Tue 09/02/16  
2nd Div Vs 2nd Div  
BE (0) 0 Vs BT (0) 1 
BT - Shaurav 63.50 
BE - 1: Sameer Chavan (210, AA) as per AVGKL 
BE's Preview is included in the Match Programme click here!!! 
BT's Preview by Mkul BT Match Programme on Match Day Click here!! 
We have all of our defenders back for this game after missing a few games. We believe that we have one of the best defensive units in TZLC right now. It is just a matter of getting some basics right and everyone will see why we believe in our defense so much. BE have improved a lot this year and there is a lot to learn from them. They are a very organised team and we will have to be very organised against them. We will continue playing attacking football from the first minute. We are still in the process of learning and there is no greater teacher than a defeat. Well, we have got that in our last few matches and we are learning from it. We are hoping this to be a very entertaining match like our first league match against BE which saw teams of two contrasting styles playing hard against each other. We wish best luck to BE for this match. 
Ryans Review as AVGKL for BE 
I would like to thank BE management for taking me as the GK and at the same time would like to apologize for the blunder which costed them the game as well. This was the first time I played on this ground and realized it is definitely a very difficult ground to play. BE had a good compact game and played to their strength in the first half with great triangle formations and passing where they got couple of chances which could have been converted but BT were more dominant throughout the game and had many a chances but could not convert and this was due to some great defending from Amit and Prashant. Sameer also had a terrific game. When Amit substituted himself, the defense took a little time to adapt but the goal conceded was very mild due to my error in the goal. BE still played with their heart and came very close to equalizing in the end thru Amit. Hard luck BE and all the best to BT for their next match. 
BT's Review By Mkul 
"At half time, the ADC media asked me about my views on the match. At that time the score was 0-0. I told the media that we are going to win this match. To be honest, I had no idea what will happen and BE in fact created a couple of great chances which would have made me look really stupid. But we needed some positive mentality after our disappointing last match. Today we decided to play with one extra attacking player by dropping one of the defenders. The formation was 3-5-2 with Anand (gk), Sagar, Ankush and Rafa (as 3 central defenders from left to right), Siddhu (LM), Jehan (LCM), Mukul (CM), Shubhankar (RCM), Suman (RM) and Niraj and Shaurav (2 strikers). Bhanda's flight got cancelled last night and he missed the match. We were taking a risk by playing an untested formation in a knock-out match but we had the belief that this formation in fact suits our style of play. I would like to thank all BT players for backing me up unanimously on this decision. With more understanding of this formation and a little more tactical awareness on the part of our players I think this will work well for us. We are not very happy with the margin of victory but its better than drawing or losing the match. Hard luck to BE. Now we will be closely following the result of tomorrow's match". 
BE's Review By Robby 
BE played with a 4-5-1 formation – Sameer(AA) in Goals, Dev, Amit , Prashant and Ravi in Defense, Suraj, Madhu, Rakesh, Sameer and Sharad in Midfield, Guru as Striker. We had 2 subs today : Jaideep and VK which were played with rotation. Another very unfortunate loss for BE. We indeed played quite well. Good passing, better communication and team effort. We also created quite a few goal scoring opportunities as well. In fact, in the 1st half itself , we had 2 one on one scoring chances but lacked in the finish. In the 2nd half, there were couple of hiccups due to frequent substitution but we absorbed it well. But, one unfortunate goal that we conceded resulted in the loss. But the good part is we are improving as a team and able to play a good game. 
Deep of BE ran 7417 steps that meant 4.8 Km's (Through his wrist Band) 
The hobbling Ref Khare ran 7 K's!! 1st H 3.54!!! (Through a perfect GPS system!!!) 
MR By the ADC 
BT had a bucket load of chances while BE barely had a couple but those two were open goals with only the keeper to beat. Sherry struck his straight at the keeper while Amti went for the bottom corner with his Inner right foot and that was a wrong choice as his body was always facing the outside of the pole. The Keeper Andysu had left the entire other side free. The shot was better than Sherry's though as it skimmed the pole with 10 secs left on the clock. It was Ryan AVGKL who had set Amti through with a lovely through ball from the halfway line as BE searched for the equalizer. It was Ryan that fluffed a collection off a cross that a 90 year old with meningitis could've done better with. BE stuck to the formation they have stuck with since the time they've realized that its the best formation that suits them. But one wonders why they broke the Cd partnership of Sherry and Amti. BT played a formation that needs technically strong players. With the influence of the KLCSG in their midst, Anks, VG and Snowtop it was wrong to think that they would be trying this formation some time in the season. A bit risky in a knock out match but it worked...sort off. They created chances but gave away chances too. They passed the ball about well in areas but failed to switch flanks looking for the best chance. In this formation with 3 pressing Cm's the two ST need to know what their job was. They didn't. They got caught offside so many times it was a joke. The Cm's were not playing one two's, the easiest way to break an offside trap nor were they creating space for their st. With them pressing up and the BE defenders pressing up, the BT St were wondering what space they had left. Keep ball should have been the mantra and they were trying to score all the time was the fault. 
Wed 10/02/16  
2nd Div Vs 2nd Div  
BI (1) 1 Vs KITFO (1) 2 
BI - Omi 3.50 
KITFO - Keano 37.34 Red 71.55 
MO's - PACU - DJ & Subaru AA - Sam & Pai BT - Suman, Bhanda RW - Vikki, Manoj RH - 3+ players for KITFO , can be MOs when not playing BE - 3 players for KITFO, can be MOs when not playing 
BI - 1. Abhishek (value 0.24M TZR) - out injury- in place we would like to loan Rafa value (0.24M TZR - BT) - DL 2. Rango (value 0.25M TZR) - out injury- in place we would like to loan Vikrant (value 0.25M TZR - PACU) - DL Mihir (AA - value 330,000 TZR) as AVGKL. 
1. Sachin 2. Atul 3. Anand 4. Hatkar 5. Manoj 6. Amiraj 7. Daniel 8. Dhruv - tentative will confirm by Monday 9. Vikrant (on loan subject to approval - DL in place of Rango 10. Rafa (on loan subject to approval) - DL in place of Abhishek 11. MJ 
Out - Ajoo Abhishek Rango Gaurav Uday Ringa 
KITFO - 1. Sharad Yeole 2. Sagar 3. Devendra 4. Sameer 5. Rakesh 6. Varun 7. Ravi P 8. Amit B 9. Zaid 10. Alankrit 11. Amartya 12. Dhananjay 13. Gururaj 14. Rajib 15. Aviank 
BI's Preview By Ahjoo CLick Here for MATCH PROGRAMME!! 
BI have put aside the ADC Cup QF - match issue and are now focusing on the Leage Cup. There are still a few regular players missing and also ADCY not many available, but will be taking good loans. BI has adopted well to the 4:5:1 formation for the big ground. BI has played two matches with the formation and players are also confident and comfortable in the positions they are playing now. BI will play a bit deep in its own half and look to counter attack. BI central midfielders will hold the ball and try and keep the possession of the ball as much as possible and look for the through pass to the striker or move the game towards the flanks. KITFO has players from BE and RH with players in good touch and good understanding as a team. Wishing KITFO all the best. I am sure the BI fans will come in huge numbers to support their team and cheer for them to qualify for the semi-final in the League Cup. 
Chinchin while playing for BI Ran 
Steps 9075 
Distance 7.37km 
Peak Heart Rate 156bpm 
Average Heart Rate 125bpm 
The Ref Ran 
5.20 Km's 
Mkul LP Review 
Thanks a lot ADC for appointing me LP for today's match. I was replacing Bhanda who had to cancel his MO duty due to some last minute work. In the match the main ref asked my opinion about the most important decision in the match. In the dying minutes of the match the BI AVGKL Meer was in possession of the ball. Red hassled him and Meer unfortunately lost the possession and fell on the ground. Red scored on that move. I did not see any foul by Red and that's what I told the ref. The goal stood and KITFO won the match. Hard luck to BI and congrats to KITFO. 
Vikky as Loanee for BI Review 
I would like to thank the ADC, Coach & Manager of BI to allow me to play. I started as a striker and gave an assist to Omi and BI scored early. We should have defended but couldn't do so, Both the teams were pressing hard as they wanted to qualify for the next round. BI made a couple of mistakes which resulted in both the goals & cost us the match, otherwise BI were playing to the game plan. Congrats to kitfo on going thru ... 
KITFO's Review By Mishti 
KITFO squad: Sharad, Sagar, Devendra, Sameer, Rakesh, Varun, Ravi P, Amit B, Zaid, Alankrit, Amartya, Dhananjay, Gururaj, Rajib, Aviank Formation: 4-5-1 KITFO had a plan to pack the midfield to counter strong midfield of BI, led by Daniel. It is easier said than done to contain Daniel, with his power, stamina an awareness. KITFO tried to frustrate BI but had had to change gears with yet another soft goal conceded very early. Rakesh, tired after a match yesterday volunteered to keep for the whole match giving breather to all other reluctant goalkeepers. The forced change, though was a boon in disguise, as KITFO was able to create few moves and were able to push BI back to some extent. The KITFO goals were due for some time and Sameer converted IFK and Sagar was able to press Mihir to commit a mistake. Over all a very competitive knockout match. Both teams fought with a lot of spirit. KITFO certainly feel very happy to qualify. Hard luck BI. 
BI's Review By Atool 
Today BI did look a like a completely different side and the result shows it. BI started with a 4-5-1 formation with player positions as follows : Mihir(GK), Manoj (LB), Andy (LCB), Atul (RCD), Uday (RB), Rafa(LW), Omi(LCM), Daniel (Central midfield), Zhakaas (RCM), Sachin (RW), Vikky(ST). Today BI did try to control the midfield with Danny and Omi. Vikky as Striker did well to control the ball and distribute it to either flanks which were unavailable today. Rafa and ChinChin were not able to reach the ball or control it enough to cross the ball. The first BI goal came from a 1-2 between Vikky and Omi. Omi showed great awareness to notice that the KITFO GK Rakesh was out of position and nicely lobbed to ball over him into the goal. KITFO kept control of the ball in midfield as they got a lot of time on the ball and was able to pass the ball around at will. They made some nice runs along the flanks,but were unable to complete the crosses on a few occasions. Andy in Central Defence for BI was solid and did block the attacks well both from the flanks or down the middle. During one such attack from KITFO, there was an unintentional handball from Uday while clearing the ball from inside the BI D. Keano did well to place the ball in the Right Top Corner of the Goal and KITFO equalized. The 2nd goal came against the run of play, when an error in judgement from Mihir off a simple non-dangerous back pass from Andy. Sagar was opportunistic and quickly pounced on this error to give KITFO the lead. Final Score 2-1 KITFO. KITFO combined well as a unit and BI just did not play well as a team. Players did not stick to their responsibilities and were mostly caught out of position leading to unforced errors. Surely BI team members need to ponder over this and definitely need to pull up their socks if they need to beat BE in the league encounter in a couple of days. Congratulations once again to KITFO and thanking them for the "HIP HIP HORRAY"-ing BI after the match. Great show of sportsmanship. 
MR By the ADC 
A scrappy match to say the least with the more passionate team winning. No doubt KITFO were also the fitter as they utilized all 16 players while BI only had 11. KITFO had Amar to thank for as Mishti called it his scientific algorithm to select and rotate his team mates after Khare had said that the players should look after themselves. Amar did a good job and needed to make a few changes to his own super computer algorithm as Rake said he'd keep the whole match and Amar sacrificed himself for the benefit of his mates. 
Omi (He was there on time) hallowed be thy lord..(you could see Atoool setting up a small puja to thank the gods when he saw Omi walking in!) scored after Rake had gone walkabout. If Omi had meant it, it was a wonder goal that shows how much talent Omi has. This talent no doubt has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his sense of PUNCTUALITY!! 1 nil to the Icemen in the 3rd min! BI were clearly outmuscling KITFO in the middle and that's also thanks to Danny. Mishti's permanent frown only disappeared when the final whistle was blown. A number of times in other matches where Mishti can hold on to the ball and fend away inquisitive players, Danny would just stroll in a grab the ball, all legal mind you. Keano was having a right go at Danny and this match up was more equal. BI the other day had Ringa and Zak with Danny and this was the deciding factor. BI started off with Jhakaas in Rcm and he was not worth his weight in gold at all, more similar to the value of undernourished dirt. Later on Chin chin was placed there and he took over mimicking a potato. Jhakaas was no better in Rm as he failed to make even one decent pass or control the ball. He's not been coming to KFANDRA due to his exams and this is probably a major factor (about 3 months now). Danny ran like the wind and was here there and everywhere but surprisingly he wasn't in his best form. In the end Atool wasted more energy shouting at people instead of organizing something that resembled a concerted effort to make a comeback when down by a goal and before that get a lead when it was 1 - 1. Andpandy is now in top class form and I hope it stays that way. The changes BI made were not constructive and looked very haphazard. KITFO defended with heart and revelled in the chance to meet the much heard of Aston Villa player Danny. Keano equalized through an IFK after an obvious Handball that would've been given as a penalty in any country it happened. Then with 8 mins to go in this 80 min encounter, Meer held on to the ball for too long and Red won it off him, as Meer went to turn his leg collided with Red's and he stumbled. Red stayed on his feet to tap it in and send KITFO into 7th Heaven. Meer desperately appealed for a foul so the Ref who clearly thought it was a goal approched the AR and LP that concurred with the Ref. Please note that not a single BI player was tracking back in anticipation that something may happen. Khare while coaching an organization will always work to give a chance to all the players and not necessarily play for a win, so it's very satisfying to see the players get along with each other accept what the In charge has stated. A pity TZAS can't do the same.... 
The only player that needed to sit in a fridge for some time was Amti who was finally spoken to by the Ref to control himself a bit. 
Nobody was outstanding in this LCQF match. 
Thu 11/02/16  
1st Div Vs 1st Div  
RW (0) 1 ATB 5 Vs AA (1) 1 ATB 4 
RW - Amma (Loan) 78.30  
AA - Arty 19  
MOs - BI: Rango, Ringa,Andy Amol BE: Gururaj, Sharad BT:Niraj ankush PACU:Yogi & Kapil RH: Anna, Nikhil 
AA - Shubhankar (value 0.37M TZR) BT for Rock value (0.38M TZR). Mukul(0.27M TZR) BT for Ajinkya Value (0.28M TZR) and Anand (BI Value 0.34) as AVGK. 
RW - AVPL- Amarnath(value 0.36 M TZR) PACU Direct Loan- Keano(Sameer) (Value 0.29 M) BE for Jonty (value 0.29M TZR) -Unavailable Lalit Zhope unavailable. 
RW's Preview By 135 Match Programme will be released on 10th FEB 2016. CLICK HERE!!! 
AA is the most talented side in the TZLC and playing against them is as challenging as it is fun. RW will have to really put in a strong performance to come out with a win in this one. Theres alot on the line for us and gaining a tactical advantage against AA will be key. We will keep the play traditional and zero in on the rare weakspots we have noticed in their armour in the recent past. Sean and Maya Sir are one of the best CD partnership in TZ but still they have let in quite a few goals and we will capitalise and build on that. RW will play to a set strategy and at the same time abide by all the rules of the TZLC but sportsmanship and playing to win will have equal priority. 
AA's Preview By Ryan 
AA is looking forward to the match against RW. It is the only team which is having an unbeaten run in this season and hope that we are the ones who are able to end it. It would by no means be easy as they are the team in form and with the current momentum, they dont seem to get troubled even when they are couple of goals down as was seen in their last match against BT. AA would be playing for the first time on this big ground and would need to play smart football. I wish RW all the best for the match, and may the better team win! 
Keano as Loanee for RW Review 
Thanks to ADC, Mr Khare and Karan for allowing me to play. It was my first match for any club other than KITFO and BE. Match started with quick passes and both the teams were trying to keep possession of ball. Both teams generated chances to score and missed them. AA scored on Indirect free kick from Sam, ball bounced through my legs and Shivang got clear chance to score, he did. Important thing is RW did not lose cool and created many more opportunities from left wing. Couple of crosses from Monga were awesome but RW missed to score. Speed of match was increased and both teams played quick counter attacks. On one of such attack Avinash made an attempt on goal couple of minutes before end of match and AA keeper fumbledand it dropped for Amma he was more than happy to score. RW would have concluded match had last minute chance not missed by Pravin. Tie break was tense as it should be. Manoj saved two goals and proved he is the best keeper in TZLC. It has always been a big advantage to have full time goalkeeper in team. I played RB and was asked to watch and stop attempts from Shivang and I think I managed that good. All in all match was played in good spirit. Less late challenges and fouls. Hard luck for AA and best luck to RW for next matches. 
Mkul Loanee for AA Review 
When AA manager approached me for playing on loan for them in this match, I immediately said yes. Everyone knows that AA are a dangerous side who are capable of playing beautiful football. This was also going to be the first time when me, Shubhankar and Audi would be playing in the same team - and that too in a prestige match against RW. However, in the match the three of us hardly got involved in the same move and AA were living dangerously on their paltry 1-0 lead. In the end, a small gk fumble was enough to bring RW back in the game. As far as the match is concerned, I thought I played ok and my coordination with Sean became much better as the game progressed. With Sam and Shubhankar in the CM and Pai and Shivang on the wings, and Audi lurking to make dangerous runs through the defenders, I thought AA should have kept the ball much better. But somehow we kept losing possession. The match was very scrappy in which AA created better chances but RW kept fighting till the end. Hard luck to AA and Andy Pandy. Fortunately, they get one more chance to qualify and I hope they win that one to again play against RW. Congrats to RW. Their unbeaten reign continues. 
AA's sombre Review By Ryan 
We started with the 4-5-1 formation with Anand in golas, Mukul and Sean in RCD and LCD, Tiger as RD and Mihir in RD, Shubhankar as CM , Ryan- LCM and Audi – RCM , Shivang – LM , Pai- RM and Neel as the lone striker. AA fielded the best team possible and we thought this was a good enough team to beat RW but we again ended up on the losing side. AA were playing well with winning most of the balls and in one free kick that we got just outside the box, Shivang was able to put the ball in the back of the net. We did get some really good chances but as usual failed to capitalize and that is making the difference for AA being on the losing side for most of the matches. RW pressed hard but except for the one really good chance which Karan got, they did not look threatening as Mukul and Sean were outstanding today in the defense along with Mihir and Tiger. With last 90 secs, Avi put a high looping ball which Andy could not collect cleanly and dropped right in front of Amar who did not make any mistake. Tie- breaker was anybody’s game but I messed up in goals along with the winning penalty and eventually RW won 5-4. With the team RW has got along with the rub of the green which always seems to go their side , I doubt if they would be beaten this season. 
Amma Loanee for RW Review 
Thank you Karan for loaning me for this game. After my previous horror show on loan for BT, I was quite determined to perform better. I am not too sure about my performance but I can safely say that I got the most important touch of the game for RW. It was a fun/intense game where I didnt realise the time fly by. Even though the players from both sides were panting towards the end they continued giving their 100%. Hard luck to AA who would definitely feel that they let one more game slip away but I'm sure the tide will soon turn in their favour. 
Amonk Ran 
5.97 Km's 
The Ref hobbled 
6.10 Km's AT Half Time 2.95 Km's 
AndyPandy AVGKL for AA Review 
I would like to thank AA for trusting me with guarding their goal against RW and ADC for allowing me to play on loan. This was the first match I kept in this season. Specially on the new field. From behind AA had a solid game where there were some amazing plays made around. There was good ball movement through each player. For me i did not see the regular dominating and stable RW. They seemed to still be trying to get into their fluid rhythm. Sean and neel stood out for from AA. With some solid defense from Sean. Neel had some really good touches up there. Finally a big error from my side as a keeper which changed the whole direction of the game. Really sorry to AA and thank you for allowing me to play for you. 
Groo's Review as LP 
Thanks to ADC for appointing me as LP for today's match. Another tenacious RW performance. RW equalized in last minute of full time and went on to win in penalties being under pressure. Manoj brilliantly saved 2 penalties to get RW through this match and move ahead. After the match RW players while celebrating were saying that Manoj is not going any where he is our striker. Was he the rumored player doing the rounds? AA had dominated most of play and scored in the first half. Shivang on the Left and Audi and Neel in the center were creating lot of chances for AA but could not score more goals. AA defense were keeping away RW players from creating any seroius threat, until a last minute corner. Keanos weak corner was cleared by AA defense but to see Avi play a long ball back into the box which was fumbled by AA keeper. RW players where there to score the equalizer. Great to see the way penalties were taken. Great strikes from both the players. But because of Manoj's brilliant saves of penalties from Ryan and Pai, RW went on to win 5-4 on penalties. 
VK's Review as LP 
Thanks a lot ADC for appointing me as LP for this crucial match. This was my first stint as LP in TZLC and I did take some time to get used to it. In fact I was confused between lineman’s flag and corner flag! Finally when Coach threatened to substitute me in the first half did I start paying more attention. Thankfully there weren’t too many crucial decisions apart from the odd hand ball. The match itself was an entertaining end to end encounter played with great spirit and was decided on penalties. 
Ashubh Loanee for AA Review 
Thanks you for allowing me to play on loan. And also thanks to the AA management for giving me this chance. The match turned out to be a close encounter. AA played well and deserved to take the lead. We had a couple of good chances to double the lead but we failed to do so. And unfortunately that proved costly as RW equalised right at the end and won the shootout. The players were very disappointed as we worked hard for a good performance. Personally I enjoyed playing with some of the best players in TZLC. However 2-3 times I was tempted to play difficult through balls and gave the ball away. I need to improve my decision making in this regard. I believe AA have another chance to advance in the cup and I wish them all the best. Thanks. 
RW's Review By 135 
RW started eith the traditional 4-4-2 formation with John in Goals, Keano Rb Avi cd Amma CD Pravin Monga RW Vikki CM Karan CM Mannu LW Taufa ST Sarva ST. The 1st half started well for both teams with AA spreading the game more using their Strikers well to hassle our Defence. AA played to a well laid plan and it worked really well while RW kept on breaking forward on the counter. On one of the Long balls fed to the left wing by Ryan was collected by Manoj outside the D and the low Freekick resulting from the offence wasn’t cleared off as quickly and Shivang capitalised from the fray to give AA the Lead. After going a goal down RW pressed for the ball harder and came close to equalizing on 2 occasions one via Karan who fluffed a One on One while Mongs almost connected to a well placed ball By Amarnath Sir. The Second half AA decided to go a bit defensive and take us on the counter and it worked well for them again as they created numerous chances but MAnoj Amar Avi Keano were at Hand to keep the score at 0-1. With ten minutes to go…the Right wing kept the supply of crosses flowing and that gave us the necessary inspiration and one of the balls pumped in by AVI wasn’t collected well by the AA keeper and Amar who had switched with Karan was at hand to bury it in with 2 minute to go. At 1-1 RW held on for a draw and at the whistle headed into the penalties….where Manoj stood his ground against the stars of AA and saved a penalty which got us into sudden death and saved again in Sudden Death to give us the win. Shubhankar and Sean was very solid in the def and mid and gave us a real hard time. We need to learn from this game quick as we play AA again in a few days. Cheers to Manoj and Shubhankar for a tremendous display today. 
MR By the ADC 
FAR TOO MANY goals are going in through Goalkeeping errors and this was one of the drawbacks in all the previous seasons. Hence the chance to loan a more adept GK amongst the outfield players by REDUCING the cost of loaning an expensive player. But it has had NO effect whatsoever and the ADC has decided to ask Khare to INCLUDE a LOT MORE sessions involving Goalkeeping drills. It's always sad to note that a Review is reduced to to the few touches a GK gets. As always the MOST important position on the field when two sides are equal or nearly so. This time it was Andtthepandy that had a chance to either tip Avi's long ranging loopy lob cross from near the half way line over the bar or punch it anywhere but he decided to do what even Pro GK's (Excepting the Gk's that have fantastic agility and hands) are scred to do, try and catch it! It fell to Amma who wasclever enough to continue his run and react well, JJ squandered a chance with the clock ticking to full time. Arty earlier had made it 1 - 0 when he pounced on RW's hesitation to clear the ball.  
The Tie Breaker as follows -  
AA having won the toss had to take the 1st Pen -  
Audi scored Ivan scored 
Arty scored Toufa scored 
Tiger scored Amonk hit the pole and out 
Ashubh scored Mantan scored 
Ryan missed (John Save) 135 scored 
Marcelo (John Save) JJ scored 
Ryan decided to mentally screw with RWin the T/B by putting himself in goals. It must be said this may have been a factor in the small confines of Sindh and its 20 foot goal, but this RW side with the experience it has are not going to be troubled by mental issues. Yes for sure Amonk maybe as he is such a 'nice' fellow (He hit the pole!!) but the others won't be. Gone are the days when Ryan was the only player that exuded talent and was the person players fawned upon. Now there are a bucket load of players all scrambling to topple Ryan from his mantle. It can be a guarantee though, Ryan will not fall down so quick and unless he's forced to surrender, he won't give up without a fight. Although his dreary Review suggested otherwise. 
Mkul Loanee unfortunately has taken on the role of being a reliable Cd and if you ask him which is his fav position, he will NEVER say CD for sure! But he ALWAYS does admirably well even though he is small in stature to be a CD, he is strong and quick. Easily quicker at the turn than AVPL Amma for RW. Amma was left standing at one time facing thin air when either Loanee Ashubh or Audi took the ball past him with ease. Amma has a presence on the field in any position that exudes confidence. Two totally different players Amma and Mkul but two reliable ones indeed. Sparky was playing on heavy antibiotics and it was possible that he was hallucinating whenever Andpandy AVGKL got the ball for he would yell 4 steps in the Panda's ear!!! It is indeed a theory that when Andypandy stretch his arms out to collect Avi's innocuous long ball Sparky had yelled 4 steps Andypandy thus making him lose concentration! Sparky actually playes much better when he's ill, probably as he feels that even if he messes up, he and everyone could put it down to his being sick! Sparky and Mkul were a perfect foil for each other, the tall and strong Sparky with the quick thinking and confident Mkul. Not Tiger though! Tiger was nearly jumping up and down in agony when Mkul and Sparky were tippy tapping the ball with each other. Tiger also elbowed another player this morning...Hmmmnnnnn. AA failed to keep the ball for long periods and this led to unneccessary chasing off the ball. AA must try and retain possession to be able to last the entire match. RW can afford to play a scrappy game as their players are suited to this style. 
Players like Audi and stoney need balls to feet and balls that they can chase. Most of the time the talented duo were left chasing down hopeless causes. Arty and Marcelo were left many a time calling for the ball on the flank but were left frustrated as AA couldn't keep the ball to distribute it. Ryan was running the show no doubt but his quickness that he is dependent on has clearly ebbed away. He NEEDS to get fitter to whip the so called usurpers to his throne. Stoney I'n very glad to see is playing where his talent and fitness has a chance to shine but is sometime left on his ownsome lonesome. Ashubh had some wonderful touches but was not in his element. 
RW got on the emotional blackmail truck at the end of the match that won't be a secret for long. For them John was the saviour and credit must indeed go to John, he saved to pen's and let in only 1 goal in the match AND didn't make a mistake like many others have done before. He has also obviously made mistakes before but NOT in this match!! (We think!!!) But in hindsight they were poor penalties that John was made the hero of and AA missed their chances rather than forced John into spectacular saves. I'm sure John is a happier man outfield and it's a pity that he's made to stand and watch instead of proving his worth running about. Another reason why the TZLC PROMOTES AVGKL's......unless ofcourse you have players that WANT and like to KEEP, like AndySu and to some extent Anna. 
It seems RW wake up very late and then put such intense pressure on the opposition that they break. Once RW start playing from the word go they will be very difficult to beat. At this moment in time RW are not unbeatable as some people say, it's their aura that already beats teams before they even take to the field. The clubs were very intense and went at each other hammer and tongs with the Ref stating that as long as you people are whacking each other with a smile on your face and not complaining then I won't interfere unless there are fears of injury. Keano must have been shocked when he was told to play at Rb. But as in the sessions the players are asked to try and play in every position, Keano adjusted. Keano extremely fit and strong and on the few occasions where he couldn't time a header and it flew over his head or he misjudged an interception, Keano came back with timely challenges. There was one in the box when Arty came flying through and he shoulder charged Arty or Audi out of the way while at the same time gaining control of the ball. There was possibly a fraction of a second where the Ref could've blown for a penalty but didn't. 135 created a chance for himself out of thin air that he put straight at the AA keeper while another RW player had the other open chance in the 1st h. 
AA have another chance against the so called tougher than thou Hurricanes and whoever wins MUST not already be relegated to thinking that RW have already won the League Cup..... 
Fri 12/02/16  
2nd Div  
BE (0) 0 VS BI (0) 2  
BI - Sherry OG 41.02 AndyPandy 61.10 
BE - 1: Amol Atigre (290, AA) as per AVGKL 
BI - 1. Atul 2. Anand 3. Hatkar 4. Gaurav 5. Manoj 6. Aalok 7. Amiraj 8. Daniel 9. MJ 10. Patty 11. Dhruv - tentative as of now. - in case he is not avaible we will apply for an emergency loan in advance. Abhishek (value 240,000 TZR) - out injured - we would like to loan Amartya (RH - value 240,00 TZR) DL 
BE Preview is included in the Match Programme click here!!! 
BI's Preview By Ahjoo CLick Here for MATCH PROGRAMME!! 
BI need to secure points on the league table as we are already a point down due to the change in management. BI has been playing well in the previous few matches and we hope the momentum continues. BI will play the 4:5:1 formation. The plan will be to keep as much as possession and move the ball around the midfield and defend compact and deep and create opportunities on the counter. BE also will be looking to win this game as they also require points. Its going to be an exciting match for sure and both the team fans are surely going to get a cracker of a game. 
Tiger as AVGKL for BE Review 
"I would like to thank BE management for giving me an opportunity to play for them again. Thank you ADC for approving my loan as AVGKL..because in recent matches the performance of any AVGKL has not been up to the mark.. BE had a good game today and should have won the match by playing more attacking game as they had lot of ball possession throughout the game. It's just that off the ball movement in the attacking half was not there. Today they rarely had a shot on target. though having more than 60% possession. BE have improved a lot because of coach and are playing a pure team game understanding each others' weak and strong points.Really happy for BE and surely they will start winning the games soon. The first goal was unfortunate. Gaurav took a shot and I was in the right direction to stop but unfortunately got deflected by Sheery's touch. But that's NOT Sherry's fault as he almost blocked the shot. Second goal was a beautiful one two between Daniel and Andy..I charged but Andy chipped it over..I will check the video and approach respected coach wrt what to do in such situation/s. BE got a penalty but Sameer hit the pole. BI were playing with 10 players. In the second half for around 10min or so, they were 8 on the field but BE couldn't capitalize..should have; with cool passing and off the ball movement..Very well played BI, Congratss..Hard Luck BE...!! Thank You. 
BI's Review By Atool 
This was a good win for BI...a bit scrappy..but we will take it.Again a solid performance from both Danny and Andy. BI played today with 10 players (with Omi, who was to keep, not showing up until the half time). We had to change the formation and the players to 4-4-1 as below Atul (GK), Uday (RB), Amartya(RCD),Andy (LCD), Manoj(LB), Patty (RW), Danny (RCM), Ringa(LCM), Gaurav(RW) and MJ (ST). Thanking Amartya for playing on loan and at the last minute had to put you in Central Defence and doing a great job there. Given we had 10 players, we decided to stay a bit deep in our own half and counter attack with BE having a high-line in defence. Patty did make some good runs along the RW and was supported by Danny and MJ quite well. Similary Gaurav also made good runs along the RW but was unable to control the ball or cross the ball across. MJ was doing a great job of hassling the BE Central defenders and forcing them to make some errors. BI defence with Andy, Amartya, Manoj and Uday also did what was required to keep the BE forward line at bay. During half time Omi did come in and he was not feeling well. He said he can play ONLY if it is required. I had let him know that if we go a goal down we may play him. Given he was not 100% confident and not looking too well, we decided to continue with 10 players. The first goal came minutes into the 2nd half when Gaurav made a run down the left flank,cut into the D and hit towards the goal...the ball deflected off a BE player and went into the goal. The 2nd goal came later towards the end when Andy and Danny combined really well with a series of 1-2s and Andy nicely lobbed the ball over Tiger's head. BE did get a penalty but Keano unfortunately hit the pole. Overall I think we did well to hold BE in the midfield and think that was the difference. 
Deep Ran 5.32 Km;s 7969 steps 
The Ref ran 5.37 km's 
BE Review By Robby 
BE played with a 4-2-3-1 formation – Tiger in Goals, Jaideep, Prashant, Sharad and Ravi in Defense, Amit and Madhu in defensive mid-field , Sumanta, Sameer and Suraj in Mid-field and Rakesh as Striker. We had 2 subs today : Dev and VK which played in rotation with Ravi and Jaideep after every 20 minutes. First of all I would like to congratulate BI for the WIN. They played quite well even when they were few players down. But with our today’s performance it looked exactly opposite. It seemed like BE was playing with less players. We were not able to hold the ball in Mid-field and not able to .take the ball ahead. There was a lot of panic and instructions from everyone which kind of spoiled our game. We were able to come up with few good moves in the 2nd half but not satisfactory. BE management is analyzing the cause of our bad performance. Hope we will be able to have a better game next time. 
Amar Loanee for BI Review 
I would like to thank the ADC for allowing me to play for BI. Thanks to Ajoo and Atul for giving me the opportunity to play for BI. I could see a glimpse of the old BI in today’s performance… Competing with 10 players and dominating the game…wow… congratulations to BI. BI was playing with 10 players. Atul had to keep and I was pulled back to CD(as per original plan in RCM) with Andy. Daniel with his amazing skills and endless stamina just ruined BE’s midfield. He intercepted almost all passes. There was a time when BI had 8 players on the ground with Daniel and Uday in sin bin… BE couldn’t capitalize on this. The trio: MJ, Patty, Ringa were fantastic. I could also see the glimpse of old BE in today’s performance. I reckon few of the senior players should control the game and strategy on the field. There were no direct threat from BE on BI goal except for the missed penalty. 
MR By Khare 
A very commendable performance from BI this time round. BI are a committed lot and it would be sad to see them get dissolved but the ADC will try very hard indeed to ensure that this does not happen. They have been pummeled by misfortune and if they get through this they'll surely be stronger. BI thoroughly deserved this win even though some reviews may signal a different viewpoint. BI were down to 8 men at one point due to their own immaturity, 2 for not giving the ball to hand at a TI. Danny is the only player that realized what the Ref meant when he said NO HANDS when you don't have the ball. After two warnings a YC was shown and once Danny came back on he made sure not to make the same offence. He's already a tall srong bloke and when he uses his hand when off the ball there's absolutely no competition. SInce BE have CHANGED their CD partnership of Amti and Sherry, Amti has migrated to greener pastures (in common speak this means the need to score goals) and all his hunt has yielded is a barren field and losses for the Eagles. BE had for a short period of time become dangerous (2 matches) JUST FOR their cohesion in making the opposition scared of their offside trap. With Mario coming back with Sherry, the heckling has resumed. Each bad pass or mistake has been laughed at and ridiculed. How can a side that has struggled for years suddenly think that they have reached the pinnacle and now they can start playing as if they can play blind folded? BE NEED to KEEP ON STRUGGLING and working hard ALL THE TIME for another season or two UNTIL they have reached the stage where they can focus on attack JUST AS MUCH as they focus on defending. Amar and AndyPandy were exemplary in their perfomances as two very difficult to beat Cd's. Ringa and Danny in Cm were SUPERB!!! MJ is a CLASS act and I'd have him in my team if PNLY for his committment! Never tiring, never giving up, he irritated the two BE CD's Sherry and Mario so much when they kept passing the ball to each other and MJ never gave up chasing. As he's young he didn't have the gumption to ask for support so he just kept plodding away himself. BRILLIANT! Another star was Pat who I'm sure revels in desperate situations. When Pat got the ball on the flank he loved taking the hapless Robby on. But Robby is another player that I'd have in my team coz he doesn't give up. The innocence he plays with and his willingness to work hard is refreshing. Unfortunately the same can't be said about some players in the TZLC and however much they improve or how good they are, if they are not passionate, are always willing to learn, to sacrifice, and willing to accept that maybe they were wrong then they'll never find spots in my team. BI's 1st came when Goony cut inside and Sherry deflected it in. Don't fret onit Sherry, at least you fell back. Then from a break when BE were thinking that their GREAT team didn't deserve to be a goal down Andy the Pandy and Danny worked each other well and the ofore mentioned Panda lobbed a stranded Tiger. Atool was in his element in goals as he wasn't tested much and he could concentrate on screaming and yelling to his hearts content! The funniest moment came when Panda leaned towards a shot (with his arm stuck to his body) that was clearly going out and gave away a Penalty. Clearly the Ref wanted to give a fillip to BE especially after observing Suman thinking that he's jumped from the frying pan into the fire! Truth is that Suman's signing has been the spark that set fire to BE's imagination of them being the club that can now concentrate on attack as mentioned before. So back to the pen, Keano stepped up and thwumped the pole! Ball bounces back into a melee of players and is Atool getting ready for the rebound? No he's standing there shouting at his players to mark their men!! So a BE player heads the ball onto the bar! And what is Atool doing? He;s still shouting at his defenders for NOT doing a good job! Hilarious! Only the Vid highlights will prove if as per his excuse he was appealing for offside!! Doesn't he know even THAT is wrong as he should be playing to the whistle??? 
Sat 13/02/16 
2nd Div Vs Worst Winner 2nd Div  
PACU (0) 2 Vs Worst Winner BT (0) 3 
PACU - Satsut 2 70.35 83.40 Pen 
BT - Shaurav 54.21 Ashubh 55.20 Mkul 60.40 
MO's - BI - Uday, Ajoo BT - Shaurav, Sagar RH - Prashant, Mangesh, RW - Pravin, Karan AA - Sam,Pai BE - Amit, Keano 
PACU - Manan - RW AVGKL value 0.28M TZR Karan - RW AVPL value 0.35M TZR We have a full squad including Satish (for some time). 
PACU's Preview By Satsut 
Another knockout encounter for PACU. The opposition is unknown at the moment but we are sure it will not be an easy game for us. We will be playing a winner and our experience in the TZLC tells us that previous game winners carry more confidence into the next game. We will stick to the 4-4-2 combination and put a firm strategy in place depending on the opposition. If its BT, Shubhankar will be key; if its BI, Eagles will be key; if its BE/KITFO, Sameer and Amti will have to be taken care off. It will also be the first game we play at the now not so new NCL ground and we hope to bring our A-game that morning. The opposition should expect fireworks from PACU. 
BT's Preview in Match Programme Click HERE!!! 
Tiger's Review as LP 
I would like to thank ADC for appointing as a LP for this match. A nice, deserving victory for BT. All the goals were scored in the second half. I might be wrong but I think Manan should have stopped second and third goal. Again AVGKL story continues... I had very little work to do..Only once satsut was confused about his off side decision..but he was off.. Jango should have stopped for Patty to come on the ground before throwing in; coz on the same move PACU got their first goal..BUT TILL THE TIME BT WERE 3-0 UP..Nice to see Mukul took scoring shot on target because generally he focuses more on passing..Patty =》awesome.. Hima made really nice runs at the end of the game..PACU fought till last minute..It could have been a different story if Satsut would have played full match..Anks, Shubhankar, Jehan played well too.. Congratss BT, Hard Luck PACU..Thank You. 
Atool's Review as LP 
Thanks a lot ADC for appointing me as LP for the match. The match today was in my opinion quite balanced. Both teams attacked well from the flanks and created chances down the middle (which meant there was a lot of running for the LPs Winking face). The difference was that BT were able to latch onto the opportunities.Mantan, I am sure, must be wondering about those 10 mins when his concentration slipped a bit...and BT scored 3 goals. PACU almost getting back with 2 goals.. 
BT's Review By Mkul 
"We are happy to come out as winners in this much anticipated match. Although at one stage we were well ahead in the match, the entry of Satsut and injuries to some of our players changed the complexion of the game. For the spectators it must have been great to watch. We decided to play with 3-5-2 (this being the real VG's favorite formation) as follows: Andy Su (GK), Sagar (LCD), Bhanda (CD), Ankush (RCD), Siddhu (LM), Jehan (LCM), Shubhankar (CM), Mukul (RCM), Patty (RM), Niraj (CF), Shaurav (Striker). Our start was quite nervy and I must thank our defence for keeping a clean sheet in the first half. Their resilience gave us some confidence and immediately after half-time one could see the change in our play. We played some great football for the next 20 odd minutes and went ahead by 3 goals. However, after that Satsut came in and created a lot of problems on our D top. He was well supported by Hima, Subaru and 135. We succumbed to that pressure and conceded 2 goals. However, after that we fought hard and managed to prevent PACU from scoring more goals. We are happy with reaching the semis. Now more work needs to be done to keep the momentum going. Well played PACU. Cheers to BT" 
PACU's Review By Satsut 
A game with a lot of "Ifs" and "Buts". A disappointing result for PACU this morning. I really thought most of the team played out of their skins today and did not deserve to end up on the losing side. But credit to BT, they kept their cool and although they never looked to be on top of their game, they killed the game in the 2nd half with 3 quick goals; coming back from 3 goals down was going to be a big big ask. We managed to pull back 2 and did have chances to equalize, only if yours truly would have done more justice to them. We started with a 4-4-2 formation with Manan in goal, Vikki, Amar, DJ and Hima in defense, Jango, Karan, Subhav and Yogi in midfield and Neeraj and Kapil up front. I thought we played some good footer in the 1st half and we should have been up a goal had Kapil converted a good move. In the 2nd half BT scored 3 goals in quick succession; Shaurav and Shubh scored from close range and Mukul followed it up with an absolute blinder! After that we did pull back 2 goals and were close to get the 3rd. The intensity in the last 10 minutes was good to see. A big up to Karan and Subhav who covered a lot of ground and did well in midfield. Hima and Vikki also had good games. We really need to think about our positioning for the next games. We are sacrificing players in key positions to shore up our defense and in turn are going against our philosophy of scoring 1 more than the opposition. It was our first game at NCL and I think we will be better prepared in the next games. We bid goodbye to the League Cup this season. Good luck to all the semifinalists! 
Mantans Review as AVGKL for PACU 
I would like to thank the PACU manger for loaning me today and the ADC for allowing the loan. Its always a pleasure playing with a technically strong team, but unfortunately I was not so technically strong in my role as GK. With zero experience in goals I accepted the challenge to be PACU's GK in this extremely important cup game. I was extremely nervous feeling all tiny in front of these giant goal posts. The first half went well, I made a few saves and everything looked in control with the scores at nil nil. In the second half we were pumped up to put some pressure and get some goals in, unfortunately they scored first. Gaurav is excellent at headers and he again managed to get away from his marker and score. The second goal which we conceded was a bit unlucky as a simple collection deflected off a stone and went in. 2 nill down and it had to get worse, I was caught off my line with a long range shot by Mukul. Sutati made a late impact in the game when he came on with an injury to score 2 goals to get PACU back in the game, but it was not enough and the game ended 2-3. The result could have been different if PACU converted their chances and I saved at least one goal. I would like to apologies to PACU for such poor quality goal keeping. I promise a better performance if loaned again as an outfield player. 
135's Review as Loanee for PACU 
Its always pretty disappointing to lose a Knock out Match that too after coming so close on number of occasions. PACU played well and it was lapses in concentration that cost us 2 goals and left us trailing 3-0.BT played very well on Set pieces. I was playing in the Central mid and should have done better to control BTs passing trio. Overall I should have put in more effort in the positioning for the set pieces and been more clinical in front of goal. PACU is a brilliant team and I am sure they will come back stronger. Thanks to PACU management for loaning me in this important fixture apologies to the team for letting them down. 
Bhanda ran 
The Ref Ran 
5.81 km's!!! 
MR By Khare 
In a knock out neutral venue match the Teams are given a choice as to whether they want to play 40 or 45 min halves. Once one team chooses 45 then it has to be a 90 min encounter. In this case VG probably would have chosen 40 if he'd have known what was to transpire in this match. 3 nil up in a 16 min period with 30 mins left on the clock!! And then Satsut the 2nd costliest player in the TZLC about to come on! 
And Amma was probably thankful that VG took the 90 mins as he had wanted 80!!! 
BT's new formation requires players to understand what their roles are. You can understand when the REAL VG of Man Utd HAD to change his fav formation of 3-5-2 to 4-4-2 ONLY because the professionals under him that earn around 300 000 Pounds per week were CLUELESS how to play in a 3-5-2 formation! But BT can so....Our VG is da man! Not to put Mkul and his gang on a high pedestal it was PACU that made the formation work for BT. Kapka and Meeraj found themselves in acres of space in the 1st H and probably had the better chances. It was Anks that was instrumental in being the spoiler on a few occasions for PACU. But mind you once Bhanda came on (he was late) must be after 5 mins? I AM positive they switched back to 4-4-2....My guess is that one of the two Bhanda or Anks was playing slightly higher. Why are BT playing with 3 at the back? PACU it seems were switching players constantly, either for tactical reasons, for reasons that the players were tired or just to give everyone enough game time. Once PACU started releasing Hima and Jango, BT were pushed to the brink.  
Possibly PACU had Subaru on Shaurav at corners and unfortunately for PACU it was Louie that pushed Shaurav and in turn Subaru when Shaurav jumped up to score! (See moving images TZLC Images page). Shaurav's a big man and if Subaru would have been a little stronger in the air (he didn't even jump as he felt a push!) maybe Shaurav would've been put off. (Btw look where Mantans is standing!) The 2nd goal Mantan in his Review said the ball hit a stone and went in (Word is that it was placed strategically by Mkul before the match and he had informed Ashubh to target that same stone.) and he had had the effort covered. Well Mantan? That ball that was put in through a VG FK and was chested by Ashubh in the SIX YARD box!! How can a GK allow any player in his 6 yard box? I'm sure a GK can use his hands for saving and such? Mkul celebrated his goal and it was understandable why. He saw Mantan off his line at shooting distance and tried a first timer that landed perfectly over Mantans head leaving him stranded with only himself and that strand of tangled hair that hangs around with him. As Tiger agrees, while the game has bettered the goalkeeping is just as bad as it was. Mantan has an excuse for the 3rd though, someone should've at least put pressure on Mkul. The Ref was busy putting pressure on Ashubh!!! 
The 2nd H saw PACU finally unleash the paagal Hima on the flank and thereby made inroads. Jango was allowed a rare indiscretion as he threw the ball back into play after Patty had diligently given him the ball and was still out of place. Subaru and 135 are very strong Cm's and hard workers always trying to set others up. Another issue along with Ashubh is of not taking shots but waiting till they can see the whites of the keepers eyes. 135 had one chance that he knee'd but if he was more inclined to would have taken a scissors kick. Andysu reminds me of Meer in that they can't take goal kicks! Meer can at least manage a good technique with his left and while AndySu volleys well, he just can't kick! I fear his value will be lowered by the ADC. Everyone thinks that Patty played superbly but as his coach I thought he made far too many mistakes. No DOUBT if Pat was playing in a match with Adults OUTSIDE of the TZLC he would have ZERO CHANCES. They would've clobbered him in the 1st min by for sure unfair means and that would have been the end. I have done the same on many occasions and I am not proud of that. But here in the TZLC it's compulsory to play fair so if you are technically gifted you will have your day. Kapka and Meeraj were forever stranded upfront and couldn't hold the ball up well. When Stasut came on it was his aura (and a couple of BT injuries) that could've cost the game for BT. Satsut took 30 mins to score 2 and miss 2! I don't think that BT would've played with 3 at the back if Satsut had started....Kapka approached the Ref at the nd of the match and even put his arm around him and that's not allowed as per ADC R and R, plus he mentioned that Shaurav's goal shouldn't have been allowed. Well Kapka, if this match was also based on certain happenings then Satsut's 1st should not have been allowed as Jango was unsporting in taking the throw without Patty being ready and the penalty awarded to PACU could've have been an IFK as Subaru's shot was very soft and the Ref could've gone either way. These discussion are meant for the pub or with your mates...NOT with the REF immediately after the match HOWEVER friendly you seem. If EVERYONE starts doing that then where will it end? Just accept it and move on.... 
This mornings funny - 
A certain player from PACU voiced the opinion that playing with Louie aka Harry aka Dirty aka Harjeet is like playing with your wife... 
You may take whatever conclusions you want from this statement! I find it HILARIOUS!!