AA 1 (1) 2Vs ADCY (0) 0 
AA - Atul Shah - AVGKL Karan T (32) for Sean (34) - DL Niraj S (26) for Aditya K (34) - DL 
ADCY SQUAD - YOUTH - Aayush K, Neel P, ADC - Jaidev Gaurav S.LOANED - Sharad L, Pam, Jatin, Manan, Mukul, Gaurav, Mangesh, Kapil 
BT Parmesh N Dhananjay R RW - Amol Monga Lalit Z BI - Nikhil Amol A BE - Deba RH - Sagar Ref LENIENT LOANS will be taken from those OTHER than 4 PLACES. 
Plus those in FULL KIT. 
AA PREVIEW By Saurabh 
The players are really excited for this game. Each and every one is pumped up and is keen on starting the season with a high scoring win. AA will be missing their new signings Sean and Aditya K for this match, but we have taken some strong replacements for them and are in no way taking it easy against the ADCY team. We are expecting a good fight from the combination of the ADC youth and TZ members. Fans can look forward to some beautiful passing football from the AA players The young and dashing, Shivang will be making his debut for AUNDH ASTROS in this game and we are expecting a full capacity crowd at the ADCY stadium just to watch this young lad play. 
ADCY By the ADC 
Out of the 11 in the ADCY squad 2 are from KFANDRA, may get some later from TZBUDS. Otherwise the others would be as is mentioned above. The RW players I have not included in the squad (Amol M and Lalit Z) I will play them later mostly for the RW players or some other chaps. 
I hope the blokes will play as per my instructions as I don't want to lose my temper..and I can assure you I go crazy when I do. Play with passion, committment and an ear for something new to learn. I hope to we can give AA a match and a half. 
Of the youth, only Aayush I had left out describing in the earlier PP's MR. Aayush is one of the bigger KFANDRA lads and I plan to play him in one of the wing back roles. Patty mostly on the Wing mf and Jaidev I haven't yet made up my mind. All loaned players PLEASE return the ADCY kit after the match. The GK will be rotated. The rest will be rotaed as MO's. MAngesh may have to SKIP being loaned if NO other RH player comes for MO duties. 
Same goes for the rest. ONE player from each club will be kept as MO. So I will rotate subs. Don't Worry! 
Please be on the ground for WARM UP at 6.25 am. Those coming late will NOT be PLAYED. 
Very pleased with the KFANDRA youth that performed incredible well amongst players bigger and older than them. Of the ADC list players Gaurav Shah impressed while Jaidev showed glimpses of his talent but still has to get into his form. AA to me were an immense disappointment. They played with 10 players throughout, out of which 3 were loaned! At this rate there's no doubt in my mind that unless things change drastically in the way some AA players approach the game, they are destined for the garbage pit. Honestly I've spent the last hour and a half trying to set up highlights of the match but after going through the match decided to scrao the idea and go ahead with the simple and straight forward MR's. Some images taken from the RWBI match will be posted along with some from this match on the TZLCimages page soon. 
AA scored through Sameer in the BMP against Pam. The youth were pulled out with 15 mins left of the 1st half and then played the entire 2nd half. The rest of the team were of course the 2 ADC players and then 6 players were taken from around 11 extra players. None of the players impressed me unfortunately. Either the players don't like playing for me or they still don't realize how good they are. The youth showed more maturity then the older lads today. This goes for AA too. Dan (who was kept as Keeper in the 1st half) scored for AA. A very lousy cross from Santosh after he got past a poorly positioned Aayush K (Fire in the Box, now to be called FIB) saw the ball looping in towards Dan. Dan, arms outstretched above his head tapped the ball in. Yuck! This was ALL AA had for show. I will in fact probably upload the video later of a few highlights but my pride is refusing to do so because of the EXTREMELY POOR standard of footy on display. Poor control, poor passing is what I have tried to avoid showing although unless if I'm trying to show the negatives. Which were a lot! All I can say is that each of the players playing on Loan have POOR awareness and control. But I know them and I know that they are more capable then what they showed today. There's no doubt that when you cobble a team together it's going to be difficult but at least PERSONAL errors should not be an issue? Passing and communication related errors is a possibility but BALL CONTROL? 
I've been saying so far that the quality of play has been better than last season but now on this match I can say that we have regressed by a few years. The youth get my thumbs up...the rest, a cess pit. All the players had passion. And I'm happy with that. But maturity? Awareness? Vision? 
As you'll see in the highlights, AA passing the ball about very easily. But how? When the ADCY decided to defend in their own half, AA were busy passing the ball about in theirs! Wow! Finally the attempt to create a chance was wasted after much meandering. Enough said...... 
Firstly, thanks to the ADC for handing me the opportunity to be the main ref. The game was easy to ref as all players were genuinely going for the ball and were not protesting decisions by any ref on the ground and getting on with the game. There were a few occasions where an AA player was not happy with the decision but those instances were ignored. I tried to be fair and equal to both teams to the best of my ability and was keen to let the game flow without too many stoppages. 
AA - By Amarnath 
"We started the game with 8 outfield players and after about 10 minutes into the game with 9. Jango could not make it today as his son was unwell. So, we started 4-4 and once Kunal came we played 4-4-1 for the rest of the game. Position wise the only major switch we made was when towards the end of the first half Sam realized that Shivang is more comfortable in the mid-field than upfront so they switched places. We are happy with the 2-0 win but not very happy with the performance.With 4 new players (including Arun as he is playing a new role), fans must realize that we are still settling as a team. Will take us 3-4 games to get to speed. Wins will come because of the quality in the squad but unless we all work the process collectively results will not be consistent. Amongst the Youth, Pat impressed with his vision and touch, Ringa was running rings on our right side and Ayush during warm up sprints out sprinted PAM by a good 5 yards. Overall happy with the winning start." 
BI 1 + (1) 4 LC COUNT 15 PEN1 - 0 Vs BT (2) 3 LC Count 16 Pen1 - 0 
BI - Kapil BMP 6.3 secs, Jatin 36.24, Dhananjay og 71.02, Kapil 78.56 
BT - Sameer P 10.28, Rajib og 32.12, Satish LOAN 83.10 
BI - Rajib DL for Vikrant, Jatin DL for Anand Amol H may be UNA 
BT - Satish for Shubhankar DL. Swapnil UNA 
MO's - RW - Pravin Naik AVGE LATE Lalit Zhope OKAY Amol Monga AVGE LATE BE - Ravi EXCELLENT RH - Himanil LATE Beeraj LATE  
AA - Amarnath AVGE LATE Arun AVGE Sameer LATE  
BI with a win over BT in the Champions League Qualifier will be looking at maintaining its dominance. BI will play to a very planned strategy of defend and attack on the counter. This being a league game and BI playing home will have the advantage if BI takes & converts the BMP. BI will mostly be playing with a substitute. BI will mostly play a 4:5:1 or 5:4:1 formation. BI are aware that BT will do their homework this time around and try and create chances by working on BI weakness from the last game but BI have also done its bit of homework and worked on its flaws. In this game we will have our new player Uday Shinde making his debut BI & BT fans will surely be entertained with a great match. 
BT Preview By Sameer P 
After not such a positive start to the season, BT is desperate to get their first win and get the momentum going. The gaps in our performance on the field so far are too many to ignore, and we will be taking Coach Sir's guidance to understand our flaws, and fix our shortcomings. BT will be missing 2 key players in Do and Shubhankar. While Do will be out of action for quite some time, BT has loaned Satish in place of Shubhankar. As I said before, this is a very important game for the players, as the loss agains BI in the CLQ is still fresh in their minds. The players are aware that the fans are getting restless with every game, and are eager to give it their all to ensure that BT emerge on the winning side this time! 
FORMATION: (GK: Parmesh) 4:4:2 (Dan-Sherry-Bhanda-ShaL : Jehan-Meeraj-Omi-Pam: Niraj-Satish) VERY,very dissapointed with the end result. BT gave away the BMP with Pam again making the same mistake of letting the ball through his feet. However, they came back into the game soon after 2 quick goals-a tap in after a wonderfully worked cross from Satish, and then an own goal (again after Niraj crossed the ball into the box). After this BT should have held on to the lead, but a cocktail of late tackles, defensive errors and haywire formation saw them concede one in the first half. Again, the midfield was playing so high and there was so much space between them and the defense! The plan was simple-play the ball along the wings and get those crosses into the box, but we stopped doing that in the second half and kept playing straight. Omi had a great outing as an outfield player, but has a bad habit of making disturbing sounds when around the ball and giving away FK's, which discourages managers from playing him permanently as an outfield player. He is not that bad a keeper too, and saved the penalty (both times) at the end of the game. It is high time that defense got their act together, communicate better and hold a disciplined line!! Bhanda was really good at LCD for his first game after a long break. ShaL's lack of awareness of the players was visible in the game against BE and today too, Uday literally owned him on the wing. Having said that, ShaL also prevented a sure-shot goal after he cleared the ball off the line after Jatin's FK. The Late tackle count kept rising in spite of the Ref being lenient towards the end of the game. There were times when BT's game was really, really organized and things were working out (as can be seen from the video highlights) but we failed to keep the momentum going. Lots of chances came the way of Pam, Meeraj, Niraj but we did not make the most of it. Meeraj missed an open chance at goal but I believe it was plain hard luck rather than poor technique-he tried to slot it in away from the keeper but unfortunately the keeper was late in his movement and fortunately got a hand to it. Also, I personally feel that the change of keeper was not required as we lost our rhythm and let in 2 goals after that, but I'm afraid to say that sentiment got the better of us. Ditto for the final penalty, if Satish could have taken it we could have at least salvaged a draw. Congratulations to BI on the win, they made the most of the chances that came their way and held on after taking the lead in the second half. Mukul had a fantastic game, his touch was remarkably better after the tips given to him by Coach during training sessions. BT are humbled by the fact that their fans will always be in support of their club, but they don't enjoy watching their club losing, and I'm sure that neither do the players. The Managers are investing a huge amount of efforts and time in the club but the results appear so discounted! Agreed, it is important to enjoy the game, but it riddles me as a Manager how the players can take it so light in spite of the fact we are YET TO WIN A SINGLE GAME! It seems that we are making a habit of not securing all 3 points. The good part is that we are still early in the season, and while this early phase lasts we need to work on our errors ASAP! Even if each player watches the video of the game and notes down the personal errors and works on them, I'm positive that it will bring about a drastic change in our attitude and approach towards our game. I would also like to thank the ADC for initiating the video recording of matches, as it will give all teams a chance to improve from the video feedback. 
BI Review: 
BI played their first home game. BI decided to start take the BMP and Kapil made no mistake and put the ball through the legs of Sameer Patil of BT who was keeping for the BMP. BI started with a 4:5:1 formation - with Atul(GK) as Amol Hatkar was unavailable for today's game; Uday(LD), Rajib(LCD - playing on loan for Vikrant), Jatin (RCD - playing on loan for Anand), Kapil(RD); Nikhil(LW), Gaurav(LCMF), Atigre(CMF), Dhruv(RCMF), Abhishek(RW); Mukul (Stiker). BI with a goal up took time to settle in the game and was making many mistakes in midfield and defense, BT was quick to grab this opportunity and because of a clear defensive error from Kapil in RD position was able to equalize the score. BT kept the pressure on BI and managed to get another own goal scored of Rajib's(playing for BI) head. BI trailing by one goal made a change we got Kapil off and put Ajoo as BI had a substitute for the game. Half way through the first half BI managed to settle down its game and were able to score a goal and get the scoreline to level terms 2-2. Both teams were playing hard and competitive football. First half BT had more dominance and had many chances compared to BI but were unable to capitalize and Atul made some good saves in the match. The second half BI re-composed themselves made a few positional switches with Gaurav playing as LW & Nikhil(LCMF). The midfield for BI performed better and were able to stop BT from running through. Rajib & Jatin did a splendid job as central defenders - Rajib in particular could read and was able to cut of BT striker runs. BI with a stronger midfield was able to put the same pressure as BT in the fast half and managed to get two goals. BI kept using the substitution option available thought the game pretty effectively..The competitive game became more intense as the late challenge score-line also proves it 15 to BI & 16 to BT. In the hustle bustle of things Satish managed to get the margin back to 4-3. The end of the match was a climax finish - both teams got a penalty each as per R&R of late challenges - Kapil took for BI and his shot was saved by Amiraj and Parmesh took for BT whose shot was saved by Atigre - what a finish. BI managed to salvage their home game and put points on the table. BI still need to improve on their communication, shouting during the match and positional play and touch. All in all was a good match the fans must have enjoyed for sure. 
MR -  
Pam raced out at Kapil without a plan during the BMP. So Kapil found it easy to place it past him. Pam's fault was that he didn't make it difficult for the experienced Buddhist. Although it surely looks as plain as pumpkin that a match between BI and BT would be full of exciting happenings, the movement off the ball and control is not up to my standards. The amount of mis controls and mis passes prevaled. Something else that also prevailed was the intensity of the encounter. The players were going hammer and tongs at each other and the Ref let a lot go but even so BI ended up with 15 LC's and BT with 16 although I think it's a bit more. Two players that had it out for each other were Rajib Loan and Satish Loan for BI and BT respectively. This just proves that the players, even if they are not playing for their own team, will still give a 110%. There are a few incidences that you will see in the highlights show. BI had a sub on the bench today and they made substitutions whenever they felt they had to. As the two Managers will send in their previews..(Some players have presumed that a few managers have writtin the REVIEW only after reading the ADC's MR, so this will be posted up AFTER the Managers send in their reviews) I will get on with what I thought.  
BI - Uday played quite well for most of the time he played. Although I did see a number of errors, I thought his performance had a lot to clap about. BI had Atul in goals for the entire match and I must say that he attempted to play the ball to his Rb and Lb a number of times but when he saw that the players were unable to pass the ball around because they were making mistakes under pressure from the opposition he started booting the ball up. I'm happy with Mukul's performance today, he was more active and contributed a lot in attack as well as helped out while defending. No doubt he made errors but they weren't serious. Dhruv is gaining more and more confidence every session and match he plays, and there was one instance I remember when he dribbled a few players and was making inroads into the BThalf when he lost possession. From a player that had next to nothing in ball control, this is really commendable. I'm guessing BI made a few changes to their starting line up and they did keep switching positions during the match. Tiger was useful in Cm and Mukul assayed a more attacking role. For me GOONY (Gaurav N) was a joy to watch. Of all the players who'd have expected Goony to control a helicopter ball with his outer foot? It's on the video but I'm not sure it merited a highlight! But his never say die energy led indirectly to a BI goal that is in the highlights. Well done Mr. Goon! Kapil was Kapil, always ready to receive a pass, ready to take a FK etc. (unfortunately, some BI players will surely mention, READY to take a penalty too!) IF he had come for off season practice I'm sure he'd be on fire right now. Ajoo I think was tired so he along with I will NOT by any chance call Uday by his nickname coz it is just to poncy for me, and Abhishek who got slightly injured once and Nick were subbed a few times. Nick is another who is playing out of his skin. Unfortunately one of the many who has no idea of positional play, but he seems to be ambi d and this scares opponents. A short but strong player. A good buy indeed. Now I'm sure whatever little positional play and energy was available in the Bezalwar genetics, Nick has got the majority of them and Beeraj (AA, they are bro's I think) needs to work much harder to get on the same level. Rajib LOANEE was lucky that this season is going to be a little aggressive and he got away with a few challenges. A special headed own goal any striker would have been proud of! And one trademark helicopter shot! But for a small man he is strong and gave Satish a few bruises. 
BT - Don't blame the DAN! Poor fellow, in all rights he probably scored an own goal TWICE but the ADC decided that the 2nd wasn't so clear so Jatin should be credited with it for he goal poaching skill an dpresence of mind. His 1st own goal, well actually his only og was a BLUNDER. The ball was going away from goal and he stuck his leg out. Even Omi was moving the other way. But players learn from mistakes and I'm sure he has learnt a mighty big lesson today. He was the first to pump up proceedings though with a sensational cross from the right flank in the first 10 mins. Parmesh played in goals as he was slightly inj in his last game for BT before he fly's off to the Middle East for work and hopefully NOT to start a HAREM! He had a couple of chances in the short time he came up to play and made no major mistakes in goals. Omi took to Cm like a fox amongst chickens. He's another lucky bloke since the ADC has asked the Refs to let things go and to allow a little argy bargy. But even the Refs limits were reached and BY wisely put him in goals later. A good player with deft touches and aware of gaps in the opposition defence that can be penetrated with a pass but at the moment not quite there with his touch. BT tried to play to the width of the pitch but ended up going central. Jehan is slowly coming up to speed and so is Sherry. Pam can be a SENSATIONAL player, an immense talent but sometimes his touch lets him down as well as his tackling. Satish LOANEE seems to be having a good match every time he plays now. Good on him! But now, he needs to ask himself....shouldn't he try and WIN some duels with a player that is LIGHTER than him AND less experienced? Plus he NEEDS to take MORE shots. Jatin, blames his lack of practice and flab for his lack of movement. I'll say if that's the case then EVERYONE has an excuse!! Although I felt Jatin had a much better game than so far this season, he still needs to work on his first time passing and positioning on crosses. But this time he was a TWO goal HERO! Shal also performed creditably but for what seemed a crazy left footer that hit the bar and led to a goal doesn't quite seem much on vid. Niraj is very talented and I have purposely kept a clip o fhim on a mazy run that ended up being a goal too. Meeraj didn't seem to be there this morning although his friends have made sure he'll never forget it. I'll try and find his missed sitter but the SR's haven't mentioned it so if any of his 'friends' know the time when he missed it, it'll surely be put up in the highlights! Prashant played a good solid game but just like Jatin makes daft errors that are more a lack of concentraion issue and he also has a heavy leg. 
NEWS of WHAT actually happened in the match in the HIGHLIGHTS show!! Hopefully up by tomorrow!!! 
One more thing, forgot to mention, JEHAN did a great job with he Camera AA vs ADCY while Lalit seemed to have slept for a few secs along with his assistant Ravi in this match! 
ALL MO's that came late have be PENALIZED by not NOTING down their MO ATTENDANCE.