07/04/15 Tue 
TZAS (2) 6 Vs KITFO R (2) 3 AMP - 5 
TZAS - Groov 6.20 TC 22.53 Andypandy 60.55 83.52 Rock 2 87.32 88.05  
KITFO - Mishti 13.48 Red 2 30.52 55 AMP - Red AMP - Tiger 
TZAS - 1. Ajoo 2. Mukul 3. Vikrant 4. Jaydeep W 5. Sameer P (Pam) 6. Raja 7. Jaidev 8. Dhruv 9. Pravin 10. Uday 11. Sean 12. Arun 13. Pai 14. Karan 15. Monga 16. Anand 
KITFO R - 1: Mihir (not for keeping) 2: Amit 3: Dhananjay 4: Nitin 5: Sagar 6: Rajib 7: Devendra 8: Suraj 9: Manoj 10: Tiger 11: Amartya 12: Satsut 
11 players are ORIGINAL KITFO players except Satsut so the ADC has asked KITFO R to go ahead with the 11 and that they do NOT include the RW player as we have to go as per the R and R whenver possible. If there wre MORE confirmed players from the NPP then I would have asked for a MIXED team, but as there is only 1 NPP and 11 KITFO players then all 11 KITFO should get a chance to play. 
There will be NO Video Coverage for this match. 
TZAS Preview by Sparky 
Arun C and I have been given the opportunity to manage the TZAS match against Kitfo on April 7th, 2015. The squad we have ready for this game is made up of the lads who are regular at TZ practice. It is a great opportunity for some of these new guys to play together with the veterans of TZ against Kitfo. Formation: 4:4:2 We will be rotating a GK so that everyone gets enough game time. Kitfo will hopefully put together a 11 member team so we will have a good game. Plan would be to take all what has been taught in the training and implement that into the game. Quick passing, off the ball running and some good understanding between players is what we will try to bring in the game. I hope both teams will fight hard and enjoy the game at the same time. Some of the TZ key players may be on the bench as they have not been regular to practice so we will player MO's but Arun and I will try to make sure all get some game time. 
KITFO R Preview By Prussia 
Sharad asked me to setup squad for this CL encounter. Since, some of KITFO players were not available to play, ADC allowed NPP players to participate as KITFO. Satish and Amol will be playing for KITFO. It would be nail- biting encounter. Sindh being small ground, KITFO players has to adjust their game and play more tactically. Rajib will lead KITFO in this match. We will be playing classic 4-4-2 formation with Satish playing free role upfront. KITFO will be happy defending in own half and will focus on quick counter attacks. last few KITFO practice session has helped many players to improve their game skillfully & they will not find better stage to demonstrate those skills. I hope to see good result coming out of the fixture. 
TZAS Review By Sparky 
Formation 4: 4: 2 Starting 11 Arun GK Raja Ajoo Vicky Uday Pam Mukul JayDeep Dhruv Pravin Rajesh Subs: Amol M, Santosh Pai, Sean M, Jaiydev, Karan T (injured) TZAS didn't start well today. Not all players got a touch on the ball and the midfield was in experienced allowing a lot of space for kitfo to come in with those runs especially from Amit, Sagar & Rajib da.. However it required a little bit of settling down. Kitfo I think played quite well for most part today. Rajib & Amartya dominated the midfield game due to the holes created by TZAS. I really wanted to bring Karan T in but he was unfit so the most obvious change was to bring Arun C in the midfield to bring that Solid central midfield game back. We had zonal issues with RCM & LCM most of the time were in the same area. I had to make changes to make sure the regulars at practice got more game time and I believe no one will complain on the way Arun and I distributed game time among the players. Rajesh sir scored a super goal and so did a Dhruv with a super header. Dhruv's header came from a great run by Pam and curling cross which Dhruv guided in with finesse. Anand was reliable and worked very hard helping out in defence and scored a valuable goal. The late challenges were very high today and the team needs to understand how to win the ball without going aimlessly for the players. Arun C scored a super goal and TZ needed that. Rajib da and Sagar also teamed up very well and Sagar created fantastic chances which kept our D line on the toes. Kitfo continues to surprise teams with their high spirited efforts but TZAS somehow managed to score more goals and win this. Our dear coach & ref today taught us how to have a great sportsmanship even during close games such as this one. We were awarded a free kick in the box due to an error by the linesman & Kitfo defence. He told us to give that away as it was the right thing to do and this was one of the "beautiful moments" of the day. Overall good game could have been much better as TZAS didn't settle in for most of the game however a good win. Thank you ref & MO's for a good game. 
TZAS Review By Rock 
It was a well fought match, with KITFO using their flanks and incisive runs through the middle. Amit for KITFO had a good game and made some excellent runs. Sagar too was very good today. TZAS needed to dominate the midfield, which did not happen, allowing KITFO to open up TZAS defence. For TZAS, Ajoo played well on the right flank, Andy had some good shots on goal including an opportunistic goal from a KITFO keeper error. Rajesh's goal was a blinder as well. In this high scoring game, TZAS was lucky to come out on top. Looking ahead, TZAS needs to play to its positions and avoid needless tackles and late challenges. All in all, an enjoyable game. 
TZAS Review By Ahjoo 
I am grateful to Sean & Arun who were in-charge of the TZAS. They entrusted me the captain's role and also gave me the full 90mins of match time to play. Thank you. The match was a well balanced game with both teams playing hard, passing the ball around creating good chances. TZAS played a 4:4:2 formation. In the first half I felt TZAS certain players in midfield position were playing out of positions creating big gaps in the middle which KITFO capitalized on and got two goals dribbling the central defense line also TZAS got stuck on the right side more in the first half. TZAS had a better second half as we were using both the flanks got some good crosses in and converted more chances, players stuck to positions and converted almost all chances on goal. TZAS players need to control their tackling we gave way to many late challenges (20)which gave KITFO 2 penalties at the end of the game. TZAS had a margin of 3 goals that saved them or then the story would be different. Thank to you to Mr. Khare (main ref) & the two lines men Meeraj & Audi. Final score was 6-5 to TZAS. 
TZAS Review By Pam 
Playing for TZAS is always a great experience as you get a chance to play with many players who are usually in the opposition. Today I got the chance to go back to the left wing and I decided to make the most of this chance. The first half was more eventful for TZAS as the ball kept moving around the pitch but probably we were slightly lacking in our ball control which allowed the opposition players to steal position and attack us down the center. As a player on the flanks I got the ball multiple times as well but was only able to put in one proper cross, so this means I have to work harder on my crosses. Towards the final quarter of the game I played in defense and tried to focus on cutting the ball from the opposition winger. Overall TZAS had a good game but there is much potential to elevate our standard of playing. KITFO were a resilient opposition and kept us on our toes as they always tried to get back into the game. Thanks to Arun final goal we could secure a win in spite of the two late challenge penalties that were conceded by TZAS. I had a great time playing for TZAS, looking forward to playing again on Thursday! 
KITFO Review By Mishti (Next time formation etc needed Mishti, plus look at the efforts from the TZAS players to submit their reviews...I feel sometimes the TZ players are more proactive than the KITFO players) 
It was a long time since we played as KITFO and this was another occasion where we were given the opportunity by ADC to prove what we have practiced for long. Compete against TZ AS who are blessed with players with immense technical ability, has always been difficult, and that too in their home ground. Both the teams played well with proper spirit, led by the captain Sean. I must be thankful to him and TZ AS for being so honest and respectful to everyone. Both teams had opportunity to score and I would consider it a great result when teams were locked 2-2 in the half. We missed few sitters to go up and paid the price as TZ AS scored and took the lead yet again. It was difficult to come back once again but I must say we had our chances to do so. In an overall we had a good game and everyone was up to the potential. As a team we need to cut down on personal errors which proven very costly in the end. Few changes in player’s position also did not help. Especially switching Manoj in out-field with Nitin, who got injured and lost some agility in the way. Thanks to everyone to make themselves available for the match and putting in such a spirited effort. 
MR By the ADC 
Mr. Khare was indeed a happy man as he could finally chat with the players while they were playing. As mentioned before, he had decided that from this season he would not talk to a single player during a match. Even if he wanted to say great shot or something. This match was different wherein he could even coach a bit along the way. Kudos to Sparky and Rock for setting up the players the way they did. Sparky seemed to sacrifice his play time to more than the rest. Also to the Mishti who as usual led from the front and ALL the other players from both TZAS and KITFO that ALLOWED the players in charge to get on with their responsibility. 
There was no camera so it's back to the stone age where we have to rely on my memory and theSR for the Report! Also of course through the reviews written in by the players. I thought some goals were really good, TZAS's 1st was a beautiful move that finished with a cross and sublime header by an onrushing Groov. TC's goal was also up there amongst the good ones when he calmly curled a right footer into the top corner past 1st H GK John. 
Red's and Mishti for KITFO were super, Mishti dribbled through while Red dribbled a bit to score after some great passing. Andypandy scored after TC (who was taken as Keeper for KITFO when Tintin got injured) decided to lay off a pass to him on top off the D. Too late realizing that he was keeping for KITFO and not still playing for TZAS. Andy curled it past the embarrassed TC. Red missed a right old peach of a chance bang in front of goal with only a geriatric keeper in front of him when the score was 5 - 3 and when TZAS had reached the 20 LC call that meant 2 pens were given to KITFO to be taken at the end of the match! 
TZAS - Too many players, lots of changes so this will be super difficult to analyze. I thought Rafa was a bit lost today and that goes against his current form. Rock has a major issue with positioning. I'm sure if you'd ask him he's say he's too used to covering the ENTIRE zone so he wanders about. Mr. soon to be Dr. M-kul of the Philosophy of genuine thinkers out to confuse normal people club, has this weird habit of playing a dodgy long ball every time he passes it along the ground. Plus he allows people to shout at him as if there's a sign on his back that says 'yell at me when I commit an error that you think is wrong, I may not think I'm wrong but still you can have a go at me'. (That must be a mighty BIG sign on his back!) Sparky gave a delectable through balll to the chappie on the left flank that was the best pass he's made all season. I hope he gives his right leg a right old ballocking and shows it the way it should be used. ("Lookee here bro (he punches his right thigh), look at what how your mate here (strokes his left thigh) is playing the game, now next time show your stuff bro! he screams and walks off to have a shower not noticing Mrs. Sparky, eyes wide open, mouth agape, wondering what the hell is wrong with her Hubby). Then we have TC whose name I just now read in this morns paper about deleting url's and stuff, I'm he would like to delete his pass to Andy Mcpandy. Andy looked astounded when one of the KITFO players fended him off, that's called super shielding Mr. Pandy! The rock was being routinely molested and abused by the frantic Amti and surely the old Rock from the Paleolithic period would have given Amti a bit of afters too. There was one cross I remember Ahjoo knocking in that was wondrous. Nobody go to the end of that. He gets a bit upset in Cd when he gets a few Lc's but I reckon he should just smile and get on with it as he gives as good as he gets. Marcelo (The ADC special case where he is the ONLY player allowed to chew gum for MEDICAL purposes) What medical purposes? You ask him.. say's his mouth gets dry...my guess is that all the water is directed to his skin...anyway Marcelo was 2nd to come on the field as Sparky's 1st choice Sub 135 wasn't even a CHOICE!! He wasn't going to play and was doing MO duty...Marcelo was kept in goals later (another relegation according to many EXPERTS in TZ)...hmnnn...my inference is that Sparky doesn't like you Marcelo! WHo else can I pick on? ....now to KITFO Wait...Pam was a busy body on the left wasn't he? But hi spenchant for searching for something in the sand does him bad. 
KITFO - When will Amti understand that going for the ball is one thing but going for the ball so aggressively that he thwacks players left right and centre is not on. Plus he is at the speed of 120 Km's per hour CONSTANTLY!!! Slow it down Amti! Him and Tiger were stepping in ach others zones and making too many runs up. Plus their habit or just Amti's habit of always seeking protection from a CM instead of marking teh player himself should change. Dan was good today but should cut down on his commentary. Sunlight was fantastic but saw less of the ball. Dev was great too but unfortunately saw TOO much of the ball!! Meer is another player that tries to reach the ball ANYHOW, abit like Amti. He needs to focus on awareness. 
Both Mishti and Amar are TOO QUIET. Considering what I've seen of crazy Bengali's at a the fish market or at a Big Calcutta Derby match, these two are more like budhist monks at a monastery. 'Speak not call not work hard and other wise sayings from the land of the holy ones'. Red who partnered them in CM at Rcm was FANTASTICO! He excelled in this role! Yes yes I am fibbing a teensy bit, let's just say he was revelling in the role.  
And that's all folks!! 
08/04/15 Wed Papal 
BE (0) 0 AMP 1 Vs AA (1) 2 AMP 1 = 3 20LC Vs 18 LC 
BE AMP - Jai 
AA - Arty 27.40 Rock 80.02 AMP Arty scores Django misses (straight at Satsut) 
BE - 1: Satish (380, RW) as per AVGKL 2. Sagar Pise DL (190, RH) for Harshad (190, BE) (Provisional Loan) Meeraj DL 240 for Groo 240 + Jhakaas 
AA - Anand S (310) for Amma (340) Lalit Zope (190) for Mayuresh (240) Manan J - AVGKL 
MO's - BT : DhananjayDNTU, Sharad Snowtop RW : Manoj, Vikus JJSR RH : AmartyaLM, RajibLM BI: MukulLM, TigerLM Vik 
BE Preview By Robby 
BE team is quite excited about their upcoming match. We have added few new players in our squad and this has given a new strength to the team. We are also quite satisfied with our last match result and this has given a lot of confidence to the team. Additionally, we have advantage of the home conditions. But, at the same time we understand that AA is quite a strong side. So, we will stick to our 4:4:2 formation and also play a bit defensive. Our strategy would be not to allow any free shots on the goals and build our game through the flanks. We are confident of a good fight. 
AA Preview By Django (Written before Change of Venue, NEEDS TO BE UPDATED) 
This is an important game for AA. After our mediocre performance against RH in the ADC cup Semis, the AA players are keen to get their act together in this important game. Its going to be a different ball game at Papal. After RH's win AA only has a 7 point lead in the 2nd division and thus, this is a must win game for AA. We will play a 4:4:2 formation. We will focus on utilising the width of the ground at Papal, and keep moving the ball around. BE have been playing well in their last couple of games and will definitely be a difficult side to beat at home. We are expecting a lot of fans to travel with us and they should be rest assured as AA have done their homework and are well prepared for this game. 
BE's REVIEW by Sunlight 
First of all I would like to thank ADC for giving us ADCY youth loan, Pratik played quite well today. Formation : 4-5-1 [Suraj-Amit-Prashant-Dev….. Jaydeep-Neeraj-Madhu-Sagar-Ravi..Pratik, Satish as GK]. I started today as a right back as I wasn't feeling well, but after half time I pushed up in Right Midfield position to help team in building attack. BE started well and did pass ball to each other. But when AA started putting more pressure, BE started making mistakes. Our defenders did a good job today considering constant attacking threat from likes of Sameer, Shivang. We were unlucky about first goal.. we should have communicated better. I don't want to blame Satish about those mistakes..these things happen in football..apart from that his contribution to game was very helpful today. Neeraj & Sagar also did very good job today. Lastly, kudos to Sean regarding convincing Ref to revert the decision of penalty. 
AA's Review By Audi 
Another hard earned victory for AA. Ideally this match should have been buried in the first half by AA, however terrible finishing from all the attacking players made the game a tensed affair untill the last moment. AA started with Shivang and Audi upfront, with Jango 2 at LM accompanied by Arun at RCM and Sparky at LCM in the centre along with Pai at RM. Defence consisted Lalit at RB and Mihir at LB along with Samya at LCM and Andy pandy at RCM. Thus a 4-4-2 formation was designed to ensure proper balance on both ends of the field. Shivang was in full form dazzling through the field, tearing the defence apart with his darting runs and close control. He gave Amiti gave a hard time and while doing so ensure that Amiti didnt get any space to make his dribbles. Shaun and Arooney ran riot latching on to everything and passing it through to the two forwards. Jango 2 playing at LM after a long time made some incredible runs. A few more games at that position and he could be extremely lethal as he had the support of a strong and sturdy Mihir at LB. Pai was at his best making runs and put in those crosses. The first goal scored by AA was due to a slight mis judgement on the part of BE's keeper Satish. Infact due to quick reflexes on part of Shivang allowed AA to make it look like a mistake from BE. But full marks to Shivang as he hassled Amit from behind without giving away a foul and very calmly slotted it home. After that the game opened up. Chances were created by both sides, although AA can claim to have dominated the chances created statistic. Zhakas on loan for BE was phenomenal in the first half as he was getting at the end of some really difficult chances and creating opportunities out of thin air. Second half saw some tired legs and changes in the formation from both teams which meant chances would be there for the taking. BE got a penalty in the box which was a real blow to AA as they had conceded from a penalty in the earlier encounter with BE too which led that match to a draw. However a mis hit by satsut meant AA had the upper hand again.Arun took a great shot with his left foot which was unstoppable for any keeper due to its fine placement and accuracy. AA were up by 2 goals and the game was possibly in the pocket. The late challenges by end of second half had reached a point of no return and saw AA get two penalties while giving away only one. A special mention to Andy pandy and Samya. They both were new in those positions but both kept their nerve and had their bases covered always.Also a big pat on the back for Sparky for being a good sport. AA team is proud to have a player who lives by setting an example for others to follow! Good luck to BE for their remaining fixtures and a big thank you to the ref and his assistants for a job well done! We also request the ADC to bring back the video highlights segment. The highlights really help the teams to assess their games and also provides us with entertaining bits of football along with valuable advice from the coach which help us improve our games! We hope the ADC considers our request. Thank you! 
Satsut AVGKL for BE Review 
I would like thank the BE Managers Amit and Suraj for loaning me as an AVGKL this morning. BE played super football right from the start. All was going well, when a nasty mistake by yours truly gave the ball away to Shivang and Shivang scored. I could have stopped the shot, but could not. BE were keeping AA at bay for most of the time and then were awarded a penalty in the 2nd half. After much deliberation I stepped up to take the penalty and missed. My miseries did not end here. Arun scored with his left foot into my top right corner. AA were awarded 2 penalties as per the late challenges rule. I saved one, but let in another simple shot. I was glad the match ended! I would also like to apologize to the entire BE squad who put in a very good performance but were let down by me. I take full responsibility for the loss, because for me, BE did not deserve to be on the wrong side of the result. A special mention for Pratik from the ADCY who played up-front as a lone striker and showed immense maturity and skill. His positioning, dribbling and passing were a joy to watch. 
Andy the Pandy DL for AA Review 
I would like to thank AA for giving me an opportunity to play with them. It was a different style of playing as set to my original team BI which took sometime to settle down. Quite some time actually. It was a well fought game from both sides and the score line doesnt do justice to BE's performance. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with AA specially with BE constantly keeping me on my toes. A well distributed game by AA with some beautiful shots and quick passing around the field. Thanks again to AA for giving me the chance and allowing the time to settle down. 
Red DL for BE Review 
Thanks to BE for the opportunity. The strategy adopted by BE today was a bit defensive. BE are a very passionate unit but did not try to implement things we have been practicing and instead opted for a long ball game and defending as a unit. AA found it difficult to penetrate and score. I was playing RCM alongside Jaidev(CM) and Meeraj(LCM) and was constantly hassled and pressurized by the AA midfield. We tried to pass the ball around in midfield but apart from a few occasions, we were not very successful. Apologies for failing to do better with the two good scoring opportunities - 1 shot went just wide and the penalty followup where I rushed to the ball first but failed change direction and make good contact. Looking back we should have taken a few more shots on goal and tested Manan. Pratik was fabulous, was a treat to play with, showed delicate touches on the ball, came very close to scoring a header and did tremendously well against the likes of Sameer C and Andy! A good fighting and balanced game where AA capitalized on our mistakes and ended victorious! 
Mantan AVGKL for AA Review 
Firstly I would like to thank the ADC and the AA manager for playing me on loan for today's game. It was a new experience playing as GK. A very unlikely position for me but I did enjoy playing. Happy to keep a clean for my first ever 90 minutes game as a GK. A little bit about the game, having a clear view of the whole field, I think AA played well but missed simple chances. There was good movement from the center to the wings and then the balls coming into the box but lacked numbers in the box. BE had a tough game, I would wish them luck for the future. 
Meeraj DL for BE Review 
Both teams played with good spirit, BE gave a tough fight to a strong AA side and also created many chances to score, it was unfortunate that these chances could not be converted, BE held to their task most part of the game and most of their players gave it all that they had. AA had a good wing game and passed the ball well, over all it was fun to play for BE and hope it was fun to watch for all the fans. “ 
Sleepy DL for AA Review 
Today myself Lalit Zope, played on loan from AA team in their match against BE. It was real challenge to play with such great guys today. I was playing on the right back position today, and I tried my best to support the team. Had a couple of headers and chances to score but I could not capitalise on the same. AA guys played really well from the left side with the attacks of Jango and shiwang. From middle Shawn, arun and couple of times Samya carried the game till the end. BE played well in the later part of the first half. They took their chances in passes interception, collecting the ball n playing short passes mostly to Sagar, n had put real pressure on the defense. BE played well, they missed a couple of chances to score. I would like to submit the above MR as i was on loan for AA. I apologize for the late MR mail from my side. 
MR By the ADC 
BE played with 3 Adult Loans and 1 Youth Loan for this match and tested the might of Astro's throughout the game. I sincerely believed the Ref was inclined to favour the underdogs as was the Luck factor. That's why for the Eagles to come away without even a DRAW leaves a sour and bitter taste in the mouth. SO did BE shoot themselves in the foot, did they whither away and die? Nope, they loaned one of the most RELIABLE AVGKL's in the TZLC, Satsut. And he proceeded to line BE up facing the wall and SHOOT them in the back. I will never ever blame a single player for a defeat but this is one of those rare occasions where there is no other rational explanation. People will argue that Satsut made a number of good saves, agreed folks but isn't that his JOB? Wasn't he supposed to STOP balls from entering his net? SO no excuses please, Satsut should be embarrassed and ashamed of his unimaginable actions that resulted in a victory for his nemesis Samya and Amma's AA. I can guarantee that THIS was Satsut's worse day at the office and I can also guarantee that these days come once in a blue moon BUT when they do, the effect will LAST FOREVER.  
BE fought tooth and nail and thus the LC count went way up, but for AA it was more that the LC count went up as they were getting frustrated. Nothing was going right and their concentration wavered. IT was AA's second that BE must realize that they have really improved and can compete with the best there is. The celebration that engulfed the AA camp was a sight to see when Rock FINALLY broke through a resolute and stubborn BE nest with a left footed top corner effort in the 80th min. It was 0 - 0 till the 27th min when Satsut decided that it was time to start BE's downfall when he hurried a goal kick to Amti RCD (who wasn't ready) and the ball fell to Arty who made no mistake. Now a player should ALWAYS be ready whatever the situation but here I can't blame Amti because for the entire time leading up to this event, Satsut NEVER and I repeat NEVER played the ball out along the ground. SO suddenly he decided to? I think he first wanted to pass the ball to his left to Dev but changed his mind and then Prussia told him to pass it to Amti and then ONE OF THE MOST MATURE players in the TZLC decided to throw caution to the wind and LISTEN TO ONE OF THE LEAST EXPERIENCED players in the TZLC! (Prussia should not get me wrong here, he's one of the few players whose caught on SUPER FAST to everything I've taught and he has grown as a player) but when you compare his 3 - 5 years of experience (after starting footer from scratch) and you compare him with players that have played the game ALL their lives than QUESTIONS must be asked. In the 70th min BE get a penalty.....Jai steps up to take it and Amti the captain says Satsut AVGKL should take it...he hits the pole...who had taken the gloves from Mantan AVGKL who was keeping for AA? Samya the man whose foul led to the penalty..So the Satsut Vs Samya war again. The BE players must make a note of this and keep in mind that there will always be only ONE winner in this fight...Sly Samya...With their hearts hurting and their hopes fading, Rock made sure of the result. 
Here I'll keep an image of the Stats Sheet so you can go through it to read what happened. 
(There's no highlights show as I didn't get enough feedback from everyone that they were enjoying the highlights so I thought why spend 4 hours doing it when no-ones interested?) 
What I can remember are - Jhakaas's header, Arty's sizzling crosses, Sparky's conscience attacking his core (The Ref had awarded a penalty because Prussia had made a challenge in the box and Sparky (who was near the fence on the gate side near the goal) seeing this challenge had played the ball back towards the pen spot. Prussia had made no attempt to get out of the way of Sparky and as Sparky had AVOIDED a tackle or such by releasing the ball there was no other option for the Ref. This was also a culmination of fouls in the match by Prussia prior to this incident. So after a pen was awarded and everyone was ready for it, up steps Sean 'Sparky' Hallowed be thy name Mathews who must have been still under the influence of Good Friday and Easter Sunday and stuff like that, and walks up to the ref... 
Sparky "Word I may having you withs Reffings Sir? Heart mine is painings for my thinkings of Penalty Sir..." 
Ref - "No worries Sparky! Go ahead and tell me whats on your mind..." 
Sparky - "Me thinkings I doust runnings Prussia into nay Prussia doust runneth unto me" ( He didn't think Prussia fouled him just that Sparky couldn't stop running into Prussia) 
Ref - "So be it Sparky....We can't have anyone's conscience being troubled...." 
So the Ref changed his decision of a Pen! Good grief! This can only happen in the TZLC! Imagine in world football something like this happening!!!! 
Brilliant! I can also remember the numerous times the AA players kicked and pushed each other, Amti's crazy run could've finished with a goal, Mishti ball watching (He was Linesmanning on the Lone tree side), Robby's attempt to search for his specs and the ball at the same time, Deep's attempts at throw ins, Reds DL ability to smile whatever happens, sleeps ability to replicate Satsuts form (he didn't play very well), Audi's ability to rev up his R8 roll up his windows and be impervious to all that happens at AA, Rocks TERRIBLE acting, AA's penchant for getting in each others way even when they aren't colliding and finally Meeraj's DL happiness at playing for a club that only has positive calls along with his happiness at playing against his cuz Samya! Hope you enjoyed this MR! Ratings along with Yesterdays ratings (if I'm going to put up yesterday's ratings) soon.... 
09/04/15 Thu 
RW (4) 10 AMP - 0 VsTZAS (0) 2 AMP - 1 
RW - 135 3 6.29 20 66.01 Satsut 2 53.45 64 JJ 42.10 Toufa 2 42.50 63.45 Vikus 91.01 
TZAS - Pam 70.38 AMP M-kul 
RW - Andypandy 310 for Allen 330 
TZAS - 1. Ajoo 2. Mukul 3. Vikrant 4. Jaydeep W 5. Sameer P (Pam) 6. Raja 7. Jaidev 8. Arun 9. Dhruv 10. Uday 11. Sean 12. Pai 13. Himanil 
MO's - Following player will come as MOs from BT on Thursday, 09 April 2015 for TZAS vs RW: 1) Neeraj M 2) Sharad Y Following players will play from TZAS: 1) Rajendra R 2) Sameer P RH - sagar and dj BI - Kapil Atool 
RW Preview By JJ 
RW plays its first CL game of the this season and against the star studded TZ guys. This no wonder will be a very good game to play. It will be a mix of variety, skilled players who will be difficult for RW to control and counter. RW will play its traditional 4:4:2 formation and mostly still to game plan. With coach managing the TZAS, RW will have to strategize properly and ensure they give 100% effort to the game. Jatin is tentative for this one and if he does not make it RW will have to really be strong at the defense. BI tops the CL table as of now and RW would want to replace that label and stand its name in this format of the game too. We wish TZAS good luck for the game and look forward for a great game match day! 
ADC NOTE - Mr. Khare was not asked to Coach the TZAS...The TZ Secretary has appointed Rock and Sparky to look after TZAS. 
TZAS Preview By Sparky 
TZAS plays a very formidable Rw squad. RW truly is a very balanced and tough squad to play against. Arun and I will try our best to understand their players strengths and weaknesses to position players that are available in TZAS squad. We will play a rotating GK so that all get a game time. We will have to work on defending as a unit and keep the pressure in their half. Special attention will be given to the central midfield game that RW relies on to create chances. Coach always stresses on having a good time as well so we need to make sure the squad is enjoying the game as well. I think everyone will enjoy this game and we will once again have to put in a strong squad to face RW. 
TZAS Review By Sparky Jt Manager 
Dear Coach/Ref, I sincerely apologize for opening my mouth and challenging you on a decision. The pressure in the game and the clobbering got to me and I couldn't hold my nerves together. It wont happen again and I am also ok if you wish to post this particular apology as part of the MR. Dear ADC, How do I begin to describe todays massacre? What a team RW has become and they truly played like champions today. Each and every player knew what to do and kudos to Sathish & Pravin for building such a well balanced squad. Our formation for the game was 4: 4: 2 and Arun & I thought we had put a decent squad in play. We missed Amar & Hima who had to cancel due to commitments but that being said no excuses because we were outplayed by a very confident squad. For me as manager I struggled to bring the squad together and of course to bring up my game as well but after a few goals the body language of TZAS was discouraging. Usually every season we have a clobbering game and this was an example of that. I am yet to get over a 10-2 defeat but I think we have to take it in good spirit. We tried to build the play at times but there were too many defensive errors and every error was capitalized by RW. Karan, Toufiq & Sathish in the central area were teasing us with their quick passing while Monga & Manan put in some fantastic crosses and cutting runs from flanks. It is hard to be beat a side in such great form so we accept the embarrassment and hoping that TZAS will have a great game in the next CL against RW. I apologize for Ref Mr. Khare for my unwanted conversation with him & Sathish. My nerves got the best of me. Pam scored a nice goal and he worked very hard. I think there was no lack of commitment for about 60-70 mins of the game. We should move on and focus on individual games to come back together as a good squad. 
RW Review By JJ 
RW had its best performance of this season today when they trashed the TZAS 10-2. They beat their previous best of 8 goals in a game. It was different game today. Everything was working well. The passing, the touches, the weight of the pass and the finishing, The players entered the field with positive attitude that kept the confidence high throughout the game. Satish who had a bad game the other day had a good game to settle down and forget his worst game of this season. Karan opened the scoring for RW with a top notch finish followed by a thriller from Manu. JJ tapped a simple one of Manu assist. Just before the half time Karan once again found the corner of the frame to take the toll to 4-0 half time. In the 5 min of second half, Tofu with his bazooka blasted and Satish adding to the scoreliine to immediately after 2 min to make on 6-0. We started the formation 4:4:2 - Manoj(GK) Vikas(RB) Jatin(CD) Anand(CD) Lalit(LB) Monga(RW) Karan(RCM) Satish(LCM) Manu(LW)Pravin(S) Toufiq(S). 2nd half we changed JJ and Vikas. He was super upfront. Satish dribbled passed 2-3 players before he laid off to Karan who made no mistake completing his hat-trick for the season. Satish scored the 8th one quite comfortably. RW then got a little more anxious to score the 9th one to try and earn the bonus point. That’s something I felt shouldn’t have been done. In that anxiety, we overplay things and sometimes don’t achieve the desired result. We need to learn that RW. Composure is the key! Vikas smartly placed the 9th over Jaidev followed by Karan to complete the 10th. Meanwhile Pam-Gaurav had a beautiful 1-2 to give TZAS their only goal. The AMP was missed by Lalit but TZAS got that one counted. Final Score 10-2. Overall happy with the performance of the squad. We are getting back at the right time. TZAS also played well but it was bad day for them I felt that RW capitalized on. 
Andy DL for RW Review 
I would like to thank ADC for allowing me to play on loan for RW. And specially RW for taking me on loan. RW played a well settled composed first half. There were beautiful setups and passes made around the field. One of the best things about playing for RW was the constant encouragement and a build up to what could possibly be done differently next time. TZAS had a strong hold on the ground most of the first half and from there on it was just one of those days when something starts to break it simply starts crumbling. TZAS had some really nice moves coming through the wings and solid defending. I thoroughly enjoyed playing and it was one of the more settled games for me. Thanks a lot. 
Rock DL Joint Manager for TZAS Review 
A one-sided affair, to say the least! After a good show by TZAS on Tuesday against KITFO, we were hoping to give a good fight to RW. Indeed, the first 15-20 minutes of the first half looked like a balanced match was on, in spite of RW going 2-0 up, courtesy two fantastic shots by Karan and Mannan. However, RW's class started to show, and they took over the game completely. Their passing, movement, and passion to win the ball was miles above TZAS, whose ball control and passing became worse with every passing minute. The score at half time was 4-0 in RW's favor. TZAS tried various changes to their formation, but nothing worked. Goals continued to rain down on TZAS, and I frankly lost count of the final tally. There was only one move from TZAS , initiated by Pam, with a fine touch from Gaurav that Pam finished coolly. RW are a wonderful team when they are in full flow, and unfortunately TZAS ran into them at their very best. Congratulations to RW 
Pam DL for TZAS Review 
Playing against RW is always a difficult prospect, physically and mentally as well. But today RW were in sublime form and totally decimated the TZAS. Before the game we were confident of giving RW a tough fight and also started off on a positive note. However, after conceding some goals in quick succession our confidence took a hit and we probably lost the plot. The first half however, was full of chances created by Mukul and Sean. Going into halftime TZAS were 4 goals down and even though a win seemed less probable we decided to play across the ground as arial balls was not working. We also decided to give it our 100% for the remaining 45 mins and convert any chances that came our way. But RW were a very resilient team today and kept the pressure on at all times. From my perspective too,I got the ball on the flanks more than half a dozen times but every single time I received the ball, an RW player came along swiftly to prevent the cross. Andy Pandy and Vikas made a huge difference to the game with their contribution, kudos to them both. Also there were some deft one-touch moves between Toufik, 135 and Satsut which showed the level of confidence with which RW played the game. All credit to the RW today, they were the better team and deserved to win. All the best for your future games RW! 
MR By the ADC 
I'll let the Highlights do the the talking. (Will be put up asap by tomorrow afternoon) 
Thank you to all the persons that requested the ADC to continue with the highlights. It's just a pity that the ADC had to ask for some sort of thanks before the thanks came in.... 
The trickery at the ADC office went so I couldn't update everything by 3 pm but the work should be completed by tomorrow. 
RW - In the end they scored at will but sadly for me only half were delightful, the rest were gifts from TZAS. There were some sensational quick one touch passing movements that I've been harping on about in practice and we could see that today. I have said before that Satsut needs to play a more attacking role and look what happened.....RW were relentless in their hassling and eagerness to get in among the goals. As I said they all deserve the credits and I will leave it at that. Plus I'm intensely peeved at a certain TZAS player that I will mention now. 
TZAS - Run by Sparky (more the fire causing damage version today than the heat causing warmth he always is) and Rock. It was Sparky though who quite clearly tried to take TZAS by the collar and push them forward. He tried to do that to the Ref too. He has apologized and that's his duty but the situation should NEVER have arisen, regardless of how intense or how passionate the moment was. A player that the ADC and Mr. Khare have described as being the epitome of humility has shown a different side to his persona. His conduct in yesterday's match also was ONLY acceptable because Mr. Khare knows him and the Ref changed his decision. That was the wrong thing to do and NOBODY should be allowed to question the Refs decision, WHATEVER it is. One day later and the same player QUESTIONS the Ref and then IN FRONT of the ref asks the opposition player involved if he had touched the ball or not. THIS IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE from ANY PLAYER and coming from Sean Mathews it just seems even more bizarre. 
The Ref has spoken to the ADC regarding this and the ADC will take action on the player. Plus ACTION may be taken on his club as it is the CLUB that is responsible for the players behaviour. 
The Ref has also gone into a sulk and is RELUCTANT to REFEREE for the REMAINING part of the Season. 
From the TZAS side I thought apart from a few mistakes M-kul did a commendable job along with Pam. 
The rest should understand that playing against a club as FORMIDABLE as RW, you need to just focus on the basics and NOT go for a win. Just play the game and see how it pans out. Play the BASIC 4-4-2 with all the players understanding their roles. Not to try something fancy. 
11/04/15 Sat 
SF 2nd Leg M2 1st LEG RW 2 Vs BI 1 
RW (3) 5 AMP 1= 6 VS BI (0) 2 
RW - Sleepy 17.45 Mantan 25.56 Jonty 42.18 Satsut 2 17.43 74.48 AMP JJ 
BI - Andy 57.30 Abhi 62.35 
RW - Amti 210 for Vikas 280, Mishti 290 for Allen 330 
BI - EMERGENCY LOANS Audi AVPL 370, Amar 230 DL for Goony 230, Meer 350 AVGKL Nik and Hamol UNA 
MO's - BE Deep SR was utter and totally shite BT - 1) Rajendra R 2) Sameer P Meeraj RH - Belzi LC CRAP and Akshai Pat ADCY AA - HADNOT SENT LIST Rock LM Not good Marcelo 
RW Preview By JJ 
The 2nd leg and again the most important game to get to the final of the ADC cup. RW, although were better side in the 1st leg, only have an advantage of 1 goal. The team is aware of this and will not take things lightly. BI is a great team when they come along together at the same passion and commitment. They are strong bus in defense and unbreakable if they get along well. RW on the other hand will play with extreme confidence. The squad has recovered well from the past losses and have been doing great recently. They are fit, technically improved and ready to deliver. Again looking forward to register a win and get to the final spot of the ADC Cup format. Vikas would not be available and surely will have to be covered up. We shall start with traditional 4:4:2 and continue playing well, using the width, attacking whenever required. We don’t want to loose from here now. We wish good luck to BI and look forward for a great game match day! 
BI Review sent LATE by Ahjoo but EXCUSED as Reason was genuinely serious 
RW have proved to be be the best team in terms of performance this season and seem to be running away with all the titles. BI are going to have to play better than their best game to stop RW. The first leg of the ADC Cup semi-final RW won by one goal, this means BI not only have to win this game but with a better goal margin. BI are determined to do so. We will be taking some technically stronger players on loan. BI to the end of the season is being hit by non-availability of its regular players and has decided to take stronger players on loan who may help out to balance the team formation and BI will get better results as for now all the matches for BI are do or die situation games. BI in the last game showed very postive signs of better movement and playing the passing game and will take the advice of COACH and iron out the mistakes in the last game. BI will play with a formation of 4:4:2 mostly attacking football but this time will concentrate on the defense and see that there are no lapses. BI fans are requested to come in huge numbers to cheers the team and give the moral boosting the team members are looking for. 
RW Review By JJ 
Another top notch win for RW today. Congrats to the team for reaching the ADC Finals. Everyone was spectacular in their roles. We continued from where we left on Thursday. The players were already told today not to be in a complacent mood. However we could see a few players not arriving before the cut off. Players are warned about the same. We started the formation 4:4:2 - Manoj(GK) Amti(RB) Jatin(CD) Rajib(CD) Lalit(LB) Monga(RW) Karan(RCM) Satish(LCM) Manu(LW)Pravin(S) Toufiq(S). Manu continued his Super knock that earned MOM today. We was super down the left and playing up down continuously. Zhope another man to me who a fantastic game than any of his games this season. He was good with the LB work and was charging down well. He opened up the scoring for RW today where he volleyed over mihir to give that initial lead. JJ who was average today gave a through ball to Manu who made no mistake to grab the 2-0 lead for RW. Jatin Scored of Amti’s corner with a deflection of Tiger. First half 3-0. Satish scored an immediate thriller in second half to make it 4-0. BI then bounced back with 2 back to back goals 1 penalty by Anand & 2nd one Abhishek scored. RW panicked immediately after that as the fear of LC count could have changed the story of the game. All that panicking was zeroed by Tofu beautiful cross which Satish blasted to make it 5-2. Luck favoured us for the LC count being 1 short to 15 and finally we managed not to give away that penalty. BI crossed the cutoff & JJ made no mistake in the penalty to set the Final score 6-2. Today it was a different game than yesterday. There were some instances RW played loose – fortunate enough that it didn’t cost them. BI as always were fighting till the last min that’s the beauty of the ICE Men. They are strong team, but today RW outplayed them with the current form that the team is getting into. Hard Luck BI..! You guys are solid and we wish you good luck for future matches. 
BI review By Ajoo 
BI had a good game today we felt. We were able to get the passing movement of the ball but a few defensive errors gave RW the chances and they got a couple of quick goals in making the task even more difficult for BI. Very disappointing result we should have done better. BI played to a 4:5:1 formation - Mihir (on loan - GK) Abhishek(LD), Vikrant (LCD), Atirge(RCD), Ajoo(RD); Amartya(on loan-LW), Mukul(LCMF), Anand(CMF), Kapil(RCMF), Atul(RW); Aditya(on loan - striker) BI plan was not to play too many long balls all the time as it always plays BI had planned to play the passing game as much as possible and try and keep possession, the plan worked well in phases BI needs to be more consistent but for that each and every player from the team must play with full confidence & must have the fire in the belly to go and win, I feel there are a few players who don't have that in them and this is brining down the morale of other team-mates too. BI needs to win a game to bring the morale of the team back up and maybe also needs a change at the managerial level. Sincere apologies to fans & management for letting your hope sdown towards the end of the season. 
Amti review DL for RW 
I would like to thanks RW for considering as loan. I like the attitude of RW , everyone in the team were appreciating each other. I think RW dominated most of the game. The goals scored were classic. I enjoyed playing at RB and was never under any pressure. I just played relaxed and concentrated on defensive duties. 
Mishti Review DL for RW 
It was good match for RW in terms of starting and continuing with a 4-4-2 formation. Whole team knew what they were supposed to do in each position. Midfield led by Satish was in much control throughout. Taufiq and Pravin were constant threat. Most remarkable were the players in wide positions, Monga, zope, manan and Amit. Good we were able to keep BI check for most of the occasions and did not allow opportunities to get behind the defence. Rest all were taken care by Manoj who is starting to look brighter in goals in all matches. Good the goals kept coming and BI were under tremendous pressure. We should have done better in keeping a clean sheet though. But the result was a great one considering we were up against an accomplished side like BI. 
Mantan MOM Review for RW 
I would like to thank all the MO's of today's game for giving me the MOM and the ADC for a very generous prize. It was a brilliant day of football today, we started the game where we left off two days back. The team looks extremely composed and the coordination has been spectacular. This definitely is the key for me to play the best I can as there is always support around. Congratulations to the whole team and now we look forward to the Finals. Very well played BI, always tough contenders. 
Audi AVPL for BI Review 
Getting to play for the two oldest teams in my first season of TZLC gives me great pleasure and i thank everyone who is related to this decision including the ADC. However a loss to RW today meant the excitement was short lived. I thought BI had a very distinct style of play. The rely on quick movement/passing as they do not hold the ball for long. I had to be on my toes the whole time as i didn't know where the next ball would come from. I had trouble adjusting to this style at first as i was playing a lone striker upfront and i felt a bit isolated. But later i started coming deep to pick the ball from the mid field which meant i got to see more of the ball. I think BI have some really good players and even if in the last few matches BI havent got a favourable result, I can assure them that building a game around those few individuals can bring them close to what they want to achieve. I thank Ajoo for taking me on loan and congratulate Atoool for the MotM award. 
MR By the ADC 
Much was anticipated in this encounter and much disappointed...but what stood out was Satsuts first time volley and Amonks crosses. 
Meer should have taken care of Sleepy's opener evn though it was a top corner finish...he had a lot of time to read the flight of the ball and seemed very amateurish in his attempts to save it. BI have a mojor problem with GK's...ESPECIALLY when their own Hamol is UNA. It was a walk in the park for the Warriors who are leaving swathes of bodies in their wake. Who can stop this all conquering Royalty led by JJ and their wonder player Satsut? Are they going to sweep up all 4 trophies in the final month or is this just a wake up call to the other clubs? 
BI - My confusion here lies in their INABILITY to place players in a formation that can be BENEFICIAL to the side and not catering to players whims and fancy. To play to a strategy coupled with players that can be used to their fullest capability. Although I thought my misgivings were misplaced when BI started off well, my instinct proved correct as the match wore on. My biggest issue is when you have Andy AVA in the squad, WHY ISN'T he playing in CD? That's a position he's comfortable in and a position he has played in many a time. Any doesn't have that fine and delicate touch that a CM needs. Andy is a HUGELY talented player but you CANNOT place him in a position where he has no time on the ball. END OF STORY! Another player that would be in my side day in and day out when he's in form and HE IS IN FORM is Kapka. But why do the Icemen persist in playing him in CM? Shouldn't the player that's most likely to trouble the opposition play up front? A player that can turn nothing into something? They keep two SLOW players in Cd. They keep playing Abhi at Lb. Isn't there something wrong here? Mid season this formation probably worked but now RW are at another level....These cd's don't like dealing with the opposition strikers directly, they like feeding off the hard work of their Cm's. They rarely step out of their comfort area to challenge the strikers. So you will see the way the players sat back and admired Satsuts 1st goal. Atool had a welcome break with a good game, MOM by the MO's so he must've been one of the better players. I feel Audi AVPL was so underutilized it was an embarrassment to underutilizania land of underutilized players. They smacked him up front and asked the CM's to target him, and did they? No....The defenders knocked wayward balls and asked Audi to chase...Did Audi do his best? Yes he did! And even though there are many aspects I don't like about this self confident smart alecky soon to be Chartered Accountant, I don't think I can ever say that he doesn't give 110%. He was literally running around for causes that were so lost that one wondered if they were real in the first place. A super player but totaly and undeniably WASTED! This BI team may have been a bit different if Groov, Nick and Goony were AVA, I think Hamol would have been a bigger choice in goals. Meer was a surprise choice as he is still recovering from a dislocated knuckle. Amar DL RH was at fault for one of BI goals but I can bet my britches that playing for BI is way more confusing than RH. There are so many players giving advice here that they wouldn't be out of place in a telephone exchange working as telephone operators. Tiger under pressure is like a caged tiger and thats not nice. I think I had suggested to Vik once that he'd be a good Cd but this was probably with a faster partner or with Andy. But against RW with 4 SLOW defenders, that's just a lamb to slaughter. Viks constant persistence with trying to score of kick off's is more a joke than anything serious. There's no doubt that the MAnager Ajoo's mind right now must be on chucking it all in. From the dizzy heights of the early season to now, the TZLC8 where everything seems to be culminating in disaster it woudn't be surprising if the Manager and a few players want a change. But it's like what I told RW's JJ at the start of the Season, the most difficult thing is to retain trophy's, lost prestige and stuff like that. BI need to clear out the muck and make way for fresh new faces.  
RW - The reason why RW are doing so well is because each player knows what his duties and responsibilities are and they have been doing that for some time now. Another reason is because Satsut is on the form of his life. Everything he touches turns to gols except one VERY BAD MISKICK today that I'm sure he remembers. A golfers wayward slice to be exact. All the Warriors are hitting the correct notes right now and I wait to see how they will react when they go a goal down. It's been a long time now since they have been under pressure. Just one issue I still have is that the defensive line does not go wide when they have the ball, they are still very tight. Why it's not being noticed is because once they give it to their Mf's or St's then they have literally nothing to worry about so making space in their defensive half is not needed. Amti at Rb excelled but he did have his railgaadi (over speeding train) moments. Amonk for me needs to just cut down on a few errors and shore up his defensive game and he'll be on 10's EVERY WEEK! I would LOVE to be on the end of his and Mantans crosses just to have the opportunity to try out scissors, bicycles or diving headers. The RW players in the box should be ashamed that they haven't tried any of these seeing the kind of service they get. Mishti is getting better and better as the season progresses and I wish he was in this form earlier. JJ should make sure he doesn't get left out of the slick one touch moves by some of the players, he has started to get caught offside more than not. 
A quick word about the two players BANNED from Cameraman or Stats Reporter jobs for the rest of this season 
The Kramer and Deep show! (Images thanks to ADC appointed Reporter Wham Bam Pam!!!) 
Image 1 - Geez we totally screwed up the job! (According to the ADC..) 
Image 2 - But we still love each other!