Mon 21/12/15 
PACU (0) 4 Vs BI (1) 3 
PACU - Kapka 4 53, 69.20, 83.16 84.24 
BI - Andypandy 7.50 135 Loan 66.40 Goony 68 
MO's - AA-Mihir, Audi BE - Amit, Sherry RW- Karan??Tiger AVGKL 0.22 TZR, Satish UNA 
BI - 1. Pratik - Out injured - value 0.24MTZR - in place we would like to loan Karan(RW) - value 0.32MTZR - AVPL 2. Abhishek - out injured - value 0.24MTZR - in place we would like to loan Manoj P (ADC list) - value 0.24MTZR - DL 3. Amol Hatkar - GK - injured - value 0.32 - in place we would like to loan Manoj(John)(RW) - value 0.28MTZR - GK-D 
A big thanks to Ajoo for allowing PACU to host BI for this game . It was actually BI's Home Game but PACU was desperate to loan Coach for this game. The reason being we are tired of playing against the Big Boys. We too want to be one of them inspite of being a 3rd Division Team. Who better than Coach to set us in the right path. We have just made the loans and will be trying to soak as much as possible from Coach in this game. All the best BI 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
This match was postpone due to the torrential heavy rains last week & was rescheduled for 03/12/2015 and again postpone. Also the PACU manager has requsted to switch our fixture they want to play home first. BI accepted. BI have played only two games so far this season and the last game was over a month ago and in both the previous games BI have not got good results. To add to the problems there seems to be a jinix with the knee injury after Ahjoo - Abhi has been diagnosed with a similar problem is out for most of the season. A few of the other player are still recovering from injuries. BI needs to get a win to boost the morale of the team. For this match also BI will be taking some strong loans. BI will be playing the 4:4:2 formation like the previous games and each player will be playing his role in the position he is played in. The strategy will be to strengthen the mid-field hold the ball and play the passing game. BI will be defending in its half, trying to conserve energy as playing on the Doabarwadi Ground is tough in terms of stamina required. PACU is a very strong team if they get their co-ordination among each other right. BI will have to be patient and play the game will a cool and clam head. BI team-players sends out a big shout to its fans to come in huge numbers to support their team and give the morale boosting the players need. 
Tiger Review as AVGKL for PACU 
I would like to thank PACU Management for giving me this opportunity to play as a GK against my old club. It was really a poor day for me as I let in first goal on IFK. I should have stopped it but right on that moment I turned to wrong side. One time PACU was 1-3 behind but hats off to the players as they kept patience and recovered to snatch a beautiful 4-3 victory. Spcial to mention Jango, Subaru and Kaka played really well. PACU is a team that can beat any team if they play to their strength and strategy. Hard luck to BI and Congratsss to PACU. Manoj had a great day but was unfortunate that all the goals scored one on one. Also I think PACU recovered becoz of Coach's existent on the field as he kept them under control and gave them the confidence to win. I promise I will try to improve as a GK in upcoming matches.. 
Chinchin ran 
9703 Steps 7.39 kms 1575 calories burned Peak Heart Rate 139bpm 
PACU Review By Amma 
Much before the game Coach had said that he's full of aches and pains but would ensure that there would be some structure to our play. That's what we wanted. Amol Atigre (AVGL) made a couple of point blank saves to ensure that we did not loose the game in the 1st half itself. Thank you , both of you. We started the game in 4 - 3 - 3 formation. Atigre GK, Defence L-R Yogi, DJ, Amar, Vicky M/F L-R Subaru, Coach, Neeraj, Upfront L-R Jango, Kapil and Harjeet. The 2nd half we played 4-4-2, Subaru and Amar in Central M/F and DJ being partnered at CD from time to time by Neeraj, Harjeet, Vicky. Coach played most of the game on the flanks and at 1-3 down I almost had a melt down as Coach was still playing on the flank and Jango was playing in an unfamiliar striker position. Well....the equalizer was set up by Coach and the winner Jango. Kapil will deservedly hog the head lines for his 4 goals. It is very unfortunate that BI have now lost 3 games, wherein they've only lost few moments in the game while competing on an even keel for most of the game. I'm sure they'll turn the tide soon and good luck to BI in the future. A big thumbs up to Rajib and the other MO's who had complete control over the proceedings. 
BI Review By Atool 
First of all would like to mention that it was good to see 4 past BI players playing for PACU (Coach, Vicky, Kaka and Tiger). The match was quite fast paced and swinging up and down in favour of both sides. BI played a 4-4-2 formation - John (GK), Sachin (RD), Atul(RCD),Andy (LCD),Manoj P (LD), Ringa (RW), Rango(RCM), Karan(LCM), Gaurav(LW), Omi (St) and Dhruv (St). The first half BI were playing and passing the ball really well and went up 1-0 by a on-target free-kick by Anand. Omi had 2 good shots on goal which Tiger very skillfully parried away to safety. PACU had a couple of good moves but were not able to convert them from the D area. In the 2nd half the pace picked up with PACU coming full offensive. This allowed BI to score 2 goals on the counter in quick succession and take the lead 3-1. Goony scored another left footer off an Omi assist and Karan and Omi combined for the other. After that, BI lost some momentum and errors started to creep in as players started to tire down. There were 2-3 great back heel passes from Coach and a couple of them setup 2 goals for Kaka...and he did no mistake in putting them back into the net. As the BI defense started to come under pressure, more errors from BI back line and Kaka squeezed in the winner. All in all, it was a great game and Congratulations to PACU for coming back from 1-3 down to win 4-3. BI had themselves to blame in the end for letting PACU back into the game. BI will have to pull up their socks in the upcoming games. 
Mkul Review as SR 
First and foremost I thank the ADC for not giving me a running MO duty considering the injury to my hamstring. This was my first stat reporting job this season and I thouroughly enjoyed it. The match was quite entertaining with 7 goals in it and I thought BI should have won it. Some 5-6 goals were scored in last 15-20 minutes and on couple of occassions I was still writing the description of earlier goal when the next goal was scored. Because of that I might have misrecorded the camera timing by a few seconds. I apologise for the same. It was a good match and I hope I have gathered enough relevant material for the highlights. Hard luck to BI and congrats to PACU. 
Mishti Review as Main Ref 
I did not know I may have to ref. today, thanks to coach for giving the opportunity thanks to other MO’s, many of whom were nursing various injuries. Big challenge for me was to get close to the incidents as far as possible and be with the pace of the game. In a sense the match had less concerns for the ref. and I choose to play on when players are genuinely fighting for the ball.  
The match was a battle between the youth of BI against the experience of PACU. In such a huge ground I thought the young ones surely have the advantage. In expected lines, BI started off well, dominated majority of the first half. PACU were slow off the lines and defensive for majority of the first half. Some spectators commented during the half time that I was running more than the PACU players. The first goal PACU conceded was off an indirect FK for a foul inside the box, which was expertly converted by Andy (??). There was a little suspicion of wheather the ball completed one revolution after the first touch, but, the ref. choose to go with the AR and the LR and given advantage to the team attacking. Compounded by the fact, that the IFK could very well have been a penalty on another occasion.  
PACU needed that spark to wake up and they did that wonderfully after conceding another goal. With great match reading of coach, the PACU heads were still cool and few changes in position by coach PACU was on track again. the experienced started pressing the young ones and BI started to lose control of the game. Coach moved himself to the CF role which resulted in better link up in the final third. Few delightful touches from coach set up Kapka for some of his goals. Kapka certainly turned himself on in second half – his movements, strength and desire added to his skillset was very noticeable. Congratulations to both the teams, I certainly feel the match was a delight to the spectators with so many twists and turns. 
Sherry Review as LP 
First of all I would be thanking ADC to allow me as linesmen in this match. Both the team played with good spirit and great intensity. BI were playing a good game but were loosing focus which were capitalized by PACU specially in the second half. This game is a good example of how to keep calm even if the team is lacking behind by 2 goal and play a passing game and look for an opporunity. Kapka was man of the match today as he scored all the goals from PACU(I feel that he missed couple of chances though). Today's highlights was, Coach playing from PACU and also guiding them to keep the possesion and keep the ball rolling. I remember the 3rd goal assisted by coach (back heel) to Kapka and he scored. I think BI need to work on their defense line as most of the goals were 1-on-1 with goal keeper. Well played BI and congratulation PACU! 
Review By 135 AVPL for BI 
Firstly I would like to thank BI Manager Ajoo for giving me the opportunity to play for them. It was a sell fought game from both the sides...Coach playing for PACU kept them cool headed and made sure no one panicked when they went down twice against BI and he played a huge part in their win when he perfectly timed the backheel through ball which Kaka Finished to make it 4-3....Coach simply turned the game on its head by giving PACU the confidence to play an attacking game and making sure they stuck to their plan. Playing a slightly high line against a slippery in Form striker cost BI the game but they passed the ball well throughout and almost came up with a win.PACU displayed great fairness and sportsmanship today when they decided to give away possession when the FK they awarded couldn't be defined as one as per their view. Apologies to BI I could have done way more. 
Review By John AVGKL for BI 
First of all thanks to BI management for choosing me to do the job for them and i almost pulled it off, so near yet so far. BI almost played a perfect game upto 75 minutes but the last 15 minutes turned the game on his head. BI went from 3-1 up to 4-3 down in no time. They gave away too much space and time on the ball to kapka and if you do that against a quality striker, he will hurt you bad and that's what he did. I wish i could have saved one of them to end it in a draw. well done PACU for keeping thier heads and BI played their part too. Good luck to both the teams. 
MR By the ADC 
Khare kept telling one and all that he's only 30% but clearly he was a little more than that. No doubt a large part of his effort came down to the way the PACU players were setting him up on a pedestal. How can Khare NOT reply by at least using his knowledge and experience to help PACU out. Especially in the panic stations department.  
The match itself was exciting indeed. BI totally messed up Khare's craftily laid plans by going 1 up early on. This early goal unsettled PACU even though Khare was cooling people down. One such incident when Khare gave a look to Tiger AVGKL covering EVERYTHING that is needed to cover regarding his error after he let in BI's 1st goal and DJ was heard yelling at Tiger when Khare had to step in to say Nuff said!! PACU needed time to settle and Khare switched the formation as the lads weren't doing justice to it. As soon as that happened things started getting better for PACU. But till then it was all BI as they heaped tonnes of pressure on PACU. Tiger made up for his error and made a couple of fine saves. Kapka was a riot in the 2nd H but was also told to simmer down in the 1st H when he went on a rant and was threatened with a Cm place by the coach if he thought he could do more running then them! That quietened him up but he exploded with 4 goals in a 30 min spell. One of his goals could have been disallowed by some refs as Kapka took time to finish but Mishti the Ref rightly pointed out that he had the ball under control when he fended off Goony who tripped and fell. Mishti should not worry about the Andypandy IFK too as the Rule change has allowed the ball to be touched CLEARLY (It does NOT have to complete a full rotation) to set a dead ball ALIVE. Goony should have scored before he did score as Tiger made a save but he made no mistake with his left footed attempt. 135 scored as he bustled through and used his strength. The other Kapka goals were when Jango found Kapka and Amma found Kapka. One of his four Khare found Kapka with a heel and he could not see what Kapka did as he was thanking everyone for appreciating his back heel!!! 
BI - Astounding 1st Half. When one looks at Chinchin and Atool covering the Right side at Rb and Rcd you wonder if they'll be able to keep up with a pacy winger or St. But they are big blokes and they did amazingly well. Coach even told Atool to take it easy on one occasion as he was telling the Ref something about life probably which proves passion is present whatever the player. John AVGKL was complaining later that ALL the goals were one on ones, well to tell you the truth John is that coz your cdefensive line fluffled up was that because of the opposition creativity? Let's just give PACU the credit and you won't get whacked by the BI players! Andypandy was solid and his attacking instincts sometimes take over. Manoj ADC Loanee had a good match considering it was his 1st match. At one point he came charging over at me when I was playing Rm and I wondered out loud who da 'ell is this stomping over from a mile away? I just couldn't recognize his movement. Then we come to the BI mf. Starting with Goony, he managed to score after a counter attack but both he and Ringa would be a bit sad as most of the game was down the middle. Although 135 has said in his review that he could've given more I thought he did quite well. I asked Rango after the game as to how he finds life at BI and he looked frightened! Hehehe!! Being under the watchful eye of Ahjoo and Atool does things to you! Omi and Amma were at each others throats most of the time. Both are passionate and don't always control themselves in a challenge. Omi more so. Ringa has grown taller and is not the same lad who loves dribbling and taking players on. That is sad indeed. Groov enjoyed himself up front I think..... 
PACU - I will probably give each and every player a very good rating this morning. They gave their all and MIshti's Review stated that some spectators commented that Mishti was running more than the PACU players is confusing....I'm sure those spectators were brought to the ground by Mishti himself to say such things. Coz I thought Mishti himself could've run more! Louie never plays a bad game when I'm in charge. Whatever his team mates say or those that he has played on loan for, that he NEVER LISTENS and does his own thing was totally wrong, at least in this match! Louie was solid at Rb, Rm, at Rcd and St. I actually switched him after PACU conceded a goal but that was only tactical as we were 1 - 2 down and I wanted some oomph up front. I even shouted out to him that I'm not changing him coz we let in a goal. Then II wanted Meeraj to try his hand at Cd and he made a ROYAL FLUFF up!! So then I made the change again I think as I wanted to try Vikky there too. I think my Paplu card was moving Amma into Cm. He brought in that desired energy and movement that was needed when BI were tiring. Louie actually made first time passes and released the ball accurately. Plus he had desire. Subaru was EVERYWHERE!! He was defending and attacking and a typical Cm. Although I felt his decision making could be better he did prove that his got a splendid pass on him. Amma was going a bit frantic and reminded me of what a rabid fellow would look like, hyperactive, fear of water (Losing), fear of air (His watsapp group people making fin of him) and fear of dying (um...death?)! He even ranted and raved at Vikky at one point and I'm sure Vikky listened because he didn't want to be bit! DJ, Kapka and Yogi were the only players I didn't switch. If DJ keeps playing this way he'll be on top of my list for the Champions League matches if PACU don't qualify. Yogi was on fire today. So calm and collected. RARELY made an error and that is a GOOD sign. He should though make more overlapping runs. Kapka scored 4! He missed a couple in the 1st H didn't he? But he scored 4!!! All he needs is someone to play with him and he'll have a great game. Jango was switched back and forth Lw, Lm to St. At this point Amma had his melt down and I had to calm the crazy man down. How do you calm him down? By playing him in Cm! Na not true I thought it was a tactical master stroke! Playing Meeraj in Rcd was NOT a tactical master stroke at that time! Jango did have a good game and him along with the rest of the side I think ran more than usual. I was laughing when I gave Meeraj (He was playing at Rm often and was always playing away from his position, more central. So I was getting hoarse yelling at him from Rm so I came closer to him and made sure he heard me. I remember one occasion when I had the ball up front and called to Meeraj. He answered and I saw that there was dollops of space in front of him so I gave him an attacking pass, I think the pup on a leash whined when Meeraj gave a startled yelp and decided that screaming noooooo was of no use he may as well use his breath to chase after the ball! 
Thanks PACU for taking me on (Some clubs have not kept faith in me (Sad smiley face) (Does that even make sense?) it was fun for me although I spent 20 mins wrapping myself up with crepe before leaving the house after waking up at 4.10. I am always happy at pulling the strings and can't enjoy it any other way. Thank you PACU for allowing me the privilege. Thanks to BI also for allowing PACU to change the fixture around so I could help out PACU by improving their confidence and style of play. Amma keeps bringing up that time, a long time ago, when I helped ACU. I think we won that match too, literally walked throught it at Sindh, don't think we'll be back there any time soon. And this match was way way more exciting I must say!!! Hope there are many more fixtures like this to come whether I'm involved as a player or not...Although at this moment in time, with a tiny headache, my ankles in agony, my heels in pain and my hamstring cramping up, anything else seems more attractive!!! 
Tue 22/12/15  
BT - Direct Loan - DJ (Value 0.300) for Bhanda (Value 0.300) 
MO's - PACU - Amarnath, Neeraj M; AA - Arun, Sameer; RW - Vikas, Toufiq; BI - Atul, Dhruv; BE - Amit, Suraj; 
Due to two drawn games by RW the first division has once again become interesting. The equation for RH is simple. If they win their next 5 matches in a row, they go one point ahead of RW. And we are expecting RH to come at us with all guns blazing. Therefore, defensively we need to be stronger than usual. We are missing Bhanda for this game and we are loaning DJ as his more than able replacement. Just prior to writing this preview I am told that Shaurav could be available for this match. However, the participation of Mukul and Suman is tentative due to lack of fitness and work commitments respectively and thus, we are confirming DJ’s loan to avoid playing with less than 11 players on match day. The return of Shaurav gives us more options – formation wise. We could go in this match with either 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 depending on the form and fitness of available players on match day. More info about this match and new happenings at the club is given in our official program which will be sold at the venue. We wish RH best of luck for this match. 
Thu 24/12/15  
BT (1) 2 Vs AA (1) 3 
BT - Snowtop 2 6.32 84.32 
AA - Adu 9.30 Marcelo 50.45 Mayur Pen 88.37 
BT - Direct loan – Andy Pandy (value – 0.320) for Ankush (Value 0.370) 
AA - (Provisional loan) Karan (value 0.32M TZR) RW for Sameer value (0.38M TZR). Vikas Atri (0.30M TZR) RW for Audi Value (0.31M TZR) 
MO's - RW- Karan and Monga, RH – Sagar and Amar, BI – Rango and Atul, BE – Gururaj and Devendra, PACU – Subaru and Satish 
Like RH, AA also face a situation where if they keep winning they can go ahead of RW. We think that this situation actually suits AA who are more comfortable attacking in the opposition’s half than defending in their own. We are loaning Andy Pandy for this match in place of Ankush. Both teams have very attacking players who are capable of scoring plenty of goals. Last year this fixture produced 12 goals and everyone must be expecting same fireworks this time around, especially considering the standings in 1st division league table. In this regard, we request all the fans to check out the article of our manager Pam who is currently in the UK about his memories from the last year’s BT vs AA match in our official program. We have 11 players available for this match but a couple of them are tentative as of now and thus, we have decided to confirm Andy’s loan. Depending on the availability of players we will either play 4-4-2 or 4-5-1. We just hope that fans will get to see some great football in this match. Best luck to AA for this match. 
AA Preview By Ryan 
AA have taken a few loans from RW due to injuries and unavailability of a few players and we hope their luck would be useful to get us that much needed win against BT. We missed Rock in the last game and he would be instrumental as BT have a very good unit and their main strength is their midfield with the likes of Shubhankar and Mukul with a good work rate. BT though have not had much games and should be relatively fresh compared to AA who need a lift in their spirits with a much needed win. Best wishes to BT and looking forward to a good game. 
AndyPandy Preview as Loan for BT 
I would like to thank the ADC and Mkul for letting me play for BT. For me personally BT had two different games in the two halves. The first half was kind of erratic. The ball moved around and we would lose possession early. The half was more settled and enjoyable. They have a different pace to the game which took sometime to adjust. It was a well fought clean game. Happy game with a satisfactory result. Thank you 
AA Review By Rock and Ryan 
A well fought match at the Dobarwadi ground! AA intended to play a 4-1-4-1 formation, with Tiger as the holding midfielder, Sean as RCD , Mayuresh - LCD , Neel - RB , Adu- LB, Shivang and Pai on Left and Right Wings, Karan and Vikas as RCM and LCM respectively and Arun as the lone striker with of course Mihir as GK. We ended up playing 4-5-1. Whenever our midfield pushed up, it left large areas uncovered in the middle for BT to counterattack. BT played quite well, with Shubhankar and Jehan playing very well in the midfield. AA too created a lot of chances, but were unable to find the net, thanks to good defending by AndyPandy and Bhanda. AA were largely unable to cut in from the sides, and we need to work on that. The one time Shivang did do so resulted in a goal for AA. The opening goals for both sides were lucky, and we have to thank Mihir for a fantastic penalty save. On the other end, Maya made no mistake in cooly slotting in his penalty shot. For AA, Adu and Neel were largely able to defend their positions, while Karan was very good in the midfield. For BT, Pat on the right made some good runs, and their defence was excellent. I sincerely apologize to the ADC, Coach, and TZ for the incidents that resulted in cards to our players, and will impress upon AA to be very cognizant of their behavior in future matches. 
Vikus on Loan for AA 
I would like to thank the AA management for selecting me to play against BT. Playing against a strong squad like BT is never easy and you have to always dig deep to come out on top. All the members in the team stuck to their role and fought for the team over the 90 mins to come out with a favorable result. Wishing AA good luck for the future matches and speedy recovery to Bhanda. 
BT Review By Ashubh 
We started the match with a 4-4-2 formation: Anand (gk); Rafa, Bhanda, Andy Pandy (on loan for Ankush), Sagar; Mukul, Shubhankar, Jehan, Siddhu; Niraj, Gaurav. The plan was to stay compact while defending and using the width to attack. AA played well in the first half and had good possession in our half. I think we played too deep and could not string passes together to build any sort of momentum. Mukul had to go off due to injury and Patty replaced him. At halftime we decided to push game up the pitch. It was a much better performance in the second half. But overall I'm disappointed with the manner and timing of the goals that we conceded. Whenever we looked like we were growing in the game, we conceded. Even at the other end we did not capitalise on the 10-15 minute spell when AA were down to 10 men and we wasted a penalty and 2-3 indirect free kicks in the D. I'm proud of the way we kept fighting to equalize late in the game. But lapse in concentration cost us the game. Now it's important that we respond well in the next match. Good effort BT. Congrats AA. 
BT Review By Mkul 
First and foremost, I would like to congratulate AA on this important away victory which keeps them floating in the league. AA looked like they were fighting for their lives and BT failed to match their intensity, at least in the first half. In the second half, after going 1-2 down, we finally woke up and then we started playing to our full potential. The fans are fully justified in asking why we didn't start like this in the first place? We apologise to the fans for that. However, we also hope that fans must have admired the spirit shown by us in the second half. We played with 4-4-2 formation with Anand (GK), Sagar (LB), AndyPandy (LCD), Bhanda (RCD), Rafa (RB), Mukul (RM) [replaced by Patty after 15 minutes], Shubhankar (RCM), Jehan (LCM), Siddhu (LM), Shuarav and Snowtop (L and R CF). We had some brilliant performances, some individual errors and some average performances. I think AA played with 3 central midfielders - 135, tiger and Vikus. This is how they managed to win many balls off our two central midfielders - VG and Ashubh. Also their two full backs made some overlapping runs in the first half which made life difficult for our wing midfielders. To counter AA's formation we needed to show more positional awareness, move the ball quickly and use the width on the flank whenever we got the ball. We failed to do so in the first half when the match looked quite one sided. In the second half, siddhu and Patty started running down their flanks with the ball. Also Rafa made some good overlapping runs. This eased the pressure on central midfielders who finally provided good passes to both Shaurav and Niraj and thats how we got our equaliser. This phase in the game was a good reminder to us as to how we should play in future matches. The matches against AA are always entertaining and this one was no exception. Once again congrats to AA and Merry Christmas to all. 
135 Review Loan to AA 
Firstly I would like to thank AA managers for loaning me...its always an honour to represent a super club like AA with the quality they have it becomes really simple to link up with them and playing alongside Tiger and Vikki in the Central mid helped us close down BT a bit in the middle... And switching flanks became a bit simpler. It was a game of ups and downs but Arun made sure we were a threat upfront with his penetrating runs and off the ball movement. BT manager Mkul unfortunately had to be subbed due to an old injury wish him a fast recovery. Ashubh plays in high class of his own and is very hard to mark or cover. This game me some important insight as to where all I can up my game. 
MR By the ADC 
Both teams tried to use the acres of space available but were guilty of too many errors. This spoilt a game touted as a must watch by the Media. When players of a high technical ability are unable to put on some quality then the spectacle of watching some good football is reduced to just hoping the side you support, wins. To the travelling fans of AA the result was favourable considering at one point they had 9 men on the field. This should have been the turning point but BT were just not there this morning. Apologies to 135 if the Ref construed his upturned arms as questioning the LP. The ref was flustered at that point with so many AA players walking on the wrong side of the law. But Apologies and the YC turned to Red will be rescinded. 
AA - AA you could see have still sacrificed Sparky 'I never want to play in CD again' Mathews by playing him in Cd. He has become prone to errors in the most dangerous places and one thinks that mayhaps his mind is not happy in Cd. With AA playing a 4-5-1 formation, BT should not have found space but they did as the 3Cm's 135 Loan, Tiger and Vikus Loan went walkabout often. Finally Rock is playing up front where I have always felt he's of most use when he can use his experience and relative fitness to it's limits. Many a time playing as St means you have to place yourself in a good position to help others and try and offer your teammates a chance of giving a through ball. In the spaces where the play is in your own defensive half are moments you can regain a bit of energy. I'm glad AA listened to just a few words of advice from their coach but the team they set out bar Ryan and Audi looked strong. Marcelo on the right got caught more often than not and for a person of his calibre that just not on. With AA set out to play 4-5-1 you need two Cd's with composure and strong technical ability. Far too often Mayur is too aggressive and Sparky too wary. You need two with confidence, to build up from the back, hold the ball etc. On the left Adu showed glimpses of genius, his outer foot pass and confidence, but he was way too lucky with his shot and more often than not made too many errors and took wrong decisions. Stoney on the right is a very good player but JUST not used to his potential. Tiger has immense talent and vision, I think I've said that many a time, but like a said before goes walkabout. If a player can't track back then he shouldn't wander up. Meer can't be seen as a GK only for his Penalty save...that's all I can say...YES he's a capable GK especially as compared to the ENTIRE TZLC BUT WHY LOAN outfield players when you have a great player in your team already? Very very confused with AA and Meer. 
BT - However they think they played, they didn't play well. As for Andysu he has dropped in my standing as an excellent GK. You just CANNOT afford to let in goals like he has. He's still the best at one on one's and collecting crosses but take a long shot and the likelihood of Andysu fluffling up is high..(hark back to Amma's shot against AA when Amma hit the bar. Andysu was on loan..) With Shaurav back he linked up with Snowtop and we thought sparks would fly but nothing happened. Snowtop it seems is playing at half pace. He's far more concerned with what people say an dthe banter around him. He scored 2 goals with ease today and can do much better. VG did not do justice to his ability, nor did Rafa. Bhanda, probably to man you can depend on was NOT that man today. BT clearly missed Anks. Although Andypandy was a good replacement. I felt Mkul took himself off coz he made too may errors not coz of his hamstring but I must be wrong. Patty is a good talent but has way too much confidence. I've said this before DO NOT TRY SOMETHING JAZZY ALL THE TIME. Once in a while sokay. Sidwho? once again saw too little of the ball and when he did, he didn't shine. Sagerrr did exceptionally well today....Ashub's ball to Snowtop was delectable and his entire performance shows how much he's growing. 
Fri 25/12/15  
3rd Div  
ADCY - Zak, MJ, Pat, Spongebob, Jhakaas (Adu and Brush - late confirmation cannot start suspended 10 mins) Manoj ADC ADULT AVA as MO's and Players 1. Sagar Kanekar 2. Siddharth Chiplunkar RW - Karan (Player +Mo), JJ as MO only. 
ALL EXTRA KITFO players will play for ADCY 
KITFO - 1 Sharad Yeole 2 Sagar Pise 3 Prashant 4 Zaid 5 Mihir 6 Sameer 7 Devendra 8 Nitin 9 Amartya 10 Suman 11 Amit B 12 Gururaj 13 Alan 14 Aviank 15 Rajib 
BE - Prashant, Amit, Sharad (Player + MO) BI - Abhishek, Uday BT - Sagar, Siddhu and Suman (Player + MO) PACU - Satish, Subhav RH - Sagar, Rajib, Amartya (Player + MO) AA - Shivang, Ajinkya RW - Karan, Pravin 
ADCY Preview By 135 
We take on the In form KITFO in this fixture and it seems we only have 3 Youth Players available for this match....but 3 very capable Youth Players... So we will try and build the game around them keep possession and play along the wings. KITFO are linking very well nowadays and had a good half against AA so we know we will have to be at our best to get a good result. 
KITFO Preview By Sherry 
KITFO will be playing ADCY on this friday a match which was postponed last time. ADCY will be playing on their home ground. KITFO is currently struggling with their form and will be trying to regain the form in this match. ADCY being a team of young guns would be very dangerous if not taken seriously. So, KITFO would be playing with good intensity to regain the confidence and not allow the opposition to go through our defense. ADCY have players who can run and run(alot of stamina) around the defense and pressurize them to make mistake but we would be keeping ourselves on toes and moving the ball in the attacking half fast and make the moves in their half. As both the teams are very close to Coach he would be helping us as and when he feels we are not doing well. ADCY would be playing some of the experience players from TZLC/KITFO which will be decided on the match day by Coach. All the Best ADCY! 
ADCY Preview By 135 (Appointed By the ADC so he can erase the memories of his last outing for them!!!) 
Tiger Loan to ADCY Review 
I would like to thank respected coach and 135 (ADCY) for allowing me to play from ADCY. What an impressive show by ADCY as a team and they really deserve the win. ADCY totally dominated both the halfs with quick and accurate passing movements. 100% commitment from every player till the end. Special to mention..Patty, Jhak, Arun and Avi (RW) had a super game. Congratsss to ADCY and hard luck to KITFO. KITFO must bounce back bcoz according to me they really had a poor game. 
Mishti Loan to KITFO Review 
First thanks to coach for agreeing to guide us with a match plan. As usual it was a tough decision who to play and in which positions with a large squad turning themselves available for match. Thanks to ADC supercomputer to come up with a plan. KITFO started and stuck to a 4-4-2 formation throughout the match. Goals: Rajib, def: sherry, Nitin, Suman, Prashant, Midfield: Dev, Alan, Sameer, Sagar, Forward: Abhiyank, Amit Sub's: Amartya, Ravi, Zaid It was always a tough task competing against youths of our kids' age in such a big ground. As expected the kids were quite relentless in hastling KITFO from the beginning. With able support of experienced players like Arun and Karan. The match looked an even battle with both teams neutralised each other and fading away in the final third. The game looked all set to end 0 - 0 when two back to back mistakes handed Arun a clear chance and he obliged. KITFO trying to keep playing the passing game and build from back. On occasions the game looked elegant from outside. There were a number of positives we can take from the game. Alan in centre of midfield certainly was the most impressive player from KITFO. Some players had a full 90 mins and had the necessary experience for future games. They will only get better with the experience they had today. As said before, the youth players had a dazzling display. The future of TZLC football is certainly in good hands. Congrats to ADCY for their win. 
Sidwho?? Loan to ADCY Review 
I’d like to thank ADC and ADCY for giving me chance to play on loan for the team for the second time and also for making me the Referee’s assistant behind the goal. For the most of the time I was the Ref’s assistant and from where I was watching, the match was quite interesting for the neutrals. Both teams kept the ball possession well and were trying hard to score without panicking. The only goal came very late in the second half, thanks to Arun Sir, which helped team ADCY to win the game. I myself played as RB for the very first time and that’s why I was playing completely on the call of the Keeper and the fellow CBs. Even though I couldn’t get much of the ball, I did enjoy playing with kids who looked promising at times. I’m very happy for ADCY and wish them all the very best in the coming games. I once again thank both ADC and ADCY and would like to contribute again in future if the opportunity knocks. 
John Loan to ADCY Review 
First of all thanks to respected ADC for the opportunity to play in outfield alongside the youth against a well balanced and free flowing KITFO side. Both teams played very well with slick passing and movement and I enjoyed playing at RB as the youngsters always keep you on your toes but its fun playing with them as they are technically good and fast. KITFO team has grown in stature under the guidance of our fine coach and it shows in every game. All in all thoroughly enjoyable experience. 
Rock Loan to ADCY Review 
Thanks to Coach and Karan to have allowed me to play for ADCY! A match on a cold December morning never really heated up. ADCY won by a solitary goal. ADCY started with 7 youth players and 4 TZ players. In the first half, we dominated the game, but were unable to score. The youth players were a little tentative and the forwards especially were not at all aggressive. In the second half, the youths became more confident and won many of the 50:50 balls. Among the youth, Zak is outstanding and can easily claim his place with the seniors. Adu is also excellent, and had a great game today. Among the others, Patty played well but his physique is a disadvantage when playing against larger players. The plan was to keep possession, and the youth players must work on control and short passes, instead of punting the ball up the field. All in all, the ADCY youths did admirably well against the larger KITFO players, and I am very proud to have played by their side. In the first half, KITFO was on the back foot, which changed when Rajib and Amaratya moved into the midfield. However, their coordination was not good, and they gave up the ball due to errors too many times. I cant remember any legitimate shot on goal. Some of their passing in the midfield was excellent, but the finishing touch was lacking. Rajib and Amar were the standout guys, Keano did well in midfield too. The lone goal from me came off a poor defensive clearance by KITFO, which went straight to Patty who laid the ball off to me. Amaratya the goalie cut off the angles to the goal quite well, but left the gate between his legs open! I'm happy to have contributed to an ADCY win! 
Sagerrr Loan to ADCY Review 
I would like to thank ADC for allowing me to play as a right defender for ADCY. ADCY young lads (pat, adu, zack, jhakkas, MJ, spongebob, brush) played excellent throughout the game. Their confidence level and command on the ball was superb today. Karan's constant support and suggestions boosted confidence of all the players. Myself, sidhhu and JJ played as a right defender and did not gave any scoring chances to KITFO. KITFO played really well in the midfield and were moving the ball around but could not pass through our rock solid defense. We won the game by Arun's clinical finish with assist from patty in the second half. KITFO had couple of scoring chances after they were down 1-0 but could not convert them into goals. Hard luck to KITFO players and congratulations to the winning team players. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all. 
Vikky Main Ref Review 
I would like to thank the ADC for allowing me to be the main Ref. All in all Youth got the the better of experience & maturity, that's how I saw it. Being the main ref is a tough job for sure. Arun & Amit were at each other & were playing hard & fair right from the word go, I let them play their game, But in the end I had to diffuse the situation & gave a foul against Amit as I felt that both didn't have the ball in control but Amit softly elbowed Arun, But to my surprise Prashant was annoyed & hence I decided to give him a yellow card, but he kept on questioning and the card turned from yellow to red & then from Red to out of the entire game. That was the major highlight. Kitfo: Experience & maturity along-with strategies from Coach. They had chances but failed to convert, Although their one touch passing was good than the other team, But one mistake cost them the whole game, The subs were moved in & out in a flash, Thanks to the coach once again, not a single 10 pass move was completed by them, the game was good but it was not played on the flanks, all the attacks were made through the middle, Also I overheard somebody from the Kitfo Area saying that this is a PACU player, Wonder who it was?? Well Played team Kitfo & All the best for the next matches. ADCY: This young team was managed by none other than 135. He kept the players cool just like himself. Good Job 135, Although the subs moving in & out was quite boring at times. This young team was full of enthusiasm, they were running till the final whistle was blown, according to me that was the reason they could capitalize on a mistake and a lovely finish from Arun helped them, Zak, Patty were outstanding according to me, they were switching the flanks fluently which made Kitfo run, which was their weakness as compared to ADCY. All in all a good match thanks to the Coach & ADC once again, 
ADCY Review By 135 
Firstly I would like to thank Coach for giving me the opportunity to manage ADCY today and try forget and make up for my last outing with them. I would also like to thank the KITFO players for helping us with the nets today morning. We started today with Tiger in Goals Sagar RB Adu RCD Avi LCD Manoj LB Jhakass RW Arun RCM Karan LCM Zak LW Brush St Patty St. This game was played in good spirits right from the start with both the team going easy and hardly any stoppages. ADCY started steadily against the in form KITFO side and had planned to play a possessional game and it was an evenly fought affair with both the teams playing really well trying to build up from the back and almost creating a clear chance. KITFO played with ease through out and it was pretty difficult to take the ball off them at the same time both the teams couldn't manage to capitalise on the chances in the final third of the half. For ADCY Spongebob played with super zest on the Left and made sure no attack could do any harm or pass by him unchecked. Similarly Pat showed some very mature positioning to close down the midfield in the final quarter of the game. Jhakass and Zak on the other hand put in the necessary workrate on the wing and down the middle respectively which is essential to get a result. Adu was fantastic in the CD as Were MJ and Brush. Arun the Omnipresent threat and creator on the field gave us the some goal of the game when he bombed fwd with the ball got stopped by the last defender , the clearance intercepted by Pat who set up Arun again and this time Arun gets past the last man with ease and finishes expertly to give ADCY a win. 
Avi Loan to ADCY Review 
I would like to thank the ADCY management for selecting me to play against KITFO. After a few weeks of gap from Football, I desperately wanted to play. Both the teams were playing good game. ADCY had many chances but couldn't capitalise. The defense line was rock solid. Spongebob and Adu were amazing in the defense, and didn't let any attack happen. Jhakaas was outstanding, covering whole mid field running everywhere. Hats off to you man. ADCY fought very hard and end up on the winning side. Good efforts by KITFO. Congrats ADCY 
MR By the ADC 
It has been known for quite some time now that the youth are a talented bunch and can cause problems to all. Not only due to their technical ability but also because of their fitness levels. Yogi of PACU has been joining the KFANDRA sessions off and on and as he usually ends up struggling to keep up, it just proves the fitness aspect. So to see them performing to their AVERAGE is nothing new. You must always look to achieve some sort of improvement each time you play or at least play better than your average in every game and then one can oh look the youth are wow! I didn't see the wow factor at all.....For eg for the amount of times Jhakaas went on rampage down the flank, how many times did his cross meet a team mate? For the amount of times Zak dribbled, how many times did he give a final killer pass or took a shot on goal? And for Adu as a C. defender, were KITFO stopped so well that they didn't have a single chance? 
My creased eyebrows and disappointed look rest on 135 AGAIN!! I have total respect for him for making sure the youth's transport to and fro is taken care off along with the bicuits and etc but his team selection for me reeked of TRYING to get a win by any means possible. This is the moment where the ADC will throw the book at AA. Enough is enough. If you look at the MO list you'll notice that Ajinx and Arty where the MO's and NONE of them had said they wanted to play. Ajinx does turn up but Rock requests the ADC to accept the last minute push for a place in the ADCY. IF the ADC was a VERY strict ENTITY then this fiasco would NOT have happened. Is it that the players are now taking ADVANTAGE of the ADC's leniency? Had Tiger (AA) also offered to play for the ADC? Now where does all this leave Bechara 135? No, my disappointment in him does not stem from all this, this is the ADC's issue, the reason is that 2 youth players Spongebob and MJ where SACRIFICED and had to SIT in the dug out when the R and R state that ALL youth players MUST get a FULL MATCH. As Mr. Khare's interests were vested heavily in both squads, the ADC had appointed 135 to look after ADCY and had decided to use it's super computer to formulate a plan for KITFO and place Khare in charge. Some players got to play 90 mins, some players were shuffled so that they had ample time to rest as they had CLUB games the next day, some were rotated and so on. The ONLY COMMON factor was that the players should try and maintain the philosophy that they have been learning during coaching sessions, to play the passing game, dribble when necessary, defend as one unit, play to the flanks but also llok to your strikers for 1 - 2's etc BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY ENJOY the GAME and give respect to your opponents, team mates and the MO's. So when some people mention that ADCY played so well and KITFO played so crap or vice versa does not always prove the fact of the matter.... 
Didn't like Vikky's handling of the game as Main Ref. Was too lenient on Late challenges ESPECIALLY by KITFO. ADCY also made some. 
Vikky didn't want to Ref and this should prove to ALL how important it is for EVERY player to do whatever job is given him with 110% effort. He allowed Mario to shriek at every call and it was me who kept telling Mario to let the Ref get on with it. Brush (still very bristly but getting soft) so often raised his arms to question a late challenge or seek the Refs whistle (this gains an IMMEDIATE YC if The Ref was Khare, Remember Marcelo as the most recent offender) which disappointed me. They are not taught this at KFANDRA and noone is allowed to behave in this manner. So where were the 2 players 135 and Rock when all this was happening? Unfortunately they were just as into the game as Brush! There was an incident where in there was a lose ball in the ADCY 18 yard box and everyone could see from a mile away that both Amti and Rock where heading hammer and tongs towards the ball. The contact did indeed happen and both reacted but Rock's reaction was clearly more visible. The person who got the card was Mario! The thing is as per Vikky's statement both Amti and Rock reacted so he ignored the clash, but any Ref must ENSURE that all is well and EXPLAIN to them his decision so that there can be no unwashed clothes left in the laundry. (See moving images in TZLCImages page on the website!!!) 
ADCY - Nothing much to say. Why was Brush played Up front? He told 135 he plays at Lb or Rb or Cm (That was just his desperation I guess as I haven't blooded him in to a Cm position yet). So where does 135 play him? Up front as St!! Waaaaat??? I mean 135 asked me if he could keep this morning and I said there are quite a few youth players there who would rather see a sloth with spectacles and a broken arm keep than you. Pat played better this morning. Adu tried to up his game as his sis and mum came to watch but nothing much was bettered. As usual Jhakaas was rampant and so was Zak. Brush was lost and Pat played sensibly. Spongebob is slowly gaining in cofidence. 135's rotation of players was unfortunately not fair. 
KITFO - I always wanted to slowly blood Alan into a Cm position so I had pushed him all over the ground before this morns match. And he took to the position like a duck to water. The other new bloke it Aviank or Abhiyank as our bengali babu Mishti says it or is that an accent? has also become one of the gang now and is coming on fine. Gave Zed, Tintin, Aviank and Alan the whole game to enjoy as they aren't a part of the TZLC and don't get a regular run in when club matches are played at Papal or elsewhere. Red, Mishti and Amar shared the keeping and outfield play time. All the others 1 from BT, the rest from BE also shared game time and a few positional changes. The most imp thing for me as a Coach of an organization from KITFO is to be FAIR and justify a player coming early in the morning to play. Playing well and then winning is ALWAYS a bonus. Seeing HAPPY FACES Before, During and AFTER the match is why I coach. As WINNING is not my be all and end all, I therefore do NOT belong to a club and can't show loyalty towards anyone. And when I am unsure if I can be impartial, then I step out. There are some matches that ALL the players I coach can look at deeply. Sometimes the WAY and HOW the game is played is by FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the result. 
Sat 26/12/15  
PACU (0) 3 Vs RH (1) 4 1st H 40 2nd H 45 
PACU - Satsut 15.30 Kapka 2 81 84.05  
RH - 135 Loan 2 11.33 45.20 Amu 58.20 TC 68.12 
PACU - Mihir (AA) 0.34 TZR 
AA-Pai,Mihir BI-Atul,Abhishek BE-Amit, Harshad RW-Jony, Monga BT-Rafa,Ankush 
RH - Neeraj B - missing due to work: ADC's current valuation = 250k TZR Rafa R - on loan from BT: ADC's current valuation = 250 k TZR 
EMERGENCY LOAN 135 320K for Gambo 380K 
PACU Preview By Amma 
PACU comes up against 1st Division behemoth RH in our packed December Schedule. They have strong players all over the pitch and quite a few super stars. If things don't go well against BI we have to resort to defensive strategy. But PACU players are itching to play attacking brand of football. We will not being loaning any outfield players. Hima and DJ will be coming up against their former mates. Hoping for a good game and all the best to RH. 
RH PREVIEW By Red See Match Programme 
After a victory against the Astros the confident levels in the RH squad are high and we are glad that we fought as a team to grind out a positive result. PACU have registered a string of good results and look like a very strong team on paper. They have individuals who can turn matches individually. We will continue to play as per coach's directives and hope we can put up another good show. We will be going for the three points in this one! We are hoping that Nikhil will be fit for this one but will be missing his brother and manager Beeraj. TC and Anna coming back into the squad will bolster our squad and lend us more stability. It seems the ground situation is still not clear but RH are mentally ready to play on any ground big or small. Wish PACU all the best! 
Meeraj ran 10 k's!!! 
PACU Review By Satsut 
Think the odds caught up with PACU this morning. But we will not take anything away from RH who played beautiful football and deserved to win. We started with the traditional 4-5-1 hoping to kill the game in the midfield and attack on the counter. Yogi Satish DJ Harjeet lined up the defense with Vikki Amar Neeraj Subhav Hima in midfield and Kapil the lone striker upfront. Mihir was on loan as GK. This is a team that we as managers had put up considering the size of the Sindh ground and the management really felt we will not be a mat h on the full sized grounds. Having said that PACU and its managers are proud of our performances. December was going to be tough and I think we ran out of steam. RH played exceptionally well with Karan, Rajesh Sir and Ammu constantly threatening our goal. We were down 1-0 at half time, Karan had scored for RH. Karan and Rajesh Sir scored 2 blinders, Ammu scored off a good move as well. For us, I thought Hima was a stand out performer, he lit up our left flank. PACU will use this setback as a springboard to launch ourselves against the big boys in the league and knockout competitions. Congratulations RH. 
Anks Review as LP 
Thank you ADC for appointing me as the LP for this match. Jogging on the far side of the ground kept me warm throughout the match. RH seemed to be a better side on the whole and probably deserved to win but lost a bit of concentration at the end. Both Penalties were awarded on my side of the ground and were correct decisions from my point of view. I was consulted for one of those by the MR and we both concurred that it was a clear foul. Another time I was consulted was when Anna came off his line and collided with Satsut at the edge of the box. The question was if Anna made contact with the PACU forward outside or inside his box. My verdict was he was marginally inside and that’s what I conveyed to the MR. A good game overall and perhaps if Satsut had played in an offensive role from the start it could have been a different ball game altogether. Well Played RH, hard luck Pacu! 
RH Review By Red 
RH played a 4-4-2: Anna-GK; Kramer-RB; Mangs-RCB; Sagar-LCB; Rafa-LB; Nikhil-RM; Mishti-RCM; Amar-LCM; 135-LM; Rajesh-ST; Amu-ST. Rajesh and Amu were given free roles. We are thankful to our coach Mr. Khare for helping us out with the formation and strategy. He set us up with RH players in their best positions and the remaining positions LM and LB were occupied by the loanees 135 and Rafa respectively. 135 did superbly well and did as he was asked to. He was asked to take on the PACU RB/RM and cut in to score/assist. Mishti and Amar marshalled the midfield calmly whereas the ST pair of TC and Amu combined well to score a goal each. Anna made a few crucial saves from Kapka while Mangs was dominating in defence along with Kramer. Two goals from 135, one each from TC-Amu and a penalty save from Anna helped us go 1-4 up. At this moment I heard the Ref shout out that PACU is taking the extra 5 mins and I had already celebrating in my mind. This was very amateurish! PACU pulled back two and we were a little nervous then! We could and should have scored a couple more when Nik shot wide 1-1 with the GK, TC hit the crossbar from an IDFK and Amu headed onto the post! We did well throughout the game except for the last 5 mins and are glad it didnt cost us any points! We are happy with the victory! It was also good playing against our ex-teammates DJ and Hima! We wish PACU all the best for the rest of the season! 
135 Loanee for RH Review 
I would like thank RH management for giving me an opportunity to play for them. It was a new experience altogether playing on the Left flank and really hard to avoid drifting in to central zones. RH played to a really well laid plan which got the best out of all the players on the field. It was pretty tense in the final few minutes when we lost the plot and conceded two well taken goals by PACU. Just shows how good they can be. Rajesh Sir turned on the style today when he took on 4 players and finished in an uber cool fashion. 
Jonty LP Review 
Gratitude to the ADC for appointing me as the LP for this game between PACU and RH. It was a very cold morning for change and being able to run up and down the lines helped. Felt somewhat sorry for Ryan and Snowtop who were freezing by the end of the game. A hard fought game this morning with lots of missed chances and some beautiful goals. Notably Karan fantastic finish for his 2nd and Rashesh's mesmerizing run from halfway which left the PACU defence scratching their heads. From my point of view as LP, in the first half when RH were defending, their LB and RM were playing the PACU forwards on a number of occassions. This happened because the LB and RB were concentrating on the PACU flankers and in that they lost track of where their CD's were. This lead to a one on one for Kaka against Anna which he messed up badly. In the 2nd half, quite the opposite with the PACU CD's. The PACU CD's were always way too deep leaving a huge gap between their defence and Midfield. Both the goals mentioned above - 135's 2nd and Rajesh's run - happened because the amount of time and space RH had between PACU Def and Mid. In the end somehow RH lost the plot even after a 3 goal lead and let PACU score 2 in 2 mins. Withe the players and experience they have in their team, they should have closed out the game 20 mins from time. All in all an entertaining game. The outcome could have been different had Kaka scored in double chance penalty. Hard luck to PACU and valuable win to RH. 
MR By the ADC 
Another topsy turvy encounter in the TZLC! The question is though whether the clubs are playing fantastic attacking footer and not giving the defence a chance or are the goals mostly a result of errors. Well there were 2 stupendous goals today that could justify the 1st comment, that the TZLC is developing into Tourney where spectators will never come to watch a match and see dull and drab football being played. Both sides had good opportunities in the 1st H with RH easily being the better of the 2 and deservedly going up by a goal. 
The 2nd H saw a virtual collapse and RH furthering their cohisiveness to go 1 - 4 up!!! Satsut not taking the extra 5 mins which was a proper move considering RH's dominance took the extra 5 in the 2nd. With this PACU piled players up front as if this was a cup tie where winner takes all. RH were super lucky to leave the match with a win as they all but dissolved under the mental pressure of holding a 3...yes a three goal lead.  
RH - Anna had a super 1st H and a Pen save in the 2nd was his contribution. He tread a fine line throughout the 2nd and was probably unfortunate to find himself on the wrong side of the law a couple of times. He stated after the match that the ball had touched his hair when a foul was called against him but you can excuse the Ref and LP and RA and anyone for not seeing that! Anna had to collect many a ball and it was the first time that a keeper did not have butter fingers. All I can remember of Mangs is that header that he won of Satsut. Is this the same player that has been criticized regularly for his game? This bloke is in the same league as Rafa! What a header!! I do hope I can catch it on the vid. Mangs timing is super in the tackle, he reads the ball very well but then when the pressure started to mount coupled with allowing Satsut and Kapka more of the ball his and every RH players game dropped. Red stated to me that he is ready to sacrifice his preference to play in an attacking position by playing in Cd, as it won't be every time that RH can loan a Cd and I call this decision to be the most important decision for RH this season so far. Red was great apart from when on one or two occasions only got caught in defence and made a bad pass out of defence. Kramer is also growing and if his decision making improves I could see him adding an extra threat when he goes off on an over lapping run. He has immense talent and has sorted out his ego issues too. Great to see a player develop from being a maverick Kramer into a more suave and sophisticated one. But he should not lose himself as the old Kramer is what makes Akshai the Kramer we like to see. Rafa did his job as a loanee and that's good. Nick was quite a threat out there on the Rm even while nursing an injury. It will be good to see him in full fitness. 135 Loanee probably had his best game this season as a DISGUISED LCM!!!! It seemed this morning RH were actually playing with 3 cm's, 1 Rm, NO Lm and 2 St!!! So Rafa inknowingly covered the entire left side! It was funny to see 135 in a Lcm loan suddenly realizing that he was out of position after looking at me and my confused and withering look most of the time and the running off to find the flank. Truth be told, and he should pay attention to this, both his goals came from when he STARTED on the Lm!!! One was a wonderful 1st time outer footer that he made look so simple! Pure Brilliance! 
I thought Amar was another player who FINALLY lived up to my expectations! He played with rare confidence in Cm and performed exceptionally well. Even took a shot that unfortunately went straight to the Keeper. Mishti did not have such a good game. His decision making is slow and should take all the help he gets. Meaning, he should LISTEN to calls from his team mates and PASS to the calls instead of having to see them in person before releasing tha ball! TC and Amu played as per their task, Free men with talent in free roles. Keep making yourself Ava and take the pressure of the rest of the team by doing something when you get the ball. Amu sometimes was caught dropping a little to deep and then chasing the defenders when there was no supporting players. 
PACU - Is this the same team I played with? People should understand that a PLAN has to be set, this plan must be UNDERSTOOD by all so that it can be implemented. Which side goes into a match not exactly knowing what their job is? If PACU would've approached me, then this is not the team I would've set. The less said the better. So much infighting it was disgusting. The players are NOT on the same page, wavelength or pitch also. Whenever PACU get desperate they push Satsut up and make him run at players! That's their tactic!! So much chaos on the pitch though. I've spoken to Amma and I do hope he implements what I have said. I've spoken to Kapka and told him to worry about his own game then the others, I can tell Satsut NOT to go for ALL MEN bike rides, I can ask Subaru if he enjoyed playing in Cm in this match just as he did when he played against, I can tell Yogi that in my eyes, HE was the ONLY person according to me who had a good game in all of the 85 mins played today. Hima was WASTED playing in Lm without a plan that everyone knows. As was Vikky. Louie unfortunately gets stuck in a grumpy world of his own when things don't go his way. I felt he was TOTALLY ignored for at least 20 mins of the 2nd H when he didn't receive a single pass. So when he finally does, who blames him for doing something that only makes him happY? Like shooting or giving a dodgy long ball?