League Cup 

RW (2) 4 Vs BI (0) 2 02/12/14 Tues 
RW - Toufiq 15, Pravin 26, Mayuresh Loan 45.11 Vikas 50.19 
BI - Ajay 72, Mukul Pen 89 
MO's - RH - Neeraj B SR Akshai DNMO BE - Prashant BT - Shubhankar Meeraj Pam CM AA - Sameer C LATE Amarnath 
BI - 
RW - Arun AVGKL Mayuresh 240 for Jatin 240 DL UNA Manan Manoj 
BI By Ajay S 
BI have their second chance to book their place in the 1st Division League Cup Final. BI lost is first game vs BT 4-2. BI made a few errors during the BI vs BT league cup game which cost them the match. BI are surely not going to repeat them, we will only learn from our mistakes and always look to improve. BI will be taking some expert help on game plan for this match. For this game BI will stick to a 4:4:2 formation with the second striker playing a more defensive role in mid-field. BI is aware that RW has a good attacking force and will always look to defend in its own half and play the simple pass. In the previous game BI manged to make about 10 passes before it scored from that move, we will look at doing this more often. BI players will also try to improve their touch on the ball. BI is very keen to register a palace in the League Cup Final. RW will have to work hard to pull out a victory for this game. Fans are going to love this game as they will get to see the full BI squad playing for the first time together in action except for Gaurav. 
RW By Pravin 
Our second game with BI this season. After the loss at AA, RW looks forward to put their heads up again and need to get back to basics. Being aware of the shortcomings which AA capitalized last min in the previous game, RW will make no mistake this time. I know we have disappointed the fans last game. Now is the time to give back an opportunity to the fans to cheer for RW. We will not take any things lightly. RW has loaned Mayuresh(AA) a very strong defender for Jatin(RW) who is not available match day. Arun(AA) will protect RW in nets. On the other hand, BI I am sure will have a plan in place with their mastermind manager. Also they will look back to return their loss of the league game against RW plus loss against BT in LC will have them tightening things more for us. Knockout is always a special game which always has to be played with a Do OR Die attitude. This will be a cracker of a game from us & will continue to retain our ongoing form this season. I wish BI team good luck for the game and look forward to have a great game match day. 
BI Review by Ajay 
BI had a bad day today in field. BI started with a 4:4:2 formation with Nikhil, Atul, Ajoo, Uday in defense - Dhruv, Abhishek, Atigre, Vicky in midfield & Kapil & Mukul - upfront. RW right from the start put pressure on BI midfield and defense with there speed and touch on the ball and were able to penetrate the BI defense and quickly scored 2 goals which made BI change it formation to 5:4:1 vicky came into central defense. BI did not get any movement off the ball through the game only last 10 mins of the second half we managed to pull 2 goals back but till then was to late as score was 4-2. In the second half BI moved Back to 4:4:2 formations with some Positional Changes nik came into central midfield ( he was playing with a groin injury Sao his movement was restricted) Ajoo went up, Mukul went on left flank this worked well for us and also.. RW had eased off the pressure as they had the lead always. BI missed Anand today as he was UNA due to last minute travel plans. I felt RW played to their strength of attacking down the middle and managed to play the ball down the flanks. The RW players were quicker and had good control on the ball which BI could not counter. BI also were a very impatient today and were in a hurry to score of every move. We should have taken it easy tried and passed the ball around get a grip on the game and counter attacked. But none of that happened. BI fans apologies on behalf of the Team we could not make it to the league cup final as promised. 
RW Review By Pravin 
Convincing Victory for RW! With Jatin & Manan unavailable for the game, RW had loaned 2 strong players : Mayuresh(CD) and Arun(AVLGK). RW started with 4:4:2 formation Arun(GK) Bhushan(RB) Mayuresh(RCD) Satish (LCD) Lalit LB) Monga(RW) Vikas(RCM) Karan(LCM) Allen(LW) Pravin(RF) Toufiq(LF). The game started well for RW where Toufiq placed a wonderful goal past the strongest Hatkinator. Allen played a superb role to replace Manan on LW. He had some great crosses flowing in. The second goal came of Allens cross which Pravin carried inside the goal with his body :) RW continued to hold possesion according to the plan tried to use the wings most of the time trying to move the strong BI parked bus aside. The plan worked with some great passing along the link and good coordination. The third one was best from Mayuresh. What a goal!! Not that he hast done it before, but this was special as it was being guessed and discussed in the oppositon, GK being made aware of, a min before that shot was taken.Super!!! Meanwhile Satish moved up to the center moving Karan to his position. Wanted to taste his chance of scoring. The last one came from a through ball from Pravin to Bhushan who crossed to Vikas who made no mistake. Happy about the performance of the squad, however did not like the way we let ourselves take things easy and do not capitalise on the progress of the game. Need to work on that. Nonetheless a win is a win and RW looks forward to the games next week. Hard Luck BI and wish you guys good luck for the future matches. 
When is too much, too much? For RW too much is when you get into a VERY RESPECTABLE and CREDITABLE lead. That's it. Then they switch off as if they care about how the opposition is feeling, as if they understand how bad they'll feel if they get thrashed. So just as in the match against BE, they switched positions and screwed everything up thereby giving BI, the perennial coming back from behind team, a very slender opportunity to reverse fortunes. They were unable to get back in the end but finished off happier than what they felt for more than half the match.  
RW - Quality! Pure quality in most of the positions. But let me make myself clear, I have to rate the players for the 90 mins and not either for a first half, or 2nd half or for a 20 min period. For the WHOLE match! The entire RW squad was on a 9 or 10 for me upto the 60th min of the match. Then it just was rubbish. Allen amazed everyone at Lm. He did all the right things in sticking to the touch line, being patient and cutting inside in the final quarter. No doubt playing one on one with Uday was manna sent from heaven although it was NOT a match made in heaven. Allen also unleashed one step toe crosses that any striker would have dreamed to be at the end off. I bet Allen himself would rather think that he would pick himself at Lm and then again at St. Maybe in the next match he'll cross the ball and then zip off to head it in! But even Usain Bolt isn't that fast, neither is a cheetah! Bushman at Rb was easily better than at Lb. Although he did make a hash of a few passes, over all he was a class act. Amonk ran riot on the right flank just as his partner on the left. They both took on their respective sided defenders and ate them up like a giraffe eats the leaves on the top of a tree. Sticks it's tongue out to reach for the tippy top leaves. So did Amonk and Allen. Got behind the defenders and set up chances as if they wanted to resemble the white bearded bloke in the Month of December who distributes gifts! (Yes yes Sean, Father Christmas is his name!) Out of all the players Mayuresh on loan didn't impress me today. He's very in your face and for all his strength and ability was not in the same league as the other RW players. He did get a goal direct off the KO from a pass played back to him but I MUST call that as a GK error on Hamols part as any GK that is prepared for a shot, especially from so far out, needs to do better. Plus Mayur continues to put his hands in the ADC's territory by sending out orders hither and thither. Satsut is a star but now I've come to realize that most of the opponents he faces just CANNOT play against dribblers. And Satsut does dribble. He's enjoying the fact that the ground is small so one run from a Cd position finds him near abouts the opponents 18 yard box. That too easily so as no one can tackle him. Due to that I have to focus on his positioning, if he looks at the video recording as I implore ALL players to do so (whether it's their own match or another clubs match) he should see how close he is to Mayur. Satsut is NOWHERE near his zone. Therefore RW could've switched flanks even better!! 
The sleeper (Lalit ZOPE!!) unfortunately was the player that had to play at Lb today. HAD to because noone is a natural left footer so noone wants to play at Lb. Sleep was not bad today, probably the way RW played had a domino effect on all the players including him. He even had a chance to score that the keeper saved I think. RW played more 4:6 then 4:5:1 or 4:4:2 that will probably be written in the Review. I think I had mentioned the 4:6 formation in one of the previews, can't remember which, was brilliant for RW. BI had no clue what to do. The players came at them with nifty one two's and neat passes and they were extremely barcaesque! All the Cm's (for me) The Arab (Toufiq SHEIKH), JJ, Vikas and 135 were superb. And then they pissed about........Arun is not a GK but he did well this morning (presumably because HE HAD NOTHING TO DO!!!) 
BI - Did NOT know what hit them. It seems BI were a club in the 4th Div of the Non League! Not CL and 1st Div players. Nick the Lb was slightly injured but was the only player that was ok in defence in the 1st 5 mns. He played much better when he was pushed into Mf. BI chopped and changed their formation and positions as soon as RW scored and when they started putting pressure on them, which was from the word go. But to no avail. It was a thorough and abysmal MAULING and I was worrying at the possibility of a record being broken. Maybe the first time a dozen goals were scored against a club? As usual BI started cat fighting amongst their own as soon as things started going from bad to worse. The Icemen were strong once the Warriors yook their foot of the pedal. This was in the last 15 to 20 mins. Even with BI getting a bit better due to RW's lackadaisical approach, RW still saw a few chances go amiss. Ajoo I thought scored a very difficult goal and he should remember time when I had told him that he'd be a good OLD STYLE British Striker. The two 6 foot + individuals AJ and the Carpenter (Atool) were too slow against the nimble footed and quick Warriors. You could see on the Rb's face that his Hruday needed shock therapy after the Full time whistle. He did make ONE overlapping run though and that was enough. Of the mf I thought only M-Kul and Tiger deserved to be on the same field as RW. They showed that they could match RW's technical prowess. Vik and Groov were also lost at Lm and Rm respectively as it was RW all the way. Vik being the captain only showed some spirit when he came back to defend. BI should note that it was in the last 15 mins that they came back to make a competition of this one sided encounter. There were TWO reasons for that. 1. Was because RW stepped back and 2. Was because they reverted back to the old tried and tested formula as regards to positions and thinking. Think about it BI...................was a KNOCK OUT Tourney the right time to try tricks? 
BE Vs ADCY 03/12/14 Wed POSTPONED!!!! 
BE - Ajay S (BI,22) as per AVGKL Bhushan K (RW,220) replacement for Rakesh (BE, 220) as per DL Sharad Y (BT,220) replacement for Bijoy(BE, 220) as per DL 
ADCY - Gaurav S Harshad S (Ringa, Brush, Pat)  
4:4:2 - Rotating keeper; Ringa, Kapil, Karan, Amartya; Pat, Shaurav, Amol M, JJ; Harshad S, Arun; 
As time goes on I will play the remaining EXCEPT Shal and Omi as they have made themselves AVA ONLY to play. Please note that players MUST come by 6.30. I will take warm up. If Those mentioned in the 1st 11 arrive late, they WILL be DROPPED from the starting 11 and MAY not get to play at all. 
Sherry has NOT informed the ADC that he is playing for BE. It is simple protocol to inform the ADC that you are UNA to REF as his name was put down as a LM. 
MO's and AVA to play RW - Vikas, Allen, Karan Amol M Pravin RH - Amartya Akshai Sagar BI - Tiger Kapil 
Just MO's - RH - Gaurav P REF BT - Dan LM Play and MO - AA - Arun Santosh Aditya Just play - BT - Shal Omi 
Prussia was heard to be saying that they have injuries and that they'll be a player short and so I hope they get a favourable result, but the only favours BE will be getting from me is that I will be constantly switching positions and trying to push the players to IMPROVE their individual game and their team game than going for a win. As 2 MO's are compulsory I will select those players ONLY if at least 1 player is performing MO duties. So for instance, I will NOT be able to play Santosh and Arun together for the ADCY. Ofcourse those players that come LATE to the ground (will NOT be played OR will be given LESS time to play) I will mostly play the 4:4:2 formation. Will INSIST on overlapping runs, quick movement on and off the ball, players that do NOT obey WILL be taken off. The focus is on PLAYING a QUICK BRAND of EXCITING football. In the event of DISCIPLINARY action taken by me, dropping players, the MATCH will go ahead as scheduled. 
BE By Prashant 
Blazing Eagles are looking forward to play against ADCY. BE had terrible match against RW and will try to recover its position and play in this match. ADCY under coach’s guidance has potential to shock any opposition. We will give appropriate respect to ADCY. BE may play this match with 1 man short as many of BE players are struggling injuries. I hope to play with full squad but keeping my fingers cross. Fresh game ahead. Good result out of this match are very important to boost confidence of BE. 
RH 1 (0) 1 Vs AA (2) 3 06/12/14 Sat 
RH - Rajesh 26 secs BMP 
AA - Sameer 8.18 23.21 Shivang 69.30 Amarnath 90.10 
RH - Meeraj 250 for Ameya D 350 DL Vikas 290 for Sid B 290 
AA - Karan (320) for Sean (340) DL Amol M 250 for Arun C 350 DL Ajay Sanghvi AVGKL 
MO's - BE - Ravi RW - Pravin, Karan, Toufiq BT - Pam BI - Atul, Anand Abhishek Dhruv 
RH By Sagar 
RH come up against AA for the second time in as many weeks. RH are playing at home and will look to pick up momentum in the second division to make sure that AA do not take a big lead in the table in the early part of the season. We are looking to get our first points on the board and a victory against the star studded AA side is always very satisfying. We will again try to keep the game plan simple and maintain possession of the ball. This may just be a game of few chances and we need to make sure we put away the ones that come our way. We expect a well fought and very competitive match which all the viewers will enjoy. 
AA By Saurabh 
AA is sitting pretty on the top of the 2nd division league table going into this match and after the win in the league cup we will definitely try for another win. We will be sticking to the formation of 4:3:3 which has worked well for us in the last two games. We will be missing our star midfielder Sean and Kunal in defense. RH have great talent and if they get their act together, they will definitely be a tough side to beat at home. We will be sticking to our plan through the 90 mins, by passing the ball first time and making more movement along the flanks. I see Shivang and Santosh play a crucial role in this match. RH will leave no stone unturned to get some points out of this game, so I expect this one to be an intense match. All the best to RH and the fans can expect a great match. 
MR By the ADC 
RH took the Coach's help for their formation today and apart from a few players none of them played as per their duties and responsibilities while it must be said that AA after taking Mr. Khare's help a few matches ago have prospered and are on par with the other top team in the League, RW. 
RH didn't want the BMP while AA wanted to take it when they played at home next so RH were forced to take the Home advantage rule as regards to the BMP. Rajesh scored with a delicate chip after Sameer who was keeping in the BMP gained a great advantage and who should have ran the clock down lost control and gave possession back to Rajesh. Needless to say AA with 10 men dominated every minute of the match apart from 20 mins into the 2nd half when RH were superior. Let me sum it up by saying that RH had no fire in their belly while AA at least had heap much spirit and confidence. AA were the better team in the end but were VERY lucky with their goals. 2 out of the 3 SHOULDN'T have been scored. This time I WILL blame the GK AND THE CDive players. 
RH - Just to show you proof as to the lack of push needed to try and change their destiny, RH haven't even bothered to study the videos of their previous match. If the players can't even do that individually than RH deserve nothing. RH started with a 4:5:1 formation and were at an advantage to try and settle down when they went 1 nil up. But as I've said before, the man I thought whose mere presence is more than enough to push anyone to work harder, was TOTALLY out of position and quiet as a mouse, Rajesh. So RH were more 4:4:2 . Vikas on loan was not playing to LM and none of his team mates were telling him to hug the touchline. But honestly, he managed to cover this short coming with his intensive work rate so I'll excuse his lack of flank play down to inexperience. Gaurav P or DJ was a THOROUGH disappointment. From how he was when I used to coach and how he is now is eons apart. His excuse is that he doesn't go in hard in fear of injury. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about his REFUSAL to ACCEPT responsibility and ASK for a PASS. Be it from ANYONE. Once I've ordered Tushar GK NOT to use his feet to play long balls unless it is to his Rb and Lb than why did the 2nd goal happen? Why were both DJ and Himanil refusing to ask for the ball at the top of the D? Plain and simple coz they were scared. How can you PASS THE BALL out of defence when you are too SCARED to receive it? Endless balls pumped down the throat of the opposition and possession given back to them. Mangesh was gazumped on many occasions by that long haired freaky Arty and has to understand how to control a player that is skilful, has quick feet and is fast. Meeraj Loan at Lb laid the ball of too many times to his cousin in AA. He was also put to the test by AA but was supported by Vikas on many occasions. Not while attacking but while defending. Rajib and Amartya were left to contend with a more in synch opposition team and were left chasing more oft than not. After some time they got their act together and even managed to give as good as they got. Sagar on the right got the ball on many occasions but couldn't get his final touch right. Plus he was put under pressure with too many long balls sent in his direction. Play the ball at feet was the mantra and all what happened was the opposite. Rajesh must understand that sometimes he needs to pass to his team mates and allow them into the game. Too often he was caught in possession. Too often he was late on the pass and late in shooting. RH needs a player that can lead them from the front and I though Rajesh was it. But unfortunately all I can see are players more focused on their own game and not about the team. Theres noone in that team that will say "C'mon chaps we need to get this act together and play to the plan, everyone has a duty and responsibility so STICK to it, let's fight till the last minute". Unfortunately I can't see anyone in that side with that personality. Beeraj was more useful as I suspected up front than he's ever been at Rb or Lb. Here he had the freedom to hassle and wander around. He did both and even laid off passes. One of the few that did his job, not to perfection, but did his job. 
AA - With 10 players and without 2 stars in a star studded team (Arun and Sean) AA cantered through. With help from the limp Rh also. Sameer was back to his normal best, excelling in a free role that allows him to wander at will causing havoc in the oppositions midst. This is the difference between AA and all the other clubs in the League. AA have SO MANY quick footed nimble players in their squad. Samya, Audi, Arty and Karan Loan. The others are also quick footed but these 3 are sure to cause immense aggro, like a fox amongst the chicken. Amarnath led like a captain does, but nearly lost it in the middle when he collided with Beeraj. That would have spoilt a wonderful even tempoed match with a lot being let go by the Ref. He managed to keep AA on the right track and made sure they didn't lose sight of their goal. Mayuresh was much better than before although late in tackles on occasion, he's getting used to playing the ball from the back. Jango at Lb and Amol M Loan at Rb were good in their positions. Amol didn't have to do much at Rb as Santosh was fantastic on the Rw. In fact Santosh deteriorated at Rb and Amol M excelled in RW when they switched. But this coincided with the time AA faltered and RH stepped up a notch. Both Marcelo and Amonk are reaching their top levels as per my view. Arty on the Lw is still too far inside for my liking but it is not noticable due to his very high work rate. Phenomenal in fact. His goal was literally from a zero angle. Amar actually scored a great one touch effort in Injury time but this was also when RH had totally switched off. But credit must be given where it's deserved. So I'm guessing AA played 4:3:2 (Without a St). A good move this as the extra player would have popped up from the wing and from Cm when a cross came in. Karan Loan and Audi were great. They probably veered from their zones a bit but as their recovery is high and RH were unergetic, their errors were hidden. 
RH Review By Sagar 
It was a good start for us when Rajesh did brilliantly to score from the bmp. We started of with a 4-5-1 with Mangesh, DJ, Hima and Neeraj M in defence, Sagar(rw), Rajib(rcm), amartya(lcm), Vikas(LW), Rajesh(cam) and Neeraj B as striker. We had valuable guidance from coach but failed to implement to 100% on the field. AA's first came from a RH mistake where we were slow to react. The second was scored by Sameer of a successful through ball after innumerable failed attempts. Their third came after a period where we dominated possession but were caught on the counter when shivang scored. Amarnath scored the fourth after a near perfect cross from the right. RH failed to capitalise on any chances created and paid the price. There was one period of 15-20 minutes at the start of the second half where we got our game together. We need to stick to the game plan for all the 90 minutes. This has been a disappointing start to the season and we need to buckle up soon and start performing to our potential. 
AA Review By Saurabh 
It was a good day for the Astros on the field. We knew we would be playing the game with one man short and thus had loaned two capable players in the form of Karan and Monga. We changed our formation a bit today to 4:4:1 with Ajoo (GK), Saurabh, Mayur, Amar & Monga in the defense (L to R) and Shivang, Aditya, Karan, Pai in the midfield. Sameer was not the designated striker but was given a free role to play which he does best. We were happy with the movement and passing and somehow didn't feel the pressure even though being one man short. The equalizer came off a mistake from RH which Karan made no mistake in putting at the back of the nets.The second was a good run by Samya and a great shot in the bottom right corner. The third came off a brilliant run by Shivang and slammed it over the keepers head. I thought this was the goal of the day. The fourth was a flick by Amarnath which landed in the goal. RH had covered our right flank pretty well today and kept Pais runs/crosses under control. I thought we lost some steam in the first 15 mins of the second half when RH did have a few chances to come back. Ajoo made some good saves for us in the goal today, only one error early in the game when his goal kick landed in Vikas's feet and the shot luckily hit the cross bar. But overall a good game for him.