League 1st Div 
BT vs RW 

League 1st Div 09/12/14 Tues 
BT 1 (0) 2 vs RW (1) 4 
BT - BMP Shubhankar ??? Secs, Neeraj M 76.50 
RW - Jatin 28.55, Alan 57.20 Toufiq 2 63.36 92 
BT - Sameer AVGKL 220 UNA Do + Parmesh 
MO's - AA: Saurabh BE Gururaj BI Mukul Ajay S Anand RH Akshai S 
BT Preview By Pam 
Many would be reminded of 'David vs Goliath' as BT come up against the mighty RW this week. RW have shown consistency in their performances and have allowed their killer instinct to dominate their games. BT are aware of RW's strengths and would be using video footage to engineer a strategic gameplan for the table toppers. BT are playing a full squad this time and would focus on the basics of positional play and defensive roles and responsibilities; however there is a possibility that the manager would slightly tweak the formation and play some players out of position in order to negate the likes of Satish, Manan and Pravin. The home fans are very excited ahead of this game as this would be BT's first home game of the season. We invite one and all to visit the Thunder Estadio to witness a gripping game of football! 
RW Preview By JJ 
This is the 3rd Away game for RW. 2 wins of the first two played. RW is in a good form and would want to continue the same way. The last LC game added huge confidence to the team after the loss to AA in the home game. This time we will not want to disappoint our fans and RW will play its heart out here. This is a must win for us!!!. Some good football last game has had the team’s combination setup and everyone is looking forward to continue same rhythm in the games this week. RW for the first time will play with its full squad and without a loan keeper. Yes! we have Manoj our last bid of the season – to play his first game for RW as GK. Manoj is an agile player and will be a great addition to the squad on goals. BT on other side will definitely have a plan in place. They too are young and a strong side and I am sure they will put up good fight. Overall it will be a great match to play!! I wish BT good luck and look forward for a super game match day! 
BT Review By Pam 
BT did not have a great outing today as they came up against RW. The formation for todays game was 4-5-1, (Sameer C (GK) : Meeraj (RB) - Sherry (RCD) - Bhanda (LCD) - Pam (LB): Shubhankar (RW) - Dan (RCM) - Jehan (CM) - Niraj (LCM) - ShaL (LM) : Omi (ST)). Niraj and Dan were playing in a defensive midfield position and were stationed there to break the attacks down the centre. Since number of players we playing out of position, they found it hard to gather their bearings in time. The managers admit that the intended formation was very defensive with few attacking options, due to which BT had very few chances on goal. Also, number of players were underutilised, one notable example being Shubhankar, who had a fantastic game playing on the right wing but his potential went untapped. Pam had a terrible day in office, and was almost always outrun by Monga down the left wing in the first half. Defensively speaking it was a lackluster performance as we allowed the RW players on numerous occasions to receive the ball, control, turn, and take shots at our goal. BT needs to buck up and analyze their weaknesses before it is too late. RW played the game to their strengths, congratulations to them on this win. 
RW Review By JJ 
A happy win for RW! Started with the 4:4:2 formation. Manoj(GK) lalit(LB) Satish(LCD) Jatin(RCD) Bhushan(RB) Allen(LW) Manan(LCM) Vikas(RCM) monga(RW) Pravin n Toufiq strikers.. Satish almost got the BMP but slipped off over the ball - shubhankar making no mistake. BT 1-0. RW starting in attacking mode. Pravin missed a sitter yet again off Toufiq cross. RW scored their first off corner which Jonty tapped in. RW second chance was a penalty but brilliantly saved by Sam. Second half BT were very good coming back strongly. They were building up nicely gave some tough time to RW all over. Allen scored thriller of Bhushans flick. He is getting better n better in the lw position. 3rd n 4th came of Toufiq bazookas well placed unstoppable by any keeper. BT came with their 2nd goal by Neeraj over Manoj. Manoj had a good start for RW with his good saves which could changed the scoreboard. Overall a good game for us not one of our best which RW is still capable off. Hard luck BT and wish you guys good luck for future games. 
MR By the ADC 
Shubhankar scored the BMP after getting a reprieve from the GK for the BMP Satish. Satish could've kept possesion but lost it and Shubhankar scored. None of the goals this morning were exceptional. You can judge for yourself when you watch the highlights.. BT were poor for most of the match while RW were average. RW are just rolling past teams beause of their supreme confidence.  
BT - Their strategy implied soaking up the RW pressure and key danger players. Their thinking did not include a strategy that includied when they have possession! Thus for many moments of the match BT were confused. It was more attack and see what happens, based on luck. They must understand that to defend for 90 mins is a near impossibility against strong players, if your own players are technically weak and especially if fitness levels are low.  
They started with a player taken for his role more as a Coach than a GK. And this was BT's BIGGEST mistake. Bt have a number of players in their squad that have a good footballing brain so why take Sameer for this? As a GK what does he bring to the side? I agree confidence levels grow with Samya in the team but is that all you need? Does Samya's prowess as an outfield player AUTOMATICALLY make him a top keeper? If you want to know what I think, check the value I've kept for him as a keeper. Samya was just lucky that RW were off form, that Ashubh got on the end and was able to control every wild Samya boot. Out of the 4 goals RW scored, ALL were stoppable. Even Toufiq's bhoonga. According to me leaving Omi Shal and Ashubh to look after the attack was too much. Pam at left back is a TOTAL UNQUESTIONABLE WASTE. Prashant B and Sherry can't do much when they get the ball as WHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO? Nobody bothers about Dan so he wanders about shouting encouragment and trying to at least break down opposition passes. Nobody passes to him. For me BT is like here you take the ball, now it's up to you to take a decision on the next pas, I've done my duty and that's that. But they don't say that to Dan. Dan is the last option and for me that's sad. I agree Dan will require time to become technically strong and he makes mistakes sometimes but there are some areas in his inventory that he excells in. Shoving Shal at Lm and then expecting him to suddenly turn it on is like a fantasy story. He's a good little player but without a plan and without support he'll always be a shal he or shan't he. And the answer to that is he shan't. Omi does his best up front, but his best is NOT GRUNTING at every contact! So stop it Omi, You tube Monica Seles (Ex-Tennis Pro) and watch her when she hits the ball, or should I say listen to her! Omi is a good player but it's funny when he shouts 'Le' to his team mates even if it's clear he has NO clue where he's kicked it! Shubhankar for me was the star today. Quiet, does his duty, doesn't cry when fouled, EXCEPTIONAL technical ability. With a player like him in your squad, you should be building the team around him. As all the players are not as talented regarding ability wise. I don't think the BT players nor Ashubh himself realizes that this guy is a GEM. Jehan was average today. As I've said before, with no plan, what is a player supposed to do? He did have one shot but....Meeraj UNCHARACTERISTICALLY stuck his hand out to SAVE a SURE SHOT goal and was sent off. After Satish missed the Pen (I'm sure Samya moved early, Anand Linesman said no, but we'll see in the highlights, SLO MO!!) the Ref gave Meeraj a DOUBLE Red. In a match with FIFA R and R (No sin bins) Meeraj would have been off the whole match. With Meeraj out BT probably had their best spell! (Sorry Meeraj!) Or maybe it was some other 20 min period? I guess when BT pulled one back? Anyway, BT needs to formulate a plan of action before they face another struggling side, RH. Niraj S's most natural position is UP FRONT...that's all I can say about him... 
RW - For the Warriors they have got a very capable GK in Manoj. he wasn't troubled at all today, but if he can keep up his concentration levels he'll do well in this side when required. I can guarantee that one UNHAPPY individual is Lalit who has been shipped to play at Lb, a most undesired location for many. Bhushan is super happy coz his transfer to Rb has seen him blossoming lately. I'm sure this HEALTHY fight for specific places is good for the squad. With Jatin REGULARLY letting balls go under his foot or mis-passes, even his position should be up for grabs. I think RW played 4-4-2 as usual. Maybe not...Allen was in his familiar role at Lm (It's become familiar after 1 match is JJ's call!) JJ himself did an Allen when he missed from 2 yards out! Healthy competition here also! They should keep a rule now. Anyway they keep switching positions if they are winning..so they should say that ANY player that misses a sitter plays at Lb!! That would be fun! Allen was not good at Lm, I mean he couldn't get the better of Meeraj? (Sorry Meeraj!) Mantan was there in Lcm or St? I think he had his impending énd of the world scenario playing on his mind as he was not on form. Ask him what the end of the world scenario is....Le me give you a hint...it used to be one of the clauses for joining TZ when TZ were first formed!! I thought the Monk was super Fine! Fantastico!! This man is LOVING playing on the wing Mf! He was eating Lalit left and right and even getting clobbered for it but he carried on! I wish he'd stop putting a magnifying glass on EVERY SINGLE mistake he makes. One shout of Sorry lads is enough. What's the use of swelling on this for 5 mins? DO WE NEED THIS AMONK? Vikas was good in Cm, defensively, as an attacking player he still needs to pull his socks up. He'll be much much beter once he focuses on his attack play also. Faltu Satsut tried many of his trademark runs but to know fruition. Once BT went down to 10 men Satsut started playing in a more attacking role. Didn't help much. Just put more pressure on his team to score. A piece of advice - A squad becomes STRONGER with their backs to the wall. Like BT buckled down when Meeraj went off an dthe penalty was missed. They thought, we still have a chance! So RW should have KEPT their formation INTACT and I feel they'd have done better. As they were still better than BT even though they were playing below par. 4-5-1 mayhaps? Was it Toufiq up front? Toufiq is Toufiq...is very strong and is playing his game. Nothing extraordinary. 
CL 10/12/14 Wed 
MO's - Gaurav P M Okay- RH Sagar P LENIENT- RH Vikas Good - RW Sameer Patil - BT Shivang - AA Aditya ??? - AA Jango LATE TERRIBLE Amarnath Atrocious 
KITFO R from - 1. Suraj P 2. Amod LATE R 3. Amit B 4. Abhiram DNTU 5. Devendra S 6. Sharad Y 7. Prashant A 8. Dhananjay R  
9. Gururaj P 10. Ravi P 11. Amartya 12. Arun R 13. Rajib N 14. Deba 15. Abhiram DNTU 
BI - Pravin 220 for Nikhil 220 DL Jatin 310 for Amol H 310 GKL Uday UNA 
KITFO by Mr. Khare 
I WILL be taking the KITFO side on Wednesday and they will be asked to wear the BIBS. The Refs will be wearing their CLUB colours. Or they will be wearing a set of RED BIBS over the kits that I had given Ajoo some time back. 
KITFO will most probably be started off in a 4-4-2 formation. After which I will make necessary changes. KITFO players that do NOT show 110% committment will be taken off. I will NOT be focusing on a win but MORE on getting the KITFO players to UNDERSTAND individual duties and responsibilities. If a win comes it's a bonus but NOT a calamity if my plan to IMPROVE the players awareness works. If NOT, then KITFO have ANOTHER match to study their mistakes and not fawn over the positives. 
The KITFO players may be asked to play in positions that they are NOT comfortable in. That's how the ball bounces.... 
KITFO R By Sharad 
BI is a very strong opponents with talented players and will be very difficult team to beat. KITFO also have players who are in good touch and would prove to be lethal. The advantage of KITFO is playing on PAPAL which is like home ground and we would be using the space and play to our strength. We are in the process of hiring Coach to manage/coach KITFO team for strategy and formation which would be a booster for the Team as he has always guided us to play with whole heart. 
KITFO by Mr. Khare  
BI Preview By Ajay S 
After the last performance of BI against RW in the league cup there must be many worried faces among fans and management. Yes it was a terrible performance by the team, but all please be rest assured that it was the last of it and henceforth you will see a much better & focused team performance in all matches. BI will be playing on the big ground first time this season. We will be playing a 4:4:2 formation. BI will follow the tactical play that Coach has been making us do during the practice sessions. BI will is missing 4 players but will be taking good strong loans and playing with full squad. After qulaifying for the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE BI will be playing to defend its title. KITFO will be a challenge squad but BI is prepared for them. Its going to be a good game for all to watch. 
BI Review By Ajoo 
Today BI played as a transformed team they followed the message from manager that is - "Lets change our mindsets from EVERY MOVE MUST RESULT IN A GOAL SCORING CHANCE to LETS BUILD THE MOVE WAIT FOR THE RIGHT OPPORTUNITY AND THEN SCORE OF IT." It worked well today each player knew what he had to do and played to position. BI managed to move the ball around not as much as KITFO but much better than previous games. Each player put the effort required and this is a major confidence booster the team required. We changed a few positions from our normal formations we stuck to 4:2:2 - Goals - Jatin Defense - Anand(RD), Abhishek(RCD), Vikrant(LCD), Mukul(LD) Midfield - Dhruv(RMF), Atigre (RCMF), Atul(LCMF), Pravin(LCMF) Upfront - Gaurav & Ajoo It was an intentional decision to put Anand & Mukul in RD & LD and expecting them to make overlapping runs of which Anand managed to execute his role well but Mukul got stuck as LD only maybe because he had the mighty Bruce(Amod) from KITFO who was constantly pressuring the BI defense from that side. The other change was putting Ajoo upfront who did a good job today. We got Vicky & Abhi into central defense. This formation I am Guessing has workED well for now. The only thing BI needs is to concentrate is on fitness & first touch of the ball. The first goal BI scored was of a superb cross from the corner spot across the KITFO goal to the second post and the big Atul was there to direct the ball with a perfect header into the far corner - world class - we got praise for this from Coach also who was on sideline today managing the KITFO team. The second goal was more of a gift by Arun from KITFO - it was a free kick taken from near the 18yard box by Anand and instead of using his hands the GK tried to clear it with His legs and mistimed his kick and the ball roles into the net. Score 2-0 to BI. KITFO played a good game they were moving the ball around creating chances but were unable to finish and the BI defense playing to positions were able to soak the pressure. Kapil dropped out last minute as he was down with a mild fever but lucky we had Gaurav who was available. All in all it was a good game am sure both team fans must be happy as they got to see some good quality football today. 
KITFO Review By Mr. Khare 
What can I say? I'm extremely proud of the KITFO blokes. They applied themselves well today. Apart from Arun (Especially him!), Amit and Deba. Amit at least has an excus for missing practice due to his new born but Deba, who hadn't even confirmed and did a HORRIBLE job as the SR and is practicing regularly was disappointing. I am hoping the KITFO lot are also happy. We played a 4:4:2 formation (Amit; Dev, Prussia, Mishti, Robby; Dan, Groo, Sherry, Bushman; Amar (Cf/Am) Sunshine ST) and unfortunately went down from a corner totally against the run of play. Atool rose high and scored with his brain more than his head! Poor marking indeed in the box but that would always be the case as I hadn't schooled them today on marking jobs while defending set pieces. Plus without a regular goalie....Yup excuses excuses!! A great corner from Anand. So after some time and constantly switching players off and on in and out we switched to a 4:3:3 (Arun (A distaster!!) also Dan and Dev; Robby/Sunshine, Prussia, Groo, Dev/Dan; Bushman, Mishti, Amar; Bruce, Amit/Deba, Sherry; We decided to try and get a goal back asap and did well. I thought the marking whenever BI came into the KITFO half was a bit lacking but the lads did a stellar job. Unfortunately Arun was a MASSIVE joke in goals gifting the 2nd to the Icemen. Plus I can't understand that the players I coach DO NOT know all the rules. Dev made me vomit in a little corner to the side. KITFO did score but it was disallowed for a foul the Linesman DJ saw. If he thinks I think he's become crap at defending and reffing then he must understand that I'm not too impressed at his Lmaning!! (JUST this decision btw!!) We'll see the infringement in the highlights shall we? The Ref Sagar also reluctantly I might say disallowed a goal for BI for offside, much hoopla happened and a decision was taken. A LOT of crap went on in terms of late challenges, a few dirty tackles but that was expecting seeing a player Ref. This is why I always Ref. I can guarantee you that WITHOUT my presence anywhere on the ground in a authoritarian role, there would have been massive coming togethers!! But as long as the majority is cool, once in a while this is ok. What was NOT cool was M-Kul whom I have disowned BTW! You will understand by the ratings how I felt the KITFO lads played. I really think KITFO should be proud of their performance ESPECIALLY so the technically weaker players. Well done, BI, I think you played to a plan, but I'm not sure what it was! We'll see in Ajoo's review and the MR later. I think KITFO should watch the WHOLE match also. Will do them wonders to see HOW MUCH they have developed! This is probably the ONLY match that I don't mind sitting through the entire 90 mins again. 
MR By the ADC 
It's not easy to suddenly play on a big field when you are used to a small one. But the advantage would always be with BI. When you are a club that has played together often, discusses tactics and strategy and has quality players in each position then playing against a 'Country' as I call KITFO (an amalgamation of players from various clubs) it should always be to BI's advantage. 
Atool rose up and scared the ball into the back of the net with a great header. They made it 2 nil through the grace of Arun, if it could be called an own goal, but one of the worst FK's by Anand saw it go over the wall and bounce over Arun who tried to clear it as if he were a defender. He wasn't..Just shows how he can't defend too!! Some disallowed goals and that's all.  
BI - M-kul said he was told he was at Lb for this mornings match and so he STUDIED an EPL match and LEARNT how to play there...Thus for those wondering why I disowned him, now you know! Now when he asks me for advice I'll say not me, watch tv! It rhymes so it must be true!! He was kicking lumps out of Bruce and when Bruce gave him a bit of his own medicine, M-kul wailed and bawled! Yup, I get it, learnt from the EPL! Frankly speaking the entire match was KITFO. BI rarely played passes to each other apart from their own half which is always odd when the opposition is defending in their own half...The icemen were not creating chances but just trying to break the KITFO high line at times as they were pushing for the equalizer. A funny moment when Vikky stole the ball inside his own half took on a Cd and then raced towards one of the KITFO Gk's. This run was too long for him and took all his breath away and he tiredly ended up toeing it weakly towards the Goalie! I'll try and reproduce that in the highlights. 
I'l leave it to Ajoo to sum up BI and their formation. The touch was poor and I would expect BI to take back from this match a Victory and the fact that they can play Hard. Otherwise, a lot left to be desired. 
Note - After reading Ajoo's review I must state that my JOB is to see you guys play to the levels I think you can play..thus my sometimes harsh critiquing... 
Refs Report By Sagar 
A big thank you to the ADC for trusting me with the responsibilities of the main Ref. I tried to the best of my abilities to keep it fair to both teams for the entire 90 minutes. The first half was pretty easy in terms as a ref with both teams respecting their opponents enough and not going in too late. I let the game flow most of the times. The second half was a little tricky as players started to go in hard and sometimes late. I always looked at the ARs to help me out with fouls/handballs as well. Their flags stayed down most of the time barring a couple of instances and off-side calls. All the players accepted the decisions except for one of the CBs from each team who seemed unhappy and tried to convey it to me. They both were requested to play on. A goal for each team was dis-allowed in the second half after consulting with the ARs. BI's was cancelled as both Jango and Pam made it clear that Ajoo was offside. KITFO's was disallowed when I saw Amit B barging into a BI player while he was trying to head clear. Play was not stopped immediately but after consultation with DJ a FK was awarded to BI. 
League 11/12/14 Thur 
RW 0 (1) 3 Vs RH (2) 2 
RW - Satish 11, Karan TBD 57.34, Vikas 28 
RH - Amu 2 21.27 32.30 
MO's - BT – MeeraJ LM Dodgy bloke BE – Arun R LATE BI – Ajay late, Atul AA - Aditya LM INCREDIBLY CRAP Amar 
RW - Sean 320 for Allen 320 UNA Manan 
RH - Sharad Y 220 for Mangesh 220 
RH Preview By Sagar 
We suffered a defeat an home in our first match of the season against RW. RW boasts a very strong squad and has emerged as the team to beat in the TZLC. This will definitely be a difficult task especially away from home but we will be looking to even the scores and will be aim for three points. We have added incentive of 0.5 points for beating a team in the first division. We will try to the best of our abilities to play as advised by our respected Coach. Quick passing and good possession will the base of our game plan. We are confident of a good game and wish RW luck. 
RW Preview By Pravin 
Our second game with RH, this time Home! RW had won the away game and will look forward to close this game as well on a winning note. RH is a quality side when they combine well together. They will have a plan in place for us. RW will look forward to continue making its strategic changes against RH and also will be well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each and every player. The squad understands RH will look back to take its revenge. RW will try and give no chance whatsoever. I am sure fans would be eager to watch this venture and RW will play to its full passion and deliver quality game, something the fans would love to watch at. I wish RH good luck for the game and we look forward for a great football match day. 
RW REVIEW By Pravin 
Not so good of a game today for RW but a welcome win. Started as usual 4:4:2 formation Manoj GK, Lalit rb, Sean rcd, Jatin LCD, Bhushan lb, Mong RW, Satish rcm, Karan LCM, Vikas lw, Pravin n Toufiq strikers. RW started with missing the BMP wher Tushar didn't allow Karan to get past him. RH has a fantastic game overall. They had better passing than us.. Good possession as well.. RW scored 3 goals to register win today. 1st one well placed by Satish, 2nd of karans shot got deflected and 3rd one of Vikas vry well placed!!! Pravin was very bad today with his touch and with very famous missing sitters chance in the game. The manager has promised improvement in his game for future matches. Vikas n Karan had a better game of the rest I felt with some good moves down the left second half. Overall the team has to up their performance and rest for a month now will surely get things back which seems to be lost in a past few games. Hard luck for RH today as they wer better side and player really well.. Wish them good luck for next matches. See you all in a month..!!!! 
RH Review By Sagar 
We had a good start to the match when Anna successfully kept out the BMP from Karan. We played 4-4-2: Anna(GK), Akshai(RB), Rajib(CB), Benny(CB), Sharad(LB), Sagar(RM), DJ(CM), Amartya(CM), Belzi(LM), Amu(ST), Rajesh(ST) with the strikers handed a free role. RW scored first after our failure to clear the ball. We pulled one back soon when Amu scored of a re-bound off Manoj. We took the lead when Amartya's cross found Amu in the box who did brilliantly to loop his header over the GK. We finished the first half in the lead. The second half we were guilty of trying to protect the lead and being too defensive. Our CM almost were in line with the CBs. RW were lucky to score the second when Karan's shot was deflected of Rajesh's back into the net. Most of the play was concentrated on our left flank(defending as well as attacking) when Vikas was found in acres of space on the left flank to score the third for RW. RH felt we had the better of RW in the first half. The game was ours to win but we were not clinical enough and fell just short of putting our first points on the board. 
MR By the ADC 
As the score suggests RH were the top team in the 1st Half but in the 2nd their anxiety got the better of them. RH played to their plans at least 90% of the time and RW had no clue what hit them. The Hurricanes were pumped up further when Tushar foiled Karans attempt to score the BMP. He saved twice before the time ran out. Unfortunately RW went a goal up after a header back by Rajib to Anna fell short and Satish pounced. Two sensational goals from RH, both by Amu, one from a Sagar grounder cross after a great build up and then Amu supreme in the air, you could see him take a quick sneak peak at Manoj GK who raced of his line, shielded Jatin and lobbed a header into the net. With RH deciding to throw their game plan and their Advisors game plan out the window RW although only a distant memory of their capability, came back incessantly and were quite happy at being allowed the chance to come back. They scored off a tame Karan effort that was deflected into the net (The ADC will see through Vid replays if Karan's shot was on target or if Anna had the first shot covered to give the final decision on whether it's an og or Karans. Vikas nonchalantly put the winner in. 
RW - They were made to sweat by RH and are insanely lucky RH decided to remove the life support system that was making them the better team. It seems they wanted to make it a point of principle when they loaned Sean and put him in at Rcd. Same old issues surfaced. Sean drifted towards the Rb position and with Lalit drifting inside they were literally in the same channel. Jatin the Lcd thereby having to cover the entire Cdive area. He was no doubt helped by Bushman who did his best to cut inside while defending. Satish moved into Rcm and this is where RW's problem surfaced. Satsut now had no space to maneouver himself into a more dangerous position. Although he did dribble at will sometimes. Both Seam and Satsut have got this problem with drifting to the right. I think Karan played Lcm and Vikas Lm with Amonk at Rm. Toufiq and JJ upfront. In the first half there was only one RW player consistently playing well and I thought that was Amonk. For the 1st time Jonty had a big technically gifted St to play against and he was worried. In the second half when RH literally told RW, look chaps we've proved we can play now we are SHIT SCARED of losing and making mistakes so we'll just defend, see if you can score! And instead of RW playing the way they LOVE to play, using the flanks passing the ball about quickly, they decided to force the issue. I mean they should have noticed in the first 5 mins that RH were pissing their pants. So being the League Championship Holders they should have ripped RH apart. But they started getting desperate and players started panicking. Even after they got a goal back they continued in the same vein, and when they went a goal up, they continued in the same vein. This ended up being an issue as FINALLY RH woke up and thought YES!! Now we don't have to be SHIT SCARED of losing the lead as we are now a goal DOWN!! So lets start playing good football again! RW were lucky today and I feel that missing 2 players in Allen and Mantan shouldn't have mattered much. 
RH - Played a simple 4-4-2 with players switching positions. The return of Amu and Big Ben was no doubt a boon to the side. If I had to give ratings for only the 1st half they'd all be getting 9's or 10's. Amu guaranteed would be getting a 10 just for getting 2. He was a constant threat with his dribbling and precision passes but here's my issue with him. He tries it EVERY SINGLE TIME he gets the ball. Amu has to understand and play the simple pass sometimes. This will only happen once he gains a little confidence in regards to his team mates ability. Rajesh has a lot of ability and holds the ball up well, but a trifle too long and then he can't cope up when the numbers overwhelm him. Needs 0to keep the passing movement going. Two of the culprits for the TOTAL PANIC came from the two Strikers. Now let me explain, it's a strikers job to ask for the ball because he wants to score. So when the start yelling for the ball it goes with the territory. Now the thing is they are shouting for the ball because they don't have it. Who has it? Either the Gk, Defenders or the Mf's. So what do the GK, Def and Mf's do? They panic as if to say OH SHITE the BIG BOSSES want the ball so lets GIVE IT TO THEM!! When the Coach has specifically GIVEN INSTRUCTIONS to the Gk, Def and Mf's WHAT TO DO!!! PASS the ball about BEFORE playing the KICK and Rush game. Why is it called the Kick and Rush strategy? Because after punting the ball up, the players have to RUSH for seconds. Was there a RUSH in the Kick and Rush strategy RH implemented for most of the 2nd half? Nope! They just played KICK and um...give the ball to the opposition and um...wait and defend and HOPE that they get the ball agian so that they can KICK and um....etc etc!! Akshai at Rb has a distastrous first 10 mins until he settled down and then defended well. He distribution left a lot to be desired like Dj, but he defended ably! Akshai needs to work on his positioning, his confidence and his distribution. Sometime a SIMPLE BALL is all that is needed and a intricate through pass is NOT. Sagar got the ball on many occasions and if he ACTUALLY meant to give that assist to Amu then he's a talented bloke indeed! There's a lot of work for a Rm and with him DRIFTING (another Drifter!) to the central channel he left his flank exposed. As Akshai was not make overlapping runs, many a time a blind pass saw the ball rolling out. Amartya was the way better of the 2 Cm's. Amar showed good control and distributed well unlike DJ who made way too many errors. He tracked back well and worked to defend but his attacking element was little flawed. But still I feel that while he is not playing to what I think he can play in Cd it's best he tries his hand at Cm. Sherry at Lb Loan is a hard worker and even though he makes mistakes he covers them up with his attitide and energy. He couldn't for much of a partnership with the Lm Beeraj but they did well. Beeraj has suddenly WOKEN UP! He's getting his form back and although he has a non-existant left foot he still did very well indeed. I like this new Beeraj! A note to RH - PLEASE SHOW CONFIDENCE in each other. ALLOW the game to be BUILT UP from the back. The ENTIRE TEAM should ENJOY the game and not just the stars. Even though there was confusion between Mishti and Anna for the first goal, IT HAPPENS. JUST KEEP PLAYING the way you are supposed to play, the way you enjoy playing. I can see Mishti and Ben building up a crazy CD pairing and with the Lb and Rb coming into the picture and Anna also, while increasing their trust in each other, I can say that this lot would be difficult to break down. Listen lads, a little MORE than half a Season to go, PULL UP YOUR SOCKS!!! 
League 13/12/14 Sat MATCH POSTPONED 
MO's - 1. Sameer Patil - BT 2. Jatin - RW 3. Karan - RW 4. Sagar - RH 5. Shivang - AA 
BI - Gaurav S FREE 220 for Nikhil 220 Lalit DL 220 for Amol A 250 Gaurav N Tentative 
BE - Amartya 220 for Rakesh Sameer C AVGKL 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
BI will play to a 4:4:2 formation. After the last performance in the league cup game vs RW the team has met and discussed a change in player positions and will try this out in the game against BE at the home ground. BI will definitely look at making the most of this match in terms of gaining points in the league table and clsoing the goal difference also. BE have not been performing well this season but you cannot under-estimate them as they have some talented players and on the smaller ground its very difficult to say which way the game will swing. BI will play to plan of defending in its half, trying to move the ball around be more patient creating the chance and only when the opportunity is there go for the scoring chance. BI has an action packed month playing 3 matches already and another 3 lined up incl. this one. So this last month of the year 2014 is very important for BI and we will be looking to enter the new year with on a high of good confidence and a couple of victory's in the league games. 
BE Preview by Prashant 
BE is all ready to play their first away match. Playing at sindh will be difficult as all players have to work more. With less time on ball, BE is planning to play 1 or 2 touch passing play. BI has some good attitude player which are capable lifting their game at any moment. Our secrete resources has informed us some of weakness in BI and We will be focusing on exploiting them at start of game. As this is our first away match, I have decided to have special duties for each player. special training program will be set for each player next week. With our super striker Arun returning to squad BE hope to win this match and earn some more sponsors for our club.