Wed 24/02/16  
2nd Div 
KITFO (0) 0 Vs BE (3) 3 
BE -VK OG 24.19 Keano Pen 31 Suman 33.23 
MO's - PACU : DJ, Subhav AA : Aditya, Sean BI : Ajoo, Atul RW : Avi, Sarva RH: 3+ players playing for KITFO BT: Siddhu, Rafa 
KITFO - 1. Sagar 2. Nitin - 7.30 3. Zaid 4. Dhananjay 5. Rajib 6. Arpit 7. Mihir 
KITFO will be LOANING SUBSTITUTES from BE (KITFO players that are unable to procure a 1st 11 place) to complete KITFO's squad. 
BE will be allowed to USE the KITFO players taken on loan as and when they wish. If the BE Management agree with this ruling (as I'm sure the subs will be happy to get a full game to play instead of sitting on the bench) then the match will go ahead as scheduled!!! 
BE - 1: Amarnath(300, PACU) as per AVGKL 
BE's Preview within their MATCH PROGRAMME CLICK HERE!!!! 
Deep Ran 5.42 Km's!!! 
Sidwho's?? Review as MR 
I'd like to thank the coach for handling me the chance to be the main Ref in the match today. This was my second time as the main Ref so it was little easier compared to first time. I'd like to congratulate BE for their convincing 3-0 win over KITFO as BE for me looked very much the deserved winners. Over both the halves, BE were always in control and never allowed KITFO to settle much in the game. BE took the lead, extended the lead and then settled in the game to make sure they keep the clean sheet as well, so it was overall a very good game play by them. Tough luck to KITFO as most of their players were playing against them today, but they tried their best to please the supporters and neutrals. Being the main Ref, it was a good match to referee when both teams are out there to play football and not getting in any controversies or outbursts. I'd like to thank both teams for the fair play they showed. It was also a pleasure to watch the Coach play as GK for almost 90 minutes (one save he made diving to his left was fabulous!). I thank all the Match Officials who helped me a lot during the course of the game and once again, sincere thanks to ADC for making me the man in charge. Kudos! 
Amma's Review as AVGKL for BE 
I thank Suraj for giving me my first game of the season as goal keeper in the Papal Derby. It was a very straight forward game for me. I got about 5-6 touches in each half as BE players were in no mood to let the KIFO guys back into the game. KITFO did try to mount a come back in the 2nd Half but fortunately BE was able to keep them away from me before my customary Goal Keeping errors could effect the game. 
KITFO's Review By Mishti 
KITFO squad (what was planned): 4-4-2 Coach as GK, Rajib, Nitin, VK, dev in defense, Arpit, Amar, Abhiyank, Dan in mid-field, Mihir, Sagar forwards It was a tough game with a depleted squad with most of the KITFO members were from BE. We barely had 11, player with Nitin reaching late with prior information though. We tried to contain BE with strongly packing the central areas and hoping not to let BE play freely. The strategy majorly worked, but, we conceded 3 soft goals quickly in first half and after that there was no come back. Thanks to coach for helping us by playing as a keeper even when he was injured. Thanks to BE management to accept last moment request for GK loaning. The second half was better for both the teams and it was an open game with lots of chances created both ends. Both teams missed a number of easy opportunities and it was a surprise that no goals scored second half. Congratulations BE for their win, well played KITFO / BE. Thanks again BE for helping with ground marking with KITFO guys turning late. 
BE's Review By Robby 
BE played with a 4-3-3 formation – Amar(PACU) in Goals, Jaideep, Amit, Sharad and Suraj in Defense, Rakesh, Guru and Sameer in Mid-field, Sumanta, Harshad and Manoj upfront. Today was a good day for BE. A much awaited win after a long time. Today the team was much organized, more confident and composed. But, definitely the opposition also was not that as strong as compared to other matches. KITFO even started with a less player and had couple of few new players as well. This also made a big difference. BE passed the ball around well and made most of the game through the flanks. This created lot of scoring opportunity and BE even scored quite a few goals in the 1st half. In the 2nd half, KITFO played better and created couple of good moves but could not finish in the end. Overall it was satisfactory performance from BE but still there is lot to improve. 
Ivan's Review as AR 
I am extremely sorry for sending the review late. Had internet connectivity issues. I would like to thank ADC for appointing me as a AR for this match. I feel the result of the match was decided in the first half. Kitfo seemed sluggish and BE capitalized on this. Kitfo were a different team in the second half they gave a good challenge to BE. From the refereeing perspective, there were no controversial decisions in the match. All in all, it was a peaceful affair! 
MR By Khare 
Khare ended up playing as keeper as KITFO were playing with 9 men, Tintin was arriving late. The 1st H saw KITFO playing very defensively as arranged by Mishti. After going 2 goals down finally Khare told Mishti to push up and pulled Tintin back. Mishti thought that Amar, Tintin and then Meer and himself would block up the Central area therefore limiting BE's chances. This was indeed a bit foolhardy as BE play down the flanks and the entire squad had a capable technical ability. The Eagles massacred VK and Dev through Suman and Jon respectively. Truth be told as the Keeper, if the wingers had crossed the balls in accurately or laid off passed I would've had no chance for a save. Happily the two were not that accurate and when they did get the crosses in they were wasted due to some poor touches from their central players. Harsh as St should've been YC'd after Khare so OBVIOUSLY held him back when Meer's pass back to Khare was akin to trying to get a kite into outer space. Instead of Harsh having a laugh, I was already giggling at my foul for there was no other option for me. When Keano stepped up all I could hope for was for him to not be as accurate as he usually is but he placed it out of reach. Earlier VK turned his back towards a Groo shot that I had already started diving for, the ball deflected beyond my reach. 
See TZLC Images. Then the finak nail in my coffin was when VK allowed the ball to go over his head and attempted to do a sepak takraw kick to clear the ball, all he did was hand ot on a plate to Suman who hit it straight in from 5 yards out. At HT I sheepishly asked anyone if they wanted to keep fully well knowing the answer so the only changes I made in the 2nd was after 5 min spush Dev up front to which as Captain Mishti QUIETLY told him to play Rcm and he pushed up, after getting caught in this act of sabotage they switched. After the 20 min or so mark I pushed Meer up Dev at Lb and Dan the Man at Lcd and Dan did a mighty fine job. I was having a nice chit chat with Jon during the game and egging him on to score. But I'm guessing my presence adds a bit of tension to their finishing. See the image below 
They were behind my goal and I felt like calling a chai wallah with maybe a maska bun wallah too just so that they can enjoy their chat more!!! So assuming (after reading all the Reviews) that BE were all over KITFO in the 1st half (This is a first half image) how in heavens name did the volatile Atool and the late and borrowed bib I haven't receive one yet Ajinx get the time to chat???? 
In the 2nd Half it was as if Avi and DJ had had a lovers tiff and were not on talking terms. THIS IS how it should be!!! DJ came late and was Ball Man that side (unkempt area side) and I thought did a great job. But the new slim Atool seems to have found someone new! 
Thank you Sidhwho for appreciating my save, and no thank you for saying that BE dominated BOTH halves! 
One Major issue I have with some teams is their propensity to go up to catch offside and NEVER come back. People must remember that catching offside is to keep the opposition players on their toes and move them away from our danger area. BUT then they should come back when the opposition has gone and keep repeating this. KITFO didna do that. 
All in all I thought BE played well against their team mates but lets see how they do against a club..... 
Thu 25/02/165  
BI (0) 0 Vs AA (2) 2 
AA - Sidhwo? 22.28 Amti Loan 24.51 
MO's - 1. BE - Guru, Sharad 2. BT - Ankush, Mukul 3. PACU - Yogi, Harjeet 4. RW - Sarva, Pravin 5. RH - NeerajB, Nikhil 
BI - 1. Shivam (RH - value 0.39MTZR) - on loan as goal-keeper - in place of Amiraj (value - 0.30MTZR) - AVGKL - PROVISIONAL (will confirm only last minute) 2. Karan (RW - value 0.35MTZR) - on loan as out-filed player - in place of Gaurav (value 0.25MTZR) - AVPL 3. NeerajM (PACU - value 0.24MTZR) - on loan as out-field player - in place of Abhishek (value 0.24MTZR) - DL 
AA - AA LOANS -(Sumantha (value 0.24M TZR) BT for Adu value (0.24M TZR). (CANCELLED -Jango(0.26M TZR) PACU for Shivang Value (0.28M TZR) Changed to -  
Emergency Loan - LOANS –Amit B (value 0.28M TZR) BE for Tiger value (0.28M TZR). Sidhu (0.28M TZR) BT for Shivang value (0.28M TZR).. Please approve the same, thanks! 
BI is not having a great season this year due the constant injuries & unavailability of player but BI's attitude of never say die is and will keep us going and in the second half of the season we will look to bounce back. BI will stick to the 4:5:1 formation that we have been playing for the last couple of games as players have got set to this formation and the positions they are playing in. BI will be playing a more defensive game and look to attack only on the counter. AA have some fast players on the flanks and their strikers are also a danger to any defense. BI will be looking to block AA runs down the flank and the middle. Bi has taken some good strong loans for this game. BI will play as per plan - strong compact defending and defending a little deep. The BI midfield players will have to play the positions and support the defense whenever required when AA are attacking. The lone striker will play with the last man in the AA defense line-up and keep hassling and finding opportunities to go through the AA defense. This is going to be a good encounter and a win will only boost the morale of the team. BI fans are requested to attend the matches in huge numbers and support their team. BI wishes AA all the best for and exciting encounter. 
AA's Preview By Ryan Click here to see Match Programme!!!! 
BI are now a much stronger team with Daniel in their ranks and its almost as playing against 12 men. They are a team who knows their strengths and plays to the game plan where every player knows their role. AA last game was the best they have played and hope to build on it. We are pleased to have both our important players Sean and Rock back for this game but will also take ADC's observation regarding their excitement impacting the outcome of the game and try channelizing the same to AA's benefit. All the best to BI and hope its a rocking game for the spectators for both teams as well as the neutrals. 
Meeraj Ran 
5.5 Km's 
Marcelo Ran 
Sidwho's Review as Loanee for AA 
It was a great pleasure to play on loan for AA for which I'm very thankful to team AA and ADC. I played the full game and at my natural position LW which made my task that easier. I'm very happy about my first ever TZLC goal which gave us lead in today's match. Both teams tried hard to score and we took 2 chances which in the end were enough to secure a big win for AA. I got a lot of support and backing from teammates during the game, especially from Sam, Audi and Mihir which was important as this was also my first ever match as a loanee. I'd also like to congratulate Amit for his brilliantly taken goal and our defense to keep the clean sheet. I'd once again like to thank AA and ADC for making me a part of a great game of football. 
Meeraj's Review as Loanee for BI 
Firstly I would like to thank Ajoo for giving me an opportunity to play for BI. Overall I felt BI had a good game, lot of passing and changing the game from one flank to another. With a strong Midfield BI got good chances including few free kicks which went wide. From BI, Patty was superb, his dribbling on the flanks and amazing balls into the D were great to watch unfortunately these move did not result in goals. Once again thanks Ajoo, I had fun!! 
AA's Review By Rock 
This was a tough match, and happy that AA came out on top. We played a 4-1-4-1 formation. Neel, Sam, Sean and Mihir in defence, Arun as the holding midfielder, Sidhu, Audi, Amit and Pai in the midfield and Ajinkya as the striker. This formation worked well for us, since it allowed us to keep Karan and Dan at bay, and we were able to strike on the counter. Our loanees were fantastic today. Amit scored one and assisted in the other. He and Audi ran their hearts out and contributed in defence and offence. I think AA had good teamwork, and deserved the win. For BI, Karan and Dan were the obvious stars, but Patty and Ringa played really well too. Thanks to AA's solid defence though, BI did not have too many scoring opportunities. They also wasted free kicks from dangerous positions. A well fought match, and AA is happy to bag 3 points. 
Mkul's Review as Loanee 
I'd like to thank the ADC for making me LP today. Its my favourite job as MO. I was also happy to see my BT teammates Pat and Sid who? playing on the wing where I was standing. Both of them played well and Sid who also got the decisive goal. As LP I didn't have to make any important decision today. Just a few off-side calls and a few throw ins. The real action happened at the other LP's side. Congrats to AA for winning 3 more points. Hard luck BI. BI played really well. 
Amti's Review as Loanee for AA 
To begin with, I would like to thank AA for loaning me today. AA is a great side with technically solid players. I enjoyed playing with them. What I liked as player , There was no negative comments for anyone for a mistake. Everyone was covering each other’s mistake. Calling was good. On paper both AA and BI looks solid but the team with better strategy win today. AA played with 4 : 1: 4: 1 and at the center mid zone AA placed hardworking player to close on strong BI mid and it worked. First goal by Sidwho was awesome , He took BI defense on speed and finishing was superb. AA 2nd goal was because of defensive error from BI and I got one on one chance against keeper. Glad to score after long time. 
135 Ran 
6.7 Km's 
135's Review as Loanee for BI 
Firstly I would like to thank BI management for giving me an opportunity to play for them today. Unfortunately we conceded 2 quick goals early on in the first half against the run of play which was quiet a setback to recover from. We did everything right till we came up to the final third of the field where we were lacking a cutting edge as AA defended very well to preserve the lead. It was good playing for BI and should have kept a bit more possession and not tried to force it being a goal down. Apologies to the BI fans for letting then down again. Will try harder next round. 
JJ's Review as AR 
Thank coach for appointing AR. It was a good match to watch. AA seemed to create more chances than BI. Amti today had a great game I felt. He was working hard and was responsible for one score and assist for second. BI played to their plan but lacked in the attack upfront. AA did spread the game well and looked more stable. All the best teams! 
Shivs Review as AVGKL for BI 
I thank Ajoo for loaning me as a keeper for today's match against AA (despite my unwise tackle against their talented Zack, who's absence today was thankfully not due to my indiscretion). I think BI had a great game today with excellent contributions from Andy, Danny, Manoj and budding talents Patty (?) and Ringa. BI were playing a high line which worked well for them. For the first goal I misread that Chin Chin would get to the ball first and was out of position when Sidhu put in a good angled shot at the far post. I manage to get some hand on the ball but not enough. The second again I might have charged out a bit earlier and tackled Amit before he slot the ball home. I believe both scoring players for AA were loans so that worked for them. Pai hit a great low shot that had pace and moved a bit off the pitch. Lucky to have gotten my left glove on that and see it tamely bounce back off the post. Sam had a good game as always. Mayuresh's "MINE" screams were sending chills of pleasure down the spines of the PACU MOs (Harry and Yogi) at the other end. BI played a solid second half gave AA no clear chances. BI's player stature goes down from back to front =) and that is a slight disadvantage when attacking but the tots in attack have great potential and I'm thinking they'll be a handful once they gain a few inches. 
AA's Review By Ryan 
The loans AA had taken turned out to be the key as they were instrumental in the win against BI. Siddhu with a great goal and Amit with a goal and assist put AA on the front foot in the first half itself. AA started with a 4-1-4-1 formation with Mayuresh in Goals, RCD-Sean, LCD-Ryan, RD –Neel, LD- Mihir , CM – Rock , LCM – Amit , RCM – Audi , RM – Pai , LM – Siddhu and Ajinkya as forward. BI had 2 great midfielders in TZLC who never stop running in Karan and Daniel. They along with Zack and Anand who used to step up while attacking always were a potential threat for AA defense. Though being 2 goals up, AA were not able to play a composed game and kept losing the ball too soon due to which the pressure was coming back on the defense. We need to work more on not forcing the ball upfront and building it from the defense. Ajinkya came close on 2 occasions today as well in scoring after beating the keeper both times but once he found himself in middle of a bad patch of the ground and another was a good save by Andy off the line. BI kept the pressure and were moving the ball well but unfortunately it did not materialize into a goal. Good game in the end and AA are happy with the 3 points. 
BI's Review By Ahjoo 
Another match without a victory. No worry but a lot of positives from this match. The new debutante player Karan Shetty looked good and played a good game in central defense. BI started with a 4:5:1 formation with Shivam(AVGKL); Meeraj(LD-on DL) AndyPandy(LCD), KaranShetty(RCD), Sachin(RD); Manoj(LW), Ringa(LCMF), Danny(CMF), Karan135(RCMF - on AVPL), Patty(RW-ADCY); Dhruv(ST). BI had two substitutes in the first half Uday & MJ. BI took its time to settle in the game. BI made two defensive mistakes which cost them the game as AA scored from both these mistakes. Through the game BI was pressing up and had put AA under pressure. BI with Karan135, Danny, Ringa and support from Andy and also Patty(who made some excellent runs down the flank and had a great game) in midfield tried very hard but for some reason it was just not BI's day and we were just not able to score. The second half BI played a more attacking game and most of the time had about 9 AA players in their 18yard box to defend. BI with each match is looking better but the team needs a win to boost the morale. BI missed Gaurav and Atool in today's match. Abhishek, Ajoo & Rango still on recovery from their injury of which Rango may give it a try to play the next game. BI would like to thank all its fans who could make it for the game for their support and hope that they enjoyed watching the new player Karan. BI will be working harder in the next game and will look for victory. 
MR By the ADC 
It's good to see something that was started 8 years ago with 15 players, tactical knowledge, positional play and especially FITNESS were abysmal and suddenly 8 years later everything has changed, There are around a 100 players of which ALL of them can play a 90 min match. Over 50% at least can play like a professional. This mornings match reflected the same, any outsider would have assumed that there are 2 professional clubs playing. But the most thrilling aspect would be the respect given to the Refs, MO's, and the players amongst themselves and the opposition. So the chance to play hard knowing fully well that you MUST at all times take care not to injure and opponent and at the same time knowing that it will be reciprocated by all the players playing. This does make life much easier. There is no unnecessary time wasted on anger and frustration. Just accept the situation and play on. This brief para was focused on the camaraderie because the 2 clubs playing today are the ONLY clubs that were a part of the TZLC from it's inception. Plus they don't look as if they are near extinction. In fact they are looking as strong as the rest of the 'new' clubs in the League. There are indeed some players that are unaware of their size (Groov) and invariably get on the wrong side of some players (Rock!) but apart from the obvious grimace everyone gets on with it. The epitome of it all came when Audi, one of AA's hardest workers, he was running all over the place, faced the 'Simon has not gone back yet Englishman' Danny on many occasions this morning as they were both playing in Cm on opposing sides, Danny had just released a super through ball to his team mate and either the return pass he blasted wide or nothing came of it it's difficult to remember, and Audi, as the Goal kick or summat was about to be taken appreciated Danny's pass with a quick low five and Danny acknowledged it. THIS IS WHAT it's all about. There will always be a team that wins and one that loses BUT it's HOW you win and HOW you lose that's important. WIN with style but humility, lose with grace. 
The match itself turned on two quick goals in he span of 6 mins. Amti laid a grand through ball to Sidwho? when many of his team mates were calling him to spread the ball about. Sidwho? controlled and ran down towards the BI goal. Shiv was standing in a sort of no mans land near the front pole and Sidwho made it difficult for himself when he turned towards Shiv but in the end Shiv's parry was not powerful enough to stop the ball from going in. Amti's perseverence helped him wen Dandyandypandy tripped and fell. Amti ran on beating another player to Shibhobo Shiv and score. There were other incidences that all the other Reviewers have covered. 
BI's Danny needs to find his scoring touch and DAP would be far more effective in the wide expanses on NCL if he played in Cm. At Cd he sometimes makes silly erorrs because he's hyper active and doesn't run enough in Cd. With Atool coming back their new player will Karan can assist him as his partner and this should free up a Cm position for him. Ringa to me is having more bad games then good and with the addition of DandyAndyPandy this could be an awe inspring Cm partnership. Karan Shetty's (nickname still to be found) positioning is a bit off and he'll require some education but he's still a good player. Not every Cd has good positioning I must say! With Zak injured for at least a month BI need to find a player that can score. Pat after a long time had a great game out on the's no wonder that RH are frightened of him. Playing Ringa, Danny and 135 in Cm was not going to work as neither of these players pays much heed to positioning. To play a 3 man cm their zonal positioning should be at a high level 90% of the time. It's been written in verse how difficult it is to tie 135 to one position. He follows the ball. That's him in nutshell. Danny was also all over the place. Many a time Danny and 135 were next to each other!!! Ringa is blossoming to be into a great Cm but he's got a few years left to build up his size and STATURE. How can such a nice guy have ANY say with the two giants of Cm Danny and 135? BI who are usually so efficient at FK's totally fluffed up a few on top of the D. The advantage of Any playing at the back is that due to his excess energy he somehow makes it back to clear of the line and has a few great runs from the back. Dehujon should get asap to a PACU party for if they can change Yogi Mogi then DehuJon should be next on the agenda for TZLC's sake!! 
AA's formation clearly started of being 4 at the back and then possibly 5 in mf and then 1 up front. But as the game progressed it was difficult to see. It sort of petered off into the 4 - 3 - 3 combination they usually play. Marcelo and Sidwho didn't have to fall back much as Meer and Stoney rarely made forays. Plus the opposition wing backs rarely made runs too so falling back was an unneccessary addition to the wingers agenda. One of Marcelo's crosses was a peach which Ajinx should have scissor kicked home. Hopefully, even so late in his career Ajinx, who is a striker should learn how to perform a scissors kic, bicycle kick and first time turning shots in the box. Audi is a gem of a player no doubt but he hold on to the ball just a fraction to long sometimes. It still seems obvious that ALL the AA players are not on the same wavelength. Some are saying play it short, some are saying play it long. They should clear things up and follow the same strategy. As always, although Pat took Meer apart on a few occasions, meer is still a better outfield player. Sparky is a solid player and started where he had left off when DAP was keeping for them as AVGKL in one match. 4 steps Mayur, 6 secs keeper!!! Sparky's become quiet reliable and with the guidance of Ryan playing alongside him he'll always have a good average game....But is that what he wants? Lucky for the team they have a player who joined AA to avoid being the usual Cd at RW and guess what? He's right back at square one! 
At least Jon found a way out! 
Sat 27/02/16 
MO's - BI - Sachin, Rango BE - Amit, Ravi PACU - Vicky, Kapil RW - Taufa, Monga, Karan AA - Mihir, Pai 
RH - DIRECT LOAN: Akshai S - unavailable due to exams: ADC's current valuation = 240k TZR Pravin N - on loan from RW: ADC's current valuation = 220k TZR PROVISIONAL DIRECT LOAN: Rajesh B - injured: ADC's current valuation = 320k TZR Amol M - on loan from RW: ADC's current valuation = 300k TZR 
BT - 1. Direct loan - Amit Babhale (Current value 0.280 tzr) in place of Shaurav ( Current value 0.310 tzr) 2. Provisional Loan for youth player Patty for match against RH - Kapil Samant (Current value 0.230 tzr) - We request the ADC on behalf of Kapil to allow us to confirm this loan on Tuesday since his participation on saturday is tentative. We also request the ADC to allow up to opt for another loan if Kapil is unavailable. 
RH's Preview By Red Click Here for Match Programmes coming SOON!!! 
RH got back to winning ways against the Icemen in our last CLM but also picked up a few more injuries in this game. Neeraj is out for this one whereas TC also mostly will not be able to play. We have three players making a return from injury - Shiv, Prashant and Nikhil. We will be taking loans so as to have a sub as we cannot risk playing with 10 men again! This has been one of our headaches this season as we have failed to field a consistent squad and are forced to chop and change each game. This time we are up against BT who are one of the best teams in the league. BT have tried playing 3-5-2 in previous couple of games and it will be interesting to see how they set up for this one! We are still scratching our heads regarding the formation and player positions. One positive we have is that each player is willing to play in a position where the team needs him keeping aside his own personal ambitions! BT press very high and do not allow the opponents any time on the ball. It will be tricky to keep possession and the side that does it well will hold the upper hand! We would like to with BT good luck! 
BT's Preview By Mkul Click Here to read BT's Match Programme to be released!!! 
"For this important CL encounter we have some key players missing. Shaurav is unavailable due to work engagements. Rafa's participation is tentative. Patty is available but ineligible to play. Pam is returning on the 27th but not in the morning. Thus, we have decided to take a few loans for this match. They are not really man to man replacements but the players who are versatile enough to adapt to changing situations in a match. Hence, we have decided to loan Amit from BE in place of Shaurav and Kapka from PACU in place of Patty. Depending on Rafa's availability we will decide our formation. The ground condition and players' fitness will play a huge role in this match. RH are an accomplished opponent. Many will be looking forward to watching this match. We give best wishes to all the players playing in this match."