WEEK 23 
From this Semi Final onwards.....Competitions for the MO's with PRIZE MONEY at Half Time and Man of the Match award to be selected by ALL MO's present. (1 MOM from each club!!) PRIZE MONEY!!! 
All PRIZE MONEY donated by Mr. Khare!!! 
As I missed out on the 1st Leg between BI and RW the Prize Money in the 2nd Leg will be DOUBLED!!! Plus A Half Time competition!! 
24/03/15 Tue Neutral Venue ADC STADIUM 
SF 1st Leg M3 
AA (1) 1 LC (1) - 2 Vs RH (1) 1  
AA - Samya 1 (2) 1 Pen 45.50, (Samya Pen LC) 
RH - Mishti 43.51 
AA - Anand S - AVGKL Abhishek Shinde (240) for Mayuresh (240) - DL 
RH - 135 340 for Amu 350 EMERGENCY LOAN 
MO's - RW - Jatin LM 2. MantanCM BT - 1. PamLM 2. JehanDNTU SherryLM SnowtopSR BI - Mukul & VikrantLM MO's - BE - Jai RobbyDNTU 
AA Preview By Django (Django wrote this preview BEFORE Audi SUDDENLY recovered from a Fitness test that he appeared for in Budhwar Peth!) 
After two great victories against two top teams in the league the AA morale is high going into this game. However we are missing two of our in form players, Audi and Mayuresh, both out because of injuries. The loss against RH in the League cup finals is still at the back our minds and we will look to make up for the same in this very important game. We plan to start with a 4:4:2 formation but will make some changes as the game progresses. In the past we have seen that we have tendency to concede goals after being on top and this will be our main focus for this game.We need to have a rock solid defense and cannot afford to be lenient and give space to the RH players after being on top. We have to overcome our flaws from our last game against RH. This will be a hard fought contest and a great match to watch for the fans. We wish RH good luck for this big game! 
RH Preview By Red 
RH come up against AA once again! Honestly we were looking forward to drawing against AA after having won the 2 division league cup against the same side. We know that this is a very difficult draw for us but we enjoy playing against a top quality side like AA and our energy soars to a higher level because we know that anything below our best may not be good enough. AA has a star studded team and Audi is in top form. The experience and reading of the game from Sameer and Amma are pivotal. But we cannot make the mistake of concentrating on one or a bunch of players as they have quality players in each position. In our last match against AA, Anna proved to be the game changer playing in the CF position. I am sure with the quality and experience they have, AA might have figured out ways to tackle Anna upfront. We have almost a full squad available and Anna is our best keeper. But we will have that weapon up our sleeve if needed. We may try a 4-3-3 formation for this match in an effort to cancel out AA who usually play a 4-3-3. Himanil is in good form and we will try to give him an opportunity higher up the field and hope he will make an impact there with his positive energy. This is a very important game as the team that performs well in the first leg will put their opposition under lots of pressure for the return leg. RH will look to come out strong against AA and put in a good performance in the hopes of getting a positive result in the first leg. We wish AA good luck! 
RH Review by Red 
RH started with a 4-3-3 this time. Anna-GK, Akshai-RB, DJ-RCB, Mangesh-LCB, Belzi-LB, Amartya-RCM, Karan-CM, Rajib-LCM, Sagar-RW, Rajesg-ST, Hima-LW. Amu was unable to recover from this ankle injury picked up against the ADCY and Karan slotted in for him. He gelled very well with the unit, like he had never left RH! We gave it our all and in my opinion dominated most parts of the game. If we leave alone the finishing this is how plan to play each match but fail to implement on many occasions. Our finishing was pathetic. Our bengali midfield partnership of Rajib and Amartya had very good games and combined well with Karan. Even though we had most of the possession and more chances to score, Anna was forced to make more saves! Anna had a phenomenal performance in goals and has shown again that he is a top top keeper. Rajib da showed us the importance of taking shots on goal when Andy was caught off his line and Rajib scored! Belzi had a bazooka hit the cross-bar and come back! many occasions when our player was through on goal we chose to pass and missed the chance! We were guilty of missing a lot of easy chances and we paid the price for it. We should have got more shots on target and given Andy more work today! We also paid the price for showing too much passion in the latter stages of the game when AA had crossed 15LCs and we were on 13 but continued to fight for the ball in came in late on a few occasions! We went down to 2 penalties and missed our own penalty. We have ourselves to blame! We will take the positives from the match and focus on better finishing and using our heads better in the next leg! Even though that did cost us the match we enjoyed the passion with which we all played for the entire 90 minutes and eagerly look forward to the second leg and overturn the 2-1 deficit. 
AA Review By Django 
AA continued with their formation of 4:4:2 which was successful for us in our previous two games with Mihir (LB), Amma (RCD), Abhishek (LCD), Jango (LB), Shivang (LM), Samya)LCM), Audi (RCM), Pai (RM), Arun, Sean (CF). However things did not progress as planned for most part of the game. AA started off well with moving the ball around but only for the first 10 -15 mins. After that it was pretty much downhill and AA lost focus for the rest of the game. RH went up with Rajib trying to cross the ball and Anand was caught off the line and into the back of the nets. AA came back immediately with a penalty within the next minute to level the scores at 1:1 going into half time. The second half was nothing special for AA and the RH midfield keep the pressure on the AA defense for most of the time. There was only one shot on goal by AA which came from Samya, which was brilliantly save by Anna. The match ended with 1-1 score but both teams had 15 late challenges to their account which gave both teams a penalty kick. AA made the most of it by converting this chance, however RH failed to capitalise. Hard Luck to the RH team, as they definitely played better football than us. Wish them luck for the second leg of the Semi-finals. 
MR By the ADC 
What the highlights seem to have missed (because of the SR Snowtop) are the chances that I can remember falling to TC. The Pen given against a Meer Handball may have been harsh but justifiable, the subsequent Offside given to CANCEL the pen was to the letter of the law. The gK could have easily been distracted by the loitering RH players. Jonty having informed the Ref after a fraction of time spent thinking about it, as you can see he saw the Hb by Meer and signalled for the pen. The Ref saw Meer's hand as being AWAY from his body but one can never say. Another goal that was disallowed was controversial indeed and I'll let you go over the highlights to decide and stir up more opportunities to argue! A good fast match that AA were NOT the AA they are known as. The AA the sprays the ball about and plays quick footer. They were off colour today. Especially their talisman Samya who scored 2 but played below par. RH on the other hand were a joy to watch as their usually off form player played much much better. The Final result NOT AT ALL what should have happened. AA just got a get out of Jail card... 
AA - Some players played their usual game while some of the others went to sleep. Audi clearly seems unhappy and thats a major problem. The Rock HATES anyone marking him close and all the club should be aware of that. I think Amma spends half his time getting the AA players to gel. I saw him a couple of times at Rm suddenly....Andy Pandy AVGKL is a great GK but today he seemed sleepy. DL Abhi was probably not the ideal replacement for a wrist fractured Mayur. I thought they were out manouvered and out muscled in the centre of the park. Congrats Marcelo for getting the MOM!!!Sparky was actually quite the spark but being up front he doesn't get the ball much and all eyes are on him to do something when he does. Up front he's still not used to th eposition. Hope there's more to come from him. He's another who can't concentrate on his own game as he's busy trying to DO THE RIGHT THING as per his team mates! 
RH - 135 was never going to be a like for like replacement for Amu but he added another aspect to RH. There was a LOT more movement and being in the central area he was able to trouble AA. Amu's injuries force him sometimes to step back from his usual game and he has to come up with something spetacular or have the ball played to him. Mishti the sweet tough guy was brilliant today. If he needs to play this kind of game then he needs to be on top form, as many of the tackles and challenges he made (The Rock would vouch that he was on the receiving end of a few and he WAS FOULED!!) could have been called as fouls as he was JUST on the button. Hima brought a much needed impetus to the RH attack by switching to Lm. Beeraj did make a few forays down the flank but was good at Lb. The two Cd's of DJ and Mangs FINALLY worked well. After all this matches of me complaining that this combination can leak goals, it was Mangs who stepped up and he better form with Dj's consistently good performances made it difficult for AA. Red must play to the flank if he wasnt to play wing or Rm. He was caught out too many times wandering in field. SO the Cm's just CANNOT give blind passes. Sometimes these blind passes are a necessity in the crowded Cm area. Akshai made many more runs down the flank and thus gave his game more depth. Although he looks and behaves like those new gen YO! dudes (I can just see him sashaying down the road with some dodgy goggles and a smirk on his face, wearing designer apparel, winking at the girls..or guys, thinking what a dude he is) he could be happy in the fact that who he feels to be his nemesis thought he played well this morning! Amar finally had a better than usual game and stood out many a time but I reckon he'll always be the quiet guy (the bloke that's walking down the road, minding his own business, wearing whatever was in his cupboard, and thinking about what excuse he'll give to miss the practice session tomorrow!) Congrats to Tushar 'Anna' Pai for getting the MOM!! Him playing up front for a couple of matches has indeed upped his Gkeeping. SOme of his saves were exceptional although his distribution still needs work. 
28/03/15 Sat 
BT (1) 3 Vs ADCY (0) 0 
BT - Snowtop 40.37 Red 2 73.40 76.27 
BT - 1. AVGKL John 250 TZR 2. DL Karan T of RW - 340 TZR for Shubhankar I (360 TZR) 3. DL Sagar Pise of RH (190 TZR) for Sharad Yeole (220 TZR) 
ADCY - ADCY - KFANDRA youth - Pat, Adu, Tan, Zak, Jhakaas, Bif, Brush From TBZ - Anish, George, Sol 
All CLUB players wanting to play MUST come by 6.10am for the WARM UP. 
MO's + AVA to play - BI - Mukul & Abhishek - player + mo Atul - only MO 1. BE 1:- Prashant LM 2:- GururajDNTU (nothing mentioned about ava to play) 3. RW Toufiq LM – Ava as MO; Manan – Ava as MO & player. 4. RH KramerLATEVERY, Himanil B REF(nothing mentioned about ava to play) AA - Sameer and Shivang 
BT Preview By Pam 
This game will be our home fixture against ADCY this season. Although we had performed well against them in our away fixture, we are treating this as a very important game as any amount of complacency can be hurtful for BT's hopes in the league. The players have taken Coach's help to understand their shortcomings and this should be the perfect game where we can try out our combinations. The players would be playing for BT after a fortnight long gap, however there are no concerns of fitness issues as some of the players have played for other teams on loan and have been attending practice sessions during this intervening time. BT are missing a few players this time around. Shubhankar is unavailable, so is Sherry. We were hoping that the full team was available for this game so that we could work on getting comfortable with our new strategy. We have loaned strong replacements in place of the players missing out to ensure that their absence does not affect our prospects in this tournament. The formation should be expected to be 4-4-2. The players have been instructed to focus on keeping the ball moving and use the width of the field to their benefit. ADCY are always a great team to play against, they have immense energy and even a short spell of brilliant football from the young lads has the potential to spiral into a devastating attacking move. Yes it would be a challenge for the BT players to match their counterparts in ADCY when it comes to fittness and skillfull play, so it should be a very interesting game to watch for the fans. All the best ADCY and looking forward to a great game! 
ADCY Preview by Mr. Khare 
There won't be a BMP as the ADCY didn't take a BMP in the 1st Round of the League matches so we'll be starting of all evens. Will try and play all the Loaned adults for a longer duration as I won't be providing a pick and drop service to a player or two that irritated me last time round. 
But it still won't be to such an extent that BT will feel that they are playing against ONLY ADULTS! 
It will still be 80% youth. Ringa has decided that going on a trip with friends is more important so I'll be dropping him for ADCY's next encounter. 
Hopefully with each match the youth will have matured a bit more and will cause more strife to their opponents. 
Hope BT get the win they need...I hope ADCY play well.....Oh yes, planning to pair up Adu with an Adult so that he doesn't have to shoulder all the responsibility every time. 
BT Review By Pam 
Before I begin I want to congratulate the ADCY players for a very spirited and fluent display of football! Also, I am thankful to the ADC for allowing BT to start with a full squad in spite of some players reaching after the deadline. From next time, we will ensure that players reach before 6:15 and erring players will be handed 5-min suspensions. BT started of with the 4-4-2 formation as was suggested to them by Coach, with Manoj coming in as GK as a last minute replacement in place of Mihir, Meeraj (RB) - Pam (RCB) - Bhanda (LCB) - Rafa (LB) : Dan (RM) - 135 (RCM) - Jehan (LCM) - Red (LM) : Snowtop (ST) - Shaurav (ST). The plan was to stick to the individual instructions and allow for the game to build but somehow the players were taking time to settle down due to the continual hassling of the ADCY strikers George and Sol. It was only after gaining the lead with the help of a 135 goal, that the players calmed down a bit and started to control the game. I believe most of the players tried very well to stick to their roles. However, we absolutely did not utilize Red and Dan on the flanks which was a shame as this was supposed to be the game where we were supposed to try out our moves and develop the understanding between each other. Other major areas we need to work on is our calling and more importantly avoiding being caught offside. Defensively today there were a couple of lose moments which absolutely cannot be allowed to develop by Pam and Bhanda. Thankfully the ADCY strikers were unlucky with finding the target which allowed Manoj to collect a clean sheet. The ADCY lads were absolutely amazing today. They were spot on with their set pieces, Jhakas played up to his name, Tan, Zak and Pat were so quick with their feet as well, Brush pulled off an amazing diving save towards the end! The energy that the ADCY lads carry on the field is very contagious and it makes you play even harder. Its an amazing feeling. I hope the Fans enjoyed themselves, thank you so much for coming and supporting your team. We continue to march on from here into our next game against BI. See you all there! 
Refs Review By Hima 
The game which probably many thought would be a walk in the park for BT turned out to be a great game with the ADCY giving an extremely spirited display of a great passing and fast game. The match started with the ADCY prepared to give a strong fight and were passing the ball very well, BT on the other hand had many of their front players being caught offside many a time as the ADCY defense playing a perfect line. There was a particular incident in the first half when the Ref. Assistant (Tofique) waved the flag giving a hand ball in BTs D, the referee did not see the handball on the occasion and was immediate to give the handball and was almost all ready to point at the spot when COACH who was also coaching the ADCY in this particular game advised the referee to give an IDFK in the BTs D which the ref. immediately agreed. The game was being played hard by both teams and in many occasions the ref. allowed the game the continue even though there were certain late challenges and pushes which otherwise should have been given a foul which the ref. in hindsight should have been a bit more tough on the fouls. Dan was the only player who received a YC in todays game and while DAN did go for the ball but challenge seemed a bit tough and was quick to give the YC, The decision probably was a bit harsh but was stimulated more as the opposition was one of the youth player who seemed to have been hurt by his challenge. One of the ref. assistant was not too happy as a few times the ref. overlooked some of the offside decisions made by him and the ref. would like to apologies to both the assistants on that front. Overall a great game and particularly was a joy to watch the youth play with spirit and passion. Kudos to both teams. And once again a big thank you to the ADC for allowing me to officiate the game. 
Loaned players Review (Compulsory for ALL LOANED PLAYERS from next week) 
(Please include how easy/hard it was playing for the side and difficulties face if any) 
By Mkul Loaned By ADCY played in Lcd and Rcd 
At the time of writing this review I am feeling extremely tired and exhausted which tells me that today’s game was quite intense. I thank the ADCY Manager and Coach Neel Sir for having taken me on loan for this crucial league encounter. ADCY were following a definite game plan and our 4:4:2 formation almost worked when we came painfully close to scoring goals in both halves. BT converted their chances and hence, the final score. I needed some game time after losing 2 months of the season due to injury and today, I got just that. I thoroughly enjoyed playing for ADCY. The most memorable feature of the match for me was ADCY free-kicks and corners. Apparently, the youth players had been working on them for some time and their movement and creativity were getting the crowd very excited. I thought our passing and movement were good but defensively we made a few errors which led to a couple of BT goals. Nevertheless, all the players in ADCY must have learnt a lot from today’s game. There were more positives than negatives to be taken from this match. I hope that the experience gained in today’s match will help me and others during the rest of the season. The pace at which youth players are maturing, I expect them to do well in the coming matches. Congratulations to BT on their win. Many thanks to the ADC for allowing me to play this match.  
MR by the ADC 
A good match indeed, especially enjoyable for me with the way ADCY's Fk's worked as well as the corners. I Hope ALL the clubs will take away something from this. Unfortunately the SR Kramer didn't find the Corner set pieces interesting enough so I couldn't show them in the Highlights. 
As for BT I thought they did NOT do anything as per the email I sent. They just played a normal frantic game and obviously got quite a few chances. 
The 1st goal was a gift as the ADCY stood off the BT players and allowed them to piddle about. And as the short passing of BT's is good they made the chance count. I sincerely thought the 2nd and 3rd was because goal No. 2 Adu moved into goals from Rcd as Mr. Osgood Schlatter was hammering his knee and one can clearly say, ADU IS NOT A GK!! Plus the 3rd one could say BRUSH is learning to be a keeper!! To top it all off, Mantan and Mkul were in Cd when the last 2 goals were scored! 
BT - Got flustered with the incessant hassling. They shouldn't do so as they have some quality players. It was 135 who stole BT's thunder and it's embarrassing that the best player for BT was a LOANEE! BT, need to play with confidence if they are supposed to carry out my instructions. If Pam is going to make Cd his prime position he should work on his timing for headers. He must have a quick dekko at Pat's 2nd missed chance for it was HIS head the ball went over. 2nd time in two consecutive matches I think. 
Sorry about missing out the 2 goals but I've somehow managed to add them in another video.., unfortunately without commentary...the link has been added below the link for the main vid in the Results column in the calendar! 
Maha punishments in store for all the clubs who didn't end enough MO's and for those who SAY they are sending MO's and then the MO's don't turn up.