LEAGUE CUP 1st DIV Tuesday 25/11/14 
BT (0) 4 Vs BI (1) 2 
BT - Amiraj 2 48.03, 64 Shubhankar 73 Pam (Sameer P) 79 
BI - Mukul 36.32 Amol A 65.30 
MO's - AA - Saurabh DNC Amar Aditya SR BB RH - Gaurav P LM good RW - Jatin good BE - Dev SR CM 
BT - Sameer C (230) AVGKL, Shivang (230) AA for Parmesh (250) UNA - Sharad L, Swapnil D, Parmesh N 
BI - Amol M (240) for Vikrant (250) Santosh DL for Gaurav, Anand has returned. 
BT Preview By Pam 
This game would be our third encounter with BI this season. Although our previous results against BI have not been favorable, the take-away's were valuable and the players have been working around the concern areas. BT will field a 4-4-2 formation, with two players on loan. Sameer C (AA) will be in the goal as Omi gets a chance up front, while Shivang (AA) will be playing in midfield alongside Shubhankar. The fans should be delighted to see Shubhankar back in action after a long hiatus. Considering that BI definitely hold the psychological upper hand going into this fixture, BT players will not be taking things lightly. Our game plan would be to stick to basics - play according to formation, focus on teamwork and most importantly, to enjoy the game. The fans of both teams would be expecting a great game and I am sure their wishes would not go unfulfilled. All the best to BI, looking forward to a great match! 
BI By Ajay S 
BI playing BT again in the last two encounters this season BI has managed to get the better of BT and in this knock-out encounter also BI will be look to maintain the pressure and register a spot in the League Cup. BI will be playing a 4:4:2 formation. BI will try and play the tactical game we have been practicing at the practice session. The simple passing, positional game and defend and be patient and attack on the counter. BT will be missing its tow main players Desale & Parmesh so BI is aware that they will take some strong loans as replacement and play. BI's Anand is back from his long vacation. BI will be pushing him to perform and will want the young guns of the team Mukul & Anand to play their best in this game. BI is missing two or maybe three of its senior players and will be a strong loans as a replacement. BT vs BI is always an interesting encounter and so is this one going to be the same. Fans will get a great game to watch. 
MR By the ADC 
One of the better matches between BT and BI out of the 3 they've played against each other this season. I'll leave the descriptions of the goals to the Managers and the highlights show. But I have to mention that BI's 2nd came of a 10 pass move if my memory serves me right. 
BI - Atool in goals made the same errors. Out of the 4 at least 2 he SHOULD have stopped. One he just left thinking it would go in. How much can be said about a player that the ADC finds to be a better outfield player than a GK. But BI tend to always make the big man a sacrificial Lamb. They could have so easily loaned a GK. Money's no issue if you go by their history of the TZLC so I keep wondering what goes on inside the head of Ajay S. Atools distribution was also cringe worthy. BI were playing with a sub and kept sacrificing players to leave the field even if they were playing well. Tiger was unwell and kept coughing on everyone although being asked by the Ref to cover his mouth with his hand when excreting sputum though his mouth! Tiger actually played ok and showed some deft touched but these were marred with some errors. On a number of occasions I felt he should have taken a shot when he so unselfishly released Kapil. Anand was back for this match and was BRILLIANT in Rcd. He was agile and cool and enjoyed the pressure. But his 2nd half was a different story altogether. Santosh DL is improving in every match. He is now quite evidently USING the width of the ground be it as a Rb or Rm. Well done Marcelo! Ajay on the other hand needs to work on his touch, he has a very heavy touch that may be perfect on one of those gigantic drill machines that break up concrete if the machine were worked by his feet! But as for a feather touch, the closest he can get to a feather is when he has chicken for supper. Thus the TZ Secretary called AJ and Ajoo gets angry on his team mates or questions the Ref's decision or just WALLOPS the ball that is supposed to be a cross or a shot or an amalgamation of the two. Abhishek was back in Lcd and him an Anand worked quite well together. It showed as they kept a clean sheet in the 1st half. Nick wasn't his usual self today. Something seemed different, but his fouling was the same. M-Kul celebrated his goal as if it was something to be proud off, as if he just scored the goal of the season, to tell you the truth if I'd have scored that I'd have been embarrassed. Yes, no doubt goals should be celebrated but goals that deserve celebrating. A bit like when a poor bechara player scored an own goal and then the opposition player decided that it was because of him that the player scored an og and dances around like an elephant in heat. Mkul's shot was loopy and I think he took a touch before shooting. THAT TOO it was the most rubbish performance as a Keeper produced by AVGKL Samya who passed it to him as if to say, go ahead take shot, this Sameer did throughout the encounter BTW. Sameer was ACTUALLY on his goal line (unless the highlights prove me wrong) and M-Kuls shot came floating over his head. Samya jumped (all of 1cm) with outstretched arms, or so he thought and the ball piddled the net. M-kul still seems lost and I remember one occasion when he was doing somethng in the Cd zone and Ajoo shouts "Mukool you Cf are!" Now that is playing deeper than Arun also!! Uday was nothing to write home about. Groov could've been utilized more and for me he is growing each and every match. Kapka has loads of talent and oodles of vision but even he needs to be fit. He has become slow and alert he is no more. Amonk DL is becoming very naughty. One BI goal that was disallowed was because he had unfairly challenged and pushed the BT Samya (although his keeping deserved it) on a corner. The old Monk would have raised his hand and said "my push ref, please avoid giving that goal as I had used unfair means for my team to gain advantage, I bequeath you to resolve the matter now by giving a foul to our valiant opponents". But Amonks eyes were shifty and as his gaze finally met the gaze of the Ref as he declared goal disallowed, a tiny sheepish grin creased Amonks now untrustworth countenance! And how did he play, Not bad actually, his new found non-monkness saw him play hard and tough. Lacking in touch no doubt but the right way forward. 
BT - Much improved BT! Although I thought BI passed the ball better, BT were lucky the confusion in the BI team helped their cause. I thought Ashubh had a stellar performance even if it all came about around his goal, 10 mns here and there. He suddenly started ripping apart the BI Lb and his dribbling an dtouch was wonderful. His goal was pure maturity! Still I feel BT underutilize this future if not current star. In this mornings match between the bros, Ashubh clearly won the personal battle. BT fail to work Dan in Rb and the AVGKL Samya persisted in passing to the opposition rather than pass to Dan! They used him more in the 2nd and therefore even though he made mistakes, he had a better game. Sherry is developing quite nicely, maybe not the best Cd in the TZLC but right on track. He seems to flourish when he keeps getting involved in the play apart from when he was used sporadically when he was playing on the flank. The big pot (Bhanda) is a scary man and actually sprayed a few delectable balls into mf a few times. His shooting was abit amiss though. Pam sometimes runs about like a headless chicken, as the Linesman on his side in the 1st half Jatin correctly observed. His goal in the 2nd H was SUPERB! He beat the offside trap with a late run and finished easily. One of Omi's goals was better than the other. One of his goals was a GIFT from Atool. As an outfield player, the lack of height allows you to have a low centre of gravity. This gives you an opportunity to dribble and beat opponents. This is why Omi would always be more useful outfield then keeping. A keeper in the end is only as good as the players in front of him. Niraj S repeated his feat of going down one side and then coming back the other side and then passing a 5 yard pass. That's what he does at least once in a match. A very good player but needs to score and be on the same wavelength as his team mates. Meeraj was ok today. Nothing much happened in his life today but he was ok. BT did alright for a bit once Jehan switch to Rm. He got a lot of spcae there and that suited him. 
Players MUST understand that ESPECIALLY in the Central areas there is NO TIME. Passes have to be made in one or two touches at the most. Unless you are dribbling. Players have a habit of HOLDING on to the ball and waiting for the the opponed to challenge him, and THEN they lay off a pass. Don't they realize that the longer they are holding on to the ball the more likely that their team mates are going to have LESS time when they receive the pass? Players MUST understand that they should KEEP the ball rolling EVEN if you are NOT being hassled by an opponent. Last but not least is Arty Loan AA, playing in a position that he can grow into but I would have preferred a Loanee Left footed player to play on the LEFT FLANK and a Rt sided player Pam to play in Lcm.. What happened was that most of the passed were going to Arty to his non existant right foot and he was finding it difficult. I feel with a little practice a capable player as Shivang will curely slot into Lcm too. 
MR By Ajay S 
BI played a 4:4:2 formation - Atul - GK; Nikhil(LD), Abhishek(CD), Anand(CD), Ajoo(RD); Uday(LW), Monga(LCMF), Kapil(RCMF), Pai(RW); Mukul & Dhruv - striker BI had a substitute also for today's game. BI made many defensive errors play which cost them the game. Out of the 4 goals BT scored 3 were defensive errors with BI players not being in position also the mid-field was playing too much in an attacking position and not falling back in time giving BT enough chance to attack down the middle and put pressure on the BI defense. I felt Anand had a good first game as Central Defender. BI managed to score two goals one of Mukul & Atigre. BI took the lead in the first half with a good striker down the middle by Mukul but BT soon closed that gap and managed to close the gap from a corner kick which Omi converted. BI should have slowed the game down when scores were level 2-2 and been patient waiting for the opportunity to score. BI's passing in phases of the game was good today any One-twos played but unfortunately we were not able to convert those. Anyways BI still has a hope to make it to the League Cup Finals as we play RW in the next game. BI will definitely work harder on game plan strategy for its next game onwards. 
MR By Pam 
Formation-(GK: Sameer C) 4:4:2 (Dan[RB]-Sherry[RCD]-Bhanda[LCD]-Meeraj[LB] : Shubh[RW]-Jehan[RCM]-Chotu[LCM]-Pam[LW]: Niraj[ST]-Omi[ST]) Before I begin, I would like to apologise to the ADC for the delay at the start of the game concerning goal keeper jerseys, with an assurance that steps will be taken to ensure such things do not happen in future. A great start to BT's League cup campaign! It was a well contested game between BT and BI, this being their third encounter of the season. BT players started the the game with a 4:4:2 formation as above, and the intent of playing in constant tandem and shuffling between 'Compact' and 'Spread-out' formations while Defending and Attacking respectively. Having Chotu playing in the center area proved effective as he was able to create chances for the strikers. In the first half I believe there were numerous chances for us to take the lead but the players shyed away from taking attempts. Subsequently BI took the lead with Mukul fantastic chip over Sam. Honestly there was nothing Sam could do about that shot. In the second half, BT decided to step up the tempo and take whatever chances that came their way. The player positions were tweaked a bit as Jehan assumed a RW position with Shubhankar coming in Jehans place at RCM. The refreshed approach worked well as Omi scored the first two goals. He is slowly strengthening his position up front in the BT squad while he keeps goals for other teams. However, BI pulled one back when Tigre took advantage of a frozen BT defense and navigated his way past them, into the goal. Learning to play to the whistle is an improvement point here for the BT players. BT regained their lead soon thanks to a wonderful ball played in by Omi again, which landed at Shubhankar's feet who confidently tapped it past Atul. This was Shubhankar's second goal in as many games for BT, and he is constantly disproving his critics who had questioned his transfer given he has not been available for so many matches. Atul had a fantastic outing as well, he made a brilliant save using great technique when Jehan tried to slot it into the top-right corner. Defensively speaking it was a great effort by Dan, Bhanda, Sherry and Meeraj. Having Sam in the goal helped a lot as there was constant communication and coordination amongst the backline. BT's 4th goal was scored by Pam after Niraj faked his attempt and let the ball roll to Pam, who scored an easy goal. All in all, a good win for the club as well as the fans! Before I end, I would like to thank the ADC for the match videos initiative, as we were able to review the footage and identify our pain areas and work on them. Hoping to carry on the winning momentum into our future games as well! 
LEAGUE CUP 2nd DIV Sat 29/11/14 
AA (0) 3 Vs RH (0) 1 
AA - Aditya 52:58, Arun 80, Sameer 87 
RH - Sagar 81 
MO's - RW - Toufiq Karan Amol M AA - Saurabh BT - Pam BI - Dhruv Abhishek Ajay S BE - Amod 
RH - Rajib (260) for Meeraj (250) 
AA - Jatin AVGKL, Sharad L (190) (Shal) for Kunal (190) 
RH By Sagar 
RH play their first match in the league cup against a star studded AA side. Although, AA is the side we last beat, they are a transformed side now. We will however concentrate on our own game rather than concentrate too much on the opposition. DJ coming back, although still recovering after being diagnosed with dengue earlier in the month, into the heart of defense will give us more stability and a voice to organize ourselves better. We will be missing our captain Rajib but have an able replacement. We expect it to be a high tempo game where maintaining possession might be a little tricky. Being patient while in possession to look for openings and not trying to force will be the key to the game. RH-AA games have a history of being entertaining encounters for the spectators and I hope this one will be no different. 
AA By Saurabh 
After the win against RW, the AA players are on a high and are looking forward to put up an even better performance in the game against RH. We will try to concentrate more on first time passing and try to get some more shots on the goal. We plan to continue with the same formation of 4:3:3 for this game. RH has a good team and one can be assured that this league cup game will be a cracker and both teams will go for the win. The fans can looked forward to an entertaining match. 
RH Review By Sagar 
It is very disappointing to have been knocked out of the League Cup in the first match itself. RH started off with a 3-5-2 formation with Anna in goals; DJ, Amu and Benny as 3 CDs; Akshai (RM); Beeraj (LM); Meeraj, Amartya and Mangesh as CMs; Rajesh and Sagar as strikers. Hima started on the bench. I think we started off pretty well and managed to keep good possession as discussed and also pointed out in the preview. Another point mentioned in the preview was that it was very important to take the chances that come our way. We failed to do that after having created good opportunities in the first half. The first half ended 0-0 but we clearly had more of the ball and chances. We also failed to adapt to the strategy deployed by AA and their RM was always in acres of space with the ball. Although this did not hurt us we need to be able to adapt our game to counter the opposition strategy. Second half, AA had a lot more of the ball and managed to score first through Aditya after he ran onto a ball put into the D and managed to flick it over Anna. Some of our players seemed to off run out of steam. AA scored the second through an IDFK awarded for Amu's handball just in the box. We immediately managed to pull one back. But it was not enough as Sameer C managed to score from range to make it 3-1. This was definitely a better performance as compared to our first match but we all know we are capable to doing much better. 
AA Review By Amarnath 
We started with 4-3-3 formation. At half time we changed to 4-4-2 as Pai was raining crosses into the box and we thought another body in the box would be useful . The goal duly came but from a cross from Arun which Aditya tapped in. The 2nd was an indirect free kick by Arun after which we got back to out 4:3:3 format. Our 3rd came from a mistake by More which Samya placed at the bottom right corner. Shivang had an off day today, but he was not helped much by us by not getting the ball to him often enough. The weather was cold and Shivang went cold . Samya I suspect had a couple of gears left in the tank but was in the GAME BANAO mode . Pai was the star for us at right wing . Today he was the Pai of yore and showed why he was respected and feared as a footballer . Shal was a good loan for us but for a few hairy moments. Overall a satisfying morning as our process of getting maximum out of every player continued. 
MR By the ADC 
A candidate for Goal of the Season from Aditya while the others from AA were quite good too. Arun took a pot shot to score while Sameer hit a trademark left inner fooer curler in the top corner. Sagar got a consolation for RH when he pipped in with an individual goal sandwiched between AA's 2nd and 3rd immediately after AA scored their 2nd. AA's 3rd should not have happened as the Ref had ignored a foul on Mangesh RH just outside the box when RH were attacking. Mangs was sandwiched and roughened up by the AA players. From this AA managed to score their 3rd. Later, or should I say four or or 5 mins later, the Ref still had this issue festering in his mind and when the Full Time vuvuzela sounded RH were in possession. RH subsequently lost the ball and AA countered. Arun was straight on goal with only the goalie to beat when the Ref blew his whistle to signal the end of the match. The Ref justified it by saying that he had to compensate beacuse of the Mangs issue and the possibility of a 4th goal would not have been justified. The ADC wishes the Ref will not make such decisions and leave the justification up to the ADC. AA's 2nd was a scorcher by Arun after an IFK in the box was laid back to him just outside it. Into the top corner it flew. 
AA - Jatin AVGKL had nothing much to do at all today except maybe clear a few crosses. His distribution was slow most of the time. But basically he was not tested to pass judgment on his performance. Shal Loan the left footer was played at Rb and I thought for a loanee playing with pedigreed team mates, he was given too much of a licence to do whatever he liked. Too much time on the ball and NOT disciplined. I mean to say that only a couple of players in any squad are given the license to be a maverick more often than not. At AA it's probably Arun and Samya. At Rb it's DEFINITELY not Shal. Shal was lucky that RH did not try and hassle him when he was on the ball. He's inexperience was NOT tested at all by RH. The afforded him the same respect they gave ALL the other AA players. This allowed Shal to probably have more positives than negatives. His patent ball over to Santosh on the RW was not marked by RH and therefore Shak got away with much. His 2nd half was a bit better than the first though. Amarnath is developing leaps and bounds every time he plays. He's eager to spread the ball from one side to the other most of the times. Although he tends to sit on the ball a trifle too long on some occasions. Amar needs to bully his attitude over on to his team mate at Lcd who is Mayuresh. Mayur was SCARED to receive a pass sideways or back to him throughout the 1st half. His team mates were urging players to pass the ball back but one could hear Mayur screaming at them not to. This is why the RIGHT hand side of AA saw much more of the ball than the left. Amar has the tactics down pat and his authority would make him captain for me. Heres one man who KNOWS his duties and responsibilities while many of the others are still struggling, by struggling I mean they still tend to wander about away from their designated zonal areas. Or when they are supposed to wander, they stay steady. Like Shivang not attacking Santosh's crosses from the right. As mentioned by Amar many times during the match. Mayuresh was troubling the opposition strikers like crazy. He was just on the VERGE of giving away FK's due to pushes in the back but got away with them. Especially when the pushing was against Top Cop DCP Rajesh who is a Big strong bloke. Mayuresh's efforts probably felt like a caterpillar crawling on his back for Rajesh, but irritated he was getting. I mean who'd like a caterpillar crawling around on his body? Rajesh probably thought he should play in Cd against Mayur and then show him what INTERROGATION is like! Both Jango Lb and Arty LW were not used enough due to what I mentioned earlier but when they did get the ball they weren't bad. Sameer in the hole at the base of the mf trio is allowed to be a maverick. He has started making a lot of errors and needs to cut that out. Genuinely was going to get a 5 rating but his goal will get him a 6. Unfortunately for such a great player, errors are NOT acceptable. Aditya and Sean wander, then they suddenly stand still. I think AA made a few changes to their 4:3:3 formation later on when they put Adi up front but they changes that again soon enough. Sean was making sure his side got the ball (players on the right side of the ground) and so was Adi...um.....Adi? You are supposed to make sure the LEFT side gets the ball! Arun still wants the ball all the time and if he doesn't get it perfect or not at all he'll be sure to grumble. But that's what makes him dangerous as he never seems low on confidence and he'd rather do the needful then see someone else do it! I want Arun to try and get players to play around him more. A great pass to Adi for his goal though, fantastic in fact. Santosh is revelling in his new role at RW. Taking on and beating players. He totally mauled Sid Ben today. His crosses need a little work though as does his decision making. Shivang get too boisterous sometimes and needs to curb that. Saw one overlapping run from Jango, that was great, but only once is not enough. 
RH - Where to begin with RH? They, I think played a 3:5:1 formation with their most Central CD being Ameya. Let me repeat what I ALWAYS say. Whenever a club diverges from the KNOWN 4:4:2 formation then the DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES of each player MUST be understood. This unfortunately was not the case for RH. As always there are many who will doubt if I am on the same page as them. Many a time, it always happens that what I observe is NOT necessarily what everyone else does. Like many said today that RH played well. I clearly thought AA were the more disciplined team in terms of positioning and had a more constructive strategy than RH. RH changed their suqad with many subs, that is with players going off and coming on it confused things more. Why did they loan Meeraj then? I'm confused. What did Meeraj do today? He played as per my calculations in the hole in Cm with Mangs at Rcm and Amar at Lcm. Mangs is a good player, mayhaps slightly over weight but a good player who I felt had too much to do with a Rm that was Akshai/Hima. To his left Amartya is another technically good player but is also yet to reach full form. So these 3 were up against the 3 of Adi Samya and Sean....respectfully speaking, NOT in the same league especially if none of the RH players knew what they were doing. Akshai at Rm was lost making too many errors. He needs to step up or see himself being sold off as surplus. On the Lm was Beeraj...Um people? Beeraj is a rigt footer? Hasn't anyone observed that yet? Beeraj CANNOT play at Rb Lb or Rm and LM as watching him plat at AA would have told you. He needs to practice hard or evolve his game. Otherwise here's another candidate that will always be struggling. To Amu's right was Dj and Big Ben. BB looks like Godzilla off on a rampage in a nearby country. A good reader of the game but after seeing him today thats all he does, read the game....oh yes and get Shibhoboed by Marcelo on numerous occasions. He MUST say NO to playing as one of the Cd's in a 3 man defence. In a 3 man defence he needs the support of his Lm which was Beeraj and did he get that this morning? Nope! Dj was in the same predicament. Nothing could develop as it seems there was no plan. Like you could see AA have a plan. The plaers KNOW what they are supposed to do. So sometimes they can play with the flow. Keep passing it about until a situation arrives where they can attack. RH? Dj and the rest usually just pumped it up to the players I'll be reviewing now, Rajesh and Sagar. Being a hard man Rajesh get flustered very quickly. Maybe because he's more used to doling out the beatings than getting them. Rajesh is a giant of a man and anybody can see that for Rajesh to get a foul would be close to finding an Indian setting up a shop on the moon a few years down the line. So this man needs to use his enormity and strength to his benefit. Whack a few defenders (fairly) like they do to you (fairly!) Sagar is getting braver by the day. Maybe his newly married status has opened his eyes to the fact that facing the Mrs. is more daunting than a Mayur or Amar! Good Goal Sagar...Tushar in goals cannot be blamed for any of the 3. We'll have to see the video for the FK. Otherwise unlucky for him.