Tue 05/01/16 NULL AND VOID 
TZAS (0) 1 Vs BT (3) 5 
TZAS - Rock 84.45 
BT - Suman 1.11, Rafa (Og TBD) 26.06, Anks 29.14, VG 47.55 Pen, Shaurav 89.50 
TZAS - 1. Avi 2. Anand 3. Sean 4. Manoj 5. Arun 6. Subhav 7. Dhruv 8. Vikrant 9.Amarnath 10. Neel 11. Nikhil 12. Mangesh 13. Karan 
TZ have appointed 135 to look after the administrative aspects of TZAS while to assist him in the squad decisions regarding team formation and R and R related to that, Mr. Khare has appointed Rock, Amma and Sparky. 
MO's - BE - Sharad and Devendra, PACU - Vikky and Amarnath, RW - Avi and 135, RH - Rajib da and Nikhil, BI - Anand and Atul, AA - Ajinkya and Meer 
TZAS Preview By 135 
Playing a match in a Knock - out phase is always a challenge and playing a good side like BT just adds to it. We will stick to the 4-4-2 formation we are accustomed to. Zonal positioning will be key for this game. The wingers will have to utilise their space well with quick one twos and off the ball running. At Sangamwadi one touch passing and high awareness is an absolute must to keep possession and we will try that. Being a Knock out we will give our best shot and try for a win. 
Amid speculations regarding the venue we are pleased to play against TZAS in our ADC cup match. Mukul is still unsure about his participation in this match but he is slowly recovering from his injury. Bhanda's participation is also tentative. Hence we are taking Keano from BE as provisional loan. Although it is a knock out tie we are not going to worry about conceding goals etc. Instead, if Keano plays, he will give more freedom to Jehan and Shubhankar in the mid-field. If Bhanda plays our formation may change but the philosophy remains the same. Cup matches are supposed to be entertaining and that is how we are going to approach this game. I request our fans to come and support us in huge numbers. Our formation depends on the ground on which we will be playing. Best of luck to TZAS. 
Amma Loanee for TZAS Review 
The score line would indicate that TZAS had assembled a rag tag team. It was actually a very decent team, but we were ran ragged by the rampaging BT players. Each and every one of them outplayed us. A thoroughly deserved win for BT, congratulations. Personally, I had the most horrible game. I should have been carded at least 4 times and the last 2 goals were completely my mistake. 
Sherry LP Review 
I would like to first thanks ADC to appoint me as LP. The outfield of ground is very good would be fun playing on it. It seems that BT entered the ground to WIN and from the start of the game they were playing good passing. BT scored the goal in intial few minutes with a deflection and were continuously kept the pressure on TZAS players. Highlight of the game was a corner by Suman and Ankush headed the ball in the goal. TZAS players were trying the keep the possesion but were not able to give the finishing touch in the final quater of the ground. Overall nice game to watch and congratulation to BT and well played TZAS. 
TZAS Review By 135 
Quiet Honestly a match to forget for the All stars as they were humbled at home in exemplary fashion by BT. Leading the charge for Bt was Ashubh, simply unstoppable today with his ball control and Deft moves, with Mkul and Ankush forming a great wall at the back.Tz started with 4-4-2 formation with Dhruv in goals Vikki Rb Avi RCD Subhav LCD Manoj Lb Amma RM Arun CM Karan Cm Neel LM Sean St Anand St we stuck to the formation through out and had 2 changes in the goals with Sean and Anand.We got a bit unlucky when we conceded the first goal, the 2nd was a weak save by the Keeper, The 3rd was a super header by Anks off a Sumanta Corner, 4th a Penalty which was unstoppable. 5th was bad clearance off the line which was tapped in easily. The silver Lining was we hit the Bar on 3 different occasions and missed an open goal Sitter... TZAS were not on the same frequency with each other and needed to settle down in the 1st 10-15 minutes .. play a few passes among themselves and then go in for the attack... the manager for them had a real bad game and was at fault for not really organising the game plan to the T. TZAS really need to pull up their socks and put in way more effort to get the needed results. 
BT Review (Forward) By Mkul 
I was quite pleased with our performance today and I wanted to write the match review but some work came up and I had to request the ADC to allow me to send BT's review after 2 pm. In the meanwhile, Pam called me from the UK and asked me about the match. I told him about the match and he volunteered to write the MR. I just read his MR and he has covered everything I wanted to say in my MR as if he was present at the venue to see the match. Hence, I request all to read his MR and consider that to be the official MR of BT. I would just like to add one thing. We sincerely apologise to Keano about last minute cancellation of his provisional loan. We would have liked to play with him and we hope to take him on loan again. I thank Pam for his help with the MR. Thanks to the ADC for organising ADC cup. Thanks to Karan, the home team manager for organising everything and thanks to fans for supporting us. Cheers! 
BT Review by PAM 
Please find below my review after today's game, from what I have gathered based on my discussion with my counterpart Mukul after the game Great game today BT, great win and good start to the ADC cup! The day began on a pleasing note as I checked my phone to see the news of BT's win over TZAS, that too in comprehensive style. Although I was not physically present for the game, I thought of writing a congratulatory note for the team and a few other things which I gathered after having a quick chat with MKul. The formation for today was our regular 4-4-2 with Anand starting in goal (GK), followed from L2R by defenders Rafa (LB) - Ankush (LCB) - Mkul (RCB) - Sagerr (RCB). Playing in the midfield were Sidwho?(LM) - Jehan (LCM) - Shubh (RCM) - Sumanta (RCM) and finally the strikers Niraj (ST) and Shaurav (ST). We had an extra player Patty who started on the bench initially but replaced Sumanta about 15 minutes into the second half. Unfortunately Ankush picked up a slight niggle in his ankle and as a result had to sit out, but we could afford that as we were in a comfortable position in the game by then and also we had an extra player at hand. About the game - I believe this was BT's first game on the Sangamwadi turf and in my experience it takes time to adjust to a new ground and playing conditions. However BT seem to have taken to the new ground like a fish takes to water - from what I gathered our game was filled with one-two passes and we adjusted really well to the narrow width of the ground. I believe this shows the level of integrity which is developing within the squad as a result of continually playing with each other, all the players seem to be comfortable with their positions now and can sync well as a unit. This particular win seems even more important as it comes against a team having some top notch TZLC players. Maybe due to lack of playing practice with each other gave away the game, also in their defence i believe TZAS did not have a keeper (not sure if i heard that right, maybe they didn't have a regular keeper). It goes without saying that a good keeper can save your team a lot of goals and points as well, and Anand (BT GK) showed exactly that with some really good saves. A clean sheet would have been the icing on the cake, but im sure would only be slightly disappointed about that bit. I also want to thank the ADC and Ajoo for the ground, the feedback from BT players was great and they enjoyed playing on the grass turf and look forward to more games there. Next week BT come up against KITFO and we will look to keep the momentum going into the next game. All the best BT! Great work today, keep it up and looking forward to more exciting football from everyone. Cheers! 
MR By the ADC 
Black Thunder are the team EVERY club should be emulating. A wonderful display of exciting footer for most parts of the match. Intricate ball play and skill that brought the crowd to it's feet. They had players that seemed adept in each position of the ground. From the back to the front. TZAS on the other hand were made to look rubbish. It's not that they were rubbish but they seemed so only due to the sheer brilliance of BT. Once again keeping comes to the fore as even the so called better keepers (outfield players that can keep) are no way near the standards of a proper GK, like for instance Andysu. He's back to his best! Anks's departure put some pressure on BT coupled with Audi's movement up front. Ashubh is slowly coming to the levels of what I expect him to play at. His skill and heela's were mixed with pure unselfishness and that was a joy to watch. With Sidwho? on the left Suman on the right, VG and Ashubh in the middle this team is sensational. Then you suddenly realize Bhanda was missing today (and Pam) but for the near future, Bhanda, who in heavens name are you going to drop? BT are easily in the running for Club of the Season and on this show today, RW, AA and RH, the 3 top 1st Division teams are no where near them. As for TZAS, they clearly have no feelings as they dumped Mangs and put Amma at the back. That was a clear gut reaction and it's unfortunate that adults mange to do this to each other. Not even a word in the ear to Mangs treating him like a human being, just righ now you push up up front, Amma go back! Great job your sub Cd did....He should've got a hundred YC's and 5 Rc's but the Ref was lenient on him. When you have a set plan then you should use it. Not adjust without thinking...I feel proud of Mangs that he did not react as I know a certain PACU player is wont to do!!! I overheard their team talk at HT, in the middle of the pitch, as BT were ready to start and the Ref was waiting, 135 - umm....Amma Cd..ummmm ....errrr....Sparky St...Rock interrupts him - Raja Shona Beta, Sparky gelay ghari!! (King, son, goldy, Sparky home gone!) 135 - Oh...um..errr....Left half...(Suddenly seeing the Ref look admonishingly at him) Um..errr I mean Left Midfied um errr...Stoney....errr Rock? Front up Daddy son good good!! Suddenly it's Rock again - Raja, Beta, Shona? Good thing that only did you today!! (That's the only good thing you've done all day!!)  
That was indeed the gist of it. Audi and Neel I thought was the stand out performers for TZAS....those are the two at least that spring to mind.... 
Wed 06/01/16 NULL and VOID 
BE (0) 1 Vs RW (2) 3 1st H 45 2nd H 35 
BE - Keano Pen 55.55  
RW - Ivan 26.46 Mantan 43.10 Toufa 52.55 
BE - 1: Mihir (330, AA) as per AVGKL 
RW - EMERGENCY LOANS DL- Rajibda(value 0.290 M TZR) RH for Jonty (value 0.310M TZR) - Jonty out of town AVPL- Sumanta(value 0.250 M TZR) RH for Zhope (value 0.240M TZR) - Had a bike accident today morning 
MO's - BT : Bhanda, Sumanta PACU : Satish, Yogi BI : Anand, Atul AA : Shivang, Ajinkya RH: Sagar, Rajib 
BE Preview By VK 
The draws are out in a unique and fun way and the Eagles have a tough one here. RW are the strongest team in the mix and we have to get our strategy spot on. Having faced RW twice now this season (once with KITFO) we are aware that their passing and finishing is lethal. The positive recent results have given us confidence and we will work on the important basics that Coach has stressed on in our practice sessions. We wish to make best use of the home advantage and will most likely go in with a 5-3-2 or a 4-5-1 with emphasis on possession and avoiding giving the ball away cheaply. At this stage of the season we are getting to know our strengths and are working on our weaknesses. It will be a great game for the spectators and hopefully we have a good result. 
RW Preview INCLUDED in the Match Day Programme Click Here 
Mkul Review as LP 
I thank the ADC for appointing me as one of the LP's for today's match. In the second half I had to make an important decision where RW scored a goal and the BE defence line waited for me to give the off side call. However, in that incident, the BE defender at the far side had fallen back making two of RW's players onside. I thought BE played well but couldnt capitalise on limited chances that came their way. RW on the other hand slowly grew into the game. Tough luck BE. Congrats RW. 
RW Review By 135 
Firstly I would like to Thank our old captain Satsut who helped out Sumanta with some gear or we would have been one man down throughout the match. Hope you Recover soon Satsut!!! Come back Stronger!! Not a good match for RW as the struggle to put in a solid performance for the entire match continues, BE played with confidence and were very unlucky to go down today after putting in a great effort at keeping possession. RW started with a man down so had to alter the starting formation of 4-4-2 to 3-1-3-2 with Manoj in Goals Sumanta RB Avi CD Rajibda LB Vikki playing in a defensive mid position with Monga RM Karan CM Mannu LM Taufa and Sarva Strikers...being a man down we felt the pressure and defended in our half as BE retained 90% possession in the first 20 min slowly we got into the game stringed a few passes together and Scored Via Sarva when Taufa Received the ball at the halfway line and released Mannu on the left who laid it off to Sarva in the D to beat the Keeper. Holding BE with a man down was the only bright part of our game today as they were indeed all over us. The second goal was setup by Doo who sought out Monga with a through ball and Monga one on one with keeper played it square to Mannu to tap in. BE were the better team today as they have truly picked up much intraining with Coach Khare and its pretty hard to get the ball back from them if they wanna keep it.BE scored off a pen in the second half when Taufa scored the #rd for us with some neat finishing. They were a bit unlucky to not create many chances in the final 3rd of the ground and that is where finally RW was clinical and got a result in a very important match.We will build up on what we learnt today and it was an absolute pleasure to have Doo back even if just for a game made his presence felt as he took to the team like a fish to water and brought in some more stability in the mid.Hope to see more of him hopefully. 
Amonks Match Stats 
According to me, the initial black line is when he walked to his position at RM in the first Half from the RW dugout and then 
the 2nd H when he walked to his position for the 2nd H! 
BE Review By VK 
BE played 4-5-1 Meer (avgkl), Deep, Prashant, Sherry, Groo (def); Ray, Amit, Jai, Keano, Rake (mid); Harsh (fwd). BE and RW started this knock out cup game at a fast pace. After a tight opening quarter, BE were guilty of lax defending and RW capitalized twice. Firstly when the ball was given away cheaply and later when the defence wasn't in sync while catching offside. The eagles built up the play well but there was no penetration in the final third. The teams went into the break with the eagles trailing 0-2. RW started the second half strongly and went 1 more goal up. Thereafter BE upped the tempo and there was wave after wave of attacks. Rake was through on goal after a superb through ball, but was fouled in the box by John. Keano hammered home the resulting penalty and the score was 1-3. The last few minutes saw BE attacking non stop but couldn't finish the chances. RW closed out the game and the match finished 1-3. The Eagles need to reduce the unforced errors from the game and we are sure that the results will follow. 
MR By the Khare 
The knock out competition usually brings about a different mentality in the sides. There a little more stress as you know that this is a be all or end all situation. But my mouth stood wide open for most parts of the match as BE played with composure and clarity. They played fluid footer with barely any mistakes and were easily in possession of the ball and ready to make the first kill. But when they did make mistakes it was basic stuff, embarrassing to say the least. These errors can only be eradicated through rigorous training with the ball. RW on the other hand just bull doze through matches, they have speed and strength in all depts and utilize that to the fullest. Amonk's crosses are delicious and when Mantan rarely gets down to the flank his are too. But that's the issue, RARELY.  
This MR is ending abruptly as I've some sensational news to BREAK on the website!!! 
Thu 07/01/16 
AA (4) 11 Vs BI (1) 2 
AA - Ajinx 1.23 64.58 90 Audi 7.36 20.13 85.38 Arty 30.10 56.37 66.54 Sparky 53.47 Kapka Loan 88.44 
BI - AndyP Pen 37.46 Zak 49.04 
AA- Kapil (value 0.24M TZR) PACU for Sameer value (0.37M TZR). Belzi (0.25M TZR) RW for Pai Value (0.26M TZR) 
BI - 1. Omi(value 300,000 TZR) - out injury- in place we would like to loan Jehan(value 300,000 TZR - BT) - DL 
MO's - RW - Vikas & Mannu , RH - Amartya and Sagar , BE - Prashant & Nitin , BT - Mukul & Jehan , PACU - DJ & Himanil. 
AA Preview By Ryan Match Programme CLICK HERE 
BI are one of the few teams which AA have not played and with a few strategic loans, they always seem to have an edge over their opponents. AA still are not finding players which can score for them and with the new year hopefully that issue would get sorted. We have taken the in form striker Kapil from PACU and with Arun, they should be able to cause quite a few problems for the BI defence. 
BI Preview By Atool 
BI will miss the presence of a slew of BI players Ajoo, Abhishek, Hatki and Omi due to their injuries. We will have Jehan on loan who will help in strengthening the midfield for this match. Also for the ADC Cup and the League Cup, BI has decided to merge with ADCY (Thank you ADC/Coach for suggesting and approving this option). This will allow BI to get ADCY players and also ADCY players to participate in the ADC and League Cup matches.This merged team will be a good mix of experience and youth. BI will play a 4:4:2 formations being very compact on defense and play the counter attacking game. BI will try to play on the flanks as we have a few good youth players supported by experienced central midfielders. The 2 BI strikers will constantly hassle the AA defensive line. Wishing AA all the best and looking forward to good fast paced game. 
BI Review By Atool 
Congratulations to AA for a good display of speed and control even though they were playing with 10 players. BI merged with the ADCY played a 4:4:2 formation today - Sachin (GK), Uday (RB), Atul (RCB),Andy (LCB), Ringa (LB), Patty(RM),Jehan (RCM), Dhruv (LCM),Zak(LM), Gaurav and Brush as strikers. We had sort of understood that AA will attack from the flanks and hence had fast LM and RM to cover AA wingers. We were not able to execute on that plan as Audi and Shivang made superb runs. In the first 25 mins we were down by 4 goals and decided to change GKs. Sachin aggrevated his injury and Atul replaced him in goals. MJ came in for the rest of the game. BI came back with a penalty that resulted from a superb run from the left by Zak. Andy placed it in the middle to get a goal. Zak also scored the second for BI in the 2nd half by superbly going past a couple of AA defenders and GK. All the ADCY youth had a good game. Patty made quite a few good runs on the right wing. Jehan and Andy were good in central defense and thwarted a lot of AA chances. 11 goals is an embarrassing score for any team in TZLC..worst every performance by BI. The team is surely dissappointed but NOT demoralized...overheard a couple of ADCY youth telling that we will beat AA 9-0 in the second leg. That is the spirit of BI&ADCY. We will come back stronger in the upcoming CUP matches. Once again congratulations to AA. BI would like to apologize to the fans for a bad performance today and assure of a better performance in the next match. 
VG's Review as Loanee to BI 
Firstly, I would like to thank the BI management and Atool for asking me to play on loan today. Playing against a strong club like AA is always difficult and today proved to be no different. Even playing with 10 players today they managed to control the game and score goals at will. I started off at right central midfield and played in that position for around 15 minutes. After Atool replaced Chin Chin in goals I played as a right central defender. BI played well towards the end of the first half and the beginning of the second half till the score was 4-2. After that it was downhill as the AA moved the ball with well with speed and quick passing to score 7 goals in the second half. The combination of Audi, Shivang, Anjinx, Kapka and Sean was superb. I felt I could have played a bit better in defence and apologies to BI for that. I enjoyed playing alongside Andy Pandy who I rate very highly as a player and a bloke. Also playing in a different position than usual gave me a different perspective of the game. Hard luck to BI and well played AA. Best wishes to both clubs for the remainder of the season. 
AA's Review By Rock 
AA was missing Sam and Adu, and had loaned Kaka. With 10 players, we started off with a 4-4-1 formation, with Kaka as striker, Shivang, Ajinkya, Arun, and Audi in the midfield, Tiger, Mayuresh, Sean and Neel in defence. We started tentatively, but a wonderful strike from Ajinkya settled our nerves. AA dominated the match, but there were quite a few spells where BI put together good moves to pressurize us. AA scored at will today, and it was a relief to have our frontline get on the scoreboard. All 3 - Shivang, Ajinkya, and Audi had hat-tricks, with Kaka also getting one. For AA, everyone played well, and I was happy to see Neel play a more aggressive role. For BI, Andy played very well in defence, Jehan was excellent, and Zak up front was superb. 
MR By the ADC 
Firstly, each and every BI member should be proud of themselves as they did their best to come out with a squad to compete. It's not in BI's character to collapse and die but to struggle on whatever the situation. So good on you BI!! 
BI's merge with ADCY for the Cup competitions was a necessity but that did not mean all the Youth players were AVA. The 4 that were were Pat, Zak, Brush and MJ. BI's biggest mistake was that they tried to counter AA's attacking prowess with positional changes that protected them from the onslaught that they no doubt feared would materialize. The very thing that they did to try and mitigate AA's attack backfired. They only tried to LIMIT their attack and therefore gave themselves a chance to attack too. This is indeed wishful thinking. When half your side is UNA, your loans are the Youth and you have a dicey GK than the best bet would've been to park the bus, nay train nay aeroplane nay better yet an entire planet on top of the D. Logic speaks, irrational and hopeful thinking spoke this cold morn. On top of that they put Zak away from the action on the flank and Ringa too. Away from the action is only coz he barely got the ball and he had less time on it when he did. I have always said that you need a good Cm partnership to distribute the game. I have always thought Groov would be great in Cm but that was always of regular practice sessions never SUDDENLY. Although he tried to feed Pat his touch was poor as well as his final pass. The only brilliant decison Atool made (but it was way too late) was to take the injured NOT a GK Chinchin off and put himself in goals. For a long time I've been very critical of Atool and his keeping but this time he did a most fine job, came rushing out and made himself big and saved a few too. This is the last time I'll say this, that BRUSH is NOT a ST. He plays at Rb or Lb. I was pleased with some of AA's goals, balls to the flanks and amazingly MOST of the time the wingers were NOT selfish and crossed perfect balls inside. AA did try to pass the ball about but I still feel that they are NOT at their best. They did in actual fact play with 10 men through out and once with 8. Ajinx off for a dive and Rock for growling and threatening to decapitate Groov! With 8 BI couldn't score and as soon as the two came back on BI scored! That was how it was....Meer complained about Zak Loans goal but the Ref had distinctly seen Zak's touch on the ball before getting it past Meer GK. Neer did show off a nasty wound at the end of the match and apologies if he thought the Ref erred. 
AndyPandy excelled..VG played to the best of his ability in one of the most difficult teams to play for. 
Fri 08/01/16 NULL and VOID 
KITFO - 1 Sharad Yeole 2 Sagar Pise 3 Amit B 4 Prashant A 5 Varun 6 Gururaj 7 Sameer 8 Amartya 9 Nitin 10 Ravi P 11 Zaid 12 Mihir 13 Devendra S 14 Suraj P 15 Rajib 16 Rakesh 17 Alankrit 18 Aviank 
PACU - Avinash Rane of RW AS AVGKL (does not have GK rating) 0.3TZR value EMERGENCY LOAN Ajinx DL 0.280 for Satsut 0.420 
MO's - BE - More than 3 Players playing for KITFO AA - Ajinkya CM, Sam SR BT - Sagar AR, Sidhu MR RH - More than 3 Players playing for KITFO RW - Taufa, Pravin BI - Sachin AR, Anand LP 
PACU Preview By Amma 
KITFO has come on by leaps and bounds since PACU played them in their season opener. In fact even in our first encounter we were completely outplayed by them in the 2nd half. Even though its a knock out Cup competition, PACU is contemplating dramatic changes in formation, personnel and also attitude after having a word with Coach. In all probability we will be playing 4 - 4 - 2 formation. We have not taken any out field players on loan. All the best to KITFO. 
Sat 09/01/16 NULL and VOID 
RH - UNA Beeraj 
RH Preview By Red 
RH will play in it first knock-out match this season and will come to know about its opposition only on the previous day after KITFO vs PACU. The best loser in the previous 4 games will get another opportunity whereas it will be a do or die for us. RH were the Cup winners year before last and would give a real go to win it back this time! The big boost for us is the full debut for Shivam. He showed tremendous passion in our last game. He landed in Pune at 2AM on matchday and everyone expected him to not show up. But he did show up during the second half, jet-lagged and sleepy but still came on and showed tremendous desire to play! With Shivam, also comes the challenge of finding the best combination again as he is another player who plays CM/CF! Mr. Khare will be requested yet again to come to our rescue to help us out! TC is in fine form and will be travelling from Kolhapur to play in this one! We will look to continue our winning streak but with the aim of stabilizing the defence further and not panicking during the game. Wish our opponents good luck!