Tue 29/12/15 
Please note that Shaurav has been placed in charge of the ADCY squad. It is up to him to ensure that the youth players find a way to the Dobarwadi ground. He can take the help of his team mates. 13 are AVA to play for ADCY. YOUTH MUST PLAY FULL GAME TIME. 
ADCY - Pat, Zak, Brush, MJ, Jhakaas, Bif, Adu (TBD) Adults MO + Players - Gaurav Shah, Sagar Kanekar, Rajendra Rastogi (Rafa) RW - Jonty and Avi BE - Jai 
AA EMERGENCY LOANS -Jango value( 0.26M TZR) PACU for Shivang value (0.27M TZR) & Amartya value (0.24TZR) RH for Neel Value (0.28M TZR) 
MO's - ?????????? 
AA is looking forward to the match against ADCY. We want to keep up our winning momentum, and hopefully have a full squad available, for once! We experimented with a 4-1-4-1 formation in the match versus BT, and would like to stick with that, while executing better. The ADCY team should have most of their young players available, thanks to the Christmas holidays. Playing them on a large ground will be a challenge, and AA will have to play smart football. I wish ADCY all the best for the match, and may the better team win! 
Sagerrr Loan for ADCY Review 
I would like to thank ADC for allowing me to play for ADCY. Today, all the youth players played full game with their full strength. Gaurav managed the team very well and was rotating the adult players with 20 mins of interval. We were playing defensively in the first half against strong opponent AA. In the early minutes of the first half, we conceded a scrappy goal. We were not passing the ball perfectly to our players and giving away very easily. We conceded two penalties in the first half and score was 3-0. In the second half, I shifted from right centre midfield and played at my original left back position. In the second half, we were passing the ball around much better than we did in the first half. There were some good runs from both the flanks but we could not convert. We conceded a goal and penalty in the second half. My apologies to referee and paii for a harsh tackle. It could have been another goal in AA's account but penalty was saved by Avi. Rafa, Jonty and Jai played well in our defence. I congratulate AA for their win. Thanks and wish u all a very happy n prosperous new year...! Cheers !!! 
ADCY Review By Jonty 
First off I have to put my hand up for my mistake and apologies to the youth for AA's opening goal. Early morning cobwebs combined with dodgy keeping. As usual AA with their technically gifted players had majority of the possession and they took full advantage of this with a very early goal with a lot of help from yours truly. From my position as keeper in the first half, I realized we were falling short in the midfiled as AA had 3 central MFs. We made a change later in the half to bring in one of our strikers into midfield to counter the AA mf. Our CD's gave away 2 penalties in the first half which Audi converted. I should have done better as a keeper on these too especially as Audi kicked both of them in the same place. I did manage to get a hand to the 2nd penalty but not good enough. In the 2nf half I moved into CD and AVI moved to GK. We also decided to start playing a higher line to prevent AA getting to our goal with the ease they did in the 1st half. In this half too AA managed to get a dodgy goal and 2 penalties. They converted one of these wtih Audi getting a hattrick of penalties. A memorable incident late in the game was Spongebob's tackle on Sparky. Sparky found himself in acres of space with only the keeper to beat. Spongebob came flying in to block the shot and save sure shot goal. All in all the Youth played to a plan but lost the ball too easily. I'm sure with more games to play, they will learn quick and be more composed and stronger on the ball. Well played AA and hard luck ADCY. 
AA Review By Rock 
AA played a 4-5-1 formation with Sam in goal (not having recovered from a thigh injury), Adu, Sean, Tiger, and Mihir in defense, Audi, Amaratya, and Ajinkya in the central mid-field, Jango on the left flank, Pai on the right flank, and Arun as a central striker. In the first half, AA controlled the majority of the possession and played a good passing game. We could have been up by a half dozen goals, except for some poor finishing by Arun and Ajinkya. In the second half, our passing was poorer, and with ADCY playing a high line and Jonty moving up, AA was occasionally in trouble, but ADCY did not have the players to put the ball into the net. Zak as usual was very very good, Patty did well too, but again ADCY gave up possession far too easily. They also rarely used their speed and stamina to their advantage, except when their right winger ran down the line a few times, with Mihir desperately trying to catch up! Spongebob's tackle on Sean was awesome, and it would be great if ADCY played with that intensity for most of the match. Audi was super cool in converting all 3 penalties and was a little embarassed to take the 4th as well. This season, AA has played well but the scoring boots are just not in action. We will improve on that. Well played ADCY and all the best for the rest of the season! 
Amar Review as Loan to AA 
Thank a lot to AA to give me a chance to play for them on loan against ADCY. I got to play in RCM. Overall a satisfying result for AA securing 3 points. ADCY as always was a disciplined side. AA scored 5 out of which 3 were from penalties spot and one from a confusion inside the D early in the game. Probably it is the time for AA to think that they are not able to score from open play despite having the best squad in terms of talent, fitness, and perfect blend of youth and experience. AA needs to work on their ‘Luck’ factor J. Mihir is really good as an outfield player with his enhanced left footed shooting skills. ADCY was losing the possession bit too quickly and that is what Rock, Audi, Ajinkya and Jango capitalized on. ADCY can be happy about the fact that they restricted team like AA not to score from open play. 
MR By the ADC 
A match where the Ref did not have to adhere strictly to the R and R by just giving warnings regarding not giving the ball in hand for Throw ins (MARCELO!!!) and other offences that could've resulted in suspensions had both squads been intent on the result. As such AA HAD to win and got their result quite easily so didn't have to resort to their usual temper tantrums. A certain player from the AA squad was also missing and this brought a certain calmness amongst AA. Out of the 5 penalty opportunities 4 were given and 1 was an IFK. Audi gave up his chance to break TWO records in one day by giving the 4th Pen to Rock. Ajinx from AA reminds me of an innocent serial killer that is CONSTANTLY given chances to stay out of prison, but he keeps insisting that he would rather suffer in jail then hit the back of the net. I hope he starts scoring soon!! I can't say much but I'm happy Marcelo is back on the flank, Audi in the middle and Rock up front. Ryan is NOT a Keeper and a GK who can't KEEP but was made even WORSE as he had an injury kept a clean sheet! Now THAT is more shocking then a hen laying an Ostrich egg. Mj looks as if he's got sleeping sickness, gets a booster shot then gets the sickness again, Spongebobs tackle on Sparky was what it's all about, otherwise he was crap, as were all the other Youth players EXCEPT Zak who is showing himself to be quite a player and a leader by example too. 
Waiting for AA's REVIEW......... 
Wed 30 /12/15 
KITFO (0) 1 Vs RH (3) 3 
KITFO - Ray 77.40 
RH - Gambo 2 5 12, TC 18.45 
KITFO - 1. Sharad 2. Prashant Alhat 3. Zaid 4. Devendra Sengar 5. Sameer S 6. Amit B 7. Suman 8. Ravinder 9. Gururaj 10. Aviank 11. Alan 12 Varun 13. Suraj 14. Rake 
RH - GKL Atoool for Anna 320K 1. EMERGENCY DIRECT LOAN: Rajib N - missing due to illness: ADC's current valuation = 290k TZR Santosh P - on loan from AA: ADC's current valuation = 260k TZR 2. EMERGENCY DIRECT LOAN: Ameya D - missing due to work: ADC's current valuation = 400k TZR Amarnath V - on loan from PACU: ADC's current valuation = 360k TZR 
MO's - BE- More than 3 Players playing for KITFO BI - Sachin, Ajoo RW - Avi, Manoj AA - Shivang BT - Anand, Mukul PACU - Jango, Harry 
RH Preview By Red 
After a good couple of results against AA and PACU, we play KITFO on their home ground! Three of our players are part of KITFO and will enjoy an outing against the folks we practice with. Except for Anna who is out due to work we have everyone available for this one! Pudang is still nursing a knee injury and is doubtful for the game! TC is back from Nagpur. Atoool will keep goals in place of Anna for this one! Mangs has been in superb form of late and we hope he grows in confidence and continues to do well game after game! TC is back from Nagpur and is enjoying the space and time on the ball on the big grounds. We will continue to keep things simple as per instructions from our coach Mr. Khare! We may roll out a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 depending on inputs from coach before the game. We wish KITFO good luck! 
Mkul MR Review 
First and foremost I thank the ADC for making me the main ref for today's match. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I felt much more at ease today as main ref than during my previous outings. Both the LP's, RA's and Arty the Stats reporter were very supportive. Thanks to them also. As for the match, RH won the match in the first half itself but towards the end KIFTO scored one of the candidates for goals of the season. Throughout the match late challenges kept flying from both sides. There was nothing serious but I had to give the LC call as per TZLC R and R. In the second half, I gave a yellow card to Robinder at around 61st minute for rash tackling. But overall both sides were very well disciplined. One can clearly see that the level of discipline has gone up due to zero tolerance policy. I hope all of the players and the spectators enjoyed the game. Thanks to everyone. 
Amma Loan for RH Review 
Thank You RH for loaning me for todays game. RH scored 3 early and killed the game as a contest early . Personally didnt have much to do at LCD. KITFO as is their custom these days, scored a superb team goal. It was good to see Shivam back on the pitch. 
RH Review By Red 
RH started with a 4-4-2: Atul-GK; Kramer-RB; Mangs-RCB; Amma-LCB; Pai-LB; Nikhil-RM; Amar-RCM; Sagar-LCM; Bezzi-LM; Rajesh and Gambho-ST. As advised my Mr. Khare, we stuck to the same strategy that was used for our last match, that Mr. Khare had devised for us. We are thankful to Mr. Khare for all his help and making the mood within our squad very positive! With our two strikers playing alongside the KITFO CDs, KITFO found it difficult to pass the ball around in defence and the gave the ball away cheaply. We capitalized on these mistakes and rushed to a 3 goal lead in the first 20 minutes. Gambhir did well two finish two good through balls from Bezzi and TC, while KITFO were playing a high offside line. Rajesh won the ball on the left side and went alone to slot home the third. Gambo missed two sitters after that in the first half! The second half was very different with KITFO pressing and all our players were looking for a through ball. We failed to control the game and were guilty of trying to force the game. Even while doing so we did create a few chances, the easiest falling to me but I rolled the ball into the keepers hands. A couple of instances, two of our players were in front of goal but shy to shoot and preferred passing between them before hitting it wide. Towards the final few minutes, KITFO hassled us and created a few opportunities and Suraj did superb to find the top corner from a half-volley shot. Just when we were starting to recall the PACU match where we let in two goals after 38 minutes, the KITFO captain declined the extra 5 mins and we were a relieved lot then! Shivam who had landed in Pune at 2AM made a cameo appearance towards the end and the entire squad was happy to see him back on the field amongst us. After a couple of games in CD, I enjoyed my outing in CM. With Shivam back, there is now going to be a lot of fighting for places in our squad! I am glad that mine in CD is relatively safe with no takers! Jokes apart, this is a good problem to have and will make it very competitive within our squad. Congratulations to KITFO for a fighting performance! All the best! 
Atool AVGKL for RH Review 
First of all thanks to RH for taking me on loan. The first half RH dominated and scored 3 goals in the first 20 mins and missed 2 simple opportunities. The second half KITFO played well and pressed the RH in their half. There were a few good moves.. One of them leading to a goal by Suraj... An unstoppable half volley in the right top corner. RH i think took a bit easy in the second half...but in the end won comfortably. 
Marcelo LOan for RH Review 
'Thanks to RH for deciding to win well by loaning me today. I was asked to star at LB today, which was a much needed change personally. We had a tidy first half on the left flank, but the second half we got burnt by Amit for the goal. It was a super move involving 4-5 Kitfo players. Being beaten early in the move allowed me a nice view. Overall, I wish the fluency of the first half was maintained. Best to both teams for the remaining' 
KITFO Review By Sherry 
KITFO playing @ home with 4-4-2 formation with Guru(GK), Ravinder(RB), Prashant, Sherry, Zaid; Dev(RMF), Sameer, Alan, Mihir; Varun, Suman(Stiker). I would like to thanks Coach to accept the request to guide KITFO for formation and strategy. Coach also managed the subtitutes and players also repsonded well to replace the players in ~ 15 Sec. RH scored 2 two quick goals by Gautam on KITFO CD errors and were leading the first half. KITFO was not settled and were trying to build the game but RH captialized the errors and took the lead. 3rd Goal was scored by Rajesh due to communication gap between CD and GK. But 2nd half KITFO were compleletely charged and were continuously making attacking move from wings and also from center which resulted into a fantastic move by Amit who crossed the ball and Suraj puts the ball in the nets on first touch. KITFO missed some chances which they have to make count in future and also focus on defensive duties and communication. Well Played KITFO and congratulation to RH! 
Avi LP Review 
I would like to thank coach for giving me the opportunity to be the LP for today's game. It was the first time for me as LP, and I was a little nervous in the initial minutes. Apologies for any wrong decisions. Both the teams played good football, made nice moves and kept the ball rolling. KITFO defense didn't mark the RH strikers and the RH strikers took advantage of this and scored 3 goals in the 1st half itself putting pressure on KITFO. In the 2nd half KITFO played really hard. The defense was strong and constantly pushing the RH striker away from the D-line. RH also played hard, but they missed many one on one chances with the keeper. Amit made a good run down the flanks and put a good cross, and a beautiful finish by the striker. Score line 3-1. Both teams played good. Congrats RH. 
MR by the ADC 
RH were only a shadow of the side they were the other day. Gambo's strength and speed would be a threat against any team and he's got himself to blame for not scoring at least half a dozen. Some other RH players were guilty of missing sitters too. But as I've said before, against an organization, while the players are still getting to know each and every position up to a certain level, chances will always fall for the opposition. Amti didn't do much for his stature as a GK as he let in no. 2 and 3 while he was off everywhere except doing his job in goals and Groo wasn't at fault for the first as that was also an error by the BE CD pairing of Mario and Sherry. In fact KITFO's goal was sensational and should've been worth 4 goals and umpteen points! To see KITFO score in that manner against the likes of RH was mind boggling. Amti's inch perfect cross to Ray's sublime first time top corner volley finish was only icing on the cake as the move itself was sumptious.. BRILLIANT! 
RH were back to old style football by going for goal while KITFO made 4 changes (INCLUDING the GK) in 10 secs flat every 10 mins!! That was also SENSATIONAL!! Alan captained and he's easily right on top of the pile of classy Cm's in the TZLC. All the non TZLC players got full game time, the 9 BE players rotated in goals including Meer who made a sour puss face and said he didn't confirm for KITFO as he had MO duty but he'd love to play and he'd accept the decision if he wasn't allowed to play and before his tears wet the the SR's match sheet Khare just said he'll take him in the side!!! Every player in KITFO probably played in at least 4 different positions. At the end the 3 subs who were sitting out in the last 8 mins or so were as thrilled as me as KITFO piled on attack after attack and scored and came close! Khare overruled Alans decision for the extra 5 mins as it was already 8.28!! Shivam loped in in some old style winter wear inners and suddenly it seemed RH were salivating and gushing with glee. Amma Loanee wasn't as he came off to allow the just returned Shiv to play some. The ADC was lenient in the punishments on seeing Amma naked and exchanging shorts with Shiv and hopefully nothing else. One quick look and AAA (Atool's dotter was too far away to cause embarrasments)..... Wouldn't be very funny for Atool to go home and his dotter telling Mrs Atool that Atools pals are very dodgy people....flinging of clothes without a care in the world!) Amma's interview was taken mid match and we'll all hear more of that in the highlights show. I loved to see Marcelo smiling and clapping when KITFO got that goal! Brilliant! This is what the TZLC is all about, especially when an organization is involved. Very competitive and intense but intrinsically FUN!! There were indeed far too many late challenges. I did save Mkul a jail sentence and a bit of interrogation Indian police style when Mkul the MR decided to award TC a YC for NOT giving the ball to hand for a Throw in....With my mind filled to the brim with scenes of a blood soaked Mkul in some delightfully dirty prison trying to fend off the lecherous looks of some forgotten undertrial, the ADC shouted out to Mkul to be SAFE by just NICELY warning the TC pretty please sugar on top! 
Mkul was good as a Ref as were Avi and Andypandy as LP's. Andysu didn't have much to do as AR but Sleepy was sleeping as an AR and therefore Mkul approaching him for guidance about a penalty that KITFO should've been awarded in the 1st H was just knocking your head against a brick wall. Sample conversation - 
Mkul - Seek your viewing may I Refs Assistant Sir? 
Sleepy - Zzzzzzzz....... 
Mkul - You may approaching the benchings.... 
Sleepy- Zzzzzz...huh? Kay re kamble? (What man Kamble?) 
Mkul - Handballing is itting you feels? 
Sleepy - Arre zopude, thandi wazti ahe...(Arre sleeping me you lets, cold feelings I is!!) 
Mkul - Conferring with AR's am I, decisions of IFK me givings! 
So much work to finish off but 2 day's before the next match therefore EVERYTHING should be updated by then!! 
Sat 02/12/15 
TZAS (1) 3 Vs BE (1) 2 
TZAS - Rock 1.28, Shiv 56.57 Audi 88.38 Pen 
TZAS - 1. Pai 2. Arun 3. Sean 4. Sachin 5. Neeraj B 6. Jatin 7. Manoj P 8. Anand 9. Atul 10. Aditya 11. Dhruv 12. Shivam 13. Swapnil Desale 
14. Louie (In charge Atool/Rock - Please note that the Preview needs to be sent and selection procedure as per TZ R and R. TZLC R and R state that all regular practice players should get ample game time. GK rotation should be maintained if no player is willing to keep.) 
BE - 1: Amol Atigre (300, AA) as per AVGKL EMERGENCY LOAN Santosh Pai(260 K, AA) for Sharad(280 K, BE) 
TZAS Preview By Rock 
TZAS has 14 players confirmed to play, including Shivam and Do, who everyone is glad to see back in TZ! TZAS will be playing a 4-4-2 formation, initially starting people in positions that they are comfortable with. Later, we will rotate people into positions that they don't typically get to play, but I'm sure will enjoy playing in. TZ regulars will have priority, although the managers have come up with a plan that more or less allows fair time of play to all. The focus is to play a good game, have fun, and of course WIN! This year, there are no weak teams in TZ and every match has been hard fought. We expect this game to be competitive, and wish BE all the best! 
BE Preview By Ray 
BE will be determined to give fans some festive cheer after a slightly comfortable win over ADCY. After a encouraging display against RW and then win against ADCY have boosted our confidence, we will be determined to keep that momentum. Games against TZAS are never easy and they have been strong this term at their home stadium. We will be likely to stick to the formation 4-5-1 we used in our last game, because it worked quite well for us or we might change it to 5-3-2 in case the match venue switched back to Sindh. The plan will be to play simple and keep possession and work hard to close down spaces for the opposition while defending. We will try to pass the ball to our wings when we have control of the ball and build our game patiently. We have our most of players available for this match, although we will miss Sharad & Ravi for this game. Wishing TZAS all the best and looking forward to what will turn out to be very close encounter. 
Tiger Review as AVGKL for BE 
At first I would like to thank BE management for giving me an opportunity to play in todays game. It turned out to be very average game for me as I conceeded 3 goals. I apologize to BE players for that. It was really a good game to watch as both the teams were playing really well with some good passing movements. I am really happy that under coach's guidence BE players are improved a lot with their positioning and awareness. Too good. Pai got injured in second half and it was a major blow as he was playing well as CD. So BE played with 10 players but fought till the end. Rakesh and Harshal had couple of chances which if converted would hv killed the game. All in all well played BE. Congrats TZAS. 
CHINCHIN Stats (Positions as St and ???) 
Distance Covered 7607steps 5.77km Peak Heart Rate 136bpm Average Heart Rate 98bpm 
BE Review By VK 
First of all we wish to thank the ADC for allowing us an emergency loan yesterday as we had players missing due to injuries and travel. BE played 4-5-1 Tiger (AVGKL); Dev, Prashant, Pai (on loan), VK (Def); Ray, Keano, Madhu, Amti, Rake (Mid); Harsh (CF). The match was played at the new scenic ground in Sangamwadi so both the teams started out slow. However a hopeful shot from TZAS somehow crept under the cross bar and TZAS took the lead. Once the eagles settled down, they created a host of great chances but the finishing fell a bit short. However Keano pounced on a rebound and made the game even. The eagles kept attacking and fell just short on few occasions. Tiger, Pai and Prashant manned the defence beautifully and ensured a 1-1 score at half time. The second half started with the Eagles strong in defence and creating chances at the other end. Soon enough Keano converted an indirect free kick and the Eagles were leading 1-2. Thereafter Pai and Harsh both picked up injuries and had to leave the field. With BE down to 9 men, TZAS upped the pressure and soon enough they got a goal on the break and to make matters worse the Eagles conceded a soft penalty with 5 minutes left. TZAS got a 3-2 lead from the spot and kept it till FT. Without the injuries and with improved finishing, the eagles were good enough for the win and our confidence is high going into the ADC Cup. 
Mkul LP Review 
I would like to begin by thanking the ADC for appointing me as one of the LP's. The biggest challenge today was the lack of space on the sidelines but somehow we managed. The ground looked beautiful and both teams were intent on playing with agression. As LP I had to make several off side calls but nothing special or controversial. BE defence line was quite compact and they looked more assured while catching off sides. In TZAS defence someone or the other used to fall behind keeping Harsh online. TZAS won the match 3-2 but I felt that BE deserved at least a point. Individual errors and injuries cost them the game. Congrats to TZAS on their first victory and hard luck to BE. 
135 LP Review 
Firstly I will like to thank the Main Ref Mr. Khare to give me the opportunity to be the linesman today morning.The ground was the narrowest we have ever played on so it was quiet easy to spot offences. It was a pretty clean game and the only notable offences were the offside at which Amti got fouled after releasing the ball..and the Penalty call when VG was unable to remove his hand from the trajectory of a soft dodgy aerial ball at the mouth of the goal. 
Marcelo Review as Loanee to BE 
'It was a workout cut short for me with a torn hamstring early in the second half. Made worse as the follow-up was the equalizer. We shaped up equally prior to that goal. ' 
TZAS Review By Rock 
Firstly, a big thanks to Coach and the TZ members that helped in identifying the Sangamwadi ground. Although a bit narrow, the grass ground makes for a good venue. TZAS had exactly 11 players, including 3 non-regulars in Shivam, Do, and Manoj. We were missing Belzie, who is injured, and Louie, who did not show up for the match. We started with a 4-4-2 formation, with Dhruv in goal, Manoj, Sean, Andy, and Atool in defence, Rock, Jatin, Audi, and Do in midfield, and Sachin and Shivam up front. We had a strong start to the match and created quite a few opportunities in the first 15 minutes. Rock got the first goal with a first touch shot on goal. The wet ball certainly helped in eluding Tiger's grasp! After 20 minutes or so, BE settled down and started playing well. They also created a lot of opportunities and the TZAS defence looked very shaky. BE got a deserved equalizer through a well taken shot by Keano(?). In the second half, TZAS shuffled positions to allow players to play in different positions than they normally get to play. The match was very competitive and both teams had many opportunities to score. With 7 minutes to go, the score was 2-2. TZAS were then awarded a penalty that Audi scored. As TZAS co-manager for the day, Rock had a brain freeze when he opted for an additional 5 minutes even though TZAS led 3-2. Luckily, BE did not score in the last 5 minutes, and TZAS got through with a hard fought victory. For TZAS, Shivam and Audi played really well, with everyone else making a good contribution. For BE, Keano and Rake were especially good. Well played BE! 
MR By the ADC 
A new ground always brings up new challenges. The narrow width forces the wing players to be technically efficient and aware as time on the ball is vastly reduced. But this should be covered up with the even bounce and roll of the ball. Any club that does not have proper flankers will congest the game down the middle. BE did indeed try to assert themselves down the flanks with Ray and Rake but Ray was off colour as was Dev at Rb. For TZAS a predominantly CENTRAL team they did try and play down the flanks but were caught offside too many times. The two Cd's at the start of the match for both sides passed the ball quickly and efficiently. As TZAS made positional changes as any organization MUST do especially to keep EVERYONE happy and of course other R and R their even stevens argy bargy with BE reduced. But BE couldn't capitalize further on this and TZAS regained their footing. Marcelo's injury totally decapitated BE for it was Marcelo that was running things from the back for BE. His calmness and reading of the game was the necessary foil for BE's natural aggressive behaviour. Jonty had to leave early and that left TZAS with 10 players. Added to that a couple of YC's for them meant less players on the field. But BE shot themselves in the foot as Harsh went off with an injury and he decided to take permission to come on while play was in progress, it seems the BE players stopped as the Ref allowed Harsh to come on, the REF had allowed play to continue stating that THEY should've told Harsh to WAIT for a more opportune time. A silly hand ball that was a hand ball on any day of the week as Dev moved his hand towards the ball in the 18 yard box. (See Moving snaps images in the TZLC Images page). BE have improved theirgame play but are still quick to the draw. That MUST change if they want to see some success this season. 3 old new faces Shiv, Do and the Rastaman suddenly appeared for TZAS but Rasto decided to be an MO. Do has become Super Gora (yuck!!) and Shiv looks even more like his lookalike John Abraham....As for more on the match, see the highlights show!!!