Wed 17/02/16 
2nd Div  
BE (0) 0 Vs BT (2) 5 
BT - Shaurav 8, Rafa 15, Ashubh 52.20, Snowtop 2 66.20 80.40 
MO's - PACU : DJ, Subhav AA : Mihir, Aditya BI : Ajoo, Atul RW : Karan, Pravin RH: Sagar, Rajib 
BE - 1: Anand Sadana (280, BI) as per AVGKL 
BT - Provisional loans 1. Direct provisional loan Manan (Valued at 0.280 tzr) for Bhanda (Valued at 0.290 tzr) 
BE Preview INSIDE the Match Programme Click Here!!! 
BT Preview By Mkul BT Match Programme CLICK HERE!!! 
"This one week has been good for BT in terms of two positive results which has helped us regain some confidence. On the other hand we have transferred one of our players to our direct rivals and we play next against them. However, we would like to assure everyone that this transfer took place very amicably between the two clubs and it was in the best interests of both the clubs and the concerned player. Playing an away match at Papal against an upcoming team like BE is never easy. BE are becoming better with every game and thanks to them, other teams are now forced to play in an organised manner which will definitely improve the overall quality of the games. BT are missing some players for this match due to injuries and work related issues but we will take available loans to fill the void left by our players. Best luck to BE for this match". 
AndyPanda Review as AVGKL for BE 
I would like to thank BE and the ADC for giving me a chance to play on loan for them. My second stint as a goalkeeper this season. And another disastrous day for me in the goals. I must say BT dominated the field well. Had some really passing around the field. Most occasions they were patient and made good plays. BE somewhere felt were still figuring out their positions. I felt the defense was mostly lost on the field and were running around everywhere. Sherry stood out for me. He held his fort in defense throughout the match. Tough luck to BE. Hope they will come up strong again soon. 
BT's Review By Mkul 
"The result of today's match has great implications for second division league standings. If we had dropped points today, it would have made life very difficult for us. And we were going to play this match after two very difficult matches last week because of which some players were a little fatigued or slightly injured. We had to take into consideration all these factors before playing today's match. Therefore, although our game might not have been at its best we were mentally determined to do well and we applaud the players for that. We would like to assess our performance against this background. We decided to stick to 3-5-2 which worked well for us last week with Andy Su (Gk), Manan, Ankush and Sagar (3 central defenders from left to right), Siddhu (LM), Jehan (LCM), Shubhankar (CM), Mukul (RCM), Rafa (RM), Shaurav and Snowtop (2 strikers). Sometime towards the end of first half Mukul switched positions with Shubhankar for tactical reasons.The decision to play Manan in defence worked really well for us. Manan used his speed and strength to clear the danger many a times and he was also involved in the build-up play. In the first half our passing wasn't great and we were actually quite fortunate to go 0-2 up. But this lead allowed us to build further pressure on BE and we scored 3 goals in the second half. After taking a comfortable lead we decided to keep a clean sheet and we succeeded. We hope to gain some confidence from it and we wold like to thank our defence line for that. Lastly, we would like to mention here that Suman came to greet his formar teammates before the match. That was very nice of him. We wish him the best of luck for his next match. Hard luck to BE. We are happy with today's three points." 
Vikus AR Review 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the AR in today's match. During the match, my involvement as an AR was extremely limited as their was no major incident in the box. Would like to apologize to the ADC for giving one wrong call in the first half. It was open and exciting to watch and Congrats to BT for a strong victory. 
BE's Review By Robby 
BE played with a 4-5-1 formation – Anand in Goals, Ravi, Amit, Sharad and VK in Defense, Sumanta,Sameer, Suraj, Rakesh and Manoj in mid-field and Harshad as Striker. We had 4 subs today : Dev, Prashant, Jaideep and Guru which played in rotation with Ravi, VK, Sumanta, Manoj and Harshad after every 20 minutes. Today BE had its worst performance of the season. Even after the continuous effort of BE management , getting couple of good players on board, we performed quite badly. In the initial 10 mins of the game itself we conceded 2 goals which kind of ruined our game. We were hardly able to hold the ball in Mid-field and not able to take the ball ahead. As compared to us BT played quite well. They were winning the ball very comfortably in the Mid-Field which was causing further pressure on the defense. Even defense committed lot of errors in the 2nd half as well which resulted in a loss of 5-0. Our fans would really be disappointed from our today’s performance. 
Mantans Review on Loan for BT 
In today's game I was loaned by BT as LCD for 3-5-2 formation. They required speed in defence to cover the run as they were only playing with 3 defenders. The LM and RM were instructed to fall back to cover the wingers and they did a good job. As a LCD I have a pointer for BE, they should release the ball on the wings a little earlier as players like Suman have already made their run; when the ball is released late it's easy to catch the runs or get them offside. The first half went well with a 2 nil lead and we were strong in defence. I had a lot of opportunity to play early crosses around or above the BE defence as they were holding a high line and Gaurav and Niraj were always ready for those runs. I think these crosses worked well but unfortunately Niraj didn't score from any of them. There was one scare in the second half where Sameer missed a sitter after the GK tired to clear a cross from the left. Shubhankar and Niraj finished well to make it 0-5. Thank you Mukul and the ADC for my loan. It was a pleasure playing with such talent. 
Deep ran 4.4 k's 
The Ref ran 6.5 K's!! 
MR By the ADC 
Firstly let me admonish RH for doing an absolutely WOEFUL job as CM. After setting the camera up for him and advising of the nitty gritty he has proceeded to change the settings at some point and the entire match is a ZOOM OUT at SQ. Which means Standard Quality when I had set it at High Quality. If the players DO NOT GET SERIOUS about ALL the jobs required to make the TZLC a SUCCESS I will ask Mr. Khare to STOP taking his refereeing duties seriously and the ADC will also take it's administrative duties lightly. If the players are NOT 
doing their jobs properly some action has to be taken. If the players are shocked with the above statements then the ADC will take other action that the Managers and players will NOT find amusing. 
The match itself was full of mistakes especially from BE's end. Everyone was making mistakes but for me clearly Jon was the best of the lot this morning. Clearly a better outfield player than a GK!!! BT were the same, precise with everyone on the same page. Except in the 2nd Half where they once again gave a watered down performance. Snowtop misses too many chances. The two strikers were happy at being given so much space as BE you to call up to catch offside and once BT also ran up with them they faild to fall back. This left gaping holes in front of Andy the Panda bear AVGKL and he suffered for it. He continued the saga of dodgy goalkeepers when he handed Rafa a goal and BT's 2nd when he was off walkabout and then literally palmed a ball to Shaurav while saying don't worry mate you can score one too! 
Sherry AMAZINGLY didn't score an own goal but every player invariably made so many mistakes that they it seemed they did. In actuality it was the much hated Mario who had one of the better games as compared to his compatriots (along with new signee Jon). 
BT were easily the better team and even if they think the 3-5-2 suits them (which it does) they as yet haven't come up against a team that are better than them. Yes indeedy, the ADC thinks that BT are currently the best team in the TZLC (ONLY in the 1st Half mind you!!!) 
BE have always played well with their 4-6 formation then they went and changed the defensive partnership of Amti and Sherry then suddenly then went back to it but Amti is drifting too much towards Sherry and they have lost their cohesiveness. Plus they changes the formation to 4-5-1 to afford Harsh a spot on the team and if the team can't get the ball to him then whats the use? 
One final word and it's on Keano....when he joined KITFO, he was a new guy and it's a guess that he spend his first session getting used to everyone and everything and he PASSED the ball a lot. Once Keano got an inkling that he is one of the better players, he decided that ONLY he can get BE out of trouble. Such a pity. One player cannot maketh a team. Something he must understand. Amti faced the same problem before and one hopes he's not going to face the same again. A 2nd Final word and it's on Mario. PLEASE talk to your CLOSEST team mate and tell him what you want to say (If he allows you to) but dont yell across the whole length and breadth of the field. It NOT good for team morale. 
Thu 18/02/16  
1st Div Loser Vs 1st Div  
AA (0)1 vs RH (0) 0 Both teams agreed to play an 80 min match 
AA - Ajinx 75.58 
BE - Ravi, Jaideep BT - Shubhankar, Mukul PACU - Harry, Amma BI - Dhruv, Ringa RW - Karan, Vikus 
AA - LOANS -Pravin (value 0.22M TZR) RW for Mayuresh value (0.23M TZR). DJ (0.32M TZR) PACU for Arun value (0.38M TZR) and Manoj (0.29 TZR) RW as AVGK 
RH - 1. DIRECT LOAN: Ameya D - missing due to work: ADC's current valuation = 420k TZR Sarvajit H - on loan from RW: ADC's current valuation = 330k TZR 2. AVGKL Anand S - on loan from BT: ADC's current valuation = 370k TZR Prashant G: missing due to injury: ADC's current valuation = 370k TZR Anand S: on loan from BI: ADC's current valuation = 370k TZR 
AA Preview By Ryan Match Programme to be Released soon!!! Click Here!!! 
AA have one more chance at the league cup after a disappointing loss against RW. RH was always a strong team but now it has become stronger with Shivam back and plenty of options of playing players in different positions. AA would think of also rotating the players in different positions as currently we are not finding the right combination to gel as a team. AA would be missing the services of Mayuresh and Pai but also have taken replacements in Pravin and Jango. AA management and the team both have been letting down their fans but we promise to turn that around. 
RH Preview By Red Click Here to Read Match Programme 
(It has been mentioned in the Programme and elsewhere that Khare will be helping RH out with their formation but Khare has decided to withdraw help to RH on account of their inability to CONTROL their aggression while tackling) 
RH come up against AA in the league cup QF. This is a knock-out but also a second chance for the Astros, who were already beaten by the warriors. We are missing our influential forward Amu for this one whereas the Prashant is recovering from a recurrence of his hamstring injury against the Icemen. We will probably stick to our usual 4-4-2 formation with the bong partnership manning central midfield. We failed to retain possession in our previous game and were guilty of trying the killer pass each time we had the ball. We need to be more patient and build our game from defence to attack. We will try and focus on that aspect of our game. We can give the warriors a run for their money for the Cup and are keen to overcome the Astros to setup a meeting the Warriors. We wish AA good luck! 
Marcelo Ran 
The Ref Ran 
6.28 Km's 
Ivan Review as Loanee for RH 
I would like to thank the RH management for giving me an opportunity to play on loan. Thanks to the ADC for allowing the loan. The match was a tight one and AA won by a solitary goal. RH had some good chances in the first half but failed to score. The second half I didn't see much of the ball as I would have liked. It was a good experience to play as a loanee and look forward to getting more such opportunities. 
Andypanda Review as Loanee for RH 
I would like to thank RH for taking me on loan and the ADC for allowing me to play for them. RH had a slow start to game. And i was finally playing as an outfield player in order to not test anymore of my goalkeeping skills. RH today seemed like a very different side to me. The confidence with which they move around the field was somewhere missing. And we were a lot of times out of position. AA played a composed game with passes going around to each player of theirs. Slowly building the game. Irrespective of that RH had some good moments. Only thing we were not able to capitalise on them. Hard luck RH. Thank you once again for letting me play with you. 
Ashubh Review as AR 
First of all apologies for being late for MO duty today. And I'm grateful that you allowed me to be the AR for the match today in spite of that. The game was a tight affair. I think both the teams were defensively strong today. That's why we didn't see too many chances created or goalmouth action. Especially Anand who was keeping for RH had an excellent game today. As an AR I did not have to make any significant calls as there was hardly any pushing or shoving in the box. There was an incident of a possible handball but it was decided to let it go as it was outside the box and the player tried to keep his hands close to his body. The game was decided by a good move by Aditya that was finished by Ajinkya. Hard luck RH. Congrats to AA. 
RH's Review By Red 
RH are very disappointed to have been knocked out of the league cup. We do not get a second chance as AA but AA deservedly go through after fighting hard with a man down on such a huge ground. RH played 4-4-1: AndySu-GK; Kramer-RB, Sagar-RCB, AndyPandy-LCB, Nik-LB; RM-Sarva, RCM-Mishti, LCM-Amar, LM-Beeraj; Gambo-ST. Shivam started in the SIN BIN whereas TC had sought permission to arrive late. We made a conscious effort to play short simple passes in this game. We did feel that we had more control and possession but we failed to create clear cut chances but were vulnerable whenever Audi had the chance to turn and run at the defence. AA scored the only goal of the game with once such move. First half Amar and Mishti did well but AA were smart in putting Audi-Shivang in CM. These two along with Ajinx never stopped running and filled the void left by the missing player. We also failed to get Sarva involved in the game as per our game plan. Finally, the team that took its chance went through! RH have been very slow in adapting to the new TZ ground. We try to play attacking football but have failed to score in the two games we have played on this ground. We need to quickly come up with a solution else we may have to say goodbye to our ambitions this season. Well done AA! Well done to Mangs as well! He missed this game as he flew to Delhi to receive the "etales award - Best Mobile app Experience of the Year Award" 
JJ's Review on Loan for AA 
Thanks Sam for the chance to play alongside AA. AA is a wonderful team with multitalented players. With Sam leading the show it’s a great combination of thought process and team effort. We put up a good show being only 10 men side vs RH. Audi and Shivang were great in the middle and we could see them all over the places. RH on the other hand also had quite a few chances but could not convert. Both the teams worked hard for the lead, in the end it was AA who managed to steal the show. Well played AA. 
AA's Review By Ryan 
With Sean having some last minute emergency, we were down to 10 men which led to a 4-4-1 formation and some shuffling in positions with Manoj in Goals, DJ as RCD, Sameer – LCD , Tiger-LB, Praveen – RB , Neel & Pai as LMF and RMF , Shivang – LCM , Audi-RCM and Ajinkya as striker. We expected RH to have much of the ball possession and lots of heat on the defense but surprisingly, they gave us quite some space especially in the second half. The few instances when RH tried to close us down, the defense along with midfield played some great football to keep the possession which was crucial in ensuring that we did not feel a lot of pressure playing with 10 men. It was good to see AA having a more composed game and though I feel all the players had a really good game, the player who stood out in both the teams was Audi who was all over the ground and made 2 terrific runs in each half which should have resulted in 2 goals but the one that was scored also made the difference in the end. RH had a couple of great chances themselves in the first half but could not capitalize. They were able to combine well but kept losing possession easily and may be down to the reason that their key players were playing with injuries. 
MR By the ADC 
There was quality in every area of the pitch on both sides this morning. But AA proved to be the more stable and sure. The loans AA had procured were quite inteligent in them being brought in to do certain duties. Dj and JJ to help out defensively and to do little else and John to be the most like GK Loan this season. RH were heavily reliant on their star Gambo and once it was clear that he was not on top of his game, RH were already hurt. TC arrived a little late but RH never were a player short. So called injured Beeraj is playing better than when he wasn't so called injured! Did RH miss Mangs, Amu and Paul? Well both Gambo and Amu are rarely ever seen together and AndyPanda was a like for like for Mangs, RH had enough ammunition not to replace Paul. Was Rock, Sparky, Meer and Mayur missed by AA? truth be told as AA keep playing Meer in goals, John is probably a better replacement for Meer as John does his job well. DJ was possibly a better option for the 10 man team AA then Sparky and Rock as if compared to Sparky, DJ is two footed and although he holds on to the ball for too long he is a more stable option then Sparky who when off form is prone to errors. Dj compared to Rock is that DJ does not ALWAYS want to be the man friday. DJ did his job. A loaned player in defence tends not to do too much. Rock and Sparky being a PART of AA would have probably allowed their emotions get a hold of them. Ryan was an ideal partner to Dj and tried to manage Arty in Lcm who tried to do too much. Audi in Rcm was a star this morning, running hither and thither in defence and Attack, Arty LOST the ball too often. Marcelo played one of his BEST games, defending and attacking and this was one match where it could be believed that Marcelo had run 10 km's!! Stoney is a solid player but seemed a little out of place on the flank. A terror when he cut inside. Ajinx finally showed he has a bit of class. Held up the ball well, made runs, supprted his Cm's, you couldn't ask for more, well yes you could, he did miss a sort of sitter once! But he was on the end of Audi's sensational run and cross that we'll never get to see due to the fact that ANOTHER CM bites the dust. All we can see is JJ's bum and then Ajinx knocking the ball in...Sad indeed... 
Red seems very uncomfortable as a Cd, that should change or RH are in trouble, he has made sacrifices for the team and has put himself in that position but he just seems a bit disinterested. A Cm needs to be able to defend and attack and be FIT. Both Amar and Mishti were NOT as fit as Audi and Arty, even if Arty did not play well. Not a single player in RH is fit. There lies the problem. In AA, Arty, Audi, Stoney, even Marcelo were more active then one man plus RH. Leave a lot to think about indeed. 
One more thing, DJ had approached me a couple of days ago that during a PDFA match DJ had used his arm for shielding and the Ref blew for an IFK. Strictly as per the Rules governing football that would mean that Football as we know it would be a NO CONTACT SPORT with only shoulder to shoulder charging. What a load of cobblers is what the ADC says. As per the ADC Rules you are not all to impede an opponent by using UNNATURAL means. Using both arms, using your bum, using a weapon, kicking the opponent etc BUT the most important thing is that you are allowed to FEND an opponent, keep him/her at bay. BUT at this time it is important NOT to LOOK at the opponent while fending but to have your eyes on the ball or somewhere to release the pass, the moment you look at the opponent you are fending, according to the ADC this means that you are in an UNNATURAL position. The body must also be SIDE ON to the opponent. I hope this clears things. The TZLC has altered a few rules such as all the hugging which goes on in a so called PROFESSIONAL game for eg during a corner is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED. The Late Challenges Rule has been introduced. Plus some rules are looked at to maintain bonhomie and respect amongst players (giving ball to hand at Throw Ins, the Tunnel at the end of the game and some others.) 
Fri 19/02/16  
3rd Div 
KITFO (0) 2 Vs PACU (1) 2 1st H 45 mins 2nd H stopped at 38.30 mins as it was 8.30 am!!! 
KITFO - Keano 48.26 Mishti 68.45 
PACU - Kapka 2 3.15 53.10 
MO's - RH - 3 Players playing for KITFO BE - 3 Players playing for KITFO BI - Atul, Dhruv BT - Mukul, Siddhu AA - Mihir, Sameer RW - Karan + 2 players playing on loan 
KITFO - 1. Sharad 2. Prashant 3. Aviank 4. Nitin - 7.30 5. Subin 6. Sameer 7. Varun 8. Sagar 9. Devendra 10. Nishant 11. Ravi 12. Zaid 13. Suraj 14. Dhananjay 15. Rakesh 16. Rajib 17. Amartya 18. Suman 
PACU - Pravin RW (0.22M TZR) for Vicky (0.25M TZR) Players missing out are Vicky, Jango (travelling) and Satish (injured) Akshay Seshadri RH AVGKL value 0.27M TZR Vikas Atri RW (0.31M TZR) for Satish Sutati (0.42M TZR) We may also take more loans or dip into the ADCY pool as we have not yet received confirmation from all the players 
PACU Preview By Amma Click here to see Match Programme!!! 
PACU will come up against KITFO who will be buoyant after making the League Cup Finals. We on the other hand come into this game after being knocked out by BT. Lot of introspection went on within the team after this game with the general consensus being that we are not doing much in the opposition half and also that we are not taking the chances that we get. We have not yet figured out how to address this problem but will definitely come up with a plan before the game. We therefore cannot say what formation we will employ for this game. It will be a tough game for us but 3 points would surely help in our quest for promotion. 
Sidwho? Review as AR 
I'd like to thank the coach for giving me chance to be Referee's Assistant behind the goal in today's match. The first goal scored by Kapil Sir was seen by some of the viewers as a handball but from where I saw it looked like the ball hit his chest so I did not give that as foul. I apologize if it actually was a handball. The game was a good entertainment for neutrals as both teams scored goals as well missed good chances. It was a game of two halves as PACU dominated most of the first half and KITFO got themselves back in second half. I congratulate KITFO for a good comeback and make the match entertaining in the later part of the game. I once again thank ADC for my role as Referee's Assistant. 
Mkul's Review as AR 
"Thanks a lot to the ADC for making me AR for today's match. This was my first time as AR. I found it to be quite relaxing. Especially in the first half nothing happened on my side. In the second half the match became interesting. Especially in KITFO's half there were many nervous moments due to their lack of a regular GK. However, in spite of that they played well and got a point. The makeshift GK's Suraj and Amar did quite well actually but I had to be on my toes to make sure that there were no infringements in the box.Throughout the match I had to more work as a ballboy than as AR. Well done to both the teams. 
PACU's Review By Satsut 
Another disappointing result for PACU this morning. Papal has been a happy hunting ground for us, but the story this morning was a little different. We were leading twice and threw it away on both occasions. We started with 10 men as DJ was running late. Started with 4-4-1 with Amar, Neeraj, Yogi and Harry in defense; Subhav, Vikus, Pravin and Hima in midfield and Kapil as the lone striker. This was a game where we wanted to try players in different positions. DJ came in and played in midfield for a while before he went into CD and Amar joined Kapil upfront as the 2nd striker. Neeraj did a decent job in defense. Kapil scored twice for us, but full credit to KITFO who kept pressing us and scored twice through Keano and Rajib. We should have done better to close out the match. Maybe there was a hint of over confidence in the ranks. KITFO have arrived and how! This probably is a warning to all other teams, no one will dare take KITFO lightly. Keano and Rajib were very good for KITFO this morning. Hima did a great job on the flank for us. Its a case of 2 dropped points for us. We will have to come back stronger. A big thank you to Vikas, Pravin and Kramer for doing their jobs this morning. 
KITFO's Review By Mishti 
Formation and squad: 5-4-1 or 5-3-2 Goal: Dhananjay Def: Rajib, Sherry, Ravi, Suraj, VK Mid: Amar, Subin/ Amod, Suman, Nitin Forward: Keano It was a tough challenge, and made tougher but lot of last minute cancellations. KITFO had 18 confirmations for the match, but had to even start with 10 men with people dropped out last minute. Amar’s supercomputer crashed due to insufficient data and it was a last minute reshuffle to arrange the squad. My apologies to Amar for overpowering him and taking matters on my hand. Against a formidable squad like PACU, with a depleted squad, it was a clear strategy to hurry the opponents and not allow them to play freely. Also there was a strategy to put the 2 fastest players of the squad Keano and Suman up and hassle PACU defence. KEANO was given a task up-front to ask for balls over high line of PACU defence. Suman assigned to support him as much as possible but with little bit of defensive duties as well. All others were asked to press opponents to press and commit mistakes with 5 man defending the goal scoring threat of Kapil, Subaru and co. Clearly not a strategy to play the beautiful way. In overall, we were able to scrap out a draw and which is creditable considering the abilities of PACU. Though, again we conceded cheap goals with unforced errors. One goalkeeping error and one defensive error cost up the goal. Great to see KITFO scored 2 goals in a match after a long time. A brilliant passing move ended with Keano scoring. Also we had to gamble with 15 minutes remaing and a goal down. I had to move up as a striker for last few minutes and very happy to come up with a goal past Kremer of a brilliant through ball from Amartya following a set piece situation. We feel certainly very elevated with the performance and passion shown by all. They even forgiven me for all the shouting I did in the match. Well played PACU and KITFO for a match with lot of energy and passion. 
JJ's Review as Loanee for PACU 
Thanks Satish for the chance to play alongside PACU. PACU is a wonderful team with multitalented players. Today Amma was leading the show and it’s a great combination of thought process and team effort. Plus Amma I like the fact that he enjoys the game along with putting the best foot forward whenever required. PACU combined well in first half to lead the tally, however was slow in intensity in the second that costed them a draw. I enjoyed playing with the new combination of players. KITFO were better in second half & Raje’s entry was terrific. Well played everyone! 
Atool's Review as LP 
Thanks a lot ADC for appointing me as LP for the match. Once again KITFO showed that a team is better than individuals.. They showed resilience to come back from being down twice in the game. PACU picked up intensity in the last 15 mins and attacked from everywhere.. But great defending and excellent Offside trap execution by KITFO. 
Meeraj Ran 5Km's 
The Ref Ran 5.68 Km's 1st H 3.6 Km's 
MR By the Khare 
SURPRISINGLY KITFO scored two splendid goals while PACU scored through two errors. While the TZLC8 has been the season wherein Goalkeeping Bloopers have come to the fore, KITFO have always suffered not only GK errors but defensive ones two. This match showcasing both. Another extremely poor job at videography implores the persons with large pockets to get a Pro Vid camera with a large screen or a large eye piece.. See image... 
Or the one below which is MUCH cheaper but has a large screen. 
I am extremely disappointed with the lack of effort from the MO's doing the SR and CM jobs. Don't people realize that the TZLC is that much more enjoyable because of the highlights and Match Reports etc? That you will be able to have on record your efforts for years to come as well as the chance to show your family and friends? I can only do so much bhind the scenes to try and make a crappy job good but that requires effort and if we have to go back to the standards before the Video recordings came in then so be it. My job is just made easier. Till that moment comes for I am sure the above images are two much too ask , FROM the next match, that is tomorrow, 
EACH CM that gets a rating of over 7 for doing a good videography job will earn 1M for his club. Each Club needs to offer ONE player who will WILLINGLY take care of being the Cameraman and I do not have to appoint someone as if I'm sending someone to the Gallows. I'm not saying that it needs to be a professional job, I'm only saying that it should SEEM as if you are doing a good job. 
Congrats to KITFO who have been in turmoil this season with highs and lows but thankfully the highs have definitely been more than the lows. Mishti has explained well in his review as has Satsut so I won't dwell on the same so much. 
In short PACU were overconfident, halfway through the season, you CANNOT still be trying to chop and chage and experiment. Which is WHY I stopped coaching KITFO for matches, BECAUSE KITFO wanted to try and win, simple as that. The time to experiment is when you are 3 goals up. That's it. NOT when the Kick Off whistle still has to blow...The clubs MUST ASSUME that there are thousands of spectators WATCHING the game. Has anyone noticed the Attendances that have come up after the score in the calendar? If you were paying MONEY to watch a match and then saw the club you supported just pissing about, how would you feel? I hope I've enlightened you now. The TZLC is a UNIQUE concept that allows you the chance to play PROFESSIONALLY. PROFESSIONALLY in a make believe world.  
The organizations like TZAS, ADCY and finally KITFO the only one left, do NOT have a REGULAR set of fans. Just a mixture of folk who want to watch good football, or want to watch their family members play or supporters of indivduals that are contracted with other clubs. THEY CAN EXPERIMENT. Satsut could have requested the TZAS in charge to try Amma in CM in their next match. But now that the TZAS is not there, all the Manager can do is ask the player to get as much practice in at a session or somewhere else. BUT NOT in a PROPER MATCH. 
I thought Louie is one player that is given a lot of freedom to do what he wants. Unlike say a Yogi who happily toes the line. How many times have I said that if you put pressure on Dj coz he likes holding on to the ball and playing long balls you may just grab the ball off him? I think Keano nearly scored from such a chance. JJ tried to do what he was told, as did Vikus. Kapka is trying to give a little bit more but is thinking too much. He should just SCORE, that's his job, he was guilty of another sitter miss. Meeraj also does his job but I fekt was more comfortable with Amma. You pushed Amma up and the consistency went. PACU barely tried Dj in Cm. Kramer AVGKL was ridiculed most of the time by PACU and NOT allowed to do anything. He didnt have a chance with the goals. Hima is great with his enthu and determination and skill and should be let lose in an attacking role more often.  
KITFO marchalled by Mishti and Amar were playing like fetid turds in a swamp made of murky stagnant putrid the 1st HALF!!! But in the 2nd they shook themselves off and turned into butterfly's frolicking in the sun! I thought Amar's move into goals brought a sense of stability to the the KITFO team, Amar's call to move into CM and puch Mishti up was genius if only assisted by PACU's very INEPT offside call. Keano is a BRILLIANT player IF he knows what his job is. In the 2nd he did, in the 1st NOPE! I'd take this moment to tell all the players on the fringes like Robby, VK, Dan and Zubin to PLAY to their STRENGTHS and not to try something new in matches. IT's not the time. Suman was quite energetic, Sherry does briliant things and then nonsensical things, Bruce was brilliance personified this morning, he did nothing wrong. As per my theory I suspect it's because he was playing after ages, let's see what happens in his next match. 
Sat 20/02/16  
BI (1) 1 Vs RH (2) 3 
BI - Danny Pen 21.22 
RH - Gambo 6.57 Amu 33.33 69.40 
MO's - 1. BE - Harshad, Amit 2. BT - Patty, Niraj 3. PACU - Himanil, Jango 4. RW - Monga, Karan 5. AA - Pai, Sean 
BI - 1. Anand Surve (BT - value 0.40MTZR) - on loan as goal-keeper - in place of Amol Hatkar (value - 0.32MTZR) - AVGKL 2. Jatin Bhana (RW - value 0.29MTZR) - on loan as outfiled player - in place of Amiraj Chowdary (value 0.30MTZR) - DL Loan for ADCY players (as per R&R) 1. MJ - we woulld like to take Pravin (RW - value 0.22MTZR) 2. Patty - we would like to take Suraj (BE - value 0.22MTZR) Dhruv - available for only 1st Half 
RH - 1. DIRECT LOAN: Prashant G: missing due to work: ADC's current valuation = 370k TZR Aditya K: on loan from AA: ADC's current valuation = 330k TZR 2. DIRECT LOAN: Shivam S: missing due to work: ADC'c current valuation = 390k TZR Gaurav P: on loan from PACU: ADC's current valuation = 320k TZR Unavailable - Akshai S, Shivam S, Prashant G 
BI Preview By Ahjoo Click Here for BI Match Programme!!! 
BI will stick to the 4:5:1 formation that we have been playing for the last couple of games as players have got set to this formation and the positions they are playing in. BI need to put more points on the league table and being home will look to win this game. BI will be playing a more attacking game with a strong mid-field line up. BI will be looking to move the ball through the central area and the flanks. BI has taken some good strong loans for this game. BI will play as per plan - strong compact defending and not defending very deep also. The BI midfield players will have to play the positions and support the defend whenever required when RH are attacking. The lone striker will play with the last man in the RH defense line-up and keep hassling and finding opportunities to score. This is going to be a good encounter and a win will only boost the morale of the team player to performer better and better in the matches to come in the 2nd half of the season. BI fans are requested to attend the matches in huge numbers and support their team. 
RH Preview By Red Click here to read the Match Programme 
(It has been mentioned in the Programme and elsewhere that Khare will be helping RH out with their formation but Khare has decided to withdraw help to RH on account of their inability to CONTROL their aggression while tackling) 
After a couple of weeks of cup action, RH takes on the Icemen in a combined league match. The Icemen will be disappointed to crash out of the League Cup and will be keep to put things right. Eagles has emerged as their mainstay and pulls the strings for the Icemen but at the same time is still settling into the TZLC. The Icemen have stuck to a 4-5-1 under their new management and we may try to cancel that out by fielding three midfielders of our own. We will have to do much much better in terms of retaining possession and being patient while trying to create chances as compared to our last few matches. Shiv is unavailable for this one but we are hoping we wont miss him with TC-Amu-Gambo playing up and Audi supporting the trio. We wish the Icemen good luck while hoping for a hard fought game! 
Chinchin Ran 
Steps 9233  
Distance 7.1km  
Position RW 1st Half  
RD/RB 2nd Half  
Peak Heart Rate 157 bpm  
Avg Heart Rate 129 bpm 
BI's Review By Ahjoo 
The injury saga of the team continues and now moved on to the younger members - Zak's old knee injury cropped up and after ten minutes in today's game he had to sit out. First blow to BI today. Second blow was Daniel had to leave early so the last 15mins of the game BI played with 9 players. BI stared the match with AndySu(GK); Manoj(LD), Atul(LCD), Anand(RCD), Uday(RD); Suraj(LW), Pravin(LCMF), Daniel(CMF); Jatin(RCMF), Sachin(RW); Zak(ST). BI through the game gave it their Best and also managed most of the time well to control the RH attack of Amu, Gambo, Audi & Rajesh. A defensive error by The defense line- up led to RH scoring the first goal. BI soon were awarded a penalty for a fouls by an RH player in the box and Daniel made no mistake to convert it. Both the team's kept the pressure BI managed to hit the top bar twice once from a shot by Chinchin & the other by Daniel. BI players need to work on fitness and some of them especially Manoj needs to get more serious when playing a match. With the RH attacking pressure on the BI defense could not stop them always and RH managed to score 2 more goals making the final score 3-1 this was the third blow today to BI. Towards the end of the first half Andypandy made a position switch with Jatin(on loan) and this seemed to work out good as BI also managed to make some good moves by unfortunately could not convert them into goals. RH also towards the end were down 2 players with Rajesh pulling his hamstring & Beeraj got injured on his knee. It was a tough and well fought game by both teams. Congrats RH on the win. BI would like to thank the fans for their support and hoped they enjoyed the game despite the loss. 
Audi's Review as Loanee for RH 
What a wonderful bunch of players RH have. Amar and Rajib are really very calm and composed and the back bone of this team. And Gambo and Amu are the spear heads. Everybody else a sustaining unit around them and they play some great football together. I had a horrible game today. First half I was out of the scene on the right wing as I wasn't getting the ball enough, but after TC walked out injured, I got into the game and with that I saw more of the ball. I had a few good runs but I lacked the final finishing touch which has been difficult on this big ground. Its never easy to know when to take the keeper on as we are still not have an idea of how big is the area where we play. I thank all the events that conspired to allow me to play for RH including the management and the ADC.  
RH's Review By Red 
RH started as 4-3-2: Anna-Gk; Amar-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangs-LCB, Bezzi-LB; Audi-RCM; Mishti-CM; Sagar-LCM; Amu-Gambo as ST. Our plan was to play centrally, as we were a man down and keep possession. While we were passing in our own half, Gambo realized that BI were playing a very high line and asked for a ball over the top. Bezzi obliged and Gambo chased it away from AVGKL-AndySu and coolly slotted it into the net. Once TC arrived we switched to a 4-4-2 with Gambo coming into RCM and TC as ST. BI equalised when Eagles slotted the penalty past Anna. TC then put through Amu who cleverly lobbed the GK. BI were unfortunate as Zak got injured but Andy and Danny worked tirelessly in midfield. Amu scored after a quick short corner and a defensive error by BI to put RH 3-1 up. Meanwhile, TC hobbled off with a muscle injury, Bezzi injured his knee and Amu twisted his ankle. These folks add to our already long injury list: Nikhil- swollen toe, Prashant-hamstring and Shiv-knee. We are having a strange season in terms of injury! We hope our squad can last through the upcoming period where we play 5 games in 5 weeks. Important three points won today and we wish BI good luck for their games. 
Jonty's Review on Loan to BI 
A big thank you to BI for loaning me today. Its been a long time since I've played and that showed today in terms of fitness. I started in RCM today. Took me a while to get going and co-ordinating with the BI players. Danny in CM is fit and everywhere. My game consisted of mostly supporting him and Chin chin on RW. Good to play with such a player. Also made sure to support the defense at all times. Towards the end of the 1st half I moved into CD when AndyPandy went up on a run. I stayed in CD from then on till the end of the game. A couple of good goals for RH today, scored by Gambo (1v1 with the keeper) and Amu, who lobbed the charging keeper. Sublime. In between we had a penaltly for a foul by Amar I think on Sunshine. BI gave away a tame 3rd goal when Audi's header went across the face of goal to Chinchin, who unfortunately chested it down for amu to tap the ball in. All in all a very wide and open game as both teams had a numebr of players either out injured of had to leave early. Hardluck to BI and congrats to RH who now top the table. 
Jonty Ran 
7.37 Km's!!! 
The Ref ran 
7.23 Km's!!! 
JJ's Review as Loanee to BI 
Thanks Ajoo for loaning to play for BI. BI started well as per plan. The started 4:5:1 but were first hit by Zak injury. With 10 men BI became defensive and worked hard together. Gambo gave lead to RH. BI though equalised were always missing the 11th Man upfront. We had a couple of good moves but could not capitalise on them. Andy was great overall. 
Ray's Review as Loanee for BI 
First of all I would like to thank BI management for giving me opportunity to play on loan for them. We started with 4-5-1 formation with me on left wing. I was asked to come to support defense whenever RH has possession, it was tough job for me with NCL being full size ground & Audi playing on my side for RH. I tried my best but playing back to back matches took it's toll, I couldn't keep with Audi most of the time, I apologize to BI for the same. RH enjoyed possession of the ball throughout the match, things got worse for us when Zak had to leave the game due to his injured knee. Amu scored two superb goals for RH. BI got on score sheet with well taken penalty by Daniel. Penalty was awarded for a foul on me by Amartya, it was superb ball from Daniel which I took on chest & tried to take a shot. For me standout performer for BI was Daniel, he was all over the field to pulling strings for BI. Hard luck for BI, I am sure they will come on strong as season progresses. 
Marcelo Review as LP 
'Thanks to the ADC for choosing me as the LP today. I had a regular outing. Had to make one marginal offside decision and the rest of the game was uneventful for me as LP. Need to correct my routine after a goal is scored.' 
Mantans Review as LP 
I was the Linesman for this game. The first half started with RH pressure on BI. RH were combining well with Amu, Gambo, Audi and Rajeev with DJ and Mangesh controlling the defence. BI looked a little shaky in defence but the defence did well to combine with Daniel and Jonty in the midfield, but they didn't have any attacking force to trouble the RH defence. Rambo scored a neat goal taking on the GK one on one. The scored tied when Suraj earned BI a penalty which was easily converted by Daniel. BI did hit the cross bar twice in the first half but trailed RH 1-2 at the end of the first half. BI went to 10 men when Zac went of wit ha injury in the middle of the first half, and RH capitalised on that with more pressure in the second half creating many more chances then BI. Rajesh Sir for RH also got an injury and walked off making the teams equal again but then in the last 10 mins of the game BI played with only 9 men as Daniel also had to leave, making Andy Pandy run crazy all over the field. RH finished the game well. The game seemed a very tiring one as both the teams were a few men short. As a linesman it was a good game with no controversial or difficult decisions to make. Thank you Mr. Khare for making me the Linesman today. 
MR By The ADC 
Two clubs that have been ravaged by injuries met after their previous encounter was cancelled due to RH's unhappiness playing with U16's. Clearly the better side being RH in terms of technical superiority BI were not easily quashed. There efforts were hampered further though with an injury to Zak and from then it did look difficult for the Icemen. With Gambo nonchalantly putting RH ahead BI were lucky to equalize through a Danny Pen after Dev the AR was sure he spotted a foul by Amar in the box on Ray. In Ray's review he clearly thought the same and so did Dev, the Ref thought he wasn't sure enough to award a Pen and it did cross his mind to give an IFK but Dev was absolutely sure so the Ref went with him. In idle chatter later Amar did say that it was Ray who fouled him first but was extremely sporting to just carry on as the Refs decision being final. Maybe the ADC Media will shine a little light on the matter? Andypandy played his socks off being here there and everywhere. DehuJon was admonished by BI for visibly being disinterested in the proceedings and once Danny left there was NO way back for BI, until TZ left and the RH players started looking dead on their feet, and Andypandy took the extra 5 mins to a loud goodness me from the Ref who was also dying, the temperature has gone up over the past few days. Amu scored off a super lob after being put through by TC and they took a deserved lead. All this did follow two efforts by BI one from Chinchin who smacked the bar. Atool, who apologized profusely by email later and after the incident when he screamed at Chinchin for setting up Amu's 2nd and RH's 3rd showed his maturity and understanding that although the players should understand that a mistake has been made, the way he did was not the right way. Anna was in fine form in goals and a pity he couldn't keep a clean sheet. Both clubs need to get their show on the road as time is slowly running out.