Mon 18/01/16 
RH (0) 2 Vs BE (0) 1 
RH - Khare 55 Sherry OG 86 
BE - Keano 48 
Deep ran 8.02k's 
MO's: BI - Atul, Ajoo; AA - Arun, Sameer; PACU - Amarnath, DJ; RW - Karan, Manan; BT - Mukul, Shubhankar 
RH - 1. GK DIRECT LOAN: Tushar P - unavailable due to work: ADC'c current valuation = 330k TZR Atul S - on loan from BI: ADC's current valuation = 200k TZR 2. Mr. Khare - loan for home game with player refs UNA - Beeraj, Anna, Gambo 
Khare has dropped out!!! 
BE - 1: Manoj (300, RW) as per AVGKL 
RH Preview By Red Match Programme CLICK HERE!!! 
RH have the opportunity to go to the top of the first division table by registering a win against BE. We are in a good run of form and will be looking to continue in the same fashion. Shivam S will be making his full debut in the TZLB8 for RH. The entire RH squad and all the fans are really excited! We will expect the bong duo of Amar-Mishti to control things in midfield and dictate the pace of the game. Kramer has been a huge improvement this season. We expect him to continue on that path! We will most probably continue to deploy a 4-4-2 formation but we have all the players who prefer playing centrally. We will be seeking expert guidance from our coach yet again to solve our issues. We have also requested Mr. Khare to play for us on loan to boost our chances further! BE have turned a corner and are a dangerous unit on the big grounds. They also turn up with plenty of subs. Player rotation keeps the players fresh. We will have to put in a hard shift against the Eagles. We wish them luck! 
BE Preview included in MATCH PROGRAMME Click Here! 
Mkul Review as Main Ref 
First and foremost I apologise for my performance as the main ref today. Had I taken control of the situation from the kick off the match would have looked very different. After my last outing as the main ref I got feedback that I was too strict and I should first give warnings etc. Although I am perfectly aware of the no tolerance policy of TZLC today I tried to be a bit lenient thinking that by now players must have understood all the rules and regulations of TZLC. Thus, I did not give yellow cards in the first half for things such as not giving the ball in the hand for throw ins etc. In retrospect, I think I should have given those cards and let the players know that I am not going to tolerate any unruly behaviour. In the second half, the atmosphere became heated and players started pushing and touching each other. Also, some players were constantly talking to me about what the opposition was doing and what I should do about it. All these incidents merited suspensions. But alas, I was in a forgiving mood today and it made the game unnecessarily violent. My repeated apologies to the fans and the players for that. Finally, in the dying moments of the match I gave yellow cards to Rake (For rough play) and to Mishti (For interfering with the ref's job by making suggestions). Their behaviour was no different than what was happening between some of the other players earlier but my decision-making was not consistent today. For that apologies to both of them. Thankfully, there were no major errors which had any impact on the result. I hope to improve my standard of referring if i am given more chances in the coming matches. 
Mkul adds - 
"Although I have already sent my MR earlier I would like to add a few more details in that report as required by the ADC. Since I submitted the first MR, Mishty has issued an apology to the main ref. I thank him for the same and I accept his apology. Today I found out how difficult the job of a referee is when players decide not to co-operate. I agree that many of the decisions made by me and my assistants might not be correct. I am again apologising for the same. But some of the behaviour on display was just incomprehensible. The game was quite fast paced and giving an instantaneous decision was not wise. Therefore I was always consulting with my assistants and making sure that there was no foul etc. In that process, I let the game go on but whenever possible I gave the earlier fouls and till the game stopped the players should have just got up and continued to play instead of questionning the earlier decisions. Their negative reactions to the ref's decisions were very discouraging and not good for the overall game. However, I have decided to take this experience as a great learning experience and I will not repeat the mistakes I did today. I once again apologise to the players and fans. I also apologise to RH and BE if my MR has been a bit harsh. I hope that all teams will also learn something from today's match. Congrats to RH on victory and hard to BE who played superb". 
Audi Review as LP 
I'm really happy the ADC has appointed me as LP for 3 matches straight. I have now become more confident in that role. The game was a pressure cooker. Both teams were going at it and the main REF had to be on his toes the whole time. Kudos to him. Also have to mention that Amti and Sherry were absolutely brilliant with their offside trap. They were the best I have seen till date in TZ. Their understanding was on another level and of course the full backs did their part as well. The ground was horrible for the LP. There was no space to run and sometimes I felt I was playing the game cause I ended up on the field. Sangamwadi will be missed...Not! 
RH Review By Red 
Firstly, RH would like to apologize for the poor work before the game and thank BE and the ADC for their help! RH owe this victory to Mr. Khare who was running the show for us today. We thank him for accepting our request to play for us at such a short notice and getting us over the line in this game. We enjoyed playing alongside him but unfortunately were unable to follow his directions for a lot of the time. RH played 4-3-3:Atul-GK; Kramer-RB; Mangs-RCB; Sagar-LCB; Nikhil-LB; Pudang-RCM; Amar-CM; Mishti-LCM; TC-RW; Amu-ST; Mr. Khare - LW. Honestly, I feel bad for BE to end up on the losing end due their efforts in this game. They did give a strong fight and I mean it literally. The game was intense and frantic with the players going in late on numerous occasions! We made a lot of mistakes today but BE were unable to take advantage of them. Keano put BE in front in the second half when we was allowed to receive a throw-in, turn and shoot. Mr. Khare brought us level by finishing off superbly from a Pudang through ball. Thereafter, Pudang was through on goal but John saved it and Pudang hit the crossbar from the rebound. Sherry was unlucky to give away yet another OG from a RH corner after we took the extra 5 minutes. For now, we are at the top of the table but there is a lot to be desired on and off the field! 
135's Review as AR 
A clean game on a chilly morning, With BE playing some good footer. Decided to position myself behind the goals due to missing nets. Was only involved in the game on two occasions one was Sameers loopy goal and Amits run in the D in the dying minutes. It seemed like he was obstructed from squaring the ball.Apart from this it was a game played in good spirits with slight flaring of tension in the last few minutes to go and both the teams deadlocked at 1-1. Hardluck to BE!! I would like to thank the ADC for giving me the opportunity to be the AR. 
Atool GKL for RH Review 
To begin with, I would like to thank the Sagar for loaning me today. It was a very well fought game. Today BE did play a very good game, distributing the ball well. Unfortunately they could not covert their chances. In the first half, Keno and Rakesh combined well to make some good runs. RH were not in their usual element and passing not accurate. The first goal from BE - Keno was really very opportunisitic..he saw that i was high up from my line trying to help out the defence and hit it accurately over my head..i was completely caught unawares. The equilizer from RH came soon after with a good 1-2 between Kudang and Khare. Khare really placed the ball well to beat John. The game did get a hard and people could hear the sound of the boots and the ooohs and the aaahs... The RH second goal came in the 41st minute..with Sagar taking a low and fast corner and Sherry could not get out of the way..and ball hitting him and popping into the goal for a OWN GOAL....that must have been jheartbreaking for BE who really played well throughout the entire match and looked to get away with a away win (or a draw at least). Amu and Mangs did really well in CD to keep the BE attack at bay towards the end. 
John AVGKL for BE Review 
First of all thanks to BE management to giving me the opportunity to play for them. BE is getting better with every game and the improvement shown by some of the players is incredible. BE was a far better side today and RH looked like struggling to adjust to the ground dimensions. BE should have won it in the first half itself as they failed to convert on more than 3 occasions. I am a bit disappointed with my performance today as i couldn't keep the bullet from Mr. Khare out as i got a good hand to it and think I should have done better. BE needs to get rid of the habit of scoring own goals although it was unfortunate. Way to go BE and I guess RH needs to rethink their strategy all over again. All in all a hard fought but enjoyable game. 
BE Review By Robby 
BE played with a 4-5-1 formation - Manoj in Goals, Ravi, Amit , Sherry and VK in Defense, Jaydeep, Madhu, Rakesh, Sameer and Suraj in Midfield, Prashant as Striker. We had one sub Dev which replaced Prashant almost after 20 mins. Today BE played a good passing game. There were quick 1-2 touch passes and we were able to keep the possession. We also got good number of scoring opportunity as well. Defense also did a good job of playing compact and composed. We didn’t allow any open shots on goals. I feel there is a lot of improvement in our co-ordination and passing. RH is a definitely a good side but we were able to take lead in the 1st half. We were unfortunate to concede a last min goal which resulted in a loss. But, overall it was a wonderful game and good team performance. 
JJ AR Review 
A match well fought by both sides. BE to me have emerged really well as a team this season. They all have been playing hard together. Today they seem to be gelling well and created many chances of which they just managed to score 1. RH on the other hand were lucky. Thanks to Coach’s super goal & Sherry mistake that earned them a win. Sameer & Madhu played exceptional for BE today. Overall a good match to watch from outside. Well played folks! 
MR By the ADC 
Not a game for the faint hearted at all! BE literally came out with their talons poised for the kill while RH took nearly the whole game to understand the formation! As seen in Red's review, Red still assumes RH played with 2 wingers when in fact they were playing with 3 Cm's and 3 Central Strikers!!! The match could've been more entertaining if the Mkul as main Ref and Kapka as LP were on their toes. It's a shame that Audi in his Review stated Kudos to Mkul (possibly their friendship at work there) and Mkul did not mention Mr. Khare's efforts at keeping everyone on the straight and narrow. No doubt in ANY other tourney NOT associated with the TZLC, there would've been fisticuffs and a Ref or two being mauled. This was NOT an advert for the TZLC at all. Mkul also mentions that he was told to be more lenient after his previous outing as a Ref. As per the records, Mkul had officicated as Main Ref for an Organizational match (KITFO) Vs RH in fact 
Very similar surroundings as 90% of the BE players play for KITFO. So Mkul should not rest his case by being told to take it easy but in fact he needs to do some introspection as the faith shown by the ADC seemed to be totally misplaced. Also the LP Kapka who gave ALL his decisions while having chai with his companion Mr. Tree. His LACK of desire and apathy to do his job added to the already tempered situation. Most of the stoppages came when Mkul and Kapka were discussing some decision or the other when on one occasion Amu said it him so throw in BE and Khare stepped in to just give BE the ball and told them to take the FK. Mkul also added at least 5 mins to the 90 mins even when RH were 2 - 1 up and were in an advantageous position. Even if Mkul had a reason to make the game 95 mins he MUST ALWAYS make sure the two Captains are in the know. Outrageous also was Yogi's SR. For the stopwatch time he noted the REAL time. Then the 2nd H there's no Video time, so how in the world is the ADC going to set up the highlights show? If this is the way the MO's are going to do their job then the ADC will bring an end to all of this. Failed to mention RH's absolutely UNPROFESSIONAL behaviour as they had not got NETS for the goals, BE got Chalk powder (Phakki) for RH and Mr. Khare wasn't even offered socks or shorts and he even had to ask for his shirt! If this is how clubs treat their players, it's just shameful... 
Now the match...It feels disconcerting that a large amount of demoralizing lines have been written and none of them include the BE contingent! BE have really and absolutely hit a level 9 on their search for glory. Even their technically weak players are trying to pass the ball about and are playing with a confidence rarely seen. Well done BE! The less said about Keano's attempt to chop of or maim some RH players appendages, or about Rake and others using unfair means to win the ball (as many of the RH players did the same!!!) but Keano was ALWAYS very late and when a strong player as Keano goes in late, it's BOUND to hurt. Amu got thwacked accidentally in the face by Amti's wandering hands and his wandering knee too! In such a tight space there are bound to be incidences that would be questioned by one and all and with BE well and truly beyond their status of push overs the game was fast and furious both in brilliant passing moves, horrific tackling and unforced errors. RH should have taken the lead after Khare was set through on goal and one could make out the indecision in his mind as John AVGKL as usual stayed on his line. Thereby leaving both areas of the goal open. This confused Khare, telling himself that it's too easy to score and scoring so early would ask BE to chase from very early on. Yes, he did indeed think all that while he was on the ball for barely a second or two. He thought it would be morally wrong to score from this position and outer footed the ball out! Excuses excuses but the truth! Then BE settled down and came close to a few goal worthy attempts. Rake started bicycling all over the park, Mishti even thought he would be decapitated once! At one of Rakes bicycles Mkul and Kapka once again decided to waste a bit more time by having a chat about nothing. It was not ALL BE though, RH hit the bar once and came close a few more times. RH were missing 3 very important players, Gambo, Shiv and ofcourse Anna. So their game was not all there especially with the new formation. RH went down to 10 men when Paul pulled up with a hamstring injury. I think Red doesn't know that Prashant G does NOT want to be called Pudang or Pudding so I'm calling him after Paul Scholes! Mario and Dev were tried up front for BE and Dev almost scored! Mario limped off and tried to do his scoring off the field by wandering about behind his own goal line. Khare was too involved in keeping the players abreast of the TZLC R and R and their obligation to keep along the rose petaled road then worry about Mario exercising his vocals. 
The ADC is surprised that ALL the players and MO's have conveniently washed out the dirty linen. It seems the match ADC was privy to was not the same as the one all these members played in. Mishti's kettle whistled finally and was shown the YC as well as Rake for an offence EVERY player was making from the 1st minute.  
The ADC thanks RH for taking Khare as Player Coach, he enjoyed his stint tremendously and wishes he could keep a little bit fitter. He wishes to state to all members how important stamina, as well as upper and lower body strength is. 
Congratulations to BE for all the progress they have made. 
All the best to TC and Shiv who have some family health issues. 
Congrats to Ashubh whose getting married this evening, the invite was sent to all members and if you haven't received it please contact Mkul for the info as he should be troubled for the rest of his life starting from today for his terrible reffing! 
Thu 21/01/16  
PLAYER REFS (CANCELLED KHARE Reffed) Extra 5 mins NOT taken by RW both halves 
RW (1) 2 Vs BT (0) 1 
RW - Ivan 9.10 Amonk 64.55 
BT - Shaurav 74.51 
MO's - BE- Amit,Gururaj PACU- Vicky, Amarnath, Harjeet BI- Atul Anand AA-Arun Sean RH-Shivam Nikhil 
RW - EMERGENCY LOAN Mayur 0.230 for Jonty 0.310 
BT - Direct loan: Audi (valued at 0.320 tzr) for Shubhankar (Valued at 0.350tzr) Adu (Valued at 0.240tzr) for Bhanda (Valued at (0.240tzr) 
RW Preview included in Match Programme Click Here!!! 
Like every other club BT are also curious to play on the new ground. The ground is a proper sized ground and it will be a test of fitness for all the players involved. BT have done quite well so far in the season considering that half of our squad is playing together for the first time. And for us this will be the big difference between the two sides. Most of the RW squad has been playing together for quite a while and they know how it feels to win titles. If BT are to compete with teams like RW we need to show that we can be consistent. For this match, we are missing a few players and in their place we are taking Audi and Adu from AA on loan. We are most likely to stick with the formation that has worked well so far. The result of this match can change a lot of things for many teams in both divisions. We wish best of luck to all those teams. Best of luck to RW and us to. 
Adu Loanee for BT Review 
I would, firstly like to thank the BT management for taking me on loan today. As a player, I prefer to play on a bigger ground as I am better at giving through balls or long balls as compared to short nimble footed dribbling. The IISER-NCL ground is a huge ground and so, I was overjoyed at the prospect of playing TZLC’s first match there. BT is a very strong team and they play to good strategies. We played the entire match in a 4-4-2 formation. I played as right back for the majority of the game and was shifted to central defender for the last five minutes. The first goal was partly my fault, I should have cleared the ball as the cross came in but in the heat of the movement, I let the ball deflect of my thigh which then went straight to an RW player who comfortably put the ball in the net. I apologize for this to the BT management and fans. Patty and I could not use the right wing to the fullest and I could not get a single proper cross into the box. Apart from this I was satisfied with my performance today. I made some good runs and with Mkul’s help, managed to defend almost all of the RW attacks that came down my flank. The BT goal was really good according to me; there was a good build up, a wonderful cross from VG sir and finished off with a strong header! I would finally like to thank both teams, the ref and all the MOs. It was a great game and I look forward to playing more in the future. 
Audi Loanee for BT Review 
Very unhappy with today's game. We had a chance to make our mark on the new ground. But sadly we couldn't play as a team. Individually lot of players were playing well, but as a team we fell a bit short. I played in the center along side Van Gaal. Could have distributed the ball better. But the new ground will take some getting used to. A warm thank you for the BT management for taking me on loan, hopefully the next time I play for them I can help them secure 3 points! Kudos to RW and Sarva! 
Mayur Loanee for RW Review 
I first and foremost thank the management of RW for giving me an opportunity for playing alongside them. It was an extremely cold morning and we were playing with one player short. Considering the size of the ground that 1 player made quite a difference.The opposition were having two upfront players. I think the wingers of the opposition team viz Adu, Patty & Siddhu were playing really well. We held onto the ball well and played patiently. The two goals were an example of great team effort. Ankush from the opposite team was force to pull out due to hamstring injury which eased the pressure on us. Although the opposition was playing a high line defence we couldn't make use of it. I apologise Jehan for the harsh tackle for which I was rightly sent off. At the end of the day a hard fought win for us. 
BT Review By Mkul 
We played 4-4-2 in today's match as follows: Anand (GK), Adu (RB), Mukul (RCD), Ankush (LCD), RAfa (LB), Siddhu (LM), Audi (LCD), Jehan (RCD), Patty (RM), 2 strikers - Niraj and Shaurav. We are disappointed to lose the match because we feel that we had enough firepower to trouble RW and get points out of this game; especially when they were one man short. I thought Patty and Adu played exceptionally well. Adu made a mistake which led to RW's first goal but overall he played really well and understood the game plan brilliantly. We should have passed the ball more quickly from left to right and vice versa. We lost possession on too many occasions while trying to attack from one wing. Due to injury to Anks, we had to play Shaurav in LB position for some time and I must admit that at that moment I found it really difficult to make positional changes because I was thinking like a player and focusing on my own game and found it difficult to think like a manager. However, we adjusted better this time to the bigger sized ground and we are hopeful that soon we will start playing well on bigger grounds as well. We enjoyed playing on this ground. Now its just a matter of getting some basics right and we will bounce back in the league standings. Congrats to RW on their 3 points. 
Amonk Ran 
RW Review By 135 
The Jt manager Karan would like to again apologize to the Main Ref for the unprofessional conduct today morning.Today morning RW started on the back foot as the only available RW CD Avi dropped out due to an emergency, hope all is OK now with him, so we adapted our 4-4-2 formation to 4-4-1 with Pravin and Maya in RCD and LCD respectively, Zhope RB Mannu LB Vikki and Karan in the CM roles Monga RW Sarva LW Taufa Lone striker upfront. With a man down we kept possession deep in our half throughout the 1st half and that helped as we created 3 chances on counters and scored one via Sarva off a Monga cross from the right wing. Vikki sped through to goal when Monga released him off the Right wing and shot it straight to keeper who did well to punch it out. BT came very close a couple of times and Manoj handled it really well. The second half was more quicker as BT upped their game with a good change in the Central mid and we could feel we were a man down. Anks unfortunately stepped out injured and RW scored one more Via Monga when Vikki laid him off after a good build up which resulted in a sitter missed by Karan. Mayuresh who held the fort for us today got sent off for a foul on VG and we conceded quiet easily in his absence to bring the score to 2-1 and that was the final score. BT played really well and their youth Player Pat was a stand out performer with a show of maturity in picking the right pass everytime. 
MR By the ADC 
It's always good to run out on your own ground per se. Regarldess of whether there was grass or not. Theres a long way to go for TZ's 
new home but we'll get there. This mornings match was mediocre at best. Even though the ground was soft and the ball were not rocks, 
the players lost control or made errors far too many times. No doubt passing the ball across the box by the defenders has become decidedly easier due to the size of the ground but the game hasn't improved as compared to the space gained. The speed of the passes was slow, therefore the opposition had time to cover gaps. Teams need to think about that. The same observation was made on the smaller grounds too, that the quicker the passes are, the more difficult it is for the opposition to adjust and the more space your own team has. The goals were good, very professionally finished off. The 1st goal RW's actually was an error by Mkul that Adu coudn't react to that 
allowed Ivan to score. The 2nd by RW was mature play on the D top and then a cool finish by Amonk. BT's goal was the best of the lot with Patty playing a major part in it. It was his bravery on the ball to make a tiny run and play the ball through to Shaurav I think that started the move that ended in the goal. Good play by VG and Sidwho? also and as predicted a great header by Shaurav. 
RW - Unfortunately there are some clubs that generate animosity amongst players and Referee's. In this match it was RW all hands up.  
The constant appealing and quizzical looks take away from the fact that they are a top notch squad. Definitely if the Ref was as strict as his usual self, BT could well have been playing against 7 or 8 players. But the rumour is that the Ref thought that the 1st match on the new ground should not be littered with cards and be remembered for that. Big mistake by the Ref to think that some players have the maturity to play to the spirit of the game. Honestly not so. Rules should never be adjusted for any situation. A foul is a foul and an infringement is an infringement, no matter what. UNLESS the R and R specify to that effect. Such as an IFK is awarded in the box if the Ref thinks a goal was not on. All the players in RW played average. EVEN though they played with 10 men it was BT that could not take the one player advantage and not because RW played well. 135 is clearly becoming the master of ceremonies and is more active as the ring master. Vikus has a similar role but not as big. JJ played in Rcd and was not bad but not tested by BT. With 10 players they played with 1 up I presume but Mantan who was at lb did not own the flank. Sleepy was Sleepy and should've been warned for carrying a hanky in one hand. 
BT - Tried to keep playing the ball across the back but way to slowly. Mkul does a good job here when he is trying to calm things down and urge players to keep the ball. Also urging Pat and Adu to have a go. But in the entire scenario, BT should have played it QUICKER to the flanks. They did not and thereby RW were able to hold with 10 players. Against a loanee Cd Mayur and NOT a CD JJ, one would think that Shaurav and Snowtop would lead the charge. Snowtop for me gives up way to easily. Both him and Shaurav always drop back so BT now has only one way of playing and that's through the wings indirectly. BT should learn to change strategies when they have to big strikers. One with speed and one who is phenomenal in the air. Sometimes a high ball is a necessity to get things moving and is least expected. There can be a flick on to the other striker or to the flanks or the chap can lay it off to a Cm. BT could have got a lot more no doubt had their errors been less. There is no mistake in their plan to go down the flanks, majorly down Pat and Adu's though, but there should be an on off switch that the team knows can be hit. Something that says, alright guys, lets get the ball up faster and direct, and then play the game. Not EVERY pass has to be short....Mkul needs to look at his CONSTANT advice and sometimes allow stalwarts like VG and Audi, Sidwho and etc to sometimes do their own thing. My guess is that sometimes these players ened up NOT listening to Mkul just to spite him!!! Anks injury I think would be the most devastating if it's long term but if he seeks care with the inhouse Doc, maybe things may just be a bit brighter! 
Fri 22/01/16  
BE (0) 1 Vs AA (0) 2 BE did NOT take the extra 5 in the 1st H but took it in the 2nd 
BE - Keano 50.15 
AA - Audi 46.39 Ajinx 67.24 
BT : Jehan, Anand PACU : DJ, Yogi BI : Anand, Atul RW : Manoj, Manan RH: Sagar, Rajib 
The ADC believes the Refs should be as neutral as possible. Mantan, VG and AndySu who are not familiar with either squads 
will be asked to Referee. Yogi and Atool will be AR's. AndyPandy CM, ADC SR, Red BB, Mishti BB 
The ADC will be allowed to assist the Main ref if required.... 
AA - Amarnath (value 0.36 M TZR) PACU for Sean value (0.36 M TZR). Emergency Loan Amonk for Rock 
BE - 1: Avi (300, RW) as per AVGKL 
BE Preview included in MATCH PROGRAMME Click Here 
AA Preview By Ryan 
If AA have found their scoring boots after their last match against BI needs to be seen in this match against BE which is a very strong team especially on their home ground where they practice every week. BE are a very composed team and play to their strengths. With coach's guidance, they are playing simple football with short passes and moving the ball around and AA needs to be prepared to do a little bit of running. AA are playing well and if they are able to start converting, we should start moving up the table quickly. Best wishes to BE! 
Amma Loanee for AA Review 
Today morning I got the opportunity to re-unite with my former team mates (AA). Thank you Sam for giving me the opportunity. I was expecting an easy game given the quality in the Astros squad. But AA were surprisingly disjointed or may be rusty. Maybe AA were missing their big players Sean and Arun. Our profligacy in front of goal almost cost us full points today. I completely enjoyed the game though. The MR Jeahan and Manan along with the Linesmen were superb. They were in complete control of the game and their decision making was also spot on. 
Amonks Review as Loanee for AA 
I would like to thank the AA management for asking me to play on loan for them today I was asked to play RB and switched to RM for a brief period when Pai needed a breather. I thought me and Pai could have done better on the wing, we both had our moments but couldn't overlap or create chances as often as we should have. AA missed plenty of chances in front of goal but ended up on the winning side 2-1. AA seem to be struggling a bit to figure out their style of play, but they have oodles of talent at their disposal and the great Sam Chavan to control the proceedings, so even on an off day they can count on scoring a few goals and ending up with a favorable result BE have a very organized back line and caught the AA players offside many times. They also have players who are good at distributing the ball around and a talented striker up front. They are a great unit and pass the ball around really well. With a little bit of luck and some composure in the final third could've taken the game away today. Hard luck BE, all the best for the rest of the season. 
Mantans Review as Main Ref for the 2nd H 
I would like to thank the ADC for providing me an opportunity to be the Linesman and Match Referee for game between BE vs AA played at Papal Ground. The first half started pretty balanced with both sides were trying to win the ball of each other and maintain possession, but as the game progressed AA had more of the attacking ball where they tried to force the ball through to their strikers who were 80% offside. It was more like Aundh Offside against BE. The credit goes to BE for playing the offside trap so well. The first half ended nil nil. The second half was more exciting (as I was the match ref now), AA scored their first and seemed in control but only for a little while as BE scored after a couple of shots and a keeping error. After this the game became a little more tough and tackles harder. I did let a few tackles pass and only a late challenge was given as both the teams were playing equaling hard. There were 2 yellow cards given only after fair warnings to both the players. Overall in the second half AA could have finished the game with 2 or 3 more goals, they finished 2-1 but not so convincing. BE had a good game I would say, defensively they have mastered the offside trap and look pretty composed in defence, BE just need a good finisher. I enjoyed my time being the match ref and I hope the players did as well. 
VG's Review as Main Ref and LP 
Firstly, I would like to thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the MR’s for today’s match. BE vs AA is always a keenly contested game, played at a very high intensity. I was the MR for the 1st half and the LP for the second half of the match: Review as MR Before the match, the captains were informed that the late challenges were going to be noted by Mr. Khare who was the SR for the game. Also the captains were informed that there will be a zero tolerance policy and all the players have to respect the decisions by the ARs, LPs and the MR. The first half was a keenly contested half and the players were more or less playing fairly. I had to warn a couple of players to control their movements when they were off the ball and trying to tackle or shield a player. I should have been a bit more vocal and louder. 2 major errors from me . 1. I let the game continue when an AA player was flagged offside just ahead of the halfway line, as the ball was in BE’s possession with their keeper Avi (on loan). Avi’s pass was intercepted by AA and they almost scored from that move. Had a goal been scored I would had to bring the play back. 2. I let BE take a free kick when AA keeper Mihir was arranging the wall. I failed to ask Mihir if he was ready. I apologise to him for the same. I could see that some of the players were not happy with some decisions at times either by me or the LPs. But all of them apologized immediately after and continued with the game. I would like to mention here, that as a player ref, we players cannot create that aura around us which Ref Khare creates when he is refereeing. This is with all due respect to all the players. Maybe for that reason players tend to question / judge the decisions given by the player ref. Even I have done this in the past and will try to keep a check on this when there is a player ref in any of the matches I am playing in. A genuine request to the ADC, to appoint Mr. Khare as the ref for the maximum possible games. In saying so, I would also support the ADC’s decisions to appoint player refs to ease the pressure off Mr. Khare. I would also like to thank the LPs Mantan and AndySu and the ARs DJ and Yogi for assisting me and making my job easier. Review as LP Mantan and me swapped duties and I was the LP for the 2nd half. I was on AA’s half and their defence werent playing to catch the offside with one of the CDs always playing deep. This made my job a bit easier as far as the offsides go. As the play progressed and scores tied, the game got a bit harder with tackles and body contact increasing and I was keeping an eye for any incident which I would need to assist Mantan with. Apologies for not communicating my observations to Mantan regarding certain tackles and incidents. The game was a good game to officiate as it gave an insight into refereeing a hard fought game which was a bit physical in nature at times. BE played very well and all can see the progress the team is making. Hard luck to them. Well played AA and congrats for the win. Best wishes to both teams for the remainder of the season. 
BE's Review By Robby 
BE played with a 4-5-1 formation - Abhi in Goals, Guru, Amit , Sherry and Prashant in Defense, Jaydeep, Madhu, Rakesh, Sameer and Suraj in Midfield, Dev as Striker. We had 2 subs today : Ravi and VK which were played with rotation. Today it was another unfortunate day for BE. We played quite well. Good passing, better communication and team effort. Our defense was so well organized that we caught more than 10 offside. AA is one of the best team of the league but we gave a tough fight to them. We also got quite a few goal scoring opportunity. I feel we are improving after each and every match. Overall it was a nice experience. 
AA's review By Ryan 
AA started with a 4-5-1 formation with Mihir in goals, Amar and Mayuresh in CD , Neel as LB and Monga as RB. Audi as RCM, myself in central midfield and Tiger as LCM along with Pai and Shivang on Right and Left flank. Ajinkya as the lone striker. BE played well as expected moving the ball around patiently and focussing more on counter attacks. AA on the other hand were too keen on attacking and scoring with thru balls which did not result in anything as most of our guys were being caught once too many times. In the second half, we moved to a 4-4-2 formation with myself moving with Ajinkya upfront and in one such move, Audi found the back of the net getting us the much needed goal. Soon after BE equalized thru a series of blunders starting with a wrongly weighted pass from the defence and the goal going thru the legs of Mihir. Ajinkya got a couple of one on ones with the keeper which should have been converted though Avi made some good saves he could not keep one of them where Ajinkya finished it clinically. BE was able to make a couple of good moves but fortunately for AA they were not very threatening. The game ended with AA lucky to not concede a penalty in the end from the LC (17). 
MR By the ADC 
All the clubs in the TZLC are improving by leaps and bounds be it tactically or based on individual performances. But BE surely tops the lot if you compare where they were and what they've become. The level they have reached as compared to the standards they were at is phenomenal. They have worked incredibly hard on their offside trap and if they limit their errors any player that plays against them will be concentrating more on the oppositions defensive line than the ball! Thats half the battle won!! AA were without Sparky and Rock buy Ryan was almost back to his battling and master of ceremonies best . Clearly he's still a ways off from being top notch as he made far too many mis passes than he ever does. The 1st H ended square as did the chances. The 2nd H saw the game open up a bit more and Audi had the presence of mind to calmly chest Ryan's pass and then shoot on target. There was an odd bounce but Avi could've done better. Keano equalized after first Meer and then Amma and the Meer messed things up royally. I will not repeat what I have said many a time about Meer when I compare his keeping with his outfield performances. If the player himself wants to keep then that's his decision. BE's Groo had tracked back and had keep AA onside when Ajinx took a while to score, once again of Ryan's hard work. 
AA - Average at best, nothing much down either flank...either getting caught offside or doing nothing. Stoney had a shot or two but clearly seems to be the scapegoat to be pushed around and placed in positions that noone else wants to play in either due to fear or incapability. Not a bad learning curve though for him. Amonk I reckon puts on his A game only for RW, while the other Emergency loan Amma was nothing special too. Ryan was so much better than what we've seen recently and that is a good sign. Ajinx needs to get some serious finishing practice or Stoney should be given a chance up front. Tiger has reverted back to his initial TZLC days and he blames this on the life he's leading right now, sleepless and worrisome. It's commendable that he comes out and plays but I'd rather he stayed at home if he's going to play dirty footer on the ground. 
BE - Sherry and Amti are literally controlling the entire defensive half. That's what Defenders should do. Their quickness and awareness at the back, their control of the Rb and Lb is easily of the calibre of a well oiled machine. But sometimes the oil they put in is of inferiour quality and the engine seizes. Amti is still a bit rough on the edges. All the technically weak players are doing well when the squad is playing like a team and thats important. Although the BE midfield are doing theings they have never even thought they could do before they still make mistakes and that puts pressure on the defensive line. Note AA's 1st or 2nd goal. The ball was lost in mf. If Keano can add a bit of level headedness in his game then that would be brilliant! He tends to lose it while trying to retrieve the ball when he can in fact take it easy and intercept it later or get back in a better position before doing something hasty. out of all the clubs playing currently, BE seem to be ENJOYING their new found ability and the crowds are also exulting in this new avatar. 
Points I thought I should add after reading all the reviews. Mr. Khare was the SR and as discussed was more than happy to allow the Refs to concentrate on the game only, instead of taking the few seconds required to focus on the Late Challenges too. Mantan suddenly called a LC (ONLY 1) in his half of the MR job that confused one and all. This just goes to show the lengths Khare takes to ensure no injuries occur. In Mantans view there was only 1 LC call and 2 YC's. At HT the Stats sheet reflected at least 5 LC calls against BE and 7 against AA. This meant there were a total of 9 LC against BE and 9 against AA in the 2nd Half itself. Contrary to what Mantan had observed. The ADC notes VG's (Jehans) words that hoped Khare would get back to Reffing. Khare would like to mention here that every season there comes a point where the players are unable to control themselves and even a small query towards the Ref or LP's is unforgiving after the lengths Khare goes to to ensure a fair, impartial and injury free game. So it is not only stress that is the reason why Khare ends up opting out of reffing for a match or two but through irritation and frustration towards the behaviour of certain players. There is no doubt Khare has decades of experience coaching and playing at a high and low level and therefore respect is easy to give to him. No doubt respect is earned. If a player Ref is appointed, and makes deplorable decisions, who is at fault? Quite obviously the Refs that they could not make the right decision BUT also the blame lies with the player that showed his anguish, anger and frustration by voicing his views to the Ref. Doesn't it make you a better person to accept that humans make errors? That by confronting the Adjudicator (In this case the Ref) the player is not doing the right thing? Does showing your consternation and passion to one and all by directing your views of the decision at the Ref make you the Big Man in front of everyone? Does it show the others how vested you are in the club and at winning?  
Let me tell you folks that the ADC BELIEVES that NOT a single player in the TZLC will give up. Every player will want to play for the win. But it's how you do it that counts. Fair and square WITHOUT preaching.... 
Sat 23/01/16 POSTPONED By BT