12/11/14 Wed 
League BE (0) 0 VS RW (1) 4 
RW - Satish 2 39.55 pen 58.18 pen, Vikas 64.48, Amol M 75.34 
MO's - BT - Dan BI - Dhruv Mukul AA - Santosh RH - Amartya 
BE - 1: Amiraj (BT, 20 ) as per AVGKL 2: Sharad (BT, 22) replacement for Rakesh (BE,22) as per SVP 2: Rajib (RH, 25) replacement for Amit (BE, 22) as per SVP . Gururaj is Tentative for this match. 
BE Preview By Prashant 
Eagles are on right track for TALC7. Although some players are yet to gel with their team mate, I am positive we will put better show against RW. RW is very strong side to play against. With 2 back to back win, RW will be all in air. BE is aware we need special performance to restrict RW and we will. Talks are already in place to decide best strategy against RW. BE might lose its star player Gururaj for this match. BE will make use of every corner of ground to win this match. 
RW Preview By Pravin 
After the two consecutive wins, RW’s confidence is high up. The players are looking forward to the next game @ Papal. This is going to be a different ball game altogether. BE though a new squad has all players practicing together as Papal every week, which means they have a good understanding within them. I am also aware that will have a plan in place for us. RW is aware of this and has thoughts of playing strategically against them. We understand the ground is bigger than Sindh and playing there will not be easy. We will continue the way we are playing, play to plan, be patient, be consistent, and conserve enough energy to survive 90 min. I wish BE good luck for the game and we look forward for a great football match day. 
Absolutely disgusting performances by the BE squad to say the least. Well not entirely the whole squad but some players just were not there today. As for RW they NEED to learn to KILL OFF OPPONENTS by scoring as many goals as possible. Humility comes AFTER one thrashes an opponent. RW did NOT show humility by easing their foot off the pedal but showed their lack of killer instinct and were in fact INSULTING when they started pissing about and playing players OUT OF POSITION. As a Coach I ALLOW players to experience life OUT of POSITION as it is a TOOL for personal improvement or because the players needed a change of scenery or the result was a lost cause. RW switched positions because the players at the back must've been begging to play up front or summat like that. NOT PROFESSIONAL at all. The clubs MUST understand that having a POSITIVE HIGH goal DIFFERENCE at the end of the Season will be the turning point between Promotion or Relegation, A title or nothing. RW were NOT great. In front of this BE side today even the ADCY side would have won by half a dozen. Even though RW eased off the pressure they still missed countless opportunities. No doubt you'll see the EXCEPTIONAL highlights show set up by the ADC but BE gave away 2 penalties out of the 4 goals scored. This is the ONLY AWAY ground in the ENTIRE world where travelling teams would be joyous to visit. The Home side DEFENDS maniacally from the word go and gifts passes to their opponents. To defend 90 mins without the ability to even COUNTER ATTACK is suicide.  
BE - Prashant approached Mr. Khare as to his views on how BE should tackle RW. Prussia was informed that Khare is not allowed to help Managers against other clubs BUT can help the clubs with advice in situations such as FACING a VERY STRONG TEAM etc. But it should be clear that the Coach will NOT mention the players in the other team. So advice taken, what did Prussia do? NOTHING! He only made one so called change by switching Amod to the LW and left EVERYTHING else out what the Coach said out. Would BE have been any different with Amit? I don't think so. The Amod change that I had mentioned was in RELATION to other changes and IF TACTICS were followed. Did that happen? No! A flat back 4 with Devendra (his fav pass being a scoopy chip over the RWarr LM to Suraj being his ONLY modus operandi) Sherri Loan and Rajib Loan (now two CDefensive loan pairings in back to back matches) did their best but against a mediocre RW was not enough as the SUPPORT was next to nothing and Ravi (was NOT on top form and once put under pressure was tantamount to being only a spectator). I saw Ravi playing in Cm in the 2nd half and although he ran around he didn't do much. I think they played a CM pairing of Groo and Prussia who as per Prussia's thinking they played DM. The two of them tried but the co-ordination between them and the attack was pathetic. Prussia needs to learn how to speak to his team mates as human beings. This is what I don't understand and this is why I I'm not a businessman or looking after a group of labourers. That's because I TREAT everyone with respect. So sometimes when I talk humanely with maybe a groundsman or a Bhangee wallah (toilet cleaner) the people think that they are my friends. NO they aren't. But that's what has to change, I am just being cordial. Prussia (and MANY of the TZLC for that matter) NEED to understand that EVERYONE here is on LEVEL terms with each other and being CORDIAL is part of the R and R. I think they played Arun in AM. Arun had Amod free in acres of space in the early part of the 1st half BUT never saw him. He always released it to Suraj who doesn't have the same effect as an Amod running straight down your throat. Groo was Groo. Nothing much to rave about nor to criticize. Amod didn't have support and thus was hanging about at LW for most of the time except in the 2nd half when he switched to RW. Then he was able to run a bit coz RW had already started their post match partying. But still Amod's first touch left a LOT to be desired. As did ALL the BE players. Deba's touch was poor on the RARE occasion he got the ball. Omi on AVGKL didn't do badly. He was slow off the mark to race out of his box on occasions but can't be blamed when the players in front of him are not playing well. 
RW - Allen would have been hung and quartered if RW had blood thirsty fans. Luckily for him they don't!. He was the culprit when he must have missed a million open goals. On top of that he whacked the ball on one such sitter miss over the bar into the jungle end and spent eons of time searching for it. Santosh redeemed himself by taking over the search as the ADC was going to punish him for coming to the ground late for MO duties. RW have a quality team at their disposal. Full of talent. But a match like this when they could have showed the rest of the clubs the reason why they are sitting pretty on top of the table by playing some super football was NOT at all evident. I expect more from this lot, indeedy I do. Manan should have been OVERJOYED at the prospect of sharing the Left flank with a VERY INEXPERIENCED and technically weak Rb. But did crosses rain into the box from the left? Or did he cut inside in the final quarter to take a pot shot at goal? Or did he cut inside earlier to allow the RWarrLb to make an over lapping run? No he didn't...coz he was NOT playing on the touchline was he? The same goes from Mr. Offside JJ. Over there on the right flank me thinks. Nope neither did he do what I mentioned for Mantoo earlier. Once again let me apologize to Amonk for NOT giving a free kick to him when Amod FLATTENED him unfairly in the box. It was a card offence but for some reason I didn't give it as a foul. I think I thought Amod got the first touch but I should have seen that he didn't. I was quite close and the only reason I can think of is that this season I'm letting a LOT of ARGY BARGY, hard but fair tackling happen. BUT, that was a Refs error so apologies Mr. Monga. I think, and we'll see more clearly when the Refs send in their report, the formation that RW were playing. Satish is still here there and everywhere and is a man on form. I feel that Satish has to take a quick dekko at his shooting from the top of the box as to me he's not sharp enough. Lalit at Rb? I think he got flustered at not being in on the action and was scampering about in the 2nd half. His efforts led to one of the goals I think. He should focus on OVERLAPPING runs so that he gets TIRED at least! Jatin was BORED as he was under NO pressure at all as well as his other partner..who was it? Amonk? Left back was Bhushan who was BE's fav person to wallop. KItfo player in the end. The BE players were probably jealous that he's experiencing life at the top while his mates are struggling. One question? How many over laps? Would I pay money to watch this match? Well if I had a choice between the ISL and the TZLC7 there is NO DOUBT I would I opt for the TZLC7 but if I had a choice between the TZLC7 BE Vs RW encounter and watching ants all day long, I would opt for the ants. Why? The ants have some purpose in life! Ajoo AVGKL had one save to make. YAWN! Probably 2 touches each half. Good Grief!!! Vikas scored and seemed the more lively of the lot in the 2nd half along with Jatin as they had pushed up. Vikas scored his FIRST EVER goal in the TZLC which was due to his perseverence. Oh yes, I think it was Vikas who played at Rcd. Karan was actually available everywhere. Always supporting....But when it's a performance against a weak club then everything gets put into perspective. 
BE Review By Prashant 
Bad day for eagles. An eye opener. I decided to start with 4-5-1 formation. (Amiraj : Ravi-Rajib-Sharad-Devendra : Amod-Prashant-Deba-Guru-Suraj : Arun ) . Me and Guru were to play bit deep & close to defenders with deba ahead of us. Amod and Suraj were on flanks with Arun as Striker. BE started well and did pass ball to each other. But when RW started putting more pressure, BE started making mistakes. Everybody makes mistake. I am so shocked as why BE players do not apologies for their mistake. Why we repeat same mistakes again and again. Our coach is trying very hard to teach is this simple thing. Some of BE players still not aware how to play at given positions. More work is needed here. We must start scoring goal. Unless we score, it would be difficult for BE to win matches. I got carded for reacting. I should have controlled my reaction. Also, my sincere apology to Amiraj for shouting at him. 
RW Review By Pravin 
Another victory to the tally of 3 wins of RW this season! J The squad went back happily, cheering each other, shaking hands along after the away win. RW looks more confident now. All of the players stick to the plan, play to Win and favor the decision taken in the benefit of team. That’s what RW is all about. First of all I would like thank to the team for another great team work that cost us victory! Initially RW’s plan was to start 4:4:2 with Ajay (GK), Bhushan(LD), Jatin (LCD), Vikas(RCD), Lalit(RD), Manan(LW), Karan(LCM), Satish(RCM), Monga(RW), Allen- Pravin (Strikers left & right respectively). However as Satish was travelling and was late for first 5-10 min, we had to change a little bit where Pravin took up Monga’s position and he moved to Satish’s place. Later when Satish joined he started with Allen upfront. First 15 min RW took time to settle down on the away ground. Satish had got a good chance intial which was saved by Omi. Then followed by Allen who missed out and easy chance. RW looked attacking after that. The account opened for RW with a penalty in the box , Satish made not mistake to it. RW continued to play passing game as it was planned and not to lose out on energy as we had no substitute and Papal is big ground than Sindh. We held the possession most of the time and looks to roll the ball to all parts the way we had decided. Just before the closing minutes of first half Pravin got a YC for his ball handling. Ref felt it was in the ground. Later on request after the game the YC was cancelled by the ADC. First Half score was (RW)1-0(BE). Second half we again started with 4:4:2 formation but this time we saw Vikas was not utilized and had not chance over the ball. He was switched with Monga. So the formation looked like: Ajay (GK), Bhushan(LD), Jatin (LCD), Monga(RCD), Lalit(RD), Manan(LW), Karan(LCM), Vikas(RCM), Pravin(RW), Allen- Satish (Strikers left & right respectively). The game started well for RW again with a penalty awarded by ref. Satish again made no mistake. Now the score was 2-0 : RW leading. 10 min later Allen got a super through ball just had to tap it in another open chance which should have scored. He missed. Vikas who a fabulous game I felt made an amazing run from Mid to take on 2-3 players and scored to the far corner of the post. Score 3-0. BE came back in action twice where they had couple of chances, thanks to Ajoo brilliant effort that saved us and enable clean sheet! 5 min later Lalit who was constantly moving up and down had a shot from the corner line who had Omi’s touch but was enough to save it. Monga who was near the goal wasn’t sure to head / shoot... finally made no mistake to tap in it. Score 4-0. Prior to this RW had made another positional changes with Satish, Karan moving in defense switching with Monga, Jonty. Pravin & Lalit switching their position too. Manan was always pouring those crosses and through balls testing BE defense all the time. Final Score – RW(4) – BE(0). Overall the game was very good RW played a Team effort and ensure everybody had their bit to contribute in different positions. Learning were we should have scored the chances we have got as we never know this will help us in future. Looking forward to next and important next game vs AA. Hard luck to BW and I wish them all the best for future matches. 
15/11/14 Sat 
League ADCY Vs BI  
MO's - AA - Mayuresh AVA Sameer LATE AVA so can't consider him as a player Sean Santosh RW - AVA as players and MO's Satish GK Pravin Monga Karan Manan Toufiq ONLY MO - Lalit BT - 1. Neeraj M 2. Sharad L (also ava to play if reqd.) 3. Dhananjay R (also ava to play if reqd.) 4. Sameer P (also ava to play if reqd.) BE - Bijoy, RH (FINED) Akshai and DJ 
Squad in red 
ADCY - Confirmed so far - All youth - Tan, Pat, (Fib) Aayush, Ringa, Adu, Brush (Ruturaj) + George, Solomon, Pratiek and Vidyut from Thunderbuds, ADC List - Jaidev, Gaurav S The ADCY will be loaning a few players as in the previous encounter. Managers sending in their list of MO's must include names of players that want to play for the ADCY on Loan. The ADC will SELECT a squad from this list. Only THIS squad will be used. Unless otherwise due to unforseen circumstances. ADC listed players and MO's MUST confirm by tomorrow, SATURDAY NOON (As per normal R and R). 
The ADCY will always keep a MINIMUM of 4 Youth in it's squad even if MORE than 4 youth are AVA. 
BI - Anand Still UNA 
ADCY By the ADC 
There's no doubt in my mind that just the pressure from the BI players friends in the other clubs of NOT getting a result against the ADCY will make sure BI do try and WIN this game. And this will make it interesting. I will be setting up the Youth Team players around some of the Club players so that they can learn and gain experience. I have told them that I WILL NOT play them for the whole 90 mins. They should understand the VALUE of playing at this level at such a young age. I have played with players that NEVER got a first team game for 2 years! So should all the adults to understand the VALUE of playing in a 1st 11 squad for the whole of 90 mins when in fact some of you probably would never get 20 mins in a professional game, be it for lack of fitness, lack of attitude or lack of technique. Only when you grasp this fact will you do justice to what is being given to you. Even the players that I have chosen, the adults that have made themselves AVA for the ADCY. I am a hard task master and you better be on your best behaviour. On the ground by 6.20. Regarding the Thunderbuds, I quite liked what I saw when Ajoo had brought them over to Law College for a session the other day, Thursday. BUT I expected them to come to the Sindh ground on Sat to show me that they are EAGER and EXCITED to be a part of the TZLC. They didn't show up....SO as I've seen them barely for a session, I will try and play them for a long as possible. The players I have selected as the Adults in the squad are from those that have made themselves AVA for the match. BE WARNED All the CLUB players I have selected, I WILL play you OUT of position so that you can INCREASE your AWARENESS. Some I won't...Maybe I'll play ALL youth. So Adults please be prepared for anything..... 
But for SURE the ADCY will be Coached to FOCUS ONLY on HOW to play the BEAUTIFUL game and NOT on JUST WINNING. All players that have confirmed AVA to play on loan for the ADCY (And NOT marked in red) could get their kit along JUST in case I get sick of the players in red and want to try you out! 
BI Review by Ajay S 
According to me the ADCY is a tough team as it comprises of youth as well as experience and it is managed by COACH. BI will play to its advantage of being a strong team in defense. BI will play a 4:5:1 or 4:4:2 formation, depending on the result of the BMP if ADCY take it and score of it. BI will be playing with its full squad except for Anand. BI will have to play easy with controlled aggression and keep moving the ball around trying to play the simple passes and not the long ball. BI will definitely play for the win. The fans will be assured a good match to view.