15th Week 
2nd Div  
BI - Danny 2 27.22 Patty 33.04 Dev 62.25 
MO's - PACU - Neeraj, Jango AA - Mihir (player MO), Ajinx BT - Rafa, AndySu RW - Monga , and 2 players on loan for BI RH - 3+ players for KITFO , can be MOs when not playing BE - 3 players for KITFO, can be MOs when not playing 
BI - 1. Goony (value 0.25M TZR) - out injury- in place we would like to loan Sleepy(value 0.24M TZR - RW) - DL 2. Hatki (value 0.32M TZR) - out injury- in place we would like to loan John (value 0.29M TZR as GK - RW) - DL 
KITFO - 1 Sharad Yeole 2 Suraj 3 Sagar 4 Sameer 5 Prashant - Tentative 6 Mihir 7 Amit - Tentative 8 Zaid 9 Ravi P 10 Varun 11 Gururaj 12 Devendra 13 Rajib 14 Dhananjay 15 Amartya -Tentative 
BI is excited that it has 2 new players in its side ... Manoj P who is a natural left footer and Daniel who is new to TZLC as well as TZ and will be his first match. He will be the central man holding the game together for BI. There are still a few regular players missing in action, but we have taken good loans in the form of John (in GK) and Sleepy (for Goony). We have a strong line-up and will play to our strengths. BI will change to play a 4:5:1 formation to adapt to the big ground. BI will play a bit deep in its own half and look to counter attack. BI central midfielders will hold the ball and try and keep the possession of the ball as much as possible and look for the through pass to the striker or move the game towards the flanks. KITFO has players from BE and RH with players in good touch and good understanding as a team. Wishing KITFO all the best. I am sure the BI fans are very excited to see Daniel and will surely come in huge numbers to watch him play. 
Sleepy's Review on Loan for BI 
Firstly, I would like to thank BI Management and Respected ADC to give me the opportunity to play for the BI team in today's match. I played on the Right Wing position for the team today for the entire game. First half BI could put lot of pressure on KITFO in their half. In the first twenty mins or so BI had scored their first two goals with the efforts of their new player who is no doubt a star player. I had great many chances but could not convert, had many runs along the lines, passing with Dhruv n Daniel was good in the attacking half. Received really good long over n through balls from Andy, even missed a bicycle kick on d-top. Only could score one trying to cross to the second pole to patty and instead hit one of the kitfo defender n the ball went in. Atul Andy were amazing in defence which is why the team held up very well against the opposing teams attacks. I would like to thank and also apologise to the BI fans for today's performance which cud have been much better. 
Chinchin's Stats 
Here are my stats. Given the big ground there was quite some amount of running  
Steps 9569 Distance 7.51km Peak Heart Rate 165bpm Average Heart Rate 116bpm 
Rocks Review as MR 
Thank you, Coach, for the opportunity to referee today's match. KITFO have been playing really well of late, while BI were under the gun, also having incorporated a number of youth players into the squad. As it turned out, BI played very well. The back line was strong, with Andy and Atool controlling the center very ably and moving the ball around nicely. New entrant Danny was strong in the midfield, and provided BI a lot of self-confidence. The youth players also played well, and Patty was superb today, and played with a confidence that I had not seen to date. BI's early goals came from through balls. With KITFO playing a high line, and with slow defenders, it was a matter of time before Danny and Zope made their mark. BI could have scored many more goals, but for poor finishing. KITFO today had players in positions different from what they normally play, and that was reflected in their poor coordination and understanding. They also gave away the ball once too often, and seemed a shadow of the team that had been coming together quite nicely recently. KITFO needed a leader and strong voice in the back, and that was a big missing element. Their midfielders were reluctant to move the ball forward, and the team did not seem too intent on scoring. All in all, BI would be pleased with their team game and result, and the impact of their new player. 
BI's Review By Atooool 
BI finally had the first win of the season and hope that we will turn things around for the team. First of all would like to thank the ADC for allowing the ADCY players to be a part of the BI team.What a performance both the ADCY youth had. Very confident and extremely composed. Thanks Zope and John for playing on loan and giving it all in the match today. A big thanks to Arun for being the player referee and keeping things very well in control. There were a few late challenges and a YC from BI players that could have been avoided. We apologize for that. BI played a new formation today 4:5:1 to adapt to the new bigger ground. John (GK), Manoj P (LB), Andy (LCB), Atul (RCB), Sachin (RB), Uday/Patty (LW), Ringa (LCM), Danny (CM), Dhruv (RCM), Zope (RW), MJ/Patty/Uday (Striker). BI had a little scare to start with as Omi did not show up again till almost end of the first half. Luckily we had 2 subs and MJ got a start up front. BI played to a strategy to defend well within our half and counter attack when moving up. This worked really well with fast paced Zope and Danny making a lot of runs to beat the KITFO defense. The first goal came of a a long ball by Andy from the back to Danny who beat the KITFO defense line and then calmly placed the ball at the back of the net. Zope also troubled the KITFO defense from the RW with his amazing speed and control..unfortunately was not able to find the net a few times after doing all the hard work. Second goal also came off a 1-2 by Danny and Dhruv..and Danny again beating the charging GK to place cooly. BI went up 2-0. BI scored the 3rd from a cross by Zope and then a pass to Patty by Dhruv. Patty did really well to score. Half time score was 3-0. The second half we did expect KITFO to push hard to get a goal. BI decided to play a little deep and defend for the first 15 mins and only counter attack via flanks. This worked well for us with Patty on the LW and Zope on the RW making absolutely fabulous runs, but were unable to finish. The 4th goal came during one of these runs by Zope who this time actually tried to minus pass to Patty..only to find Deb deflecting the ball into their own net for a OWN GOAL. Uday and Dhruv got a few chances as well...but failed to score. KITFO did get a couple runs going, but failed to make much inroads.A good free kick by Sameer in the 2nd Half outside the BI D was saved by John...who kept a Clean Sheet today. Overall BI players stuck to their positions and roles for most of the game and the team morale is surely much better now. It was a good win for BI, but we are also aware that our job only gets tougher with every match as we try and turn around from here. 
Johns Review as GKL for BI 
First of all thanks to BI management for giving me the opportunity to play for them. BI looked like a totally different side today as they were playing good passing game, accurate through balls and good solid defending. New player Daniel was a treat to watch as he handled the BI midfield with authority, he showed good ball control, awareness and scored two goals as well. Patty and Ringa were superb on the left flank and Lalit on the right. Kitfo was not in their element today, just an off day for them i guess but I am sure they will come back even stronger. As far as my performance goes, a bit easy and boring outing for me as I had to make just one save in the whole match and that tells you the entire story. Well done BI and Kitfo will be back I am sure. 
MR by Khare 
Let me first explain my stance when it comes to organizations. Clubs will always come ahead of organizations when it comes to the TZLC. 
This means if a player has a match for his organization on a Wed and then a match for his club a day or two later I will allow the same player to play lightly if players are less and therefore he has to play or give him the chance to rest. When an organization plays I relish the chance to let the players that have had less game time for their clubs or who are not members of the TZLC or who are unable to play in positions that they want to play in at their clubs so that I can play them in positions they desire to play in. So when I spoke to Atoool some days ago I had specifically told him not to worry about KITFO and how they play and how your team should adjust to them. I remember telling him to try and get the positive vibe going through the club and to get morale up also to use this game to allow each player to get their duties and responsibilities right. Atoools Review was no doubt written in high spirits but one should 1st understand the circumstances. No individual likes to lose. None of the KITFO players like to lose. But it was informed to them that WINNING is not the criteria this morning. It's enjoying the game while trying to get used to the new tactics your coach has thrown at you and to be positive towards the new defensive line up. Rocks Review also rested on KITFO's lack of positive movement and their sudden drop in form. I think this deserves further clarification from my side. In the previous KITFO matches (not to be confused with BE as they are a CLUB) KITFO played to a FIXED strategy that everyone was familiar with. Plus all the plans were made AVA to them a couple of days prior to the match. Such as before, all non TZLC players and players that did not get enough game time will get 90 mins. The rest of the squad will be rotated with the GK and also in FAMILIAR positions. Now this makes a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE. If anyone was to blame for this result it is ONLY ME. My suggestion to my players at KITFO would be to avoid keeping me in charge if you lot also feel the need to play for the win and play all the technically strong experienced players throughout the match.  
The formation was very simple but confusing also for those KITFO players that have finally understood the philosophy of wing play, duties and responsibilities while defending and attacking etc. I had decided to try Robby as a Cd throughout the game. Dev, Dan and VK were constantly rotated throughout the Rb, Cd and LB positions. After Ray arrived, he played as a Cd, GK and then in Mf. Obviously there was no speed in the defence line. It was BI's decision to go gung ho for the win. What other chance do I get to school the 4 defenders on the importance of communication in the defensive unit? I can still remember how everyone has gone gaga about Amti and Sherry's communication and composure in Cd. Did that happen overnight? Ask them. I can guarantee that all the players that played in Defence this morning LEARNT a heck of a lot from the match and me yelling from out. They will take more to their clubs when they play for them again. Isn't it obvious that KITFO could've gone for a win? Now every Tom, Dick and Harry would be able to select a squad that would've matched if not had the chance of beating the Icemen. All you have to do is start with my philosophy of being strong at the back FIRST and then build from there. This morning I specifically told the blokes that THIS was going to be a match in which I was going to THROW some players in at the deep end and the rest of them, Red, Amar, Mishti, Amti, Keano and Sherry would experience life in a new formation with the freedom to express themselves. This was ALSO a VERY BIG learning experience for them. Something that they will also take back to their clubs. We played with 6, yes 6!!!!! Cm's in the match. Noone was asked to occupy a flank. The flanks would be covered by the wing backs if necessary. These 6 were supposed to FLOAT around nipping and darting in and around together playing nifty one-two's and such. They would move across as a unit playing sexy little passes in gaps and into space or to the player CONSTANTLY keeping the ball moving in a FORWARD direction. The goals were not great. Simply put. The propensity for the KITFO players to CHANGE their mindset was difficult to master as they kept playing the ball back to their defenders. I asked them a simple question at HT. When they fist started playing in defence or anywhere and they got a ball under pressure, what did they do? They obviously CRAPPED it! So how do they expect the NEW inexperienced defenders to cope? For me this was a good match as ALL of the players as per my knowledge finally understood what I was going on about.  
Just got Johns Review and uploaded it. So John, if you were so bored then why didn't you show a bit of skill and come dribbling out a few times? From your Review it can be understood what a few things the Mf's learnt today, they didn't get enough shots off, and they played too many negative balls in the 1st H. That's just 2 examples. 
BI were not tested at all today but the KITFO players did string a few passes together on a few occasions that caused panic in their ranks. Once again I know Pat is is a grand player and knew that he likes running at defenders, it's all a massive short game for him. He's that mature. He's only 13 and I think he's got more GAME TIME Experience than most of the KITFO or TZ players. Do I need to explain any further? MJ also. A massive big short game and Big goals and the TZLC is only a bonus for them. When you are forced every evening to do drill after drill and so on, won't you become a good player if you wanted to? BI MUST not rest on this victory by thinking all's good. They should understand that if KITFO would have UNDERSTOOD what the formation asked of them or played as if they played for their club or played in a formation that they were familiar with, then wouldn't things have been different? 
Danny I know is a good player, that's why I've rated him highly. I still can see some things he can work on. I'll meet him tomorrow.  
Did Sleepy score? No Dev did...Did Sleepy assist? So when a QUICK and technically adept player is playing against a slow and inexperienced player and his own team mates are making him play a running race with his opponent, I'm supposed to think he played well? 
Nuff said.... 
Rock as MR - One can see he's trying to be more vocal. I think he will need much more match practice as an official. I will not say anything about incorrect decisions made or taken as the Ref is allowed to make a couple as long as they are not glaring. Every Ref does make a few mistakes now and again. Sokay. The guilt rests with the Ref coz it's the TZLC and a bad decision will NOT see you threatened. I honestly thought that this time round Amti wasn't guilty to get the YC but I guess his reputation followed him around. Danny was allowed a lot of freedom while tackling and as he's a taller bloke he needs to exercize caution while going in on smaller players. On the whole good! 
AndySu and Django - I was in line with these two in either half and I actually thought Jango got maybe only a couple offisides wrong but they were 50 50 so it was ok but AndySu got at least a couple wrong that were BLATANT!! He may have gone to sleep for a bit!!!