WEEK 29 
12/05/15 Tue 
2nd Div 
BE (1) 1 Vs RH (1) 2 
BE - Sunlight 24.55 
RH - Arty 15.27 Red 63.22 
MO's - BT : Sameer, Ankush RW : Jatin, Karan BI : Mukul, Vikrant AA : Mayuresh, Arun 
BE - 1: Sean Mathews (350, AA) as per AVGKL 2: Sourabh Jangle (230, AA) for Arun (230, BE) EMERGENCY LOAN 3. Rafa 220 for Robby 220 
RH - 1. AVGKL: Amarnath V = 220k (as GK) 2. Shivang J - 250k TZR DL: Himanil B - 250k TZR 3. Provisional AVPL: Vikrant G - player on loan from BI : ADC's current valuation = 260k TZR CANCELLED NOW Pam 320 for Amu 370 UNA - Kramer, Mangs 
BE Preview By Sunlight 
This match was called off last week due to the poor ground conditions caused by untimely rain, it didn't work well for us as RH were without their star player Amu. But we are now ready to give the fight, it's always feel good to perform better against opponent at it's strongest level. BE has always performed quite well against RH and we are confident of repeating the same performance. RH is also in very good form and we are not going to take them lightly. We will play with a 4:4:2 formation and will try to pass the ball around. RH has few players with very good technical skills. So, our first priority would be to defend well and not to concede any goal. 
RH Preview By Red 
This match was rescheduled after the untimely rains played spoil-sport and caused the ground to be unsuitable for the game. This worked well for us as we had very important players missing the last time around. This match has also gained a lot of importance after the incidences in the previous game week. We will not change many things from what we had earlier planned and we will stick to our 4-3-3 formation. We cannot settle for anything less than 3 points and put pressure on the table toppers. BE are known for their very stubborn defending and are dangerous on the counter-attack. Addition of players like Jaidev - aka Madhu and Salagare has transformed this team. RH are still wondering why Jaidev turned down our offer to join us at the start of the season. BE have suffered this season with their AVGKLs letting them down on a couple of occasions! However, we will have to work extremely hard and not be complacent as they are a dangerous side. The 3 points up for grab are very important and we will try our best to win them. We have taken very strong loans. Hope its a good match for everyone. Wish BE all the best! 
BE Review By Sunlight 
We started with 4:2:2 formation Sean(GK), Dev(RB), Prashant(RCD), Amod(LCD), Rafa(LB), Jaydeep (RW), Guru(RCM), Jaidev(LCM), Suraj(LW), Jango (ST) Harshad(ST). I think we played well throughout the game. However, their pressing was good, they tied the game and created a few good chances. Sean was amazing in goals, some of his saves were fantastic. His distributed ball very well to our strikers & wingers, his ball for my goal was inch perfect. Jango & Rafa gelled well with our team. Rafa did fantastic job in closing down Pam & Sagar. Jango was unlucky as his goal was disallowed because of my foul on Rajib. Jaidev was superb in midfield, his distribution was fantastic. His positioning & header for the goal which was disallowed due to offside was great. Another disappointing result for BE. We are looking forward for our next game now. It’s a game we have to win, we owe that to our fans. They have always been supportive throughout the season, when we played good and when we didn’t. We want to have a good farewell for them. 
RH Review By Red 
Anna made himself unavailable due to illness late at night before the game. We started off with a 4-4-1 formation: Amm-GK, Pam-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Benny-LB, Sagar-RM, Amar-RCM, Rajib-LCM, Shivang-LM, Rajesh-ST. Although we played a man down, we did not feel we had to absorb much pressure. We were good in moving the ball around and keeping possession. We did carve out a few opportunities but failed to make the most of these opportunities. Shivang played with a lot of freedom and seemed to enjoy himself in the absence of any shouting from any of the players. He made sure we did not miss Hima today. DJ was again at the center of a defensive error which helped BE equalize but this was only after a superb assist to Shivang for our first goal. Rajesh created fabulous opportunities but failed to make good connection with atleast four good chances to score. Sean made it very difficult for us and dominated the Dee. Amma was a little quieter than usual but made some good saves when called upon. Rajib and Amartya were their usual selves and marshaled the midfield well. BE did give a good fight and made things difficult for us! We wish them luck for their upcoming fixtures and we ourselves look forward to the playoffs provided we do not shoot ourselves in the foot! Because in the TZLC, it is not over till its actually over. 
Pam DL to RH Review 
Many apologies sir for today's late tackle on Suraj in today's game. I realized it at that time but still it was a late challenge and completely uncalled for. Really very sorry for that. 
Many thanks to RH management for giving me a chance to play alongside them today. We had to make-do with 10 players today so we were automatically prepared for a tiring game. I started in Rb position and also got a chance to swap with Red in second half for about 20 mins in Rw position (original intended formation was 4-3-3). I enjoyed playing for RH today, there was ample communication from DJ and he guided me and helped me stay with the right man. Ironically the one goal that RH conceded was due to slight miscommunication at the back but otherwise I felt that all the players played according to their positions. BE were a great opposition and they ensured that we had to toil hard for securing the win until the final whistle. DJango’s had a great game I feel as he constantly kept the pressure on us. Also Harsh made life difficult for us at the back with his presence. An enjoyable game overall, well played BE.  
Sprky AVGKL for BE Review 
I thoroughly enjoyed playing for BE today. I thank BE management for giving me the opportunity. I somehow cannot maintain a clean sheet to help teams win and I don't know what more I can do to help out but it upsets me that I always let 1 or 2 in and can never have a clean sheet. BE played well today. They distributed the ball well at times and some players worked hard today. They could have almost drawn this game. I notice that they are beginning to play together a little better than a few games ago. I hope they will get back their focus and do well next season. 
MR By the ADC 
The Red Hurricanes played with 10 players through out and played as if it wasn't an issue. The Eagles played some good quality football and their position in the League, at the bottom with only 0.5 points is astonishing. It just proves how important administrative duties coupled with the actual game should be dealt with together, on equal terms. They have only themselves to blame and they should thank the ADC that the SACKING of the Manager Prussia brought on a benevolence that is automatically set for the new Manager as this new regime also brought on it's fair chare of issues and if it wasn't for the ADC turning a blind eye, BE would surely have been on negative points. The match itself was of good quality, as is the norm these days and for me that is fan bloody tastic as I was so long displeased at the standard of footer since the TZLC1. (Just take a gander at the 1st Highlights shows, I was actually calling them LOWlights!) There were a few late challenges that were more like arriving 2 hours late for a flight then arriving a few seconds after the steward says Sorry sir in your face when he could easily have just accepted the boarding pass! I'm surely going to take some goalkeeping practice sometime over the monsoon season so that players like Robby won't miss them as they'll be diving around in mud and not sand.  
BE - Jai was probably the more cultured of the Eagles this morning. Some of his touches are great. Prussia tried to stick tight to TC but that probably backfired on him as TC plays better when he doesn't have time to think. Bruce wandered but played well, Deep started off slowly and then worked well, as did al the others. One bloke I should mention is Harsh, the transformation is palpable. His form has gone way up since joining BE. 
RH - I genuinely thought Amar and Mishti were playing closer to each other than siamese twins. Ben needs to be pushed out to the wing back position instead of hanging around in a Lcd. Mangs should play in a little more space. All the players did well today as dod the BE players.