MR Pre-Season Friendly PACU Vs RH 
PACU (1) 3 Vs RH (1) 3 
Review By Amma Manager PACU 
We would like to thank the ADC for allowing us this friendly against RH. Special thanks to the MO's Ajoo, Sean, Mukul and Atul. The game ended in a 3-3 draw. For PACU the goals were shared by Kapil, Satish and Subaru. Amu (2) and Gambhir were the goal scorers for RH. We played 4-4-2 today. Karan was our keeper, Harjeet(RB), Vicky (RCD), DJ (LCD), Yogi (LB), Monga (LMF), Satish (LCM), Amar(RCM), Neeraj (RM) , Subaru and Kapil - Upfront. I am unable to comment on how the game went as I was preoccupied with my own game . From what I heard after the game, the 1st half was fairly even while RH dominated the 2nd. Karan had a few fantastic saves and saved quite a few one on one situations The game was played in superb spirit by both teams whilst not compromising on the competitive nature. We wish RH all the best for the upcoming season and based on todays performance they will definitely have a successful one. 
Review By Red Manager RH 
RH are very thankful to the ADC for approving the friendly, Ajoo, Sean, Mukul and Atul for helping with MO duties! RH played a 5-4-1: Mihir(loan from AA)-gk, Kramer-RB, Mishti-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Beeraj-LB, Amar-RM, TC-RCM, Gambhir-CM, Mantan-LCM, Red-LM, Amu-ST. This was supposed to be a friendly but it was a very intense and fast paced match. Both teams created numerous chances and lacked defensive organisation and composure. The first half ended 1-1 with goals from Amu and Kapka. Second half we tried a few positional changes involving TC, Red, Amar and Mantan. The match ended 3-3 with goals from Satsut, Subaru, Amu and Gambo. PACU goals were of high quality and they needed to be as Meer was superb in goals. Our goals were down to defensive errors from PACU. Some of the linkup play between Amu and Gambo was very intricate leading to at least 3 one on ones with the GK but our finishing was poor. A good Eye-opener for both teams and we hope to build on the positives and iron out the short fallings. 
Review by Main Ref Ahjoo 
First I would like to thank the ADC for approving my nomination as MO for the game and also thank Amarnath & Sagar for letting me be the Main Ref. The match kicked-off at 7.00am and was 40mins a half. Both teams played fair and competitive and none of the teams made any reckless tackles or pressurized the ref in any way even though it was a friendly. In my view the first half was evenly balanced with both teams playing an equal possession game and quick 1-2 touch moves down the middle and also playing the ball to the flanks. The first half score line also reflects the same 1-1. The Second half was not very impressive as both teams got a bit tired and lost positional play strategy. Overall it was a good practice match for both teams. The final score was 3-3 and match ended in a draw.

MR Pre-Season Friendly BE (0) 0 Vs KITFO (0) 1 
Review By Sherry BE 
Firstly I would like to thank ADC/Coach to approve the last minute request to play a match between BE and KITFO. We played 4-4-2 formation in first Half with DevD(GK), (LB)VK, Prashant, Sharad, Ravi,(RM)Jaydeep,Guru, Madhu, Suraj, (Striker) Rakesh, Amit. The plan was to play a passing game and keep the possession and lookout for gaps and attack. In the first few minutes only, Amit and Rakesh were able to create a chance but failed to give finishing touch. But, as the game progressed we kept on losing the possession and kept forcing the attack from center instead of wings. Coach managed KITFO and also ref in the match along with guiding BE players where he thought we were making mistakes. In the second half there were certain changes in the position and also Amod was IN as RMF which resulted on some good moves from flanks. We played a better second half compared to first but, a last minute GOAL was scored from Rajib who just lofted the ball to the goal which Ravi(GK) was unable to keep out. On the other hand KITFO were making good moves from flanks and lot of crosses from Suman. Overall BE players played well as compare to their last practice match with BT. At last, I would like to thanks Coach and KITFO team to allow us to play a practice match instead of their practice sessions. 
Review By the ADC 
Not a bad result on the face of it for KITFO. KITFO had so many new faces it was shocking! They started with 7 and finished with 11 soon enough. Another tragic dispaly from the Eagles who should have walloped this threadbare KITFO side that only had known names of Red, Mishti, Amar and Suman. The others being Zed (Bruce and Deep played a half each for KITFO as KITFO were short of players), and yup that's all. Out of the new lot only Keano seemed to have played a bit before joining KITFO but even he arrived 1/2 an hour late. As the Ref and Coach of KITFO I continued as if it was a normal session and emphasized the off and on the ball positional play. Started Red and Mishti off in Rcd and Lcd respectively to stabilize things and so I wouldn't have to shout much but far from it I had to bawl at the top of my lungs most of the time. Kept Suman and Amar in Cm also bit to no avail...but I can't blame them can I? We were playing 4-2-1!!! Heheh!!! 
For BE Mario tried to keep things sane but BE were maybe better than before but they can't give excuses at all. As Sherry rightly pointed I did offer advice to BE before and during the match but it was BE who had to make changes whenever necessary. I am quite proud of the 4 newbies as they were rotated through three positions, GK, Lb, Lm, and ST. For novices and only their 3rd session they really came to the fore against the far more experiences Eagles side. No doubt the elephant grass was not conducive for a true pass but in the end it was the same for both teams. Bruce was rubbish playing for KITFO but excelled playing for BE. Deep the opposite, surprisingly he felt quite comfortable playing up front for KITFO. Suman was a ghost of his former self and I reckon had to much to smoke or drink the night before. Hmnnn, I think I'll have to speak to his Manager.....I pushed Mishti and Red in Cm and Amar and Keano in Cd. Keano has a lot to learn about zonal play yet. Suddenly there was a secret comunication between Robby and Mishti and seconds later Robby demanded to play in goals. Hardly time for a bee to go bzzz went by when Misthi, after a pass from Amar and Suman, lobbed one of the weakest lobs I have seen in a lifetime towards the BE goal. Lo and Behold Robby did his best to make Mishti's shot feathery tap seem like a sensational bajhonka of a lob, but the earlier glances had sealed the deal..Own Goal Robby!!!

MR Pre-Season Friendly RW 3 Vs PACU 1 
Review By Amma Manager PACU 
PACU played 4-4-2 today. Defence Left to Right - Yogi, Vicky, DJ and Neeraj M/F Left to Right - Jango, Satish, Amarnath and Harjeet. Upfront - Subaru and Kapil PACU lost 3-1. RW scored through Manan, Taufik and Pai while Amar scored for PACU. The score line clearly reflects how the game went. RW were the much better team all around the pitch. Their players had better touch, speed ,stamina and better understanding. A big thanks to all the MO's . 
Review By 135 RW Manager 
RW VS PACU 3-1 (FRIENDLY AT SINDH) The match kicked off on time and RW continued in the traditional 4:4:2 formation. The game was pretty fast paced with fluidic movements from each side. RW went up in the first ten minutes only to concede in the dying minutes of the first half. At the break Jonty was replaced by Stone who stepped into Jonty’s role seamlessly and assisted Taufa for the second goal. Pai scored from the wing with a hard low cross past the injured PACU keeper. The game highlighted some key areas RW needs to work on immediately and we thank Neel Sir, Surhud Sir, Ajoo for accommodating us at Sindh and making it happen as both team needed game time. We also thank the MOs and Loanees Rajesh Sir Atul Madhu Mukul and Neel for all their efforts. 
Review By Main Ref Atool of BI 
The match started a bit later than scheduled. It was supposed to be a close encounter given the quality of players in both sides. Turned out to be quite a one-sided match with RW's teamwork and understanding between players was way better than PACU who are still getting warmed up for the season. In the first half, RW showed great co-ordination and composure. The defence with Avi ,Karan and MKool was quick and strong. The midfield by Jatin and Vikas was very artful. They distributed the very well. RW were the first to score. As the half progressed, PACU started getting a bit in the groove and there were some good moves. DJ, Vicky and Meeraj in defence were holding quite well. Just on the mark of half-time, Amma equalised for PACU with a right-footed scorcher. The scoreline was a 1-1 at the end of full-time. The Second half was dominated by RW. There was a lot of ball being distributed to both the flanks Marcelo (Right Wing) and Mannan (Left Wing). Mannan,Stoney (came in second half for Jatin) and Tofique combined really well to come up with a super goal to put RW in the lead. Another highlight of the match were the crosses by Marcelo from the right flank. Too bad none of them converted...but it was rather nice to see the one-touch crosses coming right-on the D-top waiting to be headed-in. The last goal (3rd goal) was more of a GK mis-judgement (Injured Rajesh in goals misjudged the force of the ball and let a ball trickle through his hands and feet on what seemed like an innocuous cross ). All in all it was entertaining stuff by RW and are looking to carrying on the form from last year. 
Review By Main Ref Jai of BE 
I would like to thank ADC for approving my nomination and team managers, Amma and Karan, for allowing me to officiate the match today. I was the linesman for the 1st half, taking over from Atul as the main ref during the 2nd half. Both teams seemed to be in good touch, having good control and putting together a string of passes. It was also good to see the teams changing the flank whenever possible. RH took the lead with a fine strike from Taufiq from the edge of the penalty box. PACU pulled one back late in the 1st half with a great shot off the post from Amma. In the 2nd half, PACU seemed a bit more tired, while RH continued their great form putting together some brilliant moves. The 2nd goal was a great team effort finished by Taufiq. PACU continued to have some chances via Kapil and Satsut, but were unable to finish. Overall it was a fast-paced game with very few fouls as both teams played in the right sprit.

Week 1 
Saturday 24/10/15 
Match 1  
1st Division 
RW ( 1 ) 4 Vs AA ( 1 ) 3 
RW - Mantan 45.40 Toufa 2 54.40 90.10 Ivan 43 
AA - Rock 31.20, DJ 57.30 Ryan 81.50 
LOANS - AA - AVGKL Amol H 0.320, Ringa 0.260 DIRECT LOAN Shivang J. 0.280 (UNA),  
EMERGENCY DIRECT LOAN DJ 0.300 for Audi 0.300 
Match Officials: RH - Beeraj Mangesh BT Jehan Ankush BI-Ajoo Atul BE-Suraj Amti PACU-Meeraj Harry 
Preview By 135 Manager RW 
The wait is finally over, TZLC is BACK and with all the new additions in every squad the league has become more exciting than ever. Hope everyone is strapped for another head rush-ing roller coaster ride that comes along with it. RW will stick to its traditional 4-4-2 formation which we used last season and try and contain one of the best AA line-ups we have seen in the last few season- this squad simply has no visible weak point to exploit, with each and every position filled by some of the best players in the League. They hold and distribute the ball like no other and have the perfect blend of Experience,skill and youth. To go up against them in the first game of the season will be an uphill task for us. RW has changed much since last season starting with the former skipper,the catalyst who brought us silver ware in all competitions, forming a prominent new side to the addition of two very promising Players Sarva and Avi. The new signings will give us the necessary flexibility and stability for such matches. This Match promises to be the perfect opener of the Eighth season and RW will hit the ground running with the same hunger and pick up where it left off last season. RW- Full Squad available. 
Preview By Rock Manager AA 
The first match of TZLC8! AA is excited and looking forward to the start of the season. We have retained most of our squad from the last season, but will certainly miss Amarnath and Jango. We have young blood in Neel and Adu, and we are hoping that they balance out the oldies in the team.  
For this first match, we will be making 2 loans – in goal and for left midfield, the latter to compensate for Shivang, who is still in the UK. We will play a 4-4-2 formation. Adu, Sam, Mandke, and Mihir in defense, loanee, Sean, Neel and Audi in mid-field, and Arun and Pai upfront. 
I am sure there is some rust in terms of match readiness, but we will need to do what is necessary to come away with a win against a formidable RW, with the likes of Taufiq, Karan, Manan, and Vikas in their team. Above all, AA will try to play good football, enjoy the game, and show respect for each other, our opponents, and the referee. 
Good luck to all teams for TZLC8!!! 
Preview By Mr. Khare 
Finally, after a 4 month wait, WE ARE BACK!!! New and improved and raring to go....For those of you that listened to my Pre-Season Previews may have been shocked at some statements but that I assure y'all was only to open your eyes to the various permutations and combinations that can be applied to a team. EIther you experiment and look for success or you think it out and play to the best of your abilities. This match opener I hope will be packed with everything we've been waiting so long to see. Hard tackles, sliding tackles, shots on target, saves, and plain and simple I would be happy to witness some good footer, which means that there should be less errors, accurate and quick passing, good dribbling, good control and exemplary attitude.  
RW and AA I'm sure will go out for a win. At this moment in time, quality resonates through out the sides. I am positive everyone will be astonished at the similarity between Rock and Stone. A chip of the old block and dare I say it....this chip will only get better as he learns what he can from his Dad and the other experienced players around him. I heard a lot about RW in the few friendlies they played and what I heard was that the side was quality. A full squad for them and all eyes will be on 135 as he desperately tries to begin a new era for RW, one that a previous player said he created. 
Prediction -  
The sides will play a waiting game and then as usual something will happen and it will end up being a rock and roll 1st div encounter. 
Lot's of chances, possibly high scoring UNLESS both the teams are on top of their toes! 
Review By 135 RW 
RW vs AA (4-3) RW started with a 4-4-1-1 formation Manoj GK Lalit(RB) Avi (RCD) Karan(LCD) Pravin(RB) Monga(RW) Vikas(RCM) Jonty(LCM) Mannu (LW) SARVA (AM) Taufa( ST) Playing AA is always a difficult task and playing them after a long break is even more pressurising and that's exactly what happened today RW simply couldn't find its feet for the first half let alone putting together passes. AA started on the front foot with Sam Sir up front supported by Arun Sir manning the midfield who alone outplayed and overpowered the RW midfield and constantly almost full chances to break the deadlock and it was broken when RW gave away possession yet again deep in their own half and The Rock pounced on it to send a high powered dipping volley past the keeper who was a few too many steps from the goal line. The Rock's goal was the wake up call we needed to try and get ourselves back in the game and Mannu did just that when he volleyed the ball in the back of the net after Hatkinator punched Jonty's high powered FK which was taken from the Left wing area near the halfway line during the optional 5 minutes. The first half ended 1-1. Second half we made 2 changes Jonty to CD - Karan to CM and Lalit back to his favoured LB and Pravin to RB. This half again we could not impose our game with hardly any movement on the wings apart from a couple of good moves which almost got us a clear shot on goal. RW went up in this half after Taufik rammed a FK awarded at the Dtop right in front of the goal. AA came back with a FK of their own on the Other side alost the same spot to make it want over yet as AA scored again from an expertly taken by Sam right into the riight top corner. 3 -2 to AA ..the RW of the old would be disintegrated but not today as Sarva collected a bouncing ball at the DTop and levelled again. 3-3 with two minutes to go Vikus started a move which got us the win by a good finish from Taufa...another Taufa to RW from Taufa...RW had a horrible game today but was lucky to come out on top. 
Review By Ryan AA 
Thanks to the Ref who ensured there was a free flow to the game where both teams enjoyed playing. We played with a 5-5-1 formation as we had planned to play a little defensive to cover our young players Adu,Neel and Ringa who were playing their first TZLC match. We started with a setback as Pai was having a groin problem but managed to win most of the ball in the midfield with Arun, Neel and Sean pressing which resulted in a goal from a great shot by Arun. Most of the game was played in the mid with RW utilizing their wingers far more effectively than AA. The 5 mins extra time taken by RW proved costly as Manu's unstoppable shot just inside the box went right into the right top corner just before the first half ended. Second half Karan switched with Jatin to come in the midfield which put some pressure on us as they were able to build some good moves in our half of the game. One such move resulted in a free kick which Toufik made no mistake to slam it in the goal. Soon enough AA got a free kick of their own just outside the box which DJ placed it with power in the goal. AA tried to build a game thru the defense but our midfielders had become tired by then and started losing the ball too often which resulted in long goal kicks. Sameer converted a free kick which AA got a few yards outside the box and AA should have closed down the game to win 2-3 considering there were only 5 mins to go but AA did not organize themselves in time and a loose ball went to Sarva who made no mistake beating the AA keeper Hatki. Within seconds, Toufik got all the time in front of the goal who placed the ball for the winner. Good game for AA considering Shivang and Audi were unavailable and their presence would only make AA more stable and stronger. Congrats to RW for their win. Thanks! 
Review By Rock AA 
Thank you for the opportunity to open the TZLC8 season! I hope that the game lived up to your expectations. It was a closely fought encounter, and a high scoring one at that. AA was missing 2 key players in Shivang and Audi, and had 3 youngsters playing. To their credit, all 3 played wonderfully. I was happy to get the first goal of TZLC8, but RW equalized through a clinical finish from Manan right before half time. The next few goals came from set pieces, all taken brilliantly by Toufiq, DJ and Sam. If there was any rust from the off season, it was certainly not visible. AA managed to stay on top for most of the game, but the constant pressure and a tactical mistake in not heavily defending in the last 5 minutes allowed RW to carve out a win. All in all, a game played in the right spirit, and entertaining for the spectators. 
Review By Mr. Khare 
All in all a great season opener! Unfortunately the match had to start 10 mins late as ALL the MO's were not on time and the Media needed their two pence worth.  
Much of the game has been covered by the Clubs so I will try and talk about the stuff people seem to forget. May include snippets of the match also. 
RW - After hearing about the Warriors and how they are playing eye catching footer in the build up to the tourney by playing friendlies, I was quite excited to see their WOW game. But it wasn't to be. Jonty in Cm was akin to a plumber working on some electrical wiring. Quite the no show. Lotsa effort but no prize. It changed when he went into Cd and he managed to improve on his performance except for one of the WORST passes I've seen for a long time when he skied a ball from Lcd towards his Lb and found the tree's near the corner flag! 
Big Man Avi had a scary debut indeed. He constantly had to stave off challenges from Sparky, Ryan and Rock and that was no mean task. To tell you the truth he got away with a few 50-50 challenges because the 3 AA players are tough themselves. If he had made the same challenge against a smaller bloke it mighten't have gone his way. JJ and Sleepy at Lb and Rb switch. I would be happy if Sleepy crossed the ball from a little closer to the goal line then thwacking it in from the half way line. Amonk at Rm should fix some set plays with JJ and Sleepy that they can use in the match, the same goes for Mantan on the other side. Toufa and Ivan were getting on each others nerves for sure, they need to play of each other and allow each other their 10%. Vikus was being shouted at by Jonty for the right reasons as Vikus in Rcm was drifting so much he resembled a piece of driftwood in the sea. There were two absolutely fantastical moments of play with at least 3 1 touch passes and a dribbling run from Ivan with two delicate touches by players I cant remember in the 18 yard box. Nothing came of that but thats what they are capable of. Lots of passion and committment but they need to do more on the lines of composure.  
John I must put some blame on for DJ's DFK. To me Ryans was top corner and a rocket but Dj's which was also a rocket was a GKing error. John placed the wall and then stood behind it??? He left at least 4 yards of the goal as a target for DJ and DJ smacked the ball well within that area. A note for GK's is that they should place the wall on their stronger side and cover the other. SO that the player taking the DFK will have to dip the ball over the wall to score, this is diffcult. But if the player does manage it, the GK will have it covered as it's on his stronger side. I have no clue WHAT John was doing. Ivan scored an important equalizer that was placed well to make it 3 - 3. Toufa and Sleepy played a well planned FK or it was just by accident when Toufa Right outer footed it home. 
AA - Surprisingly AA seem to be focused on their Youth Policy and that may have proved costly for them. Now don't get me wrong, promoting youth is imperative but there are matches that you can experiement on and this was not the match for it. Stoney for me is a great player but it's way too early for him to play in Cm. That's my personal belief. He needs bucket loads of experience. The only reason I see with AA playing him in Cm would be because he doesn't know how to play on the flank!! He always cuts in and stays center of the pitch. He's got great control and makes decision quickly albeit the wrong one but he NEEDS to play a few matches wide to understand what kind of passes a wide player needs so that he can build on that experience and play in Cm. Ringa for me was a super surprise loan. Firstly he's a Cm by heart. Forever at KFANDRA I've based my coaching on the principle that you should learn to play in all positions to make you a better player. And Ringa has, but he can't play on the flank! No doubt he can do the right things but to excel he needs to play down the middle. That too AA played him on his non existant left foot! Something else his years at kfandra did not improve. I feel sorry for Meer as this morning he was a bit flustered as his team mates had ZERO knowledge of the basic OVERLAPPING by a WIng Back. There were at least 3 occasions where Meer played the ball to Ringa and started his overlap. I wouldn't be surprised if Meer thought as this young man has been at kfandra since in his nappy he MUST be knowing of the overlapping movement? The Wing Mf holds the ball, cuts in a bit while the Wing back over laps round him. Thereby confusing the opposing Wingback or Wing Mf who he should cover... the Wb or the Lm..Ringa being the Language Olympian and a Cm by heart and sould had no clue!!! He passed the ball back to a now VACANT spot as Meer had already started his overlap! No doubt the ball was picked up in that space by a gleeful Warrior. Adu the other youth player has bucket and truck loads of passion and enthusiasm to play both Footer and Rugger. But he was playing along side a Loanee by the name of DJ who is not schooled in the Kfandra way and it showed. Lack of understanding of each others game could have proved fatal on a number of occasions. Once Adu in the 2nd H made a fantastic overlap round Marcelo that even took him on the 1st Step of the stand, a pity Marcelo's pass was intercepted. Ryan was his usual energetic, go hither thither, do stuff kinda guy. Nothing spectacular though except for his DFK that I'll have to see through the Vid to check if it was brilliant. Rock was a changed man with so many youth around him and his own son that he was more the gentle teacher and cajoler than the hard taskmaster he usually is. That's good to see!!! Amazingly I didn't hear a single Raja, beta, shona...maybe this was because of the terrible duo of Amma and Vikky sitting in the spectators stand ready and willing to pounce on and make fun of! Marcelo, after being called by Sparky to check his injury and on reaching him being pushed away with a scream played quite as if he had no knock...Mayur was being assaulted by the crowd but he and Hamol persisted in the loong balls and that's so 1930's footer. BORING!! Unless you have two big men up top that can do something with them long FOOTballs.... 
Hamol should have done better with his first clearance before Mantan scored a point blank thwumper in the top corner. Mantan confused the Ref during the match with is horrific hair style and Looong lizards tail. Both goalies came up with good saves but equally basic errors. Rocks Season opener was an opportunistic shot lob after he actually set up himself that John was at fault for providing a little earlier.