ajinkya took advantage of the confusion between Amma and Anna. Audi scored that one on the rebound making it 1-4. RH increased the pressure and scored 2 consecutive goal in the last 10 minutes ending the game 3-4. Overall a brilliant game with a lot of running and chances being created, was fun to play for AA, thank you AA manger for loaning. 
Pam's Review as AR 
This was the first game in which I was officiating since my return and it was so good to meet Coach and my old friends after a long time! The ADC did rule at the beginning of the game that my sense of dimensions has changed considerably since my return but other than that deemed me fit for officiating and I would like to thank the ADC for giving me this opportunity today. The game in itself seemed a bit lopsided from the start as AA managed to score 2 goals in quick succession to put the pressure on RH and then followed up with a third goal via penalty to almost assure themselves of 3 points. RH were the beneficiary of a late first half penalty which they converted to make it 3-1 at the end of the first half. The first half for me as AR was relatively easy as I was standing at the AA end and most of the action was happening at the other end. Out of a total of 3 calls which I had to make in the first half, I almost made a wrong call when I wanted to signal a corner but it was a goalkick in reality. Thankfully the linesman on that side Meeraj saw it better than me and gave the correct call. Thanks Meeraj! The second half was relatively a bit busier as this time I was at the RH end and AA kept coming in from time to time, took potshots at the goal, basically kept the activity going on in the RH Dee area. Midway during the second half there was a moment when the ball was rolling inside the RH Dee and Amma was shielding the ball, shouting out to the RH goalkeeper Pai Anna to collect it. The scene played out in slow motion, even for the AA striker Ajinx. As Anna started his movement towards the ball, Ajinx had already almost reached it! In a desperate attempt to salvage the remaining distance between self and the ball, Anna lept at it! But Ajinx got the first touch on the ball and as he tried to navigate his way away from the goal keeper, he falls and rolls over. Definite penalty from my angle as I believe that the keeper trips the striker as he goes for the ball! I signalled so to the Ref with confidence and the Ref points to the spot. Then something interesting happened. After having a quick word with the player going down, the Ref gave a yellow card to Marcello for reaction and another yellow card to Ajinx for simulation (diving). However the penalty stood and AA scored their fourth At this point I was confused as to whether I made the right call or not. At the end I checked with the Ref about the incident and the Ref confirmed that it was indeed a penalty as after the striker got the first touch, the keeper had impeded his movement. However the reactions that followed led to the yellow cards. This made me feel better as I would not have wanted to make an error in my first game back! Going back to the point after the penalty, towards the end of the game with about 10 mins to go RH managed to get one back and instantly there was this wave of energy that appeared in the team! Everyone was suddenly pumped up and shouting out '2 more guys'. And within 2 mins, RH had another! 3-4 with just mins remaining on the clock, this game had suddenly turned into a close one! Sadly RH did not have the fairytale ending they would have liked and the game ended at that score. But it was a good last 10 mins to watch. I'm getting conscious of the length of this post so shall end here by thanking the Ref and my fellow linesman in assisting me with my calls. Feels really good to be back! 
135 Ran 8.53 Km's!!! 
135's Review as Loanee for AA 
I would firstly like to thank Sam Sir for loaning me today and the ADC for approving the loan, for this important fixture. I played in the midfield in the as an (attacking & defendind)CM, It was quiet easy to adapt in such a quality side like AA and we managed to contain RH in the 1st half. After a long time i felt a tackle,whcih was very unusual.Apart from that i should have done better in the later stages of 2nd half when RH upped the game and almost equalised. 
The decisions on the pitch today were of top quality inspite of the pressure cooker situation and inspite of carrying an injury. A big big thumbs up!! 
The Ref Ran 6.96 Km's after 90 mins and 3.65 Km's at the end of the 2nd Half 
MR By Khare 
To put things bluntly I thought AA were far far better than RH and sometimes played some terrific footer no matter what Audi thinks! 
The loans AA made were fantastic! Mantan Loanee at times reminded me of his brother Arty on more than one occasion and if Mantan meant his left outer foot curler to score past a bemused Anna then it resembled the famous Roberto Carlos stunner, everything except the power. Placing 135 in the hole behind the two Cm's gave him a lot of freedom to roam. Defensively he wasn't caught out only because RH didn't test him. He was turned inside out by Ashubh a RH loanee twice but thankfuly for 135, that was ALL Ashubh did in the entire match. 
135 should also thank Audi and Stoney for their work rate. Audi (unfortunately left out of the Preview by Rock!!!) actually does quite a bit of running but forever seems disapointed with his own game. I hope this isn't a sign of being a hot shot CA for depression leads to dastardly events like that bloke killing 14 members of his family!!! Let me just say that I thought without Audi's work rate AA would have a lot of pressure coming straight down their throats. At times though, AA looked to be playing a 3 man CD. Nearly the entire match Tiger at RB was playing away from his flank and more closer to his Rcd. Either Rock or Ryan used to bomb up and this forced Meer to come in too. Isn't it uncanny that after Meer has come in at LB AA have started performing? Out of the two Full backs, it's Meer who comes tops. Meer should NOT use his Right foot though UNTIL he works on it. For RH everyone was shite, excepting a couple. According to their Manager they played a 3 man Cm. Out of the 3, Shiv, Mishti and Ashubh NONE of them are players that can play well positionally. NONE OF THEM!!!! What do you expect will happen if you have 3 individuals that are on their own tangent? So they were NO MATCH for the AA Cm's. 
Amma Loanee for RH at CD for me was not on the same wavelength as his team mates. His team mates have a unique wavelength that they themselves rarely catch on to!! RH heaved a sigh of relief when Anna finally appeared and Kramer went back to his normal position at Rb. Then Kramer was mercilessly shifted to RM on occasions to try and sort out certain problems RH seemed to be facing. Little did RH realize that their problem was that of communication and being on the same page. Amar bechara was humped off to play at LM wherein he received a ball once every 15 mins. Real shoddy stuff by RH. I would understand this kind of play at the Sindh ground. On an off day, you are bound to get whacked if the other team is playing well as the small dimensions of the ground won't allow you to recover. But on the TZ Home ground, the inability for Adults to get to grips with their form is abysmal. There is a simple mantra I always tell players when they are playing like a sack of potatoes trying to make a living dressing up as onions, I tell them that if they are playing crap, they can't concentrate and they can't control the basic pass or pass a simple ball then ALL they have to do is WORK HARD. RUN AROUND and make things difficult for the opposition. That's all. Did they do that? Nope! Gambo was rubbish this morning, one of the worst games he's ever had. A player like Gambo, even if he has a bad game, he still looks good. But this morning he was better off taking his dog for a walk!! Sometimes when you are in such a good position in the league, (After the match I mentioned to the RH players that they were in for a relegation dog fight!! It was the way they played, they deserve relegation at this rate) then the TEAM as a whole should be BIGGER than the player. 
Gambo MUST switch back to Cm or Cd. NO CHOICE. I have some advice to ANY Cd and for this match for Amma. IF a GK does NOT make a call then on NO COUNT should the Cd make a call for the GK. NEVER EVER SHMEVER!!! ESPECIALLY if the ball is within reach and there's an opponent hovering around....Credit goes to Amma for changing the way he played in the 2nd H by trying to win the ball of an AA player BEFORE he could turn and run with the ball. The Red Card I gave Ajinx was simple. As a Referee, once I have to make a decision (I always try and ensure that I am inside a 10 - 15 yard radius of the ball) {Thanks much 135 for your kind words} I ensure that the decision is the right one. I ensure that I take at least 5 secs to think things through and give the call. Hence you can see me slowly strolling over to the point of conflict. In Pro matches the Refs are asked to rush in to the point of conflict to dissipate any sort of confrontation between players. Fat lot of good they do in those situations also! In the TZLC I don't need to worry about that. I can guarantee you that I'm of the mindset that if thing DO GET A LITTLE HAIRY I will watch them punch each other to bits as long as noone is abou to peg and then smile and ask them if they are ok and that they little tantrum has been sorted out. If not, they are off. Simple. So when I sauntered over to where Ajinx was nursig his foot I had the idea that this was a possible penalty. As a Ref you should never make a decision if you THINK something has happened. Only if you KNOW something has. It's been a season since I made it a rule that players will NOT be allowed to givetheir verdict. Ajinx has a history of diving, so I asked Pam if he there was contact. My decision being that if there was NO contact, it would be an IFK as although Anna did not touch him he still impeded his progress and instead of TRYING to play on, he dived and Ajinx would have been Red carded with a possible further suspension. If Ajinx had NOT dived then I would still have thought that Anna had impededhi sprogress and a PENALTY would've been awarded. Pam can rest easy for the Video (see moving Gif image in the TZLC Images page) clearly (Sort off) shows Anna making contact with Ajinx's foot AFTER Ajinx has touched the ball ahead. I still don't like actors, divers and primadonna's so the players should know that before they play their next match. For Rock's Red Card, I feel explanations are indeed necessary as the players are NOT allowed to protest. Rock's Red was a situational Red Card that may have NOT been awarded in another situation. This should actually not happen, it should always be a FAIR and JUST decision and there should be no shades of grey. But unfortunately this is the case in a competitive team sport. There were at least 4 incidences in this match itself that were the EXACT same as Rock's offence (To be shown in the highlights video), the ball was touched past Rock by Shiv and while turning Rock (Like any NORMAL defender should) obstructed Shiv before heading for the ball. The situation here was that AA were playing AWAY from HOME, they were 1 - 4 up AWAY from HOME and MOST IMPORTANTLY Shiv would've been 1 Vs 1 with the AA Keeper if he wasn't impeded. I also realized that with Rock gone RH should get a chance to come back, so in my view, justice was served. Yes, Yes ALL these thoughts crossed my mind when I took the decision to give Rock a Red!! Just thought I'd give an explanation and appreciate 135's remarks as it is stressful to Referee ANY match which the players take seriously. 135 needs to work on his shooting and sometimes his dribbling finds himself back to square 1 after a 20 sec dribble!!! A dribble needs to be progressive 90% of the time. Marcelo has started working had at falling back but gets to sad when he gets tackled or his run is stopped short. Ryan is SLOWLY but surely getting back to top form. I'm so happy that Ryan and Rock are playing together in CD. Two strong and quick old heads are what AA need. For me Ajinx is QUALITY with a capital Q!!! But if he continues with his Greg Louganis impression he'll be on the bottom of my pile of players. Red is only a SHADOW of hisself. So much talent this player has but it's as if he's a guest on the show and is only allowed 2 or 3 lines. So very sad. He needs to wake up quick. Mangs a had a couple of psychotic episodes but apart from that all was ok. Thank you Pam for such a thorough match Review. I only wish the rest would take your lead. Don't ease off on your reviews at all. Take Care all!! Apologies if I haven't mentioned someone!!!! 
Additional Info at Request!! - To talk about Mayur's Goalkeeping skills would be like talking about a caged lion! Mayur always wants a part of the action so when the ball does come towards him or thereabouts, his loud shout of 'Maaaaiiiiynnnn' scares his defenders, the opposition players and also the local neighbourhood cat thats been contemplating moving to new pastures since TZ have moved in and finally made up it's mind to after hearing the mind numbing yowl of Mayur. Apart from that it's always better to have a GK ready for action and ready to move his body all over the place (note one save where he literally ran to save whereas a proper GK would've dived) than a GK that was either too scared or just plain useless! I think he even had an assist? If memory serves me right, his error cost AA a goal. A poorly directed goal kick. But as I said before, better than having him in then many other I will NOT mention!!! 
Thu 03/03/16 
3rd Div  
PACU (1) 1 Vs BE (0) 0 
PACU - Shivam AVPL 17.30 
MO's - BT - Pam and Bhanda RW - Monga and Mannan BI - Rango, Karan and Sachin AA - Pai and Mayuresh RH - Pise and Neeraj 
PACU - LOAN Request (ACCEPTED):- Avi (RW) AVGL - value 0.30M Shivam (RH : 0.40) DL for Subhav 0.40 Patty (BT : 0.21) DL for Hima 0.25 We have been unable to contact Patty over the phone to confirm his availability. In case he is unavailable that day, we would request you to allow us to change the loan. 
BE - 1: Sean (300, AA) as per AVGKL 
PACU's Preview By Satsut Click Here to Read PACU's Match Programme!!! 
PACU prepares itself for a busy month of March with a home game against the Blazing Eagles. This could well be the decisive month for PACU as far as the 2nd division league is concerned. After dropping 2 valuable points against KITFO, PACU needs a win to build a lead in the 2nd division. The Eagles have made 2 quality signings in Manoj and Sumant, and we are all aware Amit, Prashant, Sameer and Jaidev can control the midfield well. PACU will go back to the 4-5-1 formation and get back to winning ways. We may not have played beautiful football in the beginning of the season, but were able to get favorable results. The management does believe that as a team we were doing something right then, but have lost our way. A win on Thursday will set the platform and the right tone in the camp. All said and done, PACU will be wary of BE and will not take anything for granted. We wish the best to BE. 
BE's Preview Inside the Match Programme CLICK HERE!!!! 
PACU's Review By Satsut 
What could have been a cracking encounter, was a slightly dampened affair between 2 capable sides due to the unseasonal downpour late last evening. PACU had to mark the entire ground with the help of coach and that was the reason for a late start and a time curtailed match. Apologies to the ADC and BE, but the situation was out of our control. A favorable result for us this morning, with Shivam at the end of a good calm finish. DJ's perfect assist was instrumental in getting the goal. Played a 4-3-3 formation with Amar, Vikki CDs, Neeraj as LB, Yogi as RB, midfield comprised of DJ RCM, Subhav LCM and Shivam CM. Patty on the right upfront, Kaka central and Jango on the left completed our strikeforce. We had a decent 1st half with a lot of misses. The 2nd half was not the same, we did not create enough and I think that is because of the fitness problems we are putting up with in certain areas of the pitch. We could blame the ground conditions for it, but then I personally think we could pull ourselves a little more. BE played a good passing game which has become a norm these days. A few minor niggles in their game, which I believe will be soon ironed out, and then they will be no pushovers. As we found out this morning they were no pushovers even today. Pat had a decent game given his age, but I think he can do more. Patty boy: we have huge expectations from you. We will soak in this much needed victory, hopefully we continue with this momentum into the next games. DJ had a good outing in midfield today. We did pay heed to Coach's suggestion and it helped us. We would like to thank Yogi for getting his fan-base to the ground. They were thrilled to see him play. It looks like Yogi is the boss, and appraisals are round the corner! 
Bhanda's Review as LP 
I would like to thank ADC to appoint me as LP for this game. The match was played on a tough wet ground hence there were a few odd bounces and heavy feet. PACU played well and got the lead on a good counter attack. BE defence was playing very high with the aim of catching a few offsides but their last man kept changing and they ended up letting PACU strikers be on side. PACU played very deep hence did not rely on offsides at all. All in all a tight game. 
Pam's thorough and brilliant Review as CM 
Today's game between PACU and BE started later than schedule as last night's rains washed away the ground markings. Thanks to the guidance of the ADC and help provided by MO's and BE players at the venue the ground was marked by the PACU players but still the match witnessed a delayed beginning. Today the ADC appointed me as the Camera Man (CM) and I felt that it was a good opportunity for me to sharpen my creative skills, thank you ADC for allowing me to be CM this morning! As CM I did not really follow the game and was mostly focussed on capturing the ball within the frame at all times, but I was conscious of the overall way the game was progressing, thanks to SR Chinchin who provided regular updates and also the other players on the sidelines from both teams. So I thought I'd add that bit here. BE started on a strong footing and passed the ball around with quite ease. I remember they could switch possession from one flank to another without much hassle which shows the level of confidence in the centre. PACU probably were looking for that early goal which would have BE chasing the game, and that's what happened precisely. On one of the rare occasions when the BE defense was breached, Sparky came forward to collect the ball but one of the PACU players (shiv I think) reached there first and lobbed the ball over sparky's head. Very unlucky for BE to concede at that point in my opinion as after this point they kept pushing for the equaliser but PACU used their strong suit and focussed on denying BE the equaliser rather than score more goals and increase their lead. The second half started after a quick short break, and would probably last only 30 mins due to the initial delay to start the game. This development probably had PACU change their approach to the game and they decided to focus more on defending their existing lead. This led to instances of deliberate obstructions on the pitch, relaxed manner of taking throw-ins etc. Obviously these things did not go unnoticed by the Ref who took cognisance and kept handing out cards regularly to offending players. Meanwhile BE were not out of hope and kept working hard for that elusive equaliser and also came very close to getting one. On one instance Amti found himself with the ball in the PACU Dee area (think it was a cross he received, not sure?) and had a great chance to score the equaliser but poor lad could not judge the bounce of the ball due to the soft field and completely missed his kick! Very very unfortunate I think, this goal would have gotten BE back into the game and they deserved to be in it as well as they were playing some good football out there. The second half could last 30' as the match ended at 0845, PACU being the clear winner courtsey the sole goal of the game. Hard luck to BE as I felt that they had a good game but could not reflect their performance on the score sheet. As i end my report, a shout out to DJ and Zope for helping me with the markings, and to Bhanda, Mantan and Rango for helping unwind the 'dori cha guntha' - we felt so proud after untangling the red string! Thanks a lot guys! Also thanks to ADC for guiding us all with the markings this morning and the refresher geometry lessons as well :) Over to Saturday now for another big game -BT vs BI! 
BE's Review By Robby 
BE played with a 4-2-3-1 formation – Sean(AA) in Goals, Jaideep, Amit, Sharad and Ravi in Defense, Guru and Madhu in Defensive Mid-Field, Suman , Sameer and Rakesh in Mid-field, Harshad as Striker. We had 2 subs today : Dev and VK which played in rotation with Jaideep and Amit. We played with a strategy of a compact mid-field as PACU had 2 very good strikers – Shivam and Kapil. We were able to execute our plan well. We hardly allowed any open shots from the mid-field. In the 1st half of the game, we played a good passing game, moved the ball around and created a couple of scoring chances as well. One unfortunate error, rather a small confusion between the goal keeper and central defender and conceded a soft goal. Apart from this incidence, we had a very good game. In the 2nd half also, we had 1 or 2 chances to score. I think we could have easily come out with a draw. We will have to work harder to score well. Overall It was a good game. 
Avi's Review as AVGKL for PACU 
I would firstly like to thank Amma for loaning me today and the ADC for approving the loan. I was goalKeeper for PACU. I am sorry for messing up on few occasions and gave few chances to BE. PACU played very well, kept the ball rolling and making spaces. In the 1st half PACU took the lead and were up 1-0. BE were also playing good but couldn't create chances. PACU defence was strong and didn't let any attack happen. BE had got few free kicks in scoring areas but couldn't capitalise. In the second half, BE started to build pressure, but PACU defended well(with one man down). There was one chance, where the goalie messed up around, but shubhav was there to save the day :). Well played PACU. Hard luck BE 
Shivs (LATE) Review as Loanee for PACU 
I was looking forward to playing with PACU - the team of beerheads finely represented by their colours. Thanks Satan for the opportunity. Also it gave me a chance to play with my former teammates DJ and Hima the Horrible =) (who was missing unfortunately) The pitch, after the rain the previous day, had become mucky and the mud stuck to shoe soles like brownie cakes. Running was taxing and the ref did a fine job of staying close to the action. PACU opted for an attacking 4-3-3 which served them well for spells. However the only goal of the match came when DJ played a great chipped pass to clear the BE defense and I was able to lob the ball over the tall Sean. Kapka moved well and so did Jango who did stray offside a couple of times - both may have had their names on the scoresheet. Shubho had a fine game too with a mean freekick and also snatching an almost certain goal for BE from Amti's feet PACU was a sea change from my team RH who are usually silent. PACU players are highly vocal. I prefer 'noise levels' somewhere in between =) I must applaud BE for their game. They put up a great fight and Amit had a great game and the brightest chance which was snuffed out only due to Shubho. Guru had a potential scoring oppotunity from a cross. A decent game which would have been of much higher quality on a drier pitch. 
Match Analysis By Khare 
Thanks to Pam and Satsut for covering the game so that I can concentrate on the ins and outs. BE's Review needs to contain more as do many Managers reviews. 
Obviously the fitter team was BE and if the match was a 90 min match they could've gotten a favourable result. No doubt PACU had more of the chances and that is due to their experience and BE's lack of concentration while defending. BE have set themselves up to play the off side trap as much as possible or to at least give the opposition more to think about. To be proficient at the offside trap ALL 4 players playing in a back 4 MUST ALWAYS be on the same page. If not then it's obvious that there will be a lot of chasing back. BE are also trying to pass the ball about and play thebeautiful game. Unfortunately to do that you need players with a HIGH technical ability. BE don't have that luxury. The players they rotate at RB and LB aredtill developing and have much to go. So passing to the Lb or the Rb at a Goal kick would be tantamount to asking the opposition to press which means BE have put themselves under pressure. This happened on numerous occasions. The ground was also not favouring a beautiful passing game. So there were many errors all around. PACU's Meeraj was guilty in starting from a throw in ater Deep had handed him the ball and was out of position (See highlights show). A minute later 
PACU got the only goal. Although the issue was sorted out immediately after the incident at a dead ball, it still leaves a sour taste in the mouth that a nice guy like Meeraj can stoop so low. Somtimes BE pust so much pressure on each other it's as if they've sounded their own death knell. Finally PACU did listen to advice given to them many moons ago of playing DJ in Cm only because the way he plays in Cd does not suit the team and most importantly his TALENTS would be more useful in a Cm role. A Cmidfielder is ALLOWED to pass to both flanks although he should indeed ensure that the side he is playing on gets much of the ball. He can use both feet so his distribution is good, his shooting is good AND he can defend too. What else do you need? Why haven't you listened to me PACU many eons ago? 
Amma was playing too deep for my liking and this is the reason why I thought DJ should shift up not only because of what I said earlier but because he sits too deep. And now Amma's doing the same. He needs to do what I just explained BE to refine. The OFFSIDE TRAP. WHENEVR necessary to keep the opposition thinking unnecessary thought instead of scoring goals. Cd's need to get the fine balance between playing the high line and playing to deep. On the other side of the coin I frow at any winger that gets caught offside. When you can see the entire line through the width of the ground HOW IN HEAVENS NAME can you be caught offside? Was Jango totally taken aback by his Cm's and Kapka's good looks that he couldn't take his eyes of them to see if he's onside? If Harsh's job is to wait for an opportunity and then pounce on it then he isn't doing his job. I will be taking the perennial subs including the techically weaker to one side side in the KITFO session tomowrrow IF ONLY to hone their skills. But if you think about it even the supposedly technically stronger players were not pleasing to the eye so maybe it's time to GO BACK to basics for everyone? Plus I need to work on TZ's TACTICAL game for it's shocking to see the newbies from the KITFO side UNDERSTANDING the game better tactically. There is WORK to be done. 
I feel ALL the clubs have reached a certain stage and when they do they forget how they got there (Basics). After reaching a certain stage we need to keep pushing ahead and that means even in bad conditions we should still MANAGE to play GOOD FOOTBALL. A GOOD PLAYER will NEVER complain about ground conditions. I hope the players remember that and undestand what I'm saying. 
Lets hope for a good end to the week this Saturday!!! 
Sat 05/03/16  
2nd Div  
BT (1) 1 Vs BI (1) 1 EXTRA 5 mins taken by B in both halves. 
BT - Audi Loan 19.34 
BI - VG Pen 34.46 
MO's - RW- Karan, Jonty , RH – Shivam, Prashant BE – Jaideep, Rakesh PACU – Vikky, Hima, AA - Mayuresh, Tiger 
BT - Direct GK loan – Manoj Uniyal (value – 0.300) for Andy Su (Value 0.380) Direct loan– Amit Babhale (value – 0.290) for Sid who? (Value 0.290) Free Loan - Gautam Bhave (Value - 0.240) from ADC list. 
BI - 1. Atul 2. Hatkar 3. Karan Shetty 4. Sachin 5. Manoj 6. Uday 7. Dhruv 8. Daniel 9. Audy (on loan - subject to approval) - DL 10.Amarnath (on loan - subject to approval) - DL - Amar will play as goal-keeper 11. GauravP (on loan - subject to approval) - AVPL 12. Shrirang 13. Ajoo - on bench 
BI - 1. Anand (value 370,000 TZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan Aditya K(Audy) (AA - value 360,000 TZR) - DL 2. Amiraj (value 300,000 TZR) - un-availalbe - in place we would like to loan Amarnath (PACU - value 300,000 TZR) as Goal-Keeper - DL 3. Gaurav (value 250,000 TZR) - un-available - in place we would like to loan GauravP(DJ - PACU value 350,000 TZR) - AVPL 
BT's Preview By Mkul Click here to Read Match Programme!!!! 
We are happy to host BI for this important second division league match next week. BI are getting better with each game and so are BT. Therefore, it is expected to be a very neck-to-neck competition. We will continue to build on whatever we have been doing this season. Pam will be available for this match for the first time this season. Andy Su and Sid who? will miss the game but we have taken strong loans in their place. The second division title is far from being anybody's. Every match is bringing new surprises. Its good news for the fans. We wish best of luck to BI. 
BI's Preview By Ahjoo CLICK HERE TO SEE Match Programme 
This is an important league game for both teams a win for BT will take them to number one position in the 2nd Div and win for BI will give the team a moral boosting it needs and also keep the club in contention in the 2nd div league. BI will continue to play the 4:5:1 formation. BI team is looking good and with each game the performance level is improving and we hope that this game we can convert our chances. BI has a strong midfield and defense, for this game BI will be loaning a striker and hopefully the combination of a strong mid-field and strong striker will work well for this game. BI plans to play a deep defensive line and compact mid-filed when defending and will look to attack on the counter. BI mid-filed players will have to play their positions and work as a unit. BT are known for their flank play and central play as they have some fast players on the flank and strong mid-field players as well. BI playing away and will are looking for a good result in this match. BI wishes BT all the best and thanks in advance for the Hospitality they have offered for the BI fans. BI request its fans to come and cheer the team at the Thunder Estadio and enjoy the matc 
Audi's Review as Loanee for BI 
Thank you Ajoo for taking me on loan today. What a different team this is compared to last season. They are much more composed and decisive. Playing for BI was a pleasure this morning. However it was short lived cause I missed the easiest chance one could have gotten in this match. Although I could say that the ball gave an unexpected bounce, but like coach said sometimes easiest chances are the most difficult cause you have a lot of time to think, and that is exactly what happened. Should have buried it right away like the first goal. BT were playing their usual game. But BI turned up today. Even if sometimes one can't compete on the technical front, body language and general attitude matters a lot. And today BI came out like winners. Even when they were 4 men down, they did not lose hope. You could see the urgency. Also a mention for Dehujohn. He has been under a lot of pressure lately because of the way BI play, but today he made some really important interceptions. He will only improve from here on. Hard luck for Jehan for missing the penalty, but in the end I think a draw was a fair result considering how both teams played. Hard luck BI. Hope your next victory comes soon! 
ChinChin ran a staggering - 
Position RW Steps 9356 Distance 7.34km Peak Heart Rate 167bpm Average Heart Rate 139bpm 
Amma's funny Review as AVGKL for BI 
I thank BI for loaning me for this game. I think todays draw was a fair result as even though BT had more possession, BI had more clear cut chances. The whole BI team gave their all in the game but the work rate and skills displayed by Aditya, Daniel and Karan were at another level though Daniel and even Aditya were guilty of missing chances. The game was quite even in the 1st half but a slew of cards disturbed our composure in the 2nd. My charmed life as Goalkeeper continued as the CD partnership of DJ and Atul formed a solid wall in front of me and even when they were breached Manoj was at hand to make 2 goal line saves. My only job was to call "Mark Ankush Moghe and Gaurav Shah." All the best to BI and BT for the rest of the season. 
Bhanda Ran a NOT BAD amount - 
Hima's Review as LP 
Today's match between BT vs BI had some good passing done by both teams. BT defence was playing a highline today, probably the major reason behind Audi's first goal and a bundle of one on one chances that Danny and Audi got but were unable to finish. BI's defence on the other hand were keeping the safe distance and could hence cut out a lot of the long balls. In the second penalty while I was guilty of missing the foul but to the question put by the referee BT's player clearly was in control of the ball a move before the actual incident. Overall I felt BI had the better of the chances and could have should have won the game if even half of their chances were taken. There weren't too many major incidences other than a few miss time challenges. Overall a good game to watch from the sidelines. 
BI's Review By Atool 
What a match.. It was quite fast and full of action. BI continued with a 4-5-1 formation. Amma(GK), Uday (RB), Atul (RCD), DJ(LCD), Manoj(LB), Sachin (RW), Karan(RCM), Danny (CM), Dhruv (LCM), Hatki(LW) and Audi (ST). Rango was back as Sub after a long break and was rotated with Hatki and Uday. Thanks Audi, DJ and Amma for playing on loan. Today BI played a good attacking game. The BI midfield played a good marking game and applied pressure on the BT midfield. The first goal came off a layoff from Hatki to Audi who did really well to control dribble and place the ball into the goal. BI did make some good moves in the first half with Audi and Danny missing a couple of 1-on-1s with the GK. Kudos to John for stopping a couple of goals. BT did make some good runs and during one such attack earned a corner. The corner came past the second pole to Patty, who was fouled by Sachin.. resulting in a penalty.. Jehan made no mistake.. Score 1-1.. In the last 10 mins of the first half, BT pressed hard but the defensive line held well for BI. Second half was also quite exciting.. Again BI missing a few opportunities to score. For about 15 mins into the second half there was a flurry of BT attacks with BI players being yellow carded for some hard tackles. On one of the occasions, Danny fouled a BT player in the D and penalty given. This time Amma did well to save Jehan's penalty. In the process of clearing there was a handball by Dhruv at the 6 yard box (away from the goal). That resulted in yellow card for Dhruv and Danny(early foul that resulted in the penalty) At that point there were 4 BI players in the Sin Bin. The next few minutes BI just soaked in the pressure thanks to DJ and Amma for constantly talking to the players to play compact and defend. Manoj today had a good game with 3 goal line saves. Match ended 1-1 draw. In all congratulations to both the teams. Thanks to all the fans and hope they enjoyed the game. 
BT's Review By Mkul 
"We have mixed feelings about the result of today's match. On the whole, 1-1 does not look like a bad result considering that BI got a few one on one chances with the goalkeeper which they failed to score. We failed to create as many chances as we would have liked to create but still managed to come close to scoring at least one more goal but didn't. We knew that BI has a very strong core and the only way to beat that trap was to attack from the flanks. But today we didn't have Siddhu and his absence was greatly felt. We started 3-5-2 as follows: Manoj as GK, Bhanda, Ankush and Amti (As 3 Central defenders), Patty (LM), Jehan (LCM), Shubhankar (CM), Mukul (RCM), Pam (RM) and Niraj and Shaurav (2 strikers). But in the match we kept getting yellow cards due to which this formation had to be constantly shuffled. We held on to the ball for too long and didn't move around the ball quickly enough. As a result we kept losing the ball against quick players like Danny, Audi and Karan who closed the gaps. This was quite a tough game. Well played BI. They definitely deserved 1 point (or maybe more) from this game. I am glad that we at least got one point from this game. Only time will tell if we gained a crucial one point or lost precious 2 points. One last word on or extra player Gautam Bhave: Big apologies to him from BT and from me personally. We could not introduce him in the game today. Through out the match we were chasing the game in search of victory and for that reason kept adding offensive players in BI half. If we had taken the lead we would have inserted him to make the defence stronger. We had informed Gautam about the possibility that he may not get game time and he had still agreed to come as a loanee. We are really thankful to him for it and he deserves a great applause for his passion for the game". 
Jonty's Review as LP 
Thank you ADC for appointing me as LP for todays game. Its again been a long time since I had any workout. In today's game BI were quite aggressive and over the top quite a few times. This clearly shows in the number of players carded. As for me, I hardly had to make any serious decisions apart from an odd offside and throw-in calls. On one occasion in the 2nd half though, BT tried to catch Danny offside, but he just managed to beat the trap. This decision was queried by the BT defence and they accepted the reply graciously and carried on with the game. All in all an entertaining game with lots of chances missed by both teams. BT should have killed it off with their 2nd penalty and number advantage in the 2nd half but BI held on for a draw. All the best to both teams for the rest of the season. 
Jonty Ran as LP 
3.78 Km's over 92 mins! 
The Ref Ran 
6.29 Km's 
Match Report By Khare 
4 Red Cards were shown of which Anks was a double red. As I will be refereeing all the remaining matches the players must be aware that I will consider the players past history and aid my decisions in that respect. Unless they have improved on them. At this moment in time Danny should be lucky that he's new and getting used to the TZLC way. Ank's double was because I thought Danny was through on goal and Anks impeded his movement in such a way that spoiled Danny's opportunity. At 1 - 1, I considered this as a blatant Pro foul and thought a Red was deserved. For BT's Pen, although Pat was facing away from goal and near the edge of the 18 yard box inside it, there were a lot of BT players in the box and I thought Patty was talented enough to send in a cross to head for an opportunity on goal, hence the Penalty decision after the Chinchin shove. The other Pen was when I saw Danny pulling away Ashubh when Ashubh had just nudged the ball away. I was unsure of whether Ashubh still had control of the ball when Danny had made the offence so it was a question of a Pen and a YC if the Pen was missed or an IFK and a YC. So I approached the LP Hima and asked him if Ashubh still had the ball under control when he entered the box, at Hima's positive reply I had to award the Pen and the YC once the Pen was missed. Groovs offence could also have been a Penalty from the same Penalty when he handled the ball in the box but I surmised the closest player was not or could not have been in a goal scoring position. SOme other decisions I could've been harsher on was when Danny used his arms often to turn WITHOUT the ball. This movement reminds me of Amti and when Danny did it twice to Amti I only gave a LC as I wanted Amti to understand how it feels being on the receiving end, hence I didn't give him a card for his reaction or Danny's reaction to Amti's reactin also! A bit of the Coach came out in that decision. Pam's Red was a Pro foul. Had to be Red. When I gave an IFK due to Amma's error I don't think anyone on the ground understood why. So heres the explanation. When an opponent takes a shot the GK is ALLOWED to PARRY the ball. In case he parries it in such a way that he controls it's movement, and then picks it up then it's acceptable. BUT AMMA parried then BOUNCED it AGAIN with his hand and then rolled it along the ground and then PICKED it up. His SECOND handling of the ball was termed by me as CONTROLLING the ball and moving the ball ahead by the unfair use of his hand. Later on he did the same thing but ONLY after he PARRIED a shot. As mentioned earlier, this is allowed.  
Many of the decisions were because of late challenges and most importantly when the LC's were in such a way that the player making the challenge was NOT in any way CAREFUL in his actions. These incidences can cause severe injuries hence I am extra careful that the players UNDERSTAND where I'm coming from. This is what I call UNCONTROLLED AGGRESSION. AGGRESSION MUST ALWAYS be controlled. Play hard BUT play FAIR.  
Karan (Shetty) still coming up with a nickname for him was much more active in Cm and partnered Danny well. In the 3 man Cm if Danny is given the freedom to roam Karan should stick to the Rcm and I think it was Rango to Lcm. For BT Mkul seemd to be getting in the way of his team mates more often than not although he had a goodish game. Mkul's brain is always in over drive and sometimes expects stuff to happen just the way it's going on in his brain. Somewhat like a puppet master. Mkul doesn't like giving long balls and missed many an opportunity to release Pam. Danny SHOULD have scored from 3 gifts, Audi SHOULD've scored from a Pat gift. The difference here being that Danny had earned his 3 chances through sheer hard work and perseverence! But in the hard work and perseverence department I don't think anybody is close to Danny than Audi. Mkul could be the same but his tendency to 90% of the time slow things down is frustrating. It was lovely to see BT pass the ball about in the final quarter. The only club that does this I feel. But to show only one goal for all this passing is nonsense. Possession isn't always everything when enough chances renot created. In fact BI had MORE chances than BT. Jon's mistake for Audi's goal INSTANTLY brought his rating down. His save against Danny was world class, with his feet. His kicking was 50-50 but over all performance was better than when he was at RW. I don't think BI played that well on the flanks at all. it was just down the middle which is why BT should've played the ball wider more often. I genuinely feel Patty got the ball more than Pam. Patty is damn good over small area's as he's small and skillful, he hasn't grown yet so he can't take on the adults for speed and strength. Hence Pam should've been given more of the ball or at least the same amount of times that Pat got it. Some SUBLIME skills from Ashubh littered the ground but thats ALL he did. Shaurav and Snowtop are having to look for half chances. Groov needs to get into a regular practice routine, some players need to. Amma is a good GK because he is active. 
BT's insistence at playing 3 at the back confuses me. If the 3 have no clue how they are supposed to play against a STRONG hassling opposition then don't play 3. Whenever BI attacked the BT defensive line looked fragile. The total opposite of their attack. This time the BI defence did NOT look fragile. Quite strong in fact marshalled by Atool who has improved leaps and bounds as the season has progressed. DJ was an apt replacement for DAP. Plus DJ did not try dodgy long balls but played the ball to his link. Well done DJ!!! 
DehuJon was much better, he survived a couple of more cards but at least he looked to be playing. Chinchin stunned us all with a great left footed cross but unfortunately that's all. A BRILLIANT performance from the entire BI squad to keep plugging away. From Chinchin and Hruday to Dehujon and Hamol. Can't remember much else, I don't think I've mentioned some players, Apologies!!!  
Previews for WEEK 21 TOMORROW!!!