League 2nd Div 

WEEK 9 20/12/14 Sat 
RH - Saurabh 240K for Rajesh 250K, Ajoo 220K Prov Loan GK for Tushar P 320K, Jatin 240k for Sid B 240k 
MO's and can play also - BI - Anand DL ADCY Dhruv AVGE LM Vikrant LOAN AVGKL ADCY Kapil MO AA - Santosh Pai DNTU Sean M DL ADCY Sameer C DNTU BT - Neeraj M MO, Sharad L CM, Sameer P LENIENT REF 
ONLY MO's - BE - Amod RW - Toufiq AVGE LM 
ADCY FROM - List of YOUTH: KFANDRA - Adu, Tan, Zak, Bif, Ringa, Pat and Brush, Poonj THUNDERBUDZ Vidyut Pratik George Soloman Aman  
ADC MEN - Gaurav Shah, Jaidev Karanth 
TENTATIVE 1st 11 and PROBABLE LOANEE's will be declared by Friday 19th 
(17/12/14) Update - FIXED LOAN GK - Sean M OTHER LOANS declared by Friday or MAY be taken depending on situation on Match day. 
19/12/14 - TENTATIVE 4:4:2 - Sean/Anand/Groov GK; Bif, Anand, Sean, Tan; Pat, Ringa, Adu, Zak; Jai, Shaurav; 1st 11 may change at the last moment 
Remaining are Subs 
All TBZ to start as Subs as they have NOT attended the sessions at KFANDRA as requested 
RH Preview By Sagar 
RH have had an indifferent start to the season failing to register a single win in their first four matches. The fact that all these matches have been against top in form teams AA and RW made things a little more difficult. However, we have got some confidence from our performance against RW (first half) and will look to build on that. Coach has been extremely supportive and helpful in torrid times. We will look to put in a good performance and are desperate to put our first points on the board. The ADCY pose as tricky opponents and are very threatening because of the fact that they will be very very disciplined and have our coach constantly guiding them to play some good attractive football. We will have to remain focused for the complete 90 minutes and play the game with much more confidence than our last match. We hope to have a good football game and a positive result. Wish ADCY luck! 
ADCY Preview By Mr. Khare -  
I will be using the youth in this fixture in MOSTLY ALL the positions. Except of course for the one ADULT that has confirmed now, Gaurav. There are 12 CONFIRMED youth AVA for this match of which I am VERY familiar with ALL 7 of the KFANDRA squad. During the coming week I will be taking specialized coaching sessions related to Defensive movement and Attacking plays. I welcome the youth from TBUDZ to come over for the sessions whenever AVA. They can take this as a TRAINING CAMP. So therefore I will be able to assess their abilities and mayhaps play them longer. Note to AJOO - Please confirm with me AHEAD of time if any of the TBZ kids are coming to the KFANDRA sessions. As of now all YOUTH should please note that EVEN if they get ABSOLUTELY NO GAME TIME then that's how the ball rolls. I know of quite a few adults that managed to get into a clubs 1st TEAM SQUAD only after a year or two, sometimes more. The players MUST understand that PATIENCE is the key ANYWHERE. I will start with a simple 4-4-2 formation and then see from there what happens. Gaurav will be playing in ONE of the Central positions. I MAY take one or two ADULTS from the list of players that have confirmed from the TZLC clubs to give some sort of stabilization to the squad. I will OF COURSE be taking an ADULT GK. 
RH should take this match seriously as it is an IMPORTANT fixture in regards to their League position. Please try and gain some confidence in this match and if necessary you MUST learn to KILL off a team is there is a chance to do so. Which means NEVER RELAX in the League. Always look to FINISH off an opponent. It will also be a LEARNING process for the opposition. If you need to USE your strength, Please do so. My advice to the opposition has changed in regards to playing the Youth as the halfway point of the season is fast approaching and the Season is becoming intense. I will obviously be telling the Youth to play HARD but FAIR. 
RH Review By Sagar 
RH started with 4-4-2: Ajoo-GK, Akshai-RB, Rajib-CB, Jatin-CB, Jango-LB, Sagar-RM, DJ-CM, Mangesh-CM, Belzi-LM, Hima-ST and Amu-ST Honestly, our performance was way below par. We made too many errors while in possession and gave the ball away too cheaply, we were not composed in possession and guilty of missing many a sitters. ADCY deserve all the praise and credit for their performance. Ringa, Pat and Adu were omni-present. Ringa was always on the ball and never gave away possession while scoring a world class goal which was his second. The fact that two of our players picked up injuries during the game didnt help our cause. The ADCY were tireless and kept running at us for all the 90 minutes. Amu was the only man in RH who knew where the back of the net was. He scored the BMP and two goals from close range. ADCY's first was a superb move where Ringa ran through and finished with aplomb. Our players could do with some advice on finishing from him. The third was a long range effort from Anand which went through numerous players into the bottom corner. We would like to apologize to the fans and coach for a dismal performance on the field and will try to pull our socks up for the next match. 
ADCY Review By Mr. Khare 
A proud day indeed for me and KFANDRA in general. Never in it's history has KFANDRA been part of such an exhilarating event. There were moments in recent history were KFANDRA was on the verge of dissolution due to a number of reasons but today it was the answer as to why KFANDRA should go on, at least for the benefit of it's youth. There have no doubt been moment in KFANDRA's history where new levels were conquered, such as sending two players for trials at a Pro Club in the USA, getting the goa ahead to send players to Mohan Bagan etc, getting players selected to play for Maharashtra and last but not least seeing players from the Academy play for the country in Rugby. But this occasion for me was extremely satisfying especially because the U15's played with maturity and tried to use the width of the ground. These same U15's, out of the 8 AVA today, at least 4 of them have been at KFANDRA since they were around 6 or 7. So yes, I am proud. As for the TZB I gave them a game but they NEED to KNOW how important it is to keep abreast of what's happening on the TZLC. At what level the KFANDRA kids are playing at. I would love for a day to come where I can select ALL 11 as youth. Till then the ADC players Shaurav and Jaidev are AVA and obviously bring a MUCH needed element of size and strength to the squad. No doubt my selections of Andy Pandy and Sean in Cd and Vik in goals was extrememly important. 
I asked Sagar before the match if he wanted to take the BMP and he said of course! Lucky he though when Amu converted. A good chip in the end but Shaurav (GK for the BMP) could have ended it there and then after intercepting and stopping Amu's first attempt. Then I reckon the ADCY took the game to RH. Ringa scored a blinder with a chip shot in Ajoo's AVGKL top right corner to make it 1 - 1. ADCY were still in celebratory mood and failed to pull together quick enough when Amu (also at KFANDRA since he was about 6 or 8) scored immediately. People must ALWAYS remember that the most likely time a team scores is JUST after they've let one in, so they have to work double hard to ensure nothing goes in. Ringa dazzled again with another outrageous attempt that duplicated his previous from the top of the D. A chip shot that kept Ajoo rooted to his spot. 2 - 2, then Andypandy let fly a rocket and only the highlights will show if the RH Gk was at fault, or there were bodies in his way or it was indeed unstoppable. 2 - 3. AndyPandy and Sean were then pulled of and this made it 3 Adults with 8 youth. So RH pressed and scored through Amu. 3 - 3. They pressed some more and missed sitters and some were saved by Vik. The ADCY also had a chance or two, I came down and asked Pam to change a penalty decision and thus the match ended. 
ADCY - Theres no doubt the players made mistakes but far less than any of the TZLC Adults made. Their zonal positioning was of top quality and the technical side was also up there with the best. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the TBZ so I couldn't play them much. The KFANDRA lads come for training EVERYDAY and undergo fitness sessions 90 % of the time. They are trained in Rugby and Football and ALWAYS at intense levels. So I couldn't afford more time to the TBZ lads. They couldn't do much in the short time I gave them but there is a lot of promise. I'm sure all of the youth have opened the eyes of the Adults to give them a chance on loan. Whenever they are free they'll play. Plus they are FREE to loan so it's up to the Managers. 
As I mentioned in the Preview, we started playing 4-4-2 and I gave Shaurav and Jai free roles as strikers. Shaurav tended to track back a bit more than desired but it was a free role and the youth were adjusting so no issues. I'm a bit unhappy with Shaurav challenges. Very late at times. His tackles are very hard and whn it's fair they are great but the moment he loses his timing then he's one step away from causing a serious injury. I'm sure they enjoyed themselves playing with the youth. Jai should take more shots as should Shaurav. The two left footers Tan and Zak did as they were told most of the time. They both took a little time to settle down as did all of the youth but then they gave as much as they got. Finally some sliding tackles were seen in the TZLC with Zak skidding about. This side I didn't mess around with much. It was the other flank that saw ALL the changes. Pat, Bif, Poonj, Brush, Prateik all saw game time here. Well with Zak and Tan being the FASTEST KFANDRA players and LEFT FOOTERS I was not going to fiddle around with that too much. They all did well. Adu and Ringa at Lcm and Rcm were AMAZING as it was the first time they essayed such roles. Adu did make hash of a pass a little too often but his overall performance was top notch. Ringa, had more of a perfect game with less mistakes and he coped up well with the constantly changing Right flank. Sean and Andy grew as the match progressed. As their confidence in the youths ability stepped up they started playing more comfortably and started enjoying themselves more. Especially with the maniac SCREAMING at them from the dug out! 
RH - Unfortunately I honestly did NOT see much of RH as I was concentrating on the ADCY. What I did see was the usual PANIC. The width was NOT used. Players were losing possession way too much. It was obvious the players had no space on th ball because the ADCY were buzzing around them like bee's around honey. This is the 1st time they've experienced this in the TZLC! I can remember a few things though, poor composure in front of goals, NO passing move worth mentioning. I do admit though that MY INFLUENCE from the dug out does indeed have an effect on ADCY. I'm NOT going to be there coaching the opposition in the TZLC so they shouldn't worry that much! Yes, an EMBARRASSMENT indeed but nothing so much that you resign! 
Comic scenes - Aayush 'Bif' Khole muscling with Rajib 'Mishti'in the box during a corner and Mangs flattening Ringa! 
"Today's game between RH and ADCY was a well played, fast paced game thanks to the young talent of the ADCY squad. Captains of both teams were instructed before the game to focus on playing a good game and respecting the opponent players rather than going in for hard tackles when the opportunity presented itself. The ADCY players were impressive and used the width and space of the ground to their advantage. There were occasions where RH could have easily out-muscled their opponent players but they decided to play it safe and avoided getting into nasty tackles. Overall, it was a great experience to officiate in this game and I would like to thank the ADC for giving me this opportunity."