WEEK 28 
05/05/15 Tue 
RW (1) 3 Vs ADCY (2) 4 
RW - Tuff 36 Sparky og 85.19 Satsut 90.49 
ADCY - Shaurav 6.20 Adu 41.30 Red 71.22 BB 80.30 
RW - Amar DL 230 for JJ 260, Mkul DL 280 for Allen 330, Audi 360 AVGKL, Amonk and Bushman UNA 
ADCY - Tan, Adu, Pat, Jhakaas, Bif Absent with excuse previous day, (Sid + BB Late confirmation) TBUDS Anish AWOL 
MO's + Player - 1. Atul MO`REF only 2. Dhruv MO + Player 3. Anand MO + Player Black Thunder: 1. Pam MO + Player 2. Shaurav MO + Player 3. Rafa MO + Meeraj LM Player Red Hurricanes: 1. Sagar MO + Player 2. AnnaLM. MO + Player Blazing Eagles: 1. Jaidev MO 2. Prashant MO + Player Aundh Arsenal: 1. Sean MO 2. Amar MO 
RW Preview By 135 
After a shock defeat against the Icemen in Champions League the team is ready to make amends and will try to get back to winning ways. ADC Youth team are an extremely talented bunch of players who are getting better and better every time they step on the field and with a win against BE in their last match they would be equally pumped for this match . RW will stick to its tried and tested formation of 4:4:2 will utilise the wingers to their complete potential and play a possessional game. A win in this match would take RW to the top of the table again so we will have to play our top game and convert all the chances that fall our way. We will be missing our two key attacking players (Pravin and Amol) for this match and have taken on loan two equally good players who would definitely gel into the team well. ADCY with their speed, deft touches, set pieces and quick passes are a threat when they are on the ball and with Mr. Khare guiding them it is going to be a very challenging game indeed. This fixture promises to be an intense game of good, entertaining football and I am sure our supporters will be there to watch us bounce back. Good luck ADCY. 
ADCY Preview By Mr. Khare 
Well this is one match where RW will surely be under the cosh, or so I hope. I won't be experimenting as this is ADCY's last match and I'm none too pleased with the committment of some of the players so I'll be hoping to take the Title race to RW's final match against BE as if RW beat ADCY then they have WON the League 1st DIv Title UNLESS the ADC's deducts points for some reason or the other, as I always say, in the TZLC it isn't over UNTIL the ADC declared the TZLC7 is OVER! I will be playing ADULTS in the positions that need a little experience and composure. I may even keep interchanging the youth with the youth and giving more time to the Adults on loan. As I will be trying to beat RW I will be keeping at least one eye open to stem the attacking threat that RW poses. I do hope Satsut still plays in his attacking role to make this match a thriller. As I feel Satsut in his element (Not being selfish) will work in RW's favour and Tuff along with Mantan, Vikus and the rest of the gang will keep the ADCY on their toes. Audi AVGKL is a nippy and alert GK and can act as a sweeper too. Mkul is a hard worker in CM and I'd be quite chuffed if I was going to Coach RW too. Jonty and Amma I suspect will marshal their Cd and already this side looks unbeatable. Plus mostly John on the left and Sleepy on the right will be making over lapping runs... Thats how I'd play it...So what do I do to counter the attacking threat and try and nick a goal? Hmmnnn...There's no doubt I will try ALL the Adults AVA to me but they should know that if they DON'T listen to my instructions they will be subbed and replaced and you never know when next they can come on again to have a go. For the youth, only Tan is a natural left footer, Pat and Jhakaas can get away playing on the left, while Adu, Bif and Anish are predominantly Rt footed. I will be allowing them to play more freely in attacking positions, IF I PLAY them...I will of course...BUT IF I don't! So RW? Be prepared....I do hope you will allow the Refs to do their jobs....Let's just have a rip roaring cracking affair and shake the opponents hand at the end! 
Corrected Preview By Mr. Khare 
As I made a school boy error in mistaking Amma and Amar let me have a rethink again...So their side would be Audi; Sleepy, Jonty,135/Satsut, John; Amar, Mkul, Satsut/135/Vikus, Mantan; Tuff and Vikus/Satsut.... 
Hmnnnn...Amma will in fact be playing for ADCY and as will many other adults. I do feel Vikus needs a bit of time in CD and he'd probably be more useful in Cm. But that's up to the RW think tank to decide what to do. Regardless of who plays where tomorrow, (Maybe even Amonk will turn up to crash the match) the ADCY will be going Gung ho to win this game and to play entertaining and FAST footer. A mixture of African dribbling, British passion and Italian defending. This is also a match in which the youth realize that they are still kids and that playing an all out no holds barred encounter will be scary to say the least. 
Atool Ref, Jai CM SR's and Linesmen will be switched constantly... 
RW Review By 135 
RW started with the formation 4:4:2,with Audi in goals, Manoj LB, Mukul LCD, Jatin RCD, Lalit RB, Mantan LW, Satish LCM, Karan RCM, Amartya RW, Toufiq and Vikas(strikers). RW started off well and and created a few chances in the first few minutes but were unlucky in front of the goal. After about ten minutes or so into the game we conceded from a cross from the left flank which was headed in the far corner by Shaurav. Taufa equalized after taking on 2 players and blasting the net from zero angle. Score tied at 1-1, we conceded a soft goal from a loopy shot. In the second half we conceded two more goals courtesy of some real smooth finishing from the Youth Players who were in great form and had a terrific game. Trailing at 1-4 we pulled two goals back to make it 3-4, via Mantan and Satish but It wasn’t enough. To summarize it was an aggressive game; RW should have shown the same intensity as their counterparts but the ADC Youth were simply too good on the ball today and deserved to be on the winning side.RW need to pull themselves together and put in a good performance in the next game. 
ADCY Loan AndyPandy Review 
I would like to thank the ADC for allowing me to play in the team. What a strong game this was. A beautiful victory for ADCY but very hard fought aswell. Personally i felt i was a disaster most of the game. The team settled in well stuck to the game plan as told by coach and worked extremely hard on the basics. Simple passes and clearances. Big thank you to Amma and Sean for leading the side with the enthusiasm they carried. RW fought well and gave and equally challenging fight. 
ADCY Loan Pam Review 
ADCY beat RW by 4 goals to 3 in what could be termed as a very hot, hard fought encounter. As per Coach sir's plan, we were playing for a win right from the start, and every player was made aware of their specific positions, duties and responsibilities. It took a while for me to get into the groove but thanks to Coach's constant feedback I was able to get a grip after which I stuck to my job which was to mark Satsut. Amma and Sparky too kept the tempo up by shouting out instructions and constantly communicating with all the players. Shaurav got the early lead for us as he used his stature to get the better of Audi. Soon after Taufiq pulled RW back into the game with a stunning strike from a very acute angle! Other goals for ADCY came from Adu whose cross-shot caught Audi off his line. Red and Dheeraj each scored superb goals to their name. We should have killed the game from there on but we lost our focus and composure which allowed RW to get back 2 goals. The game started turning a bit rough towards the second half and there were some nasty tackles from my end as well for which I apologize. I would also like to thank the ADC for giving me the chance to play for the ADCY, all in all it was a tough game but good fun too. 
ADCY Loan Shaurav Review 
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play for ADCY again. The youth have a lot of talent and this was seen again today. I was happy to see them score the goals and secure a well deserved win for ADCY. ADCY started with the standard 4-4-2 formation. Role for each of the player was defined and a plan was set to constantly mark some of the RW players. ADCY played for the most part to this game plan. It is always difficult to win against a team as good as RW, and ADCY had to play their best today to win. Overall, I think it was a great game for both sides. Both teams played aggressively to win and it was terrific to be a part of the game. I wish ADCY and RW the best of luck for all of their remaining games. 
ADCY Loan Red Review 
I am very thankful to the ADC/coach for selecting me and giving me the entire 90 minutes to play. It was good to be part of the ADCY squad in their two victories this season! Playing for ADCY today was relatively easy as the roles and responsibilities were crystal clear and coach was always there to guide us. Everybody stuck to the plan and executed it well. At the same time it was physically very tough, especially towards the latter stages of the game with the temperature rising and RW pushing forward to score. I was lucky to have got the opportunity to play in four different positions today - RM, ST, CD and CM. It was a good learning experience. The commitment shown by everyone, including RW was admirable. The goals scored by Adu and Dhiru(Big Bird) were superb. ADCY deserved this win and beating a top team like RW was not an easy task. A big congratulations to ADCY for a spirited performance! 
ADCY Loan Amma Review 
I would like to thank Coach for allowing me to play this game. Its been a long time since I've played under him in a match situation and as usual it was a pleasure. Pre game he told us about positional duty and not personnel duties so switching players was not an issue. I confess we do the same at AA. But he took it to another level when he told us who could play long ball towards whom and towards which players we should keep it along the ground. He was our 12th player as with his experience he was guiding us and ironing out our mistakes. All the adults gave their 100%. The Youths we all know have talent, but showed tremendous courage and passion while going against their bigger opponents. One particular incidence which showed their maturity (Adu in this case) - As I was playing RCD, during one of the many RW attacks had to decide whether I should move towards left as it was opening up towards that side. I looked over my shoulder before committing. Adu immediately realized what was happening called that he had my position covered. He further immediately called to his RM cover for him. Superb.... 
RW DL Mkul Review 
If I am not wrong, RW has lost only 5 matches in TZLC 7 and in all those 5 matches Amarnath played for the opposition. Is this a co-incidence or has Amma found a way to defeat RW? I don’t know. But congratulations to ADCY for winning their second match in the league. It was a well fought game between two good sides and I would like to think that everyone who saw the match enjoyed it. I thought we played ok in patches and we did have more possession of the ball. However, I thought we didn’t use the entire length of the ground well. For most part, our game was congested in the middle. More passes could have been released quickly to defenders and the right and left midfielders to make optimum use of limited space. Considering RW’s technical prowess, I thought it was possible. After watching today’s game, some people might draw adverse inferences about Audi’s goalkeeping. But according to me that would be wrong. People usually draw conclusions based on what they see by ignoring what they don’t see. His mistakes were very visible because they were obvious and led to goals. But that was only a couple of times. For remaining 90 minutes, he distributed the ball very well and I think he can be a reliable goalkeeper. As for my part, I thank RW for taking me on loan. I have always enjoyed watching them from outside and as soon as 135 asked me to play for them on loan, I said yes. Although we lost the match, I still enjoyed playing for RW. RW are still in the driver’s seat as far as the league is concerned and I wish them good luck for the rest of the season. 
ADCY Loan Groov Review 
The peak of summer made for a really hot match, both weather and temper wise. ADCY set out to win and did it in style today. It was a hard fought match, with some excellent goals, especially from the Youth. The game was fast, strong with both sides giving its absolute all. According to me, the main reason why ADCY won was that every player in the ADCY knew exactly what his role was. I thank Coach Khare for his guidance and to the teammates for a lovely game. RW played hard, they had a lot of chances on the goal, but somehow were just unlucky today. Atul did a fantastic job as ref keeping it cool as tempers were soaring and let the game go on most of the time. All in all, a game which I think was fun for the spectators. 
ADCY Loan Sparky Review 
During the team meet today Coach Mr. Khare told us that he is putting a squad today for a win and there is no surprise that we won this game. It is remarkable that coach sees game plan like no one. Playing in CD for me was a little tough today but thanks to Amarnath I was able to keep up for most of the game. Coach wanted to stick to my role and that was to send the ball away in a single touch. It took me a while to get that rhythm. However the game was a pleasure to play. tempers were flaring mostly from RW players. The main ref had a tough role today as both teams were playing contact football. I think RW moved the ball well but could not penetrate more than a few times. Dhruv & Pam did a great job to keep the players coming from the middle. What a performance by the ADCY team today. Addu, Tan and the new lads whom I haven't seen before played well and made the RW defense look shabby at times. I am glad to be in the winning team and this shows that if you listen well enough and you play to coach's game plan you can bring a mammoth of a team like RW down. Thank you again Coach Khare. 
Audi DL RW Review 
Thank you RW for loaning me as a GK. Another bad day in the office for me. I dont know what went wrong. Perhaps I was just hesitating a bit to have played as a GK for the Royal Warriors. I sincerely apologize for the absolutely stupid goof ups that I might have caused. Hard luck to RW. They are surely a top team who just had an off day today. 
Atool Refs Review 
Thanks ADC for being the main referee for the high-intensity match today. Looking at the previews it was evident that the ADCY will be playing with a majority senior TZ players and the match would be tough given the ADCY coach having declared that they would do go for the win against RW. Also it was a reminder of how difficult it is to referee (as opposed to complaining as a player) for making some decisions. There was 1 major decision which i got wrong. A tackle on Satsut by Amma in the D should have been a penalty. But during the match, i felt that SatSut lost control before Amma's tackle and I continued with the play. But otherwise there was very strong defending from ADCY CDs. Pam was completely on SatSut following ADCY coach's orders of Man-to-Man marking very literally. There were a few angry and frustrated outbursts on the field which I let go given the intensity with which the match was being played. RW I felt had a quite a few chances but failed to capitalize on them. They really had great passing moves in the midfield. ADCY on the other hand were quite good with their counter attacks with the Young boys running the flanks and putting in good crosses. Audi let a couple of high balls go over into the goal which I think was probably due to the sun in his eyes that blinded him momentarily. Overall a good game. 
ADCY Review by Mr. Khare 
Why am I not feeling elated? Why is it that whatever I had planned, panned out perfectly but still there's this feeling of angst, of something out of place, of my spirit that is hurting when it should be elated? What is it that we understand when the ref if NOT MR. Khare? Does it need to be repeated? Let me repeat what I had said in my preview, or better still just read the last 3 lined of my preview. Then with a player Ref what's going to happen? A bit of this and a bit of that...I would have admitted to everyone, and you know I am a man of my word, that if my side would've played dirty I'd have been livid. I used to C oach and play the same way, but everyone knows that I'm not the guy I was 15 years ago. So when I have 11 players that gave their all today, that played EXACTLY as per my demands, why should I be sad? EVERYONE knows that ONLY Mr. Khare can referee like how he referee's. EVERY person is different and the outcome is different. I will NOT and CANNOT blame Atool for he reffed how he saw it, he had no sinister agenda. I saw Pam's face at the end and he was a sad man, sadder then a dog that has had it's ice cream cone snatched away. Pam (apart from the 1st 5 mins) did his job PERFECTLY. How else can you mark Satsut? And Groov did his job wonderfully too, he marked 135. As i watched the vid I saw Pam's challenge on 135 and it looked quite bad and late, BUT 135 had done the same on Tan and a couple of others too. So what are we gonna start doing? Start taking revenge? Start making a hitlist? Why do we have a ref then? So that we can abuse him and QUESTION his EVERY call? Did the ADCY even ONCE question the ref? When 135 and Satsut had no space what did they do? Shouldn't this have been a CHALLENGE to them? Isn't this an opportunity to STEP UP and UP your level? To find out ways and means to get the better of their marker? Were their markers hacking and punching them when the Ref was not looking? (Which is what happens in the real world but will NEVER happen in the TZLC). No? Then what are they complaining about? That the Ref didn't give a penalty? Did you hear US complaing even once about ANYTHING? Now you wonder why I ALWAYS Ref and why I can NEVER play or COACH in the TZLC. Instead of standing up and meeting the challenge face on with a smile and steely reserve, they decided to crouch and frown and reduce themselves to a bunch of prima donnas griping at every chance they got. Am I being harsh? Any opponent that loses and does NOT lose gallantly is just not worth it's weight in gold for me. 135's refusal to shake Pam's hand could be taken as a heat of the moment thing, he shook it later though, Satsut's CONSTANT back chat with the ref as well as Tuffy's. Mantan's call of RIDICULOUS in full view of the youth and the flora and fauna just asks the q of why do I do this if the players do NOT RESPECT the REF? I am just waiting to see what the other players have to say... 
ADCY - 4-4-2 - ALL the players worked wonderfully well. Pam and Groov I mentioned before, Amma, AndyPandy and Sparky had duties and responsibilities and played their hearts out. Red, Shaurav were sensational today but Shaurav needs to buckle down and do his role FULLY while Red sometimes drifts off.  
RW - Apart from a few players they were not worthy of being a club about to lift the Championship. They made too many changes that were not what they should have done. 
Review POST reading everyone's Review -  
How I wish everyone could behave on the field as they have written in the Reviews. I hope the players have now understood why players send in Reports as EVERYONE has a different take (And it's fun to read!). Thanks to Amma for mentioning what he mentioned as this is what I want to instil in the adults, communication...Thanks to all your reviews and Sparky for the kind words and all those who had kind words to say. 
06/05/15 Wed Match is at Sindh Match MAY BE POSTPONED if the CLOUDS open up (Total darkness here at the ADC Office 2.30pm) 
2nd Div 
MO's - BT : Sameer, Sharad RW : Jatin, Manan, Karan BI : Kapil, Uday, Vikrant(tentative) AA : Sourabh, Santosh Pai 
BE - 1: Sean Mathews (350, AA) as per AVGKL 2: Prashant Bhanda (230, BT) for Arun (230, BE) 
RH - Audi AVGKL 250, Arty DL 250 for Hima 250, Amma DL 350 for Amu 370 EMERGENCY LOAN Youth 1 Ben UNA 
BE Review By Robby 
BE has always performed quite well against RH and we are confident of repeating the same performance. RH is also in very good form and we are not going to take them lightly. We will play with a 4:4:2 formation and will try to pass the ball around. RH has few players with very good technical skills. So, our first priority would be to defend well and not to concede any goal. Our home ground, Eagle arena, is under maintenance and due to this we are losing the advantage of the home conditions. This is also causing a lot of inconvenience to our fans. I am thankful to our fans for their patience and support in this situation. 
ADC NOTE - What a load of cobblers Robby...undergoing maintenance? They have made a pitch in the middle of the ground...Next time tell the truth please lest the ADC will take action.... 
RH Preview By Red 
This is our last league game of the season and its away against BE. We set out with the aim of promotion and a play-off spot is our best chance now. We are favorites to qualify for the playoff but we need to be disciplined and not suffer any point deductions. We are missing many players for this match, but we will not take it lightly and take strong loans and as it turns out, all of them from AA. We are looking to keep the momentum and get a positive result! We will continue with a 4-3-3 formation which has worked well for us in the past games and the players have settled in well. We will not tinker much with the player positions. Anna will play as the lone striker in Amu's absence. We will keep the midfield untouched from the last game. BE have been through a rocky season and we expect them to come out fighting. They have been unlucky with their loanee GKs letting them down on a couple of occasions. We hope for a well fought and fair match and will look to put 3 more points on the board! 
09/05/15 Sat 
RH (1) 1 ATB 0 Vs RW (1) 1 ATB 3 FS - 1 - 4 
RH Samya DL 9.46 
RW - 42.36 
Tie Breaker in Vid Highlights 
RH - Sparky AVGKL, Bruce 220 for Anna 240 DL CANCELLED, Vik AVPL, EMERGENCY LOAN Samya 340 for Amu 370 Inj, UNA Beeraj Anna Kramer 
RW - 1. ANY VALUE PLAYER LOAN (Provisional Loan): Niraj S 250 for JJ 260 DL: AMOL ATIGRE (BI) Value ( 280 TZR) FOR ALLEN Value (330 TZR) UNA Bhushan K. 
MO's - BI - Uday & Andypandy. BT - 1. Pam 2. Sherry (BE - Harsh Bruce, AASaurabh J Amarnath Fined (Points deducted???) for not sending MO's list) 
RH Preview By Red (04/05/15) 
This is RH's one and only chance for silverware this season but we are up against a very strong side in RW. We have almost full squad for this match and we all are eager to do well after collapsing in the ADC Cup against AA. We will continue to stick to the 4-3-3 formation as the players have settled in well. We will miss the services of Anna and Belzi in this game. We will try to keep things simple and try to keep possession rather than going on the defensive. We will also try and focus on our own game rather than worry about the big names in RW. We will have to make sure that we do our best to convert the chances that are created and we cannot afford to be wasteful in front of goal. This should be a good game for the spectators as well as the players involved. We wish RW good luck! 
RW Preview By 135 
The Combined League Cup final is here and its time for RW to deliver. We haven’t played RH since a long time and they have come a long way since then; Armed with Tushar Pai in goals they are virtually impregnable at the back and we will have to come up with something special to get past him. Our formation remains the same, 4:4:2 with Manoj in the goals. The players are ready, pumped and waiting. These 90 minutes will set the tone of our team for the next three crucial weeks ahead and we will put in a good performance. RH are a good team with some gifted players who are able to change the direction of the game in a blink of an eye so we will stick to our strengths and play our game and take the game to them. RH and RW are equally good teams at par with each other in all parameters and I have a feeling this game will be decided by the goal keepers. Lastly its crunch time in TZLC 8 and this is the time when champions are made. Good Luck RH!!! 
ADC Note - Ummm...I think this is still the TZLC7 going on 135! 
RH Review By Red 
Congratulations RW for the cup! RH started 4-3-3: Sean-gk, Vicky-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Benny-LB, Rajib-RCM, Sameer C-CM, Sagar-LCM, Amar-RW, Rajesh-ST, Hima-LW. We did shuffle positions during the game where Amar came into LCM and Sagar to RW. In the second half, sagar and Hima switched flanks. Both teams did well and gave a good fight. Both showed controlled aggression! We were confident of beating RW since the start of the game and started well. We were guilty of not taking shots on goal. Only person doing that was Sameer. We had their midfielders marked and did not allow them too much time on the ball. Samya took a But one mistake cost us a goal. When it ended 1-1, penalties were always going to be a gamble! RW kept their calm and claimed victory! 
RW Review By 135 
Royal warriors started defensively with 4:2:2 Manoj (GK), Vikus(RB), Jonty (RCD), Tiger(LCD), Lalit(LB), Amol (RW), Karan(RCM), Toufiq(LCM),), Mannu (LW) Satsut (ST) Niraj(ST). RW finally broke the jinx of crumbling after conceding first and stayed level headed today patiently waiting for equalizer which we knew would come. RH , a much transformed side with Sam replacing Amu and Vikki coming in for Kramer, went a goal up after Karan conceded a throw- in which was taken by Hima quickly who picked out Samya who found himself in acres of space and blasted a low shot past the keeper. RW kept in mind what the manager JJ had drilled into our head- DO NOT PANIC if you go a goal down – and we dint. We waited for our chance and it came when Monga whipped in a cross and Satsut controlled it in the penalty area to bury it in the bottom right hand corner. Score 1-1. In the second half RW came close to going up but Karan missed a sitter and this just added to his poor form today. The match ended 1-1. In the penalties Satsut lead the team in exemplary fashion to save or deflect the penalties just by his aura of invincibility. Handing out a 3-0 win to RW in the penalties. 
Sparky AVGKL by RH Review 
It was a gruelling game or both teams trying to keep up in the heat. However the heat was no excuse for the lack of possession at times. RH fought hard and were lucky to have only conceded 1 goal. RH was more focused determined in the first half and we lost focus in the second. In any case it seemed like we would have had the upper hand in the tie breakers as RH had better penalty takers. But luck didn't favor us today. We couldn't score one and I couldn't save even one. I am disappointed with my performance as a keeper but I thank RH management for the opportunity. It was a great run so far for RH and they have the capability to beat any squad. 
Snowtop DL to RW Review 
I would like to thank Pravin and RW for allowing me to play in the team. What a strong team RW is! Even after trailing by a Goal we kept our Cool and Calmness and game back strongly. A hard fought victory for RW. Really enjoyed my time today. I wish I could have converted the sitter header from the awesome cross by Satish, when I was left unmarked! That might have changed the Game. However it was a pleasure to play with the likes of Mannu, Satish, Taufiq, Karan. Few of the one-twos and passing were really enjoyable. I feel if we had converted our chances the game would been finished within 90 mins. Over all great game and got a taste of Trophy. RH played well and hard luck to them. 
Vikky DL to RH Review 
First of all thank U for allowing me to play for RH, Thanks a lot to Sagar Pise as well , Today's match was an intense match, both teams had chances, RW was playing attacking football rite from the first minute, RH was equally more good in defense, In my opinion RH shud have bagged the match, but penalties is a tricky affair, nevertheless I enjoyed playing the match, Hard Luck RH congrats RW, 
Samya DL to RH Review 
It was great to be loaned by RH and enjoyed playing with the team. It was a tale of 2 halfs, first which went right for us except for just the last 5 mins and second half which was dominated by RW. The first goal we conceded was very soft one as DJ usually is not the one who would make an error in the air but otherwise he had a great game. The one-twos that we build up the game in first half fluently was not happening in the second and we were losing the ball to often. Hima had a great game and put in some great crosses but we did not have enough players in the box to convert the chances. In the end, RW held their nerves in the penalty shootout and won the match. 
Tiger DL to RW Review 
At first, I would like to thank RW management for loaning me for this match. Playing in any final match is always a pressure situation and that too with one of the best squad in TZLC. It was really a good game till the end whistle. No cards, comparatively less late challenges etc. Both RW and RH had strong squads for this match. RH started well with good passing movements and got the early score with a beautiful outer foot shot from Samya. Manoj tried his best but was unfortunate as ball touched his fingers and went into the nets. After going one goal down, RW started showing why they are one of the best team; good control, passing game from each and every player and finally we got paid when Monga gave a perfect cross to Satish who just had to control the ball and put into the nets; which he is best at; and he did the same. Score 1-1. Both the teams stated pressing each other in the second half and created equal chances. RH got 2 IFKs which I guess they should have converted. Karan got one good chance; one on one with Sean but didnt make it count. Finally tiebreaker after 1-1 scoreline. RW dominated totally scoring each and every penalty and Satish got successful in stopping DJ's important penalty. Hima and Amartya's shots went wide. Congratulations to RW. Now onwards every win will give RW a trophy I guess (CL match and a league match) All the very best to RW. 
MR By the ADC 
Jetlagged Amonks lucky that the ONLY cross that he managed to put in resulted in Satsuts equalizer. While how RW allowed Samya time to shoot was unfathomable. Also John SHOULD have done better.  
RW - Mantan and Amonk were not there and thus it wasn't an all consuming RW this morning. Satsut playing up front is not his ideal position and I still insist on seeing him play in a free role just as a Cf, behind a front two or as an Am. The way RW played today they did not seem invincible. Their Lb Sleepy was the weakest at Lb and it was through him that most of the attacks went through. At Rb it was Vikus and you could clearly understand that Vikus was uncomfy in this position. Jonty and Tiger were strong Cd's although Jonty went a bit over the top with Mantan. Tuffy and 135 were not on the same page and Snowtop DL was back in form. 
RH - Very good in the 1st H but after Satsuts equalizer they were struggling. TC must release the ball sooner, Hima was brilliant, Smaya's presence took the spotlight off Mishti and that was sad but Amar tried to shine through. Mangs needs to work much harder for me to rate him amongst the best. Dj was troubled by something in his eye nd he'll probably blame that for letting Satsut score. I think Adu scared Mantan in the match against the ADCY as Mantan found it difficult to beat the slow Vikky or as Vikky AVPL would say, Mantan got scared of Vik! Red was good, Sparky was good.