21/04/15 Tue 
RW (0) 0 Vs BI (2) 2 
BI - Kapka 23.21 Tiger 27.05 
RW - Samya 340 for 135 370, Amti 240 for Allen 330, Meer AVGKL UNA Bushman Jonty 
BI - Amma AVPL 340, Meeraj 250 for Andypandy 290 UNA Goony Abhi Tentative 
MO's - RH - Anna, Kramer BE - Amti BT - 1. Shubhankar I 2. Niraj S 
RW Preview By JJ 
RW last week has been great with two super victories. The squad showed the better of their performances and sealed win in style. But the show is not over yet. There is a month more that has to come and now the test actually begins. We have to capitalize on what has earned us till here. No doubt we have gelled well with each other and have been playing as a unit all out – important thing is to hold that. We have earned a lot of support from fans and the management which team is glad about. We need to continue the way we are doing. This game is the second CL game for us. Stands important -1. Because it’s against the squad who has a never say die attitude –so we need to play organized and composed, 2. A win here will seal the CL trophy for us. This was the one we lost last year and now is the time to grab it. RW is definitely eyeing this and wants to finish of things in this game, although we have a KITFO game in hand. We don’t not have Jatin & Karan who are key for us in Def & Mid. However equal loans am sure will keep things similar for us. We will continue to play our traditional 4:4:2 formation. We wish BI good luck and looking forward for great game match day. 
BI Preview By Ajoo 
BI has a chance to win & defend the Champions League Title. We have to defeat RW in this game with a good goal difference and we will play with that positive attitude. RW have proved to be a good team this season. BI will play to a very well planned strategy and look at getting some redemption for all the losses against RW this season. It will be a very big victory for the club and something to cheer about this season which has been a bit topsy-turvy of BI. BI will play a 4:4:2 formations being very compact on defense and play the counter attacking game a with the passing game. BI players will give it all they have and look at ending this season on a high note with hopefully one trophy. BI thanks its fans for the strong support throughout the season. This game is not going to be a walk in the park for RW they will have to really work very hard if they want to win this game. All the best to RW. 
BI Review By Vikky 
Today we played 4-5-1 formation Hatkar(GK); Nikhil(LD), Amarnath(RCD), Vikrant(LCD), Ajoo(RD); Uday(LW), Neeraj(LCMF), Atigre(CMF), Mukul(RCMF), Atul(RW); Kapil(striker) We played to a strategy - Mark a person stick to him, and all the Guyz played to the strategy and we emerged victorious , Amar and Neeraj also played to the strategy thanks to them In the first half out captain got a knee injury which forced him out of the match and we were playing with 10 men for most of the tym, RW also played well we wish them ALL THE BEST for their future matches We also thank the ref he was awesome as always on the field and kept the players totally under control Thanks once again 
RW Review By JJ 
RW again had its bad day and it become worst ending up on the loosing side. Congrats to BI for playing to the plan and capitalizing over us. We started 4:4:2 mihir(gk) manoj (lb) Sam (cd) mong(cd) lalit(rb) Manu (lw) satish (cm) vikas (cm) Amit (RW) pravin toufiq (strikers). BI had put d pressure early on by scoring 2 back to back goals. RW inspite of having 75% of time after that couldn't get back. We had shots everywhere except inside frame. BI after those 2 goals were very very strong defensively. We never got chance to run past them. Kudos to BI!! RW players showed frustration when they were goal down and could not let that over which affected everyone's performance today. Sam and Amit did their best they could but RW players did not hold the pressure well I would say. We need to learn from these situation and look forward to continue our own game rather that shouting at each other and pointing mistakes. How difficult it was to play simple than just forcing in too much .. We need to sit and understand that. Such games are needed sometimes as I said before in previous match report. They get you back to focus on basics and stand up as a realization point. Hope Ajoo injury is not severe and he has speedy recovery. Played BI, you guys deserved win today..!! RW will come back ... We still have a game in hand in this format and a win will get us there. 
BI DL Meeraj Review 
“Firstly I would like to thank BI for loaning me. Today’s match was an important one for both the teams, BI played with high spirits and passion which resulted in a 2-0 win over a much talented team that failed to gel most part of the game. With a 2 nil advantage but one man down BI kept defending with an occasional counter. I loved playing with BI as they showed passion and hunger to win. On the other hand RW created many chances including a penalty but failed to capitalize, probably today wasn’t RW’s day. “ 
BI AVPL Review By Amma 
Thank you Ajoo and BI for loaning me as AVPL. Never in my wildest dream had imagined anyone doing it. We played hard and to the best of our abilities for the full 90 minutes. I did manage to sneak a 15 minute break courtesy 3 YC, 2 of which were school boy mistakes. Commiserations to RW. They are a class act but it just wasnt their day today. Penalty, free kick inside the Dee, inside the small Dee, free headers were all missed by usually reliable players. Victory against a team like RW does taste sweet and am glad was part of a team which halted their winning spree. 
RW DL Samya Review 
I would like to thank the manager of RW – JJ for loaning me for this match though that did not make much of a difference.. RW started well with some good moves but could not finish in the end. We had an idea that BI would be playing a very compact game while defending which they did but at the same time pressed us not giving us too much space as well. The game which RW plays is a little different which is mainly thru the wings but Amar and Tiger were winning majority of the balls that were put in the box. RW dominated possession but could not convert the chances that came their way today and became more frustrated as the game progressed which BI capitalized to their advantage. 2 quick goals in succession gave BI something to fight for which they did very well right till the end. All is not lost for RW, since they have 1 more game in hand which they have to win to become the CL winners. Congrats to BI for their win and all the best to RW. 
Amti RW DL Review 
I personally felt very bad after RW lost match today. I could not give 100% for the match. It was bad day for me since I missed a goal scoring chance from 3 yard. Talking about RW, There was big gap in the mid. There was either defense or attack but there was no one in the mid to hold the game or pass the ball around. Manan was outstanding in RW today , his all crosses were perfect but bad luck RW could not score on single. Got many chances in the dee, penalty but nothing is converted to goal… BI played intelligent football. They were defensively strong and did not allow RW players to dribble pass through them. BI scored the goals and then defended deep. Overall the game didn’t look better at all. 
MR By the ADC 
A good SOLID win for Blue Ice and Man did they need it. RW also needed a swift kick up their backside to bring them down to earth again as do all strong teams that get carried away with the ease of their victories. Or maybe I'm just being a little too much. RW never did boast about their side in any form or manner so my 2nd sentence may be a little harsh...but still...as Tiger would justify, BI proved they could match up to any side. The difference today was the Loaning of Amma, he brought a much needed maturity and capability into the Cd. Although BI were missing Groov, Goony and Abhi (Abhi made sure he was there in body and spirit though by supporting them from the dugout), Ahjoo finally got some loans right! Thi stime it was money well spent. On the other hand Amti, who had sensational matches on loan previously was a bit out of sorts here. RW do keep shouting don't they? Plus it was Amti's positioning that the Ref brought up after having a word with his linesmen when Satsut scored a great goal. Disallowed! Amti was standing in an offside position not making an effort to get onside. A pity that I couldn't find this piece of actionv for the highlights. 
BI - Even Hruday tried to show some reaction in this match where all the players INCLUDING the Loanee's were SUPER PUMPED. Kudo's to Ahjoo who after being treated by 'Dr. Khare' at HT carried on. The doc has SPECIFICALLY told him that he is NOT allowed to put the knee under any sort of strain. He can at least hang about and play simple passes and if he had to use his left then it was only using his outer foot (Laces). So what happened next? Ahjoo was hovering around the halfway line at an RW corner and the ball gets cleared towards him so a good man would have said yup as per docs orders lets just let this ball go on it's way wherever it's going. What does Ahjoo do? He puts the ENTIRE weight of his body on his injured left knee by swivelling mid air 180 to clear the ball!!! Aaaarghh!! I like that though, passion and commitment! BRILLIANT! WHy oh why didn't BI consistently play like this throughout the season? That's because TOO MANY COOKS SPOIL THE BROTH!  
RW - Hitting one's head against a brick wall is one saying I can think of..Missed chances....that's enough...RW were playing against 8 players at one stage. Why Amonk went back to CD I have no clue. When he's on such fine form at Rm why did RW piddle about with the positions? That too I have credited them on numerous occasions for allowing their players to settle in their positions and get comfortable. Amonk was not comfy at all in Cd. Ahhhh I'm just fawning over Mantans superlicious fantabulous crosses. What I would do to get on the end of those crosses....I'd be dreaming about bicycles, diving headers and scissors if I was playing for RW. I am SHOCKED that not a SINGLE cross of Mantans was used. Nay not shocked, FLABBERGASTED! Nay not ....yes you get my drift.... 
23/04/15 Thu There will be NO Vid Cam for this match. Therefore one MO duty is freed. Only 1 Ref 2 Linesmen therefore 2 more MO duties freed. I will be one LM, therefore another MO duty spared. So there will be 1 Ref, 1 LM and one SR out of the 5 MO's left 3 can play for the ADCY and make it 10 players while 2 will do BB work. I am appointing Meeraj/Audi /Meer in charge of ADCY. All 5 extra MO's can be rotated to play for ADCY. 
2nd Div 
ADCY (1) 4 vs BE (2) 3 
ADCY - Red 21.56 Bruce og 22.58 Sunlight og 68.15 Jhakaas 78.26 
BE - 2.52 Bruce 64.37 Harsh 85.37 
ADCY - ADCY - Brush, Pat, Ringa, AnishTBUDS, Bigbird, Bif, Sid, Jhakaas LATE CONFIRMATION 
BE - EMERGENCY LOANS 1: Amarnath 230 AVGKL 2: Atul Shah (230, BI) for Jaidev (230, BE) 3: Lalit Zope (210, RW) for Arun (230, BE) 
MO's - RH - Hima, Sagar RW - Amol Vikas BI - Vikrant & Ajoo BT - 1. Neeraj M 2. Dhananjay R 
BE Preview By Deep (A Very Unique Review) 
This is my 4th match after I started playing with BE. It has been very good experience so far and I can see a lot of space for personal improvement gradually improving overall team performance. I have contributed to about half a dozen LCs in last match against BI, so think time I should be very careful when trying to acquire possession in the next match against ADCY. I think keeping Harshad alone in striking position in the last match was not a very good choice. He barely had the possession of the ball as we played formation of 4:1:4:1. I think this time the formation should be 4:1:3:2 with Amod/Jaidev and Harshad playing in the striking position. I dont mind if Amit plays in the front either but this is all my guess from my experience of playing with BE players in just last 4 matches. Maybe Amit is better off in CD or midfield. In last match against BI, Amit had really communicated well 2 days before about the formation and strategy that helped us a lot during the match. Looking forward to something similar against ADCY on Thrusday and hoping for a win. 
ADCY Preview By Hima 
Firstly would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to be once again part of the ADCY team and this time an opportunity to manage the team for the upcoming game against BE. Match Preview: ADCY is certainly a bunch of talented young footballers and we would like to use their talent to the the fullest in tomorrows game. Last game the team made a good start but somewhere along the way in the second half we lost of focus and concentration and the opposition scored. The aim in tomorrow's game will primarily be to try and not those mistakes again and keep the high tempo passing game running throughout. We will start with 4-4-2 formation and try and keep the ball moving along. The youths getting the fullest out of this game both in terms of experience and enjoyment will be the first priority but the seniors too would fill in wherever required. We are sure the team will be geared up for a good fight against and we wish BE all the very best for the game. 
ADCY Review By Audi 
ADCY get their first victory of the season and it surely was a great match to have been a part of. ADCY started qith 4-4-2 with Sid and Brush up top with Zhakas on the RM and Red on the LM, while Ringa and Audi interchanging in the centre. Defence consisted of Anish at LB Andy at CB with Big bird to support him and Biff at RB.Kramer took the task of being in the goal. The game started and before ADCY could get their system working BE got a very easy chance which they took with both hands. Although it looked like a mistake from BIFF but it wasn't cause big bird lost his specs while controlling the ball which was capitalised by BE.It all sounds comical on paper but it was nothing but unfortunate. Anish had a tough time with his positioning in the first half but the moment he was pushed further up he started to make dangerous runs in to the box. The game was controlled beautifully by Ringa through out. Feeding the strikers every now and then. Even if we started with 4-4-2 it actually was 4-3-1-2 with ringa playing behind the strikers most of the time. But his work rate was tremendous and he was everywhere. Zhakas had another cracker on the right wing. His brace explains it all. Second half started with an Adult defense and a youth attack and it worked wonders especially when zhakas was shifted from right wing to a striker position. From there he was far more dangerous. Sid had a good work rate and kept hassling the defenders. The other two goals scored by BE were fantastic headers. There was nothing brush could do for those looping shots. They were very skillfully hit and were worthy of a goal. Kudos to the young lot for playing a great game and thank you to ADC for letting us manage the team. 
BE Review By Robby 
Overall it was a good game for BE. We were passing the ball around. We also had good possession of the ball. 2 of our goals also came from the wonderful crosses and header. This is something we are also practicing during our regular practice sessions. I am quite happy that we are able to implement the same in the match. The end result of the game was not in BE’s favor. Out of 4 goals that we conceded, 3 were the silly mistakes from the defense and must have been avoided. 2 were the deflection from the central defender and 1 went over the goalkeeper’s head. Apart from these mistakes, I feel we had good control of the game. Communication between the players was also better as compared to our previous games. I personally really enjoyed the match. 
ADCY Loanee Audi Review 
It is always an honour to play for a team which has such strong basic knowledge of football and is absolutely terrific at ball control and off the ball movements and hence I am glad i got this opportunity. Playing for ADCY is always thrilling as you hardly have time to rest. No matter where the ball. no matter what your position is, you are always involved in the game as the players are very good at quickly switching the game from one wing to the other. Also it was great playing next to Ringa who i think was the most influential player today along with Zhakas! Kudos to the ADCY contingent and hard luck for BE and big thanks for ADC for letting us manage and play at the same time! 
Sleepy DL to BE Review 
First of all I would like to thank ADC and BE Team to allow me to play on loan. Today, i had a off day considering the passing and positioning. I think BE had lesser possession than ADCY. BE defense was kept tight but ADCY managed to pluck holes using there speed. Our wing backs were continuously under pressure Cuz of the players like zakas who was pouring in crosses. Hard luck at the end. I wish BE all the best for there future matches !!! 
Atool DL to BE Review 
Thank you BE for giving me that opportunity to loan me as an outfield player (rather than as GK :) ) . We were always aware ADCYs ability to pass the ball around and be very quick on the ball when we had the ball. They really played well today..especially Jhakaas...great presence of mind to steal the ball from one the better players in goal...Amma. BE allowed ADCY to have too much possession in the midfield and hence allowing them to distribute the balls to the wings.The crosses by both the ADC wingbacks were quite good and mostly towards a man in the D. Also would like to mention the strong headers by both Amod and Harshad S (from the D Top) that were a treat to watch. BE was passing the ball around well, but had a bad day today in terms of the last touches. I also missed a "sitter" in the first half..should have scored that. Anyways congratulations to ADCY on their first WIN! 
Meeraj Loanee to ADCY Review 
“Firstly I would like to thank ADCY for loaning me. In Today’s match ADCY played to their position and kept the ball moving which resulted in opposition making errors which ADCY cashed on. BE weren't in their top form and made a lot of errors in defense letting in 4 goals. ADCY was always in the lead and played a comfortable game. I loved playing with ADCY." 
Red Loanee for ADCY Review 
I am very thankful to the ADC for the opportunity. A big congratulations to the ADCY for registering their first win ever! Meeraj called all the shots for ADCY with Meer, myself and Audi helping him whenever needed. Meeraj did well to ask all the youth about the positions they play in and we adults filled in the vacant spots with Ringa handed the captain's armband. All the youth were given full gametime except for Dhiru who went off injured. I started off on the bench and came on 20 minutes into the first half to replace Meer on the left of midfield in a 4-4-2. Needless to say that all the youth did very well and played to their positions. Ringa was everywhere in midfield and made life tough for BE, he created a number of opportunities for Brush and Sid and both did have good shots on goal, one of which we scored after a deflection from Brush's shot. Second half I was played in CD alongside Meer. Meeraj made some smart changes after BE equalized 2-2 from a Amod header and pushed Jhakas upfront, Anish on RM and Bif on LM. This proved vital as two long balls from GK-Brush were not dealt with by BE and Jhakas hassled and managed to score a couple. BE were panicky and unlucky not to have scored on a few more occasions but Brush and Sid made good saves and read the game well to keep them out. However, Harshad did manage to score from a brilliant headed goal! All in all, it was a good result for ADCY but BE shot themselves in the foot with all 4 goals given away after mistakes in defense and missing opportunities in the attacking end of the pitch. Congratulations ADCY!! 
Kramer Loanee for ADCY Review 
I thank you for this opportunity for allowing me to play for the ADCY team . I played the goalkeeper position in the first half,where the ball slipped between my legs, for which I apologize. Later on I played left back position which was a new position for me. The team was led by the able leadership of Beeraj sir, Mihir sir and Red Sea. It was a fun game but BE gave us a good fight untill the end. I'd like to thank the ADC once again for this opportunity and also Hima sir who was not available and let me have this opportunity. Thank you . 
Andypandy Loanee for ADCY Review 
I would like to thank ADC for allowing me to play for the youths. And also neeraj, mihir and sagar for taking charge and giving a chance to play. Today the team was not under coach and played more of an independent game. A very different game as against the usual ADCY style. BE fought hard and got a couple of good goals. Finally a victory for ADCY and that to a hard fought victory. 
Amma AVGKL for BE Review 
I thank Amod of BE for loaning me for this game. Conceded 4 goals so did not do my job at all. One blunder from me led to a JHAKAS goal. Really admired BE's calmness throughout the game. Inspite of trailing for much of the game, they remained steadfast in their strategy of avoiding tackling the Younger Players. They were also extremely polite to each other and tried helping each other. 
MR By the ADC 
BE gifted an ADCY side that were mostly made up of other Club loanees, a win that should not have been the true outcome of the day. With Vikky officiating, everyone at the stadium realized that this was going to be a most painful affair. And so it was as the players ploughed into each other, not only the opposite team members but they were whacking their own team members too. Most of the match the SR Amonk and the ADC were wincing at the dangerous tackling and rampant uncontrolled aggression. Funnily enough as was the case on Tuesday when Ahjoo totally decimated his left knee which started when he landed off a jump badly, Amti injured his ankle again as he twisted his ankle on his own and Meer who was laughing at the way everyone was injuring themselves stepped on a stone as he saw the ball going out for a corner. Amazingly all the Late Challenges and molestations that prevailed all over the park resulted in no injuries except for when Amma AVGKL BE punched Jhakaas on his visage. 
A total miscommunication between Amma and his BE Cd's brought about two of ADCY's goals. ADCY having let BE into the match after Bigbird decided that picking up his specs after a knock on his nose was more important than tackling the man with the ball who proceeded to Shibhobo Kramer. Sunlights own goal and Bruce's OG could EASILY have been avoided. I can remember BE striking the bar an umpteen amount of times. Even Dev had a chance of scoring when he lobbed it beautifully only to see the bar get in the way. BE did score one or two thanks to Brush who was kept in goals for a 20 min period in the 2nd H. Brush did well but it's surprising that for a player that WANTS to keep and likes keeping, he seems comatose at times. As is nearly always the case the ADC LOANEES seemed to enjoy the game more than they do for their own clubs. This is probably coz there's no pressure while playing for the ADCY. Plus they can sort of play in the positions they want to play in. There's no doubt that BE is not the strongest of the clubs in the TZLC but they don't lack in passion for sure. I thought Bruce's header of an Atool DL corner was BRILLIANT to say the least. His timing and execution was PERFECT. Possibly even if the Keeper WASN'T Brush, he would still have scored. It seems I missed another great header by Harsh. As Dr. Khare was treating Meer near the far corner on the road side a cross came in and Harsh looped a perfect lob header when he saw the keeper (Yes Brush the Bhadji) off his line. This I guess forced the ADCY Management of Meer, (who was insisting that he wanted to go back on and play even after screaming for a minute in extreme agony thereby bringing Dr. Khare to his aid. And after the Ahjoo effect the other day where the player has ignored the Dr.s instructions and allowed adrenaline to win, the Doc decided that any player he feels is injured and does not lack in passion needs to be SIDELINED! Thus Meer was told there are only 5 mins left so you can watch from the dugout) Red, Meeraj and Audi to change the Keeper and bring Sid into goals. When Amma tried scoring on numerous occasion when he was pelting Brush with Long kicks we thought something would be shattered, either Brush's confidence or Amma groin for repeatedly attempting so many kicks. In the end it was the smiling Brush who looked more than relieved to be told to play up front than in goals. Loads of goal mouth melees (Please see SR) and other assorted events occured.  
The ADC thanks The Ref Vik the trick, Sherry wants to be Merry and Dan the Man for Reffing well (I think) also Amonk for his thoughts during the match and Meeraj, Red, Audi and Meer for handling the ADCY lads and Adult Loanees.  
Please see the image of the SR and of an incident in the previous match that was accidentely left out of the previous match report. 
The incident where Amonk Obstructs Meeraj and an IFK was awarded. (See added image after previous MR BI Vs RW CL) 
25/04/15 Sat 
RH 1 (1) 4 Vs BT (0) 2 AMP 1 = 3 
RH - Hima BMP 0.8 JJ DL 2.10 Red 58.50 Amu 62.05 
BT - Mantan 70.20 Snowtop 2 90 + AMP 
RH - AVPL JJ 260, Bruce 210 for Amar 230 DL, EMERGENCY LOAN Tiger AVGKL 260 
BT - Andypandy AVGKL 290, Mantan 290 for Ashubh 350, AVPL Audi 370, FREE LOAN Youth (Still to decide, loan period extended) UNA Sherry Shaurav 
MO's - AA - Sean, Shivang RW - Satish, Manoj BE - Guru and Jaydeep BI - Vikrant, Atul 
RH Preview By Red 
The end of the season is fast approaching and things are getting very close. All the teams will be closely following the match and supporting the team which may turn things in their favor in the league. Our ultimate aim is promotion and a play-off spot seems our best shot this time with AA running too far ahead to catch up now. But, in the TZLC its never over until its actually over. So we will continue to do our bit without worrying too much of the league tables and other teams. Our target will be to put maximum points on the board by playing some good football. We will again roll out a 4-3-3 but will miss Amar in midfield. Belzi is off to Barcelona and that has ended his season prematurely. After a suicidal defensive performance in our last match we welcome back DJ to lead our defensive line. Amu seems to be the only one amongst us who knows how to finish but seems to be over burdened. He has made the strikers position his own. We will be shuffling things around a bit, especially in attack, in order to help our other players contribute some goals. 0.5 bonus is very much achievable against this BT side but be have to be careful as on their day they are more than capable of annihilating any opposition. We wish BT good luck! 
BT Preview By Pam 
After having secured a win in the home leg, BT will be hopeful to repeat a similar result in our away game against RH this season. This will also be our second to last game and a very important game indeed as we near the end of the season. We will give this game our best shot and hope that the other results turn out to be in our favor. We will stick to the 4-4-2 as the players have become comfortable with this formation. Unfortunately many BT players are missing this game hence we have taken appropriate loans for their respective positions. We will also be featuring a player from the ADCY squad as well. This game may appear easy on the outset but even the slightest complacency in our approach may allow RH to capitalize and take the game away from us. RH have come back very strongly after the early season jitters and were a strong side to play against even for established teams such as AA and RW. As I said earlier, this is going to be a very tricky game for us and we need to focus hard, give the opposition players the respect that they deserve and earn the victory by sweating it out hard for 90 mins. 
BT Review By Pam 
BT had a very bad day in office today and could not click in todays crucial game against RH. We started off and continued for the rest of the game with 10 players as 4-4-1 with Andi Pandi as GK, Dan (RB) - Pam (RCB) - Meeraj (LCB) - Rafa (LB) : Jhakas (RM) - Audi (RCM) - Jehan (LCM) - Mantan (LM) : Niraj (ST). Even in our earlier leg against RH we had played the game with 10 men but this time the result was against us as RH today were a much better side to compete against. RH capitalised on the home advantage early on in the game as Hima skillfully chipped AndiPandi. Soon After RH were 2 goals ahead as Pravin's intended cross from the halfway line found the back of the net. Even after being 2 goals down BT maintained their posture and kept the game in the opposition half for majority of the time. Unfortunately nothing could be scored from at least half a dozen chances. Jhakas played upto his name, was a bit unfortunate as he had to deal with Bruce on his wing but he showed some quick skills on a couple of occasions to beat his opponent and cross the ball in. BT also did not take full advantages of the crosses which were coming inside the box. While Jhakas was instructed to cross in whenever he got the chance, it was the responsibility of the strikers to be present in the box in anticipation of the cross! There were some better moves in the first half which kept our confidence high as we entered the second half. The second half was a forgetful one as RH capitalised on both of Pam's defensive errors. After that RH increased the pressure and looked to kill the game but unfortunately for them they missed out on some easy chances. As the game progressed Mantan managed to latch onto a rebound and scored BT's first goal. Although there was nothing to celebrate at that stage of the game credit to Mantan for a good volley. BT got their second of the game after Snowtop pounced upon Jehan's pass-into-space and netted a top corner finish. As RH had conceded 18 late challenges BT got an after match penalty which Snowtop scored with ease. The final result of the game was 4-3 to RH, probably BT could have had the favourable scoreline if it were not for those defensive errors. Not trying to take the credit away from RH, they were the better team today, their players played with great spirit and they took whatever chances that they were presented with. As manager I would like to apologise to the fans for our performance today for letting them down. BT have one last game remaining against AA almost after a gap of one month now, and hopefully the players should be able to work things out. 
RH Review By Red 
RH did not have an ideal start to the day with Anna and Benny making themselves unavailable few hours before the game. This threw out the positions and strategy decided out of the window. We had to call upon DJ to play LW as his right ankle is not 100% yet! DJ was originally supposed to start on the bench and come on if the team needed! RH deployed a 4-3-3: Tiger-GK, Kramer-RB, Mangesh-RCB, Hima-LCB, Amod-LB, Rajesh-RCM, Rajib-CM, Sagar-LCM, Pravin-RW, Amu-ST, DJ-LW. Hima was very cool in putting away the BMP. One of the best taken BMPs this season. We started off well, Amu found DJ free on the left but he could only hit the cross-bar. Then Pravin managed to score from the RW but there were some doubts as to whether it was a shot or cross. In any case, BT failed to deal with it and we were up 2-0. Both sides them tried to create chances but failed to trouble the scorers. Second half we started well and found more space as BT pushed on for a goal. Our third came after a BT attack was broken down and Amu sent a long cross-field ball to DJ who cut it back for Sagar to score. The fourth came from a move on the right where JJ took on a couple of players before sending in a low cross which Amu put in the back of the net through Anand's legs. BT managed to pull one back when after a collision in our Dee, Amu gave the ball back to Pam on the half way line who passed it to Manan on the left and he scored while all our players failed to react after the drop ball. They got their second after we became a little too cautious having heard that the LC count was 18 and Neeraj S burst through the box to score. BT also converted the AMP and it ended 4-3. It was a good performance from RH but we would like to defend better, keep the ball better and not rush into attacks each time. There also came a period where everyone tried to get onto the score sheet and acted "HOWRAT". Thankfully it did not cost us much but in the future we do need to maintain possession and control the game better when ahead by a good margin. BT fought back with 10 men. It was very commendable and I congratulate them for their performance. We wish them all the best for their last league match! 
Mantan DL to BT Review 
I would like to thank the BT manager Pam and the ADC for allowing me to play on loan for BT. It's the first time I played for BT this season and I did enjoy the game. It was going to be a tough one as we were one man down and one goal down as well from the BMP. 2 early goals from RH did shake us up a bit but we had a couple of good moves and chances that should have be converted looking at the quality of Mid and upfront players. Second half was much better for us but again those chances were not converted. There was a huge gap in the midfield which cost us the game. Lastly very well played Jhakas and thank you BT. 
Andpandy AVGKL for BT Review 
I would like to thank BT for trusting me with responsibility of safe guarding their goal. It was a tough task as BT was playing one man down with ten players. So the defense had to be stronger than usual and attack had to be more fierce. BT had a great game going. I personally feel the only thing we as a team could have done better was in the department of converting plays into goals. RH with their composed passing game had the right pace set for them which helped them drill through the defense. A good in all. Once again thanks to BT and also to ADC for allowing me. 
Audi DL to BT Review 
This is my third on loan game and still i have nothing good to write about as far as my individual performance is concerned. I am very disappointed today as i believe we had a good game yet we didnt have to scoreline to show that. I enjoyed playing in my fav position but i could not deliver the final product which BT needed desperately. I remember having a lot of shots on target yet not remember once when the keeper was genuinely troubled. BT is a great team as they stuck to their game till the last whistle.You wouldn't believe this team was playing a man short through out.It game was crying out for a good finisher and I am unhappy that I didn't answer those calls! Good luck to BT and thank you for letting me wear their shirt again! 
JJ AVPL for RH Review 
Firstly I would like to thank Sagar for loaning me as a AVPL. It was the first time I was ever loaned and it was a pleasure to play along with a technically best side. RH are a great team and are super when they all combine well. I played RW and gave the best I could ending up on the winning side. Hard luck BT as they were a player short which RH capilized on. Congrats RH . 
Tiger AVGKL to RH Review 
At first, very much thanks to RH team management for loaning me as AVGKL. I knew it's gonna be very solid game. RH started with 4-3-3 combination and it worked well. After amazing BMP by Hima, JJ put RH 2-0 up into the game very early. Misjudge by Andy I guess. RH kept the pressure on BT defense during 1st half. BT were trying hard to get back into the game but after goind goals down, they started panicking and missed few opportunities. Sagar and Amu got good passing goals in second half and BT's chances of getting into the game ended there itself. In last 20min BT started pressing a lot and got many chances to score but scored only couple of goals. About RH game starting from defence; BT formation forced Amod to play better as Jhakas was playing super cool. Amod gave justice to his position. What a talent; Jhakas !!!! I am really impressed with his attitude, control, awareness, passion etc. ADCY kids gonna rock in coming season/s. Mangesh and Hima were rock solid in CD zone. Special performance by Akshay. He really played well against Manan. Manan is one of the best LM player in TZLC as he dribbles with the ball and put nice crosses into 'D' creating scoring chances. Sagar's game has been immensly improved after joining KITFO sessions. He looked very much confident on the ball. All because of Coach's training. What to say about Rajibda as he always performs well; passes well, gives support to defence whenever required and passion = 120%. Today was no different case. Very passionate game by Rajesh Sir. I remember once incidence when Rajesh Sir didn't even allow Audi to turn and pass to BT player. Also the grounding pass given to JJ was really JABARDAST !! For the first time, I saw DJ playing in LM position and was very happy to see him playing cool in that position. He's got good control on the balll. Today he read the game very well and played accordingly. Superb superb goal by JJ !! I guess he was trying to cross the ball and went inside. But JJ is a player who can score great goals as he always tries to create the scoring chances. To see him doing one-two is really nice to watch. Today was no different case. He combined with Amu, Rjesh Sir really well. Amu is a supercool striker. He holds the ball well and has got super striking ability. He was injured but still contributed a lot to RH victory. Finally I wish RH and BT good luck for their remaining fixtures. 
MR By the ADC 
BT and RH -  
BT had 10 players throughout the match of which ONLY 6 were Registered BT players! The rest were LOANS!! So no wonder it wasn't a propah BT side and they failed to live up to expectations. Their Loans today, Andypandy AVGKL, Audi, Mantan and Jhakaas did not play as per their capability. 
RH meanwhile were more clinical although even they missed a few players and a few chances. I was happy that Hima finally played in Cd. Amu just needs a couple of chances to score and he proved that today too. But unfortunately most of the balls he gets are in the air and he'd do even better if the ball is played at feet. Pam has this very DODGY style of lifting his leg up to stop the ball AFTER it has passed. He'll probably say he's too fast for the ball but in truth he's too frantic. He NEEDS To SLOW DOWN. I thought Rafa showed quite a few good glimpses as did Tiger.  
Feeling a bit dizzy so I'll stop here....Ratings tomorrow... 
That's what I wrote yesterday and I'm a bit better so will continue -  
While going back in the car I asked Jhakaas a few q's and he quite maturely answered as he saw it. I ALWAYS tell the lads how they should play IF they are playing in a certain position BUT if they are told something else by the Manager of the club he's playing on loan for than he should adjust. SO I asked him how they told him to play and he said that they asked me to BOMBARD the goal moputh with crosses. Hmmnnn, now I get it. I have rated Jhakaas very poorly in this match as he QUITE LITERALLY took his directions as rote and proceeded forthwith. My issue was that there were quite a few occasions when he HAD to pass the ball square or back and he didn't. Jhakaas was facing Bruce in RH and Bruce is a tough nut to crack. Taking Bruce on when he's off form is fine but when he's pumped up, Size will nearly always win out over guile. So Jhakaas crossed in balls from places where Neil Armstrong wouldn't have touched with his moon rocket and when he was NOT even in a position to cross balls in from! Such a pity! Along with those instructions, after giving the youth player his iinstructions, isn't it OBVIOUS that correspondingly you NEED to make sure that there are players IN THE BOX to USE those crosses? That's why Mantan, the man I'd have at LW in any team I select also started cutting inside to look for the ball. If you ask him how many he crossed compared to RW, I bet he'd say not half as much. I wonder what werehis instructions? I sincerely feel the players play MUCH better on loan than for their own teams as the pressure is less. OR unless the side is just headless, ie BT. MIshti was EVERYWHERE, he should look up a bloke called Bryan Robson, used to play for Man Utd in my time and MIshti for me is BR in disguise. He is the archetypal Central mf. NOT the new inventions of a job as either a Mf with the duty to attack or defend but someone who has BOTH qualities in abundance. For eg when BE or some other club that loves playing a 4:1:2:1:!;4:1 ? formation or some such rot (How many times have I told everyone that EVERY BLOODY FORMATION is a VARIATION of the 4:4:2 sytem and you CANNOT INVENT new areas?) OR for that matter a LW is a FORWARD that plays on the LEFT WING and IS NOT a Left Midfielder?....So if you would tell Mishti to play as the ONE behind the 2 CM's (4:5:1/ in your useless language 4:1:3:2) then I'm sure he would do so VERY VERY reluctantly and if I wanted to put him in that position it would be ONLY because I had no OTHER CHOICE. MIshti is a CM. Loves to ATTACK AND DEFEND. That is RARE and needs to be nurtured. Pam should listen to what I have been saying for ages now about him playing in Cd. He should NOT play in Cd unless he has some coaching in that position or he has a team mate that he can gel with. Plus KNOWING that a player, Bhanda may or may not be able to make it, he's one of your imp players that too in Cd, then WHY oh WHY did BT even IMAGINE that they could CONTINUE in the same vein as if he was there, that too AGAINST a club as GOOD as RH? Pam and Meeraj, the two that run BT's tactics MUST take the blame for this. DISRESPECTING the opposition....So saying, if they had someone outside to guide them then it may have been possible to keep playing the same way with adjusted positions against any side. But they didn't and chaos ensued. COming to the end of the Season BT still need a lot of thinking to do. They may just have signed their own Death Warrant with a PLAYOFF spot gifted to BI. They face AA in their last match, run away 2nd DIv champs...It's ALL cut out for them now.... 
The BIGGEST issue most of the players faced yesterday was the insane amount of AIR that was pumped into the balls. I'm sure the request came from none other than DJ as he regularly plays with a club outside of the TZLC and in the PDFA! For some reasons, people are of the opinion that the balls should resemble a rock in heat (No not Arun) I actually meant a big stone, hence a rock! The simple fact is that the footballs used on a grass ground have a SOFT cushion layer as the final ply. This softens the impact of your foot and head and other parts of your body on the ball. When you use the TZLC7 footballs chosen SPECIFICALLY for the HARD GROUND then the footballs will NOT have a soft outer ply. So when the footballs are pumped to extremity, they become harder than, yes a rock. This impacts on the ball control and passing. So next time the balls will be pumped ONLY as per the ADC's instructions. 
ON a lighter note -