Wed 03/02/16 
BE (0) 0 Vs PACU (0) 1 
PACU - Audi Loan 69.30 
Deep of BE ran 7.02 K's 
The REF Khare ran 6.05 K's 
MO's - BT : Sagar, Mukul AA : Ajinkya, Sean BI : Ajoo, Atul RW : Manoj, Vikas RH: Amartya, Rajib 
BE - 1: Mihir (330, AA) as per AVGKL 
PACU - Arun C (AA) AS AVGKL (does not have GK rating, Value:0.38M) ALL DL - Audi (AA-0.32M) for Subhav(0.40M) Ashwin G (RH-0.38M) for Satish(0.42M) Provisional Loan : 1 ADCY player for Yogi(0.23M) 
BE's Preview is in their MATCH PROGRAMME CLICK HERE!!! 
PACU's Preview is in their MATCH PROGRAMME CLICK HERE!!! 
Mkul LP's Review 
"I thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the LP's today. In the first half I literally had no important decision to make. I didn't even have to give a single offside decision. In the second half, PACU were attacking in my half and BE were trying to catch off-sides. Django was in off-side position many a times but PACU midfield rarely released the ball to him. As a result, I let the game go on and almost everytime BE won the ball back. Finally, PACU got one freekick which the BE defence was trying to defend by catching off-side. But just before the ball was played, BE's CD retreated 4-5 steps, thereby making 2 PACU players on-side. The ball deflected off one of those players and the goal was scored. Congrats to PACU and hard luck to BE." 
Rocks Review as AVGKL for PACU 
I thank PACU for loaning me as a GK, and thank you for approving the loan. It's been some time since I played as GK, and it was a welcome change. PACU started off very well, making use of the flanks to open up the game, and had plenty of chances to score in the first 20-25 minutes. Unfortunately, Kaka and co. were wasteful, and missed easy scoring opportunities. In the second half, PACU tried to attack through the middle but the touch and coordination were just not there today. Jango, DJ, and Amma had a good game for PACU. BE moved the ball around well, and their passing was good, but their attacking ability was limited. There was no movement down the flanks, not a single cross that came in, and any attack through the center was difficult with DJ and Amma in CD. Their best chances came on free kicks awarded to them just outside the box. I was happy that I was able to cleanly collect on both occasions. Keano was the standout performer for BE. PACU was lucky to get their lone goal, courtesy a mistake from Meer in judging the long ball played in by DJ. Else, any result could have been possible in a penalty shootout. 
Audi's Review on Loan for PACU 
Playing for PACU is always a pleasure. I was very happy when I received the much awaited chance to prove my worth in this Russian owned club. Having the right connections with Russian members can be very helpful on a rainy day. The match should have been an open and close affair, but PACU failed to convert chances which made sure the game was a nervous affair. I felt that PACU has the best defense in the league. DJ and Amma are really good with their movement. I feel there was confusion over my role during the half time. I was trying to pace myself through out the game. Playing a 4-4-2 means the midfielders have to be really disciplined. So I would avoid straying too much. But during the half time when I was told to take the defenders on and basically be more free, I enjoyed even more. The goal I scored was ridden with luck but i'l take it cause I want to give the actual golden boot seeker of PACU a run for his money. Also, birthday boy was on fire today. Some of his interceptions were very crucial! Kudos to PACU. Hope to play against or for them very soon! 
BE's Review By Robby 
BE played with a 4-5-1 formation - Mihir in Goals, Ravi, Amit , Sherry and Dev in Defense, Suraj, Sameer, Madhu, Rakesh, and Guru in Midfield, Jaydeep as Striker. We had 1 subs today : VK which were played with rotation. Today it was a complete disaster for BE. I feel we played quite bad. There was hardly any passing game. We were not able to hold the ball in Mid-field. Defense also committed quite a few errors. We were lucky not to concede any goal in the 1st half. PACU missed a couple of changes in the 1st half. In the 2nd half, it was slightly better but not nearby as compared to our last few matches. Our fans would be very disappointed from our performance. We need to do some analysis of our today’s performance 
PACU Review By Amma 
PACU played 4-4-2 formation today. Arun GK, Defence Left to Right - Vicky, DJ, Amar , Yogi. M/F Left to Right - Jango, Gambo, Audi, Harjeet and Up Front Neeraj and Kapil. Overall I thought this was our most efficient performance of the season in terms of build up play. Each player did his job. Gambo was outstanding. Kapil missed quite a few chances today but it doesn't bother us much as we are confident he'll bounce back. A real pleasant surprise was that we didn't fall for BE's off side traps too often. A big thanks to all the loaned players Arun, Gambo and Audi who played in key positions and helped us win today. I also thought BE were not tackling us thereby giving us a lot of time on the ball. Hard luck to BE, they lost to a lucky/fluke goal. 
MR By the ADC 
A scrappy encounter probably reflecting the 1st Knock out competition of the season. With BE arriving after successive losses but brilliant displays and PACU still contemplating on their neither here nor there performances as well as taking 3 players on loan one would not be amiss in thinking that this match, that too at Papal, would be the 1st time that BE could enforce their superiority. But it was not to be. BE found this morning to play their worst of the season so far. And thus for the quality players at PACU along with their uber quality loans in Gambo and Audi and surprisingly Rock as a GK (who wasn't tested at all except for a couple of FK's) found the going easy at best. The defensive line of Yogi down Amma DJ and Vicky were not troubled even to wipe their sweat or to murmur their fears to each other. BE's world famous in the TZLC offside trap had no electrickery (Electricity). Sherry and Amti were a shadow of the way they were playing over the past few matches. Combinations such as Sherry and Amti should strike fear into their opponents from the word go. Fear being a fellow like Kapka thinking every single second if he's offside or not thereby not having a chance to play his normal game. This did not happen. PACU decided to hoist Louie the temperamental dirty harry down on the Rw. The Ref thought he was about to take a Kirpan out and slice up Amar the LP at one time! Louie got the ball quite a few times but was successful in only a couple of occasions. Jango was shoved down the left and was seen ripping apart Robby, Captain of BE. The ADC has mentioned many a time before that the Captains arm band should be handed to someone that understands the team strategy and can make the necessary changes whenever needed, can urge his side on when needed and can be the person players can depend on. As of this moment in time Robby needs to concentrate ONLY on his personal game. No need to add other responsibilities. It's like giving a vegetable seller the job of selling fish in the market. He has an idea no doubt but the situation is tantamount to failure. BE's Jai and Keano (how much ever many times people will say that they had good games) were average. They did nothing to cause problems but in fact lost the ball more often than not as compared to their team mates. Yes, indeedy, Keano is a great worker, but today he added the eyes to the sky look and a my team mates are shite look and let's hope he gets rid of that attitude asap. Deep was placed in a position that he couldn't do much. He once made a great run of around 10 yards but there it ended. Ray had decided to stick up a tent on the RW and swat mozzies away. DJ has started playing the long ball again and is drifting towards the RCD AGAIN. PACU probably think that (as per Amma's review) this was their most established performance. This is like saying you are an experienced coder (CSS, Python etc) of about 20 years and have been asked to create an HTML page with We are Great typed in bold letters across it! Pretty sad it must be said. PACU put Gambo, clearly not on the same wave length as his team mates, and Audi also the same situation in Cm. Two of the BEST Cm's in the TZLC. These Cm's could not even ONCE switch the play from one side of the ground to the other? How many times did PACU pass the ball around in BE's half? Once they went up, end of story. Gambo should LEARN that being unselfish some of the times is a NECESSITY for the amount of talent he carries. There were so many times that he was in a goal scoring situation and he laid off a pass. That's what he has to work on. Decision making. Many a times tha ball was laid of to DJ and he punted the ball up. 90% of the time the pass did reach it's target, either Louie or Jango and I will be surprised if this was PACU's strategy. Yogi was being urged to make runs down the flank from his Rb position but didn't do much. Maybe coz he had no support? Vicky stunned everyone with his throws, on the fringe of foul throws but ok. He also made one run. As DJ shifted to the RCd position that Amma possibly thought was a sign for him to bomb up (Better than explaining to DJ that he was out of his zone) Vicky pushed into an Lcd position thus the LB was devoid of players when PACU was in possession. WAS this PACU's most efficient performance? Not on your nellie. But many PACU aficionadoes would say that if PACU would've scored from at least half the chances they created then it would've looked different. That is generally the argument used but it must be noted that the chances created were nothing special. Ball down the flank, defender misjudges ball or for lack of speed can't keep up, cross comes in, chance missed....Honestly this morning the only good professional thing BE did was the marking of the ground and putting up the nets. PACU's individuals were more in form than BE. Nuff said! 
Thu 04/02/16  
RW (0) 3 Vs BT (2) 2 
RW - 135 2 62 74 (Pen) 89.30 
BT - VG Pen 15.20 Mkul 31.50 
MO's - BI- Gaurav, Hatki, Sachin BE- Sharad, Gururaj PACU-Amarnath, Vicky & Harry RH- Neeraj Nikhil 
RW - EMERGENCY LOAN AVPL- SEAN (value 0.36 M TZR) AA Jonty (value 0.29M TZR) -Unavailable 
BT - Direct Loan : Amma (Valued at 0.360 tzr) for Ankush (Valued at 0.380 tzr) 
RW's Preview By 135 
We edged out BT 2-1 in the last encounter playing with one man less through out the game, this time around it should be an even battle with both teams fielding 11 players. Since BT and RW have played just a few days ago we expect it to be even more free flowing as both team know each other's strengths and weaknesses. We will continue with a 4-4-2 formation with emphasis on wing play and quick passing. 
BT's Preview By Mkul BT's Match Programme to be released on Match Day 
TZ has finally found a permanent ground and things have slowly started getting back to normal. We have already played one match on this ground and we are going to face the same opponents next week. In our last match, Ankush got injured and he has still not recovered from that injury. Therefore, we are loaning Amma in his place. Bhanda will miss this match but Shubhankar and Suman will be back in the squad. In spite of the two losses against two big teams – AA and RW, we will continue to play attacking football. Our only aim this time would be play with more enthusiasm. The last RW BT match didn’t live upto crowd’s expectations but we are hopeful that this time it will be different. We wish best of luck to both the teams. 
Amma's Review on Loan for BT 
I thank BT for loaning me today. BT's biggest mistake was loaning me in place of Ankush. There were quite a few better options (one of them was playing for RW) who would definitely seen them over the line. All 3 goals conceded by BT were my mistakes. The 1st when I picked an unnecessary YC, for the equalizer I conceded the penalty and I should have done better with my header for RW'S winner. To add to all this I pulled my groin at the start of the game. Should have approached Coach for running repairs at half time. But I thought I would be able to see the game out. Guess it stiffened at half time. Congrats RW for the superb fight back and hard luck BT. 
Sparky's Review on Loan for RW 
I have a million excuses for playing poorly today but those would fall short. I blame my poor performance to lack of fitness and practice. In any case I thank RW management for the opportunity. What a great team and what a come back by RW? Second half defensively BT didn't dominate like they did earlier in the game. I played a little high up because Avi was able to control the sweeper position well. I need to get used to the ground conditions as I was unable to even pass a ball. I hope to many more such matches this season. 
Amonk Ran 
The Ref Ran (Started at KO included HT Interviews till end of Tunnel!) 
6.45 K's 1Hr 44 mins 916 Kcals 
BT's Review By Mkul 
Congrats to RW. There are some victories which taste better than others and I am guessing today's win was one such win for RW. Their reaction after the match said it all. On the other hand, we are extremely disappointed. We played 4-4-2 with slightly different formation with Anand as GK, Sagar/Suman (LB), Amma (LCD), Mukul (RCD), Rafa (RCD), Suman/Patty (RM), Shaurav (RCM), Shubhankar (LCM), Siddhu (LM), Jehan and Niraj (CF). We started well and created a few chances in the first half. We were duly rewarded with 2 goals for our play. At that stage, we should have killed the game but we didn't do that. Our defence and midfield were very disorganised to deal with RW's pressure and as a result we conceded 3 goals. One good news is that Pam is set to return soon. We are hoping that his comeback will galvanise our season. 
RW's Review By 135 
RW had one of their worst displays today morning with a shadow of slowness hovering over each of our Players. We were doing everything we shouldnt from blind passes to sloppy through balls. BT were clearly the better team with 5 men in the midfield with Shubhankar the man with one of the best close control and deft touches and passes pulling the strings we were out numbered and outplayed and BT surged up and scored two very well taken Goals- Jehan beating the keeper with a cool penalty and Sumanta linking up with Mukul to provide a low header. All this happened we came to the end of the 1st half and RW had still not turned up for the match and not even strung together 5 passes together or capitalised on the two chances that fell our way in the first half. Second half was slightly different for us as we tried to press BT in their own half instead of letting Shubh dictate the play in our half and it worked as we could build a bit of play in and around their D and we got a goal back when Vikki played a through ball to Karan past the last CD and Karan converted past the rushing keeper 1st time. The second goal came when Sarva was fouled in the D and we were awarded a penalty which we converted. BT came back hard with neat incisive passes and Manoj had to be quick off his line too many times to keep them at bay. Sean made some very crucial intercepts and fitted in well. With score level at 2-2 and BT still having the upper hand in the midfield and more possession came very close a couple of times and pressing in their half paid of as we got a corner on the last 2 minutes of the game which wasn't cleared powerfully but low enough for Mannu to chest and volley into the back of the net to give us a last gasp winner. BT immediately almost equalised had Sean not been at hand to block a shot. The only thing we should take away from this game is the composure with 2 goals down. Hope to have a much better game next time. 
MR By the ADC 
Finally RW are back where they belong, in the good graces of the ADC and the Refs. This just proves how a side that plays hard and in your face footer can quite easily control their aggression when asked to. In fact 135 was sitting out for the 1st 10 mins without being asked to or reminded by the ADC due to a suspension by the ADC for a previous match. The ADC actually wanted to begin the suspension in the NEXT League fixture but suddenly realized just as the match was about to start that RW had 10 players. Concluding that RW must have made plans for 135's absence the ADC amended the Rules instantly and stated that the suspension will be carried out in the NEXT match. BT had also disciplined Sagerrr (Internal disciplinary action) for coming late for MO duty for a match and had kept him out for 10 mins. But they did have one extra player so the suspension did not affect them much. But It's really IMPORTANT to see clubs taking the initiative to follow the R and R of the TZLC internally without prodding by the ADC. 
Bt had all of the 1st half. RW were mere spectators and their rock solid central area could not get a hold of BT's Ashubh and VG. 2 Shaurav who was also dropping back made it look like BT were playing a 5-4-1 formation. Unfortunately Suman Lb for the 1st 10 mins I think was over shadowed by Sidwho? at LM who ran riot weaving in and out and around Sleepy at Rb for RW. Suman, whose Dad had come and whom Suman kept in the background must have been the saddest around. Who doesn't like playing in front of their Dad at whatever age? But in the time that he played it was not the Suman of yore and when Suman was abruptly taken off as soon as RW scored the equalizer I felt sorry for him. Suman is a player that is fit and plays with his heart and should've carried on playing. His replacement Patty no doubt did what he was told and played well but he's GOT years in front of him and probably years down the line he won't even remember this match. In the tunnel the Ref asked Suman how bad his injury was and he said he wasn't injured. What can be appreciated though was that in the 10 mins he was sitting outside he carried on urging his team on. Even Pat while sitting on the bench did a lot of BB work even with his side inder the hammer. Thats pure honesty! That's pure TZLC! Mkul indeed does have the power to chop and change at whim as he is the Manager but maybe he should think about this decision. (no doubt he is in turmoil as a text has been received by the ADC). In his review AMMA has taken all the blame on himself. Thats surely not justified. IT was his input in the 1st H that allowed BT to take the lead and look so convincing in the 1st place. What is his fault is if he was genuinely injured and lost some speed and proactiveness and did not inform anyone about it. He could've sat out, any number of BT players could've played in Cd or they could have played with 3 in CD to be safe AND there was an able replacement in Suman....just makes you think...The crowd was in a frenzy over Sidhwho's delicate fakes and feints and also Ashubh's mastery of the ball when he made Vikus, 135 and Ivan look like mannequins. BT's wonderful distribution of the ball from flank to flank was lovely to see in the 1st H but it all but disappeared in the 2nd. Sparky was ATROCIOUS in Cd and one wonders if his move to Cm has really had such a big impact on his psyche. He does balme the pitch but this is the same picth Ashubh and Sidwho and 21 other players were using. The blame should be on his touch and his understanding of the ground. RW needed to change things around and they should've shifted Sparky into a more danger free zone. Once again any number of RW players could've slotted in his place. But RW were lucky as BT lost the plot in the 2nd H. Avi was literally having a cup of tea with John at times. Sparky was somewhere higher up and there was ACRES of space in and around. But BT were digging their own garve at this moment in time. Nearly every single spectator thought RW would come back, Vikky of PACU predicted a 3 - 2 win for RW at HT. What one thinks is that EVEN a host of BT players thought RW would come back!! It was lost there. Not to be forgotten was that the Warriors missed a penalty as well!!  
A controversial incident was when the Ref let Mantan get away with a warning when he didn't give the ball to hand to a team mate on a throw in. A few seconds later, RW scored...Hmnnnn the reason the Ref gave was because RW were playing at home...Hmmmnn.. 
It was good fun to see RW actually stringing a few passes together in the first half even though BT were in power mode. Thats how much the TZLC has improved. The teams are still trying to play the good game. A lot more to write but the MR's gone on for enuff time!! 
Fri 05/02/16 
(All KITFO Subs will have to do MO duty as well) 
AA (1) 3 Vs KITFO (0) 0 
AA - Ryan 2 26, 75.55 Audi 79 
MO's - BI - Ajoo AR, Uday SR, Sachin BE - more than 3 players playing for KITFO BT - Jehan MR, Mukul LP PACU - Subhav and DJ LP 
RW - Avi AR and Manoj CM RH - more than 3 players playing for KITFO 
KITFO - 1. Sharad Yeole 2. Rajib 3. Suraj 4. Nitin 7.30 5. Aviank 6. Ravinder 7. Subin 8. Varun 9. Ravi P 10. Zaid 11. Sagar 12. Devendra 13. Sameer S 14. Gururaj 15. Alan 16. Amartya 17. Dan 18. Suman 
AA Preview By Rock READ AA's Match Programme CLICK HERE!!! 
AA is very excited to play this ADC Cup match under its new managers Rock and Ryan. The full squad is available and raring to go. We will play a 4-4-2 formation and you may see a few players in unfamiliar positions. KITFO is always a difficult team to beat, especially on their home turf, but we are confident of the win! 
Mkul Player Main Ref Review 
I thank the ADC for showing faith in me once again to ref in a TZLC match in spite of my poor outing in that role last time. Today I tried to avoid the biggest mistake I did in the last - which is to be lenient towards players. I told both the captains before the match that I was going to adopt the zero tolerance policy and they readily accepted it. I also told them that the players are not allowed to show their displeasure towards any decision by the ref even if it is wrong because it demotivates the ref. Thankfully, all the players co-operated and the game was played in a good spirit. In fact, there were several incidents where I did not spot the foul but the players themselves came forward to admit the foul. All the 3 goals scored by AA were on freekicks. The first one was given when one of the KITFO players pushed Sam from behind near the D top. Although that push wasn't very hard it was good enough to unsettle Sam in a very dangerous position. Hence, direct freekick was awarded and the ball went in without anyone touching it (I think). Second freekick was an indirect one - an easy decision to give. THe third one was in KITFO 18 yard box when ball touched Amartya's hand. I did not give the penalty because there was no intent to handle the ball but it did prevent AA striker's movement towards the goal. Lastly, I had to cancel one goal scored by Sean because he pushed the defender just before heading the ball in. I enjoyed my time as the player ref and the players also seemed happy at the end. Congrats to AA and HArd luck to KITFO. 
Marcelo Ran 
AA's Review By Rock 
Firstly, thank you Coach for reducing Tiger's suspension from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. Tiger has promised to do his best to ensure his play is clean and safe. AA started with a 4-4-1 formation, with Tiger out for the first 10 minutes. Mihir in goal, Sean and Maya in CD, Ajinkya on the left, and Rock on the right. In the midfield were Shivang, Ryan, Audi, and Pai. Stoney started off as striker. We started off very brightly, but could not finish off the moves. Our first goal was lucky, with Sam putting a DFK in the box which everyone missed on its way to goal, including the keeper! That lifted a lot of pressure. KITFO took some time in finding their feet, but played extremely well, especially in the second half. The passing and coordination was excellent,and this did not look like the team that had not had good outings the last couple of times. The teamwork was very good. Almost everyone had outstanding games, with the stars being Guru, Sherry and Keano. The lack of finishers is the only reason why KITFO did not come out on top. In the second half, AA continued to press and would have had a couple more goals if not for some wonderful keeping by KITFO's part time keepers. They were really inspired today. However, we did get 2 more goals at close range to close out the game. AA's teamwork and passing are still not satisfactory, and we will continue to work on it. For AA, Stoney was excellent, Sam was everywhere, and Sean was solid in the back. Mihir too had a good game, with a couple of good saves. Well played KITFO. 
Just wanted to add that Mukul today did a wonderful job as Main Ref. He was calm, made good calls, and communicated with players from both teams. The best display by a player ref in my humble opinion. 
KITFO's Review by Sherry 
Firstly I would like to thanks Coach Mr. Khare for helping us in managing KITFO team who were playing for WIN in this match. We were playing as per Coach formation (4:4:2) starting with Dan (GK), Suraj, Keano, Sherry, Guru; Amartya, Alan, Rajib, Aviank; Sagar, Subin; There were changes made my Coach as per need and situation which helped KITFO players to play to their favourite position and also suited the situation. KITFO players were trying to pass the ball around but were loosing the ball and the attack was directly coming on defense which AA players were capitalizing and scored a goal on freekick by Sam. KITFO has to work hard on midfields to not loose the ball and also defense need to work hard to maintain defense line and also on communication among ourselves. I would like to mention some good saves by Dev-D as a GK which were a difficult one for professional GK also and a good header by Sean on goal which was disqualified by Ref for a foul. KITFO is improving alot in confidence which shows some good chances created by some good moves but needs a finishing touch. Well played KITFO and congrats AA for a WIN and all the best for your future games! 
MR By the ADC 
KITFO were promised that the BEST 11 would constantly play this morning and unfortunately Mr. Khare was not steely enough to apply the promise. He did rotate the players and give everyone enough game time but was careful enough not to put inexperienced players in dangerous positions so as to make it an easy walk through for AA. In fact KITFO played some superb footer and should be commended indeed. Proves what was said in the previous MR about an organization meant for experimentation. This time though AA can indeed be proud of getting the win as winning was by no means going to be easy. Especially with the AA players more inclined to MISS opportunities than put them away. Tigers ban was reduced due to a number of underlying factors, the main one being that the ADC understands that any player that plays in the TZLC only to cause serious harm or to play with uncontrolled aggression would NOT be welcome and Tiger may have been a bad ass in his youth and before he joined the TZLC but he is a nice fellow at heart, just like everyone else. But as no period of going bonkers can go unpunished, the ADC felt the punishment can be reduced. Rock the new AA Jt Manager also approached the ADC in lieu of the fact that Tiger had gone bananas due to personal issues AND most importantly due to the inability of the previous managers to control their players!!!  
AA looks to be slowly getting into their groove although their panic and wastefulness in front of goals seems to be a viral infection. It's the exact opposite for KITFO. At times they are panicky and thoughtless in front of their own goal but once they get the ball beyond their 18 yard box, they change totally. Sparky, luckily for AA, was resigned to the fact that he has been PERMANENTLY pushed back into CD!! His attempt to show his team mates how crap he was in Cd totally backfired when the team he played on loan for yesterday actually ended up winning! Sparky was comfortable and looking as solid as ever. Mayur struggled with a calf strain but never looked worried, but his miss two yards from goal was deplorable!! Stoney as predicted looked more active in an attacking role and his talent can be a threat to any of the attacking players. Sparky must be wishing Stoney's growth spurt arrives soon as he would be an easy shoo in at Cd! Stoney can virtually replace any player in any position once he matures. Nothing is more exciting then watching Arty, Audi and Marcelo running at the opposition either down the flank or the centre. Audi many moons ago had attended a KFANDRA evening session and just his luck there was the CHASE drill being planned. Audi participated and 5 mins into the drill collapsed in agony! Mkul who was watching couldn't stop giggling while the likes of Tan, Adu, Pat and even Brush looked at him and must've thought that if this was the TZLC level then it's going to be easy! But Audi I'm sure is a changed bloke from that long ago episode! These 3 look as if they've been picked up from some team abroad coz these 3 don't at all look and play like blokes from this country! They play with a fluidity that is exciting to watch. Ajinx on the other hand looks a bit like a lumbering brontosaur to his fleet footed velociraptors. Ajinx is actually a good player but has to work on his fitness. The same sort of analogy can be given to some KITFO players about them being fleet footed and nimble. But add to that maturity and that man is Sherry! He can literally play in ANY position without a blink of an eye. Suddenly even Groo looked back to his best after a number of poor performances recently. The RH trio, Ray and Alan are technically already nearly there and need to gain confidence and work on their fitness. Robby and Aviank are getting there along with the rest of them Robbinder and Zubin. Zed, Bruce and Tintin were UNA. For Meer, NOT A GK, but as in Rocks review he played well (Rock has to keep saying this to emotionally blackmail Meer!!!) by not ruffling feathers and wanting to play in an outfield position!!! All KITFO's attempts were straight at him. The goals from AA were not great ones. The first a mistake allowing Ryans DFK to sell one bounce and in, the 2nd Mishti spontaneously combusting and trying to catch offside on a FK. The 3rd could've been a Sparky fantabulous header but for the push (See TZLC Images page!!) The actual 3rd was an Audi IFK in the box. Possibilities are high that Khare is not fit to Ref tomorrows match and the ADC has announced the possible Refs!! 
Mkul's Reffing I won't go over board with complementing (Rock is probably very chuffed with him as Mkul ignored quite a few glares, shakes of the head and hand waves from himself!!!) but he did do a good job. Although I would have finally given Keano a card just to take a break from constantly calling LC's!! But in the end Mkul did well...still amazing how the Amti- Rock get together never happens when a player ref is in charge!! KITFO 14 and AA 12!! At one stage it was KITFO 10 and AA 4...KITFO meaning KEANO 10!!! 
Sat 06/02/16 
ADCCUP 2nd ROUND QF (BI had not taken extra 5 in either half) 
BI (1) 1 Vs RH (0) 1 
BI - Zak 31.55 
RH - 90 
Match has been MADE OFFICIAL!!! 
MO's - 1. AA - Mihir, Pai 2. BE - Amit, Harshad 3. BT - Anand, Shubankar 4. PACU - Kapil, Hima 5. RW - Monga, Sarva, Karan. 
BI - Amiraj - (value 300,000TZR) - in place we would like to loan Seam Mathew (AA - value 300,000TZR as Goalkeeper) ------ DL 
BI Squad - 1. Anand 2. Atul 3. Sachin 4. Uday 5. Dhruv 6. Manoj 7. Gaurav (captain) 8. Hatkar 9. Daniel 10. Aalok 11. Sean (loan - GK) 12. Zak 13. MJ 
RH - DIRECT LOAN: Ashwin G - missing due to work: ADC's current valuation = 380k TZR Jatin B - on loan from RW: ADC's current valuation = 290k TZR Unavailable - Ashwin G, Amartya M and Neeraj B 
RH play their first knock-out match this season against the Icemen. The icemen have now found energy and confidence after two superb acquisitions. We on the other hand have Shivam raring to go and make a full debut. His full debut was delayed due to a medical emergency in the previous game. This will also be the first match on the new TZ ground and we all are looking forward to it! We scraped through our last match against the Eagles but we are hoping to put on a much better performance this time around. We will mostly stick to a 4-4-2 formation but will have to put in a lot of thought regarding the player positions. We will be missing Gambhir but we also have enough talent in attacking areas of the field. Anna is back between the sticks for this one and will lend us some much needed stability at the back! We hope for an entertaining game against the Icemen and would like to wish them luck! 
BI will stick to the 4-5-1 strategy that helped them secure their first win and will introduce variations in defense and counter attack as the game progresses. The experience of playing on TZ’s new home ground has been phenomenal and BI team would like to thank ADC and the TZ management for all the hard work put in. BI now with new management and new life will look at securing a win and going a step ahead in the coveted ADC Cup. RH are a formidable opponent and with Shiv’s return, their attacking firepower has increased. The trio of Gambo-Amu-Shiv can send chills down the spine of opposition’s defense. BI new management request the fans to come in huge numbers and support their players also enjoy the new Match Program. 
Chinchin Ran 
Steps - 11477 Distance - 8.74km Position - RW Peak Heart Rate - 149bpm Average Heart Rate - 109bpm 
Amonk's Review as the Main Ref 
A match in which the talking point is the Main Ref, is not good for any game. Unfortunately yours truly managed to achieve a historic feat today by making so many controversial calls that the ADC saw it fit in the end to arrange for a re-match. I feel bad for all the players who played today, my sincere apologies to all concerned.  
Ive tried to present my point of view on some of the decisions I made today.  
Shivam’s two footed tackle – By TZLC standards, that was a yellow card. But I was quite sure that Shivam got the ball with his tackle, I also saw that Zak was up and about within seconds and I didn’t think the tackle was malicious. So I decided that it only deserved a late challenge call. However, in TZLC, we need to protect players from injuries and we cannot be subjective about how the players reacted after the tackle, so it should have been given a YC. Credit to Zak for getting up quickly and scoring a goal a few minutes later  
Prashant’s injury in the box – I thought prashant was under control of the ball and he is a strong lad and was handling the pressure from the defender easily. He suddenly pulled up with a cramp. I consulted the LRs and they too thought that it wasn’t a foul and he got injured. Prashant obviously felt he was pushed, he would know best as he was involved. I didn’t give a penalty and immediately informed Amu about my reasons for it, Amu seemed to agree with my call.  
BI Handball in the box – There were two occasions where RH were claiming a BI handball in the Penalty area. I honestly didn’t get a clear view on both occasions and neither did the linesmen. I think once it was Atul who handled the ball and I cant remember the second call. As I wasn’t sure about it, I had to give the benefit to the defender. Poor positioning on my part, but I wish people would’ve moved on, this kind of stuff happens in the Professional leagues as well  
MJ’s goal – MJ got Rajib on the ground with a pretty bad challenge and I immediately told him that I was not carding him since he is tiny compared to the rest. As before, I was not being objective, all players should be judged as equals with regards to fouls. His goal a few mins later was disallowed.  
RH goal – Though the ADC had called time, I had announced a few mins before that I will add a minute to the time as we had lost some in a couple of calls while talking to the captains. The ADC had accounted for everything, so I should’ve just blown the whistle. There was also the dubious decision of converting the ‘indirect’ FK to direct ( though I did announce it clearly) and deciding along with the ARs that there was no handball in the box.  
All in all, I feel bad for all the players today as they deserved a less controversial match.  
Big up to Amu -- I could overhear him telling his team that if the ref didn’t see a foul, its up to the players to put their hands up.  
Big up to MJ – Took the decision like a real sport, soon he will grow up to be a big and strong lad and wont have to face these kind of calls.  
Big up to Zak – For picking himself up and getting on with the game Thanks to the ADC for putting me in the deep end, I realise now how tough it is to ref a game.  
Im better of putting in mediocre 5k runs on the right wing. 
RH's Review By Red 
Firstly, RH would like to apologize for today's game. I am sure everybody knows and we also assure that there was no mallace during the game but the game turned out to be a heated controversial encounter to say the least. RH started with 4-4-2: GK-Anna, RB-Kramer, CB-Mangs, CB-Jatin, LB-Nik; Prashant-RM, RCM-Mishti, LCM-Shiv, LM-Sagar; Amu-ST, Beeraj-ST. TC showed up a little late and replaced Beeraj. It was a very poor performance today and we failed to stamp any authority on the game. We resorted to long balls and most of us were keen to find the killer pass. Prashant picked up a hamstring injury at around the 30 min mark after the icemen had scored a superb counter attacking goal by Zak. Second half, we shuffled a bit and set up 4-3-2, Amu-Rajib-Sagar in midfield with Shiv-TC upfront. We managed to have more possession but were unable to create any chances and score. We managed to score in probably the last move of the game after a goal-mouth. Honestly we did not deserve to draw level. I also feel for the main ref today Mr. Monga who already had a tough job at hand and we did not make his job any easier. 
BI's Review By Ahjoo and Atool 
Thanks ADC for allowing the ADCY players to be a part of BI. Both the ADCY players played well and scored (well almost Smiling face with smiling eyes ) Also would like to thank Amonk for agreeing to be the REF and apologize to him for any of the on-field incidents that went against ethos of TZLC. Its a tough job to be a REF...Smiling face with smiling eyes BI played positions as follows : Sean(GK), Manoj (LB), Andy (LCB), Atul (RCD), Uday (RB), Gaurav(LW), Zak (LCM), Daniel (Central midfield), Ringa (RCM), Sachin (RW), hatki (ST). BI did stick to the plan of holding the ball a bit in the midfield and distribute to the flanks as much as possible. The midfield trio of Zak-Danny-Ringa played very well combining with Goony and Sachin (who mostly stayed back a bit). The first goal came from BI from a good move between Danny and Zak with Zak placing the ball in the goal showing great composure. RH today looked a little out of form in the midfield and upfront with not finding their players in open positions. Prashant made a couple good runs down the right flanks and during one such run pulled the hamstring. It looked as though he got a push in the back from Manoj... but I think Manoj made no contact with him or fouled him. The second half BI made a change to bring in MJ to replace Hatki upfront. MJ was quite effective and tackling well. One such tackle with the RH central defender he won the ball and was able to beat the on RH keeper to score.. The joy was short-lived as ADC intervened and cancelled the goal taking into account a late tackle from MJ was liniently being let off (for being a kid) a few minutes earlier. MJ had to be substituted. BI accepted the ADC's decision graciously and continued playing the game. After this the intensity of the game increased and it started to get a bit physical.. but nothing dangerous. Both sides were playing tough and I do reckon there were a few late tackles from both sides that were unintentional. In the last minutes of the game with BI playing deep in their half, RH got a free kick.. There was a melee of players with legs and hands scrambling around for the ball..and the ball finding the back of the net. BI claiming for a hand ball that came off a RH player. But the ARs, LP and Ref did not think so and goal was given. Of course there were other technicalities like extra time allowed.. Or the home team not getting the home advantage when the play time was over.. After a long discussion between both team management and ADC, it was decided to cancel this match and have a rematch at a later date. No doubt BI team was heartbroken and in disbelief at this decision... A normal reaction when a victory is snatched away from a team who clearly played better their opponents in the game. At BI and TZLC sportmans spirit is more important than the result and BI humbly accept ADC's decision of a rematch. As a team we have decided to put this behind us and concentrate on the 2 games next week. Thanks to all the fans for turning up in large numbers and cheering for BI throughout the game. BI management has also provided its fans with clarifications regarding the decision of a Re-Match and they support the ADC decision and have decided to show their solidarity to BI by being present in large numbers for all the upcoming matches. 
Note By the ADC - PLEASE NOTE that if the RESULT was accepted then the match would've gone into a tie breaker. Managers from both team were given a choice of Tie Breaker or Rematch. There is NO REASON for the BI squad to be upset as the match ended up all square. Both clubs could feel they were treated wrong. If needed the ADC will call back both teams for a Tie Breaker to be officiated by the same Player Refs. ALL decisons were taken by the ADC looking at IMPARTIALITY for ALL. The BI contingent still feel that Dehu Manoj made no contact with Paul but lets hope the Video proves them right. BI have made their views clear. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong in RH's appeal against the MJ decision. The ADC were in fact giving BI a chance to have a rematch as as per the R and R the REF continued the time of his own free will. He wasn't supposed to, but he did. RH were obviously HAPPY with the draw as they played very badly. The ADC is immensely displeased with the BI Review and is seriously thinking of holding the Tie Breaker and going back to Player Refs.  
Also any club cannot assume that their match was viewed in large numbers as the attendance is declared POST the match. It would be more realistic if they mentioned an 'if' . They have no idea is the fans have shown their solidarity as well. Neither have the fans received any communication stating the same from the BI Management. The ADC does not see this match as being played without danger. I believe in the players playing hard buit DEFINITELY NOT DIRTY. The ADC believes that there were many incidences that made this game DIRTY. The ADC hopes BI will introspect and come to a more acceptable conclusion. 
MR By the ADC 
Where and how can the Review of this match start? After Mkul's flawless? reffing as declared by Rock in his own humble view yesterday, the ADC thought that the players have finally turned the corner and are now able to play with Player Refs...This thought was SO FAR from reality that travelling to the moon on a butterfly would seem easier!  
The Background ADC related -  
The atmosphere was set as a usual TZLC affair where it would be competitive but fun at the same time. Amonk was asked to Ref after he called Khare's Mobile app that measured his running distance when he reffed before as being faulty! After the ADC asked Khare to provide proof to the doubting Amonk (an image showing Amonk every single metre run by Khare from the KO to interviewing the players at HT till the end of the match was shown to Mr. Doubting Thomas). All in jest this was mind you and everyone had a laugh at Marcelo running 9 kms in his match. Marcelo wears a fitness band that records the swing of the arm and calcualtes that as a stride so when you observe any person wearing a fitness band and then vigorously moving his arm left and right or whatever you could understand how so many K's are clocked! Marcelo can respond to this accusation any time he likes!! It will be open for public view! So with laughs prevailing throughout especially at Pat and Adu being the SR and CM respectively and AAA (Atool's dotter) being the 'shade' for the camera, the Media Box was a KFANDRA hang out and more laughter indeed was forecast. Mj the BI sub was desperate to get into the Media Box but was shooed away repeatedly as he was a BI player. Unbeknownst to ALL one of the major contributors to the unbelievable happening was the Mini Jhakaas himself!!  
The Background Club related -  
BI had appointed Goony as Captain and RH had in turn appointed Amu as captain some days ago. Both players are intense, committed and live by the TZLC ethos. Well for sure Amu as he has been with Khare since he was 10! Goony after years playing Tennis, years as the Davis Cup Captain, years winning Big Tennis awards may not have been on the same page. Neither is Amu truth be told when the ethos takes a back seat and he's not one to sit quietly by. 
As it happened - All seemed normal with Khare also joining in with WORLD CLASS COMMENTARY (Survey taken confirmed this statement!!) through the megaphone! So the match progressed with both sides giving as good as they get but in an honest way. The SUDDENLY Shiv LUNGED in TWO FOOTED studs up at Zak! Zak fell over like a tonne of bricks but jumped up as an honest committed player should. ADC's view - Shiv's bottom left stud on his left foot snicked the ball but the rest of his footwear clobbered Zak. (Amonks view - Saw me tackle, getting up is Zak quick, Shivs also getting up is, saying me hokay dokay good all is!) Zak was peeved to say the least and started chasing the ball and was about to give one to Shiv but Shiv released it early, then Zak found himself in a handy position and finished with aplomb!! Said Zak - Showed I Shiv ki answer gives me with goal!! A few minutes later Paul makes a great run into the box and with Dehu Manoj fiddling around his nether regions, Paul drops like a sack of potatoes. The ADC see's a CLEAR penalty! But is careful NOT to influence the Refs decision. Amonk see's nothing, goal kick. All's fair here but Amonk could'nt rein in the small fouls that lead to short tempers and heated exchanges. Danny is the major culprit here and must get himself sorted out before he meets with Khare as Ref. 
RH reduced to 10 and finally with great relief the half time whistle is blown. Interviews taken the players get ready for the 2nd H. 
Into the 20th min and MJ is pulled on. He races around like he does every evening at KFANDRA being around the 4th fittest and here he can see ALL the RH players are not as fit. MJ's like a Mozzie that hasn't fed for ages. Bnnnnnnnnnn he fly's around getting on everyones nerves. The ADC warns MJ to be careful as he's small and even a tiny knock from a bigger player will get him in hospital. Barely a minute later he thwacks MIshti! MIshti gets up astounded at this little lad having the gall to challenge him but smiles as MJ so innocently say's sorry Sir. Amonk walks in and says "Ehm jayyyyyyyy no no no no little child, not doing such things, you older little little me givings you YC!!!" 
2 mins later MJ scores a stunner....OOPS! Amu approaches the ADC and correctly states that if MJ was carded as per the R and R then he wouldn't have been on the ground to score, ALSO if MJ is allowed to score then how is it that the players are supposed to go easy on MJ BECAUSE he was small? Isn't that unfair? The ADC agreed and asked Amonk to CANCEL the goal, award a Goal kick and asked Ahjoo to take MJ off. What happened was that as soon as MJ went off the situation got much worse as the Big Man Hatkinator is known for reckless challenges. The moment Hamol entered he unleashed a series of fouls that went unpunished. All this was just adding to the toxic nature of the match. A LOT of time was spent sorting thins out in the stoppages, the meetings with the ADC and Pauls injury so Pat wisely STOPPED the clock after around 2 mins and once the match restarted. The ADC advised him to add the 2 mins on 38 mins so that once the call was given at 38 mins NO EXTRA time needed to be added if BI said that they did not WANT to take the extra 5 mins. BI ended up NOT taking the extra 5 and the call was given to Amonk to end the match at the 40 min mark, ESPECIALLY as RH had the ball (BI being at home). But Amonk suddenly decided to ADD a couple of mins for the benefit of RH. In the Media area things were getting frantic. Ahjoo's was as perplexed as the ADC as to why Amonk added on more time. The ADC could not provide Ahjoo with an excuse as it was ALSO flabbergasted. From a FK (At which point the ADC told Ahjoo that it hopes RH don't socre now as there would be chaos) RH whacked the ball over the bar. Phew gasped the ADC, Pat and Adu with Atools dotter also gasping in relief, now Amonk will call an end to this exciting but tense encounter. Amonk doesn't blow the 3 whistles to signal the end of the match!!! Oh jhessoooo up above! Play goes on and another RH FK! By this time the ADC is announcing over the Megaphone to Amonk that time is UP and blow the whistle you crazy nice bloke!! ÏNDIRECT FK says Amonk! A couple of seconds later another RH plaer pops up and asks whether it's an Indirect or Direct FK...DIRECT FK says Amonk!! FK's taken directly into the box with a mass of hot headed individuals. Pin ball actions 3 calls for Handball from BI, 3 calls for Handball from RH, a loose ball, Mishti thumps it in!! Oh shite thinks the ADC!!! AAA wonders in awe as to how much more fun this is to going to school or class! Thoughts of running away are quickly pushed aside by the ADC and it quickly makes a decision that is suitable to all!! 
About the match - BI look only a shadow of their former crappy self. Under new Management BI seem to be glowing. Every player is pulling his own weight especially Chinchin who had an absolute BLINDER this morning. Hruday also seemed well at home for the 1st time ever! Ringa is looking like himself from his KFANDRA days, Danny needs to tie up his arms, Atool and Andypandy were fantastic! 
But all this said BI probably looked damn good because RH were shite. There was no coordination and nothing was working. BUT BI it can be said would've been just as good even if RH were working well. 
The only standout player for RH were Mangs and loanee Jonty who yelled his arse off. All the others were in their own world wondering what in heck was happening. Lets just say that playing with 10 men does not suit RH. Beeraj did NOT look injured when he finally came on to replace the injured Paul. 
There will be Ratings for this match. ONLY the score and etc will be void. Balance Sheets will be updated as this match indeed had taken place.