26/05/15 Tue 
2nd Place 1st Div BI (0) 1 Vs 2nd Place 2nd Div RH (0) 1 AGGREGATE - RH 5 Vs BI 4 
2nd Leg 
BI - Andypandy 86.50 
RH - Red 51.58 
BI - 1. Nikhil (value 250,000 TZR) - Satish(Satsut)) (RW- value 380,000 TZR) - AVPL 2. Gaurav(value 240,000 TZR) - Jaidev(Jai) (BE - value 240,000 TZR) - DL 
RH - 1. AVPL Mantan, AVGKL: Sean Mathew 350k TZR CANCELLED AVGKL - Amma 360 
MO's - AA - Arun, Pai BE - Bruce BT - Pam and Shubhankar RW - JJ Amonk 
BI Review By Ajoo 
BI some players have returned back for this game. BI will be taking a tactical strong AVPL loan for this match also. BI will be looking at using the expertise of the payer to the fullest in favor of BI advantage. BI will be playing a 4:4:2 formations. In case RH gets the better of BI in the first leg then BI will play a full attacking game plan for the second leg and if BI manage to get the better of RH then it will be more defensive and patient passing/possession game from BI. BI thanks its fans and will look for their support like always for the last two games in this season and secure the clubs 1st division status. 
RH Preview By Red 
This will be our final game of the season! We are looking to end the season on a high! We will be missing very important players for this game but we have taken equally competent loans. We will continue to deploy a 4-3-3 and not tinker much with the formation and player positioning. There is a little uncertainty regarding the availability of a couple of players. We failed to perform up to the mark in the previous game. We should have come into this leg with a greater lead. It will be critical to keep our nerves and play to the decided strategy. We need to maintain our concentration levels for the entire 90 minutes and maintain our discipline levels all the time. BI will come out fighting and give in their all. It is never easy against BI in situations where they are up against it. We wish BI good luck! 
BI Review By Ajoo 
Congratulations RH for the promotion to 1st Division a well deserved award to them as they really picked up their overall game towards the end of the season and were consistent in their performance match after match. BI was starting a goal down so pressure was on them. BI had a good game and were able to create many chances but unfortunately could not convert them into goals. BI played a Formation - 4:4:2 Abhishek(GK), Vikrant(LD), Atigre(LCD), Anand(RCD), Atul(RD); Hatkar(LW), Mukul(LCMF), Satish(RCMF), Dhruv(RW); Jaidev & Kapil(upfront) and plan was play with a strong defense, keep ball under possession for as long as possible, play the simple passes and be patient and scoring opportunities would come. BI managed to execute this plan pretty much in the first half but after Sagar scored for RH a bit of panic & urgency struck BI and they were in a hurry to score there was changes in positions and little bit of misunderstanding between players and all this cost BI the match. Andy Pandy scored a bullet from a free-kick just beyond the half-line and managed to narrow the goal difference by 1 goal. In the end it was a good match well contested by both the teams. Hard luck to BI relegation after 7years is a sad feeling but the ever determined team will bounce back and plan well and look to win the second division in TZLC-8 and regain the 1st Division status. Thank you to the referee Mr Khare/ Coach and ADC for a wonderful and exiting season. 
RH Review By Red 
Congratulations to RH for earning promotion to 1st division! RH started with a 4-3-3: Amma-GK, Kramer-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangs-LCB, Benny-LB, Sagar-RCM, Mishti-CM, TC-LCM, Amar-RW, Amu-ST, Manan-LW. Our strategy going into the match was to move the ball quickly and keep possession but at the same time use the wings to cross the ball in. Manan put in lots of delightful crosses in but we unfortunately could not convert a single opportunity. We were a little wasteful in front of goal and a little unlucky to have hit the post atleast 2-3 times. Amma was good in goals and his presence makes a very positive impact on the team as he organizes from the back! Mangesh made a few last ditch challenges to keep BI at bay. TC was top class today, twisting and turning and creating chances but only regret was that he could not score today! Mishti did most of the dirty work today and was instrumental in keeping satsut quiet for most of the game! It was a good team performance with everyone performing their duties well even though a few players were played out of their favored position! A good team effort and good end to the season! BI were very pumped up and gave a tough fight till the final whistle. Hard luck BI! 
Amma AVGKL to RH Review 
This season my goal keeping mistakes have cost the teams I've played for, most notably BT and BE. So when Sagar asked me to keep instead of Sean in this all important game I wasn't too sure but Sagar just said 'kar lo'. I was absolutely petrified for the full 90 minutes as my usual mistakes would have cost RH a place in the first division. But it worked out fine. Thank You Sagar and thank you RH for the opportunity. 
Mantan DL to RH Review 
I would like to thank the RH manager Sager and the ADC for allowing me to play on loan for RH. The playoffs second leg, the fight for survival, cant get better than this. RH having a lead from the first leg looked very calm and composed, the whole idea was to enjoy the last game of the season and not make silly mistakes, and I think we did pretty well. A strong and an experienced squad to play with, the likes of Amu, Rajesh sir and Rajiv, you always learn something. I was put on the left and my role was to feed Amu. It is always fun to play with a player of Amu's caliber, a big target to locate and he can adjust to any kind of crosses. It was a pleasure putting those crosses in. Overall it was a good game, RH scored just the 1 super goal from Sager, they should have converted more chances. BI had a number of chances as well, a couple very well saved by Amarnath. A game I enjoyed and congratulations RH. 
Satsut AVPL to BI Review 
I would like to firstly thank Ajoo and BI for selecting me in this crunch tie for BI. BI went into the game needing a win by atleast 1 or more goals, but were rather unfortunate to settle for a draw. I thought the back 4 for BI were playing very well. The composure shown by Anand was very heartening to watch. Tiger played his heart out in CD. We created a lot of chances but were not able to convert them. I was guilty on a couple of occasions as well. I am also very impressed with the spirit shown by BI during the game. Irrespective of the score or the circumstances, they play their heart out... game after game. I wish BI the very best for next season. Congratulations to RH for securing a place in the top flight. 
MR By the ADC 
A much better performance from BI in both their attitide and game. Both teams were honest and Reffing became a tad easier. RH were as always, playing good footy and behaviour was top notch. If one would compare the teams I would say that RH did deserve to play on in the 1st Div next season. Both the sides tried to pass the ball about but RH passed the ball more. It was too often that the BI players lost the plot by turning some players into scapegoats for a right rollicking. Once again my view of BI is that they way to often start chopping and changing the script. This leads to disarray and instead of some solution they are just melting. In the 1st Leg AVPL the Rock gave them a chance in the 2nd Leg and this time their AVPL Satsut could not do the same. Maybe he was not able to because Mangs, Amu, Amar and TC had stepped up their game from the 1st leg tremendously. Also the other inconsistent players such as Big Ben and especially Kramer performed creditably. MIshti and DJ maintained their game although Mishti was a little late while tackling this morning. Red's opener came when Andypandy and Mkul clashed and gave Red a chance to wallop it home. The fault lying with Andypandy as he was facing the attacking goal while Mkul was falling back. Andypandy was wonderful today. He was here there and everywhere. Tiger unfortunately gets to emotional at times and loses his head. Atool as captain showed that he could control the hot heads but it was too late. In BI there seems to be a hierarchy that needs to be followed and woe befall any player that known nought of it. 
7 years for BI in the 1st div, no doubt some years the TZLC has had only one division. But this still is quite an event. I'm glad the spectators enjoyed the spectacle and we need to make the TZLC8 EVEN BETTER! 2 matches to go.......and then PARTY!!! 
27/05/15 Wed PAPAL 
KITFO R (1) 1 Vs RW (2) 5 
KITFO - Red (pen) 60.47 
RW - Mantan 2 1.50 56.15 Amonk 41.25 Satsut 77.16 83.20 
KITFO - 1. Suraj 2. Sagar 3. Ravi 4. Prashant 5. Gururaj 6. Amod 7. Devendra 8. Rajib 9. Zaid 10. Sumanta 11. Amit B 12. Dhananjay 13. Aamer (Tentative) 14. Sharad 
RW - DLoan: Anand (BI) Value (290 TZR) for Allen Value(330 TZR). 2. Provisional Any Value Player Loan: Audi (AA) Value (370 TZR) other RW unavailable players are : Bhushan, Karan 
MO's - Be - Jai BI - 1. Atul 2. Dhruv 3. Hatkar (&/or) Ajoo BE - Jai BT - Pam and Sherry 
KITFO Preview by Sherry 
Being the last match of this season for KITFO which will be played against RW, team will put all their heart in the game and go for a win. KITFO playing at the home ground would be a big advantage and our manager are in talk with Coach to guide us. RW is a very strong opponent and they always like to attack and put pressure on us. But, KITFO will be ready with their strategies and counter plans. It is a crucial match for RW as they are 1 win away from the cup, hence RW will be in pressure. All the best RW!!! 
RW Preview By JJ 
After the 2 Finals, the went in favor for RW, here the third final. RW travels the Eagles Arena to play its Final Champions league game of this season. We need a definite win to grab the trophy. RW were not very good in their last game. Although the results favored them, but they could combine well. The effort was great, but the execution was poor. We need to up our game match day. KITFO ground is big and won’t be easy to perform. We will need to carry a lot more stamina and work rate. The KITFO squad practices at the home ground and would be well aware with each and every nook of the ground. RW will play its traditional 4:4:2 formation, try to play composed yet attacking football. We have taken strong loans shows the desperation we are into snatching a victory over here. We play to steal the QUADRAPLE this season, and this game HATTRICK trophy will give us hopes. We wish BE good luck match day!  
ADC NOTE - BE ? Out of the possible 14 there are only 7 BE players... 
RW Review By JJ 
First of all RW would want to apologise ADC for players not making it before 6.15 on the ground. We rightly got punished for it when KITFO was awarded a penalty before the kickoff.. RW clinched another title in a row, the third of the season!! The victory was sweet - fact that it was a Hattrick plus the champions league trophy we missed out last season. RW wrote history where it recorded the first team to hold 3 trophies in a season.. :) Very Very happy with the teams performance and it's glory! KITFO missed the penalty awarded earlier. In first 10 min of the game Manu scored the first to the initial lead to RW.. Mong a super wing on the right pouched yet another beautiful cross to find Satish header to make double.. First half 2-0 RW .. Third one Satish made a fine run till the post found Manu to tap in... Satish scored Hattrick next of Amtis miss to make it 4.. Meanwhile kitfo got a penalty of manus hand in the D - sagar made no mistake .. Score 4-1.. RW scored its 5 in the final minutes of the game (can't remember who scored)... Final score RW 5 - 1 KITFO..!! It's feels great to be a part of a team that's holding the 3 trophies... Congratulations to each one of us.. It's purely the team effort that has made this possible.. Everybody understands the responsibility well and plays to plan in support of each other.. That has been to the success so far...Satish had been our leader and has been front runner to make us reach here.. Coming next is the last game of the season and RW looks to grab the quadraple!!! Importantly we want to win it for Satish as he plays his last game for RW this season..!!! Lastly thank you all the well wishers for supporting us..!! 
KITFO Review By Sherry 
Formation was 5-2-3. Prashant/Rajib/Amartya/Amit (GK) - Dan, Amit, Rajib/Sharad, Sagar, Amartya- Suraj, Guru - Dev D, Amod, Sumanta. Later half Coach changed the formation to 4-2-4 to attack more, also the players were substituted constantly so that all players get fair amount of chances as per regularity. Firstly, I would like to thanks Coach to manage KITFO team to play against RW. Plan for KITFO was to play long balls by the midfielder and keep attacking. But we were losing the ball very often and the attack was directly coming on the the defence. RW were successful to break offside trap with late runs and scored goals. Satish played really well and scored a hattrick. Sagar played a super game as a striker and scored a goal of penalty. I would like to really appreciate the efforts by Sumanta who is new to TZLC and played his first match, Rajib also played well in Goals for good calls and also saved a goal from free-kick. KITFO played well and know their weakness and area of improvement. Overall, it was fun playing under the guidance of Coach and against the team like RW who was very competitive and talented players. Well Played KITFO and I would like to congratulate RW for their title win Championship League trophy!!!!! 
Refs Report Sparky 
Thank you for the opportunity to referee today's match. Here is my review on the match. Putting together Kitfo players to match up to a solid, organised club like RW is always hard but Mr. Khare the manager of Kitfo brought them together to play a specific strategy. RW played a quick passing game while Kitfo was made to attack along the wings. The goals came in rather easily for RW. The first one could have been stopped by Prashant A but he let it through his hands. Sathish Suttati had a fantastic game taking on players, dancing around them and scored a hattrick. Karan was his usual giving his best I all positions and controlling the game. Kitfo players at times played some good balls for the left winger to capitalise on but they couldn't convert. One attack in the box won Kitfo a penalty in which Rajib's shot on goal hit Manan's hand. Sagar made no mistake other than that RW dominated the game. As referee I didn't see any blatant challenges or unsportsmanlike conduct from both teams. Congrats RW, on another victory. 
Red KITFO Player Review 
I am very thankful to the ADC/coach for the opportunity to play the entire 90 minutes as well as honored to be named captain. In the first half I played as the RCB whereas in the second I played as the LF. It was difficult and challenging to play at RCB with the likes of Toufa and Satsut always keeping us on our toes. I enjoyed the challenge but was also the culprit for the second RW goal and partially for their first goal as well where I switched off thinking that Mantan was off but Bruce had played him on! My sincere apologies for the grave errors! RW were on the attack relentlessly and made life difficult for us. The second half was a complete contrast. Saw very little of the ball and tried to combine with the LW and the other striker. For the penalty I followed the instructions given by coach to Sunlight at the start of the game and went on the score. Should have probably scored one more. Mishti in CM brought a sense of calm but we together could not muster out any more goals while letting in a couple more. It was fun to play as is always the case when playing under the guidance of coach and alongside a good bunch of players! Congratulations to RW for yet another trophy and all the best for the quadruple! 
AndyPandy DL to RW Review 
I would like to thank ADC for allowing me to play for RW. And the complete team of RW for taking me on loan and being so accepting of me. The match at papal is always more spacious as compared to sindh. Hence it allows more time on the ball and more space to move around. The first half RW had very good passing going around through the field. Every one working perfectly in their areas. Some really good runs from the wings and food touch playing through the middle. The second half was more attacking and rushing in to make some beautiful chances. KITFO gave us a run for our money at times. Strong defense and good distribution of ball through centre. It was wonderful playing for RW. Congratulations on winning the Champions League. 
MR and KITFO Review By Mr. Khare 
It's always going to be difficult for KITFO when their Coach Mr. Khare insists on selecting the team on Regularity for practice sessions and discipline. So Prussia, Amar, Mishti and Amti were given the responsibility to Keep and infrequently used in the match. Zed and Doc G are ALWAYS late! 
KITFO introduced Suman to the TZLC and I hope he joins the TZLC for the TZLC8. He's a good capable player and needs experience.  
At 6.15, KITFO had completed the marking and there was only John and Andy pandy DL on the ground for RW!! So the ADC gave KITFO a penalty and Sunlight was given the task of slotting it in. He slotted nothing in but booted it over the bar. Then all KITFO's plans were given a dose of KITFONESS as Mantan scored after a couple of minutes. Nothing great, just errors. It's taken quite a few years to inculcate the passing tactic in the KITFO players but they were told specifically to play the kick and rush roue 1 game this morning. They must have continued to try and pass 70% of the time! RW players were far superior and got quite a few chances. But they were superior because of the quality of their players and that their defenders can kick the ball more than 50 yards! They were not at all superior because they outplayed KITFO. Far from it, they weren't passing the ball about and making KITFO run crazy, their quality just made them attack and take shots. Vikus for me played exceptionally well. Not good enough for RW who took their 3rd title. Unfortunately the CM Groov and SR Jai were doing finny things to the camera and they couldn't catch Mantans 2nd or was it Satsut 1st? Anyway the highlights have no voice over so you can just enjoy the sound from the ground! 
Sparky did a commendable job as Ref althought I thought he should have given KITFO 10 penalties in each half for a giving everybody a free lesson on how NOT to keep. (Mishti did quite well though!) Pam as LM was his serious best and Meer was just joking about but did a good job as the other LM. 
ONE MATCH two go, the ADC CUP FINAL! Hope all of you can make it!! 
Oh yes...CONGRATS RW for the CL win...BUT PLEASE no screaming....I'll teach you lot a song!!! Or a civilized way of celebrating!!! 
30/05/15 Sat 
RW (1) 2 VS AA (0) 1 
RW - Satsut 38.32 78.40 
AA - Audi 48.42 
RW - Player to Player Loan: DJ (RH) Value (250 TZR) for Allen Value(330 TZR). EMERGENCY LOAN Kramer for John GKL 
AA - Amol Hatkar AVGKL Amit Bhable (220) for Mayuresh (240) DL Sagar Pise (240) for Saurabh Jangle (260) DL 
MO's - BE - Deep BT - Niraj and Bhanda Why have NO MO's list been sent??? LATE - RH - Mangs Sid Ben 1. Vikrant 2. Uday 3. Mukul 
AA Preview By Django 
Its time for the final showdown, the last game of the season and the AA squad is pumped up to deliver. We are playing our full squad and will play with a 4:4:2 formation. The last time we played RW in the league, they were in top form and we managed to beat them. Since then they have had a roller coaster ride and we are confident of coming out on top this time too. However they have some top quality players and can cause a riot if everything falls in place for them on that day. In our last couple of games we have been playing well, spreading the game to the flanks and will continue to do so this time. With our recent promotion to the 1st division the team morale is high and we will be looking to end the season with a victory too. This will be a cracker of a game to watch and there are high chances that this will go down to the wire with a penalty shoot out deciding the winner. We look forward to some strong support from our fans for this game at the ADC stadium. Good luck to RW for this game. 
RW Review By JJ 
The most awaited games for us!! We haven’t beaten them before. That stays a mark on us for this season. Fortunately, here comes the chance to wipe it off. Satish has no doubt been the backbone of our club and will play last game for us as he officially has committed to move to PACU. RW players would want to dedicate this game to him... These two reasons forms our base and stands our eagerness to win this trophy. MIghty AA is a tough nut to crack. RW will place a plan accordingly.. The players and fans have always regretted the fact of loss in earlier games to them,.. This will up our moto towards this game and focus on showcasing good football in the end leading to steal the cup. I am sure as its the last gane of the season and plus the rivals playing, the fans will outnumber the count especially for this one... We will continue to play 4;4;2 formation... Hoping to have a cracker of a game... Wish AA good luck match day!!! 
AA Review By Audi 
A tale of two brilliant halves! Aundh Astro end their season with a hard fought 2-1 loss to RW. The game began with AA playing 4-3-3 with Amiti at RB, Amma and Rock at centre of the defense along with Mihir at LB. Centre midfield was crowded by the usual suspects mainly Audi Samya and Sparky. Pai (RW), Shivang (LW) and Pise (Loan) as striker. The first half was solidly dominated by AA with tons of possession and enough of goal scoring chances, yet the failure to convert these chance sealed the match in favour of RW. Having kept the usual RW trouble makers at bay for the entire first half, Satsut found his moment of glory when he took on Audi and Rock for a header and put it past hatki. An all important final on a day when the pitch was mucky, the weather being unreasonably damn and being 1-0 down just at the stroke of half time would have taken the stuffing out of any team. Yet AA being AA came back strongly in the second half. Shivang the guy with a golden left foot put in a brilliant cross which was nodded home by Audi to set the tone of the last half an hour. But a moment of absolute brilliance by Satsut taking on 3 defenders to toe home a neatly taken shot meant RW were back ahead.After that AA had numerous chances from Free kicks, but everyone seemed off their game. It just wasn't clicking when they wanted it the most. Shivang had a great game along with Sparky who kept troubling the defenders. Amma and Rock were tremendous and perhaps AA have their replacement for Amma in Rock itself for the next season. Amit was great in the first, but in the second half he decided to give everything up and choose the thug life, Sleepy and Mantan were to face his wrath. Apart from the goal, Audi pulled off a great disappearing act. Samya had too much responsibility on him as Sparky and Audi were both engaged in the man marking battle. Kramer was good in the goals for RW. Even though he didn't have to pull have any great saves, he proved to be calm and composed between the posts. As the season, AA has surely achieved its target of getting back where they belong, yet all the opportunities they missed out to win more silverware will be hard to get over. Their midfield needs to be fitter and stronger and the best time to develop that is the off season. AA thanks ADC and its staff for a great season and congratulates RW for winning absolutely everything there is to win!  
RW Review By JJ 
History!!!! 4 in a row..!! :) :) :) RW recorded themselves as Global CHAMPIONS of TZLC7 when they registered a victory in the final match of the season - ADC cup final. That was the 4th and last trophy of the season, thereby picking up all the trophies in all format of the games in TZLC. Became the first team ever to do so in the history.. We decided to start of 4:5:1 this morning. Cramer(GK) Pravin(RB) DJ(CD) Jatin(CD) lalit (LB) mong(RW) vikas(cm) satish(cm) Karan (cm) Manu (lw) toufiq(s). That was not our traditional formation but intentional. First 30 min v struggled a lot to control the game. Due to unseasonal rains the ground condition were not that good as it was expected to be at the start. Jatin looped the ball on a IFK to Satish who made no mistake to give lead to RW in the first half. AA came back immediately of Audi score cross by arty who had a super game for AA today. AA continued their after their equalizer but it was Vikas for us who parked himself to block everything that came in attack our way. He was very strong defensively and helped in attack to. There was one incidence where we fell twice yet blocked the shots and still recovered. What energy and work rate he displayed, no doubt our man of match today. Cramer was super in goals for us and did exactly for was told to. DJs addition added to a great support in defense RW had decided to dedicate this game to our star , leader , captain and our catalyst who owned every game for us.. We want to win this for him. We decided to go all out and give our 200%. How could he stay back. He got us the winner with a super flick to make it 2-1. Unfortunately he leaves us but no doubt - to RW he was our player of the season - a great leader, a great sportsman and super footballer to play with. We wish him good luck on a note that the doors are always open for him and he will be missed very much next season. Team all the 4 trophies belong to you and your teamwork that earned us the history! You guys are super duper players and it's been great to manage a side like this full of talent and composure. Couldn't have done with your support!! Want to thank the ADC, RW chairman, BoDs, loanees and the fans..!! Coach thank you for all the support throughout the season. The best was your celebration with us... Really enjoyed it!!!! Thank you everyone ..!! See you all next season again with the same energy and enthusiasm!! Take Care... 
RW GKL Kramer Review 
I thank the Champions of the ADC cup ,Royal Warriors to have given me a chance to play among them. I got a chance to play on the goals as their keeper Manoj John was not available. It was a pleasure playing for such an organized squad of talented players and playing against an equally tough team of the same level. I also thank the ADC to have given me this opportunity to show my game as a goalkeeper. Thank you. 
AA DL Red Review 
Thanks to the AA management and ADC for the opportunity. I was surprised when I was asked to play the lone striker but was excited at the same time. I was instructed to play in front of the RW defence to layoff passes to the midfield and rush into the box for the crosses from the wings. RW did very well to limit the crosses in and it was difficult to pass the ball in midfield firstly due to the ground conditions as well as very quick closing down. We took quite a few shots on goal but hardly any worked the keeper. A couple of defensive errors cost us the match. Hard luck AA! Congratulations to RW for a fantastic season and all the trophies! 
MR By the ADC 
What a Final!!! Absolute brilliance in terms of attitude (except maybe for a couple of things but I can look over those incidences as the rest of the game was played in true Warrior spirit (Pun intended!) The AA players played like Warriors too but it was the Club that OWNS the name that won it. 
Both Reviews are more than enough so I won't delve in too deeply. Everyone will have an idea of what I thought through the Ratings sheet. 
What I was disappointed with was the Camera work but I'm the last to blame Hruday as he stepped up to the plate while the others shirked away..but next time Hruday, please do the plan and simple straight forward way! 
I hope everyone has enjoyed the TZLC7 and the function that will soon follow. 
There were many ups and downs but more UPS than downs! 
I'm revamping the website too so the TZLC8 will have a new feel to it.