19/05/15 Tue 
AA (0) 3 Vs BT (1) 2 AMP 4 - 3 
AA - Sparky 50, Ryan 75.20 Naldo 92.08 
BT - Shaurav 7.15 Satsut DL 50.45 
MO's - RH - Rajesh, Akshai RED TU BE - Devendra, Gururaj RW - Pravin, Karan, Manan BI - Vikrant & Ajoo Spec Tiger TU Groov TU 
AA - GKL Tushar Pai GK (300) for Mihir Naik GK (330), EMERGENCY LOAN DJ 250 for AMMA 360 
BT - 1. AVGKL Abhishek S of BI (240 TZR ) 2. DL Jatin B of RW (280 TZR) in place of Jehan K (280 TZR) 3. AVPL Satish S of RW (380 TZR) UNA Sherry Bhanda 
AA Preview By Django  
This is Aundh Astros last league game of the season. Although we are currently on top with a good margin,anything can happen in the TZLC and hence a win is a must for us to end the league. We will be playing a 4:4:2 formation. We are playing our full squad except for Tushar Pai as goal keeper in place of Mihir, who is out because of injury. We will play our hearts out and try and get into a good rhythm going into the very important ADC Cup final. This match also happens to be the last league game of TZLC 7 and we expect one of the other teams will be closely watching and cheering for us to win in addition to our fans! We wish BT good luck and look forward to a very competitive match. 
BT Preview By Pam 
There are games against other teams, and then there are games against AA. I am not sure if the other teams feel the same but every time BT has come up against AA, we have been a different side altogether. May be it is the rivalry of the cousins or the fact that there is a point to be proven if you beat AA, not very sure... Our home leg of this fixture was a memorable one and also BT's best result of the season so far. This time as BT travels to the ADC stadium as the visiting team, we play for survival in the first division. We will be sticking to our set formation of 4-4-2 and may allocate specific duties and responsibilities to selected players. BT has loaned 3 players for this game. Also this game would mark the debut of our newest signing Ankush, what a game to make your return in! On a slightly serious note it could also be BT's last game of the season as if we don't win, we don't qualify for the playoffs Obviously we expect a tough game from our opponents in AA as they look to even the score with BT. Although if BT win, there is the chance to set up multiple dates with AA in the first division next season! Lots of things to play for in this game. I am sure the AA manager feels the same about the game being an exciting prospect to watch. We expect huge support and numbers from our 12th man to help us get pass the finishing line first. All the very best to AA, really looking forward to the game. (hope the rain gods don't play spoilsport!) 
Jonty DL for BT Review 
I would like to thank the BT management for giving me the opportunity to play for them in this very important game against AA. I win in this game for BT would have taken them to the top of the table on Goal difference. With that in mind we pushed for the win from the start. Playing in CD partnering new BT recruit Ankush was a different experience compared to playing CD for RW. For a change playing with a natural central defensive player was refreshing. But then we did let in 3 goals, 2 of which came from silly errors. BT started the game well and took the lead early in the game. BT played well in the first half and looked more in control of the game. In the 2nd half we were forced to make a positional change after Neeraj More injured himself and we had to bring in Sameer to keep pace with Shivang. After this our attack from the flanks dried up. We then resorted to long goal-kicks which did put the AA defence under pressure and I felt we could have scored more. BT gave away way too many free-kicks this game and it was from 2 of these free-kicks that AA scored. A bit more discipline and BT could have won this game. 
Satsut AVPL for BT Review 
At the outset, I would like to thank the BT management for loaning me as an AVPL against AA this morning. I was so looking forward to playing for BT, special mention for Shubh, I seriously think he plays at a very different level and he is easily one of the top players in the league. BT started well in this must-win encounter for them and scored early. Gaurav scored of a Shubh through ball. BT was able to hold on to the lead until the half time. In the 2nd half, AA equalized through Sean. And we took the lead almost immediately. I then missed a simple chance, should have done more with that peach of a pass from Jonty. And then, AA showed their class. They scored 2 goals of free-kicks and then it was an uphill task for BT. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. For me, Rafa stood out among the BT players. I thought BT did not deserve to lose this morning. Its unfortunate that they are now in the drop zone. But I am sure they will come back stronger next season. With Shubh, Pam and Ankush taking more responsibility, I think they will be a very strong team next season. Heads up BT! Congratulations AA. 
AA Review By Django 
Firstly AA would like to apologise to the ADC for the delay caused in starting the match today morning as the ground was not ready at the scheduled KO time. We decided to play a 4:3:3 formation today with Anna (GK), Kunal (RB), DJ (RCD), Arun (LCD), Jango (LB), Sean (LCM), Samya (CM) & Aditya (RCM) playing a defensive midfield role, and Shivang (LW), Mayur (CF), Pai (RW). BT was under pressure to win this game to avoid relegation. Hence our plan was to sit back play a bit defensive and pass the ball around and grab the opportunity for a counter whenever possible. The players were really determined today to end the league with a win and that showed in our game today. We came back twice after being a goal down thanks to Sean and Samya. We kept the pressure on BT in the second half. Audi had a couple of shots hit the crossbar and was unlucky to get on the scoresheet today. The winner and of course the highlight of todays game came from a superb free kick by Kunal which left most of the AA & BT players in a state of shock. It was unreal stuff but Kunal had risen up to the occasion and scored the winner for AA. The game ended with both teams converting the AMP and final score of 4 -3 in favour of AA. All in all a great game to watch for the fans. I would also like to thank the referee and all the match officials for doing a great job in this intense match today. Hard luck to the BT players and Congratulations to AA on their promotion to the 1st Division. 
BT Review By Pam 
Even after going up twice BT could not defend their lead and allowed AA to make a comeback and clinch today's fixture. Our formation today was 4-4-2: Abhishek (GK) : Meeraj (RB) - Jatin (CD) - Ankush (LCD) - Rafa (LB) : Dan (RM) - Shubhankar (RCM) - Satish (LCM) - Pam (LM): Gaurav (ST) - Niraj (ST). In the later part of the second half Meeraj and Pam swapped positions. BT had a good start and took an early lead after Shubhankar set up Gaurav who made no mistake in putting it past the goal keeper. The early lead helped our spirit and I believe we did a decent job to keep AA at bay. The second half was where we started to lose plot a little as AA were playing in determined fashion and kept pressing forward. Audi found Sean at the end of his pass who scored to bring AA to level terms. However, BT regained their lead in a matter of a couple of minutes and the score read 2-1. After that AA kept coming at us from the flanks, down the center. Sam equalized for AA with a well taken header. We were aware of the late challenge counts so there was still hope to take all three points from this game. But it was not to be as we soon conceded a freekick just outside the box and Kunal made no mistake in converting it. AA fought really really well, they played a tough game and although they were trailing they came back to take all three points. From BT Dan, Ankush had a super game today. The loanees played a great game too. Niraj and Pam were the weaklinks for BT today which may have caused all the difference in the end. The players gave their 100% today, Rafa and Meeraj sustained slight injuries in the process. Today's result means that BT will have to be content with third place and hence relegation. It is very unfortunate for the players and more importantly the fans who have supported us all along our short journey in the first division. I would like to thank them for their continuous support and apologize for not being able to meet their expectations. 
MR By the ADC 
Truth be told, although I felt it was a scrappy encounter, it was still a high level of scrappiness. There were moments of pure talent that far outweighed the dodgy stuff. If I even believed for a moment that the TZLC is susceptible to corruption etc then I would surely have questioned BT's AVGKL of Abhi. BI, as everyone knows had a high stake in this encounter, desperately hoping BT would lose points. The player that I can indeed raise eyebrows at is the AVGKL Abhi. Two stoppable goals and one from Sparky that was unstoppable. Both these errors allowing AA to come back from a goal down. 
Ryan's header was from a cross into thebox. The BT players alongwith the AVGKL were standing still when the ball is played in. How can a defender AND a GK stand still when the ball is floated into the 6 yard box? Q's must be asked. And Naldo's FK was STRAIGHT. If Abhi had the wall covering one of the sides of the goal then he should have been covering the other. Naldo hit it BANG at Abhi. Nuff said. BT's 2 goals were MUCH MUCH better and they deserved to win 1 - 2. Ashubh's delicate finesse at laying off inch perfect passes is unique. Although mayhap the pass to Shaurav came off a deflection? Yes indeedy AA created amny more chances than BT but if matches were decided by who scored the better, than BT would clinch it. 
AA - IN the end a wel dserved promotion. They have themselves to blame for allowing the non existant Naldo to be able to TALK people crazy when he prattles on about his goal that shouldn't have been scored. They didn't play Amma which was a bit weird but they must have had their idea's. Maybe it ws on purpose as Amma is destined to be PACU's Jt. Manager? AA I believed started to play better when they were feeding their wingers marce and Arty. Sparky's few defence splitting passes were great to watch and Audi was a live wire. Audi's always better when he has a little freedom. 
BT - Dan WAS THE MAN this morning and Rafa was the Gaffa! Ank on his debut was lucky not to get a card althouhh he played well. Meeraj's injury surprisingly was the start of the rot for BT, shows how important a man Meeraj can be. Jonty was good. Ashubh how much ever he says that he played crap still played well. Maybe not as well as he can do but he still played well. I spoke to him after and told him to up his levels of aggression and I hope he does that. Snowtop for such a talented bloke is full of himself and that needs to change. BT may be facing a bit of a crisis come the end of the season but they have enough talent to still build a strong side. 
20/05/15 Wed PAPAL POSTPONED to the 27th Wed 
MO's - Be - Jai 
16/05/15 Sat 
RW (1) 3 AMP 4 Vs BE (1) 2 
RW - Amonk 23.41 Jai 2 (og) 73.31 81.33 AMP - John 
BE - Harsh 18.03 Sunlight 53.52 
MO's - RH – DJ, Benny AA – Aditya Shivang BT – Pam, Meeraj BI – Vicky, Ajoo 
RW - D Loan: Rajib (320 TZR) for Allen (330 TZR), DLoan: Sagar (240 TZR) for Vikas (290 TZR). UNA Bushman 
BE - 1: Sean Mathews (350, AA) as per AVGKL 2: Prashant Bhanda (230, BT) for Arun (230, BE) 3: Akshay Seshadri (210, RH) for Amit (220, BE) 
RW Preview by JJ 
RW will play its last and Final home game this season in the league format. Before starting anything, I would first want to apologize to everyone (ADC, Coach, RW Chairman, BoD’s & the Fans). RW did not behave well in the last game and the attitude was disgraceful. The result indeed had to be against them and that’s what happened. The squad realized the mistake and apologizes to everyone – importantly to the kids who they played hard against. We will control over the aggression this game and try to recover what we lost in the last game. The patch last month has not been nice to us. RW players have thought over, deep dived what went wrong to understand root cause. We will stick to 4:4:2 and this time focus on playing to basics. Not try and push things hard nor get affected by anybody aggression. We will be calm and composed and let the game do the talking. This is our last game – FINAL ONE – we win we get the Championship title!! We will play for pride and give out 200% of us to win this game. We will play in the right attitude, positive enough to do the right things over field which would hopefully get the desired results to us. BE is an example of never say die spirit. They have shocked almost every team during the course of the game and are real good. RW would be favorites @ home but the fans would be watching each one of us and expect to deliver in the right spirit of the game. We are looking forward to it and wish BE good luck match day! 
BE Preview By Sunlight 
This match was rescheduled due to heavy rains rendered the ground unplayable, so now this match will be the last match of the league. This could make things difficult for RW if BT wins their match, if so then RW must earn at least a point from our match to qualify for the playoff. BE has been through lot of ups & down this season, so we would like to end our season with some good performance. We will play for our pride. This match could be title decider match for first division & so we are very excited about this match. BI & BT must have lot of hopes from us, we will try our best to win this match or at least get a draw. We will stick to our 4:4:2 formation. This is going to be a tough match for us, RW is one of the best team of the league and has the advantage of home ground as well. Sindh being a small ground, our focus would be, not to allow any free shots on goal and keep the possession as far as possible. We are confident of getting positive result from this match. 
RW Review By JJ 
RW Defending Champions clinch yet another title consecutive for this season as well..!! Today we were crowned 1st Division League Champions… J J Something that we have been eyeing for entire season…. Something that we have sweat out for…. Adjusted our times, schedules, programs, events, travels and what not… Extremely happy with the result... !!!! There was lot of celebrations in the camp post match… the squad was really happy praising all out of what and how the season went… there were times when hiccups came, but we all together stayed positive, in support of each other and final yielded us the result that we all dreamt off… This trophy means a lot us and consecutive 2nd time in a row adds a feather to the cap…!!! We started our traditional 4:4:2 - Manoj(GK) Sagar(RB) Rajib(CD) Jatin(CD) Lalit(LB) Monga(RW) Karan(RCM) Satish(LCM) Manu(LW)Pravin(S) Toufiq(S). We started well first 10-15 min, creating a fair amount of chances that we missed.. BE was always a scare as I mentioned earlier and a team who can’t be taken easy at all. They are used to playing basics and are super when they combine well. Plus they had a Never Say Die Attitude Keeper – Sparky who held them together.. BE pounced in the initial lead with Jaidev hassle in the RW D area. We had decided not to panic even if we were a goal or 2 down. We knew goals will come if we play composed and to our strength. Mong opened the account for us to level the score at half time. In second half, Suraj converted a great goal to take the lead to 2-1 for BE. That kinda got us a little in uncompromising situation over our game, but the LC count by then had reach 15. So we were a little calm that we knew had a backup worst case. Then came a super header from the man who was passed judgment the whole season by most of us. He is great player but just wasn’t utilized enough to potential I felt. His goal today came when it mattered the most to us. I really want to thank Lalit for bearing us this season and still contributing every time the best he could. That the spirit of an Warrior player!!! BE’s confidence came down after that goal. The panic added to another goal to us lead 3-2 at the final whistle.. RW keeper Manoj took the LC penalty to make the final score 4-2… We had all smiles later…. The fans cheered and celebrated with joy so did the players…. We made it count..!!! We did it yet again…!!! The Warrior Camp Rocks…!!!! Thank you coach, Thank you ADC, Thank you RW Chairman, Thank you BOD’s, Thank you Fans And Very Very Thankful to all the loaness who have equally contributed to this….. We dedicate this trophy to you all…!!! 
BE Review By Robby 
This was our last game of the season and I think we played very well. RW is a very good team but we still had taken the lead for almost seventy percent of the match time. Each BE player was constantly pressing on RW players and didn’t give much of the open opportunity. Both of our goals came from good passing moves. The 2nd goal that Suraj scored was fantastic and it came through a wonderful pass from Madhu.. Sean was too good in the goals and the way he guided the entire BE team was commendable. There were couple of errors in the defense but there is no one to blame. Every player gave their 100%. Overall it was a good game. I hope our fans also enjoyed the game. 
RW DL Red Review 
Congratulations to RW for the first division league trophy. Thanks to the RW management for the opportunity. I played at RB in a 4-4-2. There was not much pressure from BE on their left wing, which enabled me to push forward on numerous occasions. It was a good experience playing for the champions who did well to keep their cool even after going down twice. There were a few moments where the players did yell at each other, missed a few sitters but we could feel the desire to win the game. Feel bad for BE to end on the losing side after putting in a good fight. Sean had a big influence on the game and also made some brilliant saves. 
BE DL Kramer Review 
I was surprised when I got a text from sunlight when he asked me my availability for a loan. I thank the ADC and the BE team for giving me an opportunity to play alongside them. Considering our opponents to be one of the top teams on the charts ,I personally think BE made the most of the situation. The game going our way for most of the match untill a couple of unfortunate things happen. I was given the responsibility of a left winger ,a position I'm not familiar and I hope i did not let the team and the spectators down. 
BE AVGKL Sparky Review 
I enjoyed my time today playing for BE. They wanted me to help them focus and I tried hard, but my job was easy while they worked so hard today. Really proud of the team's efforts to take on the mighty RW. I should have stopped Amol's goal but he hit it with power through my legs and I should have done better. Ravi and Dev did a great job not giving Amol and Manan too many opportunities to cut in or cross. Some lapses in concentration gave RW the additional goals but overall BE put up a respectable fight. Good job BE and I wish you the best in next season 
BE DL Bhanda Review 
Having missed my own team BTs final game i was quiet dissappointed and was glad i got a chance to play some football when Suraj and Amod asked me to play for BE on loan. We were against a tough and spirited oponent and kept them at bay for most of the game and at the same time managing to take the lead. Few lapses cost us the win with the 2nd and 3rd goals going thru when it appeared that we had switched off. The game was an exciting one to play and the stakes were very high. Would have been great had BE won if only the soft goals were not let thru. Thanks once again to BE for the game. Lookin forward to playing on loan for them next season sometime as well. 
MR By the ADC 
And Royal Warriors are Champions of the TZLC7!! And well they deserve to be. Although BE gave it their all it was just way too much a task for 90 mins. 
RW had easily more than 70% possession of the ball and mostly due to BE's tactic of playing the ball to their strikers whether it be from Sparky AVGKL's throw or his goal kick. RW did get flustered in the middle a couple of times but it was due to their own doing and you couldn't quite expect BE to get away with it, to steal the cheese from under the noses of the Warriors. To pull the carpet from under their feet, to.... nuff said! With the entire support seemed to be against the men in purple (A large BI contingent had arrived to see if BE could crown them champions) and soon to be Manager of PACU, Amma more concerned with the BI gang and why the Ref didn't give a Penalty (See the highlights show..Andypandy and Meeraj were not as bad as the Kramer and Deep show but nine too good either) and I had to search through to find the incident of why the Ref didn't give a penalty when John the RW Keeper punched Sunlight). PACU will be carrying forward some fines etc as well as AA to the next season as both Amma and Mayur said no to Cameraman work....RH also sent only 1 MO this morning. That is pretty sad indeed. Anyway the match, at very high intensity, with some great but few touches from BE and lots from RW. Sparky was super loud and as always BE needed that. Bhanda DL in CD was another addition that made BE look super strong. BE surprised RW with a cheeky goal from Harsh. After Sunlight made a rip roaring run down the right flank he cut the ball inside to Harch who proceeded to manipulate his large size and perform a Half cryffesque flick. This bamboozled John and in just went in off the post before it was cleared. Amonk snatched the equalizer before Sunlight put BE back up but not on top when he finished with aplomb after good work by Groo and Jai. Then after relentless attacking it was BE who committed harakiri when Jai the man they call Honey seemed more like arsenic after he scored a brace....for RW!!! 
BE - Need to get in the transfer market to start building on their side, they have the talent but need a little more. I thought Sunlight played way above himself today. Groo was a little soft in his passes, that was unfortunate. He had the right idea but his team mates didn't. Robby amazingly didn't sit out coz he was bitten by a mozzie, all the others were as committed as they always are. The BE blokes should attend practice as they need it. 
RW - Out of 4 trophies they have 2!! Can they do the near impossible? With Mantan, Sleepy, Amonk on fire, making crazy runs and crossing in the ball, Satsut and his overwhelming presence, Toufa's shots, JJ's nippy moves, Jonty's stature and the others, KITFO on Wednesday next and AA on Saturday next have their work cut out for them. 
Another note - Please people why the screaming? There are many tunes that are much more suitable to mature persons...I will indeed take a session on this too!!! 
23/05/15 Sat 
2nd Place 1st Div BI (1) 3 Vs 2nd Place 2nd Div RH (0) 4 
BI - Rock AVPL 46 
RH - TC 60.55 Red 73.15 DJ 44.20 Kramer 48.25 
(Both clubs have been allowed a few days grace to hand in their loan requests as all the League matches are as yet still to be played) 
BI - 1. Vikrant (value 260,000 TZR) - unavailable - lArun(Rock) (AA- value 330,000 TZR) - AVPL 2. Gaurav (value 240,000 TZR) - unavailable - Saurabh(Django) (AA - value 240,000 TZR) - DL 3. Uday (value 180,000 TZR) - unavailable Aalok Sathe(Ringa) (ADCY) - DL 
MO's - RW - Toufiq Manoj (Sent already assuming that they are winning the League!!!) BE - Jai 
the following would be available on Saturday 23-May. If not as players, then as MO. BT - 1. Pam 2. Meeraj 
AA - Arun, Amar 
BI Review By the Ajoo 
BI lived a short span of few minutes of relegation during the BT vs AA game and at the same time and for the same span of time lived a sort span as League winners during the RW vs BE game. Anyways Hard Luck BT well played and Congratulations to RW for the league title. Now,after this fair-tail incidence its back to business for BI. A gap of one-month from any match one major injury and few of the regular players unavailable BI have their hands full with problems but the do-or-die attitude of the club of never give up will keep us going - BI will be playing with 10 men. BI is taking on loan a mix of old & young; BI will be loaning the oldest & one of the most experienced players of the TZLC and on the other side we will be taking one of the youngest & growing in experience day by day player. BI will be looking at using this to best of its advantage - experience combined with enthusiasm. BI will be playing a 4:4:1 formations more defensive and patient passing game as this is a two leg play-off game. BI are aware that RH have evolved in their last few matches as a team and are playing their best football this season. BI thanks its fans and will look for their support like always for the last two games in this season and secure the clubs 1st division status. 
RH Preview By Red 
At the start of the season, RH set out with the target of winning the second division and securing promotion for the next season. We fell way short of our first target due to very inconsistent performances at the start of the season and the good form towards the end of the season could only secure us the second position in the league. This means that we are still on the path to achieving our second target of promotion. We know it will not be easy and we must remember what happened in the ADC Cup SF against AA. A lack in concentration for mere 5/10 minutes can cost a game although you play superb footer for the rest of the game. We have a full squad for this very important game and we will try and stick to our usual 4-3-3 formation in which most players have settled down. We expect this to be a hard fought game and we are up for a fight! Amu is back and its a big boost for us. Although its a very big game, we will not change our approach and play it like any other game without taking any pressure. Composure on the ball and moving the ball to maintain possession will be very important. BI are a very unpredictable side and very dangerous in do or die situations. With very important players - Ajoo and Vicky unavailable, we are expecting big any value loans. Ajoo will be guiding his troops from the sideline to make it tough for us. We wish BI good luck! 
RH Review By Red 
RH started with a 4-3-3: GK-Anna, RB-Kramer, RCB-DJ, LCB-Mangs, LB-Benny, RCM-TC, CM-Mishti, LCM-Sagar, LW-Amar, RW-Hima, ST-Amu. All our players were eager to play in this very important playoff 1st leg and do well. We decided to stick to our usual formation and positions. We are not satisfied with the result as well as our performance today. We all felt that it was way below par and we should have defended better as well as scored atleast 4 more goals. I apologize to everyone for missing two sitters and felt very embarrassed on the ground! We may have taken it too lightly assuming that BI were playing a man. We will have to perform better on Tuesday. RH also would like to apologize for their behavior during the game. It is unacceptable for a player to misbehave, react or abuse on the field. We have always tried to play with the right spirit and honestly no matter what the game situation is. We assure you that we will continue to maintain our discipline levels. We look forward to the next leg and hope to achieve our target of promotion. We owe it to our fans and all the players who have put in so much this season! 
BI Review By Ajoo 
BI would like to thank the ADC & RH manager for allowing us to play with three out-filed players on loan. The match was an evenly contested game with both teams getting equal chances. RH managed to get the upper hand and take a 1-0goal advantage into the 2nd leg scheduled for Tueaday 26/05-2015 BI were playing with 10 men so formation was 4:4:1 Abhishek(GK); Dhruv(LD), Atigre(LCD), Anand(RCD), Atul(RD); Jango(LW), Ringa(LCMF), Arun(RMCF), Mukul(RW); Kapil (ST) the plan was to play simple passing game and man to man and more defensively and be patient and wait for the opportunity to attack which more or less the BI managed well in the first half. Arun with his experience and skill managed to score a brace in the match one an excellent goal taking the RH defender on and opened the scoring sheet for BI & the second goal was scored by Arun who read a cross from Kapil perfectly and timed his run and scored a brilliant header. The third goal was a luck shot Anand took a shot at goal and RH keeper totally was slow to react letting the ball though. The young ADCY lad Ringa tried and did his best through the match(thank you & well played Ringa). BI made some big defensive errors and RH were quick to capitalize and keep the goal difference in control. In injury time RH managed to score the winner. If BI had its regular keeper probably he would have saved the last goal but as Abhishek is carrying a knee injury and can't play out field BI is playing him as goalkeeper. Overall BI had a decent game as at one point in the match BI was down to 5 on-field players as the other 5 were sent to sin-bin for errors committed by them RH could have capitalized big time but BI managed to defend well. Now BI will focus on the 2nd Leg match and plan and prepare properly to play an attacking game and win the match to retain its 1st div status. I would personally & on behalf of the team like to apologize to the referee for not informing him with regards to the different shorts worn by a BI player on loan and also for joking with a on-duty match official during the match. SORRY COACH/MR. KHARE 
DL to BI Django Review 
It was a tough game today for both teams trying to keep up in the heat. Add to that, BI was playing with only 10 players. BI fought hard but could not keep RH at bay as they kept attacking. I enjoyed playing the game on the left wing, a more attacking role than I usually play for AA. Thank you to the BI management for giving me this opportunity and wish them luck for the second leg of the playoff on Tuesday. 
AVPL to BI Rock Review 
Thank you to BI for loaning me to play in this important match. Both teams understandably were up for today's game and very passionate. Quite a few missing players for BI and they had to loan a few players including me, Ringa and Jango. The first half was very competitive with both teams coming close but not scoring. I was happy to open the account for BI with a nice 1-2 with Kaka. However, RH leveled the score very quickly with a wonderful run and then finish by Rajesh. The second half started well, with me picking up a second goal thanks to an inch-perfect cross from Kaka. True to form, RH equalized after a goalmouth melee. The latter part of the second half was a scrappy affair, with BI needlessly picking up 4-5 yellow cards within a span of a few minutes, leaving us to play with 5-6 players against RH. Sure enough, it yielded goals and ultimately resulted in a 4-3 win for RH. For RH, Sagar was excellent and Rajib controlled the mid-field well. DJ as always was outstanding in defence. I felt BI played well and fought hard. Considering the multiple loans and the sending offs, BI is still in it and has a chance to win the playoff. All the best to both teams in the return encounter. 
MR By the ADC 
Where should I start? The moment the BI Manager sitting in the dugout criticized the refereeing or the moment Kapka blatantly sought to crock an RH player or the moment Tiger decided CHEATING was better than truth? 
I do expect this sort of stuff from teenagers or players still in their early twenties but behaviour like this from players that have years of experience confuses me. I have persistently said that supporters and players are free to do their own thing, but I will not tolerate cheating, criticizm, uncontrolled aggression and putting oneself over the TZLC R and R. 
Why has the ADC been so lenient over AA? Only because NEARLY ALL the players were AWARE of Mr. Agarwal's statements and I did NOT want to STOP the TZLC7 for that's what I would have to have done if I thought it was necessary. I have given AA a chance to continue only thinking of the players that were innocent. 
But after a performance from a club like BI today, I fear I will never succeed in asking footballers to play like gentlemen. 
But to generalize all the players that played for BI today as being ill behaved would be wrong. The players that just played and didn't allow their anger to surface were Groov, Andypandy, Django DL and Ringa. Rock was his usual tempestuous self and I belive when I am NOT reffing he will INDEED SUFFER. But Rock was not guilty of playing dirty. Him and Mishti went after each other like a cat and dog but they loved every second of it and Rock can keep a feather in his cap for his performance today. Although I do feel he still shouts at a people a bit much. His first goal was one that ANYONE would have been proud to score, he had all the work cut out for him and ripped apart the Cd's to wallop a finish home. His 2nd was off a 10 yard run past a static defence line to head in.  
BI - Too much shouting...I was about to tell the BI players to stop shouting at each other when I was suddenly on the receiving end! So I said Ba****ks and carried on. I don't understand playing Ringa, a 16 year old in Cm and then playing Mkul a hard working Cm at Rm. Beyond comprehension. I won't say Ringa played badly or Mkul also, I thought Ringa was superb but that we all know, his pedigree tells in the end, but when BI did this and preferred Ringa in Cm to Mkul, I fear they lost Mkul at that moment. I can't understand players that can shout at others when they themselves are doing crappola. 
They even have Groov who I'd play in Cm any day but as usual they are the sacrificial lambs to slaughter. BI played with 10 men and at one stage 5, but they didn't collapse. Django was way way better than his team mate Arty who hogs all the limelight. Django has an ace up his sleeve, HE CAN DEFEND too! 
RH - With their full squad they should have run riot, that too against 10 men, but it was not the case. Amu was not in form and the others were not clicking. The complaint I have of TC in every match is that he is too selfish and doesn't pass and this morning I thought he passed too much and could have been selfish a few times. Many RH players survived my wrath as BI had poured acid in my open wounds and they are lucky that only Kramer go carded. Congrats Kramer on your first goal of the Season! He does some silly things sometimes but he's always full of energy. He even managed a couple of crosses. But sometimes I expect him to listen to his team mates instead of always trying to be the don. I fail to understand DJ's insistence of catching offside on a FK and this is my biggest peeve. He's in form and and can use both feet and if he irons out his defensive issues he'd be flying.  
NOTE - When I overheard the conversation between Ajoo Amma etc realized they were a bit peeved about the rolling ball at a FK. If Ajoo was just having a lark with the linesman (can't remember who it was) then I should be angry with the Lm for not doing his job. If Ajoo was really angry then he should know that I allow the rolling ball when it just speeds up the game and is not a goal scoring situation. If he was genuinely having a joke then I apologize...But whatever else happened in the game is just not right.