31/03/15 Tue 
1st Div 
BT 1 (1) 2 Vs BI (0) 0 
BT - Ashubh 2 1 BMP 8.45 89.45 
MO's - RW: PravinLM, KaranDNTU, JatinLM, Zhope AA: ShivangDNTU, AdityaREF MarceloTU LM BE: GururajDNTU, DevendraDNTU RH: MangeshLM, Akshai 
BT - John 260 AVGKL 
BI - Andy Pandy UNA 
BT Preview by Pam 
*** In our earlier game this season, BI had chosen the wrong side erroneously. As per the instructions of the ref officiating the said game, I am writing to inform you that in the same game, it was agreed that BI will be allowed to choose the side of their choice at the toss *** Please find below our preview for BT vs BI on this Tuesday, 31-Mar-15: It seems like ages ago since we last played BI! If my distant memory serves me well, out of 3 encounters, BT have had the better result only once. A lot has happened in the league since our last encounter so we will have to look at BI from a fresh perspective and assess ourselves against them. Anand is back for the Iceman which is sure to make a differential impact for them. Also, Uday and Tigre are in good form, so basically BT will have to match their opponents and compete against them neck-to-neck. Coach sir has helped BT to adhere to a well defined strategy, and we will be playing to that plan. The formation would be 4-4-2 and the plan will be to play positions and follow the individual instructions. BT have a full team on display with the AVGKL Manoj helping us keep our goal. We wish the visiting team all the very best for this fixture. The fans are guaranteed to have a splendid time at the Thunder Estadio. 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
BI vs BT a very thrilling game this is going to be. Its a do or die situation for both team more so for BI. BI need to win all the remaining three league games to have an excellent chance in claiming the League Title. The 1st Division league race is come down to the wire. BI in the last two games it played was down and almost pulled back the games but the overall performance was nothing to rave about. There were disputes between players during the game and a few positional decisions in the game plan went wrong. BI have ironed out all the faults and are ready to give a 100% in each game and there is a seriousness in the camp and discipline is top priority on & off filed. BI have strategically worked on a plan and positions and will play accordingly. BI will play mostly a 4:5:1 formation with a very balanced defense and mid-filed line-up. The more tactically strong players will be played in the correct positions they are needed and with a predefined role for that position, the same will go for all the other team members as well. An away win if BI get it will boost the morale of club to the highest level. The BI fans can expect to see the best performance from its players in this match and coming matches. BT will have to work hard to make something out of this game. BI wish them all the best. 
BT Review By Pam 
Before I begin, I would like to thank Ajoo and the BI team for helping with the ground work before today's game, really appreciate it guys. In what was a hard-fought game, BT will be pleased with today's result against BI. The players seem to have synced well with the 4-4-2 formation as suggested by Coach Sir and started with John as GK, Meeraj (RB) - Bhanda (RCB) - Pam (LCB) - Rafa (LB) : Dan (RM) - Shubhankar (RCM) - Jehan (LCM) - Sherry (LM) : Gaurav (ST) - Niraj (ST). As we were told before the starting whistle that the game would be officiated by a player ref, we decided during the team huddle to expect a hard game and not be bogged down by late challenges. Shubhankar capitalized on the home advantage and took a great BMP. Through the first half, BT kept the pressure on the opposite goal and took all possible shots but the BI goal keeper Hatkinator was simply phenomenal today. In the second half, BI upped the ante and started pressing forward as well. There were a few nasty late challenges here and there by both teams. The BT defence still needs to work on awareness, Pam made an awful error which Vikki took advantage off and set Tiger up on goal. This led to the clash of John and Tiger and the ref awarded penalty to the visitors, which was later cancelled after the ADC advised the ref against it in the interest of consistency of fairness across the game. Many thanks to the ADC for the decision! BT's second goal was less finesse and more of pouncing on an opportunity as Shaurav's mis-hit landed at Shubh's feet who slotted it past the keeper to make it 2-0 and a consecutive clean sheet for John. Even though it was not the sort of game we would have expected from ourselves, BT will take the result in their stride and march on wards into their next encounter against the Blazing Eagles. I hope the fans had a great time as well, see you all on Thursday! 
BI Review By Ajoo 
An important game which BI needed to win but lost by two goals. BI tried their best to go for the win but starting one goal down it was going to be a task. BI should have played more attacking football the mid-field should have taken more shots on goals and should have had more off the ball movement than there was in the game today. BI started with a 4:5:1 formation Hatki (gk) abhishek (RD), ajoo (rcd), Vikrant (lcd), atul (LD); Uday/(dhruv)(rw), mukul(RCMF), tiger(CMF) kaka(LCMF), Gaurav(LW); Nikhil(striker) BI could not prevent the BMP and BT took the lead 1-0. At kick off Atigre got a chance to get the score level but his shot on goal missed the far pole. The game was played hard and tough by both sides. Both teams had good chances to score but could not convert. BI made another mistake by trying to catch off-side on a free kick in the Second half and that when BT managed to sneak in their 2nd goal. BI's Hatiknator once again made some brilliant saves and kept the score line in check. BI feel that an important game or any game at this stage in the season we should not have player ref's. As some calls taken during the game may not go right due to inexperience in referring and this affects the mindset of players and disturbs the rhythm of that players game indirectly hampering the overall team performance. So we would like to request ADC to please convince MR. KHARE/COACH to please be the referee for all games. All in all it was a good match BI showed some positive signs of passing the ball around and quick one-twos which we will work on and try and get more of in the next games. BI apologies to its fans for the loss and assures that the team will work hard and win the Next three league games. 
Refs Report by Audi 
The ref would like to point out that he was thoroughly disappointed with the conduct of several players during today's encounter. It was made clear to the captains that even if the game gets physical, same will be allowed and the ref will be lenient towards hard tacklers of the ball. Yet some players took this as a chance to exchange war of words with each other and sometimes also with the ref. On numerous occasions the players kept approaching the ref and tried to bully him into giving decisions their way. I will be extremely clear on the fact that a different ref will have a different approach. You cannot expect the same level of discipline from various refs. Each ref has a specific way of controlling a game and that needs to be respected by all the players as consistency will be maintained. But a lot of players today thought that they were going to get away with murder which they almost did. Several players on both sides were heard murmuring comments towards the style of refereeing. They should count their lucky stars that they were not sent to the sin bin. The ref was in no mood to destroy the game by sending players off for incidences like these. Yet some players confused a rough game for a dirty game. The ref would also apologise for wasting time by first giving a penalty and then reversing the decision. The reason for this as rightly pointed out by ADC was that there should be consistency in the approach and thus in the first half a clear penalty was denied to BT, which meant allowing the current penalty would mean an unfair hand being dealt to BT. As per TZLC rules both were penalties and thus if one was not given, the other could not have been allowed. Thank you ADC for a timely intervention and kudos to the players who used the privilege given by the ref in a right way! 
BT AVGKL John Report 
I think this is the best football I have seen this season by any team. BT was clinical in their game as a unit, great passing movements, off the ball running, clear communication and a good defense. If they had more luck, could have easily scored a couple more. I had the best view and I enjoyed playing for them and it gave me confidence and helped me to up my performance as well and to keep a clean sheet again. 
MR By the ADC 
A match that BT quite clearly dominated for most parts of the match even when they went a player down because of an injury to Sherry in the 2nd half. 
From a neutrals standpoint it was the players themselves that were at fault for not allowing the game to be played as how the Ref said he would see it. 
Once a Ref tells the players that 'to hell with the TZLC R and R, I've been given the job to Ref and I will do it my way or everyone can go their own way up a highway' then so be it. If the Ref says that 'if two players are going in for a tackle and one of them is going in slightly rough then I'm going to say PLAY on!' So there it is. Although Audi was MEANT to follow the R and R he said he wouldn't, so why call for Late Challenges? I mean even Mr. Khare found him to be inappropriate when he failed to speak to Mr. Khare respectfully. But Audi was I guess flustered with the players being unable to keep their own ego's chained and the inevitable happened. The inevitable was how Audi just got more frustrated and how the Players kept talking to the Ref and the opposition. There is no doubt that if Mr. Khare was the Ref then the game would've benefited the side that likes to play good and fair but hard footer. The Hatkinator SHOULD have been shown the Red card and the ADC will look into this matter again to see if he needs to be punished. This kind of challenge is NOT controlled and can lead to SERIOUS INJURIES. If he gets the ball things CAN be overlooked if he's really going for the ball but in this case (SEE HIGHLIGHTS) he's CLEARLY NOT considering the welfare of his opponent. 
But all aside let me reiterate that it will always be the players that determine the way the game is played, whether it's reffed well or poorly. 
The match itself was a typical football match you'd see anywhere in any stadium in the world. Well not any, as there was quality on display. Two great volleys especially from Ashubh and Vg (Doesn't anyone think Jehan looks like Van Gaal?) were sensational. As were other incidences in the match. 
But by typical football I meant the nastiness of players being b*t*hy. Quite distasteful I must say. In the end as a neutral I'd say BT deserved the victory as they played better. Noticed one more thing that I did? BT never changes positions but BI were acting as if they were playing musical chairs! 
BT - Still more work needed, I'm glad Ashubh is taking more responsibilty attacking wise. Pam seems to be sorting out his headers while defending and VG is coming back to form.  
BI - Too many recipees spoil the dish...Some players are more concerned about how other players are playing and aren't too concerned that they are playing shite themselves...I hope that's more than enough info.... 
NOTE - Thank you Ajoo for apologizing for the fact that you weren't in the frame of mind to listen to me at the end of the match. I have no issue with this as who doesn't feel screwed up after losing? Plus nothing was said that would get me upset so all ok. Being angry and pee'd off is expected from all the players as long as they respect one another. It just shows a level of committment. 
Thanks to all of you that thanked me for stuff I was unable to reply to. 
A big FAT THENGA to Anna and Marcelo who did ot bother to even write an email or message me regarding the MOM 's. So now I am wondering if I should continue it the next time..... 
Mr. Khare the Ref says he may come back from Thursday IF the players UNDERSTAND their responsibilities towards the TZLC first and foremost. 
BE didn't send an MO....Wondering what to do with them......apart from the fine and deduction of points.... 
02/04/15 Thu 
BT (0) 2 Vs BE (1) 2 
BT - Ashubh 51.20 Snowtop 68.30 
BE - Sunlight 9.49 Bruce 69 
MO's - RW: ManojLM, Karan, ZhopeSR AA: SeanDNTU, Sameer CDNTU Mayur ArtyCM BI: VikLM, Atool, AjooLM Hruday Hamol RH: HimanilLM, Akshai 
BT - AVGKL Jonty 310, Beeraj 200 for Sherry 220 
BE - Meer 340 AVGKL 
BT Preview By Pam 
Our first league game of this Season was against the Eagles at their arena. None of the BT fans would remember since the away tickets were not offered for this game. There was nothing much worth remembering either as the encounter was a stalemate which resulted in a 0-0 draw. BE have come a long way this season. They have the added advantage of stamina due to their bigger ground, along with the individual strengths in the team such as the pace of Amti, solidness of Amod, calmness of Suraj, and leadership of Prussia. BE have also added muscle to their side with the recent transfers of Jaidev and Harshad, so there already is a certain degree of uncertainty which BT will have to be aware of. BT have adopted a well thought out strategy with the help of Coach Sir, and we will be playing to that plan. The formation would be 4-4-2 and the plan will be to play positions and follow the individual instructions. BT have a full team on display with the AVGKL Jonty helping us keep our goal. We wish the visiting team all the very best for this fixture. The Eagles fans are most welcome to the Thunder Estadio, please make yourselves at home. We also promise the BT fans a great game of football!!! 
BE Have NOT submitted a Preview...Fines and points to be deducted. 
BE Preview by Sunlight 
BE will be playing a 4:4:2 formation. We will try and play the tactical game we have been practicing at the practice session. The simple passing, positional game and defend and be patient and attack on the counter. BE's own 11 players are available for this match which should be great news for fans considering BE's inability to come up with it's own 7 players on recent occasions. 3 new faces in BE will be making their debut in this match, so it will be exciting see how BE perform in this match. BT is having very tight schedule, they just played match on Saturday, also they will be playing BI on Tuesday & then with us on Thursday, BE will definitely try to leverage on that. BT vs BE is always an interesting encounter and so is this one going to be the same. Fans will get a great game to watch. 
BT Review by Pam 
In spite of maintaining majority of possession and getting so many chances, BT were unable to win todays game. We started off as 4-4-2 with Jonty as GK, Meeraj (RB) - Bhanda (RCB) - Pam (LCB) - Rafa (LB) : Dan (RM) - Shubhankar (RCM) - Jehan (LCM) - Beeraj (LM) : Gaurav (ST) - Niraj (ST). We have only ourselves to blame for dropping two crucial points as even after controlling the game for a majority period we allowed the opposition to get back into the encounter. Our initial plan was to take a lead and then consolidate on wards, but on the contrary we conceded first as a result of Sunlight's cross-goal. Even then we did not panic as we knew we were getting the chances. In the second half we came out with a mindset to capitalize on our chances and try to finish the game. We played to this plan and were able to gain a lead in a short span of time, but all the hard work was undone due to a very slack defense, and it was Sunlight again who took advantage of the situation to set up the second goal. BT were also awarded a penalty at the end of the game owing to 15 late challenges by BE but again, we could not convert it. Very disappointing result for us as we let go a winnable game, feel very bad for the fans- they must be hurting as well. As manager I would assume the responsibility for today's result as we as an entire unit probably became a tad bit over confident and did not play to our best level. This was a great learning experience for us and will allow us to introspect before our next game. Kudos to the BE team, especially the defense for thwarting us off on so many occasions and ensuring that they stayed in the game at all times. Wishing you all the best for your remaining games. 
Beeraj DL Review for BT  
All in all this was a poor game for both sides. BT did well in pressuring BE and holding a higher possession of the ball, but were unlucky with finishing. We hit the crossbar, and the posts a couple of times. Mihir was excellent in goals today and although we had quite a few shots on targets, he managed to keep them out. I felt BT were rushing their game a bit and not playing to the flanks and the short ground passes to build up the game. I had a good time playing as LM, alongside Shubh, Jehan and Niraj. I had lots of space to move around, cut in and take shots - unfortunate, none of them converted. I think Dan was also exceptional today! I enjoyed playing for BT. 
Jonty Review AVGKL for BT 
It was pleasure playing on loan today for BT and I thank them for welcoming me. Back in goals after a long break, I wanted to ensure I made no silly mistakes and to spread the ball around whenever i had possession. We started a very positive note with a lot of pressure being applied on BE. From my position in goals it seemed like we would score right from the get go and if things went our way could have scored a lot of goals. However, things turned around quite quickly when BE off virtually their first attempt managed to score. From my point of view it seemd like Suraj was going to cross the ball in from the left flank. I am not sure if he mis-hit the ball or meant to score directly but his shot looped over my head into the goal off the far post. Silly goal to conced quite early in the game. The second goal we conceded was also avoidable. The whole defence line stood still when an innocuous through ball seemed to heading our for a goal kick. Suraj again took advantage of the loss in concentration and managed to cross the ball behind the defense line. The ball fell to Amod (I think) who scored in the bottom corner. Apart from the above 2 goals, I never really felt any threat from BE in goals. Also I do believe I could claim an assist in BT's 2nd goal, which came of a goal kick. It was fun playing for BT but a slight disappointment as I felt we could have won handsomely today. 
BE Review By Bruce (Not as per protocol, will be fined and possibly points deducted) 
Good comeback by BE after fiasco in tzlc. New players who joined club gelled well and played well too. Couple of good saves by Mihir ensured we stayed in the game. Super goal by Suraj gave us the break we needed. We need to cut down lot on late challenges, we were lucky not to concede goal in penalty. Overall good performance by players, hope to end season with better performance. 
Amended Review By Prussia and Sunlight 
What a match for BE !!! They were seen as weakest team in league. Many things happening around BE. 3 new players playing their first match. It was good to see BE drawing this close encounter. Formation (4-5-1) Mihir(GK): Devendra-Prashant-Amit-Jaydeep : Suraj-Jaidev-Amod-Guru-Harshad : Debashish Well Done Mihir for his all-out efforts helping this outcome. Some of shots saved by Mihir were very good. All new joiners were given full time to play this match. Nice performance by all of them. They are good addition to BE and we hope to play some aggressive football going ahead. Once again BE were leading and lost track in second half. It’s becoming habit now, Big thing to work on. And so many late challenges costs us a penalty (superb save by Mihir). We decided to play with 5 players in mid-field to break down fast moving BT players and their 1-2s. All mid fielders did good job and hassled BT strikers and Middies all the time. Our strategy was to get control of ball in Mid and attack down the flank. 2nd goal was exactly to this plan. Good ran down the line by Suraj, well supported by Amod, gave us fantastic equalizer. BE respect efforts by Reff during whole match. Big match coming up next week, We hope to continue this form. Besides, thank you very much for not suspending BE players who came late for the match & also for showing leniency on Jersey & Stockings issue. 
MR By the ADC 
Having almost 90% possession and then drawing must rankle amongst the BT players. Plus one of the goals they scored was from a BIG defensive error from the BE cdefence. BE surprised everyone by going up 1 goal when Sunlight outer footed a cross that looped over a usually reliable Jonty AVGKL. Embarrassment personified. But credit to Mr. Sunshine who was astounding today. The Jt Manager of BE rarely gave up and proved why you should never give up in the 2nd H. Ashubh equalized with a stunning volley early in the 2nd half and then scored again when the Cdefensive partnership of Prussia and Amti misjudged a Goal Kick and allowed the sneaky Snowtop to nip one. For me, this was a GOALKEEPERS ball. The over confident BT thought this is the first of many. But Sunlight hadn't given up and from the Kick Off he continued chasing a ball that the Thunder had thought was going out. He knocked the ball inside and it was Bruce who actually finished with aplomb. The man that whacks everything miles over the bar or wide of the post finished with consummate ease. With BE reaching the unenviable 15 LC mark BT's on form player that can't quite get the ball in the net all the time stepped up to take the AMP and Meer SAVED! 
BT - The biggest mistake any side in top form could make was to become complacent and thats what happened to BT. I have my doubts over Pam playing Cd as he ALWAYS tries to make a sizzling run from deep when this is to be curtailed. WHy he has switched to Cd I still don't understand. BT failed to make their presence felt even though they had much of the play. Their attacks were slow although the final passes (assists) were sometimes a treat to watch. Jehan 'VG' Kothari has a wonderful touch. Snowtop is always a threat but what can one do when there are 10 BE players and 6 BT players in the box? Pass the ball about UNTIL a chance is created. Don't keep hitting your head on a brick wall. Usually this means knocking long balls and forcing chances but BT were passing the ball along the ground mostly and trying to force opportunities that way. It's very difficult to defend crosses or players that come in from the flank and BT weren't consistently trying that. Just off and on. Maybe BT could've got a penalty on a number of occasions if the Ref was in one of those moods but it wasn't to be. 
BE - A good display by BE defensively. Or was it? The Ref was lenient on many BE players and could've given a few players their marching orders but he didn't. There were a lot of positives from BE in that they kept talking to each other and made suretheir new signees were on the same page. Dev made a few overlapping runs and that was good to see. I thought Sunlight was doing well as was Jai. Deep did not have a bad debut and that goes for Harsh too. Amti intercepted well and Deba was even worse than usual in his challenges. This is probably because he hadn't touched a ball for a month. I'm sure he'll be in pain for a few days! 
04/04/15 Sat 
RH 1 (3) 6 + 1 = 7 vs BI (0) 3 + 1 = 4 
RH - TC 2 1BMP 23.23 secs 53.03, Amu 3 4.15 13.50 AMPLC 1 Red 75.10 Beeraj 83.40 
BI - Kapka 50.32 62.02 Andypandy 27.15 Tiger AMPLC 
MO's - RW - Toufiq, Manan, Jatin, Karan, Lalit; BE - Jaidev, Amod; BT -1. Pam 2. Jehan 3. Shaurav ; AA - ; 
RH - Django 220 for Hima 240 EMERGENCY LOANS AVGKL Sparky, Bhanda 230 for DJ 240, Sid Ben UNA 
BI - Amonk 250 for Vikky 270 Prov Loan, Abhi UNA 
RH Preview By Red 
We go into this fixture after a good performance against the star studded astros but still ending on the wrong side of the finishing line. Most of our players are in good form but we are lacking that killing instinct in front of goal. We need to do better to capitalize on the chances created! We have also beaten BI at the freezer in the previous encounter and picked up the 0.5 bonus on offer. We are confident of performing well and will focus on our usual game plan of quick passing and maintaining possession. Amu is a doubt for this fixture and is still recovering Sent from my iPhone We all know how dangerous BI can be especially towards the latter part of the season. They are desperate to go past RW. We know that will have to match the passion of the blues if we want to win the 3.5 points available! BI will pose a different challenge with a very direct long ball approach. DJ is in good form and with his wealth of experience will be responsible to shut off BI and leading the defense. We expect a hard fought game with a high tempo which will be worth a watch for everyone present. We wish BI luck! 
BI Preview By Ahjoo 
This is the most crucial game for BI after its game played on 31st March 2015 as this is the penultimate league game this season. This game will decide the faith of BI in the league table for this season of the TZLC. RH have had a very Topsy-Curvy season so far but the last few games they have been playing good football. BI will have to play to plan, discipline and each and every BI player will have to give his 110% in this game. If BI are able to pull of a victory in the previous game vs BT then the team will be full of confidence and will go for a victory in this game also BI will have to show complete maturity and hold its nerves and stay calm and cool as its name BLUE ICE, to achieve the desired result. The cub management and fans have full confidence in the Iceman and are sure they will play their best football in this match. BI will stick to its formation of 4:5:1 and play more attacking football with an equal strong defense line-up. The BI players are in syn and on same page and very well aware of their roles in the given positions during the game. BI wishes RH all the best for an exciting and important encounter. 
RH Review By Red 
RH started with 4-3-3: Sean-GK, Akshai-RB, Bhanda-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Jango-LB, Amartya-RMC, Sagar-CM, Rajib-LCM, Belzi-RW, Rajesh-ST, Amu-LW. It was a very high paced match from the start. Although we had atleast a two goal lead for most parts of the game, we knew we could not take things lightly as BI are capable of a quick fight back! Before kick-off, Rajesh did well to score the BMP. We started off a little slowly and BI came out attacking. We were unable to keep the ball and lost it very easily. Tiger gave away a DFK for a push and Amu put it in the bottom corner. This settled us down. Amu then scored from an outer left footer cross. The start of the second half, BI came out with intent, as they always do. They pulled one back! But we soon restored the 3 goal lead when Belzi crossed for Amu who was knocked down by Atul-GK. Rajesh converted the penalty. BI then pulled two back with two set pieces which Andy took brilliantly. Tiger gave away another FK near their bye-line. Amar did well to find Amu's head but it was blocked by Atul. Sagar put it over the line. The last goal came with a blazing run by Belzi from RB to the goal, after a bunch of players failed to put the ball in but Belzi finished what he started! Sean was terrific in goals and quick to come off the line to collect or punch any crosses coming into the box. It was a good game and a 0.5 bonus point earned which may prove vital at the end of the season. We were guilty of committing too many late tackles and have given away a penalty in our last two matches. We have to learn to respect our opponents and not jump into tackles. We are happy to have pulled a double over the iceman this season! 
BI Review By Ahjoo 
First I would like to start by thanking the ADC to allow us use the provisional loan bi had taken even though the player for whom we had taken the loan played. Thank you. Todays game was one of better performances by BI. The team was focused, synced well with each other, making enough movement with the ball played the passing game and created some good chances. BI played a 4:4:2 formation - Atul(GK)- as hatkinator was unwell and cancelled last minute. Nik(LD), Ajoo (LCD), Atigre(RCD), Uday/Dhruv(RD); Gaurav(LW), Mukul(CMF), Anand(CMF), Monga(RW); Vicky & Kapil - upfront This formation worked well BI throughout had put RH on the defensive and kept applying pressure but unfortunately could not convert the goals on the other hand RH got chances and BI playing the attacking game made defensive errors and conceded few too many goals and the goal difference was always of 2 or 3 goals and a difficult task for BI to catch-up, but till the end whistle BI did not let their guard down and kept attacking. The score line also suggests that the game must have been entertaining as 11 goals were scored in total between the two teams. A good game spectators and BI fans we think & hope so enjoyed themselves. BI still have a chance to retain their position in the 1st division, the team will now focus on the remaining games and play similarly to maintain its position. 
RH AVGKL Sparky Review 
" first half was a great game by RH even though they were unsettled and the reason is Amu was on fire. I personally thought RH kept the lead well and as keeper I had a easier first half. Second half however was hard on me as I conceded 2 quick goals and the pressure was back on RH which is typical of BI. However Amu and Amartya kept it going along with Sagar and Rajib da to continue to score the goals. In the end I enjoyed the game as keeper I had an exciting game but could have done better. 
RH DL Bhanda Review 
I would like to thank Sagar for giving me the opportunity to play on loan for RH. It was a very good experience. Even though i was playing with them for the 1st time it was very easy to communicate with the entire team while playing and hence made it much easier for me to gel in. Mangesh and i have played together in the past but that was during school time. But even now i thought we teamed up well to control the defence. Most of the game we managed to keep the BI strike force at bay. The freekick goal by Anand was top class. I was disappointed with the few shots that I took. My radar was way off. Akshay was playin on my flank and i thought he had a couple of good spells but his tackling was a little off and hence he was carded a few times. Also at the start of the game my tackle on Gaurav was quiet a bad one. i genuinely thought i was gonna connect with the ball but got his leg. Thankfully no one was injured. All in all a good win for RH. 
BI DL Amonk Review 
I would like to thank BI’s manager and the ADC for allowing me to play on loan today. I was playing a after a few weeks off and was looking forward to playing a competitive game. BI played 4-4-2 and I thought they missed their regular GK Hatki. RH got off to a great start and were 3-0 up quite early into the first half. Andy scored a great goal from a free kick for BI and also created one with a nice run down the right flank. However, RH would almost always score a few mins after BI did and they maintained a comfortable lead throughout the game. On a personal level, I don't think I could contribute much to BI's efforts today. BI plays a central game and I should have adapted better to their playing style which I failed to do. I am grateful to BI for giving me the opportunity to play. 
Note from Marcelo regarding MOM awarded by MO's for 1st Leg ADC CUP SEMI 
Dear ADC, Many Thanks for the MOM award for the AA game vs RH. I am grateful for the recognition - but also do recognize that its my team mates who make me better. I share this award with each one of AA. Thanks Santosh 
Review By Jai Debut for BE Vs BT Away 
Thanks to Blazing Eagles for including me in the team. It was a good game to start with against a tough BT side, that had won the last 2 games. After discussions with Suraj & Amit, it was decided that I would play in the mid-field. We were under consistent pressure from their midfield (Shubhankar and Jehan). However, our central defence of Amit and Prashant did a good job of shutting them and their strikers (Gaurav and Niraj) down .We got off to a good start with Suraj putting an early goal, that gave our team the confidence to play well together. We lost some concentration early in the 2nd half, allowing BE to put in 2 goals. Thanks to the ref for catching a BE handball, which prevented a goal from Jehan being counted. Suraj did well again to retrieve a ball that most of the players thought was going outside. He crossed it well to Amod, who slotted it in the goal corner for our equalizer. We need to work on our late challenges, as we conceded a AMP, which Mihir did great to stop. Overall, it was a pleasure to play with the BE team, Amod and Suraj link well in the midfield and look forward to playing the rest of the games of this season. 
MR By the ADC 
BI played one of their best games this season and ended up losing by half of half a dozen goals! I hope that now they won't think that they need to play bad to win! RH I thought also played calm and composed and played one of their better games this season too. In this match we saw 2 goals scored through seconds, shows that the players are being a little more alert and aware, 2 DFK's, one sensational and the other wiser than Dumbledore. 
All in all BI may feel a little sad that they played well and lost but happy as they FINALLY played well (Although I have a few minor issues), and RH will be thrilled with the ease of the victory, the finishing, the luck and extra .5 points! 
RH - With 3 loans Sparky AVGKL, Bhanda and Django DL (And his THOUSANDS of supporters!) RH looked a different lot. But the loans taken by a revitalized Red were up to the mark. They replaced players near to exact as per their capabilities. Bhanda is always a threat when he prepares to take one of his trademark bazonka's but this time round I was worried for the penguins near the arctic circle as the shots were closer to them than Atool who was keeping for BI. I thought both the Wing backs had good games but Kramer digs his own grave when he goes in for a tackle recklessly. Django looks very funny with his dodgy handballs in tight situations but with the backing of nearly ALL the AA contingent he was raring to go till the final whistle. The Bengali duo of Mishti and Amar was great too watch. Mishti more of the hard man while Amar does the gentle stuff. As per Red's report he played in CM? Really? Hmmnnn. I presume he played a free role then or RH changed their positions later....Red's stint with KITFO, since he's joined he's been one of the most responsive and regular players there and is also improving his confidence and technical skills, has helped him profoundly. I thought he was good today. Amu at LW was wise as he says his right foot is injured but persists in using it. How will it heal then? Amu would be a shoo in in any position but he adds much more in an attacking role. Beeraj had a good game as did TC also! I must question the Cd's on giving Kapka and Vik so much space, they won nearly every long ball and that's just NOT done. Sparky was just as his nickname, Sparky! 
BI - As I mentioned before, BI were incredible for many moments in the match but for them to get my Wah wahs they have to be more consistent. 
According to me, tactics should be changed as per the situation. If a side is playing a passing game than they should only change it if needed, like with 10 mins to go, it's a do or die situation then they can change it to the kick and rush. What BI do is they SUDDENLY change their tactics! If I was a BI player I'd be killing myself and some others for doing what they do. When they had a good momentum going, suddenly they'd get a goal kick and whabong, next thing you know it's flying up towards Vik and Kapka. Why? According to me BI think that the tactics should be changed after one tactic fails when they use it once during one attack! Then it's time for the other! As a player it's imperative to know what the duties and responsibilities are while playing. D and R change with every tactic and playing for BI it's what the? most of the time. I've always thought Ahjoo would be a great Cd but he needs to improve his touch. Mkul for me was the MAN!! He does make mistakes but he's ALWAYS the guy AVA for a pass. And that's what all his team mates notice, his mistakes! Plus he's a prime example of what I mean by tactical changes. When he goes deep to receive the ball, sometimes the ball is booted up over his head, so next time he comes what is he to expect? Does he come back at all or keep coming back in the hope that the ball is played at his feet? Kapka is back where he belongs, up front. He terrorized the RH backline with his slick control, he's fitter than when the season started and that improved his game. His shooting needs work though. Vik is another talented player but I fear today he lost the ball more than he did good with it. 
Nik needs to play more balls to his mf or his Lm ALONG THE GROUND if he wants more of the ball. Goony was also good this morning but he must understand that when he cuts inside, his movements can't be read as he's not a traditional footballer and thus his team mates have no clue what Goony's gonna do next. I plead with you chaps. Whatever the reason ATOOL is a BETTER OUTFIELD PLAYER THAN A GK. STOP embarrassing HIM by making him the scapegoat. If you can keep a TALENTED individual like Groov out for an ENTIRE HALF, then you can LOAN an AVGKL (If Hamol really dropped out just before the start of the match then I feel for Ahjoo but then I wouldn't have kept Atool). Keep rotating subs or something. But if I was Groov and Atool I wouldn't be a happy chicken licken.